Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty Two…





This letter came from Allison with no return address so I don’t know where she is, or who she is. Since I can’t respond by mail I’ll post a message on Dal’s blog and hope she reads it:


Dear Allison,

Thank you for the $100,000,000 check. It cleared, and is now in my Santa Fe account. The banker said funds will be taken from your father’s future pay checks. Please thank him for me. I think you are made of sugar. Send me your address so I can give you some bubble gum.


I will give an easy clue that will take you to a special place in the forest north of Santa Fe. But I know several girls named Allison so to be sure you are the right one, please tell me by email what is on the back of the envelope you sent me.

Good luck, and thanks again for the money.

Your secret flame,

Forrest Fire

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  1. That is soooo sweet! Allison, you must make your mom and dad so proud. And Forrest you are an angel, so kind hearted! Just a living doll!

      • I don’t want to hang around here much longer at car heart world; bought another pair of muck that comes almost up to knees, but these kind of boots wouldn’t fit. Are we going to Wyoming?

        • in the picture of John the Baptist and also the cover with the hole on one side and the hindge on the other. They moved, but not far from the helicopter “Cease” I wonder, the mark is? sort of.

          • I for one am quite ready to cease. I have jumped overboard too many times and the crew is running low on life preservers.

          • I feel like jumping overboard too. Just found out my daughter is moving to Salt Lake City, UT. But then I realized that is close to CO and WY somewhat. I retire end of this month. Hmmm, my boots may hit the ground this summer. Kind of like the worst of times and the best of times, reversed Dickens but it fits better.

            Now for the solve. Some da Vinci pheromones hold a CODE.

            I will put a bit of extra effort to crack this poem even if I need to study art works to decipher it.

    • i tied my dogs to my feet one night camping so they woodn’t run off in the middle of the dark and they ran off in the dark dragging me behind them after a skunk, boy, I want do that again; I’m so stupid, glad this happened in Wagener last night and not in Colorado.

  2. Wonderfully refreshing, Allison I think Forrest just gave you a clue…
    Now the question is: is it magnetic north or north as a the crow flies?

    Thanks for sharing this Forrest

  3. Thanks for the smiles Allison. I’m going to read that again next time I need a smile. And you can thank your secret flame as well. Great letter.

  4. Hmm… “a special place in the forest north of Santa Fe”
    Sounds like a confirmation to “If you are brave and in the wood”

        • Agree with NM. But here he is saying “in” the forest and not just being able to smell it from an unspecified distance.

          Questions have arisen as to what “in the wood” means

          Just saying sounds like a firm confirmation to one of his “easy clues.”

          As he states here “I will give an easy clue that will take you to a special place in the forest north of Santa Fe”

    • A map of such a place might look similar to Forrest’s checkered shirt pattern and someone looking at it saying; “that’ll be the day”

  5. Sweet response Forrest, a real heart warming SB. Needed it as temps are dropping here in central TX. Schools already closing for Monday. Dreading the drives to work Monday and Tuesday, the plant can’t shut down, runs 24/7/365.

    Leave it to a child to find the way to FF’s heart.

    • Although handwritten, Allison sent Forrest a fake check asking for clues. I’d be surprised if that’s the way to his heart.

      • Don’t think so.i remember sending him a one million dollar bill.fake of course.i bought it at heritage square here in golden,co before they closed the shops and alpine slide.i just did it for fun to him.never got a response
        It wasn’t for a was just for fun only.maybe he didn’t think it was funny.

  6. That is so cute. And she must be super smart, all words are spelled correctly along with capitalization and punctuation, except for the spelling of “hurdred”.
    Must have been a typo. Lol

  7. Dear Forrest,

    I do not have a hundred million dollars, but for 29.95 I can buy 9 of em from http://WWW.nmtreasure. com but I am that guy with a bunch of kids from Texas, and a rusty old Pick up, so what could I get from you for say $20, and I could throw in a companion for Tesuque…for free, part Westie and Winner dog, I mean Dachshund!

      • A little off subject, but I’m getting a little bored not to mention P.O. watching the news media report again, of these millionaire “Hollywood Stars” patting themselves on the back again and licking themselves with another award ceremony.
        When are they going to give out awards to the folks in the trenches or the one’s who work long hours at low or minimum wage, with little or no benefits just to support their family’s who are rarely shown any appreciation for the work they do. Day in and day out drudgery for most of these people but yet they do it because they love their family and willing to die for them if necessary, with no applause or recognition.

        • Sharpsburg, I fully agree. My son in law is a policeman, my wife was a public school teacher, a close friend is a fireman. All are people that are in critical positions in keeping us safe and educating our future generations. Most of these position start at under 30K. Athletic and entertainers make WAY too much for what they do for society. It just shows where people put most of their money- just to get our minds off of our own situations of having to work just to get by.
          At least searching for the treasure doesn’t cost much except for gas and lodging. Researching has kept me busy without spending a dime so far. I think its a good value, and I’ve learned a lot too. Some great adventures and family outings creating a lifetime of memories.
          Thanks FF and Dal and all the others making this such an entertaining venture.

          • Not obsessed

            🙂 you are correct I love this adventure.

            And the back of the envelope is a BIG SMILEY FACE

            Or a BUTTERFLY

            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Sharpsburg-
          As I agree in the regards to “Hollywood Media”. I have to come to a defense for most celebrities. We can agree that most celebrities make a substantial amount more $ than the average person. However they also are pretty generous with their money too. The top celebrities compete among themselves in charities. Just a fraction of what they earn goes to their charity of choice. And those charities include helping folks out that you are referencing to. I cant tell you how many times I’ve seen an award winner pat someone else on the back for their accomplishment. It is unfortunate that an athlete or a movie star can be worth well more than a policeman or fireman. That is the way society arranged it for us. A lot of those folks patrolling the streets and putting out fires are often rewarded for their “job well done” on a different level. For example Steve Buschemi I would call a very successful movie star. This guy put his current career on hold to go help his former engine company in NYC with the 9/11 disaster. He was once a NYFD employee. I heard several people on the Oscar stage last night, send messages on different levels about equal rights. I guess what I am saying is, that these people, even though they make a lot of money, but they also have a huge impact on change that is needed or wanted. Alot of those people didn’t go to Hollywood asking for millions of dollars, they earned it, by a lot of hard work and dedication their dreams. And to be honest, those dollars came from our pockets, because we wanted to pay for their entertainment. Just a thought, next time you have a birthday party for you kid or something, instead of hiring an entertainer, maybe hire a teacher or a veteran to show off their unusual talents. I just cant put an amount of money between 2 people to justify that one human is better than the other. There are the occasional bad apples in the show biz, but that goes both ways. The goal here IMHO is happiness. If my family is happy, and my job is well done, I don’t need an Oscar for that. I have all I need.

    • That one little statement eliminated a HUGE chunk of realestate. If there are any more hints I hope that they are limited to subjective experience. Such as what is special about the location of the chest as a psychological and spiritual place. What made it special?

      • I may not have the facts correct but I have tried. Feb 4th video interview with Dal and f, where f states clearly that there will be no more clues given. If I understand this correctly than the special place in the forest is just that, a special place in the forest.

        Unless this was actually written pre Feb 4th…….

      • Hi Michael,

        The ‘sagebrush’ thing kind of ruined mine:(

        I’ve been to this area about 20 times, and don’t see sagebrush in my pictures, but plant ID is no my forte.

  8. Sharpsburg

    I can honestly tell u I never made it to Hollywood, and I wouldn’t want to. That’s a whole different lifestyle. I understand what u are saying. I have always worked hard, and that’s good keeps me from being bored and I like the challenge but I can assure u I’m blessed every month and that my needs are met at this time, and I’m glad that I don’t lick myself:) lol

  9. Allison sent the note/check right before Valentine’s Day…
    So, I would guess… All is on a kid’s mind around then are those candy conversation heart stickers… “BE MINE, KISS ME, CUTIE PIE”, etc…
    I’ve seen them in stores. That also could be why Forrest Fire said she was made of sugar… and the bubble gum comment… Or it could have been a hand drawn heart with an arrow going through it. That’s what I’d do. 🙂

  10. Wise One, I’ll bet you are spot on. Allison probably drew Forrest a heart with winged arrows for Valentines Day. So sweet. As much as Forrest loves kids I’ll bet her letter warmed his heart. As a child I loved creating Valentine cards for Mom and sorting thru little candy hearts to find ones that said ‘For Mom’ and ‘Be Mine.’ I would keep the card a secret all the way home until inside our yard then give it to mom. She always let us open our school Valentines in our fort, and we were sick on candy by dinner;) My mama actually kept those cards In a bottom drawer as her treasure for over 50 years. It’s a cold day here, I’m coloring with a new set of artists markers and thinking about hiking the trails with my search partner this spring. Glad Forrest is back. Just knowing he’s around makes me try harder in my solve and deep thinking.

    • Lia, My favorite part was making my Valentine Mailbox out of a shoebox and taking it to school… I’d use white doilies, candy hearts, pink and red ribbon & whatever else I had on hand that looked cute… Cut a slot on top…and wait to see if your sweetheart sent you a Valentine… Ah, the good old days!
      My Mom kept my Valentines in her bottom dresser drawer also… After she died, and I was cleaning our her things, and found them. 🙂
      I’m also glad Forrest is back. It gets pretty lonely around here without him.

        • Lia, 😉 Dollies, Butterfly Hearts on a Treasure Box… Fun stuff. What kind of new markers are you using? I like coloring with markers too. Do you remember “Doodle Art”? B/W line art that you could color in… Coloring while in deep thought… We certainly do a lot of that, don’t we?
          I have a feeling though that Forrest won’t be posting much of anything anymore… Just a feeling I have… I hope I’m wrong. Do I recall you saying you live in MT? Is that your search state? If you don’t want to say, that’s ok by me.

          • WiseOne, Using COPIC sketch since I had a coupon but my favorites are AD Architectural markers. Doodle art and paint by numbers were great! I’ve always loved coloring and painting, just not a finished artist. I’ve dabbled in watercolor and illuminated borders. All for fun. I’m from Wyoming originally and have exhausted what I believe are viable search areas which fit my past WY solutions. I plan to look at a remote area near YSP since it’s closer than New Mexico. Although it sounds like NM is legit not a tease. Having a bit of trouble on my latest solution’s concluding area.Everything fits except the type of property ownership.

  11. Valentine’s Day! It’s there in spirit through a child’s eyes an a song. Oh St. Patrick’s is coming up, better pick out a card to send for Forrest since he’s Irish and lucky with his Chest O’ Gold.

  12. Thanks Sam. I will keep in mind the idea that highlighting previous information rather than providing new information is a possibility. I will need to noodle on this for awhile before I see the connection you speak of.

  13. So …… by posting this is Forrest saying:

    1. It is IN New Mexico and they did not find it
    2. It is NOT in New Mexico and they did not find it because they are in New
    3. It is not a clue and means nothing at all!!!

  14. He said “it is in the forest north of Santa Fe” so does that include sage brush? Imo this is turning into a really dead end discussion…Change the channel depending on what state you like 🙂

  15. So to me you can’t take anything away. The search area is still the search area. Remember what forrest said about his pueblo area???? It once was covered with woods and now it’s not. They had to go farther and father away to find game because all the wood was being used up.

    Further definition of FOREST.

    Although forest is a term of common parlance, there is no universally recognised precise definition, with more than 800 definitions of forest used around the world.[4] Although a forest is usually defined by the presence of trees, under many definitions an area completely lacking trees may still be considered a forest if it grew trees in the past, will grow trees in the future,[9] or was legally designated as a forest regardless of vegetation type.[10][11]

    • And unfortunately Amy…we may never know the answer to that question… or all the other questions that we have asked along the way… “Such is life”.

  16. The link below will take you to a carousel of photos posted on Toby’s “Gypsy Kiss” blog. The pics are over a year old and were taken at the raffle drawing held last year to raise funds to help our friend and fellow searcher Renelle in her battle against cancer. You should start out with a picture of Forrest and his granddaughter Mica. Note the caption to the photo…
    Something I’ve learned about Forrest is that he is a great deal maker…
    You want something for you and he wants something for the universe…
    A deal can be made even within the family…

    • Dal, thanks for the photo link and glimpse into Renelle’s story. I admire the gracious outpouring of support for her that Forrest raised as well as your time and effort to support her through your blog community. Her joyful spirit was truly an inspiration.

    • Thank you for reminding us all of the Bronze jar raffle for Renelle. That was such a fond event to be part of last year. X marks the spot indeed! Cheers to all in creating new chase memories in 2015.

      I wonder when Mika will graduate and join the ranks of those house doctors and EMTs in a small town somewhere.

      Wilderness medicine knowledge is helpful from what I’ve heard of small towns. All those treasure hunters grabbing every banana might need a doctor after they hike into the forrest and meet the animals, nature and geography.

    • Thanks for the link Dal. It was sad to remember that Renelle is not physically with us any longer. I’m sure her spirit is looking down on all of us crazy searchers and cheering us on though. RIP Renelle.

    • Dal, thanks for the link. The photos bring back good memories of of that day, and my visit to meet with Forrest. I also got to meet his beautiful daughter, granddaughter, and even Ali MacGraw. The only think I missed, was meeting you.

  17. I ordered my TTOTC book a few years ago. It arrived with the cover separated from the book. I folded it onto the book. If this is how all of the books were shipped might ‘uncovered’ be a word to consider in a solve?

    • You should have taken pics of it and emailed it to the bookstore. I am sure they would have replaced it since you just purchased it.

      • The book is in fine condition and all that I expected. I did not expect the jacket to be separated and need to be folded onto the book. I am completely content with my copy but I am curious if this was the norm for books sent out, that is with the jacket separated from the book.

        • Hey Uken2it… I got my TTOTC book with the cover on and sealed in cellophane… I ordered it in January this year from the Collected Works Bookstore.
          My TFTW book I ordered directly from Forrests’ website “The old Sante Fe Trading Co” It had the cover on but was not wrapped in cellophane… It was signed though 🙂

          • My TFTW copy is signed also, Spallies. Forrest is very thoughtful and awesome. I’ve noticed that.

  18. Forrest, you are awful quiet! I hope you aren’t spending all of that in one place!
    Looking forward to your next treat! I’m hoping it’s today!

  19. P.O Box easy clues. …I can put a stamp on an envelope too it’s not that hard now is it. Lick and stick or just stick.

  20. I’d call your hand but it’s got to wait…
    Only death and taxes have a set date

    The bear awakes and takes a swim
    Above the falls where there’s a put in
    In a place of peace acronyms abound
    Trout fill a stream that flows on down
    Like the shifting trail of a fly rod line
    Marking the way, but all in due time
    Big C interrupts like a pain in the butt
    Headed West as soon as the last cut

    Now’s not the right time to get in a rush
    I’d say it in a whisper but I’s best hush

  21. That’s a mighty big number! Lot’s of activity on the forums too lately. Sometimes it’s hard to filter all the info. What does it all mean. Is someone close? Or are we all chasing our tails? I’m waiting for something in the mail myself, but getting a check like that would knock me out of my socks. Tantalizing. What do any of us really know for sure about this chase?

    • I know mr.forrest would not lie.he has been thru alot in his life.i believe his treasure story is true..getting people outside into nature was his intention. But with a ression on its way at the time.he decided to give back to whoever could find his treasure.

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