The Nine Clues…….Part Fortytwo


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?


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818 thoughts on “The Nine Clues…….Part Fortytwo

  1. Dal, it’s amazing how many people visit your blog! You and Goofy do a great job. There must be a whole lotta silent searchers.

    I didn’t post on my blog yesterday, because I got sidetracked by genealogy. I posted today, and took a little more time in writing in an effort to make it amusing, entertaining, as well as informative.

    I actually found a very ancient reference to Fenn. Maybe not Forrest, but when I found it, I was surprised. I didn’t know Forrest had a whole country for a namesake.

    And for the record, I don’t doubt that Forrest hid the treasure, and I don’t doubt that it’s still out there. I’m beginning to doubt I will find it, though, but I also don’t doubt that I won’t give up trying. πŸ™‚

    It seems like every day I find something new, which for me, is discovery. πŸ™‚

    Happy Friday!

    • Nice post Mindy… No wonder you are so tough. The Norwegians are very, very tough people. But also some of the most gentle πŸ™‚

      • You’re right, Spallies! I was just reading last night about the heroic code they lived by…amazing stuff!

        • Hi Mindy! Can you direct me to the Norse code? There was an amazing solve built around Viking Lore posted months ago with gorgeous photos of waterfalls deep in Yellowstone’s Back country. my favorite solve! It sounded like a story Forrest wrote.

  2. To the spot then back to his car, back to the spot then back to his car. Total of 3 miles roughly walked that day. Let’s divide 15,840 by 4. That puts the road he walked from at roughly 3960 feet away from the spot. All in my humble opinion πŸ™‚ also this would satisfy the number 15 that he routinely uses.

  3. Ha… I found you all… dal shut her down huh?

    Hey, today we are wearing yellow for a young man about to have some serious surgery… his name is Seth and like Mattie the young poet, he’s setting the standard for tough! you all can look it up.
    Happy day!
    Mark H.

  4. The more I look, the more I feel like a Deer in the headlights. However I have just added another straw to the camels back ordering the book TTOTC. Maybe that’s the ticket to FF (fame & fortune) or maybe not. At least it’s fun dreaming about it.

    • You can have mine for a small fee but large shipping cost prob!
      All clues highlited with invisible ink…all you got to do is put your wellies on and pick up the chest!:-)

  5. Good morning chasers.
    Hope all are greeted by warm sunshine dancing through a window.
    Now lets see, ummmm. Shall we play with The home of brown here?

    My dog just gave his tail wag of approval.

    ” Put in below the home of Brown ”
    I find it interesting that Forrest capitalized Brown, Capitalization in this case could signal that this is a proper name. Otherwise under normal circumstances it would be consider another part of speech. ( Yeah I hated english classes. So I have forgotten the eight parts of english ) lets see Noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective. You get the ideal.

    So what do we know about brown? No matter how one might look at this particular word. It remains descriptive of something. Is it a prairie dog colony? A range for buffalo? Thoughts?

    • I think trout, since Forrest loves to fly fish. The only problem is that they are all over the 4 states so that doesn’t much. I like the place the he shows the big brown he caught in the picture in his SB.

      • Forrest says home of Brown is “Too far to walk” But I’ve been walkin ever since I was 2. Consider myself the burly type (worked in a lumber mill for years) I dream of walkin up to Browns home and carrin the whole 42lbs out at once. A lot of people around here searchin from all over the Americas. I’m more than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe so I guess this qualifies me to search for treasure.

        • Russ – where are you from? What state or states do you search? How long have you been searching?

          • Been searching for a while Ed. I think we’re closing in on three years now |my buddy and I. Born and raised in PA but within the last two years have moved to Colorado. The two of us have intensely mapped certain areas, with eyes on the ground too. I never comment on any of the blogs or email Fenn. I have read a lot and researched the blogs though. We think we be getting close. I’d rather not say which state we are currently pouring over. If the two of us find it were splitting it 50-50 πŸ™‚

            ..Happy hunting..

          • Good luck with your endeavors… perhaps the pond has bigger fish than I had originally anticipated.

  6. That didn’t take long to fill up that segment of The Nine Clues. Here is something to ponder. On one of my trips up near the blaze (you know the one, Forrest), I looked toward the opposite direction of the where I believe the TC is and was amazed. It was a very overcast day and the clouds were rolling toward me in waves. Intermittently, the sun shone through. This illuminated a cross on the hillside as if it were neon! The cross was about 10-15 feet tall. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and when I re-opened them it was gone. I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me and looked away puzzled. When I turned to look again I saw it for the second time. Again I rubbed my eyes and it was gone. Looking away in absolute bewilderment, when I returned my gaze yet once more the cross was gone! I figured something must be amiss. That was when I decided to not look away from the spot and maintain my gaze. The cross came and went and came and went. That was when I realized the intermittant sunlight was the cause of my unfounded delusions. I had already searched near this cross and munched some crow there. No harm. I tried to catch thr phenomenom on camera, but I was too late. The cloud cover became too thick and the sunshine could not get through the soup. I snaped some pictures around myself and took video. It is in one of those pics that has made me realize my error in finding the TC. I know now what I hadn’t known then. I wonder if f has ever seen the same cross.

  7. Geydelkon,
    Isabel created that delicious creative looking dessert? Wow! She must love her dad and fully support you in your search.

    • You should see her work. She makes cakes and specialty deserts and many other great dishes. She puts in a 60+ hours in at her home. So here is her facebook link. Hope you all “like” it. On the holidays you cant find her. She’s out looking under bridges and street corners feeding the unfortunate. I support her as well.

      • Hah! Eat dessert first. πŸ™‚ Beautiful you lady who as she puts it: “Love you to the moon and back”. You must have raised her well or just plain lucky. I tell people that my children turned out so well because God knew my wife and I couldn’t handle children otherwise.

        • There are times in our lives we can only hope and pray. I have done a lot of that and still doing so. Yet, live the moment. If I cant have yesterday then why should I keep tomorrow.

      • Your daughter is adorable – what a cutie! And she appears to be an excellent chef as well!

        Happy B-Day Geydelkon!

      • Wow–what a great cake and lovely daughter! That took a lot of effort and love to put together. Have a great birthday Geyd.

  8. Has anyone considered “Toys Are Forever” in TFTW to be a hint to “If you are brave and in the wood” Just throwing it out for thought. I don’t think that I heard of Forrest ever being afraid anything else, except maybe for the high dive.

    • β€œToys Are Forever” He was afraid of the spiders. In the same story the porch was originally made of wood ” In the wood “

      • I will agree William, his dad told him that scarey things like dragons and scorpions and black widow spiders lived there, thus he was afraid of the juniper trees, or bushes if you prefer, because of what was in them.

      • I even considered this as being a subtle hint too. What really drew my attention to “Toys are forever” is when he said ” I scraped in the south end of the porch with a small hand tool.”..Hmmm,I wonder.

  9. I have been pondering new perspectives of the poem lately. Attempting to see it from as many different angles a possible. Some ideas involve constellations, others involve metaphors and idioms, some even involve weather patterns…

    Recently Dal mentioned the blog as had more than 4 mil. hits. So I like to challenge those ‘on lookers’…The ‘shy folks’…The ‘Lurkers’…to explain how they see the poem and hopefully some new ideas may come to light, a new thought process or a different analogy of how to read the poem. I’d bet there are more than a few out there in cyber-land that would actually like to discuss the poem and clues.

    What say you…

    • Straight forward cause that is what Forrest has indicated, when I read the poem I try not to imply history, math or cryptic ciphers. I try to keep a cheat sheet next to me to guide my way of thinking, don’t use structures in my thinking, don’t be influenced by any WHAT IF. Forrest said use imagination but I believe our imagination can get carried away from us and that leads us to weird solutions, cause by far I’ve had a couple myself. Seeker it’s just IMO and I’m no closer to the chest as the next guy.

      • Will,
        That’s great…But what is straightforwards? I can see the poem as a directional guest. But then I think about people fenn has mentioned…Osbourne, Meek, etc. Is straightforwards the Mountain Man’s direction? Native American Direction? Using the stars, the sun, designs in the Natural Habitat etc. Or a more modern day perspective with Road maps and national monuments. etc.

        Just saying straightforwards doesn’t tell you how the pyramids were built. and for me Straightforwards doesn’t even explain where to start, either in the poem or in a search.

          • hi i am new Marie here. i dont know if you saw my idea about combination locks. the poem is like one. first clu first number and like all the clues in poem all solves have to be in order. check out what i put al bottom of page.

        • I;m now trying to think of straight forword in the poem to be real… IE: if 2 or more hot springs flow into a bigger cold stream, then that is a wwwh, but it may not be the only one… but thats a way to think of it IMO.

    • Seeker, my first post on this blog was a week ago. I’ve been studying the poem for nearly 2 years. I’ve had 3 other solves that I thought were the perfect place. I found myself trying to fit my solves to the poem rather than the other way around. Now I have a very good solve that fits the poem, in order. It takes all other hints and clues into account and it’s even evident how someone could get the first 2 clues and go past the rest.

      My problem is, this doesn’t seem like a place that Forrest would hide the chest. Then again, he said everyone will be surprised when the location is revealed. I have not been out looking yet but I will be soon.

      My solution is simple and direct. It’s so simple that I’ve been watching the blogs to see if anyone else mentions my spot…

      There’s no secret to my solve. I just did a lot of research and kept an open mind… that was where I was making mistakes in my early solves.

      Good luck and happy hunting


      • Tim,

        I wouldn’t try to guess what kind of a place Forrest would hide the chest. Remember, the chest’s hiding place is secondary. Forrest has stated that he already knew the exact place to hide it when he thought of the TTOTC because it was a special place to him. Him. Him. Him.

        I think many of us tend to think that this special place should be grand or have spectacular beauty, or contain a scenic vista, ect. ect, but that’s us formulating a guess to what a “special place” should be. That’s not necessarily Forrests. We don’t know what made it special so it’s impossible for us to determine what it might be. I say follow your solution to the poem and if you have confidence, go with it.


        • Len,
          I agree with you. I didn’t pick my spot thinking it was special to him. Actually, I can’t figure out why it would be special at all. In the past I think I would have overlooked a place like this but the more research I did, the more I realized that it matched the poem.

          • Do not worry or rush on my account. As fate would have it I do not have any travel plans in my future.

          • I can’t rush either. I’ll be towing my travel trailer out there from Ohio and I don’t want to chance crossing the Rocky Mountains in bad weather.

            Good luck to you…

          • TimM, what part of ohio you in? I am from the Oxford/Hamilton area. Currently in Indianapolis area.

          • Funny, small world. I was born 40 miles east of Cleveland. Where is Jamie she’s from Ohio too.

          • Turn the camera around and you will know why it is special. Besides it’s where his family used to hide their camping gear every year before returning to Texas. Still sound like your spot? I am flying out soon.

  10. Hey Tim,
    I can also see how someone can get the first two clues and walk past the other seven. But I only came up with this theory a few months back. My problem is, to do this my starting point is not stanza one or stanza two. So I’m not sure if this is a correct approach.

    You don’t have to say where your looking, but you did say “My problem is, this doesn’t seem like a place that Forrest would hide the chest. Then again, he said everyone will be surprised.”

    What is it about the place that gives you reservations? is it a difficult place? or something else. just curious.

    • It’s not a difficult place at all. A place where a man in his twilight years could venture out without a problem… even a 3 year old could make it with a little help… lol.

      I have bought both books and neither of them were used in my solve. There may be a few small things in them that may or may not factor in but I stuck to the poem.

      I won’t say which state my solve is in… If I gave you just one hint, I think you could figure it out pretty quick. And I’d rather not say why I have reservations because anything I say would point someone to my spot.

      I’m definitely not saying the chest is there. I don’t know, but this is the best I could come up with. After I go search I will post my solve and you’ll understand what I mean.

      • I don’t blame you for not wanting to tell your location and if you describing it would send up a red flare i don’t want you to that either.

        I just think some under estimate fenn’s ability and know how, just because he was in his late 70’s. I can easily see him walking 2 miles or more one way and making two trips.
        But that is just me.

        • I agree… I have no doubts that he is capable of that.

          I just read the poem a few times to see if there was something I could offer as a hint but I can’t.

          I will say this, though… in my solve, Forrest didn’t need to follow the poem exactly to hide the chest. I think he went directly to where he hid it and was able to skip the first few clues. Of course, we can’t do that because those first ones are key.

          Keep it simple and in order… that’s what I did.

          Good luck to everyone..

          • Remember, FF said his bones might not be found for a thousand years. Does your spot have 0% people frequenting the area? If not you might want to revisit the first 2 stanzas.

          • Chris, I’m not disagreeing with you, but people were walking all over Richard III’s bones for hundreds of years before they were discovered. A time capsule filled with historical documents by Paul Revere (I think?) in a cornerstone of a building.
            I think there are all kinds of things waiting to be found right under our noses.
            The tricky part is knowing where to look for them. πŸ™‚

      • TimM – How would naming a state give away your solve? I’m headed to New Mexico. It is the state with the least land area within the “chase zone” and I would wager $1,000 that you can’t tell me where I will be searching within a 10 mile radius. Too many possibilities. So, come on, open up to the group!

      • Good luck to you Tim. I’m surprised, though, that neither books held hints for you. He has said there are subtle clues sprinkled. IMO, TTOTC will confirm some correct solutions. So at least we are at different spots. I enjoy hearing about folks like you that make cross country trips to hunt. You guys are mavericks.

        • MJ,

          Forrest said that those subtle hints in the books were not placed there to aid in the search… I know there are a few things that I might consider hints but I put little stock in them.

          By the way, do you know where the term Mavericks comes from? Lol

          Good luck to you too.

  11. After beginning at my WWWH (IMO), and following the clues in order (IMO), I arrived at a place where I saw a blaze approx. 200 yards away. So I walked to the blaze and “looked quickly down”. I didn’t find the treasure. Now, I am thinking that: I should have looked quickly down at the point where I was standing when I first saw the blaze (which was approx. 200 yards from the blaze) – rather than walk to the blaze. Has anyone else encountered this dilemma?

    • So you’re saying “At what distance from the BLAZE should one be when following the poem to have FOUND THE BLAZE” in order to determine where the right spot is to look quickly down?

    • I would do both, look down where I saw the blaze and then go to the blaze.

      Example: I did see a blaze in my search but it was a good bit lower in elevation and across a canyon. As I looked at the blaze I lowered my eyes and noted where my line of site halted and the blaze probably continued. I then headed over there and examined the general area. No I have not found the chest but I did find a darn nice blaze. And plan to revisit.

  12. Understanding Forrest’s quote of T.S. Eliot’s poem may help in determining where to start or how to travel when started.

    Forrest’s Eliot quote is taken from “Little Gidding.” In 1942 Eliot was spiritually confused over certain issues and hence studied philosophic and 14th Century Mystic, Julian of Norwich. Because she assisted in ‘bringing him full circle’ spiritually Eliot included Julian’s now famous words “All will be well” in his poem.

    Track with me… “All will be well.” sounds like contentment and Eliot was addressing deep spirituality in his poem. Didn’t Forrest say, “find contentment. Furthermore, why would Forrest, a master of literature, choose a poem addressing spiritual contentment to frame his memoirs and poem?

    Full circle is metaphorical and spiritual in reference to the poem, not a physical pathway. My opinion is the path way is straight; Forrest’s thought life and spiritual journey are circular. If the Eliot quote is used as Forrest’s capstone, it’s helpful to understand why.

    IMO this discourse on Eliot and Julian of Norwich is noteworthy:

    When you get bored with it, design an Easter egg πŸ™‚

  13. WWWH.. Power stations turn the water warm around them..? on another note =

    I think I am turning into Forrest…

    I just started buying silver coins and bullion, just started to get into fly fishing, been reading a ton, starting to get into Indian culture and all I want to do is buy a nice house on a big property in Wyoming or Montana where I could relax, fish read and study physics….

    atleast Forrest is not a bad guy to rub off on you..

    and I am just a little better cause my favorite football team is the EAGLES not the stink’in cowgirls….

    • and being outdoors doing any activity is the greatest thrills in my life right now… Wish I could spend all my days doing science outdoors,liveing in some nice house in the mountains in Montana and Wyoming(hope silver spikes to 500000 and oz πŸ™‚ )

      what a man to try to live like…already starting to get a little tired…

      • Silver has big price swings. Gold is much more steady. Especially flaming gold. Prices are up. Wait to buy until the market settles.
        Find f’s treasure now, while it is worth more πŸ˜‰

        • yeah but i cant roll a couple gold coins between my fingers like silver…its to expensive…and thats the best part about buying silver coins

  14. I took my mother out for a little road trip today. We went up to Santa Fe. We had a delicious breakfast at Tia Sophias. As we waited for our table we met a famous sculpter named Houser. Then we went to the collected works bookstore, where I did a little research. We then went down to Tesuque and roamed around the Shidoni Gallery and grounds. That place always feeds my imagination. We then went up to Whiterock to marvel gaze at overlook park. I pointed out Otowi Peak, Buckman, Sagebrush Flats, and Gallows Edge. All places that I have searched and researched. After this went up to the Jemez and found that the visitors center down in the Valle Caldera is open. So, we went down the gravel road to the visitor center and watched some elk go into the woods. There happened to be some people filming for the show Longmire there also. On the way down Jemez canyon I pointed out Battleship Rock and Soda Dam. It was under the waterfall at Soda Dam that I got cuts on my bare feet, ending in the amputation of my lower right leg. We were impressed by the number of families climbing all over the area. That drive in made my day and brought back some good memories of many searches I have done. And brought me and my mother closer together. That’s what it is about.

    • Glad you and your mother are closer because of your trips.

      “It was under the waterfall at Soda Dam that I got cuts on my bare feet, ending in the amputation of my lower right leg.”

      But that is just insane!! How in the h*** did that happen? I’ve been in he same place. Can’t imagine something like that happening though.

      • Imagine it happening a lot. Warm springs grows bacteria. Small cuts should be taken seriously. That’s why Jesus was always washing peoples feet. It wasn’t just an exercise in self righteous humility. People die from barefoot wounds, then and now.

        • Thats why we should always wear shoes in streams. Keep your ears out of hot springs too.

          Sorry you learned the hard way. πŸ™

        • hi i am marie i am sorry about what happened to you. are you a diabetic? if i am not being to nosy? we are and this was a great heads but at your expense. i hope you are doing well now.

    • Overlook park… what a great view! I’ve been there a few times, not for searching though. Just exploring.

    • Of course Amy… you are always welcome… But do you know how to shovel dirt? πŸ™‚

    • Not so fast Mark…they can have Colo…but I want Wyoming :mrgreen: you can have the rest…

      • If you could see my google earth map, my flags are everywhere and now that you mention it I am just now placing one on the moon

      • and who is to say that I didn’t mark my spot? Just maybe not with a flag and maybe I just didnt realize where I was at the time of my marking. lol.

        • When you mention marking your territory it makes me think of well…animals marking their territory.

  15. And Tim by any chance does Forrest know your solve. I think it’s interesting for him to listen to our solves or look at our solves πŸ™‚

    • I have sent old solves to him, of course he never responded except for “good luck.” I don’t think I explained this solve to him. I decided I’m not going to bother him with emails any more.

        • Amy, why are you curious about me? Lol. I’m not doing anything different than anyone else on this blog. Lol.

          As for the confidence… aren’t we supposed to move with confidence? That’s what Forrest said. Lol

    • A collegiate mechanic would use a manual.
      A learned monkey would use reverse technolgy!

  16. OK,…maybe I want to talk to The Wolf and 42 and Lia and Deb and JC1117 and decall and 49 dollers and spallies also….

    I’m Baaaack!

    Thank you, Dal. πŸ™‚

    • Welcome, E. I’ve learned that Dal is really a nice guy. I have no idea what happened between you two earlier. Suffice it to say…glad you’re back. Btw, I’m making like a baby in the morning and heading out. Just my luck a simple “head out” will turn into a breech delivery and emergency caesarian section. πŸ™‚ I hope not. Historians don’t believe that the caesarian section was named after Julius …besides, it’s past the Ides of March, anyway…so we’re good, right? …(long pause) …Right? (crickets chirping)

      Well…crickets chirping is a good sign to me. It’s when the crickets go silent that you better start wondering “Why?” πŸ™‚ Especially, if the cricket’s name is Jiminy.

  17. One person on this page has figured out the most important clue in the poem besides myself. At least I believe so. Wont say who though.

  18. hi my hubby and i are new to blogs i have tried to join but could not figure out how to do it. YES! i have that much trouble with tech stuff. here is a note i sent to Mr. Dal and he said i could join and i have a good question. i not sure it was this was the good part or my LONG note i sent him that he said i should send to Mr. Fenn. two more things i would like to let you all know is i am long on words. i am a terrible speller and leave words out sometimes. and i type mostly in lower case. if i late type someone name not capped i mean no insult.

    here is note to Mr Dal:
    “thanks may i send you my note its long but i wanted to make sure i asked question right. Mr Fenn can be foxy in a hounds suit. i read somewhere someone was asking if the clues were there when he was a child and he said no. that correct he didn’t do the clues till he was older however he did say the places existed when he was a child but did not say whether he visited them as a child.” (added someone should ask this question nicely this could be important unless he visit Santa Fe as a child)
    also no one seems to get that if home of brown is a fish you can NOT get below his home because its under water. I really do not believe the treas is in water do to flooding chances or that brown is a fish.

    • Don’t worry about your spelling, I’m in the same boat unable to spell. But were in good company, even Einstein had difficulty in spelling. Hope you and husband have fun here.

    • I can’t understand why people think ‘flooding” is a problem for the treasure. f made fun of a person who thought that gold might “rust”. His bio is sealed with wax in a jar. The treasure items are mostly gold, precious stones. Silver IS affected by water but will remain intact unless corrosive elements (salts) are present. The chest is lined with wood. Who really cares if that deteriorates?

      Good spelling helps the reader understand what you say. Misspelled words are OK if the reader can understand you. I skip over messages that are conveyed poorly.

      • hi sir if the wood falls apart what holds the chest together. unless chest is a solid like two pieces lid and bottom. why the wood. i think its a wooden box with bronze attached. we are talking about old craftsmanship. what can it hold up to weather wise. i have been watching a couple of creeks near my home and after it rains the bed and the edges change. that without flood waters.

        • AMN, The chest may be cast bronze or in another container for support and security. f is experienced with bronze casting.

          Welcome aboard !

          • if i remember he brought the TC from an art dealer. it was maybe used for an old family bible. they stored them like that to protect the history there within.

          • i just looked at the box in several pics. it does look like its two pieces and the wood is on the inside. fire might get in past the overlap of the bronze alittle but the lack of air i don’t think it would get far. another thought the book was pub in jan 2010 so the pictures of treasure had to be taken before that jan 2010. so the treasure was hidden before 2010 in 09. and i dont see it being done in real hot weather or cold that leaves late spring or early fall.

  19. Red eye flight from Seattle to Rutland, VT. (The marble city) Not looking forward to this.

  20. Ok, completely off topic but I gotta tell someone or I’m going to bust… lol. I am a 911 dispatcher and I work 3rd shift. Last night I had a call that was a first for me….

    A lady called 911 because her car stalled on her way to work. She was fine and not in any danger… her problem was the fact that she couldn’t get out of her car. She told me that there was no power to roll the windows down or unlock the doors. I tried to explain that there is a manual unlock button somewhere on the door but she insisted that there wasn’t. I finally sent an officer to assist…. she called 2 more times before he got there… She called back one more time after being freed from her prison and she told me that she was trying to call for a tow truck and accidentally called 911… lol

    These are the things that make me lose faith in humanity… LOL

    Thanks for letting me vent… back to the chase!! ☺


    • Tim you should make a blog of the funny stories you run across. It would be theraputic and would make others laugh. Just a suggestion from someone who is always looking for a funny story.

      • Hi Deb.. I wouldn’t know the first thing about making a blog. Besides the bad calls outweigh the good ones by 100 to 1.

        I think this is kind of what Forrest was talking about on one of the scrapbook pages. He referenced his cell phone as an “idiot phone” instead of a smart phone when he ran out of gas. I think many people of today rely too much on technology and when they get in a pickle, they can’t think their way out of it.

  21. Ann Marie – You wrote:

    “also no one seems to get that if home of brown is a fish you can NOT get below his home because its under water. I really do not believe the treas is in water do to flooding chances or that brown is a fish.”

    The phrase “put in below the home of Brown” could very well mean put in downstream to a fly fisherman,…as in below the home of a legendary Big Brown trout that was caught.

    • cool i think i get it. i have fished when son was little. we fished in lakes or ponds. he is 32 now. i am sorry i reread my line “no one seems to get …” it sounds like i am a know it. i didnt mean it that way. 2013 we hike some at clear creek but we were looking for the falls. once we got to BOULDERS the side of cars we headed back. 2.4 miles in then 2.4 out. grand total 4.4 miles. ranger didn’t think someone my size could hike it. had great time saw a bunch of birds. sorry i tend to be wordy working on it. (chopped about ten words cut then added this)

  22. hi it’s marie
    good morning and good night depending whether you are getting up or going to sleep. just having my coffee. forgot we are planning a trip mid may or mid aug to Albuquerque (hubby lived there as a child) we camped in cimarron two summer a go. still trying to iron out where i am going birding and want to go to rockhound state park in south. things are more like vacations for us than treasure hunting. i have letter into Mr. Fenn if he answer it i don’t know if he will post like he does sometimes or he may just not be able to get to it. if he doesn’t post it i will share it when i can.

  23. Hi Ann
    Welcome, I am Lou Lee and I have been here for a couple years or so. This is a nice community of people who Search and most justly read and do not post.
    On the rare times I have wrote to Fenn, If you don’t ask him questions about the poem. He will answer. Like I ask him where my arrowhead he sent me was from. He answered me. When I ask him a question about the Poem. Quiet. He gets, hundred of emails a day. However when I ask him questions over on Jenny’s Blog. Through Jenny Sixer, he answer a couple of them.
    He used to come on here. But I heard he is busy with his new Art Book.
    Good Luck and Try not to go Crazy, like a few of us here….LOL!
    I look forward to hearing your adventure!!!!
    Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park, But I carry Bear Mace and walk with someone who cannot Run as fast as ME!

    • thank you for info. i have tried to get into blogs but i didn’t even know how to do FB. after using it a while i tried again and got lucky. i have alway thought it was sneaky not to post and share within reason. i read somewhere people have been kick out of places/banded that just wrong. i am older and from Ala. if i behaved badly there would be terrible earthquakes from my kinfolk rolling over in graves. if i said something wrong or step on a toe let me me. i know i am over polite but hey i rather be over than under. Unless it where Brown lives.

    • Hi Mark H.! so you mean a crazy week of work? I can’t wait to go out and hunt too. So Looking forward to finding the treasure. I wish…..Like Lia, I am in it to WIn it! Nothing wrong with that! And its so much fun! You never know what kind of others treasures you might find while looking. I left a few…..myself, mostly for kids, who are closer to the ground to find. Like a Easter egg hunt!
      My kids are almost grown, but last week I had a easter egg hunt for the younger kids in my communitty. In my yard, I hid the eggs very very well. They had to work for it. It took awhile, because where well hidden in the orchard, tree’s, under things. It was a blast to watch! I like to put money, Rocks, Crystals in them. I Love to see their faces when they come running in my home! Look what I got!
      Best Wishes and may you find the treasure.

    • hi i am marie new to blog but not the hunt. they have hair dye my hubby said since i went back to being a redhead i am a different person. He refuses to say if its a better or worst. lol

  24. Can i share something that delicate. park outhouses, etc don’t have sinks and handi sandi just doesn’t cut it sometimes. i use these rubber gloves to keep hands clean/pocket wipes for wist area if needed. i throw these away because not good to put in bowl. if out in wild just put in a zip bag. we are have problems with keeping food cold. i precook sausage, bacon, meatloaf etc and freeze it. we use dry ice keeps good. put in in other ice chest to defrost and use on cook stove. the second ice chest is the rub trying to get ice when in mountains is hard. any idea beside $600.00 ice chest. i live no problem if we can keep food cold. i btw double bag it. dry ice freeze eggs milk everything.

  25. “I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues. To me that’s just expensive folly.” f

    “The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue. If you don’t have that one nailed down you might as well stay home and play Canasta.” f

    “Playing a hunch is not worth much in the search and those who start out by looking for the blaze, are wasting their time.” f

    So, is he saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to find the chest without figuring out all the clues or at least the first few as has been noted before?

    I mean, if one, say, did find THE blaze somehow, …..would it not be apparent because of NOT figuring out the previous clues? And WHY not? Is it not that recognizable? …..perhaps no. It might really only be apparent IF the other clues are solved first, …..somehow? So, to me, that leaves some questions about what the blaze truly is?

    NOTHING, IMO, is stumble proof, and for all we know one day a road or some type of structure could be put there(where the chest lays), or some type of construction/excavation done there, … PERHAPS eventually, if not found through the poem, it could be discovered that way? Or, …..just stumbled upon by a hiker, hunter, explorer, rock climber or someone doing some type of excavation? But he says no one is going to stumble upon it, … can that truly be??

    And maybe he is just saying that it would probably be just about impossible to find it without solving the clues from the beginning, …..and I’m sure it would be, but my thoughts are more about the [blaze]?? — But this may only apply if it is indeed a physical object and where or at least CLOSE to where the chest is hidden.

    Just thoughts……….

    • Most parks don’t allow excavation or construction. They are and will always remain a preserve of nature. I suppose someone could stumble upon it at some point but I would imagine that the hiding place is well off the beaten path.


      • Parks and preserves don’t do much construction/excavation, but sometimes they do. It is very limited. And that very well could mean that’s a probable place he hid it. It could be out of the ‘zone’ of where something like that could happen. And although he said it could be around in a thousand years, he may just be alluding to the present and our finding within a certain table?

        “Well off the beaten path”, …..but yet people have been within 200ft of it.

        β€œThere are several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I don’t think they knew it, because they walked right on past the treasure chest.” f

        • Terrain can change quite a bit within 200 feet and it could be where most people wouldn’t venture. He didn’t say which direction that 200 feet was… it could be 200 feet up, down or around the hill. It could be under a bridge that is within 200 feet of the terrain beneath it. Many people could walk over the bridge and never know they were right on top of it.

          • But “well off the beaten path”, right? πŸ™‚

            200ft isn’t very far, but it may be too far to walk…..

    • Those three comments you give are truly interesting in the possibility That, All the clues maybe one place.

      Example 1.β€œI cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point,…
      Seems with out the first clue a searcher may not understand the rest of the clues. Why? It maybe that the clue is where you need to be to find the chest and not travel any farther.

      Example 2. β€œThe most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue…
      The first clue may be the place the chest lays in wait or very near. It maybe that the First clue or even the first two clues places you at a location that the other clues must be used and not so much traveled. These clues maybe be physical places but only in diagram and not a trail as such.

      Example 3. β€œPlaying a hunch is not worth much in the search and those who start out by looking for the blaze, are wasting their time.” f
      This could be that the Blaze is described in the poem and is needed to be finished at the sight. or another words, the remaining clues need to be used on sight to see / make the blaze.

      Question is; Did those who were correct with the first two clues go pass the other seven because they kept traveling? not understanding the significance of where they were.
      Or did they not use the answers of those clues to understand what was right in front of them?

      If I thought I had the first clue[s] correct… I would ask myself what is it about this place I’m standing at ? before I would move on.

      As for the comment that some keep bring up about…If i told you what hoB is, you would go right to the chest…

      IMO fenn could have answered the reporters question exactly the same way if they asked …what canyon or what creek. I just feel fenn was blowing of the reporters ridiculous question about a possible clue and fenn just gave then something they thought they wanted to hear.

      Ah! but again…what exactly is the first clue? indicated by the poem.

      Just my thoughts

      • “IMO fenn could have answered the reporters question exactly the same way if they asked …what canyon or what creek. I just feel fenn was blowing of the reporters ridiculous question about a possible clue and fenn just gave then something they thought they wanted to hear.”

        — Could be. Could also be like you mentioned, …..that ALL the clues may be one place or at least close?

        — Now, something else to go along with it is, …..why have people only solved the first two clues? Why haven’t they gotten any further than that? But I guess there could also be the possibility that he meant something else by what he said?

    • Suzie, this is just my opinion, but I don’t think the blaze is something that will jump out at you when you see it. I personally don’t think its a mark on a tree or anything that stands out. I think it is very subtle and you can only recognize it by solving the poem.
      I do think the blaze can be known by solving the poem. If itcan only be seen by having boots on the ground, there is no feasible way you can go with confidence to the exact location. If the blaze is nothing more than confirmation once you get there, then by logic, it can’t be one of the nine clues. IMO.

      • Mindy,

        I get where you’re coming from and some stuff I agree with, but…..

        IF “the blaze is something that won’t jump out at you when you see it”, which is probably true, …..and can only be recognized by solving the poem, then there you have it!! It will be jumping out at you when you see it. Now that’s confidence right?

        Sure you can go there with confidence!! Why couldn’t you? I go every time with confidence without knowing for sure. Guess it just depends on the person. πŸ™‚

        “If the blaze is nothing more than confirmation once you get there, then by logic, it can’t be one of the nine clues. IMO”. — Why not? Isn’t every clue but a ‘confirmation’ to the previous? Unless you believe it is the last clue?

        All good thoughts…… πŸ™‚

      • i agree i dont see it on a tree that can be destroyed in a fire and i dont think its marks on boulder. even if tree strived the marks would move up the tree as it grew and people who came by could add other marks changing it. the blaze is unchangeable. not that that helps much. the blaze is something that has been there for life times and will continue to be there unless something catastrophic happens to change it.

      • Mindy, I agree with the blaze not being a clue,but it is something that will jump out at you once you go with confidence from your WWH and HOB. We just have to be confident with where the beginning is and everything else follows. It’s whats after the blaze that’s got me worried. Got to be brave!!
        I determined what my blaze is after my last trip and will go with confidence now that I know my surroundings. One solve,second or lose.

  26. I recall, forrest saying if he told us what the home of brown is or where, we would go right to the treasure.
    I think why it won’t be stumbled over is because it is hidden well. I think you would need the Blaze to find it. At that point.
    Great thoughts Susie! Happy Hunting!

    Lou Lee Belle

    • Hi Lou Lee, I hope he said that home of Brown would take you straight to the treasure, not right to it, because that’s where I turn left.

      Lowi, OMG I have never been chased by bears and am sooooo happy about that!

      • Hi Lowi, I have not found the right and left clues that others have. I have seen some of the breakdowns of words. Very interesting!
        I grew up camping alot, all over the west. And continued as an adult. And Yellowstone…
        Bears really like me…..Later on they liked my cooking. Brought them out of the woods! Right into camp and ate all the food, while I huddled in my van. My car keys in my tent, which by next morning. Was down with claw marks on it.

        Good Times…..LOL

        • Lou Lee.

          Right or left are all conjecture, but it is odd that he said people have solved the first couple of clues, then gone “right” past the others. I think Forrest’s sense of humor is very much like that, and those people should have gone left.

          • Also, lucky you lived! I spoke to a man who accidentally shot a bear during deer season (should be a little more sure of your target?), and he said the bear chased him and his father while they were shooting at it, and it took over 10 shots to drop the bear.

            Lowi who hates bears- loves chipmunks, that probably won’t chase you – unless they’re rabid..

  27. We have to figure out the man himself…that in my opinion is the starting point.” God will forgive me,that’s what he does”. What is there to forgive you for Forrest? What have you done that needs forgiving? And then there is the other one,” It doesn’t matter who you are,it only matters who they THINK you are”. We all know Forrest fished and hiked the Rockies all his life,he flew a lot and loves to excavate old ruins and about the near death experience,s he has had. We know who he is,what he likes and dislikes. Do we really know? He BLAZE,S on about all the BROWN trout he has caught and about all the ARROWHEADS he has found. Who in the blaze,s are you Forrest? “Imagination is more important than knowledge “. That’s what the glass jars say. The man has gone somewhere alone,with his treasure,s bold and I don’t think he is talking about the TC…neff said.

    • We’ve been trying to figure him out and come to ‘know’ him for a long time, haven’t we? Still we can’t crack it. Sometimes I think about the places I went with my grandfather when I was younger and although he is not around anymore I still go there in my mind, but some places I have never been back to physically, …..they will remain ours alone, because it was just us that ever went there. And no one knows about those places except for us. “Two can keep a secret…..” And it wouldn’t matter how much you researched about me or thought you knew, … would never be able to find those places unless I gave you directions or perhaps a POEM. πŸ™‚

      • the man is very enigmatic. he is trying to be fair but not give it away.
        if he gave us more we would have it. to him this is very simple.
        think back to the three blind men who were each feeling an elephant. each a different part of the elephant. they each came up with different idea was to what it was. he knows he is talking about an elephant/poem/clues.
        we are all feeling the same elephant/poem/ clues but at different parts so our answer are all different.
        but even if we all agree to grab the same part a leg/where warm water halt. we have to agree on what the part was. then once we agreed it was a leg comparing ideas we still need to get the rest of the animal. another problem we each want the treasure so sharing is hard even a failure could be helpful to someone else. lastly how many people read this but dont add ideas. i did for awhile because i could figure how this worked. would having them help or only muddy warm waters.
        how to work the elephant without giving too much away is tricky.

      • Ahh!! The Poem. A butterfly is nothing but a flutterby. Or like my daughter used to say a helicopter is a coptercopter.

  28. I know personally, I’ve tried to get him to answer whether or not the blaze can be predetermined from the poem or if one can completely figure it out from home and go straight to it, …..or IF he took the SAME route that is outlined in the poem?? And of course he has never answered any of those questions, …..but I guess the fact that some have been as close as they have been, …..he uh, probably doesn’t think he needs to give us anything else more than he has. And I’m sure he is right. πŸ™‚ From his vantage point, he knows a lot more than we do and has his reasons for what he does and sees what we are missing. So, people ONLY getting just the first two clues correct, may mean a lot more than we think………..

  29. I agree and disagree with Mindy. To go confidently you must know what it looks like. Solving that line can give you what it looks like, but, to be totally confident, it must be seen. IMO, it must then be some sort of mark, physical thing, etc… that one could derive from on-line. Most likely from Google earth or similar.If it only shows itself when you get there then I don’t see someone going with confidence. Unless the poem gives you the exact coordinates, then the “blaze” would be a non-clue anyway. Lastly, if the spot has rocks and trees in the same “coordinate” location, then a blaze would be needed to determine which it is under, so to be confident before you leave your house to look, you would have to know what it is you are looking for. Physical item, marking, etc…The blaze can be predetermined, imo.

    • All you need is a good map πŸ™‚ I’ll let u know as soon as snow melts how good of a map I have πŸ™‚

      • hi i am marie i am new to blog. i have study so many maps and google earth i am almost cross eyed. as a child my mother would entertain me with the big atlas we had i USE to love maps.

      • Diggin Gypsy – I enjoyed watching your search last year as documented by Nick and his crew! When are you headed out this year?

      • I Love maps so so much, you guys….I have learned so much from this Chase….I should get a degree in Treasure Hunting……LOL

    • I agree with charlie… I think that by going out and hoping to find something that would equate to a blaze is not the right way to go about it (IMO, of course). I’d imagine that whatever you found may be construed as the blaze and end up leading you down the wrong path. (Still my opinion)


      • Ok, well if it can be predetermined, then why hasn’t anyone, according to Fenn done it yet, not that someone hasn’t, but he hasn’t ever acknowledged it. Because IF it can’t be predetermined, then one could be trying to figure everything out to no avail and could at least be out exploring. With this type of reasoning, it is possible that one may never go anywhere until they feel they have completely solved it first. A “wrong path” is sometimes better than no path at all and in this case there have been many wrong paths that have shown most fruitful. πŸ™‚

        • i agree and fenn said that looking for the blaze or any other clues first was not the route to go. if u find a BLAZE how do u know if its the right blaze. think of the clues like the step to opening a combination lock. u can have all the numbers but the numbers do you NO good unless they are in the right order and your lefts and rights are correct too. this is a puzzle but to be solve the clues have to be follow .

        • Suzie,

          For someone like me that lives pretty far away from the Rocky’s, a wrong path could be very costly. I’ve had 3 previous solves that I kept researching and it ended up that my ideas were flawed. I’m glad I didn’t waste the money on actually putting boots on the ground. It would be different if I lived closer…

          Since then I have come up with a better solution and I’m getting ready to head west… as soon as the snow clears.

          I think the blaze hasn’t been discovered yet because the previous clues haven’t gotten them that far…. Just like Forrest said, you have to take the poem in order and it does no good to try to start in the middle with something like the blaze or HOB, or whatever… start at the beginning.



          • We are ALL the same Tim. Whether one lives close to a search area or not. Whether one believes it can be totally figured out from just the poem and walked directly to it, …..aren’t we all trying to solve it the best we can before we go there with confidence? And I say, “the best we can”, because, I mean, regardless if one believes they can completely solve it from home or if someone else thinks they need to finish it in the field, … one is going to know FOR SURE if they are correct until someone finds it. Either way WILL take boots on the ground. And there are no guarantees. Many, including myself have thought I had it completely figured out before I set out and ‘knew’ exactly where it was supposed to be, …..but it wasn’t there. It wasn’t there many, many times. …..It want there because I was wrong!! But I had to go look. I had to put my theory to the test. And I’ve had a lot of them. All gone with confidence. But like I said, we must go look. There is no way around that……….

            “The previous clues haven’t gotten them that far”?

            — I concur.

          • Suzie,

            I agree, we have to go look… Which I plan to do soon. But I wasn’t willing to get out there searching unless I had some indication of what to look for.

            I also agree that we are ALL the same in the sense that we are all trying to solve it the best we can…. That being said, I’m sure you will admit it is easier to search when the drive to your spot is only a few hours of driving versus traveling over 1000 miles. I wasn’t going to drive half way across this nation only to hope I could find something I would consider the blaze.

            I’m certainly not saying my solve is correct. I wont know until I go look but at least I’ve done everything possible here at home before testing my theory. I wouldn’t be able to afford to be wrong very many times… does that make sense?

            Good luck to you… happy hunting


    • I’ve gone through so many ideas of what the blaze is, my head spins. Lol. I’ve come to the probably incorrect conclusion that the blaze isn’t something you necessarily see, but find. You don’t discover it, you must “found” it.
      All IMO, but I’m pretty sure at least one person reading knows what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚

    • Wise you must be, Charlie, to find the TC.

      Blaze your own trail, you must not, understand ff the man and his forefather who knew, that place, that SPECIAL PLACE is more about ancestry, one might think.

      Perceive what you will but there, is the rub, things that you do not know, and the CHASE, the chase, yes the Chase is really all you need to know.

      If you would like to know then email me and maybe I will share, do not think what we have discussed in the past will prejudice me so drop me a line and lets see if I am right. My answer will surprise and delight. I must confirm if you deal with me that you understand I am crazy like a fox, a coyote, even a joke I be…

      PS Austin, do not bother, I know your opinion of me as spoken by your uncle Johnny, Seeker wise are you so let us share. The sharpness of the Wolf amazes me, Goofy is only a name not the brain, for you too have great understanding.

      • Tom, I will dare to say there are at least two of us on this blog who have been hot on that “chase” for a while now.
        Now be quiet. Lol

  30. Waiting patiently πŸ™‚
    I’m so ready for my next adventure
    I should have followers πŸ™‚

  31. Hey slurbs did I miss dancing with the stars? Hope u are getting ready πŸ™‚
    I feel like I’m counting the days down πŸ™‚

  32. I agree Amy…Another month gone, June is getting closer all the time… πŸ™‚

      • I would actually love to go sooner , but I feel it’s important for me to wait for the family and when they are able to go.
        One member wanted to go in the middle of june , I said oh no we have to go before then I have been waiting and waiting and waiting, I would hate for them to miss this journey πŸ™‚
        So I’m just waiting
        Day by day night by night, week by week ,month to month uugh . its such a Thrill πŸ™‚

        • i hope your family stay safe during your travels wherever you go. you are making memories for a life time. i lost my dad when i was ten and i have some very special memories. most of them are most simple events. keep things simple and they will remember. oh our church have a pray chain if anyone get hurt/ill, loses a job, or whatever that cause you to need prayer let me know or put it on my FB page. will share as little or as much as you want. God will know who you are. NO treasure hunting doesnt count.

          • Amy,

            I was going to wait and allow you first look, but now Tim is looking at leaving before June. So what to do? I leave April 15th and without paying taxes just in the chance of no return as I brave the cold. (smirk)

          • Amy,

            I am a gentleman…. most of the time. Lol. I may have to get out there first just to make sure it’s safe for you ladies. Lol

            If you want to know the truth, I was at work last night and I was looking at flights for next week. Lol


          • lets pray your boss doesn’t lurk here. that one thing that is concerning about them is you DONT know who they are. that was why i stopped reading blogs because i couldn’t share. i was a lowly lurker i feel so ashamed please forgive me

          • A Gentleman, hmmmm. I will go ask my wife if I am a gentleman and if so, ladies first. But Tim how do we know Amy is not really an impostor and really a he?

            Hmmmm, oh, I just realized that my handle is not and indication of who I am; I am a little old lady dearest Amy and Tim, could you wait till July please…… (humor and my opinion)

          • Uken2it,

            LOL… I’ll make a deal with you and wait as long as I can. Lol.

            The funny thing is, neither of you know which state I’m going to go search.. lol.

            (Hmmm… maybe Amy is a dude?!) Lol


    • Too early where I must travel Ann Marie, the snow will still be blocking access in May…High altitude… πŸ™‚

          • I think I can narrow it down cause I troll the forums and I’m a fan of yours but I know I already have an idea but good luck and if you find it at least let the rest of us know.

          • You betcha William…Don’t think I could really keep my mouth shut if I did find it…Just don’t narrow it down out loud OK…Don’t need a crowd to cheer me on out there…lol… πŸ™‚

          • i am very talky but i will be stuck dumb if we find it. cant say were found it because it would take years to get it back from gov and more than likely in would be my great, great great……. great grandchildern! MAYBE?

          • Just goin’ where the poem said to go look William, just goin’ with the poem…It’s hidden in there if you can find it…IMO…

          • I’m still on the prowl, I’ve hunting for a new location which is nice cause I can take the backseat and watch everyone have some fun this year

        • about the clue above 5000 ft (which is a hand out) and below 10,200 dont get to hung up on the 10,200 unless you get pass it. but WHY the 200 ft and not just 10,000ft. he is playing with blind people.

          • Welcome Anne Marie,

            High altitude pulmonary hypertension occurs at 10,200 elevation. Being a pilot and mountain climber Forrest would be protecting searchers in hiding the treasure under that altitude.

          • You’re right Anna…Above that altitude can be dangerous for most people if they stay for any length of time…I don’t think ff at 79 – 80 years old would go that high anyway to hide it…

          • Leadville Colorado was my first search area and it was 10200 feet. Maybe I should search there again

          • Maybe…but I bet he figured most searchers would not be…Although when he hid the chest I don’t think he was worried much about searchers really finding it…The toughness of the poem is pretty evident of that…He intended it to last…But there are some very shrewd and analytical people out here in searcher land, what?…Don’t think it will last much longer…But that’s just my opinion… πŸ™‚

    • I hunted in Montana and Wyoming in late May last year. And many roads were still closed. Even Yellowstone Lake was completely iced over in late May!
      Its been a warm winter! I wonder what it like there this year. However is still March, well at least for another day!

      Greetings from the wild north Ann Marie!

      Lou Lee Belle

  33. i want to play the pity card. i in live in north texas and i am ALLERGIC to the wonderful mesquite tree. good news is it only blooms three seasons out of four after it rains and will bloom if it a warm wet winter. we praise God had a cold winter last yr (the 3 before were warm.) i can’t find anything that works on it. I get my revenge every time we have mesquite bar-b-q. i get out in a cheerleader outfit when they bulldoze them and burn them around here. that is some sight!

  34. copy my picture to a word doc page and now enlarge it. you will see i am a big girl. now if you haven’t had dinner if you dare pic me in a cheerleaders outfit. ok can anyone see what my hand is on in picture.

    • Awww…You’re just fluffy Marie…Where you plan on fishin’ with that thing?…I’d hate to see the rod and reel to go with it…lol… πŸ™‚

      • w were in galveston tx and in a k-mart store.. i had a grown son who as a child was nuts over lures so i hamed it up like i got my hand caught. i had everbody want me to post pics so i used it on my fb page and everyone went nuts over it

        • I’d say your hubby is a lucky man Marie…I have two step-daughters in college and they say they are ‘fluffy’…They really are too…But cute as a bug’s ears, ya know?…

      • Ann Marie, I can’t see what you are touching. What is it? I like you too! Your funny.

        • we were in galveston and i was having david my hubby take a pic for my son who is 32 now but as a child was a nut for lures. hand is on a giant fishing lure and my mouth is open.

        • i think i maybe sending this twice not sure why my screen jumped. when we were in galveston a few yrs ago at a kmart. i saw the lure and ask david my hubby to take pic for my son. when he was a kid he was nut over lures,

          • its real it was at a kmart store and my son loves lures so i acted like a got my hand caught on it. what kind of fish need that side hook i dont know and dont want to know until its on my plate.

  35. Sorry folks…bedtime…gettin’ up at 3AM every morning sucks…Nite, Nite…samsmith over and ooot… πŸ˜€

  36. goodnight guys hubby brushing teethies and i forgot to prime coffee pot. that dangerous. that reminds me my krogers store sells great coffee bags (like tea) to make coffee very good just add hot water. also i ask on a note higher up on pagecabout ice etc if anyone has ideas please check it and let me know. good night.

  37. Hello Ann marie, and welcome! I’m glad you are having fun! You remind me of Virginia diane, a fellow blogger here.
    Have a wonderful time in the chase! That’s what it’s all about!

    • before i try my last post for the 6th time have you recieved one from me yet. i tired on phone and computer. i maybe fat fingering a key or something. its wiping my message off instead of sending it

    • if R or C was dumb enough to do that in would not be nice for them afterwards. if yellowstone ever goes we all will be living like the scientist in Antarctica. they just think the have a chilly relationship with now it will get real cold.

  38. good morning everyone. i still don’t have the hang of this. i read someone post but don’t have anything to add but the thing keeps asking me to reply to that person. i finally got message to sent to jdiggins i think that who it was but took 6 tries. warn her about my humor i forgot. sinuses are still BAd this this morning. my usual line is “Sinuses that’s whats for breakfast” take off on the what for dinner ad about beef.

  39. ::-D

    I don’t have anything to say but this thing keeps asking me to reply,,,,
    nice one Marie, my fellow Texan, good morning all.

  40. thank you the one who gave me heads up on the altitude sickness thing. i did some more checking last night. found several site that say going to Albuquerque for a day or two before going to Santa Fe is the thing to do. that fits our plans very well. does anyone have any ideas on ice chest that can keep thing cold with freezing them like dry ice does or that does cost $600.00. we are going to get us a larger tent YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  41. i am in middle of redoing my list of words and definitions in the order they appear in poem. i am also going through all my saved pages and sorting them trashing dups. trying to put all related material in same folder etc.
    i had a third grade teacher who gave us 15 minutes a week to study the dictionary for a new word to present to the class. we tried to outdo each other while learning.
    i can remember two of them even today the ocelot and parasol.
    i am finding new meaning for every day words from the poem. you can also sub words that have same meaning in poem to help understand it. in easy to change the poem this way so be careful. it has help us some.
    also look for the meaning of a place or thing to see how it might fit the poems clues. canyon a good one. i didnt know it was a SW term versus people in Penn. who use Pine Creek Gorge instead or Pine Creek Canyon because gorge is a European term. some of these terms can be inter changed some can’t. another example is the same teacher knowing i was from a different state and talked funny got pics to show the class like pic a sofa. we all had a test sheet and several words to pick from: couch, divan, sofa, etc. depending on where you are from you may have a different name for the same item. my favorite one was an iron spider.

  42. Dal – From your article about the Russian threat:

    “A Russian geopolitical analyst says the best way to attack the United States is to detonate nuclear weapons to trigger a supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park or along the San Andreas fault line on California’s coast.”

    That is why Forrest hid the Bronze Chest “canyon down” from your WWWH,…below the “home of Brown”,…and outside the Yellowstone caldera boundary:

    Common,…you missed me here on your blog,…didn’t you??? πŸ™‚

  43. hi everyone i have a very long post. ( one page on computer) i will send it in a few minutes. please check it out and reread it a few times before you answer. i took over five HOURS to get all my thoughts condensed. Yes! i condensed it but its still long. after rereading it about once every ten minutes for clarity, errors, and all the i have idea was corrected/fixed in my head. i hope it helps everyone and doesn’t confuse too much. also i posted something about the meaning of definitions i found and how they effect a speech given. this will be referenced here so you may want to read or read it. thank you all

  44. I tend to muddy warm waters. I don’t mean to. I’m trying to think out of the box. Friends say I am not even in the warehouse most days. I know this is long but I’m trying to straighten something in my mind. No jokes please.
    The clue β€œnot far but too far to walk” (TFBTFTW) got me thinking about time, distances and their meaning. Example: the Bible vs. Sci. on the age of the earth. Is the earth billions+ plus yrs old or only 6,000 yrs old? It’s a debate that will go on for a long time. The point I’m trying to make is β€œHow long was God’s day?” which seems to hinge on the words used and their definitions. Below is the example of what I’m trying explain.
    The age of the earth and the universe is no longer disputed among most scientists. Science tells us the earth is ~4.5 x 109 years old. The universe is ~14 x 109 years old. There have been several Christian scientists who have attempted to propose theories and find “scientific” evidence that the earth is only 6,000 years old. All “evidence” for a recent creation of the earth is flawed in some way (for a discussion of this topic, see Dr. Hugh Ross’ book, A Matter of Days). Literal translations of the Hebrew word, yom, like our English word “day,” can refer to a 24 hour day, sunrise to sunset (12 hours), or a long, unspecified period of time (as in “the day of the dinosaurs”). The Hebrew word ereb, translated evening also means “sunset,” “night” or “ending of the day.” The Hebrew word boqer, translated morning, also means “sunrise,” “coming of light,” “beginning of the day,” or “dawning,” with possible metaphoric usage (1). Our English expression: “The dawning of an age” serves to illustrate this point. This expression in Hebrew could use the word, boqer, for dawning, which, in Genesis 1, is often translated morning.
    Do all the instances of “morning” and evening” refer to a literal period of time? Here is an example from Moses: In the morning it [grass] flourishes, and sprouts anew; Toward evening it fades, and withers away. (Psalm 90:6)
    This verse refers to the life cycle of grass (compared to the short life span of humans). Obviously, the grass does not grow up in one morning and die by the same evening. (Except in TX.) The period of time refers to its birth (morning) and its death (evening) at least several weeks (if not months) later. (My italics/my point. I hope I didn’t lose anyone)
    IMHO we should consider the β€œnot far” at face value (but remember its Fenn’s opinion of what far is.)
    Leaving the too far to walk as an unknown distance of what. Steps, miles? I do think its all ground travel (No canoes, maybe a horse (doubtful another discussion), or bike) except for getting to the first clue for those who might want to fly there then get started. Have I lost anyone? Far is the opinion of Mr. Fenn’s and based on His definitions. This is all about one person opinion of what each word in that poem means. Refer to thing I sent on the speech and definitions.
    Remember www halts is where Mr. Fenn started his trip & exactly where we also must start just like the first number on a combo lock. After that how far is the distance to next clue β€œcanyon down” or number on the combo lock. Is everyone still with me?
    I have a place that I love & think is good but can’t reconcile the distance from the www halt to the next spot β€œcanyon down” unless I use the above ideas & with my other one I love I cannot reconcile canyon down PERIOD. (Whoa! I just got a break through. It took a whole of rereads for brain to kicking. That part solved)
    I guess my problem is I understand where www halt in one state is because I can find a known defined boundary for it but not for the other 3 states. IDEAS & HELP!!!!!
    Every theory we try should have a concrit base such as the known www halt boundary in my first state. Example: www halt = a dam (I know WRONG) just ex. or x=y) this is first number on combo lock.
    That I believe is where the confidence will come in & there will be no doubt. We should have concrit evidence as to why our β€œsolve” is right for each clue & this will form our nine stepping stones/clues to TC without worrying about the distance between our stepping stone/clues. Someone out there just realized this might or might cover more than one state including us.
    I know having longer distances between each idea/clue/stepping stone and the next might throw some off but if first clue is at this point * how far is it to the next clue/point*?
    Too far to walk. I know!

    I need an antacid now.

    • From WWWH to “canyon down” is roughly a little less than 1/2 mile. Solve the poem, it will tell all. IMHO. Don’t take things at face value as you take your first “pass” over the poem. Get the numbers, don’t worry about what clue is what or first or whatever. Solve each line, get your alpha/numeric correct, get your coordinates, THEN, reverse engineer from the spot you have, (the path it takes to get there). That’s when all the “face value” clues will come together nicely, starting at a WWWH.
      Use the hints to help you (or guide you) on what needs to be done at the final spot. All should come together, hints and support info will help in the end.
      The most important thing to solve is the alpha/numeric values. They too will have support info that will let you know you’re correct. lines: 2,13,14,17,and 20 are good places to start when looking for numeric values, but I suggest you start with the first line and solve each individual line after.
      If he used each word intentionally, then might want to think he used those words for there meanings and there LETTERS. r=are, b=be, c=see, etc.etc.etc. Good Luck.
      Oh yeah, IMO.:)

        • lol, @Marie. I think I confused myself. The thing is ,Marie, come up with something new, your very own. We have all taken the poem at face value and buried all those ideas into the archives. Find a ‘niche”, something you can come up with that you feel is wayyy outside the box but within reality. Don’t fall in the “face value” trap, or the “I think he means this” trap. Disect the poem, IMO.
          You know you’ll be doing good if you post and most of the replies are” huh”?/?or “confused”. πŸ™‚
          Here’s an example: My home of Brown = frog. When I solve that line in the poem, I get “frog”. It’s not that the landscape looks like a frog, or has a name, or whatever, it’s the alpha/numeric value I get from it. It is inline with other lines before it to give me an actual number used in the coordinates. When I look at my spot, from the coordinates I have, I see that the spot is under hoB, and yes, it looks like a frog. It’s the name of a place, hence the capital “B”. It all fits,(plus alot of support info).
          Just find YOUR niche, you’ll do fine.
          Lastly, your hubby will come in handy, if anything, a 42 lb. treasure is alott heavier than people may believe. Just fill up a 10x10x5 box until it weighs 42 lbs. Now carry that around for awhile. Even though it can be done, gives you a different perspective on if Forrest actually did all the lifting or had a friend help (like a horse).

          • I agree with Charlie, too, and to add to that for Anne Marie, I also find that you shouldn’t focus on the blogs too much.

            There is some mind blowing knowledge on here, but so far, none of it has proven to be the right knowledge.

            One things we like to say here is, “we are all wrong until we have the chest in our hot little hands.”

            Well, some don’t like to say that, but I like to laugh at myself, and will readily admit when I’m wrong.

            Ask Dal and Forrest, I think some of my solves have been the most “out there” put forth yet.

            But going out there with my out there brain, I still discovered treasure. Not THE treasure, but a treasure of memories with my mildly autistic son (who has been making huge improvement by the way!) for those who read my blog I’m going to put up a video of him reciting a little something he wrote, and he recites it in the most authentic Scottish accent you’ve heard on this side of the ocean. It’s called “The One Eyed Gobbler,” but because of his hesitance to talk, I didn’t know he could do this til I bribed him with pancakes on spring break!

            And if you want to see a moose, don’t ask Dal where they are. They now hide from him as a way to make us on the blog laugh (the moose must be reading the blog, too, right?)

            Anyway, welcome, Marie. You’ll do fine. πŸ™‚

          • we are working on that part trust me. you have never been out with birders who carry 2-3 bincos and a scope. then there is our backpacks with maps, list, about 2 – 8 bird guides depending on how many types of birds are in your area. then first aid, dry socks, lunch and snack we are diabetic and all the junk we girl have to carry and my hubby always ask if a few of his items will fit in my bag. i was only trying to work out my problem with my own crazy logic (no comments from peanuts). i don’t think i came up with anything different or special but want to share just in case and if it helps someone great. by explaining it to someone else i worked it out in my own head.

          • i do not like being in a niche nor do i want to find one i want the find the TC LOL all kicking aside thank for the confusion it helpful. the post i did was to clear a brain block. it worked. i am sure i rehashed some things but hey i don’t know what all been hashed.

    • Hi Marie, you probably should buy antacid in bulk if you’re going to be part of the chase. πŸ˜† You are asking the same questions we all have asked; there are many different ideas about WWWH and how far between the clues. Some like you think the poem covers a very large area; some think all of the clues are in a very small area.

      The big picture folks have used the Gulf Stream, the Pacific Currents, clouds, the continental divide, etc. as WWWH. Take a look through the comments and you’ll see lots and lots of ideas.

      I agree with you about concrete ideas; the more solid the better. My problem and the problem I see many have is we find a few clues that fit like a glove. They fit so well they just have to be right…….so we start stretching the other clues to fit in with our perfect clues.

      • as you can see by my picture i stretch just about everything except girdles because i don’t wear them. i will try hard not to stretch my clues to fit. i just was trying to work out a problem in my head and writing it down and rereading it helped me a lot. if someone else can glean something great. i am too old and these post are too long for me go back and read all of them. i tried that and keeped get tangled up on what page was what. may i just start here and if i repeat something bear with this older lady. thanks

        • Hi Marie, I’m Lia. A warm Welcome to the Chase.

          Let’s face some facts together – we ladies enjoy chatting. Men tune us out quickly. If we get tuned out on this blog by the guys, we won’t have much help with reasoning through ideas.

          Economy of words and well thought out questions will yield sweet fruit here. What do you say, shall we ladies try that? Anyone else with me?

          I promise to set a ladie like example.

          1.Relevant info
          2.limit personal discussions not about TTOTC.
          3.keep it short
          4. Try to figure it out first in my own before on the blog.
          5. Respect Forrest, Dal, and other bloggers.

          • Lia, I agree. And never forget the all-important, IMO.
            I guarantee the women on this blog are a force to be reckoned with. πŸ™‚

          • And although some of might be old biddies (raising my hand), none of us are dumb clucks. πŸ™‚

          • Marie, I struggle in all those areas too. I know we ladies can do it! I spent over 1000 hours researching and solving the poem (incorrectly) before I ever signed in and began asking questions. I try not to ask questions unless I can also add value to the discussion. Dal and Forrest have worked for years building a top blog – intelligent discourse keeps 8000 people a day visiting. Pretty amazing!

          • I may be way out in left field in how I understand this and I mean no offense and this is just my opinion.

            It saddens me to hear some of you women typing yourselves as women. I don’t think women should feel the need to be ‘like men’ just because the discussions include ‘men’. If you get what I mean.

            Maybe our handles should be androgynous so we won’t be type cast, but oh yeah, some of you all are typecasting yourselves.

            Etiquette is etiquette is etiquette regardless of gender. The moderators will handle things when things are outside of appropriate lines. Feel free to be yourselves. Although I do agree with the suggestions made in this thread of conversation and would apply to men and women.

            Gosh I hope I didn’t offend anybody, I rarely comment on personal thoughts on the blog.

          • Its hard to know…because forrest said not everything in the book is a hint. But..that chapter, stands out. Seems unimportant. In a way. So what is it all about?. Old Biddies?

        • Speaking of old biddies. I still think that chapter in the book is strange, I know I brought this up before. Any thought on it? Also there is Biddle lake in Wyoming too. I thought Old Biddies might be a couple of mountains or something…OK, don’t make fun of me. LOL

          • Lou, I think Jamie and I know who one of the old biddies might be. But we could be wrong. I’m dissecting the whole Borders chapter now and comparing it with info in another book. I don’t know what will turn up.

          • without giving too much to lurkers ( sorry i was one till i could learn to blog but now reformed.) there is a very detail doc of one state that shows the boundaries of www halt. find me on FB and i will share with blogger here after i make sure i have right person because i still don’t know who half of you are. hey dal can you email me a list of people that would help. i cant remeber my four doggies name some days

          • Sorry Marie, I don’t have a Facebook account, but always happy to help in anyway here.
            If you have already determined boundaries, then you’re a long ways ahead of the game. If you have determined where warm water halts, start looking for canyons above 5000 feet in the area and Try building solves.

      • Hey Goofy,
        Don’t knock the CD. Otherwise I’m up that famous creek with no paddle…

        You also forgot…a time period. Geezz it’s almost like no one reads my post anymore…lol

    • Ann Marie, you are obviously thinking deep about this and I think your discussion on time, distances, and the way language is imprecise is well thought out. It is interesting to me that you used examples out of the bible–some folks here are as fervent in their beliefs as to the meaning of the poem as believers are with their religious faith. Interesting contrast. Many of the arguments amongst biblical scholars run along similar lines as various camps in the blogs. You are clearly having fun with this and I hope you won’t let anyone discourage you from your own path or sharing your thoughts. It is funny when folks “instruct” others that they are right or wrong with their interpretation of the poem as though they have the official footnotes in their pocket. I have always felt that novices bring a fresh outlook that can revitalize “old timers” even if they tend to discover stuff that may have been hashed over already. Old timers haven’t learned it all since the chest is patiently waiting out there somewhere. Looking forward to hearing more of your interpretations.

      • i wasn’t try to tell anyone i have it. i had a problem i wanted to work out in my head and writing things down help. then studying what you are saying to see if it makes sense for a stranger. i did have a break through after all of this. wanted to help others. if you look at the poem and compare it to something you understand like a lock you might get some insight. i choose the Bible because its what came up when i google it. find the thing on the speech to see the other part. where i talk about blind people and elephants. fenn knows what he referring to but if we dont understand his use of language we will never find it.

  45. glad you’re back now go read my post and let me know what you all think i am an old lady i am about to have heart attack waiting for your answers PLEASE?

  46. i still have a question about a good ice chest to keep food cold and a maps for N.M. like for trail etc please. have map of there but doesn’t show trails. i want o visit several and not get lost while i bird.

    • Marie,
      I got a few of my maps through You can find other helpful maps online, and a star chart may or may not come in handy.

      • The ice chest, I don’t know. I never stray too far from a hotel. Call me girly, but I am not a camper. No cold showers in concrete blocks with anyone just coming right on in for me…lol

        • Marie, first consult “The Map” on Dal’s site which was published in Forests book “To Far To Walk”
          If your boundaries are in the highlighted area of the Rockies then determine which topographic map will benefit you. I like working from a hard copy map and consulting

    • At you can down load or buy all kind of maps. The us forest service also has tons of maps at their website. I’ve also used maps at the site. The blm has lots of old maps too that are interesting.

  47. i need to ask a dumb question which my daddy said there were no dumb question except the one you dont ask so maybe this ain’t so dumb. if i don’t check notify of new comments or new post every time i will miss some of them right.

  48. E and Lou Lee,
    I am not a moderator. This is my opinion expressed in a question. Who is benefiting from your conversations? I want to say something like “take it outside” by that sounds mode radish.

    Lou Le, do you notice anything missing? Could this be a Freudian slip of mine? Not. Just IMO

        • Thank You Uken2it. And I am so sorry everyone. Still feeling bad, call me Low Lee. Glad to still be here. Thank You, Dal, Goofy, Forrest.

          • i am new here but as an outsider looking in. do your thing and leave other to themselves. we should show respect even to people who we think don’t deserve it, not a as reflection of their character, but are a reflection of ours.

  49. thank you for your comments and ideas on my post. as a newbie i don’t know what been said or not. this was an exercise in my crazy logic. i now understand one of my solves and it works till i get to heavy loads and water high. oh the reason i dont think he took a horse because he would have been turning a tamed animal loose to fend for itself. like abandoning a dog. just don’t see that happening. i am pretty sure he used a car to take his route to the where he hit the trail and i think he made two trips because he said so. as for the bike who knows. i know a guy Fenn’s age who rides a bike. any bright ideas on heavy loads/high water. sorry i am getting tired.

    • I see heavey loads and waters high as a lake that was formed as a glacier receded. The glacier pushed rocks to a place where the formed a natural dam holding back the water high on a mountain.
      As for FF riding a bike down to leave the chest, I don’t know why he would make two trips by riding. He and a friend did use a bike on a trip to Grebe Lake.

      • ahh but the question is does he still do it at this time or when he secreted it. i have a place that involves the glacier thing. i also saw a definition of heavy that dealt that idea but having more to do with flooding. again i think i have the first few then slam canyon wall

      • That could be one of those hints. I thought I heard a quote about forrest talking about that he could of used a bike and something about ditching it in a lake? Does anyone remember this. I do.

        • lou lee i do if i remember it right someone was trying to have FF put his car in the guys name but FF could keep so went FF checkout this guy would be notified where the car was. FF said why go to the hassle why can’t i just throw my bike in creek google FF and bikes

    • That site does have a slew of maps. Regarding the map that might “be a good map for finding the treasure chest”, well I have exclusive rights to ‘that’ particular map. But you will still enjoy the trove. (all in jest)

  50. after pumping gas into my car i now wonder about car and gas pump .. keep your Eraser handy .. preface / no place for biddies = epilogue

  51. good night folks newbie is tried. i am trying to get back on good sleeping schedule so getting up early in morning isn’t a problem. if i disappear for a few days don’t worry i have three small businesses in one location i have got to get back too and do some taxes work. thanks again for help received. this was a good distraction from some problems and have help me get back on track. i not sure if or when we will head for our solves but praying for mid may. i have a bad shoulder that we are getting help for. it seems to be better but it does have it days. shoulder impingement i hope again and not torn rotator cuff. left has already been fixed 2 yr recovery.

  52. Having some issues as well when I post it does not post under the comment I intended it for. πŸ™‚ goofy go ahead and push the nuke button maybe that will fix it πŸ™‚

  53. Just received a signed copy of “The Thrill of the Chase” two days ago. Even thou I’m use to buying my books at the thrift stores for fifty cents or a dollar, this is well worth the money. It is really a good book to read, It certainly parallels my childhood and teenage years, in many ways (only half way thru the book at this time). If you like simple down home cooking, then you will enjoy the read of this book……Thanks, Forrest.

    Other than the Poem, no lights have come on yet.

    • glad you got you book. not sure we are going get this. we have 8-9 big bookcases. went to an estate sell and hubby came home with about 8 bks. oh good morning

  54. To all who like to play a joke on someone
    It’s April Fools Day πŸ™‚ lol

  55. Ok everyone. I have a confession to make. It’s me. I am she. I am the closest.

    April Fools!

  56. Doesn’t anyone find it strange Forrest has quit talking. Has someone figured out this masterminds mind his 15 years of a archeological design and is keeping quite has someone figured out the blaze and it has his mind in a tale spin I know I have found some pretty amazing things can’t wait till snow melts πŸ™‚

        • I don’t know. If you think about it, how well do any of is know him? Maybe he realized he was spending too much time in front of electronic devices. Maybe his grand kids have him involved in some project.
          Maybe he is just trying to psych everyone out.maybe he decided to go hang with Carl.

          • I agree Mark–he has shown us that he has an extraordinary amount of patience and generosity with his time and attention already. Perhaps we should follow his example by giving him a break without constantly prodding him for more. He has given us plenty–lets give him a little peace. He must feel like a bug in a biology class with all of the dissecting of him and his words.

          • Naw he likes riling us up I never got hints from his scrapbooks He is a adventurer he not a sit still or quite kinda person

          • My recollection is that f said he was going to back off on talking about the chest as he had been doing. I am not sure if he just meant discussing clues or saying things we interpret as clues or what not, but I do recall him saying something about being less public about the chest.

      • Yep he’s just busy thinking how that someone is close πŸ™‚
        He can’t believe it πŸ™‚

        • I really think he is he already said it was gonna probley be found sooner than expected

          • Timmy

            Lol actually no, I was thinking of me πŸ™‚

            Lord, I hope I’m close πŸ˜‰

          • I think one of us will find it soon… if not me, then I wish you luck.

            As for me, I’m going to take a step back, just like Forrest did. I am going to fade back into the shadows and watch… lol.

            Good luck to you all… like I said on my first post, it almost feels like I know many of you. And I would consider many of you friends!!

            Happy hunting… be smart… be safe.


    • Maybe he can read your mind Diggin Gypsy!? After all he did place his money on you and your rooster!

      • He ain’t gotta read my mind I tell him everything showed him the blaze I found. And the perfect map then he has disappeared into thin air I have completed my solve I’ll post my story as soon as snow melts The things I discovered will blow y’all’s minds can’t wait to post after I go look .

        • Sounds exciting … if your blaze is that good he might have to keep shut. Yellowstone again I assume?

        • Diggin

          Your adventures are good can’t wait to see what u discovered πŸ™‚

          • All I can say is y’all gonna be like ohhhhhhh dang if I find it or not. I will uncover what I discovered and y’all can have at it His poem was architecturally designed I see why it took 15 years. And imagination is more important than knowledge and one man s trash is another mans treasure. Maybe that’s why he put omegas on the story he wrote on me πŸ™‚ I spot old treasures pretty quick

          • yes you are right. i am not on to “that” i don’t think and that is cool. but i was a lurker before i was on here. all those hit dal was talking about are a lot of people watching that why family want me to remove my full name. i owe some ladies an apology because i asked where you were located another piece of inform that should be given out. i not wanting to scare or turn anyone paranoid but caution is not a bad idea. this goes for the guys to my son was stalked by a nut case.

          • Hi Amy, sounds like you’ve found same blaze as me…are you taking good foot wear??:-)

          • Morning Marie, like Your new name πŸ™‚ I’m just getting ust to this blogging too so apologise if you don’t get this reply:-(

          • i got it thanks. i was a lowly lurker but finally got hang of it. took four ties to get name change still trying to fix pic. where are you from?

        • Hey DG when are you going?? Do you have a date set? Just wondering if I need to go ahead and cancel my trip. LOL Good luck

          • Heck no I probley won’t find it either but it sure was a hell of a solve I’m on pins and needles can’t wait I’ll be gone as soon is slightly melted πŸ™‚

          • Jamie

            As far as foot wear I don’t think I will have to hike much I wear old tennis shoes in case I step in mud πŸ™‚

            About the blaze it depends on what u consider the blaze is.
            Mine is in a different location I have to go and find it πŸ™‚ lol

          • we wear boots to protect ankles from cactus, rocks etc. i am wearing mine now to get use to the weight on my feet. will take tennies for extras. the tent we are getting not sure to call it a door/ pocket area to leave boots without taking in the tent area to dry. hubby brought some really long tent peg metal to put boots on them upside to help dry them/keep bugs out. will still shake them.

          • I’m not the mocking type we all have studied till were cross eyed. I just saying I have completed my solve they will be no other trip after this next one Whether I come home empty handed I finished the archeological design πŸ™‚ someone else can pick up where I leave off But I hope I have it correct πŸ™‚

        • You sound pretty confident gypsy πŸ˜› Hope you’re packing a sandwich….and maybe some bear spray πŸ˜‰

      • Timmy

        Thank u, as u see I like to play. I do wish everyone luck in this chase, and it’s not about me it’s about the poem πŸ˜‰

    • I dont know DG, it may just be that he is doing what he said?
      Maybe we should all tell him how much he means to us? Scare him into talking? LOL

      • Ok dear ole coot please come back we like our minds in a tail spin we love the constant thrill of a racing heart and a broke bank account and always trying to figure what else to sell to go on another hunt πŸ™‚ Haha and debs sorry if she offended u in some way lol

    • It has been a warm Winter, but it looks like some Spring snowfall is forecast for West Yellowstone area. Think I’ll hold off until early June just to be safe. Would hate to waste a trip all the way out there and have my spot be inaccessible!

    • Seems to me he went quiet after the whole “pinyon nut” debate. Maybe this is no longer as fun for Forrest as it has been in the past and he has decided to turn his attention to other pursuits. I hope that is the case for a couple of selfish reasons. First, we have more than enough clues. No need for more. Second, I really want him to finish Closet Stories of Taos. Sounds like a fascinating book and I want to read it!

      All IMO, of course.

      • All ya need is book poem and good map and good hiking shoes and bear spray

        • That bear spray is expensive stuff! Maybe I’ll just take Forrest’s advice and carry a sacrificial fish in my pack! Hahaha

          • I thought that too, and so didn’t buy any.
            Naturally I stumbled upon a Grizzly about 100 yards away. Luckily a herd of elk came out of the woods and ran at him. After he stood on his hind legs to tell the elk not to mess with him he retreated to the woods.

            So unless you have Elk friends the spray is probably worth it.

          • hi i intend on NOT going i hope where bears are a big problem. i have no plans to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snack with one. please tell me they’re not that big of promblem in NM

          • Austin,

            that “fish” might be what attracts the bear to your area… :mrgreen:

          • we will be carrying an air horn. knew birder who twisted an and was hard to find on trail air horn helped a lot. worried about tripping and landing on it and rocks. BOOM!

        • Trust me the Bear mace is worth every dollar! Carry two on chest holder. Be ready! If you come up on a Grizzly, They are as fast a lightening!!!!
          Bear Spray a must and a good snack as a back up….
          Be Safe! And May YOU find the Treasure!

          Lou Lee Chased by Brown Bear and lived to tell.

          • Folks if there are bears involved i will not be going anywhere near BEARS with or without spray. i am a fat lady and so is hubby not sure who could outrun the other one. dont want to find out so we will avoid bear.

        • i was nt talking about this very sane group. i was talking the real nuts out there. i would NEVER put myself in the public like he has. i worry now then about finding the TC and the backlash. greed is a good motive. no having fun is a great motive. seeing new places, studying/learning stuff, meetin new nuts even if only on net. what more could any of us want. THE CHEST! please!

  57. How many people here think they know what the Blaze is? I think I might, but is it the right one?

    • It would be interesting if we were able to post photos of our blaze, which would not give the location away as would a link.

      • Would you be able to have a picture of the Blaze if your not Boots on the ground? Do you mean like Google maps picture or something?
        How big is Your blaze?

        Lou Lee Chased by Brown Bears and survived!

        • I have a picture of my blaze. Sorry, but I won’t post it until after I pick up the chest.

    • All IMO…

      The blaze is a cairn (pile of rocks) that covers the chest. Not visible on Google Earth. The poem leads you right to it. This is one of the reasons that Forrest refuses to commit to saying the treasure is “buried”; he doesn’t want to be accused of “quibbling” or “prevaricating”. So the word “secreted” is preferred.

      • not bad maybe, but i alway wonder about people who change things. i hope its not changeable. tamper proof they may not know TC is there but wreck the blaze

        • I guess any blaze he picked could be ruined by Mother Nature but what are the odds

          • Diggin Gypsy – I agree. I still think it is possible that the actual blaze is identified within the poem. I have a couple of theories, but nothing solid. What do you think?

          • Maybe not ruined too easily gypsy.

            on April 1, 2015 at 8:55 am said:
            All IMO…

            The blaze is a cairn (pile of rocks) that covers the chest. Not visible on Google Earth. The poem leads you right to it. This is one of the reasons that Forrest refuses to commit to saying the treasure is β€œburied”; he doesn’t want to be accused of β€œquibbling” or β€œprevaricating”. So the word β€œsecreted” is preferred.

            “I never said I buried the chest, I said only that I hid it. That is not to say it is not buried, so maybe we need to define the terms. Does β€˜hidden’ mean in plain sight? What is the difference between β€˜buried,’ β€˜entombed’ and β€˜sepultured’? f “Hemispheres”– by Margie Goldsmith.

            Mr. Fenn, when you said not associated with any structure did that mean all 9 clues or just where the chest sits?

            Thanks, d

            Yes d, it means the treasure is not hidden in or about a structure. Google β€œstructure” for more information.f

            So, as long as it doesn’t meet the qualifications of being associated with a “structure”, then the manner in which it is hidden should be fair game.

            He was also asked once if the [blaze] could be removed or something like that, …..and he said something like that it wouldn’t be advisable, ……can’t remember? Does anyone recall him saying something along those lines?

    • Do you know how many people have gotten excited about vague GE imagery. I’m guessing thousands….you need hard numbers or those images are just your imagination.

      • There’s no reason to hunt out vague images on GE if you were lucky enough to find a photo with F initials all over it (imo).

        • “There’s no reason to hunt out vague images on GE if you were lucky enough to find a photo with F initials all over it (imo).”

          Help me understand how f’s initials come in to play with the Chase. Finding an f on a tree for instance, is that an indicator of being on track or not? Has there ever been a suggestion from f that it may be something to note?

          I ask because I found a picture of f on GE but it has no initials, oh and it is in n/e Montana which is outside the unhighlighted are of the map.

          • uken2it if you want my opinion then i would say yes the F/f does play some kind of role in the chase.
            The photo i was referring to has no carved f on a tree. It’s a photo of someone peering through a set of trees at an island and the caption of the photo is ended with a lower case f.
            I was led to the area through research and happen to come across this photo which is why i believe it to be authentic and not someones idea of a twisted joke.

        • hi JJ this is still marie with correct sing in what keeps some nut from going all over the place making fake marks to throwing everyone off the TC sorry that sound cranky but i am not i happy this working again

      • Hi decall, I am in South Central Idaho. About 4 hours from West Yellowstone. I am at 5500 feet ish. Why there your picture you look like a cave man?

          • I really miss those geico commercials. They were a riot! Thanks so much! One day I thinks its montana the next wyoming. Either way, I have some great Rock Hunting sites near by…..Just follow the Blaze! Right?

  58. Diggin gypsy,

    Yeah, you’re right, Mr. Fenn has been pretty quiet. It could be that he is finishing up his new book or books or is working on something else, but I don’t think that is really it. He is perfectly capable of juggling many tasks and still putting out stories and responding to us. He always has. But it appears he has stopped doing that of late. Don’t know? Maybe you broke his heart!! πŸ™‚ Maybe he said more than he ‘thought’ he should have once, which sure hasn’t translated into anyone finding though. Maybe he has something special planned to say, a good story perhaps or a little bit if info. that could help us all out, …..maybe? Maybe not? But I’m glad I’m not the only one. πŸ™‚ He used to respond to an email once in awhile, … nothing. But that’s ok. I’m sure he has his reasons. It was just nice to hear from the MAN every now and then. He’s just as big a part of this chase as the chase itself. The nucleus if you will. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Heck, who knows how long it would continue without him, say, if he were gone? Probably wouldn’t last long. People would probably lose interest eventually……….

    Hope he comes back. And not because I need him for anything, but because it’s nice having him around. This is his creation. And he surely did a good job with it, did he not? He’s accomplished what he wanted to, I think. I’m sure you’re listening sir……., thanks. πŸ™‚

    • I started Crying last night as I read TTOTC. I was reading again, “ME in the Middle” When forrest wrote: My siblings are gone now and so are my parents. It sure would be nice if they could all come back so I could be in the middle again.”
      That really got to me, its not the first time. I have such a soft spot in my heart for forrest. I feel for him a lot. Makes me sad. I know he had a really great childhood!
      Maybe it was that I had a really hard day yesterday. But maybe its because I have a soft spot in my heart for him and I am missing the family members that I have lost.

      Besides that I believe this may be a hint. IMO

      Really is getting to me just thinking about what he said. Again.

      We Love you Forrest!

      Lou Lee Belle, feeling kinda sad.

      • Yeah, he’s had quite the life Lou Lee. A lot of great experiences and a lot of losses as well. I’m glad we get to know about it. He’s a pretty cool dude in my opinion. πŸ™‚

        Hope you feel better.

        • When my mom passed a few years ago. She was 86. She was last to go of 6 siblings. She said. Everyone is gone! There is no one left. I felt bad for her. We will all be there someday. Long live Forrest!

  59. good morning Mr Dal could you kill my ann marie gmail account so i can sign in as wildbirderNT. hubby and my son ar throwing a fit that my full name is up there. picture not bugging them. also these post are going to my email and causing headaches try to sort them thank you for all the trouble i causing you. we know you are very busy doing the the search and this blog. thats my my hubby and i just share the info one posting. thank marie

    • Marie, I decided to set up a separate email account just for blog related things so the emails wouldn’t clog up our regular email account. It was easy to do and saved us from having to weed out the emails. Another method if you don’t want to create a separate email account is to set up a special folder in your regular email and divert all blog emails to that folder. Hope this helps you out! πŸ™‚

    • Marie you’ll have to go to your wordpress account to unsubscribe. If you don’t remember doing that just subscribe to a different post. When you get the confirmation email it will take you to your wordpress subscription page. Just unsubscribe from there and you won’t get any more email notifications. Dal or I cannot unsubscribe you.

      CJ has some good advice for when you setup your new account if you don’t want the notifications going to your regular email.

  60. Good day all!!

    Well, I went searching again yesterday, …..heck, I don’t know, probably the sixtieth+ time, …..I’ve lost count. Fortunately, I live fairly close to one of the search areas, so I can go every now and then, but it does add up. I just figure I’d be out there anyway, probably not some of these places, but perhaps close. It just so happens that the chase has brought me to some beautiful spots, so no regrets. And for me, I just like to get out there and put my theories to the test. To sit there watching a river go by or standing on top of a mountain or looking out into the vast expanse, …..makes it more real to me and I think helps put things in perspective a little more. I’m just glad I can do it. I know not everyone can. Wish you could. πŸ™‚ And some do I’m sure more than I do. It is what it is. But we all gain something in our own ways no matter what.

    I’ll tell ya’ though, …..I’m beginning to feel like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest and it’s mine that’s getting kicked!! πŸ™‚ I’ve been trying to figure this out for about 3yrs. now and to no avail. Cyphers, anagrams, coordinates, multi-layers, just taking it straight forward, … name it, I’ve tried it!! πŸ™‚ But still, no dice. Can’t figure it out. But of course that is just where I’ve looked, …..and we know there are many, many places to look, don’t we!! Oh well, I’m sure it will line up for someone somewhere someday, …..and it will probably be straightforward like he said. Just so much area to cover, … many spots it could fit. But like the Highlander said, “there can only be one”!! πŸ™‚

    So, I’ll just keep searching when I have the chance, which for me, is about once a month these days, …..and I’ll always keep thinking……… and maybe one day, just maybe………. I’ll figure out WWWH, because I haven’t a clue. πŸ™‚

    • Suzie that has a nice ring too it. Maybe people are tired because that’s how people are. You or someone talked about losing interest. Well I for one am worried that the whole thing might be too subjective too solve. Been pouring over maps looking for the “key” but without knowing what I see from GE it’s impossible too know what’s on ground. Maybe another red herring. Anyways maybe someday there’ll be clarity.

      • Sally,

        We have more than enough to figure this out, I’m sure. And a lot of people think so. So it really wouldn’t matter if he never said anything else about it, to some, ……but sometimes having too much of something isn’t going to help. Maybe having what some think is enough, is still not enough to solve it? Only time will tell……..

        • I think it’s interesting Suzie that you know we have enough. I think that would be called in retrospect πŸ™‚ it’s possible we do I’m just saying. Too much isn’t necessarily what we need sometimes “relevant” info is what were looking for but only forrest would know relevant. The poem is all we need but then he also said…the one who finds it will do it with mostly with image nation.

          • Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge BUT Einstein also said.

            Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

            Albert Einstein

            Maybe in summary it’s a blend of logic and imagination with just enough logic too get you there.

          • I have to say my solve had to do a lot with imagination and a small bit of knowledge but 2 years of research

          • He said it, I didn’t. And many people believe we do, but that doesn’t mean we do.

            He never did anything like this before. So there really was no way to gauge its difficulty. It could be impossible for we know and for all he knows. It couldn’t be made more difficult from too easy, so to speak, it could only be made easier from perhaps impossible through his involvement. And he probably understands that and is why he has said certain things. But that’s his choice.

            Only he understands how hard it really is and I’m sure by now knows even more. I think it will be interesting to see how much he chooses to participate in the future. Or if he feels the need to. Only he knows what is happening behind the scenes or how close anyone is. For all we can phathom, the first two clues may be a lot closer than we could IMAGINE.

  61. Some people could be standing right on top of the chest and they wouldn’t believe no matter what.

    • He must be laid up in his wig wam playing his tom tom smokin his sittin bull peace pipe yeah that’s my image

          • I’m she and it’s taking me awhile to figure the blaze out and now that I have The snow is to deep to get to it :-). Haha I try and always think positive

      • Maybe Forrest has exited the blog to enter a Native American Legend…

        Forrest, known as Wise Fox among the People traveled north west many moons in deep winter snows traversing the Rockies on his horse with no name, trotting on tarred trails through the canyons, to the great warm waters of the deep. There Wise Fox felled and dug out a sea worthy canoe to carry him thru the mist to Lummi Island. Horse With No Name’s great berth made the canoe glide deep throught the cold waters. A larger dug out drew nigh to Wise Fox and swamped his canoe leaving Horse and rider with no paddle, or canoe. Swimming for land because it was too far to walk, Wise Fox and Horse With No Name appeared through the mist on the shores of Lummi Island. Fox’s keen eyes looked quickly down the beach. On the windblown shore from under a pile of drift wood rose a blaze, and misterious smoke signals. Young Coyote (Dal) was dipping into his tobacco bag hanging from the side of his traveling wickiup (Esmerelda). As he filled the peace pipe a voice called out,

        “I came to smoke with you Young Coyote.” said Sly Fox in his Kikapoo drawl, “so give me a smoke while I’m dripping. Share with me your Seattle blend kinikinnick and I shall share a story of treasure with you. My tribe will soon invade the Rockies startling the great bear, moose and all brown creatures…

        Now that I’ve done it – told a weak and tired story, perhaps Wise Fox will see the need to post a real story, or Dal will finish Carl part III.

  62. Austin
    on April 1, 2015 at 8:55 am said:
    All IMO…

    The blaze is a cairn (pile of rocks) that covers the chest. Not visible on Google Earth. The poem leads you right to it. This is one of the reasons that Forrest refuses to commit to saying the treasure is β€œburied”; he doesn’t want to be accused of β€œquibbling” or β€œprevaricating”. So the word β€œsecreted” is preferred.

    “I never said I buried the chest, I said only that I hid it. That is not to say it is not buried, so maybe we need to define the terms. Does β€˜hidden’ mean in plain sight? What is the difference between β€˜buried,’ β€˜entombed’ and β€˜sepultured’? f “Hemispheres”– by Margie Goldsmith.

    Mr. Fenn, when you said not associated with any structure did that mean all 9 clues or just where the chest sits?

    Thanks, d

    Yes d, it means the treasure is not hidden in or about a structure. Google β€œstructure” for more information.f

    So, as long as it doesn’t meet the qualifications of being associated with a “structure”, then the manner in which it is hidden should be fair game.

    He was also asked once if the [blaze] could be removed or something like that, …..and he said something like that it wouldn’t be advisable, ……can’t remember? Does anyone recall him saying something along those lines?

    • Well, in regards to my previous post, I thought this would load at the bottom of the page, but it seems to be loading wherever it wants to.

    • He said that it wouldn’t be feasible to remove it, and that might imply something big. A cairn is very feasible to remove… just give it a good kick… done πŸ™‚

        • Just about ANYTHING can be removed William. The question is, … difficult would it be and should it? Because if it was something like a cairn, then that wouldn’t be very difficult would it.

          “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
          Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”

          Hmmm……….. down, down, down, why not just uncover it? Why down?

  63. hi folks, i sent dal an email and have not heard back from him hubby and my son want to change my email address how do i do that just sign under new email? they don’t like my name appearing i guess. i will be going by wilderNT

    • Marie, you can set up an anonymous gmail account and pick any screen name you want to use here. Or if you don’t care if Dal knows you, then sign in with your current email account and choose a different blogger name.

    • Good to know Ann Marie. I’m very excited to read about your newest theories on where the tc is hidden.

  64. Anyone think the end of the chase is two goal posts. A person stands inbetween them and looks out to another area.

    • A goal post, or “twin towers,” in my opinion are too obvious to be the end location – someone may “stumble” on the formation and search around it.

      However, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be an intermediate clue/waypoint, you’d just need to know what are the clues that follow it.

      • Mike I was thinking more along the lines of a sighting point. Brave and in the wood or between the goal posts lookout to spot. Maybe say a 2,000 ft away on the other side of river in a cave.

  65. Home of Brown…

    I am thinking “HoB” could refer to what the Natives called the land. Or very early trappers called the land. Or the Lewis and Clark themselves called a parcel of land. It has to be found using research and imagination. It probably is not called “Brown” but maybe something you could use your imagination which could relate to Brown.

    But this is pointless, unless you know where to start. So with that being said, if you are out and about and you get the first few clues, what would make you think of “Brown”? Could it be Basalt columns in YNP? Could be. Is there a special Native American folk hero, legend or God that is named Brown that came down in a certain area? I think one of us would have figured that out by now…

  66. All this talk about a SINGLE blaze. Where does it say there is onl one? I’m on my 5th blaze or waypoint or whatever you want to call it and I’m thinking mayb two separate “F” are blazes

  67. hi folks newbie here. please note marie is still marie (scary thought) i’m now using wilderbirdntex as my sing thank once more for your patience. i am not sure what happening but as i look at page the last post was by mindy at 4:57 yesterday.

    • ??Cowboy. Not sure if you are ‘lol’ laughing out loud at my ‘ mma’ money market account or ‘meet me at’ or something else. can you splain it please?

  68. Anne Marie Nelson,
    You have made a name for yourself. Don’t get all impersonal and try to change it now, my advise. I even read you even tho you misspell like hell !! Endearing, you are.
    If you ever plan to search by Yellowstone, make a side trip to the Camas area in Idaho. Huge birding area. Famous birds go there to be seen by famous birders. Just sayin’

    • Marie, Dont worry about spelling and stuff. Forrest might agree. IMO-Modern Typing or Texting is like Short Hand anyway…..I type so fast, 150 word a min. I spell bad sometimes too. No Worry, Your cute and we Love you just the way you are!

      Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park

      • dumb question however dad say there are no DQ except ones you dont ask. i have lou lee on my list of names and i have a belle and now yourpost said loulee bele all the same or different people. i am get listing people, their names, region they live so i can keep u guys arranged in my head.

        • HI wildbird!
          No, I am not Belle, I sign Lou Lee Belle, a given nick name, but use Lou Lee. Some people do use more than one posting name, but not me. I do not know who Belle is…I see they post once in awhile.

          • do u understand why i changed it i hope and do you know how to get my pic back instead little box thing. oh hope you are having a great day happy hunting everyone bye

    • why you thank very much i love would to go up there. have heard of places in kansas i think? my problem ti time, money and sometimes a hubby who doesn’t bird. birding taught i in Selby’s book that a bird say a dove can look very different by the angle of course and how its feathers are fluffed etc. it a book for heavy reading and advance birding. birding help with id-ing things at a glance

    • i not trying to be impersonal. family was worried about my personal email/bus get clogged up & you guys are all right but i mentioned “lurkers” to one of them & they got all “smotherlly” on me. that is not a misspell it a term i use combining smother & motherly. my son i think coined it. oh if you all think my spelling is bad you should know how bad it really is. i try to reread each posting before i post it, use the word checker, & it still not good. i am also late a lot but i will not be late to my funeral as people say because i will already be there or in heaven watching. my body might late but i wont. oh one more no has mention or notice maybe i leave whole WORDS out. oh to top it off it rained again here the mesquite will have a ball where is a bulldoze and small fire when i need one?

  69. hi folks, morning i know this is confusing but Marie is now wildbirder thank to family. i can still use my pic if i could ever figure out how to trade it for that avatar thing. dont get me wrong they are good i just prefer a real pic for myself. for those who are worried i am too hung up on this blog i am just trying to find pieces i might have missed. my long note was working out my crazy logic and helped me get unhunged on canyon down and gave me an ides. ( i love the spell checker on this thing. it wants me to change unhunged to unhinged HA HA LOL computer IDC&TDM) i have also glean one or two ideas from the most delicious scraps thrown on blog and one i still have not figured out. i do believe we each need to guard our ideas carefully but be helpful too. there are so crazy out there they are not all on this

  70. Good Morning! Tom T, U had my attention, but I’m better at lurking. Text n’ you would be contrary to my methods. Ha.

    Welcome Bird lady, I don’t understand why you type as you do, librarian, enigmatic etc. You seem to have twice the abilities and skills? I guess that’s your method? I personally have been learning to type and spell, and according to dal, it has improved my IQ? LOL.

    Bird lady, I also intend on putting some time into your theories of birding and Selby’s books. I hope this is no read herring…
    Again welcome and thanks for your input!

    Lou lee, thanks for your comments.

    Dear f, I hope all is well? Happy day and Smiles to you and mama!
    Mark H.
    Question, Kinda off topic… Is everyone familiar with the Brothers Grim?

    • i have worked in HS & college in a library so thanks for compliment. i dont mean to be an enigma. my hubby call me a pair of docks HA HA. he also calls me Donna Quixote because i try to fix things. some time when i am not taking up to much time on posting ask me what the city guy said about me. i am not sure what u meant by me being enigma. i have lot of people who fine me hard to get sometimes.

    • i am not a librarian but spent time in high in one working to get out of class an some in college ina materials dept. thanks for compliment. i once tried for a job in my twenties and got it beat out two master degreers. but they ask for my diploma that i didn’t have OOPS! i didnt get job. i never finished college. i have severe ADD and mild depression. bummer! i however had one great teacher in college who got me to write a very good assy and i won the chocolate candy bar. changed my life. i dont mean to be enigma.

      • Ann I haven’t been ignoring you just quietly reading. I think you mentioned something about a car sized Boulder. If you did I was thinking maybe the treasure is in a hole obscured by a car size Boulder. What do you think? I’ve “one” it tired.

        • with without giving too much info on yourself for lurker are you in or from tx? i really dont think TC is in water unless its a lake or pond which doesn’t make sense to me. i dont think its in a stream bed at all because how they can change due to water levels and in the states we are looking in rocks big and small are always falling to add to mix. i think TC is in a area where trees, grasses, etc may change but the exact spot where it sits will not change much. i study the definitions of these words a lot because the meaning he used is very important.
          if i a say it’s a dog do i mean something with four legs or a piece of junk? i have a list of meaning for each word in poem on a cheat sheet. Yes its long and i do NOT DELETE any unused meanings because they make trigger an idea later. i found one solve if not two because of this. when subbing a synonym for a word can give you insight on different ideas. its easy to wander too far from the clues so i try to be care. reading things out loud helps a lot. i like someones idea of ask small kids what the poem means. their minds are not as cluttered as ours you just have to help pay for their college later if you find IT.

        • Ed, If you think the treasure is hidden under a car sized Boulder, you need to start figuring out a way to move the Boulder. If you are just using cold, manipulative tactics, trying to force it to move, you’re going to wear yourself out. You cannot “win” that way. IMO
          Maybe if you think of it as a “Pet Rock”, and talk to it lovingly, pet it, rub it’s belly, or even kiss it on the head, it may move out of the way on it’s own. I’m sure it already knows all to well how to “sit and stay”, but to get it to “roll over and/or heel”, this may require some ingenuity on your part.
          You might even consider bribing it with some treats… That has always been a “tried and true” approach… LOL, πŸ™‚ Just using a little imagination here…

          • dont make fun of people you never know what might offend

            be nice to rocks i have one for a grandrock. his name is rockie and we dont talk about this in front of him so if you ever around my grandrock please don’t mention this.rockie was adopted by my son when his parents were ran over by a gravel truck . very sad but very TRUE story. all of it. he has a blankety and everything a young rock should have to be solid and well rounded. NO kidding!

          • The thought behind this is the poem.

            (A)s I have gone alone in there (A)nd with my treasures (Boulder/rock) I can keep my secret where (A)nd hint of riches new and old 3 Capitol “A” might mean something.

          • Anyways back to the 3 Capitol “A” in the first stanza. There seems to be something going on with those or maybe the “t” means something as well. In the chapter no place for biddies the letter a is definetly on display. 5 Capitol A beginning sentences. Well if this “A” means something there must be a way to tie it in with the search area. We all know “3” of something is the end with forrest being in the middle. Ok it’s opinion BUT just barely.

          • a
            used when referring to someone or something for the first time in a text or conversation.
            “a man came out of the room”

            used to indicate membership of a class of people or things.
            “he is a lawyer”

            there is too much on web about the use of “and” to print here. And (no pun intended) there another And on line 18. so it use the “A” as a point it has to be included.

            also please be sure to use copy of poem from book because some copies may leave of punctuations. the first word of every line is capped. there is a semicolon in there which is unusual maybe.

          • Skippe is holding a large rock on page 56 BUT he’s not really holding it so in essence he is trying to say “hole” under or near rock. In any case I haven’t the time to search for a looong time so I may or may not have this thing. Maybe I’ll find out a few years from now I knew where millions were and just overlooked it. If someone posts a complete solve maybe Forrest would go get it. Hmmm that’s an interesting thought.

          • Marie that’s a good point we may never know where this big rock is. There are millions of rocks all over this planet. How do we figure out which one without leaving our easy chair. Got any ideas? Are there birding techniques that maybe we could apply.

          • now you are pulling my leg. ouch not so hard. there are rocks the indians left craving on i will have to find the website again it is amazing and not sure i should post it after you was mean to me.

          • That is on page 56 TTOTC but if you go to page 50 tftw you’ll see he is associating a car with this rock. So must be big. Holding-on plAces, wholesale etc..

          • hubby said to tell you if you want to snuz up i me you should get the name right. i dont use the Ann no e please, and you might try dark chocolate lol

          • Ok Ann without an e. Whatever you want. Gourmet Coffee, how about some dark chocolate do you like Cadbury brand and what about liquor maybe some Bacardi. I just visited an Anne yesterday spelled with an e. She is 84 and had to be rushed by ambulance into emergency surgery. She is now bionic woman with 4 stents.

          • Dillard at Christmas time sell chocolate liq. for about $20.00 they are great. but i do not eat candy much anymore i am diabetic. was just kidding though. hard to tell on blog not seeing someone in person. a funny quote or quip can be misunderstood easily. please forgive me for being touchy hubby said i needed to eat feel better now after sandwich

          • Obsessed the prior picture shows skippy and is titled somewhere in Wyoming. I don’t see Colorado Amy πŸ™‚

        • Ed, Let me think about your last two comments and get back with you. I have to go get a new battery for my laptop. Sorry.

          • Ed, I noticed that odd caption too. Do you know where that picture was taken?

        • Ed, currently working on the rock thing. Posted a few days ago that it may have been possible that f put the chest in a hole under a big rock. This would definitly go with someone will not just happen upon the chest idea. (and my spot:)). Anyway, I believe f used a horse to get to the final spot. A horse could pull a rock up on it’s side with a rope. I think the rock would need a flat upright side as the horse may not stay in one place as forrest put the chest in the hole. When he was done, simply put the rock back in position.
          The chest weighing 42 pounds, I don’t believe f walked to far with something that heavy. Even 21 pounds is heavy with some distance. That, I believe an 80 year old man would not do. Why make it so difficult. So I believe the horse thing. Plus, have found hints to support the idea. As far as page 56, that would be a longer post. If curious, the poem (line 16) ties into pg.133 and pg.133 directs you to pg.56. Turn the book upside down, use a magnifying glass and look over that page if curious. Skippy is actually pointing to the background object. (That’s also another long post subject).
          But take them for what they are. Hints and hints only. It may confirm stuff for you but I think anything outside the poem is basically a hint or support info. But, as far as the rock thing, I concur, totally possible.

          • Go in peace. Pieces of gold. So something was assembled in pieces. Your talking about the comment Skippy should have been buried standing up?

          • doubtful for bike to unless we can find proof as an older adult he rode one. car trip (he said something about car trip) then hike even if he left a car at a parking area he could still be hard find in a 3-4 mile circle

        • Ed, Okay, I’m back. Wasn’t my battery after all, but a hard drive issue. Laptop’s running faster now, so that’s good. Probably have to $ a new one soon though, it’s 8 yrs old. πŸ™
          I don’t have TFTW. Been thinking of getting it, but didn’t think there was supposed to any hints in there.
          The 3 A’s in the 1st stanza… That could be important, I guess. I may also see some significance to the meaning of The Biddies chapter… Regarding the “t” in there…I think I get it. I just feel I need validation on my findings, which I have not found any so far. What I believe to be true or accurate may not be at all. This is a game… f’s game, right? And we have to play by his rules.

    • i am sorry folks i again i misspelled something the author i refer to earlier is SIBLEY”s Bird Basics book. no its not a read herring. funny! it is NOT an easy read either but it teaches birders to see a bird in poor lighting, half hidden, etc. it taught me to see a cleaner pic of birds in the field & cuts down miss id-ing birds.

      oh as for me seeming to be smarter than my writing i am but wasn’t taught how to pronounce words. i am very well read ( i read a lot) but can not pronounce words out loud. i know what they are i just can’t say them or spell them later. the english part grammar, spelling, etc is hard for me. i also tend to go to fast and leave words out (i know hard to believe lol) i keep a dictionary on my headboard etc.
      when i learned to read the teachers would hold up a card with a word “girl” “see” “run” you had to memorize each word. then as you get older new stuff is added & added your ability to recall gets less because you have to remember how it was sounds verse pronouncing it.
      i also have problems with words like world, war, twirl etc these words i have a terrible time saying and sometime royal, roy, roan. rrrrrr sound should be easy for me, I am IRISH for Pete’s sake! lol.
      iwhen i hear certain words like phantom, faime, and i cant find it because i can’t spell it the word for ocean measurement i pronounce them all as fathom there it is i think. a posting like this can take me half an hour to an hour or more do because of looking up words/check spelling, putting words i missed (i am up to 7 now 20th rereading) & reading it. i sometime sound simpler than i am i don’t mean to mislead anyone. oh go to you tube and fine the clip on why to marry a good speller hubby sent it to me lol
      i am also from Birmingham Ala. i very southern i have been told but live in TX now. oh when i moved to TX they made me take speech so i could be understood better and a wonderful teacher taught the class in how differents words all mean same thing like couch & sofa etc. i hope this clears things

        • i am an old josher myself. are you joshing me. my favorite poem besides Mr. F is the spider and the fly which kids love to hear me read. one time i able to get a group of three class 90 or so kids and their teachers about five inches off the ground

          • Hi Marie your a star glad your here…made my day today!:-)
            You’ve made me realise I need to study more.
            Ran out of time today tho:-(
            Ps I’m a big fan…lol

        • Hi Wild Bird.
          I have searched several times in Montana and Wyoming. I live not too far away and I am going. If you want me to check for you in a location for you, i could. Sorry my hand in wrapped up. we can talk later.
          I have been a treasure hunter on other hunts too. I don’t talk about my locations. You can read about my search at sinks canyon, on the shadow contest. I sure had fun. Very Exciting!
          I have been on the chase gosh about 3 years no,. about.
          I am going to Montana as soon as I can again!
          I have not been able to narrow it down to one location.

          lou lee Belle

          • fyi, I have only searched my own area’s. I have been ask to search an area for another searcher and I looked at the location. but i declined because i did not see the components in their solve.
            I dont have any shortages of places of my own to search. I just love to hike.

      • Wild bird, everything changed for me last year. I was planning many searches, bought new tent, etc. But I rescued my mentally handicapped sister and now its 24-7. I did not know how i could search anymore. So I prayed. and a special thing happened.
        A really cute RV came to me, from a guy who was leaving the country. I paid a fraction of its value. it sleeps 4 and it was used for a trade show. Its equiped with a flat screen TV, and 4 power systems. He equiped it with a 60 gallon hot water tank. Its Awesome. So I have been on several trips and my family helps me with her, so I take her and she enjoys the ride and now I have her Insulin in the fridge and potty right there. I feel very blessed to have her and my new used RV. We had such a Awesome time in Yellowstone
        It great rolling down the highway eatting healthy food and enjoying the CHASE!

        The best thing is that I dont have to worry about a grizzly bear attack! LOL

        Lou Lee, chased by Brown Bear and survived.

        • i dont know how else to reach you but through here. i happen to teach a class at my church for special needs from the community. before as time goes by to find a good foster family to care for her in invent something God forbid happens to you or you get too old to care for her. i have seen some bad bads where parents one foot in grave have to give adult child up and no one was prepared. i hope you have a very good community support system. ( no i not saying you not take care of her now or she can’t go on trips just have backup plans for later in life) there i go again being Smootherly

          i think its great she can go. my son can’t not due to his issues which he doesn’t like me to talk about. i would love for him to go. he think TC is a joke.

          • I am going to take care of her for as long as i can. My family, daughter is on board for helping. family first. I worked too with special needs. Our parents are gone now and my siblings dont even send her a christmas card, well one does tha,. most nothing…
            I will try to get a email address I feel safe posting. If yo want to reach me. I will let you know than when i am going.

          • Nice talking to you. I headed out for a fun evening with the girls. Give my hand a rest (been working on Taxes too) am taken care of sis. Looking forward to laughs and maybe a margarita! πŸ™‚ or a glass of fine wine! I earned it!

  71. What do you think ff meant when he said (he thinks) ‘the geography will change before we reach the next millennia’ ?

    was this about the TC area? What will happen?

    • Musstag – thank you for the relevant post! I’ll participate!

      In the western portion of Tennessee, Reelfoot Lake was formed during a series of earthquakes from 1811 – 1812. This same series of earthquakes caused the mighty Mississippi to flow backwards temporarily. Let your mind soak that in for a minute. The MISSISSIPPI RIVER.

      This is just one example of an event that could seriously hinder the use of the poem as a map or, even worse, place the treasure’s “hidey place” at the bottom of a lake (ie Quake Lake).

      All IMO, of course…

  72. time for another warning along with my other tendentities ( i am not even fighting with the spelling of that word that me too long) i tend to repeat myself if i do please forgive its one of my tendings . i will use that word. i give up on spelling

  73. i wanted to ask does anyone know if TC has a lock on it? it would rule out some places that might be unstable like creeks, waterfalls, etc. i dislike this time of day coffee wearing off, all four of our small dogs are napping/snoring, and the two cats too.

  74. **main idea at bottom**

    What if WWWH does not mean warm waters today but warm waters 1000, 10000 or a million years ago? I am starting to think looking for a warm river/lake wouldn’t be as exciting and challenging as if you had to do some research. What if WWWH is where lava bubbled up and hit water thousands of years ago? That water would be warm for a while, than if would HALT being warm and turned cold again. Maybe a huge formaton of basaltic rock by a river would be WWWH…Maybe in the lamar river valley or the “secluded valley” as Osborne Russell called it?

    Listen to how Osborne Russell describes the Lamar valley area….

    “I almost wished I could spend the remainder of my days in a place like thing where happiness and contentment seemed to reign in wild romantic slendor surrounded by majestic battlements which seemed to support the heavens and shut out all hostile instruders”

    I can just imagine Forrest reading that passage as a kid and thinking about it while he was getting yelled at, being hit with a twitch, having those old biddies make fun of him ect..
    I bet he said if he could he would spend all his days there when he got older…and maybe life got in the way and thats why he wants a piece of him there at his spot..

    **So I guess what I am saying is my new WWWH is basaltic rock formations on the Lamar river in the Lamar river valley, or as O Russell called it “The secluded valley”..

    Any thoughts?

    • Soda butte creek is in the Lamar Valley and used to have geysers…thats another way of WWWH could of meant hundreds of years ago, not as is today…

      • Dang…That is one of my solves. The area has been extensively searched. IMO…..Yet he did say, someone went right by it…..;)

        • you never know… you could have been the one…
          are you going back to that location this year?

          • That road does not open till late. You never do know. I am planning it. but I have another location I am looking in Montana. Sorry not telling, but I have not heard anyone mention this one.
            Thanks Cluefromphilly, God Bless

            Lou Lee

    • i never heard that. I hurt my hand, so i am not able to type very well. It was? Was it green? Seems icky…unless it was a Margarita, in which case, I will take lime. πŸ™‚

  75. Anyone know why F has been so silent as of late? I know this question was brought up on this blog recently, was just wondering.

    • i dont not mean to make too light of the fact that something may be seriously wrong with the Fenn clan. i really hope like all of you he is busy working on a book or busy moving horses.( don’t they do that in springtime?) but did i post my letter to him for everyone to read that i sent to Mr Fenn? he may have hurt himself trying to answer it.

      • Forrest is very responsible he would let Dal know. A lot of hubbub, although that Easter egg could have been a roundabout hint of what type of health problems he’s having. We know Eric had heart related issues. This stuff is very subtle though. Probably best to let it come from the horses mouth instead of speculating.

  76. HI DAL
    was wondering if you had noticed in the TOTC book ,sorry cant remember the page, but pic of all the students in front of the school,where fenn was in front with an arrow,pointing to him . What I found odd was just that all other kids that were named were underlined. So why??? hmmmmm!!!! ,So upon looking at the arrow(which also reversed looked like the blaze on the horse in the looking for the lewis and clark trail pic) I decided to follow the arrow in the school pic. Lo and behold if you follow in a straight line upwards, there is a cement column topped of with a cement scroll,and in that scroll did anyone notice what seem s to appear there.
    Am I hallucinating or is that a clue in the book for the home of the Brown. Let me know what you think or see.

    Btw the school still stands and the cement scroll s are around the building ,and none that I saw have any pics like the one in the school pic

    Im curious to see how many people will go and check the book!!!

      • i am not sure the arrow is anything but an arrow pointing to him. but if someone else beside Mr. F label pic then why not use Forest or son.
        why the caps does FF usually write in caps? do we have anything else we know he labeled to compare. why isnt Dad marked except he is easy to spot with short directions. trying to do first row third person might be hard to do so circles and arrows are better. but why not give a date/year/grade. i checked online but can find better pic of said school to many tree in way. might check with historical soc. there for better pic of architecture.

        • Anne what other activities other than birding. I’m a hiker/bird watcher too. I don’t get all crazy with gear usually I just throw on an old pair of tennis shoes and head out.

          • i sorry i really thought you might be picking at me. i am an avg birder i have always watch birds. i started birding in 2005 or so. i when i library to check out a peterson book. the painted bunting was on cover i looked it up and found out it was here in TX. in the thirty plus yrs i lived here i NEVER saw one. i got one at my feeder a few yrs ago. i good up to Hagerman WL refuge up on lake TXOK. me and a birder friend have seen eagles up there.

          • I have petersons bird guide on my phone AND I love painted buntings. Great minds think alike!

          • a guy named stan tekiela has a book on tx birds retails under $20.00 it color coded great refer and he did one on hawk etc. both fit in jean pockets. trying to find bird vest to use on hunt better than back pack. i need binoc harnesses too. i think its good to have a “cover” kinda went out looking for TC. i you run in to someone and they question as to what you are up to you are covered. besides it is fun. david Hubby and i wonder if you know something no else knows and i will not use the clue word because someone just might jump on this.
            by the way change of topic does anyone know if FF liked to bird watch?

          • i have hubby four small dog mixes include a bosahuahua. i read books on real murders, real crime stuff (forensic files), history, humor like patrick mcmanus. i like birding, teaching an adult mental retardation class at church, i own and operate three small business in one location, bad housekeeper, good cook, like puzzles, play a few computer games on phone, oh we own two cats. one cat a female has multiple names Gracie was her name. i call her P.E.S.T. Puddycat Everyone Suspects That……… and here lately she has gotten a new name.
            every time i walk into a room hubby calls out pointing to this one cat and yells THUMPER did such and such! i’m not sure why he would call Pest thumper but he does often usually right after she bites him and rans off.

  77. HI DAL
    was wondering if you had noticed in the TOTC book ,sorry cant remember the page, but pic of all the students in front of the school,where fenn was in front with an arrow,pointing to him . What I found odd was just that all other kids that were named were underlined. So why??? hmmmmm!!!! ,So upon looking at the arrow(which also reversed looked like the blaze on the horse in the looking for the lewis and clark trail pic) I decided to follow the arrow in the school pic. Lo and behold if you follow in a straight line upwards, there is a cement column topped of with a cement scroll,and in that scroll did anyone notice what seem s to appear there.
    Am I hallucinating or is that a clue in the book for the home of the Brown. Let me know what you think or see.

    Btw the school still stands and the cement scroll s are around the building ,and none that I saw have any pics like the one in the school pic

    Im curious to see how many people will go and check the book!!!

    • gold…
      Folks have been scratching their head over that pic since it was published. It doesn’t strike me as odd. I’ve seen the original. It has the same names in the same way. So I think they were written many years before there was ever a hidden chest. So I doubt there is an intended clue or hint in that photo….but that’s my opinion and you seem to feel strongly that maybe there is a clue there. Others might agree. Someone should follow up on it.

  78. I’m getting complaints about email boxes being full of chit chat that has nothing to do with the nine clues or the chase.

    Wildbird I know you are new and probably aren’t aware that we try to stay on topic and not do a lot of chatting about things not related to the post…..there will invariably be some but please keep it to a minimum.

    Lou Lee you know better; for some reason you seem to want to talk about anything but the chase. Stay on topic please.

    There are lots of places on the web where you can chat about anything you like; facebook is a great place to talk about anything you want. Go there to do that.

  79. From the first stanza, anybody end up with a message about a favored fishing hole with great fishing results as important in the solve?

  80. sir in charge i said yes sir a minute ago i meant but the raspberry was me just been playful. i may be 56 but act like a little kid. i stuck my tongue at at hubby sometimes he ten yrs older than me.
    some times post sound disrespectful or rude. i was not trying to be either thanks

  81. Starting a new Nine Clues…old one is corrupt from me deleting responses and attempting to get rid of useless and annoying responses…like Goof says…please stay on topic..please be nice!!


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