Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Eight…




In a Tuck

In 1952, my buddy Sammy Myers and I were Buck Sergeants in the Air Force, stationed in Greenville, South Carolina. Our job was repairing airborne radars and flying radio operator on C-82s and C-119s.

noguardSammy and I enjoyed a friendly competition with each other on a personal level. Compared to him, I was shorter, less obvious, and more talently disadvantaged. But I had the instincts of an adventurer, and he didn’t. Maybe that gave me a slight edge in areas where results could easily be measured.

One such place was The Tower. (I hated that thing with a dedicated cynical fervor.) I don’t even want to remember how high off the water it was, but it was enough high for me. I had jumped off the Leon River Bridge at home a few times so I knew how long the fall time was – it was forever, or at least that thought came to me.

IMG_1354d1sSammy and I dove off the intermediate level a few times, and jumped off the top a couple. Then he made a nice swan dive from high up that barely broke the surface of the water. I figured he was warming up to do a dive that I didn’t even want to think about. He appeared too nonchalant for my taste.

“Do a ‘show off,’ and I’ll take your picture,” Sam dared from ground. I just stared. The pressure began to build, and it was so terrible my mind went into spacial overload for a few seconds.

While standing on the top, in the #1 position, my entire life flashed before my eyes. Did I dare? I’d done a few 1 ½ forward somersaults from a ten foot springboard, but I didn’t do them very well. Now it was put-up or shut-up time. My smile was a misnomer and I knew the desire in my heart was at odds with reality, but I was drawn to the seductive glamour of Sam’s camera.

IMG_1354a1sWith a deep breath and a giant spring, I left the platform in a tuck, which opened too late, and my dive quickly unraveled into an over-rotation that landed me flat on my back. Whatever confidence I had was knocked out of me with a sudden traumatic jolt. The blistering pain was almost visible and my embarrassment rang out in exaggerated decibels.

“Got it,” Sam yelled, “They heard the splash in Memphis! You almost made it, Buddy, try it again. I have one more shot on the roll.”

With all I could muster, there I stood again in the rarefied #1 position. But this time I was mad … mad that he’d ask me to do it again after I’d just maimed myself, and mad because with his street level imagination, he thought I wouldn’t try.

If I’d over-rotated trying to do a 1 ½, what if I stayed in the tuck a little longer and went for a 2 ½. Ha, I’d never even thought of that before, but what a great idea. To forget my previous mistake would be done at my own peril. That was for sure.

IMG_1354b1sWith the thought that talent has no loyalty, I left the platform in a tighter tuck than before, thinking that I wanted to see the sky twice as I rotated, then quickly open and enter the water.

And to my great surprise and satisfaction, that’s exactly what happened. The dive was not very pretty, but it was there, and both my body and tattered ego were intact. Sam got the picture, and congratulated me with a pleasant sincerity that felt really good. I never climbed the ladder on that tower again, and I still haven’t.

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  1. This is sooooo weird! 😯 Forrest, my gold prospecting buddy that I did all my gold prospecting trips to NC…LIVES in Greenville SC 😯 so weird.

  2. If I had tried that dive, my result would surely have been similar to your first effort. I doubt I would have tried for a repeat performance. 🙂

  3. IronWill
    Guess it only allows so many replies but yes i seen it and i seen it, its hysterical!
    LMAO while reaching for a hankie!

    • SweetTea …. More than a pig… did you know he was talking about me the whole time in that post? “my env/iron/mentalist friend” and my attempt and finding the chest under a rock in the spot of wilderness? Because if you didn’t see that, then you didn’t see what he was saying here. No offense, but it just seems someone can’t understand, if they don’t know the “event” at hand. (sorry bout the his poem too much 🙂 )

  4. Nice Forrest, just goes to show what one can do if willing to keep trying.
    My first swimming lesson was in a pool. A family friend tossed me into the 12′ deep end and told me swim or drown. He would not let anything happen to me but he got the point across. And I learned to swim. City life has always been that way for me. Sanitary adventures, lacking the true spirit and fulfilling substance.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. I laughed so hard while I was reading that I had to walk away from my keyboard.. twice..

    So… how deep was the pool ?

  6. OOOCH, your only young once so make the worst of it… Funny how words can hurt our insides..

  7. You da’ man Forrest!! 🙂

    Danger. Deep water!!

    Water high? Hmm……….

    I’m drowning in these posts. Good thing Forrest is our Scrapbook Lifeguard. I just wonder if he will ever save us?

  8. Forrest, now you know I have that mother chick thing going on. All I could think while I read it is, I am glad he didnt break his back! Not what you wanted to hear I am sure. LOL

    So someone has given up and you are encouraging them not to. Whoever you are, never give up.

  9. .
    Great story, Forrest. It looks much higher when you’re standing up there then when you’re on the ground 🙂 .

    I remember trying the 2 1/2 from the high board, and didn’t get the last 1/4. Woke up under water.

    I think young Seamus in the following video, has enough tenacity to solve a tough puzzle. ?


  10. Uh, part of the cross brace is missing from behind the ladder. So both pictures are identical but you cropped out the people and added a few things. Am I seeing things? Why? If so, it is time for me to quit the chase.

    • There’s a clue trigger in there… the missing cross brace is where he whitened out the person…it just happened to whiten out the brace too since the brace doesn’t exist in the photo with a person on top of it ( notice the shade of the ladder where the guy’s shorts were 😀 ). I found the trigger further down but not the full clue. I’m still working on Holy Feathers…Forrest is moving too fast for this Hill Billy 😐

    • The angle of the shots appears different so I doubt the pictures are identical. They may have been edited after being scanned, but IMO they are not the same shot.

      • I see which pictures you are talking about now – yes, the little one appears to be the same one as the first dive picture, but with the people edited out. I wonder if these things have any importance at all other than illustrating the story…….. and giving us something to talk about. 🙂

    • Hmm.. “CES” “1990” starting to look different to me “Below the Home of Brown” is it that obvious??? Is the answer starring us in the face? What is wrong with your hand holding the pot of gold?

      Ok, folks. I have come to a new conclusion. I went back in time to take another look and low and behold. I think I am on to something. Not very confident at this point. I had to keep asking myself why.

      • Gey, quest to Cease = quest to C/see/sea Eric Sloane. Maybe?? although F did say CES wouldn’t help in finding the chest.

        • All I could say to help you is to repeat Forrest’s own words…

          “The poem is straight forward”
          “Don’t mess with my poem”

          Hope that helps

          • Spall-
            It didn’t. It’s still CE5. Forrest told me that (while in the company of a German writer and a San Francisco photographer who were creating a story about the hunt) and he also said why it was there and that he placed it there. Some folks choose not to believe him. I am not one of those.

        • Yes, it would not help if you didn’t know how to use it. I guess I have taken an insane (twisted) approach in his stories. I have actully talked to people who have worked along side Mr. Fenn. I am actually looking at a garden from what I read from his book about war.

    • Gedelkon, I agree the cross or X shaped brace is missing, and in my opinion is a hint similar to when other elements are too. The shape of tower also mirrors ‘A’ so I’m considering As I.
      Since the girl was a visual anomaly within this story, I tried following your lead to research diving towers in 1952 looking for a famous Vicki. Wondering if she was injured or drown that day while guys were showing off. Came up empty in search engines. Can you share your findings about the girl?

  11. We all just gotta try and try again keep keepin on. I think I can I think I can . Just my take on this flashback of ole forresters grand life 🙂

  12. The downside of analog camera (Pentax K1000 was my first camera) is you don’t know right away if the picture turned out. Good thing we have digital now so it can be checked quickly for results then modified with software.

  13. …I am curious Forrest, just how many times did ‘the tower’ send you around?

  14. Tuck: a hearty meal, a trumpet blast, a pointy sword, to consume, to hang, to touch, to pleat,
    to pluck, as in the fisherman’s tuck-net.

  15. I’m not sure, but 9 ft is a little shallow to be diving from that height, isn’t it? Now, if it was 90 ft, it would be water high, and enough to “dive” in. No disrespect intended. Forrest, you know how sensitive I am to your loss…

      • DP,
        I’m not sure it’s meters OR feet. On my iPad, it looks like a sideways “U.” And besides, way back then, I don’t think anyone in the US used the metric system?
        I could be wrong…

    • Mindy

      Nice picture of you in your black hat.

      And 9 feet looks to shallow to be jumping off that white tower 🙂

      That was great of u to notice that. All our minds think so different. And what one sees and what one does not see.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Hated the high up, left the platform, Mad … Mad 1 1/2 + 2 1/2 = 4 Greenville, SC. Are these directions? Goofy would know.

  17. Nothing like a 9 year old girl standing behind you in line while you gather up the courage to have another go at it!

    • Yeah, Austin. How do you know she’s 9? She could be 8…or even 8 1/2. These days she could even be a he…or he could be a she…or as we used to call them a “he-she”.

      Oh, yeah. That picture was not taken “these days”…so there’s a good chance she really is a she…but 9? Honestly?

      Anyway, I hope she had more fun than this “9-year-old” at Lava Hot Springs in Idaho (see link below). We used to have family reunions in Lava Hot Springs nearly every summer. My mom had an aunt that lived in one of the few homes right there on main street. Aunt Ila was her name. True story.

      Enjoy this video from the ol’ Soak-n-Poke aka Lava Hot Springs. Be safe out there…and don’t try this at home. 🙂

      • Yeah, man, that’s scary. Every time I see my kids dive, I get into “springing cat” mode, ready to jump to be their lifeguard. 🙂

  18. Spallies..
    RE: Dithering
    You can only undo what’s been done if it is left is psd file .
    Once its saved into jpeg or similar its alot of code cracking from what i hear. if someone on here knows how to do it… There Getting info I’d like to have!

  19. Oh I would so like to just leave this Scrapbook alone and for once say “nope, no hints in this one” but we all know that’s not going to happen. “street level imagination” = Google Earth street level. Just saying.

  20. Tucker is mentioned in prehistoric thoughts. Tucker is mentioned in the post about Noah. Now he talks about tuck???

  21. Look at the silhouette of a mysterious head underneath the platform in the second picture…….. I wonder who that is? Or perhaps a photo-shop job?

  22. Is it possible to have an overactive imagination in the chase? Look at Forrest, his imagination won’t quit. The bathroom post, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

  23. Also, I realize the top and bottom pics are two different angles, but isn’t that tree in the bottom one in a strange spot, even considering the different angles?

    • Greater angle change than you realize…Brought a taller tree into view from the left of the photo…Change of angle greater than 40 degrees to the right by my estimate and much closer since I don’t believe the camera used had a zoom lens…Distance moved by photographer, about 20 – 30 feet to the right around the pool edge…(difference between photo 2 and photo 3)…IMO of course…

      • Mindy, notice the angle change in the bank to the left of the tower from picture 1 to picture 2. Interesting?

  24. AND, I’m pretty sure that kid would have to BIONIC, to get in that much rotation so far from the EDGE and still be ABOVE it. 🙂

  25. It’s amazing how much more you see at home than at work trying to gobble down a Chik Fil A sandwich and keep up with comments during your five minute lunch break.
    Maybe besides the obvious (to me) references to Skippy, the biggest non-hint-hint (that’s how I think of the SB’s now–some of the hints are technically hints, but not particularly useful until you understand what he’s hinting about) is the last sentence. The double reinforcing negative always stands out in a sentence (to an editor, anyway). 🙂

  26. If you ever go to Maui… and go to “BLACK ROCK” try jumping off the high lava cliffs into the ocean. Its scary but a lot of fun. I’ve done it twice and wasn’t in a rush to do it again.

  27. You’re right Forrest…my ego is in a “mess” right now. But this “Army” soul is fighting hard to correct it all. Before that day comes I HAVE TO do this other thing first. It’s just a part of who I am inside. Stay Strong. Stay vigilant. Stay you.

    for those who don’t understand ….don’t bother yourself with trying… it’s just “my” message.

  28. Have u ever said the Pledge of Allegiance to your spouse. Well I did one day when my husband walked out with the American flag on his boxers. Lol ha ha 🙂

  29. Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist, while you guys were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it! Sincerely, The oppurtunist

  30. I just opened the first two pics in new tabs and switched between tabs, IMO nice Photoshop to take the people out but identical pics.

  31. Optimist, pessimist, realist, opportunist..
    Nice lIST. There is personality galore amongst the lot of us. Allow me to introduce one of my strongest ids…extremist!

    • That was in response to Jdiggins comment above, “Dokey”. I don’t know why my response posted way down here. I’ll never understand these new-fangled computer thingies.

    • Thx jc..history on hokey pokey…who’d a thunk it? 🙂 brings back my teenage skating rink days…FOUR wheeled..little Dingle balls and fancy covers..ahhh..

  32. Forrest

    While writing your story I like the part that u said, I just stared at him.
    Lol that’s funny . You were like are u kidding me u want me to do it again. Lol. 🙂 love it

  33. Dal – Do you know about the Whatcom Falls Cliff Jumpers Club?

    Do you belong? I do. One day in 1999 I walked over (I lived up on Niagara Drive at that time so it was close by). I went by myself as usual and found a few guys huddled watching people jump. I decided to jump myself so I went up to the edge got my courage and went for it. It was over before I even realized it.

    It’s a famous place so I thought Dal would know about it….

    • 23-
      You lived in B’ham???

      I didn’t know there was a “club” but I am very familiar with the jumping that goes on there. I filmed a few kids jumping for a doc we did a few years ago on the pipeline explosion along Whatcom Creek.
      Another place out here to “jump” is into the salt from the overwater trail at Boulevard Park.

      • Yes, I lived in B’ham after college…love that town. I remember hearing about the kids that died in that explosion on Whatcom Creek, sad story. I know of Fairhaven but haven’t been to the overwater trail spot before – maybe they built that bridge later?

    • Wow – 23 Kachinas –

      You are very brave to do that jump – don’t think I could do that.
      Enjoyed the video,

      Forrest writes a lot about jumping –

      Jump Start the Learning Curve
      The frog jumping
      The long jump – SB 89
      In a tuck – SB 128

      Can anyone add to this list – I’m sure there’s lots more……..

      • inthechase, I haven’t been on the blog long enough to know, but has ff ever mentioned skiing? In a tuck is common to diving And also skiing.

        • spurs –

          I cannot remember a time that Forrest mentioned sking. But trust me – I don’t remember everything.

          If the altitude is anywhere from 5,000 to 10,200 it’s quite possible sking may be close to most places you would chose.

          He did read the “Invictus Poem” which mentions “pole to pole”.

          Here is a searcher that mentions it –

          Now – tuck – that has been mentioned – several times.

      • I think he mentioned jumping off the milk truck inthechaseto…
        Also, Dal I had to go up to Fairhaven today and since it was sooo nice out I grabbed a Yorky’s sandwich and headed down to “Post Point”, I used go there for lunch a lot when I worked in Fairhaven. Never knew it is also know as “Poe” point????

        • spal-
          I saw you there. You were the one digging up that big rock with the plaque about the Spanish treasure chest hidden in 1752…

          Next time you’re in town give me a holler so we can have a bowl of peanut soup at the Colophon.

          • Yup, that was me don’t tell anyone…:) Will give you a shout next time I am up in the area… Thanks for your Blog! It’s AWESOME!!!

  34. Only fools jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I think I will stick with paragliding–easy landings. LOL. I’m chicken to even jump feet first off a 3 meter board, so I dive in. Forrest has more guts than me.

    Oh yeah, maybe there’s a clue there, tower dives or something like that.

    • Tower trips, tower stumbles, tower …

      Dal, how do you survive sane? Must be your military training. If no one has told you in a while, I’m impressed with your survival skills.

    • Well, I had too look at the whole picture. I beat my head on my desk all day long. This is really good work. Why. He is telling us about “As I”. There was only one place in the U.S. I found where the picture was taken. Somersaults and twisting were not allowed when it became official. I am so focused on the first 2 words of the poem. They are the most important to me. You have to start somewhere. It still takes me to my spot.

  35. I noticed the two guys are missing in the second jump picture and that means they jumped to..A simple deduction you may have missed ?

  36. Fun Forrest Fenn quotes:

    “Why my horse was named Lightning was something I never figured out because he hardly had the power to get out of his own way.”

    “Lightning….kept doing some funny dance step…”

    “…our unfortunate adventure was ill-conceived, dumb thought out, and I was over-rated like my horse”

    ” He insinuated that I couldn’t find my butt with both hands and all the lights on. When Lightning seemed to take his side I knew the crisis had arrived.”

  37. I will leave this SB or BS with my last note. Let’s see what the next will bring. Anyway, the Olympic platform above is at 10 meters and 5 meters. I still don’t know where the chest is located…exactly. Have a great day everyone.

  38. I must say that whether taking that shot required all you could muster or not, it was a valiant effort whether it produced a perfect dive or not. I’m very impressed, as it was a new level of heights to climb and (almost) worthy of a true #1…with the only exception being ‘form’. Who cares about that anyways? Thanks for sharing the human side with us- it’s a pleasure.

  39. Tucker is mentioned a couple of times in these scrap books….
    Tucker was one of his friends,
    Tucker is the name of his granddaughters dog,
    and now the name Tuck in this title?

    Is FF trying to tell us something?

    has anyone come by the name Tucker during this search?

  40. I am Tucker’d out! TGIF!! Everybody have a e great weekend! Not much snow in the high country so maybe a good search weekend for some. Winter Carnival to enjoy this weekend! Always loved the Lighted Man!

  41. IMO this post tells you brave means willing to endure repeated embarrassment and pain at others request.

      • Tamara, this whole tower jumping post is about letting go of the ego to be brave.

        Being brave (criteria #1) will vary depending on WHO you are AND what you have to offer to Forrest if you have been in the woods (criteria #2).

        IMO that is how you get the title to the gold. He’s very intelligent so please know he’s smarter than any of us.

        It will take someone being brave like Forrest jumping off the tower in this post. When you are asked to do something you don’t want to do just say yes like him! Asked again? Just say yes!

        • I’ve wondered what “brave” means kachinas. What bravery would be required of anyone/everyone that reads the poem? In what context is he using brave; i.e. don’t go where an eighty year old couldn’t go?

          What some folks consider brave is someone else’s normal day. Just for example; what a kindergarten teacher from Toledo in flip flops considers brave might be a little different than an ex-Marine, ex-deep sea treasure hunter, that carries an ice axe considers brave.

          I know I’ll get hammered for this statement; but I hope folks temper their bravery with their capabilities and just a little common sense.

          • I agree it’s not about danger and people should not seek anything dangerous in the chase. If you’re putting yourself in danger that is not wise.

            Forrest is asking us to be brave with his poem which means to go beyond your ego to do something he is going to ask you to do once you’ve been in the woods IMO.

          • That’s a pretty interesting comment 23K. Why would you think that? Can you tell us what you think he’s going to ask of this person after being in the wood? IDK, maybe I don’t understand what you are saying here,

          • WiseOne – Being brave is a relative term.

            Each of us individually is going to have to overcome something in our life to be brave enough in Forrest’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if you have been brave all of your life, its if you will be brave when asked by Forrest.

            The bracelet is a negotiating point right?

            So maybe the brave is also a negotiating point?

            He’s brilliant people. Get used to it.

    • “Brave”, in the poem refers to the place it is must be brave to go in there alone.
      My opinion..

      • IMO brave (#1 criteria) AND in the wood (criteria #2). Not in the same place, these are separate criteria.

          • LOL!! IMO, Amy is 100% correct. 🙂
            And it has nothing to do with you actually having to be brave, by ant stretch of the imagination!!! IMO!!! 🙂 🙂

            Good Luck to All!!!! 🙂

      • Dal – there was no space or a place to reply to you in context – above in this thread.

        What is CE5?
        Thanks –

        • Slim-
          That mark has come up a few times on this blog in the past several years. It refers to markings that can be seen on the latch of the chest in the photo on the back of TTOTC. If you go look at Nine Clues #58 the last conversation about it was in November of 2015 and you can read what people were saying at the time. When first brought up it was thought to be “CES” but Forrest told us it is “CE5”.
          Forrest made a comment on the blog much earlier about it. That comment is here:

          Here is an edited version of what I wrote about the discovery of “CE5” last November.
          A few years ago a German journalist was following me around while I searched for the chest in NM. He also visited Forrest for an interview for his story. I was there during the interview. As the journalist was leaving Forrest’s house he remembered that he had one more question..
          His one more question was about the “CES” on the latch of the chest.
          “What CES? Forrest asked.
          The journalist grabbed his copy of TTOC and showed Forrest the photo on the back and pointed to the mark.
          “That’s not CES. That’s CE5 and its my mark. It tells me how much I paid for the chest. I mark many of the items in my collection so that years from now I will be able to tell what I spent on them.”
          The above is in quotes…but in fact I do not remember the precise words…those are only as accurate as my memory will reveal.

          Two additional notes about the CE5 mark on the chest..
          1. Forrest sent Deb an email which she shared on the blogs. It stated the following:
          “The CE5 cannot help you in any way. It is only my cost code to tell me what I gave for the chest. That information is on the blogs somewhere. You have an inquiring mind. f”

          2. A lot of this talk about the meaning of CE5 originally came about because of Pam Sheltron’s claim that she found the treasure. A crucial element in her solution was the CE5 mark. According to Forrest she did not find the treasure…and Forrest told us that he never even heard of the location she claimed as the solution to the poem until Pam started talking about it. So I would be very cautious about giving that mark any weight.

          and the following was a response I made to The Wolf over a year ago about my take on the importance of the CE5 mark:

          I don’t read the other blogs except for Richard’s and Jenny’s. So I don’t know what was out there in the bigger picture. I do not remember anything about it elsewhere (but I have the retention skills of a colander). I searched CE5 on the comments on this entire blog and the earliest mention is JD’s in April of 2013:

          Your second question…I can guess, but honestly, I don’t know. Only Forrest knows. But I believe him when he says that it will not help me find the treasure. So I am happy to forget about it. I have so many concerns and questions about the poem and the location of the chest that if Forrest is going to tell me up-front that CE5 is nothing that will help me find the chest, then I am happy to move on to one of my other 5,000 questions.

          Your third question…
          Many collectors mark their collectibles…museums mark them and catalogue them so they will know the price paid and date of purchase and where it came from. These marks are not necessarily placed in a way that damages the object. They can often be removed without damaging the object. I remember seeing dinosaur bones, fossils and other wonderful objects that had a dab of white paint carefully applied and on the white paint was scribed a code in black letters…not unlike Forrest’s CE5. This code led to a citation in a catalogue somewhere that gave the history of the piece..where it was found, by whom, when, how much the museum paid for it…etc…
          Some would be appalled that a museum would apply such a mark…Others would say that it is an essential part of collecting for the greater good. The provenance of a piece is sometimes as important as the piece itself.
          Without having the chest in hand it is difficult to determine the mark’s permanence. But I am guessing that if Forrest put it on it was only intended to last as long as the chest was not exposed to deteriorating conditions and that the mark would disappear long before the bronze would be effected by exposure to sun, water, snow, etc…

      • From a simple understanding of how the subjects in the sentence may be grouped, there are several options:

        If you are (brave and in the wood) – If you are both brave and in the wood together.
        If you (are brave) and (in the wood) – If you are brave, and you are also in the wood, in a more separate way.

        Both the grouping approach and the separate approach are mentioned in posts above by 23 and A.S., and I’ve explored both. But I believe that he is not suggesting that you need to be very brave to physically do something specific in the field. Rather he’s giving you a message/hint, something to understand. I expect no more bravery is required than the general level of bravery of being in the mountains, with somewhat higher levels of expected risk in grizz territory, steep or wet areas, etc. I think you need to understand something about being brave to get clues in the poem. You need to understand why you need to think about brave.

        There are other lines in the poem that require an understanding of the groupings of elements, such as this one that uses “and”:

        Just (heavy loads and water high) – Just two things together, each with a separate characterization of heavy and high.
        Just (heavy loads) and (water high) – Just two separate things, possibly associated or related, or not, each with a separate characterization.
        Just (heavy loads and water) high – Just two things, and the loads are heavy, and both the loads and water are high.

        There’s also:
        And hint of (riches new and old)
        And hint of (riches new) and (old)
        And hint of (riches new) and (riches old)

        And there are other options, of course. The word “and” is generally understood in speaking and writing by the context, but in this poem it’s quite something else. How you associate the elements can dramatically affect your solutions, and vice versa.

        Halogetter .

        • Halogetter,

          If I’m not mistaken you are an educator. So I would like to ask for your opinion.

          Lets use “brave and in the wood” …There are many meanings that can be used for most of the words in that small line. The basic meaning of Brave is to take on a challenge.

          Wood has many meanings. One is the an area along a treeline and an open area [ as well as others.]

          Another example is the word, Cold. I have found over 50 definitions or usages for this word alone.
          Some are; temperature, attitude, death, sickness, to seek or as a seeker, even in the use of knowledge… just to name a few.

          And Warm has familiar definitions as cold.

          To save time typing here, I’m sure your familiar with most. So, do you feel that any of the others definitions / meanings of the words, when combined by “and” could be combine with other words in the poem that are also combined by” and.”

          Can “and” be used to combine all those meanings from one line to another or sentence or stanza…

          Riches new and old.
          Heavy loads and water high.
          take the chest and go in peace.
          Tired and now weak.
          brave and in the wood.
          Hear me all and listen good.

          …In any proper form of writing? and not just in the sentence it is placed in.

          As you said. “The word “and” is generally understood in speaking and writing by the context, but in this poem it’s quite something else. How you associate the elements can dramatically affect your solutions, and vice versa.”


          • Seeker,

            I like your probing question, but I think you’ve gone quite a bit beyond logic of reading the poem and ventured into interpretation and solution territory.

            Here are all of the pairs of words joined by the word “and” in the poem, in their proper positions and with the remaining text of the poem removed (ha), left justified; there are 10 of these:

            And with
            And hint new and old.

            And take

            wise and found

            chest and go

            And leave

            tired, and now

            all and listen

            brave and in

            Only the fourth stanza does not have an “and”.

            It is interesting that he begins three lines with “And”, which shows continuity from the previous line, such as halt And take. And Forrest reads it that way…

            But regarding your specific question, that is quite an exercise and yes, I believe it can be done, but I won’t say what it leads to. Have you tried it yet?


        • Agree with you Halogetter, associations affect interpretations and the poem is intelligently layered with many associations. For instance, 4 olds exist in the poem. One association of treasure is Forrest’s 4 grandchildren with the name Old.

          As for brave, there is a V in the word so perhaps we can assume you are in a canyon when you are brave. The root word bra can mean two branches. Taking it further Fenn is Irish and bra in Gaelic means eternal, or where one rests eternally. Bravery is important in death.
          or how about-
          Erin go Braugh, Ireland forever! Okay, I threw that in for fun given St. Patrick’s day for the Fenns!!

    • Many very good thoughts in this thread… IMHO, brave has dual meaning: The first is literal, and the second is one word representing another; therefore, a metaphor. I also believe “brave and in the wood” needs to be contemplated as a phrase at some point, but in resolving Forrest’s meaning(s) for “brave” and “in the wood”, it may be best to contemplate each independently due to, IMHO, the different modes of thought required to solve each.

      One last thought: IMHO, unless a searcher has connected several key dots in previous stanzas, attempting to correctly resolve “brave and in the wood” will be a fruitless effort. The following is something I read long ago, and it’s remained implanted in my mind:

      “One hand washes the other; both hands wash the face.”

      I’ve never found a reliable reference to the actual source of this quote, but it’s one of my favorites.

    • Just another opinion…

      “Anyway, I was ahead for now, but I remembered what I’d heard once on the Amos ‘n Andy radio show: “Don’t make the alligator mad until you’ve crossed the river.” All of the bravery was in my talk and I knew that sooner or later I was gonna get mine.”

      “Air Force F-105 fighters from Korat, Udorn and Ubon, Thailand had flown hundreds of missions in the north, and those pilots were all heroes to me. The F-100 Misty forward air controllers flying out of Phu Cat, South Vietnam, were just as brave and the Hanoi Hilton was full of them.”

      “Is it fair that no one recalls where those brave French soldiers fell and are now interred in that remote jungle clearing, hidden from life for a million sunsets?”

      “He was not going to let it beat him. I admired him for making such a sensible and brave decision.”

      Is your bravery all in your talk, but no action (not ever getting out and doing a real search); or is your bravery in actually getting out and exploring the great outdoors? It’s like Forrest has said, he wants people outside searching and enjoying nature… get your butts off the couch and turn off the electronic entertainment. “Your effort will be worth the cold”. If you’re not brave enough to get out and do, then no title for you, ever. And you might want to reconsider if the final location your searching doesn’t have any or only has a few trees around.

      “So now I have to wonder about myself doing all of those things that others must think are so foolish. Is there any wisdom in trying to cause momentary excitement in some future millennium? I’m not sure I can even define history in those terms. And what if no one ever discovers my art? Will my time have been wasted? I guess the rewards have been in doing it, and the enjoyment that comes with dreaming about what might happen someday. No matter. It was more fun to run the risk of being foolish than to watch “Dancing With the Stars.””

      • Waltz a Mitty moment. Some are trying to Sprint. Which truly is just wasted time. Necessity demands a high road pleasure ride, just don’t forget to listen to your trux. So just what is a brave moment? Could be lost in Ferguson, first time in an art gallery or simply beyond Burk. The truth is only a hero truly knows.
        Seems like I’m in the wood whenever I can hear civilization, which to go deeper one must go north. So why is it that I must go; ask any lucky leprechaun who knows green is gold.

  42. Perhaps, Forrest is telling someone how to search their area ONE LAST TIME? 😯

    • ONE LAST TIME? So you think they’ve been there before?
      Maybe one of the “within 500 ft.” people?

      • Well….what if …in this post, Forrest is trying to tell someone not only to search where they’ve been once more… but maybe…just maybe.. he’s telling them how to break the 9th clue. Just a guess though…I could be wrong.

    • Maybe Forrest is telling a searcher that they failed on their last search but try again and do ______ one last time. IMO

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