Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty One Point Five…





From your Distinguished Judges
Tesuque esq. and Forrest Fire

After studying the 84 animals in Dal’s pet contest, Tesuque and Forrest are exhausted.

All photos were reviewed under intense magnification and each animal was graded on a point system, 1 to 100.  Most fell in the 96 to 99 range, and some ranked as low as 94.

Unfortunately, one scored only 2 points. The judges decided not to reveal which pet that was because they didn’t want to embarrass 23kachinas.

The Exalted Winner was Tesuque who scored a perfect 100 points. She received a banana as the grand prize. She loves bananas.

Tesuque asked me to express her heart-felt congratulations to all of the contestants, and in her humble and unselfish way, wish them a warm bed, a caring owner, and all the bananas they want.


74 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty One Point Five…

  1. Lol

    That was good Forrest.
    Your Dog is number one 🙂

    Cute, tesuque received a ribbon 🙂

  2. This is really funny,
    Your dog loves you and he doesn’t think u are crazy or does he ? Lol 🙂

      • Tesuque looks like a very sweet and humble creature…the kind that will inherit the Earth…but if that’s ever going to happen I suggest she start being a bit more aggressive about it. 🙂

        Congratulations, Tesuque! If we ever meet in person the first round of bananas is on me.

  3. What a nice little dog!!! It looks like a banana would be a perfect fit. Congrats to Tesuque and Forrest. I enjoyed seeing all the entries.

  4. LOL She can have the win, my girls refuse to eat bananas.
    Does she get a little peanut butter with that banana? 🙂

  5. Tesuque likes Bananas, I think that’s so funny. I used to have a cat named Tommy, Tommy loved vegetables. Roasted or raw. He over ate cantaloupe and watermelons until he’d throw up.

  6. Congratulations Tesuque!

    In a sidebar with my lil’ buddy Tesla we have decided to accept our 2 pts with our chins up.

  7. Fix! Fix! I demand a recount!

    Ok, now I can really relate to this one and just to get Goofy’s goat – I am receiving this hint loud and clear. Now its time to home in on that clue!

    The Wolf

  8. Esq? Tesuque must have a law degree besides getting that blue ribbon for cuteness. Very talented canine! 🙂

  9. Congratulations Forrest and Tesuque! Zach, Kita, Muddy, Poco, and Nugget want to wish Tesuque all the best from life! They will admire her from afar.

  10. Welp,

    I am done.

    I should be back in Denver around the 19th. Then back to the source code for me!

    Remember everyone, I NEVER FORGET!


    PS Teseque looks like a nice dog.

  11. Now, that’s pretty funny. Poor 23kachinas…why only a 2?

    And how did I know Tesuque would score a perfect 100? It’s not like you didn’t make that 110.5% clear on the first post. 🙂

    This might be my favorite Scrapbook yet. I needed that LOL moment!

  12. Cute dog! I wonder if there are any clues in this post. Any trained eyes among us. My motto is ‘confused easily’.

  13. Looks like your Tesuque and my Tina have at least one thing in common. I can’t even think of eating a banana without giving her some, usually close to half. Ollie of course gets jealous, but if you toss him one he will just spit it out (Tina, expecting this, is waiting to make sure it doesn’t go to waste). They really are the Ying/Yang of dogs.

  14. Forrest, you proved one thing, if it needed proof. Every pet owner thinks their pet is number one!

    If we did a car show, we would see the same outcome, every car owner thinks their car is number one. 🙂

    Congratulations Tesuque and to you owner. 😉

  15. honestly,mr. forrest,you are so bailey,a mini pin,she likes to eat bananas,carrots and also green beans for a treat only.Tesuque is still # 1. I think that would be a loving owner.

  16. Dear Tesuque, Minerva sends her congratulation! She’s glad that at least another Dachshund won, but figured the contest was fixed all along.

  17. So Tesuque replaced Rusty. Yesterday I went paint balling and this crazy dog was so funny and hypersensitive. He/she would drop a stick or ball at your feet and refuse to stop barking until you threw it.

    • Ed, look in TFTW at the photo of Rusty resting near the Skull cliff. I found a skull rock cliff not far from YNP which has the same face of death and a natural F intention which would have been such a cool F-fort. I was so sure Forrest’s idea of brave was facing death in the face:)

      It’s not there. Someday I’ll post photos.

      • A lot of goose chasing gotta beware hopefully someone gets it. I’m thinking about one more trip this weekend but I may put it off for another year.

  18. Quite the imagination I have! Love your blue ribbon tesuque, you certainly deserve it, you adorable, pudgy little pupparoo! 🙂

  19. Now that poor little Tesuque is in doggy heaven, is there going to be a new Best Pet contest?

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