Archer’s Book….

March 2015

arherArcher is 18 months old, and a very busy young man.  He loves Bubble Guppies, balls, rocks, and books.  He keeps me very busy, too.  His favorite game is hide-and-seek, and he can climb and run all day long.

I spent some of my winter creating a children’s book for him.  No – I am not a writer.  No – I did not write a book.  I used Forrest’s poem to create a children’s book to read to my son at night.  I used a website, with some cool tools.  There was a very limited library of background scenes and props to use, but there seemed to be plenty to create a treasure-hunt themed children’s book.

Originally, I had used ONLY Forrest’s poem to create the book, but the publisher would not let me make a hard cover book with less than 16 pages.  My son loves to read books, but he also loves to eat them, which means paperbacks are out.  So, I had to get creative, and I came up with a preface for it.  It is only a few lines, and it is not worthy of the poem, but it adds a cute spin to an already fun story.

ttotcIt took me about 3 months to create the book, but only because I would work on it a day and then set it aside for a couple of weeks.  I am sure some of you can do better than me – and I certainly encourage you to try.  The website I used is Story Jumper (, but there are several others out there.
I laughed my butt off once it was done.  It is both cute and hilarious – at least to me.  I have shared the link below for all of you to enjoy.  I hope you get as big of a laugh as I did.

P.S.  There are NO intended hints, clues, or implications in this book or the images.  I used what limited resources were available in their library and tried my best to keep it relevant.  The main character is supposed to be a younger Forrest Fenn.




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  1. I have thought about writing a story about Forrest and the The Thrill of the Chase. Thing is I am not a writer and I am aware of this. Nor do I know the first thing about getting permissions to use things or reference them. I have a lump of clay laying around some place, was considering making a sculpture from a photo and asking Forrest if he would be willing to assist me with it. Knowing how busy Forrest is these days I am reluctant to mention it to him.

    I am sure I will enjoy the stories that searchers will present here, looking forward to them.
    Thanks dal

  2. Sacha, I love your book! You did a great job! I’m going to look into making one for my grandson who is 6. I think he will really like it and maybe will inspire him to want to go and search.

    • Thanks, Carolyn.

      I just changed the settings so that anyone can edit and create their own book. You can personalize it for the little one you are ordering it for. You can add characters, change scenes, and add and remove pages.

      I certainly don’t own the rights to any of this, and I think everyone should enjoy it, so I made it free for all to edit, change, and print (but the printing isn’t free).

      I never expected such a great response from everyone. I expected a few laughs, but never thought anyone else would take it seriously.

      What a nice crowd!

  3. I will more than likely purchase your little book for my daughter, so that when she is older she will know how obsessed I was with the Thrill off a Chase 🙂 lol

  4. So I never considered that other people would want one. I loved making it, and got a lot of laughs when I was doing it.

    I wonder what Forrest would think…..

    I am not selling these, and I make no money if you purchase the download. I don’t want anyone thinking I profit off of Forrest.

    I was also worried it would make seem a little obsessed much, but I think I am in good company so you will all forgive me for it.

    Thanks all! Hopefully Archer doesn’t eat the book…..

  5. Sacha, excellent how proud you must be. I had to look twice and glad I did. The natural colors and lineage were apparent from the start, and you say you only worked part time. Duo you plan on any more? Don’t tell me sometimes surprises are best. The natural focal point, eye catching, you hit the bullseye. One small criticism though, using such a simple poem with its masterful complexities, I think Archer or should I say young Forrest, may grow out of it faster than your wildest dreams. Archer doesn’t yet understand how lucky he is to have you staring back at him. Can’t wait for the next one, young Archer I mean. Fun read too.
    Congratulations once again Salcanl.

  6. Thanks! I really enjoyed making it, and when it was finished, I did feel really proud. Archer does remind me of a young Forrest. I couldn’t keep him indoors if I tied him up and put him in a cage. No couch is too big, and he looks at everything as a summit challenge.

    I also think there is some of Skippy in there, though. My son seems to have an affinity for adrenaline rushes. I expect to see him landing an airplane on a mountain lake, one day.

  7. Archer is a lucky boy. You should be proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  8. Trying to purchase this little book is it possible? I click on buy and nothing happens after that. 🙂

    • Amy,

      If you really want a copy, PM me, and I will have to order it for you. Only the maker can order the book. I will see if I can send you a link for buying. I didn’t post one here because I didn’t want to appear like I was trying to sell books. I am not selling books – and even if you buy one (which is $25 a piece without tax) I will make NO MONEY from it.

      Message me at nothing2good at the hotmail place.

    • It’s just fresh off the printing. Give it some time or you can send me a self addressed stamped envelope to
      Archers hideout
      32215 discovery lane
      Boseman, Mr.

      • Bajaau

        🙂 your street address should be ” Electric Avenue” not discovery lane 🙂

  9. Nice idea to write a childrens book based on the poem. I’ve been exploring comicstrips sites like this one to create something:

    I was also musing about a movie. A wealthy man dies and his family and friends gather for the reading of the will. But, in the will he says that he buried his wealth in the mountains. A vague poem in the will tells where….
    I think it would be a good romantic comedy.

    I know writting and publishing a book can be tough. When I wrote mine it took years of collecting random thoughts and then assembling them in a way that made sense. What I ended up with is my inspirational poetry describing how love transforms you on one level. And in the subtext comparing the life of Jesus with the teachings of Laotzu. And, combining it all with spit and gibberish. The result is ‘The Word of Love’. I think five people actually bought it. Two people appreciated it. One person understood it. Her name is Charlene Siroche. She taught sanskrit, and aramaic up at the college in Santa Fe. What a treasure it is to know her. Writting can really put you into some good company.
    Right now I am in the process of collecting thoughts themed on disfunctional and unrequited love and posting them on twitter. Let’s see if that turns into something I can assemble.

  10. Sacha, your children one day will be glad you took the time to write your book.

    We all have hindsight, few have foresight.

  11. Excellent work! Can’t wait to be able to buy it for my little girl. She loves the chase with her dad and has been asking when we are all going on vacation again to look for the treasure. Great job!

  12. Hi all. I just wanted to update you…

    Everyone can now buy the book! The publisher allows anyone to purchase the book now, using the same link above. You can download it, get a paperback, or spring for the hardback copy.

    The hardback copy is $24.95 plus shipping and tax.

    I get absolutely no money from it. I am just glad to share it with you all.

  13. I received the book this past week, it’s just very simple and I liked it. 🙂
    Wish I would have thought of that.
    My mind must be somewhere else lol 🙂

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