The Nine Clues…….Part Fortythree


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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      • LOL!! Goofy and/or dal, ya’ll prolly send the wild bird an email and ‘splain what happened!! I’ll bet she probably kept going straight when dal zigged (started new nine clues). ๐Ÿ™‚

        She’s out there, somewhere….wondering where the h*ll everyone went!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        not being mean, just saying!!

        • I miss Wild Bird. she was-is the most real person on this blog in along time. Enjoyed her, fresh like spring….Wild bird, dont believe in the bullies here. There are a few real ones. Forrest would agree. IMO…..Forrest Loves the real people like you!
          Happy Easter Wild Bird…

          • She said somewhere she was traveling so I think she will be back. Be nice we are not all soo Amazingly Intelligent as some of you are…

          • forrest is a loving person. He would not be so harsh as a few here. He is a real person like you. Male ego is a sad thing. Power trippers rule the world and cause war. ignor….just have fun and enjoy life like forrest. He does not Judge…..
            Happy Easter to all….Kind hearts…Life is all about…..that…

        • thank you for your concern but i spent Friday in Er A-Fib again but Dr figured it out i am heading for a procedure in a month or so and can go to mountain now if i wanted

          • Bird lady Ann you might want to wait. The snowpack can be deep. I think it’s highly likely that the treasure is covered by snow.

          • it’s in one of the four states Mr Fenn has designated. we have one more in a different state but it’s iffy. we will be returning to NM to go birding and Hubby wants to go to Albuquerque. then off to our SOLVE.

          • Hi Marie
            You seemed to haved checked out laws well, Would the chest being underwater be a problem to the claim? What you recon?
            Also sorry for delay but you asked where I was from just as last blog was closed, I’m from uk which also a question would that cause a problem to the finder?

          • that i do not know. we do not believe Itโ€™s not under water. If itโ€™s in a creek/stream there is danger of it being sweep away. Remember itโ€™s not locked. Ponds can dry up or overflow and fill with silt. you wont want 10 old playing in pond of unknown depth.
            Itโ€™s in a relatively stable place. with giving my clues away i made a list of EVERY word and all of their meanings, synonyms, and opposites.
            i didn’t change poem only use info to see different meaning of words. you might get this. there is a Windsor hiking trail in Santa Fe forest. windsor is royal family name right. i google royal and got regal opposite of regal is humble = meek. if with royalty it is not a place for the meek. we don’t think the Windsor trail is the hiding place because we weeded it out it too much on beaten path. also we had clues we couldn’t fit like heavy loads….
            i know there are people who do not think i know anything but only time will tell. once you have a good clue run it into the ground. and once you have something to believe in dont doubt yourself.

          • Thanks Wild bird.
            Got loads to say but busy day
            Do any of you guys work? Lol
            Iv just spent literally 3hours reading posts leaving no time to post thought Forrests plan was to get us off our butts Iv never spent so much time on mine! ๐Ÿ™‚
            Night night you guys.

          • good night sir Praise God i speed read and i am my own boss.
            This is one of our solves we tossed because it would not meet all of our rules and all of Mr. F clues. I have made up sheets like this and we make notes on them. Our two solves meet all of these and a few more we think. The other three that we have are filled in a little more than the one below but still not complete or one of the clues doesnโ€™t fit yet.
            This is our solve for MT Lucero
            We toss this because we could not find a complete solve for it and it is on private land.
            Begin it where warm water halt
            Any place along the edge of fishing map we picked the town of Pojoaque
            And take it in the canyon down
            Parts of 68 run through a canyon
            TC down into canyon (most canyon walls are high)
            Not far, but too far to walk.
            Just what it said not far but too far to walk used air plane fly part of way or drove whole distance
            Put in below the home of Brown
            We did not have solve for this
            From there itโ€™s no place for the meek
            We did not have a solve for this
            The end is drawing ever nigh
            Road / comes to stop at peak
            Thereโ€™ll be no paddle up your creek
            Dry creek
            I youโ€™ve been wise and found the blaze
            Lucero means light/blaze

            This is one of A LOT of solves we have tossed to look at more or just gave up on it.
            When we get an idea we trace it as far as we can till we have to stop. There is nothing more to check it and it either helps in the clues or we know it s a dud because there is nothing there to link it to the poem.
            On two of the solves to a very important clue took a week & 20 or more site to find. Over and over the idea would not be connect then BAM it was there the link we needed to the poem. I had been ready to stop.
            Most ideas are DUDS!!!!!!
            That is why I am still hung up a dove in waning moon picture and the picture of MR. F by the poster. I have not found my dead end.

          • Hi, Glad your back! Hope all is well! The snow pack is still in higher country, I might have to wait just a little longer too. Be safe! Happy Easter!

            Oh this is for Wildbirder….a real nice person!

      • i didnt call you a raspberry i was playfully giving you a raspberry in our if you ‘re wrong you have to give the person who is right a big fat raspberry and the one who is right has to stand still for it. cuts down on hard feelings and i am always right

        • I like my new name โ€œRashberryโ€. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Glad to hear youโ€™re doing OK after your doctor visit and good hunting on your upcoming trip to New Mexico. Have you got all nine clues figured out in your locations or do you need to figure some of them out on the ground; if you donโ€™t mind me asking.

          • Hey Mr Raspberry how r u. i am doing fine. a little spooked but ok. we have enough of a start to hit our trail. blaze of course is still to be found on the ground. i have a lot of research on how to spot it when we see it. no promises though. Hubby said you need a TX fishing licence to ask more.

          • Goofy, nice to know you can Joke with us once in awhile! With that said. Happy Easter to you and Yours!

  1. Boomergirl,

    I agree that there is no point, but then again I have never been first. Kind of like the very first time I guess, Yeah!!

    Silly but fun. Relax

  2. Two months ago, I requested specific information from a Federal agency under the FOIA (freedom of information act). The information requested is a key piece
    of the puzzle to my solve. Can someone tell me the approximate time it takes to receive a response from these people other than “processing”.


        • According to the law I think there is a 90 day time frame. after which time one can petition a court to compel the agency to comply with the request.

          There is also other remedies available too. A quick online search should provide you with a good amt of info regarding the law and procedures.

          • You are correct and thank you.
            The FOIA is headed by the executive branch of the government.
            Obama has pledged transparency for this agency, I shall soon find out.

          • the AP (associated press) has unfulfilled FOIA requests going back as far as 2010 and last i read in Mar 2015 they were threatening legal action

  3. While everyone is taking attendance, I’ll post the first “nine clues” topic for discussion: Forrest (technically) gives us the treasure twice. “Just take the chest and go in peace”, and “I give you title to the gold”. If we need to follow all nine clues consecutively to retrieve the chest, we should’ve located the treasure by the middle of the poem. If that’s true, then “worth the cold” and “being brave and in the wood” aren’t clues. Maybe clarifiers, perhaps.

    • ~W, My thoughts too. “Take the chest and go in peace” sounds like the end of your search to me. I’m still not exactly sure what my 9 clues are, but to me, that line would be #9. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • CJ, Have you found the blaze? If you know what mean, let me know without spelling it out, or giving it away.

        • Like many searchers, I think I know what the blaze is but I will have to put “boots on the ground” in my search area first. How does a person know if they have the right blaze unless they find the chest? We all think we have a correct solve….until we actually search that spot! It’s a puzzle for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Actually they are confirmations of a certain train of thought.
      Remember the quote ” Life deals us four cards and a joker “?
      Those are jokers, just match em with the correct clue.

      Moss nevers grows on a rolling stone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ~W
      Hi I understood final part to be summery and area to search… dejavu… I might have mentioned this last night been told off by the main men so apologise if anyone took offence last night!
      I’m sensative but Iv got skin like a rhino and always expect others to have the same …turns out I’m wrong.

      Anyway…think last sentence if worked out can take you to the area as title to poem…area loved by the man himself.
      1.30am here feel like I’m missing out again! Doh have fun guys…:-)

      • If the TC is on private land buried or not itโ€™s their gold because it on their land. Period.
        We suspect it on Gov. land because:
        If itโ€™s not buried very important, just sit there you can claim it legally as abandoned/lost property.
        You wait the appropriated wait time and it is yours. Oh there will be nuts who will try to claim it but because of Fennโ€™s detailed list of whatโ€™s in it and the detail poem stating itโ€™s yours not once but twice they will not have a claim. It will be abandoned property.
        I do not know how long it will take to retrieve it and my grand kids may end up with it but it will belong to ever fines it. Most lawyers will tell you the same thing. Turning it over will put the media on your side too and I think if Fenn is still alive he would take the person side who finds it. If you find it make sure you take pics, record where you are, pack it carefully and tarry scant.

    • they are fluff to finish poem but also we think very very subtle clues in line 14, 18, 23

  4. dal, do you have any knowledge on how ff would have secured his jewels in the chest, i.e., did he wrap them carefully so they wouldn’t knock against the hard gold items, thus preventing damage to those precious things…….a question that comes to mind ………..

    • Mary,
      Just out of curiosity, where do you think the chest would be to get “knock” around that it would cause damage to anything inside?

    • No Mary. I don’t have any knowledge of how the items in the chest are secured. But I do have my opinion. My opinion is that they are placed carefully to show them off at their best when the chest is opened. I do not believe they are wrapped or protected. I think Forrest wants the sight to be impactive when the chest is opened and therefore the items inside are appropriately placed to create impact. I don’t believe he felt there was a reason to protect the items inside.

      • If Forrest needs an impact test pilot I’m happy to oblige. Just one peek should do the job.

        Forrest, really, what if the gold and jewels…
        especially the jewels..aren’t arranged for maximum impact? My fee is small and 2 can keep a secret if one of them can have the emerald ring.

  5. Evening, I was thinking some folks are just mean ๐Ÿ™ and some are trying to keep order. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can respect that, but the Bird lady had plenty to offer and we weren’t as kind as we could be… Too and I mean this… Lou lee and others have been here a long time… put in many hours. This is sort of a home to us and you are our family. Sorry if once in a while we talk too much. Suck it up and be patient.

    Now… with that said, there has been some good discussions the past few days in regards to the blaze.

    I’d like to throw this out there… what if we all have been told what the blaze is and perhaps ITS name. Just Say n’ ?

    Okay here’s a cheesy example… ha.

    In the story of Billy the Kid for example… IMO if your in the Chase you’ve read up on Billy… He and the Regulators, I guess you could say trap/coax/and kill this guy who shot one of their friends at Blazers Mill.
    Or another example could be the blaze might be indulgence?

    Just a thought what ya think?

    • Billy the Kid has too much history involved, IMO.
      I’d go with example #2… Blaze might be Indulgence.

    • “Suck it up and be patient”? Really?

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. Like Goofy said, Facebook is a great forum for all the idle chit chat. I don’t use a public forum to say “good morning” or “Happy Easter” to my friends and family. We email, text or call each other on the phone.

      This blog is successful for one reason: relevant content. Once the relevancy portion is degraded, people will stop showing up and sharing their ideas. If all you want to hear are the opinions of a select few, by all means, continue with your philosophy of “suck it up and be patient”.

      • Austin – your comments are always straight to the point and right on the money. Your directness is refreshing. If you ran for public office I think I’d vote for you.

        • Woody – Good on you for telling Forrest “Happy Easter”. My only point is that “The Nine Clues” is not the right forum. If I want to wish Forrest a “Happy Festivus”, I’ll send him an email.

          If you attended a public forum at your local City Hall to discuss fireworks regulations, would it be appropriate to interrupt the discourse with a question about pot holes in the streets?

          • I agree with Austin,

            IMO….we need to “listen” to those that “own and run” this site. Keep the chit chat down to a minimum and stay on the 9 clues topic as we have been asked to do.

            Staying on topic of the nine clues…some have discussed the “blaze”…I for one have not found a blaze in the book or poem. However…I believe the section of TTOTC that talks about the Spanish Toy Factory leads me to think that the blaze will be something that Mr f has come up with that resembles the way that the Spaniards marked their treasures way back in the day. If you are not familiar with the Spaniards Symbols…do some research.

          • POG – Fair enough, let’s replace “pot holes in the streets” with “last night’s episode of American Pickers”.

          • only look for a blaze that is part of nature! but i am not sure a mountain will work. they like birds can look different to each person depending on light, rain, snow melt, etc.

      • Hi Austin,
        What if you Thoughtknow where to go to get the chest?
        What do you chat about then?
        Or do you quit the chase to go and get it? If you new what would you do?

        • Jaimie – When I think I know where to find the chest, I spend time on the forums reading, sharing ideas and questioning others in an effort to find flaws in my own solution. Once the snow has melted in my location and if I am still confident in my interpretation of the nine clues, then I book a flight to the Rockies!

          • Austin
            No worries bout the name think I’m worst one guilty of that!
            So you book your flight, get the chest, then what would your next step be sorry just curious what the finder has planned to do with it.

      • in my defence a little warning as to what the rules were would have helped. also if i get asked a po-lite question i was raised to anwser it po-litely. knowing how to redirect personal stuff to my wirdbirder gmail would have helped. no hurt feeling intended


    • Hi fenntreasure.
      I and many others have been here on the chase along time! I Love my Chase, and Forrest and All. I have made alot of new friends.
      I am still trying to find out what the Blaze is! I just Love all the nice people here sharing with me. No one has to share their idea’s on where the treasure is. Talking about idea’s about what forrest means by this word or that word. Keep having fun and enjoy it, makes friends and Thank You for being born. Nice people are what life is all about.
      Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hey i am sorry i didn’t notice your nice remarks about me until today rereading stuff. that was very nice thank you. only thing i got bugged about is i’m from the south if i am asked a po-lite question i will answer it. i was being asked a lot of questions. maybe there should be a way to give email answer that that stuff. an address thats safe and have personal questions put to the new people could be answered i have been contacted on FB but i requesting it get moved to email.
      i offer a warning nastiness and rumors etc should not be shared there only talkie stuff and friendly only

  6. 42 checking in on 4.2.15
    That would be 6.6 for FF
    when solving poem equalities.
    Although thats messing with F’s poem.

    If every direction you need to find the chest is in the poem, then the blaze is found in the poem.

  7. So, from all that Forrest has said about not starting out looking for the [blaze] ^ …..I guess one could say that the [blaze] ^ is NOT going to be something prominent, …’s not something that is going to stand out and be easily noticeable on its own without first solving the previous clues, … that fair to say?

      • goofy old guy you know something i know. you know because you have done it and i because i researched it. you are very wise Sir

    • why would you say the blaze is not going to be something prominent if you dont know what it is

      not knowing what it is, is what keeps it hidden.

      someone could be looking at it every day, and it could be something prominent, but they dont know that its the blaze is what matters

      • Iโ€™ve grappled with that a lot over the years as many here have. Is it prominent but common and will be obvious if we have the correct spot? Or is it obscure and can only be found after gaining the wisdom required to see it.

          • “Is it prominent but common and will be obvious if we have the correct spot?”

            Easily missed then?

            – May not even be obvious then. Must have all the clues correct. I always thought it was interesting he said that if someone was close to it(12ft?) …..that he couldn’t imagine you wouldn’t find it.

        • Hi goo fog
          Only by following the poem will you open your eyes to see the blaze or so Iv heard somewhere?

          • jamie even though you speak English you use word we don’t use and the other way around. i am not sure if that helps or hindered you. the way we interpret the poem if you can find trails, roads, creeks, places, etc to fill in for each clue. for us on one solve WWWH is the NM fishing map. on another solve we have everything but that. once you solve up to the blaze you should be able to recognize it. study EVERYTHING you can on blaze and we believe it is part of nature. not a mountain

      • Don’t have to know what it is.

        All of this has been out there for over 4yrs, now, …..If the ^ blaze was ‘prominent’ it would have been searched around, underneath, below, ….down, wouldn’t it have not? …..regardless.

        “it could be something prominent, but they dont know that its the blaze is what matters”?

        Maybe? Doubtful.

        He said it wouldn’t be stumbled upon. If it stands out, then it can easily be stumbled upon. I’d look just to look, especially if it fit a certain criteria for a search location.

        • it will stand out if you know what to look for. he has show us what it is at least once. we think

      • I think the blaze is a mark on a tree or rock..maybe just carved or maybe put there by a silver plate or some indication that its from F….

        I am starting to think you have to walk up a hill in the woods, see the blaze on a tree or maybe a rock then look down and the chest will be hidden in a hole in the “keystone”..but you have to be in a upper position to see it.

        • Cff
          Probably a good way to look at it as USA is a big area think that’s what I’m going to start doing looking from high
          Thanks philly

          • yeah it makes sense to me.. cause if its flat ground and you see blaze and you can look down and see it, that means it is out in the openish and easily seen…but if you have to be at a certain high angle to peek through a hole in a rock and see it, maybe have to move a little rock out of the way to see it would make more sense.

            also I think its in a spot where you when you were young or kids now a days would play and hide things in it…childish hiding spot makes sense to me..

          • Yep let’s look under every rock in every cave and every dirty corner of the USA till we find what we are after my good freind.:-)

          • Hi Philly where are searching pal? Hope it’s in usa lol
            Lots of rocks in my solve this might take some time but love it!:-)

          • Jamie,

            I am taking summer classes at college during the summer but I have a 2 week opening in August.

            I am thinking about camping near the Lamar river valley area. Maybe Roosevelt cabins area. and searching around there.

    • Good conversation everyone. After studying everything said by Mr. FF, I have concluded that I can’t conclude anything with respect to whether the bale is prominent or not. He has covered this one well enough that we can’t conclude what the blaze is as far as obvious or not. Why?

      I have used two different blazes from the same WWWH sources. Near the Red River I found that owl blaze on a bolder (if the treasure is there it has to be nearby) and thus it makes perfect sense searching for the blaze first would be impossible (had to follow the clues to find it).

      However, my initial solution (that brought me to the area) used the Chevron Moly mine as the WWWH source but then I attempted to utilized the TS Eliot circular theory and used the WWWH as both the beginning and end point and thus the bald and treeless white mountain served as the blaze. I lined up the a nearby cup in another mountain like a gun sight (FF’s BB gun analogy) near the fish hatchery to pinpoint an exact spot. Now this blaze is very prominent but my usage of it was displaced from the blaze location (12 miles), thus it would again be useless to find it first because I needed to follow the clues to a point where I could use the blaze to locate (my) exact spot. Either one of these examples, it would be useless to find this blaze first. The nice thing about the latter example is that if one can prove, are extremely confident, or “know” you have the prominent blaze, one should be able to find the rest of the clues.

      I will add one final point, if the blaze if prominent, it is unlikely (can’t say impossible) that the treasure is co-located based on FF’s waste of time to look for the blaze first.

      The Wolf

    • I agree with you Suzie. I think the clues must be solved before the blaze referred to is clear. Could it be prominent and seen by many every day? sure. Could it be hidden? Definitely possible.

    • “In stanza one”?

      So what is it? I mean, the rest of us have to figure out all the previous clues first in order for it to work, so no worries to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. There are many blazes that are easy to ‘remove’ (depending on your definition of remove)

    The TC, Trees, the Burning Bush shrine, a pile of rocks, others a little harder, car size boulders, white streaks in cliffs and more …

    But yet, the correct solve will be confident of the blaze without having been there, according to ff statements of ‘will go in confidence’.

    So, IMO the blaze may, or may NOT be something outstanding, but very FITTING to the theme of the clues you have solved to that point.

      • There are so many things that could constitute as a blaze and there also could be a layer of blazes as suggested by some. There is a story about a place in purgatory canyon that the outlaws use to use as a rondevu where there was a diamond or crystal high in a rock that you could see for miles when the sun hit it . I have been told that someone removed it .some time ago. Maybe there is something similar out there . I think when you find it it will be unique not something common IMO

  9. Ummmm the blaze it is. Lets take a look at a few things. Forrest has pointed out these things are objects. I.E. they can be seen and touched.
    Consider for a moment if you will. Forrest was looking one hundred years down the road from the time he placed the chest. What does this tell us coupled with other hints he has given us?

    • It must stand the test of time, but is accessible, … can be touched, walked up to and identified. Looking up, say, at some huge bluff with a blaze on it could be an example of one, …..but probably NOT. ๐Ÿ™ IMO, …..needs to be more precise.

      Same with WWWH. Needs to be precise. Can’t be a mountain with a snow capped peak or a glacier or The Great Divide, etc., …..needs to be more EXACT. There must be a place where you can say definitively, “this is where I start”.

      • Well Suzie Q here is my humble opinion. I 169 could remove the blaze in 1/2 hour. I would say in 50 years the poem probably won’t work or even less. I don’t think it was intended to outlive Forrest by much. The spot it’s in will. Maybe half the poem will work in 50 years.

        • Perhaps it could 169.

          And since you are so sure of what it is, then maybe like Fenn said, you “and a few searchers might throw in some gas money for a percentage of the take. Good luck.” f


  10. In a word , NO.

    I’ve had several blazes ,searched several times and have not found the TC.

    But I/m trying to think of the clues in different ways. as someone posted above, many of he unusual things may have been searched around…. so, IMO the blaze is different than the first thoughts I have had.

    • Well it has been a long time since I have posted here (out of the loop for awhile), anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts on “the blaze”. First thanks Dal for keeping this blog focused on the chase and it’s also good to see some of who I call the “Forrest ‘s original 100” still posting at times with their history of thoughts and research. Musstag, been awhile since our meet in West Yellowstone, is Wyoming still a area you like? My area has changed over the years with all the research processed though this mind. But anyway back to my opinion on the “blaze”.

      The “blaze” I believe it is something that can be seen after you follow the clues to get to it’s area, what I call the “500 ft point”. You have to look for it with “skilled eyes” to see because it is only in sight for a few seconds as you are in travel in search for it. To me the searchers that have been close to that “point”, were there just traveling by, as many others also have done not knowing about this chase. Now for me at that 500 ft point it turns into a ” slight challenge” in route to the blaze (a route a ordinary person not knowing of the poem would not take), but a chaser “yes” because they would understand the “blaze” and go confidently to it. This area is not frequented by many but there could be a few in search of the glories of Mother Nature that possibly hike in it with no understanding the blaze or hiding spot of the TC. So you may ask how can many pass the 500 ft point of the blaze area but only a few ever be in the blaze “route” area? The answer is – it’s a small “pull off” on a road in the mountains in what I call a “door opening area”, a few second open area most likely cause by a creek that most people drive by without a thought. Any thoughts? Good luck to all. Bur

      • Bur,
        There are areas that I have searched that are still of interest to me, as well as new spots in those regions
        I have a blaze…. but all I see is my feet.

    • Hi Mindy
      think you need to start wearing propper footwear!
      For my blaze requires boots! Just playing…nice your here.:-)

      • Hi Jamie,
        Just catching up on the blog,
        Been sick as a dog,
        Wasn’t able to talk
        But now talk like a frog.
        Coughing nonstop
        Snot–more than a drop,
        Sleep…what is that again?

        Boots are a good thing to own. Probably a required item to put out a blaze…:)
        Other blazes just require a comprehensive knowledge of geography. I am not sure what my blaze requires yet. I saw a documentary this morning about Isaac Newton having Asperger’s. The narrator described it as having twelve different computers in your brain going at the same time, with none of them linking together. That would be me.

        I have at least three WWWH, three HoBs, and about ten different theories on how it all links together. I can easily see how Dal has made over thirty trips out. I’m taking one trip out in the summer–to visit Santa Fe for a bit, then off to search, in what state, I do not know, but all signs seem to point to Montana. Hopefully Jamie Jones will join me in Montana!

        @miked…you’re scaring me. I think you’ve hacked my computer with all your talk of letter dropping.

        @Diggin…I think we might have the same good map. Sam smith may have it too.

        I want to post a blog today, but someone has taken out my eyeballs with a jagged spoon and hit them with a sledgehammer. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about the One-Eyed Happy Duck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What a special day it is Remember “Jesus has Risen” ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Easter

  12. Let me begin by IMHO…..

    A blaze could be in many forms and multiple forms of the same blaze.

    Further, a blaze could be multiple blazes because the definition says they could form a trail AND/OR indicate the beginning of a trail.

    It is even possible that a blaze could be something with a map drawn on it?

    I believe Forrest is very energetic and clever!!!

  13. L. Aspen
    I agree, there are many things, by definition that could constitute a blaze. IMO, I belive that once you solve the state the TC is in, where WWH and the HoB, then the blaze will take on more meaning. Just my own interpretation.

    • J. Scarfo,

      I could give several reasons why I believe the chest is in Wyoming…however…I am waiting on Wolf to tell all of us why it is Not in Wy…he says it is not there and has some kind of proof…I have been waiting and waiting…and…well…you get the point :mrgreen:

  14. I have an idea of HoB….

    Could it be a Butte? They are brown, and with a capital B.. anyone else think of this?

  15. I never consider the first stanza to be any clue, but if someone can tell me where “in there” is, I’ll share the treasure with you. It’s like the rest of the poem, you have to be FF to know which “where” he was going into.

    • Don’t think you would believe me on that one…Doubt it would aid you anyway…You don’t have to know anything about Fenn, just what he did to hide his secret…Good luck and good hunting… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. As i go in there, is when F gets out of his car to place the chest in his hidey..from his car to the spot is some distance..there are obstacles on that journey…other wise he would have taken a luggage roller…he had to carry it on his back…plus it was strenuous enough he had to make two trips …also he had to muster enough courage to make the trip (BOLD)

    • Yes Riddler, I agree that it is the spot where he hid the chest, that is why I want to know where “there” is.

  17. Two cents;

    The blaze is going to be around for a thousand or so years.

    You must be “wise to find” it.

    If the 9 clues are in order, it is close to the end, like 7,8, or 9 if the simile and metaphors of Forrest Fire are judged on the basis of perhaps a geographical
    movement from the greater ie; wwwh to the lesser; blaze, that directional movement would be in accord with the mental progression the we humans use each day to solve problems.

    Remember that we are FEELING creatures first and secondarily we think about solving from our these feelings and emotion that are evoked then logic, thought to achieve a solution, are you with me so far?

    However one big glaring spot remains, (out damn spot) ff has alluded too, and expressed an important detail, clearly in the TS Elliot poem; perhaps it is too far to walk, especially if that means in circles.

    We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

    Does this mean that he is leading us in a circle of emotions which we must wade through with emotion and tears before we understand the “message of the CHASE?

    I truly believe ff has emotions he is not showing after all who starts out his bio with “Life deals you 4 cards and a Joker”. Does that sound like a man who holding some (emotion) cards he ain’t showin? So read the card and between the lines I am sure that there stuff he has hidden, and it could be the keys to the TC.

    Tom Terrific

    • Could be Tom.

      Could also be that we just end up where we started no matter what. These days we rarely go off exploring and don’t come back to where we begin the quest from. We’re not like the explorers of the past that set off on adventures and travel, only to end up places never seen before and hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. Rarely did they return to the exact same place from which they set off.

      Now, with regards to this, perhaps, …..and just like Mr. Fenn, we too will also return to the place from which we started, which in his case is wherever “in there is”? Or maybe just perhaps where we/he parked?, …..and we will “know the place for the first time”, especially after about a hundred searches there!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      But it could also fit in with what you are saying as well, …..the spiritual and emotional journey it takes us on, the directional movement in accord with the mental progression, the circle of emotions, …..along with the physical one.

      Interesting thoughts none the less……….

    • Tom, important ideas to consider:

      On one hand Forrest’s message is “find contentment”
      which someone here wisely defined as ‘wanting what you have.’ enjoy life’s simple free pleasures, and cherish family.

      On the other hand Forrest’s message is… there is a thrill which goes with the chase. It appears that Forrest loves the chase and collecting the very best. Be brave, grab life by the tail, work hard and earn the treasure.

      It would interest me to hear Forrest reconcile those opposing ideals. He’s a complex man whose waters run deep and undercurrents surprise.

      The poem may be straight forward and solvable, but interpreting it through the Fenn filter sheds multifaceted light shining in divergent directions IMO.

    • Tom,

      alot of folks seem to think the TSE poem means full circle. Suppose for a moment that you are in YNP and you start at the main gate…leave the park and circle around just half way and come back into the Park from a back country road…what you have done is left the ‘tourist” part of the Park and came back into the “backwoods” wilderness part of the Park and you are seeing a part of the Park that you have never seen before…as natural as the day that the Native Americans and Fur trappers saw it.

      Question…would this TSE poem work for this situation…? You started in YNP and you came back into YNP…….

  18. F tells us where the blaze is…u first have to navigate the trail…the blaze is the marker…First wwwh…you have to know where they start before you know where halt….take it from the beginning….

  19. Tom-
    I have a different view of the poem and Forrest’s creative writing style.
    I’ve wasted good space before on my belief in the simplicity of the poem and the directness of his language. Here I go again…

    Many folks believe there is hidden meaning in the poem that needs mysterious decoding. I would argue..It ain’t so.

    Maybe it’s because of my advanced age or perhaps because I have listened and read from folks in many different parts of the English speaking universe, but the words in the poem are not a mystery to me, nor is their arrangement. Nor are any of the “clues” Forrest has handed out.

    Growing up in Michigan..we sometimes romanticized about the “wood”..the wild places outside of Detroit. It was a common phrase. But not in everyday was reserved for special occasions. If I had used it with my friends they would have thought I was a pompous jerk…maybe they did anyway…

    My mother grew up in northern Indiana and she used the words “scant” and “tarry” around me on an irregular basis. She was a “down-to-earth” person who grew up on a farm. She wasn’t sophisticated but she was smart and loved crossword puzzles. Her vocabulary was large.

    Forrest enjoys crossword puzzles too. He likes words and I think he uses them in the same way my mother did…because they are fun. Poetry lets him use those words in ways that they don’t exactly fit into everyday language without sounding pompous.

    So why haven’t I found it…or you?
    The starting point is the main trick to figure out..
    The poem does not tell us what the starting point is. It only tells us what to do once we figure it out.

    I realize that Forrest has said that all we need in order to find the chest is the poem, and I believe that is absolutely true because there are no real clues to the identity of the starting point in anything else. But that doesn’t mean we cannot figure it out by knowing more about Forrest and that is where the two “memoir” books come into play. They provide us with information that we can use to know Forrest better and therefore be able to recognize places that are meaningful to him throughout his life.

    Forrest has told us that we must figure out where to begin. This has always suggested to me that he has not told us where to begin in either the poem or his memoirs. So how do we figure it out?

    At one point I considered that the poem might be another “memoir” beginning in Temple, TX and then map the significant and most meaningful places during his life. I had no luck working that through…maybe someone else would.

    But I sincerely believe the poem is nothing more than a series of directions that only make sense all the way through to the end from one place…the beginning…and that is the crucial key…

    Of course I could be wrong…


    • I think where to begin is coded into the poem BUT wouldn’t be seen by someone unless familiar with area names. So in a way it’s like putting something right in front of you that you can’t understand because your not familiar with the area. All opinion of course ๐Ÿ™‚

        • “The poem does not tell us what the starting point is”- Dal

          There is no proof of that statement, the poem could tell the searcher that where to start. Very dangerous to make that assumption.

          • Man I wish I would proof read my posts before I push submit. Should read:
            “There is no proof of that statement, the poem could tell the searcher where to start. Very dangerous to make that assumption.”

          • The Wolf…..I agree. If the poem doesn’t tell us where to start then what’s the need for the poem at all? Of course it tells us (IMO) where to start. Where else would one find where to start ? Everyone remember “The poem is all we need.” ๐Ÿ™‚

          • “There is no proof of that statement, the poem could tell the searcher that where to start. Very dangerous to make that assumption.”

            Does it?

            Then where is it, …..according to the poem?

            The ones that found it didn’t know it. Thousands of searchers over 4 plus years can’t seem to crack it with any confidence. So, what is it then? Or is it just a matter of time before someone does figure it out, …..the starting point, I mean, …..with the answer from within the poem?

          • โ€œThere is no proof of that statement, the poem could tell the searcher where to start. Very dangerous to make that assumption.โ€

            Does it?

            Then where is it, โ€ฆ..according to the poem?” – Suzie

            Well Suzie, for arguments sake, if we assume the poem does tell you where to start; I don’t think anyone would simply tell you or another searcher on an anonymous blog.

            Surely that kind of information would be worth something, actually a significant amount. What would you value that kind of information to be? I am sure when you put a fair price on that information someone might give you the answer you seek. PS – make sure your purchase come with a money back guarantee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            You also said – “The ones that found it didnโ€™t know it. (starting place) ” How do you know that? As far as I can deduce they very likely could have known the starting place (I mean do you think they simply threw a dart at the map? Something made them start where they did) but they screwed up at clue 3. Remember the clues get easier after clue one is solved but they still are very difficult. Getting the first clue( or even the first two) obviously is not enough.

            The Wolf

          • Wolf,

            Come on there Wolf, … we really need to go over this again and again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess so………

            — You can’t tell me where(the exact location) the starting point is. The only thing you could possibly tell me, is where to begin(clue 1). * Until someone actually finds the chest, nothing anyone says means squat, … is nothing but a guess. And it is worth nothing, …..unless, like I said, it is found. I just don’t get why that is so hard for some to understand. I mean, isn’t that logical?

            — The same reason I know that the ones that had the correct starting point didn’t know it. How do I know that? …..because they didn’t find the chest!! Or, unless Forrest Fenn told them they had it right? So you think he did that? ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, something made them start where they did, …’s called a guess.

            — Now, could someone else give you something useful? Sure. But you will never know that until the chest is found.

            — The only way someone could possibly know if they have, not had, because then you would have found the chest, …..the correct starting point, is IF the poem actually does contain all the answers within itself. IMO, Ambiguously it does, but not specifically, or we would have found it by now. But that’s just the way I see it.

            You are right about one thing though. Tough to find with just the first two clues. We need that #3. Maybe that’s why he said, โ€œIf a person reads the poem over and overโ€ฆand are able to decipher the first few clues in the poem, they can find the treasure chest.” f …..”few”

            You’re a smart guy Wolf, keep keeping on……….

          • Suzie, or whoever, ๐Ÿ™‚ IMO, I wouldn’t say ” nothing anyone says means squat” and “worth nothing”. Often ideas people post seem to help others with a solve, and some of those ideas may indeed be correct. We just won’t know until the treasure is found and if the finder reveals where the TC was located and how they interpreted the clues, i.e. where their WWWH and HOB were located etc.. And just because a few searchers had the correct first 2 clues correct doesn’t mean they didn’t believe they had those 2 clues correct. Because of the multiple meanings and interpretations of the other clues, it would be easy to go wrong at any of the other 7 clues, despite Forrest saying that it gets easier! IMO you could have almost all the clues correct and still not find the chest!

          • Suzie,
            “You canโ€™t tell me where(the exact location) the starting point is. The only thing you could possibly tell me, is where to begin(clue 1). * Until someone actually finds the chest, nothing anyone says means squat, โ€ฆ is nothing but a guess. And it is worth nothing, โ€ฆ..unless, like I said, it is found. I just donโ€™t get why that is so hard for some to understand. I mean, isnโ€™t that logical?” -Suzie/PW/Nora Kelly

            -“You canโ€™t tell me where(the exact location) the starting point is.”

            Then why ask if you are so certain?

            – “Until someone actually finds the chest, nothing anyone says means squat, โ€ฆ is nothing but a guess.”

            Again why ask? Why participate if everything said is useless. Maybe the chase is driving you crazy and you just need the therapy the blogs offer? Guess? Then how can FF say โ€œgo right to it with a smile on their face.โ€ and “And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead will ask themselves โ€˜what took me so long?”

            -“unless, like I said, it is found. I just donโ€™t get why that is so hard for some to understand.” Yup better leave the blogs and turn off the computer – nothing to see hear.

            Question – when the chest is revealed. Was it just a guess then? They didn’t know it and knew nothing right up to the point they found it? No possibility they knew they had it before they actually retrieved it? Based on Forrest’s above quotes, I respectfully disagree, but you are more than welcome to search another 60-70 times using the guess technique since you have the luxury to do so.

          • “โ€” You canโ€™t tell me where(the exact location) the starting point is. The only thing you could possibly tell me, is where to begin(clue 1). * Until someone actually finds the chest, nothing anyone says means squat, โ€ฆ is nothing but a guess. ” – Suzie/PW/Nora Kelly

            I certainly understand how you would think that. Like I said before statements like “Until someone actually finds the chest, nothing anyone says means squat” are fallacious arguments since you can not prove they don’t have it, you can only guess or assume.

            I understand how someone can think that the first clue is a guess. I feel it is not that difficult since FF couldn’t actually count the number of people who actually got it right. ” I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several. f” Those with the first two clues are still numerous. I feel of those countless searchers, some may have guessed, but quite a few probably felt they knew they had it, but because they did not have the rest of the poem deciphered, or did not have the key, or did not have clue 3 or had the blaze and went by the other 7 simple had to give up and thus โ€œ… Alas, and dame fortune, so often a fickle and seductive wench, never spun her wheel to lure them back.fโ€

          • CJinCA,

            Forgive me, …..I never meant to make it sound like nothing anyone says/said matters. There are some really wonderful and touching stories and experiences here that people have given. And some great solves with a lot of thought and insight put into them.

            I mean, I did say, — “Now, could someone else give you something useful? Sure. But you will never know that until the chest is found.”

            And of course, someone could possibly say something that COULD benefit one in finding the chest. We just won’t ever know that unless it’s found and that’s all I meant. But everyone already knows that. I didn’t need to say it. What I said means nothing. I was abrupt and insensitive and I misspoke. ๐Ÿ™

          • Wolf,

            Therapy? Maybe so. Will you be my therapist? ๐Ÿ™‚ Cause you sure seem to want to be. But as my doctor, will you please take an oath not tell everyone who I am in the future, not that they don’t already know, but you sure seem to always like to tell everyone that. We all know you have it all figured out!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You make me laugh….. and I guess that’s worth all your nonsense.

            You know, we’re kinda like those two kids in high school that were on different ends of the spectrum. One was the teachers pet, made straight A’s and always felt the need to let everyone know how smart they were. The other was usually in trouble for something or the other and didn’t really care what others thought, …..but also made straight A’s. ๐Ÿ™‚ It all works out in the end though.

            Yes, I have been out searching quite a few times in the past, but these days not so much, probably only once a month, maybe. And even though I always searched with confidence, it was nothing more than just a theory. Only when it is found will it proven, …..until then, you call it whatever you want. It is what it is.

            No luxury. I just don’t have to ask permission to do what I want to do. There’s a big difference. And as far as questions, …..I’ll ask whatever I want to ask. You don’t have to answer it. Although, you should have known what I meant. Don’t be so sensitive. Forgive me if I didn’t stroke your fir/ego for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Good luck.

          • I read all the comments on this thread and am rather disappointed with the discourse. As far as the starting point: the poem is all you need however it does not directly give the starting point. There is no guess work – you must figure it out. I came across the poem two years ago Easter. I figured out WWWH in 2 hours and was still on a wait list to get the TTOTC book. So, all that is needed is the poem – There are 9 clues to get through. Each one carries with it its own work. Just because a few clues 1, 2, 3 are figured out, does not mean all is incorrect because the other clues are still being worked on. I find it disturbing that the work involved is being treated this way on this blog. This is a “thrill of a chase” and as such requires study, thought, research, and above all patience. There is no immediate gratification upon coming across the poem. If other’s work continues to be “bashed”, I will discontinue using this blog and that will include when the chest is taken in peace. I really enjoy the conversations with Dal, Iron, and Wolf and would hate to leave.

          • Good Morning! Happy Easter Day to you! i am sipping my coffee before i leave for church. thank you very much for your comments. i am new to this blog . Heck i new to any blog this is first one. i have not been probe like this except at ER. in a crisis. i have posted a couple of pieces of info i thought might help someone. it help me a lot. if old news i am sorry i do not have the time nor patience to read through thousands of old blogs. (have read quite a few) i have also asked a couple of request and have received one answer out how many on blog? i have been treated nicely and friendly but do feel an undertow of meanness. i grew up with two older siblings so i use to it. i have learn that meanness comes from a lack of confidence in oneself. i do not know much more than anyone else. i too have held back some info for us to keep but most of what i know i have shared and it two of mine questions are answers to what our solve is. will not know blaze till i see it but pretty sure i will recognize it. Fenn said there is one very important clue no has and that i think is home of Brown. we have two no one has say and Hubby will not even let me send it to Mr F. Happy Hunting good luck to all.

          • K,

            We all live in our own realities don’t we. And our own thoughts of what an ideal world should be like. What one would see as “bashing”, another might only see as a heightened discussion on a controversial topic and maybe not even that, but yet still an important “discourse”, …..if one will open up there mind to some debate, …..which isn’t that a crucial part of figuring things out SOMETIMES? Not everything must be an agreement or telling someone else how wonderful things are all the time, with rainbows, fairies and sprinkles and everyone singing kumbaya. ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is just NOT always that way. And we are not always going to agree. And personally, I rarely see any conflict on this forum and if there is, it is quickly extinguished or apologized for. Most here seem to have a healthy respect for the other person. IMO, There is nothing wrong with a little heightened debate every now and then. I mean, don’t we all learn from each other? What “disappoints” me is that some people don’t understand that. But it takes all kinds, does it not? And some just operate on different emotional levels than others. Some are just very sensitive.

            Actually, The Wolf and myself have been going back and forth on topics for a very long time. Some I agree with him on and some I don’t. But overall, I do believe him to be an intelligent life form. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • K,

            And with that being said, ……you said, “I figured out WWWH in 2 hours.”?

            Well, I doubt it, …..respectfully.

            “There are 9 clues to get through. Each one carries with it its own work. Just because a few clues 1, 2, 3 are figured out, does not mean all is incorrect because the other clues are still being worked on. I find it disturbing that the work involved is being treated this way on this blog.”?

            — Sure.


            — Well, I find that statement disturbing.

          • Hi K!
            Thank you for the kind remark. I try and participate and help others when I can. I don’t mind the odd debate when it is civil (because it is good to challenge one’s thinking) but there are times when I limit my participation when I know the other party’s emotional level will disturb the spirit of debate with their ad hominem or sarcastic responses.
            The Wolf

          • Hi Wolf, Thank you for your response. Your kind words are what I needed before venturing out tomorrow. My biggest concern is being physically able to retrieve 42 lbs alone should I encounter the opportunity. Previously, I was stuck on the last clue (look quickly down) – now figured out. There was not one clue that could be taken/read at face value (each one was like in its own foreign language). I should have known that with the last one. Just too rushed because of changing weather. I wish there was a way to reach someone on this blog if I need physical help. But posting my number would not guarantee I would get someone I trust. I guess if I see it, I will have to send an e-mail to Dal to see which one is out near me. Best wishes for you, Wolf, and Pirateofgold.

          • suzie try finding a golf bag caddie (maybe to heavy) a small folding two wheeler it’s light, camping stores sell a folding wagon not sure of its weight. we have an area around a lake where we could test these before we go some trails you can use one of these but on clear creek coming out would have been a hinderance.

    • Dal,

      I believe you are exactly right on your take on the poem except for one little thing, and that is; there is a clue in the poem (IMO) that tells you where to start the chase You need a good amount of logic and imagination to find it. (IMHO that is.) I think it’s the last clue that is or was the most difficult.

      @anna, I think a person can be content and still want to find a thrill. They don’t need it, but just want it. That is the definition of contentment, to not “need” anything, and being satisfied with ones position in life, but that does not preclude one from wanting or wishing for more, that’s part of being content. Just my opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh, I forgot one of the most important requirements to finding where to start the ground search. “Research.”

      • Ritt, agree with you. Some of us were born enjoying a little adrenaline rush! Makes me feel alive and mentally engaged. Love the challenge of solving and doirway to possibilities opened if I can solve and find the treasure.

        • anna, good luck in your endeavor to find the treasure. Awareness is the key to open the door of knowledge, understanding is the key to wisdom. Listen well, remember what Forrest said, “So hear me all and listen good.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I concur Dal. Actually, like I’ve said before, I’ve always thought your logic was probably spot on.

      For me, the poem fits a lot places, …..and it was meant to do that, I believe. But once someone has the correct solve, … of those places will become clear and the pieces of the puzzle will come together. Because although it does ‘appear’ to fit many areas, …..only one does it fit correctly/completely and that’s the one we have to find. And it could take awhile………. And, IMO, that was the way it was intended.

      • Suzie, I agree. It took me a while to figuure it out. My solve has been complete for some time. I am one waiting for the snow to allow for easier access. A lot of what bloggers say is correct in my solve. I am in the camp of believers tjat the poem tells you where to start. It also tells you where to end. Forrest hinted to the blaze and it is in the poem as well. The time for me to go is near. I have gone alone in there and I will go again alone. Everything f has said makes complete sense to me and I plan to have the Chase complete within the next few weeks. My confidence in my solve is great, but IMO only the chest in possesion makes the Chase truly complete. The map was a big… wait…. huge help.

      • I tend to not say much because I said I would not do so at the beginning of the winter season. I don’t want to give away my solve.

        • Hi slurbs

          Great to see such confidence!
          Where do you live how close is it to search area? Iv got a bit of a hike to mine but feeling as confident as you all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dal – I’ve never been able to find this quote. Did he say the first clue was the hardest, the most difficult or something else? As to your logic, those conclusions do not seem to fit with the things he has said: IMO, of course.

    • Dal

      I agree with all of your logic as stated and I too also tried looking at the poem as corresponding to significant events in F’s life, starting in Texas, but I never came up with anything I could say was concrete enough for me to buy.
      They only thing I disagree with, IMO, is the starting point. I believe that the starting point is given in the poem and it is the one thing that could be coded or buried in the words meaning. I believe this for the simple reason that the chase would seem very arbitrary if the most important piece of the puzzle were left up to a guess, because that’s really all it would be then. I also believe this because, if I’m not mistaken, F said that all you need is the poem and a good map, or something to that effect. So if all you need is the poem then the starting point would have to be there somewhere. Also, I do believe that TTOTC & TFTW have hidden clues that may aide in the discovery of the starting point, I just feel like the poem has all the answers. Again, just my opinion and as I’m well aware that I have not found the treasure, I could be totally off.

      • Dal..
        When I started my search back in the day before I new what a blog was I searched the USA tip to toe a d o er to the heel too!
        One of my first solves started at think it’s called halting lake for obvious readings but then home of brown maybe canidas? Maybe (seems slow tiday)
        Found a bear reserve thought I was close then nearby
        BOOM! ‘Done it tiered now I’m weak’ any body els see that? That’s my solve so far I don’t like bears their bigger than me!

    • I tend to agree with Dal although I also think that Forrest has included some “wordplay” in the poem that mixes things up. That’s where the “listen good” part comes in. It is so subtle that I think it is only recognizable after repeated reading aloud. Reminds me of listening to Beatles records backwards when I was younger! My guess is that only the “graying” searchers will know what I’m referring to with that one. Anyhoo, I also wonder why some searchers believe that contentment and “thrill of the chase” are mutually exclusive. My view is that the thrill of the chase, the thrill of living large, the thrill of anything, is only really at its tingling best when we are in the moment, fully alive and present and yes, content. Content meaning being at peace with the world. For me, that peace is best felt outside in nature and being in nature is almost always thrilling no matter what I am doing. Its when I feel most alive. Just my thoughts.

      • @Raven
        I Agree with you Raven, and it’s in the mountain meadows I feel most alive as well. Personally I don’t view those two ideals as mutually exclusive. Rather I was fishing for others ideas on how Forrest may be interpreting and applying the Elliot quote.

        IMO, Forrest hints thru Elliot’s quote that at the end of his lifetime spent searching & discovering worldwide he returned to the simplicity and delight of the outdoor experiences he enjoyed as a child during summers in west Yellowstone.

        If my interpretation about the Elliot quote is correct, then there can only be one state that would be correct. Montana. Simply because he only spent his childhood in Texas and in Montana, and Texas is not in the Rockies.

        However, if my interpretation is not correct. Meaning Forrest did not apply it in the broad geographical sense, and meant it as a lesson for people to enjoy outdoor thrills without getting hooked in a chase for gold, then I’m barking up the wrong tree.

        • Anna, I think your interpretation of Elliots quote is very plausible. My interpretation is similar in that I think the quote is referring to the cycle or circle of life, and how experience/wisdom gives us a new perspective. I think the quote is compelling because it can be read different ways to different people. My view is that when Forrest was young he found great peace in Montana and Wyoming and when he first thought of hiding the treasure his mind naturally went to the spot where he first became aware of that peace or where it was most profoundly felt. It is ironic that the peace, contentment, excitement and joy that is experienced in nature is accentuated or heightened by the fact that it is also has it perils (snakes, bears, lions, buffalo, bad weather, etc). I have to laugh because I am suffering from a poison oak outbreak after tracking down some escaping goats last week that took me through all kinds of brush. It was fun playing “tracker” anyway. As to your last point, I do think that if one focuses mainly on “the gold” and expecting the find to solve all whoas creates more anxiety than thrills although I don’t think that is what is addressed by the Elliot quote.

          In short, I think we are on the same page . I too think its in Montana although Wyoming has a few spots I will be checking out.

          • Raven, thank you for your thoughtful response. There is much in the poem that points to Wyoming. Happy trails to you.

  20. ALL IMO!!

    By Michael D

    Iโ€™ve been trying to crack Fennโ€™s poem and I cannot cease,
    Itโ€™s like a giant puzzle and I just found a piece.
    But when you know what you seek itโ€™s still hard to find,
    With one missed day or direction you may as well be blind.

    Interpretation is the key to finding Forrestโ€™s spot,
    The blaze is white and the Brown is old but Brown it is not.
    Itโ€™s all in his poem and the book confirms the hunch,
    But it will not help you find the x so you better pack a lunch.

    Its scary to find some answers and I know more are there,
    After four more years of searching I may be a millionaire!
    Thereโ€™s plenty more work to do before I can search,
    But I see the Forrest through the trees and I know what thatโ€™s worth.

    Its so simple in design, yet so hard to make,
    So many paths exist I donโ€™t know which to take.
    I still have my pink tutu just in case I am wrong,
    But if this ainโ€™t it I might just have to show up in a thong!

    So now I will do something really stupid and put every serious searcher on the correct path to the solve. I do this because I am having difficulty completing it, and because I want first dibs on the discovery of the way the solution is hidden. Of course, others have probably attempted this method, but I have never seen any portion of it posted here. I hope that if someone else finds the rest of the solution from this post, that they let me have the emerald ring that is in the chest…and allow me to read Forrest’s autobiography. I will not go through the entire poem and share all I have, but I will give you clue one, and from there you should be able to figure out the rest. Well, here goes…

    As I have gone alone in there And with my treasures bold becomes this…

    As I have, go neal on e in the ereA n d wit (hmy) treas, ure s bold….

    Which reads like this…
    As I have, go kneel on knee in the area in the white trees, your start behold
    hmy is omitted…

    Next line…
    I can keep my secret where And hint of riches new and old becomes this…
    I c a kee pm. Ys e c r e twhe reA n d hi nt r i c h e snew n d o ld
    which reads like this…
    I see a key afternoon wise and see hour and the area in the high noon time hour I see snow on the old lady.

    nwofa are omitted…It gets better, but that is all I wish to give away at this time…it takes some imagination, but you know it is SCARY good!!

    E with a line through it = and

    old = old lady

    Brown = “B”, our old woman…


    • My first ipression of your solve make me think of the area northwest of Leadville Colorado. Kneeling at Holy Cross mountain in the aspens.
      My second impression is, go north east of Leadville down the canyon on 91. Where you will find another Wheeler Mountain with another Blue lake beneath it. All the way down 91 is Wheeler junction at copper mountain. This would all mirror the tea with Olga story, in Colorado. I just checked the atlas and saw that this Blue lake is on Monte Christo creek. Something that may match your reference about kneeling…

    • I like it mike, but, why did you put a space in between gone and alone? Nowhere does it say to do that. It would be more like: As I have g”on”e al “on” e “in” there. = As I have the grale.
      I like you going letter by letter looking for instructions, but, to put something ( like a space ) is close to the lines of “don’t mess with the poem”. Letter by letter is the way to go, IMO. Just cannot add or subtract things unless instructed to do so. Oh, and nice poem:).
      I can =( can “I” or throw out ) keep my = ( keep the word “my”) secret where = (sec”are”et w”here”) = my sec are etw.

  21. Hi newbi here but not into burds!
    And realised Iv been a ‘lurker’ but without knowing might I add!!
    Just trying to suss out what to say etc…think Marie made me realise just say it how it is but not too much??lol
    Ok you know the bit in the poem about the blaze by the way Iv searched USA like a man with gold fever…has anybody looked at ‘index peak’ in yoming as that’s classed in the dictionary as ‘A CLUE’ (BLAZE)
    If you look down…piglets peak sorry predictive text!
    Pilots peak… (Iv done
    It tired now I’m weak) anyone looked there yet? Just wondering
    Any comments welcome my good freinds of the chase

      • Welcome Jamie on! We have another Jamie here Jamie Jones… I thought you were her posting at first and I got confused because it did not sound like her… Well now I know why ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy and watch out for Goofy ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thanks for the info but only thing in this whole chase that worries me are the grizzlies! Even the name is scary! Why can’t they be called pandas and pandas called grizzlies?? I don’t like getting attacked by a teenangers never mind one of those big mo things!….
            So where’s your solve pal?

          • Yeah, well did you know that pandas have been known to raise heck in saloons? The dictionary says so… bearish mammal that eats, shoots, and leaves.

          • Hi nutallthere
            That’s same for boy George,
            ‘you come and go’!
            Let’s stay. On topick pal
            he’s a big guy lets not upset dal
            Where do you live buddy?wheres your solve??

          • spallies, you’re correct some people deliberately rub goofy the wrong way!! ๐Ÿ™‚

            And, some people get chased by bears because they keep poking the bear with a stick!!! LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hi local lob
            I like Marie have trouble spelling so please don’t bully me!:-)
            I’ll only poke a bear if it attacks see?
            Would have to be a big stick tho keep watching ‘The Edge’ for practice
            How have searcher gone on round Henden lake I’m involved with a search there at mo.

      • Wow, awesome mum!
        A side note, to get some understanding of the Book of Revelation I went from back to front. I was starting with something I thought I knew a little about and worked forward. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • End of the chase ( that will be me ) ๐Ÿ™‚

      Anyway that’s beside the Point , nice work on your little blog ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  22. Well no. Trying to fish here at Abiquiu Lake below the damn. No fish here, I need dynamite. Nobody catching anyrhing. Having fun though. Wanna come fish?

    • POG are you fishin in the dark? Leave it to a pirate. Enjoy the wabbit on the spit.

  23. POG

    I know there has to be a clue in that statement. Tonight we colored the boiled eggs and one turned out Brown. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I posted this in the last 9 clues but it was closed a few days later so I am going to post it up here to see if anyone else is thinking this way….

    **main idea at bottom**

    What if WWWH does not mean warm waters today but warm waters 1000, 10000 or a million years ago? I am starting to think looking for a warm river/lake wouldnโ€™t be as exciting and challenging as if you had to do some research. What if WWWH is where lava bubbled up and hit water thousands of years ago? That water would be warm for a while, than if would HALT being warm and turned cold again. Maybe a huge formaton of basaltic rock by a river would be WWWHโ€ฆMaybe in the lamar river valley or the โ€œsecluded valleyโ€ as Osborne Russell called it?

    Listen to how Osborne Russell describes the Lamar valley areaโ€ฆ.

    โ€œI almost wished I could spend the remainder of my days in a place like thing where happiness and contentment seemed to reign in wild romantic slendor surrounded by majestic battlements which seemed to support the heavens and shut out all hostile instrudersโ€

    I can just imagine Forrest reading that passage as a kid and thinking about it while he was getting yelled at, being hit with a twitch, having those old biddies make fun of him ect..
    I bet he said if he could he would spend all his days there when he got olderโ€ฆand maybe life got in the way and thats why he wants a piece of him there at his spot..

    **So I guess what I am saying is my new WWWH is basaltic rock formations on the Lamar river in the Lamar river valley, or as O Russell called it โ€œThe secluded valleyโ€..

    Any thoughts?

  25. What have people been thinking of “hint of riches new and old” ?

    What in God’s name could that be?

    • Hi Philly
      Iv had my eye on same area but only as Sombody els had pointed out one of ‘The home of Brown’ solves.
      New and old I recon that the gold is the new riches and some event or an imagined event in the past that is hinted at also in the poem?

        • this is only my opinion – and hint of riches in a hole – done it ( the hole ) tired ( and now im weak ) he no longer has the chest ) omo

          • Frank
            Yep not thought of that.
            I had it that he’d been on the trip when young and can’t do it again and that he was getting the searchers to do same trip wishing he could do it again?

          • Good thinking Frank (H) in t of riches n(e)w and (ol)d = Hole

            I just saw that sorta like GOAL

    • new and old is a anagram for land owned. H “in” t of riches land owned.= land owned riches = tree. h “in” t of tree = three.

      • Charlie-

        Isn’t that sort of anagraming it? We know 3 of something is the end at least in my opinion it is.

        And hin(t) of (r)ic(he)s n(e)w and old

        Of course you have the 3 three letter words in a row WITH Forrest being the middle one.

        • Catcut
          I thought Forrest has said not to mess with the poem.
          arnt we supposed to read the poem as he would read it and understand it himself, without picking out letters and numbering lines etc IMO But do agree there’s a three in treasure Spanish maybe?

          • you are very right i have researched and researched. there are at least two very real home of Brown ideas no one has mentioned on blog. Mr Fenn said no one had the one most important clue right. we have found this and it was very hard to fine. it’s funny how they can overlap each other. he is a man of words and if you study each word you will find clues. i found one idea in a story written about him. i spent three days researching how it work with poem and where on map. very big clue. have tested it on a person who can’t do hunt but is as old as Mr. F and their eyes popped with our solve. he knows blazes

          • โ€œThere are several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I donโ€™t think they knew it, because they walked right on past the treasure chest.โ€ ff โ€“ Moby Dickens Book Shop in Taos/11-2-13.

            I mean to highlight the word “deciphered”, The word decipher has more than one meaning. One of which is “To discover the meaning of (anything obscure or difficult to trace or understand}.

            Ciphers and Deciphering might be used on two different occasions with separate meanings. Is the poem a difficult to understand? Just saying one way to look at the is it or is it not to be deciphered.

          • this is where meanigs can be a painciยทpher
            a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.
            “he was writing cryptic notes in a cipher”
            synonyms: code, secret writing, cryptograph, cryptogram
            “information in cipher”
            a thing written in a cipher.
            synonyms: code, secret writing, cryptograph, cryptogram
            “information in cipher”
            a key to such a cipher.
            a zero; a figure 0.
            synonyms: zero, 0, nil, naught/nought
            “a row of ciphers”
            a person or thing of no importance, especially a person who does the bidding of others and seems to have no will of their own.
            a monogram.
            a continuous sounding of an organ pipe, caused by a mechanical defect.
            verb: cipher; 3rd person present: ciphers; past tense: ciphered; past participle: ciphered; gerund or present participle: ciphering; verb: cypher; 3rd person present: cyphers; past tense: cyphered; past participle: cyphered; gerund or present participle: cyphering
            put (a message) into secret writing; encode.
            do arithmetic. (here do math yes)
            but look at word decipher (No use of math) so which is it

            verb (used with object)
            to make out the meaning of (poor or partially obliterated writing, etc.):
            to decipher a hastily scribbled note.
            to discover the meaning of (anything obscure or difficult to trace or understand):
            to decipher hieroglyphics.
            to interpret by the use of a key, as something written in cipher:
            to decipher a secret message.
            Obsolete. to depict; portray.

          • This is for everyone. I gave an example I guess I was tired and didn’t get myself. Tried to explain to hubby he still don’t get it. I gave meaning of paddle
            Paddle verb – move through water in boat using a paddle

            if paddle means move through water in boat using a paddle then NO paddle now reads no moving through water using paddle

            CLUE – There will be no paddle up your creek
            clue Thereโ€™ll be no paddle up your creek
            Clue using definitions Thereโ€™ll be no paddle used moving through water in boat

            I was still trying to get no paddle till I went back to reread all posting (pain but I try to do it at least once) even i didnt get it at first.

          • @ Anna, yes, all the way down. “wood”= wo odd. w=7,o=3, wo=10=1, wo is odd. blaze= bl as e= b=2,l=1,e=3,. 11 can = one 1, or 2, or to, or too. all and l is ten. When you think of the primary values, like a=7, also think about moving 7 spaces forward, and, 7 spaces back. back= t, forward= h.Those 2 letters will end up equaling each other. so, t=h. b=2, so z=d, l=1 so k=m. e=3 so b=h. since you know b=2, then h=2, and since h=t, t also = 2. h=2 so f=j, t=2 so r=v. o=3 so l=p, since you know l=1, then p=1.and, since w=7, then p=d, p=1 so d=1 from p, o=q=3, from d, c=e=3, from c, z=f, from q, n=t=2. Follow? it’s all in the poem, follow the instructions when going “letter by letter.”the primary values of your letters will equal 80, your secondary letters will end up adding up to 57.
            Playing with the words is playing with the letters. The thing is, you can play with the words all day long, but playing with the letters opens up the poem. example. and this is just support info, I have 9 lines that are my clues, those lines are the ones that yield coordinates. (he’s a pilot, believe me, he’s into numbers), anyway, when I add up those lines I get the exact elevation of the coordinates, I look at the first letters of those lines, add them up and get 36, or 9. Itake the words per line and add them up, I get 63, or 9.Letters/words mirror value. My coordinates, one adds up to 22 or 4, the other adds up to 23, or 5 so coordinates =9. Ilook at forrest’s name, forrest fenn = forrest =14 fenn=8, or 148. pages in the book.Also, adds up to 22, his name will reference the 22 coordinate. Another hint, okay, line 3- MY sec r et w here= my sec are etwor e=3,t=2,w=7 = 12, next line h in t of riches land owned = tree or three. so, my sec ( or seconds) = 3,2,7, and three or 15.The coordinate that has him as a reference has the seconds as 15, one step further, the other coordinate will mirror that, or have seconds as 51. Just to let anybody curious know.
            About 8 and 9, well, 9 has to do with the spot, the coordinates, the end if you will. 8 is also there, so it is also at the end, actually, 8 is a rock, it’s reflection in the water makes it look like an 8 on it’s side, or the eternity symbol.
            Playing with the words only will give general info, letters only will give a little more specific info, but, using the words with the letters, with the values will solve the poem.:) oh yea, forgot, IMHO.

          • This number talk will make an interesting blog post today. I’ll see if I can write it before work.
            Lots of good ideas, and I’ll throw in a couple of my own.
            it might muddy the waters for some, but for some, it might help.
            And if it helps someone get to the right spot, maybe they will remember me.
            My theory is starting to become that if I even get a little part of something, it’s better than a big part of nothing.
            Always be kind, always be helpful.
            In the end, good guys and girls don’t always finish last. Those who think that they do, haven’t made it to the finish yet.

        • Pretty good Cat, I like it. Also, that is one of my coordinates. Or reference to. It goes with line #3, and it deals with the latitude seconds. Also, Forrest Fenn is also a reference to the same latitude.
          As far as 3, alot of references to 3, but not the end. For me, the end is 9. x=9. Coordinates=9.The 9 clues used to get your coordinates, if you take the values of the first letters of each line, you get 36 or 9. If you take the number of words in each of those lines, you get 63 or 9. I think 3 points you to the end, but, IMO, 9 is the end.
          Then again, maybe all the numbers are a reference to the end, pointing out the importance of the alpha/numeric values in the poem. “The end is ever”, ever=8.
          I like how different ways of approaching this poem and the different ways of solving it all support each other into one solve. Nice Cat, pull out the notes, find the section of “other peoples ideas” make note.:)

          • Hi Charlie
            Sounds like clever stuff but I’m pretty sure Forrest has said somewhere… ‘if your into’…then realed off a load of big words… one of them was ‘numeroligy’ (I think?) ‘… then it won’t help’ (not exact quote!)
            I’m sure the way to read the poem is how Forrest has written it with forrests original unique way of thinking…but could be wrong!
            I was a normal paranoid person before I started this now feel a slight hint of scitsophrinia kicking in

          • We are solving the poem differently Cat. I’m more of using alot of alpha/numeric values that i’ve found. I’m just saying there are different ways to go, as we all know. 9 to me is the end, x, thee spot, but, that spot also has three things associated with it. With all the 3’s,6’s,7’s, and 9’s, in the poem one might think he is some level of freemason. Wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Hey MrJamie, yeah i’m not too much into the numerology thing, just following instructions in the poem as I see. There are letter values, definite. I’m more in tune to the thinking like a kid, sounding out words, letter by letter kind of thing. It is way to difficult to write one line in a poem that can be broken down letter by letter and mean something, let alone 24 lines. And, this poem has 24 lines that can be broken down that way. Just feel that had to be done on purpose. Plus, to go to a spot on Earth without coordinates seems to me like you wouldn’t be going very confidently. Do you have your letter values or are you going at it another way? Just curious.

          • Charlie…
            IMO.. If you listen to ff and Iv not listened to half as much as I could have…he’s into playing with words.period. Not letters. Not numbers.
            I ust to be a numbers man just realised I get poetry?? Weird
            Listen to Forrest and play with words play with words it’s fun.

          • Charlie, my solve uses both word play (to the best of my ability) and numbers. I concur that masonry may play in. You mentioned * and imo 8 being “ever” could also mean eternity or the final place he planned to spend eternity. I’m still trying to determine if 8 or 9 is finality. One could argue either way.

            I have a question, when you assign alpha numeric values, do you always solve down to final equality for each word? (ie 28 down to 10 or finally to 1?)

          • just a subjection toss numbers and read histories on every thing u can find per state

          • Charlie, thank you for sharing your number methods. I appreciate your help and time. lots of detailed info. for me to figure out. Some of it makes sense and some flew over my head. Is there anything I can help you with in the way of definitions or interpretations? Glad to reciprocate your kindness.

    • Philly, There are some old Spanish coins and other ancient artifacts and there are some newer items (1900’s double eagles are new compared to some of the items). There is also a necklace that I think Forrest had made with a turquoises bead on a gold nugget. The hints are the clues in the poem IMO.

  26. Remember the statement from Forrest about the finder of the treasure asking themselves “what took me so long”? If unraveling the poem can be done strictly from the arm chair or googledegook, why would anyone be saying that when they got there? That statement suggests to me that the reward will go to someone who has spent much time actually “looking” and not just by looking at the poem or doing research. Reading the poem and walking straight to the chest hits me as being highly unlikely.

    • So what do you think he meant when he said: โ€œgo right to it with a smile on their face.โ€ f ?

      • He’s said a lot of things now hasn’t he? I guess it just depends how you interpret them. Everyone is different. And he doesn’t always give an explanation.

        Kinda goes along with his 12ft comment and that he couldn’t imagine someone getting that close to it and not finding. I’m sure once someone discoveries the correct blaze after following the other clues up to that point, …..then they will have a smile on there face as they walk over to where it’s at. ๐Ÿ™‚

        โ€œNobody is going to happen on that treasure chest. Youโ€™re gonna have to figure out the clues in the poem and go to it.โ€ f

        “You just can’t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it.” f

        — So which is it?

        โ€œThere are several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I donโ€™t think they knew it, because they *[walked] right on past the treasure chest.” f

        I don’t think any ‘searcher’ has found the blaze. Probably the reason why it won’t be found by accident? Unless one is “wise”, has made it that far and is actually someone who is searching for it, then the blaze will probably not — mean anything MORE.

        * Walked?

        “There isnโ€™t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.” f

        So, there must be a trail or something +somewhat+ close? Or how else would he be able to determine a specific distance? 500ft or whatever amount?

        Or is it more along the lines of this:

        “Searchers have routinely revealed where they think the treasure was hidden and *[walked] me through the process that took them on that course. Thatโ€™s how I know a **[few] have identified the first two clues. Although ***[others] were at the starting point I think their arrival was an aberration and they were oblivious to its connection with the poem. Playing a hunch is not worth much in the search and those who start out by looking for the blaze, are wasting their time.” f

        * Is this perhaps what he meant?

        ** The “few”? Mentioned once before who were also in tight focus with a word that is key?

        *** Who are these “others”?

        Just thoughts………. I mean, when you’re watching tv, who doesn’t like a good mystery or seeing a crime solved using the latest in forensic science? I know I do. ๐Ÿ™‚ And that is also what one needs to do with his words and there meanings, I believe, for in lies the answer, ………the single strand of hair that no one else saw or that the perpetrator left unknowingly at the scene of the crime. FF leaves evidence behind every time he speaks, every time he participates, but of course, some of it is more helpful than others. Just have to piece it all together and see if either he intended to leave it or he slipped up. No one is infallible, no matter how careful they are. Just gotta find that DNA………. It takes a lot of time and testing along with physical searches, but it’s out there. And of course, no one will truly know the final verdict until it is found and whether or not they even even had a case to begin with. It’s all circumstantial till then. So, until then I’ll keep building my case………. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Raven,

      I want to encourage the folks who have not been searching on the ground yet.

      f did say “Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination.” Imagination will help one earn the gold. I believe boots on the ground is the best and perhaps the only way to find the chest. We just don’t know for certain which clues may be solved from the confines of the home.

      If the first clue requires boots on the ground then those boots may need to keep on walking more than one million miles. I feel certain this clue will be solved prior to boots on the ground,

      Second clue will be contingent on clue number one and may be as simple as a canyon fits nicely with the poem found on a map.

      I won’t go on, but I do believe much can be accomplished and enjoyed by those not able or not willing to spend the money to get on the ground… to look somewhere in the rockies.

      • ukenit, it is certainly not my intention to discourage anyone who has physical challenges or is otherwise prohibited from searching to avoid trying to locate this treasure. There are locations that I personally do not feel able to go to that are possible (although unlikely) locations for the chest and frankly, my funds are limited to the point that I can not just go whenever or wherever I would like to go. However, I also don’t ever expect to claim the chest unless my feet are on the ground or a surrogate fills in for me and those facts have never dissuaded me from trying to grab this banana and I don’t see why similar conditions should discourage anyone else. If someone can’t search, but is positive of the location, send your solution to Forrest and see if he responds or better yet, find a playful kid or an old timer who is young at heart to go where you can not go. I’m sure a surrogate would be grateful no matter what they discover just as so many other searches have been even though they didn’t find the chest. If not, well, too bad, maybe next time.

        My point was simply to express my belief that finding the chest will require a significant amount of perseverance and probably will be preceded with many missteps (literally) beforehand. I think it will be earned by diligent effort and some of that effort, most of that effort, will be on the ground. Look, there are MANY folks on this blog, some who participate in the chatter and some who don’t. Many of these folks have first rate minds and many have scoured numerous locations without avail. In short, I believe It won’t hurt some folks to realize that they better buckle up, cuz this trip it very likely to be a very long ride. im ho ho .

        • Raven,
          I like the thoughts yo shared, especially some folks helping others.
          I tried to word my post in a non-accusative manner. I do not think you meant to discourage others in anyway, who won’t be able to search on the ground.

          I was simply trying to keep folks encouraged in their search regardless of their situation as you have done with the idea of working together.

          How is it done when one shares their solve for another to search, the honor system? This might make for a good story to share in this sight, team workers in action.

          • My guess is that if you share a solve because you can’t search yourself, do so with someone you trust. I know that sounds elementary but in my mind I would only require someone to enter into a formal written agreement when I don’t trust them and I generally don’t make agreements with people I don’t trust. I avoid messing with a lot of paperwork that way. Of course you could pay a starving lawyer some big bucks to write up some papers but after spending 20+ years in the legal arena, I can say with some authority that the best way to bust a good deal is to get lawyers involved. Some may call me naรฏve but all I can say is that it has worked for me all these years and I’ve entered into agreements with people for tens of thousands of dollars based on a handshake. I like people who are comfortable and willing to do that too.

            Its funny but there are even people here who I have never met and only know as letters on a page that I think I’d be able to tell a secret or two. Funny how that works. My biggest problem with joining forces with someone else centers on the likelihood that the other person may have different expectations as to what to do with the chest after its found but I guess I’ll deal with that if or when that time comes….

          • this is like playing a game and to win you have to keep vital info to yourself and releasing things that you have used that are very meaty so they have to chew a while to see what they have. it can be daring because you can not give too much away but you have to have someone believe you have it. i released some things that got me to where we are but there are some that would be too helpful. we want to share ideas when we can.

          • Lol wildbird keep chewing I think you have some really great ideas… Sometimes we need to stop and think… Or as you say chew on things good observation..:)

        • I am beginning to think with all of Forrests statements that the Treasure is really right off a road somewhere. Maybe this is why he said We will be surprised when we find it.
          With that, I am now planning on taking Special Sister with me for hikes.
          Yesterday I took her to a first ever all age Easter
          Egg hunt for people with disabilities, She did great picking up those eggs.
          Its such a blessing, since just a year ago, she could not walk without a walker. I am planning on hiding a treasure for her to get her interested when we go to the WOODS.
          Its been a long road…..”She ain’t Heavy she’s my sister.”
          So please welcome Lori to the Hunt. I will give yo u an update on her progress…..

          • She has already been on some hunts. We went into the woods in West Yellowstone and Hid some loot behind a tree, in a flat area. She loved it.

          • Welcome Lori, on this special day, I wish you big blessings on your future searches. Sisters like you guys are a bond that can never be broken. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • hi mindy i was checking out your other blog pretty cool. i think i saw the picture i am looking for. it a pic of Mr Fenn by a poster and he is pointing to it. it looks like a posed picture. its has alway bug me. not that he took the picture he has taken a lot of pictures in his lifetime. but he said he is a man of purpose and we agree. taking a pic isn’t the problem the question is WHY did need to post it. was he pulling our solves or giving us a clue?

          • Yes, Lou Lee that is super cool and encouraging to me that there are still some good loving and caring brothers out there to look out after there sisters… Good for you!

          • Well Thank You. Lori say’s Hi, she always say’s “What are you doing? When I am on the Blog She understands that I am looking for a treasure. She Loves Elvis and I told her when we find it, I am taking her to Graceland. That is all she wants to do….WHen we were in Yellowstone and Montana last fall, she said …..BUT…..”When are we going to Graceland???” LOL
            She has been on some searches, I will take her again. but it is challenging. We try to make it fun for her.
            Thanks, Mindy, Spallies and others.
            Best Wishes to you all!

          • OH and thank you Mike! Oh Spallies, I am a girl! And Lori is my Twin. Its a interesting story about us. But I am not afraid to say anything much about it here, because I might get in trouble with Goofy. ๐Ÿ™‚
            Goofy I am trying to be good….I wanted to send you a message, How do I do that? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • i weighed 290 when i went hiking the clear creek hiking trail. we rested a couple of times. if you are use to walking i think anyone can find TC. it’s where a health 80 yr old can go and where a child can go.
          i have hiked with older old time birders (one nearly 90 yrs old one time) it was like death march. keep that in mind when think about old man walking

          • Rofl…practice carrying that bird seed then when you and hubby get it BOOM no problems.

          • let me clarify statement we carry these in store to check out and to car and to house. not all the time. i have had a couple of people think just because i am overweight that i just sit. i am a very active couch potato and have the sore parts to prove it.

          • good night all. i want to reinstate that this is all about the words in the poem. words can have multiple meaning in hide in the meanings are answers. Mr Fenn uses words in ways no one think about. have and english teacher dig at it and they go nuts.

  27. Hi folks I did a post I thought all would see. It looks like I give theses two ideas to two people but not everyone. I hope I donโ€™t upset them but I meant this for all. I am not writing this exactly the way I did on their post but its close enough.
    1. Iโ€™m looking in NM too. I might as well give up something in hopes it helps people. I found a map of WWWH on NM gov site about fishing. Itโ€™s very detail map. I made a copy of it and held it over my computer screen over my google earth page. Using the ruler set to โ€œpathโ€ you can trace trails or use it to trace map over a search area like NM. Not easy but can be done. You are looking through the paper moving the curser where it I also posted two website needs to mark. I would like to know if anyone has maps or boundaries of WWWH in other states please.
    2. I wrote โ€œI had a couple items that may be herrings but I donโ€™t have a good sense of smell. I couldnโ€™t tell. Itโ€™s a Hand Book of N. American Indians: SW. It can be found on web at and read. I have not waded through it.
    The other one is The Full Text โ€œOldโ€ Indian Geographical Names around Santa Fe.
    I am not sure if either one will help anyone but I found them and have been using them maybe itโ€™s the librarian in me that doesnโ€™t like to hold on to reference materials. I will do a better job of posting something that everyone can use. I didnโ€™t mean to play favorites or trade info with just one or two person.
    Also we are real bird watcher and will be bird watching in areas of the hunt. Its not just a cover but it not a bad idea to have a good reason/excuse to be hunting in some areas or when coming across people. I donโ€™t want people I donโ€™t know well knowing what we are doing not because it wrong but because I donโ€™t them. Thanks enjoy

    • From the second link you posted:
      Ojo CALIENTE [6:24]

      Tewa P’osi-, emerald-green (absolute form of the adjective
      p’osiwi’ 1 , p’osiwi n ??) is the old name of Ojo Caliente. The hotsprings
      cover the rock with an emerald green stain; hence the name. The
      pueblo ruin at Ojo Caliente, P’osi’o n ?7wi n , emerald green pueblo
      (‘o n ?}wi n , pueblo) was once the most important village of the Tewa
      if we can trust Tewa tradition, and it is said that at that pueblo
      P’oseyemu, the Tewa culture hero, was born of a virgin, grew up
      and at last revealed himself to the people. The old pool, over
      which the bathhouse is now built, was a most sacred place to the
      Tewa; P’oseyemu used to enter or emerge from that pool at times;
      pools and lakelets are regarded as doorways to the nether world.

      Bethlehem in New Mexico

  28. we had to go to austin for a job. as we were leaving i got A-Fib again fought it for two hrs and then Dave dropped me at Er and heading for Austin for our job. the Dr. finally knows what making me sick and i will be fine.
    glad i was missed.
    Harshness/bullying is a sign of weakness/fear. i am harmless unless i found my solve. time will tell if i have or not. anyone who wants to exchange emails outside of this forum may contact me on FB.

  29. hi folks i’m looking for a picture of Mr F i believe he was in SF. he is point to a post i believe its about crops & animals. i would to have it. i thought i saw it on mindy other blog page. thanks

      • I think she means this pic of Forrest over on Mindy’s Blog… Fourth story down “Wrong Turn” ๐Ÿ™‚


          • thanks now if i could find the full size one where writing isn’t blurred. Why pose for this pic and put in on web page??????? i have taken a lot of pics but wouldn’t put one like this on web unless trying to red fish or if there was something to it.

          • Thanks Spallies. The picture of F pointing at a map. I think I saw this picture somewhere a long time ago. Hmm maybe I was watching one of his videos. Could this be a frame grab?

          • i know that but there are other things on map. where can i find clear copy please. again WHY?????

          • I am on my laptop right now but at one point on my larger computer I was able to see that the names were agricultural crops like cotton and corn I think. It is hard to see its very dithery… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • tell me about it. i think it’s a red herring. but i can’t prove it’s a fish. i can be very tenuous and i can be very wrong. i have searched and searched the clues the ones that are no good you find a way to toss them out. this pic keeps bugging me and i can’t prove its a fish. by the way off subject but we are having fish tonight like bruce.

          • Birdie

            Wether he is pointing like an arrow or if it reminds you of a fish bird dragonfly whatever goal posts etc this is no indication of the end.

        • could you post it. hubby doesn’t remember it. but i do. WHY? i dont think its just a random pic. but i can’t figure it out.

  30. I have narrowed the location of Fenn’s treasure with 100% certainty to an area of 350ft by 350ft. Snow has hampered my ability to recover. IMO

      • Yea he was a humble man and proud of it. Humility is usually another stunt. Anyways this has nothing to do with pride its designed to stir the stale brine around here light a fire. Pure numbers and they don’t lie. I should give out the area and laugh as a mad gold rush ensues media and all HA HA HA. The feds would end up taking the box .. turn it into a real food fight.

      • if anyone want to contact wildbirber use email site i am going to rest a while. i have my clues for trip take care i will check in now and then good luck with clues

      • @ Decall (Parent of year)
        Really just waiting on Mr. Fenn to confirm that the snowy area I was looking at had the chest UNDER it. Im taking my time as the snows melt away. The state? Decall your going to get all or nothing I didn’t say I was going to piece meal it.

        This would be Searches joker card ๐Ÿ™‚ not something to be taken lightly.

        • Let me try to understand what you have said:::::Just waiting for Mr Fenn to confirm that the snowy area I was looking at had the chest UNDER it . What makes You think Forrest will treat you any Different than anyone Else.You may be waiting a long time. The word had seems to me if I remember the English class I took in school suggests pass tense. IMO I think that the thing to do is to confirm it YOURSELF.

  31. Suzie,

    Your quote by Mr. Fenn – โ€œYou just canโ€™t get out of your car and walk over in the woods and walk to it.โ€ f

    This one throws a huge wrench in my solve as well as most other searcher solves I’m guessing- where is the question to this answer? Is it possibly misconstrued?

    • “I took it out and put it in a secret, dear place, private, and I walked back to my car smiling; It’s a very special place to me, otherwise I would not have done it, I couldn’t just take it out and bury it in the ground some place I didn’t know where I was, I think that was a crucial part of it; If a person will ‘think’ they can find the chest, and analyze, you just can’t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it.” — The Thrill Resource Page/Old Santa Fe Trading Co; HDNet Story by Jennifer London/10:35 mark.

      I also included some more info. here from that conversation.

      Good luck.

      • Suzie, thanks for the longer version. I think that it clears up some earlier thoughts. IMO, A person can get out of his/her car and go to it if they have the RIGHT solve after “thinking” and “analyzing” the poem. I also think that it it hidden out of sight. I believe that Forrest said something along the lines of “You could walk by it but won’t find it if your not looking”,

      • IMO, you just canโ€™t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to itโ€ฆ at some point, you have to crawl to it ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Mindy
            You two had a night out and a few too many?:-)
            Sorry I didn’t get back to you over hols but I did take it you had me mixed up with Sombody els then realised most Jamie’s over there are female so changed my name subtly ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Some how i do not see Mr.F crawling on anything except a site where it was absolutely necessary to get to something or on floor playing with a grandchild. if you talking caves we have toss this clue but you have it to check. check out the one that inspired D. H. L. and its under a blaze.

          • Mary,
            Here’s what he says: “the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.”

            I take the above statement as if, one who does have certainty of the location beforehand, said one can walk directly to it.

            On the other hand, Forrest says that you can’t get out of your car and walk to it.

            How can I reconcile the two? I know the location beforehand and could go directly to it, but I cannot walk to it.

            Ergo: I have to crawl or maybe waddle orโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • its from the jennifer london interview/video

      they dont show a question, if there was one, it just shows f talking and saying (paraphrasing) if a person will think they can find the chest, the secret is to think and analyze, they can find the chest, you just cant get out of your car walk over to the woods and walk to it

    • IMO, this is another hint that you can’t take at face value, just like chest being exposed to the elements. Of course it’s exposed to the elements. Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon…all elements. Everything in earth is exposed to the elements.

      You might be able to park your car and walk to a place near it. Then you might have to haul it up by a rope, or some other thing, so saying you can’t walk right up to it is true, and yet it doesn’t rule out that you can get extremely close.

      • The problem with that article is that Forrest never confirm or deny that statement, As I was told from the begining of the chase for me is that if it didn’t come from Forrest himself the just take it as rumors.

          • Didn’t he say the chest was “wet”?

            And that doesn’t mean it has to be under water or even around water, IMO. Could just mean it’s out in the open, EXPOSED, …..but still could be hidden. ๐Ÿ™‚

            And that’s just one example, …..there are others. But I know one thing, from all the things he’s has said, …’s not in a cave. …..IMO. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Got it, get it? …..good for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I disagree Suzie it’s buried in a Cave. Treasures Galore tftw and page 223 = buried. IMO

          • The chest could be buried or hidden without being exposed to open, Lets say in a cave could be sealed but erosion washed away inside the cave, now it’s wet but not exposed.

            You ruled out the cave theory but what do you think of the Mummy Joe story?

          • I don’t remember him saying its not in a cave…but Forrest did say bring a flash light……

          • Let me get this straight, …..the cave is SEALED, but erosion WASHED away inside the cave and now it’s wet, …..but not exposed? Hmmm….. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I do believe the chest could possibly be buried. …..or also hidden in a way so as NOT to be in plain sight but still ‘exposed’.

            Mummy Joe? I like that story Will. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a good example. Uh, I’ve actually used that theory before, … long as the blaze can be seen in daylight and the cave/overhang is shallow enough to allow it to be ‘exposed’. That’s what I meant by it not being in a ‘cave’, … clarify. IMO, the chest needs to be exposed.

            I know not everyone will agree with this, but I have my reasons……..

          • hi i said earlier why He DID NOT bury the TC. we have check the laws of unclaimed property if it is buried they do not have to let you have it. if it is in the open and he doesnt claim it it yours. lawyer we spoke to said Mr F did his home work the poem is not just clues but permission to keep TC once you find.

          • Gotcha, I get what you are saying, the ideal of a cave to me before that story was a entrance into a chamber but the Mummy Joe story puts a new meaning on caves for me.

          • I’m thinking buried also, just not a cave. IMO. Acave, you can start thinking about safety then. I just don’t think there are too many caves in close proximity of parking a car. I’m sure i’m wrong about that, I just don’t see him lugging around all that weight, making it difficult for himself.
            Would a horse go in a cave? What if something has made a home of that cave, then back to the safety issue.
            Seems if it is buried, it’s under a boulder. Photoshop the kids playing marbels pic. Flip vertical so you have the pic right side up and upside down. Superimpose. Maybe a hint, but looks like a guy lifting a rock and something under it.

          • Charles you speak alot about horses you and cowboy. Yes I agree a horse must in someway be tied to this chase just like an elephant is tied to must or John Wayne to a horse. There are so many horse related things I can’t even begin to start. You and cowboy seem to think that he rode there on a horse even though he says tired. I really am not seeing this rock thing you speak of. I rotated the picture upside down. The circle around the three marbles could represent a hole.

          • i have said before he was going in there to die a one way trip no returning.
            if you loved and respected horses like he does would you take one into mountains/wilderness and just turn it loose. an animal that is use to humans and relies on them to take care of them. knowing it could suffer from the cold and not have proper food.
            i have never own one but i have ridden them. i could never do that to any animal horse, cat, dog, what ever.

          • was pass a mean poke at me or real question. if real question no just a regular horse but was a few years ago. but still would not desert one

      • Sure Mindy, I guess if one wants to justify everything with something, you could say that. But I think it should be at least logical. Otherwise, I suppose it would be in a vacuum chamber. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I just think he meant that it’s going to take some real effort to find it, nothing more — Researching, analyzing, planning, traveling, sweating, etc……..

      • Mindy,

        I don’t believe that he ever said it was exposed to the elements, but maybe someone can prove me wrong.

        What I know he said was/is: “I considered mudslides, forrest fires, earthquakes and floods.”
        Then again, this is from an article titled “If you’re Hunting for Forrest Fenn’s BURIED Treasure, Start Here”, therefore a grain of salt would be recommendedโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

        • A reporter said that Forrest said it is exposed to the elements. Unlocked.

          If I had one critique of Forrest it would be that interview. Too me he should come out and clarify that statement. For all we know that was completely bogus info. What if we find out it was buried the entire time.

  32. Suzie & Locolobo,
    Thank you – thats exactly what i wanted to hear – you all better hurry up and find it before my wife Sherry and i do – its not in NM imho ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Happy Easter

  33. cant let my patients get too comfortable in this relationship cause if i do then they think they have the right to know me

    • suzie i hope i didn’t misspell your name. this DID NOT hurt our sove at all! infact the solves we focused on had to include this and even the possibility that he flew there then rented a car and walked the two trips in and two trips out. he did this all in one afternoon . 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. we figure 1.5 hours walk time each way at the very least if we take a break to rest we will subtract that. we are also walking with other people on a set track to gage how long it takes to walk this track. everyone varies this because of age, health, and fitness level but it give us a base for timing walks. people with a purpose walk a little faster and on the the second trip a little slower knowing where we are going. if we walk two mile i think we are at the limit of his walk time but it could only be a 5 minute walk. i dont think anyone has the right home of Brown. MrF has said the most important clue has not been found we think its the home of Brown.

      • Wildbirder, Don’t forget to carry the twenty plus pounds when you are trying to see how far you can walk in a given time. The treasure is 42 or 43 pounds, he carried about half the weight in, returned to the car and carried the other half in. I would suggest walking for 1 1/2 hours, with the weight. Walking back I think would be faster, allowing him to rest in between. That should give you a rough “max” distance.

        • we believe he thought all this out. the chest was taken in first (that what we decide we would do it) then bring the T and tuck it away. he probability worked it out beforehand. there are two of us so just one trip twenty pound is not too hard i carry twenty pound bags of bird seed and we use twenty pound cat food and dog food. so that not an issue. the first time i took my backpack birding with me it was a shock because it was different. yes being prepared is not easy can’t cover everything. thanks good luck oh if i don’t sound as friendly i am tired after friday and a little overwhelming at church this morning. this was a train i glad i missed but i am ready for the next one. as a Christian its like glad i am still here but Darn i missed it.

      • That is if he did the walking. Like not obsessed said, try carrying 21-22 pounds of something in a 10x10x5 box. It’s heavier than you may think. Also, if you do find it, maybe practice carrying around 42 pounds in a box for an hour or two. You may be surprised on how heavy it gets very quickly. I tend to think he didn’t make it that difficult for himself. Too many stories and references about horses to not think he rode one instead of walked. Remember, he says it’s too far to walk.

          • Hi Amy
            Have you noticed in any of the clues in ttotc that maybe Forrest would like the chest to be left by whoever finds it but just to bring him the braclet and take payment for that… ‘too much money no good just enough ok’ not exact quote!
            And how he misses ‘those stout hearty men’ or am I rambling again?
            Ps changed my name as think I am being mistaken for a female:-) I’m not

          • Amy, I agree with you. No doubt in my mind that from where you “PUP IN” to the “END is drawing nigh” is the too far to walk. I think that I can drive to my parking place, walk to the blaze, and start looking down, I just not sure how far down you will have to go. Forrest was carrying the chest when he hid it, going downhill. bringing it back up might be a little harder. I plan on making it in two trips too.LOL. I’m a few years younger than Forrest, but I’m not in as good of shape, my back limits me sometimes.

          • Hi not obsessed
            I’m sure Iv seen somewhere Forrest has said you can find the chest with only the poem/ttotc and google without leaving the house.
            Then in iron wills (fab-well done will-) documentary he questions his own statement.
            IMO think all can be spotted at home Forrest has said this more than once.
            but the ‘spot’ has to be tarry scant (slowly surveyed IMO)
            But I could be wrong!
            Bloody heck I’m a Brit! What do I know!??:-)

  34. Question posted 6/30/2014:

    Hi Forrest, I would like to know if the blaze can be found during the day without a flashlight. Thanks, Ron

    Perhaps your question is wrought with trickiness Ron. Are you really asking if the blaze could be in a cave where it is dark during the day, thus the need of a flashlight? If there is no subterfuge intended in your question then I would say yes.f

    • Of course, if one doesn’t believe the chest is anywhere near the ^ blaze, then by all means bring a flashlight. Besides, it a good idea to always have one when exploring, along with many other things. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Personally…

        IMO of course…

        a person may need a flashlight and sandwich to find the HOB :mrgreen:

        • possibly Rick, i’ve been thinking about that statement. Flashlight I can see, but a sandwich? Taking that word for what it can be broken down to, s and w ich=swich or switch. He has talked about switches, being switched, horses, etc……So, maybe a flashlight and a switch. But why a switch? Small flexible tube, or a horse whip? for what? Or, maybe he just means sandwich:)
          Maybe it references a horse in some way, horseshoes, hoof, frog in hoof, who knows. I think i’ll just take a sandwich.

          • Charlie I take that sentence a flashlight and sandwich…as a flashlight to see by after dark and a sandwich in case a person gets hungry…while looking/waiting :mrgreen:

          • flashlight also good to signal if lost or you can carry a whistle. children should alway carry a one when out in woods easy for them to get lost

          • I believe it’s a hint to a specific evening tour of a historical site. The NPS specifically states ” During the evening tour, be sure to bring a flashlight and snack/sandwich in case the kids get hungry”.

      • I forgot my flashlight in all the packing I did on one of the searches last year. We had packed in with two horses kind of late in the day. I was pushing it hard to get to our camp spot . The horse were tired and so were we and it got dark before we got there . When we arrived there the whole place was a wet mess. We were wandering around in the dark looking for a dry spot We were soaking wet the horses were soaking wet and all of us were caked with mud from head to toe from getting bogged down in the mud holes and trying to get free from them. I finally found a fairly dry spot and decided to stop for the night. All I had was enough energy to undo the cinch and let the whole pack drop off the horses I tried to tether them to the trees where they could get some grass I was stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how to put my tent up in the dark and realized I didn’t have my flashlight with me Have you ever tried to put up a tent at night without a flashlight. I finally gave up and just spread it out the tent and threw part of it over my sleeping bag. We were so tired I started laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop . at this point everything seemed funny . I was hungry but couldn’t see to find my food and probably a little hypothermia so I decide to just take my pants off and go to sleep. I had tied the horses to close together so sometime during the night they decided to get tangled up in the ropes I awoke some time during the night to hear the horses crashing around into the brush and with a big whoosh and a thud, well I jumped up and fell twice trying to get my pants on and run to see what the problem was without a flashlight, Both horses were on the ground with the rope wrapped around there hocks so tight I couldn’t get them loose . I finally had to cut the rope with my pocket knife .. When i tried to find my knife my pockets seemed extra hard to get into,. Well i finally got the horses undone and I tied them up real short because I had cut the ropes I finally stumbled back to where I slept and managed to get a little sleep , When I woke in the morning and tried to stand up . I had put my pants on backwards All because I forgot my Flashlight.

        • Woody, that was hysterical! I’m sure it wasn’t very funny to you at the time but it sounds like you can look back on it now and find the humor in it all. You are right though – be prepared for anything if you are going into the woods – making a checklist is probably a good idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yea . I guess when it’s up to one person to make sure all the pack saddles and horses are taken care of. Sometimes a person looses track of some things and it don’t get packed. I never forgot one since.

  35. wildbirderntex,

    Like the name. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Let me ask you, …..what do you think about when the poem says, “Just take the chest and go in peace”? Along with his statements about how he could possibly not ever know if it were found, because someone just might NOT tell him? Or the possibility that he may NOT care what the government thinks and is hoping YOU just won’t tell how you found? If it WAS buried, would you tell anyone that?

    Now, I’m not saying it is, but what if it were? Then what? Also, just because something isn’t buried, doesn’t mean our government won’t try and take it from you depending on where it is found, … tarry scant with marvel gaze, …….just take the chest and go in………. To his house and then a nice beach in Mexico. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or roll the dice and stay home, write a book and do what you wish with it, …..but no one ever said you have to disclose where you found it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • there is too much out there about TC. no one can keep this secret. people are watching gold sells and who know the IRS may be watching gold sells. i personally could not stay quiet if we find this. we are concerned we might lose it without doing this. i am not preaching to anyone but we are Christians and have prayed about this. this is what we believe will work for us. we also just got one more piece of our solve. we are still hung on heavy loads. if we do this and lose it it was never ours to begin with. and in the end everything is God’s not ours. No i do not believe God is helping us more than anyone else however study, quiet time/prayer, research, research, and more research has been helpful.

    • if you haven’t heard i am a birdwatcher and i believe this has given us an edge because we are use to looking for something in the Wood and can use maps, books, etc

      • Well, I can understand where you coming from with your beliefs.

        You said, ” i personally could not stay quiet if we find this.”

        I think he is counting on this. He has put up all his chips hoping that human nature will reveal who finds it. And I’m sure he will be correct.

        I personally am not a birdwatcher by hobby, but do take pictures and enjoy them when the opportunity presents itself, …..but I do enjoy searching for/finding artifacts, which includes very small things, even smaller than any bird, so I think I also have a trained eye as you say, with a knowledge of the land, books, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • we went in 2013 to cimarron canyon camping/hunting a little. (we didn’t know all we know now) we were there to mostly learn because i had never been there. we had people who wanted to know what we were up? just camping/a little birding. these people vac every year in the same canyons and are wary of strangers. we really didn’t treasure hunt much. in an area where people are we’re stranger so we got asked. like a lot of people they had ran into some nut cases. whether they were hunting TC or just nuts we don’t knows.

  36. We have a new Found Object Contest…..You can get to the contest page from the Crook County Cache story, from the newest link in the “More Info and Musings” sub category and from the new link at the top of this page… “Found Object Contest”.

  37. Hello all, I have not posted in a while and might have a possible partial solve ~IMO~ and throwing it out there.

    Where warm waters halt – As snow in the mountains around the Rio Grande destined for the Gulf of Mexico.

    Take it in the canyon down – The Rio Grande canyon, start at the beginning. I went about 40-ish miles down.

    Skipping ahead…

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze – As mentioned on the blog I believe BLAZE could read “Be Lazy”, as a child might read that word. In the Finger Mesa lie the Lazy U reservoirs. Blaze, Be lazy, Lazy U.

    Could not get proceed any further after two more months. Maybe it’s just off Crooked Creek somewhere.

    Good luck all.

    • hi i am new i am wildbirder/marie (has to do with my driving not my life) i not sure you have something but if you keep use logic on the clues you will get it . we think we have a couple solves. i have a loooong list of all the clues along with the poem if an ideas don’t pass that test they are tossed. and we have a looooonger list of definitions in order of their use in poem. we were able support two or three of our solves that way. on the old blog is a long note of mine. and somewhere here are two sites i found that helped us so we shared. the note is about the use of words. if a say what a dog you have am talking about a four legged thing or a piece of junk.

  38. There are already several entries to the new “Found Object Contest”
    Go to the top of the page and click on “Found Object Contest” under the header photo.
    Then go to the bottom of the contest page where you see the entry pages listed..

    • The Found Object Contest looks VERY tempting, Dal. VERY tempting. Hmmm… ๐Ÿ™‚ !!! Found legally, you say? Of course! Always!

    • Thanks Dal, I am always finding things on my Rock-Treasure hunting adventures. I am going to have a hard time choosing One to show. Love it!
      The most valuable thing I ever found was at a Yard Sale. Its tucked away in a safe. I paid $4.
      Treasures are were you find them. Didn’t Forrest say that?

    • “Examples of Found Objects include small rocks, arrowheads, pottery sherds, a marble, small pieces of driftwood, coins, an old button, a rusty beer canโ€ฆ.”

      How about “treasure chest”? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oops, I spoke too soon:

        “Examples of items that are not Found Objects include husbands, animals, boulders, bought objects, food, road signs, treasure chests, Easter eggsโ€ฆ”

        Therefore, never mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I second that, Wildbirder. I have one question, though. Are road signs ever “found” legally? I would think that most of the time they’re not. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i google it and could find anything. i brought a sign at garage sale i have no idea. sorry feeling down

          • You don’t need to feel down, Wildbirder. I’m only talking about road signs that were made with tax dollars…not the road signs used for advertising. I went with a friend many years ago on a late night “salvage operation” where we collected one of the last route 66 signs…of course, it was still “in use”. ๐Ÿ™‚ It wasn’t my idea. It was my friend’s idea…honestly. He needed to get his dad a nice Christmas gift. Long story short…his dad was NOT impressed. Apparently, his dad prefers the cold signs over the HOT ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i am down i little because a missed a train Friday that i didnt mind missing it but then darn i MISSED THE TRAIN. i almost had a serious heart attack/ stroke. better now. still shook up a little. not afraid of the big D. but cautious of it because of unknow. no worries in His hands
            hubby and i had a small fight made up now.
            we got some signs from the dallas/ft worth naval air station when they closed part of it. Halsey and a few others.
            i also guess now we have our solves theres nothing more to do but wait and then go find out we are wrong LOL i am a little bored

          • i went back to your post and reread it. hot or cold that was a cool sign to have i hope he warmed to the idea later. lol

          • if someone according to Mr F had the first two clues then went right past the other seven then we thought we should be thinking of places that could happen on like a road or trail. we used this in our solves. our question was could a person/persons feasible or reasonable use the exact route we were using and not just one but two different person/persons.

  39. So did any one find the 4 references of the 9 clues the poem talks about? Anyway, I have been awol for a while. Went on a search for a greenhorn in Colorado and I must say I am impressed by the ending warmth.

  40. Mr.Jamie

    Whereabouts in England are you? A favorite destination of mine. Have you heard of British gold hunts “The Masquerade” and others?

      • mr. Ed i was not saying you are cold except as in the game your hot, hotter, burning up or cold, colder, and frozen.. i hope i didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. i was meaning if you are studying Indian stuff you might be warmer or cold but not frozen.

        • Oh no worries I have elephant skin. I’m not looking for clues in the Indian doll book. If anything he left some sort of smooth stone to mark the chest area.

          • you should be look for matches to clues EVERYWHERE!!!!!! something might jump out. all kinds of stuff will help if you look in right places.

      • Ed
        Hi sorry but time dif plus work/ kids/ partner and trying to catch up on all posts = delay!:-)
        thanks for the links Iv not had chance to look yet but will defiantly go through what’s there.
        I’m from Manchester and just chatting about it yesterday that the weather the cotton industry required is still here (due to Pennines) which led conversation to so why are we?
        Yep… even talked about moving over to Wyoming…Do they require kitchen fitters there?:-)
        Anyway to answer your question I might have read about the hunts over here but only got interested in this one because of mr Fenn no smoke blowing. Think I was interested in his life then amazed at…left Vietnam and decided to set up a gallery and it worked. Eh? Who does that? So like you got addicted. Cheers for links looking forward looking when I get 30seconds of free time ๐Ÿ™‚
        Ps just realised my new name does make me sound very foreign! Lol
        Pps have you been over here to visit? If so did you enjoy it? Hope we were hospitable…

  41. I have refocused my search areas closest to where my daughter is moving; CO and WY. I am determined not to walk on past the other clues as has apparently been done in the past. I now have my wwh, canyon down and hob within 25 miles of each other and will focus at that point. Trails but not roads or rivers. Maybe I (others too) have been too willing to keep leaping ahead.

    This might result in my first boots on the ground in August.

  42. I’ve been reading through Forrest’s book “Historic American Indian Dolls” The wealth of information and color photographs are quite astounding.

        • was that a question as to whether you were cold toward me? i dont think so. i was just trying to pull your leg. i was saying if you are study Indians dolls your were a tiny tiny bit warmer. but still cold but not frozen. its a play on words. i am not in a good mood so some of answers may not sound happy but please know i don not intend to to be mean to anyone. it not in my nature but if i was there would be no doubt in my message. see even that sound mean i just cant crack a joke todaylol

          • Amy, careful opening your spam folder, it might be “latin singles” or “men who mingle” or “vydox”

          • Amy, if you’re like my wife…i.e. getting older…but getting more exquisite with age…then feeling cold and hot could mean menopause…which my wife tells me starts with “men”.

            I can’t get a break I tells ya! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just one “man pause” please!

        • JC and to all

          Lol I bought my mom a sign and it said, ” I’m still hot, but it comes in flashes” . Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

          Not obsessed I was wondering what happened to you I will check the spam folder ๐Ÿ™‚

      • No just beautiful well documented photographs of his doll collection and analysis. I’m highly impressed. Didn’t someone say Forrest is the largest private holder of Indian artifacts in the west?

          • no i just trying to show that the word has a definition i NEVER new of. with that meaning maybe you turn left right before the end . i dont know but in one of the canyons we are looking in forks we plan to try the nigh one first. i not trying to be show off. i am just trying to show a way to maybe solve the poem. i not sure what method people are using and thought i would share my methods. use them or dont. they have worked for us

          • padโ€ขdle1 verb 1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.

            No paddle – now reads no moving through water in a boat. maybe?

          • Wilder bird

            Seems like u are doing quite a bit of research. After one year your brain will start hurting. The second year it will explode. The third year u will just sit back and relax ๐Ÿ™‚ that means I have completely finished my solve ๐Ÿ™‚
            Just waiting for June to come quickly lol
            Good luck to u.

            If I find it, it’s not luck it’s a Miracle ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i think have been at this at least three years. i feel you pain except for the bear part and hope WE DONT FIND OUT either! i do very good with puzzles don’t some better than others. i can’t give out our clues but if i can share tools that could help someone solve it all the better because it’s still their solve not mine. they did the work. its like sharing a dress pattern with someone. they make a dress but tweak it by adding pockets making a better dress. it’s their work not mine. i should’ve thought of putting pockets on mine. if we are meant to find the TC it will be God’s will if we get ate by a bear that was His plan too. we are just having fun looking and spending time together.

    • Mr. F plays with words and make some up. i have even looked for old english not much help except old terms. i dont know if strict use of words would work . He seems to like to push envelopes.

      Definition of NIGH
      : close, near
      chiefly dialect : direct, short
      : being on the left side <the nigh horse

      Carry the thought with drawing and you might get horse drawn or a left turn at a fork. I am even not sure. But this has to be analytically.

      • Wildbird,
        you also might be surprised at what a study of Middle English reveals. I’m still working on that now.
        In fact, after 4 days (granted, I’m still not feeling 100%), I’m still on letter A.
        as for the picture of Forrest pointing, I totally forgot I used that picture, and I can’t remember where I found it. Lol

          • Mindy, also if you do not know, the original PDF page of the map for the book that is on Forrest Blog has a Giant “W” on it. That W has been removed in his book copies. Bur

          • Since the map is a topic I just want to say a couple things about the “W” ‘s location on it, other then the books not having it on the maps in them. There is a place near the W called Puerto de Luna translated Harbor Moon or better “Gateway of the Moon”. Legend has it Francisco Coronado in 1541 gave the name to this spot while camping there and looking east and seeing the full moon rising throught a narrow gap in the hills. When I found this I started to think that maybe the “blaze” itself can be in a narrow gap between mountains and only seen for a short time like the moon did in that gap, a “Gateway”. The 500 ft spot.

            Also for you “Billy the Kid fans, he reportedly had his last Christmas Eve dinner there in 1880.

            The majority of the map is below the search area but there could be more hints located in it (this was just a hint in my eyes), and something I found a few years back. Bur

          • we thought the moon may have had something to do with the poem too because of the pic of the guy in field with cut down trees. remember there is a dove in the crescent moon. i may be wrong but that moon pictured is call a “Waning Moon”. we have look & looked for Indian Moons that have dove in them and didn’t find anything. a couple of the pictures drawn for book and the * bug me. they bug me because i have searched them and still can’t “toss” them yet.

          • Just about all collectors love old maps for their value, history and beauty. I think the map is a clue to follow an old trail line. Example: the Santa Fe Trail because they were used by the traders and Indians then was used to make our modern roads.
            That is why I think he said “the clues did not exist when I was a kid (because he wrote them as an adult) but most of the places the clues refer to did.”
            Mountains, falls, caves, even the rocks were there (unless he moved them to form a cairn)
            I think itโ€™s referring to a road /track/trail that was there when he was a kid but road was built or paved later.
            If he used a tree to mark a trail it might not have been there when he was child but is there now. Some of his answer he gives are puzzles in of themselves.
            sorry it takes me a while to reply. i try to write in word first then move it.

          • Wildbirder, your right about that drawing in the book it’s a hint with the bird in the moon, and the cut down trees another IMO. They fit in my solve along with the gateway of the blaze. Keep researching your on to something. Always be open to ideas. Good luck to you. Bur

          • Wildbirder, try looking at some old AAA maps of roads say 1935 when Forrest was at a good age for traveling with Skippy, in your area of search. The maps were not truly up to spec’s then and didn’t follow the same paths as they do now lines drawn incorrectly. There were a lot of dirt roads that are paved now or even major highways. Try and put yourself in those boys shoes and see what directions they would take for a change of pace and new adventures. I found some routes that I believe they just might have taken and stops along the way and well let’s just say the poem fits. Enjoy your map adventure. Bur

          • “1935 when Forrest was at a good age for traveling with Skippy”

            Wouldn’t Skippy be 7 and Forrest 5? That’s kinda young for a trip with just Skippy.

          • Thanks? i dont need more to search might mess with our solves we have now!
            no really thats not a bad. the only problem i see is parts of the old 66 is not available to use because we wanted to see some of the old 66 just because of TV. but i don’t think they lived in nm as kids but in texas. they may have visited. i think Mr. F moved to nm in the mid seventies after peg and he got married

          • Kat, Sorry your right, bad post 1945 was what I ment to post, good pick up thanks. Bur

          • its possible they visited here as well as up north. but hubby said remember it was the habit of the times to go north from your home even in NY to escape the hot weather in south. and they spent whole summers there. with school going a trip from Texas might have been hard. checked ten plus hour from Temple Tx to Santa Fe 662.8 miles a little far for a weekend trip.
            i remember sleeping on screened porches as a child with our big dog to watch us. who made us hot but couldn’t sleep on porch without him though. NO ONE CAME NEAR THAT DOG that he didn’t know including my poor dad in a new hat clothes one time.

          • ok thanks it comes to my email box first then here i guess who knows. i just know i get sick from the scrolling, page jumping/hopping and going from one type of print to the next.
            instead of looking for TC maybe we should buy stock in eye glasses (worn mine out) headache meds/cures, printer paper & ink and camping equipment. lol

          • i known i keep bring this up but Mr F had FIFTEEN YEARS to write this poem. he used every reference book he had and brought some i bet. he knows what each word is meant to mean in poem. we the seekers are trying to find that meaning.
            Hubby and i are searching every cowboy, Indian, old west, horse, trail, trader, hunting/fishing, mapping terms we can find.
            if i use the term “Tall drink of water” reply what it means to you. then compare it to what everyone else says i bet a few know the term but other might not.

          • Wild

            Are you referring too “Brave and in the wood”? My area doesn’t have wood per say. Maybe brush.

          • my eyes are getting tired for the day. we are also working on our TAXES YULK!!!!
            i am not sure which statement you are replying to. the poem says If you are brave and in the wood. used to rhyme with good in line 21. wood is not plural as in woods.

        • mindy sorry you felt bad hope you are better. i found it and tossed again but it keeps bugging me. that and dove in crescent /waning moon. he also later posted pics of a dove like ivory box he brought. he like most people in west may just love for their beauty, their sounds early morning /late evening.
          have tried all kinds of things but can not find one that jumps out that what he meant. then we have to decide wild goose, red fish, or CLUE still?

          • I think that Minerva with the ivory skin might be important…the skin being the important part. A lot of times, to get to the fruit, you must first go through the skin.
            Like with, say…bananas.

          • that goood thinking not sure where to go with it but its out of the box and on way out of warehouse.

      • There is a nigh horse in one of my top spots! The horse could fit on a carousel considering it has a hole in the middle of it where the wooden pole would be.

          • Darn CC, I DIDNT EVEN MAKE THAT CONNECTION!! I was thinking more along the lines of the end of Catcher In The Rye. That spot is moving up on the list of prime real estate.

        • i think i just got why you use the pic of the gull from finding nemo YOURS! YOURS! YOURS! that is very funny if that is what you meant. you should be very good at these clues if you think like that i would even say you might not be in warehouse either

    • i looked up horse terms i had it wrong it. nigh side/Nearside: The left hand side of the horse
      so maybe a left turn

  43. Charlie,
    You have a great mind! But, IMO, the number values should not be primary, the words will get you your path, then, if you are in the right spot (meaning you have the key), then apply the numbers.

    • Hey JD,
      I know what you’re saying, it just works out, for me, that at the end, after I’ve solved as much as I can, I see the numbers also give me some words where they need to be. To me, without the numbers, no solve. There are letters in spots that make words like, 2=to or too. sometimes, 2 letters make a 4 or a for. But, that’s my way and I can’t say for sure, because of the obvious. With all the support info, it’s just hard to ignore. In a month or so, i’ll be able to post the solve, good or bad. Then everyone can tear apart or maybe incorporate into their own solves. We shall see. Just cannot ignore the coordinates, path, elevation, zip code, and all the support info. Fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. If the poem is going to be solved using numbers corresponding to letters or words of our modern day alphabet, why not use some of the ancient alphabet’s, such as Hebrew or Greek or combinations thereof to make the solve ? Do you think FF would only think of using our modern day alphabet ?

    I do believe this : Something in or not said, in the poem should lead to exact coordinates where someone can walk right to the chest… opinion.

    Still waiting for one piece of information from the government that will increase or decrease my confidence for the solve.

    • i gave some more silly examples of different word meaning for words in the poem. i not saying change the poem because he said not to.
      any time you read text that is limited it can get misunderstood. i have sent things to hubby etc and he read X,Y,Z when i meant A,B,C because words have lots of meaning. also there are other things involved that you can’t tell like volume, tone,facial expression.
      when reading a story in a book there is grammar and things to guide you on what the book means yet still there can be great debate on what the writer was trying to say.
      a poem is even harder to interpret because its a poem with little info. think back to English class and fight over meaning. remember his dad taught school and wants dad to be remembered too.

    • Just my thought about numbers, letters or other methods used to interpret the poem. I would be concerned that my solution might be one of many derived with that method or other methods and how I decide which method to use and then apply it.

      I play around with numbers and letters too but always end up seeing too many choices which of course end up with another result that may be helpful in a solve. I do enjoy reading these type of solutions, thanks.

      • It is difficult to find the right path. There are a lot of “switchbacks”. Easy to make a wrong turn if you miss one of those. Imo. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • my hubby does computer programing and he thought about number too. the problem he sees is there doesn’t seem to be a clue/idea to say use the number. like add it (we know about the Ands but he doesn’t get it) we have looked for math meaning in all the words and i don’t remember any.

        • I agree with him there wildbirder. It’s one of my thoughts also. but, line 21 can be somewhat of a clue/idea to say use numbers. Again, hard to ignore.

    • I don’t think f knows hebrew or greek, wouldn’t surprise me though. I think english is the way to go.

          • could be, or horseshoes. Just because he used omega symbols does not mean he knows greek. IMO. Who knows, he may be a linguist for all we know. Wouldn’t surprise me.

        • a reporter i think commented on Mr F drawal. try American South Western, with a touch of cowboy/mountain man and throw in a sprinkling of Indian terms.

      • charlie i don’t know it he knows hebrew or greek but latin or spanish yes. he took spanish in school. some schools taught latin too but its harder so i think he would have mentioned it.

    • Anna,
      Here’s a start, i’m sure you’ll find this in the poem, you’ll see:
      – tre as e
      – s b o ld
      – ht’ll be le
      – w is e and fo
      – bl as e
      – wy is it
      – y is itt
      – all and l is ten (go od)
      – efft will be w
      – wo od
      Good luck, i’ll help if needed, there’s alot more support info.

      • Charlie, when I study it tomorrow likely I will have questions. You are very kind to offer help. Off the top of my head, are youi applying this list of rules only to their respective line or through out the poem. ie: numeric value of e would typically be 5 rather than 3 tre (ur) e. also, are you attributing 2 to b or 13 or zero? I had assumed 13 and zero’ed it out in most places. My gut says there has to be consistancy through out if applying alpha numeric, but not sure. may I touch base with you tomorrow? Thank you :-))

        • Anna, take the letter values of the alphabet out of your head, and just use what you see in the poem. B just happens to equal 2, but don’t think a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4,e=5,f=6, or z=26 or 8, y=25 or 7, w=23 or 5, etc…. some letters will equal the values currently, (like b=2,c=3,etc..) just coincidence. The poem will tell you all the values.
          And that is throughout the poem, the rules so to say would be that all must fit, word play and all. like tre = e, tre=3 (not t+r+e), just tre is another word for 3. Like s b o ld. s be o (s=3,o=3) l=1,d=1 gives you: tre as e (or e=3) s be o (or s=o=3) ld (l=1,d=1 so ld=2 or too). e=3 s=o=3 too.
          That line also has another way to solve. t reasure s b old= ts b old or t=2,s=3 be o=3,l=1,d=1. gives you 23 be 5.( since i’ve posted some of the letter values, i’m using that, cannot solve for ‘t” from this line, or s,o,l,d). First pass on that line would give you: e=3, s be o ld and ts be old.Hope that’s not to confusing, but shows 23 can = 5, 2 can be 2 or to or too, b can be “be”, and “reasure” spelled wrong (must bend alittle). The architecture, or one way to see the poem. Starting out seems like mumbo-jumbo, scattered. But in the end, i’m left with the thought “what took me so long”.

          • Ritt, got it, know it, just following what the poem is saying. May be wrong may be right. “so hear me all and listen good”, so (he ar me)= some all and l is ten go od. If you can honestly tell me you do not see “some or sum” all and l is ten, or all l is ten, then I will ditch this way of solving and start anew. If blaze cannot be seen as bl as e, or tre as e = e=3, then why would it all be put there in the entire poem? Honestly, no numbers, how can you confidently go to thee spot? The thing is, it can be seen throughout the whole poem. No codes, no messing with the poem, just simple english and instructions. It’s all the support info that makes it convincing. The book, the website, the pictures, the statements, even the ‘babysitter”. Just cannot ignore.

          • Charlie, do yourself a favor and just use a good map and leave all of the numerology to the mathemeticians in the sub-atomic fields. It would be good for you and the swelling of noggin’ might go down! Have you considered neuclear physics as a career choice? My apologies, Charlie. I had to vent because you’re causing a cranial ache. If you are having fun, then you keep on truckin! Isuggest at least getting off of the couch and put boots on the ground. If you haven’t worn out a pair, then you should wear a pair out… unless you have hobbit’s feet.

          • Slurbs
            Could have been a bit more diplomatic…even tho you tried!:-) thanks for stopping me… But he might be rite???

          • no numbers to far from the poem. they had my hubby for a while trying some math but he couldnt get the number to add up. maps, maps maps and research every idea to back up ideas

          • Charlie, I’m not able to follow some of your reasoning or values. For instance, I understand S (be) O, but how did you equate S with 3? What if ff interpretted that word as S be OL? If you miss one small combo of letters or ff didn’t break out every single letter combination the same exact way you do then it fails. Here is an example I’ve been tryingto work out from line one: ‘alone in there’ would mean placing the word alone into there giving you tahleorne. I found orne to be helpful in a property search, but what are you doing with it numerically?
            In the end, I don’t think tahleorne is as important as ‘alone in there’ is to the poem’s meaning. and what if Forrest used ‘ere’ to mean “before” and you were supposed to place all of ‘alone’ into ‘there’ before ‘ere’ giving you thaloneere?

          • Anna,
            As I have gone alone in there. As I have (g “on” e) (al “on” e) (“in” there). = As I have the grale. G on the first e, al on the second. As I have the grale = grale= ( g are a) le= ale. As I have the ale. Letter values a=7,l=1,e=3 or 11. That line reads: As I have the one 1.
            I’ve posted before so I’ll give my solve on the first stanza:
            As I have the one 1
            And my 23 be 5
            my seconds are 327
            and three

            The seconds = 15, the one 1 is alone, the 5 is 23. so, the seconds are either 1.23 or 23.1. Since it adds up to 15, I’m left with 1.23 as one of the coordinates seconds.

            As far as equating s with 3, it’s just that I know s=3, i’ve posted it so i’m using it, you have to go through the whole poem to get all the values. I’m just saving you a little time and headache. Just like this 1st stanza solve. you cannot get those letter values from just the first stanza. it’s when you finally get the values that you can make your 2,3,4th pass of the poem and get it.

            I’ve given out alot, it’s up to the individual to look and see if it’s a viable way to solve. It was hard for me to just up and change the way I was solving the poem after being a year and a half into it. It almost makes you want to quit. 1 1/2 years down the drain. But now, after 4 years, and the OMG moments are replaced with, “so easy, what took so long” moments, you just start believing it’s right. All the clues, statements, pics, overwelming.

            Then again, may all be wrong :), lol, i’ll be soooo pis%*&d off. Back to the drawing board.

          • slurbs, really. okay. nuclear physics, huh? Have had boots on the ground. You comment but say nothing. If you don’t like what’s said, don’t read. Wouldn’t want your head to hurt.
            Hobbit’s feet? here’s a suggestion, stop with the dungeons and dragons fantasy world you live in where math mathemeticians control the sub atomic world and not the particle physicist. At least have a thought worth something instead of telling us your head hurts.
            Really slurbs, you’ve been out here for a long time, I would expect more from you than a “noobie” comment.Oh yeah, sorry, I just had to vent.

          • Charlie, all of that typing and you didn’t even mention the part about a good map. Your response to my comment has brought me some relief. For that I thank you. I knew you could comment with out mentioning Alegra, Geography, and Trilogy. Please don’t take offense of the Hobbit’s feet part. I have a close relative with Hobbit’s feet and he has a stable step when out in the wood! Thank you for being my aspirin. I’m the type that wears a shirt that reads, “By reading this, you have given me brief control of your mind.” To keep on subject…
            I have not counted, per se, the amount of clues I believe to of figured out, but I am counting on my solve to be correct. Good luck Charlie. I wish you peace.

        • Ritt you and Charlie think alike am I wrong? Seems nagram was your thing did you ever get the wise owl to throw you a bone? I guess personally I’m just not seeing that as a grand endeavor.

          • Sorry, ED, but you are 100 % wrong. I believe what Forrest says in SB# 62. The poem is straight forward. Anagrams is not and have never been my thing. Perhaps you meant to say Anna and Charlie. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • yeah, I thought that way about anagrams too, just found two that I can’t pass on. Just too obvious on one of them. lol, I think.

        • good luck charlie. it so hard to work so long to do all this work. i would be sick if we were to find all our work for not. i let you know at end of May.
          saw this on the bulletin board at a mental health office when giving someone some support. “Due to the recent cutbacks the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off until further notice.” that’s why we need a flashlight LOL

        • Slurbs, Forrest put the “good map” right in his ttotc book for all to see. Gallatin National Forest map from the national park service – remember, the one he and Donnie burned. Since it’s the only map f said would come in handy later, it sure makes sense. Forrest said “if people will think” they can solve the poem.” If I was a thinking guy, Logically, that map has the right information to lead to the treasure. Not simply opinion, Forrest called attention to it.

          • that is a very good idea to run with. of all maps i have looked at that one i never thought of!

  45. Sorry guys, today I’m out of time and don’t wish to rethink my entire solve. appreciate the help but done.

    • Yes, Good luck Charlie! your kindness appreciated. What state do your coordinates fall in? I plan to search an area of Montana or throw in the towel. Getting too expensive relationally and monetarily if my solution doesn’t work out by June.

      • Anna, i haven’t gotten to know you. its hard to on a web but we wish u well. be careful, follow your heart and may God watch over you and keep you.

  46. this is only my opinion – hear me all and listen good – is a hearing aide – there is a reason why he said it

    • i found this but i cant find where i found. i have a bad habitof copying clips without resource. i know better sorry folks
      Remember that โ€œblazeโ€ is in the treasure poem because Fenn hoped to throw people off at that juncture. โ€œI was careful,โ€ he told me. โ€œA blaze can be on a tree, in a fire, on the face of a horse, and a host of others.โ€

      • Wild burden
        Hi yes I got a little misdirected at that point haven’t got a clue what’s going on anymore!
        Just been on your face book and realised from one of your not sure what you call them but collection of info that I’m a deffinate ‘add’ which explains more than you can imagine! Thank you.

      • Maybe the blaze is a big white snow patch on google earth Who knows. Blaze, Gaze, Brave. The a’s might have it who knows. I guess only the fantom or is that phantom or his/her shadow. WHERE IS SHE?

    • Frank
      Are you referring to amphitheatre mt/peak can’t remember? That’s part of one of my solves

      • If anything that line points out “F” listen good your “F” The F can be heard, application of how he used that in reality maybe a subject of question. Things of this nature are not very solid.

  47. If I have expectations as I work out my solve I fulfill my expectations.

    With no expectations and listening at each step of the way, where will I then arrive?

    It is difficult but I prefer the no expectation approach. I don’t think I have been able to do so…yet

    • ukenit said:

      It is difficult but I prefer the no expectation approach. I donโ€™t think I have been able to do soโ€ฆyet

      I think it is the only way. The fact that you are even thinking about it puts you ahead of the curve.

    • So, does Forrest’s response mean no-one has given him any correct solve for any clue beyond the 1st 2 clues, or that no-one has been closer than 200 feet? And if a few were within 200 feet, did they know it? Another enigmatic answer. ๐Ÿ™

      • i posted one of our tossed solve on jamie reply not sure everyone can or will see it.

      • His answer here is more weird than enigmatic. He contradicts his earlier statements that SHE should be quiet until spring and She will be pleased when she finds the treasure. Imo it sounds like he has forgotten previous public statements or his shadow is talking. No disrespect, just an honest observation. Would like to hear F reconcile those opposing statements for searchers who are loyal to him on the blogs. Wonder how Jenny Kile will feel with the oddities on her site.

        • Anna, they do see like somewhat contradictory statements don’t they. Too bad Forrest wasn’t a little more encouraging with his answer. ๐Ÿ™

        • anna & CJ,

          Few, if any, will agree with me. But I think Forrest told us a great deal there.(IMO)

          (1) the searchers who solved the first two clues and/or were within a given distance of the chest have quit emailing him or have quit searching, or both.
          (2) these same searchers, or groups of searchers, have indicated that they have lost confidence in that solve and have opted to pursue a different solution.

          Either way, IMO, he is saying “what might have been”, is no more and to not let it deter anyone!

          In other words(IMO), to Forrest’s uncertain knowledge (which he bases on emails from searchers), there are no searchers within a reasonable distance of locating the chest….with either a solve or actual “boots on the ground” searching!!

          IMO..IMO..IMO..IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Anna – There is no contradiction to be found in this most recent statement. For example, Forrest never said “she should be quiet until spring”.

          Here is the actual quote:

          “With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, Iโ€™d stay very quiet until spring.” f

          Here is the infamous “she” quote:

          “Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I donโ€™t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.” f

          If you are going to put someone’s words on trial, don’t misquote them.

          • Yes, many think forrest is talking about their location. I think the Item (IMO) in the chest a girl would enjoy is all he means. I have always thought this. I always wondered if someone in the Shadow contest was close. Maybe even me? LOL….I wish….
            The place Forrest put the chest is a very very special and beautiful place. A place he wanted his bones. Not just some place off a busy road. A place with a “Marvel” view…..Right?

            Lou Lee, Chased by A Bear a few times. A Survivor!

      • CJin CA, I read the question and answer and my first thought was that the meaning of the answer is ambiguous in part due to the ambiguity of the question.
        They asked : “…anyone is any closer to discovering the location….”The word “closer” suggests being physically nearer in proximity to the chest. The issue then is “closer” than what? Closer than they have been before? Closer than others? Closer than others written solves? Maybe no one has reported an actual search that took place over the last three months even if they have the right vicinity in their Mind. Anyway, I don’t think this Q & A should be relied on too much. I don’t write Forrest myself in part because I think I’d spend too much time trying to analyze his comments or “no comments” to the point of distraction and there are plenty of distractions already.

    • Oh Man, ๐Ÿ™
      That’s quite ok, I’m still searching the area I believe it to be in ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Hey Dal,

    Where did Forrest tell you to go on the Madison to take that picture for the dust jacket of “Too Far To Walk”?


    • Brooks-
      He didn’t. I was already in the Yellowstone area working with a journalist. He told me what he wanted but not where he wanted it taken. That is to say that he was more concerned about how the photo should look to match his idea than he was about the exact location where I took it. He sent a photo that he liked but couldn’t use. He wanted me to shoot one similar. He did not tell me where to take it. I shot over a hundred images over two or three days in morning light and evening light on at least two rivers and covered miles and miles of river until I finally had a few good samples to send him. The one he finally selected was shot on the Madison between the Barns and Baker’s Hole.

      • Thanks for the info Dal. Maybe you could shed some light then on Forrest’s statement at Moby Dickens book shop. I don’t remember his exact words but he said something very similar to…I want you (Dal) to go to a very specific place that I’m going to tell you about…

        Maybe this is just one of Forrest’s examples of exaggerating. Just curious anyhow.


        • I’m not familiar with Forrest directing such a statement at me Brooks. I was not at the Moby Dickens book reading. Toby, from NM shot that video. I have looked at it. But I don’t remember Forrest saying that so I can’t help much with deciphering it. Can you give me a hint as to where (time mark would be good) in the video he makes that statement?

          • Dal – I think Brooks is referring to the Collected Works interview alongside Doug and Mike. The cover photo conversation starts around the 15:45 mark.

          • Austin/Brooks-
            Okay..I watched that portion of the CW Video. Forrest may have thought that photo came from down at the spot he mentions on the Madison because I did take pics at that spot but the light was wrong and those photos were not as good as the one he selected. But either’s clear what place on the Madison he is talking about. You should go there and check it out. Everyone should go there and check it out…and don’t forget to stop at the new shop that will be set up there…”Dal & Forrest’s Hot Dogs and T-Shirt Shack”. 20% off anything in the shack for those who bought a TFTW book from this blog…lol…We’ll also be giving guided tours of the Dude Motel and the FennHaven Motor Court site…. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Dear Mr. Dal
            You may not be able to answer this but if you could please. Is Mr. F. trying to wade through some of his emails or does he just ignore them at this stage. I know I would. If someone had a really good solve and sent it to him he wouldnโ€™t tell them they got it, but would he say something on one of the blogs. He has got to be worn to a near frazzle with people bugging him. I not sure I would even both any more with it because of nuts and pest if I was him. I would be hoping it just got solved.
            We donโ€™t want to add to his headache but would like to share our find with him. We have mixed feeling about.
            Wildbirder & Hubby

      • ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dal, I will be placing my order for TFTW this evening! You can not go wrong with 20% off T-Shirts and Hot Dogs… Not to mention the guided tours of the Dude Motel and the FennHaven Motor Court site!
        I love that!
        One question for you… Did you label the locations of all the photos you took for him? ie. Madison between the Barns and Bakerโ€™s Hole,

        • Fenn Tours is a great idea. Can I PLEASE be a Certified Fenn Tour Guide? Pretty please? I’m certifiable. ๐Ÿ™‚

          I’d like to be known as “Papa Roxy” if Forrest doesn’t mind.

          • Is that not the right word for someone who is fully capable but not yet certified? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Papa Roxy????
            Why would f care?
            I’ll just call you “Pop Rox” to save time. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I was just playing with the word paparazzi, but Pop Rox sounds better, anyway. Does anyone remember a long time ago when Pop Rocks candy was called Space Dust? I found out the hard way. I was walking down the street and I asked a guy if he knew where I could buy some Space Dust and the next thing I knew I was being read my rights in handcuffs. I guess a fella doesn’t have a right to Space Dust, anymore.

          • JC, Sounds like you asked the wrong guy… Oops.
            I remember Pop Rocks and I recall Space Dust too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wonder if forrest has ever tried Pop Rocks. He mentioned liking things that fizzed in his mouth. ie. Grapette. Actually, my candy preference back then and even now would be SweeTARTS. “Bite’em for a burst of flavor”

  49. Hint of = in hole. We’ve known this for a looooooong time but where does the poem say how we find this hole. Oh yeah F is the blaze but not really. So no end equals the thrill of the chase. I get it!

  50. You know, Its pretty common to say things a little different from time to time…. I have a search trip posted on this site from 2 years ago, or so,, and I guarantee you that if it was hidden from me and I had to tell it again, and then you compared the two stories, Ha! they most likely would not sound near the same.

  51. Hey just checking in. It’s pouring down rain here this morning in Southern Illinois.

    Last week I asked… What if we knew what the Blaze was by its name? Then I suggested that the Blaze could be the chest itself. Which we know is named “Indulgence”.
    Now to clarify what I was asking or saying, what if we knew where indulgence was, would we then be able to go with confidence (put boots on the ground) or could it just be coincidence? (Note: I have no clue as to what the Blaze may be, only guessing.)
    Here is where I should of said there are other things and places with the same name… Indulgence.
    Mark H.

    • Mark – Interesting concept, however, I don’t think Forrest revealed the name of the chest until around October of 2014. If knowing the name “Indulgence” were the only path to recognizing the blaze, then I think he would have mentioned it in his chapter on treasure in TTOTC. Then again, I may have misunderstood your post entirely.

  52. Is begin it where, the first clue? I just can’t imagin anyone, ignoring the first stanza. ?

    • James – That’s my belief. Many think differently. I don’t ignore the first stanza, but I don’t believe there is a “clue” (as defined by FF) to be found there nor in stanzas five or six. Hints, maybe, but no “clues”. That’s my opinion on the matter. Cheers!

    • james if I send my wife to the store to get me something she has to know what to look for before she takes off – I think stanza one tells you that before you go to -begin it – of course its omo

  53. Stanza one has clues once u know where to begin it will make since ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amy – Clues, as defined by FF, move you closer to the treasure. You know, the whole “one foot in front of another” idea. Are you suggesting that Forrest has arranged his poem in the same way that George Lucas filmed the Star Wars series? Is there even such a thing as a pre-clue?

      Scratching my head in bewilderment at such a provocative idea…

      • Austin
        I can’t answer that question honestly cause I have never watched the whole movie of ” Star Wars” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Well, that’s just a sad statement, Amy. I would send you a DVD to rectify the situation, but I am now convinced that you live in a cave near an internet cafe.

          All kidding aside, I was just asking if you believe the “clues” are not in sequential order?

          • Austin lol
            For some reason I just do not watch a lot of TV. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I believe the directions to the poem are in order ๐Ÿ™‚

            At least for my solve ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Austin, this is a very good post u have and Amy’s first stanza view also. So if a clue moves you closer to the treasure…one foot in front of the other, then how do you know with complete confidence that your FIRST foot is in the correct spot? Couldn’t something be hidden in the first stanza that is just outside the scope of the first clue which then makes it a hint.

        • I don’t discount the idea that there could be a “hint” in the first stanza. I have no idea what it is though. I don’t think anyone is going to be completely confident in the first step until their last step lands them right in front of the treasure chest!

  54. “But then I haven’t read most of the blogs”

    seriously? Forrest Fyre, Forrest fire, Forrest, ff, f

    How many scrap books and vignettes has he written, posted and responded to on Dal’s and numerous again on Jenny’s? – The main two blogs.

    Why position yourself in your own marketplace as one who doesn’t speak true?

    • The same thought occurred to me, but then I remembered that Forrest uses the phrase “texting machines”. He’s 84, let’s cut him a little slack. When he says “blogs”, I think he is referring to the comments on the blog, not the actual website. Just a thought.

      • He may post on Dals and Jenny’s blog and even read many of the posts here but that doesn’t mean he reads posts on every other blog (for example: ttotc, chasechat, and others) where folks discuss their solves. I don’t think it is his job to sift through all of the blogs to see if someone is on track. I agree with Austin: cut him a little slack. I guess I just don’t understand why there always has to be a controversy over every utterance he makes.

    • 42 – I don’t recall seeing a Forrest Fyre posting. Could you direct me to it?

    I spoke with a TV producer on the phone a couple of days ago. She asked if I would post the below notice on the blog. I don’t know the producer outside of the phone call. She is looking to contact searchers who have an interest in being on TV:

    A television company based in New York – is developing a new television show about the hunt for Fenn’s treasure. They are looking to speak to treasure hunters with big personalities who might be interested in sharing their search on TV. For more information, please contact Hannah at

    • thanks but NO THANKS! we like our privacy. after we find it we know will be a NIGHTMARE. death threats, harassment glore, it will be like winning the lottery. not prepared for this not sure how you can be.

    • Of course might be easier the second time around maybe I’ve learned how to speak right haha

  56. Think I will pass on the TV idea. I wouldn’t want to be a nervous wreck when I’m searching. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Spallies – You doubt Hannah’s legitimacy? How dare you! They don’t just hand out gmail accounts to anyone now……no…..wait……you could be right. Carry on.

    • It ain’t so bad Amy they pic thru and pic the parts they want actually we had fun with dateline nick

  57. Diggin
    Yes it looked like yall had fun. I don’t know how I would do on camera. I have this countrified talk lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Me to the worst you should write her I’m gonna just to see what it’s all about

          • anyone who puts their ideas out there for others to pick apart are brave. anyone who sets a path of their own and follows that path is brave. anyone who knows what they know but does not rely on others to validate them are brave. Know what you know. it doesn’t matter if anyone else believes. just believe that is brave.

          • She wrote back amy it’s all
            In the process stages but if it airs they pay you and your expenses we thinking about it .

          • have lawyer watch your back and not theirs. you look better than we do and we can afford our trips one short one in may so i can birds in migration and the other trip in fall so Hubby can see trees again in fall colors. i get to do the ENTIRE enchanted circle with small spending spree but i get to do it YIPPEEEEEE!!!

  58. Sorry, as soon as I posted this morning the rain cleared so Mama told me to get to work! Ha.

    I agree the poem begins in it’s first word, one has to have a place in which their solve works for them… After all f, designed this to take you anywhere your imagination wants to travel. With only one Hidey spot. I think the choosing a blaze comes after you have been at this for a while. IDK, just say n’. So first he went alone… wwwh… a canyon and so on… then one will be able to start this game…IMO What is the Blaze?
    Mark H.

    • People claim to know what the Blaze is. But if you see the Blaze you look quickly down. So like I said a few days ago….Boots on the ground to see the Blaze. IMO….see the Blaze than you almost or your THERE! I think if you know what the Blaze is than you should have the treasure. If I knew for sure what it was. I would be like….snow shoes, gun….for protection. Survival gear and go get it. But as always I am honest. I am just not sure. I am still trying to figure out WWWH……Although I think I have some good idea’s……:)
      If you emailed Forrest with the correct solution down to 100 feet, say……Do you think he would tell you…..go get it?
      Whatcha tinking?

      • Lou lee

        No I don’t think Forrest would say that. He would say “Good luck,Amy keep your eyes on the ground ”

        • Amy, I would or wood be very happy if he said that!
          Did he say that to you? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Diggin
      Wow that’s pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚
      You did great last time probably wouldn’t hurt to do it again ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Hi folks we have found part of the answer to the picture of the woodcutter/moon. The picture has provided us with at least three ties to our solve and it helps to explain why โ€œYour effort will be worth the cold.

    Remember the picture is of a waning moon/crescent moon, a nest, and a dove. Two of these clues represent what they are and the other represents an item but is different. Example: An Apple and orange are fruit but different kinds of fruit.

    The goat picture is a very subtle clue.

    The words brave and wood are related to a clue not in poem you will find helpful.

    We took several hours writing this to give the best help with giving away our solves in two states. STUDY MAPS.

    WE CONFIRMED OUR INFO with a GOV. agency. We didnโ€™t mention the TC but we were asking very simple questions.
    Are we reading the map correctly? Is this correct? What does this mean?

    Bear is important.
    I know we are being vague but we donโ€™t want to give our solves away but want to be helpful.
    Everyone has watched a true crime being solve on TV where everything points to a person then DNA comes back and doesnโ€™t match. The Detectives has to start all over again this maybe us.

    • Haha wild birder I know what the goat means. It represents forrest stubborn as a goat ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Be nice. i almost eat my map went we found it. but waited just in case i am WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi there Wildbird
      How are you fine Lady? I am good. I know I posted this awhile ago too….
      That mystery picture, two times, right? Does not fit anything in the Book….or does it?
      Now Forrest talks about people cutting down all the tree’s, I think in Two Far Two Walk…..About the waste of tree’s for no good New papers. (Its been awhile since I had that book) for someone did not return it to me. on loan.
      So Forrest seems to be a conservationist- environmentalist. Maybe? IMO….
      I think their is a clue in there…..
      Here is what I think this picture is telling us…..


      Cut down all the tree’s, than where are the birds going to nest?
      ON THE MOON?
      That is what I see, Its a message. Many of my search area
      possibilities are in area’s once or now being logged…old logging area’s or ones that have burned and the wood is being used from the fires……Just my observations.


      Happy Hunting all!

      List: 2 Bear Spray’s ………..Check

      Working on it……

      Lou Lee Belle

      • not bad you could be VERY right. i posted what i posted knowing my ideas could send me to the moon. i dont think we are right until we find the TC. but very excited about it

        • There are other animals in the picture of the moon. I think a Rhino, and a dolphin, and a turtle. Just off the top of my head, but turn the book upside down and you can see other figures of animals. not just a bird.

          • are we in same book TTTC and on page 146?
            i clearly see moon dove nest.
            i am very tired working on taxes, this, solve, trip planning, and its that time of day all pets taking naps snoring and then add gentle rain.

  60. Hi,
    Lou, I agree boots on the ground. But someone here said something that sounds worth thinking about.

    To go to the box with confidence… it would make sense to know what the Blaze is first… and perhaps they were right.

    IDK. I have tons of partial solves in which the list of Browns, wwwh’s and terrifying scants will make me looly… Kidd n”. I’m thinking… that finding the Blaze is one if not the last piece of the puzzle, the last nugget needed.

    Bird lady at the risk of being stoned… Hmmmm? I’ll say this. I use to throw out “solve ideas” but it would end up in disaster… (Crying and smiling at the same time.) Now a days, and as you said, I throw out ideas. Some junk and some good? If very intelligent people answer… such as yourself… I sometimes get great answers!
    In addition, I believe the Poem is too vague to narrow down to one solve from a chair, so I use process of elimination and the piecing together of many solves. Inevitably, one might have to kick over every rock, bush and shard while searching what is the four states; unless the Wolf narrows it down to three.

    Earlier and last week, I asked if perhaps we have been told what the blaze was but had perhaps missed it. I used “Indulgence” as an example… some may not have liked that so how about Tesuque? I also Like Minerva, could it be an owl, Owl Mountain, a boulder, a shadow? A place, person, object, Idk? IMO we have been given a clue, a hint, maybe a name?

    I hope this mirror thing is a red fish, I won’t know whether or not to look quickly down or up?

    Charlie I’m curious what the numbers say?
    Mark H.

    • Mark H i thank you the compliment. we think with a few certain words in the poem we were told how to recognize the blaze. he showed people on his website what it will look like.
      it tooks YEARS of research for us to figure this out.
      along with the above we have four to five pages of clues he has given on blogs, news stories, interviews, question etc. that is total of at least thirty clues, the 9 clues from poem, 6 keys words in poem that help, three pictures in TTTC book, one picture on website.
      a grand total of 49 pieces that we can tied together to each other several times with no stretching. we may have only formed a rope to hang us with.
      now whether we have tied all this together to form the right solve we don’t know and WILL NOT know until we put boots on ground to test this. we can follow a map to the exact spot to look for the blaze. will we recognize it who knows?
      WE WILL NOT KNOW till we go later this year. we don’t have 10 – 12 days to spare right now.

      • HELLO… wildbirderntex
        Think it’s a lot easier when you know the answer.
        lots of clues but we are all headless untill something stands out.
        My solve is suffering as Internet down BT sorting it out Friday only got iPhone and struggling to get a google account… I’m a caveman.
        Hope I’m not being too presumptuous but will take up the offer I just can’t figure out FB!:-(
        Are you right about what you want with me being in to it is it best plan you have but need to figure out timeline or whatever it is you do on it.
        Yep madness set in family members leaving one by one:-)
        Mental note must try harder

      • There are some things Odd about the bird on the moon picture. I am not sure if the artist was saving time, or if forrest did a little work on any pictures. But look at the larger lumber Jack, moon picture. On the left side the stars are double from top to bottom. see the sweeping? than look at the other side you exactly the same!, only one time there. Its Strange! Also there are repeats of the stumps, some smaller than others. Very digital art on what appears to be hand drawn. Also other photo’s are mirrored pictures, one drawing has 3 of the same people in one picture. Check it out. I have to go get my book to see the pages. Its so interesting…Have others seen this on the stars?

      • dont toss part solves and keep notebook with you all the time so if you think of something jot it down and you can check it later. i have killed a least ten or more notebooks in 6 month.

    • Oh Yes Thanks fenntreasure. That was nice of you to say that!
      Its going to be a mad race to the treasure really soon! I am so looking forward to it. What state are you going for? I am thinking Wyoming now….Why must I go? ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. For Sure….worth thinking about fenntreasure! I agree! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of great idea’s!

  62. Thank you!
    Yep IMO it doesn’t matter if your in Cody or with dal on the Madison, without the correct Brown or Blaze there will still be work! I guess most of us hope that when we see IT… we will know?
    I have to also say… and it is only an opinion, the reason one won’t just happen on the box… is because there is probably more work to be done after looking down???
    Treasure hunt n’ ain’t easy!
    Mark H.

    • sir i am asking anyone who wants contact hubby and me mostly me to now instead to use my email we would like to keep face to our church friends, private friends and close family. i don’t want talk about people behind backs. its for chit chatting and not for meanest either. nothing should be shared there that cannot be shared here.

    • Mark, agree, more to do at the spot. I’m still with the island in the middle of a lake thing. Looking down might be a reflection, or just turning over a large boulder. If people are not going to happen upon it, seems like a large boulder may answer that. Pretty much anything else has a slight chance of being found by someone other than a searcher.
      The blaze, i’m thinking a rock shaped like an “m”. Water reflection would make a 8 on it’s side. Could be a “lazy” 2, I think you’ll know it when you see it, boots on the ground.

  63. dal, Gypsy…
    I’d have to have one of those cool miner hats like f has to be on the big screen. Heck I’ll need the whole set up. A miners pick ax J, a shovel B, panning equipment (metal detector), and of course camping equipment… two cans of pepper or bear spray, and a donkey or is it a burro to carry all my gear as I walked the high desert in search of secrets new and old. Oh ya snake boots. I have the compass!
    If they’ll drop a dime for this and chow… I’m in! All smiles!
    Mark H.

    • I think I’ll take New Mexico this time and give dal the snow in Montana haha I’m with you mark in the desert I’ll grab my boots ๐Ÿ™‚ and bandana and back pack .

      • I’m honored!
        We will need two or more of everything then depending on how many would join! Maybe different colored bandanas for different hunters?
        f, this could possibly knock that thousand year goal down to only hundreds?
        Mark the prospector!

        • I am a prospector too….Rocks and Gold…Found lots of Beautiful Rocks and Crystal, not much Gold. But I am a hoping!

    • Hey, I was talking about that last month….Remember I wanted a Donkey for my birthday? I didn’t get it. Dang. But I don’t think you need it to find the treasure. Maybe help carry it, but when you are leaving the woods with the treasure. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself….Tarry Scant!!!!

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