Forrest LIVE on HuffPost….

February 2015



Tomorrow (Wednesday February 4th, 2015) at about 4:45pm ET Huffington Post LIVE is airing a story about modern day treasure hunters and guess who they are talking to…


He’ll be at home in SF, probably wearing cuddles and talking live via webcam if everything works out…technically that is…

Maybe he’ll hand out a clue…

You won’t know unless you watch…

They tried to get Desertphile on with Forrest but old Desertphile is tied up cowboyin and lives so far back in the middle of Soggy Bottom, NM that he can only get out of there when the road is frozen solid. Unfortunately his internet connection is so slow he wishes he could upgrade to dial-up. Where Desertphile lives snail mail is faster than email. His ISP calls the service Broadbandhahaha!

You can check out Forrest LIVE on HuffPost Wednesday at about 4:45pm Eastern Time here:






984 thoughts on “Forrest LIVE on HuffPost….

      • HI Forrest Fire , Hi Dal ,

        It’s 3:48 AM … I awoke from a dream , where I was hanging out with , Goofy , Dal , Mindy , and not to mention F was there. F was making fun of me with a fishing pole tell me I almost got it , like that insurance company with the dollar bill on a hook…

        Forrest ,Great job on your interview. Spry as ever and Upbeat as always…

        I’m a simple guy. I don’t need much in life to make me happy, but I cannot control the little kid in me that keeps telling me to look for the treasure and to bother F in asking WHY?
        What do ya mean no more clues?????
        People with in 200 ft. of it ?????
        And did ya say the book , poem and map are the only clues?????
        So all the writings on the Blog are not hints, or clues…?????
        I have a spot that fits the poem F .. Problem is 2 people have been near this , and I don’t recall anyone searching in this area. So , I am just frustrated.
        I didn’t start in the middle of the poem but at the begging…like you said F. ” AS I HAVE GONE ALONE IN THERE, AND WITH MY TREASURES BOLD
        I CAN KEEP MY SECRET WHERE , AND HINT OF RICHES NEW AND OLD ” This is the first clue to me .

        My location has a blaze; which is a secret symbol for gone home … It is also “the blaze” is a symbol for the sun, and the blaze is mathematical , as well as astrology .
        There’s a symbol that matches a symbol on your web site perfect ( IM NOT saying what symbol..!! it is a place where the sun dance is done as far back as the early 1800’s. It is in line with Indian Medicine , it fits the gold frog as well as measurements, “1600 chains north of Santa Fe” With the double omegas so 1600 x’s 2 … is the measurement from the frog… which this frog is one of the marbles of the three boy’s are pointing at equal distance.. Which leads to a river that runs to a Mountain that looks like a human heart and brings you to a canyon down, to a wwh , and leads to a hob… that has the M on the gold page which looks like a F turned SIDE WAYS that is in the mountain… , it is at the bottom of a Hundred foot cliff. With a switch back road that leads to the bottom . All of the poem reads to this location … It is perfect …

        PROBLEM 200 feet of it is a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I have studied the TTOTC and the poem for 2 years!
        I have looked at everything over and over again…..Forrest
        I have found some clever strings with hooks attached to them …. I’m no small fish though… It’s hard to catch me
        I don’t like normal bait and to be quite honest … I never bite the same hooks that others do.. I sit back and watch them get caught … So your gonna need a big big net for me … That world class Brown You caught , That is rare epically on the hook you used is no compression to the King Fish That I AM.

        I guess what I’m saying in all my ramblings,, is simply this …

        FORREST , we all have worked our tails off , at least the people in the blog have … Looking at every little thing you say… As well as working hard to research you , and your Chase… I think we through our hard work deserve a hint , that could lead to a clue, not a subtle hint , but a real hint… One that could help if seen in the right light. A master of secret that you are … you could easily shroud another hint ….. but that dose not directly point in a direction of location … but to a mind set possibly.

        In final

        I really was hoping that you would give a hint . But , I guess If you don’t then your silence will defiantly give me a hint … You see , Life is funny , but people are funnier… There is only 2 ways.. like in binary … YES AND NO and all humans work on this concept. This is based on the LAW OF ATTRACTION … Which is used in this thing , and I have no doubt of that … WHY??? ALL people in history that have been successful and or Intelligent such as Sir Isaac Newton have used this law to help them to understand energy as well as life. Newton , Einstein , Leonardo Da Vinci have all written about using this law. As well as this Law being based also in Imagination ….. So I Imagine you giving a clue….. Let see if they were wrong…. 😉

        Thanks F , For all The cool things I have seen through this Chase , Nature , People , Art , Science , Math , and so many more things … That was a Treasure for me to be honest…. Again I never had a Million dollars , I never expected it ….. But , I think I got a Million Dollar Education studying this thing…

        You may have won this one F , But I’m still waiting to kick your butt on a Chess Board…. When Ever your ready Old Boy…. When Ever your Ready…..Take Care F and Dal , Have a Great week end…..

        OH could 11 be the place where you use the paddle that is not up your creek ? LOL figured a math joke was due here… You can’t “Paddle” because there is not one… Funny…..

        Thanks Forrest Fenn

        • Now I have to fiqure out what You are talking about. Let’s see: Mathmatical/ astrological symbol of sun is a circle with a dot in the middle, usually. The symbol for going home that relates to a mathmatical principle is a spiral. To native Americans this was about the Sipapu. According to their history they had been living underground in a cave system and came to the surfface at this place. The spiral symbol is also has an esoteric meaning for going withing mentally in meditation. To a scientist the spiral relates to the mathmatics of the golden mean.
          \varphi = \frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} = 1.6180339887
          Some twentieth-century artists and architects, including Le Corbusier and Dalí, have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio—especially in the form of the golden rectangle, in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio—believing this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing .
          Mathematicians since Euclid have studied the properties of the golden ratio, including its appearance in the dimensions of a regular pentagon and in a golden rectangle, which may be cut into a square and a smaller rectangle with the same aspect ratio. The golden ratio has also been used to analyze the proportions of natural objects.
          In the southwest there are several places that the pueblo Native believe they came to the surface. For now I will just guess that you are talking about the one near Taos, Sipapu.
          Am I close?

          • That’s pretty good Michael .. Pretty good.
            I was thinking along those lines my self . Where the Native came from I feel is as significant as where they return. Just my opinion here though. Thanks for the comment ..

  1. I might be on live with Forrest…a sorry replacement for Desertphile but maybe I’ll get to ask Forrest a question…put him on the spot…what do you think I should ask him???


    • CJ-
      As I understand, they are only LIVE for 8 hours a day and they make the stories available for on-demand streaming that evening…For instance, if you go to their live site right now you can watch the stories from earlier today.

  2. Can’t wait to see you both live.
    Ask Forrest if he and Eric Sloane spent time together in Yellowstone.

  3. I will tune in and still keep silent. I type and then erase, type and then erase. I wonder what new post/scrapbook f will put befor us for St. Valentine’s Day. I can only imagine. Really!… I believe I have an idea. I hope I’m wrong and he devotes it to Peggy. 🙂

  4. Dal

    Can you ask FF is the word that is key and or the key word the same or different, and is it in the poem? If he’s monitoring then he’ll be able to prepare to answer this question. Thanks.

  5. I love the Huffington post. So I will try to remember to check this out.
    I would not be surprised if Forrest drops a few very subtle hints and one clue.

    • I like the spirit of this question but the answer would give him to much opportunity to be elusive…for instance…what if the some of the nine clues were literary references or anagrams? He could say “no” and lead folks to believe that part of the solution was in Kansas…when in fact…part of the solution is in a book…

      • Advice given to me long ago about asking questions is not to ask a question that can be answered yes or no unless you are on the Titanic and want to know if there are any lifeboats hidden in the closet in front of you…

        • i think making a it a direct yes or no question makes it more difficult to be elusive if the question is going to be answered

          i worded the question in such a way as to avoid reference to certain clues that may relate to things outside the Rockies. for example if the question was, are all the clues n the Rocky Mtns?, then a hint related to Kansas could render the answer as “no”

          i think it is most likely that, irregardless of all the hints and clues in the poem, f wrote it such that it is taking you primarily on a path starting and ending at a geographical locations, and there may be hints referencing things located outside that path , but the path is still the path.

          so maybe someone can make a suggestion for improvement but i think the question hits the nail on the head pretty good

  6. I will be at work during that time,won’t get off until 10:45 there anyway someone can tape it and put it on here,or let me know what was asked and mr. forrest replys.tell mr. forrest good luck ,have some fun.

        • Lol, you dorks. 🙂 I know that. How about asking if waterS, in the poem’s context, describes a physical, literal PLACE.

          • Great question Mindy! Although, Forrest could answer in a clever way that would still leave doubt where my solve is concerned.

          • No doubt, 42. He won’t give anything away today, but it should be fun to watch. And fun to watch the explosion that erupts here around 6:00 pm EST. Lol 🙂

          • I like that question too. However, I think Forrest can pretty much answer any question accurately and still leave little doubt that he led anyone closer to the treasure. 🙂

          • Cling-
            I agree…but often his answers are terribly interesting…even if they tell you nothing…
            He’s a clever guy…

          • He has said this about ‘warm waters’ that suggests it is a place:

            “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. f”

    • Mindy just email and ask him that im sure he will tell you. I bet his answer would be a lot more water = waters lol that’s a Forrest kind of answer

  7. Hope to get to watch and hope he does not release any more clues. I am refined and ready. Is the time ET for Eastern? or is the time for the West? It would be interesting to see and hear his projection on when he thinks the chest will be taken. Will it be in 2015?

    • He said he would not answer that because we would go right to the treasure, so it is very close to the Home of Brown. Well he said something like this.

      • Lou,

        Yes.. That’s pretty much exactly what he said. I believe it was: “….If I told you that, you would go right to it”.

        I’m not sure that the implication is that HOB and the treasure are near each other though. It’s certainly logical that they are, but he could have also meant that if he gave you one solid known starting point, you could more easily follow the clues right to the treasure.

  8. Dal, question for Forrest: Forrest, do You consider Yourself to be a ‘Yes’ man? Yes or No…

  9. Ask him if he has plans for another treasure search once this one has been concluded.

    • That’s a good point! I really have no interest in the treasure. That isn’t totally accurate. I have some interest But I have to find it. I was forced down a path I didn’t choose. Don’t ask me to elaborate. Sometimes things in life go a certain direction and all the will power in the human spirit can’t prevent.

  10. I believe a new 6 questions with forrest will also be posted on the blog, mysterious writings, today..I wont be able to see the huffington post interview darn it. I hope someone can post the content of the interview on here..

      • Ed-
        Absolutely..particularly in the northern areas…
        Around Hayden…etc
        Also lodgepole, spruce, juniper…but what I don’t remember seeing there is pinyon…
        Maybe someone else knows about pinyon in or around the park..

        • So would it be fair to say that if your standing in a location that you can’t see or smell piñon or sagebrush you shouldn’t be searching for Forrests treasure (there) OR would that be reading into it too much. I never want to over or underestimate the things he says. Any thoughts on the video just wondering…doesn’t seem like an off hand remark. Very slickly presented makeup cameras lights…lots of prep.

          • Ed-
            I think it would be fair to say that…
            But I think it’s also fair to say that he was speaking figuratively and not literally…
            We hear a lot of that from Forrest.
            I think it’s often difficult to take his romantic descriptions as fact…
            I am sure others would argue with me all day about that..
            Heck…I might even argue with myself about it..
            In other words…I just want to think about it for awhile…roll it over in my mind..
            Who knows…maybe it’s back to NM for old Dal…

        • Yep Pinyon narrows down the search area. 🙂

          Pinyon is native to the southern Rocky Mountain region, predominantly in the foothills, from Colorado and Utah south to central Arizona and southern New Mexico. Also locally in southwestern Wyoming, extreme northwestern Oklahoma, the Trans-Pecos area of Texas, southeastern California and northwestern Mexico

          • Since that statement is not in the poem
            I can’t go with that , that growth of nature is everywhere 🙂

          • He says the smell of pine needles or piñon nuts. A pinon is a pine tree. So do pinon pines have needles and nuts?

          • yes, you are close… but NM claims t o be the Boss on this subject, and also insist that the proper spelling is pinon i found this from research.

    • That video is really cool, Dal…and Forrest. That really makes me want to visit New Mexico…again.

    • The treasure chest could easily get swept down river in a strong summer monsoon or a heavy spring snow melt, assuming it’s perpetually wet due to being in a river. No matter what precautions Forrest took to stabilize or anchor the chest, the power of mother nature could easily move that chest south in a flash flood to southern New Mexico or north to southern Montana if its in the Yellowstone River. If that happened, no one, not even FF would know the whereabouts of the treasure. I think Forrest would have anticipated this and chose to not “put in below” flash flood level. This could explain the unusual editing at the end of the ad about the treasure being wet. This is what he regrets, not the pinon nut comment. If everyone goes to the banks of swift moving western rivers, someone will invariable fall in.

      • Jesse-
        That is the reason most of us do not think it’s in a river, creek or stream. To much opportunity for failure. It would also be wet sometimes even if it were outside anywhere..unless it was in a cave or rock shelter. I don’t think the idea that it is wet is any kind of hint to the location…except maybe that it’s not in a dry cave..

        • Jesse you make a good point about flash floods… An unexpected large flash flood (or continuous flooding) could even reach an otherwise dry cave. So, I think Dal is right he did not hide it in a cave or a stream… so that narrows it down a bit ehh???

  11. Hmmm, maybe a couple of hints:

    1. Chest is wet
    2. Smell of piñon nuts…Wikipedia says they only grow up to an altitude of 8500 feet, and usually no lower than 6000 feet

    • Could that be what he wished he didn’t answer? It’s also possible that the question he wished he didn’t answer wasn’t included in the video.

      • True enough…but at some point one has to decide whether every word and/or conjunction f utters is scripted and intentional. What I heard was an off-the-cuff statement, no games IMO.

        Sounds like someone’s spot is outside of those altitude parameters:)

        Thankfully, the smell of piñon nuts can probably drift a few hundred feet…otherwise my spot might be ruled out as well!

    • also from Wiki…..Pinus edulis, the Colorado pinyon, two-needle pinyon, or piñon pine. It occurs at moderate altitudes from 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) to 2,400 metres (7,900 ft), rarely as low as 1,400 metres (4,600 ft) and as high as 3,000 metres (9,800 ft).

      So, it appears that it could be found from 5200′ to 9800’……

      • I was alluding to this entry in Wiki…of course it can be taken with a grain of salt…believe what you want…

        “American Piñon pine cone production is most commonly found at an elevation between 6,000 feet (1,800 m) and 8,500 feet (2,600 m), and ideally at 7,000 feet (2,100 m). This is due to higher temperatures at elevations lower than 6,000 feet (1,800 m) during the spring, which dry up humidity and moisture content (particularly snow packs) that provide for the tree throughout the spring and summer, causing little nourishment for pine cone maturity. Although there are several other environmental factors, such as clouds and rain, that determine the conditions of the eco-system, without sufficient water, trees tend to abort cones. High humidity encourages cone development.

        There are certain topographical areas found in lower elevations, such as shaded canyons, where the humidity remains constant throughout the spring and summer, allowing pine cones to fully mature and produce seed.

        At elevations above 8,500 feet (2,600 m), the temperature substantially drops, drastically affecting the state of the dormant cone. During the winter, frequent dramatic changes in temperature, along with drying, gusty winds, make the cones susceptible to freeze-drying that damages them permanently; in this case, growth is stunted and the seeds wither away.”

        Search away!!!

        • OK, let’s leave Wiki out of it!! 🙂

          SPECIES: Pinus edulis
          distribution of Colorado pinyon by state:

          State Elevation range References
          Arizona 4,000-7,500 feet …upper limit of 6,500 feet on north-facing slopes
          California 4,200-8,850 feet
          Colorado Occurs from 5,200 to 9,000 feet
          New Mexico 5,000-8,850 feet
          Texas >6000 feet
          Utah 5,000-8,400 feet….in Utah; upper limit of 8,400 feet on south-facing slopes

          Goog luck to Ua, Disco!!! 🙂

          • Gracias Crazy Wolf,

            According to your stats…the highest we can expect to see piñon is 9000 feet? Still seems like a little more information than we had before…agreed?

          • Disco, conditionally agreed!!

            If I had a strong solve @ 9800′, I’d go look!! Above that, probably not…..of course, that depends if you are searching where pinyons and sage are!!


    • This is not about elevation. The Pinus Edulus tree only grows in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. The Nevada version is called pine nuts by locals. None of these exist in Wy or or Montana and dont think u can smell them from there

      • Dude what are you smoking? Pinon pine are in Southern Wyoming. Stop repeating fallacies. New, Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. Very few in Montana.

  12. I would like to know the following:

    Other than the chapter containing the poem, what other one chapter in TTOTC might be of most use in finding the treasure?

    I don’t think he would be comfortable in answering that question, but he might. It doesn’t clearly give any new clue or hint, but could be helpful nonetheless.

  13. Forrest, Live? Over at H-Post? Cool!!! I’ll be sure to tune in. Oh and for those interested today is World Cancer Day and it’s also facebooks birthday, 11 yrs old. Lots happening today. Even Jenny Kile has her Annual, Feb. 4th, 6 questions with f. Marvelous day, oh happy day. Good day to all!


  14. HEAR ME ALL…
    4:45 EST
    It’s a virtual PARTY!
    join us as we LISTEN GOOD to FF.

    Ladies, grab a glass of sweet Texas tea, cowboy hat (mine looks like Diggin Gypsies), and Ugg booties.

    Guys, Levi’s, short sleeve blue shirt, cowboy hat, ice axe, and a above all…get your Southern drawl on!

    I’ll provide virtual Dr.Peppers and Fritos. Don’t miss out!

  15. I tried to get the interview on 2 computers and my phone. Couldn’t get through. Please post his remarks or clues….it was very frustrating…under live interview Huffington posted many but couldn’t.get Forrests. I’m sure I’m not alone…clutz that I must be

    • What’s critical about the 200′ is that F confirms it was someone who emailed where they were (that would indicate active searchers, not just random people), and that would mean that the treasure is within 200′ of some easily describable location. A specific ‘Place’.

      For instance, they couldn’t just say, “we were on the Madison River”. They would have to say something like, “we were at the confluence of the Red and the Rio and didn’t find squat”.

      • A trail/river would also be specific, yet still cover a large area.

        For instance if a searcher said they floated from the John Dunn bridge to Pilar and the chest was hidden within 200′ of the river, F could infer that they were within 200′ but didn’t know it.

  16. And there you have friends. That was nice Dal, Forrest and Mel! However I liked the other video posted by Dal earlier. That one gave me chills, listening to forrest.

    • Great job Forrest and Dal! What always takes me off guard is that for rugged, outdoor men you both have such gentlemanly mannered voices.

      Thanks Forrest for confirming 200ft and wet.

      Can Goofy load the video on Dal’s site for a recap?

      • Wet 🙂 is that submerged or condensation or water blown on the treasure. Really hard to put him in a box. No, I see now he won’t be cornered.

          • Yea snow is wet so probably telling us to wait. Which brings up another point, if it’s buried or covered up then how can it get wet unless he’s talking about the ground around the treasure. Here’s my best guess. It’s buried in sand up to the lid inside of a ‘can’ with a ‘slick’ over top of it in a very dark spot.

          • I don’t think it’s buried at all. Covered maybe? I don’t really think it’s covered in the sense that it’s in a cave or under a ledge, ect, but could be concealed slightly with some sort of natural land feature such as a rock or tree.

            It’s still a moot point for me, as I can’t move with confidence to a specific location.

    • Good Job Dal and Forrest!!!

      So, should we start a bake sale or something to come up with 100 million to buy a clue??? He said that “might” work…:)

      • He Guys… and gals… I just watched the video again and he said that if we had 100 million dollars that that would get us a clue!!! Yippee… Whose in??? I can make some pies…:)

  17. So it really will be worth the cold! Would the wet destroy the chest over time? Anyone? Also. He said something he regrets. Lots of people spill the beans sometimes. I am so ready for spring…..Game changer today, for sure.

    • The chest and it’s contents can’t be harmed by water. The chest is bronze, most of it’s contents are gold. Both will patina with exposure to the elements (the bronze more so than the gold), but no real harm.

      Forrest original said that he had several 500 & 1000 dollar bills that he was going to include, but was worried that they would be hurt by the elements so he left them out. My thought has always been that he might purchase back the bracelet with this cash. 🙂

  18. Good job, on all sites today. Huff, NM Tourism, and Jennys site. That narrowed it down some today. Thank you Forrest , Dal and Jenny!

  19. I enjoyed the interview, Forrest and Dal. You both sounded and looked great! Jenny Kile’s six question interview with Forrest, was also very good. Thanks for the fun, everyone!

  20. Tom, I experienced technical difficulties with Huffpost cutting out and stalling on both my iPad, and iPhone. thankfully I caught most of it. Looking forward to the recap.

  21. Ed, your logic fits the poem:

    1. “I can keep” my secret where
    2. “Listen” sounds like ‘sand’
    3. “Worth the cold” outside exposed to cold and weather

  22. awesome segment Dal and Forrest! Feels good to be a treasure hunter! now i can’t wait to get out there and find it, after all its just waiting there for me!

  23. The New Mexico tourism commercial showed a picture of my favorite search area: Diablo Canyon. Also known as Buckman, and Caja Del Rio. It’s an ancient place of mystery, with steep walls decorated with climbers. The river bed is dry, flat, and easy for me to walk down.
    I was looking at it on Google Earth when I happened to see what looked like ruins of some structures nearby. Since it is an old site for natives and ranchers there is likely some places up there to find and explore. I saw some mounds and the corner of a building in the sagebrush.
    As for the interview, I admit I kept falling asleep while watching it.

    • The Tourism commercial was really the best! However I Loved seeing Forrest, and Dal was great talking about how much fun it is to hunt. But really really Loved the commercial, showed the Romance of the hunt, and being in Love with the Mountains!
      Forrest is so cute.

  24. Dal and Forrest – great segment on Huffpost! I really enjoyed the stories of your treasure hunting adventures Dal – you should write a book about them. 🙂

    • Forrest and Dal

      Here is a song from you two to the searchers

      “Let’s give them something to talk about ” 🙂

  25. I am wondering if Forrest said he said something she should not of because its not within the search area or because its too big of a clue. Meaning the Pinion Pine Nut comment. Could go either way, What do you all think? He said the chest was wet. but did he mean under snow, as he said it in winter months or does he mean in water? Right?

      • After his statement about it being wet would make one think it was sumerged but he wanted to be with the chest so unless he was anchored to a rock or thowing himself into a stream to be washed down I couldnt imagine that would be the case IMO. I would assume that another criteria would come into play for him to make that statement. Maybe a levee broke and made the news but that being said he didn’t think it was a 100% wet at the time he made the statement on Jenny’s blog

  26. All in all it’s a nice try at getting people excited about Treasure but has the search narrowed? No,so let’s go back to the poem and books. Thanks Dal & ff…:-)

    • Pieces – your expressing an opinion please state IMO … many others will say YES he narrowed the search BIG TIME!

  27. Great story Forrest and Dal. Thanks for taking the time. Also thanks for the NM tourism spot Forrest, some really beautiful county.

    I might as well put my two cents in too. IMO the pine needles OR pinyon nuts is a big ?????. Pine needles covers almost all of the four states but pinyon nuts limits it to CO and NM. Wikipedia shows that Artemisia tridentata, the most common type of sage brush covers a lot of WY and MN and more limited in NM and CO. Sage brush also leaves out a lot of Yellowstone. As most of FF clues, these seem to leave more questions than answers.

    Time to sit back and do a lot more research before the snow all melts.

    • Imo folks are missing the point. It’s about the article Forrest chose… He chose pine needles “Or” piñon,..and sage which were tacked on. Eliminate sage as it’s in all four states and ask yourself why he didn’t choose “and”
      He’s a brilliant wordsmith and tactician, and he’s winning! Your cowboy hat and jeans are a winning combination too. Well played Forrest.

  28. Here is my take on the Pinyon and Sage…

    Add Pinyon wood and Sage to your search supplies…

    Once you are at your location:

    Build a campfire and put some Pinyon wood on the fire…There you can smell the Pinyon…

    Use Sage to cleanse the area…

    “Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. While Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized form of it today, it has nevertheless been a shared practice in other cultures too.”

    There… now we can search anywhere in the Four States…:) imho

    • Piñon nuts,pine needles and sage brush..200ft and it’s wet right now…and first line answer Q6″ It might be better to move FATHER away from the story,Jenny. But I’ve never been a successful bystander.”
      Is this a misspell or another clue…” FURTHER”…
      Thanks Dal and Jenny and you to Forrest for an interesting evening.

        • I don’t quite know yet Lia but in my opinion he might be saying that there are no clues in the stories about his father in TTOTC..So anything that mentions his father should be skipped…Ooor should be looked at closely . Just kind of an odd word to misspell but with auto correct ,who knows.

          • Thanks Ounat. Since wm was the principal I plan to pay attention to those stories. At 3 am I woke and finally made sense of the listen good line of the poem. We all have such a different o’pinion’ on how to interpret the poem, memoirs, and everything Forrest says.

  29. Question for Dal.. Do you know if Mr Fenn bought general / colonel Custer’s sword at a recent auction , to go along with Sitting Bull’s pipe. Just seem to be in the know.

  30. In my opinion, if your solve is in WY or Montana, Forestt eliminated those states today. See where Pinon nuts grow at PinonNuts dot org

    • I don’t think so Guest. Just a man speaking off the cuff, leisurely and romantically about the west and the places he loves. I don’t think he had any intention of eliminating any part of the area we are already searching. This is not the first time Forrest has said things, which if taken literally, would be a clue. He doesn’t use a script. He doesn’t memorize answers because he never knows what the questions will be. That’s a politician’s trick and not Forrest’s way. If you start applying “fact finding” to everything Forrest has said about the treasure in the past four and a half years you will find many, many issues. I think what it says instead is that it’s important not to analyze every syllable that he utters for clues…or you will lose out. He also said today that he isn’t handing out any more clues…so which do you believe…no more clues or that he gave a clue??

      Finally…that video was edited together by professionals. It is slick and it is beautiful. But put into the hands of a good editor Forrest could come out saying darn near anything the editor wanted and the viewer/listener would never know. The tourism folks had an agenda…”bring visitors to New Mexico”. So it is in their best interest to make Forrest sound as if the treasure is in NM…I doubt that Forrest had editorial control over the story…In fact, he may have never even seen it until it was released.

      Another point…In the tourism video he says “There is one thing I told you that I wish I had not.” We have no idea what that thing is because they most likely shot much more interview than ended up in the finished product. The “thing” he is talking about may not even be in the final video. So why did they put that remark in…because it’s titillating, evocative and promotes their cause.

      I believe that if anyone feels Forrest has eliminated part of the known search area because of his edited words in this story than they have become victims to exactly what the New Mexico Tourism folks hoped your reaction would be as you head out to spend $$ looking for Forrest’s treasure.


      • I would point out that pinon nuts are found anywhere pine tress are located–that’s how they reproduce. Some folks are interpreting Forrests statement to mean Pinyon pine tree nuts even though I think he said “pinon nuts” which could refer to pine nuts from any pine tree. I would note that pinion nuts are found in all four states and especially in higher elevations. In Wyoming and Montana, the white bark pine nuts are especially important to the diet if grizzlies, squirrels and also harvested by man. Like everything else Forrests says, his statement can be interpreted several ways. If folks are dissuaded from searching in Wyoming and Montana I guess that’s ok too. Cuts the competition!

      • After much thought I think when he said “There is one thing I told you that I wish I had not.” could also mean he regretted saying” pinon nuts” because he suddenly realized that some searchers would interpret that to mean the kind of pine nuts that are associated with Pinyon Pine trees found in NM and CO when in fact the treasure is NOT located in those 2 states. And he can’t go back and correct himself and say “I didn’t mean from the Pinon/Pinyon Tree” because that would be too big a clue. So again it’s best not to read too much into his off-the-cuff statements. I agree Dal, the tourism board could have edited off that last statement but they knew it would draw more people/searchers to NM. IMO, he didn’t eliminate any states with that comment.

        • Theat comment made it look like pinion nuts but editors like to make things look the way they want. I would love to see the whole interview to judge for myself, because partial facts don’t cut it for me. Maybe someone can get the tape – maybe someone that is in that line of business! hint hint

        • If the other states were smart, they would also be doing videos about the treasure being in their states.

      • Dal,
        For the most part I agree with what you are saying, but on the other hand one has to be careful of personal bias which can rationalize searchers to stay in Montana and Wyoming. That is where your WWWH is based, is it not?

        So from my perspective I expect people who are focused in these states that have the potential of being removed to rationize it with such interpretations. Which begs the question, what type of statement or fact does he need to say to convince you that it would not be in those states? What if he said, “As I stood on the treasure below latitude 41” would that be good enough? Because I could see that rationalized as well.

        Now as far your other statement – “He also said today that he isn’t handing out any more clues…” that statement is false because he was asked in the context of his books he wrote and we all know the fact is he gave out “clues” on the Today Show. So that is a contradiction that needs to be address since he removed two states on the Today Show, which many would consider a pretty big clues even if one thinks the definition of a clue only get you closer to the treasure.

        I will repeat, I am causious as well but I am just making some additional observations.

      • I believe what Dal said about the NM tourism video. I didn’t see it before it was released, but no matter, There are a few misconceptions floating around in space so maybe it’s time for me to comment on several of them.
        I have never used any name on the blogs other than Forrest Fenn and Forrest Fire, nor have I said anything with the idea of leading or misleading a searcher. I was joking on HuffPost Live yesterday when I offered a clue for one hundred million dollars, but after thinking on it overnight I’ve decided to let the offer stand. If accepted I will hide a treasure worth $100,000,000 somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, but it might take me a while to write the poem. f

        • good Morning Mr. Fenn,
          I enjoyed your video alot. Good to see you out in public again – just like the good old days.

          That said, have you ever seen (or smelled) pinion nuts in all four states through out your travels? Or do you call Whitebark pine “pinon” down south?

          • My smell is not that good and I am not sure what these would smell like, so I will just stick with my original solve.

        • Hey Forrest Fire, What’s up!? I watched that piece on H-Post yesterday, holy toledo you’re looking great! What’s your secret? Oh and that NM Tourism Vid was so beautiful. WOW! God is Great!!!

          • VGboss, you’re right, Forrest looks great. What a blessing to be hale and active. He’s reciprocated the healing NM brought him by invigorating interest in experiencing the Creator’s kiss of beauty on NM.

        • Forrest,

          Good to see you’re following this thread!

          You said you believe Dal’s comment about speaking off the cuff and the video being edited without your control. Fair enough.

          However, many dedicated searchers, upon hearing that you could smell Pinyon nuts in the vicinity of the treasure, where you said you were standing, and that you know the treasure chest is wet, may in fact extremely narrow their map.

          This could have a very negative (or positive?) impact on their efforts and time invested in the search.

          You did say “If I was standing where the treasure chest is…”, not when I’m standing in the mountains.

          It’s quite a leap of faith for many to disregard something as clever editing when they can watch and hear you say it. I’ve read many posts on the blogs, and many are struggling with this.


          • Halogetter, I just watched that New Mexico Tourism video again and must say that I didn’t say what I was thinking. You cannot smell a pinon nut, but those who pick them know that in doing so you get pine pitch all over your hands, and pine pitch smells about the same no matter what kind of pine tree you are talking about. Looking back I think I wanted to say I could smell pine needles, not pinon nuts. Sorry I kicked a hornet’s nest with that comment. There is no clue there. Incidentally, when I get pine pitch on my hands I rub butter on the spots and that solves the problem. Of course then I have trouble getting the butter off. f

          • Forrest,

            Thank you for describing some of the sights and smells at the treasure location.

            Can you also tell us what the treasure location sounds like?

          • Mr. Fenn,
            I understand you cannot smell a pinion nut, that makes sense, however your explaination of that slip doesn’t explain why you used the word “pinion”. Nut or no nut, your explanation still doesn’t answer the fact that the location still has a pinion near it even if you cannot smell it!

          • “Trouble getting the butter off” – that’s really funny. Try kerosene..well, I don’t know, saop after that?

        • Mr. Fenn – I have a major issue with this statement. You just said “nor have I said anything with the idea of leading or misleading a searcher.”

          Then you said this yesterday iin the 6 more Questions segment at Jenny Kile’s Mysterious Writings:

          3Q) In your memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, after the poem, you mention there are subtle clues sprinkled throughout that book. You have said you hadn’t deliberately placed these subtle hints in your book; but have you done so in any of your other writings mentioned in Question two (scrapbooks, vignettes, etc)? Or, even if maybe not purposely sprinkled in those writings of Q2, would you consider some of those to contain subtle hints too, like in The Thrill of the Chase?

          [your reply]
          “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out.”

          But, and this is a BIG BUT, you just said you have not given out any clues outside your book nullifying this previous statement (I am paraphrasing here because I don’t have the video handy)

          OK, I have an issue with that statement – Since you do not misleand and If you don’t want to reveal if clues/hints exist outside your books, then how come you came out a few hours later saying there aren’t any clues outside your book? What were those clues/hints you gave out on the Today Show? And what do you classify the statement “below 10,200 feet?” as if it isn’t a clue/hint?

          I am really confused even more now. Please help!

          • Wolf-
            This has all been hashed over before. Goofy and some others had a big discussion about this issue a couple of years ago.

            Forrest makes a differentiation between clues and hints. He wrote about it on this blog. The most important point to keep in mind is that Forrest has stipulated that a CLUE moves you closer to the chest. He said yesterday that he isn’t going to give out any more CLUES…nothing about hints.

            So…using Forrest’s logic…If the pinyon nuts had not been a mistake…would it have been a CLUE?

            In my opinion no…because there are tens of millions of pinyon trees in the arid west and you still wouldn’t necessarily be any closer to the chest by simply looking only where there are pinyon pines. It was not a CLUE like…”and take it in the canyon down”, which gives you a direction and if followed accurately moves you closer to the chest.

            I understand this is hard to grasp. Many cannot. I’m not even certain I have but I know there is a difference in Forrest’s mind. I know that he occasionally gives out hints…but by his own admonition will not provide you with any directions or “CLUES” that will move you closer to the chest.

            He is not going to say that it’s in New Mexico or that it’s near Laramie, WY or that WWWH is at such and such lat/lon.

            So…plenty of hints from Forrest…but knowing these hints will not physically move you closer to the chest.

            This is my interpretation based on what Forrest has said on this very blog…

            I am sure you want to read where all this discussion actually occurred…

            Perhaps someone more sympathetic will give you a CLUE as to where this discussion is on the blog and move you closer to finding it.

          • Dal,
            No need to direct me to this discussion. We have already had it – don’t you remember? I will refresh your memory. I admitted to the fact that clues move you closer to the treasure I am a big proponent of this theory. I see it exactly as you have explained it – no argument here. It was the context of which I asked the question. Please re-read my post to see that it can be misleading if there is such a tight definition of clue. I understand it as you do, but I am sure Mr. Fenn is well aware of the confusion this can cause among the vast majority of the other searchers.

            I guess it gets philosophical from here. One could make a significant argument that if you were searching above 10,200 or in Utah or Idaho or Canada that those “hints” moved those searchers a lot closer to the treasure. On the other hand if a clue is a very strict set of directions (i.e. to start here and then go here and then finish here) that there can be no more clues possible because he has already given all of the possible directions required to get to the exact point. We have a start and we have the middle and we have the end – what else is there to give if a clue can only move you closer?

            The Wolf

          • Wolf having been there done that and without rehashing the “Great Useless Clue Debacle” I think the misunderstanding comes from what Fenn defines as a clue.

            He’s in a difficult position of promoting the chase without giving out any additional information…….Like I said the other day I don’t believe it’s possible for him to speak about anything without inadvertently talking about the treasure or couldn’t somehow be connected to the treasure with enough imagination.

            Any connections to the treasure will only be revealed after it’s found not before. So the information is of no value for finding the treasure.

            If he pointed out what information is directly connected to the treasure then he would be giving away too much information. Just for example he’s talked about the Santa Fe Trail, is it connected to the treasure….maybe. He’s talked about the junction of the rivers where Dal is searching and even had Dal take a picture for his new book. Does that have anything to do with the treasure…..maybe.

            I could go on and on about things he’s talked about……Do any of them have anything to do with the treasure; probably. But we don’t know which so it is of no value……….All this is just my opinion.

            A word to the wise; if he asked you if you have ever kissed a mule’s butt, it’s time to shut up. 🙂

          • While I do not care about Wolf and his chase, or the fact that he may not require my input, I feel a need to add a comment to Dal and Goofy. …

            He asked Forrest… not you. And please understand this is not an attempt at “smartassism” (Websters, please add that too your collection), it is more of a sociological plea to let a searcher ask Forrest a question if he mentions a person by name. Don’t feel the need to try and jump in as the authoritative voice.

            Do you think Wolf hasn’t already deduced the notions you speak about in your reply? He’s a smart guy. He already knows that stuff.

            I feel its just something you should think about next time you feel the need to
            speak as the authority of another person. Despite whether Forrest answers him or not, I think that’s where the conversation should remain…..between them.

          • Iron Will, I agree. When I ask forrest a rare question. Goofy old dude came on a baratted me on the blog, like I committed a crime. But I gave him back the business.

          • Dal/Goofy,

            Guys guys guys, what are you doing?

            I had Forrest in the cross-hairs! I had never witness such back peddling before in my life!

            We were on the one yard line with 30 seconds left in the chase Super Bowl – I just knew I should have called a time out! Instead I called an audible and you guys came in an intercepted the pass with that “This is a clue 101 lecture” Of course I know what a clue is, I wrote a whole chapter on it!!!! We got to get on the same page – team.

            Since one of you is from Seattle you should know better, and Goofy what is your excuse? Are you some former Seahawk offensive line coach or something.

            Thats it I am calling an early Chase practice tomorrow. You guys are going to be doing lots of laps starting at 6 am!!!!

            BTW – I kissed a mule’s butt before, but in my defence I tripped over a milk bucket!

            All in fun,
            The Wolf

        • Hi Forrest! I still would like to see your underwear collection. Well with you in it…LOL

          • Sorry, hee hee, just trying to be funny. Please dont moderate me dear dal.
            And oh Forrest. Thanks so much for clearing things up on the Pinion Pine Nuts.
            I grew up on land that had all Pinion Tree’s on it. And I always thought they had a special smell. Different from others.
            I Love roasted Pine Nuts on everything! I am a little nut myself…
            I knew it, kinda that you did not maybe mean what you said. Just that womans intuition. Love YA!

        • Forrest –

          Having told Halogetter that you kicked the hornets nest with the statement about pinyon nuts, if you could start over with that whole statement about where the chest is, how would you say it?

          Some times it best to just slam the door and start over, as I recall some one once saying.

          • Actually there is a whole sport devoted to it called geocaching. The physical treasures found might not have the allure of Forrest’s chest, but the adventures finding them are just as real.

        • Forrest, in the recent article with the santa fe new mexican, the photo of you that accompanies it really shows how handsome you are!
          And thank you so much for making every day something exciting beyond our dreams! I’m sure many will agree we are glued to dal’s and other blogs just thrilled
          with every new post and eachothers’ comments!

      • I believe f knows his pinon nuts. These things are special in NM, and they were also found in remains at Pompeii.

  31. Did he say “wet” or “whet”?

    noun: whet; plural noun: whets

    a thing that stimulates appetite or desire.
    “he swallowed his two dozen oysters as a whet”

    • Jack…I think he only could have meant “whet” if there had been more words after the word in:
      “has whet many appetites.”
      “is whetting the desire to see the Rocky Mountains.”
      It does seem peculiar how the word “wet” or “whet” is clipped at the end…so maybe there were more words at the end and they just got edited off..

      If it is “wet” he could have said..
      “…is wet some of the time.”
      “…is wet as anything outdoors would be sometimes.”

      This kind of thing is always a possibility and exemplifies why I hardly ever accept Forrest’s “edited” statements as fact.

      I only trust what Forrest writes..not what is reported that he said by a journalist and in spots such as the ones we are analyzing where Forrest’s words could have been edited to within an inch of their life by folks who had an agenda and needed to turn the treasure hunt into a tourism promo.

      • Good observation about the editing aspect. I was surprised to learn that whet is also a noun and so you could plug that definition into the statement, such as “I know the treasure is whet (a thing that stimulates appetite or desire.) Forrest seems to enjoy wordplay, so he could be using it to give a non-clue just for fun.

        BTW, nice job of speaking for all of us amateur treasure hunters having fun and adventures.

      • this makes sense, and makes me feel better! I’m thinking more and more that if its a tourism add for New Mexico then it has to fit New Mexico.

      • I think Mr. Fenn is being literal here – its probably in snow and therefore wet right now. imo

  32. Forrest now confirms that searchers have been within 200 feet with only solving two clues. I’m not buying it. First, how could he be so certain that searchers have been that close and wouldnt they realize the specialness of the place from that distance? He speaks as though they are just wandering around not knowing that they’ve solved the clues and yet they’ve explained to him in great enough detail that he can say with such affirmation 200 feet! This is not adding up. Forrest is clearly holding something back. Either more clues have been solved or this place where the treasure lies is so common that an average tourist with no knowledge of the chase can be within 200 feet of the chest. If the later is true, is it possible that no one has found the chest in four years? I think that scenario is highly unlikely. That would also bring into question the “close proximity to a human trail” comment. Is 200 feet not close proximity? If you were in a plane I guarantee that 200 feet would feel like “close proximity.” If you were lost in the woods 200 feet from a road, I guarantee that you would find it. 200 feet is very close and 2 clues doesn’t add up.

    • Didn’t Forrest say a searcher was within “striking distance”? Not sure of the exact quote. I think a searcher knows the area. To be within striking distance the search would have to know more than the first 2 clues, maybe 7.

      • Not that it matters to me anymore C. Horse, but let me hit you with a dose of vocabulary…..

        According to Forrest’s words using factual deduction…

        The treasure chest is withing striking distance.
        Striking distance is within 200 feet.
        200 feet is within 500 feet.

        I did the math for you…you figure the rest out.

    • As I recall Forrest stated that people have solved the first two clues and gone right past the rest of them. This tells me a lot.
      Logic and reasoning…….

      He also has stated he knows because people have shared their solves with him via email…..

  33. My guess of 200 feet would be it’s off a main highway. And if the searcher was on that main highway then they passed it up . Otherwise I have no idea. 🙂

        • Aha! Just get more lost than you were before by 200 feet more in any direction. Keep this our secret. Since I can’t remember where I was when I was lost last we will have to go to where you were last lost.

  34. Well, yes, Forrest is holding back something. I will add my two cents here. Is Forrest talking about 200 feet in measurement or Two hundred feet as in physical feet? At this point, I am open to anything…

  35. Question posted 7/3/2014:

    Hi Forrest, you said it was a man who came physically closest to the treasure, but who has come mentally closest, like, who seems most likely to interpret the clues correctly – man or woman? ~Lily McG

    She’s playing the gender card folks but I’m wise to it. Perhaps all searchers think they have been mentally close to the treasure but that doesn’t matter much when you get to the bank. A man has been within striking distance but so have some women. That’s probably not a good subject to discuss considering the volcanic effect it could have in certain blog arenas. I wish someone would ask me a question that I would feel comfortable answering, like what color is a daffodil.f

  36. Thinking all night about what forrest said in the commercial. Seemed like he was dreaming and talking about a beautiful place. And It really made me feel great. Can’t wait to go hiking and camping again! I am not sure how I will ever get away much, since I am caring for my handicapped sister 24-7.
    I am wondering what you all think about the Pine Nut comment and the comment about “Saying something I wish I Didn’t”.
    Now I am wondering if he was just talking of the kind of place the treasure is….and he was just talking about the kind of things “HE” likes. But it does not mean Pine Nuts by the treasure. And why he said he said something he should not of is because Pine Nuts do not grow there. You know what I mean? Its really making me and I am sure you all really think more and more. Right? Dal? You Know forrest well.

    • Dal, sorry I was writing at the same time as you. So looks like you posted about what I was asking. funny

  37. mr. forrest is not going to give a clue .I think there are a lot of nuts out there, with their own opnions.they don’t know diddly squat.if your digging up a national forest,you got to be nuts,I don’t mean crazy mental. just silly,you know not to be doing stuff like that.etc.thats what I get out of it.i could be wrong tho.

  38. “If I were standing where the treasure chest is, I would see…”animals”?
    Viewing the mountains and trees is possible any time, but how do you guarantee that you are going to see “animals?” If they are in the wild, there is no guarantee that they will appear just because you are standing there. Maybe a zoo?…maybe statuary?…not likely, but food for thought.

  39. So after thinking about it last night, did anyone else think the moderator was unduly unimpressed by Forrest’s hidden treasure?
    He seemed not to listen to Forrest describing the hundreds of rubies, nuggets, sapphires, etc as though he didn’t believe it’s really out there.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I really wanted to see and hear more from forrest. I thought the dude interviewing was kinda rude to not show more respect to him. He was Cocky.

    • wh, I don’t think he was unimpressed, I think he forgot to do his homework before the interview…….he didn’t have a clue ! 🙂 🙂

  40. Dal, you have the patience of Job. Forrest Fire, you you’re just patient. Goofy, well, you know…. Me, I’d have expletives all over the the place… Fenn has given a poem, book(s), map, and an insight into his life. Go enjoy the outdoors, picnic, fish, walk, enjoy life. That’s worth a million. If you happen upon the chest, well bouya!!

  41. Everyone – I think all this hub-bub about pine trees & smells might be my fault. Here’s why. Not long ago I asked FF to explain to me the di-ff-erences in pine, pinon, pinion, & pinyon. I have several 100-year old pine trees lining my driveway. Never heard of the other words. I was arguing with him (that got him to email me back) about smells & nuts & sizes of pinecones. I had been saying that I cannot smell the pine scent unless I crush the needles. I think I talked about sap & other stu-ff. If he made that NM video spot shortly after my “mess”, It would have still been on his mind – big time – both the heated discussion & the subject. Anyway – I think it was me. My hornet’s nest … not his. Again … it was me.

    • So Becky you think it’s all your fault……..I’m good with that; you’re banned forever. 🙂

      Just kidding……It’s not your fault. He could have talked about what he had on his cheeseburger and it would cause a ruckus. The animals are getting restless from being caged all winter.

  42. Great interview.Forrest and Dal seem to be true professionals and make treasure hunters look good.I have to chuckle at some of the posts on the thread.I believe some searchers wont be happy until forrest walks them to the spot.This is a great challenge, so i hope no more clues are given out…In a pinch, WD-40 works great for removing pine sap from skin.

  43. Aaaaargh….I second the pirate’s sentiments!

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the only person with actual skin in this game is Forrest and he is one helluva good sport. If this chase has ceased to be fun for you, or if you are bothered by questions of FF’s honesty, then cut your losses and head back to to the beach. Life is too short not to enjoy this chase or any other for that matter. I am reminded of a story:

    A man stops at a gas station just outside of town. He says to the attendant, “I am thinking of relocating, what sort of folks live in the town up ahead?” The attendant replies, “What sort of folks live in the town where you currently reside?” The man snorts, “A bunch of lazy, no good, lying gossips. I’ll be glad to be rid of them”. The attendant informs the man, “Well, that’s pretty much what you’ll find here.”

    Later that afternoon, a lady stops at the same gas station. She says to the attendant, “I am relocating for a job, what sort of folks live in the town up ahead?” The attendant replies, “Tell me, what sort of folks live in the town where you currently reside?” The lady smiles and says, “They are the nicest, most honest folks you could care to know. I will miss them terribly.” The attendant says simply, “Well, that’s pretty much what you’ll find here too.”

    My comments and this story are not aimed at anyone in particular. Just my thoughts. Cheers!

  44. In defense to Goofy, I like his statements and find him refreshing. He seems to play a devil’s advocate at times and makes comments of his own, in which he is also , entitled to. Give the guy a break, I’d really miss him if he replied no more. You know, if you offended Forrest, would you not feel a little upset if He was no longer involved, reading and answering your statements. I think Goofy has given us a lot of information , as in, saving time on research. Hell, he doesn’t have to do this for us. Good luck finding all this info., your self….Love you Goofy, thanks.

        • Wolf, didn’t see your analogy on the Superbowl, but will look back on your comments. From Massachusetts, don’t think I need to say more on that subject. I did see your humor, no offense (or defense) taken. Like hearing your thoughts as well…

      • Great post, Lois!!! And I agree on all points.

        LOL! You gotta overlook Wolf sometimes. For some reason, he can’t keep his foot out of his mouth!! 🙂
        (just teasin’ Wolfie, ya know I luv ya!! 🙂 )

        Good luck Lois

        • Thanks locobolo (Crazy Wolf). Just wanted to give thanks to GOG. No hurt intended to anyone, just defending myself. (Wolf) Good Luck to You as well…

          • Awe come on Lois – you got to admit that was funny. No ill will intended – just humour. I guess you didn’t like my Super Bowl analogy either? Note to self, don’t give up my day job!

    • Calling the three bears…
      Forrest, Dal, Goofy

      Forrest, A million thanks for the thrill of the chase – what a privilege to interact with you. Your generosity and spirit make it worthwhile and FUN! I look forward daily to waking just to check the TOTC blogs.

      Dal & Goofy – thank you for facilitating this wonderful exchange of solutions, ideas and a community of friends!!

      THANKS, Goldilocks

    • Thank you Lois…….flattery will get you anywhere. Even though we’ve never met you are obviously a lady and a scholar; your kindness and eloquence could only be exceeded by your good looks.

      • Thanks, Goofy. I meant every word I said. So are you saying, “It doesn’t matter who you are…it only matters if your good looking”? the French guy’s grave stone, at the cemetery, read: “smile at a homely girl” hmmm….

  45. Does anyone know what kind of Sheep and/or Rams those are in the video right before Forrest starts talking about piñon??? They have some big horns or racks????

    • Spallies..
      I think you just named them. They are called Bighorn Sheep. They are a trophy animal for big game hunters and also considered a prize to view by the rest of us.

  46. After watching the New Mexico tourist video again on … local channel 13…
    I noticed at the very end The news caster had the image of Diablo Canyon on her video monitor. I just had to double check where I had seen it in the video.

    One question I have is: how far up the canyon should I be before I go down?
    I usually just start from a parking lot whatever canyon I am in.

  47. Still here… Watching the dust slowly falling to its depths once again. The last few days have been interesting. I remember many of my special places in the mountains. What I would hear, see and smell were not only what was going to happen but what was once was and how things were used by those of the past. Yet, I never experienced many of the things I was meant to experience, but it lives all around me. Perhaps all my senses are just that, only my mind to explain the rest to me. Don’t you think something is missing. I am sure you can tell. Now where was I? Ah yes, the same place….the beginning of my solve.

  48. Forget Pinon nuts! We need to get our focus back to what on earth within the four state search area is Home of Brown. I’m beginning to think this is the key to the treasure, the elusive undefined clue in the poem. Forest recently mentioned that no searcher (as of the end of 2014) had given him the correct solve beyond the first two clues. I tend to believe “put in below the HOB” is the 3rd clue. It seems logical to me that we can safely eliminate some of the popular HOB ideas we’ve seen mentioned on the blog in the past i.e. Molly Brown Museum, Hebgen Lake, Ranger Brown station and others. You’d think several searchers would have emailed Fenn these ideas. I’m also beginning to think that HOB can only be discovered when out exploring, and not through Google Earth. It seems like HOB is a small, specific doorway leading to the treasure, and you can walk through that doorway with confidence once you discover it. But you have to get closer than 200ft to notice it.

    • Dan, IMHO you are emphasizing the wrong part of “Put in below the home of Brown” The capital “B” may-B to distract your attention away, as it may just have done.

  49. .
    I agree with your point, to a degree. But, isn’t it like watching guys box, and then complaining that “he got all riled” up, when it’s just a natural part of the contest. Some contests are bound to put people on edge at times.

    Well, that and there’s been a full moon the last few days – in fact, it’s out right now.

  50. We have an ample supply of pine nuts at the ready at all times. My significant other is Lebanese and many of the customary dishes use them. I just looked in the icebox and there’s a 1.5 lb. bag of them (no treasure chest nearby) just waiting to get toasted up. Yum ! I believe Forrest knew what he was doing when he commented about wishing he hadn’t shared one thing in answering the questions. Look at the man’s face as he says it. That grin seems to say more than any of the rest of his comments put together. He is obviously having a blast and knew that all of the fish laying in wait would strike immediately…sure enough, his choice of fly was correct again ! So, which comment did he really mean ?

    • I think that he may have meant a previous comment he made. Perhaps one he made in a Scrapbook post here on this blog a few weeks back. There was one glaring comment that got under my skin, regarding a popular search area, that I will try and look at one more time. Today I am going there with my mother. She is eighty years old, and grew up in northwestern Montana. So, she will be a good measure of where a 80 yaer old man would go. Except she is more intuitive than anyone I know.

      • Michael, his comment was directed at having answered most of the questions that were asked during the interview…IMO

      • I didn’t notice anything unusual during the interview. Perhaps because the quality of the Huffington Post Live site just was technically too busy. If somebody knows where we may view a transcript of the interview we may be able to understand and analyze it better.

        • I think you guys are confusing the Huff Post interview with the TV Commercial. It’s the commercial in which he makes the comment that there was a question that he wishes he hadn’t answered.

          • Thanks EF… no confusion on my part. Just trying to help Michael keep the story straight…the commercial did include an interview w/ Forrest.

  51. We all know there are 9 clues in the poem. I would also like to know if there are any hints in the poem.

    • …I’d hope some of the excess phrases in the poem are more than filler. Words or subtle hints that he purposely chose to reaffirm you’re getting warmer ie. Canyon Down = you might travel past something called Blue Canyon, before you arrive at the next clue. IMO

  52. BW

    Ha lol you can do this use your imigination 🙂 as of now my solve is done, there is only one place where I believe that u start, and where u end. Other than that I have no other location 🙂

    Good luck BW

  53. I have been at this poem for about a year and i also have only one solve figured out.You sound confident in your solve Amy.I say goodluck to you in spite of the fact i think my solve is gucci and your solve is polo 😉

  54. Lol thank u I’m going to Colorado
    I just finished the Chroma book
    Forrest I hope it’s not on your property , 🙂 everybody should read the book Ansley did a great job it was hard to put down. 🙂 just awesome

  55. I just seen Air Force One fly by my office in Indianapolis. It was pretty cool, I had never seen it before.

    • And the presidential motorcade just went by my office also, secret service helicopters are buzzing us. It is interesting.

  56. Another Albuquerque news article.

    ‘Real-life Indiana Jones’ drops clue to buried treasure in NM Tourism video

    “If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles or piñon nuts, sage brush. And I know the treasure chest is wet,” he says.

    Later in the video, Fenn says he revealed too much. “There’s one thing I told you that I wish I had not,” he says.

      • You are right Ed, that New Mexico tourism video is getting a lot of exposure. I did not intend for my comment about pinon nuts to be a clue, and certainly no one should believe I was trying to say the treasure is hidden in New Mexico. Shame on me for saying that. f

        • Forrest

          Thanks for clarifying, it doesn’t shake the confidence in my spot 🙂 I understand pinon nuts don’t have a scent and it’s the pine pitch you were referring too.

        • Gee Whiz, I never could have imagined that quietly uttering “pinon nut” could cause such a flurry. Forrest, referring to that little nut sure makes this chase more intriguing but I must admit that I’m glad everyone isn’t looking at me for saying it… I’m planning on making some pesto this weekend–so I’ll be thinking of you..

        • I understood the video to say “pine needles or piñon nuts”. One or the other. Not sure why everyone is only focusing on the one thing and not the other. Of course, I also only listen for entertainment reasons. In my opinion the poem has told me all that I need.

  57. The big question for me is it within 200 feet as a circle or 200 feet direct line. Depending on your route it could be more than 200 feet of exploring but still within a 200 foot circle. Or 200 feet in elevation….he was a pilot and may be thinking of altitude.

    Also, I did call him after my trip and told him where was and he said “well why didn’t you go pick it up”. I told him an obstacle prevented me from continuing beyond that spot. I had to leave for home the next day at 3am so I did not get back there. If I had more time I could have taken another route to get around the obstacle.

    My spot was in New Mexico. I could have been a thousand miles away from the chest for all I know. But when he said someone called him and told him where they were, it gave me renewed hope about my solve.

  58. The big question for me is; What is the barometer reading for the overall difficulty level of this challenge?..What would be tougher,(a) climbing mt.everest (b) swimming the english channel (c) spending a weekend alone with goofy old guy (d) finding forrest’ chest? ….something like that.

  59. Forrest,

    I’m a girl who likes music, sometimes I feel like I missed my calling as a DJ, what is your favorite song ? 🙂

  60. Forrest Fire,

    Ok. So you said you’re not given out any clues. Gotcha. But tell us all this, … said you could see trees and mountains and smell pine needles and sagebrush, oh, and that the treasure chest is wet, … is all of this TRUE? Can you actually see and smell these things? Is this NOT a description of the area where it resides? And if so, maybe you would classify it more as a ‘hint’ instead of a ‘clue’, since you don’t give out any clues, right?, …..I mean, if you thought it was helpful in any way shape or form? I mean, will not any of this EVER help anyone? Are all of these silly(just the silly ones) Scrapbooks about bathrooms and showers and faces in tiles and closets and hats and shoes and fishing lures, etc., … they not contain anything helpful, … all? Just seems odd to me. I mean, we wouldn’t know if they did, but some of these stories are just so strange, I just can’t imagine they don’t have some other meaning? ……but maybe they don’t. Maybe they are only for fun. Maybe all of it is just for fun. 🙂 Well, except for the poem. Something has got to lead us there, right? Don’t worry. I’m just thinking out loud. 🙂 Sometimes all of this just makes me wonder a little bit, …..not about whether or not it’s out there, because I believe it is and I believe you, …..but just whether or not it is truly possible to find it WITHOUT your help. I mean, it’s been a while now with tens of thousands of people searching using a poem that will supposedly lead someone there? And if it is NOT, then are you ever planning on actually giving us something that IS helpful? Because I believe most of these people put an extreme amount of faith in everything you say, …..couldn’t have anything to do with there being something like a valuable treasure chest on the line though, could it? 🙂 Just saying……….

    Dal said in that interview that treasure hunting is all about the adventure and that we don’t start off thinking we are going to actually find something or that we are doing it for the treasure itself or something along those most interesting lines. 🙂 Uh…….., no. That’s not all right. Actually a little ridiculous. And no disrespect, I’m glad you’re having so much fun, oh, and how are the book sales going? …..but no one would be here if there wasn’t a treasure chest out there. Mel Fisher didn’t go out there spending years and years looking, …..for his health or because he loved sea water. He was looking for something of value. The scenery, the adventure and things learned along the way are just other benefits. Icing on the cake. And not all of it is all sh*** and giggles. Mel Fisher lost a son in his quest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love adventure and exploration as much as anyone, been doing it my whole life and have found some wonderful things, …..but to me, a big part of that Thrill of the Chase, is …..finding what you are searching for. And you start doing it because you HOPE to find something tangible. But maybe that’s why the majority of the people doing this are NOT the young people whom he intended, but are actually much much older individuals that this is giving them just something to do or some sort of purpose at this time in their lives? I don’t know. It’s a good thing though!! Because not too many people can actually afford to look in all these states and buy all these books and spend this long looking for something so ambiquous. Certainly not a redneck with a pickup truck and six kids. So, back to the question: Can you see mountains, can you smell pinion and sagebrush and is the treasure truly wet, or not? Because a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into this for there not to be anything helpful in any of it……….

      • Gey, I’m gonna sneak this in here to hopefully avoid it being on the bottom of the pile.

        suzie darling: Well, if old Fenn kicked a hornets nest, you seem to have stirred up a den of rattlers!! (but, you knew that when you posted, huh?? 🙂 )

        You are correct on all points (I just wish you’d quit reminding me how old I am 🙂 ).

        Well written, and timed. It was worth a shot.

        Everybody else– ya’ll ever heard of…Gotcha!! Ya’ll been played!!! 🙂 🙂

        again, suzieQ —- well played!!!

        Good Luck to All!!!……………loco

    • Suzie, I would make a comment but Lou Lee would get all huffy.

      Ah what the heck, I’ve never paid any attention to huffy old women; no need to start now. I don’t think Fenn will be giving out any more clues. The reason I think this is because searchers have been so close….within 200 feet.

      This also leads me to believe that searchers are able to get within 200 feet (or at least in the general area) without physically being there. I assume folks come up with a solution then head out to the spot. When they are done they send Fenn their solution. Obviously I’m guessing about that.

      This leads me to believe one has to be on location to solve the final clue/clues. Do any of the scrapbooks and other information help……maybe? I would certainly keep them in mind while I’m searching that last 200 feet…… I think he is mostly having fun; I can just hear him talking with Tesuque about it.

      Fenn: “I’m going to post a picture of my closet; how much do you want to bet some of those silly people will think I’m giving them a clue.”

      Tesuque: “Don’t be silly, nobody is that dumb.”

      Fenn: “Well you lost that one, tell you what I’m gonna do. I’ll take a picture of the bathroom and bet you double or nothing they will think I’m sending out clues.”

      Tesuque: “OK you got a bet; nobody on the planet is that dumb.”

      Fenn: “Well you lost again. I’ll give you one more chance double or nothing. I’m going to take a picture of my old slippers and a picture of my toes sticking out of my sock and some of them will think I’m giving out clues or sending them subliminal messages.”

      Tesuque: “Good Gawd, now you’re getting ridiculous. Nobody is that dumb.”

      Now we know why Tesuque has that look on her face; she has lost all her inheritance betting on dumb people.

      As far as how much effort or money one puts into the chase; that’s up to the individual searchers. It is of no concern, or should it be, to Fenn. There seems to be some folks that think they “deserve” the chest. They must have grown up getting trophies for nothing.

      Like he said, the person that finds the chest will have earned it.

      • Right on Goofy….No one is forcing anyone to go look for the treasure chest. It’s a personal choice. If a searcher has decided to search then they should stop complaining about it and wanting more clues, just get busy researching and analyzing the poem. A person can always stop searching.

      • GOG I like the way you think. When I find the treasure box we’ll place it in your living room and have a knock down drag out fight. Winner takes all!

          • Well, Goofy doesn’t believe there are hints in the scrapbooks, and I do. I’ve got to prove him wrong. I can’t stand the shlacking I’m taking.

          • Ed we can agree to disagree and still be friends. And who knows you could be right; I just don’t think so. I mean how many times does Fenn have to say he’s not giving out any more information.

            Having said that I do think he has given out some helpful information. But he’s been point blank about it when he did.

            If the scrapbooks contain any information I would look for them to tell me where not to search. He seems to think it’s OK to tell us where it’s not; not in Utah or Idaho, not in graveyard, not in outhouse, not in close proximity to a human trail, not a dam, etc.

            Like I said, since several searchers have been close I believe the final location will have to be figured out on the ground. We can get close without being there; but like the old saying says, close only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and slow dancing.

            Since several searchers have been close, and that is just considering the ones he knows about, the solution to get us close has probably been posted on the web someplace. I wonder how many have been close he doesn’t know about.

            I can see all the obsessive folks out there having a panic attack after reading this. 🙂

          • not that my thoughts really matter, but I agree with what you just said. Just now, in the post that I am replying to. Yep, thats the one.

          • MarkJ-
            It’s been about a thousand years since I had skyline chili but if I close my eyes I can easily still taste it and smell it…Lordy, lordy that sure is good…
            Talk about comfort food…yumm!

        • King of the recliner…

          When TC is found winner takes a seat in f’s closet recliner, fighting off contenders. Winner take all. Sorry Dal, no ice axes allowed.

          Old fashioned king of the hill for the loot. Runners up get pick of booty wannabes Tesuque is guarding.

        • Ha Ha Dal! A girl can dream can’t she…:) MarkJ… Homemade chili sounds good… I’m making rolls from scratch… Trade you a few for some chili?

          • spallies, rolls bring back memories. When I was living on my grandmothers farm, once a week she would go to town and bring me back chili. I would get home from school and she would have the chili warmed up ready for me and a couple of sour dough rolls to go with it. Her sour dough culture was several generations old. I wish I had it.

          • That sounds good Mark I really like Sourdough… That would be awesome to have the starter from so many generations ago… My rolls are just regular dinner rolls… (still pretty good imho) Maybe I will try sourdough sometime.

          • You’re both making me hungry…
            Makes me think of STL Bread Company’s Southwestern Chicken Chili and a Sourdough Roll. Yummy!

      • Here, here Goofy. Well said once again. I think some folks just don’t want to accept the fact that finding this chest is very difficult and there is a real chance that no one here will find it. That’s a cold reality that comes with the chase just as it does with most things in life. The upside gain is what everyone wants and when the downside become evident, people start to balk and quickly revert to grumbling about what’s “fair”. Sure, its natural to feel frustration when one feels they aren’t winning. But guess what folks, it ain’t all about the prize . Can we once and for all, agree that Forrest Fenn doesn’t owe us anything? Ok, so that may come off as a bit grumpy, the wind is blowing so hard outside that I can’t sleep. Gee, I wonder who is in charge of that so I can complain ……

          • 42, the Sheen videos leave me in stitches. “what I’m harnessing now is pure focus” Here’s another great one. Goofy the hints in the scrapbooks are subtle. Everythings under the radar in this chase. Of course I can’t prove this so you know it’s sorta like my opinion.

          • Hi Ed, your utube post was blocked frim viewing at utube. I felt sorry for Sheen at the time -any addiction is a rough road. But… his winning combination of buffoonery and egomania was too funny to pass up.

            Gorgeous day in my neighborhood today! I’m headed to a local nature preserve to pretend I’m in the mountains looking for F’s treasure or just meandering.

            Enjoy your weekend:-)

          • Yea it’s blocked because of ABC copyright BUT if you click on watch in utube it should work. A lot of utubers getting suspended accounts for inadvertently violating copyrights. Enjoy your nature walk.

      • Goof, when ff made your last statement “earned it” I wonder if he was referencing physical abilities or intellectual abilities?

      • So again Goofy, you are calling me names. I never said anything to you or about you until you accused me of putting up the WWWHalt thing. And said I was promoting it which I was not. Please stop addressing me. I have nothing to do with you. You seem like a bully.

        • Ps. I am not “old” or “huffy” as you say. I am a woman, a mother, a care giver, a creative person, a Lover of the mountains! I am sensitive person who is Honest and True. I hurt from the Loss of my son and other losses in my life. I found happyness during hard times searching for the treasure, in my books and in the woods. It has soothed my soul, during hard times in my life. I am a treasure hunter and a rock hound. I work with children with cancer and help disadvantaged and people with disabilities, with fund raising. etc…thats who I am. I am a firm believer of letting people express how they feel. Because you never know the road they have walked. or what they are going through in life. Peace Out.

          • It must be hard for you to deal with us slugs that have never had any hardships, or helped anyone, or lost anyone close to us……I wondered what got you all up in my grill (I learned that saying from a guy’s grand kids down the street). I forgot about the promoting the website thing. Boy for a saint you sure hold a grudge, that was eons ago.

            What I was talking about is the last time I replied to someone who asked Fenn a question and you got all upset at me……..Apparently you didn’t want me to express how I felt. I thought you were being a bully, and it almost hurt my feelings, I’m a sensitive guy.

            I’m certainly willing to peace out and be friends if you want.

          • Lou Lee, I believe Goofy is just having fun. (At your expense) Dealing with your job, must be sad , serious and caring. (We should have more caring people, like you) But at this time, on the blog, I would think it would be a release for you, to have fun and go into a time where you can relax, stress free. We all care about the little children of the world, at least I do. Forgive and forget, (negative, as you think it is intended), all in fun and nothing less. Sorry for your loss.

      • GOG – In defense of those of us that sometimes see “hints” not clues in the scrapbooks – –

        Look at the picture of young Fenn on the bike in “Indian”. The story is supposedly about how he occasionally borrowed the bike from a chum and gave Peggy rides on this bike. So where did Peggy sit? Behind Forrest on that single seat? On the bare rear fender? On the seat in front of Fenn, so he couldn’t see or shift the bike? Or on a carpet pad on the tank, where Tesque might ride a few years later? A passenger just can’t ride on a vibrating old Indian or Harley without a different seat arrangement. My point is that either Fenn is totally mistaken about the story, let’s say “fogged up about the past”, or he is telling us something entirely different.

        I sometimes get a little “affirmation” from some of the stories that I take as hints (not clues) that I may be headed in the right direction. Nothing you say can either prove or disprove me on this.

        Why not call yourself “Cranky Old Guy, Makes the Women Cry” ??

        • Actually it was common for 2 people to ride a motorcycle with that type of seat. The passenger would use an old pillow or even a loaf of bread on the fender.

          • I was a motorcycle dealer. Never heard of the bread loaf thing. Took a few Indian Chiefs on trade in. Still don’t see where the passenger puts her / his feet. I see smashed bread and melted shoes. Can’t ride very far like that, agreed?

            Looked at the picture again. I don’t see any Photo Shop. Looks like a house in shadow in the background to me. All original picture.

          • I have known people that had travelled quite a bit like that. Although for long journeys they would have a pillow. The loaf of bread was usually only used if a girl wanted a ride and you did not have a pillow with you.

        • Idaho you could certainly be correct. It’s nothing but an opinion until the chest is found.

          I know what you mean about the strange, or confusing, or just flat out wrong things he has said. He has created a writing style out of making mistakes.

          There are hundreds of mistakes in the books and his other writings and statements. He talks about some of the mistakes and points out that some of them haven’t been found. At one time I thought if I found all the mistakes and put them together it would solve the poem. Just one example; I just knew his Coriolis Effect statement was a big clue; it was so blatantly wrong it had to be a clue.

          I found after trying to make something out of everything he said I was doing nothing but going down endless rabbit holes and getting farther and farther away from the poem. So I went back to concentrating on the poem.

          Perhaps I simply don’t possess enough imagination to ever find the treasure.

    • Suzie, why the fuss? Searching for treasure at sea is definitely because of the smell of the salty air, or sea water as you put it.
      Stop and smell tbe sagebrush.
      You too are one of the few that want FF to put an x on the map.
      The stress that this seems to be giving you is not good for your health. Maybe a long walk in the mountains would do you good.
      If that doesn’t help, give me your address, and I can send you all kinds of cheese.

      • “If that doesn’t help, give me your address, and I can send you all kinds of cheese.”

        Very well said pirate 🙂

          • POG, at $600 an oz. you best Serb that dunkey cheese with an an expensive Bordeaux or St. Emilion. Pirates are known for great wine cellars in their galley. Heck you prolly have an Auqatainian bottle from Eleanor’s time.

            True story here, I once had a taste from an old, rare $40k bottle of Bordeaux that my boss opened and allowed staff to sample. It had a bouquet of nasty thick cough syrup!

  61. I said to my husband last night that if it wasn’t for the chase I would have never made arrangements to go to Colorado. I would say we have had an adventure and mountain climbing the most amazing mountain I can’t believe I made it to the top it was really hard due to we are not hikers.
    This chase has given me something to do it’s been a hobby for quite sometime. Whether we find it or not it’s been fun, at least we surely tried. 🙂

    • Amy I liked that question, I think it was you? To forrest what is favorite song. Great question. Did he answer it? Could you forrest fenn? Hope your having a great weekend Amy.

        • If someone ask me to name my favorite song. I would not be able to answer. I thought about it and I think I would have to name at least 5 favorite songs. So many songs….So little time.
          I would still Love to hear what some of forrests favorite songs are.

      • Amy, Lou Lee, and lia…………

        I believe he was asked that question before in an earlier SB…I could be wrong but, I think he said that his favorite song was “What’s he doing in my World.” Don’t know if he was joking or maybe someone was getting too close… or it really is his favorite. That was a popular song back in the fifties, by Eddie Arnold. You can go back to check it out, think it was about last August.

        • I really remember my mom singing “Make the World go away” She was born a few years before forrest. So this song was popular in that time. Makes me cry.

          • Takes me way back to when my dad used to play guitar and sing along with the record on the player..ahhh memories!!!
            Thanks for sharing.

    • Do you, Amy? Do you have THIS MUCH cheese? 🙂

      What’s amazing is how much money the creator of that annoying orange makes on YouTube. Even more amazing is how much money a guy from Sweden by the name of PewDiePie makes. My 7-year-old told me about PewDiePie. Whodathunkit? 🙂

  62. I wish he would have said if he could see or smell any poison ivy when standing by the chest..That stuff is my kryptonite, my one weakness.Do i need to carry calamine loition with my sandwich and flashlight?

  63. IMO we are all hoping to find the chest, and to a certain part I agree with Susie that if there was not a chance of finding something of value we would not be searching. I don’t think that Forrest owes anybody, or everybody, any more hints or clues. He has made it clear that you can find it based on the poem. I believe that I have the solve, just like everyone one else. It fits the poem 100 percent. Is it the right one? I won’t bet money on it, but I am going to spend my vacation, or at least part of it, looking for the chest. My wife would rather go somewhere else since we had been in that area a long time ago, but she can’t deny that my solve COULD be right. I’m not homeless but finding it would let me retire when I’m 65. I don’t think that the SB’s have clues, but as someone mentioned, when it is found someone will make the SB’s info into clues or hints, whether it was meant to be or not. I have found things in his books and interviews to re-enforce my solve, but the poem is the golden rule. I won’t say that I won’t be disappointed if I don’t find it but I have had one heck of a good time researching and studying all the blogs and books and maps. Forrest Fenn is a very interesting person and he reminds me a lot of my dad. If you are not having fun “searching” STOP now. The chance of me or you or anyone getting rich is 1 in umpteen billion. The odds are about as good as hitting the powerball or lotto. Oh I do have my tickets for that too! Will i win it, probably not – the odds are too high, but sometime someone will and I hope that is me. Hoping to find it is OK but don’t count on it. Being out in the wilderness and seeing all the beautiful things God has made and spending time with your family or friends is very priceless. Good luck and safe travels to us all.

    • Very well said, noto. And forrest is telling the truth. He does not lie. He just doesn’t tell ALL the truth! He has given us what we need – the poem. The stories we read on the blogs, and the q&a, even his books…IMO…are confirmations.
      Btw, the imo thing is the dumbest thing I ever heard of. I mean, really, if it weren’t imo we would have the tc and certainly not be blogging!!! Oh yeah…IMO! 🙂

      • Beginning to wonder if I stink or something (arm lift…sniff sniff), the room seems to clear when I enter…

          • good morning and thank you for asking ed. actually the gem show was great I do have one word that would explain it quite well and that would be overwhelming! we were so exhausted by the end of one day that we were more excited for our trip home where we planned out a bunch of Little Rock digs. I’ve got a lot of finds wash up. note to self don’t pull over on the side of the highway buy a military base and look for rock they don’t like thatnote to self don’t pull over on the side of the highway by a military base and look for rock… they don’t like that!

    • Not Obsessed – I am curious. Have you identified the blaze based on the poem, or will that only be revealed when you are in your search location?

      • I had a ah-ha moment while reading TTOTC, base on a comment in one of FF’ interviews. I located what I think it is in the background of a photo in Google maps. Its in a location that I think fits the poem. It will be late June before I know for sure. I’ll give full details after i search the site— complete with pics of the chest – LOL. I have full confidence in my solve but doesn’t everyone – until the complete their search – empty handed.

  64. …All I know is if the monks are going to start brewing ale onsite, they’re going to have to cut that dirt road a little wider. from wikipedia:

    “The Monastery of Christ in the Desert has operated a small brewery, Abbey Beverage Company, since 2005. As of 2012 it is the only monastery-run brewery in the United States. The brewery produces three beers: Monks’ Ale, Monks’ Wit, and Monks’ Tripel. The beers are currently brewed at the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Pecos and under contract by Sierra Blanca Brewing in Moriarty, but a new brewery located at the monastery itself is set to replace the Pecos facility.”

    • If I am ever lucky enough to get back to New Mexico, and its been over 20 years. I would Love to go here. I am dreaming of the day I can. I will never forget how nice and wonderful it was when I went many years ago. I felt like I was in another country. I just Loved Santa Fe and Taos, it was so nice there. The food the smell of the south west. Wow…I am gona try to plan a trip.

      lou lee chased by bears in jellystone park and lived to tell

  65. Appreciate all your comments, …..truly I do. 🙂


    I like most of what you said, except for the “deserve” thing. At least for me, what I said has nothing to do with that. Or being “deserving” or things being “fair” or him “owing” any of us anything or any “complaining” going, …..because it has nothing to do with any of that. And if anyone thinks that, then well, you really missed the whole point of my post!! Heck, I’ve been out searching around 60 times, I think Dal said he’s been out 53 and I’m sure many others have been out looking for years now. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and wouldn’t change it if I could. Like I said, that’s part of the Thrill of it. No complaints. 🙂

    Forrest Fire just says some things sometimes that don’t seem to add up to other things, some on the forum and sometimes in emails, but I’m not going to go into that, but that’s why I addressed it to him, because I KNOW for a fact he reads ALL the blogs, regardless of what he would like us to think. Should I have addressed him privately? Who says I didn’t? But I also just wanted to put SOME of it out there for others to express their thoughts as well, and some have, …..dually noted. 🙂

    I’ll tell ya though, …..this whole clues vs hints thing and him “not giving out any clues” or how he views them in different ways, …..appears to be as complex as the poem itself. 🙂 Oh well, …..don’t participate if you don’t like the way the game is played, right? Right. Personally, I’m all good. 🙂 Just throwing some spaghetti on the wall, …..not everyone likes spaghetti. Do with it what you will.

    • I like spaghetti .when I was in college, before I learned to cook, I blew up a can of it on the stove. Peeled off the label, and placed it on the burner. Didn’t know I had to open it first. Talk about spaghetti on the wall. Mmm .. Now I’m hungry

      • I had a roommate in college that made Oscar Madison look persnickety. One day he asked me and my other roommate how to run the dishwasher. We were impressed and instructed him. A little while later, he asked us where the mop was. We told him and he went back into the kitchen. By now, curiosity had gotten us so we snuck to the kitchen to see what was going on. He had the back door open, and was trying to push about 3′ of suds out the door. Seems he thought he could use regular dish soap in the dishwasher.

  66. Forrest is always changing, I’m a little surprise he was ever able to really finish the Poem I mean, what if there was something that wasn’t quite perfect…I bet if he where honest about it there are some improvements that he would have made in the last 4+ years well at least we got that nailed down 🙂 not that it’s easy.

    • He would have changed one part. It would read,
      “If you are brave and in the wood, spending your money and all your time.
      Unable to find,like you thought you could,
      Go on back home, and stop your whine.”

    • Not only did Dal have it in Cincinnati, I think he mentioned something about sitting on Loni Andersons lap while eating it.

      • Now I’m so hungry. I have such a craving for a cheese coney right now. Luckily my cousin sent me a couple cans of Skyline Chili – I think I’ll have it today!

        I’m a Cincinnati Bearcat, but my wife is from NM – she refuses to eat Skyline because she says it’s not real chili, like the kind you get in NM.

  67. mr. forests favorite song was, a sunday kind of love,by fran warren.I listened to it,was a pretty song.I know the government is after mr. forests treasure too. they want it real bad,so if someone does find it ,how are you going to keep the government from getting their hands on it.they’ve taken everything else from us.I love my arrowhead from mr. forrest.does anyone know a safe place you can find arrowheads around the Denver,co area,and not get into trouble.hope you are well mr. forrest,ms. peggy and Tesuque.

    • So it’s my understanding that Forrest cleared up the piñon part by saying that it should not be used as a clue because he intended to say ‘pine needles’ BUT what about the sagebrush part he never retracted that. There are many areas in Yellowstone and the rockies that do not have sagebrush so In my mind that is a clue, because it narrows the search. Dal I knew you had searched in Utah or Idaho but now your over in Minnesota geez you must never listen to Forrest.

      • Good mooring Dal, thanks for the news link. I read where you have interest in the Yellowstone area to where he may have hidden the chest. It could be anywhere. To me I feel it is in Wyoming. The book gave me a few hints only. Like the words “Do not Touch” is actually the most important hint, where I have come up with “Touch Me Not”. Someone likes them. Anyway, there are many more in his book. Even ” Catcher in the Rye” could make a difference. I can see why though New Mexico would be the more likely place to search. It is a beautiful state with so much history about the west. I would encourage those who may just may be looking in other states to drop down to New Mexico for a few days. Thanks for your dedicated hard work in maintaining this blog.

    • I thought we were going to keep Minnesota a secret. Oh well the cat is out of the bag now; I might as well keep the playing field level. The key to unlocking the algorithm in the poem is HOLY SOCK.

    • Dal, thanks for sharing this article of Forrest clarifying the content in the NM tourism ad. I think you and Forrest both do a pretty good job in dealing with the media, and their propensity of steering the content to suit their agenda.

      I do hope that the ad drives more people to visit the beautiful state of New Mexico. When I was a child, I lived all over the west, including Albuquerque, Tijeras Canyon, Route 66, Casper, Phoenix, Idaho, and now Utah. Of all the places, New Mexico was my favorite and as an author, it has inspired me in not only my writing, but my life long love of archeology and American history. I highly recommend everyone visit there.

    • Dal, Next time you search in Minnesota let me know and you’re welcome to visit us at our cabin. 🙂

      This is a good example of how reporters often get elements of their stories wrong and disseminate incorrect information about Forrest’s treasure hunt. And everyone please give Forrest a break. With all the interviews he’s made, it’s very easy to misspeak when trying to answer questions. Many people over 70 sometimes have a little trouble saying what they mean and have to search for the right words when expressing themselves. Even though Forrest is the sharpest 84 year old I know, IMO the NM video is one of those instances where he misspoke when searching for the right words to answer a question. but please, if you think he gave a clue in that video and meant the treasure chest is in NM, by all means go search there. 🙂

      • Let me get this straight. Pinons are not a hint but sagebrush is? You guys cant have it both ways. If pinon isnt a hint then neither is sagebrush. Hadnt occured to you that when you throw one out the other goes too?

        Some food for thought.

          • Sagebrush isn’t a hint. There are a lot of brushes out there that have the color of sage. Don’t bust your brain too hard on that one….

        • Sure we can have it both ways Deb. Forrest has explicitly tried to correct the pinon comment but not the sagebrush one so , yes, sagebrush could be a hint. There are however many different kinds of sagebrush and the range is huge. It’s in all of the 4 TC states. Take a look at this link provided by the forest Service if you’re interested in finding out a little about it. Some hint isn’t it! 🙂

    • When I read “Minnesota” I laughed so hard I had coffee spurting out all over. Kinda proves that journalist don’t always get their facts straight and reinforces what my Dad always told me when I was a kid “Don’t believe everything you read and only half of what you see”.

      • Spal-
        Sorry for not answering sooner. I’ve been in Minnesota all day filming a Tourism Promo…lol…

        Yes…I told the New Mexican reporter I didn’t think I said that I was looking in Minnesota.

  68. Just hit me that this New Mexico video is an example of how F thinks so now apply this to the poem and….you will soon have the treasure 🙁 I guess the key is knowing where the Chest is but if Santa Fe turns you on I underSTAND…good luck folks….we can all use some of that in the coming year.

  69. It’s so hard to wait for spring when I’m looking at near 80 this week here in norcal! 🙂

  70. Dal. If some one finds the treasure.probably not searching alone , the split when converted between two or more people and the irs cut would be very little when converted to cash.the finder should re hide the chest,and would probably make more from promoting another hunt.and keep mr Fenn’s ideals of promoting adventure.

  71. I didn’t pay any taxes on the time piece I found out in the wilderness! And I haven’t paid any taxes on the coin collection that was given to me either.

    • I’ve seen this topic on here several times and im curious.Could the irs tax you on a treasure with an estimated value if you never sold any of the pieces? I cant think of any scenarios where i would sell even one piece of that treasure if i found it…I mean when i find it 😉

  72. So now it is ‘pine needles’? Ok…………

    Hey, but the chest is still ‘wet’!! Correct? Oh, …..I forgot, …..that’s not a clue. 🙂 My bad. But hey, all pine pitch smells the same, right? Just use butter to get it off though, …..that’s what ff uses. 🙂

      • And then.. Instead of a pimento sandwich, you have something similar to a PB&J, a pine nut butter and toe jam. Heard it goes well with canned chili from Ohio. 🙂

    • Suzie you forgot the sagebrush part it’s huge. Some canyons don’t got anyone so don’t go in them 🙂

      • Quick Facts about Vegetation in Yellowstone

        More than 1,300 native plant species
        1,150 native flowering species
        Trees: seven conifers (lodgepole pine, whitebark pine, Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, Douglas-fir, Rocky Mountain juniper, limber pine) and some deciduous species, including quaking aspen and cottonwood.
        Shrubs: include common juniper, sagebrush (many species), Rocky Mountain maple.
        Nonnative plant species: 218.
        Hydrothermal areas support unique plant communities and rare species.
        Controlling nonnative species, which threaten native species, especially near developed areas; some are spreading into the backcountry.

        This says many species of sagebrush but which canyons in Yellowstone have the sage or is it in the grassland areas?

        • One of the very first books I purchased during the chase; “National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to Wildflowers, Western Edition”.

          Learning about native plants and eliminating exotic invasives was a passion of mine long before the treasure was an issue. My favorite pictures online are those of indian paintbrush and other native flowers in bloom in yellowstone.

          • DanS, like you I enjoy learning about the indiginous flora and love Indian paintbrush. Depending upon soil content paintbrush ranges in shades of red from fire engine to ruby. Aspens are also beautiful and interesting in that an entire grove has a single root system and photosynthesis takes place in the bark.

            Fun Fact: A grove of quaking aspens in Utah is the largest known living thing on Earth. Nearly 50,000 stems protrude from a single root system. The entire organism covers over 100 acres and weighs 6,000 tons!

    • There might be a hint in the video. He says @ 13 he was a professional fishing guide. Page 124 TTOTC under the tutelage of his father fishing in special areas. I think he discovered the spot near a fishing area when he was a young boy.

    • I don’t think anyone will ever know that tidbit of info…The only thing I recall ff stating was that he knew just where to hide the chest when he came up with the idea…A spot from his past…A place very dear to him and private…He never mentioned why…And I don’t believe he ever will…

    • I was thinking that he may have been searching for arrowheads and artifacts. But there is always the idea that he may have been fishing. Native sites are likely to be near water, but also on a hill or embankment to avoid incidents. For example: My fathers family homestead was along the Hart River in North Dakota. On the hill above the farmhouse was a site with stone circles, fire pits and arrowheads. A little way from this site was a buffalo run, with bones at the bottom of a steep slope. The farm house some times flooded. Later generation built home on higher ground. The Native site remained dry.
      So, if FF were out searching for artifacts, perhaps while fishing, he would likely have gone up an embankment and looked along that type of area.

      • Hey Michael, i remember my grandpa showing me a similar buffalo run in Wyoming where indians ran the buffalo into a draw during the winter where the snow was deep enough deep to trap the bison. The area had bones and petrified teeth. It was also greener than surrounding areas because of centuries of blood from the kill fertilizing the dirt. You can still find stone fire rings and larger stone cirlces from Teepee rings if you look carefully. I also remember seeing travois trails deeply embedded into the soil near hunting grounds.

    • We both know it has to do with numbers and lots of them. When I discovered the Q in the mirror in knew he had a brilliant mind. Who else could of done that algorithm. Forrest has such a way of spelling. Like minds.

  73. lia, I would love more than anything to go to a place like this and explore it. Your grandpa sounds awesome. I hope I have more time to do this type of exploring. So exciting.

  74. Lou lee, I miss my Grandad, who is in heaven now. He lived at a time when indian families not on reservations resided in teepees on the outskirts of town. At age 16 he jumped a train and rode the rails to California looking for adventure.

    As a girl my parents knew several ranchers who allowed our family to explore old Indian hunting grounds and encampments off road. I miss wandering those foot hills and windswept prairies untouched by time. The thrill of the chase reignited my passion for exploring nature and our imprints on it. Forrest is right about memories and recording them. Memories keep others alive in our hearts.

    • IF I could bring my granddads back I would ask a million questions. I remember my Grandpa, showing me a coffee can filled with Indian arrowheads and those stones things. He collected them plowing the fields. He kept them on a shelf in the barn, in a rusty coffee can. I wonder what happened to those?
      Lia, Our memories are goodones to have. Thanks for sharing.

      • Indeed Lou Lee, after reading Forrest’s memoirs I began to understand just how important it is to keep memories alive. With that encouragement, I’ve begun telling my kids more stories, and asking my parents to recount stories; also sending my family copies of photos to remember and laugh together. My parents love when I send them a 50 yr old photo they had forgotten about – it means the world to them.

  75. With all of the publicity TTOTC has generated, the ups and downs, searchers coming and searchers going. I wonder, is the chase going as ff imagined? I hope that crafty fellow is grinning like a cat, and no regrets to speak of. 🙂

  76. And here we are, …..once again.

    There’s a soul for every cowboy
    And a star to guide him home
    And an angel to bring him
    A song to sing when he’s alone
    For the night is far from over
    And the storm is coming on,
    The wind is blowing colder
    And he’s very far from home
    When hell falls cold and wet
    His heart soon forgets
    That ever he was loved
    Or wanted to be loved…………

    • Suzie

      That was great 🙂

      Glad everyone is still alive. All of a sudden the blog stopped for awhile. 🙂

        • I’m glad focus
          I was all alone for awhile nobody was posting.

          It’s great to be alive 🙂

          • Hi Amy 🙂
            I wanted to say that how much I enjoy your presence here. Thanks for being kind to all. Once you posted a funny song about fishing by NGD band which I now listen to. It makes me laugh and reminds me of a friend.

    • Suz, you have a rare type of beauty with your words. Remind me of starry starry nights. Headlights so bright, time to run and hide. Before somebody comes to get you. If you know what I mean.

  77. Stay strong peeps!!

    Forrest Fenn may not be giving us any helpful hints now or ever, but maybe he’ll post some more pictures of his bathroom or something in his collection that some of us could only dream of ever owning. 🙂 Must of scared him to death to think he might have given out anything useful in that video. But now we know, …..he doesn’t want it found!! 🙂

    • I hope he still posts some stories.
      Everyone really loves reading them.
      Maybe he’s busy with his last book still at the printer… idk
      Ever since that video interview though, at the end where he was asked if he wanted the treasure found during his lifetime, he said: “Part of me says yes and part of me says no”…
      Makes one wonder.

      • Your a smart thinker. Me to. There’s only one right way to vote and that’s from the left. Got that? Good that hat.

  78. It’s 3:30 am est. After reading most of the posts here I have noted that only a few have realized that Forrest has said he was not going to give out any more clues. Huffington post video. So now I think it is time to assess what we believe to be clues and compile them.

    Watching the N.M. video I can not help but to wonder if Forrest had a hand in it’s creation. Certain things led me to think I have caught Forrest with his hand in the cookie jar. 🙂 Now that the weather is allowing me to focus better I managed to come to the conclusion that his recent post of his hat photo was a rendition of searcher’s interpretation of the poem. And may have have subtle hints in it.

    In my mind some things are just worth repeating, logic and reasoning are but a tool. Imagination is an animal of a different color. 😉

  79. Lia

    Thank u, I love the blog it keeps me entertained. Glad u remember that song it’s a nice summer song 🙂

  80. After finishing my cup of tea last night, I noticed at the bottom of the cup, the tea leaves spelled out the letters “FF” that could only mean one thing. Forrest Finn was sending me a “special message” of where to find the treasure chest. I ran to get my special crystal and held the cup above while circling the crystal. I then placed the cup next to the crystal and looked into the cup, and lo and behold there it was…..A map of the location of the treasure. I will be heading for this location this summer to collect my treasure chest. And Forrest, I will return the bracelet that you wanted back.

  81. I entered the canyon just as the sun was setting behind the horizon. when I looked to the west I could see red and yellow reflections off the clouds that were hanging there. As the canyons began to cool and the ridges held the warmth a breeze started blowing up from below. I could smell sagebrush from the flats and the fragrance of pine from the pinion trees. I knew I didn’t have much daylight left.I had to find a place to stop for the night. As I turned the horse back up the trail to the east . I could hear the creak of leather as the horse carried its lode and I could smell the sweat and the aroma of horseflesh. I could smell the odor of elk and deer that had been there before I came along to push them from there beds I could smell the pinion nuts I had gathered and put in my pocket along the way. I came to a little clearing where there was tall grass and the creek had eddied in a turn along it’s path. There was a place my horse could get to the water and an old rock fire ring where someone had built a fire long since gone.. It seemed a good place to stop for the night so I tethered my horse to a western juniper that grew along the far side of the meadow. I gathered wood for the fire that would cook me dinner warm some coffee and give me warmth for the night. As I lit the fire I could smell the cedar as it started to burn. My mind wandered back to the book I had in my saddle bags The thrill of the Chase . It all fit perfectly.

  82. I think I need a clarification of this question:
    Q: Are you willing to say whether the place of the treasure chest is the same as the one where you had previously plotted to have your bones rest forever? “Yes it is. f”
    Does this mean FFs body, or just his bones and ashes? Does he intend that his bones be lain or scattered?

    • Michael-
      I’ll take a stab at your questions.

      Forrest has said to many people and at least twice in my presence that when he believed he had terminal cancer he did not want to go through the physical and mental prolonged agony of dying. Instead he planned to take the chest and go to this hidey spot, take a handful of sleeping pills and be done. So it appears that his entire body would have been in this spot along with his last vision, smells and feelings of this world. This is why so many folks feel that this place must not only be a nice place and reasonably obscure but also with a wonderful, comforting view.

      As far as his bones are concerned, we do not know exactly what he envisioned at that time. But he has said more than once in my presence that the final lines of the poem he originally created had its last lines reading something to the effect of-
      Take the chest and go in peace.
      But leave my bones alone.

      I assume he had a plan to prevent animals from dragging his bones away…perhaps an elevated platform like many Native American’s used.

      Additionally, please remember that this is not Forrest’s plan today. As far as we know that was only the plan when he believed he had terminal cancer and he wanted to be in control of the end of his life. So his intention must have been to end his life when he could still get to this place, as opposed to when he was physically unable to get there.

      I asked him outright once if he still planned to go to this spot to die and he said no. I believe he has also said this to others and then added that he would probably be hit by a bus or something. He has also said that he was never going back to that spot. Partly he was saying this to dissuade folks from stalking him in case they thought he might go back to the chest to check on it, but I also believe he said this as a reminder that he no longer plans on going to this place and taking his life. That was only the plan when he believed he had terminal cancer.

      Some people believe this is a foolish idea and he never would have done such a thing. But keep in mind that his father, Marvin Fenn, was also diagnosed with terminal cancer and called Forrest to say goodbye and that evening took a handful of sleeping pills before Forrest could get to Texas.

      Forrest is iron-willed. Nothing would have prevented him from making such a plan or in carrying it out.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful response. The idea of FF leaving his body in the places I hike has been a disturbing thought. Well, except for Buckman and Plaza Blanca. Those are places I would die, if people were not trying to make me a hood ornament. With my experience I think I would advise against getting hit by a bus or car.

      • Dal,
        Wrt this statement – “Instead he planned to take the chest and go to this hidey spot, take a handful of sleeping pills and be done.”
        Did Forrest specifically state he would use “sleeping pills” for a fact, or did you derive that from the fact his dad took sleeping pills? I mean there are other methods. I work in the field of search and rescue and when people decide to take their own life in the outdoor environment – sleeping pills are never used but rather something more aligned with the out doors.

        To me Forrest does no seem like a sleeping pill kind of guy. He is a little more macho in my opinion, but then again what do I know?

        The Wolf

          • I think more people would take sleeping pills but in this country they are harder to get than a gun and a bullet.

          • Ok sure – sleeping pills it is. Ever hear of any one committing suicide in a secluded outdoor environment with sleeping pills? Anyone? … Anyone?

          • But Wolf..why does that surprise you?
            Forrest is not exactly a guy who does things like everyone else..
            My favorite quote from his happened when we were headed out to lunch somewhere and he was pondering someone who had questioned why on earth he would hide a million dollar treasure in the mountains and Forrest said to me, “Why is that so hard to believe? Am I the only guy around here that likes to bump my tires against the curb once-in-a-while?”

            I personally don’t think folks who commit suicide with a gun or jumping off a railroad trestle are firing on all eight. If I have the opportunity to choose between a violent death and just…falling asleep…guess which one I would choose.

  83. I heard F say on video(more or less) that if he got sick again he would go to the chest and dare people to come find his body!

    • Pieces-
      NAH! Maybe he said that as a joke…but I just told you what he said about dying with the chest. He has no plans to go back to that spot.

      • Ok folks I have been biting my tongue on this one for quite some time. In SAR everyone thinks finding a person alive is what it is all about, not true – finding the person you are looking for is what it is all about – dead or alive.

        That may shock some of you, but think of it if it was your husband, wife, son or daughter that went missing. And they never found your loved one. What would you think? How would you move on? The mind is a dangerous thing, and the imagination will drive you mad thinking what has happened to your loved one. CLOSURE – is why it is so important to find that person.

        So with that in mind, does anyone think Mr. Fenn would leave his love of his life (Peggy Jean) and his beautiful daughters to escape to a place to die where he will never be found? Oh the eternal pain they would suffer never knowing.

        Think about it … that simply does not make sense from such a rational and caring man.

        • So Wolf..what is your point? Are you saying that Forrest is a liar? That he just made the story up about the sleeping pills because you’ve never heard of anyone taking themselves out with sleeping pills in the woods before?

          • So Dal… my point is: If it wasn’t sleeping pills and it was important to finding the chest he certainly wouldn’t say it, would he? Call it aberration analysis. I think he said something about aberrations in the past didn’t he?

            Of course he isn’t a liar (nice try though), this is a puzzle and he isn’t going to tell us anything to help us and if he feels we deserve an answer he will give us one. Just like he never gave any clues outside his two books. The integrity of the chase is on the line and everything has to be taken with that perspective when the master of the puzzle speaks.

            One can believe he speaks in metaphors, analogies, literally or aberationally (I just made up a new word). The trick is to figure out which is which.

          • But Wolf. The sleeping pills statement wasn’t intended as a hint about finding the chest. That’s like saying he was talking in metaphors about helping me find the chest when he mentioned that he had scrambled eggs and hot chocolate for breakfast this morning.
            Why would he be talking about the chest?
            Do you think that everything Forrest says and writes is about the chest? That everything is a metaphor?
            I doubt that you think that…
            So why is the statement about sleeping pills a metaphor ?

          • Tell you what Dal … why don’t we take a sleeping pill and sleep on it. 😉

            I am sure when you wake up in the morning this will be quite clear.

            BTW – In your dreams tonight think about when Forrest created “Coca?”
            Night, Night! 🙂

          • Ha!
            I remember the last time we had this conversation..
            This is not the kind of thinking that keeps me awake..
            But fins idea of cold interests me..
            I might just think about that for awhile..

      • According to the following Q/A, Forrest does still think about dying with the chest. Whether he is actually planning to might be questioned, but to me it seems it is something he hasn’t ruled completely out.

        This does give something to think about on the location. Where can a body rest with a chest?


        Is the chest hidden in the (exact) same spot that you would like your bones to be found, or is it a short distance away for reasons beyond your control? ~ Phil

        The spot is the same, but in less than two months I’ll be 84 and that means many of the things to which I once aspired are no longer available to me. I still anticipate, but I may be unable to grasp such a transient pleasure before my trail shows signs of growing too weary for the journey. To make that success would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end I just want it all the more.f

        • Jenny, thanks for re-posting Forrest’s statement. It puzzled me in the past because it appears contradictory to ‘don’t go anywhere an 80 yr old man wouldn’t go’

          F is clever with wording information to keep everyone guessing. Perhaps it’s a journey he once took on foot to arrive at the spot, and he still anticipates the transient pleasure of that journey. However, now due to age that particular journey is too far to walk; so he must drive the journey to arrive at the spot, then he made 2 trips from the car.

          I’m looking for help reasoning this out. Anyone concur or have different ideas how to reconcile two apparently conflicting statements?

          • He has money, he could buy a 4 wheeler or a snowmobile, then walk a short distance. I kind of admire the idea a little. No family around to watch you suffer. Almost immortal if he wasn’t found.

  84. I figured he scrapped those plans when he got well, and opted for a traditional burial when he spoke of writing his own epitaph.I am curious as to how he planned to pull that off.It would be difficult to get to his spot without leaving a trail.Car on the side of the road or in a parking lot, a taxi driver recognizing the face on the newscast missing persons report, ect.So that made me wonder.I hate even talking about stuff like that really.I hope he has good health for a long time to come.

    • fins-
      That has also come up on this blog before and the dialog about it was very argumentative with some taking Forrest at his word and others saying that it was impossible to do such a thing without leaving signs of his whereabouts or that no man could just do that kind of thing to his wife and family…believers and disbelievers..
      My take on it from the start has always been that Forrest has a very strong sense of self and almost always has a plan. His plans change when the environment forces him to change but it takes a lot…he is extremely strong willed.
      I cannot begin to tell you where he said this but at one point when questioned about leaving his car around where he would die he told naysayers that they simply were not very imaginative…
      and I guess he was right because even with my limited imagination I can see dozens of ways to eliminate the car long before I got to my destination…so I’ve never understood that concern.

      • Thanks for getting me up to speed on that, Dal.Bike, horse, car sunk in lake lol were all thoughts on it.I was trying to get a sense of feel for the kind of place this would be.

      • when mr. marvin fenn ,commited suicide,I’m sure he did not know he was not suspose to kill himself.its totally wrong,you don’t get to decide when to die,only God in heaven knows when its time for him to bring you home if you know jesus Christ as savior.I asked mr. forrest once to please promise me never to do that.I don’t think he will ever do that to just please get off the subject of him killing you have any idea,how much that would hurt his family and me and you too.

  85. So Forrest’comment on that coupled with, searchers have been within 200ft of this spot have me a little confused and worried.I dont know how a person could be that close and not find it giving what we know of the kind of place it must be.It is hard to hide treasure, it is extremely hard to hide a body.Maybe im just thinking to much about it, trying to poke holes in my own solve.

    • Could be rough terrain with thick underbrush, boulders, that sort of thing. A person would probably have to know to search there first, otherwise they’d just walk right by it.

    • I don’t think you give Forrest enough credit… I am sure he could hide a body if he wanted too… Where he wanted to… IMO he is definitely not scary or harmful in any way… just clever… That’s all I have to say on this topic…

      • I give forrest all the credit in the world.I verbalized that wrong.I should have added that some searchers correctly deciphered the first two clues

        • Personally spent a great deal thinking about this …. seems that if he wanted to bike close to the area abandon bike in river …. he might also fly to area don a mask and have taxi drop him off close …. there are other possibilities to …. All in all though I imagine he’s doing pretty well as Dal noted.

    • Fins,

      He has not said the the searchers who were with 200′ and the searchers who figured out the first two clues are one and the same. I think it’s probable that they are not.

      And it would be easy to walk within even 5′, much less 200′, of a basketball sized object in the woods and never see it if you weren’t actively looking for it at the time. Consider if a searcher told Forrest “we looked all over the top of Pikes Peak & couldn’t find it”. Yet, Forrest knows he hid it 200′ off the trail/road that leads to the top. He then knows for sure that searcher was within 200′.

      While I enjoy the 200′ and number of solved clues comments he gives out, I’m not sure it really helps any of us in a practical manner. It does help in keeping us excited, at least “someone” was on the right track. 🙂

    • That smile was for spallies comment above. Just agreeing. I feel bad for forrest. all this talk about suicide must be depressing. Sorry people are bringing this up forrest. Love to you and Yours everyone.

    • JohnR-
      It’s on this blog in several places..easiest is to go to the Home Page of this blog. To get there go to the top of this page..right under the picture and click on “HOME”. Then scroll down to the poem.

        • Sorry John…I misunderstood..
          The original poem has not been published or released by Forrest. Many people would like to see it..including me…
          I was not saying that I read it…but rather what Forrest told folks about that poem…
          So, as far as I know, no one has seen that original poem except Forrest..

          • No need to apologize, thanks for the info. Its too bad. Having 2 versions to the same spot would be a dream lol. BTW sorry for the double post – hopefully this one won’t do it 2.

          • I’m sure ff has writes and re-writes and lots of scraps of paper… kind of like the million dollar laptop, i hope he does destroy this stuff so as not to burden his family or goof up the chase. His family prob. have no desire now, but given a few years. Anyway, what’s fair in a treasure hunt? nothings fair

  86. Dal, you said…….

    “As far as his bones are concerned, we do not know exactly what he envisioned at that time. But he has said more than once in my presence that the final lines of the poem he originally created had its last lines reading something to the effect of-
    Take the chest and go in peace.
    But leave my bones alone.”

    So, if the final lines of the poem then were “Take the chest and go in peace.
    But leave my bones alone.” Then changed it to “Just take the chest and go in peace.” Why then do you supposed he added two more stanzas to his poem?
    What is he telling us in those two last stanza that he didn’t tell before?

    Could it be those stanzas have the clues needed to locate the chest from the blaze? I think so. Why else did he need to add them to his original poem? The question of why he must go and leave his trove …….imho, is a big clue in finding the chest when he says …Look quickly down. Just an observation.

    What do you think, Dal? Anyone?

    • “Could it be those stanzas have the clues needed to locate the chest from the blaze? I think so. Why else did he need to add them to his original poem? The question of why he must go and leave his trove …….imho, is a big clue in finding the chest when he says …Look quickly down.”

      ritt: Agreed, that is one important possibility I have focused on for two years. But, I believe they were there all along.

      • loco….How so? If they were there all along,.. then they must have been put in the poem in an earlier spot…like stanza 3 or 4 because the last line said Take my…..but leave my bones alone. Why then would he have moved them to the last? I don’t think they were there. But, IDK, Forrest has done many of strange things. lol

        • ritt,

          IMO, it’s possible he only had to reword two lines in stanza 4. No moving stanzas around.

          If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
          Look quickly down, to cease your quest
          But tarry scant with marvel gaze
          Leave my bones and just take the chest

          butterfly / flutterby?? who knows??

          just one dummy’s opinion!! 🙂 🙂

          • Ioco….Never called you a dummy! 🙂

            I see your point, but if they were the “Final” lines in the poem as Dal suggested….that Forrest had said in the above comment, then where did the last two stanzas come from?

            The “final” line now is of course ” I give you title to the gold”….not “Take the chest and go in peace.”

            I’m not saying that “SWIITIMG” and “HMAALG” stanzas weren’t already there in the poem, but if so then he must have moved them,….Now if they weren’t already in the poem then he added them at a later date and if so why?

            I hope you see what I’m getting at, IDK if it means anything, just pointing out something that I found, (didn’t know if it’s been brought up b4) and I thought that others might find it interesting. 🙂

          • LOL!! OK ritt, I’m bored so I will show you how big a dummy I am!! 🙂

            you wrote: “The “final” line now is of course ” I give you title to the gold”….not “Take the chest and go in peace.”

            If you are reading the Poem for enjoyment, then of course “I give you title to the gold” is the last line.

            However, if you are reading the Poem in an attempt to solve the clues, then you must do what it says. Doing what it tells you to, makes “just take the chest and go in peace” the last line…….

            I’ll explain. it does not say look down, you quest has ceased, nor does it say your quest will cease……
            it says “look down, you’re quest to cease”! …..this tells me there is more to do to cease my quest, so I must look quicly down.

            Look down where? (never understood why people would think you find something by looking around at the blaze?) ….what are you doing? You’re reading the Poem!!! So look down within the Poem “to cease your quest”!!!

            At “look down, quest to cease”, look down to stanza 5, then 6. That’s where the quest continues, after you look down.

            So, having done what the Poem tells you to do…..the last two lines will be:
            “but tarry scant with marvel gaze, iust take the chest and go in peace”.

            No, it’s not “messing” with the Poem. The Poem tells you to do it!!

            So, see ritt, a big dummy!!! (when I get bored, I tend to ramble:) )

            OK….let ‘er rip— Halo?-Wolf?-Jamie Jones?-Mindy?-anybody?

          • Look quickly down, your quest to cease. You forgot quickly Loco. I disagree. Look down is outside the poem (in the field) why quickly? All of this stuff makes sense…where I’m struggling with is “But” tarry scant with marvel gaze. I think I understand it IMO so far the poem doesn’t take a person to the chest. GPS coordinates take a person to an exact spot. The poem gets a searcher close within 40ft. No guarantees though. Let me summarize. The person in a wheelchair that has completely solved the poem still can’t have the treasure because of the grey area at the end. This is my current opinion maybe I’ll find something else but so far it’s more descriptive than exact.

          • Sorry, loco…maybe I’m a dummy, but it’s a given that you will look down at the rest of the poem….he doesn’t need to tell you to do that. You will have to look down at stanzas 5,& 6 to finish.

            And, yes, Ed…why quickly. I agree with you that one must be at the blaze when he says LQDYQTC. Then he says BTSWMG, there is something there that is distracting you from the treasure chest so don’t get caught up with it. There is some need to quickly finish your quest to take the chest and go in peace.

            Hmmm,…I’m giving out to much junk. 🙂

          • Nah, ritt, no dummies here. We might be loco for talking about what we’re talking about, though!! 🙂

            OK, not gonna say about quickly. And some people realize you must use the whole Poem. But have you, and Ed, given any thought to “from there it’s no place for the meek”?

            That’s always told me my final destination. (not what I encounter next, after hoB)……

            I confirm that by being at “brave and in the wood”. (where else would you need to be brave, except at no place for the meek). Also, “in the wood” confirms that I am in the correct canyon.

            So, Ed, “title to the gold” is at the location of “brave and in the wood”. Once you recognize “title to the gold”, then you will know what “tarry scant with marvel gaze” means.

            I have a solve that incorporates all of this and takes me to a specific spot. (no coordinates needed).

            Is it the correct solution?? Who knows.
            And Ed, you are quite correct about the person in a wheelchair. That person is me. And that is why I had to contact another searcher who has graciously agreed to go, this spring, and check the location.

            Alright, all you other guys can come out now!!! 🙂

          • LOL!! Dang, you guys are tough to play to!! 🙂

            OK, let’s try this: could you please give me a little feedback on the concept of “no place for the meek” being the location you are at when you get to “brave and in the wood”??

            Can be anything from it’s nuts, to it’s possibly valid??

            Anyone?? 🙂

          • You have a very valid point there Loco… With the end always drawing near you would have to be brave… Or maybe you have to go really slow so you don’t fall off the cliff before you get to the treasure… I dunno… Where is everyone sleeping in?

          • Thanks Yates, means a lot coming from you.

            I don’t remember throwing the “no place for the meek” concept out before, either here or on CC.

            Was wondering if any of the giant-minds had considered it. You are the first to weigh on, (except for Wolf on the “reading” down concept).

            Curious that they are so quite?? Is it they can’t see it? Or they wish I hadn’t posted it and would go away!!! LOL 🙂

            Thanks again and feel free to throw out anything you want! 🙂

            Good Luck to Ya!!!…….loco

        • I think Ed can be right and Loco can be right as well. Nothing says you can’t look quickly down in the poem to get further instructions and then look quickly down to physically locate what the instructions tell you to look for. I used that concept in my solution, maybe not precisely what Loco has used but something quite similar. Loco I thought we discussed this once before, n’est pas?

          • LOl!! So we did Wolf, s we did!! But that was a lifetime ago (seems like it, no??) 🙂
            Just thought I’d add to it and stir things up a bit….And, you’re right, “look quickly down” applies in the field to what you see, thus the need for quickly…..blink and you miss it. But that is definitely not where the chest is! IMO

          • Amy, 🙂 🙂

            I spent Monday night in Longview. Was going to see if we could meet, but business interfered!! (wanted to come back and tell Goofy to “eat his heart out”) LOL!! 🙂

          • Loco

            Ok ok I will tell my opinion about meek and brave in the wood the answer is yes 🙂 everything is such a circle these days 🙂

            It’s funny that when u fly and u look down everything is square []

          • amy!! dang girl, you gonna give me a heart attack!! 🙂

            if you see [] in a 0………ssshhh!

            fourwhlhntr at yahoodotcom 🙂

    • “So, if the final lines of the poem then were “Take the chest and go in peace.
      But leave my bones alone.”

      i believe f said the line was at one time, just take the chest and leave my bones

      Then changed it to “Just take the chest and go in peace.” Why then do you supposed he added two more stanzas to his poem?

      where are you getting the information that 2 stanzas were added when the line was changed?

      • Lol loco

        You know Goofy would have been jealous of that.

        U were so close I would have loved to have met u.
        I could have bought u dinner at the Country Tavern
        It’s a Barbecue restauraunt, then we could have put money on that pool table and whoever scratched with the black ball would have to tell part of their solve. Sounds like fun 🙂

        • OMG!! You play pool, too!
          Goofy can have those Cal. girls…I’ll take Texas gals every time!!

          I got a feeling I’d be scratching on every shot!! 🙂

          • Lol Loco

            Yes I like pool but I’m not that good I have a problem with that aim. 🙂

            So by the end of the night you have known my solve 🙂 not I would have lied lol 🙂 ha

        • I’ve been sent to spread the message.

          Cause God blessed Texas with His own hand
          Brought down angels from the Promised Land
          He gave them a place where they could dance
          If you wanna see Heaven, brother, here’s your chance…

          I’m married to one of those Texas Angels. We got one kid in San Antonio, one in Dallas, and one in Austin.

    • I got it stuck at:
      the clues move you closer to the chest. So if the poem reads “your quest to cease”, then there are no more clues left to move you closer, because you already finished. But idk.

  87. …well this thread is kinda hot right now. Forgive me for rehashing one of Fenn’s quotes, the one about “a word that is key”. What did he say…Few are in tight focus with a word that is key. And Dal was just making a point about metaphors, so I’d like to take credit for this if it hasn’t already been proffered.

    What if that (key) word IS ‘poem’. Isn’t poetry all about rainbows and Unicorns? Maybe Fenn is saying, “hey it’s a treasure map written as a poem, you have to interpret it in a poem-ly like manner” If he’s envisioning ( no maybe ‘imagining’ is a better phrase ) himself as different things, animals, people etc. at different times, then we have to come up with those answers. As always IMO

  88. I suppose he changed the poem because peace sounded better than bones, he says it took awhile to create the poem, and he did a magnificent job on the poem. 🙂

  89. chad or dal:

    where or when did mr. fenn , state that he would go and get the chest for a person if they were unable to retreive? thanks…..

    • I have not heard or seen any such statement. I doubt without proof of such a statement that I would submit my complete solve using e-mail- I just do not have that much faith in electronic messages and hacks.

    • homer
      I don’t know that he ever made a broad, open statement to that effect. I think if you look in the “Forrest Gets Mail” posts on this blog you might see where Forrest answered a person who asked if he would go get it for them and Forrest answered that he would if they met certain conditions.

  90. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    Look quickly down, to cease your quest
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze lift my bones and take the
    rest. small mod of locolobos version 🙂

  91. I’ll try a version (all IMO)…

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But leave my body where it lays,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    (The last two stanzas make sense after this; in particular, the use of the word “trove” (perhaps a synonym for “discovered”) would make sense if the treasure owner had passed away.)

    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  92. Having join the “Chase” in September I have really enjoyed all the searchers comments and SB post from FF on this blog. There is a lot of friendship and friendly fighting going on through it. I want to thank Dal especially for all the work he put in to it, all for free I might add.
    I was going though some of the early post this morning and came across one from a female searcher (Susie I think) that said something about it being fun to start or be part of Forrest Fenn Fan Club. It hit me funny but aren’t we all part of a FF fan club so to speak. We meet here regularly and talk about him and his poem, hoping to here him tell us something more about him self. Sounds pretty much like a fan club to me.
    I having a blast with all the research and reading that I have been doing and can hardly wait for summer to get her so I can do feet on the ground searching.

    • Not-
      I agree..and so do folks on the other blogs..they call this the “fan club” or the “support group” and some names that aren’t so flattering..
      But I think it’s good to have friends who enjoy doing what you do..
      Who support your crazy notions and hold your hand when you come back empty handed..
      I like the people on this blog…

  93. This a serious question do u think that the chest could be found in the snow? I wanted to wait till June because I’m afraid the snow may bite me, but I’m thinking the sooner the better I have Treasure Fever. 🙂

    • Amy, around 3/11/13 KOB had done a video-report/interview titled “Publisher of Treasure Hunt Book Prints More Copies” with Gadi Schwartz. Most of what was in this video-report/interview was also in a later video-report/interview 3/17/13 titled “Eye on New Mexico.”

      Both links I have to these videos are now dead:

      One important thing that was in the first video but not in the second was that Gadi Shwartz reported that Forrest had emailed him about 20 minutes before this live video broadcast stating…

      “The mountains are not your friends when they are covered in snow.”

      Dal or Goofy, maybe you recall this and have a valid link or confirmation?

      Other FF Quotes reported in these Videos:

      “People are looking at the postmarks in his book and using them as coordinates with Google earth.”

      “They are not going to happen on it they are going to have to figure out the clues in the poem and that will take them right straight to it.”

      Gadi Schwartz said… “Forrest said stop looking in Grizzly bear caves so I take that as a clue that it is not in a Grizzly bear cave. And if you do go in throw in some dynamite to get the bears out first.”

      • The mountains are only your friends when you’re sitting at home resting comfortably by your piñon fire. When you’re actually in the mountains, you’d be well advised to consider them a capable adversary at all times, and especially so in the winter.

      • Frank Spallie is correct that’s the email

        Sorry I’m just getting back to you. Blogging and driving is dangerous 🙂

        Good luck with Forrest. 🙂

        • thanks you spallie and amy glad you didn’t do any thing while driving amy ill give it a try hope he answers again thanks

  94. I think this has been the longest time since a last post since this blog started….

    Did someone take a winter trip and find the treasure??


    • Well, I’m sure it’s not easy to tell these elaborate stories about oneself and make sure not to give out any hints. I mean, heaven forbid. 🙂 What a terrible thing it must be for him to think he might have ever given us anything USEFUL, …..but he says he doesn’t, so no need to have to ever think about about that, right. May all the trout waters dry up and the bridges burn!! Besides, it takes time to put some of these stories together. …..The lighting and the mood has to be just right in the bathroom and the shower to get the correct shots. And finding the sock that has just the perfect size hole in it for your toes to fit through, … not easy!! 🙂 Sounds like cabin fever to me. And it can be quite contagious if not treated!! 🙂 But maybe, just maybe, he will tell us more about some of the thousands of precious and expensive objects in his collection, some by themselves worth more than the chest itself, …..because even if there are no hints there, at least it is interesting and educational.

      Where are u Forrest Fenn??

  95. Let’s see about 15 min from where I live someone one out of the 3 won the lottery the power ball. Wish I knew that person 🙂
    I sure hope they will be wise with their winnings and figure out that it is a financial blessing., or sometimes if they are not smart it will destroy them.
    I don’t play the lotto that often because I’m already looking for a chest in the Rockies . 🙂 Thanks Forrest

    • Oh, it’s all fun!! Heck, I got 4 out of 5 on the Roadrunner Cash twice here in NM and when the Powerball first came out I played $25/ticket twice weekly and the one time I DIDN’T play my numbers I had everything except the Powerball #, … yeah there’s lots of possibilities out there for pirate treasure, but it is really something to do such as this here and somehow find a pot of gold by using your mind to get you there. …..I don’t play the lottery anymore though. 🙂

      • My Husband asked me to buy some tickets yesterday but I did not buy any. That is way too much money what would you do with it all and think of the people coming out of the woodwork…. I worked with a lady who won about 35 Million in the Washington State Lottery she said she would definitely have not given out her name if she could do it over… she got calls from anyone and everyone under the sun. So if any of Y’all won the PowerBall don’t use your real name if you can…:)

        • Wow Spallies
          I bet she did have everyone coming out of the woodwork.
          If I didn’t know a person who won I would not bother them, that’s rude. But if I did know that person and had a close relationship I would surely ask for their help, it never hurts to ask 🙂 it’s either yes or no ***** 🙂

          • Well I did not know her that well so I never asked. If it was a very close friend I wouldn’t have to ask they would know if I needed help or not.

    • If you are comparing the treasure hunt to the lottery then I think you insult Forrest. The poem will lead a searcher straight to the treasure….RIGHT?

    • I’ve seen that too, where money just destroys a person. I watched a documentary on Steve Jobs, really interesting what he had to say about people destroying themselves with money… plastic surgery expensive cars etc. He was worth $7 billion yet he led a pretty frugal lifestyle.

        • Suzie

          Oh I just have that feeling, I think it’s time for it to be found . Now Forrest wouldn’t mind if it took forever for someone to find it. He loves his Chase. 2015 🙂 June that is. 🙂

          • Amy

            I want to be in the winners circle too….ever get that feeling that were fiddling while Rome burns. I just get an uneasy feeling sometimes that someone is getting close. Too close! Sometimes, I don’t like refreshing the blog…that next post could be the end…someone found it!

  96. Forrest, here’s a song just for you from me only where it says Girl u need to say boy:)

    Daryl Hall and John Oats
    ” You making my dreams come true “

  97. Goofy, I’m a northern gal but privileged to live in Texas for a time. Native Texans are the warmest and most hospitable people I’ve ever known. Love your southern manners too Goofy. yes sir I do.

  98. BACON & EGGS

    All in a day’s work for the chicken, A lifetime commitment for the pig.

  99. Good morning all and happy Friday the 13th! My lucky day!
    Got results from a CT scan yesterday…not cancer! Woohoo! Just a small surgery needed for a blockage in my sinus. Thank GOD!!!
    Hope u all have a great 13th!!! I know I will! 🙂

  100. Not to disappoint anyone but Thursday I found out that our lottery pot only hit $4. But when I open the fortune cookie that was with my lunch it said “DON’T BE HASTY, PROSPERITY WILL SOON KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR” Maybe my solve is better than I thought. I’ll have to wait for summer, not being hasty is HARD.

  101. I agree with you, Ed.It is fun to dream about, I have that dream also.I was just messing around, seeing who is really confident for the upcoming treasure hunting season.Personally i hope its not found this year, not even by me.Not ready for it to be over just yet.I really want more shot at that ornament contest.That still stings 🙁

    • Sorry about that, Fins Up. My wife made the winning ornament…one of them. She’s really good like that. I know what you’re saying, though. I’m outshined every day. I can either sulk or enjoy the light. Usually I enjoy sulking in the light. That’s one of the many reasons I married her…which wasn’t an “easy call” after my first wife told me she wanted a divorce and my second wife left me. But everything is fine now! All’s well that ends well, right? The decisions we make every day can make us a “winner” in someone else’s eyes. Happy Valentine’s Day, All. Share the Love.

  102. Oh where, oh where, can Mr. Fenn be? The Huffington Post took him away from me. He’s gone to Santa Fe so I’ve got to be good, so I can see the chest before I leave this world……….

    Aarrrgghh!! The ship is sailing without a captain. Where are you sir? We know not where we were are going, but we were ‘confident’ in it. 🙂 It’s ok that there aren’t any clues to found anywhere. We still enjoy your stories!! Besides, even if we knew WWWH, we probably still couldn’t find Sitting Bull. So don’t ever worry your pretty little toes off that you might have ever given us anything useful. You’re having fun aren’t you!! 🙂 I mean, all we need is the poem, right? So, what more do we need. Tell us some more stories, …..the natives are getting restless and you’re the chief now. 🙂

    • Haha that funny Suzie He is taking a very long nap I guess we all wore the ole coot out .

    • He probably took the beautiful Peggy away on a trip for Valentines Day. 🙂 He deserves time away from all us” nut “cases. LOL

      • Everyone is “nuts” in some way or another. He just has a captive audience or some of us because of the chest. But even rainbows eventually fade……… I’m glad for him though. He does seem like a pretty good guy. 🙂 I hope they have a nice Valentine’s and I wish them good health always.

        • …..because there surely isn’t nothing crazy about stories about ones bathroom and shower or closet or worn out slippers, etc., right? Heck, he should be right at home here with all “nuts”, shouldn’t he? 🙂

          • That’s true, Suzie. Forrest likely has a great time reading the blogs and contributing his scrapbooks and stories.

            In a way it’s like hangin’ out with all of us…kinda like eating a nice healthy bowl of granola…full of fruits, nuts and flakes! 🙂

  103. “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.”

    I Ching

    • “Forrest Fenn is a brilliant man!! …..I’ve come to see that. He will be known for that. And we’re just people chasing a dream, …..nothing more.”

      I Suzie

  104. You’re brighter than I loco!! Besides, if you’re drinking that, then you already know what the blaze is.

    Well, I attempted to use my own “Pickles”, but the big mouth bass has his own agenda, I guess, …..and has refused my offers of food. …..Wait!! Or am I the one who’s supposed to be feeding? I don’t know anymore……… 🙂

    • I don’t know anything more about the site, Holli, or why the chest is pictured there than you do..
      But I bet we can make up some great stories…

      It was pointed out to me today by someone who views our site.

      • *Regarding the memorial to Holli:

        Without knowing the details, perhaps caution with words and presumptions is a wise course of action when someone’s daughter has passed.

        IMO Mrs. Fenn could be with child in the photo on page 104 TTOTC. She is typically very small waisted in all other photos and appears to be pregnant. At the time they started Fenn Gallery both Zoe and Kelly were young girls. If Peggy and Forrest lost a child I understand that loss would leave parents brokenhearted and grieving for a lifetime.

        Please be respectful out of deference and care to Forrest in case he posted this tribute. IMo there may be evidence in the poem to support this theory. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly take the fall rather than be inconsiderate.

        • Lia if someone wants to create a memorial that’s fine just say so. All this nonsense with hidden web links and crawler metadata to generate hits for the statcounter is slimy.

          It looks to me they are attempting to take advantage of the good people here by tugging on their heart strings. Whoever created this site is a slime ball as far as I can tell. This has nothing to do with “Holli” and everything to do with a bogus treasure site.

          If some idiot actually did create this as a memorial they have done a great disservice to “Holli” whoever that is with all the treasure related metadata.

          Don’t mean to sound harsh but it’s slime balls like this that need to be called out. If someone wants to explain what this is all about or challenge me about my accusations, and explain all the nonsense on that site, I’m right here……I’m sure they are reading this.

          • Nope… Slime Balls… Naaah… That don’t sound harsh to me. Might be something hard to hang on to though.

          • Fair enough goofy, I trust you and Dal and know little about web crawlers etc.
            If the Fenn’s did lose a child inunderstand that loss and am very sorry for them. That’s all I was concerned over.

          • Lia, bless your heart, it’s the good people like you they are trying to take advantage of and I take offense to that……..

            Like I said, I’m right here if the creator of this site wants to explain what’s going on or challenge my accusations.

    • Or it could mean somebody’s stuck on clue #2 and doesn’t know it 🙂 so many fish in the sea 🙂 but using memorials is just as gross as a bad picture. Your soul shines through no matter what…and it’s hard to get out of a bottomless pit once you’ve jumped. I’m excited to watch all this unfold!

  105. Well Witchy Woman got a haircut this evening, we did not take 6 inches off but close 🙁
    My hair was so dead you could barely get a brush thru it.
    Seriously it was bad what was I thinking, hhmmm and I thought it looked good with dead ends. Lol

    Well it looks much healthier now
    Mom says I need to deep condition it every night. There must be to much Chlorine in our water, and I don’t drink the water where I live,
    It’s to foggy looking. 🙂

    Just letting everyone know I got a haircut. 🙂 I look much younger 🙂

  106. Looks like another clown trying to generate hits so they can sell the website name. They have a statcounter installed. If you drag over the bottom of the screen you can see all the sites they link to. What a bunch of clowns.

    Here’s some of the meta data:
    meta content=”THE SOLVE TO FORREST FENNS TREASURE” name=”Description”

    meta content=”treasure, hidden, giveaways, candles, enter, winners, win, treasure chest, treasure candles, forrest fenn, yellowstone, forrest, church, chase, gold, dal, thrill, Brown, water, high,brave,wood, rocky, mountain, Cache, Fenn, Joseph Henry Sharp, Montana, Mountains, New Mexico, Taos Mountains, Treasure” name=”Keywords”

    meta content=”15 Days” name=”revisit-after”

    meta content=”cloudfoot” name=”Author”
    Here’s the links in the “hidden” part.

    StatCounter – Free Web Tracker and Counter

  107. I’ve been out searching almost sixty times. But some people only know how to make a buck through subterfuge.

  108. Very confusing indeed my guess is the government. Something similar happened to me like that once I went into hiding for a couple of days. Best thing I ever did. You might try it too.

  109. Goofy, sounds like you hit a nerve. Why did the person with the site not tell us who Holli is and what happened to her.

    • Yep Obsessed, it looks like I hit a nerve. Well Cloudfoot or whatever your name is you ain’t seen mean yet. I’m bad to the bone, and proud of it, when it comes to dealing with disgusting individuals like you……ba ba ba ba ba baaad.

      I see you still haven’t removed the hidden links and statcounter. You are disgusting using a memorial (the whole thing is probably bogus) to rack up hits for a treasure hunting site.

      You are one sick individual…….I notice you haven’t come on here to explain yourself and your perverted site……We’re waiting.

      Or are you just trying to drum up more hits with your game playing calling me names on your daughter’s memorial site……….You really are a disgusting individual.

      • I looked up the domain name information. The site is almost a year old.

        Whois Server Version 2.0

        Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
        with many different competing registrars. Go to
        for detailed information.

        Domain Name: TITLETOTHEGOLD.COM
        Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC
        Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146
        Whois Server:
        Referral URL:
        Name Server: NS6239.HOSTGATOR.COM
        Name Server: NS6240.HOSTGATOR.COM
        Status: clientDeleteProhibited
        Status: clientRenewProhibited
        Status: clientTransferProhibited
        Status: clientUpdateProhibited
        Updated Date: 06-oct-2014
        Creation Date: 06-mar-2014
        Expiration Date: 06-mar-2015

        >>> Last update of whois database: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 17:58:47 GMT <<<

        NOTICE: The expiration date displayed in this record is the date the
        registrar's sponsorship of the domain name registration in the registry is
        currently set to expire. This date does not necessarily reflect the expiration
        date of the domain name registrant's agreement with the sponsoring
        registrar. Users may consult the sponsoring registrar's Whois database to
        view the registrar's reported date of expiration for this registration.

        TERMS OF USE: You are not authorized to access or query our Whois
        database through the use of electronic processes that are high-volume and
        automated except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or
        modify existing registrations; the Data in VeriSign Global Registry
        Services' ("VeriSign") Whois database is provided by VeriSign for
        information purposes only, and to assist persons in obtaining information
        about or related to a domain name registration record. VeriSign does not
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        by the following terms of use: You agree that you may use this Data only
        for lawful purposes and that under no circumstances will you use this Data
        to: (1) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass
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        that apply to VeriSign (or its computer systems). The compilation,
        repackaging, dissemination or other use of this Data is expressly
        prohibited without the prior written consent of VeriSign. You agree not to
        use electronic processes that are automated and high-volume to access or
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        operational stability. VeriSign may restrict or terminate your access to the
        Whois database for failure to abide by these terms of use. VeriSign
        reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.

        The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .EDU domains and

        For more information on Whois status codes, please visit

        • Mark it seems they don’t want anyone to know who “Holli” really is. Kind of odd for a memorial don’t you think…..Dal is mentioned in the meta data more than Holli is………This is nothing but a scam run by a disgusting individual. I’m going to see if some of my buds can find out who this really is. It’s good to have friends in low places sometimes.

          Registry Registrant ID:
          Registrant Name: Registration Private
          Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
          Registrant Street:
          Registrant Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
          Registrant City: Scottsdale
          Registrant State/Province: Arizona

        • Hey Dal,
          Whens the next post going to happen? some people are getting anxious…. cabin fever is taking a hold over here!

        • Sorry Dal, the last thing I would want to do is cast a bad light on you. I really don’t like people trying to take advantage of your kindness and willingness to share. You and some of the folks here are truly some of the nicest folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

          It seems there are always con men and corrupt scam artist; not to mention the crazy narcissist that can’t stand to see folks have fun; always ruining things for everyone else.

          I’ll put the Pitt Bull back on the porch if you want me to.

  110. Some one is watching close by, updated again with link to this blog with “Goofy_Old_Guy”

    • The asterisk is a “Heavy Tear Dropped” spoke asterisk. I know I’m naïve, maybe it’s legit.

  111. Lia…wasn’t able to get my post to be under one of yours….your compassion and “heart’ are quite evident. Like you (sorry), I can understand the “forever” ache.

    • Hey thanks Elementary.
      I’m an old softy here who lost a baby to miscarriage and almost lost a son to SIDS (2 yrs of touch and go with heart and breathing; jump starting our sons breathing when alarms went off in the night). For two years we hardly slept and I worried our son would die when I was on night watch.

      I’ll always error on the side of compassion for anyone who loses a child. As I said, I think it’s possible Forrest and Peggy lost a child and It’s possible the poem contains a memorial to that child, maybe her name is Holli.

      At any rate, I sure miss Forrest’s voice and hope his next story is forthcoming soon.

      Happy Valentines all!

      Love kisses the soul

    • Well chistophon I seem to have touched a nerve. Yes I agree, they know what they are doing; even though they are rank amateurs at creating websites. They are trying to scam the good hearted folks here. You don’t have a problem with that?

      This wouldn’t happen to be your site would it?

  112. I don’t have a clue who’s site it may be, but also, Holli is a mystery, so we cant just assume that someone is trying to scam folks here. I am just saying I cannot rule out the fact that ff is capable of creating another site for clues and hints. He has the urgency to change things up, when he feels like it.. Just a thought though.

    • I’m not assuming anything; the site was obviously created to generate hits from the treasure hunt. Most probably an attempt to generate hits so the creator can sell it for more money…….I’m going to make this person famous as soon as I find out who created it.

      Saying Fenn has anything to do with a ridiculous site like this is lunacy and defaming to Fenn. I can assure you if Fenn wanted to create another website he would do it properly. Quite frankly you are the goofball for thinking such things.

      Why do you keep promoting what is obviously a scam?

      • Saying you know Fenn so well, then i would assume that you would have found the chest by now right? I think thats a safe statement.

        You are letting a hit-counter on a website get you worked up.. I see counters on all kinds of websites. I dont see your defense nor a logic reason behind this “scam”.

        I am not promoting the site. I just dont see why it matters.. im sure the people here are smart enough to not be scammed.. 🙂

          • Expose away Goofy. 🙂 I’m curious why someone would create a site like this. If it truly is in memory of their daughter, why not let people who drop by know a bit about her? What is the connection between Holli and Forrest’s treasure hunt? Was she an avid Fenner and this is a tribute to her searching spirit? Or is this just a web site trading on our sympathy and the popularity of Dal’s site and trying to rack up a lot of hits for a future sale? I had seen this site a while back and thought it was strange but decided it was of no importance so never visited it again until now to see what all the commotion was about. Now I see there is a link back to Dal’s site. Strange! 🙂

          • Sorry for coming into the middle of this but not sure what the hype is about the site, I went on there after seeing it posted by another searcher on and the site in question looks unfinished and still under construction. I yet don’t see a problem yet with the site cause they haven’t asked for money nor anything as of yet, this isn’t to say they will but what if it is in memory of a loved one. I believe I’ve seen Goof said the IP was a Cloudfoot or something like that but I somewhat remember that poster and never seen a problem from that searcher.

            All this is IMHO and I have only got little information not to form a actual opinion of whats going on here.

          • CJ I don’t think it’s strange I think it’s disgusting; using a bogus memorial to generate hits for a treasure site is about as low as you can go.

            You are right; a memorial is created to honor and remember someone telling the story of their life. If someone wanted their loved one memorialized because she was an avid treasure hunter they could send their story to Dal or Fenn and I’m sure they would get a whole page devoted to their loved one. Dal and Fenn are two of the most compassionate guys I’ve known…….If that wasn’t enough I would be happy to help them create a real website devoted to her.

            Whoever created that site is pure scum.

            It is obvious from the metadata and hidden links what is going on there……I’ve offered several times for the creator to come on here and explain what is going on. But no takers, I can’t imagine why. It is obvious they are reading the comments; attacking me on a memorial site…..Really

            What a slime ball.

          • I didnt see what was referenced towards your name on that site Goofy. Can you tell me what it was?

            I am not attempting to promote the site, under any regards it may not even be a memorial. Just because you do not think it was created by ff doesnt mean it wasnt. giving it 0% chance that ff has anything to do with it, says to me, that you have 0% knowledge of how ff thinks and how he does things. I see people on here everyday commenting on how tricky this guy is and all, but you think a website is bogus, because it doesnt make sense to you.

          • You are falling all over yourself getting tied into knots trying to make excuses for that site chistophon. Why is that?

            They attacked me this morning calling me mean; on a memorial site no less, several folks here saw it. That is disgusting in itself.

            I mean really chistophon……What leads me to believe it is a memorial is because it says in memory of…….

            I have posted the metadata and hidden links if you want to bother to read them. But I don’t think you do because for some reason all you want to do is make excuses for this disgusting website.

            And here you go again with the Fenn created the website nonsense again; you are running in circles. Apparently you have been scammed by this site believing (and trying very hard to convince everyone else) that Fenn created that site…….Which is why they need to be exposed to save gullible folks like yourself.

            Using a memorial to generate hits about a treasure hunt is disgusting and the creator needs to be exposed. Your silly attempts to make excuses for the site makes no sense at all unless you or someone you know created the site……

          • I am not in anyway trying to convince anyone that ff created that site, in fact you should let them decide that, instead of warning everyone that it is a bogus site. What if it is a legit site with clues? I just dont think it is fair for you to blast them, just because you were able to “right click” on your mouse to get data that had everything to do with the treasure hunt. If it is a legit site, then you led everyone that listened to you in the wrong direction over pride…. Dont be that guy…

          • Cristophon,
            If you think that is a legit site with clues..
            Well.. wait for it…
            Here it comes,,,,
            You are an idiot. Yes I said it.. I’ll be that guy. In other words,
            I’m your huckelberry.

          • Pirate- Good choice of words. I already knew you were that guy, your maturity gives it away. I read this blog quite a bit and I always seem to skip over your comments. I must have somehow said in my latest post’s that I cared about what you thought?

          • I mean really chistophon you’re getting ridiculous now. Let me get this straight, you are saying a disgusting bogus memorial site that was obviously created to generate hits about a treasure hunt is a legit site with clues. Did you really just say that?

            I know the creator of the site is reading these comments. So why don’t they come on here and explain what is going on. Put me in my place.

            This disgusting individual won’t come out of the slimy shadows where they are and defend the site. Why is that? They attacked me on their website but can’t come here and answer for what they have done.

            Anyone that would create a bogus memorial site is a disgusting pervert.

          • It is obvious that they removed what YOU found offensive. The message that was aimed directly to you. If they were these sick scumbags like you say, then I would imagine they would have left that message on there?, the one YOU found offensive! Come on really? To me, they have been sincere, and probably sorry. Why did they take down the message that was aimed towards you? Just give these folks a chance to look for a treasure and quit playing…

          • Wow chistophon you’re saying a slime ball that creates a bogus memorial is sincere and sorry for attacking me. You’re losing it buddy……. I’m right here if the slime ball has anything to say to me.

            And now I’m some how not giving these folks a chance to look for the treasure. You are going to have to explain that statement to me.

            Do you know who created this site… might as well tell us; I’m going to use every resource I have to find out who this is.

          • Goof-

            This is a waste of time if all we can do is argue. You are so convinced that the website is completely bogus and a scam. Some of these people will turn to all sources to find the clues, hints, and the correct solve. You deplete some of that by blasting this website for no reason. And all I am saying is for the people that are “new” to this, they should be able to figure out for themselves if what they are looking at is a scam and completely useless. You have no evidence that this website is a scam. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

            In regards to their sincerity…You put them on blast, and then they put you on blast, however they also corrected it once you found it offensive. And I think the only reason they took it off is because it was aimed towards you, but you started it. I dont see them taking anything else off the website. I wonder why? Maybe because its not offensive!?!?

            Also I have no idea who made this website. Your investigating will do what? are you going to try and make everyone hate and rebel against them for having a non-offensive website? You are not making any logical reasons with your opposition of that website. So I dont understand.

            This is your game though, so I am not going to try to convince you of anything. What do I know? I am just a fellow ff treasure hunter. Enjoy

          • chistophon, it’s not what on the surface that you see is the problem its what’s under the surface that tells the real story and unless you are an experienced web developer your not seeing the whole picture as Goofy does.

            Press the button Goofy!

        • Well I think it’s obvious what’s going on with you chistophon. You are correct that people will turn to all sources to find clues, especially newbie’s. The creator of this site knows this and is trying to take advantage of these people in the most disgusting way I have ever seen; by creating a bogus memorial to take advantage of them.

          You are correct I started it……they are invited here to finish it. I would very much like to hear their explanation.

          I can’t imagine why you don’t find a bogus memorial totally disgusting and offensive. And how you could possibly justify making excuses for them. I am going to find out who this is if I possibly can, and teach these scum bags a lesson.

          I have given many logical reasons for why I find a bogus memorial totally offensive. For some reason you think this despicable behavior is acceptable.

          • Goofy, Everything you stated makes good sense. The onus at this point is on the website owner to clarify what they are doing.

          • Good moring to you Spalies, at first glance this looks to be a subdomain of You can’t buy a web name with two dots.

            However even though you cannot buy a domain name like “”, nothing stops you from buying a domain called “” (unless it’s already taken), and then creating a subdomain name called “”. Once you own the main domain name, you can create any subdomain of that domain that you want.

            It’s a standard html page not xhmtl or xml so I don’t know what that is about.

        • Goofy- Thanks for the statement. I can see somewhat of a frustration. We just ain’t eye2eye with this one today. It does makes it more interesting though.

  113. You guys are so Vinnie I mean Finney you can’t learn anything from a computer screen except deception, unless your with the government. Ha ha hx keep going girl, tough without a tale.

  114. If that site is a scam then its in very poor taste.Sad someone would try to generate hits like that.If thats the case i hope Goofy kicks their butt and exposes them.Cristophon, i would say 0% chance ff has anything to do with that site.0.0000% actually, imo

  115. Computer stuff confuses me. What does all that mumbo jumbo mean to someone who didn’t go to computer college?

    • I’m no website expert but if some one can get a website to get a lot of hits, or people looking at the website, advertisers pay big bucks to get their ads on them. Dal could be getting rich off this website if he was willing to sell all the pop up ads etc that are on most websites. I have to admire Dal for keeping this site ad free.
      I don’t know what the site owner is up to, but if I were going to set up a site to honor my dad I would sure put some info on it to tell everyone what a great dad he was and how much I miss him. They have had every opportunity to respond here but haven’t. If they can set up the site as much as it is, I think that they could tell who Holli was and something about her. I have 4 girls and have been blessed by having them. I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually have pass away, but I don’t think that I would let a website go though this much discussion with out telling everyone about her.

      • Is that the letter “H” on the top of the chest??? Also there is a link to as well not sure if anyone pointed that out yet.

    • Dear Toby, all it means is someone decided to make a little money off the chase by making a website that Fennsters would go to look at. But because it has no real content, and we know that there is no reason to go there . So dont click the link. 🙂

  116. I Looked at this site that Goofy is talking all about. I dont see any adds or links or anything. What are they doing that would make them a pervert that Goofy said they were? I just dont see what everyone thinks this might be? How can they make money on this? I see nothing but a name of someone and the poem. Are you all seeing something that I am not? I dont think peoples should be so judging and accusing.

    • Lou Lee I posted all the metadata and hidden links from this site. This is obviously a degenerate that created a bogus memorial site to promote the treasure hunt; and then attacked me when I questioned their intentions.

      As far as how they could make money. If a site can generate a respectable number of hits then the owner can advertise the domain for sale. The more hits they get the more they can ask for the domain name.

      Surely you aren’t going make excuses for this disgusting behavior of creating a bogus memorial site to take advantage of good hearted people.

      Again I invite them here to counter my accusations. That shouldn’t be a problem since they don’t mind attacking me on their website.

        • I’m having a hard time understanding how can you or anyone else can think this site is bad at this point, they haven’t asked for money, material things or stated anything that wasn’t true other than a memorial to a person we don’t know.

          I have seen people get banned for far less than what Goofy has been doing for the last couple of hours.
          I remember a time Goofy has said some nasty things about Forrest on but knowone has said anything up to this point, don’t we all have bad days? Yes, all the time!
          When I pass away I want to be remembered for my adventures for hunting for Forrest treasure chest and my wife might make a website in rememberance of that but the last thing I would want is her to be bashed for no reason.
          If I am wrong and it is for money gain then I’m sorry but I think this has gotten way farther than if it was anyone other than Goofy! There can’t be a double standard!

          • William, Do you think your wife would include more information than just a first name in a memorial? Sure seems a strange memorial to me with such a dearth of information. They even went so far as to conceal who owns the domain name.

          • Really! Dal don’t put his address on his site. Forrest left a P.O Box. Amazon doesn’t have all there share holders info up for Mark J to approve. It’s there site, If they want trffic they are going have to put up some kind of content for me to go back to it! No content no website.

          • ah, so it is their first time, which would explain using a domain proxy, hidden links to Dal’s site, Mysterious Writings and ChaseChat, and meta tags that are associated with the treasure hunt. I guess you are right, seems like a legitimate memorial page.

          • maybe that is the first time the ever did something like this and scared to post their information on the web! Have you thought that might be the case!

          • William, My pappy once (maybe twice) told me to never judge a book by its cover. That is exactly what Goof is doing. The cover is just the web page for all to see but when you go between the covers or dig deeper than just the covers surface that’s when you find intent of whether its good or bad. That is exactly where Goof is coming from. He’s in between the covers, or is that under cover.

            I think I just confused myself. Goof help me here. Are you under cover or are you between the covers?

          • No I believe we are still at the cover of the book.

            Hey I don’t really like getting involved in these things but I like the under dog or the person that has a hard time to speak for themselves. So we can’t judge this on the first day cause they might possibly make money or not, Lets just say they are in it for the clicks to their site how is that ever going to effect us in our own way?

            I am a open book, I have no problem posting my addresses, what I do for a living, I’m easy to find cause I’m licensed in 32 states, I have enough certification that takes up 70 hours a year to keep for CE Hours but not everyone is like that!

      • William, Goof already stated as such above. How else do you ferret out a weasel. If they are legit they will come forth. if not they’ll stay in their hole where they belong.

      • Hey goof- I don’t know if it helps, but I went into the source codes myself trying to figure this out as well. It’s same as the WWWH site and the source codes there have a link to hit the old ‘comments section’ moderator goes by something like Natalie but seperated, like Net a(something) I too was disgusted by the use of a memorial. There are warnings posted on the other two main F blogs asking the owner to take it down as well, even threats to go public with ownership info, but it doesn’t look like anything ever came of it. I am 100% certain I read about it on the “Chat”blog awhile back, but forget which string it was under…a “Yates” and a “superfly” were arguing if I remember right. There’s links posted on the data and stuff and where/how to get it too. Maybe S can direct you to whatever’s there….they were definitely given a warning about using a fake memorial. Check it out if you want, sorry I don’t have the link but I think you can search the posters names and find the comments…

  117. Ok. Thats’ s it!!! I’m throwing out a four letter word so y’all better listen…LOVE!!!
    Happy Valentine’s day all.
    Forrest, I hope you and Peggy had a blessed day and many more! <3

  118. GOOFY- and ANYone that has used those websites. Check your favorites and reading list/bookmarks and delete
    ” ). Rue. N” if it shows up. Looks like there’s more crime going on there than it appears….
    Goofy….some computer whiz friends of mine went in there …they said to show you this link and you would probably understand…. Linked in to a cafe getting info, piracy is a pretty big crime isn’t it?

  119. I try to keep an open mind regarding the nin e clues,
    sometimes it’s not so easy to see the forrest through the trees. 😉

  120. “And what I’ve learned that’s most important is that both countries and people should know enough to just leave other folks alone ….” pg 145

  121. Wow gone a couple of days and I miss all the hoopla!! Lot of catching up to do it looks like. Hope everybody had a nice weekend!

  122. Wow, if you like the cover, then you just bought the book. Interesting discussion on the Chase chat site. I hope everyone had a safe weekend. Got 3-4 inches of snow here in Colorado Springs. Nice…. best time to treasure hunt from my arm chair.

  123. I have a question thats nagging me like crazy. All the pics show a wood-lined chest on the inside…some sort of mahogany or walnut, perhaps? Why would Forrest put a wood-lined chest in a wet environment? Is it some sort of bronze faux woodgrain pattern?

    • This has been discussed in a number of threads. The chest is lined with wood-grained Corian and is virtually inert. JK.

      The supposed wood lining does raise questions of reasonableness with respect to the idea that the chest is under water. Many have said that it would be a very bad idea to put the chest under water for that reason, and many other obvious reasons due to movement, damage, etc.

      But the chest could be near a water element, and often be damp or wet. You can interpret the latest NM video as you wish. Being placed underground or deep inside a cave, which I don’t believe it is for countless reasons, also have negative implications for the condition of wood over time.

      I believe that the chest is lined with wood, which has endured for centuries, and can endure for centuries more in reasonable condition, especially if Forrest “thought of everything” and placed it in a reasonably protected area, or applied a wax or rubber seal or gasket of some type between the lid and the box when he last filled the chest with the treasure and closed the lid in the field…


      • Perhaps, that is where the “title” is. (behind the wood) If you are found leaving an area, with a chest of gold, you now have the “title” from the owner, who left it. Finders, Keepers….(losers, weepers)…what is the “said” law in the wild, wild west?

      • Being submerged in water can preserve woods. There’s a big business right now of retrieving large sinker logs, such as redwood in rivers and lakes and big old growth trees in the Great Lakes. The spruce and maple logs used for Stradivarius violins were stored in the salt water canals in Venice, which allowed microorganisms to eat the soft pulp inside the wood cells and line the cells with minerals, greatly improving the tone of the wood.

        But usually the outside surfaces of the harvested logs are in bad shape, and the good, preserved wood is deeper.

        With the very thin wood in the chest lining, it may not fair so well. It also depends on the wood species. Certain hardwoods and perhaps cedar may do all right for some time, other woods may not.


        • What if the “title” was concealed in a “baggie” behind the wood? (Doubtful, IMHO. How long would it take to break down it’s chemical or physical properties) Not sure…Did Forrest ever say, (can’t remember) that His autobiography is also in the chest…how did he conceal that? His olive jars are buried and sealed with wax. How long can they last in nature or in natural occurrence’s? If written on paper, probably pretty thin. Just thinking…what if the other side of the wood is made of stone, such as slate, engraved with the “title”, surely that would last a long time. (Like the Rosetta stone).

    • The poem and memoirs enjoy enough morbidity themselves Lois. I like to keep the chase for his treasure positive, believing Mr. Fenn has many good years ahead to enjoy. Good health wishes to you Forrest!

  124. I’m with you lia, Mr Fenn will be here for a long long time. If there’s one thing he is it’s a survivor. Treasure hunting has its ups and downs much like life, poker and the American spirit. We may get tired but we will never give up. We always win in the end. Somewhere someone said never go anywhere an eighty year old man wouldn’t go. What if that eighty year old man was Forrest Fenn?