Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty…



Not Tired Yet


IMG_1378 2

The Cuddles Twins

Okay, so we look a little wear weary, who cares? And the tarnish we’ve taken on is from walking around for the last forty years. It just proves that we’re low maintenance.


Illustration by the author

But to say we’re on our last leg shows you don’t know doodly. Who asked you anyway?


Keeping an eye on wannabes

Nobody wants you so your future will have to wait a while, because it just will. Our seasoned guard dog is watching you. Besides, your label says “Fabrique en Vietnam,” Ha, big deal! Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


Cuddles off duty

Bubba doesn’t call us “Cuddles” for no reason. It’s an endearing term. We have dependability on our side so you can go cool your heels in the closet and gather dust with the other standby wannabe house shoes. Our place is near his recliner in the den. Got that?

Sure, we’ve suffered some usage wounds on us, or “battle damage”, to quote the boss, but what’s wrong with having experience?


Doesn’t Bubba wear us when he needs warmth and comfort around the house and in the yard? Yes, it’s us he wants, not you. His toes have indented little compartments in our sheepskin, and they’ve grown to like the fit.



Not Cuddles











Your labels say ‘Made in China,” and “Fabrique en Chine,” respectfully, so we’ll count you guys out also.

“This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more …”

Thank you Mister Shakespeare, but we didn’t ask for your opinion, and we’re not ready yet to retire. We’ll let you know when. Hope you’re taking notes.


Cuddles on duty

No comfort shoes can compete with us when it comes to staying power and customer satisfaction. If you don’t agree, then prove your point and Bubba will send you one of his experienced socks.



197 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty…

    • could the socks be a clue? i know this is old sorry for posting but those socks definately look more like they was cut open instead of wornout i dont know am i crazy? what do you guys think?

      lalalalallaalaters joe

  1. Forrest I like your old torn up house shoes, their cummfy and their broke in, so who cares if they don’t look new. Besides my house shoes have power we get things done on the weekend. I have a blue pair and the sole is actually coming off lol. You could say mine look tired / weary too. The next pair I buy will be either Gold or silver house shoes 🙂 !!!!!!!

  2. Is that a clue that the chest could possibly be in a hole , Neh, I have to remember the wood 🙂 or maybe I need to dig a hole Hhmmmm 😉

  3. Hey, those are some sexy young looking legs for an old guy. Does not look like the legs of a person who has been tanning at a retirement beach for 30 years. Right? Nice legs forrest.

  4. I am an advocate for wearing shoes with better arch support indoors and out.

    The Shakespeare quote has a phrase within it that doesn’t belong or make sense. I go with the simpler “Life’s but a walking shadow..”

  5. Nothing like a great pair of house shoes… It’s all about the soft sheepskin lining for me. My soles are starting to come apart but I still love to wear them. Just not out in the rain or my feet get wet…:)
    Forrest are those really 40 years old? If they are I would like to know what brand you buy because I have never had a pair last that long…

    • And dens and holes and shadows and , and, and…..? There must be a clue in there somewhere. 🙂

      • No clues I’m afraid, just a message to me I believe. And due to the nature of the message, I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave the Chase.

        I’ll wait till Winter is about over to avoid “weather” accidents, and will then post my full solution where I believe the Chase ends, complete with all details needed for recovery, on this blog and Stephanie’s site. Could be right, could be wrong… but that’s not up to me to decide anymore. It will be up to one of you.

        • Hey Iron Will,

          Dana Carvey, The Church Lady says, “Well, isn’t that SPE-CIAL?!”, “How con-VEEN-ient!”, …..for you. 🙂

          Post that solution pal!! Get it off your chest. You won’t be the first and probably won’t be the last. I just find it so very entertaining, …..myself. 🙂

          Nice slippers Forrest!! Wish I had a pair that would last that long. Who needs socks anyway?

          • heck sam, I thought she was playing nice. you oughtta see when she really gets wound up!!! 🙂 🙂

            willy, first it was everybody on CC not giving you the respect you deserve and now Forrest is dissing you??? Dude, you really are seeing things no one else can see!!
            so yeah, c’mon, make a clean breast of it so you can move on. and who knows. you just might have the correct solution!!! 🙂

        • Ya as she Amy noted Will ‘we’ got this. Just kidding if you got something that gets within a yard plz ante up.

        • Willy,
          No need to wait for weather, there will be no mad rush. The chase does’t work that way. I know you may think there will, but that is an inherently natural feeling felt by those mesmerized by the chase. Forrest himself could post the actual solution under a different alias and no one would blink an eye because it is not their own solution. Remember we will be surprised!

          Think about Forrest’s recent posts… about his dog is better than any one else’s and his hat is better… those are metaphors for the real solution. There are probably better fits to Forrest’s poem that he never dreamed of (as viewed by the masses) but it doesn’t matter because Tesque is the best dog out there and that is all there is too it!

          So go ahead post away… just don’t be surprised by the underwhelming reception.

        • Iron, hope you aren’t giving up. Will you let us know waht state your looking in? Or are you just waiting to make your own search before you tell everyone? Any way please wait until the 4th Of July so I can get to my spot before every one else. Thanks.

        • Will, whatever you read from Forrest answer, I hope you see its no reason to give your solve away. Step back, take a break, and breathe? YES. But hold onto your solve till you are ready to come back. Think you have a good one and would like to see YOU be the one to test it! 😉

          • I appreciate your viewpoint Kat, but if you could see this scrapbook through my eyes, you’d understand there is no longer any thrill. Atleast I’ll give that thrill to someone who would appreciate it and be appreciated for it.

        • Don’t post it. Just go get it if you have the solve. No sense in throwing in the towl after your hard work. Where are you searching? State..

  6. Gold Toe socks aren’t worthy of those slippers…or your feet, Forrest. Platinum Toe socks…maybe. On second thought, those Gold Toe socks have one awesome thing going for them. They’re air-conditioned. I’d pay extra for that. 🙂

  7. The moccasins have character. It appears to be moose hide. I am blushing, those legs look good.

  8. A great pair of slippers feel as soft as butter and know your tootsies like an old friend. After reading your memoirs, I’m glad you found your soles.

    PS If you don’t want callouses from re stitching the soles, there’s always Gorilla glue.

  9. While that sock may certainly offer tempting bait for anyone trying to gain a point, clearly the shoes have totally scored in the details that count. I’m not sure how to reconcile the math of getting walked on past 40 years with being a favorite…but I’m sure it works itself out in a seat by the recliner and a warm guard dog at your heel.
    As far as the brown shiny pair- their designer should be fired. They don’t even LOOK like they MIGHT be comfortable. You may want to consider retiring the friend that gave them to you as well. Just IMO.

  10. LOL Now Forrest you got the ladies all in an uproar with your naked legs. Too funny!

    I dont know what it all means but, I am on cuddles side. I have a couple of pair of Irish moccasins that have their soles glued back on. I am even saving a pair to make a pattern out of so I can make my own. 🙂

    Better cover up, it gets a bit cold in the winter. 🙂

  11. Mr. Fenn,
    Shod in those mocassins, you’re ready to trudge through prairie infested with prickly pear, snakes, and grizzly bears – with me this spring.
    If I bring Grapette, fritos and a Babe Ruths will you join me?

  12. Street shoes are not allowed inside our house. We keep a shoe rack by the door for people to use. The only people who immediately understood were Japanese people who entered.

    Slippers and moccasins that only stay inside are fine…but

    this story makes me sad. I started thinking back on my life, and just now realized that I have never owned a pair of slippers or moccasins. Never.

    But if I ever did, I think heavy, pebble-grain, fully hand-stitched dark leather and wool like those would be pretty close to just right. I searched and didn’t see something exactly like them, but close. The handmade Quoddy from Maine are well made.

    Alas, I may live my life without ever having a pair of moccasins. Perhaps they’re too nice for me, too luxurious, and don’t deserve them.

    My prized possession will remain my titanium spork.


    • Halo that made me sad that you have never owned a pair of slippers or moccs. I have owned many a pair of moccs and love them and think everyone should have some. You deserve them!

  13. Your shoes look very comfy and warm and I bet you wear them while you are sitting by the fire thinking or remembering with your little dog on your lap, or does Tes have his own chair? Anyways, glue them back, they’ll be fine. They look well made. I had bought some sandals in Costa Rica and had them for years. I was a scuba diver and they were great for walking in the water or in sand. They broke and I couldn’t fix them back so I researched and researched until I found them online. They are Teva brand. I bought another pair. I love them! Enjoy your cuddlies Forrest!

  14. Mr. Fenn,

    Boat shoes are my thing…I will have to try a pair of the UGGs or Cuddles as you address them. This reminds me…would you rather pay $100 for a great pair of shoes that will last many moons or to pay a small amount for a pair of shoes you have to replace every year. You have definitely got your $$ worth out of them. I believe there’s still a lot of miles left in the cuddles and you should wear them until the left one looks like the right. It’s nice to have air conditioning during the summer too! Plus the new cuddles can be on reserve and waiting on the sideline to get a chance for duty! However once they are put on they will have to keep up the highest standard of comfort and longevity! Duct tape always works too!

  15. We know you’re not tired yet Forrest!! Isn’t that obvious? And really, who can replace you? You have experience and dependability. So I guess we will just have to wait till you are ready. Until then, …..thanks for the warmth and comfort!! Please don’t sic Tesuque on us for our impatience. 🙂 But hey, what do I know? I’m just another of many wannabes who strut and fret on stage, …..until the deed is done. Aren’t we all until then? Oh wait a minute? Was this just about shoes? Well, never mind then. Oops!! I’ll look and see what I got……….

  16. Dear Forrest, thank you for entertaining us with your warm fuzzy’s tonight. I’ve been cold and tired today but feel much better after your story. Now that I’ve seen your Levi’s collection, bathroom, and legs, it feels like we’re friends. I might even open the door to you wearing my bathrobe and fur booties.

    • VG, I’m borrowing Forrest’s gold toeless socks for my debut on the world poker tour. ROFL:)

      • lia if F does indeed let you borrow that holy golden sock without question Lady Luck will be on your side just be on the lookout for any drinks comin’ from a darn boot.

      • The gold is in a hole. Gold toeless sock with a hole. I wonder if there’s a switch to turn the mind off.

  17. So as I said a while back I’m relatively new. I gather that Forrest writes ocassional scrapbooks. Is he always this strange? Showing socks off and stuff. Are these hints?

    • 68, You really need to go back and read all of the scrapbooks. Then you can decide for yourself if this one is strange or not, by comparison!

      Some folks think Forrest is talking to themselves, thru his Scrapbooks. That line of thought is really strange to me. So I cannot really offer insight as to whether Forrest is strange or not! 🙂

      Good Luck to Ya, 68U (strange moniker?) 🙂 🙂

      • Thanks Loco and Chad. I’ll keep reading. Loco your moniker is sorta odd too. My name is the name of my router. ASUS RT-68U

        • LOL!! Welcome to the Chase 68U!!

          Heck, I was getting six-ate-U!! Go figure??

          locolobo, odd?? No, it is straightforward but condensed……loco lobo. 🙂
          (but it does fit me well, just ask anyone!! 🙂 )

          nice ta meet ya……Good Luck

    • 68, imho Forrest posts what seems to be something whimsical.
      From my perspective some of his posts abstract hints to a way of seeing things and thinking. If you have not read his book Thrill of the Chase I would suggest you do. Matter of fact read as much as you can find in relationship to the chase. Once done you may see what many here see.

    • Right? As if a certain kinda shoe right under our nose is a hint!
      Not far, but too far to walk!

      • I know what you know, but do you know what I know? Those shoes are outside of the wire not in or on. I can help you but nobody else.

        • What a strange coincidence. The Chase is full of them though. Today I was reading the poem and saw three toes very close together. Then I go to the blog and see the above photo. LOL. Strange, very strange.

        • Sparrow,
          The chase seems to work like that. It brought me here too.

          Fallingrock, I do not know what you know, do I? I’d like to if I don’t. 🙂

          • Yes— it does do that. Besides the three toes these two sentences stand out to me:
            “….walking around for the last forty years.”


            “they belong beside the recliner in the den”.

            Weird huh? But you’re right J Digging, the Chase does lead you places and you learn a lot! lol

          • The caption under one of the pictures is “Keeping an eye on wannabes”. I looked up wannabes and it is a hit single from the English girl group Spice Girls. So there’s that spice thing again too. Hum, would F know about the Spice Girls and their song “Wannabe”? Maybe so.

  18. LOL!! Tesuque looks like, “What the h*ll are you up to now?? And move ’em or lose ’em….Bubba!!!” 🙂

  19. Sparkle and shine does not a treasure make, nor the glow or hue of silver.
    Ahhh but the comfort of things familiar doth rest a weary foot.

    Sadly I retired my pair of dog sleds this past xmas, They served my dogs well until with age their souls subcombed to drying and cracking. Their warning did not go unheeded, that day as I walked to my mailbox. With a short slip on thin ice they whispered ” ole bumbles do not bounce as well” Come some days after xmas day my beloved mother dropped by and presented me with a nice new pair of dog sleds. They are warm and lack a tad of padding. Never the less I am grateful.

    Once my arthritic pain subsides and allows me time to focus I will reread this posting Forrest.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. mr, forrest,you still got it .bought my husband a pair of sheepskin slippers once.the outside was the hide part.brownish yellow,inside was the sheep gosh,after awhile I threw those things away,they stunk so are funny,cute toes showing thru the you think these things up are a puzzle to me,and you make the story great.Tesuque ,looks like really daddy,are you serious,you see the look on my face.and oh, dear cuddles what would you do if mr. forrest had to give you up.cuddles,muddles,and puddles on my!

  21. Forrest Gump: My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they go, where they’ve been. I’ve worn lots of shoes, I bet if I think about it real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes. 😀

      • Hey Lucky,
        how you been?

        What I see are holes in the sock that looks “man” made as in cut. The edges of the cut are too straight to have been worn out.

        Also…what is with all of the holes…holes in sock, hole in the floating hat and there was that hat with the bullet hole that Mr f got from the sheepherder…?

        • Hi Rick,
          Doing well, thanks. And you?
          I think I figured out the hat, but I’m going to have to think about the socks for a while.
          Shoot out holes.

  22. My house shoes are my bare feet!

    Lol, Forrest, you are funny. How could you let those shoes take over your computer like that? 🙂

  23. Forrest,

    I’ll agree that a good pair of slippers are hard to come by. I had a favorite pair of mocs that were made locally a long time ago & they were perfect. No sheepskin fur inside, just bare leather, goatskin I believe, and they felt like they grew in place on my feet. I lost them, left them really, on a rock to dry while camping one weekend. I went back the following day, but only found one chewed up by a critter and the other gone. I’ve tried to replace them, but apparently I have become more picky with age.

    BTW, we have seen your your silverware, your shower, your hats, your house slippers, your legs, and your socks. I’d like some heads up before the underwear make an appearance. 🙂

  24. He also showed us his shirts and all the cloths in his closet. Your right clinger, he has not showed us his underwear wardrobe. So the question is…..Boxers or Briefs? What do you all think, I think white underwear. Am I right? Sorry off topic..LOL

      • I’m guessing when he threw his watch away, he also decided to go commando!! No more white tee shirts, and tightey whiteys! 🙂 🙂

        • Lets vote, Boxers or Briefs for forrest! Do tell forrest….You might as well. A picture would be good honey. Wink Wink…

  25. ” There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. ”

    William Shakespeare

    ” One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ”

    William Shakespeare

    ” Love not what you seek , merely seek what you Love ”


  26. I’ve got the same UGGS! LOL!! I refused to pay so much for slippers so ofcourse my wife bought me a pair without my consent… before I could contest. I put them on and on cold nights… I have refused to return them.

    Hopefully my wife will not throw them away once they receive the “Battle Damage” like Forrests.. but I know she will… and I’ll have a new pair made in Vietnam or China…

    What happened to the Aussies making them?!? Did they run out of sheep?

  27. Just had lunch with my sister who is a hair dresser. You know what she said to me, she said, umm u need to cut 6 inches off you have dead ends, I was like ugh I don’t think so maybe an inch would do.
    Lol hair dressers 🙂

  28. Those need to be re-soled.
    Maybe Jacobs shoe repair is still in business.
    A nice new sole! Ready to go. or stay at home.

  29. My UGGS are offended! This is the only pair that would come out of hiding and I had to coax them out. They just found out they weren’t from Australia and a little embarrassed about the China remark. I’ve reassured them how they keep me warm on cold nights and how my feet and legs appreciate them dearly. My legs are not as pretty as Forrest’s, but my shoes don’t complain.

  30. I just watched my husband make a fire
    Omg he’s a cheater he used lighter fluid to get it started 🙂 lol let’s make this easy

  31. Tired of wannabes! “Hushpuppy” and “Treadsoftly” are the names I gave my Buddys….They would love to meet “Cuddles” sometime.

  32. You ole coot didn’t your mama or grandma teach u how to darn your socks quit loafering around and be productive 🙂

  33. So, did nobody see the reference ff made in the section where the dog is watching the wannabe’s? I think its hilarious. Somebody spiked this guy’s apple juice for sure.

    • I know… It’s hilarious! And the look on Tesuque’s face… I keep wondering if I’m wise enough to figure him out. He is just too clever. Can’t wait to see the next SB… 🙂

      • Astree0-
        No the golden toe is a reference for the 3 toed sloth. Basically saying we are taking too long to find the treasure and someone is close.

      • Hi Chistophon,

        That’s an interesting connection, I wouldn’t discount it. But, I’m pretty sure there’s also some more diret meaning related to some of his other information.

  34. Two Shoes? Two Feet?

    13 Shoes? Five Feet? One Sock?

    One drawing of one Step?

    Has someone been within one step, two feet, or five feet of the chest?

    Please Forrest, do tell!

  35. So did F say someone was 6 ft from the chest ? I think that could be true but He probably would not have received that detailed info from searchers…It must be well hid if this has hapend. Could it be buried !!

      • I never heard him say 6 feet. Wonder how he would know anyway . We all send him where we are but to know the actual feet of how close we are don’t know how he could guess that .

        • The only way you can tell someone where you are is if you’re standing in front of a landmark to only be 6 feet away.

        • Let’s say you sent him a photo of the right aerial view or even a photo from the right marvel gaze, then he could say someone was within 200′

          • I know but then we could of stepped right on it after we sent him our pics he should just say he knows people have been all around it instead of guessing feet

      • William-
        I don’t remember anything like that..
        It’s a fairytale dream if it was me…a fairytale nightmare if it was you 🙂

        • del – ive been wanting to send forrest a message but don’t know his e- mail address can you please give me a hand

        • I believe he said somewhere that if someone was within 6 feet (or was it 12), they would find it. Maybe that is what you are thinking of.

          • I believe that I read that he said someone could be ten feet from it and not find it if they weren’t looking. I take it to mean that it’s not in the open area that you could see just walking by, you have to look into or under something to find it, such as a rock or log or in hole of some kind.
            He has recently mentioned that some has been within 200 ft, early he said 500 ft.

  36. If Mr. Fenn did make the ‘6 feet’ or ’12’ feet’ . . . perhaps he was alluding to his poem. All poems have ‘feet’ you know. Might be an interesting exercise to figure out how many ‘feet’ there are per line, per quatrain, etc.

    Then apply a polynomial equation derived in part from the numeric value of the relevant postage stamps (dates) found in his book; taking care of course to exclude any irrational exponents. That should do it 😉

  37. As a suggestion – Forrest is making quite a few aside references in the words and pictures here, one of the most blatant is that there are 9 pictures.

  38. A smart young boy reaching for an apple from a tree above his head doesn’t wait for it to fall into his hands. He closes his eyes reaches high and shares the apple with a friend. And if he falls on the way down, not only does he have an apple to share but a great story as well.

  39. I bought a pair of Hush Puppies today (Tan Ceil Slip On Mocc Toe) as a subsubtrufuge to remind myself that even when I do go back to my desk job to pay the rent I’m going back on my terms.

    Cuddles has no competition, that’s clear.

    • 23, is your new avatar displaying an ancient glyph of a stork and baby or the preshow cartoon for Jurassic Park?

      • The glyph I had posted a few weeks could be bird eating a frog or a man, it’s hard to tell what the artiest intended.

        Anasazi Culture (700-1300), Puerco Indian Ruins, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA if you want to go see it in person.

  40. Dear Forrest, welcome back! It wasn’t much fun without you. Thank heaven for Allisons letter;-)

  41. You know the more I analyze your sock with the hole in it, yep using my imignation on that one 🙂

    Sometimes I just amaze myself 🙂

  42. Hi, hope you guys don’t think I’m a gate crasher but would like to join in the search. I say gate crasher as…I’m a posh English treasure hunter…not really but i am from uk! I’m a plumber I think? (treasure hunter sounds better!) 🙂

  43. Good frend for Jesus sake forbeare
    To digg the dust encloased heare
    Blese be the man that spares these stones
    And curst be he that moves my bones

    Shakespeare’s epitaph

    Uh Oh! 🙂 🙂

  44. Tempest, Act 5, Epilogue

    Now my spells are all broken,
    And the only power I have is my own,
    Which is very weak. Now you all
    Have got the power to keep me prisoner here,
    Or send me off to Naples. Please don’t
    Keep me here on this desert island
    With your magic spells. Release me
    So I can return to my dukedom
    With your help. The gentle wind
    You blow with your applause
    Will fill my ship’s sails. Without applause,
    My plan to please you has failed.
    Now I have no spirits to enslave,
    No magic to cast spells,
    And I’ll end up in despair
    Unless I’m relieved by prayer,
    Which wins over God himself
    And absolves all sins.
    Just as you’d like to have your sins forgiven,
    Indulge me, forgive me, and set me free.

    He exits.

      • DG, that’s the English Sparks version! …Indulgence is the final line of that play (Tempest) which I why I posted it near the other Shakespeare (rumored to have been named after Minerva shaking her spear) quote above “This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more …”

        • Wow I’m so behind on all this info I’m
          Glad we don’t need all that to find the treasure I hate to read I barely made it thru the ole coots book 🙂

        • And I don’t have cable the night that gates show came on but my sister FaceTime me and I watched it all y’all done good 🙂

    • Hello Cholly. Thank you for the link. I’ll check this out. I wish Google Translate would offer Native American languages on their search engine. Perhaps one day.

  45. Hello Mr. Fenn. Thank you for this scrapbook. I’ve very much enjoyed reading this. It was a lot of fun. Do you still have Cuddles? Certainly looks like Cuddles is very comfortable. Great photo of Cuddles on duty. 🙂

  46. “Our place is near his recliner in the den”. This could be an important sentence— not sure why though— kinda catchy.

    • I agree also,i think ,look down,you see my feet,cuddles,home.floor where tesuque is forrest twin.he can’t go anywhere, except tesuque following daddy.that little darling loves daddy,but you better not get near daddy or your end will be drawing nigh.i still say forrest is the key.major.hes always in the shadows keeping an eye out on his treasure.and dear mr. Bronze eric is keeping an eye on it too.he has eyes everywhere, keeping an eye on “thangs.”.the attorney , rules his home.I’d call you on this one mr. Forrest.but don’t know if you’d answer your might be sitting in the closet with jean or sitting by the hearth with darlings.

  47. I think those slippers have played many parts and seen everything. Its time they made their exit!

  48. Hadn’t noticed until now, but the stitchery on Cuddles looks like double omegas.

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