Victor’s Honeycomb Pattern…

SUBMITTED january 2015


Here’s my printout of Fenn’s poem as discussed earlier.
A honeycomb pattern expressing 6 characters per cell is obtained.
The idea leading to this attempt to find more information, arouse from the search for a 3D visualization.


Click on image to open larger version

Though it remains 2D, the honeycomb conveys a three-dimmensional structure.
What we obtain from it is 112 possible 6-bit entries OR 112 ‘wheels’ containing 6 characters each.
If spun upon their axis, a gear-like structure can be visualized.
A world of alternatives to read into the poem.

Note: The arrangement of the repeating numerical sequence 1-7 seen in the center of each ‘wheel’ follows a pattern used in a specific hebrew study.
Not relevant for most. The numbers can be disregarded.


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    • specialklr, I made an earlier post where I explained about a patent. I cross-referenced it for those hesitating to consider the option as a serious one. In the document, they show drawings, etc. The number of the patent is right on top of the date if you wish to google it. Quite interesting stuff. Cheers

  1. I think your on to something. This is the same pattern I was focusing on just before Christmas. The 3D visual might clear things up a bit. I need to give it a little more thought though. Very creative.

    • Bajaau. Just an idea. I am sure there are tons of ways of looking at it. I am inclined to think that something is coded here. Instructions, directions, something!!!
      Looking for a treasure anywhere out there, no matter how likely the spots seems, is almost not short of silly. What do you think?
      My first and only physical search following the notions of the poem, landed me in an unlikely spot. Maybe that story will surface one day! I’m looking for more prior to embarking, so to speak.

  2. I’m confused on the line you wrote “not too far but too far too walk” why did you add the extra ‘too’ after ‘not’? It seems this would compromise the reliability of the 112/numbers/etc. I like the concept in theory, yet wonder when it comes to changing the poem to fit it.

    • JJ. Just passing the idea along. If you wish to play with any of it, please use blank isometric paper and write it in. It was an unintentional error. Sorry. Glad you picked up on it. Cheers

      • Victor , My friend Leads the field in 3d Technology in the world. I have posted in the past about 3d mapping systems. You input numbers and the mapping “device” Draws the actual map. It is used in mapping for computers. And imagining . This is a link to his Google profile , and you will see he has computed natural turbulence of animals, and humans. Thus he also has a
        model of the device used. I put your theory to him . In which he is very busy and will get back to me on this understanding… I would encourage you to look at his work in length . Enjoy the spinning mind.

        Hope this may help you in your theory. Good luck!

        As for me , I will for now stay simple , using no codes …But what I feel FF’s heart tells me , through his videos , books , and poem . Only because I followed these type roads and the complication and twists could leave you broken with no help. Enjoy he is awesome to talk to … Again Good luck in your Chase.

  3. Hey Victor, Hi bajaau
    I love this model , very cool …

    May I add, Victor,
    I see where your thinking is , and respect the amount of research you have placed, and I did study the Mason Bee and I do understand why you chose it. Yes my head spun for a second… There is a lot of data , but there are over like 20 different kinds of these Bee’s in North America all in different places.
    I’m not saying you are incorrect at all ,and I personally Favor your theory more then most concepts on this Blog. And , Honey was and still is one of the oldest comities on the planet. I plays a role in almost every countries spiritual system. As well as the eco system. And wow so many other things that make this approach Very cool….. We could sit down all day and trade Mason Information all day me and you . I have a 10,000 page study on them… YES 10,000 pages filling almost my whole dresser…. It could explain Fenn’s Privet Spirituality. To some at least.
    Him saying he felt like a Architect.. the poem.. the true color of Brown to the light spectrum.. and of course this awesome cypher you are working on . Although I hope it is not a Mason thing. I have very little respect for folks who lie , hide behind walls, start wars , hide their heart , smile behind your back, or think they are better then the next, due to a “SECRET” Knowledge or Enlightenment. Who say they respect all’s beliefs, and hate Ignorance…if the mason hates Ignorance then why hide the knowledge, which promotes Ignorance Again I would like to ask you ?

    Do you think Forrest Fenn Is a Mason? Not just a Mason , but a 33 degree Mason.
    PS have you tried to build the Hive literally? Like a real model , that is in the shape of the Mason Bee hive?

    bajaau ,
    3D models are not made in this type of diagram. I would get in depth but , I do not want to sound like a broken record , or singing Row Row Row your boat. So I will say 3D models are built by a Matrix using Vector and Liner Algebra to make the model work . But, that dose not mean this theory cannot be Changed into that form of Math.

    • Victor have you tried to incoroperate , Compairson Operators of Numbers and Strings? To this theory I mean?

      Numerical Strings…
      == eq
      != ne
      = qe

      Thinking maybe , some sides are not as important to others. Since Perl evaluates any string to 0 if it is Not a number ?
      Possible conversion from Letters to numbers.
      Just another form of science that may help , not sure.
      But , I still like your data a lot .

      • Mike. Yes and No. Not like you express it. I’ve tried so many things, I tried to stick with hints. The poem reads… “your effort” I took ‘f’ or ‘t’. And for “my secret where”…, I adopted “w”. Also I think f=t, w=m, n=u, d=b, p=q and k/y =x. That comes from interpretations of Fenn’s own wordings.

        • I like this Victor, I have ancient Hebrew from like their begging , so yes in your concept I understand W=M because both I believe mean water.. where M is Muh in tern in English is M where w I don’t actually see in the graphs on ancient Hebrew that I have . The closest I’ve seen wy at least what a m was paleo Hebrew.
          Maybe you have something , I’m not sure . This is something that could very well need a person who can bring forward the data while one explains it… Like I said in cyphers and codes I understand the caller and the receiver…
          Keep it up ya never know… again good luck

  4. Victor, to my knowledge this is not hexadecimal. Hexadecimal (base 16) is commonly used in computing; memory addresses for example. Hexadecimal finger counting uses four numbers/letters per finger not six. I haven’t used finger counting but I do seem to remember it was an exercise in college counting from 00 to FF.

    Have you tried your method using a completely different text other than the poem? What I’m getting at is it seems you could come up with many words that could say anything.

    I’m not picking on you; I just don’t see what the goal is. What did this tell you about the poem?

    • G o G. Did you observe the last two characters of your own first paragraph? FF16(255) doesn’t seem like much? And by the way, when I am working on something casually, I make all kinds of marginal notes as I move along. As I was marking the walls of the cells on these hexagons, a few ideas came to mind. I noted that to look into it later, as it kind of popped in the back of my head. It’s not related, but watch! It speaks volumes. Not only base 10 or whatever. The fact that there are so many other counting systems besides the decimal…. you see? Hexadecimal finger counting for me, was more interesting to compare with Stan Tenen’s theories than against the comb.

    • It just came to me. Counting 00 to FF. Aren’t you looking for the Treasure at the END of Fenns Rainbow? If a Rainbow has a lead and and end, you’d hope to stumble upon the loaded and not the empty one, RIGHT? Or nigh….?

  5. Hey Goofy ,
    Yea That is kind right….. 16 is true doubling the amount of data traveling on the BUS , Where from College I remember 8 bits to a bite .
    Binary conversation to hexi
    Binary 0000,0001,0010,0011,0100,0010,0011 ect…..
    HEX 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F

    But if I’m reading him right , he was using a conversation chart you can find on line … I have one but it’s way to long and complicated to text. In which still you are correct about 16. Good catch .

    • Mike, I’m not sure what your examples are showing.

      Hexadecimal uses digits 0 thru 9 plus the letters A thru F. If you are just showing the digits used you left off the zero.

      Binary usual base-2 system is a positional notation with a radix of 2 only uses two digits, O and 1

      So counting 0 thru 5 in decimal would be 0,1,10,11,100,101 in binary.

      • Hi Goofy , What I posted was a Conversation Chart for Converting old binary into new Hexi. Thus 0000=1
        What you are using is a newer form of this event.
        binary to hexadecimal conversion table
        Table equivalents: decimal, hexadecimal and binary numbers
        The examples were posted on line , I posted the conversation to you . Where in Colledge For Computer Science the Letter A was I’m going by memory now 0010, why ? 4 bits to a character. I’m really NOT understanding your post. Considering I went to School to learn Binary Conversation to Characters. And was top in the last 5years in that school.

        As far as o and 1 True , and is Off and On , And is transfer capsulated data . And is a slow process to transfer data, and is not fast enough for fire wire.
        Also old binary before conversation are four Characters long.
        Please allow me,

        0000-0000-0000-0000 16-32 bit data processing. That was all I was saying . So 4+4=8 8+8 =16 16+16=32 32+32=64 ect. No matter which way you shake it
        It still runs the same way in the newer language.
        I was going off the older system is all , I was not disagreeing with you at all… Just sheading some light.

        But , If you find this data to be in correct
        “0000-0000-0000-0000 16-32 bit data processing”
        Then please enlighten me . I love to learn.
        And , I will take it as a sharping … Thanks Goofy . I read a lot of your posts and you are wise Sir.

        This web Site needs Skype! I can’t stand typing.

        • Oh , may A was wronge sorry …. 1010 in Binary
          just 10 Hexi. To admit also , I have not had the chance to Go full blast in Hexideciaml language.
          Only Binary… Thanks Again For your Post Sir.

          • 1010 binary is not 10hex , it’s A in hex, it’s 10 in decimal. More commonly we would write it like this (8 bit shown).

            00001010b (b often left off)
            0x0A (0x meaning hex)
            10d (d often left off)

            sometimes the leading zeros on the binary might be left off for ease or writing as well, that’s why you might see 1010 instead of 00001010. That would technically indicate 4bits of resolution, but the number regardless of the number of bits is still 10.

            What we really need to do is solve the 1001 clues! 🙂

          • HI clinger… I never said 1010 was 10 , I believe I said it was A and I was explaining the earlier use of binary in 8 16 32 and 64 . Is all . Going off memory .
            In which I have moved on to bigger forms of computer science. Like Gedanken
            This is in it’s simplest form and my First Class
            Let me quote right From CompTIA A+Guide To Hard Ware
            Managing Maintaining , and Troubleshooting 5th Edition
            Chapter 1
            Hard Ware Needs Soft Ware To Work
            Figure 1-2 : All communication ,storage, and processing of Data inside a computer are in Binary form until presented as output to the user
            Courtesy : Course Technology/Cengage Learning
            1. User Types “LISA”
            2. Keyboard Converts Characters to a binary code;
            bits are transmitted to memory and to CPU for Processing
            3. All processing and storage are done in binary form
            4. Transmitting to printer is in binary form
            5. Printer converts binary code to characters

            In a computer, all counting and calculations use the binary number system.
            Counting in Binary goes like this: 0
            ,1,10,11,100,101 and so forth.
            For Example , in binary code the number 25 is 0001 1001 The most Common coding method is ASCII ( American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
            For Example A in ASCII is 0100 0001
            25= 0001=2 1001=5 This is a example of stored as 8 bits using the binary number system.

            The Letter A Stored the same way is 0100 0001 or off on off off off off off on

            End of Book and Where I’m Starting …. As I said , I was using the simplest version to help in the explanation the was being attempted, in a conversation on the Blog where I could at least help a little in the early form of it , and I used a advanced Chart( This chart is all the different Hex conversations) to Give a Description of Early Binary to Hex…This Is all not my opinion, but a published fact in order to move students Forward to the smallest Degrees’ of this understanding for their A+ certification, and to tool them into the direction of their strengths or weaknesses; be it language , memory , and or other areas of their Career. and through The A+ 220-701 Exam.

            Please no comment necessary . Im not here to build a machine , or translate Hex

            Thanks for your post . Now back to the real chase…….. Where is that Chest with all that Gold in it? More so , How to solve this very interesting Poem.
            Good Luck in your Chase

      • Also Sorry , Forgo to post

        To convert a value from binary to hexadecimal, you merely translate each 4-bit binary group to its hexadecimal equivalent. For example, the binary number 0011 1111 0111 1010 translates into the hex 3F7A equivalent. “

    • As a p.s. I will add that I think this fall into the category of needing to know codes and ciphers etc (IMO), all of which forrest has ruled out.

    • Danny-b. Never rule out anything Fenn rules out. For your own good. He ruled out structures. A beehive ‘honeycomb’ is a wild structure. Big time! There’s intelligent design like you wouldn’t imagine. Why rule it out? It’s perhaps a twist of words you need to give to anything Fenn. And by the way, what I am having is called Limoncello; the second most popular drink in Italy. Varying sugar to water ratio when preparing this delightfully fresh drink, will affect the clarity, viscosity and flavour. I use Xylose myself. I like being in the wood, so to speak. Cin cin!

    • Yes Carolyn. And if you have ever been close to bees and honeycombs, you’d notice how they start filling the comb. Isn’t it odd that when you type the poem into a grid, it is fully filled on the left and it indicated to have a directional move (as in filling) towards the right? Fenn hints at nigh. For every nigh, there is a right. As is light and dark. A big part of bees life! Cheers

    • Michael. I am not really saying anything that clearly. I have two theories going myself. One involves Bees. I found them inside the poem. Bees live in a comb. And if I can view the poem characters as residing in a hexagonal comb, it makes sense. I can use this principle to apply endless analysis to it. In reality, I know Fenn used a combination (a wild number) of tools. It will turn out to be a tough Gordian Knot to untie. We need thinkers from every walk of life. Bring on the cavalry! He has hinted horses and horseshoes, right?

  6. All this reminds me of the TV show “Numb3rs” Very interesting but IMO I don’t see a solve to the poem being found this way. Good Luck

        • I’m off until Sunday night after Im off tonight at 8, so I got 4 days to gradually clean everything up. It might take all 4 days since I’m a man 😯

          • Iron

            I have a white glove, just in case I need to inspect just to make sure you don’t leave any dust/ dirt behind 🙂

            It’s free 🙂

    • It depends Amy. I have two theories going. One involves Hebrew language as a source to all codes. Under that scheme, YES, definitely the poem starts at “B”. Since there is no Capital “A” anywhere other than at Column A. Capitals letters -for my purposes- on column A do not count, because they have to BE.
      I hope that makes sense.

    • Trove-
      I believe Forrest said nothing quite that detailed about showing it to a child. As I remember all he was referring to was WWWH and his advice to a searcher was “ask a child where warm waters halt”.

  7. ff says “Do not over think it” he also says that your grand kids might find it before you do. If ff has used some mysterious cipher in this poem look for something children would find interesting,

    In My humble opinion, understanding ff the joker, he feels that 85% of the time he is truthful and does not mislead, it is up to us to find the tricks he incorporated based on his FIRST statement in “Thrill” about life deals you 4 cards and joker
    So if there is an architectural influence built into the poem it must have 4 sides like a pyramid, there are no microdots, complicated codes, created by Franklin, just the structure of his words created by their meaning, position and design. So that is why a pyramid and it’s design would make more sense. ff after all has said “Don’t you think the guy who invented the Rosetta Stone is proud, and likewise Mr Rosetta who deciphered it TOO? ff is fascinated with Archaeology and most likely it’s architecture sd well so take the time to watch this.

    Now who else thinks Tommy is on to something?

    PS The great pyramid uses a lot of 90 degree and 45 degree in a 3 dimensional form and also incorporates a serpintine tunnel almost a mile long. Too far to walk? Think outside the box, will any one join me? Let me hear you solve. I will tell you many more of what our group has exchanged over the last 2 years.

    • TT. I believe our kids and grandsons/daughters could find IT (meaning the chest), if we bring them to it. Agreed! I quite doubt that a child can take the poem and descramble the knot.
      Time will tell. Hope we all live to see and hear. Cheers.

    • What do you need to harvest honey? Smoke and protection? Who recently called ff Forrest Fire? Perhaps the joker started that one himself….?? What are you thinking 42?

    • Honey is written all over the honeycomb. Bees (not just ‘b’s) are easy to find in there. Honey too, as I explained earlier in my wild posts, is related to sun light (informationally as in d i r e c t i o n s), to angles, geometry, health, dance, vibration, hierarchy (as in monarchy and down the social ladder), flowers, colour, pollen, comb design(!) as in perfect spatial maximization geometry, and a host of other things. Do you know how many bee-flown-miles are required to produce a lb of their nectar? The Treasure is believed to scale at over 42 of those units! Ponder that.

      • Victor ,
        I like your research , Please allow me to reflect ….

        Treasures New and old… or New to old
        not Treasures old to new. So why would he put a treasure that is ancient, and call it in reverse…
        This is a indication to me at least , that the treasure that is a new treasure , was a old also…
        Yes honey and Bee’s are important , I don’t see it as being a huge business in this era like Beer…..and it’s certainly not New to us. But , Cars and Gas are.
        Just my opinion and I’m just trying to make some sense of this is all… I would love to trade emails with you , if you would like to Go Down the Mason Rabbit whole…
        Great research 🙂

    • The Video I tried to post is Titled Ancient Pictograph Pattern.
      It is in the Playlist.
      I don’t know why the link used the playlist instead of the single video I chose.

      • YSW. Material covering Hebrew language studies is QUITE extensive. I suggest one website where they explain clearly many theories, principles, and also hint to much you can thereafter follow up on your own. It is a fascinating subject. Enjoy!

        • Have you heard about the Wadi El-Hol Inscriptions ?

          Did not seem to difficult for me to translate.

          Vertical M-Sh-T-R-H-Ay-N-T-G-Ph-Sh-A-B
          Horizontal R-B-N-L-M-L-H-L-Ph-M-H-A-Ay-M-Gh-R



          To Reveal-Lead-Speech-
          Mayhem-To Reveal-Leader

  8. Wow, Victor that is some honeycomb code and cell wall!! Lots of work I bet great search technique!!

    • Judy. Not mine, Fenn’s. It is just a way to see it. You can actually read it diagonally when printed on the triangular lattice! His initials (FF) seem a lot like F-orty F-ive to me. 45 degrees? Why not. 45 of the wheels. Maybe a message 45 characters long. Who knows! Just tackling the B-east.

  9. New Email address and hope it works!! let me know the old one does not exist anymore. Thanks Ms. Girl

  10. Victor’s solved reminds me of the TEDtalk by Barry Swartz titled “The Paradox of Choice” in which the moral of the story is everybody “needs a fishbowl.”

    I mean that we all need to limit our ideas to some finite solve otherwise we would experience potential paralysis from all of the choices.

    Cliff notes version for you reader types:

    (a) We value things depending on what we compare them to.
    (b) The more options we have, the more likely we are to regret our decisions.
    (c) Options can sometimes lead to inaction, because excessive freedom creates paralysis.
    (d) When your expectations are too high, you compare what you get to what you expected. Then you end up disappointed, even if what you got was really good.

    • good summary. Reminds me of what we tell our daughter…”you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” I can’t claim that one thought, my sister in law gave us that one.

      • Seems like every parent needs a mantra to break up sibling rivalry – my mom always cleverly said “It takes two to tango” so I could not persuade her I was right about anything I fought over with my siblings.

    • @ 23 – The Ted Talks are chalked full of wisdom. I believe in setting my bar high but adjusting to realistic expectations.

      In TTOTC terms:
      TC….VS….No TC

      WWH = you leave bodily reality and enter Fenn’s T-zone
      Reality VS Expectns

      reality slide

      NFBTFTW = disappointment is a slippery SLIDE down. You don’t walk there.

      HOBROWN brown state of mind = disappointment in treasure less canyon or the “sting” of being wrong.

      Pity parties are a Trap – don’t chew your own leg off.

      BLAZE= AHA! Attitude adjustment! => way out of pit to Treasure

      WISE => HAVE FUN in the chase and life.
      Dream, but be realistic

      QUEST TO CEASE enjoy the wonder of nature and peace.

      ¥ FIND PEACE in your soul.

      …Now, where is that blasted treasure?!

      😉 by the way my last name is Fail. No kidding, Lia Fail

    • 23 Kachinas. I like your comment and I will give you a very good example of my reply. I am not familiar with Barry Zwarts. But totally get what you are saying. My suggestion regarding ideas and the poem, is ALWAYS cross-reference your ideas. When you have placed the poem on a 24 x 31 grid, one character per space, no spaces between words, etc you’ll notice the word I D E A framing the poem. Furthermore, there are 604 characters total.
      Examine and cross-reference those. You’ll see and find lots of thread. And one other amazing thing. Look up Barrie Schwortz. How’s that for a coincidence and a cross-reference!

      • Victor, I enjoyed watching both Teds video and Barrie Schwortz on the shroud this morning. Thanks for getting my brain cells engaged!

  11. Although interesting, I don’t understand how a “Redneck from Texas” who has no job and a large family would figure out this, unless he was a research PHD… IMO Perhaps I have been off-line, un-hinged or something too long.

    • One thought here. Every time you hear Fenn say something that doesn’t make sense, take it and examine it. The poem does not use the character “x”. He uses it in this expression. What does it mean? You see? He is hinting at something. Why Red? Why Neck? Why Texas? Notice Texas-x= Teas !!! Fenn non-stop.

  12. Vic, I think it’s a good thought process. Interesting. I might not agree with it, but, Ilike it. Too early to comment, will look into. The numbers 6 and 33 are important imo,so who knows. Either way, good job, nice research.

    • Charlie. I appreciate it. It’s all about angles. I think Fenn made use of as much stuff as he could put together. As per some poeple’s comments hereunder, FF could not base the hunt on maths, it’s be crazy. But I bet he included at least a concept. I do strongly believe that FF alone, has many interpretations. In Spanish, FF is used to denot Railroad in plural. Hence, when you come to a Railway crossing on the road, the sign reads FF CC. Isn’t it odd that he points to a heavy spanish content in his Fish Video Series, as well as Railroad anecdotes? As with everything Fenn, leaving a wide open world of possibilities.

  13. It is my belief FF would not use any complicated mathematical model or equation to hide the treasure. If he did, that would leave 99% or more of us out in the cold.
    Nor do I believe, that no one can devise the location of the treasure using any type of mathematical model.

  14. New to blog seasoned in the Chase
    April 2012 father and I started are quest for the Treasure!
    Like or as everyone else we collaborated are wisdom together while having a few beers when ever time would allow us. Then one night bam! we had an area of interest, we focused on it for weeks via technology . Now all we had to do is find mettle enough to strike the trail . Must say or as F would say” prudence” would say that took a while. It was March 2013 when we finally made our trip to that location point we figured out but it had to be a quick one for I had to get back to work in 2 days. Must say looked as advertised, as we established the Blazes correct line to the direction we new we were going to travel we came across a LOS that was like in the movie Indiana Jones but not as glorified but for all intense purpose did its job, glad we came across that or we might have been added to the (within 500 foot club) if we were in the right spot. Anyway made a B line to the last marker we could see and focused our search on the bank and in the creek LOL. That may have been a mistake for darkness started to fall and we had no flashlight( brave and in the wood) LOL. As we hiked back to the car I was going over everything in my head, what did I miss, I am sure this is the spot disappointment started to set in . We started home and I was reflecting on the search and a image came to me did I just fall 25 feet short of the treasure because I was meek and did ford the creek, did I see a man made marker that was well blended with its surrounding and placed in the middle atop but surrounded on all sides the treasures ??? I guess one day I will have to make another trip I told myself for now I will try and drink my disappointment away .
    Needless to say no other trip has been made and I am sad for that but I am Happy no one has claimed the treasure yet!!!!!

  15. Looks as though Victor has been as busy as a bee…very creative for sure. Let us know how it all works out Victor, and stay safe.

    • Ken, at this point I am mostly having fun now. Months ago, I spent every bit of free time I had. At one point I threw everything into the garbage. Dozens of sheets of thought process. I have over time, developed quite a few different theories. Each one has seemed worth pursuing. Sometimes I just discard some based on gut feeling! I will look for the appropriate link and I will post a few of them. They make you think.

      • Victor did you bang this out on an outdated Royal typewriter. I noticed you mentioned the jelly. I may not always comment but very little gets under my radar.

    • Yes. The neat thing when you come up with a way to approach this and you kind of relate that to Fenn’s own words, it helps your drive to move on. Fenn has spoken of an Olive Oil like Jar. Sealed with wax. Ain’t that almost the same? A 1000 years? Honey has no problem keeping that long. It’s a sweet option. I think.

  16. Wow Victor… you put a lot of work into your drawing!!! It’s quite detailed!!! Unfortunately, I can’t totally understand it but I will look at it some more and see if I can make some sense of it…

    • Spallies. It’s not much. I didn’t even take the time to scan the pattern and print it properly from Word. The idea is just to show that while still having a ‘weave’, a ‘mesh’ a ‘matrix’, this one does not have to be square. The one I am showing is just to show that you can easily bring this to a 3D visualization. The honeycomb here is 2D still. But it hints to many possibilities. Wildly so. Just view each disk as a gear and figure that you could inter-change these wheels. What happens if you start spinning them in their place? What would the poem turn into? It could read a whole different thing. Do you see that? OR you could take the six alpha characters from each of the comb’s ‘cavities’ and plot it as a 6-digit entry into a base6 system of decoding / reading.

  17. Vic, I belive F mentions that since there is “answer” and “answers” it doesn’t change the solve. How does that add in your theory?

    • So that tellsme math can not be considered usu g the words, but I have a better idea I have been looking at. A word that is key. Can anyone see it?

      • CH. I agree with Fenn. Answer and answers. The way I look at it, in reading deep into the poem is; a dual solve, plus you have to know almost everything you are looking for. It’s all there, you just have to know how to dig it out.
        He said all along, there are 9 clues and 5 keys. Not just one. I think Bees / honey / honeycomb / and all related subjects, is one of those 5 keys. Hope that helps.

  18. Hey people!!! You all make me really happy. I posted a number of different things over a few days in various links under the Searcher’s discussions link. BUT I knew that a new ‘can’ of worms could be opened if the poem was given a new approach.
    I think there is a bit of true, thought process, observation and twist in all your comments. THAT was the intention I had when asking Dal to kindly upload a link to a visual. The extra ‘too’ was just to see if anyone caught it. Well done. The ‘hexadecimal’ note on the top border there, is not part of the honeycomb. But if you pay attention, the title of TTOTC has 9 characters left of O and 9 to the right. There is a clue of a possibility pointing in that direction. The ‘October’ date noted, belongs to the patent I pulled as part of my research. I provided a link to it as well in an earlier blog entry. Someone said that Fenn mentioned that the treasure box was located in a place where anyone including a young kid could walk up to it and grab it. Yes, he said that. Regarding the hebrew studies; that is a ver complex point and I am glad to share resources. has lots to read. Stan Tenen has dedicated over 30 years to try and demonstrate that all the Hebrew characters were designed based on the shape of the hand. Interesting reads and theories there! As far as one of the questions about strings… hebrew language studies and Torah more specifically, focus heavily on patterns and repetitions. Equidistant character placing (frequency) and have a technique called text weaving, through which they discovered a unique pattern in Genesis 1:1
    You can find that in the link provided. Look at the colours they use! GBR. Just like Fenn’s Teas. In essence, I am glad this idea has kicked off some enthusiasm.
    Since I have in fact tried just about everything I have been able to imagine over the last five months, I may just share two or three other wild ones soon. To me, the poem is very much like Alexander’s Gordian Knot. And in a sense, it actually works completely the opposite way! Think about that one for now and receive each my personal cheer ons! Good luck to each of you. And share your thoughts more openly! Give it as much depth as possible. It’ll only open up doors and won’t make it easier for anyone, I figure it works the other way around.

    • Why is everyone waisting time commenting on this. Forrest stated very clearly codes and ciphers are out.

      • LG-
        I’ll try to answer your rhetorical question…because it fascinates me that folks are using systems and schemes like this to try and solve the poem.

        But you know, in an unrelated area, there are many fraudulent investment schemes out there that suck money out of smart folks every day. A little research or good advice from qualified counsel would help them avoid these traps but often the allure of something for nothing overpowers the little voice in your head that tells you this can’t be right. I think we have a similar thing going on with the many codes and formulas that people try to apply because they cannot come up with a better answer.

        I think some people find these formulas or recipes “interesting” even if they understand that they are unemployable as a solution to Forrest’s poem.

        I think a few will argue that Victor’s method is not a code or cipher.

        Some are new and do not know that Forrest said such a thing as you mentioned.

        Some have beat their heads against the wall using conventional attempts at finding a solution and are simply “ready” for something new and different.

        Some think Victor and his method are wacko/crazy but entertaining.

        There are even some who think that we should not even allow these kinds of ideas on this blog. There are other blogs for them. But I think it’s useful to have the conversation we are having and allow smart folks to poke at it and let the air out of it. Hopefully new folks who come here and read these comments will see how wrong it is to follow this kind of formula when Forrest has told us that we shouldn’t.

        Finally, I think it’s very telling what kind of corner Victor is backed into when his defense for employing this formula is that we should “Never rule out anything Fenn rules out.”

        That’s a twist of Forrest’s ethics that makes no sense and is a severe personal attack in my opinion.


        • Dal (and all others). Please note; I respect everyone equally and would not dare insult, disrespect or attack anyone for any reason.

          On the other hand, I have simply suggested a fresh angle of view. I haven’t used and am not suggesting any code to be used. To clarify that, I must add that I do believe ANY methods, technique or process you can device, may turn out to be useful.

          The suggestion tackles the structure of the poem. Can anyone assert that the solution does not employ, represent, include, exploit or otherwise entertain imagery, numbers, quotes, parallels, mirrors, reflections, repetitions, equivalencies, etc? I doubt it. But if people would rather go literally after it, please go ahead. It’s only been what? 4 years?

          Finally, there’s a blog somewhere where Fenn is cited to have stated that there are no clues in his videos. Now, how do you take that one? Literally?

          • Vic-
            Of course that’s true because his response was in reply to a question about a specific set of videos…No clues in those…
            It wouldn’t be true if the question was about all videos or the Today Show videos…but that is not what the question was about…

  19. Sounds very kabbalahish to me! Again didn’t ff say that it was supposed to be simple? Soon I expect to hear that ff is really an alien and that’s what is in the chest alien DNA, when opened will start the invasion of earth.

    • DR, sometimes by making the most ironic comments, you may hit the head of the nail. I am not saying you are right about anything particularly. But Fenn has stated a rare type of bone cancer, right? Believe it or not, cancer is closely related to DNA. So maybe twist is a key word here. Twist as in Lemon Twist. Does Twist, seem wise? t wis t… ? I thought of it as W is E. Or… backwards? The whole IDEA people is BE (b) open! Cheers

  20. One bad apple can spoil the bushel……. If your gonna use the poem in a “solve ” like in this honeycomb drawing , don’t you think that it would be ” wise ” to write the poem exactly word for word how Forrest wrote it ? If not then , there’s one bad apple…..IMO

    • Focused, I am simply submitting an idea. Not intended to mislead or anything. If you feel there is any value, take it and work it out. Get some isometric drawing paper, plot in the poem yourself. That’s exactly what I’d do if you were presenting something. That’s why I always start with pencil. I am glad you are sceptical of apples! By the way. That methodology should have been applied here on Earth from day one. I’d like you to speak with Eve.

  21. On a more serious note, I really don’t like it when I put so much work into something and find that I’ve made a mistake! Victor it appears that you’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into this… it’s amazing, intriguing. However, I agree with Jamie Jones’ comment re;
    the extra too throws it all off…

  22. Same goes for the ” Word Cloud “…. IMO The word ” One ” is also mentioned twice, therefore the accuracy of the ” word cloud ” is questioned…I still like it though…..different…

  23. How have you been jdiggins ? Just messing with ya some……hope your chase is going good…

    • Hi focused! Thanks for asking! My chase is going great, I’m hoping to leave… well, I’m hoping to go around Feb 18th if the weather cooperates. Also got to wait for the ice to not be there! I’ll be going then…

      • Well , jdiggins , if you go in Feb be sure to take supplies you might need… The mountains can be unforgiving in winter, I would hate for a fellow searcher to get into a bind out there. I’m sure you already thought about that, and you are ” Wise ” . I have a spot picked out too, but I’m going to wait till I know I can get into the mountains.
        Well, good luck to you jdiggins , be safe on the trail….k

  24. Since you are discussing hexagons in nature, here’s a different idea than I’ve seen paired. All snowflakes are formed when a microscopic speck of dirt acts as a nucleus falling through the atmosphere, hexagonal ice crystals form around the dirt to form a snowflake. In essence snow could be both HOB (dirt) and WWWH (ice). The snowflake metaphorically can represent redemption: our “dirt” is covered in a pure and beautiful way to make us new creatures wearing white robes which become a BLAZING blanket of snow in the sunshine when we stick together.

  25. Lia, you make me want to cry! Well that would meant tears…Charlie Brown says tears are warm, not hot not cold, just warm so when do tears fall on Hallowed Ground? When we remember the ones we love, the ones who sacrificed everything for us… are you brave and in the woods or do you even know where that part of this memorial is?

    • TomT, sometimes we’re meant to cry. I’m glad if the analogy helps anyone make peace.
      Thank you for the Angel Fire memorial link. What a beautiful and fitting memorial, which i had never seen until right now on line. Reminds me a lot of the other memorial local. I’m always brave but unaware of what you’re referring to at the Angel Fire location and would enjoy knowing more about the meaning. Apparently I’m not in the woods here;)

      • Thank you Lia for the kind words above and thanks to Amy below ditto.. On the east side of the Angel Fire Vietnam Memorial is a small sign in front of a walkway and a tiny stand of trees called “the woods” and on the side of that stand of wood are the names of Soldiers, Sailor, and Aviators who received medals for bravery. For some reason people leave pennies along the walkway where the bricks containing those names are planted and almost due east of them is Agua Fria Peak and Agua Fria Lake at the edge of Philmont Scout Ranch. Did any one know that the Old Santa Fe Trail goes through the east side of Philmont, or that Kit Carson’s old home and museum are on it at Rayado Creek?

        Look up on Google Earth the South view in the Moreno Valley toward the memorial at Black Lake where Coyote runs out, which is the view from the Chapel window at the Memorial a little known fact is that in 1987,88, and 89 a tv series was filmed there called Lonesome Dove, that was the years of distress for ff when he had cancer, but I digress, the story was about a Texas Rancher named Gus (Robert Duvall) who moves his cattle to Montana near Yellowstone..well the outdoor scene’s were shot in this picturesque Brown Valley, just south of Angel Fire. You know when you are ill it is easier to watch TV than read a book. just sayin

          • Amy, yes I have been searching there and about 25 squares nearby, not found it yet but there is a very large rock at Black Lake in the southern end of the Moreno (brown) valley and it is painted to look like a very large frog with bulging eyes it faces the creek called Coyote which runs out of Black Lake and south into the Mora River close to the area where NM game and fish have posted in their fishing guide; “where warm water halt” . May be a coincidence it is near La Cueva , got a flashlight? Also look up the belief of many Native Americans about the Cave and the Joker, trickister called Coyote remind you of anyone? Just sayin


      • Tom

        Awesome, that’s great u have been searching there you should know the grounds pretty well, the area.

        Do u live far away ?

        • I live in Tijeras, NM at 8,000′ where the air is rare and thought provoking.

          Shoveling a lot of snow now and something tells me when it is spring here it is spring at the TC, I wish everyone a happy new year of hunting starting in say April?

  26. When I am waiting to go on my next geographic trek I wonder “Whatever happened to Tannu Tuva? Does anyone know?

  27. Hi , All Hope you are hunkered down and warm.

    I would love everyone’s opinion.
    Fenn said all you need is the poem. The Books have subtle clues,

    What constitutes Tampering with the poem.
    We have all herd “Don’t mess with my poem”
    Dose that mean?
    1. Changing words to numbers
    2. Formulation of cyphers using cryptology
    3. Changing the order of the poem .
    4. Changing the rules of the poem.
    5. Ect…

    What do you think?

    • I believe Forrest takes really good care of his books… Therefore maybe he is just asking us to not “mess” with the poem. As in don’t eat your sandwhich over it and mess it up…:)

      • Too late Spallies, i spilled sweet tea and bbq sauce on my totc book on the poem page – just like a kid!

      • Me to right after I ripped out the poem page, and folded it in half, then wrote all over almost every part of that book , think FF would be mad at me for tearing the page where he did? I hope not, but I promise to buy another copy one day and kept it in better condition. =)

  28. 289..don’t forget your flashlight and sandwich! Oh and cat litter, a blow torch and a gun. Oh and a straightjacket! 😉

  29. This is for you Victor , I know you are brilliant with this stuff , but is very similar to this Honey Comb you are using.

    Methods for synthesizing kotalanol and stereoisomers and analogues thereof, and novel compounds produced thereby
    US 20110268822 A1


    Compounds having the general formula (I): wherein X is S, Se or NH, and stereoisomers thereof, and de-O-sulfonated analogues of all of the foregoing, but excluding naturally occurring kotalanol and de-O-sulfonated kotalanol, and methods for synthesizing same. The compounds are useful as glycosidase inhibitors, and may be used in the treatment of diabetes. The synthetic compounds may also be used as standards in the calibration or grading of natural or herbal remedies produced from natural sources of glycosidase inhibitors such as kotalanol.

    Figure US20110268822A1-20111103-C00001

    Hope it helps.

  30. When looking for 3D or geometric visuals of a topic that may seem impossible to express in graph terms, there are always creative ways to achieve just that. Consider McKelvey’s Theorem or Straffin’s Handbook. A brief explanation of such concepts may be read on Felix Breuer’s blog under the heading “Geometry, The Majority Vote and The Power of Agenda Control’. If the Poem’s characters are each given a numerical value, then ‘B’ could move to another point, just like b(Budget) does on the cited example.

  31. Based on the comments above, If you take the title and use each different letter as a binary number, you obtain;
    T 3 1001000000010000000 53 D:295040
    H 4 0100100000001001000 31 D:147528
    E 3 0010000000000100001 81 D:65569
    R 1 0000010000000000000 36 D:8192
    I 1 0000001000000000000 36 D:4096
    L 2 0000000110000000000 27 D:3072
    O 1 0000000001000000000 50 D:512
    F 1 0000000000100000000 11 D:256
    C 1 0000000000000010000 12 D:16
    A 1 0000000000000000100 46 D:4
    S 1 0000000000000000010 23 D:2

    Column 1 represents each distinct character used in the title.
    Column 2 is the number of times the character is used.
    Column 3 the binary number it represents based on its position in the 19 spaces
    Column 4 the number of times it is used inside the poem.
    Column 5 the equivalent decimal number it represents.
    Note the coincidental diminishing value from where you may deduct;
    T: a(n)=2∧n*A122827(n)
    H: Convolution of Fibonacci Nos. +Primes (x+103)∧3-x∧3 is a square
    E: T(n,k)= Hilltop maps No. of nXk binary arrays indicating the locations of corresponding elements not exceeded by any horizontal or antidiagonal neighbor in a random 0…1 nXk array
    I: Ox8
    L: Ox6
    O: Fx2
    F: C square : QuadMap a(n)=2∧(2∧n)
    C: ‘A’ square
    A: ‘S’ square
    S: Simplest decimal (value of 2)

    Furthermore, if you use the poem grid and colour each letter with a distinct color, you obtain unique patterns inside the ‘comb’. It’s almost like the representation of a waggle dance that indicates something outside the poem for each character.
    For those with an ability for numbers, geometry and plotting, this may mean something. Any thoughts?

    • I have a few…

      I like what you are doing… very interesting and I have been looking into these types of conversations… which is painful and slow…at least for me.

      I was looking at a liner for of this… like from N to N…. transferring the liner in 6 factions. So when the fist matrix was built I would try and move on toward sub matrix … and was trying to use the letters of the words of the poem to start every new matrix… too complicated in my opinion at least for me .. I’m kinda new to the binary world….
      So , I tried to look at it like words that carry over into new matrixs …
      Well than wouldn’t I have to know what the image is to transfer it to paper.. or would it appear …. so if it is to appear…. a image created from this 3 dimensional format of binary liner… then wouldn’t it show a mapping??????
      And not just a algorithm? ???

      And if it is used for a style of mapping like fragment containment systems used in tracking partials which is similar to this forum of Liner bracketing the entire poem as a container .. then you may be able to lay the mapping sequence over lay if you will on the map and it would show a trail….

      But wait… that would mean the poem would also have to fit the map… and printed in such a way that you would see it most likely easy…

      So… even if you have a striking sequence of marks placed in binary …
      If you find a image of a square then your thinking out side the box then….this could be the a defined location or area if you will…. funny …. I have a map key I built from some hints in the book…
      Maybe it fits your square…

      I don’t know F has built this thing in such a common format you can almost put anything you want to it and it may fit..

      But I really like your view on the binary work your doing on this… keep in touch… when you find more of course…

  32. Anton, my thoughts are you and Victor are twin geniuses. Poem solution or no, pretty amazing to me that your brain thinks in binary codes and 3-D honeycombs.

    • 42(Ft), It’s no binary codes nor cyphers. Victor and I have discussed the following fact; These binary codes obtained from the titles 19 characters, yield decimal numbers. In turn, you can convert those into RGB colour codes. It turns out, all are different shades of green, one is black, one is brown and one is violet.
      You see, within the poem, there are 11 Bees (Bs). Lots of drones as well. And many other hints to a Queen Bee’s piping.
      Bagpiping to Bee more precise. Black and grey, Green, Siena/Marroon/or a Brownish Red and Dark Violet, are the traditional ancient Highland dress colours of the Scottish Tartans.
      The hidden mirrored code of the poem is the doublet (a Montrose).
      And so the poem can be read both from the perspective of a Bagpiper (quite funny) and that of a Drone Bee (perilous). Both have a golden reward possibility which is either Royal Jelly or a Golden Medal. And both have wood as a common element. The African Blackwood and Bees’ natural elements wood, straw or clay.
      What do you think? I bet FF has heard the Rose of Kelvingrove. Best wishes and cheers!

      • Anton, I’m completely humbled at the beauty of the hymn and Forrest’s artistic brilliance. I look forward to researching Scott’s connections to Simpson/Fenn surnames, bagpipers, and bees which I know little of. Thank you 🙂

      • Anton, bagpipe lore…the father of waters, pipes, and drums… 3 things Forrest is passionate about. The bee connection looks to be interesting.

    • “So hear me all and list – ten good”… ? Ten… Wings?
      Binary numbers, characters and empty cells.
      Canonical I Ching, Hexagrams, Images and Numbers, School of Meanings and Principles… or Trigram Values (water and wood particularly), and Calendars? A mirrored full years’ worth?

      August 20th looks promising.
      As I have gone alone in there… (ve-inthe)! 6-7 17-21

  33. An extract of the previous suggestion… (the lyrics of TROK)
    …”But the frowns of fortune lour, bonnie lassie o
    On thy lover at this hour, bonnie lassie o
    Ere yon golden orb of day
    Wake the warblers on their spray
    From this land I must away, bonnie lassie o”…

    Hello Parulidae Family.
    As I have gone alone in there… the Olive Warbler a loner in the Peucedramidae
    (Peucedramus Taeniataus) Taxa differing from all other 47 New Mexico species of Wood Warblers. The OW though, inhabits only in high altitudes.
    And with my treasures bold (it’s distinct DNA)
    I can hint of riches new and old (New World – Old World)
    Begin it where warm waters halt (Hawaii, home of the early branch of finch clade and hence the ‘DNA-melting’ proof),
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek (its whistle is a clear ‘hirrJI plida chir’, no paddle)…
    Not far but too far to walk (DNA-DNA hybridization, the genetic distance between two species)…

    On and on it goes to the Blaze (its unique Basyhial bone and the Sylviidae fam.) and the Wood, its family -phylogenetic- tree (effort f or t) and the differentiation from all other Parulidae subgroups.

    What ‘gold’ may be in relationship to such a unique bird, requiring a title, may only be a ‘golden cage’, for it sounds like a bird out of a dream!
    Cheers to all.

  34. The Golden Cage found(or 19 family wishes backwards). Here’s the explanation;
    The poem’s 4 corner characters idae for Latin family or Ordo, represent the Box (as in DNA’s MAD Box… guanine-adenine-guanine-adenine).
    The Titles 19 letters stand for each of the species of Ferns of the genus Gaga.
    The very name of this website -backwards- gives it away for a ‘listen lady fern’ find in google.
    There’s more. FF has repeatedly said that the Chest (word) wasn’t mentioned.
    He has also provided a lenticular epitaph (a clue to sen cultural material) and hinted that we’d have to ‘square the circle’. I propose that for gold, he is using another form of ‘Idae’ or family. This one, related to monetary ties. The chinese Fen.
    As part of the Renminbi, the Fen exchanges at 10:1 for the Jiao(Mao), which in turn is worth 10:1 with the Yuan(Kuhi). When speaking of money, the chinese drop the Fen !!! No mention of the Chest (rings a bell?). Remember the 10X10x5 ? Well, there you have it. Han Dynasty 5 parts wu fen (2.4 zhu bang liang 182BC) coins are very rare. As in collector’s items. Another clue for the 11 B’s.
    The Xian Fen is quite a coin when it comes to intrigues. There are various different markings on them and some odd mirroring occurs, which is not very clear to historians as to why coins exhibit these. One such marking found is three vertical lines reminiscent of Trigram meanings (Water, Wood and Metal in particular).
    Fenn’s treasure is likely to include a variety such as the Ten Spades (bai) another B. He also hinted into the 1000s -years-, so there might even be a zhi wan (10,000 value jin of gold).
    In his Memoirs book, Fenn writes about Gold and More: In my mind, I’ve always been the best at collecting fun things. I think he means ‘Fen’.
    Have we factually found the Blaze, got into Wood and described Gold?
    Have we learned anything? I think so!
    Cheers to all.

  35. OK. For those love birds busy with V-Day. I am back with more on the solve.
    Of wings and Fen things… (of wings and men you could say).
    So we evidenced the search to take us from B to Bee to Piping to Olive Warbler…
    So far flutter by… indeed.
    Until we hit the next double whammy. A Forrest(al) and a bunch of Wings.
    Some may like it, some may not. And I hear a well tuned bell in the background!
    Nimitz class carriers!
    That’s where IT is. And it’s (itz) and B. The Beam below the water line! Where warm water halts. The torpedo zone. Not for the meek.
    OK lets get started…
    The Forrestal class of plane carriers (first class of super-carriers to be completed, with only four in its class) commissioned between 1955 and 1998. Forrestal, Saratoga, Ranger and Independence. Deep-hulled and armoured flight deck; canyon down and no paddle up your creek. Their design had some flaws, such as the port side elevator, a relic of the original axial deck design; But tarry scant… .
    So far so good for birds and wings. What about their connection to Fen coins?
    As the chinese, not to be mentioned. The first three ships of this class have been broken. The Ranger, disposed of for 1 cent. You heard right. Google it.
    And now, to meet the… ‘So hear me all and listen good’ or “list-ten good” ones;
    The new class of super-carriers, the Nimitz class.
    Here are the ten ships in this class… CVNs 68 through 77 inclusively:
    1 CVN68 Nimitz
    2 CVN69 Dwight D Eisenhower
    3 CVN70 Carl Vinson
    4 CVN71 Theodore Roosevelt
    5 CVN72 Abraham Lincoln
    6 CVN73 George Washington
    7 CVN74 John C Stennis
    8 CVN75 Harry S Truman
    9 CVN76 Ronald Reagan
    10 CVN77 George H W Bush
    To read more on their features, google Nimitz class super carriers. Every single clue right down to finding USS Carl Vinson (CVW17). Representing Forrest Fenn’s Rainbow (The logo of the Bald Eagle -B- and its arched rainbow tail).
    Hope to be right, wish ya all the best of luck and lots of fun.

  36. Hi Anton….

    HI Victor …. I’m Sorry But I believe You have Been Hooked . Conspiracy stories of Mason Connections in Government and other “Take Over the World Idea’s” Would not shock me …. But for it to be related to this Treasure hunt seems way out there to me…

    Why?????????? This poem is like a master key that only fits one lock , in which you may very well use it in many others locks but it only fits one… Not only that, I have studied the Masons for years… 20 to be exact. I have found connections to DC as well as how they have influenced most of American Society . That Dose not Mean they Are Involved with F. That Dose Not Mean F in Not A Mason!
    But , Masons are bound by secret and apon death and cannot and or will not tell anyone what that is … This secret is by the words of the largest order in the US , out of DC said ,
    The Secret is self Enlightenment…

    Also , is it possible that F used the Path set by her in enlighten ment and twisted it in to this chase …. sure , why not? We Have Captain Kidd theories , Poker Theories , Mathematical Theories, This Honey Comb Theory , Sun Theory ,
    Liner word wrap theories , Astrological theories, Indian Theories , Witch theories, along with religious theories from , Devil worship , to witch craft , to Now Masons… By use of the numbers F uses in his Scrap book posts that are written by F invokes certain numbers . These numbers are used by different groups and is most likely why F used them……. He knew and felt like a Arch. building the poem , due to the layers of secret he has provided…. To be frank… I have used number theories and found by the Definition of the poem in the First Stanza , which suggests Liner math used in 3d transformation used with a form of binary , ah yea the math is there , but NO numbers to tell ya where to start , as well as no words by any method I have used dose not spell anything… As I have stated earlier , This Solve “Victors” suggest that it is in a cave , and or commits to a area that is square… I found that just by the words in and the words ” AS I ” I being the square root of negative 1 , Suggests that a SQRT is suggested … or a crossing rout if you don’t know the math … I sent the numbers to a friend who is a leading scientist directly responsible for finding and developing the Understanding of Natural Turbulence of animals, told me ” You are thinking in a box”, and drew the numbers of it…. If you continue the definition road it leads to a fight manual of how to program on board ( Universal Language ) of programing… Meaning the use of symbols and equations to being a form of language use by any human from anywhere and is used to program the flight computer. Which I had posted all these finds in the past on this blog. As well as The Golden Rectangle I had found. Along with the poker theory I found along with the Astrology theory I found , and many others . This onion is big and has 15 years of layers. Or lots of strings!

    Now I will say this … Using the DATA 1600 chains and the poem , dose commit to a right angle map Legend or Key… With a crossing point or points that are based on that number… Again That dose not mean it leads of fits any one detail , Even If it dose …. Im sure it is a trap … Great work Victor… Hats off a lot of study goes into finger counting…. Ive seen your conversations and I can read them. Well done ……

    IMO I don’t feel a guy with 6 kids and a pick up truck would be able to understand
    a concept of this quality. I think simplicity is a more likey road.

    But to say the Masons are responsible for hiding this chest is to me a little much.

    Again IMO only and I respect all the time everyone has put into the hunt… Im sure a lot of folks don’t agree with me or maybe even my solve… But , I take all in and re think my understanding of the poem and I take no offence to the logic needed to sharpen me.

    Good luck , If you are on the road to the Chest awesome …. But , If it were a Mason … I would let them keep it. Good luck ! BEE well

  37. Good friends will tell you, always use your fork to eat salad and spoon for the hot soup. Loved ones will tell you to always give a hug before saying goodbye. Maybe it’s the simple things in life that matter. Whether you are a greek god or a Cuban emigrant, there is enough space for everyone to fit in the picture.

  38. Waiting eagerly to hear the real solve! I hope it goes live on TV, radio and main printed media, just like previous episodes have. Though it could be a 1000 years or a day.
    Good luck be well.

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