The Nine Clues…….Part Fortyfour


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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    • Spallies, have you read the book I gave you in another comment? It seems like I’ve given away a very huge thing. Message me on FB and I’ll tell you what page…

  1. I have to ask myself am I spending to much time going down route 666 seeking mans gold and telling myself this is for Mother Nature and the gold ? not the real treasure of this world. Just an open thought.

    • Are you spending to much time or too much time or tooo much time? Is that 6 a triple or a tripple or a trippple 6 ? (I always thought the word “triple should have THREE p’s.)
      Ask yourself, a) Am I getting enough out of this to -too -tooo justify what I put in it? 2) Whose gold are you REALLY seeking ? Think about that one. And 6.1) How do YOU measure success or failure in your endeavours ?

      There’s some really fine rifles what came out of Sharpsburg….

      • I apologize for my bad English grammar and poorly written blog piratejim, and to or two or too those of you who attended Jr. college or maybe a university and received a real edumacation, studying the use of that triple threat of to -too or -tooo’s two, I will try to,too,two do better next time.

        And for the rest of us un-edumacatided, we will have to struggle thru life wondering who’s gold am I really seeking, and how do you measure success or failure.

        • either Steve Mcqueen or Paul Newman i believe it was Paul said in an interview about car racing that he doesn’t care what other driver are doing he is racing HIMSELF. he was trying to do better than he did before. everyone has gifts.

        • Sharps,
          Try not to be too sensitive when I become Mr. Proper Grammar Editor Person. The new internet lookity up devices are helping us throw away the English language. Your thoughts are valid.

          • Until such time you become the Grammar Sheriff around here.. I would suggest you resist roasting other people’s grammar.
            And if you have no-self control displaying your wares, for all to see, do it in a constructive manner.
            And by the way, I hope you are not including me when you say “helping US throw away the English language”. Also….which English language are you speaking of ?

          • dont let anyone send you off course. who cares if you don’t use good grammar. i stink at it too. i write most of my emails and post here in Word then copy here or i would be worse off than i am. it takes a minute but helps.

          • @ Piratejim,

            since you have appointed yourself PGEP…does this mean that you will be “correcting” Mr f as well…? We all know how he likes to misspell words and he even likes to make up his own words.

            Question…if Mr f makes up his own word…how will you know if he spelled it correctly…??? :mrgreen:

    • Sharps I’ve driven the devils highway many times from Gallop, NM to Monticello, UT. People claim some very strange things happening on that road; but nothing weird happened to me all those times; and I drove it at all hours of the day at one time or another, I guess I’m boring.

      You can’t drive it any more; they changed the name from 666 to 491. There used to be a sign in Gallop that said former 666 right below the 491 sign; I don’t know if it’s still there.

      It’s off the treasure map, so the chest is not on 666. I suppose it could begin on 666, if you believe all of the clues are not located in the search area.

        • There is a mountainous area that has a trail that was noted on older maps as 666 but now noted as a loop trail on the newer maps. This area I have not totally written off.

        • did you stuff we found on stars were you looking at stars. i nearly fell out of my chair never got the stars clue did pick up brown being used in book a bunch and the number seven.

    • if you are having fun and not hurting your life then keep doing it or take a few months break. i did for about 8 month then sorted all my info and cleaned trash from computer got fresh start. if you are not getting along with family, spending bill money, endangering your job or marriage then maybe quit or cut back. everyone needs a dream.

    • I know how frustrating partial solves can be. Keep knocking rocks together and you might get that aha moment. I’ve noticed a lot of folks here holding out for spring. Just one more time 🙂 I know the feeling. For myself though I’ve placed things on hold till the future maybe.

    • chad if you are stalled my question is do you have a file of your papers, copied pages, maps etc. i found a small rolling open file shelf. its about two feet long, as wide as a folder, and has two racks. i kept my taxes for my businesses, house bills, my sons papers, and there is room for TC stuff. i have stopped looking for 8 months so i went through all our stuff and organized it. maps, trails, etc. we didnt throw anything away unless it was dup. everything we thought was junk went in to junk folders i think there is three of them. reviewing the junk and good leads refreshed our ideas. i hope this helps cool thing is it can be rolled anywhere to work and out of sight.

      • i forgot to mention really important things certain maps and trail maps are in a folders in protective sheets for quick finds, definitions, poem yes i am a paper killer. but i use a lot of my toss pages for scrap paper for notes until they are researched or typed up. i am very organized but house is very dusty.

          • NO!!!! no not that. i am kinda crazy i have VERY neat closets, drawers, etc. vacuuming and dusting are not fun. i have hard time with repetitive things because of severe ADD. but i can hyper focus on the smallest detail.

          • we are still hopeful with our solve but the person we share info with who is not interested in TC found a small chink in our chain of places and things for our solve. while working on that small question found three thing to support our solve but still need to find fix for the chink.
            he has a PHD in physics and he is tough.

          • i bet everybody knows this but i didn’t and just case there is one who doesn’t. i have been going nutter trying to find info on old and new blogs. hubby show me you can push control button and F and a search box will come up in the corner. type a phrase or word and it will show you every place it appears or no it doesnt. its great on pages that have search boxes these pages does. makes search web pages easier.

          • Hi Marie
            I didn’t but don’t really want to re read my old text lol
            Cheers that will be a big help.
            Got Internet fixed today so will also make life easier from where I’m sat.
            Engineer found it funny that daisy nibbles our rabbit had chewed through cable…
            Think I’m going to sit back and relax as I continue my solve
            pressure to find my dead end gets to me sometimes.

          • we HAD a cat that chewed all kinds of wires and we when to pet store and got Apple Yuck. DO NOT GET ON HANDS AND EAT!!!!! she still chewed a few but in helped. we hung Christmas lights all over that in hope she would chew them instead and even had some plugged in . NEVER touch them. between computer, phone charges, other charges, phone cords to house phones she destroyed over thousand dollars worth of cords. she had F.L. and died five yrs after we found her.

          • if you are going back in FF pages or on of the blog to find something to verify it helps or if you paull a loooong doc. and don’t want to read whole thing you can to do it. before hubby show me this i dont know how many websites i read only to find they didnt discuss what i was looking for or how many sites i recheck to find they had something. useful tool to cut down on eye strain.

          • anyone Hubby wants to take our boston terrier/chihuahua mix or Bosahuahua on our trip. He is twenty pounds. hubby thinks he would scare bears away and i think he will be a before dinner snack. we will keep him on a leash so we dont lose him and he is chipped. not sure good idea. he’s not a bad bed warmer either. however we may stay in a couple of hotels instead of camping early sept can be chilly in mountains.

          • Marie, I’ve checked a few motels that are in my search area and even though generally those motels take pets, these particular ones only allow service dogs. It would be a good idea to look up the motels in your search area that you might stay in to see if they are pet friendly. It looks like we will not be able to stay any where very close to our area with our dogs and we don’t camp with them when we travel. Hope you have better luck then we did!

          • Marie, have you ever tried a shock collar? There are 2 kinds of electric fences that work with those collars. Some friends have a base unit that can send out a warning sound if the dog gets too far away from the base unit and will only shock if they don’t heed the warning and continue on their path. They take their dog camping with them all the time and he never gets too far away from the base unit. (I believe it plugs into a cigarette lighter in their SUV). There’s a bit of training to do with the dog before taking them camping though. We use the wire that can be buried in the ground for our 2 German Shepherds at our cabin, (although we didn’t bury the wire , just laid it on top of the ground in a big circle of about 200 feet in diameter), and it works great. They have gotten shocked a few times but the amount of shock is adjustable. A lesser expensive way might be to string a wire between 2 trees and attach a lead to it so the dog can walk around a bit. Our dogs did not like that method at all. Good luck no matter what you decide!

          • thanks for info i am more worried about leaving him in hotel and him barking every thing.

          • Most motels/hotels we have stayed at do not want you to leave your dog in the room alone so we take our dogs with us and leave them in the truck when we go to dinner or take them on a leash if we are searching. I’m thinking of getting this fan to put in the truck camper shell window to keep the dogs cooler in warmer weather.


          • we have nicknamed one of the small dogs Bark o Matic. You too can own a bark o matic just 19.95 guaranteed to bark at the wind, cats, firetruck just about anything. will cause headaches, bad nerves, and hoarseness.

    • Chad, whenever I want to solve a problem the best thing I can do is to stop thinking about it. Stop reading, stop searching out info, just stop. Then go outside to a calm, quiet spot and breathe. If you can’t get your mind to quiet, repeat the following meditation:

      “The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path I walk in peace. With each step, a gentle wind blows.
      With each step, a flower blooms.”

      It always works for me. Whenever I go to the Dr. and get my blood pressure checked it is usually very high (white coat syndrome). I then do my meditation and it always drops to normal range. My Doctor thinks its amusing and always checks it twice just to see if its still works. Hope it works for you. Sometime you just have to free up some space in your head to let something new to enter.

      • Raven,
        I must have been on your brain’s wavelength this morning. I know my little brain doesn’t have the power to reach that far, so you couldn’t have been receiving mine.
        Any way, the first is a little poem on thinking similar to what you’ve described, and the second is a poetic riddle just for off-topic fun.

        An open mind is one quite still,
        A free mind, it takes more will;
        To free the mind, cast out what’s taught,
        Break free the chains in which it’s caught.
        A mind that’s free is slow in thought,
        And one that is encumbered not.
        And when it stops, it’s free to go,
        A gentle push is all to show
        One a strange world of places new
        That none have Seen, or perhaps few.
        So guide it gently here and there,
        Go forward slowly with great care:
        A prancing butterfly aloft
        Playing with Spring’s breeze, so soft.

        Riddle (Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien)
        I am the scourge of humankind,
        From me, vice manifests.
        I slither where a feeble mind
        Lies open to my quests;
        To plant a seed, a vile need,
        And nurture with great heed.

        And with each seed, another spore
        To carry forth the woe.
        Always in search of more and more,
        For virtue is my foe.

        I’ve many faces, just one goal:
        To break the weakest-souled.
        Consume one mind, absorb one soul,
        May pain ten million-fold.

        But there are those I cannot seed,
        They’re strong as they are wise;
        And these are those I can’t let lead,
        In wisdom, they’ve no ties.

        One thing, from which great evils stem,
        The peoples’ blindness binds them.
        One thing, such strength that all may fall;
        One thing to rule them all.

          • Thanks, Raven. Your thoughts on meditation/easing the mind are very enlightening, and you’re very quick with riddles! I know I don’t come close to matching Forrest’s proficiency, but you solved that too easily – it was supposed to be at least a little challenging. Yes, it’s greed.
            Good Luck in your Search

        • Joe & Raven, interesting thoughts and poetry. Let’s expand our minds:
          Greed rears its head in many forms, not simply for gold, but desirous of glory, fame, fixation on things, Unhealthy attachment to anything is a form of greed.

          • Anna,
            Agree with all. All things in moderation, but we’re human after all, and most important, I believe, is to prevent it from overwhelming common sense, thereby harming others. One other thought: the greed most dangerous to humanity is that which negatively affects millions. Much going on in the world and here at home….

          • thank you’ll for reminding me about greed. it can get anyone. i have a problem and i cant solve it without doing something that would be WRONG to do. we must just sit tight till later when we can do this right. stop worrying if it will still be there either it will be or it wont. FOUR plus long months to wait and watch. and i thought it was tough in winter waiting but now its nerve wracking.

          • Yep better get boots on ground just hope it’s not loads of hiking as knees bad I can’t hike too far
            Good luck

          • do you walk where you live? i having to up my walking. there is a hill over by the college that we are going to go walk. go on line and find some range of motion exercises for your knees and maybe your hips. these get your joint stable and strong without damage kind of like what physical therapy would do. me its my knees too and for hubby he has a hip replacement.

        • I apologize for failing to mention in the original post that, in the riddle above, there is a wee bit o’ plagiarism from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Sorry, and rest in peace, Mr. Tolkien.

        • Okay, sorry for being anal about this, but some things are a work-in-process, and most things remain a work-in-progress. I believe Raven hit on an important aspect of resolving the poem in her post above, and my little poem was in response to her, IMHO, sage advice.

          I re-read the poem a few times and made some changes. I swear I won’t make any more (the original posts are above in this thread), and I apologize for the number of off-topic posts:

          An open mind is slow, not still,
          A free mind, it takes more will;
          To free the mind, cast out what’s taught,
          Break free the chains in which it’s caught.
          A mind will free when slow in thought
          And when it is encumbered not.
          And when it stills, urge it to go,
          A gentle push and it will show
          One a strange world of places new
          That none have Seen, or perhaps few.
          So guide it gently here and there,
          Go forward slowly with great care:
          A prancing butterfly aloft
          Playing with Spring’s breeze, so soft.

  2. Hit a dry spell? Consider the caution in stanza 6 to ‘listen good’. Imagine that ‘So Hear me all’ might be ‘So Herma all’. Then Wiki Hermes the son of Zeus, (not the French Hermes), and also other Hermes related words such as Herma, and hermeneutic, etc. A herma is a stone boundary or intersection marker. So what is that stone thing Fenn stands behind in Scrapbook 126? Looks like a boundary marker to me. Could ‘So hear me all’ really be, ‘So herma all”? Or — South boundary marker L or LL?
    Heres a revealing wiki clip on the attributes and symbols of Hermes: “…. several of his characteristic objects are present as identification, but not always all together. Among these objects is a WIDE-BRIMMED HAT, the Petasos, …”
    Also from Wiki/Hermes… “Due to his constant mobility, he was considered the god of commerce social intercourse, the WEALTH BROUGHT IN BUSINESS, especially sudden or unexpected enrichment, TRAVEL, ROADS & CROSSROADS, BORDERS & BOUNDARY conditions or transient, the changes from the threshold, agreements and contracts, friendship, hospitality, sexual intercourse, games, data, the draw, GOOD LUCK, …. In addition to serving as messenger to Zeus, Hermes carried the souls of the dead to Hades, and directed the DREAMS sent by Zeus to mortals.”
    My trifling in Hermes history found many TTOTC associations, maybe yours will too. Anyhow, it opened up new avenues of thought. Good Luck…from Hermes.

    • Don’t forget “hermaphrodites” …… and keep the social intercourse separate from the other kind. 🙂

    • CS: “So what is that stone thing Fenn stands behind in Scrapbook 126?” Agreed there are many connections to Hermes… The Petaso / Hat reference is interesting, as is the L or LL South boundary statement…
      Did some Hermes research last year, but I believe the stone thing to be a commemorative stone, or “stele or stelae” which ties to Stella Lake in the picture and also what I believe f was trying to convey in his own little storybook way… “Bear with me” as I just voice my opinion here on this gloomy, stormy morning while sitting on my couch.
      Time for another cup of coffee. Good Morning All 🙂

      • That stone thing appears to be uba tuba granite quarried from Brazil – the same granite in Fenn’s shower stall he beared for all. Look up the southern latitude for UbaTuba, Brazil – it matches or Mirrors northern Latitude which incidentally runs thru the Madison, Gallatin country in Montana. I’ve noticed Fenn likes to match up mirror names, places etc in NM and MT. And on both sides of watershed divides, and in both hemispheres. I’ve charted dozens.

        • The tile in f’s bathroom looks to be marble, not granite. IMO. Ubatuba has more of a speckled appearance where marble is more veined.

          • All the polished Ubatuba Ive seen is in brown tones, and is of a spotty character, not a stripey one. I dont know what it looks like raw & unpolished.
            I’m thinkin’ herma, stelae, & cemetery headstones are all markers of a sort.

          • OS and Andesite, I don’t think it’s important what type of stone, geologically is what’s important, it’s what it represents. Obviously someone has failed in their search and f is telling them that. That’s how I see it.

        • It represents the cemetery. ..more importantly what does the whole picture represent?

      • i think it this is what its called this is short defi of the word and in the synonyms (other words same meaning) the word carin appears. or it could be an obelisk
        a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument.
        synonyms: standing stone, menhir, megalith, sarsen (stone)

        obelisk: a stone pillar, typically having a square or rectangular cross section and a pyramidal top, set up as a monument or landmark.
        synonyms: pillar, column, needle, shaft, monolith, monument
        hope this helps

      • Mike, I think the elements in SB 126 are duplicate references, and’s, not to’s. I don’t think they form a linear trail (I don’t think the poem is a linear trail either, but that’s a different issue). IMO, we’re analyzing a pictorial-phonetic-& logical snapshot. The elements (floppy hat, tall stone, stelea/Stella Lake) are all references for a marker or blaze.
        And to me, these references parallel First Grade… a park/parking place, a sign/marker (by the door?). Possibly factor-in a peace marker too, an olive branch (JC’s arm). It’s a big ball of string to be unraveled knot-by-Gordian knot, or maybe by a ‘bold’ stroke.
        Whats it been, 4-5 years of fun already? Thank you Trickster. (Trickster is also a Hermes attribute.)

        • If I may interject. Forrest daddy was principle and he had a sign or title outside building so seems to me he is saying this.

          Titles should be written in title case. This means only using capital letters for the principal words. Articles, conjunctions, and prepositions do not get capital letters unless they start the title. For example:

          The Last of the Mohicans

          Hence the reason for ALL caps in the school picture and on page 123 of TTOTC

          SO where does this leave us? Well, F knows the title which is also the blaze.

          Thanks for mucking things up OS. Oh yeah IMHO

          • Does he say his dad had a reserved parking space? Makes me wonder if where ff parked is some kind of designate “pull out”. Trailhead maybe? Think this has been discussed before.

    • Many mythological ties. Mine was Hercules, son of Zeus. Why you ask? A treasure story from the Masons of a treasure hidden that corresponded to the constellations. The constellations are associated with oral histories conveyed with the star cluster shapes.It was common before written language to convey stories with shapes like petroglyphs and pictographs, and stars.
      Forrests book and treasure hunt has led many of us down many avenues, learning much about things we never really thought about.

      Many have mentioned his poem reminds them of other treasure hunts. I dont think thats by chance. 🙂

      • Agree Deb,

        There may be another avenue to the solve by way of the stars. Found a lot of Persius,Cetus,Cassiopea,Taurus,Rosetta Nebula,Capella, etc… references. But alot of dead ends. That’s not to say that it is a dead end, just I kept finding them. I still think there is something in the stars, along with masonry, but I take it for what it is , fun,interesting support info. Curious. I agree with all you said, pictographs, stars, constellations, and all. If anything, it’s fun and interesting to research those topics.

        • STARS

          Texas = lone star state (Forrests dad is from there)

          Last chapter TTOTC his dad is looking up at the stars.

          He talks about dancing with the stars. (In fact he talks a great deal about all the Hollywood celebrities he’s met over the years in the scrapbooks)

          Mirror on my wall
          He wanted to be a movie star.

          He owns a flag from Vietnam with a star in the middle.

          • T Coronae Borealis (T CrB), informally nicknamed the Blaze Star,[3] is a recurring nova in the constellation Corona Borealis.
            Theres a WOW!!!!!!!

        • I agree, I had lots of fun researching all those myths and legends. I would take it even farther and say in the tradition of story tellers, Forrest has taught us all with his poem and stories.
          There is more but I think finding it is half the fun! 🙂

          • Hello All! I just finished reading Forrests TTOTC for the first time so I am reading it again because it was so interesting that I don’t want to stop! I would bet he is so neat. Some day I am going to go see some of the places in his book. The pix look beautiful but maybe not easy to get to??? Has anyone been to any of them?

        • Charlie,
          I too want to share something I tried to incorporate into a solve. It too might be of interest even if not relative to the Chase. “The Nine muses” Different lists but here is one of them: Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania. The words look ripe for anagrams, but I found no benefit.

      • If anything yes Forrest has “schooled” us ALL so to speak (in Fennology that is) it’s been fun. Everything has its ups and downs of course. But I’m not sure ALL of us are getting it 🙂

        • Sally I got to part of the last of the mohicans I was a extra I loved it .

        • Hi. I’m sorta knew here. Last of the Mohicans was sweet but ya can t match Dancing with the Stars

      • i was googling star stuff and i think you are onto a vague idea but its important . we never gave much thought to stars until this line of questions and it is hard to find a tread that work but can be done.

    • Os your trail of thought may work. thats how we found our solve using word/idea association. track it down till you end dead end and hope he does come take you away

  3. As relates to nine clues, does anyone have anything to say about :

    Pueblo Twin

    Deb ? Anyone ? I dare a courageous discussion. Not pirate of gold, he thinks I’m a cartoon character. Aren’t we all.

    May take me a while to get back 2 U. Headin’ to the hospital to hopefully spring the little lady today !

  4. I, for one, will not be sky diving to any of the nine clues. So, there is no chance of myself landing on the jail, Amy. Also, Amy, did you happen to see any weather updates? A big snow storm just hit Colorado. Anyone’s search there would very likely (worth) the cold!

    • Slurbs

      (Worth) the Cold. Yes it would be cold, but my translation of cold is something different. So that’s why I wait. Not sure if Forrest wants u to search if there is snow on the ground. I throw my hands up on that one

      • It might be worth the cold and a risky idea to search with snow. If several people are looking at the same area. The RACE is on! I think more of the problem could be the back country roads…….More of a problem than getting out with snow shoes and going into the woods. I have a small hand held metal detector I could use. If needed. But I don’t want to get stuck in a muddy-slushy-snow bank…..So I am going to wait a little while.

        Also, the line: From here its no place for the meek”. One of my solves say’s its up a dirt forrest service road. Which goes with the Answer I got from forrest about having a 4 wheel drive. Being Prepared!
        Be Safe and Smart
        Happy Hunting Everyone!

      • Worth the cold means something different to myself as well, Amy. That snow looked like it hit Wyoming harder than Colorado.

  5. Dal, thanks for starting us anew once again. In your honor, tonight, I shall do something nice for someone else in a pay it forward kind of way.

  6. Has anyone else discovered the map inside of the poem? It took me months of research to plot it correctly. You’ll have to do the work yourselves but it’s there. Combine that with map referenced in totc and you’re 90% “there” IMO

    • Yes, I think the poem is like a map or a trail to be followed. Hope I’m on the right path! 🙂

  7. Hey Andesite, yes I found the map as well. Just like ff said, all you need is the poem. I’m just linking the 039 or 390 from the postage stamps for a closer locality. That aberration is important and lives on the edge where Fenn plays.

    • Mi-Hen, Ha! Keep Driving… Great expectations on these HOB’s you mention, but I’m almost out of gas and the tread on my tires is questionable doing the penny test .
      Great info tho. Thx for sharing.

  8. Taking my gold pan and break-down flyrod on ff hikes for now on hoping one of the those endeavors may prove fruitful. Luck and joy to all!

    • That’s a great idea, Radcrad. I’ve thought about that before, but I never actually brought along a gold pan…although a I own a few…that I’ve never used. I’ve heard that gold can accumulate substantially at the bottom of a waterfall. It’s getting in there that’s the problem, right?

  9. So just why did F say he went alone because we already know he hid the treasure alone ? Could it be that it is such a tight spot that there is room for only one? A kid might have an advantage F said and added but don’t ask me why. Maybe it is time to ask why? Why would f say alone?

    • Why? …..How would you have known that he went ‘alone’ if he hadn’t of told us or if the poem hadn’t said so?

      The area were he hid the chest, IMO, was a place he not only went to by himself, but was also somewhere he had been before, …..alone. Otherwise, someone in his family or a friend would know about it, unless of course, they are …..dead. Two can keep a secret though, right, if one is…..? 🙂

      • And it could be a ‘tight spot’, who knows? …..but I don’t think that is necessarily what he is referring to, …..and one reason is because of his use of “as”.

      • Well if it is not to keep his secret(and it very well may be) why else ? “As” suggests you may have to do it alone too but why? and as you say he did give us an answer. Just trying to link his “Kids” thing to alone…like a place he went as a kid and later hid the chest (little caves would be special for a child but not noticed by a adult) or adults might not want to enter just to small plus snakes or rats ? Hob ,No place for the meek, Brave also done it tired plus too far to walk so maybe crawl? just be careful you never know who might of gone in and not come out :-)..the end is ever drawing nigh 🙂 ever heard of a DEAD end

        • Hey, to each there own. 🙂 Like I said, the “where” doesn’t necessarily have to mean the EXACT spot that he put it, … could also the area it is in “where” not only do some/most/all of other clues exist, but also “riches new and old”. But it could perhaps mean the EXACT spot? Who knows? …..just expressing another theory on it. Best to keep all options open. 🙂

      • That’s the problem with this stuff, a guy puts all the efort in the world into his solve and finds out that it’s not right. Off course it’s not Fenn’s fault but it still stings.

        • Yeah, it’s tough. But look at it this way, …..if anyone gets any closer than has already been, …..they probably will have found the chest. 🙂

    • I didn’t know that until now. However I have found something similar. Estoy sonriendo de oreja a oreja!

      • Take a look at this…..X.Y.Z. ? Have you found this? I have.
        Its the end of the beginning…..That is what forrest has talked about too.

        Lou Lee, Chased by brown bears in jellystone park and I am not afraid anymore.

      • some guy calling himself james bond also told me i would find nothing there, nothing at all.

        then he gave me the finger. that was rude. i should have given him a dos of his own medicine, but i didn’t

        • Lol, Chris. I see where you are. Very interesting and a possible good spot although the area has been searched a lot. But you can walk right by the treasure if you don’t know how and where to look.
          Have you seen the same blaze I have there?
          I would like to see it in person so I could determine where down is.

          • I will reiterate: this area is not included on the TFTW map so why is anybody looking here at all?

          • are you an ex seabee. my hubby use to do US Naval Sea Cadet program. unit Halsey and Boyington.and before that the Forrestal in FT Worth i hope spelled that right.

          • Seabee, Chris wasn’t exactly giving literal coordinates. Use your imagination and think in mirrors, and you will see what we see.
            I’m not sure about the location, but something I found there deserves a second look.
            So, thanks Chris! 🙂

          • thanks Mindy. im not sure whetherill be including this in my poem solve but it is something worth considering imo

            no i would not search there of course cuz its not in the “treasure chest area” but i might stop by to check it out. you know just to say hi an bye then off to look for the treasure

  10. Have you ever asked yourself “why” ff has really left the chest? Why he has said he “thought of everything”? Then IMHO… If he has done both, he really isn’t concerned that the government will get it no matter how they try. He wouldn’t chance that. So there is only one way, if you find the chest, that you can have no worries about keeping it. Have you figured it out? I think I have. It’s not as simple as the term ” I give you title to the gold!” It’s other. Without a dought in my mind he has no question as to how the “finder” will maintain the “possession”…. Ever… Under any circumstance.

    Famous quote from Fenn… ” think about that ! ”

    I put this on legal Ponderings as well.

        • the lawyer we consulted said the reason Mr. F placed TC on Government land and then abandon it is because the laws are very clear. that you may claim it after it is turn in to the law and after the states waiting period it yours. be prepared to prove where you found it. pictures of TC, landmarks in picture and GPS will help. prove where you found it. that way if its close to a border line someone who own that land can claim it

          • Thanks for your help bird lover
            If I ever
            Make it over to you’ll buy you a bud

          • thank you very much Sir but i have a bad liver and a bub is out of question and when i did drink i drank Shiner Bock Dark. water anyone?

          • without telling the lawyer to much since you live in a different country as to what the taxes there would be. you might get bit the state you find it in and jolly old England. i hung up on several lawyers who wanted to much info and had several hang up on me. mine i think might be our spokesperson just for the news coverage. we will get it in writing first.

      • When I find the treasure. I am going to secret it away. And marvel gaze for along time…..No need to let the government in on it….right….!

      • the minute anyone tries to sell/trade anything from TC big brother will know. there are people that are watch gold sells in hope of finding the person who finds the TC. it cannot be kept as secret. unless you want to just hide it in your house.

    • James I am not sure if I am understanding what you mean by that can u explain

    • if he buried on Government and you unburied and take it your next search might in Leavenworth. i have plans to take that trip or search and if it’s on private land the owner owns it. we believe on government land four of our searcher we tossed because of this including Lucero Mt.

  11. Has anyone else heard F say he believes the chest to be worth less then 3 million? I have but it could contain directions to something of value…this could just be a big tale.
    .think Please handle with care

    • i am not sure of worth because values of gold go up and down. artifacts can have very large value like Jade from China but as the trend wears away it might lose some of it value. it all will depend on market values of each item.

      • Yea was wondering why the jade is from China but maybe cause its more valuable…harder to get ?

        • if i read correctly a lot of China finest and most valuable jade pieces have been taken from the country/sold. so now the Chinese people are trying to buy it back to have this beautiful piece of their history. like Egypt is trying to have a lot of their artifact returned to them.

    • Hello, Pieces. I have never heard Forrest say anything like that. I understand that he does not want to place a value on it. My 2 cents is that it’s priceless. Why? He said himself that a piece of his soul is in there. How much is that worth? More than words…

      The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
      Hath had elsewhere its setting,
      And cometh from afar:
      Not in entire forgetfulness,
      And not in utter nakedness,
      But trailing clouds of glory do we come
      From God, who is our home:

      – William Wordsworth

      • JC
        Its Worth the Cold
        Right 🙂
        The chest is priceless and the poem is absolutely amazing . 🙂

        • It sure is, Amy. The whole shebang is one for the record books. Imagine the media stir if/when the chest is ever found. I wish you luck in Colorado. I still think the Treasure is in New Mexico. I hope to make another trip there as soon as I can. 🙂

          You know how it is. I wish you luck. I hope eventually it’s one of us diehards.

          Yippee Ki Yay… 🙂

          • New Mexico this is Colorado:)

            Thank u for wishing me luck in Colorado ( that’s the state it’s in) lol

            Yes I sure hope one of us Diehards on this blog discovers it. 🙂

            When I post my solve you will see why I say Colorado from my beginning to the end it flows together.

            It’s kinda like flipping that quarter you want heads or tails 🙂
            Lol ha ha

    • We have had doubts to and i gave up for a year. i have a friend who swears its all a hoax and anyone looking is a fool. when we search we search knowing all our work could could be worthless so we try to visit our places with a lightheart with a little touch OMG what if we find it, we birdwatch, do other thing while there and have fun. we by the way are broken hearted that hubby just started a job and we can’t go till Aug or Sept. i can still go to rock hound and the enchanted circle but most of the birds will be gone and the site in our other state may have to be scrapped due to weather. oh well if its meant to be we will find it no matter what happens.

      • I believe I remember an interview where they were asking if it was worth 5 million or more…and I think he said “I don’t think it’s worth that much” , then made a comment to the tune of “let me know if it gets to 7 million and I’ll go back and get it”.

      • news people have put some values on the TC base on what has been said was in the box. mainly the gold. a bronze box from around 1100 AD should be worth quite a bit but it will all be about the market value. potato chips on line shaped like some person have brought some weird money and others zip. who knows what people will pay or buy.

  12. Another Nine Clues… I need to go back to school. I still have the same email address..uhg.

    • lol, that show cracks me up. “Dern bigfoots workin’ with them there chupacabras”. Dang bigfoot is garden that dern ff treasure, Trapper.rofl…

    • I can’t wait to go see this! I have been looking at it for two years. I have learned about this and other Great Places while doing my research! I counted it out because it was not warm, however maybe it is and I don’t know it? I wonder how many searchers have gone alone in there? lol
      I will keep my monster spray handy!

    • the coordinates are for the intelligent and open minded only

      i cant say why. its a special secret

      that looks like a fun place, ur coordinates. never been there but ive been to Disneyland many times. my fondest memories are at the mickey d’s across the street

      • Lol, Chris…open minded or deep minded? Did you know about the “quake” in your spot and did you see the “blaze” it caused? One pic in particular on GE is very interesting…
        I don’t if I’ll get by round that place. It might be fun to hunt for pretty rocks there too…

      • Well that’s me! Ha. I remember a Super player here telling me not to forget this area Chris… thanks for your input…
        I guess I’m east, but am flexible as well.

        Disney is kinda interesting in that it has thunder mountain, Alice in Wonderland, The Phantom, Tom Sawyer, and a host of others..
        The Tom Sawyer ride has a recording by or about the unsinkable Molly Brown… Hmmm it could be at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?
        I could go on but you get it, there are so many coincidences it’s crazy… I can make my backyard work if I try hard enough.

        f’s Poem is truly too much…

        So… IDK… but

        NM was healing and prosperous. A place where he raised his family and made some great friends. A place in which he was familiar enough to write books about what he loves the most. I think the smells, sounds, taste, and sense of being and feeling at home are NM. That’s IMO his Disneyland!
        Mark H.

  13. So I started my day off at the OJO Caliente Hot Spring and followed the Rio Grande Down past the Ohkay Owingeh Peublo (Brown Home) (place of strong people)until I reach Santa Fe trail Road.(Blaze) It was the end of the day when I got to 1021 Old Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe NM. I met an older lady at the door who said :

    “Has my old man been at it again. I told him to stop telling those stories of treasure, but if you want it, it is in the basement hidden under a brown tarp with a few sticks of wood holding the tarp on.” It is cold down there and you will need to be brave due to the spiders that are constantly crawling around. Here’s a flashlight to blaze the way down the stairs. While you are down there could you wash my heavy loads of clothing . Be sure the water level is high on the washing machine. If you see forrest, just give him a marvel gaze and be tarry scant as you leave in peace.”

    Found another white blaze on the santa cruz river heading to chimayo. Anyone know of abandoned pueblos there?

  14. I can surely say that the Adventure is addicting it’s nothing like AAA meetings it’s BBB
    ( Beautiful Beyond Belief) 🙂
    Forrest thank u for the directions 🙂

  15. pg 62 TTOTC Donnie says “If we don’t change course soon we’ll end up where we’re going.”
    I relate that statement and “the end is ever drawing neigh” to a paved road taking you north in Idaho towards Challis and Salmon. As you travel and look forward to where you are going, it would appear that the road simply leads you to a walled off cliff abutting the unpassable mountains. But when you finally get there, you see the road leads you through a narrow slot canyon pass that can’t be seen until you are there. It has been there forever and I’ve seen the pictures of Model T and Model B Fords that have passed through the canyon.
    Scale it down, make the road a footpath, and there you have what ff is telling you. You need to leave the path to see the way through. Others have turned around and retraced their steps, within 500, 100 and less feet of the end of their quest.

    • try googling that phrase “If we don’t change course soon we’ll end up where we’re going.” there is a lot out there using it and may have something to do Lao Tzu was a philosopher and poet of ancient China.

    • It’s a take on Yogi… and it’s not the only one that Forrest did.

      Examples –
      Yogi: “No matter where you go, there you are”;
      Forrest’s take, as in above, attributed to Donny.

      Yogi:”When you come to a fork in the road, take it!”;
      Forrest: “When we got to a fork in the road we would take it together if you know what I mean”

      Yogi: “I never said most of the things I said”;
      Forrest take, “I wish I could have live to do the things I was attributed to”

      Yogi: “It’s pretty far but it doesn’t feel like it”
      Forrest: Your guess? 🙂

  16. When I pull up at my job there is a sign that I read and its bold it reads ” Because Failure is not A Option” 🙂

  17. The second printing of Too Far To Walk was delivered to the shippers today. Forrest says there are revisions in the book. I wonder what was revised? Some typos perhaps…It will be interesting to compare and see if there are any “revisions” that have to do with hints…

    Maybe he placed Canada back on the map 🙂

    • Maybe the End is drawing Nigh, because its on the edge of USA!
      Glacier sometimes looks good to me.! I would LOVE to go there, never been. Photo’s are Awesome!

    • Compare the new version with the old one for us Dal and let us know what changed – pretty please! 🙂

      • I think you missed his sales pitch. He gets money from Forrest this way so he can’t give out the information or no one would buy a new book.

        • I know – I bought my book through Dal! Since I’ve already paid my dues, maybe he will reciprocate the favor with the comparison. 😀

    • Aha! So revising TFTW is what Forrest has been doing in his free time. I’ve been wondering what he’s up to since he said he doesn’t read the blogs. Maybe he has included Southern New Mexico (Los Alamos/Blaze?) in the search area because if a person goes north from Santa Fe far enough they’ll be in Southern New Mexico. I’ve seen Forrest do stuff like that. I swear! (…probably too much.) 🙂

      • JC1117 I heard f, in his free time, was taking dance lessons for next season if Dancing With The Stars!! He should be verrry light on his feet after shedding those 42 lbs.

        I’m applying to be f’s “comma editor” for his next book since he’ll be busy dancing.
        How much can a comma editor make??

          • Hey there Deb, I guess my fun didn’t translate well. I Didn’t hear it anywhere but my imigination.

          • Right Deb, kidding without voice inflection and twinkling eyes falls flat on line. How’s your heart collection? I started an outdoor one at the base of an oak tree to remember lost loved ones.

          • 42, the collection is still growing. We went out looking for rocks today and found a big one, the mothership of the heart clan. 🙂

            I found a couple of really beautiful pieces of petrified wood. Most that I find are just small and dark. These were pretty. 😉

          • @ Deb, pick one up for me next time. I live in a city w/o river rocks:( sometimes find one in our community’s rock/flower beds. I’m looking forward to a trip north this summer to look for heart stones in the creeks and lakes.

    • I hope that the 3.75MM diameter of the Mighty Mouse rockets was changed to the correct figure.

  18. I Love that saying too Amy! I have that up on a poster. I have owned my own business for many many years. And I live by that. It works for me, because I never gave up. I copied that and now have it up in my RV. As I pack for my big trip to get the chest! I am not afraid of the Bears!

      • Hi Peacemaker. I like your name…thanks you so much! I do not always do it, because I was worried I was wearing it out! You make me smile! 🙂

        Lou Lee, chased by bears in Jellystone park and lived to tell!

    • Hi Lou Lee. Seriously? You’re not afraid of bears? …but…but…they’re so dangerous! You can hear all about how dangerous they are at the end of this classic episode of The Simpsons. You can watch the whole thing…which I recommend… if you have the time…or skip to the grisly bear-mauling just before and after the 21 minute mark…but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

      Btw, did Forrest ever rule out Tijuana? 🙂

      • If you think about it if bears were as bad as Hollywood.makes out would any body relax fishing in the area would anybody holiday in the area would Fenn and his pal go into the out back if bears were that bad…Just IMO what Iv learnt
        Hi team

      • Ok, JC, I admit, I am a little afraid of Bears, I have been close to bears….I know alot about this type of thing……
        They have not got me YET…..I am going to make sure of it. For I will soon go into Bear Country…..You have to understand, I am a country gal….I have been Deep into the woods and not seen a Brown Bear, Yet I have been at a popular Camp ground in Montana, and had everything ate, and or clawed…etc……You Never know, with bears…..And I am known for my Bear stories that will scare you around and fire and night….All TRUE!

        Lou Lee Chased by Brown Bears and Lived to Tell!

  19. Horns and Bells as you walk through the Woods……I would think too a air gun or a shot type sound would make them run away. I would never shot a Bear. I would share my lunch, no problem. I share…..:)

    • We brought an air horn once when in the Valle Vidal. The kind they have at football games. We trekked deep into the wilderness that day. We pictured the wild animals, bears and mountain lions, closing in on us in a wide circle ever growing smaller as the predators tracked their prey. Every 15-20 minutes or so we’d tell my nephew to sound the horn and a sigh of relief would escape our lips as the noise cut through the calm of the forest leaving us with visions in our minds of the animals dispersing in terror. We could breathe easier now at least for a little while, my sister and I. Every time we said, “sound the horn” my nephew replied,”me?” My sister would say, “yes you”. After ten times of this my sister was yelling, ” of course we mean you, you’re the only one with the horn!” I looked away and stifled a laugh. Its not polite to stare when someone is being yelled at. When the horn wasn’t sounding the stillness of the forest prevailed and to our surprise a whole herd of elk passed almost silently over the path in front of us. We stopped and watched in marvel gaze. Never had I such an experience before in the wild as on that day. Later we were sure we saw a mountain lion crouching by an old fallen tree up ahead. Our little group froze and our collective breath could be heard inhaling and exhaling in faster intervals. Its not moving, I said. Its hunting us another replied. I told the others that mountain lions were great cowards and we must appear bigger than we are and it won’t bother us. I had no idea if this was true but I remembered the kung bushman father telling this to his son in the movie, “The gods must be crazy” about hyenas. So we grabbed pieces of wood on the ground and held them above our heads and then advanced toward the crouching cat. We had no choice. It was the way out and back to our car. I’m glad no one was there to see the four sillies as they marched forward armed with wood in arms stretched high above their heads. The tree stump that was stalking us was terrified I’m sure. It will definitely think twice before impersonating a mountain lion again. We made it to our car just before dusk and my poor feet were so glad when the weight of my body was taken off them as I sank gratefully into the passenger seat. We drove out on the forest road and in the waning light I saw a black bear tearing up the side of a hill running to get away from us. Minutes later a cinnamon colored black bear could be seen in a little gully next to the road. We stopped to take its picture and saw the perfect opportunity to try out the air horn. At first sound the bear jerked his head up and stared at us. Then put his head down. We sounded the horn again and his head jerked up. Neither time did the bear look around he knew exactly where that sound came from. No fear I don’t think he even shifted his weight. My visions of animals dispersing at the sound forever shattered, the only thing it seemed to do with absolute certainty was pinpoint our exact location to the local wildlife.

      I no longer take that horn with me when I search.

      • Thanks so much for that story…..Maybe he was smarter than the Average bear! 🙂

      • you should send this in to some hunting mag they may pay for your funny store. you can never tell with old tree stumps i have heard they have caused near heart attacks in fishermen and hunters a like. they are very dangerous thank God you didnt turn your back to it.

        • Ha! Yes turning our backs on it could have been disastrous. But luckily I am made of tougher stuff than that. Sometimes imagination is not better than knowledge.

          • by the way the air horn WAS going to be our weapon of choice. however we are concerned about use bear spray. its might be windy which might blown the spray back on us then we would be a nice spicy treat for the bear.

      • LOL Cloudcover, thats a great story! My silly daughter had never seen a bear in the wild before and she proclaimed to me that it was a grizzly bear. Hahahaha We havent had grizzlies in NM in 100 years. It was a cinnamon black bear. 🙂

        I will dream about waving wood over my head to scare off the wild things. 🙂

          • Hmmm. I am thinking the nice walking stick and frog gig I found at my search area. 😉

          • Our sticks were fair sized. Big enough to look like menacing….I think. Course with A tree stump you have plenty of time to find the right sized stick. With a real mountain lion you might only have time to grab the stick available.

        • Thank you! You know cinnamon black bear, grizzly, either one if I meet any bear face to face I’m probably going to drop that wood and run. But these days I’m always the slowest runner in the bunch so……

          • Wildbirder those sticks will probably be Okay but I have to put a disclaimer here: I don’t know if the wood waving technique really works. I can guarantee tree stumps but not on anything else. For me the biggest defense in the wild is to not go alone….even though Forrest did.

          • my Hubby going with me unfortunately he can outrun me. we will studied bear info and check with rangers they will know how to take care Yogie

          • Well it may not work but it sure would look funny! Maybe make the bear laugh itself silly?
            Just joking with you, wasn’t serious.:)

          • It did look funny. We were in boy scout country. Imagine if a troop was nearby and stopped to admire something in nature and the leader teaching the boys some useful skill only to have their voice trail off as four clueless people pass into their line of sight marching towards a ferocious tree stump holding wood up over their heads.

    • for you guys who were working on stars which i ddnt pick up on i posted some stuff and FF uses the number seven a lot which works with the stars. i wanted to know what you guys thought about it

        • i saw some people were hunt stars. i feel kind of dumb for not catching how many times he mentioned stars in book. i did notice the mention of brown and the number seven.
          google a few things and came up with corona thing and it has seven stars and its has a star called Blaze Star. it is U shaped. i just thought it was kind of a WOW! then i didn’t hear anything back. i try to reread all the posting in a day to make sure i didn’t miss something. that is where i saw stars.
          i also posted instead of rereading all the post trying to find something posted you can press control button and F. a find box will pop up most people know this i didnt till hubby showed. when looking in a story or page of facts its cool to search for key words.

          • Hi Marie
            Yes Iv seen a couple of star comments too and noticed a poss clue at grayling river with with the fish
            Still looking for the dead end but hope I’m on right route now
            Saw something that sent me half way round world and had to take time to fortitude not sure what that was but will bounce it around

          • just got in from Ladies meeting at church , ate lunch, and ready for small short nap. i thought waiting all winter and early spring were bad but we can not leave our home till third weekend in Aug due to hubby’s new job. 121 days or 7 weeks till we can go i will go NUTTIER waiting and watch all the others searching. not knowing where they are searching. i am even having trouble sleeping which i have already. anybody know how to speed up time?

          • Ann

            I don’t know what all the star talk has been. I noticed it here and have seen it elsewhere. My connection is a rusty tin can bottom I found. I tried entering in found object contest but Dal informed me that items have to be taken and collected. I left the can right where I found it…not sure what it is….possibly a lone star beer bottom. I found this picture at (Tavern Trove)

            I’ve never been much of a football player or fan maybe someone who drinks lone star beer could tell me if older cans had a star imprinted on the can bottom.

          • have no idea. but i dont think its a clue. too easy to blow away, wash away in heavy rain, or have someone carry it off thinking they are helping the environment. it is a neat can. i have to get picture of ours and send it in. maybe later tonight. i am not sure stars help because it depends so much on a clear night to see them and we have been told we don’t need flash light and it can be seen in daylight. also we can see these stars here in our yard and we are NOT in Rockies.
            we can not come search until third week in Aug. 121 days or & weeks. i thought i was going crazy waiting out winter and early spring to go No this is going to be way worse and drive me NUTTIER. seating here while people get to go hunt and then we will have a very small window. we may not be able to search our second place or our two last but not least.

          • Good to know Wildbirder. 🙂
            I don’t collect beer cans, but lots of people do. Mostly men 😉 Seven pointed stars, Lone Star Beer, Corona… Lots of AB products out there… I guess people collect all kinds of cans. Even rusty ones.

            @ Bruce, You should change your name to Brewsky. 🙂 Ha! You are a can man is see. I saw your Charlie the StarKist Tuna can pic. Nice. Are these can searches getting you any closer to finding the treasure location?

          • as i have WHINED several times now we can not go searching until third weekend in AUG. URG!!!!!!!
            121 Days or 7 weeks. give me a little time and i will figure it out to the last second before we can leave.URG!!!!!!!
            i at this time would like to respectfully request that anyone planning to go search to please refrain from doing so until we are able to go too. yes i know it is a sacrifice but PLEASE WAIT!!!!!! Well it never hurts to ask. No is ok.

          • I just thought of a possible connection to Corona beer with “Coronation” from SB 103 – My Zebras
            It says: “So if I’m ever invited to a Coronation or some other big event, like if I’m Knighted, then I’ll just cut my toe nails short, forget the socks, and sprinkle alum in the boots.”…
            Also possible tie to “Knighted”… night, skies, stars? Worth some thought…

          • Marie, you are so sweet I am sure a lot of us would try to wait for you but I know some of us only have a certain window when we can go. In my case when I have my scheduled vacation 🙂 Hopefully everyone is searching in a different place than you 🙂

          • I sure hope to be able to get out this summer and actually search.

            Question: I do not recall why ‘confluences’ became to popular. Was it simply due to warm waters needing to halt somewhere?

        • i dont like waiting a few days to get health test back. i am not good at waiting. i am very patience on everything but that. i am not purple i have gone PLAID. SEVEN MORE WEEKS!!!! good news we order Fenns new book, i got to order a couple that may help us and some others i have been wanting. we now have time to go hiking to get better endurance and to plan trip better.

          • After so many mentions of 121 days or 7 more weeks, I guess somebody has to ask this:

            Marie, is there a clue in a 17.28 days per week?

        • we watch a lot of chopped from the food network. those chefs are who complete are very good at their craft and some of them still go up in smoke. we pray for people out looking that they will be safe and will find the TC if its Gods will. anyone could find this and it will be so exciting to see it get found and know we were part of it. its like doing scavenger hunt and may not win but you have fun trying.

  20. Well me and my husband just discussed that we think Forrest puts a twist on what he says. Like he says the opposite of what he is saying. 🙂

    Sorry Forrest that we talked behind your back, but it’s all good 🙂

    • amy i remember in the book he talked about futter by as a butterfly. this is a term a lot of people have heard. i have googled every word in that poem and now have a completed poem word dictionary made up from many dictionaries. we are still discussing or is it plain cussing about his use of words.

    The first prize for the FOUND OBJECT contest has been upgraded. Ken Tankersley has agreed to sign the book and then it will go to Forrest who will add Ochre smudges from the Sunrise Mine Ochre Site and the Crook County Ochre Site and he will also sign the book This will be a very unique book when the winning contestant gets it.

      • LOL No Michael it just needs to be something that fits the definition they posted of a found object. Doesnt even have to be from a chase related activity. Good luck! I think I am going with funny since so many great objects already have been entered. 🙂

    • Good luck with that! Not an easy task. For me it’s hard enough just finding one word translated accurately. Not a lot out there. Frustrating.

      • You’re right, Wise. However, I stumbled onto the holy grail of Tewa language last night, by pure luck. You can’t find it by Googling Tewa language or anything like that. Ill share it on my blog Monday

        • I will be patiently awaiting reading that on Monday Mindy… Sounds really interesting… You come up with some of the best ideas 🙂

          • Thanks, Spallies. To be fair, I’ll post the name of the book here. I gave it to someone last night, so to be fair…
            “Twenty-Ninth Annual Repot of the Bureau of American Ethnology.” It is the version from 1907-1908.

            I haven’t finished reading it, but it looks like translating the poem into Tewa would be a monumental task. However, if you follow certain theories about the solve, you will find a wealth of knowledge here. 🙂

    • nope, will look though. Still working on morse code. Have some middle English ideas, but not finished yet. All I’m getting is backup info anyway. Does do good on the confidence thing. Woody, how’s the weather in Montana? Doesn’t look good for a month.

    • I dont really think its necessary to translate it into another language. There are enough possible uses of the words in its original english version to keep people busy if they add in etymology of the words.

  22. uken2it asked:
    Question: I do not recall why ‘confluences’ became popular. Was it simply due to warm waters needing to halt somewhere?

    I think you are correct. It seems most of the time it is the confluence of warm water with cold water; as in a warm stream meeting a cold river; or the run off of a hot spring meeting a river or creek, etc.

    To me the bigger question is what does “waters” mean. Is that the word that is key? Usually “water” is used as a noncount noun, which the dictionary tells me is a noun that refers to something that cannot be counted. Noncount nouns do not have a plural form and are not used with the indefinite articles a and an. But water is different as it also has a plural—waters. The plural version is used more often poetically vs. factually.

    the boat sank beneath the icy water
    the boat sank beneath the icy waters

    the gray water of the Mississippi
    the gray waters of the Mississippi

    So did Fenn use the poetic version of a noncount noun “waters” in a poem in an unusual, very literal way? Meaning more than one “water”. As in Dal’s WWWH where two warm rivers halt…..Madison Junction?

    There’s no telling what the poem actually means having been written by a guy that says the dictionary is an infringement of free speech. 🙂

    • Yes, Thank You so much Goofy! Good Job! I know some people here don’t believe the waters is water at all. I am not sure what they are thinking. Maybe when the waters halt, they think its Ice….Glacier…? Not water.
      Untill the treasure is found, its all just a great mystery!
      Thanks again!

      Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park!

      • found it NM and other places that there are glacier that are not there any more. i maybe wrong but i think some one or i saw it that Jack Creek is part of old glacier or at least has the rock pile from one

        • Wild thang……I’ve always liked the idea of a glacier being WWWH. You are correct; a lot of the Rockies geological features are from glacial action of expanding then receding over the eons. The mystical Wind Rivers in Wyoming have always been one of my favorite places to be. There is only a small window of opportunity to search the Winds every year…..Take a look at a list of the named glaciers in the Rockies; some of them fit very well with “as I have gone alone in there”.

          • Goofy,
            A favorite WWH of mine is the Triple Divide in the Glacier National Park 48.573001° -113.516823° I have also factored Peace Park into a solve but forgot/lost my initial clues. I think Peace warm vs War cold.

    • Goofy,
      I have added verb waters. Can warm water something?
      Lou Lee: I have no plans to head out to search yet. I have nothing solid.

      • Maybe the word WARM ‘waters’ (verb) the word HALT. ie: warm waters H.Alt/high altitude. Some weather phenom where warm rains fall in high altitude. It’s a stretch, I know.

        • Anna,
          I like your thoughts on this. I had not this through yet and you have given it life

          • Sounds like a waterfall to me. High then halt. We have been told that the chest is associated with a waterfall. Do not endanger ourselves. (My recollection and not a quote)

            I do not rule out waterfalls as a clue though.

    • I’m not sure this is right, so test what I say with your research, but I used a college software program to parse each sentence of the poem. To get the correct word usages, remember you have to parse the entire sentence. You can’t parse “Begin it where warm waters halt…” and stop there.

      So, when I did that, I got warm being an adjective, water(S) being a noun, and halt being a noun. There is a difference between the noun for water and the noun for water(S), and it narrows down the search area, but not a lot.

      I have seen a lot of people dancing around the meanings of words that I’ve found. I would caution those people to be careful what you say if you want to find the treasure first and don’t want to share. It’s that overconfidence effect I talked about on my blog at work when people throw out their vague hints…don’t think of yourself as in a small bubble holding info no one else knows.

      Those vague hints may be known to others, and one word you say may just give someone that final piece to their puzzle.

      For example, a searcher in Montana recently said something that helped me immensely and narrows down my search area A LOT.

      Personally, I often throw out info I know. There are some things I know that I don’t talk about, though. At this point, I don’t know if I’ll find it. If anyone on this blog finds it, I will be genuinely happy for them. In a way, we are all family now, right?

      Of course, I desperately do want to find it, but I still don’t mind sharing some of what I learned. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m finding that what I learn now often ties in to early solves, so one thing I’d suggest for everyone is to keep going back to your first thoughts. You know what they say about changing your answer on a test, right? 🙂

      • Mindy

        Thank u for that speech. You are correct we should remain quite, but it’s hard to lol I don’t know how Forrest has kept his secret for so long. 🙂 thanks for inspiring me that I should just keep my secrets to myself. 🙂

        And that I will do 🙂

      • Mindy,

        If I had a solid solve I would not share details on clues. If I had a lot of time on the ground I may not want to share.

        I do not mind sharing my info at all. I will be excited to hear it has been found regardless of who finds it. I feel in me bones that it won’t be found in my lifetime.

        Others that share their ideas do help me too, I am glad you have been helped recently, which makes more likely to share my ideas.

        I understand others not wanting us to share if they are hot on the chase because discussion about clues may bring on the competition. I love competitions and I am trying hard to beat you all to the correct solve.

      • Take a deep breath Mindy; I get a kick out of the paranoia of the over emotional searchers. But like Fenn says, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t after you. 🙂

        I agree with you that the poem should be parsed in context with the way it was written. The problem is that the term “conventional wisdom” and Forrest Fenn just doesn’t fit in the same sentence. I think the last descriptor of Fenn would be conventional. So like I said above; did he use the poetic plural of a noncount noun to actually count something? Waters means more than one water.

        I’ve also looked at warm being a hue vs. actual temperature. An interesting point using the theme I spoke of with Wild Thang above about is glacial ice appears blue (a cool color) due to the compression of the ice.

        I don’t believe in a single instance of genius; one of these days someone will read the poem exactly as Fenn intended when he wrote it.

        • Goofy, I believe that day will be when forrest reads it himself! Imo, there are so many roads one can take; so many varied approaches; so much to see, so much to miss. Sometimes enthusiasm can be a barrier. Patience is difficult for me, but I have to take a step back now and again from the poem, and just listen to the squeeky wheel in my head…or the hamster falling off! 😉

  23. Might as well ask me how deep a hole is. f
    Well, Forrest how deep is it? And how much snow falls in that hole?

    • cat cut i how you feel. i go around with a permanent knot on my forehead from bang in on my desk when someone post an idea i didn’t think of or when i finally think i figured something out only to see it was a DEAD END. we are full of doubt and we have 49 ideas that can be connected to each other and we still don’t know.

      • wildbirder –

        I haven’t talked to you yet – and wanted to tell you I get a kick out of your humor.

        I have found that counting clues, ideas, and anything else that FF doesn’t tell you to count is a total waste of time.

        Of course darlin, that is just my opinion.

        • Darlin we are using Mr. Fenns 9 clues from the poem . key words from poem/book, pictures from his book, and lastly clues he has given in this website or mystery writing. so IOO we are not wasting our time except having to wait till Aug. to get to go. either we are right or we are wrong either way we will have to boots on ground. all in Gods time.

        • Yep, no counting. Does that make us ” no account” ? Good to see you online Into. 🙂

          I’m on the F troop of no accounts. LOL Keep laughing people. 🙂

          • everybody counts and equally. its when we start thinking to ourselves that we count more or less than someone else when we get into problem.

        • inthechaseto

          i owe you an apology. you may may or may not have meant your comment to sound condescending. if it wasnt meant that way or wasn’t i will live. my reply was not po-lite. if someone is rude it doesn’t give me the right to be rude back especially if they didn’t mean to. i was not feeling well and didn’t take the time before i answered. thank you for your comments on this page. after rereading my post i realized i wasn’t being nice.

    • Wild bird

      Love Bob Seger. Remember Tom Cruise slid out on that floor with I like that old time a Rock n Roll 🙂

      Girls we remember that 🙂

      What about Survivor
      ” Eye of the Tiger”
      Guys remember Sylvester Stallone Boxed to that song.

      Memories 🙂 lol

  24. all we are saying is we have found OUR solve and serval partials. we might not be right. we make errors/mistakes everyday.
    we will only know if and when its found. we may not be the ones. while we wait if we can help others and ourselves as we go along why not.

  25. Anna, yesterday you wrote:

    on April 11, 2015 at 9:04 pm said:
    Maybe the word WARM ‘waters’ (verb) the word HALT. ie: warm waters H.Alt/high altitude. Some weather phenom where warm rains fall in high altitude. It’s a stretch, I know.

    I agree with your interpretation of wwwh as a possibility. There are hundreds or thousands of “catch basins” (depressions) in the higher elevations where rain water and snow melt accumulate over spring and summer. Then by autumn, these basins/depressions have mostly dried up. There often is no stream/outlet for the water to keep flowing…it halts and then mostly evaporates. I also have found that many of these basins are located near the upper part of a canyon. Now the problem is figuring out the specific basin and canyon.

    To support this possibility, on Jenny Kile’s site Aug 12, 2014, Forrest responded to a question with this answer: “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe…” This statement, IMO, also supports the idea that WWWH is not a metaphor for tears, like I had used in previous searches, and that it actually refers to water or rain.


    • Cynthia
      I agree it could be a dried up basin. also could it be where the electricity stops, Forrest talked about the cabin in yellowstone having no power. Just a thought.

    • Cythia, those catch basins on top of rocky moutains are known for attracting lightening – possible blaze.

  26. I agree with there may be quite a few places that warm waters halt. It’s just that one special place you have to begin. And it’s not tears. 🙂

      • if you use the fishing map there are quite a few. we look for towns along it border then trace canyons from there that why we went looking at Eagles Nest Cimarron, Springers, Las Vegas there lots of towns along that border. too many ones of them is the key. but there are zillon canyons in other states too. only one is magical.

      • Mole skin is a product you use on hot spots/blisters on your feet. Hubby told me about. its a must in back pack for feet like dry socks. it can be the difference between hiking and just quitting.

      • Not very much confidence in the flock around here. Must be the perspective of one man.

  27. Not sure if its already been discussed, but I think that the directions presented in the poem are not necessarily the same directions that Forrest followed when he hid the treasure. The path described in the poem could be created just to make the mystery even harder to solve. Although this doesn’t really help the search, I just felt like putting it out there.

    • I noticed the other day that some of the ladies on this blog were discussing the two biddies in TTOTC. I had never thought of that so I did some research and found out that the word “biddy” in old English means the name “Bridget” which I found interesting and thought I would pass on. Everyone may already know this though. I’m usually last to figure things out. Good hunting too all!!!


    • Jamie

      Lol I don’t know what u are talking about 🙁 what picture 49 in the book ?

      • Amy thanks for reply
        I meant pg49
        Just looking for clues I have missed in pictures…
        Old biddies also stands out but can’t figure it out. Design on dress looks like trees…
        Anyone els see that?

        • Jamie

          Lol well I’m not real sure on either of those pictures.
          I’m thinking it will not literally be a tree but definitely something that is made from a tree 🙂 but I won’t know until I search
          Sorry that I don’t know 🙂

  28. Hi Amy the pic of dove/bird in moon do you recon it might represent a full moon as in ‘EGG MOON’

    • Jamie

      No I do not think that. To me it means something else. I think I found it when I was searching 🙂
      I couldn’t believe it 🙂

    • thank you very much sorry why question may have sounded smarty wasnt meant that way. i really didnt know

  29. That is funny. One minute you share you try to listen more than you talk. Two minutes later you share a humorous story about being bribed to be silent. Great setup, almost missed it.

  30. I am not college educated, in fact I scraped out of High School through Continuation school. (Code named for unwed mothers and druggies.) parsing was not a part of my vocabulary, (I think that may be funny?). So for those with less than advanced degrees there are apps to help you along. A website that may be of some help is if you feel you are missing out because this is too much to understand, do like I do, remember that f is not too keen on the education establishment. Sometimes stuff like this Can just get in the way of an already good solution.

    • Remember what Forrest,s father said “Who would you rather have working on your car,a man who just graduated from four years of mechanics school or a guy who has been working on broken cars for four years?” 🙂

  31. Hey Forrest Fire , Wiseone , MIndy , Dal , Goofy , Seeker , Wolf , and all others in this to win it…

    Had to take a small break and move to Colorado… I have started my recon of N. NM and SW Colorado , and I have been to at least 10 national Forests . Wow !!!
    Big change from Florida and a lot different searching from google , and having your boots on the ground. I missed my target area by a half mile .. SO I have to Go Back to nm to get to my location of interest ….
    IMO A New Look at the Nine Clues.
    I have posted a lot of ideas in the past. Some cloudy and some really thought through , and some just down right out there. A lot of mathematical concepts of the poem as well as tiring to decode it with poem codicology and or mixing hints from TTOTC

    Then I realized… at least in my mind
    “what is the parameter of the concept of the search” , where do we draw the line for our logic , so we don’t over think… or over look the actual clues in the poem …So the treasure doesn’t look so far away when you see the vast landscapes of the Rocky’s. Do the hints in the book out weight that of the poem???? I don’t think so Mr. F said the poem is all you needed to find it . So the hints in the books are just that … Hints. Can they be used to find the clues in the poem … I think so. Where the Clues are laid out by the poem and the book the hints. Could be a key and lock concept.
    So for instance … If you find a area that you think relates to the web site and the book; like the Vietnam Memorial in Cemerron , before you go to that location …match it to the poem . See if it relates to it … Start at the beginning of the poem …. Read it slow … Match it to your location .
    I have herd others say F say’s start at begin it , Well I would agree if it is at the begging of his poem … I don’t think the clues can be unlocked with in the poem with out reading every word in order. Not that I can say I have unlocked it … But , I have had some good understanding of the first stanza , which has caused me to take some new roads with in my search area…. I like F’s comments about pines , and if he were standing where the chest is , along with the picture taken close to where the chest is … Very cool stuff there. Any way , Good luck to all you on the road or on your couch … I hope this chase leads you to a place of beauty as it has me and my family.. Good luck in your search…

    PS. I have posted what I thought , nothing more… I do not claim to know , or have found Mr. Fenn’s treasure.

    • What Forrest fails to tell you and I is that without GE the poem would be impossible to solve. I don’t believe this to be opinion but I have to say IMO because the chesto is not in my possession. Those poor folk without computers are SOL not just any map will work IMO just GE.

      • Close Earth,

        GE is great and I use it often. However, I don’t agree with what you say: “What Forrest fails to tell you and I is that without GE the poem would be impossible to solve.”

        I am not speaking for anybody but myself; the solve can be done without advanced tools or advanced knowledge, including GE.

        What gives you the desire to post this statement? Can you explain why you believe this or even share this thought? Sometimes I think that some posts are intentionally posted to discourage others.

        I share the above because #1 I believe it, #2 I do not want others to be discouraged by opinions of others (even mine).

        • I share to enlighten others. From what I’ve learned other satellite map apps do not contain the same imagery ie Apple maps and Bing. The poem requires GE because of imagery. I can’t get to specific just thought everyone should know. In fact Forrest mentions a good map and GE as aides to the chase. I take it a step further and say it is impossible to solve without GE IMO of course. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from playing but if your going to play you should at least know what your up against. I mean how would you feel playing a slot machine that wasn’t even connected to the lottery. No opportunity to win that wouldn’t be a very good feeling.

          • Close earth,

            I follow you until you say “I mean how would you feel playing a slot machine that wasn’t even connected to the lottery. No opportunity to win that wouldn’t be a very good feeling”

            This is a large leap from “I share to enlighten others” to “I can’t get to specific just thought everyone should know” to “I’m not trying to discourage anyone from playing but if your going to play you should at least know what your up against” and to your final analogy “I mean how would you feel playing a slot machine that wasn’t even connected to the lottery. ”

            I am sorry to compare your expressions to scammers but I feel like the slot machine comparison is designed to “convince” others… At the very least… Imo

            Sorry folks but felt the need to speak as such. On with the chase!

        • In fact my challenge goes out. Find me anywhere where Forrest said it can be solved without GE. Yes I know he said the poem contains all you need to “find it” what does find it mean? Using which method?

          • Close to earth

            A while back a year or two ago I thought GE would not help me and I even posted that statement at that time. But I can surely say that it has helped me. 🙂

            GE Works 🙂

          • “Find me anywhere where Forrest said it can be solved without GE. ” Tough one.

            Find me anywhere where Forrest said it can be solved without a monkey.

          • Close Earth,
            I apologize for coming across rude. I could have said what I said more clearly than that and I hope this will not be considered rude: Trying to find something that f said that is unlikely to have been said since f is sparse with clues or hints, is somewhat futile. And to base your strong opinion on this doesn’t make sense to me. Recall how certain and perhaps a bit rude your comments were:

            “What Forrest fails to tell you and I is that without GE the poem would be impossible to solve. I don’t believe this to be opinion but I have to say IMO because the chesto is not in my possession. Those poor folk without computers are SOL not just any map will work IMO just GE.”

          • A “mokey” or a “monkey”?
            Rudeness is alive here on this blog if you have the eyes to see it and the heart to feel it. IMO

          • WiseOne,

            I don’t see that I spelled Mokey but I am curious where you are going with this or what you mean. My daughter has a dog named Mokey and at first I thought she might be in the chase but that is very unlikely since she chases her twin 3 year olds all day.

            Not sure if you are referring to me as being one of the rude ones on the thread but I will really try not to be rude going forward.

          • Wildbirder, I know… Others are beginning to wonder the same thing. All too often there are people getting on here that we have never heard of. Then someone asks them a question or replies to their comment, and rarely does an answer or response ever come. Make one wonder, doesn’t it?
            “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are”…
            All I can say is… “Hmmm.”

          • if Hubby was here he would say great minds sometimes think a like or we are paranoid.
            Its amazing where the paranoid mind can take you. Only the paranoid survive.

          • Uken2it

            Maybe I’m not being clear enough. What I’m saying is the poem and book were built around GE specifically. There are hints in the book that mention images that can’t be seen on other map programs. My strong opinion is based off of these findings.

          • Really? Like I mentioned before, I don’t think GE was available to the public in 1988 when he said he started writing the poem. Not that I think it really matters, but what in the book makes you think that? I’ve actually found other satellite programs that work better for me than GE because GE doesn’t seem to have all the things named that I like to see on a TOPO map.

          • no GE wasn’t available then but it doesn’t mean we cant use it as a tool. It is not the only thing to rely on its just a tool to weed stuff.

          • Marie, I’m not questioning that GE is a tool that can be used to help searchers – I’ve used it myself a few times. My question is about this statement by Close earth – ” Maybe I’m not being clear enough. What I’m saying is the poem and book were built around GE specifically.” I just don’t see how that could be true if Forrest started the poem around 1988 and GE was not even available to the public. To my knowledge Forrest never specified that GE was the only “good map” to use.

          • I do not know who Closed Earth is but they seemed to come out of no where and derailed everyone. i left for several hrs to take Hubby Care Now he slipped at work & may have torn rotator cuff. yippee.
            i am not sure who they were but we dont need to be derailed like that. we know what we need to know to find TC. and we are free to use any tools that help us.

          • Wildbirder,

            Closed Earth has been around for a good while, just not recently in this forum.
            I enjoy the open discussions on this thread and others seem to want the discussions muted (IMO).

            1- Some wish discussions that contain helpful information would go away.
            2- Some just like to trash a party and talk about it elsewhere.
            3- Some just want to actually share information to the degree that they decide to share.

            1 will never be happy until 1 and 2 trash 3.
            2 will always be happy because there are many parties to trash
            3 will continue to discuss the poem and be happy to the extent they can tolerate these intrusions.

            All IMO and not meant to categorize any individual. (except for me as a 3)

          • please tell i am a three. i hope i am helpful. i do like helping as long as i dont give too much out. we all have solves to protect.

          • you are right Mr F. wrote that poem and hide TC using his knowledge of the area and regular maps. because he knew where he was going from point A to point B he just had to come up with clues that would fit that route. we as solver we now have to guess what that route is. and we are lucky to have the tool of google earth. try giving directions to someone is very hard even when we live in the area. think about giving clues to get there instead of real directions.

          • Go get the chest close earth…or just let it go…..Google earth is not required…I guarantee it!!! there, that all IMO!! and a lot of other veteran hunters too.

          • I have to go back and look but I think he said a few times in interviews that you need the poem and GE… I will try to find what I am referring to…

          • Ann I am Close earth….Ann thats for us….the title above our posts, it distinguishes me from you.
            Anyways I was saying the poem and GE go hand in hand. Fits like a glove. Linked inseparably like you and hubby. IMO

          • Closed Earth
            I am sorry I didn’t realize you were posting me. I don’t use the Ann much. I go by Marie. because Hubby and son got paranoid about me using my real info I switched to wildbirder.(it refers to my driving if I see a bird not my life LOL)
            I owe you an apology because I didn’t state my question right. I was wondering more like who is this new person not why you are u here. I was thinking out loud. I didn’t mean to sound like you don’t belong. It was rude. I was trying to say that we should not be derailed or pulled into whether or not GE is usable or not. Use it if you want or not. Again I mean no rudeness.

          • Wildbird, as long as someone expresses what they say as their opinion and are reasonably close to being on topic they are welcomed to comment.

            I happen to disagree with him/her which is also fine. If he/she wants to explain how in the world GE and the poem are intricately connected I may change my opinion. For years there have been folks that claim Fenn is manipulating google earth images. I referred to them as kooky because I have yet to hear any justification for their thinking.

            For a newbie that came out of no where yourself I’m a little surprised that you think you know who belongs and who doesn’t.

            If you have been derailed by what close earth said you better buckle up because you haven’t heard anything yet…..we’ve had some very imaginative ideas, and all kinds of conspiracy theories, including soul stealing. But you wouldn’t know that being a newbie.

          • Sir I was saying out loud what I wondering. Who they were? I might have said it in the wrong way. I was not questioning their right to be here. My statements were supposed to be more of a cautionary note to not allow someone to derail our solves/plans or plant seeds of confusion over whether or not GE was a must or should be used at all. Some people like to pick fights. I should admit sometimes I do myself but I have tried not to here because I feel I ‘m a guest. It’s hard to believe but I felt I was commenting too much so I type me little notes in word. Then if I HAVE to share I post a reply. if i was out of line please excuse my behaviour i am human and make mistake. i am a work in progress.

        • Uken2it, Sorry, no I am not calling “you” out as being rude at all. It could just be that my imagination is getting the best of me, as it usually does, but it can become difficult to “read people” correctly in this blogging format. Does that make sense?
          You said: “Find me anywhere where Forrest said it can be solved without a monkey”…. What are you meaning?
          As far as “monkey vs mokey” is concerned, I may not understand how that term ever became involved. “Grab every banana?” idk. It just has been popping up lately in different posts. I just thought it may have some meaning to me, but maybe not. Sorry about the confusion.

          • Wise one,
            About the monkey comment. I explained more fully in another post but in sum, it is almost impossible to find an f quote saying ‘not’ to use GE. The monkey example was my attempt to highlight the unlikelihood of finding a quote like these. Especially since f offers very few hints or clues. (Well not such a short summary after all)

          • It may sound rude in the reading of question but is not meant to be. Just wondering who is Closed Earth? I am not that bright but I don’t remember them being on blog when I come in. are they new like me or someone who hasn’t been on in a while? I dont mean to sound uninviting I was just wondering who they were. I know it’s an open forum and all are welcomed. It may sound rude in the reading of question but is not meant to be. Just wondering who they were.

        • I thought I read that Fenn said being on a computer and GE wouldn’t find it.
          He did say all you need is the poem, a good map, and boots on ground.
          I think if you relied only on GE or poem it would be hard to find TC. A computer is helpful in researching ideas and eliminating them.
          He has been to this spot, knows it well, and is trying to tell us where that spot is without telling us.
          its like the game i spy or try telling some in clues how to get from point a to point b using clues.
          He is very right about using a good map. GE is a good map but detailed ground maps help also. When one of us figures this out we will be like wow why did that take so long

      • Close Earth, GE is awesome but I don’t think Forrest would require a searcher to use Google Earth to solve the location of the chest. Didn’t he say all you need is the poem? Oh, and maybe a flashlight 🙂

          • Forrest said Flashlight….But he also said all you need is the POEM. I just got back from a Rock Hound Estate Auction. Its a treasure hunt for me! I got some great agates and jaspers! Usually I go get them myself……I am in rock-treasure heaven….
            Oops I can see goofy getting mad…oops back to the CHASE!
            Sorry goof

            Lou Lee, Chased by a big Bear in Jellystone park and two other states, WHY..?…Young tasty tow headed kid.

      • Well close earth you could be correct. Although, I don’t think I agree with you. I hope you’re not insisting on it being google earth because you are one of those kooky folks that think Fenn is manipulating google satellite images somehow…..If not I apologize.

        Don’t get me wrong I love maps, I’ve loved maps all my life; old maps, new maps, all maps. Although I’m not a cartographer some might say I’m a map expert. I have google earth pro and do custom programming for companies that use google earth enterprise. I have the pro version of a couple of different topographic applications. I could go on and on about comparing and incorporating satellite imaginary, GIS data sets, and topographical maps but I won’t. The point is I’ve done extensive research using maps, satellite imaginary, GIS data and topo maps; I don’t have the chest and don’t know if I’m any closer than I was years ago.

        I thought I nailed it a few times. It’s amazing what your brain sees if you stare at satellite images long enough and that’s before enhancing, rotating, and inverting the images. Having roamed the Rockies for over forty years I’ve never seen a map or satellite image that can show you what it’s like actually being there. Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely helpful for someone that has experience on the ground.

        Fenn said he thought of everything when designing the poem. I’m starting to believe him. He knew there are guys like me; he knew there are hunting and fishing guides that know any given location like the back of their hands. He said he didn’t give away the chest because the person that finds it will have earned it. I think he means it when he says that.

        It is my belief now that one has to be on the ground at the correct location (and maybe correct time/season) to understand the solution. When the right person is in the right spot with the right interpretation he/she will look up (or down), slap their forehead and go WELL DUH…….there it is.

        I’m going with the “on the ground” opinion because I’m simply not smart enough to use anagrams or ciphers or codes to find the solution; my brain just doesn’t work that way and I’ve accepted that. Perhaps the code breakers or remote viewers are correct, if so it won’t be me finding the chest.

        But hey, who knows maybe you found the one google earth image that shows the solution…….Good luck on your search.

        • Don’t get me wrong, ground searches are very important. I’m just saying ground searches and the poem won’t get you there without GE.

          • i have used GE only to confirm my clues and to check ground travel. i dont think its a must but a tool that can be useful . people without computer can use public pc at the library. i did for yrs.

        • From what I remember Forrest saying on two different occasions, “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.”…and…“All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search.”

        • Dal,
          Dumb question, but on your TCT book page it talks of the first printing. I just want to verify if I purchase there, will it be the newest, revised version? Thx dal!

        • I agree Dal. I bet he just used a good map. He said he started writing the poem after he was diagnosed with cancer which was in 1988. GE was not available to the public at that time.

          • CJ, I agree with the good map but didn’t he say it took him 15yrs to write and rewrite the poem. I read somewhere that he started the poem end of 1996 and hid the TC 2010.

          • To my knowledge Forrest never said exactly when he wrote the poem, he only said it took him 15 years. Were there a few years in between 1988 and 2010 when he didn’t work on the poem at all so did not count them in the 15 years, or did he not start it until 1996, or did he finish it in about 2003 and just let it set there until he decided to finally hide the treasure? I don’t think we really know, unless someone has personal information about the “when” of it. Regardless, I would guess he used a good topo map as it would make it easier to see a large area where he wanted to hide the treasure. Personally, I would much rather look at a paper topo map than GE. 🙂

          • Here is a comment from Forrest that helps identify when he wrote the poem, and the link to the audio recording on this site is also below: This may also sway a searcher’s opinion on whether or not numbers/ciphers/algorithms/decoder rings, etc., are a worthwhile endeavor in resolving the poem – just FYI.

            2013-04-17 Collected Works Bookstore audio-only recording of Q&A event with FF, Douglas Preston, and Michael McGarrity.
            At ~24:15 mark, Forrest responds to a question from the audience: “The clues are difficult, and I designed it that way. That poem is not something I wrote in one afternoon. I worked 15 years on that poem. From 1988 until (pause), well, for 15 years… (Forrest’s inaudible comment is followed by audience’s laughter). I didn’t really write that poem. I crafted it….”

        • I agree, IMO, Forrest is old school! And he put the treasure in a very special place, most likely IMO, in a place that he went to before Google etc. etc…….Right?

          Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park!

          • Lou Lee I totally agree about the ‘spot’ being a very special place to Forrest. Before he won his battle with cancer he intended on throwing his bones there. The place is special to him. And this was decided before Google Earth.

          • Lou Lee, Stan or anyone else,

            Didn’t Forrest also say he could ride his bicycle there and throw it in with the chest or something along those lines.

            I may be mistaken about that comment.

          • Mr F received an email where this guy went into a long thing about Fenn signing his vehicle over to the man . tellin Fenn to remove all signs of him and fingerprints. they were to drawn up papers with lawyers etc. so Fenn could drive car to place and this guy would be notified when Fenns car was found and go find treasure Fenn reaction was why couldn’t i just ride a bike and throw it in a creek.
            see posting
            i think he said it as a joke as in YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING

        • While the subject is maps, I don’t think Google earth is MANDATORY. Earth Explorer has a very clear satellite view, maybe better than GE. Yahoo maps also does well. The only advantage that GE has are the photographs that users have pinned to different areas. These might help, also road view gets a different perspective. I have a problem with GE in that it doesn’t always show the names of things like rivers and streams as well as some other maps, this could be my settings but I haven’t found where to change it.
          I believe that I heard Forrest state that you need the poem and a good map but not GE specifically. I’m going to look for the quote.

    • Hi Mike, FL to CO huh? Good luck with your new outlook with the 9 clues. Got to start at the beginning… so true. I liked the NM tourism video also, plus the comments about standing where the chest is… the piñons and pine nuts… Always enjoy your posts. 🙂 Welcome back.

      • Thanks Wiseone,inthechaseto , good to be back in the blog. Strange , I kind of missed you all . : )
        I saw Mindy got her truck stuck… Glad your okay Mindy. On another note;
        I saw some Media guys are wanting to follow Dal again awesome .. Since I’ve last spoke to you all .. I’ve had boots on the ground in around 10 National Forrest’s… I’m no expert but I learned a lot . … So I would like to comment on some of the posts about google Earth and comments about what F stated …

        Yes F said ” All you need is a good map ”
        Yes he said some thing along the lines of people in the future using Google Earth as a tool to find this treasure.
        Yes he made mention of the flash light ….
        Yes F said ” All you need is the poem ”
        Yes he said a guy with 6 kids and a pick up with no job could find it.

        But I think the words that resonate in our minds , are All you need is the Poem, and a good map .
        IMO this is where statements like ” I don’t feel any closer to the chest ” by folks who I respect in the chase weigh in my minds eye. WHy ? Well because I have felt these same feelings about the Chase. I have been on the Ground searching. Then I thought , How in the heck Am I a guy with little education only using the data I have learned from the Chase going to find this out here in the Giant Place the is the Rocky’s….???? Google earth is good , but are you going to find the chest with it ?

        Well , lets go to the map for sale from F’s book that you can buy separate from the books… I have #54 of 100 issued… Only 100 maps…..
        Second , Lets look at the poem and look at that map,
        if you cant see a land mark on google earth that you can see from the ground … like a vertical Blaze , then how would you find it? I found trial blazes on my scouting excursions that I didn’t see from GE.

        The Poem … This poem has thought me a lot of things . As well as the Chase … HAt’s off to you Mr. Fenn … That was a treasure in it’s self. Mr. F’s mind is a treasure in it’s self , so a small look into his mind through this poem has shown a true Artiest , Historian , and Educator in his own lane. Thing like Math , History , English , Art’s , History ect. are just the tip of what you can learn from this Chase … I learned by word definitions them selves a lot of these things along with chasen F through history …

        Any way enough of my rambles .. Take care all . Good luck

        • we use google earth to see from peaks what a trail does and to tell where canyons are and go. is a tool but like any tool its all in the way you use it.

        • Hey Mike, Glad to hear about your trips to 10 NP’s and/or Forests. Sounds enjoyable. 🙂
          Re: All you need is a good map (GE?) and the poem…and I’d also like to comment about forrest’s statements you mentioned…
          I believe I understand what is being said by f and some people here, blaze or no…
          Did you see my comment about finding my way home without a map/directions posted below? Well, imo, maybe some people have to find their way in this world, in their own way and don’t need to take direction from other sources.
          I know, the map is only meant to be a helpful tool, but does this not mean that someone cannot find their way on their own? This is how we learn.
          I guess I could have gotten lost getting home, but I didn’t. Anyway, maybe I am just bouncing off the curbs at this point. Who knows…
          Nice talking to you.

        • Sounds like you had a great trip MikeD! The poem and a good map are necessary but, I think, like you did, eventually we still need to get out there and look for the blaze. IMO a good map (or GE) and the poem can only get you so far and then you have to physically search.

    • Mike D –

      As I live in Colorado too – I welcome you to our great state.

      I moved here from CA – because you know it’s going to fall into the ocean someday soon. LOL

      I have always enjoyed your very clear thinking on the chase. Best of luck to you.

      • In the chase

        Lol ha I have heard that to. I would move if I lived in California 🙂 Californians should recognize the warning 🙁

      • California is going to fall into the ocean, YSNP is going to be spread out over three states, Texas an OK are in tornado alley, and global is going warming is going to melt the ice caps and flood the coastal areas. Is there anywhere that is safe? Not meant to scare anyone, just my late night ramblings. LOL! Good luck to all, but let ME check MY spot FIRST. Going in mid June.

      • Thanks , glad to know a searcher is near buy .. 🙂 Any time ya wanna go on a search , look me up.

    • Uken2it

      Strong opinions are great! You get Forrest on the record saying it can be solved without satellite imagery mostly Google and I’ll change my mind. No scamming here seriously.

      • Another though assignment:

        “Strong opinions are great! You get Forrest on the record saying it can be solved without satellite imagery mostly Google and I’ll change my mind. ”

        I am not trying to change your mind or the minds of anyone else. My opinion is not strong of weak, just my opinion and nothing else.

        I use GE and recommend it but I do not believe that it is required for a solve. I shared the link for the free Google Pro to aid all members on Dal’s site.. I encourage its use, at the very least it is amazing to see our wonderful country. In fact look quickly down and perhaps your quest has ceased ;^)

        • Forrest just said google earth would come in handy and it does but we don’t need it if we don’t have it 🙂 I use it a lot .

          • Lol sorry I don’t talk right. Anyway he did say on here somewhere that google earth might come in handy And it does for me I study the layout of the mnts before I go hike 🙂

          • whether he said to use it or not really doesnt matter. its may be a misquote of Mr. F.
            but if using GE helps someone find their solve it does matter. its a tool anyone can use or discard.

        • I use Ge as a tool … Why not…Like I has explained it will take more than that . I looked at a area in NM … It looked pretty easy to get to … I mapped it . Guess what no GPS out there… No signs … NO street markers … I had to remember the way I got there to find my way back . So yes Ge will help … I never nock a person with a reasonable mind … Good luck

    • Mike, I’m jealous! I’ve wanted to move back to NM for a while now, and am currently tweaking my resume to get the best job I can. I can afford Albuquerque, but I’d have to make a LOT of money to live in Santa Fe!

      • Well , I just couldn’t sit there any longer … I got clearance … and moved as central to the Chasse as possible… What can I say , this Chase is a passion of mine and It get’s my Son’s out there with me in the Mountains… One must see place is Carson National Forrest. Wow what a place! As well as Eagle’s Nest Lake … I saw it on a Full moon, with partial cloud cover … I have never seen any thing so Beautiful…! The reflection off that Giant lake was in creatable . Any way good luck on your plans to move.. Oh … I beat you out here… 😉

        • RATS! RATS! RAT! just kidding have a safe trip, drive careful, check your list carefully, and enjoy your son. Good luck in your solve. we can’t go till mid Aug Hubby started a new job and everyone is taking vacations in july and early aug. URG!!!!
          P.S dont forget sandwich and flashlight.

      • Mindy you can always live in Abq or surrounding area and catch the train up to Santa Fe. Its cheaper to not live in Santa

  32. Thanks Uken2it… Where was this when I was in college??? Some professors are just so picky about being grammatically correct… 🙂

    • I can’t say I have personal experience with ‘professors’ except for Fire Science college credits from when I was a firefighter/paramedic. I guess I am lucky that I didn’t have teachers correcting my spelling or grammar. requiring the need for parsing and such.

      What I am grateful for is the internet and all that it allows me to learn. The Chase is just a fraction of what I am learning from online sources. I recommend for improving one’s learnings. No plug intended, I find it useful and wait for sales which allow for less expensive audio downloads.

      • cool thanks for idea i have a handicapped son who could use this he is capable of more schooling but scared. this might get him going

      • 🙂 Uken2it,Wildbird….I too am learning everyday, and I went to college….Look How smart forrest is…..School of Hard knocks is the best, Right?
        I must say too, I have learned so much about Montana and Wyoming…I could be a travel agent…..LOL

  33. Forrest didnt say “all you need is the poem”, he said all of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem

    you will need transportation to get there. you will need water to drink so you dont die of thirst. you are going to >>>need<<< a map to know where the poem is telling you to go. doesn't have to be GE, you just need the right map.

    all of the information is in the poem, but the poem doesnt give you everything you need besides the information, you will need other things

  34. I think it is possible to solve the poem without a computer. You would have to be very smart – and you would need a GPS to find the spot.

    I wouldn’t want to try it – cuz Chris has told me I’m not that smart.

        • have you ever tried to start a fire when you are cold and hungry its not easy. i think they burned it needing a fire.
          oh check your maps carefully.
          a friend of ours was going ski/hiking they didnt remember where but the map had numbers stating what could be done when and when areas were closed. she called to check and was told they had an old map and there were NO RESTRICTIONS. my friend get there and asked one more time only to find she couldn’t ski / hike ruined her vacation. its been years ago.

      • No I think it was the right kind of map. Of course it wasn’t impossible to find their blaze without it but they sure were having a hard time of it weren’t they? They found the blaze using that map and until it was consumed the blaze was on the map. They were wise to use the map to find the blaze but not so wise in destroying the map because they lost their way without it. Both reiterating the point that the map comes in handy.

        • 🙂 On my way home from my last search, I missed a turnpike turnoff. So instead of turning around and going by the mapquest directions I had printed out, I felt I could find my way on my own by compass direction and occasional signage… I made it home through two states without any problems or additional time involved. I was amazed at myself! I was lucky I guess.

          • thats great. i saw on one of the last Jay Leno shows a picture of an old road sign that said Dead End. a newer one had been added below that said We don’t care what GPS said Its WRONG

    • i believe from my riding experience only a few yrs and checking with a horseshoer its as you are on the horse holding reins or holding reins driving a wagon. this maybe a wild goose chase we thought it might come in handy if trail or canyon spilt. we plan to check left side first and waste some time

      • yes, that was my understanding also

        and if you are facing the opposite way of the horse, like in that photo on ttotc, the nigh side is still the nigh side (ha ha ha ha)

    • Chris I sort of disagree. The nigh side of an animal will always be on its left side, regardless of which direction it is facing. Or is it? lol

  35. Yep, maybe why he commented with that term that he said meant the north end of the south bound mule? 🙂 Forrest uses some colorful words that we end up thinking

    • remember there is a picture of him riding horse backwards. but i think north is north and etc. i dont think in canyon down he means up.

  36. I hope Forrest gets a chance to see this little bit about the location of h\the treasure. “something black tied to something orange tied to the treasure.”

  37. MAPS
    I was reading one of my favorite writers last night Patrick F. McManus book “How I Got This Way”
    He is talking about going to a mountain lake to fish. His old cousin is going to lead the way and doesn’t need a map. His map is in his head. Pat decides to pocket his map and bring it any way. Here is his description of said a map.
    “Still Bucks map may have been better than the one I packed, which was so deceptive in its untopographical simplicity it could show two points on a trail an inch apart and hide the Matterhorn in between them. As for providing useful information about terrain to be crossed, that map was about as closemouthed as any I’ve ever seen. It slyly failed to mention swamps and mountains cliffs and canyons and raging streams and numerous other unpleasant surprises the map exhibited such a homicidal tendencies that I was almost afraid to turn my back on it. But at least it was a map.”

    • 🙂 LOL!!! Thanks, Wildbirder. That map sounds a lot like the map that my old Scout Master used to “research” and carry on “50-miler” treks. Always “just around the next bend” he’d say. How he got the title “Master” I’ll never know….but, I reckon, I might rightly call myself a “man” these days…and he was certainly one of the reasons “How I Got This Way”…and with tears in my eyes I’m nothing but grateful.

      So…Thank You, Scout Master. I salute you.

      • you can find his books on line they are out of print> do not read them in bed if you have someone trying to sleep next to you. i don’t fish, camp, hike much and i don’t hunt at all but his stories are so funny. he is who got me into the wild.
        because he is an expert who has all these weird things happen to him you don’t feel so bad when you slide down a river bank into a river trying to bring in your childs first fish he caught and just through back in cane pole and all. it was a catfish and scared him half to death.

        • Catfishing at night is kinda creepy…especially out on a lake (Utah Lake) in a small inflatable dingy where you can feel a fighting “beast” (channel catfish) slamming against the bottom of the dingy as you reel it in. :/ Of course, it’s pitch black as you try to shine a light on it to see if you even want to “land it”.

          I tried to find the Gary Larson cartoon with the guy working with the reptiles having a “cumulative attack of the willies”. I couldn’t find it. Good luck to anyone who wants to try.

  38. Here’s my two bits on the Google earth controversy–it doesn’t seem likely to me that Forrest would tie his poem or hints in his books etc. to google earth for the simple reason that google earth is not a “fixed” document. The satellite images, photos, etc. change over time as they are updated. For instance, the images for my house are very different from even two years ago. Furthermore, I don’t think that the program or any one set of digital images will necessarily be readily accessible for the searchers in the next millennium or when the google is replaced with the next cool thing like 3dimensional imagery in your living rooms. My bet is that a searcher could rely on an old fashioned paper map IF it includes geological features and the searcher has wisely chosen the correct area. Ofcourse, my two bits or any two bits can’t even buy you a cup of coffee anymore….

    • we dont use it for ground images for the exact reason you just stated. however as a guide for roads, some trails, camp grounds, boundaries, state parks, federal land Indian land, etc its great. you can use it to check elevation, how far places are a part, best routes, unknown routes. its a great tool but has to be used right. we think of it as a interactive map. using the path line to measure a trail is a must so you know its three miles of squiggle instead of one mile straight.

    • GE, you can see every log.. how is that not useful. I’m thrilled to hear my competition isn’t using it.
      FF is smart enough to know that the world will be looking at his special place from a desktop, not on the ground. His legacy will be seen by all, not just a few hikers.

      • Couldn’t agree more, stay off of Google earth guys. I’ll keep it all to myself.

        • So hear me all and listen good your F ort will B worth the cold. F U R br A ve and N the wood I give U title to the gold+ FBF (forrest burke fenn) Uranium (but no m…so take the M from the last line of stanza 5 I’m weak…which is really ONE M WEAK of spelling out URANIUM.

          Close earth….mine makes more sense than yours IMO

      • I don’t think anyone has said that google earth isn’t at all useful. However, usefulness is a long long way from the claim that google earth is intricately tied to the poem or Fenns book. As to the claim that every log is viewable on GE, well, that is simply an overstatement. The poem tells me that the chest in the woods, and GE just does not penetrate into the woods to any useful degree, IMHO. Even if you can discern “every log” as you claim, I think a photo of any area at one single point in time can be very deceiving. One thing that always amazes me is how ever changing the natural world is and how the flora and fauna adapts, adjusts, and yes, changes from season to season and year to year especially in the “woods”. That’s why many of my “special spots” are always seen for the first time when I get to visit them no matter how many times I’ve been there before.

        • Raven – GE imagery has been the same for 6-7 years. I don’t think Forrest intended for the poem to last a hundred years. The spot will of course. How about the blaze being a group of trees? How long will that last? I wouldn’t discount Google it’s mentioned in the last chapter of his book. The poem itself has all the information YES of course but the poem is linked to GE IMO

          • Close earth: I have no idea what you are looking at on GE but the imagery in MANY places is more recent than 6–7 years. Use the historical imagery function, it can take you back decades up to the present in some areas. A group of trees can last thousands of years (sequoia stand) or it can be gone in a day due to fire, earthquakes, volcanos, wind, or man wanting to make paper. If tying GE to your solve works for you GREAT! go for it, but I just don’t think it is a requirement for everyone including myself.

          • they say its from 1 to 3 years old. the current imagery is supposed to be from summer of 2013

  39. Maps,GE, what does it matter. They are all research tools.The most important MAP after all the research are the Nine clues in the POEM. Good luck everyone .

  40. Please, anyone. Does Forrest allow one question to be asked via e-mail about the treasure?

  41. I was reading through the letters to FF and this one stuck out”
    “I had a chance to scoot down the Madison this evening. Its a beautiful river. I’ve never seen it before. Next I’ll have to be concerned about a blaze but first things first. The “home of Brown” is first. I walked some nice river tonight and saw some beautiful flywater. Will check out more tomorrow.”

    Forrest responds-

    “I am afraid you will figure the clues and find the chest. That’s why I am trying to guide you to where the grizzlies hide near Brown’s house and wait for treasure hunters. It was a hard winter for them and they are really hungry.”

    Did he really say that the Madison, or thereabouts, is the area to be searched?

    • Here’s another one: FF says,
      “I hid the treasure chest at the first onset of dementia. I knew I had a disease so I made myself a note that revealed the exact location because I wanted later on to give some additional clues. Now I don’t remember where I put the note. Maybe if I search my fishing box I can find what it is that I was looking for.”
      He was joking, but it made me think. I’seen a few places on the maps called ‘Forget Me Not’. So I searched a mountain by that name. I found one in the Beartooth mountains, southwest of Red Lodge, Montana. Below it is Lost Lake, off of Lake Fork Road. It’s just on the eastern side of the mountains near Beaten Path trail, Rainbow lake. GPS:
      Montana, United States, North America

      Lat/Lon: 45.05636°N 109.56367°W

      • “because I wanted later on to give some additional clues”

        each time I read that I ask myself, did he really plan on giving additional clues, from the beginning? actual clues, or it’s not there clues, like he gave on Today Show?

        And if actual clues, what were they? Has he even given them yet?

        additional clues seem so wrong to me. But then, it’s his game.


        • jdh-

          I’ve heard some others say they think additional clues from Forrest would be wrong. But I don’t understand why. Perhaps you can explain to me why it would be wrong. Speak slowly because I am getting old and my comprehension is weak.

          • Michael and Dal, I’m a bit confused as to why anyone would discount forrets’s statement in the NM tourism video about the surroundings of the area where the chest is. He says, “If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals, I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles or pinyon nuts, sagebrush… And I know the treasure chest is wet.”
            The only thing I can come up with is his other statement where he said, “There’s one thing I told you that I wish I had not”…. Is f tricking us again? Anyone care to comment?

          • WiseOne…I do not discount FF statements on the NM tourism video. In fact, I used those statements to narrow down the search area, since MT an WY don’t have the Pinyon nuts FF mentions smelling. However, I use caution in doing this, because all pine trees produce an edible nut, and perhaps FF was simply stating that. As far as the wet comment….I just don’t know exactly how to interpret that statement.

          • I think it’s wrong because it doesn’t (slow enough? 🙂 fit with my perception of Mr. Fenn’s character. And I know him only through what he has shared with us… so blame him.

            The treasure hunt began with a poem in a book and on his website. I could buy the book if I chose to, but it was not necessary to solving the clues in the poem. Anyone could do this from anywhere.

            At this point the playing field was as level as it could be. Anyone could access the poem and no additional costs were required to solve it. I could say that it isn’t fair to those that don’t have internet access but I think that is going too far. Anyway, it’s fair at this point.

            Then he begins to give clues on the Today Show. I don’t watch the Today Show. What am I going to miss? All of a sudden the people that watch the TS have an advantage. If I read the blogs I can learn of the clues given but I have to rely on others to video record it or their interpretations of the TS segments.
            It turned out the clues were not really clues, and I think that was intentional to keep the playing field level.

            I read and hear that all the information I need to solve the clues is in the poem. I believe that, and let’s say I don’t read the blogs, don’t watch the TS. I have the poem, it’s all I need.

            If that is true, why did Mr. Fenn plan on releasing more clues later on? If I need more clues, that will be released at some future date, shouldn’t we have been told that at the beginning?

            I like a level playing field. I think Mr. Fenn is trying to keep the playing field level. We know of at least one instance that he felt he had accidentally given someone a piece of information that others did not have and he rectified that to his satisfaction. That spoke volumes to me of his character.

            It’s my perception of his character that tells me giving additional clues is not something he would do. It would be out of character for him to do so. That is what makes it wrong. It would destroy my image of who he is.

            But like I said, it’s his game. My perception of who he is is not important. Its the person he sees when he looks in a mirror, that is important. I think by giving additional clues he is admitting that the poem is not all that is needed.

            So which is it, the poem is all that’s needed, or the poem plus additional clues?

            My perception of his character… it’s also the reason I believe he actually hid the chest.


          • jdh-
            Your explanation of “wrong” is interesting. I see what you are suggesting. I certainly believe that the poem is all we need. But some, like me, can also use all the help we can find. Maybe the poem is all I need but extra clues are both fun and give me additional tools to help understand the poem once I’ve read it for the 3 gazzillionth time and still have not found the location of the chest. Clues may not be needed but they add another dimension to the chase and keep things lively. Forrest likes fun or he wouldn’t have started this chase to begin with. I think we will continue to get the occassional hint from Forrest as long as he is around to provide them.

          • i have a copy of the book and I am hard pressed to say if it helped as much as the clues did. i know we started with poem and map. then Mr. F added some clues that opened the door for us to have our solve. the book at this point revealed some clues that we could tie in to our solve to give us assurances. however Hubby said it all hypothetical and circumstantial evidence. very good evidence but must be proved – boots on ground.

          • JDH, I don’t want to rehash the “Great Useless Clue Debacle” as I call it. I’ve been there and done that. If you want to doubt the integrity of the chase that’s a decision each searcher has to make. Like you say it’s his game. We can take it or leave it.

            I have redefined what is a hint and what is a clue for my own sanity. I call it all helpful information. Fenn does not consider some of the information I call helpful to be helpful. He talks about that in one of the videos. There is great debate about what is helpful information amongst the searchers; there are some that think there is a map on the tiles in his shower. There are some that think every word out of his mouth is a ground breaking, chest revealing OMG! clue.

            By your definition there is no such thing as a level playing field. You said it started with a poem and a book on his website and you have declared that is fair. Maybe you should ask the folks that don’t have internet access if that’s fair. How about the one’s that only have a dial up connection; is that fair. But then you say you don’t read the blogs and that’s not fair. You’re going in circles.

            One of the first things Fenn told us in his book is that life is like a hand of poker; we are dealt four cards and a joker and we play whether we like it or not.

            To me he is telling us that life ain’t fair; get over it and do the best you can.

            He has kept the playing field as level as possible in my opinion. If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be here. If this game is not fair enough for you then you should quit. Just my opinion.

          • I’m sure relieved there are no more clues. My dial phone with the brass bells only goes up to “nine”. It’s a party line phone and the operator always listens in !!

          • The poem is perfect the way it is. It would be shortsighted and selfish to ask Forrest to cheapen the poem’s mystique with additional clues.

          • Hi Goofy, I’ve always wondered what, when and where the “hint of riches new and old” would be. Lately, I’ve been thinking his friends and family are the riches.

          • I think you may have an interesting thought there. He seem to have very rich memories of his life/family. as we get older old these things take on new meaning in our lives.

          • One of my attempts at a solve looking at the 1st stanza for direction was a wedding: gone alone-single, with my treasures-family, friends and ring,

            I kind of got stuck on the 3rd line but the 4th could imply present riches and future riches, e.g. his children or new friends.

            Food for thought at least for me.

          • hint – noun
            1. a slight or indirect indication or suggestion.
            1. suggest or indicate something indirectly or covertly.

          • Goofy,
            I was frustrated when I came back to these discussions only to find out about the new map. Your mentioning that the says f would give new hints (not clues right?) clears things up. Better stated than other statements I heard when I asked about it thinking it was all in the poem.

            Thanks for sharing this.

          • Come on Goof, just one more time for the “Great Useless Clue Debacle”. :).



            from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
            n. Something that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem or mystery.
            transitive v. To give (someone) guiding information: Clue me in on what’s happening.
            n. Variant of clew1.
            v. Variant of clew1.

            from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
            n. A strand of yarn etc. as used to guide one through a labyrinth; something which points the way, a guide.
            n. Information which may lead one to a certain point or conclusion.
            n. An object or a kind of indication which may be used as evidence.
            v. To provide with a clue (often used with “in” or “up”).
            v. To provide someone with information which he or she lacks.

            from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
            n. A ball of thread; a thread or other means of guidance. Same as clew.

            from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
            Nautical, to haul up to the yard (the lower corners of a topsail, topgallantsail, or royal) by means of the clue-lines: used with up.
            To direct, as by a clue or thread.
            n. A ball or skein of thread or yarn.
            n. The thread or yarn that is wound into the form of a ball; thread in general.
            n. Hence Anything that guides or directs one in an intricate case; a guide or key to the solution of a puzzle or problem, or the unraveling of a plot or mystery: in allusion to the mythological story that Theseus was guided by a clue of thread through the Cretan labyrinth.
            n. A measure of yarn or hemp, 4,800 yards.
            n. Nautical, a lower corner of a square sail or the aftmost corner of a fore-and-aft sail.

            from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
            n. a slight indication
            n. evidence that helps to solve a problem
            v. roll into a ball


            Variant of clew1 (from Theseus’s use of a ball of thread as a guide through the Cretan labyrinth).
            (American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
            Variant of clew, “a ball of thread or yarn”, with reference to the one which the mythical Theseus used to guide him out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. (Wiktionary)

            Okay, so maybe I just wanted to tie in the story about string, ball of yarn, and a possible measurement.

          • Charlie…….you just wasted a bunch of electrons. 🙂

            Fenn says the dictionary is an infringement of free speech. Your definitions and etymologies mean absolutely nothing here in Fennville where we speak Fennish.

          • A regular ole dictionary may not offer much help , but I think an international etymology of word origins is useful. As well as one other book people really need to read…

          • I have to agree with Mark on this one Goof. I think it’s our interpretations that are turning things into hints. f didn’t say anything about hints as far as I remember. May be wrong. I was just playing with the definition thing of clue, but it does spur a little thought. I also think Mindy is right about the Etymology thing, especially if a word that is key is “middle”, as in middle English. That you CAN get from the poem, line 9.
            As far as line 4, it’s possible to break that line down to just be three. new and old can be an anagram of land owned. Riches land owned could be tree.”H” in “t” of tree gives you three. Nothing to do with hints. May or may not be correct. but possible.
            Than again, disagreeing with Goofy usally doesn’t go to well, so i’ll say IMO, which may be wrong.:)

          • I caught that Chris. You’re still a “so cal” to me. We be bright down here. What’s your starting gate odds at now? 7/2, 5/2? Forerunner for sure. I’m pretty confident, but also cannot incorporate string or 24.54 miles. Maybe it’s what needs to be followed precisely..?

      • Michael dude, he’s playing with the person he is responding to and anyone who reads it and takes it seriously. Do you hear the sarcasm as he says something like, “you almost got it…’. Picture two kids on the schoolyard. one threatens the other, and the threatened one says, “oooh, I’m afraid of you!” He doesn’t mean it, that’s the point. Dripping in sarcasm, but take it seriously if you like.

        • This posted WAYYY down from Michael’s comment about ff ‘s answers to searcher’s letters

    • Funny one MichaelD
      soon we’ll be looking for Tesuque and f’s pet parrot in the poem

    • Michael D, don’t let them discourage you, imo you’re onto something. Letter by letter, look for instructions. Keep at it.” So hear me all and listen good”, So (“he” are “me”)= some all and l “is” ten go “odd”. some a+l+l+l = 10, a=7,l=1. Could be a=1,l=3, but later on that will not work. a=7,l=1 works every time. IMO, it’s the architecture of the poem. Keep going, you’ll see.

  42. when you go find the treasure you need 2 bags of skittles, 2 bags of funyuns and large bag of the reeses peanut butter cups in the gold foils.

    f didnt say that, but im saying that. and you need an ice chest for the peanut cups so they arent soft

    • i am up that creek without a paddle because i cannot have any of that or can i just carry it with not eating it

  43. Sorry Goofy off topic but watching Dancing With The Stars… So nice to see Suzanne is still going strong!!! Be sure to place your votes…

  44. The song for the poem is
    “Upside Down by Diana Ross
    🙂 lol we like to to go round and round 🙂

    • Amy,
      My suggestion for a song for the poem would be Jack Johnson’s “Upside Down”:
      “…I want to turn the whole thing upside down; I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found…”
      “Have flashlight, will travel”

      • Lol Geoff 🙂

        Shoot I’m taking a sandwich 🙂

        I already know why u need a flashlight 🙂

  45. (Y) is it that I (must go) = the coming together of two into one= Y Union of the warm waters is this a hint? Could this be a the key to the correct wwwh? Dal and Ed this should interest y’all …

  46. I put this up on every 9 clues page…
    these are just my opinions…

    Clues From Philly…

    1)Forrest mentions Catcher in the Rye in his book…the school in the book, Pencey Prep, is based off of the authors time at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne PA
    2)Forrest flew over Philadelphia and covered it up with his thumb…he says this is one of the most important moments in his life…
    3)Forrest mentions bells through TTOTC…the worlds most famous bell is in Philly (The Liberty Bell)…
    4)Forrest mentions Benjamin Franklin in TTOTC…Benjamin F. is Philadelphia’s own and most famous man from that city…
    5)Forrest mentions George Washington…George Washington played and integral role in and around Philadelphia…
    6)”if you are brave and in the WOOD”…PA’s meaning is “Penn’s Woods”…(William Penn)…
    7)the chest when open has the keystone symbol where the keyhole is…. PA is the “keystone state” and the keystone is the state symbol of PA…

    Theres more I just cant think of them right now….

    So maybe the “key” to figuring out the poem is in PA or Philadelphia…
    I do not think the chest is anywhere near Philadelphia but maybe the way you interpret it has to be from a Philadelphia point of view..or maybe a native American language from Philly’s POV…

    Then again Forrest said that the clues in TTOTC and TFTW were unintentional, so that kinda throws a wrench in that interpretation…but I still have hope I can figure out the poem from a couch in the suburbs of Philly…

    • Philly you are right to contemplate these references to Philadelphia but I believe the connections are meant for us to ponder the namesake or the older city where you find the key.

          • Ohhh ok… yeah I know theres a Philadelphia mentioned in the bible…I wonder how that can be tied in the chase?

          • I fear that if I started explaining that I would give too much of my solve away. But if Laodicia is where warm waters flow, what is Philadelphia?

          • Laodicia is where warm water is but where does it halt?

            4:1 After these things I looked, and there was a door standing open in heaven!

            A Blaze?

          • not sure… but maybe city of brotherly love points to some connection to his brother skippy?

          • Another city mentioned in the asia minor i think.

            And where did he open the door? Not in Laodicia uken2it!

          • I do not connect this with the poem but it interesting what is behind the door: 4:3 And the one seated on it was like jasper and carnelian in appearance, and a rainbow looking like it was made of emerald encircled the throne.

          • Did you know the Tewa had a summer rainbow and a winter rainbow? The summer rainbow had three colors, and the winter rainbow, just one.
            Spallies and Gey, you both should know this. 🙂

          • No more warm waters is where warm waters halt. Who kept the faith and was not spit out?

          • Cloudcover1,

            IMO the ones who open the ‘door’ are those that are not warm. When they became ‘not’ warm I can not say for certain. Halting at a door seems to fit in with a solve or two.

          • I can connect the first stanza to the door that we are talking about.
            Then come the warm waters, (don’t mean to be stubborn) to the door and that door is being knocked on from the inside. Open the door!

          • It fits my solve and I didn’t know it for a long time. My blaze in this solve was originally a trailhead sign. A absentminded Google of something in my area changed my blaze and everything else after that.

          • @ Mindy

            No I didn’t know that. Yet, I do have a photo of the end of his rainbow.

      • Philly & Cloudcover, I agree that f’s references to Philadelphia could be a key or reference to Biblical love where each person lives in harmony with his community because each person genuinely loves his fellow human beings; every is heart sacred regardless of color or creed; including Native Americans who have been historically mistreated in the Rocky Mtn regions. AIA in the poem is likely a nod to American Indian Alliance.

        As a nation built upon Biblical principles, historically Our government has not always looked to Christ’s example as the chief corner stone who willingly laid down his life in love.

        Translating “key” to Architecturally built poem would build using a KeyStone to an arch (rainbow) which upholds all other building components. N There may be a stone at tc site.

        As an avid conservationist I believe f may have tied the tc’s hiding spot to Keystone species in an ecosystem. For instance in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem the following are “keystone” species: Bison, Big Horn sheep, Brown bears, beaver, elk, wolves, Bald Eagles. Notice how many start with a capital B.

        Perhaps a more comprehensive approach will yield solutions to Forrests poem. His memoirs certainly encompass expansive interests and ideas.

    • that is what Hubby was saying. it’s all circumstantial. pointing indirectly towards a solve but not conclusively proving it. (i copied that from dictionary)
      you have to tie the hint or clue to something concrete that fits the area of the search ie: the four states and follows his rules of in mountains, wood etc. i had to rule out four places because they were most desert or to far South. and as hubby says my whole solve could go South.

      • i would like to move to the south my self…maybe charleston sc…the weather up north is brutal…

    • F mentioned something along the lines of the poem was constructed by an architect….

      maybe the 9 clues form an arch to the location….the key clue would be the 5th clue…the “keystone” clue… the poem kind of starts up, builds up and has a soft landing like an arch IMO…

      • cluesfromphilly,

        I have tried to build on a clue “Foundation” imo, Had not luck yet. This “Foundation” was derived from the first stanza as a direction clue for me… I thought.

        • I like to think the clues have a certain trajectory. It might not be right, but I like to think so. 🙂

          And what do we aim for when loosing an arrow or shooting a gun? What is that thing called again, and how might it fit the poem and the book in so many ways?

          Feeling generous tonight…but never fear, Crazy Jamie, I won’t give out the good stuff. 🙂

          • thats a good line of thought Mindy…

            When are you ladies going to have your own tv series? hopefully someone will find it on national tv..thatd be cool..

          • Mindy,
            I would look forward to the show too. Come on Mindy uken2it!

            I picked my nickname because it sounded encouraging. :^)

          • Clues, from what I’ve been told, things are still in the research/planning stages. IF we are lucky enough to be picked (Diggin makes competition fierce), it probably won’t happen for a while. I’m hopeful, but not holding my breath. 🙂

          • Lol U funny nut mindy 🙂 u are a lot younger than me you would win the competion of out running the grizz for sure 🙂

      • heavy loads could be the heavy loads of the arch of the clues in the poem…

        once you reach the 5th clue, then you look down cause your right on top of the chest…

        here are my 9 clues…

        2-not far but to far to walk
        4-no place for the meek
        5-no paddle,heavy loads water high
        6-look quickly down
        7-but tarry scant with marvel gaze
        8-worth the cold
        9-brave and in the wood.

        see how right after the 5th clue, the keystone clue, you have to look down?

        • Thanks Philly, you’re right, poetry and great stories build upon an arch. Theoretically we all expect the end of the rainbow where the treasure resides to be the pinnacle, but in his poem you may be right – the arch is the strongest portion and critical in discovery – then ride the rainbow down to the finish…
          Shouting woohoo Forrest Fenn! you’ve changed my life!!

          • That’s a great analogy, and a great image! 🙂
            My poor hubby has crushed discs in his back, and I’ve dragged him up that one side of the rainbow so many times it’s hard to convince him we could slide down the other side! Think he’s tired of “this time I got it”. 🙂
            Hope he heals quickly, or I’ll have to drag him…

          • I apologize if this is a duplicate but I cannot find it posted.

            Picture two omegas side by side. No picture both omegas painted an array of colors… two ‘end of the rainbows’ – one for f and one for, well I don’t know.

          • Do you live in the area? If not how did you ever stumble upon this article? Quite clever on your part, where’s Waldo and a double rainbow. Did you also find this in Montanna? Colorado or…

          • Hi uken2it. It was my first thought in response to your comment. 🙂 i am approx. 2 hrs north. yes, I’ve seen a double rainbow, and I found waldo; though not in the same place. 😉

          • this is for everyone Hubby got MRI today tripple bad news. torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon, and something else. he will need surgery. it take 3 to 6 months to recover. our trip may be postponed or i may have to come by myself. he is diabetic so that could slow his healing

          • Wildbird, I’ll say my prayers for a speedy recovery for your hubby! Mine has a long term injury, very painful at times, but he trudge through it most times. 😉

          • thank you for prayers. and sorry your hubby has a bad back. we know what we are in for because i had major stuff done to my shoulder a few years ago and my right one wants it now but trying to avoid that. OUCH!!!!

        • @ JDiggins,

          what happens if you drag hubby with you and you find the chest…? Do you carry the chest out and “leave” hubby to fend for himself…? :mrgreen:

    • I was sitting in his office last year talking to Char. I looked up and I said” That is an interesting picture especially with the children sitting up front” She said oh that picture was taken in Philadelphia. She then says, So what do you think about being in the banana belt.
      My eyes opened wide, I must go.

  47. Okokokokok!
    Quit pushing in line back there!
    I get it!
    Boots soon…
    Boot scootin’ boogy!

          • my son send me a kinds of adbreation and little sing and i have no idea if he is being funny or cussing at me LOL

          • Hi Marie
            Meant to reply to 1,2,3 post but searched everywhere can’t find it again! Anyway yes your in the 3 category as helped me to just realised stick at it to complete your solve sorry no contact busy busy busy silent hear need to get some work done before boss deletes me
            Good luck when boots on ground.
            I struggle sometimes and friends genuinely ask ‘how have you managed through life’? Anyway let’s enjoy the ride.
            Ps my solves are better than yours
            Pps ear worm still doing my head in

          • i am not sure which posting you are referring however you can hit control f and a little box will pop up type in anything you are looking for and it will bring them up works on other pages. i did this and to my stock i had IMO way too many postings. i am trying hard not answer every posting. i try to wait and see if someone else brings my idea up if not then i will post.

          • So much to say in an ale in n
            way.. out in mountain talk but as you know I need a JD to switch off and knees hurt but only because I’m ways kneeing down. Let’s race to the chest I’ll sit and watch the fun hope cameras are ready

          • i have bad knees and i am very overweight. i got some exercises from internet / therapist doing them every other day and knees can handle slopes/inclines better. stronger joints less pain.
            my shoulder that i couldn’t raise over my head is now after 4 weeks able to reach the third shelf of dishes in cabinet. i drove twenty miles to pick Hubby up and back without pain. first time in three months. i hate exercising but if it works i am doing it.

  48. this is omo- I was thinking that the capital B on home of brown could be that it is the key word we have all been looking for just my opinion

      • I feel that the capital B stands for home of brown being a very large area that’s just my opinion

        • Frank,

          The two capital letters in that line PB could be Peanut Butter, where is that ‘warm’ cup of milk? One can make a connection to Skippy here or a connection to Forrest saying to take a flashlight and a sandwich.

  49. Maybe this will flip someone’s switch. Does anyone else think there may be more meaning to Miss Ford writing Spanish words on a blackboard?
    Maybe Spanish words on a black board? Where might one find one of those in the four states?
    I don’t know, but if you’re searching, and you see it, you might be close.

    And another goody from the book. Something in the poem led me to an exact phrase in the book. “…, it was worth it.” What does that mean? Math is forever haunting me and taunting me because I suck so badly at it!

  50. Two Bear Spray Experiences…..Someone thinks Bear Spray will not work….Think again.

    1. Jack Hannah was hiking with 2 or 3 other women way up a Trail a couple of years ago in Glacier National Park…..They were on a narrow area of the Trail,
    One side a deadly cliff, the other side of the Trail a wall of Rock, When they saw a Grizzly Bear coming straight up the Trail with Cubs! With no where to go….
    and Bear coming fast, straight at him. Jack sprayed his bear mace. The bear kept coming…..He sprayed again, bear still coming at them….He kept spraying and the when the Bear got to the Highly Peppered area, She retreated and went away from them back down the trail……It saved their live’s!

    I watched another recent interview of a man who was hiking with a group. I think in Montana last summer…..The Grizzly came behind the tree and was on the man. Claws in him. He could not get to the bear spray. He layed still, as advised. The bear when and sat down near by. Than when he moved to get to the bear spray, the bear clawed him again. I can’t remember how he got the bear spray, but he sprayed it and the bear finally retreated. The man had some injury’s but he survived with stitches after a bad mauling.

    So I have heard the same thing with guns. Bear Spray needs to be ready and handy. I am going with one on chest and one strapped to my waist…..

    Be Safe!

    Lou Lee Bear, Who has been up close and personal with Bears.

  51. Just had a funny thought…. I would love to find the chest, but more than anything else I just want to believe that I will know the solve before I am gone (Im just 51 so I have some time for that). Could Forrest just be teasing us, letting us suffer with no answer before dying, just like he may have to do about his missing string ball. No one is left to tell him what ever happened to his string ball. Must be hard for him to know he will never know the answer to how it simply disappeared.
    Like I said just a funny thought, don’t really believe this to be the case. I do sometimes wonder if a day will come that I will be to old to actually put boots on the ground. Will I just give up what I already know just hoping to know the answer before I go.

    Fred Y.

    • Fred, Yes, I wonder about that myself… “knowing the solve before I go” is all that’s important to me too. We’ve all worked so hard in trying to solve this and to never get the answer would be cruel and unimaginable punishment. 🙁
      I’d like to know about the ball of string too…

    • NO!!!!! Not a funny thought. five yrs of my eyes and my brain being fried, and fingers typed to nubs. the death of zillion printer ink cartridges. piles of paper!!! No he is not teasing! Right he is not teasing?

      • As well….. did he ever find out what happened to his bullet? It was just gone as well.
        Fred Y.

          • i have never been good at cards or board games. we will see in aug. it looks like i may be going to our solve by myself depending on Hubbys shoulder. torn rotator cuff takes month to get over.

          • Wildbirder… I’ve searched by myself a couple times. Just be brave and stay safe. 🙂

          • hubby more worried about me bird watching because he thinks i dont watch where i am going. but i am careful and i am in God’s hands. he is the one who tripped.LOL
            this week end we are going to make a wooden box about the same shape and size as stated the TC is.
            so we get hike with it. weighting down with rocks. i am get 25 pounds to but smaller size. he has two gunny bag? navy type for carrying stuff. regular backpacks are not big enough

  52. @Goofy, are you chasing Fennish game hens for dinner?

    @Clues from Philly
    Lots of great discussion about keystones and Philadelphia today. If we could figure them out, then we’d have the keys to the poem. Have you considered the application of Keystone species within the hiding spot’s ecosystem?
    In The greater Yellowstone ecosystem, there are many keystone species which are brown and start with a B: bighorn sheep, bison, brown bear, bald eagle, beaver to name a few. F is a strong conservationist, I can’t help thinking he incorporated thise ideals into his solve.

    Philly, do you believe your clue 5 is the keystone to the poems arch? It fits with my solve too.

    I do think there will be a “scant” worked stone or threshold stone near the hiding spot; either ancient markings or done by the hand of the poem’s architect.

    • those are great ideas linking keystone species into that…I did not even know there were such things as keystone species…

      my 5th clue is an important one I believe…it gives a very unique setting for where the chest is located…since the blaze must be around there and the chest itself..if you are in an area that resembles that area your chances are good and if you are not you have no yeah that could be the key clue to the poem…

      I think the chest is located in a boulder/rock that has trees or bushes around it and you have to get around them to see a hole in the stone to get the chest…some place where a kid would find…

      also it being in a stone makes a good hiding spot imo

  53. Sorry about my duplicate entry. Not sure why, but one typed 2 hours ago just showed up, and no indication of moderation.

  54. So W-H-Y three is it that I MUST go.


    Musth or must /ˈmʌst/ is a periodic condition in bull (male) elephants, characterized by highly aggressive behavior and accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones. Testosterone levels in an elephant in musth can be as much as 60 times greater than in the same elephant at other times.

    (Let’s surmise for a minute here that he is leaving the spot (Elephant something large)

    And let’s not forget F favorite drink.

    :the expressed juice of fruit and especially grapes before and during fermentation; also :the pulp and skins of the crushed grapes

  55. in the last couple days i found a specific strong connection to the bible. it is something that could be thought as being both in the past and the future

    just my opinion, but if i turn out to be right, ill say i tol d you so 🙂

    Will need to make that Effort first and see though

    • I have considered biblical connections too because clues pop up that lead that way (supposed clues).

      I have not doggedly pursued them because I do not see any public information with respect to f’s religious convictions. He may have strong spiritual convictions but has not made the public as far as I can find.

      • he was raised in Texas part of the Bible belt but that is no proof and a lot of people who have near death experiences get religion. again no proof. because of his age and background i would think he does.

        • I see no Biblical connection in the poem. I thought he said his god is in the mountains and rivers.

        • He doesn’t have be religious. It is not a requirement. He can still put reference to Christ in his poem without being religious.

          • He does mention that his father was proud of that phrase about laboring with God. If his dad was religious, Forrest might be fairly knowledgeable about spiritual or Biblical things.

            Also, he said he became aware of a larger hand guiding his life although he didn’t realize it at the time.

          • Those are two very good points Mindy. Sometimes when we put people on a pedestal and we call them hero those very people don’t think of themselves as hero’s even though they really did all the brave heroic things we give them credit for. They might feel the exact opposite of a hero. And even a non religious man remembers the teachings about God given him through a father’s love. God forgives that’s what he does. The hardest thing can be in forgiving ourselves and finding peace. My uncle was a marine in Vietnam and he had medals too including two purple hearts. He never kept them gave them to his mother.

      • Uken2it, f has only said he is not religious but is very spiritual; and gentlemen of f’s era don’t typically discuss 3 things in public: politics, religion, what they do in the bedroom. Although, that said, f discussed his bathroom and shower at Show and Tell. 😉

  56. it took me a while to come to this conclusion, but on the big ball of string i think somebody just up and stole it

    Forrest maybe doesnt realize thats what happened. big balls of string could get you some serious money back in those days

    • Lol people rarely stole back then his mama took that huge ball of string and thru it across a cow pasture with the tumble weeds 🙂

      • He tied three pieces of string together…sounds like “flyfishing” to me.

        There are other hints in TTOTC that refers to flyfishing…IMO of course :mrgreen:

      • i hide several boxes of dirt in closets as a child to play in when it rained. one after i come in as it started to rain and my dirt was GONE. “We must have a dirt thief in neighborhood.”

          • As a parent i might have missed placed a binkie or two and a few of my sons rocks and sticks may have been mislaid. but steal them no. just found new homes for them.

          • Diggin, are you “there” now turnin rocks upside down?

            Or just wetting your appetite with heavy loads in your pick up for the trip?

      • Diggin
        I totally agree with what you will be looking in. But you actually have a map of those places that a normal person can actually get to?
        and be quiet…if I could figure it out, anyone can!
        and I believe you are right…but I don’t have an exact location for one of those

    • That whole story is probably about taking the treasure or how it’s hidden. Just take it BUT how? I can’t get it out of this tiny area. Something fishy about a large ball getting out a doorway or maybe the ball went out the window. Large ball could represent a large round Boulder.

  57. its getting late and i have confess i went to a pun site. didnt mean to string you all along. but i am having a ball.

  58. if its near a rainbow maybe we have a chance we are Irish. but wait what that they are always saying about the luck of the Irish. never mind we are doom

    • My last search was St Patrick’s Day… Wasn’t lucky for me! It was a disaster. Knot to mention my speeding ticket… 80 in a 65!

      • Wise one
        I have a picture of my husband when we were on a search
        His shirt said “Lucky Shirt” it had the 4 leaf clover on it and it was green. I started laughing and said we did not get lucky. lol got that shirt at Walmart 🙂

        • Last year on our way to search on the busy highway we did not get a ticket but we got a flat tire then we spent forever at discount tire and went ahead and put 4 new tires on 🙂

          Yep before I leave to search again I need 4 new tires again lol 🙂

        • its 9:50 in my time central i think. i am watching DVR today show. the rockies will get hit with a late snowstorm up 18 inches. texas is going to get a bunch of rain

        • sorry i hit send before i finished. hubby is going in late because of his arm. so i am a little rushed. we were concern do we have searcher in col. yet? be careful out there and be safe.

      • That was pricey ..
        I just got to the Cimerron and the first thing I see … A road block.. I stop , the officer asked us where we where headed… I told him I wasn’t sure.. He gave me a funny look and said what do ya mean you don’t know where your going .. in the mean time almost every car was being looked at .. so I answered him and said well the truth is
        And I know this sounds funny but we are looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure.. he look at me chuckled and said , well you folks be careful have fun and enjoy NM.. and passed us through .
        That was awesome …

        • A road block up in Cimmaron? Was it military? Sheriffs? State police?
          Anyway, while you are up in Cimmaron try to check out the area below tooth of time mountains. And while you are over near Aqua Fria don’t for get to go to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

        • They do this a lot apparently? I was also pulled over by the NM state police twice, once entering Red River and again leaving. Both times I said we had just left the Boy Scouts and were waived through instantly. On another trip through Abiqui, I wasn’t so lucky… But the police did think it was funny why I was there! The never ending Thrill?
          Mark H.

      • Funny , you bring that up. “Fate deals you four cards and a joker , And you play whether you like it or not. ”

        I believe the appropriate way to say that is fate deals you 5 card and a joker… just find it funny that there are 6 stanza. I stumbled on a game of poker in the stanzas…
        But I have not put 1 and 1 together … or I would have the chest . But with that said …
        How would F hide some thing that would last at least a 1000 years… ???? What kind of blaze would it take… Trees are a common trail marker, as well as rocks and Petraglifs. But , what would mark this trail of bread
        crumbs..? Is it possible we look at this in a smaller sence? Are the markers of the blaze places that will be around for along time ?
        Or do we look at it in a smaller sense. . Like a.smaller area as seen when we were kids… remember … everything was huge when we were all small… leads to alot of questions . I will take my own advice here and use the poem as a boundary of my thinking on this…

        These IMO could be the way…

        • “Fate deals you four cards and a joker , And you play whether you like it or not. ”

          This statement is a metaphor for his interactions with people he meets every day IMO. This bit of information can be found at the end of My War For Me that details the waiter you interact with or the news paperboy. These are characters in our lives that play a role and not realize and IMO that is what Forrest means!

    • Many are playing this game, but only one will be the Winner! Loser is a mean word isn’t it Gey?

      Perhaps changing our world might begin with the way we talk to each other… just say n’.

      Mark H.

  59. isnt heavy loads and water high the most important clue besides WWWH?
    it gives direct clues to where the chest is located…if you are not near water high and heavy loads your are not near the chest…

    anyone have good ideas what heady loads and water high mean?

    • I have a few but having some trouble deciding which approach is the correct one… 🙂

        • Me too, Clues. A long soak in a hot spring just before it enters a cold stream sounds absolutely delightful. Sign me up.

          • JC JC

            Your egg is amazing

            The song for your egg is ” Can’t touch this”

            Very extremely creative 🙂

            Beautiful 🙂

            I also like the rock with the Y
            Pretty interesting 🙂

          • Thank you, Thank you, Amy. I am happy that you like it. I have to give credit where it is due…always and forever. My wife made that. I only helped with the title. I saw a cool symbolism with her creation when it was finished. The olive branch representing PEACE is partially outside of the egg…which represents new life…like PEACE is being born from the egg. We have all been given a most marvelous gift. That is the Good News of Easter.

      • Spallies –

        Sometimes it just breaks my heart to see some on here (not you) struggling for a place to start.

        IMO – The poem tells you where to start and it is very clear. The poem is both literal and magical. In other words linear and non-linear – two very different ways of thinking. Does everyone here know what type of thinker you are? It may just be what is hanging you up.

        Look at the scrapbooks – they include both art (non-linear) and linear thinking. You must know when to use which one.

        Most of the blog owners have not listed the poem correctly. That’s strange to me because usually they would have used both types of thinking in order to create a blog. But trust me – most got it wrong. In order to find it you must go to FF’s web site.
        Then go to the book and find the difference. Then think why what you found is important in a non-linear fashion.

        Here is a great web site that will explain just what I am saying here.

        You will have to have an extreme understanding of this to finish the poem (not that I am finished). In the end – you will have to even break it down into sections to get it. Left brain VS right brain. The whole thing is interesting and very true.


        Happy Hunting

        • Associations are the most powerful thing in this chase. If you can understand F associations you can maybe get this thing. I say maybe because no one has proven the poem out yet. Those without the books I really feel for.

        • Very interesting content inthe Chase. It may take a person who can think creatively and conceptually broad, and then force their mind into linear fashion to work it all out.

        • Inthechaseto… Interesting perspective… In the middle of the article he says…

          “It’s easy, however, to rely upon starting points simply because they’re what we’ve used all our lives – starting points that either may be false, or that limit us from finding a much better answer.”

          • spallies –

            For sure – and did you see the name of his song? It’s about the moon –

            So we have the beginning – THE MIDDLE and the end.

            It’s just a tool to use for the way we think and when we use different types of thinking.

            Remember Peggy saying she would rather switch than fight? She’s very smart.

            In order to do this effectively – sometimes you actually have to leave, get up walk away from what your working on and come back to a new way of thinking. That’s a old accounting trick.

        • I believe Forrest is definitely a non-linear thinker. It explains his difficulty in school as well as his attraction to Native American culture.

          Time is linear, timelessness is non-linear. The book is all about his “time” intersecting with timelessness (eternity). That is the same theme or purpose of the chase, and therefore, the poem which is the solution to the chase. So the poem is non linear and beginnings and endings intersect. There is not just a beginning and end.

          TS Eliot from “Little Gidding”:

          “What we call the beginning is often the end
          And to make an end is to make a beginning.
          The end is where we start from. And every phrase
          And sentence that is right where every word is at home,
          Taking its place to support the others,
          The word neither diffident nor ostentatious,
          An easy commerce of the old and the new,”

          Forrest Fenn:

          “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.
          T. S. Eliot said:
          We shall not cease from our exploration
          And at the end of all our exploring
          Will be to arrive where we started
          And know the place for the first time”

          • As we wrestle with the Poem we may find comfort in the words of T.S. Eliot

            “The word neither diffident nor ostentatious, An easy commerce of the old and new, The common word exact without vulgarity, The formal word precise but not pedantic, The complete consort dancing together.”
            ―T. S. Eliot

          • Endof the Chase, I’m guessing the reason Forrest and Eric Sloane hit it off so well was because they were much alike. Both Renaissance men with expansive interests (and expensive collections:)
            In my own opinion about Forrest and his totc poem I think he might be a rare individual whose brain is equally parcelled in linear and non linear creative function. He’s methodical, organized, brilliant, poetic, artistic. As interested in art as he is science, history. He most likely failed math class because he was bored and/or dyslexic. Just guessing, but it adds up to what I see in his memoirs. The solution if it matches Forrest should prove elegant in its simplicity, highly creative, provable in numbers, navigable, artistically imaginative, and fun like a pirate treasure hunt.

      • Amy, heavy loads could be interpreted in many ways including: overhead electrical wires, a lightning prone area, boulders, cliff,
        Horse trail, carrying 42lbs, cars on a road.

        Water high could mean, lakes or streams above you geographically or in altitude, waterfalls, water holding tanks, etc.

        What do you think works with your solve?

    • Yes, I think the heavy loads is the chest after you find it, two tips like FF, 20 lbs is heave for a senior with a bad back. I’ll tell you what I think water high means as soon as I pick up the chest in late June or July. I also believe that HOB is the second most important clue, with out the right one, you might as well stay at home. LOL

          • This IS getting strange. I never said I was Claire Voyant. I’m Roger Voyant. Claire is my sister! 🙂 What?!

            (OK. Put down the caffeine, and step AWAY from the keyboard.)

        • Clues, Water high has to do where I think the chest is hidden, not with any dates. I can’t go until that time frame. I am also one of those that thinks my solve is 100 % to the poem. Not sure if I’m right and won’t know till I put boots on the ground. I also can’t keep from thinking someone has found it already but is keeping it a secret to keep from having to pay the taxes. Too many people out there looking, some near my spot as well, but not the exact spot. All just my opinion. I felt certain of this spot from when I started in September, and I keep finding things to backup my solve. I don’t have much vacation time so this will most likely be my one and only boots on the ground search. I will post my solve with all the reasoning after I check it out. Then I, or my wife, will get to have an “I told you so” moment, she thinks this is all a waste of time, thankfully she is willing to go with me.

          • i share the very same concerns. i dont think the coins or gold could be sneaked into the market or any of the other items. i have been to several sites where gold is discussed and people are watching

          • do have searcher out in Montana or colorado. they just got hit with a big snow storm 9 inches of snow. that storm is heading for texas and thunderstorms west of our area and we will get hit friday. large hail etc. we are still doing repair from two year ago

          • Not obsessed

            Yes I believe the chest is where heavy loads and water high are 🙂

            But my water high is not water fall 🙂

            Tell your wife that the chest is alive and its waiting for that one person. I strongly believe Forrest did this 🙂

          • Amy, FF talks so much about the Madison but I don’t know of any waterfalls on tt. I do know of a few lakes that are high. I,ll see which one in June.

          • Hi, Not Obsessed. I wasn’t barking orders…i.e. giving advice. I was just talking to myself…typing to myself? Sometimes it’s difficult enough to follow what’s being said on the blogs without weirdos like me. 🙂 Carry on.

            Goofy and/or Dal, you don’t need my permission I know, but I certainly give it to you to censor any of my caffeine-fueled or fatigue-driven, questionable looneyness.

        • Not obsessed

          Good luck. I understand Forrest speaks quite a bit about the Madison, but I’m just not feeling it. 🙂

          Sorry Forrest 🙂

    • IMO…heavy loads and water high are two “different” clues. I know…I know…most folks think they are connected…but I am using my “imagination” :mrgreen:

  60. Dal, Goofy, Deb … Anyone – Help me please. I’ve looked everywhere & I still can’t find it. Where can it possibly be? I seem to remember it being said last summer, but I just don’t know. When & where did FF tell us that he named his treasure chest “Indulgence”? Was that one of his Scrapbook entries? I thought it was a Q&A on Jenny’s blog, but … no luck. Does anyone remember when & where that is?

    • YES your right Becky and yes it’s called indulgence. Here is that full statement.


        • @Uken2it

          Perfect! befitting early spring searches with BOG in the bog.

          Did anyone else’s father describe muddy roads as greasy? Always thought it funny.

          • When it rained my dad used to say black land dirt roads around here was “As slick as greased owl —–” , excuse the language but that is what he said.

          • how would you go about greasing an owl? i posted the note i sent to Mr F and his reply about string that wiseone wanted me to ask

          • why are you up at this hour. my grown foster son called needed help with flat tire 15 miles from home. i sent my son after him. untill i hear back i am up. its a mom thing

          • be careful owl will attack people like mockingbirds do here in texas if you get to close only they do more harm. they also framed a guy for the murder of his wife.

          • I saw a documentary on that case Marie – it was fascinating and they finally found the man innocent of his wife’s death. Regarding the saying – I had always heard it as “slipperier than a greased pig”, not a greased owl! Greased pig contests were common at county fairs but I’m not so sure they have them any more. I’m not sure what pigs have to do with the chase but I think I’ll have to read that scrapbook again – there may be a hint in there somewhere. 🙂

          • were you asking about the string story of Mr F because i posted an answer from Feen to wiseone. did you see it

    • Sundials are a silent voice of time where the sun plays with its shadow. Kind of like F and his shadow playing tricks on us silently as time flies by. I’ve been chasing his shadow more than a year. How about the rest of you?

      • Hi, Anna. I’ve been chasing Forrest’s shadow for over a year now, too. Your sundial comment made me think of Specialklr’s found rock there on Page 3 of the Found Object Contest…which might be like this one:

        Knowing the position of the sun…and, therefore, the seasons…has always been an important part of life on Earth. Most animals know by instinct. Man needs to watch a “calendar”, however crude or precise it may be.

        • JC, very interesting article on NA sundials. Makes me wonder if there is an isolated Butte with 3 stones near the treasure chest.
          “Butte tarry scant” being a worked stone on a short or small butte.

          • if you goggle rock sundials you will see some very interesting pics. i would send link but i can’t get i to work.

          • Anna hi I’m Mark, I have been here going on three thousand years, I mean going on three years it just feels like forever. Anyway most of us are very familiar with Chaco Canyon and those stones you have mentioned… no code needed! Heck Yates put the GPS up a few days back!
            I can’t explain the spirals and their use in lunar stuff, but sundials were a dime a dozen… okay maybe not so much, but you can google images of sundials.
            Dec 21 st sounds good IDK? Just making that one up!
            As for terri, I mean Tarry Scant, the way those stones were cut would surely fit… I think…Idk I like dance a jig!

            For only a year Anna, you sure are Wise… Smiles!
            Mark H.

      • i started in 2010 studying the poem, maps, etc. in 2012 talked hubby into trip to Nm. didn’t do much there. then i gave up on it but was off & on the computer. then around Thanksgiving started hunt info again then worked real hard on it since Jan and about the time i joined the blog i got our solid we solve. not that i use it any time soon. i would love to come look but not with out hubby. now we have to deal with his shoulder. hope an pray it goes better than my.

  61. Hi JC1117, given your confidence and artistic abilities I pick you as a finalist in f’s totc ;-). Great egg!

    Looks like a great read on sundials and glyphs in NM. I plan to read it tomorrow. Do you know why Man has always needed a watch? He wants woman up to make breakfast! Good night, my watch says late.

  62. wiseone this is for you
    dear sir
    i was ask to email about a silly item. people are debate the ball of string story. i don’t doubt it happened because i hide boxes of dirt in our home as a child to play in when it rained. i wasn’t allowed to play in the mud. it started to rain one day and i ran in to go play in box of dirt and it was gone.
    people were wondering i guess whether as you got older did the string ever get discuss with other members of the family. did it ever get revealed as to what happened to your large ball of string?

    if you have time answer that would be nice. if you keep up on the blogs i am wildbirder ( has to do with my driving while birding not my life)

    thank you
    a marie nelson
    ps i hope this note finds you and your family well

    Forrest Fenn
    11:01 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me

    Funny story about the dirt Marie. Kids in the1930s and 40 flew a lot of kites and the string was let out on a giant spool, like a fishing reel, but much larger. Everyone had a different type of kite, and most were homemade. My favorites were box kites. I made one out of balsa wood that was so small I had to fly it with thread because string was too heavy when I let it out 2 – 3000’ in the air. Some kids flew kites so high that they could hardly be seen, and some were not necessarily high, but far. We rarely got them back. There was always plenty of string around and most of the time when you wanted to ship a package you wrapped it in brown paper and tied it with string. Today they use readymade boxes and different types of tape. It is funny that so many people don’t believe my ball string story. f

    • Wildbirder, Thanks for asking f about his string story. His answer does not surprise me though. He speaks of kites, a tiny box kite in particular flown by thread. I will have to think about this one for a while… Sometimes right before I wake up, things come into my mind that with clearer focus about things mentioned here on the blog. It’s weird. This morning it was about the “tt”, trees, but I think I have a different idea…
      Anyway, about the kites… I find it odd that I also have a kite story from when I was younger. I was with a friend of mine and we were driving down the highway. We noticed something in the sky and couldn’t tell what it was. It was very high and distant. We became curious as to what it was and decided to try to get a closer look to see what it was. Driving around trying to track it down. We finally determined it to be a kite with a long shimmery tail. We tracked it down to a guy in a soccer field that was flying this huge kite. He was using rope on a reel to fly this thing because it was so huge. We watched and talked to him as he was reeling it in. He told us to not get too close to the rope because people have been known to get hung up in and get seriously hurt. Finally, the kite came in and it was larger than a car! The tail was at least a hundred feet in length. The width of the kite was twice the width of his car. He then took the kite apart and strapped the pieces onto the roof of his car and left. It was a strange but interesting day…

      • Wildbirder, how nice of Forrest to respond. What a great story about flying kites;)
        No wonder Forrest was a collector of string. He and skippy may have imagined flying one Or riding one to the moon. I’ve always believed Forrest had an imaginative purpose for that ball of string. I wonder if he has a kite collection or photo collection of kites he made.

        I remember my dad building a kite and mom tearing an old sheet to make the tail, then running fast with it on a blustery spring day. Thanks Forrest and wildbirder for fun memories.

        • you may not be old enough but as a child we had cigar boxes for pencil boxes. every year you would get a new one they were .25 or .50 quite a bit in the 1960’s. if you have ever seen To Kill a Mockingbird will i was a lot like the little girl except i wasn’t a fighter. i also had an older brother nines to be exact and a sister 8 yrs older. they took care of me because my mother was mentally ill. so get the biddies, and all of that.

        • i just remembered the posting were wondering about Mr F religion. well in that story don’t he said it was a church social. i forgot that till now.

          • Wild birder, Forrest has said he is very spiritual and we know his parents were Baptists. In his era he most likely had Bible instruction at church reinforced at home. After reading both memoirs,I ‘think’ imo he rebelled against hypocritical religious people with self proclaimed religion but not a life which exuded kindness and generosity of spirit to others.

            In F’s generation, men typically didn’t discuss 3 things publicly, religion being one of them.

          • Very true. I don’t think there is a Bible connection. I know if you work at it you can make Bible connections but I don’t think it’s helpful to a solve. I think he wouldn’t use it because of his raising. I was raised as a Catholic but as an adult I go to the Methodist church. My husband is ok with helping serve communion at church. Since I was raise the way I was I am not comfortable being a server of communion

      • Wow Wise one, we have a lot of kool kites hear along the Pacific Coast but I have never seen a kite that big before… Oh and very impressive for one man to be flying it… Usually, they have more than one person controlling the large kites…

        • you don’t think Mr F is telling us to go fly a kite? i don’t think he is mean like that. but i bet he is tired of all the fuss and didn’t think it would cause him and famliy such headaches

          • Hi wildbird!
            Imo, his plan has endured this long, god willing, he’s patient for his plan to evolve. He is extremely discilplined, and again, imo, even if he were ready, he’d stubborn it out! Imo, 4 months isn’t that long (one is even less… 🙂 )

          • i don’t use the word stubborn because the dictionary
            saids stub·born means having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.
            i use the word determination be it involves logic and reason. i brag all the time i am determine and would NEVER brag i was stubborn.
            most men will

          • My dictionary said stubborn is an argument with no reasoning behind it. Because it lacks reason it’s an idea with no meat on it or handles to carry through to to the end.
            Determination has a plan behind it. It has resoluteness. anyone can grab it. i think that is why Mr F said you have to move with confidence or with determination to find TC. you can not waver. we plan to spend several days in one location studying the area. if others have been within feet of it and missed it we want to make sure we don’t come home until we are exhausted and our solve too within reason.

        • Spallies,
          Another Californian? Goofy too I believe in S CA. Others also on the blogs. While others are freezing you all are soaking up the sun! Are you in the south also?

          If near San Francisco there is another modest treasure to be found. The
          I have found some ideas there that I will try in the chase.

          • Hey Uken2it. No I am up in Washington State but I have been in NorCal twice in the last three weeks and will be there all next week. Why couldn’t he have hid the treasure in California 🙂 I have looked at the secret a bit – the one for San Fran… but I am flying out of San Jose so I won’t make it there this trip… Maybe next time!

        • When we got there he had the rope/reel tied to a goal post. He said it was too much to handle for a long period of time, and I believed him! Just the weight of the rope/reel thing alone must have been very heavy, not to mention the pull on the line when flying it. We watched him reel it in and it was a struggle for him. He did it alone too. He said this field was the only place around he could fly the kite because it was high on a hill and there were no telephone poles or large trees to get in the way when he flew it. I wished I had asked him how long the rope was, but didn’t think of it at the time… I had never seen anything like it before!

    • A friend of mine how used to live in Pueblo,CO (and ate pinyon nuts) used to collect string. He had a huge ball probably weighed fifty pounds. He would go to the meat market and pick up pieces of string used to tie meat together. I remember it smelled like mothballs. I’m sure the parents did that. Now I suspect Forrest’s parents did not like the smell of his string and removed it from the house.

    • Nice! I was remembering when I was a kid, We used to fly kites alot! I think we were trying to see who could get theirs the highest! We would fly them at the local park, go to the beach, or right in front of the house, but there, you had to fight the power and telephone lines….I must say, I have not seen people flying in kites in ages! Does anyone do this anymore? We did it much ! I too remember tearing sheets to make tails and making our own, or buying them….
      Now days kids are sitting on their phones and ipads, all the time.
      I think the next contest should be making a kite and taking a picture of it up in the air. Of course you need good wind!

      Lou Lee Bear….Lets go fly a kite.

      • Interesting find: while using GE I found, on the side of a mountain, a very large rainbow colored airplane. I believe that it is a very large kite! I’m thinking that that is going to be my blaze! It’s very close, AND BELOW an interesting link for HOB.

    • wiseone since you are wise you most likely all ready know this but have pen and paper on headboard or night stand is a was. you are just falling to sleep when a light comes on and there is an idea. you will not remember it in morning

      • My best ideas come in the early morning hours, just as I am waking up. I need to find this little micro recorder I have so all I have to do is talk into it. No lights, no pen no paper… It’s faster and I can get back to sleep to see if there’s more to come…
        Hope I don’t ever have to draw anything…

        • we have a surge protector in the cubby of our night stand. if dont have a cubby you can attach one to the back of night stand. we have one each side of our bed we have a small night light that can help you see to bath or what ever but doesnt wake you. since we can turn it on and off no light shining in eyes all night but no tripping over doggies or shoes.

    • wiseone i forgot to ask Mr F if it ok to post his note. he wrote it was ok that i posted it and to send the link so i did.

    • Owwww Noooo, he used an “x”. Here comes the debates.:) Nice story wildbirder. Great share.

    • wildbirder…how can I put this….oh yeah. That’s a tough job you have, one has to be quick to help.

  63. Went last night to give a bid on cleaning a new home that’s under construction,
    guess who was painted on their library wall “Einstein ” lol 🙂 I will have to take a picture of that.

    And why would anyone want such a large home , to me that’s heavy loads, that is not part of my solve though 🙂

    • just dont let a rattle snake in there like i did. i was clean house left patio door the linten for phone and was spraying off eaves. the family found around midnight in living room

  64. WiseOne, Later today would you be willing to exchange a few thoughts about those tt’s? I pulled some info yesterday and am also Working out the right application for all the double tts in the poem. I’ll bet there is a kite strung together in the poem, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

    • anna, I’m sure everyone else here has noticed this about the tt’s, but I will say my initial thought was the pi symbol. π
      we all know that pi, ( π ) is important in this quest.
      I couldn’t really relate to two the two tt’s looking like trees, but that is just my opinion. I’ll keep that thought in the corner of my mind for late use if necessary. The other things I had thought about, I be”tt”er not reveal… But, if I do come up with anything else I think may help, I will post it.

      • one thought, t=2. tt will be for your 4, line11. 22 or tt will be for your laTiTude. Your laTiTude will equal 22. Or 4. Notice “I” alone in there? Just a thought…:)

        • You didn’t wildbirder?
          Yummy Pineapple Pie… 2 pieces of π…
          You know this song… Sing along…
          Picture you upon my knee
          Just tea for two
          And two for tea
          Just me for you
          And you for me…alone-

          “t” for 2 and 2 for “t”,
          Just me 4 U and U 4 me… alone-
          in there and with my treasures bold…

          Yep, I think I’ve finally gone over the deep edge of the infinity pool! 🙂

          • WiseOne, may I come swimming in your infinity pond? I’m already in over my head and will pour a round of sweet tea. It will be a nice end.

          • Lol anna, You certainly may. Come on in…
            Your cold sweet tea sounds refreshing. It will indeed be a nice end. 🙂

      • Oh WiseOne, I’m not as wise as you and didn’t locate a kite. Butt I had a great day feeling quite cheeky – as they say in jolly o’l England. Some days it’s enough to sing & laugh out loud at yourself;)

        Tomorrow perhaps I’ll string together f’s kite and ride it 3000 feet up up and away!

        Thanks for your kindness WOne 🙂

    • Amy, I was busy last week and saw you posted to me a email. I am sorry I did not respond. But I will. Thanks so much!

      Lou Lee Bear

      • Amy, I am sorry, I could not find the post with the email. Please send again. Thanks so muchy.

        Lou Lee Bear…

    • Amy, I don’t limit my research or search areas to only one state. I’ve searched Colorado twice and Utah (before that state was eliminated), and New Mexico two times. I’ve researched Montana in the past, with very interesting results, but at the moment, that state is now on the back burner, as is Wyoming. I would like to visit some of those places though in the future… I was there as a child. Makes me want to get out my father’s slide projector and revisit some of these places in my mind’s eye. 🙂 Beautiful scenery.

  65. JC, I like that one a lot!… Sting too.
    Btw… Tell your wife she did a fenntastic job on the egg. “Very nice peace”.

    • Oh, almost forgot…
      The use of “grape” hyacinths was a nice touch. 🙂
      Wish I would have had some of those blooming in my yard to use on my egg.

      • uken2it the string thing was not mine but part of a joke i couldn’t till this morning. i think we all could use some string thinking

        A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The bartender says, “I’m sorry, but we don’t serve strings here.”
        The string goes back to his table. He ties himself in a loop and messes up the top of his hair. He walks back up to the bar and orders a beer.
        The bartender squints at him and says, “Hey, aren’t you a string?”
        The string says, “Nope, I’m a frayed knot.”

          • i just dont like taking credit for a funny thats not mine and i was so tried the other night that all i could remember of the joke. is one of hubbys favorites.

        • The Chicken and the Egg were sitting in a saloon at a corner table having a beer and minding their own business.
          Wild Billy walks into the bar looking for trouble, when with the corner of his eye sees them there in the light coming through the nearby window.

          Bill starts walking towards them drawing his guns with wild anticipation, and as he gets near he asks sternly: “Who’s first?”

          • that was funny Lol i am trying to work on our solve but i cant find anything more to add. i hope you all are being to break through your mind jams for your solves.

    • Thank You, WiseOne. I will certainly tell her. She loves being recognized…and appreciated. Sheesh! …WOMEN!!! I’ll never understand them. 🙂

      Grape hyacinths are very resilient I’ve noticed. They have been growing up in my lawn for 16 years now. I think there was probably a flower bed there before and somebody didn’t remove all the bulbs before putting down sod or something. They just keep popping up!

  66. Been thinking again, well been thinking for 3 years I have now come to the conclusion it is not buried so no digging for me 🙂

    He hid it and if I’m correct No one would ever walk by and notice it. And it’s protected 🙂 and I bet the title is in a jar 🙂

    Forrest your good 😉

      • i agree its not buried do to legal reasons but i am still concerned about how its keeped closed. my pets like to rub against things in the house and outside. i would not be surprised if a wilder critter rubbed against it. maybe deer or i don’t know what. i think i have seen bears in ducumeries roll on ground and play with sticks and things. i can see animals being drawn to it because of the human smell. which may have worn off by now. what keeps it from being topple over and spilled. he said it wasn’t locked. i wonder what keeps from being washed away

        • A “standing tree stump” on an “island” in the “middle” of a lake. Suspended in tree stump, in the “middle”. A disc of wood, 3 links of chain, and the chest. Alpha/numeric picture.

          • Sheesh charlie! You gonna make me use both sides of my brain? No can do.
            I’ve got a visual but not all the alpha/numerics…
            So it’s a hollow standing tree stump?
            Here’s the last one…
            Indulgence = X = 10

          • are you left handed or right handed. hubby is left handed and always telling me he is in his right mind

          • Hey wise, you’re right, indulgence does equal 10. Well 28, but 2+8=10. But x=9. Like Skippy. Skippy=9, unless you break down his name, “skip” p y= y. But y=7. then again y=itt. TiT. Flip upside down, T’s are the tree, i is the chest suspended in the middle.
            Of course the tree would look like a “Y”, you can imagine. (Nothing meant by flipping “TiT” around ), hey, I didn’t write the poem. Bad Forrest, bad…

  67. Thanks Charlie 🙂

    Well that way u don’t have any issues if found that u dug up the property so no fines there 🙂

  68. I was reading about the Big Horn area and river and it said that the river is a tailwater river rather than a freestone, and it’s waters don’t freeze as bad. So warm waters stay there?

    • freestone rivers usually get warmer in the summer/fall….

      maybe WWWH is actually a dried up freestone river???

      • there will be no paddle up your creek…

        Maybe because the creek is dried up (like freestone rivers do)??

        • I don’t know Philly that is leaving things up to Mother Nature… you know the one who makes her own rules… I don’t think Forrest would leave something like that to chance. Heck a few months of heavy rain and a dried up creek bed could well not be a dried up creek bed anymore… Then your chest might be underwater…. Or wet!!! OMG did any place in the Rockies get a higher than average amount of rain and snow in the last 4 years… Just kidding I don’t think he hid it in a dried up creek bed…

          • Wait are you suggesting that he hid it in a freestone river and we can only get it when it is dried up??? I am getting confused again ???

          • i didnt mean he put it in the creek bed itself…just around that area maybe..

        • Clue: There’ll be no paddle up your creek
          pad•dle1 verb 1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.
          There’ll be no paddle up your creek. Where the word paddle is sub the phrase/definition above.
          There’ll be no (insert definition) move(ing) through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles
          there may be a creek or stream but there is no need for a boat

      • In Fly fishing, a freestone stream flows seasonally, based on the water supply. In the summer and fall, freestone streams grow warm and have reduced flow because water from snow melt is less readily available.[1] In contrast to limestone streams, which flow over limestone and dolomite, freestone streams generally flow over sandstone, shale, and crystalline rocks.[2] Additionally, freestone streams are supplied by runoff and snowmelt, while limestone streams are usually fed by springs, providing cooler waters and a more stable pH balance.[2]

  69. upon . 3 entering IN th cave I saw there on the SIDE looking down from bove total vision in this large rock as i call out to frend he alredy sees……fOund object that is

  70. What if Forrest put the treasure in the bright shiny banks. Maybe people are looking in the wrong spots?

    Where in the world is John Paul? He could help us in a tight spot.

    • Try again…. If the river is frozen, the WW has moved on, If its cold enuff to freeze, but isn’t frozen, as a tailwater river does sometimes, then the WW did not go away and must be there. Just twisting an idea.

    • I agree Not Obsessed –

      Da l- your such a good writer – you got me sucked into the story hook, line and sinker and I would love to hear the end – thanks.

  71. Forrest made several remarks about the Rosetta Stone and how proud the guy who made it must be.

    Is it possible that he created a “Rosetta Stone” himself within this chase?

    • Rosetta Stone is also a language program. Maybe we need to learn a different language, “Middle English” perhaps. Or maybe the Rosetta Nebula, or maybe just the stone itself. Maybe a guide of some sort. Just too many maybe’s that seemed to possibly give hints. No clues here,imo.

    • So many stories seem to have parallels. The hieroglyphs were broken with a repeated keyword, the cartouche of Cleo because the characters were not symbols of pictoral relevance, but phonic resonance.
      I may need Christopher… that Cumberbatch machine thing.


  72. Good morning Sharps, maybe f is telling us that he lost his marbles. Older meaning of “in the wood” is crazy or ‘lost your marbles’. I don’t mean he’s crazy but he’s a joker. Maybe Forrest filled the chest with his marble collection and the Wetherill bracelet which finder returns for title to the gold – it simplifies the legalities.

    • anna –

      I never thought about “in the wood” as being crazy before. But you are right. He keeps losing lots of things – shoes, notes, maybe he lost his marbles – maybe I did. 🙂 I really think the entire treasure will be there – when I find it. 🙂

    • Morning inthechaseto and anna,
      I agree forrest IS quite the joker.
      What you are talking about makes me think of the saying… “knock on wood”… and then you see someone knock on their head… Like duh, hello…. What was I thinking, or why didn’t I think of that?

    • That’s good Anna, wood can mean crazy. Lost marbles, lost string, may look into. Good thought.

  73. Charlie, you may be right about a small island. If the island is in the middle of a natural and flowing stream its owned by no one in some states.

  74. Guys I will be posting my full solution and reasoning on Stephanie’s site Chase Chat, next Friday. I just thought that there are some elements to my reasoning of the poem that might help the rest of you searchers in your endeavor. I’m still confident about the spot I chose, but I just don’t see what else I can do, that I haven’t done already there, so I’ll open it up to locals who live within “walking distance” so perhaps they can just double and triple check. The post will be named “The Trouble With Confidence” 😛 …. so keep an eye out for it if you’re interested.


    • Iron, I’m not sure that’s a great idea, reason being, it would take a lot out of the search for many and that wouldn’t be much fun. I think if you cant solve it, its best to just walk away. Then there’s always the possibility that your wrong and you’ll have egg on your face forever, and besides that wouldn’t give much credence to your name. I just had to throw that in there for good measure.
      Don’t let me dissuade you. Peace out!

    • Iron will

      🙂 sounds like me ” The trouble with Confidence”
      I can’t believe you are going to post your solve. Yep that’s me to, always wanting to give up, but then I just keep on trucking. 🙂
      If it’s not at this specific location in June then I have no idea where else it could possibly be.

      Can’t wait to read your story 🙂 besides you posted a treasure about Forrest you did a wonderful job. 🙂