Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty Five…


APRIL 2015


Here’s a short documentary that Iron Will made. Where was I when they were handing out this kind of talent? f

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  1. Iron will

    That was BIG you did a amazing job putting that together. I loved it. You did it for a special man, and Forrest has surely lived. 🙂 Beautiful Beautiful job 😉
    It is touching to the heart. Thank u for sharing such great talent. 🙂

  2. Forrest, you were writing a incredible poem and creating a adventure for all.
    Whenever they came up with that talent 🙂

  3. Great photos depicting your life, Forrest! Iron Will, you made a fantastic video, and I especially loved the music! Can you tell me who the singer/songwriter is?

  4. Made me cry too Lou Lee. Beautifully done Iron Will. That was clearly made with love. Forrest, you are greatly admired and loved by many.

  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. The song is “I Lived” by One Republic. There was more to the gift that I sent him… that was one piece of it. All totaled, took about 45 hours to put everything together. I think the video took about 6 hours. 🙂

    • I looked up the lyrics to the song and you did a terrific job of matching images of Forrest and his life to the lyrics. The image transitions in the video were interesting and really well done. Thanks for putting it together!

  6. Full respect to ironmanwill!
    Perfect song choice and what a life ff has had.
    Feeling not worthy of this chase.
    Well done.

      • Raven
        Appreciate that, Thank you.
        Feel like I should put more effort in but time is hard to find as everyone knows.
        Your name has just reminded me of something that happened 2 weeks ago…
        Just been to the gym with a friend that want to join me on a trip to search…after gym went to a bar for a beer/chat about planning search…like you do…after leaving we were stood outside a store saying our goodbyes when I got hit on the head by what felt like a rock!
        It wasn’t it was a large piece of moss (only moss but really hurt?)
        Looked up and there was a Raven looking down at me staring me out! Unbelievable! We both laughed it off I was using bad language tut tut and having a go at the Raven when my friend pointed out it was a jackdor! Now that was really embarrassing as I was a bird watcher as a kid! Never got into soccer…
        Anyway thanks again friend.

  7. Wow…truly awesome…so much so I had to immediately watch it a second time. Love the dog barking at the beginning…each time I started the video, my dog got up and looked out the window. One of the best things ever posted on the blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well done, Will.
    The talent you demonstrated with the video proves that what may be glaringly absent in most of your endeavors can be compensated for in another area.
    And it appears you may have gotten a compliment from Forrest, if not Brownie points! 🙂

  9. That was excellent, IronWill!
    A great tribute to a great man!

    I can’t fathom where you came up with 6 hours of this good stuff.
    Is there any chance you or Mr. Fenn could post the full version somewhere? 🙂

    • That was the full version of the video ….it took 6 hours to edit it, find the pictures online, gather everything up, resize pics for each scene, timing and all.

      The other 39 hours is a color pencil portrait of Forrest fishing by the Firehole River with Tesuque with the poem micro-burned in the wood frame around the picture. It’s not like super professional or anything but it still looks nice 😉

  10. Fantastic job Iron Will! Forrest, from a young man who told his teacher, ” I don’t even suspect any thing”, just know that tonight when you lay down to rest, that you have touched so many people on many levels. You may never know their names or their stories but you have changed lives by your kindness and generosity. You sir are a gift.

    • Joyce, you said it True, Great job iron will, and Forrest, you have touched and enriched soo many lives with yours. Thank You !

  11. very nice work,loved the pictures,well mr. forrest you were very handsome,and still still beautiful as always.lovely couple,you two.she’s been right there all the time.what such beautiful memories you two must have together,that only you two know about,you complete each other to no end.after all these years,its her strength that still carries you.

  12. Iron Will,

    Did you make the 4:20 length on purpose ? re: 42 and 24

    Even so, 4:20 containing 17 lines of the poem.

    And, 4:20 reduces to 1:5, which would give an overlap on the lines 4 and 5.

    • Super, Iron Will.

      You know, being honored with a scrapbook is cool, but especially
      # 135


      “go in peace”


      by the way, please don’t send Forrest any e-mails about lines 4 and 5 … he’s pretty smart, and we don’t need anymore competition. 🙂

  13. Wow, makes it difficult to not be envious of FF. Who do many think FF is?, obviously someone special, and like the many from various walks of life who share this amazing thrill together in all kinds of fashion.

    Enjoyed the video IronWill!


  14. Iron Will, as everyone else has said, you did a fantastic job on that. I loved it, the song and the photos and video, it all went together nicely. A great tribute! One Republic is one of my faves.

  15. I don’t know why…but I find myself watching this video over an over.

    When I hear it on the radio …. I stop what I’m doing to enjoy it.

  16. Fantastic job Iron Will,, Watching the video again reminds me of why we are all in the chase. It is the thrill it brings us. Thank You Forrest for bringing out the Indiana Jones in all of us.

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