The Nine Clues…….Part Forty


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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      • moi, the wiseone just put “one” to claim that they were the first to post on this new page for Nine Clues and also my guess is that they are prescribing to get notifications of new comments. I can’t tell you when FF made the statement about “structures” although it was quite awhile ago and it came out about the time folks were talking about digging up outhouses, graves, railroad stations, etc. He did not define “structures” and folks do not agree on its precise meaning. If we quibbled or prevaricated a pile of rocks could arguably be a structure although I don’t think that he was going that far. Also, don’t know if you realize it but typing in all caps is equivalent to SHOUTING. Shhh, the baby is sleeping…..

        And I felt the tug on my line… You Ask “One What?”
        One WiseONE, Number One, First, No.1, #1, Oneself, Uno, Single, One-Dollar, One in $100,000,000, The lowest Cardinal Number, Half of Two, Primal, Need more? Look em’ up. The list goes on and on…
        Oh, and not to forget this oldie but goodie, Three Dog Nights’ song: “One”…
        Re: Associated w/ structures/bridges and other such things… “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it”… Formulas, Tangents, Logarithms… And “It will have to be structurally sound”… My Dad was a structural engineer and designed bridges, and as I recall, that was ONE of his favorite things to say. 🙂
        “Miss you Dad.”

  1. Dal, any idea when you will be able to write up “Carl Part 3”? we’re all anxious to her the rest of the story. 🙂

  2. Nice Guy,
    Touching on your starting point logic I have the same logical leanings.

    First & Last,

  3. I’ll share an idea that I have for the riddle. What are are the forms of water and when would they change form on the journey that you tread? Remember that you are looking for at least one starting points for there are more than one and the rest will start to unfold in front of your eyes. Some of these places I needed to go in person, to be disheartened and then realize that the clues (points) are a chase to the end. Now I could be entirely wrong about my clues, but then again, I may be entirely right. Good luck.

  4. Hey Dal, where’s Forrest Fenn?? You seem to always know what’s going on with him. He appears to be off in the shadows lately. If he’s been busy, I can understand that. …..I just hope none of us hurt his feelings by anything ever said. It wouldn’t be the same without him around here though. 🙂 Anywho, hope he’s doing alright, whatever he’s up to. I’m sure he’ll come around when he wants to……….

    • Suzie

      Forrest is missed deeply here on the blog, I’m sure when he is ready he will come back to visit.

      • Suz-
        I think Amy is correct…he’ll be back when he has something to share with us. He is taking a break from blog writing. I don’t know for how long.

  5. Never first and I was here! How do you all do it? smiling

    Sam Sam I just read your post on the last SB… thanks for your time. I’ll be honest in telling you that I really have NO clue as to where f hid the chest. Only guesses! And yet, I hope to look for the chest anyway… maybe hoping to bump into the right set of clues as I go, or keys or whatever. Similar to my strategy for winning the lottery… I use quick picks. Or like being on the good luck health plan! Actually I’m a veteran so I have the good luck VA Health Plan…wish me luck!

    A race in longevity, does that make sense.
    Mark H,

    • My mom used to always tell me… wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up the fastest. I can’t believe she used to say that to me. But good luck to you anyway. A prayer as well. I’d say you definitely need it with that plan. 🙂

      • someone told me that one time so i tried it

        as it turned out the thing i was wishing for was sh## and i turned and looked in my other hand, lo and behold i got what i wished for

        sometimes it works is what im saying, even tho i dont think thats the intention of the saying

  6. we should play coordinates wheel of fortune


    is there a 1 in the coordinates!?

    Pat Sajak: yes, yes, there is a 1 in the coordinates

    (tile turns over) Ding!

    Pat! Pat! i wanna solve the coordinates!

    they are ……. (to be continued)

    • imo

      begin the journey

      there is the journey and then there is the destination

      the poem doesn’t have all its clues pointed to one place. some clues are places in the journey, and some are the destination

      you have to know where to begin because you have to figure what the journey is

      if you tried to find only the clues to the destination, you would find clues to different places and you might confuse them for the destination, you aren’t going to be sure which is which

      if you find where to begin and piece together the journey, then you will know which clues are for places along the journey and which are the destination

      the final clues are the most important part, and the only ones you will need eventually to find the treasure.

  7. A suggestion for my fellow seekers, and it’s not an original idea. Notes. I have a few reams and now and then I go back through them thoroughly I eliminate what I now understand to be silly ideas and am able to further ideas that once stumped me. Then when I get back to current notes, BAM! Just sayin… 🙂

  8. Imo

    1.clue is 4. stanze.. there is no reason to put in “where” in 3.stanze if not to give a clue to the location.

    • I’m either too young or too old not to know this, but why do people randomly type the word “subscribe”? I assume it is a way of expressing like-mindedness?

      • Well Austin, in order to get updates on a page, you have to subscribe to it. So, it basically boils down to the choice of what to put in your post to initiate that subscription email.

        You could put a “.” or a smiley face or something else random, but then people wouldn’t understand what you meant. And sometimes, others are in the middle of things, and just want to subscribe without having the time to write down their thoughts, so they just jot in “SUBSCRIBE”. I think this is just the natural subconscious / social norm for saying “I want to hear what everyone has to say, but I don’t have the time right now to share my thoughts.”

        IMO that is 😛

      • it means they are just making a post to check the 2 little boxes underneath the comment which say ‘notify me of new comments/posts via email’

        it is another way of saying i have no life

    • Now that’s a nickname I don’t want! 🙂

      Speaking of names, my blog tomorrow will have a nearly exhaustive list that shows nearly everyone mentioned in TTOTC has a nickname, or something odd about their name. And not only are people nicknamed in the book, nearly EVERYTHING is!
      Just one of hundreds: “we called the noon meal ‘dinner.'”

      Today my blog also deals with names…but in a funny way. In my weird kind of funny way.

      • Hey Mindy isn’t it sad that Mork passed away 🙁

        My school nickname was of all things due to my larger cheeks was “Chipmunk or ” Chip and Dal” I would laugh on the outside but not on the inside. I knew they were only joking, but still when u are young things affect u a little tougher. At my 10 year class reunion they said my cheeks had slimmed down lol ” Now what are u going to call me. 🙂

        The older u get the prettier u become 🙂

        • Thank you, Amy! The same can be said of you! 🙂
          I wish I had chipmunk cheeks as a kid. I was tall and lanky, with big ole feet. My nickname on high school sports teams was Octowilly. My nickname in the Air Force was Sasqustch because of my size 11s. Lol. One nickname I was proud of was Pumper Number 9. I was in first or second grade, and the older kids nicknamed me that because I won all the races.
          I used to be clumsy, but fast. Now I’m just clumsy. 🙂

      • Mindy, I enjoyed reading your blog posts. It’s nice to hear Sacagawea’s name properly pronounced. I believe her other nic name ‘Janey’ was truly a term of endearment given to her by Captain Clark who greatly respected her and went on to raise and educate her son. Did you know that the first woman to be asked to vote in America would have been Sacagawea on the L&C expedition. I won’t spoil when and why. You would enjoy reading “Undaunted Courage” by Ambrose. I found it helpful in researching the thrill of the chase, but it’s very detailed historical reading.

        It was also common for Native Americans to take new names during their lifetimes.
        But I agree with you an Eagle is a more fitting description of her courage.

        • Anna, thank you. I didn’t know that about her. Interesting!
          I agree with Janey being an endearment. I thought more about it after I wrote the post. I had read she loved the ways of the white people, and I can picture her delight when given the nickname,
          Yes, the Native Americans often changed their names to reflect their experiences in life. I find them fascinating. Imagine if we did that today?
          Today, I would be “Eater of Last Candy at Work.” Lol

  9. Alas, when I was young and foolish I used to think I knew what Fenn meant by “where warm waters halt.” Now I have no idea at all.

    • Sounds like someone should have bought Issac newton corns book…..Lol just joking.I recently watched your video on that subject on utube and it had me laughing so hard

    • Scary when a guy from the desert has no idea about where warm waters halt. I say follow the good signs to whet your thirst. But then again I’m still just young and foolish. My best ideas on this come at night when the owls and coyotes are at play, and a flash of light briefly stirs my golden dreams. Sounds like we’re both a little lost in the land of Fenn. Which really is a pretty good place to be.

    • That just means your open to new ideas and may just land on the correct one. The only certainty I have discovered is uncertainty. I have some guesses on WWWH but I keep getting a feeling that I’m missing something. Its like trying to remember the name of something thats on the tip of my tongue. It is very frustrating.

      • Raven,
        Speaking of trying to remember something, I get to the end of my solve but forget why I am there. What was my wwwh? I must write it down each time. I can’t just keep going forward in a solve. Frustrating. I lost my working and short term memory from a stroke. At first 100% but have gained most of it back. Seems that many of us in the chase have medical ‘anomalies’ whether we feel blessed or not. I feel blessed that I can walk and talk etc.

        • Uken2it, it is good to hear that your memory is returning … Our brains are remarkably resilient and it sounds like so is your spirit. Best wishes for you as you continue to recover and good luck identifying WWWH!

          • Thanks Raven. Another good note is that I retire end of next month. I might be able to actually get in the chase in the outdoors. Probably tour the area near the Canyon lands and visit Yellowstone again just to marvel and the variety of landscapes in this country. The photos on this site, by Goofy I believe, are fantastic and I want to see all this in person. Oh, and by the way, I plan on picking up the chest on that trip……….”if I can” solve this darn poem.

          • My solve attempts are so different each time. This one I am working on has the first stanza of the poem leading me to the WWH, Arizona.

          • Thank you uken2it I’m glad you like the photos. I’m also glad you are going to take in the sights as you hunt for the chest…….Some searchers drive right past some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet blinded by gold fever.

            This is going to sound odd if you’re not familiar with the area. The pictures of Canyonlands were taken at Dead Horse Point State Park that overlooks Canyonlands. It’s not far from Moab, all paved road, and very accessible to everyone. In my opinion it is one of the most breathtaking view points on the planet. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.

            And while you’re in the area be sure not to miss Arches National Park; it’s only a mile out of Moab (Some of the header photos were taken there). It’s a great park to visit and most of it can be seen from your car if you’re not into hiking. The landscape in this area (Canyonlands) has to be experienced; a photo, no matter how good, simply can’t convey the grandeur of the landscape.

            Moab is about the only place to stay in the area if you’re not camping. It’s a great little town with plenty of places to stay and eat. You should make reservation if possible; Moab hosts many out door activities during the year and can get booked on those occasions.

          • Goofy,
            I have looked into staying at Moab and plan to do just that but it sounds as though camping is allowed in the park. I dread being tied to a ‘bus’ on my visits each day.

            Do you recommend camping to see the areas independently or is there a happy median between bussing it and camping?

          • uken2it, I usually camp when I’m alone. But it not necessary to camp if you don’t want to. You can stay in Moab and drive to the parks. There’s lots of biking, hiking, and 4-wheel drive trails in the area. But the places I spoke of can be accessed by a regular car. It is a wonderful area.

      • Dal said WWWH is universally known. Not sure what he means. I am lost on this. Anyone?

        • I said that “I BELIEVE…”..That is not a fact that I KNOW Lou Lee..that is an opinion that I believe at the present time. If someone asks me the same question next week I may have changed my mind..

          I have no FACTS..I only have opinions…

          • I ask if you wanted to Share what you believe is universally known as WWWH.
            Sorry, maybe you don’t want to share it
            I guess Im just too stupid to figure it out.

          • I don’t have any more opinions about it beyond what I stated…I think it’s a popular and universally known place that is quite commonly known…but not for being a place WWWH…

            I have pointed out several times the place I believe is WWWH…a place quite well known for a variety of reasons such as being the erroneous location where the Washburn Party dreamed up the idea of preserving a wild place for all persons to enjoy…the first National Park…but not necessarily as a place WWWH.

            I say erroneous because an actual shrine to the Washburn campground was built at this location but it was not until years later that the park finally admitted that this place was not the actual location of the Washburn party campground.

            This spot is often considered as the place where a brand new river begins…but rarely as the place where two warm rivers stop.

            Therefore it is a well known location, often visited, but the reason it is well known has nothing to do with the fact that two very warm rivers end at this spot…

            Forrest however, because of his interest in fishing streams, would have been very aware of this geographically semi-unique location and what goes on here.

          • I think that Dal is refering to the headwaters of the Madison river in Yellowstone National Park. But I would put WWWH at Ice Lake. Then I would head east past Ranger Browns cabin, down the canyon, out the east gate, past Dubois WY and…. Go to Dinwoody creek.
            That is if I really thought Yellowstone was WWWH.

        • IMO to make the poem work warm waters must always be warm and always halt, not just sometimes so warm is likely not weather dependent.

  10. Here’s a little story :
    I guess it was May 2013 me, my mom and daughter went to my grandparents grave to put flowers there for Mothers Day, as I was at their grave site I looked ahead and saw a butterfly it was a metal stick with a butterfly on it so I went over to look at that grave the name on it was “Underwood” yes I had mom take my picture with the “Underwood” people I have said it before there is something about a butterfly. 🙂 we are all familiar with the word “Underwood” 🙂

  11. I’ve tried to follow this code while searching ever since I read the story about Michael Kammerer on this blog, Scrapbook 84.

    “Code of the West” ten principles:

    1. Live each day with courage;
    2. Take pride in your work;
    3. Always finish what you start;
    4. Do what has to be done;
    5. Be tough, but fair;
    6. When you make a promise, keep it;
    7. Ride for the brand;
    8. Talk less and say more;
    9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale; and
    10. Know where to draw the line.

      • If you don’t have a good internal compass you’ll get lost in the Thrill of the Chase.

        IMO Code of the West helps navigate the real world unfolding of the poem no matter where you go on searches.

    • I believe he “can” if he believes that the type of person who finds it will, at minimum, notify him directly with definitive hard proof and he in turn notifying the masses. I think that the one (or team) that solve the poem and locate the chest are invested enough (maybe moreso mentally or emotionally, dream, hope, looking for and discovering self-awareness, whatever it may be or combination of) to understand that they and others would want to know it has been located.

      I think in the event of discovery, eventually the area will become exposed to drawing many for years, decades, centuries?, to the spot or general vicinity based on the story of a man’s poem and hidden treasure that drew tens of thousands and counting into the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. This is the reason why I prefer to hear if it has been found, as I and others will still have been stimulated to explore and still able to go to the place to make the whole thing tangible for closure.

      Simply said, as long as FF is with us (hopefully for a long time to come), he will continue to know if it is still there since the finder will contact him, IMO, and I hope.


  12. Under what? Amy are you giving clues? Smiles

    Desertphile it sure is good to see your face! I refuse to grow up, still young and foolish, could be why I still have no clue as to where wwwh is … lol.
    And JD, I took a few notes… for a while… but they ended up piled higher than the bills. Then I wrote a book…Then I gave that up! lmao Oh well!

    Nevertheless Desert, I’m coming to see you soon but leaving the wife and kids in Co. I don’t want them in the desert losing weight… I’m trying to plump them up for Yellowstone! Besides we never played that game of poker nor drank your wine… I’m excited to do both!

    Underwood??? Are you sure? Amy, are you a Molly Browner? I have some notes on that… now where are they?

    Okay Chris Yates/Pat I’d like a 3. Problem??? how do we know if our number is Deg, Min or Seconds? N W? IDK We have no board to see where it fits for a Vanna?
    When you bet on horses at the track the teller requires you to name the amount you care to bet, the number of the horse and finally how you expect that horse to place (Win, place or show). I don’t know what the
    odds are but I’d like to bet $10 ON Yates to win!
    Mark H.
    Stuck in the snow!

    • be sure to go to the window after the race and cash your ticket

      Yates was listed as a morning line favorite of 2/1 by the knowledgeable track handicapper, however currently he is cold on the board, being ignored by the bettors, and is a huge overlay at 30 to 1

      this is what they call a value play

    • Lol no clues about Underwood I just thought day that I saw it was interesting I will keep it in the back of my mind. 🙂

  13. I have never met Forrest. Would he be ble to walk 6+- miles in an afternoon?

    • Forrest has spent a lifetime being active & outdoors, not sedentary in any manner. For that reason I think he could, even at age 79, walk 6 miles with a 20lb load. However, my IMHO that’s about the upper end of what I would consider a logical distance.

    • Maybe, if he had a horse do the walking for him. 6 miles is pretty far to walk. I’ve tried a couple times and still have not made it to my spot. Unprepared of course, i’m sure f wasn’t so unprepared. If he thought of everything, he would know 6+ miles up a mountain for an 80 year old, no matter who, would be a rough going. I don’t think he made it that tough for himself. A horse of course:)

    • Don’t let Mr. Fenn ‘s age fool you. He’s as rascally as a badger, or at least that is my interpretation. He’s been up and around all those different canyons for awhile. I believe he definitely wasn’t going to go without a fight when he got sick. So I would say he would do 6 + 6 miles.

  14. …why the BB gun story? Totally believable right? An year old hunter, out in the wilds of his backyard, bringing home supper for the family. He was 8. You know what that tells me…I can look for something noteworthy, a thing that happened, a place monumented in history & that ‘history’ can be as early as 1939

    • The thing that bothers me about the BB gun story is that anyone who grew up with a BB gun and bird hunting will know that the Robin is your go to quarry. There are zillions of them everywhere. They hop around on the ground a good deal of time, busily eating bugs & worms totally oblivious to their surroundings. They aren’t particularly skittish, and their large orange breast is a perfect aiming point. I’ve never once seen a Robin (or any small bird for that manner) “see” a BB coming nor try to dodge in any manner, possibly hop out of the way at the last second as they dive for another bug, perhaps.

      I don’t know what Forrest is trying to tell us with this story, but I do believe it contains one of the subtle hints he speaks of.

      • Cleinger,
        I stopped short of calling out the Robin dodging a BB. I agree the Robin is much more plentiful and easier to get closer too, but I remember when I was a child seeing those birds or starlings dodge my pellet gun. Not sure how they did it but they did it, but if you got close enough there was no way they could react that fast.

        So I took this aberration to mean a couple of things, one is that a bird would need very good vision to see that BB coming and if this is a hint that relates to a clue, then what is the one bird that has the best vision with a link to the poem?
        Ans: Owl (wise) Minerva

        • Well, when Forrest told us the story of Robin Olds, I will forever more think of the story with Forrest not wasting BBs on robins because they can see them coming and dodge it as Robin Olds dogfighting in his P51 Mustang.

      • I mentioned this in the first year of the hunt, maybe its still relevant. Meadowlark was a very poplar sad song in the 50’s. It came out of a Broadway play that was based on an old French legend about an old man married to a young wife. The old man was knowingly ‘blind’ to his wife’s affair with a younger man. Google the lyrics.
        Another association for me was in a Hemingway book, Across The River And Into The Trees … an old military man considers death while shooting from a duck blind. His burial choice … by the tall great trees where “trout would rise in the pool when there was a hatch of fly.”
        I think FF’s personal stories, collected at a sad, contemplative time are to underscore themes of Universality & Immortality which live on in written word, not biology. He cleverly constructed his own legend. I don’t think there are treasure directions here. I could be wrong.

  15. The problem is I never heard of anyone eating Meadow Larks or Scisortails. They are too small. If someone knows of anyone who did this routinely (not just once) let me know – you will be the first!

    • I definitely have heard of folks eating songbirds including meadowlarks. They are caught in traps on the ground sometimes as well as being shot. And then proudly eaten. My guess is if you are hungry enough you’ll eat one too (although I think eastern meadowlarks and others are considered endangered now due to loss of habitat). I remember reading something a long time ago about romans eating meadowlark pie made from meadowlark tongues. I think I’ll pass on that one. There are probable few food sources that haven’t been harvested at some time or another.

  16. I’ve seen many birds dodge bb’s and pellets.Old school bb guns were not very powerful.My first bb gun was a daisy 840 and you could see the bb’s in flight with the naked eye.I hunted with it a lot in my mountain man days of youth.I did take down a pheasant in flight once with that gun, it was the best shot ever! Ok maybe it was luck, but i was proud to bring that bird home.

  17. I guess you have to go thru the valley to get to the top of the mountain. Still no help. Gets lonely sometimes. Something strange is going on. Here.

    • At least OK is better than KO’d (knocked out). Keep the fists up, eyes on the prize and stay nimble and you will be better in no time.

      • Hi Raven, thanks for caring. Will take advise. Thank You.

        Lou Lee, Chased by Bears.

  18. FF said “people will be surprised when they find out the location of the chest”….

    This really annoys me…

    is it hiding in plain sight?
    is it really close to Santa Fe?

    I think this of all things is what really gets with this chase…where could it be?

    • I know CFP….I think too, could it be down that canyon Road, Up that forrest service road. Up a creek, Jump in the woods and there it is……200 feet from THE road….easy. RIGHT?

  19. I’ve thought about this a lot and it keeps bringing me back to wyoming or new mexico.Imo the chest is either somewhat close to him now or an area he knew well as a youngster that is still unchanged to this day and will remain unchanged for many years.In my own mind if i was hiding a treasure i would almost have to go back to my youth for a safe hidey spot.Kids always find the best nooks and crannies to hide stuff in.At one point i thought about starting in temple, driving from there to retrace steps to pick up the scent.So to summarize, i’ve got nothing! NOTHING! 😀

  20. meek: In the 1800’s Joe Meek was in Yellowstone area, didn’t like it, moved on to OR. Stephen Meek in the 1800;s was in Taos, guess he didn;t like it, ’cause he moved on to OR.

    • Joe Meek, Decided at the last or one of the last “Rendevous” in the 1800’s, that Wyoming was no place for him. His buddy said it to him. In the Wind River. This was after he was chased by bears and Black Feet in Wyoming. So he split to Oregon.

      • Lou Lee, I might be wrong, but I thought it was “the Rocky Mointains” as being no place for them?
        I could be wrong because at the time I researched that, I think my source was Wilipedia. Lol

        • I am going by several books I read. I personally think Wiki E. is not reliable information sometimes. You may be right though, I am going on memory, I thought his encounters with Black Feet was near Hebgen, and Bears in Yellowstone. So well, I will go check. Thanks Mindy!

          • From my understanding that anyone could update the information on it back I’m not really sure cause I never tried

        • Oops, I think I am wrong, and mixing up my Trappers….I was up all last night. Running down a dream…..the chest! However….Its been along time since I was running down that trail. I am looking in Colorado now.
          I think I am right about the Rendevous. Meek or his friend said that right…? I dont know.
          Back to the Poem.

  21. There is a new radio interview with Forrest on Break Thru Radio’s 3rd Eye. The show’s topic is “shame” and has several stories. The whole show is about 80mins long and Forrest’s interview starts about 63mins in and lasts around 11 minutes…the whole show is here:

    I broke out just the 11 minutes of Forrest’s interview and put it here:


    • Thanks, Dal, for posting that. I enjoyed listening to it. I like how the monotone babe described Forrest as having overseen THE Santa Fe Gallery @ 0:28. 🙂 And the music at the beginning inspired me to run my hands back and forth across the long bead strands that form my bedroom “door”…and pretend like I’m playing my sitar.

    • Nice interview Forrest!

      I agree with Third Eye Weekly that secrets help us build stronger relationships and seek the answers in life. I’ve never bothered to tell my family about my searches, so they never had to worry about any unpredictable situations.

      I understand many people share this with their family but for me I did it for myself to see if I could be brave while alone. I found out I am and for all of the right reasons.

      • 23

        You and Forrest like Secrets. I for one am trying to keep a secret 🙂 (solve)

        I wouldn’t be able to hide a chest, cause it would be hard for me not to tell 🙂

        Your so Brave Forrest 🙂

    • What surprised me about this radio interview is when Forrest says he doesn’t think he wants to go back to the spot.

      • Ed, for me that eliminates favorite fishing holes, and perhaps speaks to why he hid the chest where he did. What do you think?

        • Well not exactly it doesn’t have to be at the fishing hole, just close by. Take 9 mile hole for example…once you’ve located that spot then you expand out looking for geological features.

        • I’ll say it again. THINK WAY OUT. Just because he walked under a “few” miles doesn’t mean he didn’t drive a dirt road for 2 hours into the sangre de cristo mountains. No wonder he says he’s too old and won’t be returning it’s because it was a one time deal. 10,000 years people. Don’t obsess over it, you might miss out on what’s going on now…the treasure is for the future. Ever have that weird feeling flying high above the wilderness or looking at satellite photos of stuff so remote no one ever goes there, WELL. Look up D.B Cooper.

      • I don’t think he infers he doesn’t *want* to go back. He says he doesn’t think he’s physically able to. This is the second time he has said such a statement.

      • A word that catches my attention is ‘anymore.’

        “So do you plan [not? / on ?] ever going back to the spot to see if it’s still there?” Zach

        “Well you know I’m 84 years old and I don’t move like I used to (chuckle) so I, I don’t ever plan to go back. I… uh, I don’t think it’s just something, something that I want to do anymore. When I, when I hid that treasure chest, it was out of my hands. From now it’s up to somebody else to look for it.” ff

    • Thanks Dal!
      Lots of repetition here although he did say something that will help some searchers a lot, but in a disappointing way. His recent statements:
      “I don’t know that anyone has been closer than 200 feet to the treasure” followed by the one given over at Mysterious writings confirming that no one has gotten more than the first two clues correct.

      This is very helpful if you have mailed in you search and searched your site. If you have mailed in your solution prior to January, he has confirmed your solution is incorrect or at least no better than two clues correct.

      For those who have sent in detailed solutions based on an actual search, you have not been closer than 200 feet and probably no better than the first two clues correct if he was aware of your solution prior to January.

      This should be very helpful to those searchers who are convinced they have the correct solution and have been blinded by the greed of gold and insist on returning to their search area.

      My take on these recent releases means nobody is any closer than they were before the Today Show has blown this thing wide open. It makes me wonder what they knew back then that we didn’t now. There has been so much more information out there which hasn’t produced any progress…. unless those who have progressed have kept everything tight to their chests.

      I am pretty sure this information will not actually convince anyone and rationalization will be in full force but at the end of the day fact are facts…

      • Has anyone seriously thought how he can continue to say no one has gotten the more than the first two clues correct yet some have been as close as 200 feet?

        1) Some feel these are the same people, if so how is it that those that feel they have been within 200 feet managed to get only two clues correct and miss the other seven and then get to within 200 feet? That would be an interesting explanation…

        2) Of course I believe they are two different parties and that takes a much more interesting interpretation…

        • solve = complete
          \ˈsälv, ˈsȯlv\
          : to find a way to deal with and end (a problem)
          : to find the correct answer to (something, such as a riddle)
          : to find the correct explanation for (something, such as a mystery)
          Full Definition
          transitive verb
          1 :to find a solution, explanation, or answer for
          2 :to pay (as a debt) in full
          intransitive verb
          :to solve something
          — solv·er noun

        • Let’s say you send Forrest the first two clues then joe comes along and sends him the 5th clue. Now think about this, has anyone sent him the correct solve. Remember solve means complete.

        • The only right answer is in the poem and with Mr. Fenn. Here’s an uneducated guess though. Someone had the first two clues missed the next seven and with a stroke of luck happened within 200 feet. Told you it was uneducated and a guess. To many possibilities but who ever they were I imagine they are thinking it over long and hard. If they even realize it was them and how close they were. Who knows?

          • Here’s a ideal, maybe the clues can be interpret different than what Forrest has suggested in the poem so technically maybe they are going in the right direction but according to the poem and thats why they are 200 feet from the chest! IMO

          • Th3 person that got the first two clues right didn’t have a clue 🙂 For every possibility there exists 13 other probabilities. Fortune smiles on those who think.

            Breaking News: Former Vice President Mondale out of the hospital.

          • After considering how Forrest answers question in his very precise way and he plays with the words, some one could be in the right area for, “home of brown” based on somebody’s house named Brown, when he gets to the same spot by being where a brown bear den is. Same spot by different meanings would not be correct solve in his precise terms. This may sound convoluted but that’s how I think he would consider the solve right or not.

          • Here’s my thinking:

            I think it was Goofy Old Guy or something like that name. Said they had mapping experience in the Rockies. Well guess I think that’s what it’ll take. FF knows every hill canyon and dale from one end of the Rockies to the other. Anyone of you guys out there claim to have that experience. Years of studying topo maps and old surveying data is not enough I’ll bet Forrest has 10 times that much knowledge.

          • Obsessed – that sounds a little convoluted to me. Here is what I think you said. Jane sends Forrest a picture of HOB but Jane was thinking HOB was something different so it wasn’t correct OR Jane arrived at the spot of HOB but didn’t show a linear timeline for it so then it wasn’t correct.

          • Search the west apparently you are correct. Fenn may have 10 times the knowledge as any of us, especially where the chest is hidden. 🙂 I’ve lived and worked in the Rockies for over 40 years, that’s in the wilderness not in an office. I have lots of fancy gadgets, extensive set of topos and satellite images, and can actually use a compass and paper map when I need to. On top of all that I’m an old guy from Texas. But alas, all of that has been of no avail. I still don’t have the chest.

            Fenn knows most of the folks who live in the Rockies love being outdoors. They ford rivers, climb mountains, wander endless canyons and streams, while enduring the cold, heat, animals, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at them. And they do all of that just for fun…….

            There are rangers, hunting and fishing guides, law enforcement, search and rescue, etc. etc. many of whom have lived and wondered their local region all their lives. I would dare say they have as much if not more knowledge than Fenn in any particular area. Fenn designed the poem and hid the treasure to thwart those folks.

            So I don’t know if any non-local has a snowballs chance of finding it. But hey, hope springs eternal and we’re having fun……

          • Goof,
            You sure got some good reasoning going on there. Locals obviously know areas much better than an outsider.

            So since it hasn’t been found, then locals are stumped at least almost as much as others.

            Which leads to your more than likely probable assumption that Forrest took that into account and crafted the poem to be difficult even for those who may be familiar with the territory that the TC is located at. Interesting… Masked clues that upon first, second, third… blush even locals can’t interpret.

            Ambiguity of words is a good disguise to any clue for causing uncertainty and dithering for most if not all wannabe solvers.

            Maybe it’s a local who has been within 200′ and/or solved 1st two clues.

        • Hi Wolf, I gave a perfectly logical explanation for this on CC weeks ago. Here it is for you guys who don’t like Stephanie.

          December 30, 2014

          “I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it. No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f”

          February 4, 2015

          “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

          These were email responses that Forrest had time to prepare and are clearly are two different thoughts.The winning solve is not the same as the correct solve. A correct solve is complete and a winning solve is only just ahead of the others. The hint that he doesn’t want to broaden includes this important possibility, and the one who holds the winning solve has considered it. He’s confirming this to the one who has the winning solve, in my mind.

          Someone skipped or misread some clues and is very close to the chest.

          • nice job with the ff quotes. me and my boys have tried all sorts of variations at our blaze. yeah some deep thinking needed to get the exact spot right. (right blaze or not) We’re having a great time

          • Thank you crazy for your insight. Initially when I read this I wondered how anyone can be winning with only two clues and not be aware that they had them. However, I suppose they either figured out they have the first two clues or maybe they have solved the key and thus the clue that it is associated with. That would put them ahead and thus be winning.

        • Hi Wolf,
          What I find so interesting too, is that forrest said if he told us where the Home of Brown is we would go right to it. To the treasure.
          So the clues are in consecutive order. So if we go to the Home of Brown first. Sounds like I would find it, According to forrest, right? So is it the Key word here? What do you all think the “KEY” is?

          • IMO by keeping the 2clue/200′ vague, it makes proving the HoB very difficult. If a searcher can figure which is which they will have an advantage in solving HoB.

            As far as the Key, I have invested the last year and hundreds of hours in solving it. IMO it unmistakably takes you to one of the three main key clues (WWWH, HOB, the blaze). I believe the Key proves one of those three clue beyond a reasonable doubt and thus allows them to walk straight to the treasure chest with a smile on their face.

            If a searcher can solve a key to do that, almost everything will fall into place, then all the subtle hints will no longer be subtle but rather will be shouting out, “what took you so long?” IMO

        • Good question Wolf, don’t know and I’m ambivalent to whether the searchers who figured the first 2 clues are the same ones who are the closest. But to answer your question theoretically I would point to some searchers don’t give every detail or clue in their correspondence with ff. That could make for a long email and he has said he doesn’t read long ones. Also, there’s some gamesmanship (gameswomanship) that can be had by just referencing a few of their first clue choices and something near the end. If it was done in this manner and they gave correct clue interpretations then ff could say they got the first 2 clues figured and at some point were within 200 ft. Also, they could have driven right by the correct search area oblivious to the significance.

          FF’s answers of who is closest, distance from tc and how many figured clues have slightly changed over time. It would be interesting to see a timeline of that info. Then again I just stick with the work side of the equation (the poem) and let this stuff sort itself out.

          • It is slightly possible one or the more recent parties could be both within 200′ and have two clues, however I have done enough research on this topic that logically deduced that they are not. I have a suspicion that FF would prefer to leave it vague for it is advantageous that many believe they are the same person/party who have both, since knowing the contrary may allow some special incite to proving HoB. IMO

  22. Yes, thanks…I could not hear what he said, Who is his new book about?
    Thanks anyone, who could hear.

  23. Thanks, Dal, for posting this…don’t know what we searchers would do without you. I’ll let you have first pick from the chest if I find it (except for the bracelet which will be returned to ff.)…don’t hold your breath, though. Too much snow still in the Sangre de Christo mountains in NM to go search.

  24. One of my solves involves “As I have gone alone in there” — the Bachelor Loop in Creede, Colo. There are some very interesting areas off this “loop”. As well as the Brown Lakes nearby. Let’s hear from you all and see what you come up with.

    • As I have gone alone (single) in there (1st Baptist Church)
      And with my treasures bold (ring and his gal with no fear of tying the knot)
      I can keep my secret (TC) where
      And hint of riches new and old (either contents of chest or alluding to “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”

  25. “My wife doesn’t know within 18 months of when I hid the treasure chest.” ff
    EIS Radio Interview @ 35:15

    Now, in this new interview, he says 6 weeks. Interesting.

    • When FF said the 2year comment (Moby Dickens), Peggy protested the 2 year claim, which prooved that the period was not as long as he said.

      • Wolf,

        I never did hear that I guess. No matter. It only matters that he hid it, right. 🙂 Heck, people just make mistakes sometimes.

        • Actually come to think of it, that was at the other book signing with Doug Preston. IT came across as Peggy was saying I would not have not gone that long without noticing – Forrest was trying to back up his comment that it was hidden in 2009 or 2010 and I think he didn’t want anyone bothering her to find that answer. IMO

  26. It was interesting in this interview, Dal posted yesterday. It sounded like he was starting to say something about the clues in Too far too walk, but than he said. He learned alot about his life, by researching things. At least this is what I thought I heard. Personally I think people are so close, I don’t think he is going to give us much more to go on. The last question on Jenny’s blog was a sign and he said he was not going to give out anymore clues, on another interview.
    We still Love Ya, Forrest. Thanks everyone, and Dal too!
    All you searchers, see you in da Woods! 🙂

    Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears and Lived to tell.

    • And what “clues” might those be, Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears and Lived to tell? Because, didn’t he say, except for the poem, he says he never gave out any clues nor will he. Must be ‘hints’ instead, huh? 🙂 But, as we know, Forrest doesn’t see the definition of ‘clues’ the same as most of us. If it doesn’t lead one straight to the chest, he doesn’t see it as a ‘clue’. So who knows what’s what? Look for confirmations I guess. If you are on the right track, you just might see something that lets you know that, …..maybe? Hasn’t seemed to help anyone yet……….

      “People are so close”, …..but to his knowledge no one has gotten past the first two clues in over 4yrs now. Yeah, we’re real close. 🙂 And if it’s not going to be “stumbled” upon, then what’s 500ft or 200ft matter? But it sure does get people interested though, doesn’t it? 🙂

      Oh, I’m sure there are some clues besides what’s in the poem, …..out there, but how will you ever know until the ‘cold’ indulgence is laying in your hands?

      • He gave clues or hints on the morning shows a couple times. Clues and hints are the same to me. 🙂 He said above 5,000 feet and other things to the media. I have searched in Three states now. He gave clues, but I still am clueless.
        I do believe in my heart that the treasure has not been found because….It is waiting there for ME! LOL

          • Good Luck to you and everyone. I think there are many treasures to be found out there. I have found a few.

      • I was just reading the Dal’s Cheat sheet again, and forrest did say “Clues” in both books. Not just the poem.

          • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I truly believe the treasure is out there, but Mr. Fenn is a marketing genius and businessman, …..he always has been, just look at those early stories when he was a kid. Just because he has managed to get everyone out into the ‘wood’ and exploring, doesn’t mean he didn’t accomplish other things that he wanted as well. Like he said, it was a genius plan. 🙂

        • Forrest gave his first book and all its profits to the book store and cancer fund. So he did in fact hide the chest. I wonder how much he is making off TFTW? Every day that the TC isn’t found he making a few more dollars. He won’t give out any clues or hints as long as the books are selling. Besides, look at all the fun we are having talking about it and the adventures that people are having looking for it. I hope it is never found; unless its by ME. He’s getting families together and they are discovering things that they wouldn’t other wise, which is the whole purpose of hiding the TC. Thanks Forrest, may you have great joy and long life.

          • Not-
            To my knowledge Forrest is not making anything off TFTW either. He paid for the design, publication and printing out of his own pocket. The “profits” are split between those who actually sell the books and the shipper. Nothing goes back to Forrest. He does not need the money. He did not create the second memoir to make money.

  27. Some where its said ff said “the clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did.”

    I would have thought ALL of the places in the clues existed back then???
    Why or what would not have existed back then?

    • Musstag, In my solve, the only thing I think that may not have been there when he was a kid could have been the blaze. Of course none of the “clues” existed until he wrote the poem after he had the cancer surgery.

    • Artist Point was not always Artist Point. If the poem pointed to a tree a 50 yr old tree it didn’t exist when he was a kid. A rock formation might mot have occurred until a land slide.

  28. Something to ponder.

    The poem says there’ll be no paddle up your “creek” defenitionaly a creek and river are very different SO why are so many people searching large rivers? Anyone?

    • Perhaps searching confluence of creek at entrance of River with assumption you don’t go up creek or dry creek bed/draw at confluence of river.

      • Ding ding ding Anna gets an A on this test. A river that narrows in a spot so Forrest can call a river a creek. Other factors, names of geography maybe involved.

        • It could be a creek during the winter months and with the snow melting in spring it can become a river.

          • Now ” we are cooking on all four burners” my father used to say, I wonder if forrest ever said that? Funny because he is from my fathers generation.
            U who….forrest…Did you ever say that? Or your father?

            Lou Lee, Trying to cook on all four burners!

            PS, forrest, please share other favorite sayings.

            Here is another one, my dutch mother would say…..
            “You have champaine taste and a beer pocket book” LOL LOL

      • The no paddle up your creek line depends on your idea of what no means. Don’t go up or do go up.

        • Perhaps creek is a reference to Creek as in Creek Indians? I don’t know if that tribe was prevalent in the Rockies or not, or even if it’s an official tribe name.

          • Clinger, I am a tribal Creek member with a CDIB card, we came from Alabama, Georgia and northern Florida.

            However some food for thought, Since Forrest acts like one of our native “Trickster, Joker, the Coyote” it might be smart to look for a place with that name. Just Sayin……

    • Why is creek ‘ s only definition is water? Another definition of creek is a narrow passage. And may be the reason for no paddle need.

      Just a thought.

    • The head waters of a river always start out as rivulets, brooks, creeks and/or streams. Sometimes the headwaters of a river retains the same name as the river and therefore is called (named) a river even though it is just a creek.

      • So theoretically at some vague probably indistinguishable reference point on a water way you could say… upstream is creek and downstream is river.

      • A definitive place where you could say upstream is creek and downstream is river is where two creeks meet together and have enough water volume that it now becomes a river with one of the 2 headwater creeks retaining the name of the river created.

        • Well gosh darn Ed, I’m gonna print, frame and hang this award to give my canary something extra special to sing about.

    • All this talk about the creek……. what about the paddle?

      verb: paddle; 3rd person present: paddles; past tense: paddled; past participle: paddled; gerund or present participle: paddling
      walk with bare feet in shallow water.

      noun: paddle; plural noun: paddles
      an act of walking with bare feet in shallow water.

      Maybe “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” should be interpreted as “There’ll be no [walking barefoot in shallow water] up your creek”……..

      And maybe the reason why there will be no walking barefoot up the creek is because of heavy stream loads, and high water……..


  29. Well maybe, if it looks like a duck then its a ….. Poetetic license?…. rythmes with meek (???)

    • So he just selects creek because it rhymes with meek? That doesn’t sound like Forrest. He said don’t discount any words.

      • He could have also chose meek to rhyme with creek.

        Forrest’s architect statement withstanding, I don’t believe that every word in the poem is significant. I would surmise that some have been added to make the rhyme work, or the meter, or just sounded good to Forrest at the time. Of course, knowing which ones would be pretty handy.

    • creek
      \ˈkrēk, ˈkrik\
      : a small stream
      Full Definition
      1 chiefly British :a small inlet or bay narrower and extending farther inland than a cove
      2 :a natural stream of water normally smaller than and often tributary to a river
      3 archaic :a narrow or winding passage
      — up the creek
      :in a difficult or perplexing situation

      noun , often attributive
      : a large natural flow of water that crosses an area of land and goes into an ocean, a lake, etc.
      : a large flow of something
      Full Definition
      1 a :a natural stream of water of usually considerable volume
      b :watercourse
      2 a :something resembling a river
      b plural :large or overwhelming quantities

      Or maybe it means
      — up the creek
      :in a difficult or perplexing situation

      • Thinking like Forrest will get you far with the creek debate.

        Have you ever, seen the ravages of a flood? Yes., he considered everything and for sure flooding was one of them.

        Flash floods can occur in a heart beat in the rockies. He probably didn’t want any of his searchers in harms way either. IMO
        He placed it near a creek but not in the way of any danger. Remember that the chest is not locked. Do you think it would be in a ravine? No way.

  30. I know what it is like to be up **** creek without a paddle….It is perplexing. Many have. Is this what he means? A difficult situation? Only the Shadow knows.

    • Lewis and Clark turned paddles into wooden saddles for their portage. In a seperate incident their canoes were overturned in high water and Sacagawea single handedly recovered the most important navigational instraments from the river (while swimming with a baby).

    • Loulee,
      I think you’re correct in your assumption of a difficult situation. but take it a step further, how else can you say a difficult situation? stuck between a rock and a hard place. in a bind. and others.

      Food for thought.

      • seeker, You are so right, we really need to understand all the meanings. Like if you are Wise, could be…Owl Creek, or Blaze could be, Fire mountain and so on, Right?

        • Loulee,
          IMO, and only mine. Fenn is not using common names for places. If i was to connect “wise” with “owl” it would have to fall in the meaning of wise as intelligence or knowledge, as it has for a very long time or something that would stand out as such.

          Or even use wise and owl as a birds eye view with a double meaning. If a searcher was “wise” enough to be in the correct location the poem leads them… at the right elevation…then they would see what is needed to be seen, below.

          IF a name of something is used it would have to be a name that would never change or be renamed or the name has stayed the same for many ages…

          Even the same for ” Not far but to far to walk” searchers have been looking for a distance to match “walk”. I think the distance refers to Time. and not a physical distance to travel.

          a lot of searchers / readers. see “treasures and trove to be one and the same. I see them similar and yet have two totally different meanings as one means ‘possessions important / valuable to one’ …and the other means… ‘of value with no ownership’.

          All just an opinion.

          • Very Good, Seeker….
            Y is it?
            WY. is it?
            Wyoming is it. I must go?

            Lou Lee, chased by Brown Bears in Y

          • Loulee,
            You can go with that interpretation of “why is it I must go” for WY.

            Just another thought. Who is { I } in that sentence. and a more literal thought, why is { I } being removed.

            To say Y refers to a stated or New and Old refers to NM. a reader can find reference to all four remaining state. The word treasurers for Montana as in treasure stated and so on.

            But again just an opinion I just don’t see a Name for places. Just the places the poem follows.

            Just a suggestion, next time a bear comes running at you, Drop the beef jerky bag and back away slowly. lol

          • @ Seeker,

            What if wise IS referring to an owl……. or should I say, a Tecolote!

            Tecolote is a Nahuatl language word meaning owl……….

            (you’ll have to use the translate button)

            And according to that webpage, “[i] The owl since pre-Hispanic times was considered by indigenous peoples as a sign of death and ill omens, representing in most ancient cultures of Mexico and Guatemala to various gods, especially the underworld. It must be specified that the underworld Mesoamerican cultures do not necessarily represent something evil, but simply something that may be undesirable, as death.[/i]”

          • Been wise like a Tecolote……. and Found the blaze………

            Maybe “found” is referring to a “Found Poem”??


            Wouldn’t that be something if the blaze is a Found Poem within the poem!

            Actually if that’s the case, it would make the poem purists happy………

          • @Lou Lee, wy is it. y is itt. wy=it, y=itt. That line has a couple of ways it can be broken down. wy does equal it, and y does equal itt. Also, that line also has references to time.Tea time 4, 6:43,4:36, and 7:33 can all come from this line. Also, I’ve also found: So 9 is 8 too, So 9 is 7, So why sit, to list a few. That one line is loaded with hints.

        • So why is it that I must go, tells me after seeing the blaze and after u marvel gaze you leave that area and continue the directions in the poem cause your not finished at that point. 🙂

  31. Who thinks there are additional hints with/on the map? I think there.

    • I asked Forrest. His answer was cryptic, as usual. He said something like, “Mindy, I didn’t make the map. You might want to contact Benchmark for those answers.”
      Maybe we are supposed to be brave enough to contact certain key people?

        • No Chris. He said I should ask them for the answers to my questions. Like how come the town north of Cody is left off?
          And why the crosses?
          And why some of the “high lighted” white areas have what looks like gibberish on them that doesn’t match up to a real map.

          • Mindy,
            I like your saying “highlighted white areas” since understand that highlight can mean just that, bleached, hair highlights etc. So which area of the map is really highlighted? The colors or the bleached?

          • I contacted Benchmark and told them I would like my money back cause of a defect in the map ( No X on the map ) They told me all sales are final !

    • Nice guy

      I will say that the map has not helped me. 🙁 maybe I need to learn how to read one 😉 lol

      • well, one of my spots just happened to be, in my mind, confirmed by something I noticed. Then again, we see what we want to see.

  32. The radio mentioned that f said “the chest is still wet” back in January. IMO that goes along with snow covering it. That takes us to the statement of you can’t find it in the snow. Do they contradict each other?

    • Did he say, “the chest is still wet” or just wet? Because there’s a big difference in “wet” and “still wet”.

      • The way it was worded in the interview above was “still” wet. And it wasn’t the treasure, just chest. It referred to a January interview.

        • The “STILL WET” was in the script that the girl was reading. The man also said that the treasure was hidden “AT an ESTIMATED 5000” I believe these are both mis-quotes of what Forrest has said in the past- The wet from the NM ad and the “above” 5000 feet clue on the Today Show. Don’t put too much faith in anything that a reporter says that Fenn said……..
          Listen closely to everything interview and weight that to the other interviews.

          • Yeah, but…the Third Eye reporter…the monotone babe…said that Forrest oversaw THE Santa Fe Art Gallery…so she got THAT right! 🙂

          • JC1117 he may have “overseen” his gallery but I think “OWNED” would have been more accurate. Also it was “Fenn Galleries LTD”, not “The Santa Art Gallery” although “THE BEST Santa Fe Gallery” would be acceptable. I’m not tying to be smart but I wish reporters would get their information right, thats what they are getting paid for. This report reminds me of the Yahoo reporters.

          • Hi, Not Obsessed. I agree with your comments. That’s what I meant with “THE” Gallery. 🙂

      • I woke up this morning discounting every dry place until I went back and listened a few times. I still say it is not in water or why would he have put gold dust inside?

        • I believe it is in a vial… maybe he sealed it in wax like his biography… maybe they are in the same jar… idk???

        • I’ve never thought it was in water, but anything out in the ‘open’ could get/be wet. He could also just be referring to moisture because of where it’s at.

        • WHEN did ff ever say there is “gold dust” in the chest? He talks about gold nuggets and how large 2 of them are. Never heard him say “gold dust”.

          • The caption under the photo reads: “This gold dust from the California ‘49er days is now in a glass jar and safely tucked away in Indulgence.”

    • Wet Chambers Dictionary adjective includes the following: (for what it’s worth)
      Crazily mistaken (US sl)
      In politics, moderately conservative (derogatory)

      Is it misunderstood
      or still conservative in value or conservative opinion on where to place it (as in our rights)


      • Interesting uken2it. Perhaps f meant we have misunderstood the treasure or it is conservative in value; or conservative in where it is placed.

  33. Wet…..meaning could be misunderstood. Like being “Wet, behind the ears”
    Deep thinking…..Your right Oh, Uken2it…..

  34. F knows the chest is wet now but he never said it stays wet so if we guess on this one we could be all wet 🙂 So how is F not sure if searchers have been closer then 200ft dang someone could have it and not told F or is it so well hid?

      • Thats a chance we have to accept but F talks like it is still out there under the sun, moon and stars…hope so

  35. F did also say it is possible tha it could be scorched in a fire. I believe when he said “it’s wet” that he meant its under snow.
    I should be visible in Spring…

  36. Near the Great Northern Railroad Hotel outside of Glacier National Park there was a handpump for water down by the railroad tracks. There was a tin cup hanging from it that everybody drank from. Nobody had a problem with that.
    Across the tracks and up a trail along a stream is a little gingerbread house where my mothers family lived. It had an outhouse….Nobody had a problem with that.
    Heavy loads, and water high.

    • West Glacier is a beautiful area Michael H. Is your mother’s family home off of old highway 2 or near to the Belton Chalet?

      • The Izaak Walton Inn is a historic inn in Essex, Montana, USA. It was originally built by the Great Northern Railway in 1939 for lodging railway workers. In addition to railway lodging, the hotel was also originally envisioned to perhaps become an official southern gateway to Glacier National Park. The cottage that is up the trail behind the hotel had belonged to my mothers family.
        She told me that it was kind of funny that nobody was concerned about drinking from the same tin cup, and that the well was down from their outhouse.

        • Great area Michael Hendrickson. GNP is my favorite area in northern Rockies but It’s been many years since I’ve been there. Are you a fly fisher like Forrest? I remember several guiding services in that area.

  37. I like what Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory said about be being up ***** creek without a paddle, something like…you’r in an effluent creek in an Native American water craft without any means of propulsion. This shows what a different take others may have on a phrase that we think is familiar.

    • Ha! That’s funny!

      It would be really funny if the line “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” is referring to a creek named “Butte Creek”……….. No paddle up Butte Creek!! I think the one time that paddle appears in TTOTC, it is when Fenn was waiting his turn at the paddle……. (his dad paddling his butt!)

      Funny especially to 13 year old kids……. Didn’t Forrest say his mind stays at about 13? Ha!

  38. I am watching Gold Rush, I freaking Love that show. They are giving away gold tonight.

  39. …check out the date(s), photographer’s name, captions, replies and locations from these 2 pics on Google Earth.

    I am going to be upset if this leads anywhere, I do not/ did not want this to be scavenger hunt based solely on photos and places… maybe it’s just another coincidence, could be many people with the same name. I doubt a person could fake the upload date

    • Funny he’s out looking too. I mentioned his name the other day. After seeing the pot you know he’d be out searching. I wonder who else is into action novels.

      • …the photos are 2008, this could be Fenn trickery, Fenn pretending to be other people, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs/ me losing my marbles

  40. How many solutions do you have. I have 3 right now. I’ll have 3-5 before I go back to YS in the summer. I have a primary that I keep researching but other places seem to pop up during the research. Most go away pretty quick but some warrant a closer look.

  41. “Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” Charles Kuralt

    Oh how true! Thank goodness that we all have someone like Forrest Fenn that is trying to help us all get off the Interstates!

  42. as = even like [begin a comparative simile for 3rd line]
    I = I Forrest
    have = has been there, done that
    gone = left one place to go to another
    alone = all by my lonesome [a key word for simile]
    in = entered
    there = a place in the forest in the mountains North of Santa Fe

    and = while (inclusively)
    with = having something
    my = (that is) mine
    treasure = something personally worthy of value
    bold = (did the aforementioned act with) no hesitation [a key word for simile]
    , = pause to reflect on the separateness of this depicted thought from the whole of the complete depicted thought.

    I = I Forrest
    can = am able to boldly all by my lonesome self [simile applied]
    keep = hold close, not let go, not reveal
    my = (that which is) mine
    secret = knowledge known to no other
    where = the location in the forest in the mountains
    , = pause to let sink in the complete depicted thought

    and = also as well [inclusive]
    hint = (I Forrest have/will) subtly speak
    of = about
    riches = immensely valuable things
    new = (which are) recent
    and = as well as
    old = (things) from the past
    . = stop and reflect, the end of one complete cohesive depicted thought

    Some possibilities for “hint of riches new and old”:
    alludes to the TC and its contents.
    alludes to a place where both riches new and old have sprung forth
    alludes to the social concept of old money/new money to help solve a forthcoming clue.

  43. Ryan over on Row, Row, Row Your Boat asked me to explain why I am drawn to the Madison Junction as my place to start…
    I answered there and copied the answer to here because there are more subscribers here…

    I will explain some of why I am interested in it.

    In TTOTC Forrest mentions several rivers. Among those mentioned are the Firehole the Gibbon and the Madison. He has spoken with affection about all three in interviews. This is understandable since he spent his summers growing up around these three rivers. He fished these rivers and he explored and played around these rivers. There is also quite a bit of park history around these three rivers.

    All three rivers meet not far from the west entrance to the park, where Forrest’s family owned land that they camped on and later built cabins on and later still Forrest, Skippy and Donny built a motel near there. The area around this part of the Madison was the playground of the young Fenns. There is probably not much territory in this area they have not explored.’s a large area and will take a long time to thoroughly examine…

    I like this area as being the general area for the hiding place of Forrest’s chest. He is intimate with it. His fondest memories from his youth would certainly include it. There are many, many photos of young Fenns in this general area. His family is intimately tied to this area and there is some interesting history in the area that appears to connect with ideas in the poem…
    On the other hand we could probably find connections to the poem in Pittsburg and Miami if we wanted… 🙂

    The area has stunning vistas and plenty of isolated areas that would be suitable (in my mind) as a final resting place for a victim of untreatable cancer. It sits at about 7,500ft in elevation.

    Forrest’s second memoir..TFTW also has many references to this area including the story that gives the book its title. In all, there are probably more references to this general area in his two memoirs than to any other area including areas in NM and even Temple TX. I am certain someone will start counting references and perhaps find that I am delusional but in my mind it seems like this is likely true.

    And for those who like word games..see how many stanzas you can find letters for Yellowstone, Madison and some other geographical names in the area that might make you stop and consider things…at least for a moment.

    So..okay dal…you like the area…but do as you keep telling others to do…
    Show me how you get there with the clues in the poem…

    Because I am a no-good SOB I will not tell you entirely how I get to that specific area…or how the poem narrows the area down within that region for me…
    But I will tell you this…in an attempt to answer Ryan’s question-
    In my tired and otherwise useless little brain I see no secret or hidden meaning in what I consider to be the very first clue in Forrest’s poem.
    “Begin it where warm waters halt”

    There are two rivers in Yellowstone that are known to be very warm. They are warm and yet they are great trout fishing streams. Rivers that Forrest and his dad both fished extensively..and often took clients to as well, the Gibbon and the Firehole. There is much history around these two rivers and the area that they drain…it is fascinating reading. I must have a dozen or more books and journals written about the history and early travelers of that area. It is a very exciting location to walk around in if you are armed with some knowledge of the place.

    Okay…so we have two warm rivers with international reputations for both warmth and fish…so what??
    Interestingly both of these rivers halt at the same exact place..or at least within a few hundred feet of each other…”where warm waters halt”..
    I don’t think the plural…”waters” without intent…two rivers halt at this spot…
    How often does that happen??
    And if there are other places where it happens do they have a strong connection to Forrest?

    So perhaps you see my interest in this place where the Firehole and the Gibbon end as not only a unique place..but also likely to be the place Forrest intends us to “Begin it..” in his poem.

    So why doesn’t everyone think this is a good place to begin?
    Because the place has a name, Madison Junction”.. and it is not known commonly as the place where two warm rivers halt…rather it is known as the place where a very interesting river in our narrative begins…this is the place where the Madison River begins..
    “Begin it…” interpretation of that line (don’t mess with my poem!) is:
    It begins where two warm waters halt

    Now..I am stopping careful how you leap into this if you want to pursue it…
    There is some very interesting language in this poem…but I still believe it is a road map. If followed correctly it will take us to the chest…

    Many others have already pursued the road I’ve revealed here..and Forrest tells us that the chest is still where he hid it..
    So it’s not an easy trail..
    Even if I am correct…and there is better than a gazillion to one chance that I am wrong..just saying…

    I don’t know anything more than anyone else on this blog and probably much less than most of you. This is just my belief..nothing more…You can take it or leave it..
    This is not an argument against anyone else’s ideas..
    I was asked what I thought and so I am revealing what I think…

    I would prefer that rather than argue against my opinion you spent some time laying out your own opinion..
    A better solution to that line in the poem would be the best evidence that mine is not correct…

    I, not unlike Diggin Gypsy, would be happiest if everyone else looked in New Mexico 🙂


    • Thanks Dal. Always appreciate your knowledgeable insight.

      Your statement…a final resting place for a “victim of untreatable cancer”… caught my attention. Wanted to inquire after Forrest’s health. Is your cancer victim reference past tense?

    • I was lucky enough to figure it out using the poem. .. sure didn’t hurt that tftw came out about then.

    • I like your thoughts, Dal. You could certainly be right!

      It is definitely a magical place. Jamie and I have some unique theories (hence Jamie poking around Buffalo poop until 2 am).

      We have done (Jamie more extensively) a ton of research into the people and places around West Yellowstone. It’s incredible all that we learned.

      We know who one of the “old biddies” is. I admit, it was my crazy theory that he hid the chest in a well on her property so that her lawn would be watered with his cancerous remains. Gross, but what perfect payback. Lol.

      However, just last night, I finally figured out the analogy behind the story of the strings, and I decided that hiding the chest in a spot that would make a statement against a person or a government is not something he would do.

      I’m analyzing the poem a new way, and Jamie is slamming the research. I’m finding some very interesting things. I am pretty sure I have solved the 4th stanza, but like Forrest said, there are no shortcuts, and I can see why you’ve got to know WWWH.

      I am pretty sure but not even close to 100% yet that you have to solve the entire poem to get WWWH.

      So, back to work for me! 🙂

    • My take on wwwh is that it is not something hard to find but hard to be sure if it is right F is a sly guy.

    • Dal, so you feel that you are far enough ahead of everyone that you are able to post your solve for wwwh?

      • Decall, It has been over 4 yrs. and Dal is not the only searcher to use that area, so, why not be open about it. Then again, Dal has just recently admitted to being a no good SOB, so maybe he’s laying down a smoke screen…

        • Lol ken… so you’re on this line too? Dal is stubborn too… i offerd to tell him the correct blaze (all in fun Dal)

          • Not my area of interest Decall. I do not share info because I have never heard or seen my area mentioned. So, why would I say anything?

    • I like your spot Dal. If you’re wrong you sure picked a great place to be wrong. Who can’t love going to that area. It’s sure a lot better than wandering around mine tailings or the scrub brush of the high deserts; in my opinion.

      • Goofy, don’t be so hard on Dal, I thought Dal and Harley were on to something rappelling down that mine shaft! 😉

    • Dal,
      Do you truly believe it can be in Yellowstone? Consider:
      – He said the hints in his memoir are subtle – nothing subtle about Yellowstone
      – He said he doesn’t want to give any clues that will actually help anyone on the Today show
      – If it was that obvious and with all the people searching in Yellowstone, should it not been found already
      – You returned to many of your initial search areas and there is evidence many searchers have now been there, thus proving if it is obvious many will pick up on that and go there.
      – should not the person who solves it be the only one to think of this (with out being too creative)?

      I continually ask myself, why do so many searchers go to the same areas? I conclude that is is too obvious or what FF intended searchers to do. IMO, I feel he wants to make it difficult so the obvious must be ignored. I know I am a very small minority thinking like this but I feel a contrarian approach may have an advantage.

      • Wolf,
        When I first joined the Chase I felt at a disadvantage for being late to the game so I thought I should think outside the box. I started WWWH n/o Alaska a bit and followed submarine canyons to the West Coast and worked my way east to no avail.
        My next attempt on land brought me to a place pretty close to the place Dal has just shared. Since I was using a map from the early 1800’s I can’t be sure where it lines up with today’s maps. I do know it is south of the Missouri River and maybe south of Yellowstone River.

        • Interesting, I know there is a tendency to get too creative and tame it down to find the sweet spot. With only two clues solved to date, how many other searchers do you feel have also duplicated your and Dal’s WWWH? Does that number seem consistent with what FF has revealed to date?

          • I don’t know if many have tried submarine canyons but I doubt many have. My warm waters are warmer ocean currents circulating near Alaska and on the east near Labrador where the currents become cool. I came up near Brown University on the east coast and Monterey on the west. Don’t recall how Monterey figured into it. But I have never written forest and shared my solve ideas, so probably not correct unless someone else shared a solve like this.

    • “Begin it where warm waters halt”
      I’m not really giving any thing away in this, just a way of thinking. Yellowstone is known for the geysers, mud pots, hot springs and other warm water features. There is much history within all of Yellowstone. I have one thought on the history I cannot share or it will lead others to spots I have in mind.

      Yellowstone is a vast very exciting location that Forrest wants every kid to experience, like he did. I believe that Forrest wants to get everyone out into the wilderness and off their butts. I don’t think this is limited to fishermen. I believe that “WWWH” is the park, or even the caldera in a more limited sense. Warm”waters” is intended to mean the park.

      I believe the poem is intended for the masses. Forrest has repeated things along the lines of ; I want someone else to have the chance just like I did. Does he have the 12 y/o boy/girl in mind or some 50+ year old person finding the treasure. Many, myself included, are thinking way to hard considering who I believe this is written for. That is why he did this. That is why he wrote the poem.

      Now..There are many things that “take it in the canyon down.” The hunt to find “THE what” will take people all over the park. Once you find the what you like, well.. how far is too far. I’ll be stopping here. This is just my interpretation and nothing more. This is not an argument with anyone else. Lets see more people laying out any part of the poem you would like. That is what I think this “The Nine Clues” thread is all about.

    • Dal,
      You are way too modest! You are probably the most dangerous searcher out there. That is as far as being able to find TC. Good fortune to you!

  44. Dal I didn’t know you were a no good SOB . Maybe we belong to the same club . I’ve heard that about me too. So if you ever get up my way here in Montana Please come by and have a cup of coffee or to say HI . We would love to meet you and show you the horses. I’ll send you home with some very tasty jelly of our wild berries & cherries from around the flat head.

    • Woody-
      Thanks for the invite. I know little about the flathead..however I know quite a lot about wild berry jelly and it is one of my favorite foods. I look forward to trying yours.

  45. Hi Dal,
    OFF TOPIC… Just wondering if you have any details to share on Forrest’s latest book about Leon Gaspard…

  46. I too, have thought that the treasure is, in or near Yellowstone. I have searched Wyoming and Montana, and Idaho before he said “Not in Idaho”. My first inclination was that it was near Fire Hole area, but I have not searched that area, when I heard many were.
    Lately, an area in Colorado has caught my attention, while looking at old maps of an area. Its farther away for me to search, which makes it hard, because Montana and Wyoming are just a few hours away, and I can just hop in the 4 wheel drive and go.
    Thanks for sharing Dal! And best wishes to all.
    The Race is on………

    Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Bears in Jellystone Park.

    • …Lou Lee,
      If you’re one of the the “I feel the poem is a road map” types, have you looked up Echo Canyon Trail in Colo? Judging from this webpage the place looks incredible:

      The trail itself is 3.3 miles rndtrip, moderate difficulty, there’s a waterfall at the end… blah, blah ,blah
      As wonderful and quaint as it all sounds, I am sure the place has been turned upside down already. I imagine the 2 trails leading up to Nambe Falls have also been scoured by searchers and the pueblo residents as well. Would I like to see these places, you bet. Would Forrest pick a spot so obvious, hard to say. IMO Forrest spent many years dreaming up this challenge, a puzzle that we must solve, hence the phrases Unlock the Clues, difficult but not impossible. I think a nature lover like Fenn would be happy to croak anywhere in the great outdoors, so I don’t go in for the whole ‘sentimental’ reasoning.

  47. Dal have you ever considered the waste water treatment plant just west of Madison Junction The Home of Brown? I have used that when I consider that area.

    • Remember that warm, as used in the context if the poem, can also be described as “useless.” I can think of a big area of useless water thanks to some un-environmentalists. I’m not saying that is WWWH, but it as A WWWH. The correct WWWH will lead like a footstep to the next clue.

    • Jwha-
      I’ve looked at that plant from GE but don’t have any interest in it as fitting into a solution for a couple reasons, probably the most important being…
      No man-made structure

      But I also believe that if the poem is to be useful for a hundred or a thousand years the markers on the roadmap must also be available in a hundred or a thousand years…

      Some things change over time but many things remain the same…
      I think Forrest would have tried to use markers that are constant over much as anything ever is…

      • Dal,
        I know we have discussed this before and I am aware of your strict definition of structure. Forrest did say to google structure and this is what it Google says.

        : the action of building : construction
        : something (as a building) that is constructed
        : something arranged in a definite pattern of organization

        In engineering and architecture, a structure is a body or assemblage of bodies in space to form a system capable of supporting loads. Physical structures include man-made and natural arrangements. Buildings, aircraft, soap films, skeletons, anthills, beaver dams and salt domes are all examples of physical structures. The effects of loads on physical structures are determined through structural analysis. Structural engineering refers to engineering of physical structures.

        Ok the extremes of this definition rules out beaver dams, salt domes,etc Yikes!

        Then I listened to an interview with Shilo/FF and Shilo said that the Today Show didn’t like the use of “outhouse” and insisted on structure (or something to that effect). On one side, I understand FF’s reason for the out house clue and it doesn’t help you get any closer, however if we use a strict definition then it really gets you closer because it rules out just about everything.

        So if we rule out the mines, we must also rule out the beaver dams and ant hills. Or do we assume (I hate to do that) it is anything built by man. Or do we just rule out outhouses. The former makes it a huge clue, the latter is a clue as FF initially intended -> not much help.

        • Wolf-
          I think there will always be questions that cannot be answered until the chest is found and/or Forrest explains the poem.

          Once the chest is found there will be many more questions…there always are…rarely are any directions perfectly clear..language is an imperfect science.

          I make decisions about “structures” on a case by case basis…
          I am not ruling out caves…but I am ruling out beaver dams not because of the “structure” issue but because I don’t feel they are permanent enough to be a good marker in a hundred or a thousand years…regardless of whether they can be considered a “structure” or not.

          But I have no qualms about eliminating a waste water treatment plant based on the idea that it is a structure…
          Some “possible structures” I may hesitate with…but a sewage treatment plant will not pass muster for me..

          • agree about the sewage treatment. Just not elegant enough for Fenn. I was hoping you would comment on the Shilo comment…

          • Wolf-
            Based on what I know about Forrest, if he said bronze he means bronze..if he said structure he means structure..Doesn’t matter that the Today Show didn’t want him to say “outhouse” if he had not wanted to say “structure” he would have used a different word. The fact that he used a word with a broader meaning is helpful to me and I am certain he gave it thought..

  48. this may have been covered but does anyone think “as i have gone alone in there” might be the first clue? i know Forrest gives us a beginning place but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the first clue right? Its at least something to think about while the snow melts.

    • I nearly flipped my lid when ff said noone is past the first 2 clues. .. alone in there is all that made sense

      • Decall, I know that FF said that two people had the first two clues but did he specifically say no one had answered more than two? . Just because he said two doesn’t eliminate more than two. I think it is like 300 miles west of Toledo when it is closer to 1300( +/- 200?), with no real value.

    • Jonny-
      Many people feel that is the first clue..
      I am not one of them.

      Forrest has a very narrow definition of “clue” and he has delineated it for us in the past. His idea of a “clue” includes the idea that it will get you closer to the chest…

      So…by that definition..”as I have gone alone in there” does not really get me closer to the chest in the same way that “take it in the canyon down” does.

      In my mind, one is a clue and one is a hint but not a clue so I don’t count it as one of the nine clues..

      Having said all this I don’t believe anything in the poem is more valuable than any other thing…
      EXCEPT…where to start…we need to know where in the heck to start before we can understand the other ideas…

      But if there are 9 clues…or 12 clues..doesn’t really make a lot of difference as long as they are properly used…

      Just my opinion..

      • I agree with Dal on this. I believe identifying which of the 9 clues are straight forward, he as much said that in the Moby Dickens book signing, but why confirm it, it takes out all the mystery and fun?

      • Dal,

        If only 2 clues have been correctly identified and if the same person(s) were within 200′ of the chest that would leave 7 clues to move toward the chest that is 200′ away. It is possible that the location is such that one would need to gain access via 7 additional clues.

        another useless 2cents but this has been under discussion a bit and it may be an argument for the two accounts being separate accounts and different folks

        • uken-
          These two ideas:
          Two clues have been correctly identified
          Folks have been within 200′ of the chest

          Have been floating around for years. Forrest said them to individuals and then later said them in interviews and even wrote them…
          However..he uses different words in some of his mentions…
          Sometimes he says that it is searchers who have been close…sometimes he does not say searchers..
          Here’s what I think about all that…

          If the chest was located within 150ft of the Taos Valley Ski Area parking lot, dozens of people would be within 200 feet of it every day. Forrest wouldn’t even have to read email from searchers to be able to say that “two people have been within 200 feet of it”. He didn’t say “ONLY two people”. But that’s just an example. I don’t think it’s near the Taos Ski Area parking lot…but imagine how many folks have been by it if that were the case…

          With the two clues being correctly identified he would have to read his email or talk with a searcher to know what they think the clues are…It doesn’t mean they acted on those clues..maybe they are from Germany and just wrote him with their idea…

          He also didn’t say that three other people had the first four clues correct…but maybe he could have..
          Maybe 1,000 people have written him with the complete correct solution…maybe half of them actually travelled to the location and searched…maybe they didn’t find it.

          But the big interest of mine with these two statements and why he keeps repeating them is-
          Why does he keep saying these things??
          I think it’s to sound encouraging..
          It is possible to know the first two clues…
          It is possible to get within a couple hundred feet of the chest..
          This keeps us from quitting…
          But in does not help us find the chest AND it detracts us from focusing on the clues…
          In fact it doesn’t matter who was close or by how much or whether or not someone has figured out all the clues or only two of them..
          What matters is that it can, in fact, be figured out and that it is still out there for us to find..
          My opinion only..

          • LOL! dal, I have been waiting a year for someone to put that concept into words. Very well said!….and IMO, you are 100% correct!!

            Good luck to Ya guy and thanks for everything!!! 🙂 🙂

          • Dal
            I like your interpretation here. IMO if searchers were on the chase and only had first 2 correct AND got within 200 feet then that logically means they were within 200 feet…next 7 clues don’t really matter at that point. That means the clues are not miles apart but are “contiguous” as he has said…touching. But that may not be correct either. Using your ski area analogy, what if people were riding in the chair lift and actually were 200 feet ABOVE the tc? A lot of ways to think about this.

          • I agree completely Dal. It’s called marketing; and he is a marketing genius. A bonus for him would be to drive the obsessive folks absolutely insane. It seems that’s all they can talk about, while it doesn’t get them any closer to the chest.

            As you pointed out there are many ways to look at what he said. Another scenario how multiple parties can get two clues, skip past the other 7 and still get within 200-500 feet is for the last seven clues to be very close together.

            So using your solution (and we could even make the “what is it” question work here). Begin the Madison where warm waters halt (which is the only and very precise place you could begin the Madison). And take the Madison in the canyon down (the only way you can go).

            Not far but too far to walk put in below the home of Brown. Leave the Madison down river of the home of Brown. Once you solve these two clues (WWWH and Brown) all of the other clues are in close proximity. This is how people go right past the other seven. The scale of the chase changes at this point. Just another way of looking at it; and there are many.

            The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.

          • Goofy,
            Thanks for sharing the following:
            “Once you solve these two clues (WWWH and Brown) all of the other clues are in close proximity.”

            Unfortunately not very helpful for folks not searching on the ground, but your stance on the clues seems very likely to me. imo

          • Goofy – “Not far but too far to walk put in below the home of Brown. Leave the..” Don’t change his poem :). You interpret this way different than I do :).


          • I could have sent Forrest a picture from my adventure and simply been within 200 ft. I was not even working the clues then. Would that be considered a searcher telling exactly where he was, you bet. Stick to your possible solution while listening for things that make sense to you not things that make your head spin.

          • @uken2it; It’s not really my stance. It’s just one of the many ways to look at it.

            It would be a way to make it difficult for the locals. Very precise clues in a relatively small area after starting out on a larger scale. Everyone goes right past it.

            Once someone has a mindset it’s difficult for them to switch; Fenn knows this being a master manipulator. Every magician knows it’s not what the audience is looking at, it’s what the audience thinks they are looking at that matters, and he is a magician.

            I’ve wondered if someone knew exactly where the chest is (like Fenn does) would it stick out like a sore thumb to them. It’s right there in front of everyone and no one can see it.

            I do lean toward the position that at least some of the clues have to be found on location. How many I have no idea.

      • It would be crazy to think that nobody has more than 2 clues right. I wish I knew what ff was saying since he is an honorable man. As for me, i have excellent validation to several clues, like Dal’s logic on wwwh. He has more validation thsn he’s saying here. Ff’s is brilliant here

        • It may sound crazy but it is fact, thus that information says a lot if searchers choose to believe it. IMO

          Still no one has provided a logical explanation how multiple parties can get two clues, skip past the other 7 and still get within 200-500 feet.

          • Crap, Ok Dal just provided one and used my solution to rub it in. I concede that is one possible way if they are the same party ( which I believe there is ample evidence to support). I never thought I was ever one of the 200 footers but I was in that darn parking lot! Crap!

          • Still no one has provided a logical explanation how multiple parties can get two clues, skip past the other 7 and still get within 200-500 feet

            a better question is why would someone conclude, looking at F’s statements on the subject, that the 2 clues people are the same ones who came within several hundred feet?

          • Only ONE WAY I see this. Wolf, its because they had the right home of brown. OK….Im sure this is the Cat in the bag. lol or the one Not to be let out!
            He said he felt the Treasure would be found soon, last year.

          • Very funny Spallies! But forrest would not like us cutting down the forrest! I think the picture is a big clue of the stumps. Big. I think I get it…I really do. It ties in with a scrap book of his. Its one of those clues he does not directly address. But its there. Name that clue! Can YOU?

        • Decall, does f saying ‘no has given me the correct solve past the first 2 clues’, mean that no one has given him any correct solve for clue 3 and on? even one?

          im not sure if thats what hes saying. but, maybe he is

          let me ask you a question

          if someone gave Forrest a correct solve for clues 1,2,3 but then got it incorrect for 4, would it be accurate for F to say they’ve given me a correct solve past clue 2? the solve would be incorrect because they got clue 4 wrong, wouldn’t it?

          • This 2 clue thing had me hopping mad trying to see what is he saying.
            I just don’t think that’s even possible unless 1st 2 clues and 1st 2 places are different. Even Dal has identified what IMO wwwh, canyon down, too far to walk… that’s 3… maybe not 3 of the 9 but a solid 3. Hob , up your creek, found the blaze. all solid for me…. and though I never told ff the solution to those, I certainly believe I’m at the blaze. I’ve sent him pics of the blaze etc.
            Chris… everything you say makes sense. But your scenarios (as you see and feel) can’t be true. Therefore FF must be telling us to look carefully at the first 2 clues (not places) Let me hit some people over the head. You already know the poem is a circle. wwwh is symbolically same / similar to the blaze. so when you arrive at the blaze you understand it much the same as wwwh.

          • decall.
            you said; ” …I just don’t think that’s even possible unless 1st 2 clues and 1st 2 places are different…”

            I ask why do the first two clues have to be different Places?
            There is nothing that I have heard that says… Each clue is a single place.

            IMO combining clues maybe the way to find a single place and not constantly separating them.

            Just a thought.

          • TWO clues right, within TWO HUNDRED feet.

            It takes TWO TO TANGO within TWO feet of the TREASURE with Cassiopeia (W).

          • Gonna throw my 2 cents worth in here and this is IMO.

            The 2 clues and 200 ft are hints. Where do we find 2 and 200?

            Montana, that’s where the 2 and the 200 both run east west.

            Just hints to get us in the right state. Are they actually our north and south border you decide.

      • “And hint of riches new and old.” He is giving hints just like he said he would. I Think “Alone in there” is a clue in as much as the first stanza states what he did. Maybe it should be listed as a clue as a whole but not a individual line alone? Makes my counting of clues easier. They blend together like crazy.

      • What makes you assume the two searchers that guessed the first 2 clues correctly came within 200ft of the chest? IMO assuming anything is dangerous.

        • When I first joined the chase people had been within 500 ft. Very general, and reference one.
          Reference 2: folks sent him an email with the first two clues then went right past the other seven- in the email.
          Reference 3: a man has been closest.
          Reference 4: a man has been closest but there may have been some women with him.
          I believe that one two and three are all separate folks and events, and 3 and 4 are the same but they are getting closer.
          Just imo. 🙂

          • And the comment of no one to my uncertain knowledge has given me a corresponding solve past the first two clues(paraphrase); two things I see. No one, now could that mean more than one? Also, to his uncertain knowledge; maybe they sent their solve before they got within 200 ft, and nothing since? Just thoughts.

        • If I were a betting man which I am, I’d say both search parties that guessed number 1 and 2 clue correctly didn’t have a clue. And no I don’t think they were anywhere near 50ft. The darkhorse appeared at the end, completely unconnected to the original parties. This is the person with the winning solve that Forrest states he is uncertain about wether they were closer than 200 or examined a high probability target. IMO

          • Hey ed–I’m not being lazy with research, but I really have never heard or seen anywhere forrest saying there was someone with a possible winning solve OR anything about him being uncertain as to whether they had examined a specific spot or been closer than 200 ft. (The only comments I know of were once saying 2 had given 2 clues correct, and a seperate comment about 2 were physically close but didn’t understand significance of where they were at) are you referring to a comment in ADDITION to those two? It sounds like you are and I am dying that I missed it. Was it recent? Could you tell me where to find it please, I’d love to read it if I’d overlooked it! Thanks!

          • Hi jamie, I believe what you are looking for is one of the last “six questions” with fenn over on jenny site. Hope this helps. 🙂

          • A hopeless alcoholic? The paint job on a yacht? Larry David’s humor? An ice cube? Charlie Sheen? Me after giving my dog a bath? Our eyeballs? A dehumidifier?….no wait….is it “IT”?? Lol

          • Chaseme that would be Eds solve. The more we know about it (drys). The more we realize how all wet he was. He he, funny. The only problem is this, Ed has no tell and your never sure if it’s real or fake. I would say hold on but I’m not sure there’s anything to hold on too.

          • Jamie Jones – I’d like to chat with you off line if you are interested. For starters, I don’t understand where this continued reference to Cassiopeia is coming from, but clearly I am odd man out because everyone seems to know about it. Secondly, I think I know what M-A-N-B-Y means, though I don’t know where that comes from either. But otherwise, I think I’d like to “consult” with you offline. Is there a safe way I may reach you?

          • Jamie that’s just my interpretation of what I think he’s saying.

            I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.

            According to Forrest in this statement he is uncertain, notice how he says “surprise” well if you listen to his latest interview with Zack he said he wouldn’t be surprised if somebody does find it and he goes on to say that he doesn’t know whether a person has been closer than 200 feet. More uncertain knowledge. Why choose the word winning unless of course he was watching Martin Sheen then yea I can totally get it.

    • Jonny,
      I do believe …this is all just my opinion!! The first stanza is where F is “hinting” for us to find out where he went ALONE and where his SECRET is kept. Once we have figured that out we will know where to BEGIN the first “clue”. Until we figure that out we will never know which WWH to BEGIN at.
      I agree that that would be a good starting point to figure out the 9 clues..Happy Hunting!! Imagination is the key.

      • Thanks Onuat, Thanks for reminding me that Imagination IS the key…..Why is imagination so important? I think we are missing something. Its like the treasure is going to be right in front of us! Forrest said we would be very surprised. We are all missing something. Im trying.

      • Jonny, onuat,
        IMO once you know where he went “in” to hide the chest why do you need to solve the rest of the clues? Just go in and get the chest. Unless you believe the went in is a large area such as a National Forrest or Nation park then that would help. I think that went in alone refers to “brave in wood” which the hiding spot. He made two trips from his car to the spot, one carry the chest, the second carrying the contents, in one afternoon.

        • Im thinking ‘as i have gone alone in there” is extremely important to the poem but not sure if it is the first clue. I kinda like how onuat put it.

      • onuat, I couldn’t have put it any better. that phrase has played an important role in my solve.

        • Mine too..Jonny
          Not Obessed, yes I will “put in”after I go accompanied to where F has been ALONE to where his secret is kept…I hope my imagination is not running wild…lol
          I’ll be “brave and in the wood” after I “put in”….

  49. PLEASE O PLEASE DEAR GUVNER. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT ALL THE HATS ARE ABOUT???? Really driving me nuts. Ha Ha, I’m a chestnut. Annabella’s hat, Bella’s always with the hat, hats floating and mildewy……

    • Lowi-
      I think it’s just coincidence..his stories just happened to be about hats…
      One might ask why all the religious artifacts in his vignettes or why all the gold in his treasures bold and not the gems…
      My simple thought is that none of those things make any difference and I should not waste brain cells thinking about them.

    • In my strange world of stories, hats represent either crowns or halos. Take your pick. What it means? Who knows? LOL

      I am trying to not allow my imagination to over run my common sense. If I obsess on hats it would lead to shoes, to horse shoes, to swords, to spears, to walking sticks, to fishing poles….
      See what I am saying? If you do then please tell me because I forgot my gps on that journey. 🙂

      • deb, I see what you’re saying… Our imaginations have been overloaded with all these confusing messages, and just trying to figure them all out can get overwhelming. Then, if you add in all the other complications of life…like a broken printer, no map, no GPS… You have no direction… One can easily get lost along the way…
        Good luck to you on your journey… Where ever it may take you. 🙂

  50. Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
    Henry Ford

      • Learning from our failures of course! I had a boss one time that anytime something broke down we had an “opportunity”, just depends on how we look at what life hands us. I’m a fairly optimistic person, most of the time. Don’t give up.

        • Every morning I get up and do it all over again. Life is like that…full of mundane stuff. Don’t even get me started about age. Like Forrest said he isn’t liking what he sees in the mirror. Oh well, today is sunny 70°

    • Henry Ford should have considered brake failure more carefully before his quip…

      But I agree there is no failure until one is unable or unwilling to continue trying.

  51. My 2cents on this 200ft deal is that it may tell us that the chest is 200 ft from a trail and that is good to know…Remember he said it is not in very close proximity to a human trail(less than 200 ft)IMO…..also why go from 500 to 200 and use the term striking distance could be someone is very close…

      • Rick, that’s an easy good question. I believe he said human trail. The problem is doesn’t say a foot trail. Is a road a “human trail” or a “automobile trail”??? What about an animal trail, he did not say it wasn’t in close proximity to a animal trail. I have often tried to figure this out. I have often tried to figure out how far “very close proximity too”. I guess that its about as far as a hole is deep. Fenn is very good at giving answers that don’t tell you what you want to know.

  52. I’m thoroughly enjoying all the comments on the 200 feet problem. I have my own thoughts and theories on how what Forrest said about people being so close could make sense in congruence to the first two clues but i can’t articulate it without blatantly giving away my solve. I did want to put forth another question about the clues for us to think about. Does anyone think that “from there its no place for the meek” could indicate a direction change? Would that indicate that the first few clues ARE places for the meek? tourists, well traveled roads, human trails, etc…

    • The from there line implies wild, scary, intimidating … to me. I am meek and simply hiking around with bears scares the you know what out of me. In, down, below and up are the only obvious directional cues. I imagine what they mean is different to all of us.

      • yeah, hiking around bears scares the you know what outta me too!! Im just thinking why would he put that in his poem unless the preceding clues were places for the “meek”, unless the term “meek” refers to something totally different.

    • Yes, in fact, that (towards the no meek place) may be the wrong direction to go, If you have a choice go the other way, and maybe you will ‘Find’ the blaze

  53. IMO if it is in water it has to be calm water. F has said it is not in a dangerous place and don’t go where an 80 y/o man can’t go.

  54. This is just a random thought buzzing around my mind that could lead to lots of new perspectives on many different things and I’m wondering what you guys think. Say the clues aren’t related in a linear way at all they’re just nine clues. Aka answers might be “the louvre” “an art school” “dan browns birthplace” etc. All added up maybe eventually would lead to the Mona Lisa and the chest is behind it. (Yes it’s a structure but this is hypothetical) it could easily explain one getting 2 and no more…but more intruguing to me is the possibility that if each “location” contained a “piece of the pie” or “clue or coordinate in an of itself” and collectively all were needed…it could provide a great explination as to how forrest would or could know the chest hasn’t been found. For example if “WWWH” is revealed in one of his oral history tapes at McCracken research library as a coordinate or something and nobody has checked it out…he would know that nobody has that “piece” of the pie and couldn’t have that part of the solve. If one had to get off at a train stop to see another piece and nobody had bought a ticket for that stop in years? (Maybe 2 ppl even rode right past it hahaha) Same thing. Even if it’s not the “END” if we assume it’s possible that there are required “pieces” he wouldn’t even need to check on the chest…only that certain required pieces hadn’t been “accessed” so to speak. Does that make any sense or have I lost my mind again?

    • More than a few people are working on this and no one else knows a thing about it. I hope the finder will let others know it has been found in some way.

    • Jamie you could be correct……..but I’m leaning toward you’ve lost your mind. Hey, you asked. 🙂

      But you’re the coolest crazy person I know……You Search Like A Boss.

      • Lol. Thanks Goof. I’m also beginning to suspect that maybe the two ppl. That got the first clues correct are the women that proposed to him via email. What if they got the nudie pics and proposal right…but then skipped past the whole consummation and remaining seven clues? An emergency trip to SF with some buffalo hide pasties and a couple roofies may be in order….

    • Jamie.
      You do have a different perspective then most, always thinking. I applauded you for that.

      Let me throw a hypothetical out there. Lets say that the first two actual clues are a few words, a line or sentence, Maybe even a stanza that lead a searcher to a location. It could be “brave and in the wood” or “here me all and listen good” or a number of other choices. The point is could those two clues [ the first two clues] actually be the a place where a searcher will find something they expected to be there, but disregard it as a landmark of such and attempt to follow what they believed to be a physical trail to travel.

      In this scenario. The searchers would literally walk past the other seven clues, without knowing the significance of where they were. Attempting to Literally “follow” clues and maybe what they should have done was understand how to “use” the clues at the place they were at.
      ff did say that [ paraphrasing ] not all the clues maybe a physical place…”most” of the” places” the clues refer to did exists when he was a kid.
      How may physical places is truly a just a guess on our part yet still leaving some that are not. This may answer why some were within 200′ of the chest.

      it could be that the combined first two clues place one at a spot and the next few clues are not physical place to travel but something to understand. And may those lead to the last Physical places…One being where the chest lays in wait.

      Your example if working with “pieces” is a prime example of this hypothetical scenario or at the very least just a different perspective of the clues.

      But again…I like the way you think.

      Just an opinion.

      • I 100% agree….plus for all we know those “first two clues” could even just somehow narrow it down to a whole state…or even a Facebook page that had information within it. One would know two had seen it from friend requests…but they may have had no clue why they were even there, or even be involved in the chase at all. (Not saying I believe that…just using it to illustrate a point about alternative meanings for even words like “place” or phrases like “2 have solved clues but didn’t know their significance” ) If it’s anywhere within 200 feet of general travel then it’s likely that two people may have relayed stories to him of driving or taking a train right by it. Heck, it could even just be near an airstrip they said they landed at but weren’t even searching. I’m kinda with Dal and Goof that these statements probably wouldn’t help one Find anything per se, but contemplating them allows me to think outside the box as far as interpretation of F and his crafty words.

      • Seeker,
        Thought provoking way to look at the poem, thanks. I also like an apparent typo, “here me all and listen good” as in it is here! Listen to me!

  55. Seems to me he’s chasing the most similar, not necessarily the brainiest. Comfort.

  56. The places that the clues refer to must be fairly close together……..

    In this “Forrest Gets Mail” post – – Forrest states, “I am a very simple person… What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the ‘water high’ when I am through with it?”

    So apparently the entire journey from beginning to end is within “biking distance” for a 79-80 year old man……. This is assuming he meant a bicycle and not a motorcycle…….

    But I don’t think he meant motorcycle since he doesn’t have a driver’s license according to Scrapbook 107……

    • Jason

      I wouldn’t say the entire journey is within biking distance from beginning to end. just hypothetically if a bicycle was involved. that would just be the mode of transportation to the hiding place. the clues themselves can be spread over a state or even a continent.

      I have wondered at times why the use of the words Google Earth / or a good map was used. is it because Google Earth can zoom in on a very small area? or because Google Earth shows the entire planet.

      • Seeker,
        Google earth OR a good map. IMO Google earth is no better than a good map with respect to the Chase.

        Chaseme: a towel

        • Yes a towel.

          He’s asking what’s wrong with him riding his bike out there and throwing it in water high.

          I’m asking why is he asking what’s wrong with him doing that? There is no water?

          • Chaseme: have you seen the context of that statement? I’m pretty sure he’s not asking “what’s wrong” with him taking a bike….he’s implying “something IS wrong” with the person who is a stranger that’s offering a preposterously complicated scenario to drive him out there to leave his dead body and hide the evidence for him etc. The “why wouldn’t I just ride my bike” is a hysterical response in its simplicity to such an offer. Just IMO.

      • I certainly don’t know why, or if it matters, but Forrest has made two separate Google Earth comments.

        The first was a few years ago and he stated something to the effect of he didn’t consider the possibility of people using Google Earth. At the time, I didn’t think anything of the comment. However, since he made the second/lastest GE and/or good map comment, there may be something more to it. Perhaps not?

    • OK, so he did use a bike, right. Why not? or a raft, or something. He “Put In” ! 🙂

  57. I guess it’s a good thing I live in Nevada. I can’t imagine living in MT, WY, CO, or NM if/when the treasure chest is found. If I lived in the state it was found in I’m not sure I could sleep for the rest of my life just knowing it was in my backyard. I feel for everyone already.

    • Just hope that you aren’t one of the ones that was with in200 ft. That would be worse that having it in you home state. Luckily, or unfortunately, which ever way you want to look at it, It’s not me. I haven’t had a chance to put boots on the ground yet. I won’t get disappointed until June, unless someone finds it before then.

      • The only disappointment you feel will be shortlived. The outdoors remedies that!!!

      • No kidding, that would be a terrible feeling, fortunately no one has to experience that emotion because nobody except FF would know that.

  58. Gee it’s so hard to hang back and watch the sun shine! What a rough life! 🙂
    Anyway, I was planning for Easter but the weather looks better things weekend…
    Should I stay or should I go
    If I go there will be trouble
    If I stay there will be double
    So you gotta let me know
    Should I stay or should I go?

  59. I have thought at times, What exactly does “straightforward” mean in regards to 9 clues and a poem. What throws me off is a poem itself is all about interpretation.
    We all read differently into the clues, but are we missing something. ff has told us to read and re-read the poem over the years and even in a Q&A basically said. He is tired of repeating it.
    I have read the poem many different ways. And starting at WWWH as a lot of folks believe this is where to start or the first clue. And use stanza 2 and 3. I see one interpretation that may regards a Birth. Follow along thinking of those stanza.
    Birth; The breaking of the embryonic sac, down the birth canal, not far but yet not a walk. ‘put in below the hoB’…I’ll let you folks use your imaginations for that…mine are a log cabin, or maybe a cave, as well as others. No place for the meek is live itself…and life will always coming to an end…which is a difficult thing for most to thing about…
    Now re-read the same lines as this. WWWH as death as the body becomes cold, canyon down as a 6’ deep grave, being lowered and in, below ground… No place for the meek and the end is ever near, maybe the realities of life and that death sneaking up on all of us. “Just heavy loads and water high.” is a term I had heard of many year ago, describing a funeral or burial as placing dirt in the grave with tears of sorrow from love ones.
    Ya’ll can stop laughing now. These examples are just alternative ways of reading what the poem could possibly mean. My point is this, Yes the poem must tell a searcher how to get to the spot the chest lays in wait, but is the poem so “straightforwards” to mean only directions? Or our we missing the true interpretations of the poem as a poem?… Could it be that by reading and re-reading the poem over and over Many interpretations on different levels are needed, resulting in a ‘straightforward’ meaning of all 9 clues? And not ‘just’ a step by step set of directions?
    Sorry for the long post, I would be interested in your thoughts.

    • @ Seeker-

      How do you interpret the following 2 lines?

      1. As I have gone alone in there

      2. Brave and in the wood

      “In” both instances “in” is used.

      Do you think these 2 lines are the same thing or different?

      On one hand he states that he’s gone in bodly with the treasure but on the other he says “give you tittle”

      I guess the ? Is this. Is having “title” the same as have gone in there.

      • Gold fever,
        the simple answer is I believe the poem works as a whole. So those two lines have a connection yet are two different things.

        ” As I have gone alone in there” means this to me.

        I means, knowledge of self or self knowledge. the question is what is the meaning of self? I believe in part the author is narrating the poem. and I in the poem is a representation of something other than FF. Alone in that line for me means, in the first. And there is not so much a place but a place in time.

        In that stanza. Old and new for me means two places in a journey.
        So I don’t know if that help in answering your question or not.

      • Daaaaaaang GoldFever. Nice find. I believe that is the same place. .. i wonder if that is like the bridge jump story at night or cemetery or gypsy story

        • Perspective is everything with Forrest.

          He talks about the middle a lot.

          What do you think is in the middle, a fortress with trees surrounding.

          Imagination: a subjective thing. Just hope yours lines up with his., if it doesn’t your SOL

    • Seeker
      omg i thought I was the only one who saw this brilliant but crazy interpretation. I saw the birth analogy… part of the death analogy and the really crazy sex analogy. Read the whole poem like it is the sex act. None of this is a coincidence and is important to the overall theme imo (double Omega and Shakespeare ) he said use our imagination

      • The only parallel between the poem and a sex act is beginning and end. Roll the Charlie Sheen tape!

        • I should have said that they have a beginning and end. Decall I think you’ve lost your screws buddy. Time to focus on welding, maybe get all those kiddos out searching the Forrest.

          • Lol you guys are funny! Don’t forget that I didn’t write the poem. .. like goofy said dal can be proud of his wwwh solve (I discovered the same my self) even if it’s wrong his logic is sound. The normal layer of my solve is simple and spectacular. I have all to the blaze with confidence.

          • Decall
            My solve has me looking for the blaze too. I am not as confident about my solve though.

      • Decall
        I don’t see a ” crazy sex analogy” just a possibility to life and death. Or the existence of life from beginning to end. and the journey it takes.

        Just a thought

        • Decall, I have cousins with 19 kids (none adopted, one set of twins) and they are not on tv. Great family; they have the best stories.

  60. Seeker
    Very interesting thoughts, some of it could be logical. U have to begin somewhere and end it somewhere 🙂

    • Amy,
      My examples are the most outlandish ones I could come up with to make a point. Is the reading of the poem only linear? Just to be followed with no meaning other than directions.
      what do you think?

      • That poem to me has meaning all over it. Every line means something and it is directions as well. I can’t believe Forrest wrote an amazing poem I can surely see where it took awhile to do so. 🙂

        • Amy,
          Every word and every line might be important yet ff changed the fifth stanza after he recovered from cancer. Hmmm

      • Seeker,
        As you know I am not a big fan of the abstract solutions, because the posibilities are endless. I do beleive it there is a “what took me so long” connection it is plausible. However, one has to come up with a solution that will allow the individual to walk straight to it with confidence. The majority may not initially agree with it but once explained in detail, they must concede. A large task indeed.

      • I don’t think that the people who believe that the nine clues are a set of directions think that’s all there is to the poem. I know I don’t. And some of your “outlandish” examples are not that outlandish and may in fact be quite relevant.

        • @ Seeker, I agree with cloudcover, not outlandish at all. Actually, pretty insightful. I look at the poem as a series of “passes”. The first pass, using directions to get a commonality for each line gives me the alpha/numeric values. Second pass, gives more of a specific location, third puts all together, forth concurs all with book. In solving each line sometimes takes many steps, and most have more than one answer, but in the end, it’s all straightforward and actually simple (in a difficult way). I actually like your example if someone is taking the “time” way of solving the poem. It may possibly fit. If anything, it’s deeper thinking and deserves a look into.

          • @Seeker,

            Mr f has said to read and reread the poem. IMO…if a person were to read and reread the poem using different “keywords” then a person should see different meanings to the clues.
            Some folks believe a word in the poem is a “keyword” and very well may be…however…to me a person can not get “inside” a locked door without using a key therefore…IMO…the “keyword” is not in the poem…rather what the poem is about.

          • Thanks for the responses. My comment was to get a reacting to A poem’s usage. ff could have placed clues in the book but choice to write a poem instead. So when reading the poem I see many different interpretations [ right or wrong. Intentional or unintentional ] And I think most of those interpretations need to be understood before the poem becomes straightforwards and a location for the chest to me know.
            Example. I have heard many say the 1st stanza in just and introduction and may not contain clues. I see it as this.
            The stanza is written about the action of fenn and his intent, hiding a chest. At the same time I see ‘ I ‘ as to mean self. But ‘ I ‘ may refer to ancestry or the first to have ‘gone alone’ to the “new world from the “old” world. Self- knowledge of who we are. Or The When Where Why and How of knowledge we get from finding ancient items. The WWWH in stanza to works well as I believe it refers to the ice age and more to the point The older dryas and younger dryas. The end of the Clovis period to the beginning of the Folsom. ‘ There ‘ and ‘ Where ‘ as in time… So you may see a connection starting to appear between just the first two stanza.
            Ancients crossing the land-bridge turning warm waters halt and traveled the Ice free corridor, Canyon down [ now the Continental Divide] Which is the “backbone” of the Rocky mountains or no place for the ‘meek’. Which starts introducing stanza 3. Not far but too far to walk is the distance in time. The next three line in stanza 3 may be interpreted as the end of the Glacial period or the Ice river or ‘creek’. Heavy loads and water high will explain the glaciers carrying there load of sediments and Boulders. Leaving them behind as they retreat.
            This is how the poem can be interpreted without any physical travel of places… at least not yet. I won’t continue with the rest of my interpretation, as it gets very specific.
            The point I have been trying to make is the use of a poem, and all it’s interpretation of it may lead to a single conclusion. A single spot.
            Again, hope for comments.

  61. Here’s a marketing tip and the words are in the poem; listen good. Your client should be seen as a patient and you are the dr. You have to listen good to all the symptoms to correctly diagnose. However, don’t think of your diagnosis while your patient is still telling you his symptoms. Make sense?
    Hear me ALL and listen good. Hear what I am saying, ALL of it.

    • I agree, Jdiggins. I have learned some very interesting things in the past weekend that lead me to believe that all clues must be solved to know where to start. IMO

      • Hi Mindy,
        Some would label me a lurker, but I consider myself the quiet type. In your response to JD, are you alluding to Forrest quoting an excerpt from T. S. Eliot’s ‘Little Gidding’ poem?

        We shall not cease from our exploration
        And at the end of all our exploring
        Will be to arrive where we started
        And know the place for the first time (see Q5)

        Note: there is no “at” in the second line of the excerpt above (“And the end of all our exploring”). IMO, this was intended by Forrest; he doesn’t make many writing mistakes.

        BTW, I admire your and Jamie’s moxie. Where would humanity be if we didn’t push the envelope and accept some risk?


        • Thanks Joe,
          I wasn’t exactly referring to that poem. It’s more like the general direction I’m going now. I’m using two sources for my research that the poem and book suggest, and so far they’re complimenting each other perfectly. I’m not past the second stanza, though, although I’m still confident about the 5th (as long as what I find in other stanzas continue to support it).

          • Thanks for your answer, Mindy. I tend to pay attention to Forrest’s writing mistakes. IMHO, many pass them off as ‘senior moments’, and though that’s probable with some of his spoken gaffes, I believe his written word is quite deliberate.

            I asked the question because, IMHO, your original response to JD above is spot-on. The fact that Forrest added “at” to the second line of the ‘Little Gidding’ excerpt caught my attention as did this comment Forrest made a while back in response to a question on Jenny’s site:

            Who has been the closest to the chest; man or woman? (that you know of)

            As far as I know the closest person to the treasure was a man, but there may have been a woman with him. The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue. If you don’t have that one nailed down you might as well stay home and play Canasta.f

            Anyway, I’m just blithering away because, IMHO, I’m clueless as to Forrest’s special place. Even so, I’m not attempting to mislead everyone.

          • Good catch on the missing “at”, Joe. As diligent as I try to be, I realize there are many things I miss. I truly believe there is so much that only forrest knows the true and complete solve. Even if someone finds it, I still think they will be missing “pieces”.
            I dream of the autobiography, as if it were holding the answers to the universe! 🙂

          • Jdiggins- The one who finds the chest will not happen upon it. They will have solved the poem in its entirety, completely, and unequivocally, and go directly to the treasure with a smile on their face, praying all the while, that no one has beaten them to it.
            That is how f intended it, and that’s how it will be.

      • I concur with the thought. I believe that elements in the poem must be solved first prior to searching anywhere. I also believe that the poem is a combination of elements to start you out and physical directions, once the starting point has been discovered. At least I hope! Lol

  62. In the last stanza, another word for title could be heading. I think the key word is ‘I’, being the 9th letter of the alphabet, it especially works in the first stanza.

    • Good one Michelle, that helps the “important possibility” be more clear in my mind (like the box not being near the blaze is a possibility, then).

  63. Its Monday, What a great day in Colorado it will be. The sun final coming through. I had cabin fever for weeks working on the Poem. I see there are 5 things in the Poem from the 9 clues. What do you think, should I finally write Mr. Fenn and tell him what the 5 things are? Could there be one more but I don’t see it. So many unknowns but only one will lead me to the end.

  64. Does anybody know if Forrest has hinted ever, deliberately or not, as to what “where warm waters halt” is?

  65. RC
    I don’t believe there has ever been a hint as to “where warm waters halt” by anyone, including Forrest. A Very speculative subject still at this point.

      • Hints to WWWH: My present attempt at a solve has the first stanza being the hint to its location. Next two stanzas being clues.

        • I think he has said (of wwwh) something like, its a specific place,(IMO: not a broad area) and you need to have the right one (IMO: there is more than one)

          • Musstag,

            I too think it leads to a specific spot (not as large as a square mile) and more than an acre. That is where my wwwh begins.

      • Amy, I have to agree. I think there is a clue in some of Fenns words. You are beginning to really scare me. I think it is that we are both from Texas like FF.
        Good luck on your trip to CO.

        • Not obsessed

          Well thank u I’m sure one of us Texans will find it. 🙂

          And Colorado has to be the state. Poor Forrest just never mentions Colorado much. I think he doesn’t like to say Colorado 🙂

          It’s ok it’s the state that I have chosen 🙂
          My mind cannot wrap around any other area then where I begin 🙂

          Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m nice 🙂

      • To all, I was not implying that there are NOT hints to the solve of WWWH, just that F has not given any specific hint to suggest a more precise location. I do agree that the solve is in the poem itself!

    • RC, I’m curious… What do you think Forrest meant by making that statement? I never quite understood that. Do you?

      • I always thought he would actually take the treasure chest to the hiding spot and die there, but he got well. That is my take as far as “take it with me” is concerned.

        • I don’t know… I think he wants it found in his lifetime. That’s just my opinion. But after hearing what he said at the end of the NM tourism video about it being found… he said “a part of me says yes and a part of me says no…. it’s out of my hands now”…
          IDK, It still confuses me.

    • “take it with him” imo is not so hard to understand… wherever the chest is found will always represent ff and so will wwwh thru the blaze. It will always be the fenn treasure, no matter who owns it.

        • If he doesn’t care when it’s found, why does he bother with saying how many clues or how many feet? He is anxious, imo.

          • He most certainly wants this found. Anxious that’s a good way of putting it. Maybe he’ll grace us with his presence shortly. Someone talked about putting a bronze of F at the hidey spot. I think that’s a brilliant idea.

        • Agreed, spallies. It will AL WAYS be forrest’s treasure, and he’ll always be our treasure! 🙂

    • Me too Amy, and what a thrill for that person to be able to thank Forrest in person. I think I’d leave my heart on the floor in gratitude!

  66. Absolutely 42 we couldn’t thank him enough for the chase, and the gift he has hidden 🙂

  67. I hear a lot of people say that “no paddle up your creek” means a small stream you can’t take a boat up, but how do they reconcile that with “water high” the next line down? I’m just trying to grasp other people’s logic because maybe it’s such a raging torrent of high water you’d lose your paddle, etc.

  68. I also keep wondering at the significance of “The end is ever drawing nigh” Seems like it’s pointing to something significant, but I haven’t heard much speculation as to what it could be. The end of the canyon? Creek?It seems there’s probably a deeper meaning…

  69. I’ve been wondering lately about “Timing”… For some reason I feel there may be significance to exactly “When” the chest is found. Like numbers/dates… Maybe he wants it found on a specific date. He is a planner, imo… Anyone else thinking along these lines, or have any thoughts about this?

    • Wise, that’s very weird because I’ve been wondering the same thing since yesterday.

      • I’ve been wondering about this for a while now… My instincts are telling me this could be true and it could be important. I just haven’t been able to figure out why it would be important…

        • I’m pretty sure I might possibly maybe know why a day would be important, but I haven’t narrowed down what day. 🙂

      • IMO Forrest knows exactly what he wants so anything is possible. It is his story not ours, we just enter stage right and exit stage left each day on this blog looking for laughs and ideas.

    • Agree with you WiseOne & Mindy.

      My best guesses are: 6/6/15, 6/24, or **possibly 8/22/15 **if the countdown clock was set into motion by ff.

      • Is 8/22/15 the date the countdown clock comes down to? I thought it was 8/14. Maybe I miscalculated.

        • Not sure myself. Just recall others saying it was set to Forrest’s Birthday.

          I still have to solve the poem
          COMPLETELYPRECISELY – a daunting task!
          No date matters much for me at this point.

      • Amy, all I can say is there may be a list of dates to choose from. But you have to know which date to choose. Looking back now, I’m not sure how it would work with something he previously said. More research is needed and until then, I have no idea what I’m rambling on about. Lol

        • Hi Mindy

          I thought I’d ask you. You seem like part of the winners circle. “Did” is this just Forrest being Forrest all over again?

          • Lucky, I’m a loser until I have my hands on the chest. But I do not believe he meant the chest has been found.

    • Yes WiseOne, have been playing with it for about two weeks now. Just something else to look at. I don’t have a specific date, yet, do have alot of ‘times” though. If looking thru the poem, look for “ti”, like ‘title to the gold”. Ti is short for time in radio jargon I believe, (I have it somewhere in my notes at home) Anyway, “title to the gold” time (tle) to (the) go ld. There’s actually a couple ways to work it out. I’ve only come out of it with just hints and back-up info. As far as dates, have been looking at the post stamps, since they don’t match the actual days to months and year it’s difficult to pin point. Example, pg.22, SUNDAY, 2 SEP, 1943. 2 SEP. 1943 was on a Thursday. So, looking at the stamp, seeing cent within, I added alpha/numeric values. Comes up 2 7, 2 7 ,8. I take it as saying “to 7 8” or look for 8 to find 7.Which for me is correct, so that stamps date is actually correct. But still no dates. I believe we’ll only get hints in the end.

      • Charlie, Thanks for your reply. This is some interesting information. I believe Mindy was also working on the postmark dates & numbers thing at one point…
        A couple of the things you mention make sense for my solve. So that’s good I guess… Unfortunately though, I’m trying to figure out if there could be a potential reason why F would want it found on or even by a specific date. I could be totally wrong thinking this… but it’s just a feeling I have. Know what I mean?

        • yup, thought the same, but aug. 15, 2015, don’t know. Must be special to him. Somebody passing date, anniversary, who knows, I guess if two people knew, one would be dead.

        • I think there is some things to think about the postage, in the beginning of the book he says that his friend would add or subtract I forgot which 5 years from his original birthdate so maybe that’s why nobody has solved the problem with the postage stamps.

          • I just think they are more of a hint. You have to have your alpha/numerics correct, imo. Example, pg.58. SUNDAY, 20 SEP, 1946, with the word”some” inside the circle. Sunday=25 or 2+5=7, 20 SEP= 20 or 2+0=2 +7 = 9, and 1946=20 or 2+0=2. so, you have 7,9,2. Some (or sum) = 18 or 1+8 = 9. 9 (or the treasure) is somewhere in Montana.

    • Can we pretend for the next 7 days that only the Leprechaun knows? Forrest has beautiful green eyes in case you didn’t know.

      St. Patricks is March 17th all of you lucky searchers and spring (March 20th) is just around the corner!

        • WiseOne, yes I’ve had the pleasure to meet with Forrest while in NM for business and/or searching.

          Have you met Forrest as well? Any trips panned to NM?

          • It seems there are a lot people that have been lucky enough to meet him. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I was there last fall and emailed him to see if I could take him to lunch, but he said he wasn’t feeling well. I think that might have been a fib, or maybe he just doesn’t like me. Who knows…
            But as far as trips go… I hope to search NM again sometime. Soon hopefully.
            What state do you like to search?

      • Forrest is a wee bit too tall to be a leprechaun, but I ken Irish kin on both sides, which explains Galic green eyes from the emerald aisle, a grandmother Arrie, and his famous Fenn name. Have to say though ff looks more Scandinavian or Germanic which also adds up since those Norse Vikings took up residence in GB early on.
        I’m hoping its me who has the luck of the Irish finding his treasure!

        • May the luck of the Irish be with you anna. Don’t forget to carry your lucky slick.

          • 23kachinas, I’ll be carrying my lucky arrowhead from Forrest!!! and also wearing a favorite necklace which was handcrafted by a dear friend of mine. I’m more sentimental than superstitious and love to make my journeys memorable with special things. Dal carries an ice axe… I wear beads and carry trinkets which must attract bull moose – I’ve seen 4 while searching. Wanna borrow my beads Dal?

      • 23kachinas- LMAO!! Was it YOU that left all those creepy posts on mindys blog, most recently the leprechaun one?? Wow. Don’t worry, I’m not a leprechaun! I’m 5’9 but I do need to bend down to talk to them sometimes. Like now for example. “Those posts are really getting beyond strange/somewhat obsessive. Maybe appropriate for certain nests, but this bird has already flown 🙂 I would gladly out crazy circles around crazy itself….but the sociopaths? I don’t really like to play with them. It’s kinda like being mean since they aren’t playing and it’s actually their reality, ya know?”

      • Omg…someone named Tamara talked of Ms. Ford the same way and then got really defensive when certain words were used…forgive me for not being able to resist this opportunity:
        CAN OPENER!!
        CAN OPENER!!
        CAN OPENER!!

        I wonder if Ms Ford was a leprechaun too 🙂

          • Just to give the entire blog a nice humorous break Tamara….will you please explain to them how, as you have told me, that I better bow down, be shamed, and need to beg the grace of god to forgive me since “I” am the one that gave ms. Ford that nickname? Maybe they can tell you who it actually came from….and you can tell that person the exact same thing since I assume your god judges all equally. But I think when you realize the source you may be inserting your foot in your mouth and begging the same grace of god to pull it out. Just IMO of course.

      • Green? I thought they were blue. I also thought they were brown at one time. I wonder if he wears contact lens? 🙂

  70. Well… St. Patrick’s day is coming up and rainbows and gold are associated with that day… Just thinking out loud.

    • I want to find my Lucky Charms and go find the treasure. But you know I LOVE Easter! So much, Bunnies, Spring and Chocolate.
      I like to decorate Easter eggs, I am going to paint a God One this year. Did I tell you Forrest inspired me to get a Donkey? I want one for my birthday. At Sunday dinner this week. My Daughter and her boy friend, were not impressed with my announcement.

  71. Dal, do you remember exactly when ff revealed the statement regarding email’s from early searchers who solved (Guessed and got right) the first two clues? It seems like 2013? Comments?

    This could be very informative since my memory going back to 2012 there was no mention of the 2 clues solved, just early searchers???

    • Tom-
      I do not. But I don’t know if he ever said specifically it was from emails. In the beginning he just said some had been close. Then he said 200ft…then he said because people tell him where they search..then he said emails…
      But this is all recollection and very foggy..
      I do think he said folks had been close sometime is 2012..
      Sometimes he says searchers and sometimes he just says people…

      • Thanks Dal, I started following in 2012, but first went out in March of 2013 when I was convinced that his description in the poem is in either northern NM or Southern Co. The postmark anomaly on page 51 of “Thrill” is 141 circled clearly an odd set of #’s compared to the even #’s of the other 19 postmarks, this is easy statistical analysis, not a lot of #s to consider but the odds of that being accidental are millions to one.

        Also consider that when you subtract 51 from 141 you get 90, who’s on page 51? Forrest’s Dad and brother Skippy, who incidentally tragically drown in a cave at 90′ of water on the Island of Swallows (Cosumel) off Cancun, Mexico 1978.

        90 miles was also the distance to fly to deposit Olga’s ashes on Taos Mountain.

        So whether the 90 is miles, or degrees (becasue Skippy is holding one on page 51) or 90 something else, 90 means something and is clearly a number hint.

        The reason I was trying to pinpoint the time he originally made that statement about the “early searchers solving THE FIRST 2 clues” was and estimate of statistical significance.

        You see a pattern that develops when use math and stats, never can you depend on just trying to figure out ff words, since he is such a master of multiple meanings, in his definitions, similes and metaphors. So try to read the cards that the joker has dealt us.

        Would someone else give me #s to chart since I do not believe word alone will solve this, I know that 10,200 elevation, 5000 elevation are hints and 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe as well, and considering 200′ and 500′ are in this mix too. Also Chapter 45 in Too Far and a Franklin minus a Hamilton which equals $100 bill minus $10 bill still why 45? half of 90??

        Give me your insights.

        Tom Terrific, cone head, math nut

  72. Has anyone considered the front cover of TTOTC as WWWH. Picture shows Forrest standing next to a pipe that says water.

    • Ed and Anna that is a really great idea. Hmmm… I might have to think about that some more… 🙂 I might be changing states AGAIN 🙂

    • If you don’t believe in miracles and guardian angels after seeing this you never will.

      Also, off that subject, has anyone viewed the CNN video of the two helicopters colliding. It played after the baby rescue. It sure looked like one hit the top of the tree (looked like parts of the rotor was damaged) before they collided. Reporters did not mention that. Could be my imagination.

    • Ed
      Amazing we love our angels . I have a strong one 🙂
      Bless her little heart
      Miracles are breathtaking 🙂

    • Yea no kidding this isn’t a small news story…were talking about 4 very competent police/firefighters claiming to have heard this voice.

  73. I think the axe Dal has could be used in a Bear attack, I’ve been thinking of getting a cattle prod or stun gun, What do yall think?

    • You have to be pretty darn close to use either. Not sure I would want to leave it to the last second….

    • Born and raised in SF Bay Area I learned a few things when I left sunny CA December 1975. I will mention two of them. 1- my unlined army jacket didn’t cut it in Missouri at 2 degrees F and 2- in Oklahoma I didn’t know what the heck it was on the side of the road but I picked it up and pushed it in my backpack and got a heck of a jolt and gave that cattle prod to the guy who picked me up next. Nasty powerful little thing but would only piss of a good sized bear

      • Most bear experts say bear spray, I think being with a bunch of slow runners would work better, assuming your not slow too.

  74. The statement , (to his knpowledge) “….nobody has analyzed one important possibity…..” is ‘very’ interesting. Do you think its aimed towards one or two clues in particular? Which ones?
    Also animal trails Vs Human trails, I would think Human trails are wider..?

    • It seems like non-human trails would include everything from train tracks, bike paths, horse trails, roads, and even no trail at all! All I see that statement as saying is that a human trail is not nearby. The fact that the word “trail” is used kinda throws off your mind…like if I said I don’t have any BAD kids in my house you’d assume I had kids…but I didn’t say that…

      • I have been thinking…..If its not a human trail, than is it a trail at all? Now Blazes, as in marks on tree’s to show the way. As in like the old Bannock trail, was marked I think, with Blazes. If its not a trail than is it another kind of Blaze, Like a fire, or something? Just thinking out load. Thanka. I do believe a bike trail is a human trail? Or is it? So Confused, thought I was getting there with this. Who Knows, anyone?

        Lou Lee, who wants a donkey for her birthday to carry the LOOT!

          • I heard it before, also. Perhaps, it was a title, in a magazine, covering Forrest. Didn’t mean to mislead. Perhaps we can ask Forrest for clarification. Dal do you know?

        • Spallies, hi. Slurbs here. In an issue of Gold Prospectors magazine dated Jul/Aug 2013, there is an article which answers your title question. The article states …”The poem is published in Fenn’s book, which bears the same name as the poem, The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir.” I encourage you and any searcher to find and read the full article written by Russ Balbirona. Good luck in your search.

  75. Mountain man tip #72–File the prongs down a bit on the stungun.It wont hurt as bad when ol grizz grabs it and shoves it up your butt. 😉

  76. Anna I will go with 6/6/15! If you add the 1 and 5 you get 6 so that = 666 that is the day the devil in FF comes out to play!

    Old Choctaw Happy B-Day fellow fish. yes change your moniker to Young Choctaw please!

    • That’s the date I was leaning towards bcause…it reminds me if Route 66 for FF. Wouldn’t it be a a huge surprise if Forrest appeared on the trail!

      • I would love for Forrest to appear maybe he can through a rock my way 🙂 lol ha ha ha
        Try not to hit me Forrest lol ha ha 🙂

        Love it

    • Homecoming
      I will hope to arrive in Colorado on 6-6 -2015
      I may search when I arrive or I may just wait another day 6-7 -2015 since I’ve waited this long 🙂

      I surely don’t want to play with the devil 🙁

  77. Here’s a though regarding the 200ft comment. I wouldn’t put too much merit as 200ft horizontal and level, vs 200ft in elevation can be two VERY DIFFERENT distances in real time.

    • agree Jd, he also didn’t say when. Some searcher could have told him a story from back in 2005, giving him the ammo to say, “hey, a searcher has been within 200 ft. That same “searcher” might be nowhere close to it now.BUT, I still think, in the end, you have to account somewhat for it. Somehow, someway. For me, on Google maps, my spot has a picture icon next to it, that icon happens to be roughly 200ft. away. Where someone took a pic. Actually shows a pretty good picture. Blaze and all:)

      • Charlie,
        I enjoy your posts and deep thoughts, thank you for sharing. 🙂
        As an example of how different the “distance” can be:
        My home sits at 3800ft. My spring sits at 4000ft. I do no have wings, so therefore to get to the water tank, the terrain dictates that distance much differently as it is actually a 500 ft walk or better. 🙂

  78. Seems to me that Forrest wanted us to get out into the wilderness, yet, we sit here everyday reading all the blogs, trying to find an answer, about his hidden treasure. lol. Just an observation, IMO.

    • Why slog through snow and mud, when we could traipse through warm grass and little flowers? Patience, y’all. 🙂

      • Snow is great for skiing and I wish I could go again sometime. I just glad that I don’t have to deal with other than a few days a year. Our road maintenance and drivers in Texas are not equipped for it. I’ll wait for summer when the schools are out.

        • Snow…? What are you folks talking about…??? It was 85 Degrees here today…:mrgreen:

  79. An off-topic post, but perhaps thinking about the solution to my feeble attempt at a poetic riddle will frame the mind for greater deeds:

    My spear: a pen; my spear: a voice;
    Gave freely by all, and always by choice.
    Common places, I’m adored; Secret spaces, much abhorred.
    In abundance, freedom reigns; When suppressed, humanity pains.
    Rulers rarely measure up; Once I’m missed, returned by sword.


    • I’m beginning to understand why the treasure chest remains undiscovered : ). I’m reposting it with minor changes for ease of reading.

      My spear’s a pen or even a voice;
      Gave freely by all, and always by choice.
      Common places, I’m adored; Secret spaces, much abhorred.
      In abundance, freedom reigns; When suppressed, humanity pains.
      Rulers rarely measure up; Once I’m missed, restored by sword.

      • A meaningful riddle Joe.

        Possible answers…

        3.Surrendering the right to be right.

        • Thank you, 42. You are close, and all your answers are important for humanity’s survival, but I believe there’s one other thing above all others. See Tamara’s response below, and thanks for taking a few moments to contemplate my feeble riddle.

          • Great riddle. I enjoyed contemplating the answer. Nice job Tamara! Do you want to work together on poem solutions? Just kidding :-). hoping ‘my truth’ is correct

        • Tamara,
          Congratulations! Good for you! If there was a prize, I would happily present it. IMHO, truth is the one thing above all others, and allows all other things to have meaning by providing a common and solid basis. Without it, nothing is meaningful. I don’t consider myself religious, at least as applied by the norms of organized religion, but I do consider myself Spiritual.

          I appreciate the responses from those who actually pondered my little riddle, and thank you for taking the time to venture a guess. Here is a parting th(sh)ought, and one that can be universally applied (last sentence).

          I fear the young are no longer taught the Truth, nor how to find it.
          To See the Truth in all things, one must first learn how to Look.


          • Joe –

            We can chose by the written word or even a voice – that which is freedom – given by all above, based on a strong foundation of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

            Without a strong foundation of truth in all things- buildings crumble, civilizations fail
            and treasure hunts go south.

            As Jackie Kennedy said – the greatest thing I could ever do is raise my children well.

  80. Thanks Dal, I started following in 2012, but first went out in March of 2013 when I was convinced that his description in the poem is in either northern NM or Southern Co. The postmark anomaly on page 51 of “Thrill” is 141 circled clearly an odd set of #’s compared to the even #’s of the other 19 postmarks, this is easy statistical analysis, not a lot of #s to consider but the odds of that being accidental are millions to one.

    Also consider that when you subtract 51 from 141 you get 90, who’s on page 51? Forrest’s Dad and brother Skippy, who incidentally tragically drown in a cave at 90′ of water on the Island of Swallows (Cosumel) off Cancun, Mexico 1978.

    90 miles was also the distance to fly to deposit Olga’s ashes on Taos Mountain.

    So whether the 90 is miles, or degrees (becasue Skippy is holding one on page 51) or 90 something else, 90 means something and is clearly a number hint.

    The reason I was trying to pinpoint the time he originally made that statement about the “early searchers solving THE FIRST 2 clues” was and estimate of statistical significance.

    You see a pattern that develops when use math and stats, never can you depend on just trying to figure out ff words, since he is such a master of multiple meanings, in his definitions, similes and metaphors. So try to read the cards that the joker has dealt us.

    Would someone else give me #s to chart since I do not believe word alone will solve this, I know that 10,200 elevation, 5000 elevation are hints and 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe as well, and considering 200′ and 500′ are in this mix too. Also Chapter 45 in Too Far and a Franklin minus a Hamilton which equals $100 bill minus $10 bill still why 45? half of 90??

    Give me your insights.

    Tom Terrific, cone head, math nut

    • TT,
      I like numbers from the poem myself. But what keeps me in the poem and not anything from the book was fenn’s comment. The information / clues / hints [ what ever one wants to call them ] were not intentional by the Author. The book is a good reference [ fenn’s words not mine].

      So when I find something in the poem that I may feel refers to numbers, for me they are much simpler in nature. Such as counts and not adding or subtracting or any other method that could be conceived as a code of such.

      You asked, “Would someone else give me #s to chart since I do not believe word alone will solve this,”

      I like the capital letters in the start of each line myself. Most dismiss this as common to poetry, and that is fine. but 15 years on and off in the making tells me to not over look anything.

      I’ll ask this to you…What number can you place on the ; ?

      Just thoughts

    • TT, take the numbers one step more, simplest form, or 1 digit. It’s not the 90 but the 9, (9+0=9). x=9. But use your discretion, 200ft. and 500ft. are 200ft. and 500ft. I would not take 8.25miles as a hint. That’s an interpretation, not a fact. Even though it is more than 8.25 miles north, I find that line has a different meaning.
      To me, the most important page in the book is page 133. Why, because the poem says so. If you find a 22, think of it as 4, 23=5, etc… Sometimes when you find a 4 in the poem, it means for. 2 could be 2, or to, or too. By the way, imo, coordinates will = 9, one = 22, the other 23. When you find the lines that make up your coordinates add them together for your elevation of that exact spot.

      • Charlie, you are a little like Wolf in the statement above, taking the #’s one step beyond what ff intended, like turning an obvious 90 to a 9 because you are trying to literally “simplify” the numbers, and I applaud your thinking out side the box, intuitive and insightful a lot like the Wolf.

        However messing with math in this manner is a little like messing with the poem, math is like Latin, the definitions do not change and that is why people like Einstein loved and relied on it so much.

        So a 90 is a 90 is a 90. Since it is repeated so often in the “Thrill” and “Too Far” the only question is 90 what?

        The hint could be 90 degrees, since Skippy holds an obvious diploma on page 51, or perhaps 90 miles since Colorado “border” is 90 miles due north of Santa Fe, so lets use some real imagination here and say it is 90 degrees just for Skippy, 90 degrees is the direction due East, and Forrest has said the TC is at least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe, NM. If you extend and imaginary line due east of Santa Fe on the Map that was furnished to us in Too Far to Walk, Your eastern line will cross Interstate 25 about 8 miles north of Las Vegas, NM which, oddly enough is South of Santa Fe. Now go 8.3 miles north of this point on I 25 and you come to an exit called Waterous, NM, it is right at Forrest Lake, if you take this exit you will travel to Ft Union, NM a very unique and large Fort built to protect travelers on the Old Santa Fe Trail which was the largest Fort West of the Mississippi River until about 1900.

        Operations from Ft Union included leaders Like Kit Carson, General Kearney etc, a lot of the history of rounding up Navajos, Apache and other tribes and controlling of Comanche’s was spear headed from there.

        I am not saying that here is the location of the TC, just that if you follow the “Old Santa Fe Trail” the name seems to be something that ff Likes cause he uses it in his Trading Co name and just north of Ft Union is a huge ranch called UU Bar. And the Philmont Scout Ranch.

        Any thoughts on my math?

        • TT,

          I understand your was comment to Charlie. But allow me to chime in for a moment. Just using your example of how you come up with numbers and the usages for them, I would point out that other than the Map from the TFTW book, is it a smart thing to use this book for any of them? Fenn never said this book was intended to help or had clues etc. As well as it was written 4 years after the fact.

          The other thing that caught my attention was the use history involved. Fenn answered in a Q&A. is there any knowledge of US history needed… answer No. So for me personally i need to wonder of the poem as any relation or reference of Cities, roads, hwy exits or routes and even people in the US history.

          With that said, Do you have any examples of the use a numbers just from the poem itself? And not related to information out side the poem. just out of curiosity.

          • Hey seeker…didn’t fenn say something to the effect of “if you want to know how to solve the poem I’ll tell you exactly. Read the poem, then read the book carefully, then read the book”? I can understand ppl. hearing “all you need is the poem”…but the poem is in the book…he also said there is a clue in TFTW “because the map is in the book” which I mention only to show he seems to associate the books with what’s inside. So it seems to make equal sense to take either point of view. The only difference is one hand you risk too much information, on the other you risk not enough…

          • Jamie,
            You make a good argument. And this debate of the book TTOTC has been going on for as long has the search itself.

            I have to believe [ my personal belief ] that when fenn said the hints/clues in the book were unintentional and not deliberate… Using them as an actual part of the solve forces them to be necessary to the one and only correct solution.

            The use of the TFTW I feel is the same…only for information and helpful use, not having clues that are needed. and if I’m not mistaken fenn said there was “one” clue and later it came out at, No Canada.

            Then again, we have all debated what a clue is to what a hint is to what is just helpful information or a guide so to speak.

            So for me, if i Have to use something from the TTOTC book as a “necessary part” of the solve for the 9 clues then in IMO I did something wrong in my solution.

            And fenn has stated all the information needed to find the trove is in the poem, the book as reference and a good map.

            Am I saying not to read or use the books? No. I just saying IMO that the information in the book[s] should not be consider one of the “clues” in the poem.

          • Seeker- I agree, and know its 6 one half dozen….for ME (not saying anyone else should do the same)…page 133 made the difference…after explaining the clues in the poem he writes

            “There are also subtle clues sprinkled in the stories”

            I go back and forth using “only” or “not only” the poem….but the statement above?…given that he wrote it INSIDE the book and part of a chapter? I just don’t know how an argument could be made that it wasn’t intentional when he acknowledges it while writing it.

            The first stanza of the poem itself could also make a very strong (but not certain) argument in itself to be the FIRST clue to be solved as “my memoir” or “where to start”…even “warm waters halt” as the process in which bookbinding seals the material used to encase the cardboard casing new book around his old memories. In this case “all you need is the poem” would hold strong since the first clue in the poem is to read the book, no matter how one acquired the poem they would still have the clue to read the book. (Which did not exist when he was a kid…but most of the places he refers to in it did)

            Again- I have gone back and forth myself and see both sides, I just write this in case anyone cares to read it. My solution? Yes. I believe the first ‘clue’ and instructions in the poem are pertaining to the book/his memories- that’s just me though.

          • Seeker-

            I’m going to chime in on your history comment. And this is all personal opinion but here it goes:

            “Is there any LEVEL of knowledge of US history that is required to properly interpret the clues in your poem”?

            No Steve R,
            “The only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean”

            To me this doesn’t state that history is NOT involved, just that no previous knowledge level is needed to figure out the clues (although it may help). Everything has history, towns, areas, even maps. So i guess my point would be if I had extensive knowledge of an area (and its landmarks), I would have a advantage over someone that is not familiar with that areas history. But in hindsight; John Doe could get on Google and locate the same landmark with NO previous level of history for the same location.

            Hope this makes sense, and doesn’t sound like gibberish. My mind goes faster than my typing does 🙁

          • Indy,

            I just saw our comment, sorry for getting back so late.

            “Is there any LEVEL of knowledge of US history that is required to properly interpret the clues in your poem”?

            No Steve R,
            “The only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean”
            Your post refers history in general but the question was exact about which history…”US History”. And the answer was a single “No”.

            I never thought history is NOT involved, just going with what the answer states.

            Example ;
            YNP, the 1st park, a part of our Nations history, would still fall in the poem as a clue…Why?…it has been there for millions of years. We as a Nation just named it.

            The SF trail was established in or around the 1800’s. Would this be one of the 9 clues? IMO , No…Why?… the date.

            The question was very specific as to US history, not all history. I know this is not going to go over well with most. At first I didn’t care for the answer either. But looking at it from my two examples…it make sense. IMO

            IMO and only mine, if a searcher is using a road or a city etc. or Ranger Browns cabin as one of the 9 clues. I believe this is the wrong approach.

            Just my opinion.

          • Seeker, question, the Santa Fe Trail was in use from 1821 to 1880. New Mexico became a state in 1912. So is the SFT actual a part of US History? Or does it predate it? Just a thought I have on a late, sleepless night.

          • Mark J.

            IMO anything from the start of the USA is a part of “US History”. That is the only way I can see fenn’s answer. Locations such as the SFT [ unless there is older history on it ] would not be one of the 9 clues…[ honestly I don’t know much about the history of the trail ]

            If a location was in use or know before that time. I would think it could be used as a clue to the poem. Like my example of YNP.

            That is just the way I see the answer.

            I remember talking with another searcher in e-mails who had a very good theory on the poem. He used physical known locations, that worked perfect…such as roads and modern day mine etc. Fit the poem like a clove…till that Q&A came to light.
            I just feel that it is a very useful piece of information fenn gave us in that Q&A.

            Again that is just the way I see it.

          • Ok, Ill play the devils advocate about your answer. If all the clues pre date US history then whats your take on this Q&A:

            “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but MOST of the places the clues refer to did”

            Most to me means most, but not all. And if not all the places existed before the 1930’s, how does this not play into US history.

            Just getting some idea juice flowing. 😉

          • Indy,
            Again sorry for the late post.

            My answer is. The “clues” didn’t exist till fenn made them up for the poem. They are his and is alone.

            The Places, as in “Most” of the places the clues refer to did. May be saying at least one he created…Possibly the Blaze or an event that created it. A natural event that as happened time and time again. Pre-history as well as present. I personally would not consider this time of a natural occurrence to fall in “US” history.

            For line line of thinking. any event that is directly related to human activity during US history is off the table…As Far As A 9 Clue is concerned.

            As well as, Not all the clues need to refer to a physical place. So “Most places” could just simply be referring to only physical places in the poem and not all the clues themselves.

            Thanks for the reply… I hope my explanation make sense to you.

        • Hi Tom,
          How long is your eastern line? How did you decide to use the easter line rather than the northern line? If you want to use both lines you can then create the hypotenuse and see where that line will cross.

          • uken2it, Seeker, and Jamie,

            In 2012 it was almost impossible to get your hands on the “Thrill” book but many were searching none the less because of the early articles on the Poem in the media, in fact I could not get mine until March 2013 due to backlog at Collected Works and Printer overload even though I live nearby and checked from Dec of 2012 thru March…

            Which leads me back to the math, because Montana and Yellowstone were not on their legs as a highly probable location until after many thousands of the “Thrill” were produced and read so my opinion was late 2013 and after was when Montana/Wyo were projected as probable locations.

            So Dal said that ff first noted the 2 clues solved (guessed) in late 2012 to early 13, does it not make sense that early searchers were looking just north of SF and in Southern Colorado? The obvious answers are staring us in the face, the bulk of hunters were in the Sangre De Cristo’s, NM and CO.

            Jamie answered some of Seekers Q and A for me, but suffice it to say I will remind you that in Too Far ff says he had one intentional clue and one accidental or unintended clue.

            The map eliminates many possibilities by specifically showing only 4 states and using Interstate 25 on the East side, and only the ” Rocky Mountains” in those states, consider now the elevations of 5000′ to a max of 10200 and lots of areas are gone as well. This is not small by any strearch but what if we were able to eliminate 2 large states statistically using probability of where the early searchers who solve the clues were most likely looking. Now we are starting to pare the apple down to size and cut to the core of the secret Where.

            I feel certain that the other person of the two can keep a secret was ff’s father, in fact ff has said to a bird I know that his father would know where he hid the chest.

            I will not reveal who the bird is, but they like to make films….

            Tom Terrific.

          • Tom,

            I’m not sure if your correct on the clue in the TFTW book having one be intentional and one unintentional. But that’s ok my memory is not what it use to be.

            Although my question that I was curiously about was… do you use any numbers or math strictly from the poem itself?

            If so would you share your ideas. If not that would be understandable. I was just curious.

    • I have no such confirmation. Forrest said he would announce on the blogs if the chest has been found. Those who think Forrest said the chest has been found in that statement are using their imagination in all the wrong places and are probably just hoping Wolf will quit so they can search without competition.

      • Thanks Dal. That is what I thought too. Just because Forrest said the poem “did its job so well” instead of “does its job so well” is no reason to think he meant the treasure has been found. Some people may be a little too imaginative! 🙂

        • I’ll be the first one to admit I love jumping on the crazy trains…but if you think about it if he said “the poem gets people started and DOES that job well” half of us would be saying “started??” “It’s job is just the start??” “I the whole poem only the first CLUE??!!” Lol….I’d rather hear the chest was found than find out the whole poem is just ONE clue. haha- I’m glad he spared at least me of that 😉

        • Forrest has said several times that the purpose of hiding the treasure was to get kids off the couch and away from their video games and into the great outdoors. Therefore it seems logical to assume the purpose of the poem is to provide direction to the treasure and motivate the public to go look for it…
          If I said to folks..”Hey..I hid a million dollars in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Whoever finds it can have it.”
          You’d probably ask me for some directions…some clues..or you’d go back to playing your video games because there just isn’t enough information to even begin to start looking for it…
          BUT..if I left you nine clues and a bunch of hints…
          That would get you off the couch and into the great outdoors looking..
          CONSEQUENTLY…the poem has done its job. Its gotten people off the couch and into the outdoors..
          Santa Fe tourism increased by 16% last summer according to some sources…these same sources claim that Forrest’s hidden chest was responsible…
          AND…Forrest gets a great deal of email from folks thanking him for the treasure hunt because they and their kids have gotten off the couch and into the mountains…
          SOOO…the poem has done its job…

          • I had a great time out with my grandson looking in New Mexico. He will go out with me again this August to Montana. I told him the Xbox does not work well up in the mountains. He looks at me like I am crazy. Now he is 13. He grew up so much the last few years.

          • Couldn’t agree more. My daughter has a blast climbing over rocks and hiking. We’ll probably go hiking this weekend if the weather is nice somewhere.

          • Exactly Dal. And Forrest set the record straight over on Jenny’s site. That was nice of him to do so as to not have people quit searching because of the false interpretation of his answer.

          • Seems to happen every year CJ; Fenn says something and all the conspiracy theorists turn it into something completely different than what he said. To me they were really stretching this one; it was obvious what he meant.

            Next we’ll have the ones that figured out the perfect solution; when it’s not there they will claim it’s been found or Fenn moved the chest or it was never hidden to start with……..they just can’t accept the fact they are wrong. When they reveal their perfect solution everyone sees how delusional they are and they go away to pout.

            Some folks take the “going with confidence” and “imagination is important” statements way too seriously. In my opinion a little common sense and knowledge will go a long way towards finding the chest.

          • Thanks Goofy for such a timely reprimand. We needed nkocked doen a few notches. What in the world were we thinking anyway that we could possibly find a treasure.

          • I dont know why you all have to be so negative all the time about other people and their thoughts?

            Wolf never said he found the treasure, that is what a few of you read into it.

            Forrest will post again when he is ready to. He has a life just like all of us. We need to be more patient than those kids he wanted to get off the couches. 🙂

          • Deb, Please don’t generalize. Almost all the responses here to other people’s solves have been very positive. The only criticism some of us have is with those people who make statements about the treasure having been found, when in fact it has not, which sometimes forces Forrest to make a statement about it so searchers will continue to go out on their adventures.

            Most of us understand that Forrest is busy with his Gaspard book, but we do miss his scrapbooks etc, whether they contain hints or not. 🙂

      • I do not think Forrest will be vague if/when he announces the treasure has been found…no reason to be elusive there. IMO Wolf does not have any advantage over anyone here. His game is just louder than most…Safe searching to all.

        • Thanks Goofy, Common sense and knowlege now I know why I’m having such a hard time searching. I’ve been relying on to much imagination.

  81. The poem DID it’s job 🙂 look at all the searchers that have been captured by it , so his poem worked, when I read what he wrote
    I didn’t think that it had been found, 🙂

    • It’s there Amy, waiting patiently (and anxiously) for the right player to come along and give it a new home. Hopefully it will be one of us, and the one will have passed all of Mr. Fenn’s tests.

    • Amy this is not a concession or as they say throwing in the towel. A person could say the poem got them to the treasure, in that context it did its job well or you could say the poem confused everyone who did not interpret it correctly in that context it did its job well. More tricky language.

      • Well said Ed.

        Do you think it has to be the case that whomever the eventual finder is will have understood everything there is to understand about the poem, it’s construction, it’s secrets, etc?

        • No I don’t think everything has to be understood. Example: X is the 24th letter of the alphabet. The poem is 24 lines. I knew the poem was 24 lines but I wouldn’t have thought about matching x with 24 in teresting things or ideas like that pop up on the blog BUT there are other x related hints in the poem apart from knowing that one. So no you don’t have to know everything.

          • Another example: X is the only letter missing from the poem. Yes I know x isn’t commonly used, its exclusion from the poem is notable though. Instead of saying I give you title to the gold he could have said I give you title to the box if he’d wanted an x in there. Beyond that example there are two others. One in the poem and another close by.

          • Ed,
            Every line may not need to be understood in a solve, some of the poem may be informal communication. If my solve is correct (not certain & my opinion) information after 3 ½ Stanzas is not required to find the blaze. I just got to my blaze and looked down. I have not gone further in the poem yet so it may inform a search in the ground.

          • agree with Ed. so many related hints. x is 24th letter or 2+4=6, so, with mirrored theme, x could = six, or xisix. so x=9. Or, the whole poem, being 24 lines could be seen as x. So, using the whole poem will get to x. I don’t see that though. Not everything needs to be known, just the end spot.

          • Charlie or mirrored W’s or mirrored towers if you want to go with that line of thinking. Will be Worth

        • One more thing I’d like to point out is that this info won’t really help anyone. The beauty of the poem is that someone would have to had followed logical linear thinking all the way to 24, to understand it.

    • Agree Amy..Probably the reason why F has not said much lately. Everytime he opens his mouth people think he,s hinting on something and it blows up into rediculousness…..His whispers are what we should be looking out for.

      • Onuat

        I like it when Forrest whispers. 🙂

        Although his scrapbooks that I have read or anything he says I dig deep to try to grasp what he is saying. 🙂

  82. IMO, believe it or not. I said it here first.

    “Title” is the word that is key in the poem. “Fenn” being the title. Which brings us to the first line of the poem “As I have gone alone in there”. Listen from 1:29 to 2:59. Mr. Fenn describes a time he went in alone.

    Fenn Mountain is the place. When looked at from Google Earth it shows as Fern Mountain. Then, as you zoom closer it changes to Fenn Mountain. Just as in the video, Fern & Fenn.

    Which brings us to the Double Omega. The first line of the poem “As I have gone alone in there” and the last line “I give you title to the gold” are the Alpha and Omega. Making “As I have gone alone in there” the first clue which gives us the location to start, Fenn Mountain.

    As far as the Double Omegas, they look like upside down horseshoes. The numerical value for the Omega is 800. It would look like this 800800. If you drop the zeros then it is just 88. The Fenn Mountain Trail is #88. Looks like horseshoes because the trail is a pack trail. No motorized vehicles allowed.

    I’m not saying the treasure chest is at Fenn Mountain because I know it’s not, So don’t jump in the car just yet. Fenn Mountain is just the starting place. I know it sounds simple, but Mr. Fenn has always said it’s straightforward. And there you have the first clue solved. Your welcome.

    I triangulated a nice piece of pie for you too.

      • Thanks Ed, I’m not sure what part of that you think I’m imagining. Seems pretty black and white to me. Clue one is not where the imagination comes into play. But thanks again.

        • Hey Ramona, I’m in Vegas too…
          Even though I disagree about the double omegas, we all know there are no wrong answers till someone finds it. Here’s my take, halt and cease are the omegas (along with location omegas). Begin and something else may be the Alphas. I think Fenn COULD resolve this whole thing at Fenn Mtn., BUT it doesn’t feel like his style…. you’d need a very convincing blaze. From what I’ve seen, ff is a very symbolic type of guy. Your past comments show me you are a deep thinker. Good luck ya’ll

          • DeCall,

            The world doesn’t seem like such a big lonely place now that I know there is at least one other serious Searcher in Las Vegas. Thank you and good luck to you as well.

    • I lost the video feed at “TUNED IN” (1:28-9). Ironically, 60+28+88. But then some might say I lost it long before today and have yet to adequately TUNE IN to much of anything that seems to be going on in my particular orbital path….as of late.

    • Very nice, However you are imagining the obvious. And I think imagining very far outside the box will get you the key word, and when that is acknowledged it will be very very obvious The double omegas are a fun idea, but I still think it is too obvious, and easy to come by. Fenn Mountain is too obvious. It is a puzzle in a poem and book. Find the pieces that will get you a starting point, kind of like putting a puzzle together from the inside, then piecing together the outline…
      I like your ideas though, and how you have converted your ideas into a map.
      Title is a good word to think about, but IMO its not the word that is key.
      Good luck.

    • Lake Yellowstone becomes the Yellowstone River.The Yellowstone River flows into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. That seems like a good start.

      • Nice Guy, I think the water temp averages about 41 degrees with the warmest temps in the summer around 66 in the top layer of water. Right now it’s a lot colder. 🙂

        I liked Yellowstone Lake as my WWWH at one time but had a hard time getting all the clues to work well for me. Hope you have better luck!

        • I ended up at Tower Fall the first trip, lol. I had a great time looking around there. I still think it could be there. It is the hardest thing to give up a spot because you never know if you were close and just didn’t see it or if it really isn’t there 😉

      • Yellowstone lake is frozen, When I was there, in the end of may, it was still frozen all over.

      • Forrest also talked about camping at Fishing Bridge that’s over the Yellowstone River and the problems with bears – HOB?

        • Not Obsessed

          I’m Obsessed
          Can u believe my mother just said that to me lol ha hhmm doesn’t hurt to say the truth 🙂

        • Not Obsessed,
          Fishing bridge location in YNP was also an important Paleo Indian site as was Mummie cave.

        • Hey, well if some believe he took a bike or a horse, why not a snow mobil? Or ..Maybe he walked on water….I mean Ice, which is frozen water, which is cold….LOL

  83. Iron will outta like this one; I’ve had forrest in my drawer for near two years and never even knew it! (Lol, sorry, couldn’t resist!)
    Anyway, someone mentioned gold prospectors mag from july/Aug 2013 with a forrest article, so I had to look. Been a gpaa member for 5 plus years and have saved all the mags (though only read a few due to full time work) at any rate, if I hadn’t read an issue by the time the next arrives, I stack it with the rest in the drawer. Never noticed the cover! Went to look, and no, it wasn’t 19 issues down, it was right on top!!! Wierd!!! 🙂

  84. Charlie, you are a little like Wolf in the statements above, taking the #’s one step beyond what ff intended, like turning an obvious 90 to a 9 because you are trying to literally “simplify” the numbers, and I applaud your thinking out side the box, intuitive and insightful a lot like the Wolf.

    However messing with math in this manner is a little like messing with the poem, math is like Latin, the definitions do not change and that is why people like Einstein loved and relied on it so much.

    So a 90 is a 90 is a 90. Since it is repeated so often in the “Thrill” and “Too Far” the only question is 90 what?

    The hint could be 90 degrees, since Skippy holds an obvious diploma on page 51, or perhaps 90 miles since Colorado “border” is 90 miles due north of Santa Fe, so lets use some real imagination here and say it is 90 degrees just for Skippy, 90 degrees is the direction due East, and Forrest has said the TC is at least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe, NM. If you extend and imaginary line due east of Santa Fe on the Map that was furnished to us in Too Far to Walk, Your eastern line will cross Interstate 25 about 8 miles north of Las Vegas, NM which, oddly enough is South of Santa Fe. Now go 8.3 miles north of this point on I 25 and you come to an exit called Waterous, NM, it is right at Forrest Lake, if you take this exit you will travel to Ft Union, NM a very unique and large Fort built to protect travelers on the Old Santa Fe Trail which was the largest Fort West of the Mississippi River until about 1900.

    Operations from Ft Union included leaders Like Kit Carson, General Kearney etc, a lot of the history of rounding up Navajos, Apache and other tribes and controlling of Comanche’s was spear headed from there.

    I am not saying that here is the location of the TC, just that if you follow the “Old Santa Fe Trail” the name seems to be something that ff Likes cause he uses it in his Trading Co name and just north of Ft Union is a huge ranch called UU Bar. And the Philmont Scout Ranch.

    Any thoughts on my math? Is Colorado more Statistically in the mix of the 4 States left to search??

    My bet looks like this: 60% chance it is in NM or Co. but I base this math on where the earlier hunters looked…..

    Tom Terrific

    • Whoa, slow down there Tom. I used examples to try. Yes, my 90 is 90 if you must know. There are other ways to read his numbers. Case in fact, it seems logical to me that x=9, so, to me, it might be pretty smart to think lat or long. =4 and 5. Since those numbers would be impossible it’s more likely they are 22 and 23. These numbers can be taken for 4 and 5. So, my comment on “thoughts” was to show another. Just like the 8.25 mile thing.
      I for one would take your bet, 100% in Montana.

      Charlie Somewhatokay

  85. Unfortunately, many searchers believe they need to fit the poem to their location intsead of asking themselves, where does the poem lead me and why.

    My approach is forget your spot and tryin to make your solve fit, instead go with clue one,then two which are obviously actual geographical in nature, not where you wish them to be.

    My bet is simple, if the first two clues were solved (or guessed correctly) then why try to re invent the wheel, it is obvious that early searchers stumbled or solved www halt. Lets not reinvent the egg or chicken dilemma.

    Accept that it’s probability was either Northern NM or Southern Co, cause that is where most of the speculation was in the very beginning of the “Chase”.

    If ff was only gone from Peggy so little that he did not arouse her to worry about his whereabouts why would you think he drove or flew to Yellowstone or Wyo in 2010.

    I am a happily married man and at 79 years old I would never leave my wife for an extended period which is what a trip to Montana and Wyoming take, timewise?

    Can ya hear me now??? The TC is close a sandwich and flashlight away.

    Tom Terrific


      I agree with Tom Terrific in the idea that its a sandwich and flashlight away. Forrest has to be able to leave to go at least 8.25 mile north of Santa Fe without having to explain to anyone where he is going.

      I have had a many solutions to the poem but the only that intrigued me the most was when Forrest gave me some lost wax at his home in late September this year and showed me how to mold it under warm water to bend it for an art project he encouraged me to do. My heart leapt out of my chest as I thought “begin it where warm waters halt!” but tried to keep my cool because after all I wasn’t 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. Forrest’s direction was to make a wax art piece and return it to him to be bronzed. He said if it was ugly he wouldn’t make it – no pressure so I took a good two months and brought it back to town when I was on business in early December to be bronzed.

      The end of that story thrills me even more as I mapped Shidoni Foundry and see that it could be 8.25 mile north if you take a certain route to the place. His mid December posts about bronzing methods and patina fueled an excitement I cannot explain in words. I wondered how long would it take to make a bronze?

      I got an email from him around the toothbrush post asking when was I coming to get my bronze? Again, imagine the excitement of seeing something you created with the help of Forrest Fenn actually materialize into a real thing?

      I worked on finding time to go back to Santa Fe and was able to fly out there late January to pick up my beloved Maya hummingbird with all of the light blue, green and grey beautiful patina she is. I would say it felt like having a child only because I’ve never had one and this was such a special treasure for me in my life.

      As I walked into the Collected Bookwork’s I saw Forrest in line at the coffee bar. I hoped he would like my crazy hat (Yeti with blues eyes and horns) but he doesn’t know I’m part Norwegian and I wore it to look like a Kachina. I hugged him warmly with a big smile to happy to see him again. He said hi Kid.

      After the greeting, Forrest gave me a red box, asked what I wanted to drink – so I said what your having (hot chocolate) to take a departure from my double espresso routine. Next Forrest told me to take the box and go sit at one of the tables. In that back of my mind I thought about his comment it took two trips to hide the treasure but we all know what it’s like to start thinking everything is related to the chase. I retrieved the red box and sat at the one nearest the books with the box and tears filled my eyes but I held in the emotions from boiling over because people were around.

      I was so full of joy and nervousness. I couldn’t wait to see how the lost wax was turned into a bronze hummingbird I named Maya. By the time Forrest joined me with our hot chocolates I think a year had passed. Eternity is clearly when your waiting with too much excitement inside of you.

      When he sat down I opened the box and melted into the moment of seeing Maya for the first time. This is where I didn’t follow the advice tarry scant with marvel gaze. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the creation as I studied all of its beginner flaws. What a sight to behold. We chatted for a while and I inspected a tiny arrowhead that he included since my previous SASE letter had been returned for lack of postage. He told me that little arrowhead the size of my pinky finger could kill a buffalo. Crazy I thought..what an efficient weapon. He needed to go rather quickly back to his appointments of the day so he said bye Kid and I hugged him then watched him walk away wondering if I would ever see him again. It felt a little cold to me but I guess his mind was preoccupied with meetings with writers coming in a snow storm from Salt Lake City. At least Forrest made time for me and made me realize a creative side of myself.

      I get sentimental about the whole thing because it was such a moment for me that I needed time before I could tell the blogosphere. Sometimes people online can be cruel and really I’m not wired to deal with unkindness. Right now I have more questions than answers and I miss Forrest’s post on the blog as much as anyone.

      It was the thrill of the chasing the wax and the bronze for me. Maya gives and gives and gives back every time I hold it in my grateful hands. Thank you Forrest, I owe you one. I’m keeping our pinky swear for the million year deal.

        • Ok Goofy, I’ll send to to Dal with photos to see if he will post on a page as Part 2 of my search story.

      • Delightful story 23Kachinas. I hope you will share a photo of your hummingbird that Forrest cast for you.

        Reminded me of Emily Dickinson’s poem…

        “Hope is the thing with feathers
        That perches in the soul,
        And sings the tune without the words…”

      • What a lovely story 23kach! I hope Forrest knows and finds joy in the realization of how profoundly he has touched so many people. It is really wonderful to witness how the “thrill” of this chase comes in so many forms and touches folks in so many different ways. I’m really ooking forward to seeing the pic of your sweet bird.

      • I enjoyed reading your story 23K.
        How privileged you must feel to have had Forrest not only meet with you, but also cast your own bronze sculpture!
        I am as green with envy as your Spring Green Hummingbird Avatar…

        • Thank you Geydelkon, Amy, Goofy, anna, BW, Raven and WiseOne. I feel like I won the lottery of knowing Forrest if that makes sense. I met him four times on three trips which is beyond what my imagination could have dreamed up.

          Of course to level the field of expectations, Forrest has also ignored a lot of my “over-sharing” emails too so don’t feel bad if you don’t hear back from him. He is just very busy getting his next book finished and dreaming up new plans.

          When I think of Forrest I think of the song Desparado. He’s a wild one with a twinkle in his green eyes.

          • I would love to see more photos of it to 23!!! Great idea from Forrest to hot glue the wings… It is a beautiful bird but all of your hummingbirds are awesome!!! Do you have a collection?

      • @ Tom T.,

        You state…and I quote…
        If ff was only gone from Peggy so little that he did not arouse her to worry about his whereabouts why would you think he drove or flew to Yellowstone or Wyo in 2010.

        Keep in mind that Mr f and Peggy have “Family” that lives in and around Bozeman. Mr f could have very easily put the chest in the trunk of the car without Peggy knowing and they could have went and “visited family” for any amount of time. Mr f could very easily have said…I am gonna go fishing by myself…see yall later…and just like that…no one would have thought a thing because I will Bet everything I own that Mr f has done that many times in the past…gone fishing ALONE.
        And Poof…just like that…the chest could have been hidden…while he and Peggy visited Family.

  86. Does anyone know the name of the Ranch in NE New Mexico where the Mammoth Tusk was excavated? Was it the UU Bar? Philmont?

  87. Tom, I can’t find where the Mammoth Tusk was excavated. In case this helps: I did find that: it was discovered, in the summer of 2014, on BLM land, by Tom & Sissy Olney who live in Socorro, NM, and they have a grazing permit. I don’t know if they were near Socorro when they found it . . . or further North in New Mexico???

    • Thanks Golden one! I think it was UU Bar in NE NM can I get and Amen? Dal do you know or suspect?

      • Tom, I LOVE searching near the U U Bar Ranch area!!! That area is perfect; except, I get so sad when I run into so much private land there. Has all that private land messed up your searches, too? Have you found some secret pockets of land that aren’t private?

  88. Golden Retrievers,uken2it, Seeker, and Jamie, thanks for these thoughts on my line of reason.

    In 2012 it was almost impossible to get your hands on the “Thrill” book but many were searching none the less because of the early articles on the Poem in the media, in fact I could not get mine until March 2013 due to backlog at Collected Works and Printer overload even though I live nearby and checked from Dec of 2012 thru March…

    Which leads me back to the math, because Montana and Yellowstone were not on their legs as a highly probable location until after many thousands of the “Thrill” were produced and read so my opinion was late 2013 and after was when Montana/Wyo were projected as probable locations.

    So Dal said that ff first noted the 2 clues solved (guessed) in late 2012 to early 13, does it not make sense that early searchers were looking just north of SF and in Southern Colorado? The obvious answers are staring us in the face, the bulk of hunters were in the Sangre De Cristo’s, NM and CO.

    Jamie answered some of Seekers Q and A for me, but suffice it to say I will remind you that in Too Far ff says he had one intentional clue and one accidental or unintended clue.

    The map eliminates many possibilities by specifically showing only 4 states and using Interstate 25 on the East side, and only the ” Rocky Mountains” in those states, consider now the elevations of 5000′ to a max of 10200 and lots of areas are gone as well. This is not small by any strearch but what if we were able to eliminate 2 large states statistically using probability of where the early searchers who solve the clues were most likely looking. Now we are starting to pare the apple down to size and cut to the core of the secret Where.

    I feel certain that the other person of the two can keep a secret was ff’s father, in fact ff has said to a bird I know that his father would know where he hid the chest.

    I will not reveal who the bird is, but they like to make films….

    Tom Terrific.

    • Great discussion Jamie, Seeker, Tom and others. Even though we’ve discussed these topics before I think it’s good to rehash them from time to time. A new perspective pops up once in a while.

      Tom you make some good points about it being in New Mexico. I’m not trying to talk you out of New Mexico (I couldn’t if I wanted to); but the reason the book was difficult to get and back ordered is because thousands had been sold. So I don’t think it wise to eliminate the other states because the book was difficult to get.

      You are correct about the elevations. I pay special attention if one of my solutions ends up being at the 7,600 ft elevation…..Half way between 50000 and 10,200.

      • Good one Goofy, now you are using probability to get a handle on the location that makes sense, with this line of thought a lot of areas can be eliminated and that is my goal, to eliminate statistically as much as we can.

        Tom Terrific

    • Stating that it was in the mountains north of Santa Fe would make people look there. People searched for the Titanic for along time but they were wrong about where it was. Many, many things have been searched for in the wrong place, especially in the beginning. Forrest has made many statement that have widened the search area. Everyone makes the poem fit where they want it to be. If you think it is in Montana it can fit. If you think it is Colorado … it can fit. That is what our brains do with things.

      • Nice Guy the Titanic could actually have move along the bottom of the ocean especially shortly after it sank, just like icebergs move in ocean currents, and rocks move in streams, the belief in the original coordinates of the place where it sank was correct so that is where you start.

        So the only for sure absolute last know location of the TC that everyone can agree too is Santa Fe, NM so similar to the probability of finding the Titanic down stream we need to concentrate on eliminating as much real estate as possible.

        Would any person even ff like to drive by themselves (or with spouse) a fortune all the way to Yellowstone, from Santa Fe? Especially at 80? Once again not sayin it’s impossible, just sayin improbable.

        I agree ff was in love with Yellowstone especially early in his life but consider he has chosen to spend most and the remainder of his life in Santa Fe, NM. Just sayin…

        • Tom, Fenn recently went to a party at Suzanne Somers house. You are cutting him way too short…….Fenn does whatever he sets his mind to.

          I agree with eliminating as much territory as possible…….I know you want it to be in New Mexico, and you could be right. One can make a good case for it being in New Mexico, just like the other states; but this rationale of Fenn being limited to where he hid the chest is just wrong in my opinion.

  89. My Client is in Sante Fe he just sent me a picture of the Collective book store sign. I told him to go find Forrest 🙂 lol

    Lucky lucky 🙂

  90. Have you ever seen a mime/robot that learns and takes over? I think this Chase can go on and hint of riches on and on 🙂

    • Unfortunately the hints we’ve seen appear contradictory from time to time. At least that’s my perception. I obviously don’t listen as well as I thought I did (my wife would agree). Just when I think I’ve cinfirmed my correct track, out comes the rug and I start asking “why now?” , “what else have I missed?”

  91. It seems like somebody here is hinting like a desperate criminal sending taunts and clues to the police. As a result I have decided to enjoy a couple of places that I have only driven through in the past. One is some wilderness study areas near Cuba, New Mexico. The region is also known as Boca Del Oso. It has some decent roads, and old indian petroglyphs.

    The other area is adjacent to the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. The UU Bar Ranch. I want to stop beneath the Tooth of Time and picnic at the Cimmaroncito reservoir. Then I want to try and go around Uracca Mesa to the south and find Toothache Spring (Latitude: 36.40056 : Longitude: -104.99222). It has a funny name so it must be good.

    In the last stanza of the poem FF twice tells us to listen. Then he says “YOU” twice. Is that a hint to indicate UU Bar Ranch/Philmont? It’s within a day trip distance of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It fits the clues. So there is my spring and summer plans.

  92. Ahh. Back to civilization. For those of you that gave me gps coordinates, I didn’t waste my time. Looking in Fenn’s back yard, not.. The poem is the clue. Not numerology,stars, far flung theories.. What a world of nuts. Maybe it’s here in Arizona. Area 51.

    • I’ll take the gps coordinates and put them in the map program . Then I will look at images of the area on the computer. And only then will I light the candles, burn some sage, project out of my body, where I invoke the star people to appear and show me the treasure. Nothing weird or nuts.

      • Ha! Good one. When I was emailed the coordinates, I asked how it fit the poem. I got scrapbook numbers,postage stamps, birthdays, everything but the poem.
        I didn’t think about the star people. Do they burn sage?

          • Learned to stay out of the cold. Am in Safford,Arizona at Gila Box. Weather is better here. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll head north…

          • Uken2it

            That’s crazy! I lived outside Globe in the mountains. Quiet, with mountain lions and javelina. Cottonwoods along semi-dry riverbeds.

        • I see good thinkin. Checkout Flagstaff, Bisbee or Sedona also nice air museum near Tuscon. Make it worth your while. I like AZ…lived in Globe and Wilcox.

          • Ed, i made my first trip to Sedona about 6 years ago. WOW I never pictured AZ to be that green. The North Rim of Grand Canyon is pretty green as well but Sedona turned green out nowhere, from how I remember it. The river and canyon was gorgeous. Took the young one horseback riding and had great time. To bad its out of the search area.

          • Not Obs.

            I love Sedona, it’s beautiful. Ever been to Bisbee. Summers are dry heat in AZ. Department stores usually run swamp coolers. Phoenix is too busy, I’d move back if I had a chance.

          • Dang.. I was supposed to go to Sedona next month for work but it got cancelled… Might have to put on the growing list of places to go… Sounds like a cool spot… Of course I would go to Sante Fe first my sister told me it is way better than Sedona…:)

          • Globe Arizona. I was escorted out of Globe AZ in the 70’s after enduring mild abuse from 2 off duty cops that took me into the circle-K store and shoved me against a glass door. Uniformed cop picked me up and apologized but none the less dropped me off outside city limits. Never went back. I do recall a ‘scary’ legend about some mine near there but forget what it was.

          • Thanks guys…I heard so much about how beautiful Sedona is that I decided to start there before I head north next month…Can’t wait..

          • Sounds like pirateofgold bought land in Witchywell, AZ. No water. It’s a dry heat.

        • Correct, Rickin Florida, it is possible, however if I told my wife we were going for that long a drive from Santa Fe, and we are in the our late 70’s she would roll her eyes and ask why we were not flying commercially?

          Ever trust 2 million in gold to airline baggage handlers? Probably not.

          June may be interred there i n Bozeman, MT, but not a lot of mention of her heirs and their relation to ff..

          This seems unlikely to me, but it is “Possible” but not probable, which is the exact premise I am trying to establish Rick….Probability is real math and that is my focus…

          • he’s saying for example… and, didn’t f deliver newspapers in the area? I forget, anyway, most of the blog is pretty sure he went up into the mountains.Now, if i’m 80, and had a wife, I really don’t think she would be wondering to much about what I’m doing. Especially if I gave her such a good life. He did say that he would vacation seperately didn’t he? He would go fishing, she would talk about him, etc,etc..The point being, nobody knows, so throw the probability out the door. Believe me, went down that road, spc programs and all. I just think you’ve narrowed your seach down to precisely, open mind, out of box…take examples for what they are…:)

    • What you talking bout Willis, I mean Pirate, there are no nuts here……….Forget about Area 51, check the underground base at Sedona, it’s connected to the one in Dulce New Mexico. It’s how they transport the extraterrestrials that arrive at the Denver underground base. Fenn knows all of this.

      I know this to be true; my deluxe wee gee board mouse pad told me so.

    • Area 51 is in Nevada, Mr Pirate, not Arizona.. But Arizona and Nevada are off the map so there is a 100% probability the TC ai’nt there.

      Probability is not numerology, it is like counting cards the ones that show up predict the ones left in the pile.

      Nothing nuts about pure math and predicting what is most likely going to happen since so many people are searching and thinking, just listen to what I use to tell my players when I was a soccer coach, put the ball where the other defenders are not and you have a better chance to score.

      If that does not make sense then imagine throwing the ball to your guy in football when there are no defenders nearby.

      The idea is to not out run the bear, it is to out run the guy between you and the bear, capisci ?

      The best chance to succeed in this quest is to first eliminate as much as you can and concentrate on what is available for searching near you because all of this searching and exploring is about time and boots on the ground in the most probable location. Each time ff wins you learn something for the next excursion…

      Tom Terrific

      • I don’t recall saying area 51was in Arizona. When you coached, did you not tell your athletes to assume nothing?
        Besides, who said I was looking? I’m trying to stop this wee gee board mouse from moving. Keeps moving to F-E-N-N…

        • POG your are correct, I am so old and blind I did not see your period after AZ, sorry, now back to the Chase…

  93. IMO. Believe It Or Not. Clue #2. I said it here first.

    Recap: Clue #1 – Title is the keyword. Mr. Fenn literally says “I give you title to the gold.” He’s telling us right there it’s his title Fenn. “As I have gone alone in there” is the first clue. Fenn not Fern Mountain.

    “and with my treasures bold” Once you understand what his “treasures bold” are, it confirms this area as correct. I can explain it but I don’t want to right now. *Hint, his treasures bold is not the treasure chest.

    Clue #2 “I can keep my secret where” Mr. Fenn is keeping his secret. How can you keep something secret? By not spreading it around. So Mr Fenn is keeping his secret, he is not going to spread it. Spread Mountain

    I added it to the map.

    I know, pretty simple, black and white. Probably too simple and straightforward for most but there’s 7 more clues. Again, your welcome.

  94. For all of you interested in Yellow Stone and the comment that Forrest said the Treasure is Wet…

    Along both banks of the Firehole River are the greatest of the geysers. Our camp was a few hundred yards below the first crater described, and the most beautiful of them all. Near the bank of the river, and a half a mile below camp, rose on the farther margin of a marshy lake the Castle Crater, the largest formation in the valley. The calcareous knoll on which it stands is 40 feet in height, and covers several acres. The crater is built up from its center, with irregular walls of spherical nodules, in forms of wondrous beauty, to a castellated turret, 40 feet in height and 200 feet in circumference at the base. The outer rim, at its summit, is formed in embrasures between large nodules of rock, of the tint of ashes of roses, and in the center is a crater three feet in diameter, bordered and lined with a frost-work of saffron. From a distance it strongly resembles an old feudal tower partially in ruins. This great crater is continually pouring forth steam, the condensation of which keeps the outside walls constantly wet and dripping.
    — Gustavus C. Doane, 1871[7]


    • Spailles,

      The Wet Mountains are in Southern Colorado a part of the Sangre De Christos of the norther NM and Southern Colo Range, they are higher than any mountain in Montana or Wyoming, not that that is important, just sayin that Wet could mean anything and it is Warm Waters NOt hot.

        • Spallies, this report from Gustavus C. Doane, 1871, was very insightful and probably helped Yellowstone become a National Park, I see Forrest Fenn as this type of person, or even a John Muir because in his “Thrill” and “Too Far” you can feel the passion he has for saving the whole Rocky Mountains, not unlike a John Denver song..

          ff is doing his part to save this pristine wilderness, which is a lofty goal but a worthy cause for his fellow man, he is using the greed that exists in all of us for a good cause, much different that the profit motives that help to destroy our beloved mountains.

          Tom Terrific

          • Along the same lines, IMO just a reminder that Forrest would have NEVER hid the chest in one of the thermal areas. Those areas are a very fragile natural formation and it would be a violation of park rules to enter any of these features except on marked trails or walks. Protecting the outdoors is as important to him as getting us out there.

          • T.T.
            I believe forrest would not of hid the treasure in a geothermal fragile area. That is why he said, begin it where it ends. He saying enjoy the area, but take it down than up. So I believe.

          • Sorry! I in no way meant that Forrest would hide the chest in a thermal area! Please nobody go searching in any geyser that could be dangerous!!! I just really liked the words that Doane used to describe Yellowstone… The article said something along the lines that his description helped it become a National Park…. 🙂

          • Spallies,
            Oh thanks so much for sharing the article. I enjoy the history. I was just agreeing with T.T. and I meant to thank you for the info.
            I do worry a little about this summer that people will be careful around this area. Not get hurt or burned.
            Happy Hunting, Right?

            Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears near Fire Hole, many years ago. And lived to tell.

          • Really Lou lee that’s scary that’s my biggest fear is running into a grizz while searching

          • I don’t think Spallis meant that the TC was hidden in thermal waters …
            It could be a good spot for WWH though. Thanks for sharing Spallis.. 🙂

  95. M.H. I pray to the Great Spirits that they will guide me to the treasure. Or at least help me a little with some kind of sign. Lord knows I need all the help I can get!

  96. Dal ,
    I think you need a link on this site thats called ” What’s the weather like “. A place searchers from different areas can go to and report things like , Snow levels , Snow lines , rain , flooding , etc. IMO I think it would be helpful for everyone , Many searchers live outside the ” Rocky Mountains ” and to them spring is already here , but in the mountains its still a little ways off. I just think it would save time and money for searchers, not to mention the safty aspect of it… Of course all of this is just my opinion….. I really don’t know what others think…..Ok I’m done rambling…… back to the chase… 🙂

    • Focused – Weather information is readily available online. NRCS has monitoring stations all over the Rockies. SNOTEL maps will let you know about current and historic snow levels. For instance, I know my spot is not likely to be snow-free until late April / early May by consulting these resources.

      • Thanks Austin . I will go check out these sites…..good luck to you in the chase..

    • Like a specific Forest Service map from the 1940’s? That helped us on our last trip 🙂

    • I have a good map that I like, and it used to have a bunch of X’s on it. Now it has only a single shiny new X, and I’m really liking it! : )

        • Are you peeking over my shoulder, DG? You’re a TTOTC celebrity, so I know where you’ve been searching, but unless you HAVE been peeking over my shoulder, you don’t know my area. : )

    • eBay on a good day, library of congress on a bad day…not sure what’s available in between.

  97. Kibbles and Bits Kibbles and Bits
    I’m ganna get me some more Kibbles and Bits 🙂 RUFF RUFF

    Forrest just throw me a BIG BONE 😉 I’m Ready lol

    • Amy,
      Yes, that’s one word for it – probably some others Dal wouldn’t appreciate. It was the visual – I was lmao. You brightened my day.

  98. Joe Joe joe Dirty Dirty

    You asked for it 🙂
    So hear me and listen good

    Atomic Dog by George Clinton
    Your a dog catcher not a treasure finder. Lol ha ha 🙂

    • Amy, Amy, Amy,
      I only responded innocently to your posting. I am shocked, and I don’t know what you are talking about : ))

      The song does bring back some memories from ‘those’ days, though.

      • Joe
        Lol yes another old song 🙂 I was joking in a round about way with u.

        I thought it was funny 🙂

        • No worries! I got a good laugh from your ‘kibbles and bits’ post, so I commented. All in good fun. Good luck in your search.

      • Onuat

        3 years to long 🙂
        Trust me I’m kicking myself in the behind.
        Waiting patiently 🙂
        My puzzle is all put together . !!!!!

  99. Thelma is having a great evening, LongFellow will be seranading her in a few moments time! My husband, children, family and friend/s have been my rainbow throughout this journey, and yes, I have been worthy, more than you all will ever know!

  100. And sometimes if you don’t care for the conversation and/or company, it’s best to just say nothing and politely leave the room. It appears others feel the same.
    Myself… I need to go look for my mints. BBL

  101. For those who are trying to decipher the WWWH dot com website, a small word of caution: don’t read anything into the background photo. When the site first came onstream, I checked and found that the image is a readily available stock photo. As to the other stuff, I really don’t know if it means anything – it certainly doesn’t figure in my solve, although I can make some of the references fit in much the same way as you can make any of a thousand places across the four states fit the poem… sort of.

    • Got to admit,it is mysterious. I like to try a solve mysteries . Thanks for the concern though.
      I think I might have solved Fenn,s mystery and just killing time waiting for the cold to get warm and maybe hot eventually … 🙂

  102. Off subject, but does anyone know where Forrest was talking about the politician speaking to the group at his home when the alligator came up behind him? Thanks

  103. Not sure LouLee, but I’ve made a hole-in-one on this solve of the poem . 🙂 it took a long time to make that:)

    Golf just looks boring to me
    You get your stance just right , then u swing hard and hit a little ball and hope to make it on the green and then in the hole. Then the golfer clap comes it’s always the same sound . Golf is Golf it’s over rated and can be expensive . I tried one time to swing and hit that ball and I completely missed the ball. I’ve never tried again 🙂

    • Golf is a great game but you have to hit the ball first. Chasing it around after that can really make a girl shake her tail. I’m personally hooked on golf just a little teed that nobody ever wants to play with me.

      • Golf never made too much since to me. You hit the ball as far as you can then you go and find it just to hit it again. Now driving ranges are different story, you get to hit that little ball as far as you can, then hit another ball and so on. Then you let somebody else go and pick them up… Makes a lot more sense to me. LOL Have fun at what ever you do, even if it is going all over the country looking for a little box that no one else can find. See you in the Rockies!

        • Ok, here is an IMO:
          Golf is borrring!
          Now the golf cart on the back nine-
          That’s a different story! 🙂

          • It’s never the game it’s the players that make the game. A game where fore played properly is often heard in screams of errant excitement. The score is just a reminder of the journey.

      • Re: Golf

        Forrest has played golf at an air force base while in training – I read it somewhere –

        I have played the game a couple of times and once in
        Antarctica. The balls where painted red, so we could see them on the ice and
        then it got pretty tricky when the Skua birds would fly down scoop up your ball –
        and drop it shortly after. So the game became chasing Skua birds to get them
        to fly closer to the cup. What some of us won’t do for fun. !!

  104. I feel the same way about Golf Amy. Lots of Dudes Love it though. Just wondering. If Forrest likes it? Seems like he is not the type. I see him more the type to go hiking river bottoms for interesting things. I am like that too. All my life.

    • I like golf. I play like Happy Gilmore–my way. The neighborhood golf pro said if I played “right,” I could be even better. Wrong–didn’t work for me. My way wins games. 🙂

    • Spallies…XYZ…..Its the end of the Beginning…..! I made it up….Its My Happy Ending.

  105. Golf and this chase are a lot like a relationship.If you dont take it seriously, it is no fun, and when you do take it seriously, it will break your heart.;)

    • A lot of truth in your statement Fins up. I love every minute of research, combing over maps, and reading the poem over. None of us would be engaged if we didn’t believe there was a chance of actually finding the treasure. I follow Dal and windsurfer’s totc philosophy.. explore beautiful country and you’re never disappointed.

      I’m 0 for 9 in finding Fenn’s gold but my heart is full of golden moments spent in ruggedly beautiful country I would not have seen if Forrest’s challenge had not struck a chord in my soul.

      • I started this subject, this morning about Golfing and Forrest. It would be nice if Forrest would tell us his feelings about the subject. But I have a feeling he likes arrow head hunting better. XYZ

    • Well that stinks Fins up!… I take TTOTC seriously… Some might say too seriously. There’s been some fun times, and some not so fun times…But to me, the most fun will be finding it. A broken heart is no fun at all…

  106. I know forrest is enjoying every min. of his life. Maybe he is our finding his own treasures! Hope so.

  107. I like bowling except when my ball rolls off into the gutters 🙂 lol
    I have only made a few strikes 🙂

  108. Jdiggins
    9:26:53 am or pm? Or does it matter? Happy PI day! and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner!

  109. Im a mountain man golfing flatlander pirate suffering from gold and trout fever, wise one.I cant help posting stuff sometimes.

  110. Hi Anna –

    Could I make that up – No

    Yes, it’s true – but can you tell me who taught those birds to play golf?

  111. “On March 14, 2015 at 9 o’clock and 26-minutes and 53-seconds, the first 10 numbers of pi will be in sequential order.” So a ton of people are going out to get pie/making pie/having pie parties etc 😉

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