The Nine Clues…….Part Thirtyeight


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  1. I heard from Desertphile today and he informed me that he IS planning on holding another Fennboree in May of this year. He has updated the Fennboree web page, which is here:

    So this will be THE place to be in May. As always, camping spots will be limited. This year it will be located at a campground not quite so isolated from the rest of the god-fearing universe as it was last year. None the less, a lovely spot to idle away a couple of days in good company along the scenic Chama River.

    Last years Fennboree was held up in the Gallina Canyon. Halfway down an endlessly beautiful canyon drive. This years event will be an easier drive and the effort will be well worth your time. If you want to meet up with fellow searchers and talk “treasure hunt” for awhile. This is definitely the place to be in the 21st century.

    Seriously…what could be better than a couple of days sleeping in the sage scented outdoors of the New Mexico back country surrounded by pinyon, juniper and chamisa, with a night sky so full of stars it’ll make you cry. Campfire talk and stories to share after dusk with warm smores and hot chocolate. A countryside so quiet you’ll sleep like a bear. In the morning you’ll awake to the sunlit, red rock walls of the Canyon of the Chama River and cowboy coffee. Lots of stunning country to explore.

    To top it all off you get Desertphile as host, resident cow puncher and extraordinary spinner of cowboy yarns.

    Anyway look here for more information:


    • Thanks for the update, Dal. The upcoming Fennboree shall be incredible to attend. Still no plans of a convention from you?

    • Wish he would have it In June. That way we can meet and then later head to our own location that we have researched. Instead of 2 trips a month apart. Financially it’s an Ouch for the ones who live far away. πŸ™

    • I decided to drive up there from Albuquerque today. It is a mile north of the Ghost Ranch. The paved portion of 151 is only ten yards long. The rest is a dirt road made of red rock and clay. At present it is iced over and muddy. I turned around and left. I’ll wait until warmer weather.

      • @ic1198, you should have told me. I have a 4X4 truck with mountain pin stripes that we could have gone in. I love to drive on the worst of roads! I’d be something to do before I go to my area again.I’ve been in need of getting out. I’ve become somewhat of a person who’s been staying in and not getting out. I live in Rio Rathole. Don’t get me wrong, I love this side of the river.

  2. That area up there along The Rio Chama is one of the most beautiful places on earth and although I didn’t make it to Fennboree last year I have spent a lot of time up there over the years. It offers everything an outdoorsman could ask for. It is nature in its rawest and finest form and place where one can view a landscape strata 300 million years in the making. If you close your eyes one can almost see the giant elephant like beasts and prehistoric camels that once roamed this land. And whether you enter ‘alone in there’ or with others, one will be taking a walk through history and ‘riches new and old’. No wonder why so many once thought this place held the answers to the nine clues, then again, …..who knows? And no wonder why Douglas Preston chose this spot to write some of his novels. Monks, meteorites and dinosaurs, …..what else does one need? So if you do get the opportunity to go there, …..go there!! You won’t be disappointed and heck, …..just to meet a fellow searcher and internet sensation Desertphile, …..will be something I’m sure you won’t forget. πŸ™‚

    • …Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (formerly San Juan Pueblo)

      Speaking of the Rio Chama, HAS ANYONE GIVEN ANY THOUGHT TO THIS ONE?

      • theycallme9clues, BUT, OF COURSE. Did you expect not one person to tie Waters to the pueblo? If you decide to go to the pueblo to do some research, I’d love to tag along and share some of my research material with you. I even know some natives from the pueblo!

      • Ooops, maybe you didnt mean the pueblo. My mistake. Now if you meant the Rio Chama… BUT, OF COURSE I’VE GIVEN THOUGHT TO THE RIO CHAMA. I’ve even taken a ride on the Galloping Goose on the 4th of July. It travels over the LObatO tressel which caught firein 2010. Rio Chama also flows by Los Ojos. There is a facinating blaze in the area that can only be viewed in the spring. World class flyfishing here too. As I have said a lot already, I will leave the Yellowstone connection up to you to discover… tata.

        • …what’s the meaning of Ohkay Owingeh? Not so much why did they changed it, but when?

          • I’m not sure of the meaning. The name change was made a few years ago to go back to what it always was. San Juan was a name given by the Spaniards. The tribe wants to go back to their roots and keep in tradition of the tribal ways. I expect more native activity from the tribe. If I find out more, I’ll pass on the information.

  3. Now many may have a good wwwh & a canyon down. Time to dwell on Home of Brown. Is home of brown a descriptor of an object or a place?

  4. Hey Fellas, I just kind of came across something and it seems like something small, but somewhere I may have heard ff say something about a river stone between the past and present? Does that sound right? If so, and this might sound crazy, but what if that is a reference to google earth? say.. maybe google street view. I have come across a lot of β€œstreet views” from google that will be from 2010 and then when I pan down the road the next image changes to to a more current time (2013). and what if the physical difference that we can see between those 2 images, just so happens to be a river rock or stone? That’s just a small portion of my opened mind. Sorry if it does sound a little crazy, but its just another one of ff tricks up his sleeve I think. To me that would be the only way the past and present would apply to everyone across the board, in these circumstances of course.

    Another thing I have questioned is β€œproximity”. That word is very open in a form of measurement. could my arms length be the proximity? or the distance in which I can throw a rock? I think there is a human trail that can be seen from where the chest lies (after all we just created our own trail and I assume you are human IMO), within a rock throw distance. It is a common word with a lot of flexibility. It has opened up my mind. Just like the hidden or buried coincidence. It has to be hidden really well if it lies within a human trail, or a road. Some of the best hiding spots are in plain sight. Especially in this case.

    Thanks friends!

    Sorry re-post from last thread that ended.

    • I’ve spent a lot of time pondering FF’s comments about not being in very close to a human trail. IMO I think that the spot is fairly remote due to the his original plans to leave his bones there. If it were close to where people would be able to see his body from a trtail, it would not be a very peaceful spot. His comments about going there twice in one afternoon could be a time span of 5- 6 hours, an hours walk in, out, in again and out again with a rest in between. When my dad was 65 he had prostrate cancer and recovered. When he was 80 he could out walk me, so I thin it could be a couple of miles from the where he parked his car and still meet the time frame.

      • I don’t know that there is an exact time frame. Has he stated when he secreted it? Was it summer, winter? We have an afternoon as far as time goes, and a couple of trips from the car. He could have spent the afternoon driving, walked 200 yards twice and drove back home. Nothing is absolutely definite except for the poem. But to me IMO logic tells me its not as remote as most think. In fact I think its in reach by someone different everyday.. But of course that’s just me. :).

        • Chris, I’m thinking it’s extremely remote, the kind of place where no one goes, like when you’re staring out an airplane window, 747, wondering if anyone is ever been there, that kind of remote. I think he drove his car as far as he could on a dirt road and then he hiked to the spot. Ancient, remote, quiet, high desert. My opinion of course.

          • Scary and thrilling. I’ve never heard anyone say this before. Really if this is the case we ain’t got a prayer.

        • Yes here’s why 50k or so people looking with tremendous publicity through the major media outlets and still no pay dirt. This tells me think remote. I mean way out there stuff you’d look at on satellite maps and wonder about. Sure some have figured the first two clues but what he doesn’t say is the starting point could be 50 miles away. Remember his “gas” comment. Here’s my thinking he found a dirt road in (yea he walked back to his car but doesn’t say if it was 4 wheel drive) think about it.

  5. So…this is just a random thought about the clues and the scrapbooks etc. i hope to get Goofy or anyone that knows IT’s input. I’m not saying this is done intentionally per se, but I think either way it happens. When F posts a scrapbook and we all endlessly search it’s contents and cross reference with F’s name, the chest, poem etc. well, as far as search engines go aren’t we effectively burying possible relevant things deeper and deeper in the depths of google? Like if I search F’s name and ‘fly rod’ aren’t I more likely to get a million references to Pfluger than what I may have seen if I looked before that SB and subsequent countless searches were made? Are we effectively burying ourselves and the original clues all the time? Or is that not how it works? I’d love to know if anyone knows how the engines ‘learn’ etc. and if this is the case.

    • You are so correct Jamie. Hasn’t anyone noticed links or pages all of then sudden pop up relevant to your search that weren’t there before. I am going to make this very simple. Google algorithm is constantly changing and Dals website makes it easier for Google to find those pages because of the amount of discussion and inquires on a subject. I have found pages that are created as well that werent there a week before. So I had to call the person in charge of the server and find out when the file was uploaded even though the article was dated years earlier. Very strange. The chase is getting deeply hidden. I think it was planned that way with all the scrapbooks being posted.

      I don’t do to much research at this phase of the chase or my life. I had my fun and I am pleased. I do know exactly where it is but I don’t know how to get it. Does that make sense?

      Ok fire away.

    • Jamie to answer your question……yes. But wasn’t that Fenn’s intentions to start with.

      The search engine’s algorithms are super secret and like Gyke said are constantly changing. There are many different search engines. The trick is to understand the syntax and operators the search engine supports.

      Google has its advanced search page where it helps you search without knowing the syntax. For example you can search just on Dal’s site if you wish.

      You will be surprised what you can find if you know how…..In the case of search engines knowledge may be more important than imagination. πŸ™‚

      Also clean out your temp files between searches; this will keep the cookies from influencing your search results.

      • Look at SEO. Search engine optimization is important to understand. Let’s say you are looking for Fenns Gold. landing on a page that has those keys words in the URL will more than likely will be first up on the search. On Dal’s website the only key words used are the scrapbook numbers in the URL with the date of the posting of the scrapbook. Not much revelance there by doing that. Now if he would create mirror pages with the title of the story , the site would draw perhaps 10’s of thousands more visitors. Yet, you have to watch the structure or Google with toss out a penalty flag.

    • Jamie,
      You point is valid and search engines learn to link and prioritize as more and more people find the more suitable link. However if Mr. Fenn is using this scrapbooks and conversations to provide subtle hints, I am willing to bet that he is one step ahead and pre-tested these hints to ensure they would not pop up on a google search. Thus any hint that has a link to a clue would be buried three levels down (where googling anything is impossible) to ensure one would have to “think” to find the answer. IMO

      FF know exactly how we searchers think because we tell him every day. He takes that knowledge and plans hints that he knows 99.9% of the searchers would look for but only .1% may figure out because they ignore the obvious. That .1% only get a very small piece of the required information and they need to use that disapline 1000 more times to solve all of the clues figured out.

      For example any hinted word may be a homonym (listen good) ensuring the searcher goes down the wrong path.

    • Jamie

      Interesting cause things I have researched has popped up on this blog things I never mentioned on here
      Hhmmmm it made me a nervous wreck πŸ™‚ πŸ™

  6. I hope i can make it this year. We have our outage right about then and will be working a bunch of hours. If I ask now maybe i can get the time off.

  7. Here comes Peter cotton tail
    Hoppin down the bunny trail …
    hippity hoppity easter ‘ s on it’s way…

    From: Red Foreman , That Seventies Show, after eating Hyde ‘ s special brownies!

  8. Good morning everybody. I don’t know why I am so slow in seeing things that every else sees on here. I think I have to finish reading the book again and the poem again and again.

    • Good Morning Lynn D…

      Concerning your mental dilemma…

      I’m gonna tell you a story. At first, it’s going to sound ridiculous. But the longer I talk, the more rational it’s going to appear……

      Last Winter here on the Army ammunition plant where I work, it came time for the whitetail bucks to lose their “sheds” (antlers). Everyone around the plant would drive around every day, in between duties, searching for them to take home and make knife handles or hat racks, or even chandeliers out of. It’s a redneck hobby around here. Well, I had never searched for any in my life… but when I was told about this period of time, it felt like an Easter scavenger hunt. That in itself got me excited. So my work partner and I would drive around in between job duties, searching on this city wide plant with about 500 deer on it. They are half tame so they graze out in the fields on each of the plant roads with a semi-carefree abandon.

      Well we searched for probably 3 solid days with NOTHING to show. I was seriously disappointed because others had been able to see quite a few and pick them up, while they remained invisible to me. But as disappointed as I was…I would not give up. I kept looking, kept searching, and kept scanning all around as we drove. Then on the 5th day, Bam! a half rack off of a 10 pointer came into view about 30 feet off the road. My buddy almost wrecked the truck when I shouted “STOP!!!”. The thrill that I got at that moment made those 5 days worth it.

      After that, my eyes were finally able to see what was hiding in front of me all along. In the next week I found 9 more “sheds”, 2 of which were a full 14 pointer rack that I spotted about 50 yards off the road in the field.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is…. Don’t get down on yourself or your process…just change your process. If you always keep looking at it the same way, then nothing will change. Use your imagination and try new methods, even if on the surface those processes seem too blurry to show interest in. Anyone can do it if they believe in themselves enough.


      P.S. And yes that’s a Tom Cruise quote.

      • Lynn D, I am still behind the group think. For now my little thrills are when I arrive at a conclusion already found by others. It is at least progress in thought process. You may discover a completely new idea of your own that has not been mentioned on the thread (keep that to yourself for awhile in my opinion).

        Even though I am behind the group, I consider myself somewhat on par with the other folks because I may see something different from an old solve since my thought process will never be exactly like another’s thought process which leaves the door open for new discoveries.

      • That’s a interesting story there Iron Will. Makes me wonder where you’re from since deer usually lose their antlers in the spring. I once found over 200 mule deer and 70+ elk sheds in one season. Sure is fun isn’t it!! πŸ™‚

        • South Western VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They start losing their antlers around beginning of January through Feb. The 14 pointer I got, he dropped on one night where he bedded down, I got it that morning by luck….knew whose it was…and tracked him till dark. He was all over the place. Came into work next morning and saw he was in between where he bedded down the night before and that end spot…. so I went to the bed down spot. Sure enough he went back and dropped the other one that following night in the same spot. Its rare in VA to find a complete set of antlers over 12, unless you kill the deer to get it lol.

          • Iron Will … I have been picking up antler sheds for a couple of weeks now although some of the deer and elk still have their horns for i saw one yesterday that still had a full set . I found some nice ones this year But only one set from the same deer and they had broken tips.

          • Well, I guess that makes sense. Here in New Mexico they don’t usually drop till later. Elk in later Feb. – March and Deer in March – April and some of course a little earlier and later perhaps. Just depends on Testosterone levels and sunlight. Cool you have such a place to look. πŸ™‚

    • YES! I solved the poem 42 different ways, none of which landed me on top of the treasure chest.

      We should work on a song to the tune of 50 ways to leave your lover…only title it

      “50 ways to miss the treasure”

      1. fish out 9 types of trout Scout…
      2. make an ugly girl frown Brown…
      3. Nag two old bags Dag…
      4. Choke wind over 10,200 Mildred…
      5. Mess with Fenn’s poem Salome…
      6. Begin it where warm waters flow Mo
      7. Steal Dal’s pal Esmerelda, Zelda

      Now it’s your turn…

    • My thought is one is near as it appears the playing field is not only being leveled, it’s getting new turf and the whole tamale!!!

  9. GEY

    I will say at this time I have solved the poem. But I will have to wait till June to make sure I’m correct. πŸ™‚

    That’s how confident I am πŸ™‚

    • Gey and Amy –

      I love how you think. You go get it !

      I will never say again that I have solved the poem until that elusive TC is in my hands – which is a very real possibility. I know I’m close – just tying up a few ends. I think I know, I think I know, I think I know.

      Best of luck

      • GEY

        Ha I won’t take that chance. I would hate to drive all that way and not be able to drive on the back roads. πŸ™‚
        Patience is a key this is something I’m having to learn πŸ™‚

          • Interesting TCM9C… I don’t have time to read it all right now but bookmarked it… Idaho? That’s is not included in the search area right?

          • chase I think he’s reading the poem into the article…

            Begin it where warm waters halt …warm waters metaphorically meaning nature’s life. The Lumbermill picture with the trees being killed for lumber, thus halting their life.

            And take it in the canyon down…. If you follow that picture on its slope down hill it takes you to the right to the next picture.

            Put in below the home of Brown…. The picture of LP Brown’s home put in below it.

            From there its no place for the meek…..

            meek people are obedient and would never be caught in a courthouse. The picture of the courthouse is below the home of Brown.

            Just heavy loads and water high..the courthouse picture showing it being washed when the picture was taken.

            I think its all that which has him confounded, by how much sense it actually makes. But that’s my opinion on his confoundness…I could be wrong πŸ˜›

          • And Mount Idaho is in the highlighted portion of the TFTW map. I think he’s confounded because Forrest says Idaho is off the table where the treasure is.

          • Also….sorry multiple posts hehe… there is talk of a Frank Fenn, who was a teacher in Mount Idaho in a small schoolhouse who later became the first postmaster.

            Remember Forrest talking about his dad taking him out of the way on the way to Yellowstone , to a small schoolhouse with the sign above the door? What if THAT schoolhouse is Frank Fenn’s in Mount Idaho, which would be on the way to Yellowstone but somewhat off the path?

            Maybe Frank Fenn was an ancestor of their family tree? Something to think about.

  10. In order to solve the poem, I believe you have to leave the 3D thinking and enter what I believe to be 4D and 5D dimensions. Forrest has mastered these dimensions due to his appreciation of the past and attention to beauty. In this respect he is beyond linear time.

    He is an Alchemist above all things IMO.

    • 23kachinas,

      Wow, you make it sound like he is not human or something. If mastering 4th and 5th dimensions and being “beyond linear time” only involves an “appreciation of the past and attention to beauty”, then I think it probably would have been solved already. …..He’s just a man. But like all people, we are all unique and we all see things differently. Only takes that little bit of ‘difference’ to throw the next person off or for them not to understand how one ‘sees’ something. None of us have figured it out because we just haven’t understood what he’s saying yet. It’s nothing out of this world though, IMO, …..just Fennspeak. I mean, he couldn’t make it easy could he? Eventually though, someone will figure out what the heck he meant and it will probably be like he said, we will be asking ourselves, “what took me so long”?

      “All that will be needed are the clues, some resolve, a little imagination, and maybe a six-pack to help celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery.” TTOTC, inside front dust jacket.

      • Suzie, I like the way you think. I’ll gladly share a beer with fellow Fennspeak-ers someday if you’re right!

  11. I have sent a message to Mr. Fenn concerning the 9 clues and decided to post this question here as I have not seen anywhere that someone has asked it is as follows;
    Mr. Fenn,

    I have a question that I would like to ask concerning the 9 clues in your poem I am also posting this question on Dal’s blog at The Nine Clues……. as I have not found where anyone has commented or stated that this question has been asked.

    The question I ask about the 9 clues is simple, are all of the 9 clues in your poem in close proximity to each other outside of the poem? I consider close proximity to be 100 miles.

    I anxiously await your response.

    • That’s a good question WD. I will give you my opinion. Yes! But that 100 mile radius needs to dwindle down to a 10x10x4 box. Good luck.

    • WD, I just don’t think he will respond to that question like you wish him to. What you’re asking him is to narrow down you search parameters. After 4 1/2 years he cannot do that as it would have been unfair to all the other searchers during that time. Try asking him something he does like to answer…like “How deep is a hole?” πŸ˜‰

      • “Unfair” is a relative word. Seems that the search area was narrowed down with in the past 4+ years a few times. Utah, Idaho gone. Canada was next, Seems I recall The Rocky Mountains even narrowed down the search area, since from the start it was only stated …in the Mountains North of Santa Fe.

        Ask some of the searcher who have been on this from the start if that information is unfair. I’d like to hear their response.

        Personally, I would like to know if any of the interpretations / answers of the nine clues are out side the search area, indicated by the map in the TFTW book?

        Remember, the only true answer we know is… the chest alone is located in that area.

    • Thanks for asking this question maybe Fenn will oblige us ::see my comments above:: would be nice to know if the clues are close or far apart. We’ll have to see if he responds. Thanks again!

      • Clue are far and get close you will need to solve more than once to get a search area then go search imo

    • I do appreciate everyone’s input as I have searched several areas over the past 3 years but until recently have never thought about the question I posted, as with everyone else who has searched I have had great ideas on where to search but as of yet the treasure has eluded me, but it has been exciting to say the least.

    • WD, if the other answers didn’t give you the answer that you want her are my thoughts. IMO the starting the place and. the hiding place are in the same area, which is, by the poem, “not far, but too far to walk”. I don’t think that the poem leads you from one point to a very distant point. I think 10-15 miles at most from WWH, HOB to the chest.

  12. It’s looking pretty warm in my search area, if this weather continues which it looks like it will. I may have to strike out next week.

          • I like your avatar, Ed. I usually make my friends out of clay. I tried making friends out of snow in the past, but it was always so sad on a warm day to discover that my friends all disappeared. However…

            ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
            Than never to have loved at all.

            – Alfred Lord Tennyson

          • In the USMC we had a slightly modified version of that Tennyson two liner..

            Better to have loved and flunked your Wassermann Test,
            Than never to have loved at all.

          • I had to look up what a Wasserman Test was, Dal. πŸ™‚ Wow, I learn something new every day. “For a good time – see Phylis.”

            I suppose the first sign that the party is over is the sudden realization that IT STINGS! …and some young (or old) man would have been much better “off” if he’d have just booked a holiday rather than “going upstairs”…or even downstairs, for that matter.


  13. sponΒ·taΒ·neΒ·ous

    adjective: spontaneous
    performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or (external) stimulus.

  14. …I just read where Willie Nelson did a stint in the Air Force after high school 1950, he’s 3 yrs younger than Fenn. Wouldn’t it be great if we knew, truly knew there was an afterlife?
    Past presidents, no. Maybe I’d hang out a few minutes with Freud & Einstien, but mostly I just wanna sit around an old western saloon, listening to guys like Willie, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Fenn, Chief Joseph …It’s going to take a really large saloon, for there are so many humble types that come to mind.

      • I agree, Special. As strange as the concept of faith may be…there’s no getting around it. You either have faith or you don’t…and because it’s so intangible “having” faith can change in a split second…that’s why keeping it is a struggle. If, by design, faith is so important to have then it seems the opposition would make it a top priority to remove it from those who have it…and that’s not even including all the “safeguards” put in place by “the designer” to ensure that faith is required. There’s no getting around it. No One can give their faith to someone else. They can only teach and set an example.

  15. I have been skulking around the blogs for a while down. Just decided to jump into the conversation now that I am more comfortable with the poem and the information provided on the “Cheat Sheet” (thank you Dal!). My wife and I differ on the 9 clues, but our solve is the same. Perhaps identifying the 9 clues in such a specific fashion is not necessary. Thoughts?

    • austin-
      I’ve see this kind of thing before between married couples on the blog. It can only lead to irreconcilable differences. You might want to consider leaving while you can πŸ™‚

    • Austinwa –

      My husband and I differ on a few things regarding the chase – he thinks it’s buried and I do not. We disagree on the type of property it is hidden on. So we work it out – I go sometimes where he wants and he helps me for my ideas. It’s basically my hunt and he listens. I’m glad he doesn’t read the blogs as I can usually get a fresh perspective from him and he does not interfere with my thinking.

      You asked if we think identifying the 9 clues is important. I can only give what I think – and that is – that the nine clues are important but counting them is not. Just my opinion. Welcome to the blog and happy hunting.

      • I like your style. My wife stays off the blogs too. Her perspective helps me keep it simple. Around our house, when the BS gets too deep someone raises their hand in the air and proclaims, “Save the watch!”. I find myself reading some of the “Chase” blogs out there with my arm in the air if you know what I mean. It’s all big fun though!

      • Austinwa, IMO I’m lucky that my wife is putting up with my quest, but thinks its a waste of time. We are going searching for our 40 th anniversary. I say 1 day of dedicated searching in the spot that I know is the right solve (how many times have we heard that?) Any way were spending the rest just sightseeing. My wife and our grown daughters have a bet going, she and 2 of the girls say I’ll spend the whole time searching , one says that I will stick to one day. I hope the latter wins.
        Any way if you and you wife disagree be sure to agree to disagree peacefully. Take turns hunting in the others spot and you can have twice the fun, hopefully. Good luck and stick together.

    • Austin, I agree it doesn’t matter if there are nine or twenty nine clues as some think. The poem contains the information needed to find the treasure. To me what made identifying the clues more important is that some searchers have solved the first two clues and went right past the other seven. It would be helpful to know what the first two clues are so we would know where everyone is getting lost.

      • Goof, I 100%I agree… in particular if “new and old” in the first stanza is in fact the first clue (indicating New Mexico) then the next two logical clues are WWH & HOB. If this is the case then NO ONE has solved the HOB. I think this is unlikely.

        At one point I thought “new and old” was clue 1, but I think with the information of only the first two clues have been solved, I am back to WWH as the first clue. I think it’s a reasonable assumption that WWH and HOB have been solved correctly.

        All of this is conjecture of course & we won’t know the definitive answer until the chest is found. For the record, my current thoughts on the clues are:

        1. WWH & canyon down
        2. HOB
        3. The entire thrid stanza
        4. found the blaze

        And that’s where I am not confident anymore.

        One thing I did was after Forrest announced the year end summary, I emailed him my solutions to my first four clues. I’ve never emailed him about the chase before & normally wouldn’t clutter up his inbox with drivel, but I did want my solution to at least the first four clues on record in case he decides to do another yearly update for 2015. However, after doing this, I’m not sure that it really helps anyone at all. Suppose he says next year, the first three clues have been solved. No one can be sure it was theirs. I suppose it does spirits high if collectively we know at least somebody is making fwd progress.

        Another thing about the summary, I believe the way he worded it, he didn’t come right out and say only two clues have been solved. I believe it indicates that of the solutions emailed to him, only a few people got the first two clues correct. It’s still quite possible that people have just emailed him say a correct blaze (without any formal solution) or posted the correct blaze online.

        • Clinger

          I think that the first stanza has been solved as a clue

          And begin it where warm waters halt is the second. He does say you have to know where to begin:) πŸ™‚

          • The 7 other clues I failed to go that far. Look at me thinking I know where it is πŸ™‚ lol

          • Amy,

            I have waffled on the first stanza, but I keep coming back to two things that point me to the first stanza being clueless. (much like me, perhaps :))

            1. In early public appearances where Forrest would read the poem as a request from the press or an audience member, he would usually start with “Begin it where warm……”

            2. He has made the statement that you have to know where to start & then immediately followed with the question “Where do warm waters halt”.

            Both of those lead me to believe that clue 1 is WWH. Again, this is all a wild ass guess, really. However, it’s fun to discuss.

        • Clinger, like you said all of this is conjecture. To me the β€œnew and old” statement describes the treasure not New Mexico.

          Without rehashing the β€œGreat Useless Clue Debacle” Fenn’s definition of a clue seems to be information that leads you directly to the chest is a clue. So not in Idaho or Utah is not a real clue for example; maybe he classifies those as hints. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter to me what a clue is; as long as the information is correct I consider it helpful. But if we could figure out what he considers the first two clues we would know where folks are getting lost.

          Using the β€œleads directly to the chest” definition of a clue then the second stanza could be four clues or two clues depending on if one also uses sentence structure in the definition of a clue.

          Using your example it would mean that folks have figured out WWWH and HOB. I don’t know any way to figure out what the β€œgeneral consensus” is of the people that have emailed Fenn and got the first two clues correct. It does lead me to believe the clues are more straight forward for several searchers to be correct.

          • I agree that clues are quite straightforward…especially to the one who wrote it. πŸ™‚ However, when I say straightforward I don’t think all of them are literal. Some, yes. I think taking the canyon down is pretty literal but most of the clues I think we have to use the hints in the book to understand his meaning. Then use that to make our path.

            For instance, lets assume I’ve found the blaze & stopped my quest. I tarry for a bit. I should then in a literal sense “… take the chest and go in peace”. I don’t believe I really am standing at the chest in this case. I think any clues in those lines may get you close to the chest, but we have to understand them first and keep following until the last clue falls into place, and I have to believe that the last stanza has some good clues in it. I don’t have any evidence, nor have I figured out anything I feel confident about in the last stanza. It’s just that it sounds to clue juicy to ignore.

            So, once we understand all nine clues, we will know exactly where the chest is & then we can just walk to it taking whatever is the easiest path to get there. I also have come to believe that all the clues can be solved from home. The only boots on the ground necessary would be to go to the location & find the chest. For instance, you wouldn’t have to be at the blaze looking down to eyeball an arch that looks like an owl in order to figure out the next clue.

            For this to work the location has to be something specific such as an old mineshaft, or a particular waterfall, or spring, arroyo, trapper cabin, ect. It has to be something geographically specific & once there it should take a short time to look around and spot the chest. Of course, it has to be special to Forrest for some reason as well & I would surmise fairly remote and secluded.

            I should start golfing again. This chase makes my head hurt. πŸ™‚

          • Interpretation is all over the board… FF has told us {paraphrasing} We need to know where to start, clues in consecutive order, poem is straightforwards, folks got the first two clues but may not have known because they when past the other 7, there are 9 clues to follow precisely. Yet we can’t even recognize the proper starting point / order of any of the above? Is it we have not understood that those comments / instructions could be completely separate from each other? Why is it that the poem being straightforwards in meaning and that the clues have to be as well? The clues could start in the 5th or even 6th stanza and still be in consecutive order ‘just’ following clues. Even the first two clues discovered and not understood, yet still put a searcher in the correct area without knowing they had them correct. This would not be misleading as much as, we are just misunderstanding the helpful information being told to us.
            Most will not agree, some will think it’s not possible, others will just dismiss these thoughts all together. My only point is, after all this time, could we be reading the poem… to… the clues wrong? and the two are not followed the same way.

          • Seeker…
            I agree with what you said we are just misunderstanding… So I guess all we have to do now is understand and it will all make sense…:)

          • spallies,

            But what is it we are misunderstanding?

            I stated that we may be seeing clues that follow the poem method to be wrong…What is you opinion to that or do you have a different thought?

          • Hi Seeker…
            I still believe the poem will get you to the Treasure Chest… Yet, there are subtle hints in the book that may help you understand… as in not misunderstand.

          • @Old Yeller:
            “Most will not agree, some will think it’s not possible, others will just dismiss these thoughts all together. My only point is, after all this time, could we be reading the poem… to… the clues wrong? and the two are not followed the same way.”

            You know that I am in complete agreement with you there. And, while I can’t see any hints in some scrapbooks, Forrest did post one Scrapbook that specifically addresses that possibility!!!!

            crazy???? nah, just loco

        • Clinger, when did Forrest announce the “year end summary?”

          I must have missed it!

          Could someone post a link to it.


        • Hi All ,

          I have taken a break from the Chase……..

          But, I love listening and talking about it with all of you , Please allow me to chime in real quick If I may?

          Knowing that F said that you wouldn’t find the treasure if you started in the middle…Don’t mess with the poem…
          Don’t you feel it ironic that “Begin it ” ect.. Is close to the middle of the poem… It is the second stanza , and the third is the middle..

          I don’t see why everyone starts there… I hear all of you saying right know ” F said so” , But …. Did he??????


          In my opinion , being that I feel every word in the poem is important. Like If the poem leads you straight to the chest… Then why would you not start at the first stanza.

          I would read a manual to fix my car in the old days and I would not start in the middle to replace my Headers… But from the beginning of the Manual ..
          I think the poem is not only directions by language ,but also by land mark that match the description of the Nine Clues. I feel all 9 are in one place as well as 9 directions to it.. I feel wwwh and the HOB , HLAWH , as well as the remaining stanzas are with in the same location.

          Anyway Just a thought , Don’t make it right. =)

          Good Luck Too All ….

          • Perhaps you need a blueprint first, poem solved second, search directions third. Wouldn’t that account for starting a blueprint in first stanza but beginning it (search) at WWWH?

          • Look at the shape of the poem – then start thinking OUTSIDE of the box. πŸ™‚


            “Then you should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on.

            “I do,” Alice hastily replied;
            “at least – at least I mean what I say – that’s the same thing, you know.”

            “Not the same thing a bit!” said the Hatter.

            “Why, you might just as well say that ‘I see what I eat’ is the same thing as ‘I eat what I see’.”

            _____Lewis Carroll
            from the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

            IMO – imagination will win this race.


      • One problem seems to be that we may have to be at the location of the chest to identify the last clues.I’d like to know if the people that identified the first two clues walked past the other clues or drove past them. In my solve the first three clues are in one place and the other clues describe another spot.

        • Seeker, yes, AGREE. ff saying the clues are in cosecutive order could mean just that. The first clue is first, second is second and so on. It’s how we interpret those so called clues.
          Someone could go as far to say the first clue is in stanza 3, the second in stanza 4, leads to third clue in stanza 2, etc…He never said that the clues found are in consecutive order of the stanzas they are in. Just that the clues are in consecutive order. That can be interpreted many ways.
          Follow the instructions, they shall reveal all, imo.

  16. 80 degrees forecast for north texas today I can feel spring coming then back to the search

  17. Old Choctaw I’m here in Texas beautiful spring day but this weekend not so it will be cold again πŸ™

      • Definitely…Now what the heck does that mean? Worth the cold I can at least reference (right or wrong) to holding a 40lb chunk of bronze, but I’m still iffy on anything matching brave and in the wood.

  18. I think the poem has always been straightforward, it’s just that those who HAVE figured out the first couple of clues haven’t been able to get any further than that WITHIN the area where the chest is located. After the first two clues, IMHO, the rest must be put together in a different way(but still consecutive, maybe even contiguous? to some degree – that would sure explain a lot, I believe) and no one has been able to do that, …..yet!!

    To me, it also doesn’t matter how many clues there are. I believe the whole poem must be used to find it, but I do see 9 consecutive clues within it. Everything else, to me, is just more information to zero in on the bullseye of ‘exactly’ where it is. I don’t believe though that the first stanza is one of the nine, nor does “new and old” specifically mean New Mexico per say, because who knows, it could. But did he go ‘alone’ in New Mexico or is he just hinting about it? Or is “riches new and old” just describing the search area or where the chest is itself? Who knows? But it does matter, because if it IS perhaps telling one where to start, then it needs to be figured out. And the second stanza plain out tells us where to start – where? WWWH. And the first stanza, I believe, tells us where that location is. Not that I know. πŸ™‚ Just trying to use some logic here. I guess, of course, as I see logic. So, probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. πŸ™‚ Take it as you wish.

    It sure sounds to me like he said people ONLY solved the “[first two] clues”. πŸ™‚ I also don’t think that HOB is the second clue. That leaves too much unanswered previous to that if so and wouldn’t go along with the first two clues being solved or with other statements regarding the HOB. I also believe it is good for people to email him once in awhile with some of their ideas, and of course we will never know if we got anything correct, but by his admissions of how much has been solved, … just might help someone [proceed] with enough confidence to eventually find it. Besides, just like his involvement with the chase(questions answered, scrapbooks, pictures, possible hints, etc.) we are kept alive and given continued breath to not give up or to just have fun with it while it’s here and while we continue to search. It keeps us going. Nothing wrong with a little inspiration. πŸ™‚ Eventually someone will figure it out……….

    • I look at it this way, it’s like buying something that you take home and have to put together, say a desk. With the instructions you begin to put this “desk” together. Going from first instruction to say the fifth will not give you what you are looking for. Follow the instructions and put the “desk” together. Don’t mess with the instructions, just do what you’re instructed to do.
      As for the poem, each line has instructions. Each line is also important to putting the whole thing together and getting what you want. As for hints, clues, meaningful back up info, whatever, call it what you will, it’s all important. For me, I classify a clue as being the line that gives me a coordinate number. Just so happens I have 9, but the so-called hints tell me how to get those clues. I wouldn’t worry to much on what is a hint and what is a clue, the instructions will tell you all that.
      Look for “instruction” words: on,in,with,here,no,to,as,ad(d),at,etc,etc,etc…Get the correct alpha/numeric values, then start to put it all together. My suggestion for any new searchers. The theme of the blog has changed over the years. Very few now looking at all nigh cemetaries, Purple Mountains, Shoshone lakes, brown trout creeks, etc… now it’s all about solving the poem. Solving the poem, in the end, will give you all your green clovers, yellow moons, purple hearts, etc…

    • Suzie,

      I don’t think he said people ONLY solved the first two (indicating 3-9 have never been solved, ever, ever).

      He said. “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f”

      In true Fennspeak fashion this sounds like to me that no one has given a total solution in the right order. I still think it’s possible someone emailed him a correct clue 4 or 5 or even 3, just not in the form of a solution. That might also explain the comment he made about some getting close and the chest found sooner than he expected.

      IDK, it’s still just a big guess for all of us. πŸ™‚

  19. “As I” to me was the first clue. Then everything landed into place in one afternoon. His clue of it took 2 trips to hide the treasure meant to me, he hid it inside something then it got delivered by plane where he was waiting. Then it found its place. I think this is too much information but I am confident that is what took place in hiding the chest. Just my opinion.

    • @ theycallme9clues: Nez Perce word for south is Lukez; North is Ya’uiz
      How are you using them in your search effort?

  20. Clinger,

    I don’t know, it sure sounds to me like he did.

    And with that, I don’t think anyone has ever emailed him a correct solution of any of the clues 3-9.

    “Getting close”? I think 500ft is pretty dang close!!

    “The chest found sooner than he expected”? The fact that some people HAVE figured out the first two, but I guess never knew it, …..I mean, how could you unless you found it?, …..shows it is just a matter of time. But it doesn’t mean anyone EVER figured out any more of the clues than the first two, does it?

    ♦ β€œSome folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”. f

    Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are.” f

    β€œThere are several people that have deciphered the first two clues.” f

    β€œNo one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.” f

    Oh, and you said, “it’s still just a big guess for all of us.” — Well, no, I don’t believe that at all. Someone will [figure] it out eventually. It’s a process. πŸ™‚ But you’re right, it probably is a guess for some, probably for many, …..but it won’t be for the who finds it, IMPMHO.

    And like someone said earlier, …’s definitely about putting instructions together in the correct order, but personally, I don’t think there are any coordinates, …..just someone eventually understanding what he is saying.

    • There’s one way to narrow down the past ff comments to a few searchers but of course it’s just one remote possibility out of a million….pure speculation: ff mentioned that a man was within striking distance and a couple of women too. Now, if one of those few were also one of the few who were in tight focus with a word that is key then maybe they can relate their search history to ff’s comments and see if anything jives. That’s assuming they have the correct word that is key and that the keyword actually does unlock some or all the poem and gets them to the actual search area close to the tc.

    • Suzie, I think you’re twisting the statements a bit. The end of year summary is different from the earlier statements in a very subtle way.

      “Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are.” f

      Before the summary it was apparent that the searchers didn’t realize that they had solved the first two clues. In the end of year summary Fenn admits that a few have given him the correct solve of the first two clues but gave no indication that they knew how close they were to the treasure. Either they incorrectly solved the next clues or they simply didn’t give it to him. They still solved the first two clues.

      “Significance of where they are” and “no indication that they knew it” are not the same thing.

      The best information from this post is that a few have solved the first two clues and doing so puts you reasonably close to the treasure… within striking distance.

      • Well, crazyfamily, we will just have to agree to disagree now won’t we. πŸ™‚

        I mean, what’s it really matter anyway, one way or the other? Other than perhaps ‘knowing’ some have been close or giving us some hope? Because NO ONE is ever going to know if they were ever correct …..UNTIL it is found. So, this little skit here between us means very little, but I will agree with the last thing you said. πŸ™‚ But of course, it is no great mystery that we all have our own agendas and understandings based upon our personal theories and where that is leading us. And anything in the way will always be scrutinized if it doesn’t fall in line with that thinking. It takes all kinds though doesn’t it? …..I for one, wouldn’t want it any other way!! It’s a work in progress, a constant refining.

    • Suzie,

      I agree with you & don’t think there are any coordinates & it’s just going to take that ‘aha’ moment to figure out what all the clues mean.

      I don’t know what to surmise on clues 3-9 now. You make a convincing argument. πŸ™‚ I’d just hate to think that out of every one of us over the last 3 years or so, NONE of us has correctly guessed clues 3-9.

  21. And I’ll tell ya’, personally, if I had to pick one person who seems to be the closest in their thinking aligned with what Forrest is saying, well, besides myself :-), and I can’t believe I’m saying it, … Dal. πŸ™‚ The dude is just very logical. A hard*** sometimes, but very logical!! And that, with a little imagination and some SWEAT, will be what solves it, …..I believe.

    • So Suzie…hmmm, are you implying Dal is the “she”?

      Just kidding Dal! you must have been close.

      I’m just hoping for…
      Carl part II before the Super Bowl.

    • Yeah Mad respect to what Dal puts up with and the GINORMOUS responsibility of this website and its continued operations, but if I had to pick one person who seems to be the closest I’d go with Los Angeles California’s very own Mackenzie Astin. I think he will end up finding it. 😯

    • @Suzie & Crazy family

      β€œSearchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are.” f

      if I could ask Forrest 2 questions that I believe he could answer without giving away anything it would be: 1. How many of your family members including kids, grandkids, cousins, nephews et al. search or have searched for your treasure? Who do you consider to be “others?”

      Isn’t anyone else curious?? Dal?

      • Hi Lia, Not really. What if we assume that they are all looking. Does it matter? I’d bet that most, or nearly all of them are not looking because they just aren’t hungry.

        Here’s how I justify it. Let’s say, for the sake of conversation, that there’s an overlook below the hoB. A few searchers have solved the clues and arrived at the overlook, whereas “others” just stopped there to look at the view. “Others” in this instance implies others not searching for the treasure, but not necessarily. Though it’s doubtful that searchers would email Forrest every minute detail of a trip including details that they had no knowledge related to the clues.

        • Crazy family, right. Thanks for responding, your reasoning helps bring clarity to my solve effort. I’m trying to determine if a location in my search area is even worth pursuing. Perhaps not as I don’t believe ‘searchers’ have been near this spot by design or simply for the view. The spot fits F perfectly as he once had prpty there and fits TOTC nicely; but doesn’t fit his recent comments.

          • I think using logic in this way is helpful. When you look at that statement it is very nearly a hint about the type of place the location is. That’s what I think he was talking about when he made the “deep thinking searcher” comment.

      • Lia – Perhaps this statement might help answer your question… read it carefully.

        There have been some who have been within 500 feet because they have told me where they have been. Others have figured the first two clues and went right past the treasure and didn’t know it.

        • JCM I’ll Think on it later. Reading carefully is not an option after having a pint of blood drawn nigh.

  22. suzie: first time that i’ve seen your posts. very astute. everything thing you say is very close to correct. You can’t guess, if you solve the poem, you will know for sure. the one thing you forgot to mention that is essential is luck.
    so- good luck, emmett

  23. Any definitive comments made by FF about the 9 clues have been well documented. Recently, my attention has turned to those questions that FF has refused to answer. Another searcher claims that FF refused to answer a question asking if the blaze could only be discovered with boots on the ground or if it is revealed in the text of the poem. Can anyone confirm this refusal by FF or is this just another case of misinformation?

      • Suzie – Are you saying that FF refused to answer that question or that he has never been asked publicly?

    • Well personally I think everyone looks too hard for what HASN’T been said. It’s not going to help you at all. It will just make you waste precious time on something that has no proof either way….

      For example Joe asks Bob(pls dont read into the names πŸ™‚ ),

      “Hey Bob, where do you make those fantastic bobbers for fishing? Down by Plastictown where your supplies are so plentiful? Cause I really want to find out.”

      Bob doesn’t answer.

      Joe then assumes that since Bob didn’t answer that they are indeed made in Plastictown, goes there and spends an entire week searching the town to no avail.

      He comes back all mad and dissapointed and yells at Bob, “You lied! They aren’t in Plastictown because I searched every inch!”

      Bob simply replies “Who the heck told you they were made there?? Sure wasn’t me!”

      • Sometimes Joe just needs to look whether they are there or not. What if they were there? πŸ™‚

      • Iron Will – Certainly you can think of a situation where someone spoke volumes by saying nothing at all. Like you, I have a solve in mind and sometimes the silence speaks to my interpretation. This may not be one of those times, but we won’t know with certainty until the poem is completely unraveled.

        • How about this situation Austin:

          No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues. f

          Has anyone seen or mentioned the blaze to you? ~Stephanie
          Thanks Stephanie for the questions. I have read them several times very carefully. They appear subtle on the surface but they aren’t. A yes or no to either question would give too much away, so I’ll pass.

          I’ll let people figure out what they want from this… πŸ™‚

          • Yeah, he sure don’t give nothing away does he. πŸ™‚ Kinda like the whole ‘buried’ or not thing? I just find it so funny though, because most of us probably still couldn’t even find it even if we knew where to start or knew what the blaze is!! πŸ™‚

    • He answered “you can’t find it with only the poem and goggle earth because Google Earth doesn’t ho down to that level of detail”

  24. Mysterious Writings:

    Question posted 6/26/2014:

    Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky

    Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f

      • Austin-

        I think you are looking too far. Honestly. Just read the poem, over and over and over and over 500 times over and over. Then read the book, and then read the poem again 500 more times. I think you are wasting a lot of time if you are searching for ff quotes. especially if you have no idea where to start. So unless you know exactly WWWH is, then no sense in trying to decipher a blaze. The Blaze could literally mean anything under the sun, but if you understand the poem, then the blaze will have a literal meaning for the hunt. Use the clues that ff has given out. I think they are very important. I didn’t look at any blogs until I knew why I needed to look at the blogs. They are just “clues” from people who don’t know where the treasure is. Also have a completely opened mind, and Google is your best friend. Good luck in your search.

        • I think you’re missing the whole point there Christopon about the intent of Austin understanding perhaps more about the [blaze] and ff NOT answering certain questions, because that was really what it was about and not so much the blaze, right? Because IF the blaze, etc., cannot be perhaps be ‘predetermined’ from the poem or from home before going out searching, for that matter, then what CAN be predetermined? …..Or how much of it MUST actually be figured out while IN the search area? See, to me, it raises bigger questions. Mainly, *Can the location of the chest be solved from home first or does one actually need to be in the field to figure it out?? Because if it is the latter, then that changes a lot for many, many people, and I say ‘people’, because if this is true, then you’re not really searching for anything until you are out physically searching in the field, because you’d be just wasting you’re time, …..of course unless one just enjoys being here apart of it all, then nothing is ever a waste, is it? I mean, I enjoy all of it no matter what happens!! πŸ™‚

          • “…then you’re not really searching for anything until you are out physically searching in the field.”

            I agree whole heartedly with this statement. Searchers don’t understand why in four years no one has solved the poem, IMO, this is why. Seems like most think it will pop up on the internet!

          • IMHO, the poem can be solved from home. Fenn stated one time I believe, that the person who solves the poem will be in confidence and that person will be able to go and get it, and it will be there when they arrive. Something along those lines? So I guess Im hearing that it can be solved from home. I would imagine that at least a big part of it, due to street names and towns and cities that you are passing. The reason people have not solved the poem is because ff made it that way. This is a search for everyone. Didn’t he tell a disabled lady that, if she told him exactly where the treasure was, that we would go and get it for her personally, because she couldn’t physically make it. He didn’t make it easy and he definitely got boots on the ground. Also we are searching in the 4th, 5th, 8th, and 10th largest states in America. within those states there is about 232,000 square miles of rocky mountain terrain (give or take some for elevation clues). That is almost the size of Texas. I have no idea how many people are searching, but I do know there is a lot of ground to cover. So we are looking for a 10in box within 232,000 square miles of mountains. 4 years is nothing compared to the amount of land we have to cover. My suggestion- read the poem, look at Google earth, read the poem, and read the book, and then do it again as many times as you can. I have been on 2 expeditions with in a few miles from one another and I almost forgot I was looking for treasure be cause I was blinded by how beautiful our earth is when she is by herself.

            I guess I also don’t understand how you know you are close to the chest, if you don’t even know where its at. Just a thought for those who think they are close. Keep looking.

            I never presumed you were naΓ―ve. I recently saw you post on here that you were green. -simple- I can imagine you know what you are doing. Enjoy

  25. Austin, You have a good point there. I saw an interview with one of Forrest’s friends who said that with Forrest you often have to listen to what he doesn’t say because it can be more important than what he does say.

    Example: When he says show the poem to a child, does he mean a child can solve it? I doubt it. But a child may ask important questions that will help you solve it. What is it? Who is I? What does tarry scant mean?

    • A child would see the poem just as it is. A child would think that FF meant exactly what he said. No cyphers, codes, double entendres, metaphores or complications. Just a little gibberish and anachronistic expressions made to sound like poetry. Don’t complicate things. Once you are actually standing there you can go down the poems clues and see them right there. The onlt problem is that there are alot of places that make you say:
      “Yep, this fits it.”

      • The beauty and the genius of the poem is that it appears to be as simple as you say and you just have to get lucky and find the correct place that fits out of the thousands that seem to fit. Forrest has told us that it will take a lot of hard work to solve, that the clues need to be unlocked, imagination is more important than knowledge, etc.

        He never eliminated, metaphors, double entendres, complication, or clues in the structure of the poem. If you believe the poem is a simple description of the correct place, you are not giving Forrest the credit he deserves.

        • Its a work of art, that’s for sure. Once you land at the end of the poem/map, you will have to read it again to understand exactly where to go from there. IMO the poem/map will put you in a spot to look around for what would be considered the blaze(if you have made it this far then the blaze is obvious), then from there, you will still have to look for the actual treasure, because the treasure could be the blaze too. So IMHO the poem is kind of 3 dimensional. or maybe 9 dimensional. You are going to have to look quickly down more than once, when you have found the blaze.. I hope I am making sense here lol. ff made a hell of a map with the words he used.. hats off

          • So, now you’re saying it cannot be solved from home first? So which is it? Can the poem tell someone EXACTLY where to go, …..or will they have to do more searching/clue solving once they get there? You seem to be going back and forth with your statements.

          • Suzie-

            I never said It cant be solved from home. I am implying that the poem’s last line will most likely lead you to a spot somewhere close to the chest, but in that spot you are still going to have to identify the blaze (I have no idea what the blaze is) Once you have identified it, then you have to look quickly down etc… I would imagine this can all be done from a computer, considering the vast resources the internet has to offer…though, it would be hard to see a 10×10 inch box from Google Earth. in any sense, no I don’t believe you have to be actively walking through the mountains to find the clues, the treasure, you obviously have to be there to find it, and pick it up. but IMO the solve can be done virtually.

          • My current solve came when I was looking at images of an old solve on the internet. When I was last there I had expectations of finding FF initials carved as a blaze. Something in the blogs told me to look for something else. While looking at the images of the location I noticed something. Now I have to go back there and try and find it. It is snowing there now. I hope it will be worth the cold, and accessible for me to get to on my prosthetic leg. I’ll see tomorrow.
            I think that we can find a good notion of where it may be without actually being there. But, that really isn’t much more than a hunch.

        • Jack – To make something difficult in an effort to allude requires intelligence. However, to make something simple and achieve the same goal is nothing short of genius. Just my two cents.

  26. Good morning!!! OFF TOPIC*** Has anyone ever been to the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral show? Thinking of going next week, looking for suggesstions. Thanks any and all!

    • No but I’ll go with ya!….ok just kidding πŸ˜› I’m all the way out in Virginia. The only Mineral we are seeing out here is COAL 😯

    • First two are my recommendations.

      Big White Tent just off freeway in Downtown Tucson.

      Tucson Electric Park (this is the Tucson Ball Park Stadium). Think it’s over off of approximately Ajo Ave. This is the largest area with the most concentration of vendors in one place.

      There are smaller white tents all along the freeway going through Tucson.

      Also, the hotel at Grant and the freeway.

    • Hi, Jdiggins. I have never been to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I have wanted to go there my entire life. BUT! There’s always a big “but” if you look around. BUT I have been lucky enough to go to the Quartzite Gem and Mineral Show TWICE which is always held just before the Tucson show. I bought several hundred pounds of polished agate slabs from Brazil for some stained glass window projects. That was a LOT of fun!

      If you do go to Tucson I know you’ll have a blast…and I’m jealous. We live in a beautiful world…and nowhere is it more obvious than a gem and mineral show…if you’re asking me. πŸ™‚

      • Thx jc! πŸ™‚ If you have any pix of the stained glass made from the Brazilian agate, please share! I would LOVE to see your creation! Agate is such beautiful material!

      • I’ll be going to a Gem and Mineral Show in a couple weeks myself… “Can’t wait” πŸ™‚

    • Higgins, I’ve also gone to the Tuscon rock and gem show often. Some of the best times in my life. Like JC I’ve gotten some polished agate slabs and have made stain glass windows and chandeliers. I’ll try to post a picture on Dal’s picture thread.
      Have a blast and give yourself a lot of time to see everything.

          • I’ve always wanted a Butler. Do they sell them in Tucson? I’m looking for one by the name of Frank Lee that DOES give a funny golden goose. I’ve heard that a lot of Butlers these days just don’t. πŸ™‚

          • think my mind is scrambled today, golden goose is all I got… πŸ™‚
            Anyway, made my reservations…arriving Monday night and staying through wednesday. Gotta be back by Friday, my daughter and granddaughter are coming to visit.
            Whew! And we’re driving…14 hours! πŸ™‚

      • I might be wrong here and I will go back and look it up but I keep seeing this “child / kid” comment. I thought that comment was a child would know where to begin. Not solve the poem. Now again I might be the one wrong but that is a big difference.
        As I look it up does anyone else recall which it is?


      • I think you’re onto something there, Mark. I nicknamed this kid, “Michael” after Michael Jackson…because every time he opens his mouth I hear Michael Jackson’t song “Baaaaaaaad”. You know, “Because I’m baaaaaaad. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaad. You know it. …and the whole world has to answer right now, just to tell you once again… Who’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.”

        This kid is brave and on the wood:

        • JC

          You know Billie Jean was the best song ever Michael did remember the moon walk. I have to admit I’m a Michael Jackson fan.
          You know it doesn’t matter if you are “Black or White”

          So just Beat It or You wanna be startin something πŸ™‚ lol

          This poem is like ABC easy as 123 πŸ™‚

          • Amy πŸ™‚
            Funny Michael Jackson tie ins! Hope you’re enjoying Sunday morning. So if the poem was as easy as ABC 123 would you choose to dance to a 9 count or 26?

  27. jdiggins you will have a great time at the gem show in Tucson. We went to the one in Quartzite years ago and got some nice jewelry and amethyst geodes. Have fun!

    Iron Will COAL is COOL too!

  28. Just for fun:

    A question-
    What if the treasure had been found? But, the finder remained silent. Even FF is in the dark. The finder decides to post the actual solve as a “theory” here on Dal’s blog. As an avid searcher, would you be open to the possibility that someone else has unlocked the secrets of the poem or would you resort to poking holes in their “theory”?

    I haven’t made up my mind on which side of the fence I would fall. How about you?

    • Austin,

      We’d probably all poke holes in it just like everything else. That’s just what we do!! πŸ™‚ The actual solve probably ONLY makes sense to ff. Obviously!! But eventually someone will figure it out and say, “huh, that was it, what took me so long”? πŸ™‚ …..because, really, how will we ever know what is correct UNTIL it is found?? So, unless it fits in with where WE are headed with our own theories, then it will ALWAYS be under the microscope and scrutinized and probably on the wrong side of the fence. Right? It is what it is. But I’ll tell you this, …..if I were to ever find it, the only person to know about it would be Barnum and Bailey himself, so there would be none of that. And perhaps, I wouldn’t even tell him. πŸ™‚

          • Nah, I could never do that. If it were me, I’d tell the old man and he could do what he wishes with that knowlege. I just might not tell him who I was though, unless I needed to.

      • Suzie – I suspect you are right. Isn’t it funny how your own personal solve can become somewhat of a “religious” topic with friends, family and other searchers? I have laughed at myself more than once for defending my “9 clues” so passionately. Anyway, looking forward to getting back out into the mountains once the snow melts!

    • Well Austin, to answer your question, I think I’ll know it when I see it. Or at least I like to think I would. To me the solution will be elegant and all the clues will fit perfectly; no stretching. So to me no one will be able to logically poke holes in the correct solution.

      All of the solutions I’ve been sent, and read, and come up with on my own all have the same problem. A few clues, or several clues, fit perfectly to a location; they fit so perfectly that it has to be there. So we stretch the clues that don’t fit to make them work with the ones that do.

      It’s easy to become obsessed with a location we come up with because some of the clues fit so perfectly and we’ve worked so hard to stretch the other clues to make them fit.

      • Evidently, those that figured out the first two clues didn’t ‘stretch’ the other ones ~ enough. πŸ™‚

        • That’s true Suzie……Knowing the first two clues have been solved adds to the dilemma. The line between obsession and determination, between being thorough and going down an endless rabbit hole, is up to each individual searcher.

          To be honest I don’t think much about if I’ve solved the first two clues. I know he’s not talking about one of my solutions because I’ve never sent him one. Since I don’t know what Fenn considers the first two clues to be, I don’t give it a lot of thought when exploring a solution.

          • Just because you’ve never sent him a solution, doesn’t mean you haven’t ever figured out the first two clues πŸ™‚ …..but as has been mentioned, what’s it really matter? …..since one won’t know it unless either he confirms it or you find the chest. Although I can think of some positive benefits to his saying that. As far as this whole thing goes, ….I think most of us are pretty thorough, but for those of us who are now institutionalized how long is this rabbit hole we are ALL in? Or I guess we could just call it The Hotel California, right? πŸ™‚

  29. JC1117 – Tennyson missed it. Better to have been well loved… and found Fenn’s treasure! πŸ™‚

  30. Dal, since you mentioned the Bitteroot and Forrest reserves in your Carl story, perhaps this article about Major Frank Fenn administering the Bitteroot Reserve in ID & MT will be of some interest. (I could not find a geneology link between Frank and Forrest, but didn’t spend much time on it).

    • Probably related… a quote from the article…

      “For the next thirty years Fenn lead a rich and amazing life,”

      imho of course…:)

      • πŸ™‚ Spallies. When I read that line near then end of a rather boring artcticle, I smiled and though the same.

  31. Home of brown = mount Yale in the collegiate peaks in the sawatch range Colorado. 14,196 feet. Eg brown university.
    Efforts worthy the cold=Trail after trail runs cold until you find what you are looking for. Eg ,worth the cold.
    My thoughts .happy hunting.

  32. Anyone – Since FF’s scrapbook entry about diving from The Tower, I’ve given some more thought to Devils Tower in WY. From way back east here in WV most things are not as clear as maybe they should be. I need for someone to please tell me WHY that location in the Black Hills with the summit at 5114 feet is not a viable hidey spot location. Being known as the Brown Buffalo Horn makes me want to “put in below” it. That place satisfies the poem requirements … even “water high” … because from what I read the Rangers require you to take bottled H2O with you when you climb to the top. Has any searcher checked out the Devils Tower theory?

    • Becky it looks to me to be outside the search area on the map. I suppose it could work for Brown but you would need to be heading west from there for the location of the treasure.

      If you haven’t been to Devil’s Tower it’s a cool place to visit. Next time you ride your Harley to Sturgis you should stop by and see it. πŸ™‚

      • I did that, but there were so many other bikers doing the same thing, I think the Tower’s awe suffered a bit by all the excess “bikerness” (myself included of course). The same held true for much of that area, which I thought was gorgeous and beautiful. I would like to return perhaps a few weeks after Sturgis, maybe early fall, & explore then. I love that area.

        Of course, the bike rally itself is definitely a worthwhile trip if you are into bikes at all, but don’t count on soaking up all the historical and scenic beauty available there during the same week.

    • Becky-
      I don’t really have a comment about Devil’s Tower. If a location is on the map…it’s as good a possibility as any other location on the map for the chest to be hidden. But I do think your process for eliminating some places and concentrating on others is potentially flawed.

      It’s my opinion that it’s smart to heed Forrest’s advice when looking for the chest since he is the only one who knows where it is. And one of the coaching ideas he gave us was not to start in the middle of the poem. He said we’ll never find it that way. He added that we should start at the beginning.

      Now this kind of advice is hard to swallow because he never gave us a reason. It’s kind of like parents telling you to stop eating candy when you’re a kid. It doesn’t make’s edible, other kids eat it, it tastes wonderful. What are my parents thinking?

      But in fact, my parents know something about tooth decay and reactions to sugar and family problems with blood sugar levels that I simply don’t understand as a child. Their advice is good even if it sounds like punishment when I am six.

      When Forrest gave us that advice he mentioned that many folks were starting by trying to identify a Home of Brown first. Forrest told us we would not find it that way. Although I never really bought into the whole candy thing when I was six, I do believe Forrest knows what he is talking about when it comes to locating the chest.

      This is where I believe the theory of simply choosing the Devil’s Tower as a likely hidey spot is flawed. I believe in Forrest’s advice that to locate the treasure we have to start at the beginning.

      What this means to me is that if you believe the Devils Tower is a likely hidey spot then you have to be able to get there by following the clues in the poem.

      So if I were to choose the Devil’s Tower as my final destination then I have to work backwards and see if I can find the place Where Warm Waters Halt. I have tried this approach in a few places that seemed like great locations with interesting blazes. But they always failed because there was no direct set of links that could take me back to any place WWWH.

      What it seems like you have done is to select the Devil’s Tower as your final destination and then find a couple of other random possible clues that “might” fit and apply them to the area. I think you have to be more direct…just as you have to follow the clues to get to the treasure…it seems likely to me that you might be able to go from the treasure back to WWWH by following the clues in reverse order.

      And one final thought is…if you were to think that the word “tower” was a hint to help you find the location of the chest..
      Why not:
      Tower Fall in Yellowstone
      or Tower Fall Trail also in Yellowstone
      or Tower Mountain near Silverdale, CO
      or Fossil Tower also near Silverdale, CO
      or darn near any fire tower anywhere on the map…there are hundred’s to choose from…

      My point is that the word “tower” is associated with many diverse locations in the Rocky Mountains…and we don’t even know if it has anything at all to do with the location of the treasure..

      I believe in listening to Forrest..figure out where the beginning is and go from there…

      Anyone want a piece of candy? The red ones are mine!

  33. I was dressed up and ready to go hiking and searching. When I opened the door and it was a heavy snow day. I don’t think that I can see the blaze if it is surrounded by white fluff. So, I’ll just have to wait until next week.

  34. In researching SB 126 – with the hat, the rock, the lake and the bear, not one person to my knowledge tried to find where the hat photo came from – or who’s hat that was and why the hat……. Again, right above the head and everyone goes for the background. πŸ™‚ Did anyone do that?

    • inthe-
      But Forrest does explain where the hat comes from in that story and he also says that he never plans on wearing that of course it is not sitting on his head.If he was wearing it he would be a liar. Floating two inches above his head is not wearing it…
      I mean where do you put hats that you don’t want to wear but want to show off???

      • Dal –

        Thanks for your response. As you and I know that is a “story” so does it matter that he says he will never wear it? I think it’s not on his head because it’s not his and if it was – he would put it in the closet. (SB 98) Ha Ha!

        What I was simply trying to say is – someone wore a hat exactly like it and was wondering if anyone knows who that would be. Dal, Perhaps you found the hat for Forrest in which case my theory would not work.

    • I certainly did… “peek under my hat”. Strangest thing there is a message under it, in the background that is relevant to the chase. The even stranger thing is… the message has ALWAYS been there as far back as 2000 from what I can tell 😯 . Parodelia at work I guess 😐

  35. Hey Dal- I thought I saw a comment that you had a SB or so you hadn’t posted yet because you’ve been so swamped etc…(and THANK YOU for ALL you do with the SB’s- they’re too fun to read!) .I didn’t see any comments on the associated pages from him or any name I knew him by. (Maybe I missed though) Did he ever make a post or send a scrapbook (even if not posted yet) officially giving his hat a victory blue ribbon to match Teseques? Or just the winning dive one?

    • Jamie! 126! You saw what I saw right?? 😯 How can that have always been there??! 😯

    • Jamie-
      I don’t think I said that there was another SB waiting to be posted…
      If I did I apologize..I try not to say things like that.

      I don’t think he’s posted anything about his HAT challenge…maybe he’s waiting for the right HAT to show up.
      Maybe he knows he lost and he’s afraid to say anything πŸ™‚

      • I thought maybe his TUCK post was a circumvented route to maintain dignity. Nothing like a double axle to fill ones esteem with pride. A hat trick was so nice with three in a row and all, and then a step back to 2.5? I wonder where his pride lies…maybe just 2 bucks and 3 quarters in pocket change? At least he could buy 11 handmade flies I guess.

        • Jamie, hockey scores aside, that was quite a hat trick!

          I still don’t have a good handle on f. his meaning in the last 3 SB’s. A bit riddled like the totc poem but more fun to guess at implied meanings. he seems to spread out thematic material over several scrapbooks and then light dawns late in the game for me. But the game is a blast! Thanks Forrest.

          Do you think he speaks in riddles to the grandkids and teases the fish in his pond

          • Isn’t a hat trick 3 points/scores in a row in lots of sports? Like soccer, hockey etc? I was trying figure out he considered the tuck (#1) in the same blue ribbon league of sport with the hat and dog, or a seperate category?

  36. Dal, I’ve been salivating awhile now for a bone. Think you could make it a tad bit juicier?

  37. Sometimes you just got to sit back and smile.. πŸ™‚ The desert is dry and cracked…….. but rain is on the way…. arroyo’s will flood….. green will be dominate again………… for thought…..

  38. Goofy – You said I would need to head west from Devils Tower to find the treasure location. Why is that so? And about me riding my Harley on the Sturgis Run … I have a Honda 450 automatic & also a huge white moto guzzi. I can swing by Santa Fe & pick up FF on my way. Think he might come with me?

    Dal – I didn’t choose Devils Tower because of FF’s story. I worked my way there long ago from the clues in the poem. The main reason that I junked my solve is because it’s in the Black Hills (a lesser mntn range than the Rockies) & we’ve all been conditioned to believe the treasure is hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. But that info is NOT in the book. Is it?

    FF told us long ago to NOT believe anything outside of the book & the poem. By my understanding, that would mean all of his verbal statements are suspicious as hints/clues unless they are contained in TTOTC. The Rockies are NOT specified in the book. Only mntns north of Santa Fe. The Black Hills are a mntn range north of Santa Fe. Are they not?

    Having thrown out FF’s verbal & written statements that are NOT in the book & the poem … so many other things surfaced that made perfect sense. How accurate is Goofy’s Cheat Sheet under those conditions? Something to consider. According to the man himself, only the info in the book is accurate. His directions … my opinion.

    • Becky you asked how accurate my cheat sheet is……The cheat sheet is comprised of things he has told us. So by your terms it is completely irrelevant. If you choose to disregard what he has said that is up to you.

      Keep in mind the poem tells us he is going to give us hints. Do you believe this to be a false statement also?

      If you choose to ignore what the poem is telling us I’ve got some great places you can search in Utah; I always wanted it to be in Utah.

    • FF told us long ago to NOT believe anything outside of the book & the poem ~ Becky

      Becky, i believe this is the statement to which you refer

      What serious adventurers should remember is to not believe anything that is not in my poem or otherwise in my book.

      using your logic Becky, the problem is that this statement is not found in the book or the poem.

      so my question for you is, why would you accept this statement as fact, being that it is not in the book or poem, but be suspicious of the others?

    • Becky, Forrest wrote Too Far To Walk also and in it he has included a map of the search area. He has told us that the treasure is in the highlighted area and that there was a clue in the book. It does not include Devil’s Tower. Are we not to believe what we hear directly from Forrest? If not, then why do you believe there is even a treasure? Why believe what is in the poem and TTOTC? IMO when Forrest said not to believe anything that was not in the poem or book, he meant not to believe everything you read in articles as he has been misinterpreted and misquoted many times. Good luck with your search!

  39. Goofy – Your cheat sheet is completely accurate if we can believe what FF has told us. I just don’t know for sure. I guess what I have a problem with is that he supplied us with the book including the poem, then stated that’s all we need. So why all the rest?

    Yes … i believe the treasure is real. Yes … I believe there are hints sprinkled throughout the book. Yes – I believe the poem will lead us there. I just don’t know about the rest of it – like additional statements, stories, interviews, scrapbook entries, photos, etc.

    FF scares me. Seems as though the people who know him & who have met him give FF the highest of accolades. I need to believe them & trust their judgment. But he just seems slippery to me. Hard to pin down. Have you spent any time with him, Goofy? What’s your opinion of the man? Is he real or phony?

    • Becky – My personal feeling is that we can believe everything that FF tells you. The problem is, we might not understand what he is telling us.

      I was working with a group of guys from Germany once and with one guy from England. Each time the English guy told me something, I would ask the Germans what he said, and likewise, each time I told the English guy something, he would also ask the Germans what I said. (we were doing very technical work).

      Finally, the Germans stopped and asked us why they needed to translate for us since we spoke the same language. We looked at the Germans and responded, “no we don’t”.

      That is how I feel when listening to FF. I hear his words, but I am not sure if I understand them, although I do feel that I have made some improvement.

    • Becky, I’ll try to answer your questions. All is just my opinion.

      Fenn stayed in the fight after having his canopy shot off; he has enough medals to fill a cigar box for more of those same type antics. Some would say this is not a smart thing to do. Most would agree it’s a display of bravery beyond and above. My wife would call it hard headed.

      Fenn just refuses to quit. It’s how he lived his whole life no need to start now. He’s not going to sit on the front porch or in the coffee shop telling tales like the rest of us old guys who have accepted the world has passed us by and we are now irrelevant. He knows the library is full of books by old guys that wish to pass along their wisdom and share their amazing lives with us; but our narcissistic society could care less. So he hid a chest of gold to get our attention.

      You asked: So why all the rest? He enjoys communicating with folks and he’s sharing his amazing life and experiences with us attempting to pass along some wisdom and maybe gloat a little; if I did what he has done I would be flat out bragging about it. Sadly I don’t know how many can see what he is saying; all they see is the gold.

      Do his scrapbooks and stories give hints about the treasure? I obviously don’t know; but in my opinion the treasure and his stories are two different things. He has been clear when he gives hints, not in Utah or Idaho etc. He has refused to answer questions that would actually narrow down the search. By doing that he is telling us something in my opinion. If the treasure has anything to do with his life or travels he couldn’t help but inadvertently tell us something about the treasure when talking about his life but I don’t think it will mean anything until after the treasure is found, not before.

      I don’t know what you mean by saying Fenn scares you. If you mean you don’t know if you can trust the treasure is actually there; then that is a decision each searcher has to make. I think the chest is there, but I certainly wouldn’t bet the bank on being able to find it.

      Fenn is a character, who else says the dictionary is an infringement of free speech and turned making mistakes into a writing style. How about selling forgeries; is that β€œslippery” as you say or is it a shrewd decision by a marketing genius.

      I’ve never met Fenn but I think I would like him. But who knows; putting two hard headed Texans in the same room can lead to some fireworks.

      I don’t know if that helps you, but for what it’s worth there you go. If you want to read some other things I’ve written about Fenn you can go here. All is just my opinion.

      • …I’d like to second Goof’s opinion of himself. Maybe you need to come up with an acronym for “Has already been discussed at great length”

        Hope you know I’m kidding, besides who else is willing to enlighten us.

        • Fennished.
          No longer fennterested.
          That’s fenncidental…

          I’ll try for acronyms later.

    • Becky, I can understand your concerns. I think keeping your thoughts on the poem and book is a sound strategy.
      Forrest has never said there are clues anywhere else than in those two places.

      If you dont feel comfortable then trust your instincts. I have no idea what your circumstances and thoughts are but you must have your own reasons to feel that way?

      I do trust Forrest and I enjoy reading his stories, they tell me much about him. I do see them as his way of interacting with us. Does that help us find the treasure? Probably not. They do give us an impetus to learn more, and that is a part of the chase. Its all an individual choice on if we choose to continue spending our time on this. We all need to remember there is only one chest, and for all the rest its a journey with a rainbow overhead.

          • Forrest is worthy of gratitude for all he has provided for in this Chase. His act of gratitude does not make him the Almighty giver of Grace.

            He is you/us/we.. except he acted as he did. You can act as he did or as you will. Either way you most likely won’t receive any fame. What can compare with that which causes gratitude? Except that whatever it be it be repeated.

  40. Chris – Yes … that’s exactly the statement to which I was referring.

    What serious adventurers should remember is to not believe anything that is not in my poem or otherwise in my book.

    I don’t really have any logic at all when it comes to FF & his directions. I’m very suspicious of that statement & of all the other ones. The poem is simple to understand … wwwh … down a canyon … then to hoB … up a creek … to water high … then the blaze. Bingo! Treasure city! But then in came all of do’s & don’ts that are listed in Goofy’s cheat sheet. Are they just distractions or are they markers to help us? I can’t make up my mind one way or another.

    So for me, the answer becomes dependent upon the man himself. There’s where I fall short. I know what he looks like, I know what he wears, I know how he talks, where he lives, who his friends are … Buzzard-Eagles, wild boars, ornaments, 8 lb rainbow fish, Jungle Cock capes, mammoth tusks, levitated hats, fishing hook fly thingys, blue ribbon-winning dogs, arrowheads, fancy dives, phone messages, toothbrushes, zebra boots … Shoot – I’ve even (through posted photos) been in the man’s bathroom shower & seen the commode where he poops. But none of that speaks to me of the kind of man FF is. I still cannot understand the blaze. How can that be?

    One of my legs hangs on the trusting side of his “bob” wire fence, but my other leg is dangling fully in the sceptical gypsy camp. How do you, Chris, make a decision on whether the man is helping or hindering? Have you met him – ever?

    • Becky,

      I too believe that all you need is the poem, book, & a good map. However, as playful as Forrest is, I can’t believe that the scrapbooks don’t occasionally have some small tidbit of a hint, and when the treasure has been found we will look back at these scrapbooks and other Forrest statements and have what I would term a “Usual Suspects” moment, referring to the scene where the Inspector lets go Kevin Spacey and then realizes the answers were right in front of him the whole time.

      Modified dates on dollar bills, floating hats, & Forrest’s strange desire for pimento cheese sandwiches & nicely ordered spice storage solutions might all make sense then. Until then, we will just have to be content with commenting on the quality of his bathroom tile work. πŸ™‚

      • I believe with absolute certainty that once the bronze box is located that someone and perhaps many will look back on the scrapbooks and other things that Forrest Fenn has said and find words, phrases, references, or suggestions that will be interpreted to point to something in the poem or the location where the box is found. That doesn’t mean however that the words, phrases, references or suggestions were made with the intention of pointing someone in the direction of the box. For example, if the box is found near the middle fork of some river, the scrapbook with the silverware drawer will be waved around as a “hint” of the “middle fork”. Whether it was deliberately made as a hint will be for Forrest to tell or not. Same with all of the hullabaloo about the number of clues in the poem and what they are. I don’t know why its important although I understand why folks are focused on it. Its like a recipe–to make bread you take flour, yeast, water, salt, mix it up, knead it, let it rise, bake it, and then eat it. Does knowing the number of steps and precisely identifying those steps really help you understand how to make bread? Trust me, we could take apart the recipe and debate for hours as to how many steps are in the recipe, (is taking the dough out of the bowl a step?) My point is that that nothing is going to get that savory piece of warm bread in our belly except doing the work to get the dough in the oven. In the case of the chase, nothing will get one closer to that beautiful bronze box than looking, and the rest may only just mess up our heads. IMHO.

        • I agree Raven. I see those words, phrases etc now! I hope I’ll at least be right about some of those things I feel are hints in the scrapbooks and I hope someone finds it soon so I’ll know whether I was close or not. πŸ™‚

  41. Thank you, Dal, for putting up my blog site. For those of you who don’t know, it’s more of a daily journal with some chase jibber jabber thrown in. My goal is to write about my life in the mornings, and talk about the chase at night. Two posts a day is the goal. πŸ™‚

  42. I agree with Goofy. I appreciate getting to know Mr. Fenn through his books and this blog especially since I have never met him in person. I feel like I have some extra zest in my life because of this chase.

  43. 42

    Wow how neat is that. Isn’t it just amazing the talent and art some have. πŸ™‚

    • I am sitting in the dark having a drink and watching the snow out the window. I would be on the front porch if my wife hadn’t made me bring in my rocking chair for winter.

    • The Southern Cross? Where are you posting from?

      I’m currently in Oz, and just getting to know the southern sky. I need to check out The Jewel Box.


  44. Hello jdh, I’m posting from the U.S. and found the info on line. You are correct the jewel box is part of the Southern Cross, (Beta Crucis), so is only visible from southern latitudes. It’s twin, Another cluster, NGC 457, has also a jewel-box-like appearance and lies virtually diametrally opposite this one in the sky in the constellation Cassiopeia in the northern hemisphere.

  45. Anyone watching the supper bowl?I’m going to guess the Patriots will win after reading this πŸ™‚ ” At least one person put over $1 million on the
    Patriots this week, according to the Sporting
    News. The exact amount of the bet isn’t
    known, but MGM Resorts did say it was a
    “seven-figure” bet on the Patriots.”

  46. Hello, My name is Hank, I haven’t been in the Chase very long but I would say that there is so much information to sort through and so many angles and avenues I could take. I wished that I was in this from the beginning then catching up wouldn’t be as tough.

    Ok, enough whining…. but I feel better… πŸ™‚

    Has anyone Mentioned ” Leadville , Colorado ” and the Arkansas River . The trout fishing is good there and the nearby mountain also has a ” Rainbow ” trail. near the town of Howard…? I’m going to go look at that angle….. Wyoming looks good too….. deciding where to go is harder than I thought it would be. The poem is very commonly written it could be a bunch of places……

    Sorry for unloading thoughts on everyone…. being new in this my be to my disadvantage….but Im going to give it a shot anyways. I love the Rocky mountains. I drove up hwy 24 one time all the way to I-70 and it was breathtaking. good luck to everyone , maybe I will see you on the trail.. πŸ™‚

    • Good Luck to you too Amy , Your right the chest could be anywhere, I’m ready for the snows to melt so I can go looking , I don’t know about New mexico , but Im sure the mountains in Colorado and Wyoming are white. I like hiking , If nothing else, it will give me a reason for a vacation… I think I like Colorado the most and Wyoming second….but it depends on where the poem send me. Have fun Amy and good luck.

  47. Thank u Hank

    I have let others know that I have Colorado covered. So if u want to check Wyoming then that would be awesome. I promise if I were to find it I will let u know πŸ™‚

    Lol just messing with you.
    Colorado is the only place it could be πŸ™‚ glad u think so too.

    • What!?? 😯 We get to “reserve” the search states to ourselves? 😐 ………. πŸ™

      • Sure! You can do whatever you want, Iron Will. I got “dibs” on New Mexico…which is really strange…because Forrest was already living there first…but the way I see it, Forrest isn’t “searching” for the treasure so I got “dibs”. However, that doesn’t stop you from just going there and getting the treasure…even if 10,000 people called dibs before you.

        In truth, I have reserved the search states of shellshock, disillusionment, paranoia, exhaustion, and wild-eyed-crazy-grinning-while-drooling-and-chuckling …all to myself. I have applied to the patent office for a trademark. πŸ™‚

      • Iron

        Okay , you can search Colorado it’s a free country Right, well for now it is πŸ™‚

        You should follow me somewhere πŸ™‚

        • Amy, I search NM for the same reason that bank robbers rob banks. That’s where the money is! πŸ™‚

          All kidding aside, I have several legitimate reasons. Early on, like many, I worked any/all angles & ideas in all the Rocky Mtn States. I had possible solutions for several states, but my strongest contender was for NM. I decided that I could only justify spending time on one location/theory so I went with my gut.

          My moniker here, Clinger, actually stands for clinging to NM (although I was a big fan of M.A.S.H.). If the treasure is in fact in another state, I’ll never ever find it, and I won’t concede it’s in another state unless someone drags the chest out of the hills somewhere other than New Mexico. Hopefully, conviction, tenacity, and a little luck will prove me correct.

    • Awww Amy! Can’t I have one itsy bitsy place for the meek in Colorado??? Please!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      Good Luck to ya Amyl!! πŸ™‚

      • Loco

        Yes you can have a little piece of Colorado. πŸ™‚

        Thank u good luck to you πŸ™‚

      • Loco,

        Would that be the extreme SE corner of CO? Seem like I remember from my early research that area being the location that Joe Meek made his famous escape from the indians? I could never find anywhere that explicitly stated the exact location, but working from the description from several stories of the event and the names of rivers and deserts, I think I remember it in SE Co. That was a few years ago when I was working that angle, so I may be remembering wrong. Anyone, feel free to correct me.

        I was working the angle that being surrounded by those indians was definitely no place for that Meek (Joe).

        • Hi Clinger,

          Nope, not in SE CO.. Like you, I don’t remember if Meek was in that part of the state, but he has no relation to my solution.

          The only “mountain man”, that has any bearing on my solution, is Forrest Fenn! (IMO) LOL!!

          • Re Meek:
            When the fur trade collapsed, Meek moved to Oregon where he helped organize the territorial government and became its federal marshal. In the 1860s, the historian Frances Fuller Victor interviewed him several times. She later published a book about Meek’s adventures.

            I found some answers in Journal of a Trapper and some in Victor’s interviews.

        • …ironic how his last name was Meek, yet by all accounts he was nearly indestructible.

  48. Amy if you don’t mind me asking, did you find something very specific that made you lean towards Colorado ? I understand if you don’t answer a question like that in an open forum.

  49. JJ

    From the beginning of my solve I found something specific in the poem something that rang a bell.
    So I went with it and I have always believed Colorado. Yes I have found specific things that go with my solve I really can’t wait to share it all one day. At least it makes since to me my solve that is. To some it may be over their head.
    June should be my last search because I cannot seem to wrap my mind around anything else. πŸ™‚

    • It is very interesting hearing why seekers stick to a certain state or solution. I too was like Clinger and realized that I need to search only NM because the search area is too big and one needs to make assumptions and NM was the logical one.

      Then after awhile, I questioned my assumptions. Maybe Mr. Fenn is one step ahead of us and he set it up so initial assumptions would prove incorrect. The fact that it wasn’t found in four years led me to open my mind a little and I decided I should just follow the clues and remove all biases.

      Whether it works or not – the jury is still out, however one thing for sure I will not rule out anything anymore, because the day one thinks they have outsmarted Mr. Fenn is the day one removes themselves from the chase.

      The Wolf

    • Amy I am the same way. I got Colorado from several words were used in the book, that I have never heard ff use anywhere else. New Mexico is looking good too, as far as directions and words in the poem. Im with you though on the Colorado search. Where are you from Amy?

          • Christophon

            Absolutely I have searched a specific area in Colorado, several several several times, this time I will take it in the canyon down πŸ™‚

            And you where have u been ?

        • Amy-
          I have done about 97% of my searches in CO. We plan on going back when the snow melts a bit. Its a promising area. Enough for me to think so at least. Ive got that 3% in NM though πŸ™‚

  50. CJinCA , in his search story last year comment about webcams in Yellowstone. I also read that there there wre 200 in use since in YS since 9-11. The NPS website has a collection of webcams that provide views in and around Mammoth Hot Springs, Mount Washburn, Old Faithful and the North Entrance. Does anyone know if you can access any others in the park? I like to watch the Old Faithful live camera. Interesting to see daily changes in the snow and foot traffic as well as winter visitors.

    • Hi “Not Obsessed”. I hadn’t heard about any other webcams in YNP other than the ones on this web site, which I think is the one you are talking about.

      If you look up West Yellowstone webcams, some of the businesses have their own cameras but they don’t give a very good idea of weather conditions in Yellowstone itself. I never heard that there were 200 webcams in Yellowstone though – that seems like an awful lot for a National Park doesn’t it? I’m sure there are a lot of wildlife cameras to help with studies of Bears, Elk, Bison, Wolves, etc. so maybe that is where you heard about 200 webcams? If you do find any other webcams of Yellowstone, let me know. It’s really interesting seeing the bison roaming around and sometimes I’ve seen people getting, what appears to be, dangerously close to them! Here’s the link for road info but there will still be a lot of snow at the higher elevations.

      • Thanks, not sure if the info i read is accurate, you know how the web is. Just making sure I wasn’t missing something.
        I remember reading about a searcher finding a fiberglass “rock” and uncovering a electrical junction box. I’m sure the the NPS doesn’t want everyone knowing where all the cameras are, could cause a loss of security.

  51. As I can’t do an active search,I will suggest my thoughts and comments.i have 3 places of intrest,the meek ,the Toledo ,and brown.IMentioned the brown clue a few day’s ago.the Toledo clue is not a place but a thing,colonel George custer’s sabre or sword,is a Toledo blade.witch just sold at auction,between the two battles(little big horn and the FEtterman massacre)more than 300 solgers were killed.and there’s more…..

  52. Hi Everyone, Just got back from the Rock Show, in Arizona. My focus was to find more US minerals. Got some great “Prospectors Boxes” Hand collected in the US. I Love Agates, from all over the world and collect them myself in the great North West. I have been polishing up some beautiful banded agate. Next time I am in Montana, I have my “Rock” locations all mapped out and ready to go. Also I want to get down to Wyoming and find some of that Jade! Like the Jade that Forrest has. His “Slick”
    You know I am a treasure hunter, and I hold my research close. Sorry I do not share more. I mean share more of my clue discoveries. I just don’t. Plus I am not trying to prove anything here, like how smart I am….LOL….I spend days, hours and weeks reading old maps and new maps of the Rockies.
    Welcome Hank! We have a great community here. Lots of great info.

    • Thanks for the ” welcome ” Lou Lee. I can tell that it’s a close knit group of searchers here on Dals blog. The way people mess around with each other , it is obvious.
      I rock hound too, I have places scattered all over that I frequently visit. ” That is when I have the time to do so “. Now the winter slows down the rock hounding. I can’t wait to see your Prospectors Boxes are you going to send in a pic ? I would love to have some jade ” slicks “. maybe while looking for Forrest’s treasure I could find one..I know where to go to find one…..maybe the poem will take me to wyoming….. right now I’m farther south… good luck Lou Lee

  53. Where is Lynn D? Last I heard, she had made a comment that was mis-interpeted. Next thing we know, nary a word from her again. Maybe she is commenting on other threads. As I am not tracking every thread, I wouldn’t know. Lynn D, are you out there? I hope that if you are out there, you are doing well in your search and in your health. May we hear from you again.

  54. So Forrest ruled out Yellowstone what a bummer.

    If I was standing where the treasure chest is I’d see trees I’d see mountains I’d see animals I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles or piΓ±on nuts, sagebrush and I know the treasure chest is wet. ff

    • 169, I searched for this quote but couldn’t find it. Could you post a link as to where this quote was found. Thank You.

    • I know – most of Wyoming and Montana are off my radar too after that comment – I can’t believe it…..the chase goes on!

        • No it ruled out parts of the state once thought in play. Wyoming is still very much in play. Saying that the treasure is near “sagebrush” is a big clue. No matter how you define hint or clue this narrows the search area. So by Forrests own definition this is a clue. I would put this on par with his clue about the treasure being above 5000 ft.

          • I agree the statement is a bungled statement nevertheless the crux of the biscuit still stands. The chase has been massively narrowed. No ifs ands or butts about it.

          • Wow. So an edited commercial for tourism for the State of New Mexico is a clue. I sure hope Forrest doesn’t do a commercial for AFLAC. Ducks in the South West will have sore bottoms from you looking there. Oh, of course that’s my opinion. I SAID IT. Who’s opinion would it be? Jeez. I’m turning into a Goofy, I mean Grumpy ol man.

        • POG editing and splicing are two very different things I assure Forrests words are in tact AND he isn’t denying that as far as I can tell. You can’t smell pinon nuts but you sure can smell sagebrush. Can you spell sagebrush POG.

      • Check out Forrest Fenn’s own words about the NM tourist video on the blog line under Forrest Fenn live on There are a couple of FF comments, but the “Forrest fire” Feb 5th 11:22 am is IMO the most important.

        You can read it for yourself, IMO I too ruled out a lot of area when I first saw the NM visitors video, but the post from FF cleared it up a lot and I don’t think it was meant to leave any area out.

        • I have already read his comments. He did not address if he said “wet” or “whet”. To me it sounded like “with”. I also do not make any decisions based on what he says in scrapbooks and interviews. But that is just me.

        • He did NOT clear it up. He said that he agreed with Dal that the video had been edited before he had seen it. Then he told Halogetter that pinon nuts can’t be smelled and he was talking about the pitch. If I said the treasure is near sagebrush and sagebrush isn’t everywhere in the Rockies I’ve narrowed the area. How hard is that to understand?


    From β€œThe Thrill of the Chase” Page 135

    With populations increasing so rapidly maybe there won’t be room for a lot of things we enjoy doing today, like hunting and hiking and looking across the desert just for the fun of seeing nothing at all. It seems so sad to me.


    Your words and actions say you are a friend and lover of the environment β€œmore than most.” Do you follow Leave No Trace and did you while hiding the chest? ie stay on established trails. ~Buddy

    Buddy, I think you’re trying to get me in trouble but that’s where I am most of the time anyway, so I’ll answer your questions.

    You may as well ask me if I love the air. I don’t know but, I certainly am an appreciator of nature. β€œLeave no trace” is a rhetorical statement not intended to be taken literally. For instance it is not feasible for you to not leave a footprint somewhere or a dry fly snagged high on a tree limb, left by your back cast. But I agree with the philosophy of the phrase. I dislike seeing beer cans scattered around when I am fantasizing that I am the only person who has ever been in that spot.

    Generally speaking, there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one. However, it reminds me of the worn-out axiom, β€œIf you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.”When I am in the mountains or in the desert, the last place I want to be is on a trail. Ain’t no adventure in that for me. There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f


    Rare things power necklace

    I strung this necklace during a violent thunderstorm, which empowered its supernatural authority. It will be awarded to the special person who wins Dal’s searcher story contest.

    One of the items listed on the necklace. 22 caliber bullet casing found in the desert.


    Margie Goldsmith interview. Huffington post.

    β€œIf it (cancer) comes back, I’m going to grab a pocketful of sleeping pills, take a treasure chest filled with treasure and a copy of my bio; and I’m going to walk out into the desert. Sometime they’ll find my bones and the treasure, but my bio will be inside the box, so at least they’ll know who I was.”


    Newspaper article published in the Corriere della sera newspaper in Milan, Italy. Written by Viviana Mazza.

    Several years ago, doctors announced that he was going to die from Cancer. He was given three years to live. This had also happened to his father, who determined not to be defeated by the disease. At 83 he swallowed a large number of pills and with that claimed his victory over cancer with suicide. Fenn, who admired the courage of that choice, was determined to follow the same course. After finding out about cancer he lay awake concerned about the short time remaining and what to do with it. Forrest Fenn decided that he would not die in a hospital bed. He envisioned dying in the desert with a chest full of treasures wrapped in his arms. In that sea of sand, rocks and bushes his body would wither and disappear and one day, an intrepid explorer would find his bones. Perfect plan, except for one thing: his cancer went away.


    A newspaper article from Albuquerque’s by Danielle Flores

    The way he tells the story, the idea of stashing the opulent treasure came after a doctor told him he had cancer.

    Fenn says his original plan consisted of filling up the chest with treasure and walking out into the desert to die instead of facing the prospect of his life ending on a medical bed. That way someone, someday would stumble upon his bones and the treasure at the same time.

    But then Fenn will tell you, β€œI got cured, and messed the whole story up.”


    Article by Margie Goldsmith for United Hemispheres Magazine.

    Fenn decided he would hide the chest with a copy of his book in the desert, maybe even as he walked out into the wilderness to die. That could trigger a hunt of its own, spark some excitement; one day an intrepid searcher would find his bones and his treasure and learn who he was, think kindly of him. His memory would live on.

    It seemed like a perfect plan. Except for one hitch.

    Fenn didn’t die.

    FORREST FENN’S CANCER went into remissionβ€”and it stayed that way. As a result, he didn’t quite get around to burying that treasure. More than a dozen years passed.

    Then, in 2010, Fenn turned 80, and the milestone spurred him back into action. β€œI had this treasure chest full of gold and jewels just burning a hole in my vault,” he says. β€œSo I decided to go ahead and hide it somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, leaving clues on how to find it for any searcher willing to try.”


    Posted under Forrest’s scrapbook on Dal Nietzel’s blog. Titled: Gold is the Skin of the Gods…

    Many years ago a trader friend named Consuela asked me to go to her room in the La Fonda hotel. She wanted to show me something in private and promised I would buy it. That was a new sales pitch for me and I said okay. After we enjoyed a cold Coors she unwrapped this beautiful Thoth figure and placed it on a table in front of me. I knew exactly what it was and instantly dreaded that she would ask more for it than I could afford to pay. I was enthralled, and reminded myself that a man in the desert dying of thirst might pay a million dollars for a glass of water.

  56. I wonder if the thing he said that he wish he didn’t was that he married Peggy seven or eight years later. I know if I ever forgot when I got married my wife would not be very understanding.

  57. I think what others may have missed was the shot of him smiling like a cat that ate the parrot. F is guilty of something but It’s not a clue IMO….. Smooth performance the chest is proud of you Forrest.

    • Another guy that doesn’t want to give up his spot cause there ain’t any sagebrush nearby πŸ™‚

      • Sagebrush, Artemisia tridentate, is found in all 4 of the TC searchable states. Other varieties of sagebrush may also be found in the 4 states but I didn’t look up their range.

        • Sagebrush?! Holy smokes! That is what I at for my Junior prom night dinner. I wasn’t alone. My dates name was Amy. I guess her name is still Amy… anyway, later that night, miles away, I smelled Sagebrush again. How was that so? I had a puzzled look on my face at that time. Has anyone else consumed Sagebrush. I’ve slept next to a Sagebrush fire and woke very rested. TTFN

          • Another reason why Sagebrush may be a clue is In the book TTOTC on page 64. There you will find at the top of the page: “Sagebrush Flats”.
            It has nothing to do with the story in that chapter. But geographic locations are named that near some good search areas in New Mexico and Wyoming. Combining that with pinon, water, and the sight of mountains and animals may narrow it down a tiny bit.

          • Michael, On the next page in the first paragraph, the sagebrush flat is where they found Cody…seven miles west of town..

        • Last time I went hiking around (looking for the treasure) I took along a bundle of fire wood. Some of it was PiΓ±on! I enjoyed it’s scent while keepung warm! Maybe Ishould have taken a smudge stick along to ward off evil spirits and cleanse my accomodations.

        • Last time I went hiking around (looking for the treasure) I took along a bundle of fire wood. Some of it was PiΓ±on! I enjoyed it’s scent while keepung warm! Maybe Ishould have taken a smudge stick along to ward off evil spirits and cleanse my accomodations. Any questions? Oh yeah, there is plenty of snow all over. Why wouldn’t the TC be wet (buried or not)? Did f really tell us anything?

  58. My focus, after the recent comments, is in a different area.
    10 months ago, f said:
    “a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. ”
    Now f adds: “What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”
    So IMO I will use some analysis and logic before my next search.
    “Have flashlight; will travel.”

  59. Plenty of sage here in Montana. Charlie Bair had sheep overgraze the land and the sage took over. Oh, I love the smell. I have no idea what a pinon nut looks like or smells like.

    • My father told the story about Charlie Bair was at a wool grower’s convention back east. Some guy was boasting to Charlie about how many sheep he had. Charlie’s reply was “I have more dogs than you have sheep!” About WW1 he shipped a whole trainload of wool to the US Army.

    • I do. I played it for uncounted hours when I was young(er). However we called it something else that I suspect was regional or cultural. Can’t say more now, but you can find out how to play on the www.

  60. …wonder if Fenn’s comment about them traveling 1,600 miles, infers that our solution, our path from start to finish would roughly cover the same distance? IMO, the actual travel isn’t required, so long as you’re headed to the right general area.

  61. Mike –

    Sagebrush is in the book. It could be a name of somewhere close too the spot – you know. It could be something else.

    Forrest is on a roll. He is not only handing out hints – but then when he goes to clarify those hints – he’s giving more hints. My Gosh !

    If you don’t know who “Pitch” is – your probably not close. If you don’t know who “Pickles” is – the same thing. He usually gives clues that are most pertinent to current times. In other words – something is currently happening with that person. If you don’t get this – you have a lot more research to do – possibly two years worth. Oh My.

    Pinon – is not referring to a bush. IMO

    No more broken hearts. OK?

    • Inthechaseto-

      ff is not handing out clues at all. I have no idea who Pickles is or Pitch, but I know exactly what hints ff is giving out, and I have way less than 2 years in this chase, maybe 2 months. I don’t believe you have to be in the hunt for 2 years to be caught up. I would bet my “2 months” of hunting is worth well beyond anyone on the blogs. good searchin’

    • Rats! I don’t know who Pitch is and I don’t know who Pickles is. I guess I don’t have a single clue, let alone 9 of them! :-l

    • …yeah, I’m still trying to coax a theory out of the hundreds of pushpins choking up my Google Earth. I might be in trouble if it takes me 2 yrs.

      • I think he’s just pitching pickles around hoping for a bite. The only other sense I can make out of it is the pickle I’m in for not chasing down the pitch. Either way it’s a Sunday kind of Love.

  62. Pickles is F’s hande carved oak fishing lure for lake fishing. If he was referring to people, I’m clueless who or why. Here are some definitions for “pitch” in addition to tree pitch F referenced.

    Definition of PITCH

    a : slope; also : degree of slope : rake
    b : the distance between any of various things: as (1) : distance between one point on a gear tooth and the corresponding point on the next tooth (2) : distance from any point on the thread of a screw to the corresponding point on an adjacent thread measured parallel to the axis
    c : the theoretical distance a propeller would advance longitudinally in one revolution
    d : the number of teeth or of threads per inch
    e : a unit of width of type based on the number of times a letter can be set in a linear inch
    : the action or a manner of pitching; especially : an up-and-down movement β€” compare yaw
    archaic : top, zenith
    a : the relative level, intensity, or extent of some quality or state
    b (1) : the property of a sound and especially a musical tone that is determined by the frequency of the waves producing it : highness or lowness of sound (2) : a standard frequency for tuning instruments
    c (1) : the difference in the relative vibration frequency of the human voice that contributes to the total meaning of speech (2) : a definite relative pitch that is a significant phenomenon in speech
    a : a steep place : declivity
    b : the portion of a route (as in mountain climbing or caving) between belay points
    chiefly British
    a : an outdoor site (as for camping or doing business)
    b : playing field 1
    : an all-fours game in which the first card led is a trump
    a : an often high-pressure sales presentation
    b : advertisement
    c : recommendation, plug
    a : the delivery of a baseball by a pitcher to a batter
    b : a baseball so thrown
    c : pitchout

    • There is a tar called pitch and was used mostly on telephone poles to prevent rot and bugs from bore it’s way in. Creosote

    • To all who replied to my comments –

      Not one thing about what I said above will make sense to anyone who is not researching a particular area.

      lia – it’s good to research every word – I think you are a very linear thinker – and that’s fine, but thinking outside of the box will probably get a searcher closer.

      We all have read the scrapbooks and lots of info and what I think is THE most interesting – and consistent – thing about Forrest is that first and foremost he is a people person. So – would the solve of the chase revolve around people? I just happen to think so. It’s one part of it – and imo – if you skip it – your will be lost in the end.

      I also happen to think that Forrest is brilliant in how he gets his points across.

      I could be so wrong – and if you don’t agree – you can just disregard but don’t shoot the messenger.

      Happy Hunting to all –

  63. Great day here in Colorado. Going to take my wife out on a bike ride. My friend Mike is running crazy to the airport in his black limousine. Maybe he is going to look for the treasures. Anyway, waiting for the dust to settle on here from the north. It will always be what’s left. I think I will beat him there. Have a great weekend everyone.

  64. sorry mendy I just thought you knew – but sense your name is easy to spell I – picked you to ask

  65. I turn 51 this June. I’ve been out on a number of searches two in sept and October fo;r a total of 5 searches overall. I wonder how older folks can manage even at 50 it can be a challenge. My wife thinks I’m a 13 year old kid like Forrest, with my head in a box BUT u know how it is when you’ve got a solve that has to be checked.

    • Wow! 50 and your still going at it. I probably won’t be much help here cause I’m still a young whipper snapper. But if I was an old codger like yourself wanting to compete in a young man’s game I would utilize my hard earned resources. I could afford to stay in nicer hotels, eat better food, bring the RV, hire guides to haul my equipment, fly around in helicopters, private planes, etc. Even that playing field a little. Us young guys don’t quite understand why you old guys smile when you feel the pain from a long hard search. But don’t worry some day we will. Until then let’s both be happy that we can still run around chasing a legend in the Forrest.

        • My father used to say,at 2yrs our curiosity starts to kick in and we observe and question everything. Then our pace increase,s and we journey at full speed ahead to the great unknown.
          Some will fall and get up again.Some will fall and never get up again.
          At 50yrs our pace starts to slow and our curiosity kicks in once again and starts to slow us down to a pace where we can stop to smell the roses. Another journey has began.
          68U…Happy hunting at 50 young.

  66. Is the poem describing many place one must travel to find the Blaze? Or could it be a single spot one finds, that is only a viewing station of the descriptions provided in the poem? Why is it that we read the poem as a step by step directions to be followed? It seems that way when first read. So how do we understand how to find the spot the chest lays in wait…if we don’t traveling all those other points to discover the Blaze, Right?
    I have been wondering, how is it, that some keep getting the first two clues and still do not understand the significance of where they are and went right past the other seven, Unless one could already there. Could it be possible that a apart of the poem has lead a few to the spot…but they kept going to look for the other seven clues, because the poem seems to tell them just that.
    Imagine you come to a spot, and it as a view of all of the poem descriptions… what do you do? you keep going and follow them right? Or is it just the view that is needed to be taken in, lingering for a moment and marvel at the location…Taking in all of the poem in from a single vantage point, while the chest is almost at your feet. If you have been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down your quest to cease. Is the blaze we desire to find, just a spot with just a view of a trail / description the poem tells about, to take it all in, from this single vantage point? Is the trail just a description of what we focus on and not travel? Could it be, That the 9 sentences tell you what that spot is, what you see, as well as, being at the spot the chest lays in wait, in a single location.
    We are told the chest is above 5000′ and below 10,200’… the chest may not be on top of a mountain, but close to it…The place was to be [ at one time ] the final resting place…not in close proximity to a human trail… two trip to the hiding spot in one afternoon.
    That comment had me thinking…could it be the trips taken were, from the car to the spot with Β½ the load and back to the car for the other Β½ and again back to the hide itself … never intending for a return trip to the car [ making the statement true as to, β€œtwo trips to the hiding spot”]
    What would be a better place to lay to rest, then at a high vantage point that overlooks the ‘poem’ with the chest beside him.

    Just thinking out loud.

    • Seeker, you are asking yourself some really good questions. Early today I went to read The questions on the Mysterious writings website.

      It puts a smile on me each time I read his answers. Yet, it saddens me that he has given his all to what he loved best. In a way, his memoir was what he wanted it to be but with a twist. When he turned 80 I can sense a broken man. We all get to that point in our lives where we can no longer smell the roses but only memories that has left a pleasant taste. I know many of the chasers don’t understand some of things I say but that is ok with me. I am who I know I am. I dropped out of 10th grade but I don’t regret that. It just made me more educated with my own abilities to succeed. I suppose it is the (gene) in me. Some I guess I wish I didn’t have but I had no control over that.

      To me those chasers have solved the first two clues had stopped on there way to there search area not knowing they have accomplished part of the solve. It is pretty straight forward in my opinion.

      I have never wrote Mr. Fenn. Why, is because deep down I fear him. That my fellow chasers is something I have to deal with because I am not ready. Yet he knows I have sent him messages in almost all my post here on Dals site. The information is unique and only a handful people would know but some are gone now. The fear will linger and probly impead my judgement to bring out the best in me. Therefore, I ask myself if I am worthy. Perhaps it is just low self-esteem or I have not educated myself to a level that is only simple in someone’s design.

      So do I know what the meaning of the word Brown in the poem is? I think the other chasers who solved the first two clues answered it by taking a break.

      • I like your Take on this … And Seeker has a point also .
        But Seeker , If we find the first clue , it dose not mean it is where the word ” Begin ” says to start… I know how a lot of folks feel about it and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.. But , with the understanding you Posted Seeker , 4000 ft to what 10000 something … Most people can’t go over what 6500 ft with out issues … I have family in Esties Colorado right now… It has taken them 2 weeks to get used to it…

        What Im saying is , The elevation of the Rockies and almost all of the Rockies are above 4000 ft. He didn’t leave us a clue here but simply told us the facts relating to the Mountain Chain…

        As far as Clues to WWWH and the HOB … We are not sure these are clues , they could be simply a key to a clue instead of a clue … Like leading you to a understanding … I know Seeker has gone word for word by definition at one time … Which leads to a deep rabbit hole and the question ” Do I take the Red pill or The Blue pill????????? ” Well if you come to this question , let me remind you the Matrix was a move. This is real ….
        So there is no pill . We are all looking for Key ” Words ” To crack this riddle .. But , what if the riddle is what really unlocks the clues… Yea I feel I cracked it … BUt again people have been with in 200 ft of it .. What by foot , by Air… they drove past it ???? But , My location I don’t know of anyone being near that area due to I have no Idea who they were … And would intail looking at every post from the begging of the Blog and every thing F has said….

        It is my opinion that F is burning candles at both ends,
        meaning the more we cover it in our own thoughts the farther it is away .. The closer we listen to F … the closer we get to it… He is the Key.. At least in my eye’s…

        Anyway great perception to the Chase Seeker.
        But I still like My HOB.. But it doesn’t mean it’s right until I look … If I ever can … Still working on healing so I can go . But, I may need 2 more operations and of course that leads to long term therapy. So , it may have to wait until next Fall , when the warm waters halt. LOl

        Good luck Seeker and all in the Chase …

        • MikeD,
          If I read your post correctly, your still thinking linear. Right or wrong…my intent was to step out of that line of thinking and bring up the possibility the poem was cleverly written to look that way. How interesting would it be that the poem just takes you to a spot, The Spot, but seems to at the same time lead you away from that very spot. Some would say this is misleading on the part of the Author but, would it not be a fair assumption that WWWH is a clue but not one needed to travel, as you said, β€œ it does not mean it is where the word begin says to start”. I would add that hob , canyon down etc. could be just the same.
          If, Like those whom found the location and not known, because they kept going… the interpretation of the poem may not be a step by step travel, but possibly just a single spot to understand why your there to begin with. So for the sake of debate, lets assume that the poem is just a ‘view’ in the eyes of the Author, He shows all the land marks involved in the poem from this view, as one looks out over the vantage point. It comes down to, in this theory, That the first two clues are not what is commonly thought but, those two clues that tell you where the spot is. The other seven clues [ if they are physical… Hypothetical… a water fall in the far distance spilling in the canyon below, not truly to far away but simple not easy to walk too. Etc.] and following the poem and the view revealing to the looker that they could be in the correct location… never traveling the clues but simply understanding what they are. Leaving the conclusion that the chest is not far from this vantage point looking over the seven remaining clues. Now comes the point of, β€œ if followed precisely”.
          Could it be that even those seemingly obvious clues are not clues at all, Just confirmation of the correct place? And the remaining seven are how from that vantage point the searcher locates the chest…in theory being very close by. You said some won’t like that WWWH and canyon down may not be the first clue…Yet I say it may not be a clue at all, but only a part of a hint, hinting of confirmation, along with the next seven lines. Now what could be the actual clues? In this line of thinking, they would be hidden steps to the location of the chest… Down, up , right, left etc. from the correct and consecutive orders of 7 remaining clues.

          All theoretical at this point. But could answer why a few had the first two clues correct and may have not known it and went past the other seven. So now the question comes down to, Why do we need to know what β€œWWWH” means or understand? This maybe just the reason why those who were at this spot didn’t understand the significance of why they were there. WWWH may not be water at all… or waters as commonly thought.

          • Hi Seeker , Sorry it took some time for me to write back . I have felt the same way as to your take of this Chase. I couldn’t agree with you more.
            You commented :
            ” the interpretation of the poem may not be a step by step travel, but possibly just a single spot to understand why your there to begin with.”

            This is what the location I found suggests .
            A palce were all of the hints are ! A place that covers all aspects of this poem . AGAIN LET ME SAY … I HAVE NOT CHECKED IT YET NOR DO I KNOW FOR SURE THIS IS WHERE IT IS .
            BUT…… This spot has so many relations to the poem , funny this spot dose not look like a beautiful place at all. It’s not around lush green fields filled with flowers , water falls and rainbows… I feel like that is a Wizard of Oz concept, and I’m not the tin man ….. But , it has a direct relationship with American Indians . It’s not near a trail head that humans use all the time. But, Again it doesn’t make it right.

            The Logic you have Seeker I like . Your view has been with in my understanding from the begging of this Chase… I don’t think I’ll change it ..

            As you know I have tried so many solves
            Including Mathematical solves that are too confusing to be in the right direction to mixing words and Math , to mixing word plays on a map , to poker , to particle mapping to , Google extreme mapping using Liner , to how to program a flight computer… thing that he may have hid a location in the definitions of the very words ” Possibilities” Ah Possibilities there is my Enemy word in this Chase….

            But , with all that said , I agree with you … I think all 9 clues are one location as well as a way to it … Now to look for those Clues that match the understanding is the Challenge …..

            Good luck Seeker… =) Thanks for the post! I fell like searching my area now .. It’s easy to get to .. Drive right up to it… Get out walk a little bit , and you find a circle with a dot in the center… Boy , I’ll tall ya when I was mapping this , and I saw that trail marker that was hidden trail language for gone home , at the time I had no Idea how significant this was when I saw it .. Refers to the Sun .. Looks like a Place of the Sun Dance.. Refers to math , and to how the ancients moved around while they were still living in the Forrest’s … Using the spiral motion to move their camps , so they wouldn’t destroy the Forrest as they used what was needed … Moving this around water ways so the river would be the Center and they moved in a spiral around it as I said so they kept the Habitat in place.. The American Indians are some of the Smartest People I have seen In the Ancient world if not the smartest. The Aztecs and Mayan Indians from South America were North American … Historians know this due to the Corn Trail.Corn was given to the Northern American Indians from the Creator , due to Indian History of the Hopi. Could CORN be the HOB.. Possible … Could this be that we follow the corn into the Rocky Mountains from the Begging of the Rocky Mountain National Park???? Following up to the Esties? The area that is called the ” Great Circle ” By the UTE’s …?????
            Where 3 places are surrounded by mountains , where a pass leads west to a lush green Forrest with stunning Alpines of all kinds , that divide the Harsh climate from the rest … Where the trees change from High Altitude plants to Tundra plants… Which is stunning if you haven’t seen them … Well ….. I don’t know is the answer … But If anyone wants to look there the history is thick in American Culture , and has a lot of Indian Connection though history …. And is still USed By The UTE … Where they fish still in the summers on the Grand Lake… Cool place …. I will have to take a look there.

            Good Luck Seeker

  67. The true home of brown is mount Yale Colorado,4 1/2 hr drive from Santa fe,not far and easily done in an afternoon.yale university is the home to brown university,mr Fenn’s comon topic is not fishing,flying,or being an art dealer,it’s all about education,his father,educating young people,being self taught.check it out for your self,and by the way it’s more than a poem ,it’s a riddle,and to solve a riddle you have to know what type of riddle it is,you can also check that out as well.

  68. One key word and one key phrase.
    If you are “wise”and found the blaze.
    Not if you are “stupid”and found the blaze.
    And ” there’s a problem in this country”what’s he referring to?

  69. Some things only come to life in your mind and what things are running through F’s is what a million people would like to know. One thing is real and that is F’s mind is imaginative.It maybe too far out there to reach with a normal mind. What am I saying? I’m saying F mind has been stretched to the point that it is very flexible and could be bent out of shape like a piece of metal run over by a train it is almost not recognizable as normal yet it is just different then most people think. It carries him to places most people can’t go because there minds don’t work like F’s…. I’ll stop if I say much more F will think I’m brown nosing. πŸ™‚

  70. As I weave my web through the labyrinth of the poem, I wonder at my madness.

    I read and hear what Mr. Fenn has said about finding the treasure such as, β€œall you need is the poem;” but also read TTOTC and be a deep thinker to figure out the nine clues in the poem. If all you need is the poem, the solution has to be ABC, 123, don’t you think.……. You get what I mean.

    From the beginning my way of thinking has been, the poems solution will be straight forward, in a no nonsense kind of way. I think that is the character of Mr. Fenn. But at times I digress and say to myself well let’s just read about this or that, then madness rears its ugly head and for a brief time all my no nonsense thinking flies out the window like the aroma of Sunday morning bacon frying.

    Take for example the word β€œclue.” Another spelling of β€œclew” has been bounced around for years. As we all know, clew is a ball of string. Each time I read that definition firecrackers explode in my head. Oh, the journey that one little word will lead you on in the world of Wikipedia. That is when I ask myself, β€œAm I wrong?” Mr. Fenn is a poet and all poets are romantics, so would he have used literature to write the poem to find the treasure, and my answer is β€œsurely not?” But you have to admit, there certainly are a lot of strange β€œcoincidences” in his stories that hit the target in mythology.

    What prompted me to write this was yesterday’s reading, once again starting with clew. β€œA ball of thread (used especially with reference to the thread supposedly used by Theseus to mark his way out of the Cretan labyrinth,” as defined by Google. Have any of you read about this type of labyrinth? I have learned there is a difference between a maze and a labyrinth. Never knew there was a difference until now. Oh my, what a trip of enlightenment this journey has become.

    β€œThen it seemed like falling into a labyrinth: we thought we were at the finish, but our way bent round and we found ourselves as it were back at the beginning, and just as far from that which we were seeking at first.” … Thus the present-day notion of a labyrinth as a place where one can lose [his] way must be set aside. It is a confusing path, hard to follow without a thread, but, provided [the traverser] is not devoured at the midpoint, it leads surely, despite twists and turns, back to the beginning.” Does that sound familiar?

    If you have not already done so, read about the labyrinths of Crete, Egypt, etc. I tried writing an entertaining synopsis of what I read, but there is just too much about bulls, crocodile city’s, dancers, meanders, borders and so much more. I cannot get my thoughts into a cohesive writing that reflects what I am trying to convey.

    I will simply say, I don’t believe it will help us solve the quest but has given me insight into Mr. Fenn’s breadth of knowledge if all of β€œthis” is not coincidental. Do you think it is coincidental? If you do, I have some swamp land I have been trying to sell for a long time and would like to talk to you.

    • BW-

      The analogy of the maze and the labyrinth, and their important differences, is a good one, whether there are or are not direct intentions by Forrest.

      Every searcher is within a type of maze, yet only one person will walk the unambiguous path of the labyrinth. The trick within the maze is to close off every option that does not lead to the end, so that in effect the maze is transformed into the path of the labyrinth that can be walked precisely from beginning to end, or beginning to beginning.

      I designed and built an outdoor labyrinth some years ago, loosely based on the labyrinth at Amiens Cathedral. Despite the relatively compact area of its footprint, it’s actually about a quarter mile from the start to the center and back again. People enjoy walking that path, and you cannot go wrong if you remain on the bricks of the correct color. There are no dead ends.
      You can walk right to it, like the chest.

      Everyone is in a maze but one in the Chase.


  71. Hello all, when reading the line in the poem “your effort will be worth the cold” I can’t help but think YOUR should be read as YORE. Forrest said you need only listen, and this is what I’m hearing. The cold in this case to me means lack of details, that’s actually one definition of the word. So will yore fill in some details? Comments anybody?

    • Peter-
      Your interpretation of “cold” interests me..and it works with or without your interpretation of “Your”..

      • dal this is omo on cold from the poem- if you are wise and found the blaze which is hot or warm and if you go north of the blaze you will be in the cold . this omo frank

      • I assume this definition of cold is derived from ‘cold calling”, correct?
        I enjoy these conversations highlighting new ways to see things.
        As I looked for definitions and synonyms for cold I stumbled upon this idea for what it is worth:
        Begin- start. WWWH- cold = cold start or reboot or…..?

          • Here’s a perspective to definition #16 @ with a resultant outcome in line with Onecorgi’s reasoning.

            Cold Start (cold calling) = An action done in advance of knowing whether or not you are adequately prepared with the ability, resources or knowledge to effect your desired result from any potential subject or outcome, i.e. to take action toward your desired result without foreknowledge of the potential subject and/or potential outcome(s).

          • Sam^2
            I like your additional thoughts about going forward without the knowledge one would normally desire before heading out on a trip/hike. As others have commented a replacement for knowledge might be imagination and this might explain this line in the poem and why it is ‘the’ place to start. imo

    • Peter, re: your interpretation of YORE
      Main Entry: past
      Part of Speech: noun
      Definition: time gone by
      Synonyms: antiquity, days gone by, former times, good old days, history, long ago, old lang syne, old times, olden days, time immemorial, times past, years ago, yesterday, yesteryear, yore
      Antonyms: future, present

      How about a fort from days gone by or a long time ago

      • Hi Lia, I have been working with yore for a while now, but focusing on past geography and ancient peoples migrations in certain areas. I have no idea if these subjects hold a clue, so I’m really just fishing πŸ™‚

        • Hi Peter,
          I really like your thought on “Cold” and “Yore”. I agree with the “out in the cold” as of “lack of information”. And “Yore” like Lia said past Geography and ancient peoples. These thoughts made me return to a favorite civilization of mine to research further… Nothing to do with the chase of course but a subject I have always been passionate about…

          Thanks for the info…:)

          • ‘Old fort’ might be read incorrectly and someone like f might take off fence…. πŸ˜‰

  72. Forrest says imagination is better than knowledge. In the case of Forrest imagination is knowledge.

  73. I think that if Forrest imagined knowledge, the knowledge could only measured by how much he was imagining on how much he could imagine his imagination to imagine the knowledge in question. Imagine that…

  74. Sorry Forrest, the last statement still didn’t quite serve you well enough, again my bad… While everyone else but wonders Forrest imagines all.

  75. Sorry Forrest, I couldn’t resist, just one more, again my bad… It was when Forrest imagined that Chuck Norris came to be.

  76. With respect to the meanings of the word “cold”, IMO one meaning could be literal (as one would expect above 5000 feet in the mountains), and one meaning could be “cold calculations”. (It has been hinted that logic and deep thinking will help a searcher.)
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  77. Where is everyone? Did all the old timers drop out of the race. We need staying power. Ok maybe it’s the winter thing.

    • @michael D aka Michael A+ For being a good listener…
      List ten
      Enlist her
      L is 10
      N list 10
      L sander (like a belt sander:-)

  78. Has anyone come across the I.S. Bartlett writings? titled: Wyoming- Old and New.

    On the history of Wyoming.

  79. No, I have not but I would really like to come across that one! Do you have it? I have a book I found at a yard sale, I cant think of the name right now. Dont have it at the office, but its something like, Wierd places in Wyoming or something. Its Awesome.

  80. So cool, Thanks so muchy Sam Sam! I will spend some time checking it all out when I am not so busy in a few days. Valentines crunch time for me.

  81. Hello all, I have an idea to throw out there for consideration:

    “I can keep my secret where,”

    I can keep my sea-cret where,

    I can keep my sea cretacious where,

    Is this too much of a push? Comments anyone?

    Hope you all have your Valentines, Pete

    • maybe sea creature. Whale? since wy is it and all seek, wyall. Could be taken from the poem. Maybe Cetus constellation? May answer too far to walk, look quickly down, and the pics of the night sky. Maybe the blaze is a star, all possibles. Google earth does have a “sky”. If you go that route, my suggestion would be to check: Sirius, Orion, 68ori (which is interesting), Deneb, Vega, Altair, Cetus, Taurus, Cepheus, and Perseus to start. There’s a few others, but you get the idea. Keep mirror image in the back of your thoughts. :)good luck.

      • Peter, Charlie – I’ve been considering a constellation related solve. Thanks for posting the relevant n. hemisphere possibilities. Fun to think about.

        • fair warning though lia, it’s a lot of research. Tiring at times. Start at 68ori. It’s position in space relates to Cozumel on earth. (off the coast)
          You’ll find “pickles” around that area. Good luck. I have a lot of notes if you get into it.

          • Hi Charlie, thanks a million for offering your notes. It’s Very kind. I don’t have enough free time at home to dig that deep. Will probably just look at a few constellations that grace the northern summer skies for fun. Let me know if I can assist you with anything. (My solutions are simplistic in comparison to yours.)

  82. Hello hunters πŸ™‚Β Long time lurker,Β zero time poster here! I’ve been obsessed with the chase since the early days of Dal’s blog. Actually, although I’ve been silently watching and plotting from the shadows, I feel like I know a lot of you quite well. I am an archaeology student with the earth sciences department at the University of Memphis, avidΒ adventurist from New Jersey,Β andΒ currently an air traffic controller in Afghanistan. I am posting here tonightΒ because I am looking for some input if you guys would be so kind.I have academic access to the Geographic Information System (GIS), and am going to be developing a map asΒ sort of a class project next semester when I return stateside. The possibilities of map imaging with GIS are endless. I canΒ have my map show everything that the map in my copy of TFTW shows, exceptΒ I can also load parameters based on clues which can be selected or deselected as overlays. For instance, in the case of ‘Where warm waters halt’, I can load all dams (although FF has “damned” that idea), hotsprings, river confluences, geyser basins, and otherΒ areas of geothermal influence. Also I believe in this chase, knowing where NOT to search is just as important as knowing where to start.Β So IΒ can get my Sherlock Holmes on, and through the powers of deductive reasoning, I’ll restrict my map to elevationsΒ between 5,000 – 10,000 MSL,Β andΒ I’ll ‘black-out’ and eliminate all residential or industrial areas, any difficult black diamond trails, private property,Β Native American reservations,Β and other protected land restricted to the general public. The end result should be a muchΒ more user-friendly map.Β Some examples of parameters I will load include historic natural landmarks, waterfalls, fault lines, streams and creeks with direction of flow. I’m also highlighting canyons, aspen tree density(some of you know why, lol), scenic overlooks, cultural resource centers,Β park ranger stations, and most of all trails! TrailsΒ rated easy, under a few miles in length,Β or easily accessible from roads. The amazing thing about GIS is that has a vast and awesomeΒ database for overlays. As a spelunking enthusiast, I even know of a GIS program that uses data to predict where cave entrancesΒ are likely to occur.Β So back toΒ the reason for posting…what are some things thatΒ YOU would like to see on a map? No mater how obscure, chances are that I can get it done. Thanks!Β Β Β Β 

    • Hey 9 lives it’s Pete. Your map idea is great and the parameters you mentioned appear to be spot on. I would like to see a high(er),(est) resolution as some maps are unreadable when zoomed in real close. Thanks for doing this, I imagine it will be downloaded many times.

    • Hey 9Lives forgot to mention my son was in Afghanistan for a while, now he’s off to North Korea for a 2 year stay, yeah the family is going. Stay safe.

    • I think that’s a great idea 9lives. And it’s great that you are doing it for a class project. You will come up with all kinds of interesting solutions.

      I’ve worked in the Rockies for many years so by extension have an extensive collection of maps and GIS information. I created a weighted data base that can access the GIS information and overlay the data sets on topos and satellite images. I was going to build a website to hold the information and give access to the searchers but it became cost prohibitive quickly. Beside the tremendous amount of time to maintain a site like that it’s easy, as you know, to quickly get terabytes of information compiled. Add to that the amount of computing power needed on the server side to work with that kind of information and it was way out of my price range.

      I thought about charging people to cover some of the cost but didn’t know how many would actually pay……it would take several hundred paying users to even come close to paying the over head, much less paying for the time to maintain the site. And as you know unless someone has a plotter sitting in the corner printing a useable map at the resolution necessary makes it prohibitive for regular folks.

      For what it’s worth I’ve been using this information for years, and like I said have extensive experience in the Rockies, and I don’t have the chest. Add to that I’m an old Texan and it would seem to be a lead pipe cinch that I could find the chest. But alas….

      It is lots of fun to play around with the information; for example I recently ran a map using 7,600 ft. as an elevation (half way between 5000 ft. and 10,200 ft.) and came up with some interesting stuff. I assigned different colors to each clue so I can place the clue locations on the map and easily see where they are.

      Anyway, good luck on your project and keep us posted how it’s going.

    • Mountain Range Names with if relates to American Indian History… Where the areas of interest would be … Like Home base of American Indians now that live in the area…

  83. Well, maybe you got something there Peter. I read in this book I was talking about above that there is a place in the Wyoming area, that has Whale Fossil bones. Wyoming was mostly a sea at one time. I did not know this! When I read it, I was amazed!!! I never knew? WOW , ya!

      • Hey POG, I like New Mexico too.

        Hey Lou Lee, dem bones dem bones…

        My wife and I were in Wyoming for Christmas, she wanted to be with her sister. It was my first time there. Great place to visit but we’re from Florida and the minus 20 degrees was a shocker. Drinking those warm Tom and Jerry alcoholic Chrismas-time drinks did help however πŸ™‚

  84. POG, You were away from the blog for a long time. I thought you had found the chest in Wyoming (if I recall correctly that’s where you were headed) and was laying low with the gold. Didn’t happen huh. I just checked my half-billion dollar Powerball ticket, not a single number. Back to the chase!

    • Yes Pete I got as far as Casper, then had to rush back. Was not a pleasant adventure. All’s well now, and time to rejuvenate. Leaving end of this month to Arizona and enjoy nice weather till it warms up.

          • Just last night there was a program on Dish called Legend of the Superstitions where a group went searching for the Dutchmans loot. They had a map and did indeed locate the large heart shaped rock with an X carved in it. Will have to wait for the next segment to find out what happened, but it looked promising.

          • POG enjoy the valley of the sun… don’t forget to stop and smell the orange blossoms. my nephew was lost for 9 hrs while hiking in the Superstions. A map won’t help much but cell service can bring in S&R helicopters if needed. Charge your cell phone before hiking there.

  85. Good Morning
    So , I have had a small break to try and collect myself after a long study on the Chase. It seems while we study it is easy to develop a dead eye. Where I felt like I was on track and nothing could shake me , but??? Really … Am I on the right track??? A frustration known by those who spend a lot of time on the Chase.
    Trying to unlock the nine clues…

    Well I’m fresh minded again and I’m back for more.

    So with that said … I was talking with Seeker on some mind sets that made me thing about the poem ……
    =====Words that can refer to the Treasure. =====
    Stanza 1 Treasures Bold
    Stanza 1 Secret
    Stanza 1 riches new and old
    Stanza 4 Chest
    Stanza 5 Trove
    Stanza 6 Gold

    All these words refer to a treasure except one. Secret….
    We all know he hid Indulgence … =)
    So the Treasure is no Secret…

    Treasures Bold … Is descriptive in essence
    Riches new and old … again Descriptive
    Chest …… Chest is a Noun to describe a particular person place or thing..
    Trove also is used as a Noun to describe the Treasure
    Gold is a Direct Name.

    So which shell is the treasure under….

    Let me think out loud if I may …

    Which it brings me back to Stanza 1
    Treasures bold could be his mind and not the treasure…
    He can keep his secret where ? and Hint of Riches New and Old…
    His Secret is what he is hiding .. Which he said in his book that
    F waited to hide this thing… and on page 129 TTOTC ,
    ” So I decided to fill a treasure chest full of gold and jewels ,then secret it.”
    So to me Secret is the Chest it’s self… So is it possible he is directly referring to the treasure this way …????????

    Just My thoughts. What do you think???????

    • One more thing .. Here I go again…


      I think that myself even thinking in terms of “Possibility” ,
      seems to be what miss leads me . Possibilities are to me not facts. That possibility is my enemy , I’m not sure if folks can find it on a possibility…. and not a direct path which dissolves possibility . We will move toward the chest with confidence, nothing will be hidden .

      Only my opinion and ya all know how that is …. Every one has one….. =)

      • Hey Mike, now that you are refreshed try wrapping your thoughts around this possibility. I would not have posted this as I had believed it’s a solved clue, but I have spent so many hours working this angle… I need a break from topos, Google Earth, translations, monitors, you get it as you have been there. A fresh mind may move this along or maybe it’s nothing. So I’m throwing it out there for everyones opinion.

        “And take it in the canyon down,”

        And take it in the can-yon down

        And take it in the San Juan down


        • Hey Pete ,

          Yea that’s interesting… Kind of like flutter by, for butterfly.
          I like the concept … and have looked a little in this direction . I think it is a trail , but are we looking at the right one? It’s possible..

          I have felt that this lock so to say is in the essence you are describing , and It could very well be a piece of it … Like the Path of Enlightenment in Rome… One place points toward another.. So maybe the words describe how to un lock the place to start and the poem is the direction that refers to land marks as well .. A least to my best guess of it….
          But , is this too easy only 2 layers deep …?
          I feel like we are peeling a onion.

          Good luck to you

  86. :Help:

    I don’t have my TOTC book handy. Does anyone remember the chapter “Teachers with ropes” if so are the kids holding the rope walking single file described as looking like a centipede?

  87. Bigfoot, “All of the children had their own knots and they couldn’t let go under penalty of death. When crossing the street they looked like a giant centipede.Finally a second teacher, who had been at the back of the centipede enforcing discipline, walked in.”

    • Came across a very interesting tale, amongst the many, something along the lines, although not quite sure if related to the chase, but had to do with a rope with knots and which day an immense attack was to occur, using the rope as their timeframe, very interesting fact it was, SHE, has done her homework, maybe she will get a star, lol, Happy Valentines Day Forrest!

  88. Why is this the place that I always see myself running around in circles. Always chasing my tail, why?

  89. You may also not be able to tell why my face is so red but if you had to walk around in circles all day with the guy I have to follow, why you would have a red face too. He calls me bad luck whenever he’s following me what’s that about anyway? He’s the one that thinks he knows where to go. Never chase a dog with no tail is what I say.

  90. JD, I miss judged you sorry about that. You just reminded of a poker player holding a pool que named Annie. I actually have an affinity towards red heads.

  91. No worries bajaau. I love playing pool…use . to be a shark…they called me the one armed bandit!
    (II have 2 arms πŸ™‚ )

  92. JD I hate to be pesky but I know your a pool hustler but you also have the look of a poker shark, I guess my question is do you play both games?

    • Bajaau…Ur not pesky! And yes, yes I do play both. I learned pool before I could reach the table. I had a stool and my very own cue! πŸ™‚

  93. My cards? Now I’m really confused thought we were playing pool. Besides every body knows redheads only give you blue balls. Sorry if I’m still being pesky but it’s my nature. With the gov on my take I run and duck.

    • New Zealand? My daughter attends NEW and is studying abroad this semester in Australia! Kid got a FULL RIDE! Couldn’t be more proud!
      Btw…what does bajaau mean?

  94. He’s getting crazy superstitious now it’s numbers. 2141111 equals love for good luck? Go figure.

  95. Happy Valentines to all of you.

    This is a song by Foreigner ” I want to know what love is”

    Listen to it if u get a chance today πŸ™‚

    • Ah… Miss Amy, you bring back memories of a bygone era where reality was as fresh as a youth’s dreams even as the sound of a meadowlark in the morning.

      Foreigner became my new favorite band back in 77 when they came out with their first album. Not all time favorite (too many to choose from) but right up there with best of them.

      Thx for the memories & Happy Valentines Day to you!

  96. Pirate
    There for a min I thought maybe you had the “Blues” at the beginning of that song , and now I realize your one “Happy Man ”

    Aarrgghh. Women lol always remember we are the Boss πŸ™‚

    At one point I had a boyfriend he said , you are so bossy I said , well that comes from raising kids I’m the Mom so guys it just comes natural πŸ™‚

  97. Pirate

    It’s DJ Amy on the blog

    Check this one out , just for you and maybe Forrest. πŸ™‚

    Brad Paisley. ” I’m Gonna Miss Her

  98. Pirate

    One more Turnip Greens by Billy Currington πŸ™‚
    Maybe one day you will find this πŸ™‚

  99. Happy Valentines day, Everyone! Spread Love not Hate. Hope Forrest and Dals and all my friends here are having a nice day!

    • Yep… A time of innocence (though maybe not so innocent) until world realities start waking you up from all the butt kickings. πŸ™‚

    • Did you put your patch on the wrong eye again? Gotta stop doing that. It’ill make you stumble for sure.

    • POG? If you’re looking for Forrest in the trees, when there, just call out, “Forrest, where ARRRRRRGH ye Forrest?” Maybe he’ll answer. Just listen good because he may whisper into the wind with expectation that it will carry his voice across the bridge of space, time, and dimension to your waiting ears. Don’t listen to the Sirens though. The song they sing is terribly beautiful. Oops, what I meant to write is… Where’s your Arrrrrgh, private? Oops, I meant to say PIRATE!

  100. Well, just thinking out loud on this blistering cold day in Tennessee. Begin it… what is it? Is it the start? Is it the blaze? Or is it just it. What is it?

    • Even if we knew what it was we still have to find the right place to start…The beginning…WWWH…If we don’t get it right the rest doesn’t matter anyway… πŸ˜€

      And you’re right, it is cold here today…Local prognosticators say we have snow coming in TN over the next few days…Looks like maybe a two or three dog night for tomorrow… πŸ˜€

      • I had an AHA moment!
        As I have gone alone in there,
        with my treasure bold.
        I can keep my secret , hint of riches new and old. (Paraphrasing)..
        Begin it. “It” is his secret. Begin his secret WWWH.
        Well. It’s still a secret.

        • ‘Tis confusing POG…Methinks you know his secret…You just haven’t realized it yet, IMO…

          His secret is important but not it…Yet his secret does begin WWWH…Also IMO… πŸ˜€

    • Begin “it” and take “it” , I have had the same question myself…

      I think The first Sataza describes the location where he hide it..
      and IMO Stanza 2 is a direction list. Just my opinion ..

      • Yes “it” Could be the secret , but it could also be another clever hook placed by F that leads no where… If the Secret is “IT” , that still leaves you the question … what is “it” Secret or not. That would have you question his videos where F was saying his spirituality is very privet…
        Then if wwh was his heart and canyon down his gut ,,,, I don’t want to know what the home of Brown is.. =)
        So , back to the secret … Is it a key.. a different map based on opinion … And dose the secret use it to make it a secret… There are a lot of ways to look at that .. In my opinion , It is more direct . Based on F saying if the 9 clues are followed precisely then it would lead you to the treasure. So , a direct path .. IMO

    • All seriousness aside. It… would be your first actionable step to find his secreted treasure. Begin begs the question… Begin what? Answer: Begin it. Begin What? It. what is it? What you begin. What are we to begin? Our search for the treasure. Unless of course we don’t want to find the treasure.

      Glad I could help next question. πŸ˜‰

    • I can keep my secret where warm waters halt,
      And hint of new riches and old riches.

      Messing with the poem to convey a thought.

      Begin it (instruction)
      And take it (instruction)
      From there it(‘s) (description)
      So why is it (question)
      I’ve done it (storytelling)

      The word “it” is often used in lieu of a particular subject. It can lead to misunderstandings, due to its non-specificity to what “it” is referring to. For instance, if someone is walking around your house saying “Where the heck is it?!”, your first question logically would be, “What is it you are looking for”. Tell me what it is.

      Unless the reference for it is already determined prior to the word it occurring, trying to discern what it is can be difficult. The subject is usually established first, likewise a person is identified in a writing before he or she can be used. Obviously Forrest has employed the “it” so that there is a challenge to figure it out.

      That’s part of any solution. It’s a poem, and language is what it’s all about. He chose one of his favorite methods, the poem, rather than a graphic map or other method. A poem is the perfect tool to conceal, smear, veil, and otherwise present a multitude of possible meanings or paths, even with very simple words. It’s fractal, and you’re lost without the correct beginning.

      In the second stanza it is very curious that the word “it” was used within one “sentence” in two ways. When you read the first two lines, without a comma separating them, in a continuous and fluid manner as Forrest read them, how do the two “it”s strike you?

      You start out with Begin it, which sounds like you are beginning a task or activity, either concrete or abstract, such as begin your journey, begin your solve, or begin your walk, or begin your boat trip, etc. But then you read right into “And take it”, and it throws you a curve. What began as an activity (this is only one option, of course, to make a point) now sounds more like a thing, a noun. Something that you might take with you.

      Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down
      Begin something (a) where warm waters halt
      And take something(b) in the canyon down

      Answer this question: Does something(a) = something(b):
      Begin something where warm waters halt
      And take that something in the canyon down

      Or does (a) not equal (b):
      Begin something where warm waters halt
      And take something else in the canyon down

      Let’s try some examples just for understanding of language:

      Begin your solution where warm waters halt
      And take your solution in the canyon down.
      Begin hiking where warm waters halt
      And take yourself in the canyon down
      Make up others…

      Or how about this one:
      Begin the path in your mind where warm waters halt
      And take the path in your mind in the canyon down

      And the path in your mind is, if correct, his secret that he is hinting about…


      • “It” the magic word! There has been lots of discussion about what “it” can be. Recently I began to think that maybe “it” has a double meaning. For instance:
        “Take it in the canyon down”
        “It” could be a raft of which you take down a river, but it could also be a hint to where the treasure lies, thus “it” is also talking about the treasure.

        Therefore the use of the word “it” changes thus the reason why the variable “it” is used.

      • The concealer can start a treasure hunt anywhere knowing the seeker doesn’t always have to physically start his/her search at the beginning

        What if you didn’t actually have to physically complete the 2nd paragraph/stanza.


        ‘Begin it where warm waters halt
        And take it in the canyon down,
        Not far, but too far to walk.
        Put in below the home of Brown.’

        1st ‘it’ = river
        2nd ‘it’ = river
        ‘Put in’ = secure vessel


        From there it’s no place for the meek,
        The end is ever drawing nigh;
        There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
        Just heavy loads and water high.


        …embark up stream
        ‘heavy loads’ = fell trees …in creek
        ‘water high’ = snow above


        *for obvious reasons i’m not explaining all of 2nd and 3rd paragraph
        *this my opinion only

  101. This I think is the 1-2 million dollar question. What & Where is the home of Brown. Okay maybe 2 questions.

        • Sam
          Ok one little hint . ” it’s a Color” it’s our secret πŸ™‚

          Brown is something that is different, something we don’t expect it to be. I have 2 meanings as of now , but it still leads me to my location πŸ™‚

        • Your secret is safe with me cause it makes me feel special when someone shares a secret with me. And if I went and blabbed it I’d just spoil it for myself cause I wouldn’t feel special anymore. Thanks for sharing.

          • That was pretty clever there Sam Sam, I like how you did that.

            My personal belief is that Mr. Fenn was making a statement to emphasize how important the HoB clue is, not that you could physically go right to it. If he would reveal the actual HoB, of course that would eventually lead to the find, just as if he was to say the treasure is hidden within 4 miles of this location. Both would allow every searcher to zone in on the general area and then search around that area for the rest of the clues. It still would not be easy but would accelerate the process significantly since solving and finding the remaining 8 clues would remove much of the ambiguity.

            He did say the clues got progressively easier but that didn’t means the remaining 6 clues (or what ever number it is) are automatic either.

          • Wolf, you weren’t lurking in the shadows listening to our secret were you? Amy would be mad at me if you heard. πŸ™‚

            That’s a good point and a strong possibility. But I don’t think he would’ve used that moment as an opportunity to reveal that Brown was an important clue. For that matter I don’t think he would use any opportunity to reveal that any one clue was more important than any others.

            One reason being because he’s hinted about a key and has also spoken of a possible solution of a certain clue that he’s not aware of that anybody has thought of. But those statements were vague enough so that we can’t tag them to any one particular clue.

            I think he was caught off guard with that question and fumbled with how to answer it. If you watch his expression it looks to me like he was trying pretty hard to answer that question because he didn’t already have a pre-formulated answer to the question. He was on camera and under the gun at that moment in time and had to come up with an answer off the cuff to a question he didn’t anticipate.

            I’m sure he was thinking ‘I can’t tell you that’ but he also probably didn’t want to come off sounding brazen by just blurting that out. So he truthfully answered what he was thinking as quickly as he could with a softer tone by justifying the reason (truthful) why he couldn’t tell.

            Just My Humble Opinionated Thinking

          • Interest take Sam Sam,
            When I first viewed this video a year ago, something caught my attention. Something strong enough the I built the most convincing of all solutions that I could comprehend. That statement was when Joan asks “There are references to water, there are references to Brown’s house, who is Brown?’ and he quickly replied “There are references to wood” and he said it with that mischievous glint in his eyes. She retorted by saying you are not answering my question of which he said well that is you to find out.

            That glint in his eye came across, like he answered the question, of which it sailed right over her head. Most everyone believed he avoided the question but I believed he answered it. To which I build my last solution. If that hunch is true then that is the level of subtle (and clever) he is playing.

        • I’ve had 5 different solves for Brown 4 were the same and 1 was not. 1 was colored brown and 3 were somewhat. Hasn’t worked out so well for me thus far. Maybe that’s the problem… I’m expecting them to be. πŸ™‚ Gotta stop that expecting. Naw I can’t do that.

          Maybe its because I didn’t realize the significance of where I was.

          Of course I don’t ever realize the significance of anywhere that I am at so that’s a no brainer for me.

      • Listening to this, He said “You just can’t get out of your car and walk into the woods and get the chest”
        Something like this. So you know maybe he did walk to his car. but he could have also used a boat or something. Right…..or a horse, of course you don’t swim to your car, or boat to your car, you get out and walk to your car. So what is he really saying?

  102. Lol, don’t be discouraged that I’m done with my solve, Goofy push the button in June πŸ™‚

    Last night we went to my mothers to eat, yummy it was so good. She had each of us a gift for Valentines.
    My gift was hair products something to help put moisture back in my hair. I also received a nice magnet about a mothers love for her daughter. Another gift was a nice little butterfly note pad.
    But the main gift was a gold little treasure chest she found at the store it holds little trinkets, a small note inside said, Amy you will find the treasure , Love Mom, under the paper she put some money/ coins in this little treasure box. Lol I asked her where’s the Gold coins at. We died laughing . I will always cherish that little chest box . She knows how involved I have been and the chase has been part of my life that I will never forget . πŸ˜‰

    • Amy you have a special mother. I’ll bet in her shopping she looked for just the right little valentine happy. Treasure each moment.

      • JC and BW

        Thank u, my mom is a loving and giving mother, and has always worked hard. Not only was she a mom but a dad as well. She has done her best with me and my sister. I’m so proud of her and she deserves the best. I’m very close to her, I love my mom πŸ™‚

  103. Forrest’s latest interview essentially eliminates ALL of Montana and Yellowstone park, leaving south central Wyoming, Colorado, and Northern New Mexico as possible hidey spots. Pinyon Pines do not occur in Montana, and only occur in Southern Wyoming. And now we know the chest is wet. Wet from rain? Wet from snow? or wet from being submerged???

    • Forrest made a statement he said he meant pine needles And yea wet don’t help us in the winter could just be wet from the weather arghhh now if he said that in the summer hmmmmm

    • Woe Woe WOe ….. Where Have I Been ?????? Where is this at ..?? Michael , Would you be so kind to set the link?

        • This is what he said . ” If I were standing where the treasure chest is , I’d see trees, I’d see mountains , ah , I’d see animals ,I’d smell wonderful smells of Pine needles or,or pinyon nuts, Sage brush and I know the treasure chest is wet.”

          Wow … Pinyon is the State Tree of New Mexico…
          That is awesome … They also run the valleys all the way to Estes Park CO.. Where the Great circle is … Where the UTE still to the day go to fish and hunt. Just putting that out there …
          Pinyon only grow in certain areas ….

          Him suggesting the chest is wet , means he has checked on it … or , Could mean he knew it would become wet….But , this is the biggest clue he gave so far, at least to me…

          Mountains , trees animals , smells …. But he didn’t say streams… or rivers … But , Suggests wet… Now a new riddle to solve. I still like my spot , but one must ask … Is the Cimarron Valley a Prime location ( Egals Nest lake , HOB, Cayon Down toward the Valley Park, Put in Below the HOB , Which there is a Fishery there that raises browns , and Egals nest is a natural home for browns , by a gold mine ???… My spot is not there… FYI , but It is a very interesting place, as well as following the Olga story it could be where he placed her… BUt, Why would he want to be berried next to her… That don’t sound right …
          So , possibility with in the same aspect of where she was placed,,, Not where he hid it…

          Just thinking out loud

          • In the poem it tells us “water high” but the NM video doesn’t mention anything about water other than the chest is “wet”. Was this Video just to get people to NM rather than find the chest????

          • Obsessed since the video was created by the New Mexico Department of Tourism I’m leaning toward it was created to get folks to New Mexico. Just my opinion.

          • Well yes all the girls should stick to Montana then when the ole coot states she walked right past it we would know we was in the right state haha

          • Diggin G., don’t know if it is of any comfort to know that I agree with what you have been saying, I do want to make one observation.

            Very early in the discussion on the post containing the New Mexico video there was a searcher, I can’t remember who, made a comment about the statement, “the chest is wet.” The commenter said the word “wet” didn’t sound right. I agree. I sounds like a “skilled” or maybe “unskilled” audio editor chopped off the word. It could have been the word “with”. Forrest could have been saying, “The chest is with….”.

            Others have said it would be nice if we could access the unedited version. It would be even better if Forrest clarified.

          • He could have said wet but that don’t mean it’s in the water but just exposed to the elements. He uses words that always has double meanings smart old coot he is a mastermind a mastermind I tell ya πŸ™‚

          • Well then he is a lier he should of just left it alone But now we still don’t know is he Lieing or not Lieing pinon or pine needles just more hmmmmmmms

          • I know my brain stumbles over words when I was on tv so I can imagine how he must get I’m
            Going with pine needles just the smell of pine in general I think is what he meant

          • Ya, I think he just meant the smell of the forest in general… But, he did not mention the sound of water except if the TC is wet then there must be some water nearby… Right???

          • Ohhhhh yes I’m
            Sure there’s water esp if it’s where he can see the animals. He loves fishing to much to not of put it by water

          • Any way you want to say it .. I have always thought it to be in NM, any way …

            But , Didn’t F say at one time the Poem will lead you directly to the treasure .. Dose that mean that the poem leads you in a straight line … Direct means straight towards some thing .. Just because he didn’t mean to say pinyon nuts, don’t mean that is what he meant .. He could have meant it as that was what he didn’t want to say… A little misleading but not a lie. And could be what he said something he wished he didn’t say , maybe that…

            But back to the straight line ,
            WWWH, CANYON DOWN , HOB
            With in the spectrum he was talking .
            …. well that would mean , that would mean I need to put my tooth brush in , WOW!

    • disagree, he did not spell out “pinion’, or “pinyin” or what, so we don’t know exactly which one. Vietnam vet may call those “pinyin” speaking people “nuts”. Using pinyin would be kind of like saying he can smell the sounds of the forest. That may have been the statement he wished he would not have said. Being politically correct and all. Anyway, pinion nuts are found in all 4 states. But, since he has said pine needles, I guess we can let him slide on an oops moment. Just trying to say, we cannot take what he says as being what he means all the time. We must bend a little.So, imo, cannot rule out any of the 4 states yet.
      As far as wet, I think he has said he went back to the chest and it was covered with snow. In that case, of course it’s wet. Since he protected the contents so they wouldn’t get wet, imo, means he knows it will get wet. Nothing new there.

    • MichaelD, clear’em treasure doggies out of Wyoming and Yellowstone Park and send them to Colorado and New Mexico.

      OR consider fORrest’s statement using a comparison of words by fORmer President.


  104. This is a Chase Forrest started, and I will finish it πŸ™‚ how’s that for confidence πŸ™‚ love, love, love

    • Three loves it is Amy… and well all be leavin on a jet plane πŸ™‚ I was slow on the first but got the next two pretty quick- look out- my bags are packed and I’m ready to go too πŸ™‚

    • All that are hunting be for warned. By the time you board your planes in the beginning of summer, you will be hearing that the chase is over. Lol

          • Thanks for wishing me luck. I have never been on a search outdoors, just online and computer. I enjoy the puzzle aspect, the hunt/contest but would head out there if I was very very certain of the location.
            (can someone tell me why I must type my email address and name each time I comment? I am subscribed)

      • My bags are also packed. I don’t love the idea of waiting til June. Could be as soon as NEXT WEEK! πŸ™‚

        • Mindy

          Lol I don’t like the idea of waiting to June either. But I will I want to enjoy the warner weather
          There will be 8-10 people going πŸ™‚ just that alone we should all enjoy the company πŸ™‚

          Just hold your horses πŸ™‚

          • Mindy–don’t worry about any horses πŸ™‚ they’re probably still tied up in a game of canasta or something…you know how they seem to take forever and always wear the same suit? I don’t have Patience for that at all! I like euchre much better, all the suits make such a nice x on the table with the lovely pot in the middle– run forrest run! πŸ™‚

          • Hi DG, I have not found where f says so directly that it cannot be found in the snow. I did find this on the cheat sheet:

            “Seasonal search: Since it’s above 5,000 ft. just about all of the search area will be impacted by some snow. As the elevation increases the β€œsearch season” decreases.”

            Is there a more direct statement from f?

          • He sent that to me in a email once I’ll look for it he always encourages ppl to wait till spring

          • I’ve looked a few times in the snow myself. But when Forrest finally said you can’t find it in the snow I stopped to dangerouse in Montana anyway

          • Hahaha bring it on I just chiming in with all the other ppl that say they found it I want to feel that rush they must feel being so overly confident πŸ™‚

          • lol, I had my rush almost 2 years ago when I came up with my solution (IMO). I have not been able to check it out, but now, that rush has become something different. Something hard to explain. Something that is not necessarily about finding it, and proving I am right, something not about the money. It is hard to explain (I think I said that already).

          • I believe a correct solve at this point would be way more fulfilling than any amount of money ever could be… Is that kinds what you mean Mark??

          • @spallies, not really, because I might never know if it is the correct solve, so I don’t have that satisfaction. You might say that I realized that in coming up with my solution that I learned something. It is interesting, but hard to explain.

          • Haha yea and a windmill and tin on my roof πŸ™‚ and a bathtub ohhh heck how bout a whole new bathroom πŸ™‚

        • Don’t listen to them, Mindy. I have searched twice this week alone!

          There is no rest for the wicked. ☺

      • Does anyone think they have figured out the unintended clue? I think I did. My book is missing so I cannot refer to the page. Anyone want to think they found it? Wana hint what it is?

        • Lou Lee, If want to order another copy of TFTW you can order it here from Dal’s Blog or go over to Forrests Website “Old Santa Fe Trading Co”. There is a link right on the Home page you can click on to order TFTW… But you probably already knew that… Just wasn’t sure if people knew you can buy things from other places than Amazon these days…:)

        • I found that something is missing from the map. Specifically, my search area is missing. Not that it isn’t on the map, because it is. But, it is not highlighted like some of the other areas, even though it should be. It definitely falls into one of the categories.

          I have two thoughts on why it is missing. First, it is a small area, and so it didn’t show up due to the scale of the map. The second is that it was an accidental oversight during the making of the map. In which case, Forrest would NOT be able to point it out, because it could cause a clue to be released – intended or not.

          But, this is all speculation, since FF himself will never confirm nor deny if that is the clue or not.

          • There IS something missing in there, and its not in the map. I have never heard anyone mention it. Does someone want to hint? I guess we are all just holding our cards close. LOL OK, I will hint its on page…… never mind, but thats a small hint.

  105. I have wondered what FF was up to when he found the spot that he decided to hide the treasure, and at that time his bones. In the new video he says that he has walked thousands of miles of trails, just looking for stuff.
    That must be what he was up to. Just looking for stuff. Indian stuff probably.

    If I had the chance to ask FF a question, I would ask: What were you doing when you found the spot that you decided to put the box.

    • Sounds like he was with someone special…right? because he said two can keep a secret when one is dead. Its a very beautiful place I think and I would LOVE to see it!

  106. Hey Iron Will!!!

    Thank you so much for the Wayback Machine post over on Chase about the picture of the chest changing from color to black and white over at the Title to The Gold Site.

    I thought I imagined it was in color so thanks for the confirmation that my mind is not totally broken…:)

    I don’t know how to post over there at as it says the comments are closed???

  107. What’s the differents between a dead lawyer or skunk on the side of the road?

    Answer: with the skunk you will see Skidmarks!

  108. It’s Presidents Day hhmm wonder what our President is doing today , probably playing golf in the cold somewhere . It’s freezing here today , stay warm πŸ™‚

  109. It’s a sing along…..

    Forrest Fenn, …..Forrest Fenn, …’s been so long now, don’t know where to begin. Everything was going just fine, then you appeared on TV and blew our minds. Now we haven’t heard from you in such a long, long …..time. Tell me, was it something Chris Yates said? …..or maybe locolobo or The Wolf instead? I know it’s hard when Goofy always gives you such hell, but maybe it’s for the best, because after your last comments, I don’t feel so well………

    • Lol no he likes his nic name πŸ™‚ where are you ole coot we miss u !!!! Suzie is getting hot on your trail Cause u gone a missin on us πŸ™

  110. Amy we are having one of the warmest and least snowiest winters in a long time here in Colorado!! Come visit sooner than later! I bet there are plenty of search areas open even now.

  111. πŸ™‚ I will think about it. I watch the weather on my phone and you are correct not much snow πŸ™‚

    I’m working on having Patience πŸ™‚

    • One day I’ll have Patience. Until then I’ll just feel Merry or maybe jump for Joy. πŸ™‚ If my wife thinks it’s alright, that is. I won’t plan on it.

  112. Where have all the solvers gone, long time passing?
    Where has our intelligence gone, long time ago?
    Oh, when will Forrest’s commentary ever return?
    When will we the solution to his poem ever learn?

    I didn’t cruise in chase lane last winter. Does intelligence typically wane when snow covers the window pane? Or can we count on Forrest to weigh in soon with a clever scrapbook before spring monsoons?

  113. Judging from the bedpost, Forrest is not suffering writers block but rather from cracked engine block. When your car goes to bed in the Wyoming and New Mexico winters you plug it in to stay warm and prevent cracked blocks. This solution also answers β€œtarry scant”

    Track with me here…
    If you have a cracked engine block, coolant from the water jackets can leak inside the combustion chamber, as well as leak into the oil pan. If enough coolant mixes with the oil, the oil becomes very thick and viscous.

    Thick, condensed oil = scant tar or tarry scant.

    Forrest, is your block cracked?
    Just kidding πŸ™‚

    • Ah a fellow oil person… Funny if you look at TTOTC you will see on the front of Skippy’s car a oil stain on a black n white photo , and has been my HOB since I started this thing. .And Im sticking to it. Like GLUE………..

      I have spoke too much. Tooth brush in!



    ” If I were standing where the treasure is……”
    i’d see………

    He said standing where the treasure is , So
    that dose not mean the treasure is free standing and or berried lol or in side of something… But to me it suggested it was out side … Its wet , suggesting water or submerged , or what I think snowed on ….

    At first I thought they were clues, but what I really think , he gave us fish food….

    Any thoughts on this ?????

    • Big D

      You say satan /’masons at involved maybe not sure butclues rverywher I see in liscenve plates videosutube and even tvads mymom said thisis all a mysterious howhe did it with clues linking all sortseven sum rok videos have hintsthem inthis vido concert at moon shadow. I think F understand common language he gets it we don’t he does I thin the crescent moons maybe involve yes astrology astronauts too keep looking someune will find maybe in 10.000 yrs possiblealien methodelogy was involve

    • Mike, imo forrest confirmed in the NM tourism video: tc rests outside, not buried, in a ‘stand’ of pine trees.

      Wet for me indicates snow/wet weather. I have never believed f submerged tc in a stream or below the high water mark. Flooding from normal snowmelt and unexpected chinooks can wash 100+ lb. boulders down stream. (Forrest left the TC unlocked – treasure would quickly be dumped in fast/flood waters).

      Fish food for those who are confident; more guessing for those who aren’t.

    • I agree Amy. I like your musical taste much better πŸ˜‰

      What do you think about the crescent moons? Hints? I think so. Imo a remembrance of the women who have shaped Forrest’s life; moonlight, nighttime – his favorite peaceful time to think; also indicative of simpler times and wonderful summers in Yellowstone when outhouses were used to sit your ‘Ο‰’ (omega) down.

        • Thanks Amy, if you are thinking about crescent moon applications it also works well with grab every banana (shape) and some old western brands I’ve seen.

    • Amey i never. Sayed this s good music but,he understands languages expert so.that iswhy we neverunderstood that is all my thinking

  115. If I were standing where the chest is I’d be in the rocky mountains above 5000 feet. Now did I make a mistake? F did the same thing except F said The Chest is in a nice spot with a great view. Can’t imagine why people think the NM video narrows the search.

    • It’s impolite to scratch your head at the table….especially if you have 4 important guests with a warm bowl of soup waiting in the middle. Just make them all feel welcome, and keep yourself right in the middle to properly serve a nice 4 star meal under the stars…maybe put on “one night” by Elvis. He’s still dead, right…has anyone invited him yet? It seems everyone has forgotten about him and it’s much more fun with four πŸ™‚ …IMO of course. Who knows…I’ve got gold fever and tunnel vision anyhow- my heads spinning- don’t listen to me. Lol. JxJ πŸ™‚

    • Thats a good one Amy. If I were standing where the treasure “was” it means someone else beat me to it. If I were standing where the treasure is, I would be wet from weeping tears of joy while doing snow angels. }0{

  116. Back …been very busy …have possible location of box …would like to lazily verify via this forum, that Forrest made 2 same day trips in to secure his treasure? …and the time it took?

    Thank you, Fox

    • Answered my own question… ‘Were both trips made on the same day/date? β€œI made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”’

  117. After garnering all clues and cheats, in my opinion the evidence dictates…

    The physical time it takes to follow the clues in finding the treasure is not the same as the time it would take in retrieving the treasure if location were already known
    Example: If the clues brought you to the Eiffel Tower and it was from there the x could be seen from afar then retrieving the treasure would be less cumbersome than following the clues.

    In my opinion the evidence also dictates….

    The treasure is within 500 ft of a trail, road, old structure, or landmark

  118. If 20, 30, 40 pound rocks could be washed away if they were laying on the bottom of a spring runoff or any other creek or river, THEN There Would Be NO Rocks In THE Bottom of these streams…..

    • Musstag,

      Spring runoff could easily move 20,30,40 pound rocks. It of course depends on the amount of runoff, but water is a powerful mover of material. The rocks you see at any particular place at any time were upstream at one time. As long as there is a supply of rocks upstream, you’ll see rocks.

  119. So, he said there weren’t any clues in the video. …..ok. So if telling us the surroundings of where the chest is hidden ISN’T any help, then what is? …..Although he did change that later. Then there sure isn’t any info anywhere else then. Just all seems a little strange to me. Or was it just all a romantic notion?

    Dang, I hope one day I can afford to mess with people the way he has. I mean, how fun would that be, …..being able to pull everyone’s strings any time you want to just because they think you hid something out there? What entertainment!! No. Genius!! …..And to leave a legacy to boot. πŸ™‚

    I’ll tell you what though, …’s pretty cool!! And he’s pretty cool for doing it. πŸ™‚ I believe it. Heck, why not. It’s just really hard to filter all the information that’s out there now though, …..but hey, I guess let him have his fun, right? He did say to just stick to the poem. But it’s hard when HE says something, because we all want to listen and take note and hope……….

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