The Nine Clues…….Part Thirtynine


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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  1. There is a new article in EARTH Magazine by Mary Caperton Morton. Looks like we are in trouble now. All those GIS experts and Geographers will be joining the search this spring. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also posted the link to this article on the Media Page of the blog. Look there for other stories, articles, TV and radio reports on the treasure including interviews with Forrest, Shiloh and more.

        • Very funny. I especially enjoyed the Tim Reid quotes. They certainly captured his grumpy side. That publication is always good for a humorous take on this crazy world. Thanks for pointing it out to us.

        • The Survivor season 30 (I hear that blue collar vs white collar vs no collar is the theme) should be filmed at Yellow-stone.

          Finding a new clue to the Forrest Fenn treasure could be the winning prize!

          I’d sign up for that adventure game. My money is on the no collar folks. The tribe has spoken.

      • Dal, thanks for sharing BlondeCoyotes blog. I really enjoyed her pics. Lovely vistas! Yea I admit, I’m kinda jealous of all her travels but I’ve got my fair share too and I’m sure you do as well. I’ve bookmarked it.

        Most of the U.S

        Travels high on my list
        Australia and New Zealand.

        Actually I thought I had been out more. I had better get busy.

      • What a fantastic life Mary leads! She’s a good writer too and did a great job on the article about Forrest. Thanks Dal for posting her article and the link to her blog. I’m really surprised you never mentioned her before Dal, especially since you went searching with her. I guess you meet so many beautiful women you can’t remember them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks for posting The Blonde Coyote article Dal. The piece on dog sledding was great. Last summer I looked at my feet 6 miles deep in back country and a couple hours from the truck and yelled “Hike you mutts!” Glad Reese Witherspoon brought back waffle stompers from the 70’s. My feet have been waiting 30 years.

    • I see she took your pictureโ€ฆโ€ฆ..youโ€™ve been holding out on us buddy. You failed to mention taking the Blond Coyote treasure hunting. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Goof-
        You’d think I’d remember an adventure with the Blond Coyote…but I don’t remember ever meeting her…but there is the evidence right in front of me…
        I am trying to remember but nothing is happening…

        • OK buddy I think we may have a serious issue here.

          I can understand forgetting your kidโ€™s names, or searching the same spot over and over again and again because you forgot youโ€™ve already searched there. Shoot, selective memory is one of the biggest benefits of getting old.

          But forgetting about the Blond Coyote is a problem we should talk about.

          • He was probably running a fever that dayโ€ฆโ€ฆ fever. That would explain why he jumped in that river, trying to cool himself down.

  2. Check in. I stayed up late to solve the poem, like all good totchasers do on Friday nights ๐Ÿ™‚ Note the date 2-21 and time 2:30 am.

  3. Is that true that he clarified and said not a manmade structure? I thought he said not associated with a structure and later said to look up definition for one. The definition states a structure is not something complex. So it can be something simply made.

  4. Wonderful Blog. Yes I envy her too, Reminds me of when I was Younger and free. Traveling in my VW bus. I really admire her too! She has a good chance at the treasure! We all have our work cut out for us……Carry on! and good luck everyone!

    • I have daughters a younger than Mary, One is out traveling like this. She really wants a teardrop too. When I was a little kid, I traveled with my parents to Yellowstone and every major park in america in a teardrop trailer. It was so cool! I have some great pictures. I am going to find my dad’s old slides and share them with the kids! they will get a kick out of that!

    • Amy, I had an old yellow VW convertible in high school and loved it. Lots of breezy memories with carloads of girls and Bread on the radio. It’s cool and wintery today but I’m enjoying a reluvvable day filled with memories new and old. It’s great to be alive and enjoying f’s thrill of the chase;-)

      • I think this was his last comment…

        Halogetter, I just watched that New Mexico Tourism video again and must say that I didnโ€™t say what I was thinking. You cannot smell a pinon nut, but those who pick them know that in doing so you get pine pitch all over your hands, and pine pitch smells about the same no matter what kind of pine tree you are talking about. Looking back I think I wanted to say I could smell pine needles, not pinon nuts. Sorry I kicked a hornetโ€™s nest with that comment. There is no clue there. Incidentally, when I get pine pitch on my hands I rub butter on the spots and that solves the problem. Of course then I have trouble getting the butter off. f

          • Forrest Fire on February 6, 2015 at 3:45 pm said:

            You are right Ed, that New Mexico tourism video is getting a lot of exposure. I did not intend for my comment about pinon nuts to be a clue, and certainly no one should believe I was trying to say the treasure is hidden in New Mexico. Shame on me for saying that. f

            Here it is just to save everyone looking it up.
            It’s interesting that he said that he did not “intend” for his comment to be a clue. He didn’t says that it wasn’t a clue. But that is the way FF always talks, never can deny that he was telling the truth, its just hard telling what the truth is.

          • But I also believe that there is another “something” that ff said the he is “really” regretting he said.

            I have noticed and have found as very significant clues very subtle comments that have been in past interviews, videos and in general conversation that when applied to my solve work perfectly.

            ff will bring up topics and makes you think that is really the topic but in reality it’s the tiniest of details that are more significant.


          • try this again…thought I had figured out the posting scheme here, but guess not!! ๐Ÿ™‚

            James, maybe this is what you are thinking of??

            It wasnโ€™t on the blog, but at 2:09 in the NM tourism video Forrest said โ€ I gotta tell ya. Thereโ€™s one thing I told you that I wish I had notโ€ฆ.โ€

    • I think it was the one where he was Telling us that he did not mean to say Pinion Pine….Remember. And than we all debated if that was what he meant, by telling the interviewer, he regrets saying something….Its still a mystery. That forrest, is he a trickster? You just never know what he REALLY means.

    • James, maybe this is what you are thinking of??

      It wasn’t on the blog, but at 2:09 in the NM tourism video Forrest said ” I gotta tell ya. There’s one thing I told you that I wish I had not….”

  5. Believe what you like. Forrest is not a feable minded man. He stated you would smell pine needles and pinyon nuts…That he regrets saying that is not surprising since it really aides in narrowing the search area…but in reality, it might as well be the 300 miles southwest of Toledo comment, because if you can’t solve the clues in the poem, it doesn’t help you a bit. However, stating he KNOWS the chest is wet does help solve one of the clues…IMO.

      • Wolf, I saw the smile on his face, when he said that, and that look, when he talked about it later….Listen good.
        sayeth, forrest.

    • Go back to the ad, I believe that Forrest says pine needles “or” pinyon nuts not “and”. There has been several comments about this when it was posted.

  6. Now they want to welcome Treasure hunts if they bring tourist dollars so even Ranger Dick is figuring out that you can’t fight the people on there own land ๐Ÿ™‚ One more thing those wild animals are tearing things up all the time so if somebody has a metal detector they won’t have to dig holes why not charge for detector permits…this is a gold mine and NM is waking up to Forrest’s genius.

    • Pieces thatโ€™s trueโ€ฆโ€ฆThe tourism bunch doesn’t actually think of anything. They look at what is already drawing some people to the area and then expand on it attempting to draw in more folks; which is the smart thing to do. Charge for metal detecting permits; spoken like a true government bureaucrat. If folks are having fun charge them for itโ€ฆ..You missed your calling.

      Pondering on the metal detector thingโ€ฆโ€ฆ.I didnโ€™t think Fenn would hide it in a national park but he knows itโ€™s illegal to use a metal detector in a national park. I may have to rethink thatโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Sweeping an area with a good metal detector would find the chest no matter how ingenious the hidey spot is, especially if it isnโ€™t buried. One could sweep a large area in a comparatively short amount of timeโ€ฆ..I know this was discussed a couple years ago, but I donโ€™t remember what the consensus was.

      • Goofy – Forrest said he knew the perfect place before he hid it and that he thought of everything. He doesn’t want someone to “randomly” find the chest, he wants someone to solve his clues. Putting all that together, I suspect he had a place or a way to hide it which makes the use of a metal detector or other brute-force approaches fruitless. I’d be a little disappointed if that weren’t the case.

        • Thatโ€™s true Spoonโ€ฆโ€ฆBut he also said he couldnโ€™t plan for everything. If it was hidden in a National Park that would eliminate the problem with metal detectors; he would know metal detectors arenโ€™t allowed. He also said we โ€œshouldโ€ stay on the trails in Yellowstone but then tells us the treasure is not in proximity of a human trail. Be brave????

          Fenn is a master of speaking in ambiguous terms; which is why he is such a good salesman. People hear what they want to hear when he speaks. He really is a genius at marketing.

    • I heard the government was looking to hire the CEO of Disney to run the national parks.

      That is a joke, but if you think about it, they both charge an admission, outrageous prices for food and beverages, you are only allowed in certain areas, and you need to buy special permits/tickets if you want to do the really fun things.

      I sometimes wonder if they are not trying to ruin the fun, or are people becoming so ambivalent to the damage they cause when they are not careful that they need this kind of oversite.

  7. Thanks Spallies! Was that his last comment? And Michael D. Forrest is a true Genius! And he does not look a day over 60! He is our teacher. I personally have learned much. He is Sharp, like a fox. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. We gotta get passed that third clue(IMMHO) somehow, before we can even have a chance at finding it……….

    Not far, but too far to walk.

    โ™ฆDonโ€™t go where an eighty year old man couldnโ€™t go???????????

  9. I think I skipped some clues and figured out the last two. I haven’t counted to check how many I have figured out. But, you never know… I could be wrong. That equates to IMO for blogs sake. I also believe in my solve. IMO, being color blind and having big ears gives me a unique perspective in the chase. We’ll see if my solve is correct in June (earlier if I can convince myself to make an earlier attempt). Good luck everyone, the weather is warming up.

    • Warming up? LOL We’re stuck between polar vortices, but the local coyotes look well fed as they stroll by, eyeing the chicken coop.
      But yes, June is getting closer. Good luck on your attempt, Slurbs.


    The chase is my drug of choice.
    My brain must have its fix every day,
    Ignoring my inner voice,
    While I watch my old life drift away.
    I pitch my will against the words
    But the secrets do not give.
    Yet my appetite never curbs;
    In the hunt is where I live.
    Family and friends have heard enough,
    I can see it in their eyes.
    They support me with their best bluff,
    And follow up with shrugs and sighs.
    Every day I imagine
    About the where and how of It.
    It is more about obsession than passion,
    I must check every solve I get.
    My ideas are so profound
    When they are at first met,
    But scrutiny just tears them down
    Leaving bits of truth among the wet.
    The Forrest is my only source
    When I need to score
    I just open up โ€œthe Thrillโ€ of course,
    And he gives me some more.
    I cannot be alone in this,
    Am I the only one?
    I donโ€™t care what else I miss,
    Iโ€™m having so much fun!

    Michael D

  11. Clue 1. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where and hint of riches new and old.

    The letter I is important to the solve in some way.

    Clue 2. Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk.

    Start point, direction of travel, and distance are all here.

    Clue 3. Put in below the home of Brown.

    Serves to narrow search area, ( a qualifier)

    Clue 4. From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh; There’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high.

    Further narrowing of search area to specific location

    Clue 5. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace.

    Moment you discover the location and are amazed or confused about the how of it all, and how you will retrieve it ( there’s a trick to it) (Clarifier)

    Clue 6. So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek?

    Location clue

    Clue 7. The answers I already know I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.

    More of the letter I being important

    Clue 8. So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold.

    location clue

    Clue 9. If you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold.

    location clue

  12. POG, is it in NM??? Perhaps I’ll write a song…naw that would make your bird cringe. Then maybe a poem, no that would make me cringe!

    Hey, Shouldn’t Boots get some type of royalties? Because…IMO NM, is where IT is!

    And lastly, Michael D. could be right…??? I’m just say n’.

    Mark H.
    Checking in!

    PS… f if I make it to the desert again, I’d sure enjoy a meet. Maybe a tour of Okeeffe’s, the old Fenn Gallery, Galisteo, dinner, the Opera. Okay, maybe not so much on the Opera??? How about that home of the Brown place?

  13. Well I know how to take the eight from all you guys…
    I’ll wear my billiards pants…
    Or perhaps my pool pants! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • @hen@

      The information you seek is in various forms. You can find it here on this blog and in print magazines as well as media….

    • I believe it is in the rockies, hen.I just dont believe anyone has lined up the proper equation yet.A lot of ppl on the blog have strong feelings about “their spots” or what state they think it is in, but thats not logical and they are lost.Without getting to deep, i believe this poem is a multi faceted mathmatical story problem of the highest order.You will need to use multiple dicilplines to pull this off, and thats why i believe it has not been found yet…The chest is in the rockies, hen.Keep at it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Math, no wonder I can’t find IT! IDK, IMO no math! While GPS seems the only way to be precise, it might also be too complicated… And yet, IT could be simple and I don’t get it? One stanza seems to depict long. and one lat… but I have yet to figure out how to turn the poems words into numbers and directions such as deg, min, and seconds??? Which again over complicates things. How does one follow precisely? I think it has to be a story!

    IMO, The poem begins with the set up for the story… He’s secreting his treasure…alone… and in there??? It’s bold!
    It appears to be a place he has been with others but this time he went alone… Perhaps, maybe it was children, a dear friend or loved one who has since past? Thus a tear drop being wwwh in the next stanza makes sense (not my choice but an example). The canyon down could then be memories/memory lane. Just say n’! Maybe Collected Works is the home of his Brown book in which we need to put into… and from there it’s no place for the meek. I could go on and on but in my opinion, is it has to be simple.

    My favorite simple… NM is the Home of the Brown… warm waters halt at the border and the canyon is the Rio.
    My wife’s is just as simple; Old faithful to the Brown Griz s’ or Brown flowers. We are trying to take the kids to Cody this summer to feed them. And yes, that came out just as I said it. Hopefully those bears like children… lol

    Math, annie grams, word and letter values… I could never figure those out, but Annie Oakley and The Saint James that’s a thrill!
    Mark H.

  15. —-Totally Off Topic—-
    I may get in trouble for thisโ€ฆโ€ฆSo what’s new….right. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For those that are interested in blog trivia I wanted to recap what Dal has accomplished.

    Dal started the blog in 2011 but here are a few stats from 2012, the first full year of operation.

    Number of hits for all of 2012—33,760
    Which comes to the mind numbing, server melting hit rate of about 92 hits per day.

    Yesterday we had 17,165 hits and are quickly approaching an overall total of 4,000,000 (3,936,200) hits.

    Not bad for a one-eyed fat man.

    • Let’s see, …..17,165/50 obsessed searchers = 343.3 hits per day each, …..sounds about right!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Susie those are unique hitsโ€ฆโ€ฆ.so if you clicked on the blog 500 times in one day it would only be counted as one hit. If we counted the obsessed oneโ€™s we would probably have 50,000 hits per day. ๐Ÿ™‚

        The database does millions of transactions per monthโ€ฆโ€ฆlots of folks doing research.

        • That’s a lot of hits Goofy!! Thanks for the numbers.

          So, how’s those book sales going Dal? Do you even need to look for this treasure? ……..just kidding!! ๐Ÿ™‚ just like to razz you once in awhile. For it’s truly about the doing of it, not always about the finding of it, ……that just comes along because of the effort. Things will always be found though, one way or another. I’m sure I speak for most though when I say, “we’re glad you’re here”. I think you have contributed a great deal to it all and without getting any further ahead than anyone else, …’s always been anyone’s game.

          But really, how’s those book sales? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Suzie-
            I just traded in Esmerelda for a red Tesla Model S with spinner wheels and an orange and blue flames paint job ..Need I say more??

            Just kidding!!

            I think I sold three books this week. Sometimes I go for weeks without selling any. Then in one day I might sell three…

            I am by no means complaining..
            It’s good gas money for trusty old Esmerelda on my trips to search for the chest ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Now Goofy, I’m not sure I like being called obsessed…..I like attentive better! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Geydelkon, I donโ€™t know where you are getting your stats from. But technically you are somewhat correct, let me explain.

          Here a visitor is a unique user or browser/device that views one or more posts or pages on the site. If someone visits the site from their laptop and then again from their phone, thatโ€™s two visits. If a person clicks on four different post thatโ€™s four hits.

          So the total hits of the site are a total of unique visitors per page. If a person clicks over and over on the same page that is only counted as one hit.

          • So what you’re saying is that those numbers are actually NOT a complete reflection of ‘individual’ users? The numbers in reality are quite lower?

          • Susie, no I wouldnโ€™t say a lot lower. We could do a more in depth analysis to get exact numbers but we donโ€™t because it really doesnโ€™t matter hereโ€ฆ..We arenโ€™t tracking an advertising campaign or counting the number of clicks per sale for example. Dal doesnโ€™t do any advertising and the only thing he is selling is the book. (I donโ€™t know the number of books sold).

            I really donโ€™t know what the average number of pages each visitor looks at. But lets say each visitor visited ten pages (which I think is way high) that would mean yesterday we had close to 2,000 unique visitors.

            I didnโ€™t mean to start a technical dissection of the site. I just wanted to show how much the interest has grown in the chase and give Dal a few kudos for all the work he puts into the site.

          • Let’s just agree that maintaining a site as big as this is a HUGE amount of work, and Dal and Goofy do a PHENOMENAL, almost superhuman job!

          • Oh, never meant to start a big technical discussion, …..just like to know all the details. It gives a more complete picture, ya know, of the actual numbers.

            You and Dal do a fine job, … back to the clues. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thank you very much Mindy……Looks like you lived through another day of searching. Last time I looked at your site I think it said you were in Atlanta on the way home. Looking forward the hearing about your search.

          • Wouldn’t you know I get to the airport exit right as everyone is leaving the Daytona 500. I may never get home. Lol.

          • Hey Mindy, I have friends at Daytona today, if it is not too late, could you stick your head out the window and yell HI to Dan and Julie? Thanks.

          • You and Dal have done a great job and so has everyone that has contributed to the chase. We have all learned so much. Keep learning and lets bring in more chasers everyone. I do have an idea ๐Ÿ™‚ but give me time to explain. I need to go learn some more.

  16. Goof –

    Thanks for that info – interesting – an amazing 17,000 hits – Oh my –

    I guess a lot of people are thinking we will eat them up if they post. Not true –
    a really great group of folks here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Dal for all you do.

    • I agree inthechase; a great group of folks here. We bump heads from time to time but what big family doesnโ€™t.

      You are right, a very small percentage of people make comments compared to the number of visitors we have each day. But I understand that, Iโ€™ve worked with computers for many years and I never made a comment until the chase come along.

    • Hi, Pirate. I think Fat Man might be a respectful way to describe Dal if, in fact, you’re merely pointing out that he’s The Bomb…of course, in the “good” sense of that expression. Geez…everything is so complicated these days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Geez, Big #’s for sure… I was just thinking the other day when Dal announced that he was reaching a quarter million hits( couple of years ago). You’ve come a long way baby!!! Thanks Dal and Goofy for all that you do…

  18. Maybe you can offer a door prize for the 4 millionth visitor to celebrate this commemorative achievement … I have an idea but someone will have to retrieve it first! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • uken-
      I did see that some of the hits came from a link on reddit…
      Maybe that is the reason…
      I wonder where the link is at?
      We have a much higher level of commenter than reddit…

      • Dal…it might be due to cross referencing results with the link you posted to the kardashians and same circumstances on same day? This could be employed strategically in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Someone posted on reddit with a link to my blog that day that said “Woman convinced Fenn treasure is in Montana” or something like that. Lol. My blog traffic has jumped too!

  19. Dal, Goofy, Forrest:

    Congratulations. 1000’s have taken notice of your eye catching packaging, intoxicating treasure content, refreshing ideas, enhanced with characters! Did I forget to mention commercial free?

    Your Outstanding blog site stands out!

  20. My friend just shared a post on fb with me from his geochaching group.The post was a pic of Forrest and the chest.It was captioned;”why have we not heard of this yet”? I directed them to this blog and mysterious writings. Lookout the geocachers are coming. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks for throwing more people in!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!
      Now all these new guys and gals will be asking the same old questions that the newbies always ask and the blog will be cluttered with more and more chit-chat that has nothing to do with the CHASE. …. and Dal and GOG will have to say “Do your own research!” LOL. Glad I’m not them.

      Just my opinion, you guys do what you will.

      • Lol james.I went back and read the comments on the geocaching post this morning, and its already started.Some comments were”he’s just trying to sell books.” some were, “You have to have pesonal knowledge of the area in order to find it”.I guess geocachers freak out if you dont give them exact coordinates.I set them straight though ๐Ÿ™‚ Whats a little weird, i get defensive sometimes when ppl say he’s doing it just to sell books.Do you guys get like that or is it just me?

        • I would not call it defensive, but I do try I set them straight. If they paid attention to some of the big book deals, they should realize that Forrest would have to sell a lot of books to get his money back.

          Even if he was just doing it to sell books I do not see the problem with that. I have purchased a lot of books over the years that have not encouraged me to sleep in the back of a car, go trudging through the wildness, and to visit places I have never been before, and then throw in a chance to find a real treasure. It has been worthwhile for me and I do not have any regrets. Well, I actually have one, but that has to do with my own stupidity.

          • Mark,
            Sleep in the car? Bring a bed roll or a sleeping bag. Look at the stars.
            Besides, if you tie pork chops around your neck, it’s good luck, and will keep snakes away.
            Trust me……

          • POG, at that time we were in a much smaller house and most of our things, including my camping equipment, was in storage where I could find it. So I wrapped myself up in a Scottish great kilt, which works pretty good. I will take what you said about pork chops under advisement.

          • 68U, I enjoyed the read very much. Lucky F wasn’t good at landing, he’d have likely made a critical mathematical error which would have landed him on a deadly snake. He’d have become bear food! Then where would we be without him? Allison would have to spend the $100,000,000 on something less exciting than a clue that she may not even like. Thank you for sharing the link, 68U.

          • 68u, that isnt the second version it was the first. The one in the book is the dummied down version without the military jargon.

        • Hey fins up, I agree with you. Forrest has done something wonderful. A once in a lifetime chance at finding a fantastic treasure and the only catch is you have to work at it to succeed.

          Apparently that doesn’t sit well with the geocaching/entitled generation so it’s bashing Forrest and sour grapes for them. They will never get the X on Forrests map. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Attention Geocachers:

            This is not a drive-by treasure hunt.

            Welcome to TTOTC. We’re glad you’re getting families out to enjoy navigating and hiking in the great outdoors. Effort and deep thinking may be involved.


  21. Competition can be a good thing. I also like the wisdom found in his book that has nothing to do with the chase and think it’s a nice reminder/memory igniter,of some things that are important in life that are sometimes forgotten.Things that may help some folks in their daily lives.How can not i not recommend it?..Sometimes good competition can elevate your own game to a higher level.CHASE ON!

    • True!! The thrill of the chase is what it’s all about and everyone is invited by Forrest to experience it.How is a few more going to matter when there,s thousands out already looking..
      I only just started geocaching and so far have found four out of five. The fifth one had a guardian(BIG spider). I wasn’t BRAVE…lol. It was so thrilling to search and recover and move on to the next.

  22. Anyone think there is a Holliwood connection to the poem given scrapbook references to movie stars?

      • After seeing the difference and “corruption” of West Yellowstone from it’s pristine beauty when Foirest was a boy (although it’s still extremely beautiful!), I’m realizing celebrity and cities and pollution and what we are doing to our world is, for lack of a better word, crappy.

        • Absolutely mindy! I think it’s disgusting! I live in a forest and I took a walk yesterday to our “garden”, an area with native american history, and I could breathe in so deep and felt soooo blessed, I cried. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • …and as the wind was blowing and I was viewing God’s magnificance, three words came to me and I had to come back and write them down,
            Stones of indifference.

    • Hi Anna it’s Pete. The closest I came to using a “Hollywood” connection was using Ethel Waters as a starting point. She was a very well known singer described by listeners as “warm” and traveled with Billy Grahams Crusades which halted at the Mile High Stadium in ’65 if I recall correctly. This is one solve I actually completed and physically went to. Forrest was sent the complete solve and I was so sure of the location… WRONG!

      In the end it was a good chase. Pete

      • Hi Pete, Jdiggins, Dal, thank you for responding. I won’t build my solve around Hollywood’s movie industry, but enjoyed the rabbit trail.

        • Anna –

          I have found many times in the Chase –
          your first impressions are right.

          I don’t think the entire solve is built around Holly Wood – but, Forrest likes movies – and movie stars – and opera and so ——————

          stick with it

  23. I’m no expert on treasure hunting, in fact i’ve just discovered this riddle today. BUT when he says “Put in below the home of Brown”, has anyone ever though that he is referring to Molly Brown and her husband who lived in Denver? They pretty much founded the town Leadville (and owned a home there) which is a couple hours south west of Denver in the Rockies. Just south of Leadville you can find some hotsprings, big and small, and plenty of small canyons. The reason i bring up hotsprings is his line “Begin it where the warm waters halt.” Now i know warm water seems to gush out of springs not halt, but couldn’t you consider the warm water halting once it has reached the surface? Once again, i’m no expert, but it just makes sense to me.

    • Travis-
      That place has been considered many times by a lot of different searchers. No one has been able to make it work…but more importantly…how do you get there by following the other clues in the poem..
      What set of clues get you to the MB house in Denver??
      One of the things that Forrest told us was that it was not going to work to try and start in the middle of the poem. Instead of looking for the home of Brown we should start at the beginning of the poem…

  24. i have a two part question on “a word that is key.”

    If your word – that you believe is key – is in the poem more than once, do you believe that word is key every time, or just the once where it makes the most sense?

    and if you believe you understand “a word that is key,” but don’t understand “in tight focus,” are you reading too much into this statement?

    • Great questions Leigh! I go over those exact thoughts each time through the poem. Only Forrest really knows, but my thought is…repetition is a powerful tool used to call attention.

      • I assumed from the context he said it “only a few are in tight focus with A word that is key” rather than “THE word that is key” to mean that there are probably several key/important/crucial words ONE of which many people are not focusing on. To me, and as always IMO..a lot of people got so excited about “KEY” and “WORD” in that sentence that they took it and ran without focusing on another word as well, that being “A” and not “THE”. Maybe there IS some sort of ‘keyword’ too, I just don’t think that sentence, if read properly, should be responsible or a reason for one believing that there is one. It just doesn’t say that the way I read it.

          • It means “in my opinion” since what we have is OPINIONS and not facts. It’s considered selfish and narcissistic to state your opinions as fact when they are only FACTS in your own head until somebody has the chest. Some people can’t tell the difference between their thoughts and reality and end up confusing people in the process. So braggarts sometimes end up unwelcome or even banned for spreading lies. so IMO is a quick way to type that it’s what you think and not to be taken as fact.

          • Well there you go. I’m selfish and narcissistic. Guess that’s why I didn’t know. So from now on , it will be sure to end it. “It’s in New Mexico ”
            No Aarrrgghh for the sensitive people…

          • You can say whatever you want, but consider what this blog would be like if every single person on here just said the same thing over and over and over. It would suck. So I guess I just mean maybe think about other people besides yourself and how hard Dal and other people work to keep this a good place to come and chat without the constant repetitive garbage…I think most people here like it like that and try to work with it, not against it. Theres a lot of new people here too now- show a little respect and maybe contribute in a positive way instead. That’s all. Just something to consider if you are capable of cognating that concept and reacting to it appropriately. No big deal, maybe you didn’t know- now you do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • note to self, Jamie does not like pirates or clowns.(one in the same…?) rofl, my side hurts.

          • What you just dont get is everything said on a blog is an opinion. Your opinion, my opinion, their opinion, why does anyone think otherwise?

            None of us know what Forrest thinks or meant so that makes everything a guess, or an opinion.
            There are even opinons about opinions. Until the treasure is found, its all just an opinion. Sorry but thats the internet.

          • Oh- I get that for sure deb…also it’s Dals blog and he has requested that people don’t state their opinion as fact and just add in “I think” or “IMO” so people don’t get confused especially when it comes to stuff about what forrest says or means or where the chest is, since some things really are facts from Forrest’s mouth. So that’s why you see it a lot. I was asked so I explained…I do it because it’s a simple request and, personally, I choose to respect Dal as I’m at “his house” here.

          • Oh my gosh, stop! Both of you–Jamie and Ly–I mean POG.
            The whole theme of this hunt is for buffaloes and people to get along peacefully. Let’s try, ok?

            POG, I think the problem started when you implied we were “dumb and dumber” to search anywhere but NM.

            You obviously think you have a “solve,” but so do we, and we’re looking in different states. Amy is confident of her solve in Colorado. And Diggin is confident of her solve in Montana or Wyoming (can’t remember which).

            Who are we to say anyone is “dumb” in their solve, if we are not holding the chest in our hands?

            I can guarantee, searchers 100 times smarter than any of us have been confident in their solves, gone out and searched and come back without even a moose sighting. ๐Ÿ™‚

            So, if everyone could hold off the name calling, the sarcasm, the pointed comments, the barbs intended to hurt, and general nastiness, the blog, and maybe the entire world, would be a nicer place.

      • thanks 42. i agree with repetition. see the list on TTOTC page 63. i think it actually says “under pine needles” through the repetition. so maybe the word that is key is where you start. i don’t know. two years later, i’ve been everywhere with this thing and am really nowhere.

  25. โ€œIt is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.” ff

    Leigh, you pose some tough questions, to which IMO, until the treasure is found, only the Puzzler could answer. To me the ‘word key’ would be a word that is central to helping unlock the meaning of the other clues and/or central for unlocking the poem as a whole.

    When in doubt think rethink. A personal favorite of mine is the reset button.

    • yeah. my reset button is broken, i’ve pressed it so many times. in my architectural theory, in which key is sort of literal, i was thinking a key actually turns. you put it in straight, and turn it to the right, unlocking something.

  26. YIPPEE!!!
    We ran past 4million hits on the blog tonight…
    We still have no idea where all this new traffic is coming from..
    It appears that the grand majority are coming from search engines and not from links in articles…but why..and why so suddenly?
    And these new folks are apparently readers..not communicators..
    Did Forrest get mentioned on Oprah or something???

    Welcome new folks..

    • Yep lots of new folksโ€ฆโ€ฆ..itโ€™s crazy. We are now counting hits in thousands per hour instead of thousands per day.

      I apologize if you guys find the site slow at times. Dal has a fairly beefy dedicated server for a site like this; we are just experiencing a lot of traffic. Hang in there we are hurrying every chance we get.

      • …the server is overheating? How could this be, I mean, there’s 21 something discussion categories, is that not enough? It would be helpful for the newbies if folks could stay on topic. Who wants to read back thru hundreds of random posts?

        People that want to speak like pirates need their own thread. While we’re at it let’s get Dal some revenue, Everyone wanting to discuss their sports teams could be redirected to a page with Official Sponsor ads. Next we should have a Hallmark Store themed page for those with people and pet health issues.

        I will head up the Wet Blanket committee

    • The tourism video was nominated for an Oscar. Best Retired Pilot Art Dealer in a Leading Role. I bet F wins a daytime Emmy this year.

      • Dont Know why more is better? Unless someone is getting money or fame? Is it because more book sales is going to charity? Now I could understand that! Why so happy? With so many people out looking or viewing our clues. I think I will just go quietly. LOL

    • In response to your question Dal, I am new to TTOC as of a few days ago and the way that I heard about ff was through a post on Facebook. There is a page on that site called unbelievable facts and they posted his picture and name on 2/23 around 10:23 am. The caption with the photo said “Multimillionaire Forrest Fenn has hidden a treasure worth between 1million and 3 million in the Rocky Mountains. To find it you must solve his riddle. So far, no one has found it.” Maybe this is the cause. I sure hope my “solve” is correct. Good hunting, taking my family next summer. Would have done it this summer if I had discovered it before my beach vacation was booked. Thanks for the excitement ff.

    • I came across something on fb bout a week ago saying fenn left a treasure n I googled ff and found this site…turns out a guy I wrk with has been searching also

    • Deb, Iโ€™m thinking it might be the tourism video. The different states play those all over the country. There seems to be a flurry of them from time to time. This would make sense because the video talks about the chase, but thereโ€™s no links; so folks would have to search for it. Which would account for so much traffic coming from the search engines.

    • Some dude was asking Mindy and I to help him search. I shot him an email saying we’d be happy to check if it was nearby and asking for more details. He responded asking for stuff like our hometowns, birthdays, birth times etc. To me AND IMO it looks just like those “million dollar Nigerian lottery scams” Please everyone BE CAREFUL. Just a heads up!

      • That scammer has no idea what he is messing with; apparently he has not seen your mutilated fish Christmas Ornament. And you liked the fishโ€ฆโ€ฆ..Imagine what you would do to a scammer. Youโ€™re right, everyone needs to be careful; on the web and out in the field both.

        Iโ€™m enjoying hearing about youโ€™re latest adventureโ€ฆโ€ฆYou Search Like A Boss!

        • Goofy, she certainly does! She even made friends with some curious bulls! I’m surprised she didn’t jump ones back and ride it around the mountain for awhile! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. All that info is a secret ๐Ÿ™‚
    Time to slow my role down, to many people reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Well, there are plenty of archives to keep people busy reading. Its nit a Sunday picnic or Spring Break kind of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Its more like a vortex. LOL

  29. It’s snowing here today u should see the white huge snowflakes just beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Had a heavy fall early this morning, 8-10ish, the large flakes covered the ground white, maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inch. Couldn’t find a sign of it by 5:00. That’s Texas for you.

  30. My sister is having extensive back surgery today. Good thought her way would be greatly appreciated today. Thanks to TTOTC gang!

  31. My 2 best picks for a key word, would be waters, (note the s) and blaze. If you can get several solves for these you may be on too something. I like the its worded, not that you see the blaze, but you found it. And just how many times will water or creek be mentioned, the poem, interview, tc is wet…???

  32. It’s been almost three years now since I first set out towards The Rio Chama Wilderness on my first search in my SUV and with my trusty metal detector, not realizing that almost 60 searches and 4 states later(no, they weren’t all there) I would still have no clue where indulgence was?? Maybe though this spring Forrest will eliminate something for us? We could sure use it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. My nomination for Key Word is:

    Found – if you haev found it you would not be looking for it anymore!!!

  34. Geeeez,
    I missed something. I don’t recall at anytime calling someone dumb or dumber. I asked about viewing a movie. (It was funny)
    I will be the first to admit, that I am not “politically correct “, nor do I go out of my so I don’t hurt someone’s “feelings”.. Guess I’m old school..
    I’ve had so much fun here, and all has been in fun. Lighten up, or you will make me cry….
    Sorry you got stuck, sorry you didn’t find the treasure, sorry you’re upset, sorry your solve was wrong , sorry you didn’t look in New Mexico, sorry you couldn’t search longer, sorry that I’m upsetting you now. But the biggest part I’m sorry about, that you haven’t followed this long enough to know, that I’ve always said it’s in Wyoming. But go look in New Mexico. Trust me………
    P.S.IMO (It’s in New Mexico Obviously)

    • I never said our solve was wrong, but I can’t say it was right yet, either. When you are in the field, there are a lot of factors that can delay getting the chest–weather, snow banks, Bigfoot attacks, etc.

      But even in your response, the pointy little barbs are there. Being nasty isn’t old school. Being nasty and belittling is just simply mean.

      • Yep,
        Im mean, I’m taking my marbles home with me and I’m not playing with you anymore. AND I’m telling my mom… she lives in the canyon
        down below Brown.

        • That’s ok, POG. Us Aspies tend to be loners. We are more content and. FOCUSED that way, except when another Aspie like Jamie comes along and forces you out of your shell.
          It was sorta funny, we’d spend all day searching and mulling theories, then sprint for our hotel rooms at the end of the day for some quiet time alone, but inevitably would end up texting each other frantically as things from the day slowly took meaning…

    • I must have missed something too because I don’t understand what all the dust up is about–but that is not asking for any clarification please…..All I really wanted to say is that I like POGs dog. What a cutie.

    • Lmao…I can only think of ONE THING funnier that that post! It’s Jeff Francis’ online dating profiles and profile pics! I’d post a link to his pictures or public records but I’d prefer to keep them in my pocket ๐Ÿ™‚ you know…for my next trip….the things I actually go on…..

      “Watch out when you turn your back cause snakes will likely bite….”

      Arrrgg-hissssssssss ๐Ÿ™‚
      It’s been fun playing playa!

      • Jamie,
        All I can say to you is…..
        Wow….Good luck in your search. You won’t find me or the chest on a dating service. If you do, it would be one heck of a thesis.
        Besides, what are you doing on a dating site anyway?
        My son is available…

    • …I get a chuckle out your bit, another insensitive male here. I was surprised when I noticed you have been in the chase from the get-go.
      So If you’ve been camp Wyoming all along, have you ever given any thought to the Camel/Eye of the Needle possibility?

  35. As soon as you’re think right, you’re likely wrong. That’s my updated search philosophy.

    Unless you’re making a deal with Forrest over the bracelet it’s still the Thrill of the Chase to be enjoyed in every state in play north of Santa Fe by anyone who choses to participate.

  36. Was watching “The Bishops Wife” with Cary Grant starring in it and I heard a quote that I really liked.

    “The main trouble is there are too many people who don’t know where they’re going and they want to get there too fast!” – James Gleason (Sylvester)

    This movie was made in 1947, approx. 68 years ago.

  37. I’ll get with you later loco. Missed you somewhere partner. ๐Ÿ™‚ We gotta figure out how to corral ff into given us something we can use.


  38. Something I think about occasionally, how many times has the actual treasure location been mentioned by someone on Dals blog? Or has it been mentioned at all…

    • IMO no one has it right yet so no, the actual treasure location has not been mentioned on this or any other blog…

        • I’ve seen only 0ne or two good solves in the 14 months or so that I’ve been in this chase.
          I’m sure you have a great solve though. In the end though the poem was very specific. IMNSHO

          • Good luck with that there Ed…And no solve is good until the chest is collected…They are only stories of adventure and full of guesswork…IMO

      • Thank you Sam. I don’t like the word luck as it involves variables. The final solve mustn’t involve guesswork.

        • Well, ya don’t say!…Kinda got one of those type solves myself Ed…Tells me where to go in plain English…

          If your solution named the location for you then we may be runnin’ into each other later on the trail…See ya in Wyoming come June!…

          • Samsmith,
            I hate to pee on your parade since you are so confident and all, but I can prove that it isn’t in Wyoming. You might consider taking another look at your solution from a critical thinking point of view and look to see where you might have gone wrong, it will save you some money in the long run.

          • Sorry Wolf, Just the nature of what I found hidden prevents me from even considering another location…Once I got started right, the poem solved itself, didn’t have to think about it…

            I plan to make one trip in June to one specific place…Your proof doesn’t mean much to me, not with what I see…Good luck with it though…

          • I didn’t think you would take my advise, Gold Fever and egos can lock. Not sure why you wouldn’t consider my proof valid, seeing as I have not released that information yet. Has nothing to do with my previous searches. Good luck and remember I tried to help.

          • Hey samsmith, we’ve all been at this a long time and the only thing that differentiates you from all of the other alpha searchers is that you haven’t left the safety of your armchair solution. You can try and disparage others solutions and ideas all you like, but the fact is that a few have solved the first two clues and expressed it in an email to Forrest. At least one has been within 200 feet of the chest. One thing I am certain about is that it is not you.

            Personally, I’m tired of hearing about what you find wrong with others solutions. Why don’t you book the trip and tell us all about it, maybe take some pictures and then we all get to tell you where you are wrong.

            Maybe that’s what you’re really afraid of. In the unambiguous words of Forrest Fenn it’s time to put up or shut up.

          • I don’t know if it’s worth anything…but I think we had the same plain english part of the solve some of you are talking about….the most interesting part of it all was that it (in my case at least) what I thought in plain english was the solve to the whole poem only turned out to be a solve to a single clue with the next learned from that spot itself. It’s been a long road since then, lots of back and forths and travel just to find another clue on site. I guess I just mean, assuming it’s the same thing, don’t get too excited it might be you just have WWWH…the next is a whole different approach…and so on and so on. I don’t have the chest either so I’m not trying to preach at all, just saying if it happens to be the same thing…look out for curveballs! They’ll be coming!

        • Hey Ed…I was under the impression that the rainbow/arch was not the end of FFs wealth/treasure, nor was the endzone and that the true end must then be calculated. Are you saying that the arc is the end IYO? I’m confused. Not challenging at all- just curious as to your opinion if you don’t mind elaborating..

      • Most of the credit should go to Forrest. He has given out a TREMENDOUS amount of hints in the scrapbooks. Maybe that’s the meaning of and hint of riches new and old. The scrapbooks rehash what’s hidden in the books THAT has really helped out as far as narrowing my focus. IMNSHO

      • Fantas he ain’t kidding about that rainbow/arch @ the end. Here I thought he was pulling our leg.

        • Excuse me, E! F… My question was directed at Ed and had nothing to do with samsmith. How about you let him answer it?

          • Oh please, something wrong with your logic? Ed was replying to samsmith that his comment was an opinion. So, you think that he was implying that he has the chest. whoopty! By all means, Ed should answer your question.

          • Well, that’s not exactly clear, is it? “If you only knew the truth” and “the poem WAS very specific” imply that he does know the truth and the specifics of the poem. I’d like to see what he does actually know (or think he knows). Now do you mind?

          • @ Spoon | Wolf | Fantas | Sam

            Sam has said something correct so far. Why others can’t see it is a mystery to me. I won’t elaborate. If you are right about the correct spot Sam your a little late to the party. Spoon you know I can’t tell you in the blogosphere wether I have it. I guess I did project an heir of finality there didn’t I. Specifically though I was pointing out that Sam doesn’t know the chest is out there likewise he doesn’t know the chest isn’t out there so it would be his opinion.

          • Fair enough, Ed, and thanks for the response. It sure sounds like you’re saying you don’t physically have it (but think you’ll have it soon), though I’m not sure why you couldn’t say that on this blog. Do you agree with Sam on Wyoming?

          • Spoon, Can samsmith prove that no one has the chest?

            Whereas, I can say with absolute certainty, that samsmith’s solution has not taken him within 200 feet of the chest.

            Hey samsmith, warm waters halt at your front door. It’s time to go outside, take your solution on the road, prove to the world that we were all wrong! Since you’re so brilliant, maybe you could use your wisdom to hide the bracelet and create a poem for Forrest to solve and retrieve it. Hahaha.

          • Does anyone else ever think that it is completely feasible that one could solve the poem, know where the chest was…yet not be able to retrieve it? Say, for example, the geography has changed, a bridge has been moved, a ferry no longer runs, forrest “dropped” it but it’s harder to pull out then it was to put in etc…or maybe even the eighth clue literally gives you an address to the chest and then you just go get it? The chest would still be safe for a child to grab…yet obtaining the address (or blaze) beforehand might be more challenging that you might think? I don’t know….that’s what I think

          • Jamie, I’ve considerd some of those things. But Forrest said that a child could walk to it and a 3 year old would need some help. He also said that there are no proxies and that the chest is waiting for the one who can find it. He talked about a spot at San Lazaro that he had walked by for years and then one day a friend noticed something that turned out to be very special. I think the spot where he hid the chest is special for reasons that we don’t understand and won’t until the chest is found. It is probably tucked away out of plain sight but right there about 200 feet from where the last searcher was.

          • Yeah…I don’t mean a proxy per se…I just meant, like, the first 8 clues could lead you to a cave where there’s a drawing of the chests location…or a book that has an address on a certain page. Surely (I’ll use book example) F could have read a book and Always wanted to visit a place described inside..and finally did when he hid the treasure. So it IS a special place to him, a kid could walk up to it safely etc….yet the 8th clue leads you to the book not the treasure. See what I mean? And that book may be quite hard to find…maybe you need to travel to the library of congress just to read it…maybe clue 7 took you to the library of congress, who knows? I just know that the way we found the answers we believe are true one clue led to another…now lined up they weren’t a strait path on land, but more of a straight path in logic, if that makes any sense. With the book example, the chest could be in a random spot somewhere NONE of the clues described…yet combined led you strait to the book chapter and page that held the address or picture of final destination.

          • Jamie, I like that, but I think that we seem to look for reasons that no one has found it verses solving the clues. It’s like how some searchers think that the only way that the clues can lead right to it is for there to be GPS coordinates encrypted in the poem. If the poem leads you to a specific spot and then there is only one direction to proceed, will it lead you to the chest? I believe so. I think about the first arrowhead that Forrest found. Did his dad lead him right to it and let him think that he found it? Like he did with Jennifer London at San Lazaro? Did he lead her to the arrowhead or did they just happen to walk right to it with cameras rolling.

        • Well if Forrest said it is in the “Mountains” or “Forest” then technically wouldn’t the “Mountains” or “Forest” have the chest? Guess it depends on if you are a tree hugger or not? imo

          • spallies, You make me laugh! I like your style. I like mountains…and I guess I’m a tree hugger… I have 3 trees inside me house… 2 of them over 8 feet tall… and tree a sculpture and pictures of trees… I love trees. I can’t recall the last time a actually hugged a tree, but it probably would feel pretty good! Imo.

    • Can you imagine how close that person is now, if they came within 200ft then. I wonder if they’ll celebrate with Forrest at some point in the future. It would be fun to see the searcher and know there thoughts BUT something tells me they’re gonna stay silent.

    • Peter, I’ve wondered the same thing as well. But still only come up with the same conclusion… maybe it has or maybe it hasn’t. I just never pondered it so loud. I certainly wouldn’t want to cause a ruckus. One could certainly apply their own personal solve to all locations mentioned here on Dal’s blog and then test them out to see if it has been mentioned. Happy trails to ya.

  39. I ran across these recently; some of you may have seen these but I havenโ€™t. For the newbieโ€™s I wouldnโ€™t consider these accurate until Fenn says it is accurate. I donโ€™t know how many times the reporters have got it wrong. Which is why I havenโ€™t put these on the cheat sheet.

    Maybe Fenn will chime in as to the accuracy of these articles. This is a local travel blog written by a couple in Santa Feโ€ฆโ€ฆOne article was written in 2013 the other in 2014.
    April 24, 2014

    One thing Fenn will say is that most people are missing the most important clue; โ€œbegin it where warm waters haltโ€. When you solved this clue, he shared, and the others will fall into place. โ€œIf you donโ€™t know โ€˜where warm water halts,โ€™ Fenn said, โ€œyou donโ€™t have anything.โ€ Itโ€™s not much, but itโ€™s a start.
    July 25, 2013

    BF: Is it accurate to say a person wouldnโ€™t have to break any laws to get the treasure?
    FF: Thatโ€™s a clue I donโ€™t want to give. If they donโ€™t know the rules, tell them to stay home and play Canasta.

    • Goofy, thanks for the links. I had not seen those articles before, and I loved that picture of Forrest in the 1st link – makes him look like Saint Fenn! ๐Ÿ™‚ The other pictures of his home and collections were wonderful to see too.

    • Yes, Thanks so much for the links GOOF… Much appreciated.
      It’s always such a pleasure to read and see Fenn. Just can’t seem to get enough… If you come across anymore, do post them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • uken2it –

        Forrest doesn’t make mistakes – you’ll just have to trust my opinion on that one. If you do see a mistake – perhaps in the book – I would take a closer look at that.

      • I noticed that too uken2itโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Like I said, all of this is second hand by the reporter so I donโ€™t put much stock in itโ€ฆโ€ฆThe reporters have been wrong time after time. It seems when Fenn speaks people hear what they want to hear.

        Shoot, weโ€™ll have twenty different opinions on things he writes or says and we are using the exact quote or video.

        • …just out of curiosity, what GPS latitude North would you or Dal consider to be the southern limit?
          Because, you know Pirate is really pushing NM…
          I know the cheat sheet says “At least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe, New Mexico” Do we have to research what the Santa Fe city limits are? Maybe I didn’t get the memo

    • It seems that Forrest also stated that if you don’t know WWWH you might as well stay home and play Canasta. Or something like that. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t remember. Canasta plays a part in my WWWH and where I believe the treasure lies. But looking at the rules of canasta, interestingly, the discard pile can become frozen. Now some people believe that WWWH can be the state of frozen. (I haven’t pursued that angle myself). When I saw that as a rule in Canasta I thought to myself maybe I should learn the game……nah, I already know WWWH. Well, until I find out that I don’t.

  40. If the chest is on public lands, there are laws to consider. Use of metal detectors, taking of anything from public lands etc., are all regulated to some extent. I think we can assume it is on public lands, whether state or federal makes a big difference.
    One thing I have considered is if the chest holds a title or deed to the gold as stated in the poem, and not the actual treasure itself. This would preclude the state or feds from taking their share. The actual treasure could be held in a trust or safety deposit box.

    • GeoJack, Fenn has answered that question.

      I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.

  41. Goofy, not the same as finding the chest and having the “title to the gold” inside with instructions for picking up the same. I think his comments were related to other places to search for clues. How can anyone not think that where it is located would not be under a state or federal clause? Just my $.02.

    Or, because he provides a “title” to the gold the feds / state can’t state the items were abandoned or lost. Dunno but something to consider.

  42. @Not Obsessed,

    To answer your question earlier about going out in June…I plan to go late in the month as well, won’t say exactly when…Could be we may cross paths if your statement implied you were also looking in Wyoming…

    • Samsmith, actually more in Montana after I though about it. Close though, depending on what part of WY your going. Thanks,

  43. I think if you boast the poem has been solved, go out and look and comeback empty handed, then you just have to take the internet backlash.America likes humble champions…On an unrelated note, my neighbor holds a, hold-em tournament every thursday night.You are all invited to play.Please show up, i need the money ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • yes.

      plan B would be, boast that the poem is solved, and if you go out and don’t find it then come back and take your internet lumps

      and Plan A would be, go out and find it, come back and say that you didn’t, and take your internet lumps

  44. You know it hadn’t dawned on me until recently. “So why is it that I must go” my thinking here he is that he is at the spot and has to leave behind the chest. He offers the reason “tired” I believe he went in the back way. Drove his car as close to the spot as possible. I think this part of the poem tells us there are more than one ways to get to the spot. I tried the back way myself recently and it was mucho easy. IMNSHO

    • Interesting…that’s exactly what I did as well ๐Ÿ™‚ quite pretty too…I’m sure looked very surprised to find it wasn’t the end…

      • Because it’s just Too Far Too Walk…..Right? What does this mean? Is it a clue? Did he take a boat or a bike for Awhile? Now he said he walked to his car, but did he walk to his car from a raft? a Bike? Maybe. I know we have talked about this many times. But we should talk about it more!!!

        • @ Lou, that’s a tough one. So many ways you can break that line down. You just have to go with your gut on that one. Bend a little so to speak. The only way you can have an answer for it, if taken literally, would be space or under miles of water. What may be too far to walk for one person may be nothing to someone else. Walking the entire U.S. would be difficult but if someone really had to, family members life depended on it or something to that effect, I’m sure someone could do it. So, it would not be too far to walk. Basically, anywhere you can raft or bike, etc..for that matter can be walked, technically.Pressure in deep ocean would finally get someone, or oxygen in space, seem to be where it would be too far to walk. Throw a volcano in there if you like. For me and the sake of the poem the way I see it, it’s 6 miles:).

          • Charlie, I think you’re just a wee bit off on the six miles. I agree with some of the others on that one–plain English.

          • I hope it’s 6 miles from WWWH. I guess if not, I can walk all of Montana. Might be tough getting off work.

          • Charlie- I believe that is just a general expression. Example. If a friend asked you to walk a couple of miles with them for whatever reason, it wouldn’t be such a big deal to do, but if that same friend asked you to walk 75 miles with them somewhere, you would probably say “no that’s too far to walk, lets drive”. The general sense of knowing what is too far to walk, will help you in this case.

      • suzie this omo – to me it means he no longer has the treasure chest in his hands – as in needing strength to carry it so weak means he already hid it – so he no longer needs his strength- I hope you understand what I said cause I sure don’t its hard to explain

        • He’s also said he walked from his car to the spot twice n one afternoon makes me believe the distance is in the single digits in miles but he’s also walked 91 miles before so his too far to walk is def longer than my too far to walk lol

    • If you listen carefully F makes a threshold comment in the brief clip at San Lazaro with Suzanne in which he jokes about the back door. I’m not sure what year the video was made. However, when asked about doubling back in a bookstore interview he indicated something to the effect he thought there was just one way to get there. (paraphrased – my impressions. not f’s words).

      • Yes I saw that comment. I think switchback was the word. One thing you have to remember unless you know what a word means you should probably stick with a strict dictionary definition otherwise Forrest will get U.

        :a zigzag road, trail, or section of railroad tracks for climbing a steep hill

        And we know the answer was no.

        What she should have asked was. Will you find yourself covering the same ground if you follow the clues in order.

  45. Hi all, my name is Matt. I’m just one Videographer with a camera that’s looking to turn a passion project into a reality. Ever since hearing about Forrest and the buried treasure a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated with this ongoing story.

    If you are planning to make a trek out into the wilderness in searching of Forrest’s treasure, and would be willing to have me tag along and film this adventure of yours, then I would love to hear from you. Because I have a limited travel budget, I’m trying to stick to searches in NM and CO only.

    I’m also interested in simply interviewing any treasure seekers or anyone knowledgeable about this great adventure story.

    I understand that trust is earned, not given, and would be more than happy to talk in further detail about the project with anyone interested.

    Matt Maisano

    Some of my work can be seen at this link:

    My LinkedIn profile:

      • I live in Raleigh, NC. Trying to put together a week long trip to NM/CO area for this documentary project. Happy to discuss in more detail with anyone interesting.

        As Dal kindly warned me that some people on the site have been burned by previous media people, I want to say what makes me different is that I am not a reality TV producer, I am not a large company, I am just a lone, professional camera man that wants to tell this adventure story.

  46. IMO The poem has the clues that will take you on an adventure, very much the whole point of all the books and the for hiding the chest. Forrest wants us all to experience the magnificence of Gods great outdoors. The treasure is his incentive for us to get off our butts and to GO out and explore. He went there in his car to hide it, he didn’t necessarily take the route that the adventure leads us on. I believe that I have a solve that fits the poem 100%, just like every one else that claims too, I have to put boots on the ground to see if my solve is the same as Forrest hid his chest. I believe that there are hundreds of not thousands of places that could be 100% to the poem and not be the right one. There are a lot of thermal springs feeding streams that go down canyons, lots of home of Brown etc. That’s why the poem is there instead of giving us the GPS settings. We have to be as wise as Forrest and think like he does, I just wise that I was that wise. We all have dreams, I hope MINE comes true.

      • Off topic; But i’ve just read some of your blog and it’s…..great! Most enjoyable.
        You’re a diamond in the rough, and I hope yours and Jamies efforts pay off.

    • I would say good luck with that but I don’t believe in luck. I too think Forrest meant for people to enjoy the outdoors. However in my case I already was into camping, hiking etc…

      • Oh Ed Darlin –

        Don’t you remember about FF talking about “Dame Fortune”? Now that was a lady !

        I know we make our own luck – but I still believe in it.

        What you dream about – comes about —-

  47. There is one thing I wish Forrest would do on this blog. That is to clear up who does the photo shopping on his pictures. In the TTOTC page 62 the picture of Donnie on the horse, has clearly been photo shopped. That’s jus one of many many pictures .

    • Dal or anyone else who has read all of Forrest’s books, besides the chase books, which other one book of his would you recommend? Thanks.

      • I have many books relating to the chase not all FF books. Seventeen dollars a square inch is a good book. Nice paintings to browse.

      • I found “Seventeen Dollars A Square Inch” really enjoyable!
        Forrest’s storied words offer a glimpse into the brilliance of how Eric Sloane interpreted life with the authenticity only a true friend could render.

  48. Yes and No…No harm to Gold or Diamonds, but a jar…..with notes in it? Some damage to the Box maybe, still would keep its value…..Most of it!!!!
    How ever…..Let me share with you what I think!
    The Treasure Trove…was not put in water…….IT( like the picture in THE BOOK.)….It is UNDERWOOD…..HIDDEN…UNDERWOOD…and maybe wet? Who Knows for sure…..? Only the SHADOW KNOWS.

  49. Does anyone think the story of tea with Olga, is his way of telling us that he did not get to put the TC where he really wanted too. That instead of maybe putting it in Yellowstone, he had to settle for NM?

  50. on pg 133 , ff sez other subtle clues are sprinkled in the stories. Can someone share one that they think they have found? also just below that he sez in a dream he goes to Gardiner’s Island….. Is he hinting of Gardiner MT,also the lock box has an image that somewhat looks like the towered entrance to Yellowstone at Gardiner Mt., and that it may or may not be there, since he did NOT find it in his dream… Also Capt. Kidd buried his treasure on Gardiner’s island and that was PRIVATE Property!!!

    • Yes, the poem pg. 70.
      And I pay attention to all the 9 letter words f uses, like “Gardiner’s”.

    • Stag, if you think the entrance to Yellowstone from Gardiner looks like an image on “indulgence”, then you are using your imagination. (Not a bad thing).

    • mINDY, AFTER that video I can’t THINK off the pomme at ALL.

      aT MIN 9:54 I Des covered im not even much myself any moore.

    • And mountain oysters, do not come from mountains. Arkansas toothpick, does not come from a racoon , only from Arkansas. Gypsy is a Georgia peach. Apples aren’t orange, and the smell of pine and sage don’t smell like lilac.
      I’m doing a video..

        โ€”โ€”โ€” You only live once, but living once means living many times, as a series of similar, but technically different people who know each other but only in one direction, and who can help each other, but only in the other direction.

    • Mindy, thanks, that was really interesting. I think skeuomorph is my new favorite word.

      I wish the future me that is different than the present me had not as many scars.

  51. Today one of my clients told me he was going to Santa Fe in March.
    I said, no way how lucky u are. I said to him ok go to the bookstore and try to meet Forrest he said u really want me to I said absolutely he’s a nice man you should meet Forrest, my client said you want me to ask him if you are searching the right state, I said oh no he won’t tell you, just tell Forrest that u are a fan of Amy lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    What a lucky turkey ๐Ÿ™‚

    Forrest don’t be shy u should meet Craig ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Im more confused than ever.Big Ben, french fries, the color of oranges? I still have no idea what color that facebook dress is.Im just gonna hold out judgement of this video until i see the follow up debate video from desertphile.

  53. I’m not a pirate . But why do pirates wear a patch over a perfectly good eye?? Off topic it’s seems that I cannot view a full profile from here anymore . Did that change and why???

    • Woody-

      We also wear the cast on the arm or leg that ain’t broke. You would too if you worked with guys like my shipmates…. !!!

      • Pirate
        Ask dal if he wants to post a picture of me and my husband dressed as pirates on behalf of you
        Yep we won 2nd
        Place we won money but not a blue ribbon.
        You would totally eat your heart out ๐Ÿ™‚ lol ha

          • Well, your loss POG. I woulda let you stand on my shoulders while you pulled indulgence out of that hole behind the waterfall. It woulda been the first shower we had in years. Then we coulda danced around the treasure in the sand and replaced the chest in the same spot for safe keeping. Only later on would I have double crossed you, stabbed you in the back, tied you to the mast of your kayak and burned the whole thing down. And that puppy, too.

            Your loss.

          • Amy, agreed. POG is a first rate pirate. And if you ask nicely he may let you call him Corsair.

            Some interesting volleys back on point regarding the key word. I’m enjoying a break with family skiing in ‘kicked out’ Utah.

        • lia..Are you skiing Alta. We used to go there when I was a kid . Been around a long time. Lived in Salt Lake at 2910 E. 39 S. when there were orchards all around us . Now there’s a 3 story office building there.

          • Hi woody, were skiing Park City. We enjoyed a terrific day cruising the slopes of God’s magnificent mountains. Apparently this week it’s “Mancation Week” here. I’ve never seen so many groups of men only – eating rib eyes and doing shots.

    • Woody
      To answer your question to why you can’t see. The patch only goes over one eye. This isn’t braille, so if somebody reads this to you, move the patch, and you can see.

    • I thought everyone knew that they covered one eye so that when they went below deck they could remove the patch and see well in the dark. Didn’t have to wait for their eyes to adjust from the bright light outside.

  54. Woody you can click on their name and see their profile if they have one. And yes it did change, I turned the pop ups off. All the connections were using up way too much of the server processes. We needed to do that to handle the extra traffic.

      • I just have to ask, but have you ever thought what might happen to your blog if someone did?

          • Here’s direction to a treasure ( I probably shouldn’t tell, but I will) :

            At Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas, follow the brick moat wall to the southwest corner. This is the corner across from the boat dock on the opposite side where the beach area is. At the outside corner of the moat wall there are 2 cannons, probably brass, about 3-4 feet long partially buried in the sand underwater. Probably Civil War grapeshot cannons. Lots of variety of coral here too. The brain coral makes me smart.

            Oh, and the whole area is National Park. Don’t touch …. !!!

        • GEEZ !!!!! For a minute there I was worried . I always figured it was just as safe or safer than being in a bank.!!! Gypsy must have been looking in the same place. Although she is kind of secretive.

      • P irate…. Every wondered why 12 ft. remark is in play?

        The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Real-world data shows that their high-quality GPS SPS receivers provide better than 3.5 meter horizontal accuracy. Do the math, What do you think in AMERICA? I think its closer to 12ft. some say 9.

    • Haven’t we all solved the poem numerous times? It’s just that we didn’t write the poem. Someone needs to solve it with the understanding of why it was written. Use your mind but follow your heart. The thrill lies within each of us if we know where to begin. But then what do I know? I couldn’t gift away my two cents.

  55. I’m gonna ask f to file down a gold nugget in the shape of my hidey place, just like he did for Dr. James P Porowski. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Here, IMO, is a hint (that, of course, is not one of the 9 clues) from the book:
    Whenever I go to the Rockies shooting photos, I go to where “the yellow and purple flowers flourish.”
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  57. Question to all,
    Asking for opinions on the “word that is key” and Not a keyword. I don’t want to know what word ya’ll like or think it maybe. What I would like to know, is folks opinion on:

    Is the word that is key…

    1. a word Only in the poem text itself? or

    2. a word Only reference in the text of the book TTOTC? or

    3. A sentence, line or phrase form the poem that explains a word, to be the “Word that is key”

    Example: Begin it where warm waters halt…”Dam” …would be the reference to word from that line. Making “Dam” the word that is key.

    Or if anyone as a different way of how the ‘word’ that is key could be understood.


    • Here is the key. Ok?
      Forrest Fenn 101.
      You can’t see what he says.
      He may has well made the black and blue dress, that many people say is gold and white.
      He says its a banana, but it’s probably a pepper.
      He says pepper, maybe it’s a banana.
      He says he’ll bet, he’s all in.
      An even number is odd.
      It’s odd that he says all is even.
      Up is not down, unless you are up and have to go below.
      Brown is orange and blue.
      Maybe orange and blue is brown…..
      Recess time, everyone go fish……………..

    • Seeker

      The word that is key IS in the poem. Let me say this in a different way. Everything in the poem is non specific HOB etc BUT this one word isn’t.

    • Seeker,
      #1 of course! I’m Happy ๐Ÿ™‚ to participate in your opinion poll cause that’s all I got. And your welcome!

    • Seeker,
      IMO, it is one of the words of the poem. To quote f, you pick which one. (Seriously, once I realized IMO which word it is, it was a great help.)
      “Have flashlight, will travel”

  58. Watching an episode of, brain games, made me wonder if a couple questions could be crafted very cleverly to get forrest to give up a clue inadvertantly that he wasnt even aware of? Would that work? Some may frown on that angle, but hey were just playing poker ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Since pirate don’t like me for some reason, somebuddy else should tell him to get to sleep. He has a long drive tomorrow. Tell him to just put both eye patches on and fall asleep….. just like when he searches for treasure.

  60. POG, and Pirate jim, i know its probably wrong, but i always read your posts in the voice of the sea captain from the simpsons ๐Ÿ˜€

  61. Oh my gosh! Couldn’t sleep last night so was playing word games in my head…I know, it’s sad, but it’s what I do. Anyway, it’s a series of word games!!!
    my secret where…secret in Wy…secret also meaning location as in X marks the spot…mY SECRET Where….
    Also where warm waters halt is an era…get it? Where warm waters halt. They halt at a period.
    It’s fun once you get into the swing of it!

      • Q. How far can you walk into the woods?
        A. Halfway, then you’re walking out of the woods.

        maybe where warm waters halt halfway between cold and hot, like the 45th parallel of latitude in Wyoming, halfway between equator and north pole

        • Warm waters halt at a certain altitude as well. Which is also too far to walk when you come down.

        • Michelle,
          Interesting concept however one may categorize declination (roughly the angle from equator to north pole) in the items listed below.

          “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.”f

          Even if Mr. Fenn had not given this helpful warning, I view warm as varying measure or range between hot and cold. If we look at your analogy with hot at zero latitude and cold at 90 latitude (north or south) and we assume this only applies to the equinoxes when the sun is directly overhead the equator. Thus warm doesn’t halt there but rather it peaks there and if it did it would both start and halt there.

          To carry your analogy further, if warm is between hot and cold, then conceptually we have three zones and they would most likely be divided between:
          0-33.3degrees (hot)
          33.3 – 66.6 degrees (warm)
          66.6 – 90 (cold)

          Since the search area is defined between 35.6 and 49 deg latitude everything is warm and thus this is of no assistance. I acknowledge I over simplified this and the warm band could be smaller or larger depending on bias but I hope one can see my point. Sorry to spoil the fun because I too like to use my imagination and come up with imaginative ideas, but I have learned to turn it down rather than crank it up.

          • Unfortunately FF didn’t tell us what warm is. I think everyone would agree that beer at 72 deg (room temp) is warm. A bathtub at 72 would be cold, to me anyway. Warm is very relative. Too bad FF is more precise in the poem.

  62. I’m sure all of you have noticed how almost every character/person in TTOTC, TFTW, and the Scrapbooks have a nickname, were born with another name, or are listed with middle names.

    I believe the first stanza tells why he did that. I believe the last stanza reveals the “surprise.” IMO

      • I agree. Finally, a fresh idea that has to do with solving the poem. Well done Mindy.

        And shame on you Not Obsessed (below) for dismissing it so easily. Everything you say may be true but Mr. Fenn still could have used it just as Mindy is implying.

        I too remember my 5th grade teacher’s face when given the news, but I’ll always appreciate the possibilities that others, even those younger, help me see. Thanks Mindy.

        So, Mindy, are you implying that we may encounter the “nickname” of the location, but in the sixth stanza he gives us the real name ( I give you title) of it? Or something along this line? That would tie in with his comment of having a “good map”, as a bad map might have a nickname.


        • jdh,
          It’s just a theory, but yes, that’s basically the gist of what I’m saying… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • perhaps a theory… but one I’ll make a point to remember.

            A solution I’ve been working on is one that the first stanza gives the name of the X spot and the sixth stanza puts you in the general area, but if you’re not in the right location at six, the name won’t make sense to you.

            I had not thought of a nickname being used somehow. I like the gist of your theory… very much.


    • Mindy, Your young and I think the double names come from the time and place the Forrest grew up. My grandparents and parents often referred to every one by there first and middle names. May be a Texas thing as well, I’m not sure, but I don’t here it much from my generation. (I was in elementary school when Kennedy got shot if that lets you know how old I am).

      • So I can narrow your age down to 6 years if you didn’t have to repeat any levels? Or you weren’t Catholic. There’s always a wild card in there somewhere.

      • Not, I’m not just referring to middle names, but virtually everyone in the books and scrapbooks is known by another name other than their birth name. Even Amelia Earhardt (Milly), skippy, bubba, edard, Concy, and on and on. No one is referred to by their first name, except maybe his mom, daughters, grandkids. If you do some research, you can find some really interesting info on “Marvin” Fenn. There’s a chance I’m wrong, but don’t think so. Even “Carl” has an interesting twist.
        Who is brave enough to call Forrest’s bluff?
        Not me! Not until I’m 100%. Which I’m not, and this is all IMO.
        Of course, lots of people go by something other than our given name, me included.
        But why the stress on names? Edard, JBB, etc?
        If there isn’t a subtle hint in the name aspect, I’ll buy a hat and eat it. Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. opps its 2 early, me daughter has been using me computer , let me re post that!

    Me thinks Iโ€™m going to haave 2 get a pirate hat fur me pack rat Pete in me picture. either of u pirates got a spare un?
    Reply โ†“

  64. @ Wolf,

    on the 26th you stated…and I quote…
    I hate to pee on your parade since you are so confident and all, but I can prove that it isnโ€™t in Wyoming…unquote…

    How about that “proof” the chest is not in Wy….?

      • Good luck Wolf. The only proof of where it is or isn’t is to have the chest in your position. Maybe I’ll prove that it’s not in NM in a few months. Even if I’m wrong, I’m going to explain my solve asfter I search the area. I don’t think anyone can disagree that all the clues are solved-at least to the poem- maybe not to where the chest is. As has been mentioned before, the poem was written so that there are MULTIPLE places all over the Rockies. That’s why it is so hard to find and so many people “know” that they are 100% right. I wish Summer would hurry up and get here.

        • I agree Not Obsessed. There are only two ways to prove where the chest is not.

          1. Fenn tells us: not in Idaho or Utah for example
          2. Find the chest

          Anything else is nonsense.

          • Interesting discussion on what constitutes proof and how it differs from individual to individual or subject to subject within a person.

            Goofy has a very struck definition of proof for finding or ruling out treasure chest location. Yet is content there is no proof it is hidden but all the proof that is required to declare one is a bad person is to have a counter on one’s website – lol

            All in fun!

          • I found it! Now where was it that I put it so I can prove it. It’s not just another fish story honest. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Just my 2 bits. IMO

            It is possibilities and probabilities that lead to the absolutilities.

            One may certainly have an absolute but until shown to another it is ultimately only an opinion to all others who have not seen what the other see’s. This is why people, myself included, become irritated if there is not some kind of evidential proof to back up words espoused as absolute fact. Perceived egotistical views always rubs the wrong way.

            Even our courts couch their words merely as an ‘opinion’ after the fact finder(s) determine (accurate and not) what is or is not fact.

            Forrest has said he has hidden a chest. Fact, fiction or opinion? My research and reasoning concludes that it is possible and that it is much more probable than not that he did hide it! So I step out on faith believing that what he said is true.

            Hey pirate, I think I might be working on a thesis here. How am I doing?

          • It feels good to be 101% right and not have to prove it. The game itself is soo much fun. When your in a corner you just know it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Not Obsessed,
          I guess you tuned in part way and missed my point. Some of us are tired of hearing the Samsmiths of the world telling us they know where it is. I just put a little twist on it to make a point.

          Now that said, I totally disagree on your strict definition of proof. The OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorious and Casy Anthony jury was filled with 12 people that probably thought exactly like you and Goofy. There are very few murder cases that are proved with a video of the smoking gun.

          I do understand there will be no amount of proof for some, otherwise we wouldn’t continue to have all those Elvis sightings!

          Something to about.

          The Wolf

          • Ha! Thatโ€™s special Wolfโ€ฆโ€ฆPeople that know where itโ€™s at irritate you, but apparently people that know where itโ€™s not are OK. Thatโ€™s hilarious.

            One could make a good circumstantial case about the chest being or not being anywhere. Shoot, even the existence of the chest is an opinion. Everything about this chase is circumstantial; there is no preponderance of evidence to prove anything until the chest is found.

            If you want to believe itโ€™s not in Wyoming thatโ€™s fineโ€ฆ..But itโ€™s only an opinion.

          • Goofy,
            Actually I believe you are the “I know where it is” policeman, I really don’t care what people think, it is the repetition that gets a little irritating.

            I disagree with what you define as an opinion. It may be an opinion if there is no proof behind it, but if there is proof then one has to wait and hear the evidence before prejudging and decide then.

            Which begs the question, was it an option or proof that you based your declaration of ill will against the the owner of “” ?

          • Sorry Wolf didnโ€™t mean to irritate youโ€ฆโ€ฆ..I posted the meta data and site counter that pointed to the site being a disgusting hoax. I invited the owner to come on here many, many times to set me straight. In the end it turned out to be just what I said.

            So Iโ€™ll invite you to do the same thing; show us the proof that makes you think itโ€™s not in Wyoming. It will be an interesting discussion.

          • Ok, I don’t know why I want to enter the fray here but I will anyway…”proof” is something, usually evidence of some kind that tends to validate an argument or claim. For many people, including myself, the ONLY way for the location of the chest to be validated or “proved” is for someone to find it, and Its as simple as that. Therefore, arguments that favor one state over another is proof of nothing. It is only one persons guestimate that is either reasonable based on the logic employed in support of it or it is unreasonable because it lacks sufficient basis to make it believable. In my view, folks who insist that their opinions are the only ones with merit are limiting their prospects and may very well be ensuring that they won’t be the one to find the treasure. It used to annoy me when people claimed to have found it, or tried to tell everyone they knew where it was or where it wasn’t. Now I just figure they probably aren’t as much competition as they apparently believe themselves to be.

          • Very well said Raven, but I can see both sides of the equation here, … is difficult to take either the ‘strict’ definition or the broader approach in this which we are involved. Things aren’t always that simple though, are they? ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially when we have what we have here. I guess one could go either way depending on what they believe and with what information we do have, and we have a lot……….

            And remember, on Cutthroat Island, …..can’t believe everything someone tells you. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Raven,
            I tend to agree with most of what you say, and I feel those that claim they know where it is are pretty easy to sniff out and to back that statement, I once made a $50K bet on another blog against someone claiming they would have the chest by last June. Not because I thought I was right but rather I knew they were wrong and that proof was in what they said or more importantly how they said it.

            With that said, I do believe there is a level of proof that exists without showing the chest. If one believes FF when he said the person who solves it will confidently go straight to it with a smile on their face, I can’t help but to think if that person released the correct solution to the masses just prior to him discovering it, I hope that I would be open minded enough to know that would be sufficient proof and acknowledge it. Others will accept nothing less, to which I ask, if the correct solution was given to them before the chest was confirmed, would they know it? If not why? I mean the correct solution should be evident should it not?

            Proving something to a jury that insists that the only proof is to see a video of a smoking gun is unrealistic in the real world, most cases are proven with logical circumstantial evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt. I am quite sure that even after the chest is found, there will still be a certain amount of people who will not believe it and rationalize the chest is a forgery,etc.

            Goofy – I am glad to see you coming around, I await my date in court.
            The Wolf

          • Wolf…Forrest did say to Listen .So I imagine that if a person had ten clues that are in the poem that are perfect matches beyond a shadow of a doubt to the poem and they could have a way to prove them I would agree with you . But seeing if a person would have that . Why in hell would they tell everyone their solve and not wait until such a time to take possession of the treasure is beyond comprehension. Although if a person had someone they could really trust to go get it is another thing. I would still have a question mark in the back of my mind about that because I have seen people change when they start looking at all the gold. You would have to trust them with your soul because it would be damaged beyond repair if it turned out different.

          • i received a mysterious email that seems to want to contribute to this discussion

            i dont quite know what to make of it

            it only reads as follows

            Anything which Forrest tells us constitutes Proof of the thing

            Sincerely, Mister Snark Snark

          • “Some of us are tired of hearing the Samsmiths of the world telling us they know where it is.”

            I wouldn’t have a problem if that’s all that was going on. It’s the constant insinuation that everyone else is wrong even though he hasn’t been out of the house with his solution!

            So, in the spirit of “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em,” I will lay my reputation on the line and officially nominate samsmith for the German Guy Award of 2015.

          • In this case… the case of the chest…seeing is believing, yet no logical person in their right mind would be willing to come forward with the chest…. it doesn’t make sense on any level..,there is no reward and it would be a pointless endeavor, in fact it would be detrimental to the finder.

          • @ 169, And to be fair to Forrest and to all who’ve entered the chase I believe that the words of Forrest’s autobiography should be community property and broadcast to all.

          • The most logical path is silence. Everyone has an ego that needs rewarded BUT everyone has an internal system of checks and balances. The heart plays chess with itself and the die is cast…solidified and final. The foundation of life is trust without trust there is no foundation.

          • @ 169

            There is one logical reason I can think of to make known it has been found. Common courtesy to others who are in the chase, so that they don’t continue and possibly waste their scant resources on a now false hope. And to get around the detrimental aspect just anonymously present the bracelet to ff and go in peace.

          • Perhaps they should be leaked out gradually thru anonymous Channels. Never once did Forrest say he has any expectations for the chest. He said it is out of his hands and he’s ambivalent whether it is found or not. This suggests to me a man Who is resolved, disconnected and does not care. When he made the choice it was a final choice. Forest Fenns dad made a final choice when he committed suicide. (Granted he was at deaths door) The choice could not be unwound or taken back very similar in nature to hiding the chest…Its almost as if Forrest has made a final statement.

          • You can’t always believe everything an honest person says. Most especially when it comes to revealing one’s personal feelings. He did let loose his control of the TC so what to expect is anybody’s guess. But he did request for the bracelet back. And I like to believe that it was more for the reason I stated earlier rather than because he has regrets of having let it go.

  65. The word that is key is Forrest ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s time to take a closer look at what Cooty is saying!

  66. …let me expand on the camel/eye of the needle for the plain english crowd & for the YNP camp

    Well, you can look it for yourself, bible(ly) people have dozens a variations on this theme

    On the same ridge there’s a BM top of this mtn –The Needles 1953– the view from there must be terrific, I bet you can even see ranger Brown’s cabin from there

    here’s of 2 pics of that needle, there are 3 actually…

    oh, and take a guess what these are

  67. So Forrest said : a woman has been closest and there may have been a man with her ? Could the “woman” have been Esmerelda? And the man Dal?
    Did they drive right by it ? 200ft away? Was she sitting in a parking lot with Dal out searching? Maybe a touristy spot, an overlook, where everyone is looking out at the great view and no one ever turns around to see what’s up the hill and behind the ridge, behind them in a spot no one will ever venture except the curious–like a child?
    How about whizzing by on a mountain highway and you pass by all the mountain land that your free to wander through, but there’s no place to park except if you had to pull over on the shoulder and everyone else just passes by?

    • I remember it being a man was close or closest and ff couldn’t remember if a woman was with him or something like that.

      • Right.

        “As far as I know the closest person to the treasure was a man, but there may have been a
        woman with him.”

        “A man has been within striking distance but so have some women.”

    • Does that man or woman think “I was wrong. Let’s look another place.”? Are they, and many others thinking “I have to go back to every place I have searched.” because they could be that one person? How small must the group of possible people be? I have emailed exactly where I was going to ff. I could be one of the 500 feet people.

  68. Good March 1st morning all! Next weekend is daylight savings then twelve days to follow is the first day of SPRING!
    ALMOST TIME to start your engines! Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ arrangements have been made I leave Texas on June 5, will arrive in Colorado on June 6, start the search on June 7. Lord willing
      We plan to stay a week it will be a lovely get away. We have rented a vacation home in the area. Thank u Forrest for another vacation/ adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sounds like you have a great trip planned, Amy. That’s quite a ways out. I hope…fingers crossed…that I can get away before June. From the looks of my work schedule I’m beginning to wonder. It’s definitely not spring yet…as evidenced by the last few days of cold. At this point I know I won’t make it out for at least 5 weeks from now. I had a 3-week project scheduled for June that now starts in 2 weeks and I’m slammed already for the next 2 weeks. It’s good and bad I tell ya. When it rains it pours. At least I won’t be sweating paying for a trip when I finally do go…I’ll just be very tired…and, therefore, motivated to find “something”. Aren’t we all? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Happy March too…..Woo Hoo! Its my birthday month and one month closer to my search…..and even though I am not sure, of my locations. I still fell confident that the treasure is waiting there for me……….I am still leaning towards Montana and Wyoming. How about you? I am working hard on this. la la la la…..
      Lou Lee chased by bears in jellystone park.

      • Happy birthday month Lou lee! Better than just a little Ole birthDAY! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Thanks JD! Not sure when I am going, may be making a run for the boarder! Have snow shoes and metal detector…..will travel. I put down the book and I am rereading the poem over and over and over……taking notes. Im just not sure how he did it….So someone is close.?..needs to go back……rethinking it all.

        • Thanks Amy! I am happy for you and your coming adventure! May you too find the treasure!

          • Thank you Lou
            I already have the Treasure just looking for that chest that’s in the wood ๐Ÿ˜‰ Somewhere in the wood , under the wood, on top of the wood, in a hole under the wood , in the ground, around the wood , in the woods. ๐Ÿ™‚ lol hhmmm crazy crazy ๐Ÿ™‚
            I think I have a powerful idea
            But will not know for sure until I’m there:)

  69. I was “Almost Home” by Craig Morton . I just fell out of a cottonwood tree. ๐Ÿ™‚ you should listen to the song

  70. Ed, come clean! You keep hinting that you have IT??? Inquiring Lurkers want to know? LOL, if I had it you would know it!

    Dang I miss the German Guy, he was a tutu wearing son of a gun.
    And I think the Seeker is awesome too…
    Geez dal, you’re just to level headed!

    Also, Wolf I think the proof that would be accepted… besides the box… must be substantial. I’ll give you this… you have been persistent… And Therefore a Leader. Thus we must/should listen to your evidence with an open mind. Soooo, where is it and why must your treasure hunting friends wait so long? Wolf as long as you have been here… you know better than say something without proof unless it’s conjecture and stated as such (IMO)… that or why say it? It’s just being respectful. Now I’m being the goofy cop…sorry but you know what I mean.

    Now… I have to comment on remote viewing… huh? As of now, as far as we know… no one has the box? Not even those with extra sensory perception! So there you go. NOT even Desertphile!

    And while I’ve brought the desert guy into discussion. I thought I’d mention again… that I intend on being at the Fenthing again this year! This year my plan is to search the entire north eastern part of the state. smiles To kick every bush, check every hole, stump rock or old Coca Cola machine dumped in the desert…or did you say forest??? I’m taking every trail, walking every creek. No where will be out of my range! I’m traveling as light as technology will allow. I intend on making your forest my home and the bears and mountain lions should beware!!! I ain’t play n’! Okay, I exaggerate a bit. But I do intend on covering some ground.

    Anyone hunting Colfax, Animas, Mora, or Taos counties are welcome to join. I think an organized hunt that serves as a process of ellimination to places in which the box isn’t would lead to some success. A group of serious hunters could Maybe earn long term rewards. IMO f = friendship.

    Mark H.

    • Mark H,
      You pose a good question. Perhaps I spoke too early, I normally keep things to myself until I am ready to release it. Samsmith and a few other’s repetitive remarks sparked me to prematurely jump the queue to make a point.

      That said, since I am not trying to prove my case to 12 carefully selected jury members, I have a gargantuan task of proving something analogous to proving to a loving mother that her innocent little Johnny is crook. So you are correct substantial proof is necessary, but also, it must be presented properly to insure every counter argument is covered. I am very aware this court will be filled with a multitude of self interested and biased lawyers that will not accept the my answer of 2+2=? but they will insist to see the question mark replaced with 4 by the teacher(Fenn), thus time is required to get it right. Patience.

      Perhaps we can set a court date of June when Sam returns empty handed.
      The Wolf

      • So cousin, after all these months (a year??), I can copy this, your letter of intent, and mark my calendar with the tag of ” Wolf’s long-awaited Edification of the Masses”?? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        Care to narrow to a particular day?? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s interesting wolf…we just took a trip to a 3 + 1= (question mark) it was a specific point had equated to 4 and been wondering about for awhile….it was nice to be able to mark an X below it with certainty as well and finally put the question in my heart to rest and give a chance to finding another piece as the saying goes.

      • Boxes? Court dates? Lawyers? Complicated math questions? Sounds like your taking it to the streets. That can be a cold place to play in. Not quite what Jack London had in mind. But if life is just a game of poker, why would the dealer question the hand that they dealt? Extra time called in the game is a fairway of evaluating. Patience be the virtue. Just wish that same rule was allowed in the shark tank:) So with my wee bit of misunderstood jibberish here, its time too get back to my peaceful place in another man’s poem and dream of yet another treasure yet to be discovered. The true joy to be shared among friends is the the thrill of the chase both which are never ending:)

    • Youโ€™re correct Mark H; extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. People here are generally very forgiving if someone wants to present their solution or tell us about their search, while giving constructive criticism. Weโ€™ve all been wrong and understand the feelings. You could be right about the group thing; that may be what it takes to find it.

      But here we go again with the drama queens; those that hint they have the chest or the perfect solution; happens every year. It seems all the attention seeking blowhards canโ€™t just present their case; they have to drag it out to stroke their egos. When they finally get around (if ever) to presenting their solutions people see how ridiculous they are; and they go away for awhile to sulk. Wash, rinse and repeat.

      If theyโ€™ve got something to say then say itโ€ฆโ€ฆWe can marvel at your genius, or get a good laugh. But spare us the drama routine itโ€™s getting old.

      • Did I hear Dal say that Forrest is fixing to do another reprinting of both books? …..Well, it appears we have plenty of time for just about anything then, doesn’t it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!”… said the Rabbit, in Alice in Wonderland!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hi Spoon

            What can I do for you? Well, Forrest will go on hinting wether it’s found or not. He doesn’t have a way of tracking it so he wouldn’t know. He has stated that it was out of his hands or something to that affect.

          • Hi Ed. No, I don’t believe Forrest would stop hinting if it were found. And he’s made strong statements in the past that he knows it has not been found, so it appears he has (or at least has had) a way of tracking it.

            More importantly, if someone HAD found it, shouldn’t he feel an obligation to let people know so that they could stop searching and spending their time and money on this? Anything less would be heartless, wouldn’t you agree?

            Your comments, both overt and subtle, make it appear that you either have it, or at least think you have it figured out. Which is it?

          • I think it’s heartless to allow someone to continue searching the same spot 100 times. Some of these poor folks have spent there entire savings on a search… 100k…I feel really bad about that, granted I have never been put in that position but even so. It really is an impossible situation…on one hand you have folks that just refuse to concede either because they’ve invested too much or I guess pride and on the other you have the issue of the feds etc so I don’t see any resolution so I would say the search should just continue. My best advice would be this…. if your searching realize your odds are less than winning the lottery IF you can stomach that then continue BUT know this you were warned.

          • “What a cowardly response. Clearly youโ€™re just another joker.”

            Hahahaha! Runner up for the German Guy Award 2015.

          • Ed is not easily baited. I wouldn’t be giving away info like that here either,,,seems a rather poor poker play ๐Ÿ™

          • Hey 169 – I just have a problem with someone coming on this blog making rather unsubtle hints as he does. Things like, “Gold is a beautiful sight” and “Yawn”. I’m basking in the glow…” Haven’t we all seen enough of this behavior? I get tired of these guys that get their jollies jerking people around, suggesting that they have it all figured out or worse, that they have it. It’s a tired play. And by the way, that was a type-o when I called him a joker. The o should be removed and the letters scrambled….

      • It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about, as the saying goes. Everybody keep on chasing the dream. Forrest said, respect others and you have my (his) respect.

        • Found or not myself and many others here will always be searching. Do it for the riches that will always be there. The Rockies in the fall, spring, winter or summer if that doesn’t do it for you nothing will. Besides it’s one of the best places to see smiling faces. Wonder why!

          • Bajaau, you are so right! I daydream of my spot all the time! It’s so awesome inspiring and when your there it just feels so special, so ” right”. And I’ve also been thinking about the finder “staying silent”. I don’t think it’s meant to be that way. Forrest r one thing, the spot is so special to forrest, there has to be a reason beyond just this search. Also, the autobiography; to me, that’s the gold in the chest and if the finder stays silent then they are robbing the world of a book that was written and should be read by more than one!
            Well, sorry, rambling again…

  71. WWWH=steamboat springs lake colorado…

    I think F mentioned something along the lines of “Know the artitecture of the poem” sooo…

    there are 4 lines, 6 stanzas and 24 lines…

    so the longtitude of the chest would be 40.624 something south of steamboat springs lake in Colorado….

    I have not solved the rest of the clues…

    • Or as the German Guy said 6 stanzas and 4 lines which could = 64? Just say n’. One odd report I read somewhere way back while researching f said Farmington to Folsom? Then a cloud swept in that reminded me not to leave out Aztec, another spoke of land grants??? All very reliable folks! Frogs are no secret here, and now we have an obsessed mouse? I heard it could have something to do with Pinon Nuts? I should stop there. but your foundation theories make sense. Good luck!

  72. I’m sorry, but I’d like to continue on the foundation garb that Philly just began, because it could be useful! INMO, Architectually speaking, a foundation of hints and clues gathered to find a search area makes sense. Along the way many hints and clues have been given that if added up… give people a general area in which the box could be? ie 64. If your foundation doesn’t included Pinon nuts or the anaszi it might not lead to the correct wwwh. Smiles
    Mark H.

    • and I think the longitude line contains 9 numbers…2 in the front then a . and 7 left over….

      F said the searchers have found the first 2 clues and maybe we need to just lay the 7 numbers down as the final clues…

      • another way I was looking at it was there are 25 capital letters in the poem…the 25th state capital is little rock..anything thing ring a bell?

        • I think the second stanza is very important…

          it is the only stanza that the last word on the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th lines do not rhyme (halt and walk)

          it is also the stanza that has the capital letter B as in Brown in there….

          its kinda like FF is pointing there and saying “pay attention to this stanza or else you will not find it”

    • I agree Mark H. itโ€™s good to step back and take a look at the foundation, or philosophy, of solving the poem. I think at times weโ€™re so busy fighting alligators (superfluous information) we forget our initial objective is to drain the swamp.

      Reviewing the past few years weโ€™ve learned a few things. Weโ€™ve learned several places where itโ€™s not, e.g. not in Idaho or Utah. Weโ€™ve learned one thing about one clue; WWWH is not a dam. Weโ€™ve learned that searchers have been within 200 feet of the treasure and solved the first two clues but went right past the other seven.

      That last bit of information leads me to believe the solution (at least the first two clues) is fairly straight forward. I know heโ€™s not talking about one of my solutions because Iโ€™ve never sent him one. I have no idea how many solutions heโ€™s received, hundreds maybe thousands; but if I had sent him a solution before he came out with the information that some searchers have been close I would certainly be taking a second look at it.

      This also leads me to believe that at least the first two clues can be found on the internet (map). But it would seem some of the clues cannot be found on the internet or they would have been found by now with all the extremely sharp folks that have scoured the information. So could it be that the final clue/clues have to be figured out on location? Or even after the solution is known it will take an exhaustive search to find it. It could take weeks if not months to thoroughly search a relatively small area by oneself. You could be correct in your previous comment about it taking a group to find it.

      It seems at times the more information I have the less I knowโ€ฆโ€ฆI canโ€™t see the forest for the trees.

      • I believe I was one of the people that sent in the correct first 2 clues and went right past the other 7. I am convinced that it is in Yellowstone. Ranger Brown’s old house is the second clue. I find it hard to tell some of the clues from each other. Where does one clue end and another begin? The clues seem to flow together as one in my mind.

        A previous trip had me looking all over Tower Fall because of heavy loads and water high. I believe too far is not as far as many of us think. My latest interpretation seemed to be confirmed, at least in my mind, within the latest book and map. I am sure that the actual blaze and other clue(s) have to be determined on site.

        I don’t mind getting cold as I can warm up holding that chest while sitting around a fire and eating some fresh caught trout. I have to admit that I’m not exactly a brave walking around grizzly bears though.

        One thing I learned about myself is how important the National Parks and other agencies are to me and my kids. They preserve so much of our history, Native American history and our heritage as a nation.

        Thank you FF for getting me up and out into the wild!

        • …did the park rangers say anything about the ‘listening chairs’?

          • Can’t say that I had a conversation like that. There was a lot of road construction though. Camped there at Tower Fall and scoured the creek leading to the fall and around the store as much as possible.

        • How did you know, it was you? I think alot of people are going to recheck their spot, if they told it here or to forrest. I think many are hoping it was their spot…..Any clue to knowing it was you?

          • I don’t know it is me, I believe it is me. I know I’m in the running because I emailed my interpretation of his poem to him before I went on a trip. I guess I’ll just have to run on the idea that I’m one of the ones that were pointed in the right direction and went right past the other clues.

            I put the poem aside for 8-9 months and started from scratch, except for Yellowstone and the old Ranger Brown’s house. I really believe they are correct. My reinterpretation goes along with going right past the other 7 clues. I believe my not far was too, too far. And that ruins every other decision I made along the way.

      • โ€œMany searchers have thought that warm waters halt at a dam because water being released through flues near the bottom of the dam is much colder than water on the surface of the lake. I have discussed around that subject with several people in the last few days and am concerned that not all searchers are aware of what has been said. So to level the playing field to give everyone an equal chance I will say now that WWWH is not related to any dam.โ€ ff

        Yet, heavy loads and water high does.

          • I would say they are related because of the word ‘and’ as well as the structure of that stanza.

        • IMO…alot of folks seem to think that the two are related because they are in the same sentence. I believe they have nothing to do with each other…

          • If you parse out every sentence, and identify the context of each word (noun, adjective, verb, etc), then find the definitions that apply, you will find some interesting strings, and most string words are in different stanzas.

          • That stanza is not necessarily all about the same clue. What does the “;” do grammatically?

          • The grammar matters in this poem. Why else did he put it there? You don’t normally see it in a poem but when you do it is used correctly.

          • I agree, nice guy. The grammar is important. It tells which words are connected and how they should be connected.

          • I view it from the perspective of identifying location, location, locations. I think they are related/connected because of direction and general location but not related as to the same thing. Though I see the possibility that water high & heavy load could be identifying the same thing I don’t see it as a probability. Heavy loads could be snowpack or even the TC. Water high could be the creek higher in elevation, a waterfall, a lake at high altitude, deep waters, or even the ‘heavy loads’ itself. And there are certainly more possibilities than what I have listed.

        • i appreciate your comments CrazyHorse because a lot of people have taken ff’s comments and related to them EVERYTHING even tho F was VERY SPECIFIC and said WWH is not related to a dam

          that being said i believe water high is related to a dam

          and since i am getting so close to what i believe will be my final search i will be more forthcoming than usual. heavy loads is not related to a dam, heavy loads is a mountain.

        • I agree with Nice Guy in CoMo

          the wording shows that heavy loads and water high are connected , and imo,, they are right next to each other, which is why the poem is worded that way

          • Chris,
            I agree that heavy loads and water high are in the same area, meadow or canyon…I just do not believe they are connected as in boulders holding back water as in a waterfall or dam ect.

            Also I agree that WWWH is not a dam…in fact…I do not believe the water is warm or that it halts.

            All of this is just MHO

        • Probably nobody will like this one, but alternative meaning for heavy loads and water high is as a descriptor for hiking. Every time I go out searching, I’m constantly irritated by my backpack, and constantly stopping to raise my water bottle for a slug.

          • F made two round trips in one afternoon. I’m not sure that it is a long hike in. It could be the 500′ that people are short of, or even the 200′.

  73. Does anyone remember when, month and year, FF announced this whole thing?

  74. I believe using your imagination, doesn’t involve analogizing poets vs. architects.
    IMO its a hint, am I Wright? Again, IMO, the real clues are things like this….
    “Constructed in 1948, it is the only 100% authentic Frank Lloyd Wright house in New Mexico” ……….. “North of Pecos, along a narrow road that winds up-river, you may find a small gate tucked into the forest. This unmistakable marker was placed sixty years ago by Frank Lloyd Wright. Behind the entrance lies a special residence hidden deep in the woods. It would be an understatement to note that this is one of Mr. Wrightโ€™s lesser known projects.” …..”Fir Tree House enjoys frontage along the trout-rich Pecos River near its headwaters.”

    • Nice find 9 clues, unfortunately the location of the house may be south of Santa Fe (long/lat) and is 25 miles to the east, and according to the map in TFTW is not in the highlighted area…
      I do like this find and your thinking but I wouldn’t waste too much time on this place since I believe it does not fit under some other hints FF has given us.
      Does anyone have any word yet on the new clue? It has been about a week. FF said he would never give just one person a clue but would share with all in the interest of fairness. Maybe I need to email him and ask…

      • The question is…what does highlighted mean? I personally believe you must find the edges, and the map includes all of Santa Fe COUNTY. I personally think the southern boundary of where the chest lies is 8.25 miles north of the Santa Fe county line.

      • …send him like a hundred emails he likes it ๐Ÿ™
        Was only implying that sites like a FL Wright home could be a clue, not the hidey spot.

        • Did Forrest get mad at u they call me
          nine clues. Don’t take it so personal. He has his moody days ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Happy Birthday Lou Lee! Are you a fellow Pisces or later in the month? Have a great B-day month!

    • I am Pisces on the 15th, The fish! And I Love Rivers, Lakes and Oceans! Thank you, And how about you? Homecoming?

      • I`ll join the Pisces Party…Happy B`Day…mine is the 18th…but I am Not telling what year :mrgreen:

        • Yay, Pisces the Fish……We are intuitive….and have a good chance at swimming or (wading) to the treasure….Right….Gypsy?


    I can say this only because it is how I found a location that I intend to search some day soon. What I’m saying is simply , I personally did not use any other data to gain a understanding of how to look for the chest then the poem messed with F’s Videos , my thinking wrong or right of the poem led me to a way to try and solve the riddles in the poem. After looking at my solve over and over and over , I decided to start reading some of the blogs here and Researched Yellow Stone and Browns Cabin , then started looking up every stream on Google that had a trout in it looking for natural barriers at 6000 ft, and started looking at more and more data , sure I learned a lot from the Chase… I have broken every word of the poem down by definition and have matched the meanings of the words to mathematical concepts that I never dreamed of learning or even knew what they were… My point is Google has made me Dumber ,as far as where the chest is … The amount of data I have looked at is enormous as all of you who have Chased this dream of finding the Chest have your self . I personally have a dresser with 6 drawers full of Forrest Fenn .. Maybe this is why at times it seems the chest is so far away and not at our finger tips as a lot of people have thought . May be it is simple , and all you really need is the poem and a good map. But , most of all the Poem .

    IMO All you need to do is Listen to F and read his poem … Not just listen … But , follow directions … Like you were in a class room .. He is very forward about how to find it .. I don’t think we hear him… At least I don’t think at times I do

    Everyone who has gone to a location thought it was there or they wouldn’t have gone there . I as well have a location to check , of course I think it is there , … but that dose not mean I’m right , nor did it for all who have already been to a location they found.. What I’m saying is … Where Did we get our information to find our spots .. Where ? Mostly GOOGLE… yes we read the poem , yes we all claim to have listened to F … BUT HAVE WE REALLY LISTENED……???
    According to F he wants us off the devices and out side …. Sure google is needed to a degree , then it comes to applying the information on land…. Not so easy when your boots are on the ground… Looking at the Rockies for the first time , and seeing the sheer Mass of Rock and land it encompasses, it is aweing ! So , to apply the data to a area in those mountains takes some gritt … Not to mention applying the poem to them to find a location … ” ALL YOU NEED IS THE POEM ”

    Off topic I’m looking to Buy a Home in Colorado this Spring… I hear that the view in Estes Park is awesome … Especially at Beaver Creek …. Nice resort and a nice place to stay long term if you want to see Elk walking past the front door in the winters .. Plus there is a great restaurant across the street where I hear some of the best folk singers in the Mountains sing and it is a must place to go and has been there for like 60 years.. Any way I can’t wait ! What a place to call home!
    Good luck all ….

    • Hi Mike, i read in your post that you have taken the time to define each word in the poem (painstakingly!). Curious to know how you defined ‘cold’….

      • janmiguelito

        HI and thank you for the question .. =)
        You do realize that what I understand Cold to be and what the definition is , to what F really means it to be ; is not the same thing.. Nor do I claim I know where Mr. F has hid his Chest . Forrest Fenn has painstakingly constructed one of the best puzzles I have ever seen and have had the pleasure to try and solve , in which I have not . But, this Is a composed understanding based on the definition of the word COLD , and where it could be revenant to the poem .. And is the answer to the question you posed.

        Before the Definition , I would like to share a relevant
        Logic that I read while looking at the word cold it’s self.
        From Temperature –
        Empirical Evidence :
        “is a source of knowledge acquired by means of observation or experimentation.
        In another sense, empirical evidence may be synonymous with the outcome of an experiment. In this sense, an empirical result is a unified confirmation. In this context, the term semi-empirical is used for qualifying theoretical methods which use in part basic axioms or postulated scientific laws and experimental results. Such methods are opposed to theoretical ab initio methods which are purely deductive and based on first principles or experimentation”
        To add : “In science, empirical evidence is required for a hypothesis to gain acceptance in the scientific community. Normally, this validation is achieved by the scientific method of hypothesis commitment, experimental design, peer review, adversarial review, reproduction of results, conference presentation and journal publication. This requires rigorous communication of hypothesis (usually expressed in mathematics), experimental constraints and controls (expressed necessarily in terms of standard experimental apparatus), and a common understanding of measurement. ”

        REFF –
        REFF –
        REFF –

        COLD — ADJ N
        Common understanding – ” Your efforts will be worth the cold ” , your work will be worth it .

        Definition Form PIE root * gel-/*gol- “cold”

        ” Meaning “Not Strong ” ( in reference to sent ) is 1590’s
        cold to the touch …
        c1300’s N a discomfort from cold

        In technology refers to COLD-K ,and Laser Disk Printers

        1.Having a relatively low temperature , or little warmth .
        Ad Verb – Perfectly; in every detail ; blind ,” they knew the subject cold ”

        I’m more toward the scientific understanding of it .. Hope this helped …

        Just a quick post to try to help you on your quest.. Look at it and use your imagination , who knows .. Maybe you will find it … I sure haven’t … = )

        Good luck !

    • Yeah, Mike I hear you when you shout. True, all you NEED is the poem, but other things help you see what you are looking at and THINK like f . You may need to put your C-boy hat on, turn on a light, take the pirate patch(es) off your eyes and get help from a child.
      If you believe you have the place, why are you so lukewarm? Shut the laptop (or whatever) down and GO GET IT !! Don’t say you’ll search “someday soon”.

      • HI , Jim …. I hear YA … Only , I was in a very serious car accident and have had 6 operations in the last 17 months … So , as you can see ….. I really was not able …
        I will try and write a bit better and not refer to things in that way so it is easier to understand.. for folks who don’t know about that accident .. My apologies . Rrrrrrrrrrr
        I liked pirates , as a child .

        • All sweet, Mike. No apologies required. I like your spirit!
          Your effort will be worth the cold…

  77. Forrest, I must thank you for giving us all such a wonderful gift. The Chase has inspired so many parts of me that were lying dormant and I was unaware. Thank you for the continued education I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Thank you for the excitement and spice you have brought into so many lives. Thank you for emphasizing the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing your life with us, past and present. And thank you, Peggy, for keeping forrest in line all these years! You both are ANGELS!

  78. Well, this is new information for me.
    “One of the main legal distinctions hinges on whether the chest is buried; Fenn has hinted that itโ€™s not. โ€œOn BLM land in New Mexico, as long as itโ€™s not buried, if somebody found the chest, they would be permitted to take it,โ€ says Allison Sandoval, a BLM representative in Santa Fe. Sandoval is quick to point out that artifacts such as arrowheads and pottery found on BLM land are not โ€œfinders, keepers,โ€ however. โ€œFennโ€™s treasure isnโ€™t an artifact. Itโ€™s kind of a unique situation, but as long as thereโ€™s no degradation of the land involved in collecting it, itโ€™s fair game.โ€
    From the article On the trail of treasure in the Rocky Mountains in Earth.

    • That’s been my understanding too–that there probably wouldn’t be much of an issue if the chest is found on BLM land. That is why I’ve taken a closer look at BLM land than I have at other federal lands although the locations that fit the “clues” for me are not BLM lands. Still lookin though…..I even wondered whether the choice to highlight the BLM land on the map with yellow was a subtle hint since “highlighting” is usually done in yellow. Hey, I need all the help I can get!

  79. Hey, Dal or Goofy,

    I got a weird, cryptic email purportedly from Collected Works Bookstore.
    Looks like a scam, asks you to ‘click here’, Anyone else so lucky?
    I saw that they are closed today for inventory, I need another virus like I need another snowstorm. Plus I’m still awaiting my $$$ from Nigeria

    • TCM9C-
      I have not heard from Collected Works. I don’t know of any emails they are sending out…but jeese! if it’s a phishing expedition it seems pretty narrow..

      • dal,
        Just opened mail and received one @ 9:28 this am….this is what the content was:

        Please kindly view an important document i sent through google Doc. click here Its the safest and easiest means of transferring data securely on Line.

        When click on “google Doc”, it immediately popped up and said, Fraudulent Webpage Blocked!!!

        I didn’t read everything, just got the H*** out! Have good AV, so hopefully nothing got thru. The only contact I’ve had with Collected Works was to order TTOTC & TFTW.

        Somebody got my email address from CW data!!

        • I got one too Loco, although I didn’t click on the link. I bought my copies of Forrest’s books from Collected works. I have also emailed a couple of people from this site and have posted comments on a couple of other blogs. Any of those sources could be where the email address was obtained.Just because it says its from CW doesn’t confirm that is the source of the email address. Anyone who knows we are “chasers” would know we are probably familiar with Collected Works. We might be able to narrow down or exclude possible sources. Do you post elsewhere? My guess is others will get similar emails. WARNING! Don’t open it!!

          • Clearly some shenanigans are running amok ! There have been other suspect happenings on my end, do not open anything !

          • Spallies–when I read your question about “dating” yourself my first thought was that, well, you were going on a date with yourself. Don’t worry, I finally got it. Maybe all the mental gymnastics my little brain has been doing trying to figure out FF’s poem is taking a toll. Every thing I hear and read now takes on multiple meanings! Makes it all the more interesting….

            Ken, I had some major problems a month a go and wonder if that may be related to some of the shenanigans you speak of (grammar error intended–in case any old teachers or my late grandmother reads this). I had to basically reload lots of software to get rid of the problem that I think was caused by some malware or other malevolent bit or byte. I hope not.

          • Lol… That’s funny Raven โ˜บ I just don’t keep up on Internet Technology so I am not sure what the current term is for a firewall… Especially, since I don’t think there are walls anymore in IT since everything is in the clouds these days…โ˜บ

          • You could be correct, Raven. That acc’t is strictly for chase related correspondence. And here and CC.
            I have communicated with only 7 or 8 other searchers….It is strange though that it was “from” Collected Works.

            I don’t willy-nilly open emails. The only reason I opened that was because it was “from” CW.

            Oh well, so far system is performing as always. Can’t find anything with malware detectors.

          • I doubt it has to do with the bookstore. Phishing happens all the time. The net that is cast is in the 1,000s if not 100,000s of email addresses. This is very common. A return of .0001 makes it worth their while.

        • loco-
          Geese!! That really sucks…
          It might be useful to let CW know about the issue…maybe they can stop it…
          Give them a call if you can…ask to speak to Dorothy…let her know that someone has their email list and is doing bad things with it…

          • I just called CW and left a message for Dorothy. They said that they hadn’t gotten any other calls and the fellow I talked to had just listened to all of the answering machine messages. He said he was unaware of any security breaches at the store but he would have someone get back to me. My concern is my credit card # if they had a breach. I’ll give an update if/when I receive one. In the meantime, I suggest others call CW if they think their address has been compromised too.

            Dal, on the topic of security, I’ve often wondered if the links posted on your site are checked at all by your system. I’m not very computer savvy so I almost never click on a link unless I know it is safe. Just wondering……Also, would you have some indication if your system had been hacked for our email address?

          • That’s a Goof question Raven..
            He knows a world more about hackers and security risks than I do..

          • UPDATE:Joel from CW called me back and confirmed that an email account was hacked (Cynthia’s) and the only information the hacker got was her contact list. If you order a book, Cynthia is the one who would have answered questions or given you status about your order. He is confident that no other information would have been accessible to the hacker (personal info, credit cards #’s, etc.). I guess some folks feel that their only hope to have an impact is to spend their precious time being a pest…That is so sad.

          • Raven, I can answer your questions. As far as the links go, I try to check as many as I can, but that is after the fact; which is how I found out about the recent hoax posted here. So you are wise in your decision not to go to links you are unsure about. You should also have a robust anti-virus/anti malware program installed. I also recommend a good firewall (spalies you arenโ€™t dated by having a firewall). Review the products and see which works best for you. There are no perfect solutions, so if you donโ€™t understand what is going on hire someone you trust that can set it up for you. But even the best security guy on the planet canโ€™t protect you from youโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Each user is an integral part of any security system.

            I can answer yes to your second question. I use several layers of security to protect and track our system and processes that run or have run on our server. We get hundreds and sometimes thousands of attempts to breach the security every day. This is not abnormal for a popular site. We use WordPress for a login system; this is because that is how Dal started out way back in the day (before I came along) and he didnโ€™t want to lose the hit count by switching to a different system. Which Iโ€™m OK with that; we havenโ€™t had much trouble with WordPress.

            As far as your credit card number; Iโ€™m not an admin at Collected Works so this is just my opinion, so take it as that. Most small businesses use a service company to process credit cards and do not keep a list of numbers on their site. This is a good thing, as the credit card processing businesses are very aware of security. In the security business one ah-crap and you lose all your atta-boys.

            From yours and others descriptions I would say an email account at CW was breached and is being used to send out bogus emails; this is my opinion not a fact. If anyone has received one of those emails and clicked on any of the links I would recommend running a thorough anti virus and anti malware program on your systemโ€ฆ sure to follow all the directions and run a complete (not partial or quick) scan on your system.

          • Raven, sorry I didnโ€™t see your update before I posted. Itโ€™s good Joel at CW responded so quickly and is on top of it. I still recommend anyone that clicked on any of the links in the email to follow the directions I posted previously.

        • Received that too and I did not open attachment…never open an attachment unless you are absolutely positive what it is. By the way, interesting side note: I was in CW Bookstore a few weeks ago. They were unaware of any new FF book coming out. I thought that was curious. And, they did not seem to have many FF books on shelf or in stock. Also people are wondering when they will make that donation to some “deserving child” for medical care. Can they not find a well-deserving kid who needs help? I suspect something is up here. If FF does another book release and speaking engagement at a location other than CW something is fishy…(IMO).

          • I think it’s fishy Forrest is being so quite lately. We need another scrapbook To play with our minds ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I figure when he posted so many scrapbooks in a short period that he would be taking some time off from us for a while. Can we blame him? He has a life too, and we need to be thoughtful of his needs too.

            Its a good time to review the old scrapbooks and maybe approach them with a new eye?

            Have a great day everyone!

  80. Checking in //

    Wolf I’m waiting for part 17 on “Finding Carl” so I’ll wait for your story too. 135 years and waiting and still hunting NM.

    Goofy, the Fennboree might be fun!

    Ed, Sir. why rain on our parade? Some people here (myself included) had little left to dream about when their TOTC began… The Chase gave some of us somewhat of a gift of spirit or life…call it what you like… If you found it congrats…let us know. If not.. join us in finding it and be part of this dysfunctional family! You obviously like it here! (and no-one spent 100k unless we count Stephanie’s toe nail polish…Oh I’m gonna get it. lol)
    Mark H.

    • Diggin

      I really enjoyed the stories from Forrest,
      And I liked that challenge of me trying to figure out exactly what he must be talking about.
      Although I’m glad Fenn has put down his pen ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe enough hints/ clues have been given.
      Until that day comes and I blog where in the world Forrest is that Wood , fingers crossed that i will
      go STRAIGHT to it ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe lol ha

      • I don’t need more hints I got my solve Just like to hear the ole coots
        Mind spin ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Lol Diggin
          Your funny.
          I believe there are quite a few solves that are finished, and we are all ready. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yep it’s gonna be like the movie rat race this year no dout Be funny if Forrest said we could only find it in the snow hahaha we all would have some great stories to tell right now. And the tow company’s would be raking in the money from is southern folks ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Just something to think about…but winter provides opportunities to more easily access some places that summer does not…that being said one might consider the language involved in saying it’s not in the snow…. It’s somewhat of a slippery slope to deduce that all places when snowing are in the snow. IF one was told to wait till spring IF they were gonna dig in the snow…that may be sound advice that digging I the snow is bad…but it could just as easily be advice that the solve itself is not correct and one is better off staying warm and safe until spring. I.e. Don’t waste your time digging in the snow and freezing. There are, however, many places outdoors in winter besides places under the snow, and places like frozen lakes, waterfalls,low creek beds, places inhabited by certain animals or watched by rangers or closed off for certain hunting seasons can ONLY be accessed in winter. Just something I try to keep in mind as to what’s been said vs. what’s been inferred from it.

          • Well Forrest told me I ain’t gonna find it in the snow so I don’t even try in the winter in Montana no use

        • Sorry, I didn’t write the lyrics. Jenny made me think about the song. It also makes me laugh like Forrest makes me laugh.

    • Hi Mark H – guys like Ed always freak me out as well. I guess I’m a sucker for a charlatan. But the fact is that he has admitted that he doesn’t understand some of the poem – like “And hint of riches new and old” and “I’ve done it tired” Given that Forrest said he chose every word in the poem carefully, one has to assume that if he doesn’t understand those words then he hasn’t solved it.

      Now it’s possible he found it without solving the poem, but Forrest said that no one would stumble across it. And if he was smart enough to find it using SB entries, it seems to me that he would be having AHA moments about the rest of the poem. In the end it all seems pretty unlikely that he has much of anything going except a desire to be provocative and “cute”.

      • Capitulate
        cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender.
        “the patriots had to capitulate to the enemy forces”
        synonyms: surrender, give in/up, yield, concede defeat, give up the struggle, submit, knuckle under; lay down one’s arms, raise/show the white flag, throw in the towel

        Spoon I’m referring to your solve You’d best move on needling me won’t work. Forrest and I think alike ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Diggin

        Could u imagine that if he said it could only be found in the snow that would completely be the Pitts. Lol and all of us waiting for the snow to melt.
        OMG then we have to wait even longer till December.

        But he did say the mountains could be dangerous with the snow ๐Ÿ™‚

        He would sure hate for someone to get injured. ;(

        • He told me we can’t find it in the snow so I don’t look in the winter anymore your right way to dangerous

          • Diggin

            I can’t believe u looked in the winter I would have frozen to death ๐Ÿ™

            Glad u had a safe winter trip ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ohhhh but I did. My story is in the early scrapbooks Forrest wrote it for me to show everyone how nutty not to be lol

          • Diggin,

            Forrest told you the chest cannot be found in the snow?

            If so, when did he say this?

          • That’s odd. He told me you can find it in the winter–which can mean two things….it can be found in snow, or there’s no snow where it is…

          • I just found it and read it he says. Quote from Forrest. You can’t look for the treasure in snow

          • Mindy Go read the intrepid searcher story I did same as you more than once. Then he told me when we were looking with dateline in the snow . You can’t find it in the snow . So if your spot was in Montana in the winter it had to be a spot with easy access to the spot with no snow ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I think the confusion here is coming from “snow” and “winter” meaning two different things. Diggin if he told you it’s not in snow- I would believe him. However (he did NOT) but if he told me it wasn’t in the sunlight…I would think it would be pretty misleading on my part to tell all the searchers he said it can’t be found in summer. No big deal, just pointing out to the ppl that read this and even the lurkers that SNOW doesn’t mean WINTER any more that SUN means summer. When a guy with F’s language aptitude speaks I try and listen to exactly what he says and repeat the same if I’m using it to give public advice to others, and myself.

          • Yes. And I think that means the chest is not in the snow. Nothing more or less. Not “not in winter” “only in spring” etc. It only means that you won’t find it “in the snow” at whatever particular place you were talking about. When I wrote “he did NOT” I was referring to “he did NOT tell me it was out of the sun, but if he did I wouldn’t rule out summer. I have no doubt that he sent you am email saying you won’t find the chest in the snow at whatever spot you are at. If you say so I believe you no question at all, just clarifying meaning and possible contexts.

          • Mindy…I don’t think they realize that there are places NOT covered in snow even when the ground is covered, and other places under which would be protected from snow. I hate to be happy about this…but it leads me to believe all these solves that are on hold till spring via “covered in snow” must be based on the chest lying in the middle of the ground in plain view as these are ONLY places that are subject to being covered in snow freely falling from the sky. I’m not sure how much I am able to convince myself, if at all, that forrest wouldn’t be a bit more creative when hiding millions of dollars than the wide open. I DO think it’s quite generous of him to recommend those places be searched when they will at least be somewhat enjoyable for reasons other than finding the chest. He’s a good dude like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Couldn’t agree more winter does not = snow. All the folks talking about spring are a little slow OR they aren’t explaining themselves very well. Great job explaining that Jamie.

          • So the moral of the story maybe is… if your search is not hindered by snow you might be able to find the chest in winter.

          • Exactly. Lol If they think there spot has no snow and it’s winter they would find it but. As for me and my search spot he told me no need to try to look in the snow haha And I agree I’ll wait ๐Ÿ™‚

          • As you should! I wasn’t making a comment about what YOU should do in YOUR search at all!…I was just trying to make terms clear for others working on THEIR searches as well. I know some people threw me off by twisting stuff in the be inning of my own search so I was just pointing out the difference I saw in words for anyone that felt like reading it or not being told forrest shut out an entire season that’s all. Nothing to do with your particular search.

          • Diggin,
            I asked if someone had a 100% solve, should they wait until Spring?
            His exact words to me were, “No, if someone knew where it is exactly, they should get it now. f”

          • Or Saint Bernard and sled ๐Ÿ™‚ that would make for some great pics Hehe

          • Mindy girl we from the south = moonshine ๐Ÿ™‚ But out there we might need both lol

          • Mindy, I think that maybe Forrest’s email quote leaves open for this possibility… IF YOU KNOW EXACTLY where the TC is no matter if it is winter, by all means, go get it but be prepared (a logical given) according to the location and conditions. i.e. If in winter, and snow is present, it’s possible to retrieve it but you may still need a shovel to dig it out… but then you will already know that because you ALREADY know EXACTLY where it is.

            Put another way… Forrest is equating an 100% solve with someone absolutely knowing exactly where the TC is at before they retrieve it. That doesn’t mean there might not be snow. So by all means, go get it, if you have the means. Because common sense tells us to be prepared for the conditions that we already know exist, at the exact spot we already know the TC resides.

            Hope this is helpful.

          • Perhaps the chest can found in the Winter but you won’t find it in snow because it is wet.

          • Michael,
            I believe that is true, and now that I think about it, could be very important.

        • Hi Amy!

          I think that Forrest just really cares a lot for all of us! I have that book, Coranado’s Children. Amazing! I think we are “Forrest Fenns” Children. Kinda. Nice to know he is there. Some are closer to him in age than others. But one thing for sure….We look up to him.

          • Diggin & Mindy

            Just a thought…finding and retrieving are two different things IMO.

          • Yes. That’s why I think FOUND is extremely important word, Forrest has said that finding something isn’t the same as discovering something.

          • Unless were taller than him we then would look down to him haha ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Spoon I suggest you chill out and have some yogurt, put that spoon to good use. Sounds like you have an upset stomach. All of my posts are marked IMO in accordance with blog rules. Even the ones where I claim to have solved X.

        You talked about tired, let me read to you from the book. Maybe it’ll help your solve.

        But the sack my eighty pound body had to carry was so heavy it was tiring even to think about it. One morning I sat down to rest on the curb in front of Scaggs Grocery Store when my boss just happened to drive by in his big, beautiful yellow Cadillac. He rolled the window down and yelled. โ€œYouโ€™re canned.โ€ Thatโ€™s all he said as he drove away) There was nothing not to like about him because he was so suave and all. I didnโ€™t really know what โ€œcannedโ€ meant but guessed it must be something good because he was such a nice guy.

        N)ow I was not only out of a job, I also felt like Iโ€™d fallen back to a place where there was no more back to fall back to. My mom said it was all right to cry so we did that while standing under the lean-to where my father kept the Plymouth.

        And for everyone else watch the movie blade runner it’s a great film.

  81. Hi Lou Lee My Pisces B-Day is actually tomorrow the 3rd and like Rick no year forthcoming!

    • Happy Birthday Homecoming! May all your dreams come true! Have a great day….and Thanks for being born!

    • Diggin

      Yes I read about it and watched the videos ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your a pretty tough gal ๐Ÿ™‚

      • No I’m
        Not I just had a crazy adrenaline rush to go west lol in a blizzard I’m
        A nut:-)

        • Diggin,
          I think it’s good. You had an opportunity and took it bravely. Nothing wrong with that. A spirit of adventure even in the face of possible danger is an asset. It’s the people who aren’t afraid to take risks that will finish this race with a treasure, even if not the treasure.

          • U got that right mindy girl us southerners sure know how to venture off the beaten path and smile doing it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Mike, Stop giving away the good spots to all those lurkers out there, And Geo Catchers….LOL

    • Michael that area deserves much attention. A strong case can be made for that area containing many elements of the poem.
      If i get bored of Colorado i may have to revisit this area.

    • I am a New Mexico searcher. It is unlikely that I will ever be able to get up to that area of Wyoming ever again. So, I pass it on to the lurkers and searchers. If it gets them out of the house, more power to them. What fasinates me is the petroglyphs. They made a legendary blaze.

      • If I were to make it up there to do a search this would be the spot:
        Dinwoody Creek, WY
        Okay you lurkers, let’s see what you can do.
        BTW the biggest brown trout caught in WY was caught near there.

      • Looking at the satellite image of the landscape over Legend Rock Petroglyphs, northwest of Thermopolis WY, I can vaguely see that stick figure that FF draws for his scrapbook posts.. The petroglyphs are between the legs.. Now I am officially obsessed by this.

  82. Diggin,
    I asked if someone had a 100% solve, should they wait until Spring?
    His exact words to me were, โ€œNo, if someone knew where it is exactly, they should get it now. fโ€ ~ Mindy

    Mindy, how long ago did this discussion take place between you and f?

    • Forrest has never made a definitive statement on how winter, the cold and the snow would affect the finding of the treasure.

      would it not make a difference? would it be difficult, much more difficult perhaps, near impossible that maybe we should wait until after winter?

      this statement to Mindy is definitive, it is emphatic

      this is very important information that was unclear before

      i am trying to reconcile how this kind of information is being shared with one individual in a private email

        • Forrest has stated before that a searcher SHOULD go to retrieve the treasure in winter?

          he has made a statement like this publicly?

          I think not

          • Did not realize the ‘should’ word is what you were keying in on. Not sure how the should word differs from him saying he could go get it right now (in middle of winter).

          • I have not seen such a statement by Forrest. Last public statement was to wait for spring (given early October). Unless Forrest confirms such statement publicly, I will not trust it. Winter and snow in the Rockies sounds frightening particularly when supposed to take children for the outing. Really, is there any place covered in snow that would be safe for children or an 80-year-old man? If one has a 100% solve, maybe – but how does one know it is a 100% solve unless the box is retrieved.

          • With f it’s hard to think he means what he says in regards to the chase. Him saying ‘winter”, to someone that may put the alpha/numeric values into that word, would be 4. He could be actually saying April. Who knows.

      • Chris,
        Like Jamie said, it’s not really a “telling” email. Maybe no one has asked the same exact question. Diggin was told she wouldn’t find it in snow–nearly everyone took that to mean to wait until Spring. Forrest will let searchers run wild with theories based on vague information.
        Maybe everyone thought that was definitive enough to wait.
        I wasn’t sure, so I asked, and he replied.
        However, he has NEVER once given me any info that will lead me to a spot.
        Every time I bombard him with a theory, he’s silent.
        But if I say, “Hi Forrest, how ya doin,” he will usually answer.
        And he occasionally will send an email about my blog. He is also having difficulty posting a comment on it.
        If anyone is trustworthy (Dal or Goofy) and knows how to fix it, I’ll give my login info to get that fixed…

      • IMO His comment said if they knew “exactly” they should go and get it. If you knew to the square inch you could go and dig through the snow and get it, but you would not be able to hunt for it if you knew only the area that it was in. Kinda like when a person ask if he had to take a plane to hide the chest he said “no”, meaning that he did not “HAVE” to take a plane. He did not say that he didn’t take a plane, only that a plane was not a requirement. Very carefully spoken.

      • Chris, in my view the statement to Mindy in the email isn’t as meaningful as it may appear at first blush. If I knew EXACTLY where the chest was I would go get it even if I had to hike 10 miles through a blizzard and burrow through 10 feet of snow with a tablespoon. I’m confident that you would too. The problem is that I don’t think anyone can identify the EXACT spot just by reading the poem and looking at a map. I am quite convinced that whoever finds the chest will have to search for it on the ground and that simply can’t be done effectively with a bunch of snow obscuring the land, tress, rocks, etc. Frankly, most of Forrest’s statements are challenging to understand because of the way the questions are framed. The question is as important as his answer. My guess is that if Mindy had asked if a person should search if the had a “strong belief” of where the chest was, that Forrest would have said to wait. But that isn’t what she asked. There aren’t many reasons I can imagine that would keep me from the chest if I knew without a doubt its location. My concern is that some people are overly confident in their solves and may be equally reckless in looking for the treasure. Remember, if you go out into conditions that you are unprepared to handle that you not only risk your own life but you put those kind search and rescue folks at risk as well. That’s just not reasonable when acting on a hunch.

    • Chris, what discussion? The email I got from Forrest was a day or two before we went to Montana a couple weeks ago. If no one believes me, I will post the email on my blog.

      • IMO…..If I was lucky enough to have forrest respond to me in a way that ( I Perceived ) he was giving me a clue, or a direction or a yes or no…..even. I would not be posting it on a blog. If I ever expected him to give me another clue again. Just say’in. Somethings are just better to keep to yourself. Zip it, Right?

        Lou Lee, Chased by Bears in Jellystone Park.

        • Lou Lee, many people have posted personal replies from Forrest, and I absolutely DO NOT believe he gives anyone personal clues through email.
          So, this email I did not perceive as a clue or hint. He was just restating something he has already said to the public, albeit in a different way.

          • Its cool Mindy….Forrest say’s so much, in these Scraps that all our heads are spinning! I don’t think he is misleading us as some believe. He is just telling us stories, most is not a clue at all. I think? Now didn’t Forrest say last year, He thinks it will be found soon? Feels that way now. Right?
            Best Wishes….Girls Rock the Chase!

            Lou Lee Belle…..Chasing Bears.

          • I’m inclined to believe it will be found soon, and I’d place my bets on a girl. Probably not me, but I’m trying! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Spam e-mails? I did not receive one. I wonder why. I purchased a book. The only thing I did not do is create a account. Maybe that is the source that got infected. Hoping to help keep out spam.

  84. Yep, Chris I have never heard those words either! What I do recently remember was f was going to sit by the fire! However…. way back… I seem to remember f being able to go where the box is anytime he wished?

    Jamie as usual you make a great argument/point… I like that sun and summer thing! Haha. Also you and Mindy are becoming quite a force… I’m scared!

    IDK, we only have a month or two left before we can all get out. And I’ll tell you one thing tho and this is not made up… Ha. Many areas are closed until mating and birthing seasons are over. CLOSED UNTIL MAY… Closed Until June So relax and plan well… Happy Hunting is prepared hunting!

    • We have to remember that not everything that comes out of Forrest’s mouth is a clue.

      Just because he says he’s sitting by the fire doesn’t mean we should be sitting by one, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      And if he said a couple weeks ago that if the searcher knew, they should go now, can very well mean it is NOT in a place that remains closed til May.

      • It could also mean that if a person knew they better get going, because someone else might know already…and no, I am not implying anything. Just saying…

  85. Does “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” mean DON’T go up creek, DO go up the creek or a dry creek bed? Also, there is gold dust in the chest. Would he drop it in water? No

    • My solve leads me to go up the creek and looks like by driving so I don’t need a paddle ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. If one really wants to know what the nine clues are just ask the girl (the dangerous one) who asked Forrest to explain what they are at the Moby dickens book signing. Forrest said she already knew what they were. Sounded straight forward to me but maybe she will share what she thinks to settle the dispute…

    • That’s been a year ago if she really new she would have found it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Diggin, I meant what are the actual clues in the poem, not the answers to those clues. There is much debate as to which are the 9 clues and many use non conventional means to solve the poem and some do not believe clue one is begin it where warm waters halt. I was just suggesting for those that are curious that this lady could settle the quibble.

    • Hey wolf I like that thought. The only problem is that she knows which are the clues, he didn’t say she knew the answers to the clues. Knowing which 9 might help some!
      If this is you please come forward.

        • We are talking about the woman in the Moby Dickens bookstore interview. Fenn implied that she new what the 9 clues are. You can check it out on the media link.

    • Wasn’t she 9 yrs old or thereabouts ..She was there with her father..F asked the father if she was his daughter and when he replied “yes”,he said she is dangerous .

      • I think the lady came a bit later in the interview… She asked something like is each line in the poem a clue… He said she had already been out searching and that she already knew what the nine clues were??? She said she was just trying to help everyone else. I could not see who was talking but Forrest seemed to be familiar with who she was??? Anybody from here???

  87. GO, FIGHT, WIN !!!!

    Do u remember your school colors?

    My schools colors were “Black and Gold” , yep we were the Yellowjackets although our team never stung much . Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. I have my 9 clues sorted out in my head. Anyone else have 9 clues identified? I didn’t until now. I had Ideas but they all melted together and I couldn’t pick them out.

  89. A confession follows of how overexcitement and impatience can result in frustration, a temptation to push beyond the limits, as well a financial hit.

    A couple of weeks ago, after more than two years of obsessive study, the poem finally clicked for me. I was elated. Since the first time I had been out searching at Hebgen (which I posted about here), I resolved not to go hunting again until I was “sure”. That meant no guessing, no loose ends, but a defined spot. I got that exclusively from the poem itself with the assistance of Google, plus there were one or two helpful hints on how one might interpret certain words from fellow searchers, which helped confirm I was on the right track (IMO, of course!).

    2,500 miles later, and somewhat poorer, I don’t have the chest. The reason is not that my solve was incorrect (who knows?), but simply that I underestimated the difficulty in getting to the precise location in the winter. From the maps, it seemed straightforward, but add up to a foot of snow and the spot was basically inaccessible. Fortunately for me, a kindly ranger helped me dig my 4WD out of a drift that defeated even the chains. My spot was still a couple of miles away as the crow flies, and all the access points were buried under snow. Not to be defeated that easily, I tried to go in by foot the next day, but it was way too far to walk in the snow for even a man in his 60s. Despite the temperature hovering between 8 and 15 degrees that day, I was sweating, palpitating and tired out after not much more than a mile of this exertion. It was very hard for me to admit defeat, but I knew that it would be foolhardy for me to continue and so I trudged back to the car and started the long drive home.

    During that journey I contemplated what I would do if I had discovered the chest. I’m not one to court attention and so I understand Ed’s point about not broadcasting such success, but it would seem immoral not to warn others that the chest had been found – or worse to goad them into guessing games. If I were to be successful, I would certainly want to leave something at the location to indicate to other correct solvers that they’d also found the spot, and maybe to send an anonymous message to FF with some proof of discovery. Knowing how much this last trip cost me (and I shall be going again once the weather improves), I wouldn’t like to have others running around all over the Rockies for any reason other than the joy of being out in the wilds – unless of course people prefer not to have their dreams shattered!

    • I so agree we all have to use sound judgement the winter is harsh ESP in Montana even tho im so ready to go I don’t think I can snow shoe to my spot without falling down dead lol From shear exsaustion of treading 2feet of snow I need a teem of sled dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Wow that’s so cool wish we could rent that in Montana ๐Ÿ™‚ I still looking for a Saint Bernard lol

          • Amazing! Those devices would have got me there, no problem.

            Truth is, I was on my way home, and still less than 50 niles from my spot, when I saw a snowmobile for sale by the side of the road. I almost made an offer to the owner that if he took it up to my start point for me, when I came back, he could keep both the cash and the Ski-doo!

          • Specialklr…my intentions are that one day I will ๐Ÿ™‚ I picked that promo for the awesome inspirational background music…the less exciting advertisements more clearly show that it’s merely “shoes” you drive a truck onto and take off! Just doing this kinda crap, to me, is justification that all trips are worthwhile and assures me that a treasure has always been had even if only in experience…it seems to justify my addiction. If anyone has another winter trip planned I would gladly join and help with no reciprocity expected in return aside from the fact that at some point we can go halfsies on a rental truck, the $45 additional “all covering” rental insurance, and four of those bad boys. I will gladly drive as well ๐Ÿ™‚ just say the word!

          • Jamie, I have a Crew Cab, F350, diesel 4X4, and three metal detectors. Don’t have a trip planned, not sure where to begin???

          • Mindy & Jamie… I would love to see the scrapbook you two could write with that Bad Boy truck!!! Maybe you could include a video with some awesome music. You should start one of those fundraisers online for y’alls next trip so you can go before the snow is gone… I would donate ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Spallies- I was thinking it could be great fun to get a crew of us girls that search the same state to time our stuff together…we could probably get some great group discounts, wouldn’t need to share our solves- but could take turns helping each other “scout” areas…and probably create some amazing experiences at a discount rate and surely come home with a novel of SB material and an epic vacation

          • Jamie, That sounds like a blast!!! And since I am still open to all the states (although I am leaning towards Colorado) I would be open to exploring where you all wanted to go. Might help me rule a state out or give me some new ideas… I seem to be stuck lately ๐Ÿ™‚
            Let me know when you gals are heading out again I will try set up a trip at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • know the feeling all to well but then again the thrill is still out there for the right solve and resolve….at least until next time. It’s Useless to be out in the snow unless you have it nailed down before you go.

    • Sounds like a word from the Wise, know conditions before you go.

      Jamie – The Track and Go snowshoes on a truck costs $25,000 Whoa! Hmmm, love the idea, especially with EPIC music playing in the background. Iโ€™m said location and date. Shotgun! Just for fun bc IMO I wouldn’t expect to find anything while snow is on the ground.

      • You’re absolutely right about knowing the conditions. I had been tracking the nearest live webcam (about 25 miles away), but I was not prepared for the change in conditions between there and my spot, although the elevation gain was relatively small. Just goes to show you…

        • I you all are going in winter. I have a friendl who makes survival packs. In them you will need a survival blanket. And water. Some snacks too. Something to holld snow in to melt. You need something to make a fire.
          I would add snow shoes on my feet. And Bear mace. And one of those small hand held metal detectors. And if you are going to cross a cold creek, You need Fishing Waders and extra clothing! Ok, now…go get it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I understand…and surely would probably use any excuse possible to drive a truck on skis ๐Ÿ™‚
        As far as the treasure being able to be found with the snow on the ground I have been pretty vague and hesitant to express my thoughts publicly on the matter but I’d like to say this:
        Certainly snow can provide an obstruction to both retrieving and traveling to many spots. I also believe that snow/winter can “open windows” that are matter of fact “closed” in other seasons. It does so in many ways such as removing foliage, rangers, hunters etc. To draw a simple parallel I’ll use a cave example. Say the chest is known to be on the side of a mountain in a cave. Even if the mountain could not be traversed in heavy snow…certainly a good pair of binoculars and an “effort” made in the “cold” may be “worth”while as you could see through the trees and find the cave. In the summer the leaves would obstruct this view and you would be scavenging an entire mountainside for weeks to see or do the same thing on foot. The same thing would apply to areas guarded by rangers or closed for hunting or different in tourism season. So to me, I guess I just think it might be wise to try and find some things when they can be seen and aren’t obstructed so you have a blaze for when they are. Winter time, to me, in all cases, can make many things visible. I have no regrets about going to Montana even if we did get stuck in the snow…if I did it again? Yeah- I would avoid a road I knew most likely wasn’t safe in the snow…but I would still have gone down the other 96% of roads that had no snow that we did. The views are just different, and opened my eyes to sights I’m certainly glad I saw.

        • My thoughts, exactly, Mindy. Winter is actually preferable for my spot for a couple of reasons – just not snow! At least I was able to do a thorough reconnaissance of the area and know what I’ll have to deal with when I go back. I couldn’t believe that the one area I needed to go was impassable, while just a few miles down the road it was completely clear!

        • Jamie / voxpops,
          I agree with the thought process. I’ve done the same, doing a reconnaissance in winter (actually more like spring but you wouldn’t have known it in my search areas) in deep snow. I didn’t think I would find the chest because of the snow but I was so sure of my solve I wanted to be the first one there and have one up on others when the snow thawed. LOL

          I walked on some days up to 7 miles in snowshoes and climbing appx. 1500 feet in elevation at times. Scouting out areas and looking for possible locations (particularly looking to see if I could spot the blaze or potential blazes). I was even prepared with overnight camping gear on my trek. But once up there in the wild I started thinking about lions, tigers and bears and changed my mind, deciding it might be best to sleep in my van and use that as my base.

          It was quite the thrill and the beauty of the area with everything covered in snow with frozen waterfalls, lakes and other natural wonders is beyond words.

          On that trip I snowshoe’d a couple of other secondary solve locations as well while I waited for the snow to melt.

    • Agree, went to Montana in November last year. Couldn’t make it to the spot, was close though. Seems like the Mountain weather is different to the area weather by about 30 degrees. Snow, heavy winds(doh),and below zero makes it very tough. As far as leaving something, I always planned on leaving a bell and some small memorial of some kind. Since the spot would be special to me.Out of respect for someone I don’t even know. Nice thought. There is a website, sorry don’t have the link, called I think. If you plan on going into the mountains, check the weather there first.

  90. has anyone though of the line “worth the cold”
    What could that mean? because wouldnt it be warm outside when searching during the late spring/summer months?

    I thought of 2 possible solutions to “worth the cold”

    1) the first clue is (what everyone thinks anyway) WWWH…now I know from experience once you get into warm water and then into cold water it is very unpleasant…

    2)maybe the cold you experience is when you tell people you are searching for a treasure chest… a lot of people, from my experience, will look down on you and be cold….

    Any thoughts of what “worth the cold” could mean?

    • I have followed a lot of cold trails in this thing. But finding the treasure would be worth the cold.

      • Yeah that would make you cold…

        but do you imagine an 80 year old man walking through a creek 4 times a day carrying 20lbs on his back?

        Its hard to imagine FF going through a creek and risk getting cold espcially since he was old…

        • He is not old…Look at him, he has a better body than most 55 Year olds! He is in great shape!

          • yeah he is in great shape…

            but FF said dont go anywhere where an 80 year old wouldnt go…and I highly doubt an 80 year old would go into a cold creek….

    • Clues –

      The cold creek crossing –

      Forrest was old enough to know better than to do that alone.
      And at his age – who wants to get cold – not me.

      Age – it’s a matter of mind – if you don’t mind – it don’t matter.

      Watch your sentences


      • Ha I didnt see that…
        I am going to be OLD in decades but I will still be searching for the chest if it is not found…

      • Oh come on, he has those neck high fishing waders! How else do you think he went…under cover….? Right? LOL
        He be like….”Im just a old fisherman out here with my fishing pole and that fish basket” Right?

          • I bet he used fishing waders? Still cold, but you could be up a cold creek without hypothermia! Im going out to buy a pair, second hand, RIGHT NOW…..see you in the creek .

    • Snow is cold but not all year long. Some elevations can be cold all of the time, however…

      The only cold I imagine that one can feel all year round is the emotional coldness of parting ways when you’re not expecting it to go that way. I would be worth the cold if the one day the emotional cold was lifted for some unexpected reason.

  91. Costs $25,000 Whoa! Hmmm, love the idea of snowshoes on a truck, especially with EPIC music playing in the background. I’m said location and date. Shotgun!

    • How did you end up getting to that location?

      Where does warm water halt?
      Home of Brown?

      what are your 9 clues?

      Im interested….

        • well it appears that you put that up to get hits on your website…

          It reminds me of a website..uhh I cant think of it..mmm..oh YEAH! its twitter..

          • Because you attempted to prove yourself now I must defend myself …there is no link on the link provided.

            For all the others concerned …I do highly recommend a short search of the area indicated.

  92. Ive been thinking….

    Theres a lot of people searching in the woods, going to national parks and going on adventures just like Forrest wanted/intended….

    I think it would be cool if the people of this blog got together and figured out a man to honor this Hero Veteran of a man and tried to think of a interactive way for people to explore/go on adventure/travel the National parks and other areas of this country…Maybe call it Fenn Adventures… A way that could get more people off their phones and into nature, exploring, having a good time in fresh air…we could raise money for it on a website like Kickstarter or other crown sourcing websites…

    Maybe Fenn Adventures could get more tourists into our country, make people move around more, help out Veterans and help out those who are stuck in the inner cities in this country…

    I think if we all got together (while trying to solve this chase) and came up with something that would honor FF we could really come up with something spectacular….

    Anyone interested?? let me know because I am not doing anything as of now and want to get out and explore this country…

  93. Maybe we could get the lady that does the bronze and make a FF statue and put it where is chest is hidden (after its found of course)

    • Now that would be cool!…

      It could just be placed in Santa Fe?? Its an artsy town and I think it would look good there….

      I bet we could raise enough money on Kickstarter to commission her to do that!

        • Yeah I have 100 on Mindy finding the chest…in case your into betting…

          • I was going to say I bet that is pretty good odds… but no I am not really into betting so I don’t know what that means…:) I do think you have a good bet with Mindy though she is a smart and brave!

          • haha I think you girls have the best chance! guys would just drink brews and fish while the girls are out there searching.

        • Lol, Spallies, you are the best. I think a bunch of us brave girls who can eat up bears like Isabel should pool our resources together and get the chest. A few million split maybe four or five ways would leave me with more than enough to do good things and secure college educations for my brainiac kids who want to go to Princeton and Penn State (if Obama doesn’t ruin scholarships, they could get those, but I still gotta plan!).
          And think of the fun uproar five girls could create searching in caves, wells, trees, etc, I have a metal detector but what we really need is one of those heat sensing infrared cams.
          We could document and film everything on my GoPro and make it into a documentary!

          • Tweety, I’d be willing to take a while off my job for a History Channel Documentary…how could they pass up two girls with Aspergers, Crazy Spallies, and a Gypsy? We’d be like those Duck Guys. Maybe wal mart would sell our tshirts. Lol

          • Lol I think I’ll design us southern treasure huntin girls a shirt It’s gonna say Fenns gold diggers we do it southern style Lol. Lol

          • That sounds like a whole lotta fun!!! I can just imagine all the trouble a bunch of crazy girls looking for a lost chest full of gold could get into in the Rocky Mountains!!! Better bring along our “get out of jail free” cards just in case ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry not calling the rest of you ladies crazy speaking for myself there ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jamie, have you told the story yet of almost going to jail when we were in Montana? Lol!

          • Mindy,
            You should really consider raising money on Kickstarter if you are serious for that search doc… I bet you could hire a good camera man and make a really cool documentary…

            Penn State woot woot!

          • I can’t wait to see the the video of that trip!

            I hate to burst anyone’s balloon but I tried the infrared camera where I work and it would pick up a large pieces of metal in tall grass. Now if you could get a flair camera it might work. what I am looking for is one of those high tech radar imagers that will look through walls and penetrate the ground. LOL It would cost as much as the chest.

          • Mindy, have you looked at tuition cost lately? Split 5 ways, after taxes you might have enough left for a couple semesters a Princeton. The President has nothing to do with scholarships. He might change the Pell Grant and Student Loan programs, but not scholarships. Private foundations control scholarships.

          • Luckily, the kids also have an education trust set up by their grandparents that will pay for most of their college. The chest is for incidentals not covered by the trust and whatever scholarships they earn. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Tweetest, who ARE you? How did you do that? It would be very awesome and I think a hit. Us girls on the chase have interesting and unique personalities!

      • I looked up how much a sculptor would cost for an 8 ft Bronze Fenn…it would cost $125,000

        Anyone interested in helping out with a kickstarter project to get this going?

        • cluesfromphilly – Yes, I’ll help.

          Can you identify the bronze artist you got the quote from? Where are they from?

          It’s important to pick the right person to do the project justice for Forrest Fenn. St. Patricks would be a good time to raise the funds for this if it can be pulled off.

          Don’t you need to raffle things off (skills or things) to get the funds raised in a Kickstarter.

          Thoughts – Dal I think we are going to need a separate Blog post for this grassroots project. What say you?

          • I emailed Glenna Goodacre’s assistant or business manager (Dan)…She is the artist that he is friends with who did many great works of art across the country…he gave the rough estimate…he said it was hard to get it placed in city space so it could probably go in the bookstore until it was moved to his grave site or when the treasure was found, to that location….

          • Also kickstarter works like you give out gifts to your supporters… so like 10 dollar donation you could give out a tshirt 20 dollar donation you could give out a coffee mug and like 100 donation you could give them a signed copy of one of his books…maybe 10000 donation gets all of his books signed or something along those lines….

            but I would like to know what F thought about this idea and would probably need dal’s thoughts on getting this started…

          • WoW!!! An actual Glenna Goodacre sculptureโ€ฆ Now the price seems like a bargain!

            Dal a duplicate of this is awaiting moderation ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I put a few extra letters in my name…

          • cluesfromphilly, sounds good to have Glenda Goodacre make the bronze. Wise to check with Forrest and Dal first. Keep us posted on what you learn.

          • 23-
            I’m still catching up. Been gone for two days..
            I missed quite a bit…what you are doing is part of what I missed..

        • Philly… I can help you if you like just let me know what you would like me to do. I will be traveling the rest of the week and over the weekend so I won’t be around much but I would love to help…

          • I am going to see what FF thinks of it first…
            and see if Dal can help out too because you need to have a bank account hooked up with kickstarter and I think people would trust Dal more than cluesfromphilly..

    • May I suggest the Forrest Fenn bronze be inside Collected Bookworks by the coffee bar so anyone can go and sit with him to talk over their solve?

      OR… could load all of the data from these blogs into an AI version of Forrest Fenn, like a living Siri but all about the Chase and his life accumulated knowledge?

      • Ha! Great idea 23kachinas, wish I had thought of it. I can’t keep up with the posts any longer, so best wishes to you 23, Forrest, Dal, Goofy, Amy, DG, and Everyone else enjoying great adventures spawned by TTOTC.

        • What? Lia…”can’t keep up with the posts any longer”?
          You’re not saying “Game Over”, are you?

          • WiseOne, at least for now. Best of luck finishing your solution and searching this spring.

          • Thanks for wishing me luck. ๐Ÿ™‚
            I plan on searching again soon…
            Actually, as soon as I can… Now if the weather would only cooperate. Another 1-3″ snow coming tomorrow… ๐Ÿ™
            Have fun coloring with those markers!

        • Lia – I can’t keep up either which is why I’ve mastered MAC quick keys Command + F which is a finder for keywords. Helps me to stay focused.

          • 23kachinas, great hummingbird glyph. Who knew Gila Bend was a millennial trail with 800 beautiful petroglyphs. New to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Lia

            Really I can’t believe u are leaving this blog that will consume you. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Just play Peek a Boo every now and then.

            U will be missed. I’m going to hang in there for a few more months ๐Ÿ™‚

            Come back during June and if I do not find that chest then you need to read my solve ๐Ÿ™‚ a solve u don’t want to miss. I promise I will post it all this time ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Live long and prosper Liaโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆKeep the shiny side up and the greasy side down, weโ€™ll catch you on the flip flop. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Just remember:
          You can check out any time you like,
          But you can never leave

          • Goofy, I’ll defennitely tune back in for Forrest’s next scrap book, all future fennterviews, and Carl part 3.

            And remember Goofy, it’s the quiet ones working out anagrams and solves you should keep an eye on.

      • And it could project out of your computer a holographic image of Forrest telling you his stories? That would be cool ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sorry Mindy, the ir camera would NOT work in the grass.
        The posts came quicker than I can type lol

        • I heard that an ir camera would work but only at night. The pilot who told me could be wrong.

          • I hadn’t thought about trying it at night, I got some time to try it maybe. I also wonder how fast the chest would change temperature compared to the ground around it. Also it wouldn’t work in the snow unless it was very close to the surface, but I don’t thinkg the temp difference would be enough to change the IR readings. They are a great help in finding electrical problems in equipment though.

          • I have a hand held FLIR and if buried it won’t work. Day or night would change much due to the bronze radiate heat like the ground would. Only thing I can think of if the ground radiates faster than the bronze the morning or evening is the only window you would have.

          • William, thank you for the info. The bronze I may be looking for isn’t the chest and is above ground. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Diggin gypsy,

    Why’d u run off Fenn? What did yous say to him, huh? He ain’t never cumin’ back!!

    • Hahaha you right Suzie he did sign my book to diggin gypsy to whom the grizz fear maybe I did scare the ole coot off Haha. But dout it he to feisty to scare off I think he is out snow skiing in the Himalayas to be honest

  95. Hey, ff said in the book Too Far To Walk, that there was a clue inclued that he was not aware of untill the book was printed…. Was it ever identified, or what do most people think it was????

  96. @Amy – June it is. I will check back in and looking forward to Forrest’s next SB and Dal’s continuing Carl saga. Wish you and everyone all the best. Over and out.

    Thanks again Dal & GOG.

  97. I was thinking about forrest , as usual, :-), and I thought if it were me who were close, I wouldn’t say a word. I’d leave that up to forrest. I mean, this is HIS creation, the least I could do in return would be to let it play out how he wants, however that may be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. My take on the clues is below. I think the clues are simply directions (take this road to that tree to โ€ฆ) but we do not know where to start, the roads are all landmarks and the direction, N S E W, are not given. Iโ€™ll leave the rest of my solution out to protect my location . ๐Ÿ˜‰

    —- What he did —-
    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    #1 Begin it where warm waters halt
    #1 And take it in the canyon down,
    #2 Not far, but too far to walk.
    #3 Put in below the home of Brown.

    #4 From there itโ€™s no place for the meek,
    #5 The end is ever drawing nigh;
    #6 Thereโ€™ll be no paddle up your creek,
    #7 Just heavy loads and water high.

    #8 If youโ€™ve been wise and found the blaze,
    #9 Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    —- Why he did it —-
    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    Iโ€™ve done it tired and now Iโ€™m weak.

    —- I’m not going to explain —-
    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    • NG you must have been reading my mind, I have the very same thoughts. Just please don’t read it any more than that; I don’t want to give up my hiding spot.

    • Niceguy,
      in your explanation you have warm waters halt. As your first clue…OK
      Fenn has said…there are many WWH and most are north of SF. If WWH is the actual first clue. What in the poem tells the reader where the correct one is?

      Or is it just a hit or miss to find that clue?

      • I think it is hit or miss. I also think we know things about Forrest that help identify, or narrow the options for the correct one. What do the words up, down, in and below mean? I think those words help identify the other clues and help determine the correct WWWH.

        • In my opinion there are at least two hints that confirm WWWH, but for my solution it is largely irrelevant.

          • The starting point is irrelevant? Go to the 3rd Oak tree on the left, turn right, go to the yellow house and look under the swing do you know good unless you know where to start.

      • Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down are together the first clue in my solution.

      • Seeker-
        I think WWWH is a location universally known to all but rarely thought of in that context. I believe that when Forrest’s WWWH is revealed (if it ever is revealed) we will all smack our foreheads and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

        It always reminds me of the old riddle, What state is round on the ends and high in the middle?


        • Dal,
          I have a similar but slightly different take on WWWH. I feel it is so straight forward we will slap our selves in the head, but your tricky O-Hi-O type of example takes effect at clue 2 or 3 and thus the reason only a few parties have got the first two clues correctly. It is quite possible several hundred have got or considered the first clue but FF has never clarified that number he has only said the first two clues.
          The Wolf

        • Speaking of riddle; there is a Riddle Lake but I can’t make the poem go there.

        • Hi Dal,
          Since WWWH is univerally known to all. Would you mind sharing it with us?
          Thanks ahead of time,
          Lou Lee

        • Dal, thanks for sharing that, it offers me a new plausible perspective on how to look at the poem. I see that in some ways as similar with what Mindy has said previously about nicknames. Perhaps a mixture.

        • Dal,
          Just as the riddle … What game is played in most school. If you became a pro. You can make a lot of money. Hint it starts with a T.

          The game is golf… The T hint has nothing to do with the name, that most would consider it would.

          So is WWH a commonly known..that has nothing to do with water…my biggest dilemma

        • Dal,

          im thinking that the first 2 clues might be smack your head type but not necessarily WWH

          f said one time that WWH was the most difficult clue in the poem and that it gets easier from there

          he has said several parties got the first 2 clues but didn’t solve the others. he didn’t say they figured out WWH.

          doesn’t seem likely several parties would figure out the most difficult clue but none of them could get all the others.

          so f may not consider WWH to be one of the first 2 clues

  99. New “Chaser” here, I will be embarking on my first hunt this Spring!! I have however spent the last four months and endless hours pouring over and organizing the info. I feel like an “addict”, lol, when I’m not working or doing things with the family I am utterly engulfed in thoughts of the solution.

    Thanks to you all for the inspiration and thanks to Dal for this great resource. Love the stories of your adventures Dal, great writing.

    • Be sure and drag some of your family along. It makes a great adventure for everyone.

    • Welcome to the chase JS There was a post with a poem about the addition if you haven’t read it yet, not sure if it was on the poetry page or not. Try to get the family involved but don’t get upset if they think you’re crazy. My wife considers this my mid life crisis, maybe shes right. She’s tolerating it so far.
      Just keep in the right priority, family first. Also don’t count on finding it. Its about like the lottery, 1 in a billion chance of finding it. Think about 100 square inches in God knows how many square MILES.
      With that in mind, have fun but don’t forget the family.

    • J. Scarfo

      My first trip was June 2014 and here we are in March 2015 roughly 9 months ago. However I had been studying prior to that. Have fun!

  100. Not so much Jamie! smiles

    Stuck inside again, snow and more snow. So today might be a good day to flap!

    Wolf, your prob busy saving someone today, but I was think n’… why not knock out two of the four states instead of just One… you can do it!

    And while we wait… How’s Carl?

    Ed… watched the dealio on that wreck… And gold is a beautiful sight? Explain?

    As far as the Doug Preston deal. It’s right up there with Scott Wolters… but I’ll leave that for others to decide. I’m a believer that’s for sure!

    Mark H.

    • JC posted a large nugget from Australia, dunno where that video went. Maybe it’s up above not sure.

      • Hey Ed – I need to offer you my apology. When I saw your comment, “Gold is a beautiful sight”, along with your other posts, I assumed that you were making a very unsubtle reference to the fact that you had found the Fenn’s treasure. For someone to do that, I think, would be in very poor form. I now understand where your comment was coming from.

        As far as your enthusiasm about having solved the clues (any or all, it doesn’t really matter), I have no problem with that. Whether it’s you, Amy Sweitzer, Jamie Jones, samsmith or even German Guy, I think enthusiasm is a good thing. I find the whole “must denote it as IMO” kind of ridiculous. Until the chest is recovered it is all speculation and shouldn’t require any special caveats. And obviously this puzzle is a difficult one, or it would not have survived 4 1/2 years. So when someone gets excited about having come up with a solve, I say more power to them.

        Anyways, I apologize for having jumped down your throat and wish you all the best.

          • Hey spoon, just for the record- I certainly do not have the chest and am not implying I do. Heck, less than 2 weeks ago I was employing ninja tactics and digging through more manure at 2am than I care to admit. Literally. I talk about the hunts because I think that’s the fun part to share, but if I had the chest I would be sharing that info in a heartbeat! And probably absent from the blog as a trip around the world would be in order. Instead I dig in poo and get stuck in snow banks, I share that stuff to laugh- not to imply it has earned me the gold- I’m sorry if I failed to properly communicate that!

          • I hear ya, Jamie. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and, as I said, am a fan of your enthusiasm.

          • Jamie, better honest poo than some of the other stuff that gets shoveled on the

            Keep your eye on the ptize and you will be just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I am thinking about a big old pile of cow manure to feed my soil this year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best thing for desert soil.

        • Spoon, no hard feelings. I was a little confused. Somehow the comment ended up not below the video. I make no claims on this blog to having found any treasure other than the experience of being in the mountains with the birds and bees. All the best.

    • Mark H.
      Are you trying to stir the pot again? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I will consider your request if you can promise to keep Goofy under control, otherwise it may be a lot easier to keep this dangerous intel ( I borrowed that from VGBoss) under wraps.

      • Yeah Wolf. I’m sorry, it was another snow day and I was/am stuck in the house! On the same hand Wolf, I have confidence in you, and am positive you can narrow this thing down to just NM. Ha! And No worries about goofy he’s as loving as that warm heart d’ POG! Maybe not so much?
        Mark H.