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SUBMITTED January 2015
BY Dal about Peter Porowski’s book


I wanted to let you know about another very interesting book I just ran across. You may have seen it around…maybe not. This is different than all the other books that have been written about the chase because it concerns itself with the photos in “The Thrill of the Chase”.

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James Porowski is a psychologist who specializes in personality development, creativity, and intelligence. Because of these interests, it’s no surprise that when a friend introduced him to The Thrill of the Chase, Porowski was hooked. He carefully read and reread Forrest Fenn’s book, and found it to be a work of art: creative, profoundly sincere, and funny.

The more Porowski studied The Thrill of the Chase, which included six cross-country trips to Montana, he found that the pictures throughout Fenn’s book and their intricate arrangement were not random. In fact, he realized that the pictures pointed to specific places on a map, and actually led to the general location where Fenn’s treasure should be found.

Porowski’s book, Picture Clues of Forrest Fenn in The Thrill of the Chase, carefully takes the reader through all nine clues of Forrest Fenn’s poem. He then uses the pictures and stories in Fenn’s book to add detail to each of the nine clues, and ultimately places the treasure in an area where the Madison river flows through Bear Trap Canyon in Montana.

Forrest Fenn is an artist: highly intelligent and detail oriented. The pictures in Fenn’s book keep to that style.

“Picture Clues of Forrest Fenn in The Thrill of the Chase” is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions and if you use the link below you can peruse some of what is inside the book…

Fascinating read!!

Picture Clues of Forrest Fenn in The Thrill of the Chase


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    • Everyone go to New Mexico Forrest loves him some pinon nuts however u spell them
      Thangs don’t listen to this guys book he just out to make money even tho I gonna buy a copy lol

    • He’s always been a quite man by nature. His silence is golden, with words soft spoken. When I think of Mr. Fenn I see a man looking in a mirror and seeing a legend.

  1. Nice try Dr. James Porowski. Fenn is that brilliant, but the solution is much easier than this. I agree with a few of your ideas. Can’t go into them all here, but I see the clues bigger and bolder and 10x more Forest Fen than your story. Nice idea to publish a book of your solve!! I am sure if I published my solve, there would be plenty of critics. So in the end you’ve earned my respect (I bought your kindle edition) and I wish you all the best.

  2. Crazy that we both think so much alike Jim, but my vision was tilted left with a lean mirrored NW of walden mtn.

  3. That so funny, I focused on Bear Trap Canyon too. I studied it much. I was headed there, but a family emergency drew me back home. I was near there on another hunt. Beautiful Country!

  4. I often suspected that tree on the Madison where he wrote a note for Peggy …. above the pic of his secret. pg 124.
    Anybody else?

    • I agree that the tree is a likely special place although I don’t get a hint about where it is. I lean toward the Madison where he fished and camped for three days that he talks about near Baker’s Hole.
      When I googled Bear Creek Canyon, it locates it too far to the north of where I would consider Forrest would be during his youth.

    • That tree most definitely points in the right direction. Which branch was rooted in his mind at the time is the key.

  5. He lists the 5th clue as “the end is drawing ever nigh”

    Why can’t he copy the words of the poem correctly?
    “Don’t mess with the poem” !!

    IMO I don’t think he is in close proximaty.

  6. I enjoy the fact Forrest inspired someone to write a book.

    My blinders are on and i have tunnel vision.

    ]All my eggs are in a basket located in Colorado.

    • Funny but my nose is pointing back up north. If for nothing else just a small slice of the Pi. Now if I can just convince my driver to tee it up.

  7. Yep, Bear Trap Canyon. When I was stuck sitting in the hospital after getting my leg amputated I had nothing to do but look at sites on the computer. And, post them on Richards blog, Mountain Walk. I was on drugs. Very subtle drugs. Lots of them. I spent a lot of time viewing the places I visited when I lived in Bozeman, 35 years ago. After a while I settled on looking at pictures of the Wise River, near the boulder campground. North of the Bighole Lodge.
    I was hoping that I could have gone to visit relatives up there when I got out of rehab but I had to see doctors every week and then get back to work. Being on one leg made it too far to walk.
    Since people raft the Beartrap and Wise I figured that they didn’t fit the ‘no paddle up your creek’ clue.

      • Thank you.
        It turns out that when they took my old leg they also gave me a new one. My new robot leg is the only part of my body that still works as designed. But, don’t believe those inspirational videos that make it look like amputees can do everything they could do before. They lie. Activity causes blisters and infections. The truth is amputees will NOT go running down the track or dancing with the stars. There is a reason why bladerunner was loaded on drugs. He was doing some painful damage to his legs.
        As for me, I keep my activity low and my hikes to about 500 feet, one way. BTW, I took my mother out to go for a walk down below the Red River fish hatchery. The trail is still covered with ice. She refused to leave the parking lot and I could go no more than ten yards. So, wait until spring to revisit that one.

  8. don’t you know if he knew where it just might be,he would of already been there,looking and looking.its just a brain fart.let it go,business must be slow.needs money.forrest kept sliding down that rusty fire ladder at school and got his butt of his pants brown,so he went back to school with brown did forrest get brown rusty pants or poop his pants?there is too many really smart people in this world and they can’t find the treasure,because they can’t figure out the poem first.we have all read the books,poem, did our research,still researching aren’t Vietnam that helicopter was a we go find the helicopter or baby heuy the duck in the jungle(wood).I don’t think the pictures have anything to do with the poem, to find the treasure .forrest is telling part of his life story. and put some hints in the book.but the poem is what you need the most.

      • what F##r word are you talking about?don’t know what that means.I did not write a word that starts with an F except fart.meaning the guy who wrote the book, must of got an idea to make money.( brain fart) I don’t think that’s just can’t go by the pictures. forrest put great pictures in the book to illustrate his life.but its the poem that will lead you to the treasure is what I am saying.I’m not trying to be mean and I think goofy knows that.I love mr. forrest. I don’t like people making money off what forrest put in his book.

  9. Interesting, If you can’t find the treasure, and want to make some extra money, write a book. No offense to anyone. I would too, if I could be as interesting as ff. I’ll stick to my solve till I prove to myself that I’m it’s not there. Then Forrest can tell us that it must have been found already…lol. Then I can try my luck at a book.

  10. Exactly what I said!! Use your own material, your own words and your own Solve!! If you want to write a story. There is a fine line between plagiarism and being authentic!! Dishonesty never got anyone across the sea and never will!!
    It may be interesting to see what someone else has to say about the chase but I won’t spend a dime on a want to be ff!!
    Had anyone stop to think that that candle memorial could be because someone lost their life while on the chase.
    Maybe there are to many patches over ones eyes to see what is really going on in the situations!

      • One dark night in broad daylight.
        Two dead pirates got up to fight.
        Back to back they faced one another.
        Pulled their swords and shot each other

        A deaf policeman heard the noise,
        and came to jail the two dead boys.
        If you don’t believe this story is true,
        Ask the blind man. He saw it too.

        • That’s true, Clinger. I saw it, too.

          There are strange things done in the midnight sun
          By the men who moil for gold;
          The Arctic trails have their secret tales
          That would make your blood run cold;
          The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
          But the queerest they ever did see
          Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge
          I cremated Sam McGee.
          – Robert W. Service

  11. the pictures will only get you to an approximate location, is this guy giving any of the proceeds? right state, wrong place.

    • Oh so your another one of those capitalistic pigs looking to make a buck. Any book might make money. Only a book written from the heart will bring you happiness. Is your money your happiness? Or is my happiness your money? Just between you and me the book I write will bring me both and it will never be published only shared To be a balanced capitalist is a good thing. Like in a game of poker nobody losses with a split pot, just as long as the ante isn’t too big. Remember the most shared thing in the world is a smile. Can’t wait to read your book:)

  12. Picture this : an old lady gets pulled over by a cop , he asked her to step out of the car, he searched her car and then checked the trunk what he saw was all different kinds of guns small and large ones, he asked, What are u afraid of, The old lady replies, ” I’m not afraid of anything ” lol 🙂 love it 🙂

  13. I searched Bear Trap a few summers ago, didn’t feel right once we got there, despite being able to follow the poem there from the clues. Plus elevation isn’t quite high enough in most places. Lots of rattle snakes too! We’ve been 3 times to search, all times in Montana. Last time we went was in September, crossed the Madison chest deep, worth the cold but no treasure to be found.

  14. Dear mister I forgot your name who wrote this book I have no degree in nothing and I also studied the same way you did almost exactly But I have to tell u I do not get to bear trap canyon So I will publish a new book after I go find the treasure this year and outsell your book And it will be solved by a girl who went thru ninth grade twice haha and never graduated . I might have to go buy your book tho just to see what all u missed 🙂

    • yeah, buy the kindle edition, it’s cheaper and you can view on your computer just fine. You have to hand it to this guy, making a few bucks from a bad solve… nice.

      • Yea people who stay in school are smart like that I guess lol They learned how to take from the poor and to keep getting richer I knew I should of stayed in school haha

        • Reminds me of a line from the movie Real Genius from the main protagonist to the workers outside his house.

  15. I always thought the word “drawing” meant you had to go by a location of a famous drawing / painting, like the location where the, “Lower Falls of the Yellowstone” by Thomas Moran was painted.

  16. I found This describing Bear Trap….. “where the sagebrush gives way to pine and juniper covered slopes. Wildlife is abundant,…”

  17. I found this describing Bear Trap “where the sagebrush gives way to pine and juniper covered slopes. Wildlife is abundant,..” google it…

      • It’s a wonderful canyon to take down, with Ennis lake being so warm and shallow and without a metalimnion, sending warm waters north down the canyon for 9 miles and not helping the trout population much, and not without its hazards, and all entirely below 5000 feet…

        Halo getter

  18. I have received the book of pictures, I have not read it all just yet, the pictures are interesting that goes with his solve. Although his solve seems to be more difficult than mine. I will finish it soon 🙂

  19. I hope the Easter bunny knows how bad I miss him! Can’t wait to be hopping down the bunny trail…
    (Good for the tail ……
    after winter!)

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