Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Nine Point One…



Glenna Goodacre

Since there seems to be an interest in Glenna’s work I took some photos of a few things in our collection. All were gifts to us from the artist.


The little bronze is one of a small edition. It is the first little ballerina of her daughter Jill, who grew up to be a Victoria’s Secret model and married to Harry Connick Jr.



The 7 ½ inch coin is ceramic and was cast from Glenna’s original that the dollar coin was made from

Sometimes Glenna makes ceramic copies of her bronzes to give to friends.

Sometimes Glenna makes ceramic copies of her bronzes to give to friends.




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  1. I love her work. What made you decide to encourage her to be a sculptor? Whatever the reason, it was a brilliant move by you to give her the wax and we are all fortunate that she took you up on your challenge!

  2. For anyone who is interested in more of her work and large bronzes (life-size), I recommend visiting the Nedra Mettucci Gallery (formerly Fenn’s Gallery) In Santa Fe…most of the large pieces are displayed in the Garden out back. I will have to find the treasure chest, though, to be able to afford these…but a person can still look and dream.

  3. No wonder f didnt show up for coffee, he was busy putting together another Scrap Book! I like Glenna’s work. I also like Harry’s music. I got to see him play at Sandia amphitheater.

  4. I think we’re going to have to start a new game… The 7 degrees of Forrest Fenn! 😯

  5. You can find some signed prints from her on google for around 90/100$. I thought it was funny she turned down the oppurtunity to cast Al Gores face in bronze because she thought his face was to smooth.I wonder if the gorical was upset by that? I had no idea forrest was the one who got her started on bronzes.The more i learn about this guy the more i admire him, and is why i try and promote his book to my friends, even though it adds more competition to the chase…Dont worry guys, my friends are dumb and are no threat to find the chest.

  6. Dal! we should make that a game…if you can work it in somehow on a post. The Seven Degrees of Forrest Fenn. You or Forrest can come up with 10 set famous people, and challenge readers to be the first person to post the 7 degree link from each famous person to Forrest. All 10, first reader to correctly link them wins some prize or something 😛

    • Will, I admire your talents in their own way. But why chase Idle / idol associations? Walk confidently to the treasure this Spring and we will all forever associate YOU with Mr. Fenn.


      Of this I am confident.

      • Hrmm… what is this? 😯 Don’t think its an anagram. Possibly a cryptogram? I wonder about the LLVXD though. Very few options for that if crypto. At work, can’t focus enough here 😛

        • Piratejim, concession from my quarter too and I’ll mail you two bits if you’ll answer your riddle for us.

      • I think I have the first three words but the rest doesn’t want to come out. I’m down to DEFJOPTVWX

        • I sure hope Iron will will transfer this wgen he figures it out
          Cause I have no idea what all that means. 🙂

          • @POG, better that you hit buttons than the bottle Pirate… Yo Ho! When do you swing in your hammock and write poetry? I’ve read some of your blarny on the poetry page.

          • POG, your shot across my bow misses it’s mark. I’ve had on my shoulder parrots of Macaw, Military, Hyacinth, Also Cockatoos, a Painted Bunting and even an Arctic has taken a Tern.

            Send all complaints to my Winter abode at the lighthouse at Dry Tortugas.

        • Pac, the 1st three are most easily figured out. Post what you think they are and I will verify.

          • Close ’nuff Pac !!


            is correct. But it won’t help figure out the rest.
            Good job, though. I should send the 2 bits to you as soon as I get it from Lia…

          • Next three words are LIES IN A. I might not have time to decipher the last two for a day or two.

          • Piratejim I am going to try to explain your mysterious code if I can, simply because I said I would before I quit the Chase… so let’s try and get to it…

            You stated ” Mr. Fenns Treasure “, for the first 3 words..and if not for that I would not have figured your method out. Don’t know if anyone would, but let’s move on from there. I was at work so I couldn’t add what pacman did “LIES IN A ”
            I’ll state what I believe the full sentence to be then explain. Understand I’m not 100% sure on the last word.

            “Mr Fenns Treasure Lies In A Nearby Hiding”

            Ok…now to explain.


            For the P to register M you subtract 3 in the alphabet numerical equivalent. For V to r, you subtract 4. So I immediately noticed an increasing increment in subtractions for the letters. The problem was you skipped 5? When I saw that the L to F was a subtraction of 6, I went on with that pattern accounting for SKIPS in numbers and noting them at the bottom of the page.

            Now given that you told us a hint of A=A was i.e. telling us the lower end of your number range…. 0 A -0 = A. At that point I continued out through the words encountering skips of 3-5 numbers. The last one I got to going up was 25 which was the Q=R in treasuRe. After that the next letter association dropped to 18. One of the numbers you skipped. I then assumed you were using a 0-25 number codex with repetitives, and you needed to fill in the ones you skipped. At that time you had I believe 1,2,5,9,15,etc unused so I used those in the decryptions to get “LIES IN A” and then got NEARBY. After Nearby… you had ONE code number from 0-25 that had not been used, so I assumed it might be the key first letter to the last word. D=H is minus 22. After getting H I scoured through 6 letter words starting with H and saw that HIDING or HIDDEN made the most sense, and I chose Hiding.

            I will give you credit, in that if you had not given MR FENNS TREASURE, then I would not have figured this out. Also, if you purposely saved the 22 for the first letter of the last word, then BRAVO. I’m just guessing on it so not 100% sure.

          • IW you appear to have missed that the key is a one-time pad of the letters of the alphabet ascending with the word RAINBOW moved to just before the “Z” and “ESUV” left over. I got “FENNS TREASURE” because of the simplicity of the key’s first fourteen characters.

            Making the Z the start of obvious key ZEUS gives “in a nea…” but the R of nearby requires reuse of key I. Key ZEUSV leads to “neae…”. So I’d guess that the remaining twelve characters use a new pad, probably words or a phrase associated with the chase but as yet unfound.

          • Pacman I have no idea on earth what your saying….

            I just deciphered using the method I saw in Mr Fenns Treasure. I cannot explain it in “code lingo”.

            But what you say with NEARBY, yes after NEA , “R” uses a repeating number in my code key of 0-25. If that’s what you’re trying to say.


          • Pacman, I am proud of you. You got the RAINBOW. Never expected that so soon. I admit (and you must too) that giving you “MR” was something you could not have known. You know what type of cipher this is, so I will let you explain it if you want to.
            There is a “trick” in the later part that you could not know but may figure out what the letters of the code and resulting translation are. But I don’t think I want to help you out any more…. !!! You are too smart! That’s why!
            I DO want to ask you 2 questions. 1. Did I make it too easy for you by separating the letters, or would you have figured it out anyway if I had run all the letters together? 2. Did I make it obvious (to you) that I was counting letters and therefore using this type of cipher?

            Here’s what I will do : First person to correctly solve the rest of the cipher will get 2 bits (quarters). The second thing I will do I send Pacman 2 quarters regardless of who states the rest of the cipher correctly. The cinch is that the quarters will be 90% silver pre- 1965 quarters.
            Lia doesn’t owe me 2 bits because I never fully revealed the solution.

            I wanted Iron Will to get the solution because he made that generous offer for his solve on Chase Chat. Wow!! But Will, my eyes glazed over reading your calculation…

            Hey all, I just got out of hospital for an underlying asthma triggered by viral pneumonia. Avoided the ETT (endotracheal tube) and connection to a ventilator. Better now. YES, I’ll be ready to chase the thrill this year!!

          • Oh, Pacman, I meant to say that you qualify for 2 silver quarters now, and 2 more if/when you complete the solve, 4 silver q’s total. Thanks.

          • Oh, since I missed what 2 bits are, 2 bits equal 25 cents, not 50 cents, I need to double my offer again. 2 for 2 equals about 4ish. So double my offer amount and 4 silver quarters can be exchanged for a silver dollar. I’d give a gold dollar if I had one. Maybe I can borrow one from Mr Fenn.
            Just happy to be out of the hospital.
            To confirm what is correctly deciphered.


          • Why yes, Dal. The next offer is for a buffalo nickel like the one Mr Fenn wanted to slip under the grave marker of the grandmotherly lady who broke pineapple pies for him, so that he could get them half price. How can I work that in so that Dal wins?

        • Lia, I thought Will would be most able to decipher this text. Want to know how fool proof it is. Probably need to give more text to allow an expert to decipher, that is why I gave one clue.

          • You’ll have to be patient PJ… I been fixing up a turkey and now its bed time for me and back to work tomorrow. Your line isn’t mirror written is it? I’m guessing its reversed or those spaces don’t represent the proper sentence structure…for example….


            could be



            I GOOGLED _________

            No way to tell without knowing something of a theme, or the slang you use. Like it’s impossible if you are using pirate talke like LLVXD or “aargh”. I gots to sleep. Maybe I’ll dream up a solution tonight lol

          • Just woke up…Mr. Fenn’s treasure?? I’m not seeing Fenn’s but ofcourse I’m still half asleep. oh well…gotta go to work 🙁 no time to look at it yet.

      • Are we playing Hangman, or the Wheel of Fortune with these words. 🙂

        Looks Foreign to me. 🙂

          • To all,
            No tricks. No mirror / reverse, no numerals of any kind. The words are spaced correctly. I told Pac to post the first 3 words if known. They are easiest to figure.
            I am too far away from movie premiers, but isn’t there a movie out or coming out about “Enigma” ? No, I don’t have a machine. Just a method. I have to do anything else besides looking at 16 million bricks and the watery graves of Civil War soldiers.
            But let’s let POG be the “real” pirate. POG was here first!

        • Strike that…bbit askew…tired after 16 hr drive to tuscon. Got room 111 and checked in at 0111…ha! Weird I tell ya! Anyway gotta sleep then I’ll catch up before hitting the expo tomorrow! Yay! 🙂
          Ps…Miss u guys when I’m away!

      • Wait a minute! A cryptogram on top of the poem? How about letters corresponding with numbers related back to TTOTC OR TFTW?

      • Pirate Jim yes separating the letters made it much easier to crack. If you had used keywords rather than ascending alphabetical that would have been more difficult, but given the word separation I would still have deciphered what I did in the same time. This type of cipher is the second I tried, so pretty standard.

        As to the last two words, did you reverse them or something? No, don’t tell me…

        • PAC,
          You must have laid your grid out different from mine. No more hints for you. Keep working on it, I owe you a silver dollar. Maybe 2. I can’t count too well. No time limit on the solution. No one else knows what the excellent is going on here.

    • When forrest suggested going to Lander, Wyoming. I jumped and went right away. I also went to the indian res. and went to Sacajawea grave. So many interesting people and natives buried there. However as you read about were she is buried. There is much controversy. Also her son is supposed buried by her side. The facts lean towards that this is not were she died. It is interesting that her history and the history of her children, seem to be lost in time. As usual the “men” in the journey were well kept tract of. I think it is sad that she disappeared in time. I wondered as I stood by her grave, if she had other children and if her blood line is still out there, I know her families childrens, children are still here in Idaho. However some history lost in time, she will live on forever and ever. This is my story, I feel not need to post a Wiki. Link to show all the details. LOL. Thanks forrest, I really enjoyed that part of the country and you can read my search story about sinks, under the shadow contest.

  7. Such an appreciative outlook Specialklr. I have zeero talent and so enjoy watching amazing talent and brilliant minds at play. Forrest understands the importance of befriending artists, promoting their work, enabling beauty to touch souls.

  8. Her work is amazing and we could all go on and on about it. She has been blessed with talent 🙂

  9. beautiful work.I love the little girl and her mother.she seems to come if her eyes are saying forrest ,you have been one lucky man.

  10. Forrest, you have a good eye for talent..I wonder where Glenna would be now if it weren’t for your help.You are a good friend.

  11. So what do you guys make of the third photo, it is photoshopped, or is by a different artist. The signature appears to be “padaum 1944”, or something similar. Help please.

  12. Seems to me FF would have looked for a peaceful spot AWAY from heavy foot traffic. You know for his bones to rest in, not much rest with tourists all round. Dunno just thinkin.



    My recovery is almost finishes… So what if I lost 40 percent ability with my left arm , so what if I can only have 30 percent of movement with my neck … AND IM NOT LOOKING FOR SORRY TO HEAR THAT!!!!!!!

    It’s taken me 2 long years to recover , so I hope F put it where I can Get to it… lol……

    I have been looking at the Rockies for like 2 years now. I have a location I will be checking in the 5-6 weeks from now… Just drive up and get out and look!!!

    SO , I finally get to actually go on a easy hunt…. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course it’s in New Mexico…. lol… I hope anyway …. Good luck to all in their Chase , hope mine is just beginning …. Thanks F , and all Who blogged who gave me a story of visual I needed to get through a long recovery time… You all have no Idea what kind of peace those stories and pictures brought to me …

    ” Sole of the age , you wonders delight the Glory of our stage”
    Again Thanks F

    • Best wishes with your recovery Mike and good luck with your search. I’m sure you’ll have a great adventure whether you find the treasure or not! 🙂

  14. Glenna Goodacre’s success story as a respected sculptor is terrific Forrest. Thank you for recognizing, encouraging and promoting talented artists. Their God given talent interprets our world with beautiful perception. Your many God given abilities have facilitated other’s dreams to become realities.

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