Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty Six…


APRIL 2015


I want to thank Justin Watts for sending me this article about my father. It appeared in the 1954 edition of The Waco News Tribune in Earl Golding’s Field & Stream column. Was he a fisherman or what. f


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  1. Great article. Makes me want to go fishing. Funny that there are Easter ads in the paper, as I read this on Easter Sunday. Wish you could still buy a suit that cheap!
    Justin Watts, if you are out there, When did you send f this article?
    Thanks! Happy Easter to all.

  2. Forrest… Without question… A master fisherman indeed!
    Makes me think of that ancient proverb… “Like father, like son.”
    Happy Easter 🙂

  3. “It is a good life” indeed. What a great dad to have. I had a baseball hat with a Loe’s patch on it that I wore for years…….Good memories of Texoma.

    The first time I watched the start of a bass fishing tournament was at Texoma…..It wasn’t at all what I expected.

  4. What a nice gift. I recently received some photos of my parents standing close together when they were young and obviously in love. I had never seen these pics before. They were divorced when I was 12 and my mom died when I was 20 . My Dad is gone now too. For whatever reason all of the pictures of them together had disappeared over the years until I received these pics. I now can smile back at them every time I look at their picture where it sits on my desk. Its a lovely feeling.

  5. Thanks for sharing a great article. After reading it I closed my eyes and memories of long past fishing days came flooding back. I can see to lightly overcast skies, and hear the babble of the stream.

    Thank you.

  6. That would make Forrest 24 with 3 years in the Air Force. I wonder if Forrest seen that article before it was sent to him today?

    • I have read this article before and knowing Forrest as a collector I assumed he might have a clipping in a scrapbook somewhere . “Man,that country up just want to stay the rest if your life.”

  7. Dear ff, Thanks for the more insight on family life in Ystone. Maybe a cabin or two still remains, but how would we know? I’m just kind of curious why that red fire hydrant is still sitting where a town no longer exists..(from another time and place.)

  8. It was my pleasure to send to Forrest.. And I’m glad he posted to share with you all. I just was lucky to come across it the other day. It always feels good to find something!! : )
    Happy Easter!

    • Thank you Justin! Great find!!! I love the thrill of finding things as well. How did you find it ?It reminds me of the micro films they used to have in libraries???

  9. nice story.west Yellowstone,montana,that is too far to walk.montana is way up there.are you saying mr. forrest ,that the cabin that is in your book that says mothers house,was your cabins in you still own them.or the land?just asking.

  10. I am popping over to the west coast of the penisula of Florida on Wednesday ….. The eighth…
    If any of you florida seekers want to get together for chat…. Hard Rock…. My treat… Smiles….

  11. My older brother took me fishing with neon yellow glitter bait. We caught ZERO trout. Those few fish that did take a nibble were too wise to fall for the fake stuff in the end.

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