Jenny’s Easter Egg Reverse Hunt Contest…

March 2015

Jenny has a new Easter Egg Hunt Contest…
Kinda familiar and kinda new…

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.49.24 PM

Pretty fun!!!
Check it out for yourself HERE.


36 thoughts on “Jenny’s Easter Egg Reverse Hunt Contest…

  1. Hi Jenny, Long time no talk, sorry. Hope you and your family are well?
    MY first trip to NM was on the week before Easter 2013. I also filled some plastic eggs to leave at the spot that we were going to search. But sadly, the area was closed until May 1st. So, my son and I left them at the base of a cave entrance outside the Nambe Sewage Treatment Plant. (hoB) I’m thinking someone probably found them the next week during the Pilgrimage to the Chimayo, and thought what the heck? I left some change , candy and a smiling picture of me… I thought I was going to get the treasure. LMAO
    Your contest is very nice, good luck!
    Mark H. Go Cubs!

  2. I Love Easter, my favorite time of year. I have a wild bunny in my yard. Almost every year, I look out on Easter morn and have a cute fluffy grey bunny in my Yard!

  3. Really fun idea!
    I did something this weekend I feel bad about not remembering to do more of…
    My son Charlie 6yr had a girl friend from across the lane around that he had never played with before.
    After a couple of hours of Charlie explaining how to use the games he had and trampoline…
    he was flopping around complaining he was bored…
    So put the ‘book’ down and thought I’d join them both in…told them to wait in the hall while I ran upstairs, looked out of Charlie’s window into the back garden and drew a map of the garden… Then went into the garden and hid a £1 coin under a little stone but on top of a small rock.
    I drew an ‘X’ on exact spot on map and ran in quite excited, handed the map to Charlie…we have played this game before but only inside the house over winter…
    I went in to the livingroom to chill out while the kids played outside… Then I heard… ‘AAh.. Ha!!
    It’s my bedroom!!
    Then they both spent 20min running round the house untill I asked ‘what does it look like its next to?’
    He said ‘a bush’
    After another 30 min in the garden he said my map was rubbish and he’d ripped it up and buried it!
    Wev got a generous garden… Turned out he’d buried it a foot away from rock my £1 coin was on!!
    You wouldn’t beleive it unless you saw it…but I got map out of the hole he’d dug trying to encourage…
    Where is the ‘X’ Charlie? To the left of the rock? On the rock? Or to the right of the rock?
    ‘on the rock’
    So he put his right hand on top of the stone covering the £1 coin to lift the rock next to it! Lol
    Just reminded me of TTOTC 🙂

  4. I really do enjoy these contests. I haven’t won, but I won’t give up. Maybe we should try reversing the order of how “we think” the clues should be ordered. It certainly can’t hurt.

  5. Thanks Dal for the posting. I’m happy to be able to share the contest and am glad you are all excited about it. It will be a lot of fun. Remember there is a prize for both a children’s entry and an adult’s entry.

    One of the prizes will be a genuine relic from the San Lazaro Pueblo- found by Forrest himself!! So awesome!

    More on this later….

    best to all!

  6. I’ll be adding this to the above post on…but thought I should mention this here too:

    The judges have been appointed…lol…..they will be myself, Wendy Jo Bradshaw, and Don Luenser.

    Plus, as I just found out I will be traveling the week before and into the 12th….the deadline will most likely be extended to the 18th…….. I’ll confirm this soon!

    Hope you are all busy planning out your Egg Pictures….I’ve received a couple already…they are so cool! Will be posting them over the weekend!!

    thanks all!!

  7. I really enjoy the Chase and the contests are fun. I have entered two. Its been very very exciting! Thanks Jenny, Forrest, Dal and all who make it Great!

  8. Jenny

    I sent me Egg over to u, let me know if u received it. Thank u for the contest.
    It was fun, and no I’m not a flourist lol

    • I have received it, Amy. Looks beautiful! Should get a few more posted later on today…..maybe not all of them that I have, but at least a few more!

      Thanks all for your entries, keep them coming…..

      I am personally picking up some of the prizes later this week!!! I am so excited to finally meet Forrest. I was Northern hunter for so long….but you know…things change….lol….and might change again….

    • Trying to get through the 200 plus notifications from yesterday! Forrest, and dal, thanks for the refreshments! And iron will, again BRAVO, it is an absolute touching masterpiece!!! 🙂

  9. Easter brings back great memories of treasure hunting. It was a competition to find the most eggs before my brother. Mom would hide the eggs in familiar places and my older brother would have the advantage of finding the ones hidden on the counter, behind the flower pots, in the cookie jar and other high places. On the other hand, seems like there were always plenty to be found under the bed, on the floor and other places that were easier for me to get to. When the game moved outside I always found the ones in the sandbox and my brother would get the ones in the tree. . Of course it was important to count the eggs. We all remember the one that was discovered in May. (One egg could not be found hmm..) I suspect where you look for treasure has a lot to do with where you can look.

    Better than hunting eggs… was hiding the eggs. As we got older we were given the chance to hide the eggs. I felt a great thrill in knowing where they were and everyone else scurring around to find them. I paid great attention to where the good hiding places were and prided myself on having the last one found. Along the way we would often give clues. Many of which were like “look for Brown”, “you are getting warmer”, “no, no, very cold” its too far away”, “look down”.

    As I get older, it seems more thilling to know where the eggs are than trying to find them.

    Have a Happy Easter.

  10. Hi all,

    Because of traveling and unable to post egg entries (I still have quite a few to post), the end date for receiving contest entries has been changed from the original date of the 12th to now the 18th.

    After I post the entries, I would like to make sure that all who have sent an entry, I have received. I plan on finishing posting ones received to current date by Weds.

    Thanks for your patience with me on this…..

    And one more exciting piece of news! Anyone who has entered will receive an original San Lazaro pottery sherd (if you send me address)—NOT a gaming piece, like the winners receive, which are purposely shaped pottery sherds, but a random sherd from there

    Still totally awesome though…..because these were handpicked last Friday and date before 1650 AD as well!

    Story to come later!

    Best of luck all!!!!

  11. Update on contest:

    I think I have all egg entries to date posted. Here are links to page three and four!

    If I haven’t been in touch with you, and you have sent me an entry which has not been posted, Please let me know. (I know there are some entries coming in yet)

    As the previous message states, contest ends the 18th and all who enter will receive a San Lazaro pottery sherd if you send address to me.

    The winners (children and adult) will still receive the San Lazaro Gaming Pieces and Signed book by Forrest Fenn.


    thanks all…’s been exciting and all the egg entries are so beautiful and special!

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