Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Four…



Lost My Spot

There are a few fault lines in my aptitudes. I can tell because sometimes the spell checker in my computer starts to smoke. And I perform typos with a physical dexterity that no one can respect. But it’s my word arrangement and memory loss that bother me the most.

You see – once I went fishing with Joe Billy Bob. He was an acquaintance from the neighborhoods. Most people called him JBB, but I called him JB for short. I caught a nice fish and with it he took my photo. I mean he took my photo with it.


Here it is, and I wrote on the back, “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.” I was using a Midge Blue Dun. But I didn’t make note of where I was fishing at the time. Can you imagine that? And now I don’t remember where that spot is.

But JB does, only he won’t tell me, thinking that since I can’t remember, he’ll keep that knowlege for his very own personal use. He didn’t catch a single fish that day and probably was put off that I skunked him with three others about the same size, and a nice brown.

Finally I capitulated with JB because I really wanted to know. I promised him that if he’d remind me where we were fishing that day, I’d leeve him my prize Pflueger Medalist reel.


A prized Pflueger Medalist reel

Instead of telling me, he suddenly disappeared, and his wife had no idea where he went, except that his fly rod also was missing, and so was his box of Midge Blue Duns. I just don’t understand the way JB thinks. What are friends for anyway, if you can’t use them?


Midge Blue Dun


Well, that’s the sad story, and I really don’t know what else to say, except that if anybody can tell me where I caught that beautiful rainbow trout, I’ll tell them a secret that I haven’t revealed to anyone – ever.


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  1. Well, that’s not much of a pic to go off of for location but from the color and size of her I’d say you were on the green river. Kinda looks like the south fork too.

  2. That is a spot on the New Fork River not far from Pinedale. Tell me the secret and I’ll send you the exact coordinates.

    I know you can’t remember but believe me that’s it…….Like you said, What are friends for anyway, if you can’t use them? 🙂

  3. Forrest,

    That looks to be about 10 miles down the south river coming off of Hebgen Lake toward West Yellowstone. So now you can email me the secret – that’s what friends are for……Your smile gave it away… 🙂 I hope your secret is the last clue in your poem….. or maybe you can’t remember it….. lol

    • I think it is about 3 to 4 miles east of West Yellowstone near the big bend in the river. That would be the Madison river.

      Wow….nice! … I can just imagine the thrill you must have felt when reeling in that beautiful rainbow. That trout reminds me of my search area. There is a hill side that looks just like a rainbow trout. I bet that must be your secret.

  4. Hi F ,

    I just wanted to tell ya , I saw old JB. He’s got his pole and those blue flies and he still can’t catch anything . You must of told him those Rainbows aren’t picky and they will bite almost anything..
    First I thought I saw him at the Rio de Los Piños , with those dry flies , but I couldn’t catch up to Old Billy Bob , He’s fast , and I couldn’t catch him …
    But , I sure caught up to him in GREEN GRASS…. I told him you wanted to know where that fish was caught so you could return , He said he really don’t Remember it’s in GREEN GRASS where he caught it…

    Thanks F
    I like this kinda stuff… more of this stuff would be really fun… =)

      • In Green Grass Montana At the Eagles nest… He won’t leave..SO , shoot , I’m goanna cast one out too.. See ya when ya get here F….I got a 6 pack chillin .

        • leeve really , haven’t seen that word in a long time. Wow F that deep are ya . I like it. A true Craftsman
          Define : dialectal British variant of (1)live
          Define: Dialecatal

          1. relating to the logical discussion of ideas and opinions.
          “dialectical ingenuity”
          2. concerned with or acting through opposing forces.
          “a dialectical opposition between social convention and individual libertarianism”

          didn’t know if anyone caught this …

  5. I like the nice vintage reel. Looks like it’s from the 30’s and has a well worn patina.
    Most hunters and anglers could tell to the centimeter (if they were inclined) where their trophies came from. Sumpin smells fishy hear…
    Perhaps you could offer JB “the” Blue Dun Midge you used that day, and just follow him when he runs off again. Anyways, a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work…

  6. somewhere on the snake river…
    I just got fly fishing gear for Christmas this year partly from doing this chase and seeing how much fun it looks…

    do you know any great fishing spots around Philadelphia, Forrest?

  7. Mr f,
    that is a very nice fish and I know where you caught it…

    you caught it in the …mouth… :mrgreen:

  8. I’ll tell you where you are if you promise to learn how to spell “knowledge”…:)still giving out hints, huh f ???

    • Charlie, maybe the speel checker in his computer, completely burned up. Did you also notice the way he spelled “leeve”? Hmmm, very interesting…..

  9. Early to bed
    Early to rise
    Fish all day
    Tell big lies

    11 lbs – Don’t think so – that’s OK I love fish tales.

    The only days of the week I fish – end with the letter ” Y ” .

  10. , “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.” Looks like numbers that could be attached to some Latitude or Longitude.
    That trout is so big I would have just called it a Salmon. That water looks still and undisturbed. So, you must have been at a lake that gets stocked.
    The worlds largest trout caught was at Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchawan.
    In Montana the is a dispute between one caught on the Kootenai River and one caught in Fort Peck Resevoir.
    For Wyoming, Burnt Lake in Sublette County. That’s my pick

    • When my mother was growing up in northwestern Montana she lived for a while along the Kootenai river. She said she knew of a man named Billy Bob. Among other places she lived was in a house that is now in the waters of Hungry Horse reservoir.

      • Michael.. You know your stuff about Montana. Big rainbows in the Kootenai . We catch big ones where the tobacco river runs into the reservoir in the spring. They are a hybrid called cantaloupes

  11. Could be West Fork Campground in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. There is a Rainbow Trail and it has 28 sites.
    I think it is a campground with the name Rainbow and it’s site 28.

    • @ Putt putt
      You’re a feisty one making Forrest reel in his own rainbow or bass! No brown nosing here. 😉

      No guess from me. Forrest is playing with us hear. I’ll just sit back and watch this one play out.

  12. 1939 model Pfluger reel; lake dry fly; pebbles match northern Montana region; still water; within Montana, Rainbow trout are assumed only native to Kootenai River; Two guesses: the Kootenai River downstream from Libby Dam in Montana; or Flathead Lake, Mt

    • 42..No Brown trout in the Flathead . We have Bull trout here. They remind me of german brown trout very aggressive. There are huge bull trout at the upper end of Hungry horse reservoir where the river flows into the lake. In the spring that’s where you find the big ones.Although you have to go to the fish and game to get a permit to fish for them. Endangered species so they say.

  13. When I loose my night guard I call on Black Jaguar (spirit guide). She remembers thinks humans seem to forget, so she’s my best friend.

  14. Mr. Fenn,

    I believe the secret is in the fly you used…if you can remember which fly you used you should be able to remember the location and what time of year it was. As with any great fishing hole the expert angler always knows what the fish like and when they like it during the season.

  15. JB for short…….. (Not implying f in this message)

    As I have gone alone in there
    and with my JB bold
    I can keep my secret there
    and have no hint of memories old .

  16. To me, that looks more like a cutthroat than a rainbow. But I would think Forrest would know. Looks like the Wood River to me.

  17. Forrest certainly had many many great experiences, and it’s great to be able to relive them vicariously. Seems to add to the old saw “he’s forgotten more adventures than you’ll ever know”.

    The fish photo reminds me of several, the first was taken last summer on a bit of an adventure myself. And, while tramping around, I had an opportunity for a photo of another fellow with a fish, and he allowed me to take it (the photo, of course  ). And, of course, not nearly as big as Forrest’s.

    Second, a picture I took just yesterday. A small project I am working on, this a maple (?) frame I picked up at the local thrift shop ($9.99), 26” x 31” frame area. The best I could find for Forrest’s (Benchmark) 24 x 30 “Too Far to Walk” map.

    Just try getting it away from this guy:

    I just need to find a matte material to create a thin border. Thinking about using the bear picture (reversed), but now sort of reluctant to cut it.


  18. The picture appears to be from Alaska. Where? I have no idea but I would guess the Kenai River – From what I hear, they have monster rainbows up there – however I don’t fish much, so I am just guessing.

  19. I’m about as lost as you are on that location, so therefore I have no idea where that spot is. The water looks shallow, 🙂

  20. It was a late night for me, finally getting to bed after 2am. The sleep didn’t last long as my dogs reminded me they don’t open doors. So at 5:30 am, I feed them and lets them out to check the perimeter around the house for any strangers that may have entered their domain… I was in thought of the poem, while pouring a cup of coffee and decided to check the blogs…. there was a new SB posted and to my delight… yet another challenge! I have read it over and over as much as I have read the poem itself, or at least it feels that way. The coffee pot is empty and I believe it’s going to be another late night for me.

  21. “But it’s my word arrangement and memory loss that bother me the most.”

    Hahahahaha. Not in a million years! I watch your spot every morning on webcam just like those critters in your shower watch you. I don’t know how long ago you lost your spot but Joe Billy Bob has been there since I started watching in September. Looks like he’s settling in for retirement.

    • I don’t know if this is a “dare” or a “put up or shut up” reply or maybe I’m just so far off he just wants everyone to have a good laugh. I emailed Mr. Fenn today and here is the copied and pasted email and reply.

      Forrest Fenn

      Today at 2:46 PM

      To me

      You should post those comments on Dal’s blog.

      From: RMannaa []
      Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2015 3:42 PM
      To: Forrest Fenn
      Subject: Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Four.

      You are making me crazy with all your hints. Yes I know where You took that picture Monture Creek.

      Hint: Lost My Spot=Your Spot=Fenn Mountain

      Hint: Fishing

      Hint: Joe=Mummy Joe=Cave Creek

      Hint: Billy=Billy Creek

      Hint: Bob=Bob Marshall Wilderness

      Hint, hint, hint, you’re giving so many hints. You have to want someone to find that treasure soon.

      Final answer: Monture Creek near Fenn Mountain, Cave Creek, and Billy Creek.

      If I said that on the blog it would create a stampede.

      Your going to give this away before spring, aren’t you?

      I love you anyway Mr Fenn *:)

      End of emails.

      • Nice Ramona. Those are great connections. I liked Fenn Mountain being HIS spot.

        Btw, I spent an entire winter watching his spot on web cam last winter. I wonder if it’s the same spot LOL. I think I got distracted and found some other spots and never checked it. Let me know if it’s there 😉

        Dal can you please take me off moderation so this doesn’t post next Tuesday?

      • Ok , Great solving. I see the Joe Billy Bob clue but where does Monture Creek come from? As to locations, all the locations are in the different ares, aren’t they? Not much of a clue IMO. Maybe that’s why I haven’t found the treasure yet.

        • Thanks Diggin gypsy but that’s over 900 miles north to northeast from me. No way I’m heading north in the winter. My old bones don’t like the cold at all. Besides, that’s just Mr. Fenn keeping us busy in these winter months. Trying to guess where he caught a fish. Really! He might as well ask us “how deep is a hole”…lol.

          • I know your so right I’m
            Just sticking to the book and poem I don’t ever him even telling us there was hints in these scrapbooks. All I remember him saying is read the book study the poem 🙂

      • If Forrest hid the Treasure in the Bob Marshall wildernes…….. Good luck on finding it in there I have been in those mountains and it is one of the most remote you could ask and one of the most rugged. I think you could be in a spot back there and not be able to remember how to get to that exact spot again. You better have a GPS !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • There is a place in the Bob Marshall that is called the china wall. It is a cliff wall of rock that is amazing to see and runs for miles. There are stories of treasures being there. All I could say is GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDs!!!

          • Great thought woody I’ve been there it is a cool mnt I think that’s close to where his mom lived not sure but I think it is

          • There are basically 2 ways to get in the Bob Marshall. One is you could go from the swan mts up lions creek or you can go to hungry horse and go in at the dam and go through spotted bear. There is a little lake in there called sun lake ,good fishing

          • 42… No disrespect but I could drive up to spotted bear stop in a number of different places along the way take a 10 minute hike and hide something and the chances of you ever finding it are slim to none. The only person that could find it is the hider. Some day someone would be hiking there at just the right spot WALA!!!!!!!!!

          • Hi Woody Bogg, I do have a solve near the Bob Marshall but no, I am not going in the Bob Marshall and I am not suggesting by any means that the treasure chest is hidden there. I was just saying that Bob Marshall could be the Bob in Joe Billy Bob.

    • Oops, I guess he is only 1 hour ahead of me. Santa Fe is on Mountain Time and I’m on Pacific Time.

    • Yeah, and I want to know how Forrest finally ended the fight with such a big rainbow in that water. It’s obviously not very deep right there in the picture. Forrest must have found that Rainbow in just the right spot.

  22. Well she better find her way back to that fishing spot I’d say she was pretty warm. Something about 49 age related chapter.. Nice old Pfleuger, symmetrically. My problem is I only see the deeper construct, black and white. I couldn’t tell you what’s going on the surface. Yderf I solved it I’m there just don’t know everything? I can not .not forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. I think Churchill said that about Russia.

        • I was at the Pine River in October, it’s a three mile hike ( one way ) from the trail head to get past private land owned by Granite Peaks Ranch, then the river looks kinda like that, about a mile farther up river it gets rough and narrow. Maybe on up near flint creek , but that’s about twelve miles ( one way ). I have never been past Flint Creek, but the mountains up there are amazing, I especially liked ” Ribbon Falls “. sorry Woody Bogg I took off rambling again… good luck to ya

  23. Reagan said “he could answer to
    charges of illegality but couldn’t answer to the
    charge that ‘big strong President Reagan
    passed up a chance to free the hostages'”. oh yeah he had memory lapses too 🙂 Great guy that Reagan…. Guessing Alaska thats where the nuggets are from…

    • I wonder if he swallowed the hook line and sinker, maybe that’s what we’re doing here.

  24. Speaking of fish and bait. Oreo cookies would be my bait. I’ve seen kids eat the cream and leave the rest.

  25. Probably the location is written on the back of JBBs copy of that picture. Maybe his wife will let you look at his photo album while he’s off fishing. Swap yours for his print.

    • Ha Ha that’s funny Mark J… Maybe that is why he checks his emails from searchers… He is hoping someone will send him the correct location an it will jog his memoir…:)

    • Mark, he doesn’t need to remember. He has a poem that will tell him exactly how to get there, should he so choose. Wonder if he will have as difficult of a time solving the mystery?

  26. Sad to say I have no clue, being a fisherman my self I have never had the chance to fish any of the waters west of Mo. I’ll hand this one off to the others that have fished those waters.

    Thanks for the fish story Forrest 🙂

  27. You caught that beautiful Rainbow Trout at the place which the photo was taken, I mean in the waters of which it was taken, I mean the fish was taken from the photo of the waters of which it you took it from, the fish I mean.

    Did I guess the secret where?

  28. Forrest, it looks to me like you were fishing “The Big Hole” on the Madison.
    My last trip there, my son and I caught 23 trout over 22 inches in one afternoon

  29. LOL!! Forrest, I think you “stretched” that fish a little?? 28 inches??

    Well, old son, the answer is as plain as the hat on your head…… The spot’s location is in the same place as where you’ve kept that secret all these years!! 🙂

    • Nope not me , Forrest is wiser than that . He knows there are a lot of wise people out there, that catch on pretty fast. You can look for slight slips but I don’t think you will find those either. Everything Forrest does and how he does it is exactly how he want it to be….. With Forrest ” Nothing ” is accidental. IMO good luck to ya Spurs

  30. Forrest,

    I know just how you feel. 🙂 There once were a couple of Texas rednecks with twelve kids who drove their pickups to a ‘special place’ just like that, but didn’t catch anything …..and they also told someone named JBB about it and he said that they had been so close!! …..but didn’t know it, …..500 foot as a matter a fact. And so they spent years trying to figure out where that spot was, but never could. And although JB knew where it was and how much they wanted to catch just one fish, he wasn’t going to tell them anything. Heck, no one even knows where he’s at? …..probably at home somewhere working on more lures.

  31. I know exactly where that spot is! It’s marked by that aspen tree I found with “FF”, “JB”, and “9-11-11” carved nicely on its trunk (see Stephan Returns to the Blaze on this blog). But you don’t have to share any secrets with me, Forrest, I’m lousy at keeping them!

    • Hi Stephan, long time no talk. Did you ever finish your story and tell us where the elusive Aspen is? I’ll have to go read it again. If I’m not mistaken, your story was probably the most hit on link in the whole chase.

    • Yup that explains the error on the fish weight – “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet. Should have been 8 lbs (according to chart) thus you feel 11 is the hint here. Ok, I feel groundhog day coming on. Lets get ready to rumble….
      Just like the good old days.

    • I was wondering if you were going to respond. When i read this today your story was the first thing that came to mind Stephan.

  32. I guess instead of being a Rainbow, if it had been a Polaroid fish he could took your picture with it 🙂

  33. The fact is Forest, if I told you exactly where the spot is, how would you know if I was right?
    You don’t remember anyways…lol!

  34. I have always enjoyed fishing but haven’t in years. Fishing with a net is different but fun. The last time my dad and I went fishing I caught a trout. The one and only I have ever caught. I felt the pole jerk then the fish came flying through the surface of the water. It was very exhilarating , then the fish spit the hook out and said, not today besides I have a family to take care of. Dad and I looked at each other and smiled! Thanks for jogging that memory!

  35. I’ve always enjoyed fishing but never could eat the fish that I caught!

  36. Dear Forrest, it appears your memory is riding in the rumble seat, so I wanted to remind you that it’s 2015. Don’t forget to sign “your book” to remind yourself it’s still your book.

  37. Shall we whisper the location or shout it at the top of our lungs?! I guess a whisper would be best we don’t want just everybody knowing the best fishing holes!

    • This whole picture is a little Fishy . Forrest can’t remember where he caught the fish but he remembers he skunked J.BB. How many he caught and that there was a brown included . I would say he has selective memory loss. lol Nice try Forrest.

  38. Ok, if we are talking south of 49th, I will put my bet on the Wapiti Waters: on the Bitterroot River near Tucker Crossing first, followed by Clark Fork.

    Looks like fun!

    • Wolf, I agree it could be the Clark’s Fork, and I’m not very familiar with The Bitterroot River, but the surrounding scenery is pretty. Do you fish the area near Hamilton?

      • Hi Lea, I fish teh Bay of Quinte (2 hours east of Hamilton), which has some of the best pickerel fishing in the world.

        • Wolf, your Bay of Quinte near Belleville Canada looks like a beautiful spot to fish and explore. Long ways away from Montana or Wyoming, but F never specified his photo was taken in the Rockies. It would be fun to turn the table on him and make him guess a bit, wouldn’t it? Ha!

          • Yes it is a very beautiful area. You bring up an excellent idea .. we should have a contest where we post our fishing pictures and he has to guess where they are. lol

    • Wolf..I’ve fished quite a bit on the Bitterroot and the Clarkfork I’ve caught rainbows cutthroat brookies and Bull trout but have never caught a Brown trout there. I’m not saying there isn’t any but ??????

  39. I remember several long years ago of reading the book The Art of War, by Sun Tzu and how many of his philosophies can be applied to everyday situations, not just war.
    A genius like Forest who understands people and their common behaviors, especially how people view others. Could be using some of these philosophies to keep us off track in the chase. Is he a master of one of Sun Tzu’s well know verses, know yourself and know your opponent, and you will not lose? Is this something he understands and could this be one of the reasons he has stumped us? Why no one is able to figure him out?
    How about this pearl of wisdom from Sun Tzu, when you are strong, appear weak, and when you are weak, appear strong. Could this be his secret? Just when everybody thinks they know exactly who he is, wham, he does a 180 and all are scratching their heads. I don’t know if he is using strategy to keep the chase alive and challenging. I believe Forest is a good honest man with a pure, fun loving heart, and means us no harm or foul play. When it comes to the thrill of the chase, he puts on his poker face, deals the cards, and plays for the pot. 🙂

  40. Well it’s clear that the language of this scrapbook is precariously cantilevered over total disaster, and Forrest knows it. He spells Pflueger with aplomb ( and check the date entered on that Pflueger… I had one, and still have my brass 19th century Pflueger Progress Model 80, if you’d like to see it ff ) but he cannot spell “leave” in the same sentence. And that’s the easy stuff about the performance typos and obfuscations.

    Forrest is performing and fishing, not trying to find out the place he knows he fished. What or who do you think that he is fishing for?

    It really doesn’t matter that he’s dressed warmly on a brisk day in late October on the banks of the San Juan River in New Mexico, plying the steady-flowing yet calm and deep waters of Texas Hole.

    Something else matters…


      • Iron Will, do you know the area? The Missouri has rainbow, brown and cutthroat (which were named for Wm. Clark originally).
        Ive been below the falls on the Missouri a few times – the river rocks and scenery look different than F’s photo. Oh well, just for fun.

        • No 42, I sure don’t know it. I noticed the rocks didn’t look quite the same on google maps, but I was working off of something.

          It’s funny… about 1 month ago I had an “understanding” of how Forrest thinks, and how he presents clues. Sort of like being empathic (if there is such a thing). There was a cat and mouse game going on between us. But for some unknown reason I haven’t received a return email from him in almost 2 weeks and I am completely clueless as to why. That in itself has gotten me so mentally flustered, that I’m not able to break down his clues any longer. It’s like taking away someone’s vision, after they’ve had the privilege of seeing the world for most of their life. So my two guesses above are what you could call blind estimations.

          I’m about to the point where I might just let everyone know the treasure location that’s followed through the poem and let one of them try and find it at the end area.

          I am really starting to hate anagrams.

          • That’s the funniest thing…..I know I saw the word Minerva somewhere in the past 3 or so hours while searching. Now I don’t know where 😯

          • Stay mentally strong Will that would be against your nature. Several possibilities ‘will’ happen, either a person ‘will’ come forward or Forrest ‘will’ pass on and then someone ‘will’ come forward, or someone ‘will’ not come forward or someone ‘will’ come forward while F is still with us.

            “Life is a game of poker,. Happiness is the pot. Fate deals you four cards and a joker,. And you play whether you like it or not.”

            The flogging ‘will’ continue until the moral improves.

          • You don’t quite understand Bigfoot. I broke something in the Chase that I think was important. I mean I literally broke it. Now I’m stressing that I’ve screwed it up for everyone., not just me. When a man plans something important for 15 years, and a dumb joker comes along and destroys part of that plan….if that were you ….wouldn’t you feel ashamed?

          • No Will I would not, and here is why. Forrest is the one who put the challenge out to everyone. How’d you break it for everyone. Will for all you know someone is sleeping with a grin right now.

          • Iron Will , Don’t stress to much over things k What you say that you “broke” may or may not have something to do with the chase. Until the chest is found you will not know…. Times I thought I had a solve that was perfect , then I find out that I was wrong all along. Just hang in there and keep searching ,and remember we are all in this together, you have done nothing to hinder our search….. good luck to ya Iron Will

      • So did you actually break it, or just bend it? Oh, i have bent a few things that appeared broken at first. Really they were really just out of alignment. Required some tweaking but still worked though, and actually realigned themselves after the fact. You just have to wait and see sometimes. Timing is everything in this chase, and no ones timeline has changed from what has been seen or heard. Oh, there will always be doubters, but just because you doubt doesn’t mean lose faith and quit. Forget quitting. Unless that’s easiest for you. Please, just because the heater in the truck quit working, doesn’t mean you’re going to quit driving to work…right?

    • Oak Isalnd is in the ocean. Mahone Bay to be exact. I went there for a visit once – lots of similarities to the FF treasure hunt (Capt Kidd, gail, quest, money pit) but no rainbow trout.

  41. I think Forrest has got to be familiar with this…most of us are stuck in this labyrinth. Who will find their way out?

    “Are you so foolish to believe we will openly teach you the greatest and most important of secrets? I assure you that anyone who attempts to study, according to the ordinary and literal sense of their words, what the Hermetic philosophers write, will soon find himself in the twists of a labyrinth from which he will be unable to escape, having no Ariadne’s thread to lead him out.”

    • LOL! That’s a good one, Mindy. I guess the trick is to find the “Art” in Artephius. Hmmm…Art…eph…i…us. Maybe Astree can work that one over. I found the Art, but that’s all I got.

      • JC, it’s not so much about this philosopher, but what he’s writing about. Oh, I so want to give a hint of what I learned last night, where everything before this that I learned was child’s play. Email me JC. I like you, therefore I will tell you. 🙂
        Wind, Amy, 42, Dal, maybe Mike D, Jamie, 23kachinas, come to the light and let us reason together. Email me.
        I know I’ve had some WAY out there theories, but I have persistence, a smattering of intelligence, and a whole lotta imagination.
        This isn’t postmark talk, or hob talk or WWWH talk. This is solve the clues talk. I’m finally believing it can be done.
        In my opinion, I know the word that is key, and it’s not in the poem in a way your five senses can experience it.
        I don’t have a spot yet, but sooo close. IMO, as always.

        • Mindy, thanks for your offer. I’m under the weather and not up to thinking. Please let us know what email.

        • Goofy,
          You’re right. The toughest men are usually the biggest teddy bears under the right circumstances.
          So, you’re in if you want the foundation of my theory. I’m not sure it’s right, but it looks good on paper.

          • Now I am bummed. Big tough Goofy gets and invite, but I didn’t 🙁 I thought I could at least be the jester of the group 🙂

          • Okay, everyone’s invited. I was too tired at first to list everyone nice and helpful, so I just popped out a few names off the top of my head. But everyone can see my theory. It still needs a lot of work and poem analyzing to get to the spot, though. I’m not even close to really digging into this layer. All I have so far is a method.

          • Ah ha! See Goofy, I might not be rich or good looking, but once again having a great personality rules the day. Or maybe she just felt sorry for me.

          • Oh, and if you email me, I might not get back to ya til tomorrow because I’m going to sleepy sleep land with my teddy bear–who both fortunately and unfortunately the stuffed kind in the form of Soft Kitty (not all of you will know Soft Kitty, except for my fellow nerds).

          • Don’t worry, I know the truth. She only invited you because you were born good looking and not rich, lol, whilst I was born neither.

          • So for those that love coincidences, Robin Olds died in Steamboat springs, where Billy the kid (famous Skier) lives. FF daughter’s last name is Old and her husband I believe is in the wood business -“he has had a past as interesting as his personality. An airline transport pilot, seaplane instructor, commercial helicopter, and hot air balloon pilot, he left a successful career in aircraft sales and operations to “return to his roots” on the mountain. He bought his first sawmill at 25 years of age, right about the time he was racing Formula 1 motorcycles for a living in Europe and Japan, where he won 10th overall in the Camel Pro USA Series and competed three times in the Japanese Suzuka 8 Hours World Endurance Championship and F1 at Sugo. He is an avid writer, and has published books on Japan and Complete Idiots Guides, along with a number of novels that remain unpublished in the nightstand drawer.

            Though he is the entrepreneurial spirit behind the business and has founded a number of successful companies in the past, he has “earned his keep” in the woods and can fell big timber, operate a skidder, and run a sawmill with the best of them. He still gets his exercise carrying 30-pound chainsaws at altitude ahead of the young guns.

            A natural linguist, he attended Fort Lewis College, the College of Santa Fe and Berlitz Language Institute in Tokyo and completed an Asian Studies program at Kansai Gaikoku Gaidai in Osaka, Japan. He is married to a wonderful, tolerant woman and is the proud father of 4 kids. ”
            And this will probably lead you nowhere.

            BTW I ‘m a teddy bear cut out to be rich but was sewed up wrong, so can I join in?

          • I’ve seen a picture of the older Mr. Old. He’s handsome, too, and Shiloh inherited the good looks. A very multi-talented family!

            And correct me if I’m wrong–did Zoe marry someone named Young?

            New and old–Young and Old. But it can’t be related because new and old in the poem would have to be capitalized.

            Then again, there’s a SB that has a picture of his book, “…Whoop of the dance.” Little d. Maybe that’s a hint that capitals might not mean what we think.

            See how I am. Strings lead to strings, multiplying to infinity. Lol.

          • Ha..interesting! And yea, taking all the info from the poem and the books its like creating a masterpiece..
            But we have to know when to stop with these SB’s or we will bring it back down to where we started, at the beginning. Uggg

        • Mindy – I assume we will be provided flashlights and sandwiches for the group search effort?

          • If anyone can help me with this, I’ll share the treasure and treat everyone to as many sandwiches and flashlights they ever could want.
            In my opinion, I’m on the right track, but it will take a while to reason it all out to a logical precise spot.

          • Yes, Zoe Old and Kelly Sparks is what I came up with also. Old, like “riches new and old”, and also as in”Old Santa Fe Trading Company”. Family run business? I suppose you have to have a spark before you can have a blaze, so sparks might be new, but it is a reach. In regards to Shiloh, we certainly have been searching hi and low. Kinda similar to the name of his foundry Shidoni…shy, hi, hid, hid on i, donnie.

          • Shilo probably already solved this thing. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t know a great deal more than we think.

    • Funny jdigins, I know we have all had the ” Home Alone ” look sometime during the Chase……

  42. .
    “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.”

    These letter positions in the poem, yield the letters for


    thus replicating a word in the poem.

    How’s that for spirituality?

    • Hello Astree, nice job with Give. I’ve been trying to determine the right way to assign numerical values to the words in the poem – but the possibilities are infinite. How did you arrive at your method? If you don’t mind me asking. Thanks for any assistance with reasoning out a method that fits. I won’t ask you to disclose your method.

    • That’s very interesting – but I really need to quit while I think I’m ahead. I have been reading numbers and figuring out this all day, that’s not including the last 2 weeks!! Couldn’t Sleep – So got my Computer out again!! Horrible!! I am hoping that if we can find the Chest, then Someone will open up more of this huge ingenious weave that’s been done. But until then, I am keeping my nose out of other postings – it gets me way too confused and it makes me doubt my thoughts.

  43. Something smells fishy here, f is trolling. Looking for someone, or something? That is a big one you have there f. He knows exactly where that fish was caught, and in about 24″ of water judging by the high water line on his waders. And it is a good thing he has his waders on, because the bs is getting pretty deep. ha ha. This reminds me of Goofy Old Guys comment making the analogy of Tom Sawyer looking for help painting his fence (I think the comment was taken down , hmmm).

    Anyway, I will nibble in hopes of finding out a secret or in obtaining a little piece of bubble gum. I already have a Pflueger. A while back during one of my TOTC trips I took time to fish the the Wind River, Snake, Nez Perce, Gibbon, Lamar, Gardner, Yellowstone, YS Lake, Mill Creek, Firehole, Trout Lake, the Flathead, St. Mary Lake, and maybe a couple others. Luckily I spent a lot more time fishing than seeking the treasure. So, I can rule out most of the above locations. I didn’t get to the Madison, which seems to be his favorite and a likely location for his photo. Maybe the Snake or Yellowstone/YS Lake, they had cobble stone like that? Anyhow, the big ones like forrest’s are found in the _____________. Judging by the shadows of trees on the opposite shoreline I am guessing that this is a river, and of medium to large size, and flat water, not pocket water. The cobble stones along the shoreline hint that it is not in the headwater region, they are too rounded and small from eons of erosion and transportation, but not so far away that they have become sand yet. Perhaps they are even glacial till so this is in a broad river valley. From the misspelling of “I’d leeve him my prize Pflueger Medalist reel.” , the word “leeve” may be referring to Leeve Island, north of Misnomer Point, near Livingston Island in the Shetland Islands. So, with all that said, I am going with the Yellowstone River, near Livingston Mt. I would highly recommend Mallards Rest as a campsite, vantage point, place to fish, or just place to relax and enjoy all of Montana’s majesty.

  44. Iron will,
    Do you mean you broke something you physically retrieved from the field or broke a clue open and understand something.

  45. Joe anonymous sounds like a few of my old poker buddies…nothing like a table full of characters to keep things interesting.
    IronW, IMO the wheels of the “Thrill” are still turning just fine. Maybe a small loss of traction due to weather conditions, but nothing seems broke except maybe a few over zealous searchers…keep the faith man and happy hunting.

  46. Looks like a tale water.
    Not associated with just any Dam.
    Can’t be where warm waters halt.
    But your effort was worth the cold.


    Relection Pond (AKA Sarg Hubbard Park Pond) is located near the Greenway trail at Sarg Hubbard Park in Yakima. This small pond is open only to juvenile anglers (under 15 years old) and anglers with a disability who have a designated harvester companion card.

    It has a year-round open season and is regularly stocked with catchable and jumbo size rainbow trout (10-13 inches). Occasionally stocked with 5-12 pound broodstock in the late fall

  48. Forrest, You caught that beauty on the Madison River from a deep hole about a mile below Hebgen Lake, with your buddy Bob Jacklin. Consequently, the same area he caught a nice 10 lb trophy brown trout June 16, 2006.

          • Thanks, Jamie. That’s why I mentioned the date at the bottom of the reel frame. And just so we know that the only photo in this scrapbook that is not lifted from the web is the one of Forrest, here’s where he got the Midge Blue Dun (MBD):


            (It’s actually a nymph pattern).

            “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.” I was using a Midge Blue Dun.

            MBD. JBB. RLB. DAR.

            A #8 hook is huge, and would never be used for a midge, which are typically tied on size 20 – 30 hooks. A more appropriate size would have been 28 for a midge. It is quite something to land a huge trout on such a small fly.

            So the Pflueger and midge are not his, but the story is all him. He is of course quite honest about the preposterous nature of how he enjoys words and spellings.

            And why do you think he would go to such humorous literary lengths such as this:

            “Instead of telling me, he suddenly disappeared, and his wife had no idea where he went, except that his fly rod also was missing, and so was his box of Midge Blue Duns. I just don’t understand the way JB thinks. What are friends for anyway, if you can’t use them?”

            And talking like Master Yoda: “and with it he took my photo”, and then correcting himself?

            And echoing TTOTC: “Can you imagine that?”

            So Forrest wraps it all up with the denouement, and you know in part why he crafted the whole story to get to the point:

            “Well, that’s the sad story, and I really don’t know what else to say, except that if anybody can tell me where I caught that beautiful rainbow trout, I’ll tell them a secret that I haven’t revealed to anyone – ever.”

            Listen good…


          • I am not a fly fisherman by any stretch of the word, but I noticed that the site with the ‘fly’ called it a blue dun ‘nymph’. To anyone that knows about this- are ‘nymph’ and ‘midge’ just interchangeable terms? I assumed they just meant small… Is that correct?

          • Halogetter, I question your comment about the #8 hook, it would seem to be about the right size. Here is a statement from a web site.

            “Selecting the right size hook to use is a matter of matching it to the size of the bait you intend to impale upon it, and the capacity of the fish’s mouth you hope will engulf it. Remember that whilst you can catch both big and small fish on a small hook, you can only catch a big fish on a big hook.”

          • Midges are usually small regardless of what stage of life they are in, either larva, pupa or adult. They can be fished wet (beneath the surface of the water, as a nymph), or dry at the surface as an adult. They can be very difficult flies to tie and fish because they are generally so small, and usually require light tippets. A #8 hook would be at the very largest end of the spectrum.


        • Outstanding, Jamie! You’re the tops!

          Did ff borrow the picture or was he the seller? It says, “SOLD”, but not for how much or when.

          My guess is he borrowed the picture since the Midge Blue Dun picture was obviously borrowed.

          For him to tell us he can’t remember where he caught the fish really causes some questions now. 🙂

    • Note that the picture shown is “a” prized reel and not a mention that it is acutally “his” priced reel.

      • True Wolf. and these old ones can go for a few hundred on Ebay. It’s easier to find a picture on the web to illustrate your story than to take a picture of your own stuff and then have to edit it to insert into a story. I frequently edit pictures and it can be a pain!

        • For those in the year 3508 when this post finally shows up……..I just wanted to add that he never said he still had the reel. Since JB took off he probably swapped it for the diamond encrusted cocktail ring Mrs. JB was wearing. I could see him trading up like that.

    • Jamie, from what I found, patent for the pflueger medalist reel was applied on oct. 27,1928.patent granted on sept.9,1930. Patent #d81995. They have various years but it looks like this one is a 1938 model, no.1494. Have more info but at work now, will post later if given the chance.

  49. I don’t know about all of you, but keeping up with all of forrests scrap books and all the comments is getting exhausting! What is he trying to do? Tell us every single thing in his life? The only mystery is where he hid the chest! LOL Do you think some or most of these posts have a tid bit of clue?

  50. So many rushing to take the bait. Its a catch and release thing for Forrest. He is seeking the one who wont be caught. Take your time trying to figure out what he is saying.

    • Thanks Deb! I do try all the time, to figure it out! Its driving me crazy! I am sure I am not alone in there…..

    • f has mastered the art of soliciting a response and keeping the attention of people. He is certainly a pro in the arena of marketing (amongst many other areas); I think he deserves an honorary degree in marketing, anyone here qualified to confer one?

      • HA! What are qualifications amongst friends. I hereby bestow Fenn with a PHD in BS.

        I enjoy reading Fenn’s posts, some are interesting, some are funny, some are both; but I really get a kick out of watching Fenn twist some searchers into a knot. And some searchers have a direct cosmic connection to Fenn and share subliminal messages. I mean really……He’s got to think that’s hilarious.

        Here’s how you can tell if someone is spinning a yarn:

        A Fairy Tale starts out: “Once Upon A Time”
        A Good Ol Boy Tale starts out: “Now This Ain’t No Bull”
        A Southern Tale starts out: “If I’m Lyin I’m Dyin”

        You know you’re getting a Fenn Tale if his mouth is moving. 😆

        • Goofy I may agree with what you are saying but weren’t you the one jumping off the top rope on treasure seeker who used the word “know” and now you “know you’re getting a Fenn Tale if his mouth is moving”
          Just say’n…

          • You’re absolutely right Wolf, my apologies. I should have started out with In My Opinion…….I just figured most folks are smart enough to know I was kidding. But I stand corrected.

          • Appology accepted, I just don’t want all the fine folks thinking there is a double standard here!
            Joking aside, I often forget the IMO. I tried using the standard clause “all my posts are IMO” that didn’t sell very well… so now I proof read but not for spelling because I can only do one thing at a time. ha

        • I never fly fish but that reel reminds me of an oldish one I bought last year from a marketing genius. It is used and very treasured,,, if I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin’ 🙂

        • BS stands for what you think it does
          MS stands for more of the same
          and PHD stands for piled higher and deeper…

        • And in his free time, Goofy likes to wake up sleep walkers and tell children that Santa does not exist 🙂

          Just kidding Goofy, oh yeah, this is also IMHO 🙂

          • Santa really does exist, Goofy just likes to tell kids that he does not. I know he exists because I seen him kissing my mom. There might have been some mistletoe involved.

          • I simply can NOT believe what I’m reading here…all of the sudden. Santa Claus doesn’t exist?! What absolute nonsense. I won’t believe it. I absolutely refuse to. I saw Santa with my own eyes about 13 years back. He was in bed with my wife (now ex-wife…but that’s a completely unrelated story). He jumped up shouting, “HO HO HO!” as he pulled all the cash from his wallet…threw it toward me…and ran out the door. I thought it very strange that he didn’t go up the chimney…but, oh well…my belief in Santa is only a little shaken…not stirred. I thank Santa nearly every day for that wonderful gift.

            Thank you, Santa…wherever you are.


    • I agree.. Think he’s using his
      Midge Blue Dun quite masterfully on this SB!
      Once a master, always a master!

  51. Lou, you choose the amount of keeping up you want to.
    If you have done some keeping up, then you have noticed that a great many of us have encouraged Forrest to share more of his stories. I for one find them very interesting. The biggest hint I get from them is a deeper insight into the man. I don’t try to read hints about the chase into everything he says.

    Keep on keeping on! 🙂

  52. WOW! That is most definitely a keeper Forrest! Awesome!!! You da man. That catch of yours reminds me of a fishing trip I once took back in mid-September some time between the 16th and 19th. Boy oh boy did I drink lots of Dr. Pepper and water on this fishing trip of mine. I caught me a keeper as well, about the size of the one in your hands within that photo. Hey I’m enjoying your Scrapbooks as well as every-one of your fans comments even Dal’s scribblin’s.

  53. What do you think he is going to tell someone? Where a good fishing hole is? Not the Home of Brown for sure!

    • Growing up, my dad too Loved to fish. We would fish all over the west. Yellowstone, Oregon, Northern Cal. etc. My favorite type of fishing was sitting on a quiet lake in our little boat and waiting for the bobber to move. Sure the lakes were stocked with rainbow trout. Did not bother me, and we got to each them!

      • I bet you got great memories lou lee Me and my sisters had great times with my parents to camping lived a adventurous life I guess that’s why ppl like us and you enjoy the chase 🙂

        • Yes Yes Diggin Gypsy, All this fish talk, reels, fly’s, they dont mean that much to me. Getting a clue to forrests fishing hole. well, Oh dang, just give me a clue to the treasure! at this point that is what counts to me. If guessing his riddle here will help to lead to the Chest, than I am all in.
          I used to Love to fish. Sitting on one of those lakes where motor boats are not allowed, rowing to the shady tree. WOW that is the BEST!
          Besides that, I loved hiking and finding ROCKS. Its what I live for! Today.
          So I know where lots of good fishing holes are. So many fishing holes, so little time….Me, I want this treasure bad, I need it.! I really really real need to find it.

          • I don’t care so much for the money I would just like to find it to show myself I did it 🙂 but then buy me a windmill couple old vintage trucks and campers and go find more hidden treasures or hide some of this one again hehe so fun just imagining

  54. It is time to take action. As much as i care about where it is ff can catch trout the size of my…arm (yup, didn’t go into the gutter); I want to focus on a figure much more applicable to the chase. We (me, you, someone) has to find ff’s spot, and it needs to be done THIS year. There have been people hanging all over the sides of this and other boards trying to sneak peeks of information and not contributing. In my line of work, we calls those people what they are….HOGS. I think that may have been what ff was alluding to in the swine post, but we just needed to read it right to left and between the lines.

    He (ff) seems to be sick and tired of the lurkers (see reference above) just popping over to say gimme gimme,and sicking their noses over the fence like Mr. Wilson. I mean come on people, the biggest step we’ve yet to make is putting that big right foot onto the dance floor and start kicking the fake afro off the DJ playing the crappy music!!!

    It is almost high noon, and time to take what he has promised one of us. Wimpy’s big fat green @ss is pointing and laughing at us all the while running to go get what’s his. Blond ambition is one thing, but it means nothing unless you cross it with a trained seeing eye dog. How can we not figure this out team?

    With all these bright people in one place, we have to have been onto something and just missed it. ENOUGH.

    ok, i’m off my soapbox. time to make the doughnut holes before the worms show up to steal our ideas.

    • So if we lay it all out on the line and come up with a group solution to where the chest is…who gets it? The first person there who took all the good ideas in and is closest? I don’t think I wanna play that game…the airport lines are too long.

      I’ll play alliance with the “he tells us his secret” spot though. I have 4 people in my alliance so far to figure out where his fishing spot is. If a couple more people want to join in and if we figure it out we’ll share in his secret…email me at

    • And that is how you get the captives to do your job for you…they break into small groups, turn on each other in the attempt to eliminate the others for their own survival. The obsession and paranoia to be the ones who out last all the others, until that group turns on each other. In the end, there is no one standing.

      Maybe it’s just time to fly solo….

      • Seeker,You can fly solo and still butt in once in a while. I like this blog for the stories and the new info from Forrest and that is it. I stay connected and offer general comments that mostly mean nada. You could call me a lurker if you need to…but trust me…that’s okay ! Those of you throwing ideas around like pizza dough, and debating the unknown with the passion of a motivational speaker, should take a few steps back before you start yelling FIRE, or FOUL. Seriously, nobody has ever said anyone that comes to this blog NEEDS to comment on anything. Do so at your own risk. Every winter, this unrest comes down the pike and gets everyone (not everyone) worked up.
        I say, lighten up and have fun .

    • “Blond ambition is one thing, but it means nothing unless you cross it with a trained seeing eye dog. How can we not figure this out team?”

      Blond ambition is an oxymoron.

      Reminds me of Belushi in Animal House… “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

      • Blond ambition is an oxymoron? Really?

        Here on a blog that’s supposed to promote unity and peaceful brother/sisterhood?

        I could go into a long rant about misconceptions and stereotypes, but you all know that.

        I’ll just say: Blonde girls can rock the house just as much as dark haired guys.

        Did you hear that loud WHOOSH? That was the sound of every guys brain flying straight into the gutter. How’s that for stereotyping? 🙂

        I was referring to the SCHOOL house, or THE HOUSE in D.C. Lol. 🙂

        • Oh, for Pete’s sake. Can’t anyone just laugh at something that’s funny. Did I not illustrate the point by comparing it to Belushi who was a college going male that didn’t understand basic world history. Not to mention, one of the points of the OP involves typo’s. It was a funny typo. Maybe you could be more creative with it?

          • Sorry that was off the top of my head here is the exact quote:
            OTTER: l’m sorry. You’ll have to come

            back later. I’m doing the dishes.

            So cool you can look up the entire Animal House script online…:)

          • El-
            Humor is often lost here. Don’t take offense. I am actually a hilarious person. I know this because my mother told me I am.

          • LOL Dal we maybe better not repeat what our mothers said about us, especially if she was like my mom !

            By the way, blond is an attitude and you don’t have to have blond hair to be blond. LOL I was blond, now I am just gray going white. 🙂 I have met many brunette , redhead, raven tressed blonds.

    • ^^^disgruntled geocacher…I dont think the cute pig post meant that all.I think i read something somwhere that said something like,”Occasionally it’s wise fot the fox to dress like the hound”.Teaming up just for the sake of finding the chest does not appeal to me.Now if you want want me in the field with you because i’ve seen every episode of man vs wild, twice(stellar qualification).then i am available to guide you through the mountains, fighting off cannibal tribes ,and beasts, as you search.

      • You could just come out and say what you mean instead of being so subtle. I’ve been beside myself trying to figure out white in the wood stands for. One would think we could figure this out together if we went through the odd details together.

    • Please forgive my outburst. I was suffering from severe caffeine withdrawl thanks to my New Years resolution. I think I have myself under control now.

      • I am considering taking up fly fishing just so I have an excuse to learn how to make the flies.

        • Mike –

          A great thing to have on your bucket list.

          It’s a fascinating hobby – lots to know about it and all the different materials used.

          What is the most thrilling to me – is when I invent a fly – use it and catch a fish.

          Also you can fish with flies that have actually been outlawed -(on certain lakes) as they catch too many fish.

          Go to your nearest Fly shop – they usually have classes.

          • Awesome advice , and I will be defently… Guess what … We are going to be moving out west…. My Family is leaving me in 7 days to go ahead while I finish up things here… I can’t wait to fish..
            I can see how making it and then it catching something… what it feeling that must be… Here we Come Colorado, movin to the Springs

    • That “Esmerelda” fly can’t even begin to compete with the beauty of Dal’s “Esmerelda”!!!

      • Thanks Cindy 😉 It’s interesting to look back and things from early on. I used to do videos of my searches, but I think they might be lost forever. If anyone captured copies of them, let me know.


    Is it possible this is a mathematical function. Like Peggy’s Phone number.

    “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.”
    A lot of Anglers post conversations for fly fishing on google. I looked at some of these and fond how important the circumference of the poll vs. line weight and tippet , kinda dictates your set up to get a maximum flick , as well as if the reel can handle the fish due to the set up . Now I’m no Angler, I fish salt water .. I know when fishing for Spanish Mackerel , Sea trout , and Kings , you need a leader of the fish will bite right through the line.. SO I felt this could be a hint.
    On the other hand you can work it as a problem . Funny enough if you dig long enough you will find that the words above can lead you to Knot theories.
    Finding this through the Definition of #
    Looking under the mathematical principal it say’s this “In topology, where A and B are manifolds, A#B is the manifolds’ connected sum. In knot theory (a branch of topology), where A and B are knots, A#B is the knots’ knot sum.”
    Thus is why I looked at knot theory….

    This was after looking at different ways to transform this data. Too deep if you ask me … So , it is my nature to look for a easy way out , as it is for most . So I looked at it like it was Peggy’s phone number again , and tried to work a solution .

    So Here it goes.. The last time I did this Seeker was right there to help me along … Lets see if someone see’s what I’m seeing…..
    It could be basic , or advanced .. s=[s1,s2,s3,…],= #S=N or simple.
    My conversation of is basic function …
    I’m not posting the math this time ……

    But if I’m right 7 mile hole Yellowstone , If it’s not Green Grass Montana …
    Never the less I’m at witts end if I’m in correct and stand Defeated, if so a game of Chess F would do… Hats off to ya

  56. This to me appears to be Rainbow Lakes. A series of lakes in Colorado just NW of Nederland. The trailhead looks like it starts off of CR 116 or (National Forest System Road 298. It looks like it sits right on the Continental Divide. Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brown trout are found in these lakes. There are only 18 Total campsites. There are Dams all over the place, maybe that’s what “leeve” is for (Levee)? I think 4 of the lakes are called Rainbow. Its weird he didn’t remember where he caught these fish, but he did remember that he caught 4 Rainbows 🙂 and 1 brown. So maybe campsite #8? Also ff said he didn’t know where the spot was, but in the picture it looks like their is a spot located close to that fish’s gill. Just thinking outside the box 🙂


  57. Forrest,
    I think you are on vacation all dappered up! Is this a leopard rainbow from Alaska? Were you trying for a world record rainbow? If so, the Rainbow Lodge is a good place in Alaska. You probably don’t know the exact spot because the guides have secret spots!!! But, I think it is a secret spot on the Kvichack River. Don’t know that there are many brown trout there, so you must have caught the only one.

  58. Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss Or Anadromous Rainbow trout. You are fishing in the NW and West of the Continental divide. Tada! Now how about that secret?

  59. I’m not sure if anybody has said this – maybe He caught the fish from town . . .from a grocery store!

  60. Forrest, I challenge you to review all of our answers and decide if any one correctly identified where you were fishing. Please keep in mind you did not say we had to name the river. I think my answer may qualify as correct. I’m tired of the blonde jokes and aim to prove hair color is an asset. jk – if I’m wrong, no surprise, and I’ll tell you a secret.

  61. Okay, I have given it a few days to see what everyone else would come up with, and to give it some serious thought.

    Well, I have what I think is the answer (IMHO – to be in accordance with Goofy’s law)

    This fishing hole is located……….

    …….ready for it?………

    …..somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

    • Thank you.

      I have strived (much to my parents and many of my teachers disappointment) never to be taken too seriously.

      Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious.
      ~Will Rogers

  62. Everyone, the secret that he has never told and will tell to you if you give him the correct location is, “that’s it, my fishing spot! You found it” That’s the secret, because he doesn’t remember where it is to tell anyone. 🙂

  63. mr forrest,you didn’t catch that fish,your holding it in the middle,I don’t see a reel on that rod and no net to catch it in.your friend caught it JB.I’d say Nolan lake in texas or taylor river,the hog pen. or your pond in your yard.

    • Virginia, perhaps you need some sleep.
      The reel is on his rod. It is hidden by the cork handle.

      And… you didn’t say IMO, you did about the river or lake.

      IMHO 🙂

  64. Probably get chewed out for saying this, but that doesn’t look like an 11 pound Rainbow. Some geologist-angler might be able to match the rocks. They aren’t river-worn and a lot of silt in the mud. It’s a wide body of water my guess is a lake.

  65. I know we are missing this …

    Looking at this for a couple days now and noticing how F writes.. I noticed some “miss spelled words” Like Leeve, ect… noticed a ” out of place and they seem to be on purpose. BUt, with a list of facts.
    “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.”
    Also give approximate size of all 4 Rainbows he caught with no defined size of the 1 brown he got. Giving 5 fish with only the size and weight of 4. I’m thinking this list of data 28, 11.#8,6 kind of looks like a Factors list. Which the character 8 with the number sign incites a question at 8…
    The he capitulated with JB ….. Oh ya…
    Define Capitulated-synonyms: surrender, give in/up, yield, concede defeat, give up the struggle, submit, knuckle under. Now that don’t sound like F…

    Any way has some word problem potential. Could be a rabbit hole .. Maybe not..
    But , it could be worth looking at. I’ll post more if I see any thing.. Still pondering it a little. But, I do Like Green Grass still.
    Just a shot in the dark

    • Mr. D , Thanks for the insight. sometimes seeing it from another angle will give new ideas. Also helps to prevent ” tunnel vision “.
      oh, and the part you said about ” Capitulated “. Here’s my take on that….. Even though it may not sound like Forrest to surrender, give-up ,concede etc. to ole JB , look at it this way…A good sportsman will concede gracefully when all the cards are played. Forrest knew ole JB had the only card left in the deck and they both knew what it was…… To me that shows ” Class ” , and that does sound like Forrest….IMO .. Oh and far as “Green Grass” I like it too….

      • Now , there is some wisdom in that ….WOW! Thank you for sharing that treasure with me, and preventing me from getting tunnel vision…. Nice Focused!!! =)

    • Just thinking on the 4 rainbows and 1 brown…perhaps 4 rainbow _____ and one home of brown?

    • Mike, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m also curious about Green Grass, Montana that you referenced. Can you tell us where in Montana it’s located? I couldn’t find it on a Montana map.

      • Hi lia,
        I can’t tell ya … Because it don’t exist…
        See – Forrest used it to reference when he didn’t want some one to know where he was.. Like if I said to you ya … we went to green grass and Shure tied one on. That way I could keep my watering hole a secret.. Old southern boy talk.

        • Hi Mike, thanks for the info. regarding green grass. My guess is Forrest is full of old Southern boy talk.

  66. Mike, JB is F’s friend he mentions in this story , his name is Joe Billy Bob. His dog is named ” Tesuque “. Hope that helps ya……. good luck to ya

    • I must have missed the part about JB being human. Forrest has many pets. I doubt he has listed all of them.

      It doesn’t make any sense to me that a friend would not tell him the location. A real friend is happy to see you get it right. So that’s where I conclude JB is not human and cannot communicate the location. Maybe my logic is flawed. This whole thread seems a bit “fishy”.

      • And since I’m on a rant, that looks like a wet fly to me. Been chewed on, too. I read somewhere a guy said wet flies is like lure fishing– I don’t do it. Again, my thoughts have little basis but I still put them out there.

    • I’ll be honest, It really sounded like a fake name … That’s funny…That’s one of the reasons I chose Green grass. Along with him mentioning it about a place he didn’t want anyone else to know anyway. Thanks didn’t know that, That tells me , I need to go back over every bit of information I thought I knew… Hey it’s a start..

  67. Me and my family are heading to go ski on Thur. I may not ski, I may go search. Did F say not to search in winter or can it be found at all times? I have searched and searched and can’t find anywhere where he says “not” to go specifically.

    • aaetzii , your free to search anytime….. just be careful in the mountains in winter…….take supplies…..good luck to ya

      • Who said mountains – lol – my focus is a little bit different. I have a great brown and a very off the beaten path wwwh. I am excited and my family is excited. We are all top secret and wearing a tin foil cap right now. I wanted to email FF and tell him something – but we all talked about it and thought that his emails and his website have been hacked and that others are reading his emails ~ lol. Hoping for the best – but expecting the worst. Gotta keep my hopes down – I keep telling the fam that too. We are leaving Texas on Thur. right after the boys finals.

        • Be safe don’t go up any backroads in the winter unless your prepared weather changes quickly Be safe

        • That’s great I’m may join you. I haven’t seen anything specifically saying not to do a winter search. I think he said with snow coming on the situation he’d stay quiet till spring. I have to wonder though – about that statement, it doesn’t sound absolute.

          • I don’t think he ever said you can’t. I think he has said in different ways that it might not be the best choice and to be careful. I have searched in winter…dug down 5 feet which was after my husband and I both at the same time sank into the snow while wearing snow shoes and probably would still be there till this day if there wasn’t a whole lot of wiggling done.

            Dal would you please unmoderate me. Forrest would you please ask Dal to unmoderate me?

          • Steph – thats what I’m worried about, is too much snow. A foot is won thing but infinite snow isn’t worth it. Hopefully a foot down in a small area.

  68. Something is awry here. You caught him at the end of the rainbow on his beak. I hope you didn’t keep’m and you were able to leeve’m.

    Seriously, Forrest, that is a very nice rainbow and a #8 is one big blue dun midge. Hmmm….

  69. MT, I don’t think your logic is flawed… I like it.
    Forrest was 76 when he got Tesuque. Do you think Forrest looks 76 in this photo? I don’t. So you could be correct… Maybe he had a dog named JB before Tesuque… or maybe not and he’s pulling our hind leg. “Man’s Best Friend” though refers to his dog…
    Another thing I’ve noticed… In recent scrapbooks, the photos of Forrest… he’s looking down or away and we can’t see his eyes? And now this one where he’s hiding behind those large sunglasses… I wonder if there is a reason behind this…

  70. Tippet sizes were traditionally expressed as X sizes in a scale based on silkworm gut leader material,

    Since he has said ” I’m not going to put an x on it for you.” Does knowing the above have any meaning to the solve?

  71. As Virginia pointed out he’s holding the fish in the middle. I think we all pretty much think it’s in the middle between 2 of something. I mean there are no less than 100 illustrations proving this. Unless the illustrations don’t mean anything.

    • I believe he scanned the picture from an old photo (assuming since he said he wrote on the back of it ) so metadata probably won’t tell you squat on this one.

  72. Forrest,
    I have an idea for the next contest…
    this spring who ever sends the best fishing photo gets your prized Pflueger Medalist reel.

    any thoughts?

  73. That’s not a “Forrest made fly”! Look at the head. Forrest uses fingernail polish. Check out his video. Original post was written with “dry fly” after Midge Blue Dun. It changed according to Dal. Does this put a spin on the subject ?

  74. Forrest, Here is my guess on the location of your catch. I have not read what others have said. I am just going on what it looks like to me. Is it on the Madison between West Yellowstone and Madison Junction? Near the Picnic area? Where the road is on the south side of the River? It looks like near the place I had a picnic.

  75. Dal, I’ve enjoyed watching all the taped Santa Fe Interviews with Forrest but have not been able to open the Gone Fishing interviews from this site. (I’m using an iPad) any suggestions on how to watch Gone Fishing videos? Thank you.

  76. If Forest does not remember where it was taken, then how will he know whether someone has the right location?

    • He will say OH, thats it! I think he wants us to think! How will WE know its the right Location? How will I, I ask myself this everyday.

    • Bewildered that is the best response yet out of the hundreds of others. Did one of your children come up with that one?Thanks for the laugh. It’s not easy outwitting ff.

    • Maybe that is the whole point of this SB. What if it’s not about a location? Would not do any good to tell him, because he wouldn’t remember…… why bother.

      • Yes, Thank you Mike! I had watched them a few months back but I am re-watching them again now and it is definitely more interesting the second time through… Is there anything this guy can’t do well???? A bit humbling imho…:)

  77. The question is: how are we to tell what the numbers, letters and meaning to it all? In an email or on here. I am pretty sure he do t want all of that on here.
    Or is this just one of those rhetorical questions ?

    Now those are what we ( I ) need answered

  78. I have a question. What if dal just searched all these posts and he can see exactly where Mr. Fenn is posting from – he can figure that out. Then won,t that mean that he has a HUGE advantage?????

    • aaetzii – Forrest has too much integrity to give Dal an advantage. If Dal had such an advantage he would have found the treasure by now. Lastly, IMO this fishing location has nothing to do with the treasure chest location. Do you think Forrest actually forgot where the treasure is?

      • If I’m understanding you correctly Lucky Girl that’s not true. Each commenter has an IP address, wifi, mobil, or otherwise. Having said that, it’s very easy to hide your true location if for some reason you want to; so basically it means nothing.

        • What I’m saying Goofy is that if I was out searching in one of the states and posted to this blog Dal couldn’t find the location however from some wifi hotspots (coffee shops) would be geocoded.

          Go to google and type “what is my IP” on wifi then trace that IP it will show the city you are in BUT if you are on a mobile he won’t be able to get location.

          • That is somewhat true Lucky Girl… depends on your carrier but it’s certainly not foolproof. Carriers assign their IP blocks differently, and how often you are reassigned an address (lose your connection). If for some reason you want to keep your location secrete I would not trust that method. You can sign on using a VPN, or remotely connect to your home computer to be sure no one knows where you actually are.

    • If some people would spend as much time on the ” Chase ” as they do trying to discredit Forrest and Dal , they would be way ahead in this race to the finish line….. Just run along the ” white line” because I don’t want to run over ya on my ” sprint ” to the finish line….. IMO..IMO..IMO Forest has already made it clear on where he stands on this matter……. read good luck to ya

  79. Did JB take his photo with a camera? Or did JB take the photo with the fish, as in steal them both? The way it’s worded, it seems the latter is true.

    So…the question is: How did Forrest get the photo back?

    And when a shadow disappears suddenly, it’s because a cloud went over the sun. So, maybe, JB is a nickname he calls his shadow.


      • Dal,
        But the “it” is never clarified. It appears to be a deliberate ambiguity…
        Or you could be right.
        It’s ambiguous, so there’s no way to tell unless Forrest tells us.

      • That’s the logical answer. It seems the Fenn family always seemed to have a camera around to take pictures of the fish they caught. Probably Forrest had a camera with him because when he was a fishing guide when he was young, his clients wanted to have pictures of their prized catch. 🙂

      • Maybe Lucca took the photo…TFTW..He writes about he and Lucca,s secret SPOT on the Pecos River..He also writes about his friend John Connelly the politician from Texas who went into partnership with some art deals…John,s middle name is Bowden,thus “JB”. And…he was also investigated for the Watergate (leeve)scandal…… thinking out loud!!!thats all.

  80. Mindy – you are indeed a wise one. Forrest may be referring to his shadow, which makes it a fun riddle. When the phantom was running a muck on the blog I meant to read up on shadow psychology. Now may be a good time. What are your thoughts?

    • Well, if he called him JB for short, that would mean Forrest saw him the most at noon. Then, maybe …I don’t really know. But if his sunglasses are a hint and if JB is short and his shadow, I would guess that he caught it somewhere associated, but not necessarily named, Noon.

        • I agree Amy, unfortunately I recently had to start using cheaters so I noticed that right away. I don’t have fancy sun glass cheaters yet… but I might have to get some for fishing…:) Specially for the sun at high noon off the water…:)

          • Amy, the sunglasses, on closer inspection are part of the photo. Perhaps the reflections at the base are scrubbed in with PS for effect. I’m still not sure if there are any legit hints. F may have too much time on his hands and knows we all enjoy the challenge of each SB. This one was fun, and I still think I answered the location question correctly. Are you and your sisters excited for search season 2015?

          • IMO, there are no big hints in most of the Scrapbooks. I think we need to start focusing more on the things not worth knowing.

          • Ok! My family thinks I am crazy! I think I am getting close to being mrs einstein. I understand it all now. I just loved the article about Carl and then the sunday glass – i got it.

          • I’m going late feb, march. After that…that’s it! No more. I’m out. Zip. Nada. Fini. I’ve had it!!!
            …until the next time….ttee hee!

        • Likely polarized sunglasses which aide in “seeing” thru the reflections on the water surface. Very helpful looking for golf balls too.

      • Lia

        Absolutely, we are excited. As of now it’s me, my husband, my son, my daughter, mother and her boyfriend are planning the trip for June. I just recently asked my sister if she would like to come with us.

        I surely can’t wait. 🙂

  81. Dal, Forrest is a master at having us believe something he never said. I mean, has anyone ever asked him if he plans to be buried or cremated. My theory is the chest is in the firepit where they camped on the way to Yellowstone. When he says “leave my bones”, he is referring to fishbones and bird bones thrown into the fire. When he says it will be worth the cold, thats “char coaled”. He can still have his ashes spread over the 4 state area giving truth to his bones laying next to the box.

  82. Sorry ahead of time if someone has already mentioned this, ive tried to keep up with all the comments, but brown is not capitalized , to me thay wld indicate not the same Brown in the poem
    Cld we eliminate the idea of Brown trout?
    Maybe these SB’s are process of elimination instead of process of accumulation?

    • Can you say that for sure?
      I mean
      yes, it is an obvious grammar mistake being a proper noun, but we have no way of saying 100% that Forrest did not intend that.
      He started out mentiong his spell checker is burning up.
      To me its always a princess bride moment with Forrest SBooks.

      “Did I put the glass of poison in front of you or did I put in front of myself? “

  83. Forget JB or JBB and forget the fish. Forrest lost his spot. He said “In my reverie I often find myself stealing away to that place and I will always consider it to be mine alone.f” Someone from the neighborhoods took a picture of his spot.

  84. If I was to guess, I would say Tesuque creek. Maybe where Tesuque Creek and Pojoaque Creek meet.Keeping with the theme of the month I guess. When breaking it down, the word tippet stands out. So, a tip would be his pet. He’s 8 yrs. old, has lost 11 teeth, and alpha/numeric gives 9 tip pet. Midge Blue Duns= My doggie be 9 done. His fly rod was missing= his fl “y” are “o” d.= His fl (odd) was missing. = His 11 was missing. Meaning teeth. The reel, has to do with friend.(medalist= me dal is 2).Adding Pojoaque Creek because Tesuque likes catfish and cornbread. This breaks down to fish need. = water. Pojoaque means drink water place.
    Since I couldn’t find a Del Charro Creek, (not saying there isn’t one), other possibilities could be Cowboy Creek or Del Charro Saloon,(doubt that).
    All-in-all, I think the theme is Tesuque. (Just don’t get how he snapped the picture:) Guess we’ll have to ask “JB”.

  85. Let me say it again just so were all on the same page. Forest is in the middle of the photo. Where is he? He’s in the photo! Love, love, love this.

  86. Forrest, we know you are as gifted at fly fishing as weaving a tale, and would enjoy hearing your story of landing this fish. I’ve heard that large fish are smart and ignore lures in still water. I’ll bet it takes skilled action and the perfect lure to raise interest And land a beauty like the one in your photo. What more can you tell us?

  87. Don’t forget Forrest is a poker player and a fisherman. LOL As usual I mess up my posts. I meant to say the guy said wet flies are the same as bait fishing.

    My senses hit the alert button over that 11 pounds. Of course I could be wrong here, but I’ve seen 6 pound fish that looked nearly the same size. Maybe this is Forrest’s intentions–take notice. I’m not a fly fisher but another thing the 6 pound tippet–that seems way heavy.

  88. Maybe it is Big Springs Idaho, Michael. It is a neat place to visit and it is worth the trip if you are in the West Yellowstone area.

  89. So I have not guessed a location yet because I have not ever fished anywhere in the Rockies… But I do know that here in Washington State the Fishing Rules and Regulations will have boundaries of where you can fish…. like you can fish upstream from a certain bridge but not downstream of the bridge for a certain species of fish or vice versa… Therefore, I am going to guess he caught this Beautiful Rainbow at the very very edge of some set boundary…??? imho of course….:)

  90. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the aim, just gotta change the target.” – Jay Z

    Maybe JB would agree?

  91. Woody, you’re absolutely correct. My “interior” comment refers to places that others were referencing like the Chinese Wall which are not an afternoon stroll. IMHO the tc will not be found if it lies in Glacier Park or The Bob Marshall Wilderness. Nor do I think the clues or F’s memoirs logically lead to those locations.
    (Did you mean Wala Wala Washington?) 😉

  92. Well you can’t take a photo with a fish, but you didn’t say IT was the fish. And/or if JB took IT this is not the photo of IT or WHERE.

    • Ava, you may be correct. The fish, water, and type of stones would all make sense in Patagonia as they would in glaciated areas of the U.S. An interesting guess to be sure.

  93. OK Folks just read this post and I was going to say Forrest caught that fish on the Columbia River.then it hit Me..If Forrest cant Remember where he caught it how could he ever tell me if I was Right?

  94. Forrest,

    “That’s the best spot to fish,” where you caught that beautiful rainbow trout, it’s in the story – I’m biting.”

    Forrest, “caught,” (more like attached) that beautiful rainbow trout on Scrapbook One hundred and twenty four of Dal’s web page.

    I am the thought of this fish in my digestion; it’s good with onions and a little salt, pepper and lemon.

    • OK, then….if we get two guesses then here’s my second guess:

      Ekal Noskcaj

      Maybe Forrest can figure IT out, but wait, we are all wasting our time trying to guess where he caught that bow. Even if you guessed IT right he wouldn’t know IT because he just doesn’t remember IT. 🙂

  95. Hey Forrest, everyone on here is saying the right things… They’re talking about your sun glasses, shadows, reflections, white lines, the rocks and water movement but I haven’t seen any with the right answer. You’re in the sun… And you’re sportin’ those shades to the max. Go ahead and send me the secret please.

  96. Forrest has already told ” all ” of us the secret…. we just wasn’t listening….. good luck to ya…..night all………………………………………………………………………

    • From experience driving through them…I suggest anyone going there learns what low gear is for lol. I will forever connect the scent of burning brake pads to the Tetons lol. Just beautiful JC. Some really great spots around there we’ve searched.

  97. Funny , Spoke to a angler today , He told me that this would be a wooper at 28″and 11 lb , He said the common weight for a fish this size is around 8 lbs… It would be un common to be 11lbs. He also said that the #8 hook is rather larger so that fly was a great granddaddy fly on a hook that big… Yea , I’m Staying with ole Green Grass , for now.
    Nice fish …=)

    • Hey Mike,

      If you take what’s missing with this SB, I get a B, an A, a D, and the word “weight.” (Should be #8 weight). Which comes out as “bad weight.
      Might be more, but I don’t put a lot of weight to the SBs, and although I enjoy reading them, I don’t chase them too much for clues.

      And hmmm, I just realized that # is a “pound sign.” If he forgot the spot, maybe he got a little of his numbers mixed up, too. Maybe the fish wasn’t 11 pounds, but 8.

      And that fish looked a lot like what is called a “redside.” I’m not even close to being a fish person (I can’t even eat tuna from a can), but one of the best places to fish for them is the Deschutes river in Oregon, near Lake Billy Chinook, where the Metolius river joins them. I thought a chute reminded me of a flue as in
      pfluegar, and medalist sounds like Metolius, and of course Lake Billy Chinook.

      I was wrong, and I’m pretty sure no one earned a secret.

      One more wrong in a looong string of wrongs. Lol. Even Forrest told me “Wrong again.” 🙂

      • Hey Mindy… You jus answered alot of people question … If he wld even remember..If he told u , u were wrong , he obviously remembers and there is a Spot!
        Thanks for sharing! 😉
        I knew he remembers everything… Jus wasnt sure if this was a test or an actual spot!

      • You’re probably right about that being the Deshutes River. I think it’s somewhere in the Northwest.

      • Hi Mindy …
        Interesting take . Funny about those strings… I’ll send you a mail on my take on those white and red one’s.

        It could be the numbers are mixed up. Very possible. But, Imp he didn’t forget and this is defiantly a test. The only reason I didn’t call it a pound sign is because (1) The picture of the hook at the top really looks like a #8 hook … I checked it out. (2) If I were to tell you by words the size of the hook , I would call it a number 8 hook . So, imo that is why I looked up the definition of #
        and found that in a numerical function , it poses as to question the Number that # is . Not that Im 100 percent solid on it , I didn’t get a e mail from F …
        I did down load a great math app Called math Way . In a few different equations I’ve entered , I had kept getting the number 7. In another setting using a different function
        I get ” False” as a answer… Which tells me it could be a mix of Words and numbers that tell the riddles truth .

        But I’m starting to look again , Funny when I was a kid and my Pops would send me to look for stuff in his shed , I would never find what he sent me for … Even though it was exactly where he told me it was, So I would have to go in there 2 or three times before I’d see it.
        This time when I looked , there are commas separating the numbers right … Except one of them is not a comma.
        It looks like one . But , I believe it is a colon. “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.” the one between 28 and 11 this is not a comma. I don’t know if that helps at all .
        But , I’m goanna mettle with it a bit and see what I can come up with . I like the Knot theory in this , but I can’t find a string to follow yet… Which a string is subtle and hardly noticeable. IDk

        Forrest saying it’s his word arrangement and loos of memory is screaming to me … Check again !!
        Only a Opinion . HAve fun.

      • We are going to a great campground inn right across the street. I know exactly what room I am going to try to stay in. I am bringing my Yogi, cuz they are pet friendly, and he can stay in it while we go explore the town and the boys want to ski in the town next door. They all thinks I’m a Jolly Crazy making them go on this wild goose chase! Oh well, it’s just another adventure for my bucket list! I hope they have those great big chairs out there in the winter!! My mom made us some food to take with us, just some cabbage w/ onions and sandwiches, nothing spectacular. We will turn the hotspot on his Dodge dually, I think it will be safe going there and I am hoping I will have internet. He is in construction and he’s a roper – so he needs a great big new white truck to pull all his horse trailers and bobcats and other things. Leaving around 1 be there about 20 hours – we will take sturns, lots of them! I know exactly where we are going. The rifle is so old, I have one that my grandfather gave me that might be older! He was in the surveying business and I have all his really old instruments saved for my boys. I think they will like them. 🙂

  98. My brother made it through heart valve replacement surgery and is now in the ICU recovering. We are all so happy he is on his way to healing. Grateful.

  99. Okay , So I have posted a couple guesses here already. But after digging a bit more, I wanna make 1 more.

    I noticed in the explanation of what was written on the back that this looked like a factor list… Well IMO it is something of the sort. Or why the riddle right?
    Well , I was looking to see if the numbers were coordinates , only due to “Rainbow 28”,11lb,#8fly,6lb tippet. Total fish story , in-between the 28 and 11 is what looks like a comma but it is not . Look carefully at the other ones and this is straight not curved like the others. but in Google Earth under optional fields
    where you will see “Text Strings” okay follow the string I say, so
    it says; ” Strings contain numbers and alphanumeric characters. What defines a string to a style or template is that the string is encompassed with “” quotation marks or contains a white space so it cannot be inturreperated as a number.
    Speaking of “RAINBOW 28″

    This is use full in 3-d graphic viewers on Google Earth. You can Import your generic text fields , these fields need Named columns whose values are separated by columns or spaces, or tabs. Well this is done by creating a spread sheet.
    Use Excel and space it as a CSV or TXT file …. Following me so far….??????

    Okay moving on , Alternatively you use a programmatic method to extract the data form…. Your head in a spin yet????

    Okay so after reading a bit I found how to split the values into what is called buckets. Where continuous mapped heights are not easily visualized in 3-D format.
    When using this mapping method you create up to 8 height groups for your data.
    The 8 values are listed as COLOR CODE , or icon ,or Height.
    Remember this is done in Excel Spread Sheet format or you CANNOT UP LOAD to Google Earth .

    NOTE: Using Spread Sheet application on Excel ; BE Sure cell format is set to Numeric and not to text. IF THE FIELD IS IN DOUBLE QUOTATIONS MARKS ,

    So Hidden message ???????? Lets look at it together real quick .
    So The Numbers are Letters and RAINBOW also with in it gives me he formatted it incorrectly on purpose. counting the Numbers as letter only 7 letters but * is the unlock if I’m reading the #8 correctly to question 8 .
    So 1=R 2=A 3=I 4=N 5=B 6=O 7=W 8=R

    28 2=A 8=R 1=R 1=R 8=R 6=0

    Is this possible Arrow

    And Could it be possible it’s ARROW HEAD Lodge at Archer’s Poundre River resort . Which is world famous for Trout Fishing ….

    ” Poudre River: Nicknamed the “Trout Route” is famous for its trout fishing. This river offers a variety of fly fishing experiences from walk-wading along the river bank to float fishing in the deep pools of water. When casting dry flys or nymphs, you can expect action from 10 to 14 inch Rainbow or Brown trout. As a guest at the Archer’s Poudre River Resort, there are no restrictions as you fish the 500 feet of river bank”

    Could be a shot in the dark … But , If not Green Grass , Then My best chose would be here … Just My Opinion and a shot in the dark.

    • Mike, when I read your post I looked at the coma’s. It was as you said, the coma between the 28 and the 11 appeared a little straighter than the others. I was unable to copy that sentence into a Word Processor and identify a different font.

      Before writing this comment I looked again, this time all coma’s appear the same. Not sure why.??? I doubt anyone made a change during that time.

      Perhaps Goofy-Old-Guy can shed some light on this.

          • Thanks for the prompt response!

            I believe it has something to do with one’s monitor and some kind of refresh rate or ??? I notice slight graphic changes from time to time.

            Thanks for the wonderful job you guys are doing! 🙂

          • Hi Goofy , Dal …

            This is a copy and paste from above

            “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.”
            Now look at the actual text above that is posted at the top of the page..They are completely different. There are a few of them spread out in the story … and they kind of look like a 1 in miniature in stead of a comma .

            When I re past it here it changes….Interesting.. I have no explanation for this.
            Even Still when looking at this info
            it kind of made sense .
            The facts to me were the # sign before the eight . And looking at the definition , by American standards when used before number it is to incite to question the number. Well the wasn’t all it suggested in String theories. So when I was looking at The How to Part of Google Earth , is where I found the information above and how the Excel spread sheet was used in the application.
            The Part were Colors were assigned to 8 characters or less… and could also be assigned a icon as well.
            Where also in the final note designating where double quotation is used they are automatically given a alphabetic value even if they are numbers . So rainbow being in the double quotations and the fact F is asking for a location I deemed that Rainbow could the key to the unlock.
            Possible again… IDK
            But if that is so

            So 1=R 2=A 3=I 4=N 5=B 6=O 7=W 8=R
            Key above
            28 is 2=A 8=R
            11 is 1=R 1=R
            8 is 8=R
            6 is 6=0
            “ARRRRO” I don’t know kinda sounded like arrow . then looking at google under arrow head , F likes arrow heads.. so do I . I’ve got a nice one Ive had my whole life. I kinda liked it and looked for it , and found that in formation. As far as Anglers I spoke to in NM , I hear that a Wild Rainbow 28 and 11lb is not common and that commonly a fish that size would weigh 7-8lbs. Any way trying to clarify what was posted.Kinda of silly but I’m just looking at it from every angle I can…
            or maybe I gotta smack the bottom of a rabbit hole ………. IDK

            MAybe it is the start of a key?
            Maybe you have to enter it in Excel in the wrong format to see what it says?

            Alright ,,,, that’s a wrap… Green grass here I come.

          • Mike-
            Maybe my eyes are calibrated differently than everyone else’s…but to me…the copy paste job you placed in your comment looks precisely like the text in the story above. So maybe it’s about fonts. Maybe your computer is using a font on the comments on this page that is different from the font it uses in the actual story. ????
            If so, it sounds like a local computer issue more than any oddity or hidden code.

            I post these stories for Forrest. He sends them to me in email. I send him drafts once I get the text and photos together. Sometimes he finds problems…sometimes not…
            But I can personally guarantee that there is no hidden code in that text…I posted it…not Forrest.

            Neither of us have exercised any control over the font your computer might substitute or you might have assigned in preferences to display the page….

          • After all that Mike I am more confused than ever… will have to work on it a bit.. but, I do agree with you on one thing…I really like the Green Grass location as the spot where he caught the Beautiful Rainbow…

        • Mike I don’t see what you are talking about either. I’ve checked the text you pasted against the original on three different monitors and looked at each with a magnifying glass; they look exactly the same to me. I also checked the code, it is the same.

          I don’t know why you are seeing something different.

          • May be it’s the way my font is in my PC. WOW , talk about strange…. I ran with it . Looked like it fit….I guess when you dig a bit too far you lose your spot.

          • Hey Dal, I have to agree on the font statement ,your right. I think I set mine to a different look … LOL … OH well it was fun … Funny what you can find if you look too hard some times. LOL okay Green Grass … =)))

  100. Dal, I have not seen any comments from you on this. I have been Wondering, what are you thoughts on this post of forrests? Do you have it figured out? Do you have any idea’s on the location, that you would like to share? Dal
    Thanks so much for any tid bits, you can add to this mystery.

    • Lou-
      I am a skeptic when it comes to most of the “hints” or “clues” that folks find in Forrest’s scrapbook stories. I believe Forrest places these stories here for us to become familiar with his life and his interests. I believe Forrest is a natural storyteller and he is simply sharing parts of his life with us in ways that I find entertaining and informative. He is a teacher…

      Don’t get me wrong, I find many of these stories helpful in advising me as to the kind of place that would be “special” to Forrest and the intent of the language used in the poem. But I do not typically find “clues” or “hints” in what he shares with us nor do I scour every passage he writes for connections to the words in the poem.

      For the most part, I am entertained by what many folks “discover” in these scrapbook pages but rarely do I agree that much of it is really intended to help us find the treasure or even narrow down the clues.

      I did find it very useful to see that he did not capitalize “brown” when speaking of trout in the above story. Not a clue but gives me some reason to consider the idea that maybe “Brown” does not refer to Brown trout.

      As far as the location of the stream in this story…Very few 28″ Rainbows are found in the lower 48. I believe that stream is located in Alaska..I agree with Wolf’s interpretation..and could be any number of streams in that state.

      As far as why he wrote that story…well if I caught a 28″ Rainbow and had a crew of people who watched my every move and who I enjoyed hanging out with…you can bet I would want them to know about it…Fishing is about three things…enjoying nature,.. matching wits with wildlife…and bragging…

      I think Forrest was simply sharing an event in his life with us that made him very happy. There is joy in sharing a great fish with others.

      • Thank You so much for responding Dal! I too thought the exact same thing about “brown” I never really thought it was Brown Trout. However that is of good of a guess as any.
        Much Respect, Lou Lee

      • Alaska perhaps but I am willing to bet Forrest’s money on Diggin Gypsy it is just a few miles northeast of Whitehorse. Lots of fine wolves come from up there!

  101. I would like to ask a question to all the avid fisherman out there on this blog. When fishing for trout in cool waters…which species of trout gave you the toughest fight? IMHO I believe it to be the German Brown because usually they are hard fighters and love to go down and use the current to their advantage. A 5lb fish feels like a 10lb fish when they use the current. I have caught all my Browns on the Animas River in Colorado. I am a cheater though, for I haven’t perfected my use of my (Scott) fly rod, I usually use a fly with a clear bubble. I know true fly fishermen enjoy using the fly rod because you get more feel when landing the fish. And fishing with a barbless hook makes it that much harder. While fishing for trout i have caught Brookies, Lake Trout, Cut Throats, Rainbows and Germans. I never caught a Muskee but I have heard they are fighters too! My favorite place to fish was at the Air Force Academy at Dead Man’s Lake using a Dack Wonder after (Col Martin Dack) Red and Orange Ashers also worked really well there too!

  102. I also wanted to add the handsome gentleman on my left is Mr. Fenn and I got the pleasure to meet him on his Birthday in 2013. One thing I know for sure, Forrest Fenn does like Oreos!

  103. Hi Forrest, Here is another guess on the Rainbow. Location: Clearwater River,
    Northern Idaho

  104. The numbers point to something imo….and it is a large salmon type…this is a challenge any way you figure it y’all thinking alaska too?

  105. Holy cow, I had to scroll for ten minutes to get down here. Lol. I wonder what the Nov 94 means at the bottom of the reel?

        • I couldn’t read it here either Mindy so I did an image search on Google and found the site where the picture came from and it was easier to read the model number on the original image.

          • Mindy- if you have an iphone or iPad there’s an app called ‘Reversee’ that’s pretty good and really easy to use just click any photo in your album. Note: sometimes I only find the flipped image of something online (‘real’ as opposed to traditional ‘mirror’ display of most photos) so if you are really being thorough and don’t find it- try flipping it, same with BW vs. color…I have no doubt you know all too well how to make these changes already. Lol 😉

  106. My thoughts on this scrapbook:
    The secret to be shared with the person who identifies the location is the location.
    Nobody else knows this secret at this time because JB is an inanimate object, perhaps ‘B’rownie camera.
    Once I solve the location though, it will no longer be a secret if I let you know I know..
    Therefore you cannot know that I know your secret/location else it would no longer be a secret according to the saying “…. Unless one of them are dead”
    What to do with my information?
    Hmm, Below the home of Brown. Where was this photo taken and where was the camera placed?

  107. If I could test the water I might nail it. No Id have to have someone test it for me and be able to fly back in time to the location to get a sample. That may be hard right now seeings how my time machine is broke.The fishing there I’m told this year was terrible because of the algae. That fly shack may jog your memories as to the location.

    I would say it is where the eagles fly over the lake of memories. Looking at the same similar water and beach front,and fish caught there. I would have to say Eagle Nest Lake in NM. Maybe this should be written on the back of your picture. What a beauty by the way. Then again my initials are JB and I’m wrong a lot these days lol. One never knows, oh but one does, I forgot. Forrest has it locked in his memory bank.

    But for real its somewhere in this world for sure.Hidden lake by bear mountain in Montana is where I want to go soon. Like nuggets in a box the treasures I have found searching for Forrest’s treasure. What beauty can be found there is UN measurable from the pictures I have seen. Thank you Sir.

    I do love a good laugh every once in a while. I caught fish like that with ease in my youth at Aurora Colo water supply. Yep I might not of had a sign saying it was OK to do so. But I was young and it was fun to fill the freezer with good eating rainbow trout for the family. Pink meet and very tasty.

    The older I get the harder it is to catch fish for some reason. Do you think they know who is standing on the bank. They just look up now and say I’m not going home with that old fart. I look down and say, listen 52 is not old, fish fry. Watch your gills. It just turns and swims away to tell his friends all about the silly man Me, standing on the bank saying here fishy fishy fishy.

    I got to visit eagle nest on the way to the Santa Fe book Signing. Its a beautiful place and the people where nice too. Wow I cant believe I said that. Now every one will want to go. Well you should I say. Just for the experience. Hunt for treasure when your there. That would be fun. I wish I had more time to spend in that area for sure. As I hear tell others have spent a lot of time there but my solve has been closer to home. I am always open to a trip to Yellowstone. I better get there soon from what I hear in the news room from fellow searchers.

    Fishing in the area standing on the bank looking for where it is wet and cold in the wood. Hmm I’m lost will you tell me your secrete? Has anyone got this right Yet? There are a lot of bodies of water out there. The more people putting in there two cents someone is bound to come up with the correct answer sooner or later. Is Forrest going to tell everyone to stop guessing when he remembers? I think He Knows by the way. I would not think for a second he would forget something so wonderful as a “Rainbow 28”, 11 lbs, #8 fly, 6 lb tippet.” location. Do You?

    What a great man has told me named Forrest Fenn, is to keep the mind working at all times. Without it we are a asterisk on the pages of time. Have a great life light forever everyone.Now lets go treasure hunting. JB

      • He has a talent when it comes to the key board I confess it was he.. I keep asking him to teach me but he slaps me with his tail to suggest maybe after our next adventure. I can’t seem to pin him down to that promise tho. I haven’t received a secrete in my mail box from Forrest so I will tell Titan he was wrong and to get back to work on it. Fetch that secrete Titan. My next hopeful words will be good boy. Its great to have a scape dog . Hope all is going good for you Jdiggins. always JB

  108. Forrest, you caught a few Rainbows and a Brown in NIce Lake, Nice River or Nice Creek. 🙂

  109. I forgot about this one…

    It sounds to me like the moral of that story is that it doesn’t matter how long a secret (blue midge dun) is kept, it can still bite you to spill it years later…

    I have no guesses for where that place is located… it’s probably written on the back of JBB’s copy of that picture.

    • Hello Muset. Two people can keep a secret and JBB is keeping Mr. Fenn’s. If he was told not to tell anyone, then that could mean he wasn’t suppose to tell Mr. Fenn either. What are friends for? 😉

      • I sure wish I knew where this spot is, because I would love to find a fish that large on my line. I consider myself lucky just to get a bite on my line nowadays.

    • Mr. Fenn is looking all cool cat sprawled out with the big native fish. JB on the other hand is hanging a little shady. Maybe he cut out quick for a little medicinal healing? I’m sticking with my first guess. As for the missing blue dunns, now that just ain’t right.

  110. My answer is this is one of the 4,000 fishing holes in Blackburn Creek, Montana, northeast of Cabin City.

  111. Well, that’s the sad story, and I really don’t know what else to say, except that if anybody can tell me where I caught that beautiful rainbow trout, I’ll tell them a secret that I haven’t revealed to anyone – ever.

    Hmmm JB… I can only think of one place.

  112. since ff never revealed the correct answer, are we to assume the secret is in the post itself?

    • Hello decall. Someone posted a very funny answer…in the mouth. Would be a very good answer, but is it the correct one? With that thought in mind, I would guess at the mouth of a gold medal river. Gold medal…I think of flour, too. Is there a gold medal river with a name of a flower? I haven’t the foggiest. Don’t pay much attention to me. I like getting tangled with strings. 🙂

  113. Each dish and pan had to be washed by hand, dipped in scalding water and dried. Whew! My hands turned white and had deep canyons in them. What I really hated to wash were the giant kettles used for making brown gravy. The smell truly assaulted my sensitivities and that’s why I don’t eat brown gravy anymore.

    I have this connection that’s in the book.

  114. It looks to me that Fenn put out a challenge here to figure out the name of this place by altering some “typos”… word arrangement, spelling & grammar clues, He’s playing with us like he played that fish. A very artful fisherman.
    Or maybe I’m paranoid.

  115. Just as you can not take a picture WITH a fish, you can only take a picture of a person AND the fish with a camera…WITH is used only twice in the poem…”and WITH my secret where…” and …”But tarry scant WITH marvel gaze…”

    WITH can not be substituted with AND in the first example…”And AND my secret where…” but it can in the second example…”But tarry scant and marvel gaze…” This substitution changes the interpretation very slightly, but maybe just enough to give it a different meaning.

    That is all that I can see in this brain teaser. Comments?

    Good luck in figuring this one out and TRY to STAY SAFE


  116. Dal,

    Do you know if f is till accepting answers for this extra credit question and if anyone ever got it right?

    And if you don’t know, would you mind asking him?

    Thank you

    • Pina-
      If you quote the last line of the SB to remind him what your answer is about I’m guessing he will accept your guess…

          • Hi Jenny. I did submit my solution and his response was “Good luck to you sir” if memory serves. I don’t believe I actually asked him if anyone got it right though.

  117. Dal and Pin,,, Im going to send him my guess also….
    close to 70 degrees here in AR today,, hope all the chasers are having a Beautiful blessed day…..

  118. I think you caught that fish in the stream off of Red Canyon Road in Utah. You were in Rainbow Canyon which is an offshoot of Red Canyon. It would be easy to lose your way up there. Want to go test our luck with some Midge Blue Duns?

  119. Might that beauty The Flyer caught have something to do with the wandering ‘d’……of his infamous word…. “knowlege”?

    Fess up, JB!

    • I enjoyed reading this scrapbook again. It makes me think about my childhood and makes me want to make memories with my family.

      I’ve taken my girls fishing for rainbow trout at the Kern River once a couple years ago. I think the scariest part about it was when one of my girls was casting and us not knowing where the hook went. We did manage to avoid injuries and actually caught one which was a real treat. I think it was only about 12 in from end to end. It has to be 19 or so in to be a keeper but in my girls eyes it was huge. I have great memories from that trip.

      On my next search trip some time next year I plan on bringing my daughters and some poles and I plan to spend a bit of time fishing and imagining that maybe Forrest might have fished in our spot one day many years before.

      Yeah I think I’d like that.

  120. The description of the fish appears to be a small hint. So does the appearance of the reel.

    Now “training” (not a HUGE connection to the word “bockscar”) for my
    next search hike . . .

  121. Looks like a nice rainbow on the shore of Trout Lake, Wyoming.

    Or Any Lake, Anytown.

  122. Might explain “nean” from Mr. Fenn’s comment on Illinoisghost’s blog. This scrapbook is another example.

  123. I believe the correct answer for a fisherman when asked where he caught such a beautiful trophy is “Zippermouth Creek”

    • That’s funny. I can’t believe its been 4 years since this SB. Always one of my favorites.

  124. Forrest,
    Did anyone ever figure out where you caught that nice Rainbow?
    I suspect it might have been the Salt River in Wyoming.

    • Could also be Glacier National Park, Grinnell Lake, Angel Wing, and the Garden Wall area.

    • I have always assumed that as long as we keep the little ones coming we won’t get as many big ones. In my time in Montana (vast majority of my life) I have never felt an earthquake.

      • You’re lucky, Idle Dreamer. When I was nine, living in New York, I felt the Earth beneath me ripple. A strange feeling. When I was a teen living in my apartment, there was a 3.0 earthquake (Colorado) and it knocked me down. It was the first time I felt one. I couldn’t imagine what the 1959 earthquake was like.

      • I too have lived a majority of my life in and around Bozeman. Most of the quakes around the caldera, ie YNP are not deep quakes, deep quakes will shake things for miles around as it did in the 50’s.

        I and my brothers had trundle beds, somewhat like bunk beds, not as high and the lower portion rolled under the stationary top bunk. Us older boys had the rolling lower, it was quite the ride all over the bedroom when the quake hit near West Yellowstone. We went to the epicenter a couple of weeks later, it was quite a site, with half the mountain gone and all of the fault lines, it truly was a big wow to see.

  125. “But it’s my word arrangement and memory loss that bother me the most.”

    “I caught a nice fish and with it he took my photo. I mean he took my photo with it.”

    “Important Literature,” TTOTC, pages 13-14: “The story was about this poet in Baghdad who was always picking some guy’s pocket, and he was in trouble most of the time, the pick-pocket guy I mean.”

    “The Totem Café Caper,” TTOTC, page 48: “One day Grandma took me in the frozen meat locker and said that when the owner gave Frosty an inch he thought he’d become a ruler, Frosty I mean.”

    I don’t recall if there is more like these in the book.

      • pdenver–
        Concerning Mr. F’s statement:
        “If you look close you can see it.”….

        Where the poem has led my posse to…things changed between 2013 and 2014. After 2014 if you looked closely on Google earth, one can see a large rock pile in the woods there. I like to think that is what he is referring to..


        • Hello Sherif Billy. I didn’t realize you were in the Chase this long. You speak of a change on Google Earth between 2013 and 2014, but one must remember the treasure chest was hidden approximately in 2010.

  126. Too easy…Madison below the dam between the dam and quake lake…monsters, just caught some myself.

    • I think the bank is wrong for that stretch of river. Also, that is not a place Forrest would likely forget since he fishes it a lot. I have pictures from the stretch above the big turn (before it slows down) and it’s all 1 foot boulders.

      I vote Alaska, and he can’t remember which river since JBB led the way.

      BTW, I take the story at face value, except it seem to confirm Brown != brown trout.


  127. I’m coming back to this because I think this is funny. When he says “Lost My Spot”, I’m pretty sure “Lost” is the name of his spot. Quite literally, I think it is Lost Creek east of Troy (of course), OH.

    First, the ground rules. I think he gives us examples of how he wants us to think. Using words like “fault lines” suggests his spot might be near fault lines. A word like “aptitudes” might inspire thoughts of other “tudes”. He mentions a prize fly reel, Pflueger (etymon plough). This was originally manufactured in Ohio. In OH, surprise, there are several fault lines on the west side. He mentions typos, an abbreviation of the word “typographical error”, and he shows us that he abbreviates JBB to JB “for short”. An Eszett does this same thing with esses by turning two of these into a ß. An Eszett is also an apothecary symbol used in measurements meaning “semis” or “half”. He challenges us to use his friend, otherwise it’s no good. He tells us that his spell checker has problems with his words, and eventually he uses the word “leeve” and “knowlege”, but still leaves these in the story. He tells us we don’t respect this enough. And he gives us another example of violating the pronoun antecedent agreement, while further correcting himself instead of removing it from the story, seemingly just so he could include the words “I mean”. These would seem to be guidelines, aberrations, and intentional patterns given to us on how to solve the problem. He definitively uses these same patterns throughout his book, and in most of his writings.

    So, let’s get started. Let’s assume he places his words here with purpose, but not in any specific order to aid us, with maybe a few exceptions.

    He says he used a “Midge Blue Dun”. Of these words, the middle one seems reasonable to start with, I mean, if we want to interpret Rainbow. “Mean” is not the average, but it is the actual middle value in a set. Of these three words, “blue” would be the mean. Blue (as we experience it) in a rainbow = 40° angle of light exiting a raindrop, while 42° is where red exits.

    28″ = 2 feet, 4 inches.

    The hypothetical latitude seems somewhat easy to transform:
    40° 2’4″N

    By drawing a line in Google Earth from W OH to E OH at these coordinates, we can get a general idea of what we might intersect, although we aren’t following this specific geodesic correctly all the way through given our line doesn’t arc. If “leeve” is a hint to “levee”, then we have a couple of great candidates in the western section of OH on our line in Troy, but also south in Tipp City.

    The longitude seems difficult to transform, almost as if we have to do some word tricks, or word rearrangements to put things back to how they should be (like correcting a misplaced pronoun antecedent) if we want to assure the right point. The last word “tippet”, sounds a lot like “tip it”, as in tip it over, upside-down. But its definition is a sort of scarf, and the part that connects the fly hook to the line. Hold that thought for an arc-second, because the Eszett is also called a “sharp s”, or in German, “scharfe s”. Hmm.

    An octothorp or a sharp sign or a hashtag or an “oof” is also known as a “capital 3” because of where it sits on a keyboard, as in “type a capital 3 by holding the shift key and pressing 3”. He distinguished the words “You see (emdash)”, which sounds like “U C”, or uppercase. A careful author like Forrest wouldn’t do this unless it is on purpose. An octothorp is also known as a “pound sign”, as in “press the pound sign”. I believe we are able to convert # and “lb” into a 3 (like a capital-3) if we simplify. So then wouldn’t 11 3’s = 33 and 6 3’s = 18? But if we tip #8 (or 38) upside-down, perhaps we can find a useful 83.

    This gives us a hypothetical longitude of:
    83° 33’18”W

    But this puts us just south of Mechanicsburg with no waterways, and about 60 miles east of the OH/IN border. This is a nope. But what about JBB for short? If we use his friend, the Eszett, to shorten in half the distance to the western border of OH, we end up just east of Troy, in a place on a topo (not typo) map called Lost Creek, with a creek called Lost Creek. Technically we end up at somebody’s house next to the creek, but it’s still pretty close. Maybe it belongs to Joe Billy Bob.

    40°2’4″N 84°8’15″W

    Other fun things to think about in this post:
    – #8 fly = 210 grains, or .48 ounces. Grains are also “in the wood”, and a term used in numismatics. A cacher in the rye would be secreting stuff in grain.
    – an imago is a technical word to describe a metamorphosed caddis fly, if you can imagine that.
    – the word skunked = 0. So do the words “goose egg”. There is a Goose Egg, WY. The word “answer” sounds like “anser”, a goose. The prior sets of sentences seem related to the poem.
    – I wonder if his secret is that the nine clues to his poem are all here in this scrapbook using synonyms, or just flat out using the words.
    – there is a Lost Creek area in Wyoming that perhaps this whole exercise is intended to draw our attention.

    Finally, if he was able to do all of this in a scrapbook post of about 325 words, imagine what was accomplished with writing chapter after chapter just like this. The book and just about everything he says seems loaded with the same guidelines, aberrations, and intentional patterns given to us on how to solve the problem, in my opinion.

  128. Seems like we always remember the “little things” – isn’t that what matters the most?
    Moral of this story…. Don’t forget it – and if you do – then just forget it!

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