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SUBMITTED January 2015
BY Dal about Ansley’s “The Chroma”


You might remember Ansley Ray…but probably by a different name. She’s worn more than one  moniker while commenting on this blog. Last year she started her own personal blog about the treasure hunt called, “Up A Cold Creek Without a Paddle”. It has delightful  tales about her dusty adventures looking for Forrest’s treasure and wonderful pictures of important wild places that will make your eyes water with eagerness. But her blog is not what I am writing to tell you about. Ansley has just authored her own novel based on the chase. It’s called “The Chroma”.

THE CHROMA book cover

THE CHROMA book cover


This is the perfect time to delve into literature about the treasure hunt as we patiently pause for spring to catch up with our wanderlust.

Note the blurb from Forrest on the cover. Looks like he read it and liked it. Since it’s my job to learn about Forrest I already ordered my copy and plan on enjoying it as I coast off to sleep for a few nights…my favorite place to read novels and escape the hazards of the workplace. How can I possibly find his treasure if I don’t know the literary likes and dislikes of the guy who hid it???

Here’s an ad that might just turn your mind toward the book…


I just want say that I have been in communication with Ansley for about three years now as she’s been chasing Forrest’s treasure. She’s no slouch. To raise gas and lunch money to search her spots Ansley held garage sales and often slept in her car when out searching. She’s tough, she’s savvy and she’s got a lot of Chutzpah. She’ll put the money from the book sales to good use…so if you can afford this novel I hope you’ll buy and read it while waiting for the snow to melt. That’s what I’m going to do.

You can find the book at Amazon:

and you can visit Ashley’s…I mean Elihsun’s…blog at:


47 thoughts on “The Chroma…

    • It does look majorly exciting. That ad really caught my eye. What’s more exciting than a redhead on a bullet bike? Not much…if you’re asking me! And Forrest’s endorsement means a lot. He couldn’t put it down! He was glued to it! Now I really want to read it.

  1. What was that commercial where that little fury animal was tasting a lemon drop, then suddenly explodes!!

  2. Lol ok I will purchase this, she had me at massage therapist that’s what I do. This will be interesting I will order it at lunch today. Thank you for a new book/story to read. And if Forrest said it’s good then we should purchase this the price is affordable 🙂

  3. ” Chroma ” – Greek word for ” color “……..hummmm…..” GREEN Grass , Montana ” …….. I think I will grab my “Tan” fly rod , a box of “Blue” midge flyies , hop in my “Red” f-150 , and head that way……. who knows , I might find some “Gold” while fishing……………………..hummmmm……..May run into ole JB……..I may be stretching it a little…..Ya think ? 🙂

  4. Elishun, you are a free spirit. I envy your bravery. In my youth I only dreamed of feeling the wind upon my face as you are bravely doing. Looking forward to reading your book.

  5. Awesome! As I suspected there is more than one treasure to be had.
    May the great creator bless your book sales.

  6. Writing a book is an exciting and enlightening process. It’s not easy, and it requires hours and hours of diligent writing, rewriting and more rewriting. Congratulations to Ansley on navigating the world of publishing and creating what looks like a treasure of a book.

  7. Elishun, You sound like a very interesting woman that I would like to get to know…not the redhead massage therapist but the crazy woman on the motorcycle being chased by the feds and aliens…and your character’s name is Rain…love it…will order your book immediately. Would you be interested in writing the sequel when I find the treasure…May 2015 (IMO). No need to change my name…cynthia

  8. Good Luck with your book Ansley! You have a great imagination and Forrest always said that was more important than knowlege. 🙂

  9. Congrats and best wishes on your book! Although I love living adventure, I am pretty sure I would rather read about some of the adventures found in your book… I prefer not being chased by alien scavengers….lol….that can stay in pages of a book and enjoyed there! I look forward to reading it!

  10. Rattlesnakes, redheads, and re-awakenings, Oh My!

    Congratulations on your new book, Ansley. You’re an inspiration to many.

  11. Love it! Thank you all. It was an adventure to write, now this certainly is. I cannot wait to get put there and hunt. Hummm, better hurry, right Cynthia?;) I am working on the sequel, now. The vast amount of treasure that surrounds us in these mountains overwhelms my soul.
    Thank you all so much.

    • Oops, get out there. Thinking the snow has melted enough, but then last year, that got me on a crazy road in NM. Then again, the van has AWD. See you out there, yee adventurous spirits.

  12. FYI, the snow is deep and getting deeper in the mountains north of Santa Fe…another storm rolled through today. I made 2 searches in the last couple weeks and was plowing the snow with my shins as I walked to make a trough for my large dogs to follow behind me…needed snowshoes for some of the areas but unfortunately, wasn’t smart enough to have them with me those trips…but I will carry them next time. Good luck, Elihsun, and be safe when you search. Would you sign my book when you make it to NM again? cynthia

  13. Maybe I’m just seeing things, but is the redhead on the motorbike in the picture above headed for a run-in with a hunky mans hairy navel? Apologies if this was address on earlier posts, I haven’t read them all. Maybe I’ve been looking to much at Forrest Fenn’s bathroom tile. I didn’t see that pic earlier when I read this post. Just wondering…….

  14. Ansley
    I received your book today I have been reading it this evening, its hard to put down, you did very well with your story
    I like it. 🙂 hope to finish it soon
    Thank you

  15. Finished the Chroma yesterday, I appreciate and thank you for such a really interesting story. 🙂

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