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Hats from searchers taking up Forrest’s challenge:

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Jamie Jones











Diggin Gypsy

Diggin Gypsy






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171 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Six Point One…

      • Spallies- I covered the S so it just says Elson Blue. A blue elson is a bow tie. There is a blue string on the hat tied in a bow, but it’s not a bowtie…which doesn’t need to be a bow or tied. Hence mildews personality being a string in the story. Every detail (look at the words- the olfactory/smell/mold/nose is an easy one to get off the bar) in the prose and pic is on purpose to illustrate the various compositions of letters, contexts, definitions etc. creating word distance ‘personality’and no radio/voice for sound. It was very complicated to write and photograph, If I had to do a whole book like forrest I think my head would explode and we’d have the same hat. The definition I read of personality itself is how I started putting it together.

    • Look at that, don’t you see it I’m talking about that little black mark on my hat.
      I paid 80.00 for that hat. And who wants someone to write their autograph on it. That day I was at a special event here where I live it’s called the Cattle Barons it’s a big social event to help raise money for cancer. Yes Pat Green y’all know him his big song is Wave on Wave.
      So there I was wanting his autograph and he has a black marker and starts to write on my hat, I said ” Oh No u can’t write on my hat, here sign my arm. That way I can wash it off.
      He probably thought at that time I was weird . I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings.

      Yep,that day I was rocking that hat with personality.

      Have u ever been in a relationship that was just horrible, well I have I can’t even describe this ex- boyfriend that I was involved with.
      We had went out and there I was still rocking in that hat, had lots of compliments that evening. He was so angry that he destroyed that 80.00 hat. It was like he was fighting with it. There was no way for me to repair this hat so it went to the trash . So even if Pat would have signed my hat it wouldn’t have mattered it wouldn’t be worth anything in the future. Cause it was all waded up and crushed.
      How does someone get in a fight with a hat?

      Well I showed him , I went and bought a new one . And eventually replaced him.

      Don’t you love stories like that…..
      There’s always a hat that has personality and I’m still smiling 🙂

    • Hunter…..but not of flesh! Though taxidermy sounds like taxing the flesh…then yes! The is does that to me…so I’m both!!!

  1. Opps, lol Thats missing a sentence lets try again…

    I had these old lady hankies that I wanted to use so I decided to stitch them together and cover a hat with them. I thought about all the little old ladies who held those hankies, putting them away in their keepsakes .They had been a part of their lives. The hankies were with them at weddings,  church, dates with their loved ones, used to wipe away tears from both sorrow and happiness. This hat contains character and you should probably be a character to wear it.  🙂  deb

    • Geez. What planet have I been living on? Do a search for “beard hat”. I bet even Amy would look good in one…not that she doesn’t already. 🙂

      • JC, I have been looking at those for a while. I thought about making some for my sons family. This is their first winter in NY. LOL 🙂

        • Those are very cute, Deb. You ought to make at least one and get some pictures of the little ones wearing it. Those pictures would be priceless years down the road…not to mention the funtionality of being warmer than a traditional hat…which is awesome all by itself.

  2. “Embellish”

    This hat has been my companion on previous searches and in the shadow contest. Recently, I have enhanced her personality and functionality with a strong pair of boot laces for a band, cat’s eye for strength and wisdom, an arrowhead for protection, and a simple flower to let others know I’m a girl.

    I may change her name to “Illuminate” on our next search by adding a visor light in lieu of a handheld flashlight.

  3. I like them all especially jdiggins. That is a chest hunters hat if I ever seen one.
    Where can I get one like it?

  4. You guys are great! My little fox does not smell….but I tell ya…my dog don’t like it when it’s not on my head!!! 🙂
    amyyork…Ur a pretty Lil thing!
    Love the hats…Love you guys!

    • Can’t wait mindy! That’s funny….my little fox is one of my only two…the other is coon skin like Daniel boone!

  5. Advance apologies for the length of this- I had to include it for forrest as I believe it pertains to his message and the ‘dare’ itself and to pose an answer and a 2 question challenge back. It is all in my (and mostly the ‘hats” opinion) IMH’sO?? Anyhow- feel free to turn on the radio while you scroll past it if it’s length annoys ya! Sry again 😉

    It is important that people know I wasn’t planning on dignifying Forrest’s claims about Mildew with a response but then the most curious thing happened. I left my iPad on the table next to my hat and he literally began laughing so hard he could barely even speak. I’ve always thought when a hat speaks you should definitely listen so I grabbed a roll of paper towels to absorb he tears and listened closely to what he had to say. Here is an excerpt:
    “Mildew? MILDEW?? ahAHahahahaa!! I bet she told him that to trick him into taking her! Her real name is Simoom and she is as dry as they come…maybe milDONT??
    You see I’ve known her my whole life. My dad was a skinner and worked with her dad and the coyotes (in theory). They were close- He called my dad his “BFF” so I had to be nice then, bet I wouldn’t say all that now. However- given that, I am certain my memory is correct and true. Simoom has the personality of a string. If you doubt that just look at her pyknic! It’s literally just, like, one deviled egg. (Not even worth eating…and the yogh is always ghastly as well) Such a bore.
    If I stretch the word a far as I can, then maybe I could say she is “ewe-nique” at best. Yes, you herd me right. You could barely even tell her apart from the other hats–and the worst part was that as a kid her concupiscence for me was as bad as the ol’factory mold she came from- just ask anyone that knows her. Tons of hats came from that exact same mold. Plain, plain Janes… Ironically, the only thing they DIDNT reek of is personality! How can he possibly say she is best? I mean Jeez! If that’s the standard we are judging by…then I, Schaden Freude could win by simply declaring that my cacomistle fur is soft and comforting- after all it only takes one thing to beat a nothing….”

    Well Dal…he went on awhile but even after just that I realized that Mildew had no place in a personality contest…and if that means I have to enter my hat, Schaden Freude, just to show her how lame she and keep her in her place then by all means I should do so. So here you go…below I have included a photograph of Him and well as a public formal response to Forrest’s “dare”

    Here is a photo and caption of my hat and claims thereof:


    (Insert photo)

    “I hereby make the assertion that SchadenFreude has more personality within word distance of Oz than your lame hat does of Santa Fe”

    In addition to that challenge, my hat believes that establishing the integrity of the judges is imperative to ones ability to rub others noses into their victory in the future, as well as concede to a loss (ha!) Therefore he would like to present the following questions submitted by fans of the SchadenFreude fan club for Forrest to answer truthfully and give validity to the judging and challenge itself…
    C’mon forrest- he dares you!

    Question 1 is submitted by C. Tornes of Norway:
    “Are you honest?”
    Question 2 from Little Jack Horner of the Calls ign Corner:
    “Could skulduggery increase ones chances in the way you judge this contest?”

    I’m not sure what this all means…but I can tell you with certainty that Schaden is looking extremely smug right now….I wonder what that’s all about? Forrest?

    • Jamie, if I may say, your words indicate wisdom far beyond the years in your photo… 🙂

      • Aw thanks mindy…sometimes a message is better received in spoken word, like a PSA radio announcement- but you can never tell if anyone heard or received the message properly. Reconveying the same meanings and concepts in written/photo form is a whole other animal. I hope it is understood- even if only by someone who sees stuff the same way I do. Oh well…I have tried 🙂

          • @ spallies- yup, it’s the purple strawberry shortcake looking thing. I actually got it for Christmas in the family exchange…it’s quite a ‘statement’ hat in real life. Lol. Needless to say this is the first appropriate use I’ve had for it. Is anyone selling their hats? I’m particularly interested in the white floral one as I drew the same Aunt for next years exchange….love it!

        • Jaimie, its not for sale because it fits my big head.I could make something similar. We can talk, email me at : azuredeb at (all lowercase).

    • Jamie Jones – that was unbelievable. My head is spinning. How long did it take you to put all that together? Please tell us how it relates to Mr. Fenn’s dare. I think you have a future in puzzle setting. But please don’t dig up any skulls.

      • Spoon- thanks ;)- it relates in how it, and the words are built..word construction of itself from inside out. F’s actual dare is specifically the following:

        I hereby make the assertion that Mildew has more personality than any other hat within word distance of Santa Fe, and I dare anyone to challenge that claim.

        *look up definition of personality and word distance (levenschten theory is kind of a good example to explain the idea)

        • This is fascinating stuff, no doubt, but I’m sure I’m not getting it completely. I’m guessing you’re using character for personality and I read up on Edit Distance – it seems like the strings Mildew and Santa Fe are not close at all and it would require the maximum # of steps to transform one into the other and therefore seems a little silly. You’re obviously seeing more than I am. How you’re coming up with your response seems way over my head.

          • Spoon- So you think mildew DOES have more personality in word distance of Santa Fe, than SchadenFreude has from Oz? I’m not sure how you are defining anything to come up with that as correct. Any definition is clearly answered within the text as well as the 2 questions I don’t think F could answer properly if at all given his terms hidden in his own story. Who knows. I haven’t seen him respond yet.

          • I feel like Matt Damon in the “Lost in Translation” scene of Ocean’s Twelve. “Oh let the sun beat down upon my face….”

    • Excellent choice, Woody! The color isn’t obvious on my computer screen. I also thought Jamie must have put the bottle of Selsun Blue there for a reason…along with the scarf (?) that looks like it says BROWN.

      When its snowing outside I tell the kids the angels above must be scratching their heads.

      They must not have Selsun Blue up there. 🙂

      • It might be blue I’m a little color blind too . Shade difference called deuteranomaly I’ve had it since I was young.. One of my eyes see’s yellow more vividly than the other one.

    • Woody –

      I like Purple Rain – here’s what Forrest likes –

      “Most of my hats are gone now too, because I’m into my “retired rancher persona these days. That’s why I always keep my brown Stetson in the Jeep. It cost me 10 bucks extra to have horse manure put on the crown but it’s worth it. How else would anyone know I’m originally from Texas.

      And I’ve turned into a bird watcher. My favorite is the Whippoorwill because it reminds me of the song My Blue Heaven, which I like to hum.” FF

      • I like blue..Blue it is when in the morning the sky is blue and sun s shinning . The birds are all singing and the air is fresh and crisp . The world comes alive and the flowers open and the fish start rising and everything knows it’s a great day to be alive. Yes I think Blue is my favorite color. Yea A person would assume that FF has to love Blue. I Do

  6. Sorry I can’t shut up today, but does anyone know if forrest reads the comments? I’m dying to know if and how he could answer the two questions. Kinda like the rhetorical ‘are you lying?’ W/no real way to answer in context (if I’ve deduced the challenge properly) he’s so smart I know he’ll find a way…I just can’t wait to hear it. Or will he just ignore it? Ugh. I’m obsessed. Lol

  7. If I was Queen Arthur, and if I had to form my round table, Jamie would be my advisor in tactical warfare. Dal would be my legal advisor and also advisor about all animals except moose, Amy would give me cues on when it’s appropriate to smile or laugh, 42 would be my inspirational advisor to all things cool and divine, Lynn D would probably make as good a spy as a pirate, Mike D would have to be the official math guy, map knower, and taker of notes, Spallies would be the cheerleader as well as the one who brings in thoughts from outside the box, and since Iron Will is strong (so he says), he would be the official bodyguard, and Goofy…well, he’d be a goofy old guy waving a cane around to rile us up if we started to become too friendly. 🙂

    • Mindy lol ha ha
      Cute. Smiling is good for the soul and so is laughter.
      I really smile all the time in real life, although when I smile at someone and they don’t smile back I find it to be rude why are some people in this world like that . Surely life isn’t that bad. We all have our ups and downs. Keep smiling 🙂

    • Yea me either 23… You would think that he would have tried to clean up that picture of Skippy that had all the Severe Water Damage to it???? In a lot of my searches on photshopping I keep coming across techniques to restore pictures that have suffered Water Damage which leads to mold and/or … Mildew…? Hmmmm…………….

      • Sometimes it’s fun to imagine you know what Forrest means and then on the other times it’s fun to know he has his reasons you will never know. His biography is of great interest to me with each day passing.

  8. [img][/img]

    Little did Forrest know…2 years ago while he was sleeping, I stole Mildew to take with me and wear as a good luck charm, while prospecting for gold in Second Broad Creek at Thermal City Gold Mines. I had bags under my eyes from working off a 12 hour midnight shift, and driving straight down then working the creek for about 8 hours. I wish I had brought my official Cardinals UV polarized color lens sunglasses to help see past the glinting ripples and get a better view of the gold that lay in front of my eyes. On that trip to N.C. I didn’t have a poem with 9 clues :(….. but I can tell you there were a lot of hints to get me to this photo.


    P.S. Forrest… I’m not sure if you wanted me to explain anything else or not about 126, so I’ll keep a hawk eye on this board in case you do.

  9. Jamie Jones! 😯

    “Bead, A Buddha Head… _ELSUN BLUE… look in asthonishment, all on top of Browns banner in your home”


    “Be Enlightened… See a marvel gaze with the blue sun… at the home of brown.”

    ….. How’d I do? 😉

    • Good on those Iron! most of those things had as many meanings as I could make up. Buddha was most famous global personality I could think of. His Ideas are opposite of definition of word schadenfreude. Cold scarf/warm home. Shampoo vs. dandruff. Elson blue bowtie vs. blue tied bow on hat. Gold medal (pearl) silver medal (bottle), blue ribbon (hat) . Look down, arrow down, frown, brown, crown. All a round. Row, Bow, Glow, grow. Lord. Orion’s Belt is in there, if you can find it. Really just as much mindless garbage (dither/radio static) as I could cram in the right color composition to pull up dead mice playing poker and other stuff etc. when google image searched. My hat told me word distance is really bad for phishing :)…..good thing cats like mice too or they’d be SOL. Lol.

      • LOL nice deflection, I just caught the paper towels part and hat part. I didn’t think anyone else saw all of that, but I suppose you did 😀 That’s impressive 🙂

          • Jamie are you a Browns fan? Also I have to ask, did you do any editing on your photo in Photoshop 🙂

          • No prob- no I didn’t do any editing in the photo, I put excessive content into the words, objects/concepts in the picture, and balancing colors to produce unlikely results of dead mice sculpture/artworks and toys when google image searched. Yes, I’m a browns fan 🙂 many are shamed by them but I’m the opposite. My family and I actually started the whole ‘believeland’ thing, have the TM and if you look close at the games you can usually see me holding up the “E” in the sign in the front row of the end zone. The only time I ever even wanted to/missed a game was for a search last year. That’s kinda scary haha 🙂

          • Ha that’s funny my Grandma lived in Akron. A good friend of mine lived in NewBury. I was born in Mesopotamia it’s close to Middlefield. I have fond memories of Ohio.

        • You in Ohio? I was born 40 miles east of Cleveland. Those Browns man nothing ever goes right at least college football is going good.

  10. It appears to me that Forrest has attracted the attention of lots of beautiful ladies. After perusing all the hat pictures thus far the word “harem” came to mind…although I’m sure that neither Forrest nor Peggy would allow such a thing. I don’t know why I thought that, but I did. Although, I’m not quite sure of the gender in jdiggins photo. Maybe I’m reading more into this than I should.

  11. How the heck did this one pop up on my e-mail address , aye boys? Did you want me to reemphasize the message in the blog referred…I.M.O., to the information I sent regarding Ellensburg Blue agates. My story sent on January 15th told how to dig at the “Rockin’ Tomahawk Ranch” , and how I had stones myself, “head stones”. I had told Forrest I live in the “Mildew corner of the US”. Forrest new of my search spot. In the tailings, meaning the end of his “Rainbow”……trout. So when I complimented him on the Ellensburg Blue shirt and the floating tomahawk , I included my answer on where he caught that record Rainbow trout. In the mouth. It was virtually the next day he added the bear. I was so sure it meant baren mine,”bare in mind” that I through caution to to wind and ventured to New Mexico in February. Let me clue in anyone thinking such a foolish thought. Forget it till at least April or better yet, May…..oh ya, the bear? OSO CLOSE. The Spanish word for bear. Remember, Forrest said he would tell the person a secret he has never told before, ever. The “Bob” wire? Think “PUT ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE BOBBIE”, barb wire…BBQue wire. The Babe Ruth, “Baby Ruth” clue….(In search of Lewis and Clark) is base ball greats, or “B B Grates”. Now what the heck does he mean no Mildew?Forrest!??……

    • Hello seattlesullivan. Your comment about the tailings is interesting. Did you look at Cynthia’s post, “A Method to the Madness” and look at her map? Perhaps your comment may interest her, too.

      • I know Cynthia from last years Fennboree and I don’t dare tell her anymore than keep looking . . Ah yes, the mine tailings…you’ll love this one. On the same excursion , nearly 2 years ago to the day, so sure I was that the tailings be the spot . At that time, I had also been seeing the line ,”if UV been wise”, meaning using a Ultra Violet light to see the blaze. I was sure crawling under the PILINGS and PIERS was the spot. After all, they had pi in the word, associated with pirate, and I was gonna “shivver me timbers”….(worth the cold) with my UV light or”Woods Light” invented by William Woods…(brave and in the wood)…I could see how it meant “in the beam”.
        When my light hit the knots of tary pine tar, the wooden beams glowed a hundred eyes, all a yellowish green color.
        Then it hit me. Its all eyes. ITS ALL LIES! I actually took the Blue Bus into Espinolia and e-mailed Forrest with my displeasure at such a cruel joke. I went back , took out TTOTC and looked again at the brazed plate steal, which was a shoot out and 2 par a chutes. hmmm……There are alot of mine tailings around. Use caution if it says” old pit be ware”.

  12. Oh ya , a quick thought on no mildew in the chest. I’m thinking as it might mean MILE DUE. As the last clues have dealt in distance.

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