Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty Three…


APRIL 2015



It’s not coins, it’s chocolates. Some searcher is trying to bribe me and it might have worked but they didn’t send me anything but a photo. f

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  1. That sure does look tasty, I remember those. The memory of opening up one of those treasures is getting me hungry for chocolates.

  2. So they didn’t send the actual jar of chocolate coins, they just sent the photo of it… That’s odd. Well… Thanks for showing us Forrest. It’s a lovely photo of you and the jar.


  3. Hey maybe F is saying the one who finds the treasure should leave behind a mason jar full.

    • Regarding Mason jar: When justified & eliminating spaces, the Poem says warm waters halt at Mason degree (level) 32.

      Guessing masonic degree 33 is no place for the meek. Coupled with ffs comment in a previous scrapbook about the Bohemian club, he may be connected to those secret societies.

      For years I’ve been the leading proponent of WWWH being land section 32 (in a township). Section 33 would be the winning square. Much of the poem confirms this, and when following this method, one can eliminate all areas that are not laid out in townships.

  4. Glad to see you again Forrest. hope all is well.
    Did you have time with the new discoveries of kava’s in N.M?
    I read an article regarding them and wondered if you had been called in as
    a consultant.

    Welcome back 🙂

  5. Sure looks delicious. That photo, the photo of the creative cake with its coins (posted on nine clues) and a pictcher of milk would make me a fine breakfast.

  6. Now that is cruel and unusual punishment. Who would do such a despicable thing as to send someone a photo of chocolate.

    • Maybe somewon is taunting. The chase is a “unique” deal never been done before. There are two sides to every chocolate coin. You just never know about feelings through out the chase. Maybe this is there way of getting back.

    • If someone sent Forrest a picture of chocolate maybe they could send him a nice cold picture of beer to wash it down…or an ice cold picture of beer…just a thought. Maybe they could even send it snail mail to make sure someone else doesn’t drink it.

  7. I will keep my eyes open cause I might find a jar . I have always thought that. That’s how Forrest would know if it’s been found, that way the government can’t fight with u over the chest of gold. They can have the “Broken Glass” 🙂

  8. I’m sorry but those don’t look like chocolates. It looks like a quarter and a fifty cent piece, plus other coins, that have been either coated in gold foil and had gold plating done on them.

  9. That would make a great NEW MEXICO souvenir!!! Forrest on top of his hooch and the gold down below!!! And my wife likes chocolates (me too) : )

    Happy Easter Everyone!!! We have a beautiful world to enjoy! He died and rose so that we are forgiven, please choose to reflect on this in any manner.

    I personally love my friends, the montains, the peace, the animals, the beauty, and the wind thru the trees to remind me of my place in the Universe.

  10. Note to self, send chocolates to Forrest, lots of them! LOL Happy Easter to all!

  11. I wonder if Dal is susceptible to bribery by chocolate? Or just hot chocolate? hmm.


  13. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Chocolate! But wait – they only sent you a picture of the chocolates? Bummer. 🙂 Hope you get a whole basket of chocolate from the Easter Bunny. 🙂

  14. In the canning process, the covering for the jar has several names. Lid being one but in the South it is referred to as a jar tip. Tip being another word for clue, does anyone see a clue? I surely don’t. But who knows?

  15. This Leyla woman is so much fun. f

    Good morning Mr. Forrest Fenn!
    Hahaha…..We just saw the jar of chocolate coins in your scrap book on Dal’s website! Too funny!! Only yesterday morning did we send out that jar to our friend. We told him we had found the treasure and this was his half of the bootie. Ha! Once he gets the thing, we will let him know it is up on your scrap book page. I am sure he will get a big kick out of it too!!
    Thanks for making our day and giving us quite the laughs!! 🙂
    Most sincerely,
    -Leyla 🙂

    • I hope Leyla’s friend posts on here when he receives the jar of chocolates. Too bad she didn’t send a jar to you too Forrest!

    • Looks to me like Leyla could do pretty well selling “Fenn’s ChocoGold” jars.
      There seems to be a lot of interest! 🙂 🙂

  16. I bet that jar is empty come Easter day. Show it to a child!!! Or a grown up child LOL Chocolate is always good!!!!! That’s a nice photo but you didn’t show us any gold . just chocolate>>>>>>>>>^^^^VV /

  17. I don’t know about the whooo but everyone knows you cannot bribe a wise old owl. Especially when the Forrest is on fire. The owl flies away while everything burns down. You may get burned in the Forrest fire

  18. HA! I hate those things……..My kids loved them. It got so bad I started frisking my kids before I let them in my truck. I would find those things all over my truck. They aren’t sealed very well (the foil is just folded); add summer heat and they turn into little gold goo balls. What a mess.

    • They aren’t even made with good quality chocolate Goofy, that’s why I never like them and I loooooooove chocolate. :-p They were just a fun novelty gift for the kids’ Christmas stockings or Easter baskets.

  19. The top of the jar is round and in the middle is a picture of F wearing a hat. Well we know about “these” hats don’t we. They usually come with holes. Gold in a hole 🙂

  20. lovely picture of you ,mr. forrest.I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.brown is so important.on top and in the middle again are you.dang it ,I ain’t glad you are back.i have missed you.I know you were busy.

  21. You can be bought? Dang why didnt I think of that!
    Now I know he has a weakness….

    Happy Easter Forrest. 🙂

  22. Happy Easter Mr. Fenn! I hope you enjoy your family and a day of rejoicing in the miracle of life and life after death.

    Ps I’m Lia, (not Leyla) and if I send you chocolates you’ll be able to eat them. But I will only send them if I find your treasure. No brown nosing from me!

  23. I just saw something on TV about “eating chocolate may help with memory loss.” Meaning that eating chocolate may help in preventing memory loss. We’ve all heard this before about chocolate and memory loss, right?… So maybe in this SB f is saying that it’s going to take a lot of chocolate eating to be able to recall some of his past memories. His book is a memoir…
    Then he says they only sent the photo of the jar of chocolates, so ultimately it’s not going to work in helping with his memory recall.
    Also being that they are gold coin chocolates, these memories could represent golden memories, or very old memories. Or… the gold could represent the golden ratio phi. I also think the container (jar) has significant importance also. All IMO… Anyone else have any opinion about this?

    • I think f made up this story and picture for SB133. IMO
      My condensed interpretation… “forrest’s golden memory treasures are being “preserved” in a Mason Jar” I could elaborate further, but I think you may be able to figure it out from here… and since he says only a photo was sent by Leyla, he may be saying he cannot access these treasures because it’s only a photo and not the actual jar of chocolates. This SB is loaded with meaning, imo.

    • Ruh Roh… Having some trouble posting again…. WiseOne I have an “o” pinon… Yum!!! We should all add eating lots of chocolate to our solves… 🙂

      • Well, aren’t you clever today spallies!… or Elroy. 🙂 Do you have any other comment as far as interpretation of this SB? Where is everyone? What’s going on today? Hardly anyone is commenting…

  24. Wise One hmmm…. This one actually has me a bit stumped…. I got canned as you already pointed out above… I also thought one of the coins on the bottom resembled a Roman Gold coin but that’s probably just my imagination… I will keep thinking about it… thanks for your insights!!! Also, I don’t know where everyone has gone maybe they are all out searching and can’t get a signal to post 🙂

    • I said Forrest looked liked he’d been canned again, not you.
      Unless you are forrest….

      • Lol WiseOne that is what I meant… Your comment above in the post about him getting canned again… No, I am not Forrest… But, I did get lost in the forest once does that count???

        • Count for what?… Most days it seems many of us here are lost in the forest, “forrest’s forest”… “Better get out the flashlight so we can find our way”…. Guess I’ll do more house cleaning or something. Not much going on here at the moment.

  25. I find this SB rather interesting – just a photo, not the real thing?
    Perhaps we should take a closer look at why this made the SB list.

    • Hello wwwamericana. I’m not sure if we’ll truly know if there is a “reason” for this scrapbook. The mention of coins reminds me of stories in the book, one being where a nickel was slipped under the headstone (paraphrased). Seeing a quarter reminds me of 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, as well as, Washington. I thought there may have been a small hint about chocolate. Your mention of a photo vs. the real thing, seems like a “twin”. As to the sealed jar, it could point to the story about the olive jar. I think there’s plenty of things which searchers could associate this scrapbook with other things. What are your thoughts?

      • A couple other things that came to mind about the coins. Coins are placed in a pocket. Pocket Basin was mentioned by a searcher not too long ago. Coins “jingle” in a pocket. Jingles are mottos, such as those for brands like Dr. Pepper, etc.. When one waits for a telephone call to come in, they’re waiting to hear the “jingle”. Bells jingle, too. I sit here laughing at myself for all the possibilities and will probably keep thinking about this post. (Giggle.)

    • Well…I’m not too sure about the photo vs real thing. Maybe this “picture” is a metaphor for the Chase. The jar is the treasure chest or hidey spot, the lid is Forrest’s poem, the chocolate is the treasure. If one is clever enough to unscrew (unlock) Forrest’s poem, you shall have access to the fortune….and maybe a few cavities in the near future 🙂

  26. Thanks PD for your comments. Lots of thoughts come to mind here.
    A jar, a grin, chocolate, cans, quarter(s) or change, jingles and ringing.
    So many possibilities.

    I thinkin he’s leavin the door a jar, so to speak.

    • This is a very interesting scrapbook post to me. I keep thinking obscure thoughts about the photo. How about this bowling reference? The strike, or “X”, is the overall result one would want each voyage up to the lane. After taking all things into consideration, such as putting on the right type of shoes, ball weight, fingers that fit the 3 holes perfectly, and aim at the pins one may have a good chance at finding the X. Roll the ball (jar lid) correctly and you may find that yourself smiling on your way home 😉

      Last year Forrest said he had a “gut feeling” about the chest being found soon. I think he meant to say “gutter” feeling. I think one day soon the “strike” will come for the one who best adjusts their aim.

      • Is that a “spare” idea – Do you have any more “Spares” in you bag of tricks – Not everyone can bowl a 300 🙂 JDA

      • I tend to agree with you Neil.
        Reminds me of the time when my bowling ball flew BEHIND me instead of down the lane where it was suppose to go.
        I was sooooo embarassed. Never could get the hang of it.
        I decided after that episode, to just take a good book and sit down on the bench outside and read while my friends bowled. I guess I won’t win any trophies that way, not even third place.
        Maybe I should go bowling……..

          • Ha Ha – that was really a true story JDA.
            I think I had all the right accoutrements with the exception of a ball that fit my fingers.

      • Or perhaps we could talk football…..
        Quarterback to the receiver – TOUCHDOWN.

  27. If I were to simplify my thoughts, I could just say that to access the jar contents one would just turn the lid ‘counterclockwise’. When I think of “wise” in my solves I immediately gravitate to clockwise direction. Maybe a different direction is needed? Or is that considered ‘low’ hanging fruit?


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