The Nine Clues…….Part Fortyfive


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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      • Let’s just say if its at that spot…I couldn’t find it… that’s why I’m going to open it up to the public. Maybe someone else can use elements from it. My main purpose was to get Forrest his bracelet back and make sure his legacy in the future is NOT one of hoax or fraud. So this next Friday I’ll call all of you guys (the calvary) to possibly use the information… or not ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Thanks Will… I hope you at least enjoyed yourself and took in some non Chase related scenery etc. I have a strong faith that the “right ” person will find the treasure, hence, no need to fret the details…carry on.

        • Iron we just don’t know anything was ever hidden. You just have to blindly trust or throw in the towel which you’ve decided to do. We can of course surmise. Good luck!

          • we don’t think Mr Fenn would do that to his reputation would do anything to put that in jeopardy. we believe he is a man of his word. the TC is out.

        • It’s OK will. You still had a great time, met new friends, gained new memories…really good stuff! If not sooner, then later, you will look back and laugh! ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Please, save your solve. Trust me, forrest will get his bracelet back, one way or another! Oh yeah, imo!

          • ยฟ Will I vote you should keep it…

            Fyi…The upside down question mark just appeared when I punched a random button on my screen…I didn’t know you could do that? What would you use that for I wonder??? I don’t even know how I did it ๐Ÿ™‚

          • See will, great minds think alike!
            Save your solve
            Save your solve
            Save your solve
            You are getting sleepy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • spallies, I think you have your “alt” key pressed or stuck.
            ยฟ ยบ $ โ‰ฅ โ‰ˆ ฮฉ โˆž โ•ฅ โ˜บ โ˜ป . Unless you have a mac, then your shift key.

        • Heh! Judging by how many people have told me they have found the Fenn treasure, there must have been dozens of them hidden. Maybe there are dozens more to be found? Okay, I’m being silly.

          • Desertphile i have several people around me that thinks that is a hoax and one informed me last night that Pandora’s is there in NM. so if you find a chest make sure it matches Mr F TC we don’t need Pandora’s box to be opened again. oh this person claims an evil being is in it. DON’T ASK!!

        • Iron will, only one vote counts as to whether you should share your solve or not and that is your vote. Do what makes you happy.

          • Ooookkk…
            Geez. Party pooper!
            Raven is correct. Do what YOU think is best. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Iron I’m sure Forrest’s legacy will turn out fine in the long run. Forrest is a smart Guy and I’m sure he anticipated that into the whole scope of things considered.

        • Iron, if your writing skills are half as good as your video skills it will be a great search story to read. I look forward to reading it.

          I get a kick out of the paranoid obsessive folks that donโ€™t want anyone to share with us. It makes me wonder why there are here if not looking for more information or insights. Maybe itโ€™s to keep the rest of us from actually talking about the nine clues and waste our time.

          If you donโ€™t want to share your thoughts on the clues, the poem, or solutions thatโ€™s fine. But donโ€™t try to stop the rest of us from discussing itโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Looks like I need to add to the nuke list.

          • Many people have shared their solutions and written great search/adventure stories with pictures that have been posted here on Dal’s blog, and Iron Will’s doesn’t seem any different, so I’m a bit confused by the controversy about Will posting his search. None of the stories posted have ever changed my ideas about where I think the treasure could be located and I don’t think I’ve even gotten any new or different interpretations of how to interpret the clues from other’s stories. I think it would be great if Will sent Dal his story with his pictures as others have done. It’s fun reading about the adventures everyone has, even if I don’t agree with their solve. No need to nuke anyone Goofy – we’re just having a little debate. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • disappointment, yeah we’ve been there. I think we would all like to be able to say we were right in some way. BTW Goofy, I am sensing that the first 2 are so profound, that you’d be crazy to share them. can’t wait til June ish

          • 9clues itโ€™s fine if folks donโ€™t want to share. If someone wants to share something feel free to do so, if not then donโ€™t say anything. I donโ€™t understand what the problem is. Just donโ€™t try to stop or distract the rest of us from discussing the solution.

          • I will post it on chase chat Friday(will take atleast 2 days to write it up), and send all the story and pics/diagrams to Dal Saturday Morning after work and he can post it if he wishes.

            I’m thinking it will open peoples’ eyes to new approaches to the clues, that maybe they haven’t yet thought of. And I think I might just be giving away the NINTH clue as well.

          • Maybe the final solves even though they don’t end in the chest could be placed in a separate thread so that those of us who are still working can postpone reading until we are ready/giving up on our solves. Just a thought. I would not consider myself paranoid obsessive just because I am still working and prefer to read major details later. For example, if I have the HOB, would you really want to know the details now or would you really want to keep active in the thrill/search?

          • Kathryn I would want to know, thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m hereโ€ฆ..why are you here? Surely youโ€™re not trying to find information; wouldnโ€™t that ruin your solution?

            You really should take a look around the blog; you might be surprised what you find. Like under the โ€œOther Searchers Storiesโ€ on the sidebar youโ€™ll see โ€œOthers Adventuresโ€ and โ€œArmchair Adventuresโ€ and last but certainly not least is โ€œDalโ€™s Adventuresโ€ also on the sidebar. Lots and lots of stories.

            You paranoid folks are really somethingโ€ฆโ€ฆstill trying to get people not to share. Waiting till winter wonโ€™t matter. If anyone should actually believe (which I doubt) someone has a valid solution and also think that person searched the area thoroughly and decided not to go to the spot, the worst thing that happens is someone saved some money not searching an area that has already been searched. They may get some new ideas to focus on in a new search area and actually find the chest. That thought should put you paranoid chase censors over the edge.

            If they are just going on vacation it wonโ€™t matter either wayโ€ฆโ€ฆjust go have fun looking for the chest.

          • paranoidย 
            Also found in:ย Medical,ย Legal,ย Encyclopedia,ย Wikipedia.

            parยทaยทnoidย ย (pฤƒrโ€ฒษ™-noidโ€ฒ)


            1.ย Relating to, characteristic of, or affected with paranoia.

            2.ย Exhibiting or characterized by extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others:ย a paranoid suspicion that the phone might be bugged.


            One affected with paranoia.

            Yup, sounds like me! Don’t hate us goofy! We are who we are! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Kathryn, I forgot to tell you so this can ease your mind. Iron Will will get a full page all his own under โ€œOthers Adventuresโ€. That way you wonโ€™t have to ruin your solution by reading his; just like you askedโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Are you happy now? I still canโ€™t understand why youโ€™re here if you’re not looking for information.

          • Goofy,
            I hope you add this to the nuke list. Why are we here if not to share ideas to whatever degree each one of us decides? Bring it on!

          • uken2it; Why would I nuke that? I agree folks are free to share as much or as little as they like as long as they are reasonably on topicโ€ฆโ€ฆ..

          • @ Wolf

            What a ranting searcher off on tangents? How can that be…don’t it hinder you. A little thunder is good for the chase ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Glad to see you have finally admitted defeat Iron Will. You can see now that we were just trying to help you and weren’t out to get you. When you publish your story you will get some valuable feedback as to where you went wrong and that will help you grow as a searcher. I am one that believes (as I told you before) you have to fail first before you can learn what the clues mean and eventually find Fenn. Now you are dangerous.

          You already know I am not an anagram fan but it will be interesting to see how you were able to twist random words into something that made sense to you.

          Good luck with your story.
          The Wolf

          • Thank you Pam for the kind words, always good to hear from you. I promise it gets better!

          • Pam,
            There are plenty of good solutions out there, but of all the solutions ever published, yours in my mind is the best so far. I have always admired your poise and resolve, an excellent role model to which I look up to.

          • Iron will

            You may have the ninth clue. I will be all eyes reading your solve . ๐Ÿ™‚
            Just to see if I’m on the right page. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Ugh I have to wait a week for this , I’m really getting good at waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I looked for news releases and other things from ff. Thanks Goofy. This is not the place for me. I hope the eventual chest success will be released in other media as well.

          • i have a solve it is ALL mine! i have done all the work myself. if i am blessed to find the TC with hubbys help i want to be able to claim it without clutter.

        • I wouldn’t give up but would reevaluate your spot. You might be on the right trail. It might be a point on the way.

        • Hey Iron Will,
          Have you ever wondered why Stephanie, Diggin Gyspsy and I suppose you, were made to feel to be singled out as special or possible finders of the chest? I have done considerable research on this phenomenon and I feel I have figured out his clever use of searchers as a hinting technique. I didn’t want to tell you before you went out on your search, but maybe after you tell your story, I will tell you why I believe Fenn used you as a hinting medium as well.
          The Wolf

          • HA! Just when I think Iโ€™ve heard it all. That one pegged the weird meterโ€ฆโ€ฆSo you think Fenn is using you and other searchers as โ€œhint mediumsโ€.

            Youโ€™ve gone off the deep end with this one.

          • Hi goofy,

            Iron as in all the rust references, rusty dogs, cans, pants, etc.

            Will be worth the cold.

            Not sure he was singled out tho…

          • The “official” Treasure Wisperer’s? Ha Ha that is funny. I could be one too…Except…I don’t share my best best finds….Poker Face…me….

            Lou Lee Secret Bear

          • Ha Ha Hey Goofy thank you for confirming to the world why you will never, repeat, never can find the treasure.

            You prematurely jump to conclusions and don’t “listen good”, just like that “give title to the gold” (or what ever it is called) website when you got all paranoid because you thought someone who was make money by honouring their lost loved.

            Just for record, I (repeat) I do not include myself as a โ€œhint medium”. Fortunately Mr. Fenn has never wrote a story about meor put a ฮฉฮฉ after my name. I beg that I remain off the list.

            When I explain it, it will make sense to all but closed minds. If you want to “peg the weird meter” just keep opening your mouth.

          • I believe the wolf to be spot on here. Fenn casts a wide net. Remember this is the same guy that put itching powder in skippys shorts. I can’t say every name listed is correct but overall I agree.

          • For the Goofys out there I reworded the above statement:
            “Have you ever wondered why Stephanie, Diggin Gyspsy and I suppose you” to read
            “Have you ever wondered why Stephanie, Diggin Gyspsy and perhaps you”

            Perfect example of listen good IMO.

          • Well let me just say….just because Fenn responded to “your” email doesn’t mean your “special” in fact thinking he will give out “hints” to special people is non sense. Instead of throwing the doggie a bone he more than likely poisened that steak (steak = dead end chase tail endlessly stuff)


          • Cat cut,
            What email are you talking about? Who is “your” ? Where did anyone say he was giving out hints to special people? Mr. Fenn is very fair and I know he would never give out hints to just a few “special” people. I do agree with your statement about assuming… lol
            Always interesting to see how people read too much into things, exempt Lowi, s/he is dangerous.

          • Wolf

            Just because I replied to your thread does not mean I was talking to you. Did I use your name? There you go assuming again ๐Ÿ™‚

          • OK Wolf good luck to you and your mediums. ๐Ÿ˜†

            In my closed minded opinion Fenn is playing you guys that take him on like a cheap guitar. Fenn is a great guy but matching wits with him by trying to trick him into giving you special hints is a losing proposition. He has said several times he hasnโ€™t and wonโ€™t do that.

            The one time he thought he might have given out information to a few searchers he came out with a post to level the playing fieldโ€ฆโ€ฆWWWH is not a dam.

            But if you want to believe your hint mediums are getting special information go for it. Good luck with that. ๐Ÿ˜†

          • “But if you want to believe your hint mediums are getting special information go for it. Good luck with that” – Goofy

            Like I said before you don’t even have a clue what I am talking about. You jumped to conclusions and I am just suggesting that you might want to ask questions first before jumping to conclusions. Otherwise you continue to add to the 200 misses on your resume. Your statement is totally off base and that is not what I said or intended, but your assumptions do give me a chuckle, so keep them coming.

            Just to be clear on my position. I use the philosophy of finding who Mr. Fenn really is to help me understand the hints and thus define and prove the clues. If one limits themselves to only a specific set of information, then they are making assumptions. I have made that error before and I have learned that Mr. Fenn is too crafty to try and out guess him so I don’t assume anymore. Thus I have opened my inventory of possible hints to everything he has said, written or done. The danger is the set of information is overwhelming and extremely easy to get off track. Making assumptions is easier but Mr. Fenn didn’t want it to make easy, in fact he said it was difficult. IMO the one who has the discipline to hear and analyze everything and not prematurely conclude has a greater chance of discovery.

            I will be the first to admit this strategy is full of endless possibilities and has and will continue to send searchers off on tangents, but I believe this strategy is the only way to truly prove the poem is correct. So mock as you may, but I strongly believe that your “ignore everything Fenn says” approach is your folly and you are overlooking valuable information that is staring you in the face.

            I will agree when FF does inadvertently slip up, he will level the playing field, but that in no way is even close to what I am talking about.
            The Wolf

          • It really is quite interesting the manner in which Fenn, possibly, is using the stated perceptions of some and/or the manipulations of what they say, to spread his message…no? ๐Ÿ™‚

            Good Luck to Ya, Wolfie!!

          • Wolf…IMO you are over analyzing the poem to death…It won’t succeed, that I can say with utmost confidence…Sorry… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • HA HA! Well if it isn’t Iron Will 2! It looks like Samsmith is feeling confident and cocky now that he is the only show in town. I can’t wait for June, this is going to be good. Good luck my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

            I take your comment as a compliment for you would not believe the level that I have analyzed this poem. I have only scratched the surface with what I have divulged – I usually keep things quiet until I have proof and am ready to talk about it to avoid the walk of shameful over confidence.

            In this case I stopped short because Goofy jumped on the badger wagon. However to be fair for those who care to know, state so here then email me the1wolf1 @ gmail. com with your blog handle.

          • good morning wolf i was trying to email you but i can’t get your email address to work. computer dislike me.

          • this is from the wiki for “straw man”

            To be successful, a straw man argument requires that the audience be ignorant or uninformed of the original argument.

          • hi wildbirder, just take the spaces out of my email listed below, I put it in to keep the web crawlers from scanning it.

          • wolf i did i did i am reading it as unowolfuno——- but when i use the number it kicks back COMPUTER hate me

  1. Oh Iron Will you should just hold onto your solve until I finish my sesrch ๐Ÿ™‚
    No need for additional information at this time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amy,

      it`s the Gremlins misspelling those words…you got`em too huh…? :mrgreen:

      My puter is full of them.

      • Rick

        Lol my mind is faster than my fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

        Is that a good thing? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Amy, that may be a good thing in the massage world. It will take your boots moving slower than your mind to find the final clue. My guess is that your hat will reach the spot before your boots though.

  2. Iron will
    I’m not in distress at this time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well maybe a little its a patience thing until June ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ken , Thank u
        ๐Ÿ™‚ it will be a nice adventure since all 3 of my children and mother will be there. I can’t wait for them to see the beautiful huge mountains ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have never bothered to actually count what I think the clues are. Counting now… I count nine. Golly.I have placed a “*” on the lines I think are clues.

    [01] As I have gone alone in there
    [02] And with my treasures bold,
    [03] I can keep my secret where,
    [04] And hint of riches new and old.

    * [05] Begin it where warm waters halt
    [06] And take it in the canyon down,
    * [07] Not far, but too far to walk.
    * [08] Put in below the home of Brown.

    [09] From there it’s no place for the meek,
    [10] The end is ever drawing nigh;
    * [11] There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    * [12] Just heavy loads and water high

    * [13] If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    * [14] Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    [15] But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    [16] Just take the chest and go in peace.

    [17] So why is it that I must go
    [18] And leave my trove for all to seek?
    [19] The answers I already know,
    [20] I’ve done it tired, and now Iโ€™m weak.

    [21] So hear me all and listen good,
    * [22] Your effort will be worth the cold.
    * [23] If you are brave and in the wood
    [24] I give you title to the gold.

    • Hi, Desertphile. What a great place to post this! A lot of people have a difficult time staying on topic…but not you. You just say it like you mean it. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never really slowed down to count what I think are the nine clues. I’ll have to try it sometime.

    • Desertphile, the way I count the clues is by the punctuation. There are nine complete sentences that end with a period or question mark. Sounds simplistic but it works for me by forcing me to consider ALL of the poem as it engages me to work on some of the less readily understood passages. I just don’t think that Forrest would have worked so long and hard on extraneous “fluff” so all of the sentences imho probably have meaning.

      • Remember when Forrests Dad had a talk with him about telling the truth? He said something to the effect of ” Yes Forrest you should always tell the truth but you dont always have to tell all the truth” or something like that? Well if you had $10 dollars in your pocket and someone asked you if you had a dollar well you could sday “yes I do” without lying even though you had 10 dollars. My point is that I think it may not matter which clues are of the nine because there could be 10 or 11 or 12 clues in the poem and still Forrest has not lied when he said there are 9 clues in the poem. He is tricky like that. I think every line of the poem is important in some way

        • i agree that F could say there are 9 clues, and there are more than 9

          i would emphasize, in my opinion, if that is the case there would be significance to why he chose to say “nine”

          in other words, i dont think he would try to be tricky and say 9, when they are more, just for the sake of trickiness. there would be a reason why he chose to say “nine”

          • i agree i think there are 9 clues. but in the rest i think we found words that are not what we would call a clue but have importance all on their on. two of these are brave and wood.

        • its one of those line like “honey do you think i look pretty in this dress.?”you of course dislike the dress but to stay a you say yes you look pretty and don’t mention the dress. you are very wise.

      • Raven,
        It is possible punctuation is incorrect and we need to decide where sentences begin and end. I see more than nine sentences

        • A sentence may end with a period (.), a question mark (?), or an exclamation point (!). those are the only ones. all others are connectors.

      • raven i can only see 8 sentences that end in periods or question mark. but i never notice till you got me looking the “Put in below the home of Brown.” is the only phrase that is that short. which IMO makes it the most important one. am i missing something thnaks

        • Wildbirder, heres my count:

          first sentence: first stanza
          second sentence: ends with “too far to walk”.
          third sentence: ends with “home of brown”.
          fourth sentence: third stanza
          fifth sentence: fourth stanza
          sixth sentence: ends with “for all to seek?”
          seventh sentence: ends with “now I’m weak.”
          eighth sentence: ends with “worth the cold”.
          ninth sentence : ends with “title to the gold”.

          I have seen some reproductions of the poem that don’t include all of the punctuation. My book of ttotc is what I’ve used in my count. Frankly, I settled on these as the nine clues because basically I think I spent too much time trying to identify the clues rather than to just figure out what the poem meant and where it was leading. I figure that the whole poem should be understood one way or another no matter what is a hint, clue, cue, inkling, innuendo, indicator, pointer, guide, sign, token, symbol, key, mark or inference. I think that it is unlikely that Mr. Fenn used much fluff in his poem so I think examining every line and verse is probably a good idea no matter how we label it.

          • 1. new and old.
            2. home of Brown.
            3. and water high.
            4. go in peace.
            5. for all to seek?
            6. now Iโ€™m weak.
            7. the cold.
            8. the gold.

            these are the 8 i can find. i used a copy of poem from book too. could you just type the last two or three words in the one i am missing please?

          • wildbird: the second stanza has two sentences. The first one ends with “too far to walk” and the second one ends with “home of Brown” . You only listed the second one.

          • thank you i must have a copy that left out a period. and my eyes are fuzzy today.

    • I like the Whole poem as directions ๐Ÿ™‚ in June I’m going Straight ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My 9 clues are pretty much the same as yours Desertphile. The other lines are important to me in helping to confirm the area but don’t lead me to the treasure. At least those are my thoughts this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • when talking about the 9 clues i always think about the time F said (when referring to the 2nd stanza that had just been read) that โ€œsounds like 3 or 4 clues”

      my opinion, it sounds almost like a message, in the way he flippantly says that, like hey, who knows how many clues are in the poem

      ive never thot it important to solving the poem to think about or know the quantity of clues. i think the statement “so i wrote a poem containing nine clues…” the emphasis is on “nine” as a descriptor, not as a quantity

      i also think his answer in a Q&A on mysterious writing about the 9 clues was telling

      Nice thinking halo, I didnโ€™t count the clues until the poem had been finalized. Although I changed it a few times over the months I think the number stayed about the same.f

      rather than acknowledging “nine” or “9” in his answer, he simply says whatever the quantity of clues was there, he thinks it stayed about the same

      • Chris,
        I too have had โ€œsounds like 3 or 4 cluesโ€ in the forefront of my solves. I do like your perception of f’s numerically nonresponse on the clues. I will need to dig into this one. Thanks for sharing.

      • I agree Chris; it doesnโ€™t matter if one thinks there are nine or twenty nine. The only reason I considered the number of clues was when he said several folks have solved the first two clues and went right past the other sevenโ€ฆโ€ฆ.I think this information was more for promotional reasons than being helpful; and to drive the over emotional searchers insane. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Iโ€™ll have to admit the promotion worked; I couldnโ€™t help but wonder what two clues a lot of folks are getting correct. Of course thereโ€™s no way to know that. It did lead me to believe that at least the first two clues are fairly literal. I just canโ€™t see that many people using complex ciphers coming up with the same two cluesโ€ฆ..But who knows.

        • Goofy – I used to think that f was just stirring the pot and keeping the hype up with his statements, and to a large extent, I still do. But then I realized that he was also dropping crumbs from the plate of the solution and I decided I would pay a little closer attention. One or two crumbs don’t offer up much about what is on the plate, but collect enough of them and that changes.

          With regards to the first 3 clues, this is partially what I know: certainly more than several have got the first clue correct; several have got the first two correct; and none have got the first three correct. Does that provide any useful info? Depends on your perspective and how much thought you want to expend IMO.

          As far as the number of clues go, I agree, 9 or 29, what difference does it make? Don’t get the first one correct and the others mean nothing. I agree with f, it is expensive folly to chase after the later clues and what they might mean. Figure out, with confidence, the first clue, then move onto the second, and on and on. The real problem seems to be the confidence or certainty factor; some admit to not having it, others carry on pontificating with inanity, full of a false sense of it, then there are a few others who are probably a little more wise. Predetermining all the clues and then trying to fit a location to that predetermination, followed up with using the book to justify the fitted solution, has proven a recipe for absolute failure. Yet the insanity continues.

          Long ago, I gave up on trying to figure out what exactly each of the nine clues in the poem are; I figure get the first one correct, and the second will be there waiting for me to discover it, and then the third, and on and on until I get to and discover the ninth. Each clue in the poem will reveal itself as one works through it. I am convinced that hints in the book and a word that is key, in combination with a lot of perseverance and imagination spent on each clue, will be the path that will get one there, not as a confirmation after the fact, but as part of the process in learning and coming to understand each clue.

    • my 9 clues are the lines that give me my coordinates. When I add those lines up, I actually get the exact elevation of those coordinates.

      • The nine clues are very clear in my solve – and they have not one thing to do with the lines in the poem. The poem did help lead me there. I think once you get to this part of the solve it’s all very linear.

  4. Iron Will, I agree with Amy. Save your solve until at least July. If you want all to have a search on their own solve first, then wait until September to reveal so that Marie and her hubby can search. I really don’t believe your solve is complete/correct or you would have the bracelet. I take the view of Julia Robinson and would just like to see the correct solve by myself or someone else before my last day’s end. I see connections to the Chase in everything like I’m living in thr Matrix! My next search will be complete before long. Just Keep Calm and Leave The Solving To Us, Iron Will

    • Iron Will, I agree. Save the release of your solve until winter. As you work on the words/writing, you may discover a needed adjustment. who knows. I am still searching and writing and searching. Even if mine does not result in a chest, I plan to keep the writing until winter so others can continue the thrill given so many have scheduled time to be on foot. Perhaps there should be one thread for our solves (should we wish to disclose) at winter. It would be nice to compile in one place ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Slurbs,
      You and others pose an interesting request of IronWill. Well any request to alter his plan seems doomed to failure since and after all his will is iron clad.

      • Uken2it, Iron Will’s solve has no effect on my solve… IMO. It really matters not to myself. I would just like to see others go out to their particular areas of interest without changing mind. If the Iron Will solve is 99 percent correct, then maybe someone else will complete it. I actually like the idea of Iron Will telling everyone his solve because maybe it will cause a few to focus on his area, in turn directing them away from my area. So, I say let Iron Will express free will on this matter. I’m iterested to read it myself. Good luck to all searchers.

    • Help me understand the logic here.
      Iron should not reveal his solve (and by the way none of them is “a solve” until the chest is found) to give a chance to all at having a search on their own “solves”.
      There are two possibilities: either his “solve” is the same as another’s searcher, or it’s not.

      If I was a searcher with the same “solve” as Will, I’d say thanks for sparing me a disappointing trip, and move to my next “solve”.

      If I was a searcher with a different “solve” than Will, I’d say: phew!

      Last but not least, why people worry so much about his “solve”, after all he searched in the wrong state ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

      • The point I think with me is just because iron will didn’t find the TC on his search it doesn’t mean he is wrong. It only means he didn’t find it.
        Until TC is found no oneโ€™s solves are wrong. I personally did my solve by myself with a lot of hard work. I came onto the blog to have fun looking with others. I did have a break though while on blog but it was not caused by info given on site. We all have worked hard on our solves and they are very personal to us.
        If someone has a solve but doesn’t find the TC and then someone else with a similar solve does find TC whose solve is it? If the second person goes to the same site and finds it was it their work or did they have help.

        • If the second person found it, it was not exactly the same site was it? ๐Ÿ™‚ There is absolutely no way we can tell from reading someone else’s solution that it is the right one. Maybe it will make sense to someone and they may use part of that solution to go and search but in the end If that 2nd person found it, the treasure is theirs alone. Besides, we all seem to think our own personal solutions are correct and everyone else is wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, Will can publish his search without giving out his exact search area. So whether Iron Will has Dal publish his search or not will probably make little difference to most searchers own solutions.

          • Heck, I want to know his ninth clue ๐Ÿ™‚

            I’m sure I already know ๐Ÿ™‚

            And yes we all believe in our own solves to where No one can change that ๐Ÿ™‚

            We are all in our own little world ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Well, if it was the correct “ninth clue”, then he wouldn’t empty handed, so to speak…
            Oh. Imo.

  5. JC1117 & Mark, thanks your info on NM Chaco petroglyphs. It helped uncover a couple of puzzle pieces in my Big Horn Wyoming solve. I’d been interested in the medicine circle connection because of f’s spirituality and all the references to circular trails and TS Eliot quotes.are either of you familiar with Sheridan area? I’m not, but so much adds up to Forrest. He made an annual trek there to visit NA battlefields. Wondered if anyone remembers any previous solves posted for the area. I plan to stay away from reservation lands, but believe ‘borders’ are key.

      • Hello, Jdiggins. My interest in Chaco Canyon is just part of the reason I believe the Treasure is in New Mexico. I’m not going to give away my solve like it sounds like Iron Will is going to. If I added up all my time on my latest solve I’d have at least a few weeks into it…not to mention a few days worth of driving. I’m not going to hand that over for others to probably tell me I’m wrong anyway.

        Anna, I don’t know much about Sheridan, Wyoming. My research never directed me there. I looked it up. It seems to be on the far eastern edge of the Rockies and the altitude isn’t high enough. I figure you’d have to go back west into the Rockies before you’d be in the proper search zone according to Forrest.

        Now the SheriDEN Cave in Ohio I find very interesting. It’s talked about in the book about Ice Age Americans that is being given to the “winner” of the Found Object Contest. The book will be signed by Forrest and the author Kenneth Tankersley. Douglas Preston even wrote the foreword in that book. I’m just wondering if I’ve ever found anything that might score me that book. I’ll have to think about it.

    • Anna,
      One of my solves zeroed in on a border between reservation and govt land. Unfortunately I can’t recreate the solve due to memory issues. Right on the line! I did not know it was a border until my solve was complete.

  6. Well Woody “straight to the point”. I’m only messing with Iron. His solve may be interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It is Amy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just remember, I didn’t find it so it is most likely not right. But there are a cple aspects that may help each of you all. I’ll include photos and diagrams (which is why I’m putting it on Steph’s site), so it’s going to be long winded .

      • Iron, you should also send it to Dal along with the pictures; you will have your own page just for your storyโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆlooking forward to reading it.

      • Iron ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank u for posting your solve for all of us to see I understand u are being helpful. I surely appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u Iron

      • Iron Will, I can’t understand all the hype about you posting your solve. If it is the same as mine, maybe I would change mine since you didn’t find it. If it is not the same as mine, why would I mind you posting it. Would it make anyone more likely to search my spot. I don’t think so. If I don’t want to read it I will skip the post in Others Adventures, but I will be glad to read what you have found. It just might help me find the chest, then I would give you a big TIP, like one of the pieces of gold, (just not one of the big ones). LOL

      • Claudia

        ๐Ÿ™‚ lol I have a map but I don’t need it ๐Ÿ™‚
        I know where I have to go ๐Ÿ™‚ am I special or what? Lol ha

  7. If you have not looked at the contest entries lately, there are some very interesting new submissions. Up to four pages of entries now.

    • I only see 3 pages so far, Dal.

      I’m holding my breath that no one posts their found object and it’s the TC!

      • Melanie; copied from the found objects page.

        Examples of items that are not Found Objects include husbands, animals, boulders, bought objects, food, road signs, treasure chests, Easter eggsโ€ฆ

        So if someone sends in a picture of the chest they will be immediately disqualified from winning any of the prizesโ€ฆโ€ฆ.then again. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • melanie-
        Maybe you have to refresh your page..there should be 4 choices on the drop down menu under the contest

  8. Regarding the nine clues, I think stanzas 1, 5, and 6 give you hints needed to locate a specific general area, and then stanzas 2,3, and 4 give you the 9 directional clues to find the treasure chest once you are in that area. In Featured Questions with Forrest on Jenny’s site, ff replied “There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure but it is risky to discount any of them…” Therefore, I think all the lines in the poem are helpful. My friend Tom and I will verify if this is correct next weekend in NM. Don’t anyone panic, though, as I have been searching in NM for 2 years and haven’t found it yet! cynthia

  9. Is there a “definitions” thread?
    I’m never sure where to throw out new defs. Anyway looking at “So why is it that I must go” and was able to attribute appropriate meaning to everything except “that I must go.”

    Off beat must definitions:
    :the expressed juice of fruit and especially grapes before and during fermentation; also :the pulp and skins of the crushed grapes

    Maybe Forrest left a bottle of grapette with the tc to drink in celebration.

    Could a “must hat” mean antlers or horns at the site that must be removed to find the treasure.

  10. So, is it…

    “…why is it…” why = it
    “…why is it that…” it = that
    “…why is it that I must go…” subtract I

    “…and listen…” L = 10
    “…and listen good…” List 10, go od = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
    “…and listen good…” Listen WELL

    • And why, when I follow the poem a certain way, get taken to a precise spot in TTOTC that says, “…,it was worth it.”?????

      What does THAT mean??

      JC, is this the abyss you were talking about? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Very good Mindy, Note there are 5 prominent words from the poem in one line. There is some value there IMO.

      • Listen everyone, if you search Wyoming or Montana I read that prairie rattlesnakes are widely distributed. Forrest may have intended the S in liSten good; two references to snakes; “no place for the meek” (mice > snakes eat mice) in totc as a warning to watch for snakes. This is bad news for my Big horn solve. I would walk away from a box of gold rocks rather than risk someone’s life. Where there is one snake, there are more.

        • In my best Indiana Jones voice – “Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!”. Lia, I’m not sure about Forrest warning us about snakes, but who knows? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Lia, rattlers are found in all of the states (NM, Colo, Wy, Montana) as well most of the other western states. It definitely is a good idea to watch out for them and use common sense when looking under logs and rock piles. I come across them very frequently here in the Sierra foothills. In fact I am curing the skin off one that we found and killed about a week ago. He had to go because he was stubborn and just didn’t take me up on my invitation to leave the area close to my house and pets. I take a stick with me whenever I hike around an area where they may be resting or hunting to tap around to give them notice that I’m coming.They usually just scurry away not wanting trouble and that is fine with me. They help to keep the mice and gophers population down so as long as they don’t get too close to where we roost they are just another neighbor that I try and leave alone most of the time. Just keep your eyes open an don’t wrangle with one if you don’t have to. Listen good in this context means to pay attention– listen for their distinct rattle. You will know it when you hear it. And be cautious when turning over logs and rocks. And stay away from the little ones, they are NOT cute and often more dangerous than their elders because they are impetuous and don’t know when to back down.

          • I have the same attitude about rattlers, Raven. I figure if I’m in their “home” I’ll just leave them alone. They typically aren’t aggressive and would rather be left alone than fight.

    • If Forrest meant to say ‘well’ he would have precisely said well.

      The only interpretations of good I haven’t seen are G oo’d as in a geode rock; or gooed as in goo.

      Go od 1-3-5 etc is clever but how would you apply that unless you need a code to open something? Or the coordinates were coded alternatively.

      If herme is a so border a L then what are you listing 10 of?

      • Anna,
        I’m just thinking out loud. I precisely meant to write the words, “out loud,” but did I really speak them?

        Maybe, maybe not. You can’t know, because you weren’t here with me.

        Only the person who solves the poem will know precisely what Forrest meant, and didn’t he say something to the effect that we needed to broaden our definitions?

    • h=2, so w “to” y is it, or wy=it.

      If list ten ( then listen is spelled wrong) would have to be:
      lis ten or list en.

      all and l is ten.:)

  11. Dal,
    Your next contest should be the oddest or most interesting thing found on Google Earth in the search area. Some things are in the middle of the desert are mind boggling!

  12. My favorite solves by state:
    Montana: Rainbow Lake on the Beatenpath trail in Beartooth Mountains, as approached from Red Lodge. Also see Lakes Trail nearby.
    Wyoming/Yellowstone: Grebe Lake, down Norris Canyon from Ice Lake.
    Wyoming outside of YNP: Dinwoody creek east of Dubois.
    Colorado: Below Wheeler mountain, Wheeler Junction, or Blue lake to the east of Wheeler Mountain. (mirror image solve)
    New Mexico: Tooth of Time range, south of Cimarron, West of Philmont Boy Scout Ranch, North of UU Bar Ranch.

      • Yes, I’ve noticed that. I’m sort of undecided and unsure of what to do with it, though. I have some ideas, but need to fit it together. I’ve noticed similar things with the last line, and a few other lines.

        I know of a place in Wyoming that sorta fits, but I haven’t really looked at it yet.

  13. Not to be a smart alec, but I have a question. When you fold, do you place your cards face down, or face up? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Has anyone counted the “threshold” or pivotal moments of Forrest’s life in TTOTC? I wonder if there are eight that somehow coincide with the eight threshold moments in the history of the universe.

    • lol, very good Mindy. I was just thinking that same thing this morning. Something like each of the decades I was thinking. 1930-39,1940-49, etc…Just starting to look into, will get back if find anything.

  15. State officials of NM, CO, MT and WY should be rejoicing for all the tourist monies FF has brought to these states, and will continue too do so, until the treasure has been found. I can tell you, it has motived me to visit NM last year and will again this year to search for the chest. Not only that….it has gotten me off the couch learning a lot of different things and going places I would not have gone to. If only school had been this exciting no doubt I would have graduated from Jr. high and not dropped out in the 10th grade in Sr. high.

    • Sharpsburg –

      I would have never guessed that about you. Forrest will go down as one of the greatest teachers of all time. My research has taken me all over the world and what a ride. Things I never thought were interesting – have now become so. What a gift this man has given all of us – way beyond what any school could have.

      • Agreed, However…going to school getting a good education is it’s own reward. But I have to ask myself, how do you put that in your pocket and spend it.


  16. sometimes you gotta take a few errant swings before you knock one outta the park

    in the meantime you can say, hey its hot out here, just trying to provide a little extra a/c in the immediate vicinity

    of course you may just strike out swinging, but then again, you could end up on a winning solution. things could go either way for anyone at this point

    • Yeah I hear you Chris. In this game, it seems singles and doubles aren’t worth much; you pretty much gotta hit one out of the park. Or maybe you can hit a triple, then steal home? Mr. F has a 0.00 ERA heading into his fifth season of play.

      PS: don’t forget the deoderant

    • No, no-one’s found it yet but we all are confident we know where it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Goof,
    I am not certain where replies end up with respect to the original comment. So here is what I was “agreeing” with you:

    “If you donโ€™t want to share your thoughts on the clues, the poem, or solutions thatโ€™s fine. But donโ€™t try to stop the rest of us from discussing itโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Looks like I need to add to the nuke list.”

  18. Are we sure that “I” refers to Forrest Fenn? There are many riddles and poems which ask the same simple question; Who am I or What am I?

    Just thinking out loud after reading the riddle of the whale to my kids. It just dawned on me that perhaps the key to Fenn’s poem is to figure out what/who “I” is.

    Not my opinion. Just a thought to share.

    Scott W.

    • q1werty2,

      Been there done that, still doing it. Fenn is a story teller and { i } IMO maybe not be Just be Fenn, but has Multiple Meanings itself.

      “Word that is key” aside, I think understanding what { i } represent is important. Most look for one clues in a single line but this type of thinking fall into the Buried vs. hidden debate as far as what a clue is vs. what a hint is. So { i } could be one or the other depending on how the reader is attempting to understand the poem.

      I don’t see the poem as most, using lines for clues as mush as using the many hints in the poem [ as one searcher put it…Bread crumbs ] that guides a thinker to the correct 9 clues need to find the location of the chest.

      Who is { i } is a good question…at least in my opinion, because it ask the reader, Is this a set of directions or a cleverly written narration of a story or stories being told by the Author.

      I’d be interested in knowing your opinion on who or what you think { i } represents…I have put my thought out there before.. so I’m always interested in with others have come up with.

        • I can see how you would come up with that. But wouldn’t it be changing the poem? The meaning of ” i ” is basically …knowledge of self or self knowledge… using an inanimate object and giving it a self knowledge changes the principle meaning of the word use.

          For me that actually changes the meaning of the word. Don’t you think?

          and if your correct, is the { i } in the 5th stanza used as the chest? what would be the answers that a brass chest would know about being tired and weak?

          This causes me to pause as in one stanza it means chest and in another it could mean something different. making the word having two meanings unrelated to each other.


          • imo – for me the I being the tc would only aply to the first stanza – I done it ( the hole ) tired and now im weak ( he no longer has the weight of the tc in his hands – he already hid it omo

    • omo q1 – as I – ( treasure chest ) have gone alone in there with my treasures bold I ( treasure chest ) can keep my secrets where and hints of riches new and old – ( in a hole )

  19. In the Preface, Father asks a question: โ€œWho would you trust, the mechanic or the college guy?โ€ I think that simple question is Fenn foreshadowing the architecture of poem. Hemingway used the Iceberg style of writing. But Fenn may be using a Rosetta style, his poem speaks in linguas familiar to mechanics and professors.
    I found a lot of connective tissue to the TTOTC stories in Eric Sloanes books. One that stuck with me was his boyhood phonetic confusion when his mom shooed him from her tea parties because the talk was: โ€œjust among womenโ€ and he thought she said โ€œjust a monk swimmingโ€. Or in the rote reciting of the times-tables where โ€œthe sum of whichโ€ sounded like โ€œthe son-of-a bitch.โ€ That one reminded me of John Charlesโ€™ momโ€™s bad language. What phrases could you make out of WWWH? Or HOB?
    Another thought, my armchair chase too has been enriched by my researches into bits of science, history, literature, humanities, morality, etc. Were these โ€œhints to riches old and new?โ€

  20. When you get to my spot…there will be ( this that and the other) …the nine clues.
    Seen you all at on Dals next nine clues.

  21. Imo, you gotta have guts and gusto like mindy and jamie and iron, to do this. It ain’t easy. Forrest is NOT your average 80 yr old (per the saying, don’t go where an 80 ya old man wouldnt.)
    I tell you, I’ve learned that most of my fears are intangible…like the dark. I’ve done things I never thought I’d do, and I’m not done yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol, Jdiggins, just throw a spider at me and you will see me unravel. Then, I’d probably punch you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. wolf, you’re not in any other boat than the rest of us searching… so I would be so brazen as to tell Iron Will “where he went wrong” or than he was “defeated”. JMHO

    • James. Do you not think it is brazen to assume anyone is “not in any other boat?” Can you prove that claim?
      *** Goofy disclaimer**** I, repeat, I do not claim to be in any other boat, however to make a point – if one assumes everyone who says something has nothing to offer are making dangerous assumptions. Just for second imagine- what if one of the people who got the first two clues said something “brazen” would you instantly discount them because they are assumed to be in the same boat? I hope you see how dangerous it is too make assumptions. It is better to ask for proof or critically analyze claims before going off the deep end.IMO

      • I am sorry wolf, let me clarify “the same boat” = “a searcher”. THERE! You’re a searcher, I’m a searcher, everyone on here is a searcher or should be. If not, my opinion is you should move on.

        But “keep howling at the moon and more clues might come to you in enlightenment.” = “keep looking up”

        As for me, I agree that there are more than 9 clues and ff just chose to pull a number out of his magical hat.

        IMHO… Clues move you in a direction and Hints clarify reason to move or characteristics to move.

  23. Using numbers for the solve.
    Most of us know FF was involved in Radar/electronics while in the Air Force in his early years of his career. This would suggest he was well acquainted with mathematics and no stranger with numbers, as opposed to English which it appears he has somewhat of a distain using what may be called proper English grammar.
    Now…if numbers were used in his Memoir of TTOTC as hints or clues the number 11 stands out the most prominently to me, for many reasons I will not go into.
    The next in line would be eight then nine and six. The Big question in my mind is, did he in fact use numbers for the solve? At this time I think he did use numbers, how many and which one’s I cannot say with absolute certainty. Confidence I have, but not until I lay my hands upon the chest will I know for sure.

    • I do not remember his exact words, but ff has indicated something like, that he did not do well at Radar school and transferred out.

    • he uses Seven a bunch. in the story about Coty the buffalo he said it was about seven miles outside of town and i don’t have book handy but i think he said something about seven miles while flying. he also mentions brown a bunch brown bag, brown bake goods. i think four or five times.

  24. Anyone have any thoughts on the number 3. Someone just mentioned the numbers 9,8,7 and 6. The number 3 is mentioned in scrapbooks and both books probably 150 times. What could this three mean? Does the poem tell us the meaning?

    • Read “Prehistoric Freinds” TFTW…it might be safe to assume that the three are round.

    • 169
      In the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, numbers were assigned to each letter of these alphabets. Our modern day English alphabet as you know, does not contain this. Was FF talking or telling us where the treasure is hidden using numbers corresponding to the Greek or Hebrew alphabets ?

      • Sharpburg,

        “Our modern day English alphabet as you know, does not contain this.”

        Could you tell me what the “1st” letter of the Alphabet is?
        Or maybe the 10th or 20th…just off the top of your head.

        Just saying

        • Our modern day alphabet using numbers is only used in noting the position of the letter in the alphabet, and normally not used in connection with the letters. Really, that’s what I believe.

          • Sharpsburg,

            That’s great and exactly what I mean. If your going to use numbers and affiliate them to the poem, would it not be a more common knowledge of the use of that number to coincide with a letter?

            Just as in definitions Nigh meaning near or left side. could be interpreted as 270 degrees West. using a number to have the same meaning of left or with the use of a map…west.

            Other words …down, South. up, North. far, Right. etc. or the numbers of degrees to act with the meanings and commonly used ” I’m heading up North for the weekend.”

            But to change nigh to another language or spell it like NYE can lose all those meanings all together.

          • Unless HE gives those letters a value.

            We use the numbers to constitute the position of letters but not their value. If he decides to give certain letters value, then the letters have value.

            Have checked the greek/Hebrew values but didn’t result into much. Not to say that it’s there or not, just I didn’t see much into it.

            To me, the poem has instructions that give value to letters in english. Those values can be used for position and for their value. Depends on context.

            It’s just very difficult to think there are no numbers involved in this poem. Especially with his background and the fact that someone will go with confidence to a place on the planet.

          • If you want to incorporate Greek letter values, the only thing I really thought might be interesting would be using the Omega symbols and the mirror theme thing.

            The value of the Omega symbol, 800, since to Omega symbols = 800800, turn the second 800 inward to give you 8008. His age mirrored, and, the elevation.

        • I’m not a numbers person, but what about the values of letters in a Scrabble game. Has anyone tried to use those values?

          • now thats a thought but i think the poem is just a poem. no numbers, no tricks. it is hard to work out and you can come up with a lot of different solves. we found our solve by keeping it simple one word/ pause at a time

    • So your saying the 3 might correspond to the third letter of Greek/Hebrew alphabet?

      Lowercase Gamma looks like y and in Hebrew the 3rd letter looks like an upside down y?

      ื’ Hebrew letter Gimel

      Gamma (uppercase ฮ“, lowercase ฮณ; Greek: ฮ“ฮฌฮผฮผฮฑ Gรกmma) is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 3. It was derived from the Phoenician letter Gimel gimel. Letters that arose from gamma include the Roman C and G and the Cyrillic letters ะ“ and า.

      • No, I did not say that. And don’t put words in my mouth I did not say. And yes the number three corresponds to the Hebrew letter Gimel or “G”. If you need more information on this, ask someone who knows, and not just my opinion who is a 10th grade drop-out.

  25. So… the nine clues, hmmm,” so I wrote a poem containing nine clues…”. Forrest, would you care to comment on this much debated issue? That’s what I thunk…that hole keeps gettin’ deeper and deeper ! Very similar to some of the BS stackin’ up around us. Funny how the snake oil peddlers continue to ply their wares on the unsuspectin’ , hoping to redeem themselves and grab their 15 seconds off the backs of good folks. Life goes on and the Mother keeps spinnin’…
    Keep up the good work Dal, and thanks to Goofy for being the ever vigilant sentinel…Happy Sunday all! Stay safe…

  26. It is my belief that many searchers that heard f say that the poem contains nine (9) clues. I sometimes wonder how many searchers heard f say that there are nein (which is not 9) clues in the poem. I’ve wondered this for some time now. Your two cents, please.

    • Slurbs
      Look on you tube Hitler says that Nein – (no)

      I have never picked 9 clues out. Simply because I don’t know what they would be. I just know the directions ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Amy, exactly! What if f is telling us that there are no clues in they poem?… oops, my folly! I just checked TTOTC and in the sentence preceding the poem, f writes nine. My thoughts are getting ahead of me again. I do like your hat, Amy. You wear it well.

    • Slurbs, when a southern Gentleman with a drawl pronounces nine, it sounds like none. Nein is German for none, and neun is German for nine. Take your pick, but f said every word and sentence should be solved – giving many clues. I found Espanyol and Deutsch words in the poem; who knows if on purpose.

      Btw I plan to look very early in the morning to avoid any chance of rattle snakes. What if f had to sever the end of one while hiding the chest. Yikes, does that count for a dangerous place? Indiana jones says Yes!

  27. The Ninth clue. Many may find this one hard to believe, but I attest that the following is very true (heck, even I find it hard to believe). During my research, I came across the nineth clue to one of my solves. I wont reveal the how I tied it into the Chase, but it still has a connection (however far out there it is) to my solve. The nineth clue in said solve is… Trenzalore. If this puts me out in left field, does that give me some credence?

      • i have been posting for two days and couldnt get on the page i sent out about ten of those yesterday and today. ed i asked you the other are the same ed from texas and a birder.

          • i saw somewhere on internet some guy claimed he found chest then lost it i guess from picture tall grass.
            remember the book by Sibley i mentioned well what he teaches in there would have helped this guy. because it teaches you to look through the brush, leaves and grasses to see better. we were drive home yesterday and looking at trees/brush along the road. we were discussing how if we were walking we couldn’t see a box five inches tall in all of that. undergrowth will be a problem where our solve is. if you are a walker try looking in the treeline/brush as you walk and see if you spot anything and whether you can figure out what it is.
            i can see how someone could of been within feet and missed it.

          • Hi, Wildbirder. I think that would really suck if I couldn’t find the chest because of tall grass…unlike the cow in tall grass…who is udderly tickled. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • LOL !!!! we as EVERYONE has heard have a very good solve but what good does it do us when we get BOG if we can’t see the TC. this goes for blazes too.
            if it is a small stack of rocks what if a small shrub/tree is now grown around it and over covering it. the small plant could easily push rocks out of alignment after growing four yrs.. birds and squirrels are great at planting seeds for us but this is one time they could be a pain. if Fenn did mark a large rock or tree undergrowth could be a problem in seeing it. if in a park you can’t just go hacking it away to remove brush.
            do not damage plants in the way of removing TC. there could be fines, goes against protecting nature, and who ever finds this will need the public on their side in the fight to keep it. we can see the headline “the Nelson of N Texas destroy rare native plants in their effort to recover TC” BOOOO HISSSS

            have you ever visited a place yrs after you were there and the plants and tree made it almost unrecognizable to you.

          • I’ve have seen a few places like that, Wildbirder…meaning they have changed a lot in just a few years…like the trees around the house where I grew up, for example. On the other hand I’ve seen other places that seemingly haven’t changed at all in nearly 70 years. ๐Ÿ™‚


            Somebody posted a Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones compilation recently so I thought I’d share this one.

          • @ Wild

            I used to live in Texas. My parents still do. I currently reside in the great state of Oregon. I was just talking about the treasure and how that it may not be found because of the very reasons you mention. 10x10x5 could be overlooked in the city let alone in the Rockies. I had what seemed like a great solve until F shot it down. I know what your saying about the brush and grass. I drove hours too my spot but found only the top of the brush showing. Good thing I don’t have to return. Forrest clearly stated no one has gotten closer in the last 3 months. Well I’ve taken 3 trips in the last few months that I’m sure he knew about.

          • hi Ed could you clarify the 3 months. you said MR F had said no ones been close in three months? what did he have to say about the months pry to the three months. i am think it was a statement of no one has any progress in three months or since the first one that was so close.

      • this was posted about noon today and just is showing up. i have been blogging since yesterday morning (sat) and nothing got posted.

          • i have tried to get on there about four times. it like i was blocked some how. but i was reassured that wasn’t the case. werid? your is the first email i have gotten since the new tread.

          • Lol Wildbirder ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know just keep trying. BTW Dal thank you for your fast and easy to navigate site ๐Ÿ™‚

          • now be nice they were very helpful and didn’t just ignore me. web pages have issues. there could be a lurker out there trying to hurt the blog who knows it working now. i was bugged because i thought if i was blocked i should have received a po-lite note informing me of my crimes.

          • I am sorry I was not trying to be mean I really enjoy ttotc… It is just slow sometimes and I wanted to make sure to point out to Dal… Oh and Goofy too that their efforts are appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

          • that is a perfect example of how someone can type something nice and it get misread. thanks for straightening that out i did thank them for helping me out.

  28. Well Spallies –

    It one of three things – 1. its getting repaired 2. He’s done with the chase 3.
    He found it.

    Mike is such a great guy – I’ll opt for the first one. Mike, his wife, my hubby and I all had a couple of dinners together while we were in Corpus Christie. I enjoyed them very much and wish them the best.

    • inthechaseto are yoou also in texas or just visiting? i am trying to keep track of where everyone is from and where they are searching and i am so confused. thank for let me about snag.

  29. Well Spallies –

    It one of three things – 1. its getting repaired 2. He’s done with the chase 3.
    He found it.

    Mike is such a great guy – I’ll opt for the first one. Mike, his wife, my hubby and I all had a couple of dinners together while we were in Corpus Christie. I enjoyed them very much and wish them the best.


    Just so Goofy knows what is going on here – everytime I post here – it kicks me off line and usually have to post twice.

  30. we got our copy of the Handbook of N. American Indians SW talk about heavy reading. the last book i read that was big in bed was a Stephen King book and got a bloody nose.
    if i were reading this one & were to fall asleep i would not just have a bloody nose but it might break it and give me a concussion. those of you who can read a book online i would not order it because online you can search topics or words instead of reading whole thing. reading online hurts my eyes.

      • i have no idea. my brain is fried right now. i have a nerve pinched in a muscle in the hip area. guys who carry a thick wallet know this pain it causes itching, burning, numbness and it is painful. also some car seats can aggravate this and our rental did.
        (yes i carry a wallet like a guy does because i don’t carry a purse i lose them) Dr has me taking a muscle relaxer and doing stretches to get it better. the meds cause brain and eyes to be fuzzier than normal. hubby said i have a pain in my rump and it ain’t him this time.

  31. Richard Saunier is back to his blog after a few months of absence. He has a fascinating historical primer that left me wondering how he was going to tie everything into the treasure hunt…until the last paragraph..

    • What a heartbreaking story. ๐Ÿ™ While this did not happen in Yellowstone, and was not because of a natural geothermal pool, if searchers are going to Yellowstone they need to know that pets are prohibited in the backcountry and on the trails and boardwalks. In other areas they need to be on leash or contained.

      Here’s the link to their policy.

    • thank you so much for info. we have know people whose pet have been bitten by a snake in their own yard. some make it others dont. hck we get little rat snakes every spring in the house so far this year we are snake free.

      • A few years ago we had a Golden Retriever that was bitten by a rattlesnake. By the time we saw the bite, her head had swollen up and took on the shape of a bear’s with 2 tiny puncture marks on her snout. We called the vet but he said there was nothing to do at that point but wait. She slept for 36 hours but survived. If she had been a small dog, I doubt she would have lived very long. Searchers need to be careful of where they stick their hands and walk as rattlers have a wide range throughout the Rockies. Just ask Dal! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Slurbs

    Maybe I should bring a thermometer so I can test the water while searching ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • By all means put a toe in to test the waters before you jump in! LOL. Everybody stay safe and have fun wherever you are, watch out for weather changes as well as wildlife and natural surroundings. Not to mention other people. We had a very scary encounter in Arkansas when our kids were little. There was a van with 3 or 4 guys in their late teens, early twenties. Looked like they were living out of the car and we should have left when we saw them. No one else around. We decide to walk up to a waterfalls half a mile up. One of the guys followed us but tried to stay out of view when we would turn around and look at him. Luckily we were not bothered other than being freaked out.

      • i agree there are creepy people out there. and we have had a few scares but we also had some pretty cool help.

      • Not obsessed

        Yea I wouldn’t have liked that. Although we carry gun just in case. I’m afraid of mountain men .

        One night we were searching in a area looking at the stars. I sat in the truck with my son, he said did u hear that, I said what was it, he said I just heard a girl scream for help, and then we heard it again. Not sure what was going I I even tried to search later on the news about the area I search to see if anything happened but I couldn’t find anything.
        I told my husband to get back in the truck.
        That was a disturbing night ๐Ÿ™

          • sound can really carry. how do you carry a gun in to parks? and rough idea of where you are searching without give solve

          • amy, it may have been a mountain lion. They can sound like a girl/woman screaming. Kinda raises the hair on the back of your neck!! ๐Ÿ™‚

            As of February 22, 2010, a new federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess firearms in this park….(holds true for most NP’s.



          • thank you. we would love to carry a gun for protection. i am know as a little bit of anti gun person. i believe in have a gun for protection but man i know some nut case here where i live. this one guy reminds me of a transformer the way he likes to carry. over kill. oosp! bad choice of words.

        • Amy, it was probably a peacock. My daughter was camping outside one night and heard the same thing! Scared them back inside! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Peacocks can be really loud for such a beautiful bird. We had a screech owl in the woods behind our house and it sounded like someone yelling as well.

          • We had a family friend as a child who had a peacock it was very loud and messy… But you would find beautiful peacock feathers around his farm and sometimes it would display all its feathers right in front of you… it was really cool…

          • Well the peacock was disturbing little toot shouldn’t have screamed ๐Ÿ™‚ it made me worry

        • Besides surely peacocks are not in the mountains ๐Ÿ™‚

          Now I have to go read about them ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Hi Everyone! How are you? I have been away, out Rock Hounding! Was wondering did Iron Will, ever Post his Solve? What happened with all of that?
    Thanks so much! I found some great rainbow Jasper.

    Lou Lee Secret Bear:) The Prospector

    • LouLee Try some of those “golf ball Finding Glasses” for rockhounding Jasper. With the right sun angle Jasper really show it self from quite a distance.

      • So Musstag….There are golf ball finding glasses? I believe you, maybe they can make some Gold finding Glasses, I would pay big for that Musstag! LOL Tell me more. OK? Are you hunting this spring or summer?

        Happy Hunting,
        Lou Lee secret Bear

          • Hi wildbird and LouLee, I’d never heard of those kind of glasses either. Probably cuz I don’t golf. They may help in locating Jasper… idk
            I’ve been under the whether lately, but beginning to feel better, I think. Kinda comes in waves… just trying’ to get back into the swing o’ things.
            LL, when you going searching? Is it Montana? Thought I recall you saying you had some great solves… ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck.

        • I never heard of those, I ask a golfer and he had not heard of them also. Sounds good! And thanks. I have one really great location in Wyoming and one in Montana….I will tell you my location in Montana, no one has talked about. Also my Wyoming location. The fun thing about these locations are that they are near some great Rocks…So if I don’t find the chest its still of great value to me to go to these area’s….

          Remember to find a treasure everyday….
          A new friend, a Rock or Crystal. Maybe a new insight into what makes you feel alive.!

          Lou Lee Bear, Living, Loving and having fun….

    • hi lou lee i was wondering where you were. where did you go rock hounding. i love to hunt rocks and TC

      • Idaho, The Gem State. We have Jasper and Agates and Geodes and Opals…..I Love banded agates!

        • I’ve never seen “Banded Agate”. I’ve seen “Picture Jasper” though when I went to the gem and mineral shows in town… I love those. Get’s my imagination going trying to see what kind of scenery I can find in them.

        • Hi, Lou Lee. If you love banded agates and geodes then you’ll love banded agate geodes from Dugway, Utah (aka the new Area 51). I’ve been digging geodes there ever since I was a kid. If you ever want to go diggin’ I certainly know how to find ’em. Here’s a cool example shown with a “UV flashlight” that some people were recently talking about. Some Dugway specimens show some incredible fluorescence. (Psst…it’s probably from all the UFOs. You didn’t hear it from me.)

          • Sure thing, Wildbirder. I know the guys who own the only private geode claim way out there in the desert. The BLM tried to revoke their claim years ago, but they sued the BLM…and won! It happens. They are nice guys and let rockhounds dig on their claim with hand tools.

  34. After readin through the blog, i am a bit relieved and somewhat amused to see those boastful wintertime solves crashed along the shorline rocks, knowing that beautiful chest chest is still there wating for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dont be too happy about it because there are quite a few who have not tested their solves yet.
      just because their solve did crash on the rocks don’t mean they can not salvage it. Remember someone was very close to it and they either didn’t continue searching the area or is waiting to back there. we will get to test our solve third week in August on those very same rocks and will see if we prevail or not.

      • Wild bird

        Oh it’s me who was close I’m just waiting for June I haven’t quit yet ๐Ÿ™‚

        ” I’m Coming Out”
        By Diana Ross ๐Ÿ™‚

      • WildBirdy, its best to be a bit careful bout saying things that make sense round here cuz after a while you could develop a reputation as someone who says things that make sense

  35. Fins up

    Such confidence you have
    Just letting u know its mine ๐Ÿ˜‰
    See u at the wood ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lmao Amy.In real life all my friends call me wood cause my last name starts with the word wood.So i tell myself i am brave because i am the wood! Lol

    • Search girl! Search! hubby is a little amazed reading some post that women are not given credit for their hard work in solving the clues. he warns not to be questioned into revealing more about your solve to prove you know what you are doing. he has reviewed a lot of my statements and editing them because i was about to give too much away in trying to prove i know i have solve the poem. that is why i say know what you know and believe but dont not be tricked into giving too much away. we need to share info but protect some of our knowledge.

  36. Wild bird

    Gotcha ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think sometimes we just get carried away. That’s why I say how could Forrest keep such an amazing secret.
    He’s good ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amy- it seems you’re great at secrets too! Didn’t forrest say it was a man that was closest on Jenny’s sight? What else have you been hiding from us besides your “wood”??!?!?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Jamie

        ๐Ÿ™‚ Forrest also said a women might have been with that man.
        Girl I have lots of secrets its more than the wood it’s the whole poem ๐Ÿ™‚

        I really try not to give to much out ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • ๐Ÿ™‚ Iol Amy- was just teasing ya and making wood jokes. No worries…you don’t need to send ME any pics or anything! just a random play on words, or two…all in fun ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jamie,
            : ) I got a chuckle or two from your comment. All kidding aside, though, I do believe the wood is quite important relative to The Chase (et al, I suppose!!).
            Good luck in your search and Be Safe.

          • we believe the word wood is very important. its not a clue but a helpful hint. its in the meaning of the word.

  37. I have the most outrageous solves! I personal think they are so practical and no one I have seen here or there has even thought of it. I can’t get out soon enough! I did not get them reading other peoples idea’s. I have hundreds of books and Map books, history, Native American books, Mountain Men, Lewis and Clark, Osborn, etc, etc…….I study….I would be a fool to share my best idea’s. And I am sorry I don’t give it away. However I do like to chat about the chase and what this and that may mean…..Right? and Yes I think the women are not given much credit….sometimes here.
    Wild Bird, Right now I am searching for beautiful Rocks in the volcanic hills of Idaho- the Gem State!
    Thank You for your friendships….

    Lou Lee Secret Bear

  38. have anyone of tried using Dowsing Rod. i use not to believe in it till i saw a water gut find a sewer line after killing an hour looking. in a couple minutes they found it. amazing

    • I’ve seen them used a couple times on land for placing a well. They always seemed to find a spot with water… Who knows maybe the dowser is just really good at reading the geography and knows where the water will be ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My grandfather used dowling rods built from heavy gauge coat hangers to find where to place wells for several people. He showed me how to do it although I only did it one time. It was really amazing. I wish I understood the science behind it.

      • i don’t think scientist know what’s behind it. if i had seen it work not once but twice with my own eyes i would say it not real

  39. Hi Wild Bird, My Grandfather was the most Practical Man in the World, He was a great Farmer and he used these sometimes, swore by them……
    And Remember Loose Lips Sink Ships……LOL….words of the wise….

    Lou Lee Bear…..Poker Face.

    • Hi, Lou Lee,
      My dad taught me to dowse using the old metal coat hangers. It was an amazing feeling when they crossed themselves. I think we were looking for field tiles at the time. Not sure I’d expect them to work on the chest, though. My guess, it has something to do with moving water.

      • Yes, Gramps, used it for water. But also….I know people use it for hunting Gold and other things. Have not seen you much! How are you waterhigh..? Your a experienced hunter, are you not? And do you have plans for hunting soon or this summer?

        Lou Lee Belle Bear

        • I’m well, thanks for asking, Lou Lee. Just life’s regular complications, joys, etc. keeping me busy.

          So . . . if by ‘experienced’ you mean my expectations of walking right to the chest were adjusted downward, then Yes.

          There’s a fair chance I’ll get to head west again this summer. Time will tell.

  40. how can only a few(or more) people figured out JUST 2 clues?

    I think we (meaning everyone) have been looking at this at a totally wrong way…

    but this poem must have been dissected thousands of times by some really smart people…

    could it be a mix of simpleness and uniqueness that is hard to crack?

    I am starting to think to hand the poem over to 6 to 12 year olds to try and figure this out…

    Forrest wrote this poem when he was 60 till around 80 I believe but I believe he wrote it from things of his interpretations of the world as he imagined them as a kid….

    so the best strategy would to start giving the poem to kids…thats the final option I believe cause if only a few (or many) people figured just the first 2 clues out then this must be WAY harder than any of us can even imagine…

    • Consider this possibility – the first two clues do not indicate a geographical place. Maybe the first two clues tell you how to solve the poem, for instance the starting within the poem to begin solving and the person, place or thing that the poem is about. Several people may have solved those two clues but not the rest of the poem.

      • As I have gone alone in there
        And with my treasures bold,
        I can keep my secret where,
        And hint of riches new and old.

        I believe the first 2 clues are here…
        therefore if you have this solved you can’t get any closer to the chest. Thus the 200′ comment works fine and so does the 12′ comment.

        • in our solve starts with begin it wwwh. we believe first stanz have some supportive hints.

          • wildbirder…IMO there is much more than supportive hints in the first stanza…There is something you need to know in the first four lines…Very important as I see it… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • if the poem is read correctly by us the first stanza is an introduction to the first clue where Mr. f said to begin it. the first stanza does have hints we think. there are 9 clues and then there are words that give hints as you go along. you can solve it with just the clues but its nice to find supportive hints. i have said over and over we maybe wrong and will not know till we go BOG but we believe we have it.

          • I wish you the best of luck bird lady…

            But what is the “it” you are beginning?…And then you have an “it” to take somewhere maybe?…Instructional? Directional?…

            Oh, and don’t get me started on WWWH…LOL…You would not believe what I found that to be…But it isn’t on a map…IMO

            Big question there about the “it”s, who/what are they?…And the “I”s in the first stanza as well, who/what are they?…IMO they are not at all who/what most believe them to be…f is trickier than you might realize… ๐Ÿ™‚

            Good luck and good hunting…

          • If this sounds short I donโ€™t it mean it to be. I am in some pain right now and this is good for keeping my mind off of it until meds kicks.
            The I in his poem is Mr. F himself. he is telling a story of how he hide his treasure. The first stanza is an introduction of him, his treasure what he wants to do.
            I have gone alone in there with my treasures bold. I can keep my secret where hint of riches new and old.
            The poem is very simple poem and even I put too much into it at first.
            We were as we said before going to look at Windsor Trail.

            Wwwh โ€“ Pecos
            Canyon down โ€“ is not a direction like south. It is down as in if you are in a canyon you are already down.
            Home of brown we cannot give up
            No place for meek – Windsor is the royal family name in Eng. They are regal and an opposite of regal is HUMBLE which is equal to meek.
            No paddle โ€“ padโ€ขdle1 verb 1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.
            No paddle now becomes โ€“ No move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.
            After this we were stopped. We could not find the rest of the clues here. So we started over several times till we could answer ever clue.
            In our solve we found if you try to force clues to mean something they are no to mean you will go astray. We may be astray of the path and will not know till BOG in aug.
            Some of these clues are very simple and should not be made harder.

          • please dont take this the wrong way but didnt you just say wolf was overworking the poem? i too was overworking the poem. when read the way it was written i was surprised to see how easy it was. my HOB is one no one has found and i hope it stays that way. PLEASE stay mine only please. but we will have to wait to see if we are on those terrible rocks or a sandy beach. we are very sure we have it but we are realistic that we could be very wrong. its in the hands of a higher power.

          • Tks for that bird lady…We just think in different ways I reckon…

            Let me give you my interpretation of one line of the poem you listed…I’ve put it up here before so it won’t make a difference now…

            ‘There’ll be no paddle up your creek’…

            It appears simply stated if you read it literally…f was much more devious IMO…

            This line is a rewording of the old adage “up s–t creek without a paddle’…The meaning of the adage is—You have a problem for which there is no solution—

            f reversed the wording but the meaning is the same to me…I read it this way…’no paddle’ means no solution/not helpful, and ‘up your creek’ is the problem(in our case a puzzle, the search location)…

            So to me the line is saying—This line of the poem will not be useful in solving for the search location…

            It’s the way it worked in my solution anyway…f did say in one Q&A that some words would not be useful in solving the poem, but he added it was risky to discount any of them…More of his double talk IMO…You just have to figure out which words are not useful…

            Like I said, we just think differently…

            Best of luck…Best wishes… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hubby been married to me for almost 18 yrs and still dont get half of my ideas. he calls me a pair of docks. i have a rep among friends for having organizing skills and for thinking outside of the box and in fact one of them said i wasn’t even in the warehouse. but trust me i know i can crash and burn on ideas some days.

        • Sorry Decall, you just walked by the other seven clues if you believe you’re that close with the first two clues…It takes all nine to get to the chest…IMO of course… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • With respect to 9 clues I find all nine in 2nd and 3rd stanzas. There are 2 clues in the last line of 3rd stanza. imo

          • Sorry Sam, cannot agree. I don’t see you solving “the poem”. It is your “interpretation” that it’s a rewording of the old adage. It is your interpretation that there is a problem that cannot be solved. I just don’t see any breakdown of the line or anywhere that says it should be read that way. All interpretation, IMO. You’re even saying that you read it a certain way. It’s like saying WWWH is a train station because of the steam, or has something to do with tears, etc…etc…etc…
            We all know that trying to interpret what f is thinking or saying could be turned and folded and flipped upside down so-to-speak.
            Again, all IMO. Which is more than likely wrong.:)

          • Hey Decall, how many days, weeks, or months till you think you can go get it? Don’t leave us hangin’. Good luck

        • lol, you are right decal, first two clues are there.I have all 24 solved, IMO, also. I’m also in Montana.

          • decal, I’ll pick you up on my way to Montana. My girlfriend wouldn’t let me drive through Las Vegas anyway without stopping. lol, she gets comped at Venetian. Just a long drive to Montana….

          • Hey Charlie ๐Ÿ™‚ you really heading to Montana? You know I love that place just as much as you! I won’t be going back for awhile- but that doesn’t change the fact I’d love to see it found! Please shoot me an email if there’s anyway I can help…or if you want to share anything because I’m nosy…and so I can get excited for you! Jjones1 at

          • Hey Charlie, which hotel there has the big fountain… you know waters high??? I wonder if any hotels in one of the four search states have a big fountain like that?

          • lol, spallies, Bellagio. f would somehow bury it under the fountain. Heavy loads…

          • @ spallies, Have you been to Vegas? I doubt there’s a hotel in the Rockies that has a fountain That Big! I’ve never been there…to Vegas. There is a Las Vegas, NM though. I’ve been near there… I’m probably the only one alive that hasn’t been to Las Vegas! I’d love go sometime just to see all the flashing lights! No flashlight needed there! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Wiseone if you have never been to Lost Wages you are truly wise. BTW we haven’t and won’t.

          • @decall, I will look you up next time i’m there. I’ll let you know. If anything, I have to bowl there in October, but i’ll probibly be there way before then.
            I missed what Dal thinks WWWH is, refresh and i’ll let you know.
            For me, after I found my spot I just reversed engineered my path and it starts at a WWWH. As far as it’s relation to solving the poem, what I get from that line is 4. Begin it w(here, w in front)= Begin wit (warm waters “h” alternate)= Begin with warm water salt. = epsom. Or e+p sum = 3+1=4. Begin with 4.:)

      • Very astute Jack…IMO you may be on your way to finding something you may have overlooked…Good luck and good hunting… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • We’ll see Jack, we’ll see…Best of luck with it…

            I don’t ask you to reveal it, but your interpretation of line 3, 1st stanza would tell me all I would need to know about your solution…

            One of the best and most revealing lines in the poem IMO…Only six words, but they speak volumes to me…How tricky is f, eh?…LOL…

            Good luck and good hunting…

  41. uken2it…IMO you are discounting way too many words in thinking all nine clues are in two stanzas…Gotta spread it out a little more I’m thinking…But, it’s your solve and not mine so what do I know?…I think you will be surprised though… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Samsmith,
      This is not my first rodeo. I have ridden the circuit. From these two stanzas to many other considerations, formulas, deciphering etcetera etcetera. Here I am again at these two stanzas and loving it.

      Hope your solve serves you well… To the Sharks – (smirk, just kidding with ya)

      • uken2it…I can think of one you may have missed in the many other considerations…It was one f left off his list of things that would not be useful in JK’s Q&A…It was very useful to me…

        Didn’t spot ya as a greenhorn, but this is a bronc of a different makin’ we’re trying to ride…Good luck to ya also… ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. samsmith…..

    I’ll just be glad when you *finally get out there and search. Then maybe you’ll have a different perspective yourself, …..AFTER that, …..partner. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • OH Suzie, Suzie…Ye of little faith…

      Can’t wait myself to make my trip to Wyoming in June…It will be my one and only shot at the chest I’ll wager…

      I’m not going in blinded either pard…I have no perspective at all really, only confidence…I know what I found hidden and I know where I’m going…That’s enough for me…

      Win or lose, Succeed or fail, no difference, if I end with nothing it’s the way I started…Meh, the worst that can happen is I spend some money and have a little vacation in the Rockies…The best that can happen?…It’s all over!…

      Wish me luck, pard?… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • As for me, I think maybe I’ll just head on over to Mama Underwood’s and get me the dinner special…… feeds four….. sausage links, brisket and some of that good ol’ chicken. And don’t forget the two sides and those warm rolls!! …..maybe locolobo can meet me there? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LOL…You can eat that much?…Mama Underwoods?…I’ll keep it in mind if I pass your way this summer…A trip to SF may be on the agenda ya know?…LOL… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • No, I can’t eat that much. Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ But with family and friends, …..why not? ๐Ÿ™‚ It was more of an insider for loco, but he must be out watching the prairie dogs. I stopped by there one time on my way through Brownwood(no poem puns!!), …..Texas, …..on my way to a cruise ship in Galveston……….

          • OHHH, so that’s what he does in his spare time away from the blogs…LOL…

            I ken this place must be in the Lone Star state?…And so is loco?… ๐Ÿ˜€

          • LOL!! Ain’t no prairie dogs hereabouts, gotta go West to watch them critters!!

            Underwood’s huh?? It’s good, but there’s better…. Next time you take a cruise, let me know and I’ll treat!! ๐Ÿ™‚

            Oh yeah, and maybe I can tickle your “funny” bone some more!! ๐Ÿ™‚


          • There he is. ๐Ÿ™‚ Heard me talking about BBQ……..

            You got it loco!! I figured you would know an even better place. See you on the flip side my friend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Underwoods in Brownwood, Texas, a tad NW of Temple. But if you did not get the BBQ beefsteak, you missed the best. Too bad the ones in Waco and Odessa closed. I have been thinking of Underwood as a clue though.

        • samsmith, if you paid attention more you might find that dang chest. For a long time my picture was Texas flag.(had to take it down…for some reason folks got peeved just looking at that Great Flag ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ !!)

          suzieQ and lonestar are partially correct. The best thing @ Underwood’s is that peach cobbler. I can make a meal on it……dang, I gotta go get some now!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          LOL!! Good Luck to All!!

          oh, to keep from getting growled at for chit-chat….lonestar, I think it really is “in the wood”!!

      • suzie if we ever make it back to Nm and you are still in aug love to met you if we could.

          • when i sent my note about meeting you i didn’t know you were in texas or am i making a mistake. who else is texas?

          • LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚
            wildbirder, let me see if I can unravel that for you.

            I am a Texas boy….SuzieQ, that little darlin’, is from ABQ, NM. ๐Ÿ™‚

            really enjoy your posts about the Chase…..Good Luck to Ya!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


          • thank you i am a very curios person. i have not been on the site as long and trying to go back and find all of this is a headache

          • inthechaseto i wouldnt take it personely he is being hounded by all kinds of people and some are not very nice i suspect. it hard to answer all the mail he gets.

  43. All,
    I’ve read some of the comments on this latest version of The Nine Clues; I can say that I enjoy reading comments from those who feel comfortable sharing their interpretations of the clues and hints; I can also understand those who would rather not share much at this time.
    Remember that while only one can find “Indulgence”, everyone can find Contentment.
    “Have flashlight, will travel.”

    • Geoff, What state do you think Indulgence is in? That is if you’re willing to say… Don’cha think finding Indulgence would bring Contentment too?

      • wiseone if one believes they will find contentment upon finding TC they will be very disappointed when they find it. Contentment should be found within oneโ€™s self and not from the outside. I think anyone who finds the TC will need to be prepared for the down side of finding it.

        • No offense wild, but only broke people say that. Solving problems is a lot easier with money. (I’ve been to church almost every week of my life and peace and contentment come from a moral foundation) imo

          • i agree with you and you said it better than i did. i worried about people who think winning something like the lottery will fix their lives. i use to be very lonely and thought if i could only find someone i would be happy. i finally realized i had to find happiness within and then i found my Hubby. not everyday is a picnic but i am happy now.

        • wildbird, I agree. I know money can’t buy happiness. Not that I’ve ever had a lot of money to see for myself, but… I like the word “Contentment” and what it represents. It feels Good. Just think of all the stories we’ve read about people winning the lottery and how it changed their lives… Many for the worse.

          • I’d like to also add that finding “Contentment” within ourselves could also be solving forrest’s poem… I know that would make me feel Very Content… And Wise.

  44. I had a dream I was on Gardiner’s Island looking for Captain Kidd’s treasure, but suddenly I was jarred awake and I don’t remember if I found it or not……….

    • I had a dream where I found the chest. It was right where my solve had it hidden. I did not even open it or unwrap it (in my dream it was wrapped in something to protect it). I just put it in my car and drove off. Maybe a premonition?

    • I reckon so, Mindy. When my wallet is in my back pocket it’s typically warm, but that don’t mean there’s anything in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. ๐Ÿ™‚ clever JC

    I made a mistake saying I have been searching 3 years it sure feels like it
    But it’s been 2 years ๐Ÿ™‚

    • clever JC i know how you feel. we thought we had searched four yrs then got checking on our paperwork and realized it been only 2.4. it has taken up a lot of our time but its been fun.

    • Hello, Amy and Wildbirder. I could say I’ve been searching for 3 years…using Fennspeak. ๐Ÿ™‚ 2013…2014…2015. In fact, I could say I’ve been searching since the beginning because I started the search back in the beginning. I’m thinking it was 2011 when I heard about/saw the story online. I saw it on a treasure hunting/metal detecting forum. And here we all are still…wondering what Forrest is talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚ Somebody ought to make a meme with the child actor Gary Coleman…you know “Diff’rent Strokes” (no wood jokes please ๐Ÿ™‚ )…saying his classic line:

      Except Gary/Arnold is saying “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Forrest?”

      I should email him and see if he’ll confirm my latest solve. Wish me luck!

      • JC1117 i tried that and i didn’t get a response. he responded to my other emails that had nothing to do with clues. i think if he answered solve questions he would be accused of helping some and not others. i think he wants a clean find. i am bummed he didn’t answer but i get why he didnt. he has received some pretty ugly and disturbing emails i am sure. there are days i think finding the TC could be a curse and have a plan for after we find it. check out some of the people who won lotteries and sweepstakes.

      • re: emailing –

        I would wait awhile – today I e-mailed FF and for the very first time – got a cryptic answer. I don’t know – it’s like he didn’t know me and he did not sign it as usual. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been here – I deserve better than that.

        Highly unusual.

        • IMO, He doesn’t answer emails about anyone’s research/clues, etc. Do you think it could possibly be a helpful cryptic hint and you just can’t understand it? Analyze it a bit more… I came up with one from an email answer I got from him a year or so ago. I translated it from different languages and came up with something. Didn’t make much sense at the time, but then one of his SB’s showed up and it could have had something to do with that. I would not dismiss anything he says.

  46. Wild bird

    I live in Texas as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    Everything is BIG here lol ha ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jd

      Absolutely I think it would be interesting to be Forrest ๐Ÿ™‚ the solves that he hears I bet are funny I bet he’s thinking, “what and how in the world did u come up with that” lol ha ha

      I can only Imagine ๐Ÿ™‚
      How fun

      • When I went to the book signing he had on Tftw there was a lady there she was explaining her solve or adventure to him, I was across the room and could only hear bits and pieces but one thing I did hear is that she felt like a mountain lion was following her.

        • That’s why we both carry pitolas! ๐Ÿ™‚
          Thinking I might talk him into next week!
          I truly have cabin fever!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • i said before he has all kinds of people out there looking for the TC and some of them belong in the nuthatch. who ever finds this TC will soon find out about them.
          it will be how you stole their idea, you follow them, spied on them and now they want their fair share and how you dont deserve it.

          i dont know what the % of people out there who are looking for TC and those that have mental health issue but they are out there. i am concerned about them being out there but i don’t lose sleep over them and hope we don’t run into any.

          • lol .. funny wildbirder
            you will also see A LOT of people saying “I was right there”, and “that’s my solve” I didn’t want to say anything, or I couldn’t afford to go. You better have the pics and emails to prove it. Judging by the solves already published, you may be right on the mental health issue

          • I know….Right? Someone posts their Solve all over the Blogs…..and than when you go to that state, they accuse U of going to their place……Ha Ha….I have my own great solve….but its a secret. No where near their’s. Ha Ha, many are driven to madness! But not me…..LOL

            Lou Lee Secret Bear

          • When I finish searching my spot, I’ll post it and be glad for someone to go look for themselves. If I don’t find it and they do, they deserve it. Until I look, just keep away from MY spot, please.

  47. Yes! Congratulations to JC and to Kaden. Awesome entries! The Dove is Beautiful!

    Lou Lee

  48. Congratulations to JC and Kaden,Your entries were Beautiful works of Art and deserved to win.!

  49. My heart of hearts tells me that the person who finds the Chest will be, undoubtedly, the right person, in every regard. That person will know exactly what to do… just sayin’. Congrats to the contest winners!!!

        • Lou Lee,
          I liked your Easter Roes entry , it reminded me of a mountain and water, amazing you have been raising and drying them for 20 years.
          My knock out roses here in Arkansas bloom for months.
          Have you ever posted the whole story of your chased by bears in yellowstone. I have only caught a few sentences of you in the car and bear tearing up your tent.Must have been scary.


  50. Has anyone else found the secret message in the poem using a 9 letter word? It’s clear as day. Off limits for a while yet.

      • Don’t want to give too much away. Still can’t get there for a few months. No one can. DOn’t want to say which key unlocks it. Took a few months of watching someone who talked about no water related to it. No water anywhere near it.

        • Without giving too much away are you saying you can’t get there for a few months or none of us can get to the chest for a few more months. I give you t(it)tle

          Icebox ๐Ÿ™‚

        • peacemaker, no IMO included in your statement? What about f saying the treasure chest is wet? How do you explain that?

          • Why do I have to say IMO? I asked if anyone found the secret message in the poem. I didn’t say that I found the chest or know it is there. It’s wet because it’s been rained on. I think he could have said that so people think it’s in water.
            If it’s there. None can reach yet.

        • Atta boy peacemaker1…But you’re just getting started…More to come…Catch me quick if you can…

          Best keep it low key for now though…Good luck with it…

          See ya later on the trail maybe?… ๐Ÿ˜€

        • I think you’re beginning to understand peacemaker1…But watch how much you say…

          “Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i was reading a book last night and i think i stumble on to someone solve. i agree be care about what you say.

        • peacemaker1 – did you find any hints in TTOTC that helped with the clues in the poem?

          • You only need the poem for what I found. The only hint I can think of was in the Olga story with my find. My warm waters is in that one. There’s nothing about the place in the book. In school he does something that’s important to my find. Dont want upset people so I’ll leave it at that.

          • could just tell us which state. the states are very big. or its in one of these two

      • i have got a clue as to what you guys are talking about and why cant you go till later

        • that should have read i haven’t a clue as to what you guys are talking about and why can’t you go till later

          • Bird this particular group of searcher believe snow to be a factor in recovery. Peacemaker1 is trying to be all secretive by saying a few months without listing reasons.

    • You’ve set the bar really high on this statement. If there is only one word for this secret then it would be treasures a 9 letter word but if you are not then hand me your magic solution combination words ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess you must be referring to snow as the reason for not going to wherever it is you refer.

  51. Guys and Gals,

    I went out within 2 weeks ago to my spot, and came back empty handed. In a state of dissapointment, I chose to post my solution on the 24th, this Friday. I honestly wanted to. But within the next 4 days after that announcement, things have changed that I was not expecting. For one, I received a reply from Forrest within the last 10 days. Also, many people have requested on Dal’s site that I do not post until after their trips in June…that for some reason it may give others an advantage. Over a half-dozen emails as well have gone to Stephanie at Chase Chat dot com, with the same message. In addition to that, a publisher is entertaining the important possibility of me writing a book about my experience (they have heard it and were literally shocked).
    I must say to those worried about my solution… I COULD NOT FIND IT. There should be no fear in my revelation due to that fact. But I’ve thought long and hard. I do not want to take away any excitement and anticipation from any searcher. Because of that, I have chosen a compromise. I am going to wait until July 4th, 2015 to reveal my version of the Thrill of the Chase. Honestly, I don’t think this build up is worth it, but I want to do whats right. Someone told me to wait, and think about it some more. In the end, I don’t believe it would hurt any.
    So! July 4th! Independence Day it is. Till then please have fun enjoy the Chase and don’t worry about my version of the poem. Until that time … ” WAIT IN SERENITY, WISDOM, INTENT. ” Now that’s something to think about ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    • thank you will. i will not be able to go until aug because hubby has to cover people’s vacations. i worry that if someone has searched where i am going and we go find it it will be a case of you didn’t do your work some else did.
      but i have done all of this work and i think we will find it . all that said until BOG and we find TC its all words. we know everyone has worked hard on their solves and it is hard when you don’t find TC but that doesnt mean you are wrong until the TC is found in a different place. i guess i know my solve to stay clean of other peoples solve so far it is.

    • Iron
      Great that’s my anniversary July 4 there’s always fireworks ๐Ÿ™‚

      Proud u are keeping your solve ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ours is July 2nd. That way we usually get a holiday weekend for our anniversary and if we have friends over for the 4th, it does not seem odd with being our anniversary.

    • Iron,

      You disappoint your own name. I even stuck up for your Iron “Will” when other detractors were indicating just this would happen. Iron just ain’t what it used to be. Not you personally because you will always be the same if experience serves me well, just the handle “Iron” has been reduced to “tin” stature.

      Call me naive (sucker once again) I guess, but some of the other folks had it spot on, glad there was no money on the table.

      IMO of course and actually no hard feelings TinWilly. Good luck

      • Sounds like you were hoping for some help. It’s in the poem. He don’t have it, so no help there.

        • Peacemaker1,

          I was not looking for help, just integrity. I really thought Willy would come through on his word.

          And regarding helping others, I am willing to help anybody if I am able. But it has become difficult to do anything since some say shhhhh or wait and try to create silence… on a blog? Some say “I would tell you but I don’t want to upset some folks? ” Why are we here?

          argggghhh, BUGging out for a break till my cynical phase has past.

          All my bad and my frustrations… I should be stronger than this. On another not I believe I have a BOG first coming up real soon.

    • Will,

      Are you saying that Forrest told you to wait and think about it some more?

      Every time I look at Chase Chat, it seems to be ‘closed’, do you know what’s up with that?

      • Im not saying anymore concerning that.

        About Chase Chat….. its up… if it takes you to Hypermart, then you just go to your internet options and clear cache/cookies. then restart browser and it should work.

    • I’m curious – did Forrest tell you to wait or to continue working on your solution?

    • Will you say,
      For one you received an e-mail from Forrest within the last 10 day. Not buying it!
      For one, you made us believe on April 18th (that’s within three days of this post of yours) that you are a man of his word, it turns out you’re not.

      Everybody else… TinWilly wasn’t even searching in the right state. How do I know this?
      His “solve” doesn’t pass the smell test ๐Ÿ™‚
      I mean both literally and figuratively, as he cannot smell piรฑon nutsโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I have now postponed my search until after your July 4th post. Why waste the time, effort, and money if you are right.

      Scott W

  52. “If a person will ‘think’ they can find the chest, …..but the secret is to think.” f

    T H I N K ?? ………. SECRET……….

    Well, we’ve all done a lot that, now, …..haven’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sooooooooo, …..What are we missing? How much more THINKING do we need to do? Thousands of people always thinking for almost 5yrs now and still no chest……..

    What have ~ SOME figured out when they got the first two clues correct, …..but then ~ went right on past the rest or missed the rest, whether that be physically or on paper and then, …..perhaps never to return?

    What happened?


    T H I N K…….. THE SECRET…….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “…to think” = tooth in K
      “…and now I’m weak” = wee “K”
      “…secret where” = secret wearer
      Title = ———-

      These all lead to the same location ….

  53. not worried any more about my solve. you guys are no where near my slove yippeee good luck on your search

    • This ” logical sword” of yours has two cutting edges ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think I’d want somebody near to my place. In particular, the person that was within 100ft ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • is it legal to use metal detectors in parks? i don’t have clue how to use one. things like that don’t like me. give me a power tool and i do great but electronics and computers dislike me.

      • wild, i found out about forrest’s treasure in an article telling that it is illegal to use metal detectors or to dig in national parks, national forrests may have different rules.

        • thanks sir. i dont think we will need one and i really don’t think it nice to use one. I am not knocking anyone who does i just don’t think you really need one

          • I don’t think that it is buried but so you shouldn’t need one.. I wish that I had one and could use it to save some time and back bending. LOL

          • My vote is it simply behind a tree, when you read TTOTC that always seems to be mentioned that behind a tree is where Forrest always felt most comfortable so why not leave it there. This would fall in line with the 12 foot statement he has made IMO

          • we think you may be on to something. if the TC is hidden behind a tree it would hide it from the casual eye and keep it from being found from accident. which he said wouldn’t happen.

          • I’m thinking it’s inside a tree stump. There are hints that lead one to think that it may be buried under a boulder or something to that effect, but I just don’t see that as viable any more.
            Reason being the move with confidence thing. If you’re one for the numbers, and you have your coordinates, the difference in just 1 second gives you a 80’x100′ search box. that still is a pretty big area, not really in line with going in confidence, if it’s buried.It doesn’t look like the coordinates set out in the poem go by just the decimal places, which would be more precise. degrees,minutes,seconds most likely. That leaves the box area to search.
            If you are going to be moving with confidence, it’s most likely you can see the spot and know exactly where to go, before putting boots on the ground. If that is the case, then probibly no need for a metal detector.
            It;s very likely that a word that is key is “middle”. If you’re thinking along those lines, the middle of a tree stump would be an excellent spot. What you would need would be a flashlight and a switch( sandwich= “s” and “w” ich=swich or switch). I’m no fly fisherman, but a switch rod is roughly 11′-12′ long. You would need something to hook up to pull the chest out and a switch would be a good idea. With all the references to switching or switches and fly fishing, it leaves you with at least a thought that one may be needed. Best to be prepared.

          • i am sorry i didnt mean to say not nice. i was trying for not necessary. i don’t have a clues how nice got in there. some very important fines have been made with them.

          • Not Obsessed,
            You’re prob right. I am by no means an expert. All I know is it hurt. As I was about to yank backwards, my bud grabbed my hand and said “NO!” That’s how I got my lesson in what NOT to do if a snake hangs on.

  54. This may have been discussed here before but, IMO, I think that Forrest intentionally crafted his poem so that there are multiple solves that make complete sense pointing to real world places. My first search made complete sense after hours of research, after scanning and locating the solve on google earth, and after thoroughly searching the area on two different trips. We were only missing one key to the solve and I’m not talking about the “blaze”. IMO there is one key to solving this thing that must work in harmony with the 9 clues. Of course i could be and probably am completely wrong, but just in case I’m not ill keep that one “key” confidential.

    • Jonny I think you are very right.
      Everyone is searching in a large area of four states that could fit these clues. I donโ€™t think Fenn thought there might be other places that might loosely fit the clues. I know of one or two solve that might fits the clues that donโ€™t affect our solve.
      In our solve we made sure we could match all nine clues and the many hints in book and poem. We think we have it but until BOG we will not know. We know we could be very wrong.

    • thank you headup i am knowledgeable about snakes but we forgot about them being early bird. and thanks for the nightmare.

        • the thought of snakes doesn’t bug me. its seeing their FANGS and them striking at stuff that freak me out. we have little garter snakes in yard. i like snakes and have handle them.

          • IF you are bitten, do not pull the head backwards if the snake is still attached. Firmly grasp directly behind the head and slide the head forward from tail to nose and the fangs will release. Been there done that…had a red tail boa in college.

          • i love your little picture. i think you are sending a message with MINE! MINE! MINE! thank you for snake fang info. maybe we will get lucky that our area will be chilly but no snow by the time we get there

          • pl128, thanks for the information about fangs and removing a gripping snake. Was it the red tail that bit that you were talking about? I’m far from an expert, but from my scouting days, don’t venomous snake usually strike leaving a pair of holes(or single in some cases), and not a holding bite? Most non- venomous snakes will bite and hold on, their bites usually leave teeth marks that someone said looks like a toddlers bite. Anyone correct me if I am wrong.
            Could help from panicking if you know it wasn’t poisonous.

        • thx wildbird, great movie. if you only knew how many times i had jumped up and down and thought “mine, mine, mine” only to come up empty handed….you’d laugh your head off. I hope this time I’m right, but then doesn’t every searcher think and hope that? Best of luck and poke with a stick before you reach with the hand.

          • i have a very good walking stick. i hope there will be no snakes on our path.
            we meet a water moccasin at Hagerman Wildlife refuge on lake Texoma it was it the middle of a busy road. we tried to get it to move off road. we ended up wait thirty minutes for a game guy to come move it off the road. it did not like being moved. for a small snake it had a long strike zone more than we thought it could. keep that in mind the younger the snake the less shy it is and it may look short but can shoot out quite far.

    • The fear of snakes is understandable but its good not to overstate the threat they pose. Common sense goes a long way in dealing with any potential threat and I hope people aren’t dissuaded from hiking, searching, or venturing into the woods by being overlyconcerned about snakes.. 54 people are killed every year from being hit by lightening and 162,000 die of lung cancer compared with about 5 who die from snake bites. About 7-8 thousand people are bit each year by a venomous snake of all kinds and about 72% of those bit are young, drunk, men whose common sense had gone awol. Frankly, I think texting drivers is a much bigger concern than snakes ever will be. Being in the woods and driving on the road require that we “pay attention” if we want to do it safely but no need to do either with constant fear and white knuckles.

      • I’m not meaning to overstate the threat. Just to be prepared and keep an eye on kids(and adults) who sometimes might put their hands in dark places without thinking.

        • i dont think you over did snake warning. we need to be aware of them and give them space. i get worried about the kind of people who KILL any snake they see. unless someone or pet is in danger just leave them be and please don’t kill them. snakes have a very important role to play in nature and unmove a lot of rats and mice.

          we do thank you about the sunning snakes we had plan to go early in morning to search and had forgotten about the sun loving little beast.

  55. Mindy

    And here’s your “Sign” Austin.
    Stupidity is the correct word
    That’s great that he is getting better ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the reminder about snakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. after telling hubby what i posted he said it was not appropriate and un lady like in a blog. so i am sorry to everyone and to you sir. i did mean it to be funny but every now and then jokes fall flat. there is no known way for science now or in the future to measure how bad the joke was. good luck in your hunt

  57. To all who may be interested. I’m known as Plato ll on Stephanie’s site and Ritt here. I have enjoyed being a part of this magnificent treasure hunt and I appreciate and enjoy both of these blogs. Thank you, Stephanie and Dal. I would like to thank Forrest and his wife Peggy most of all, for they have given all. My book is finished. I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

    Itโ€™s now on
    Coming soon on-Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

    A Treasure More Than Gold
    How I found the solution to Forrest Fennโ€™s poem
    By: Ritt Jordan

    This book was written for all serious Fenn treasure searchers out there who have been searching to find โ€œWhere warm waters halt, the home of Brown, the Blaze, and of course the bronze treasure chest.โ€ Even if you are not a serious treasure hunter you will enjoy this book of inspiration, and a look into โ€œA Treasure More Than Gold.โ€ Youโ€™ll be stunned and amazed at the complete solution to the poem and the nine clues. It offers a comprehensive new look into the thrill of the chaseโ€, the treasure hunt, and the puzzle. I tell all, the word that is โ€œKeyโ€, the โ€œKeywordโ€, and I explain how I found them.

    You may buy this book now at the following URL
    Itโ€™s a bit pricey on this site when you include shipping cost, but it is available now on the Outskirts Press site. If you can wait about 3 to 4 weeks it will be out on Amazon and B&N and should be on sale. Even if you donโ€™t plan to purchase it – just go take a look see.
    This book has earned a 5 Star review โ€“ from Readersโ€™ Favorite Book Review

    I would enjoy reading your responses to my book, positive or negative, thanks for your consideration.

    Ritt Jordan / Plato ll ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  58. WOW! What a Day… Been reading over @ Jenny’s about f’s Question/Answer post most of the day, then back here, plus looking things up… I’m word weary!
    Where are we? I haven’t seen anything mentioned over here about the “Capitalization issue”… “Whose Rulesยฟ” Did I miss it, or is it not allowed to be discussed here?
    Personally, I think f’s Question/Answer was Perfect… I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks f.

    • Wiseone, weโ€™ve discussed the Capitalization question many times. They seem to have gone to the topic of โ€œcan the poem be solvedโ€ which weโ€™ve also covered many times. It looks like Jenny has her hands full keeping folks on topic from the number of comments with โ€œedited by moderatorโ€ in them. I feel your pain Jenny. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Seems to be catchy, this non-topic virus. I’ve learned more about folks personal problems…whine and chez parties…songs from every era…recipes…the weather in every other state… stories of this, that and the other thing…

        What is really sad, is when a topic does get some attention and conversations of that topic. It gets inundated by others with the same BS, burying those on topic discussion.

        With that said, My thoughts on the Capital letters including Brown… those at the beginning of each line were place there for a reason and not so much a poetic script. It’s more than possible that those capitalization are a clue or part of a clue. I personally find it hard to believe that fenn would willy nilly place them for no reason or to confuse. The time spent and importance of the poem to Fenn, would indicate they are to be interpreted just like the rest of the poem.

        My Idea is they maybe are used with another part of the poem. when combine properly… the result is a single clue. But then again that is the way I see the entire poem. Many hints…that result in a clue.

        Just a thought, For Further Discussions…but not holding my breath.

        • I agree seeker, since you mentioned that awhile back i’ve been checking that out. I think I mentioned, when I get my 9 lines, I take the letter values of each starting letter and get 36 or 9. Taking the total words of those lines I get 63 or 9. Mirrored.
          To me that just tells me there is something there. Just haven’t figured it out yet. So yes, everything you’ve said I totally agree with. IMO, taking that road to a poem solve will result in “X”.

          • Interesting numbers charlie…
            Mirrored… Hmmm.
            It’s the reflection that I’m having difficulty with. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        • Seeker, Iโ€™m putting more effort into keeping folks on topic and deleting off topic discussion. It seems some are determined to distract from the discussion.

          As you know we disagree on some things but I find your opinions to be interesting, well presented and thought out. And you may be correct; all any of us have is conjecture to go on. Attempting to decipher what a marketing genius is saying.

          I do agree with you on one thing; everything in the poem is thoroughly thought out by Fenn and purposely put there.

          • Goofy,

            You keep a tight ship! Its a tough Job, but someone has to do it! lol
            Someone has to keep me in line, right?
            Forrest is a man of integrity.
            I think that is why this blog is the best on the Chase! your hard but sometimes harsh words, pays off for everyone trying to keep on track with the hunt.
            Lots of great information here. You and Dal and of course Forrest are the best!
            Not perfect but neither am I….:)
            Thanks for all you do….Everyone!

            Keep in Real, Lou Lee Bug

        • Seeker, after reading Forrest’s answer about capitalization on Jenny’s site, I’m thinking that he really can’t answer that question as it would end up being too big of a hint. If he said “yes” (that he followed the commonly agreed upon rules of capitalization) it would mean that Brown is probably a name of a person. If he said “no” than more than likely that would mean that Brown was not a person’s name. So instead he says “Whose rules?” He has shown in TTOTC and in interviews that he likes to make up his own rules. I think he likes to keep us guessing. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • His poem… his rules… don’t mess with “his poem” IMHO of course ๐Ÿ™‚

          • You may be correct on that point CJinCA although the question that was asked was a bit more imprecise than your paraphrase. The question did not ask about “commonly agreed upon rules” but instead just asked “have the rules of capitalization been properly followed?” I think ff’s answer makes a lot of sense in response to the question asked. Capitalizing the word “Brown” clearly made sense in Forrest Fenn’s rule book no matter what it refers to. (ending sentences with a preposition is a-ok in my rule book!)

            In my opinion, “Brown” refers to Brown Trout. Mainstream grammar police would probably not capitalize it, however it is frequently capitalized in mainstream books, articles, governmental regulations, etc., all of whom have editors who seemed to think it was ok. Who knows, maybe the first brown trout was named not due to its color but named by a fella named Brown.

          • Raven, mostly I have not seen brown trout capitalized or cutthroat or rainbow unless they began a sentence, and I do believe they are called brown trout for their color compared to the other trout species. I think Forrest would probably not have answered the question at all if it had been asked the way I paraphrased it. Either that or he would say something like “CJ, your wording of the question prompts me to pause and wonder if I can answer it candidly, yet correctly. Were all the evidence truly known, and I answered in the positive, you might say I was prevaricating, by some definitions of the word. And if I answered in the negative, you may claim that I was quibbling. So I will stay quiet on that subject” ๐Ÿ™‚

          • CJ:
            Here’s an example where “Brown trout” is capitalized many times within the body of an article.


            I’ve seen similar usage in other kinds of sources. I don’t think there is a dispositive answer to why they are called brown trout. It may be a mispronunciation from when they were brought over from Germany. I believe they were called “von Behr” trout over there or “Behr trout” with Behr being a proper name. Maybe its all just fun but not so useful info. Maybe we will be lucky enough to one day find out some if not all of the answers.

          • In the article they capitalized the word “trout” too which most articles do not. and did you notice in their synonym section at the top they listed “German brown trout”? ๐Ÿ™‚ Point being the name brown trout is sometimes capitalized and many times not capitalized. No matter how you want to write it, how do we know what Forrest was thinking when he wrote “home of Brown”? Could be trout, bear, bat, beaver, Mr. Brown or ?. We all have to make up our own minds what it and all the other clues mean to us as we try to follow the clues precisely. Good luck with your solve Raven! When will you be searching?

          • CJ:
            We will be headed to Wyo/Montana later this summer to pick up Indulgence (my not so humble opinion of course). I’m recovering from eye surgery so an earlier trip is out of the question although I may head over to NM for some light “sight” seeing and just a little peek around later this spring. How about you?

          • Raven, we’ll be headed there this summer also – maybe we’ll see each other on the hunt! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Raven,
            In that article brown trout was in it non capitalized form as much as the capitalized form. The bottom half of article has almost all lower case brown trout. It makes we wonder if the poem was worded “home of brown” (lower case) I would more than likely lean towards trout. I am now very sceptical of trout as it almost seems old school thinking as far as solving this poem. Amazing how thing change over time. I lean more towards a definitive uppercase reasoning behind “Brown”.

  59. Hi Wise, I really Love what Forrest said! So Forrest. Whose Rules? Ha Ha he is so funny! What do you think he is saying? I think he is telling us that we should not read into what other people say about what He “Forrest” said. We should just listen to forrest and not other people. IMO….:)

    Lou Lee, Chased by Bears in Jellystone Park….

  60. What do I think he’s saying?… Who knows… He has always made his own rules. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We all know that. If he can bend or twist something to his liking, he will. Remember his “Rules” video under Forrest Speaks: SF interviews? I haven’t seen it in a while, but I may go watch it again. Plus, he always has been in his own world… Spelling words differently… Doing things differently… Just wanting to make things more interesting… And he certainly does! Bouncing off the curb…
    That’s what I love about f. Don’t you?

    • Yes, that is what I Just Love about Fenn! Not only is he smart, he is Handsome….Don’t you think?
      I respect him, because I can relate to him! I am not a man, but I try to think like him….I am learning everyday! Being different is what life to me is all about…Being honest, FUN, and enjoying life! ….but live and learn, Right….
      and don’t forget……humor is the best medicine! Sometimes you must go to the fringe… be funny!
      The Chase……A Dream, I spend way too much time on it!
      And be Kind……..If you are kind, I will leave Roses on your grave!

      Lou Lee bug

          • Oh Wise One….that was not meant to be about you. its my way of saying I like someone……just trying to be funny…on the fringe. Speaking of Roses, did you see my entry on Jennys blog….? Easter Rose…..I Love Roses and Skulls.
            and Forrest and the Chase…..

            Lou Lee Bug

  61. Let’s see a show of hands from all who actually BELIEVE that he ever really wanted it to be found by someone SEARCHING for it??

    • Yes we believe he wanted the TC to be found and if he was there with it he wanted his body found. however he didnt expect it to happen by accident.

      • Think. Would he really want to traumatize a child searcher finding a rotting corps. Of course not. He went there to DYE , not DIE. Riboflavin glows under a UV , “or WOODS LIGHT”. I think he is referring to marking the BLAZE.

    • There’s lots of people searching for it… And have been for years!
      Maybe he’s made it too difficult for the average bear… so to speak. He a brilliant man and to match wits with him is no easy task. IMO

    • Suzie, itโ€™s my opinion Fenn didnโ€™t intend for it to be found by us. This is why he put his autobiography in the chest; to fill in the blank spots he speaks of for a future archaeologist.

      He could of course change his mind and give enough hints (and hint of riches new and old) to enable one of us to find the chest. He covered all the bases. Which of course leads us to the question has he already done that and back to your original question of does he intend it to be found by us.

      Only one guy knows the answer to those questions; and perhaps he hasnโ€™t made the decision yetโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆBut then he said itโ€™s out of his hands now, so maybe he has made the decision. But then he could change his mindโ€ฆ.

      The paradox that is Fenn.

      • we think he has always intended TC to be found by someone who is looking for TC. part of him wants it found in his lifetime so he can see the show but part of him would like it to be later so it would stir everything back up again. part of the reason we gave up the Cimarron Canyon and Windsor trail is because they are too well traveled. we feel he picked an area very special to him and less traveled. he picked a place that a dead body would not be found for a while. if people have been within feet of chest and he was there dead he and chest would be found because of the smell of a corpse. he picked a place that is out of the way but not.

      • Yeah, if he hadn’t put his auto in the Jars and Bells I would probably have less belief in it, …..but he did also put it in the CHEST. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m sure he thought there was also a good chance that it might not be found.

        IMO, it’s only “out of his hands” in the sense that he’s not ever going back there. As far as anything else, he can do anything he wants to do otherwise, …..if he chooses to. But why? I mean, he’s probably enjoying all of this immensely and having fun living through us. He can keep it going as long as he wants to, …..or as long as he lasts. Then what? He probably doesn’t care one way or the other. He accomplished what he wanted to. And for someone like him, …..that’s his own personal thrill of the chase. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I agree with Goofy. I don’t think he intended it to be found by one of us this soon. But something seemed to change and he’s given out so many hints in the scrapbooks, vignettes, and questions and answers at Jenny’s site. But some of those hints have actually caused more confusion and discussion than help. Maybe it caused him to think it really is too hard. IMO without the Scrapbooks and Vignettes it would have been a lot longer until someone finds it. Because the hints in TTOTC are so vague they’re almost unrecognizable. It will be found by one of us this year. IMO and please don’t nuke me.

      • its out of his hands because he has done this and put it into motion. he can not go near it. i wouldn’t be surprised to find he has being followed by someone or more. when greed gets in someone head they will do a kinds of thing. i think he wishes it was over so his life would be calmer and part of him would love it to be found in future so he would be remember.

        • Even with his Memoir, the Poem, blogs, and all the info that can be rounded up on the internet, there’s still going to be so many unanswered questions if it is not found in his lifetime. He may not care and a lot of others may not care. But I think a lot of people want the opportunity for answers and it will all be lost if he is not here to set the record straight. No closure so to speak. Whether it is found now or in a thousand years I think Mr. Fenn has already made his mark, endeared himself to so many, and he will be remembered.

        • bird – who tole you he can not go near it how do we know Shilo hasn’t found it and not tol Forres c’mon i see able body youn lad that in his prime fly plane then of course I thin he has it how could he not i saw him speak highly intelligent knows aeroplane instrument panel etc I could not even hope to know those thing

          • IMO he can not just go check on it like he did before. he is HIGHLY recognizable now. i bet he can’t go food shopping with out people bugging him. think about how movie stars are mobbed and bugged by people and that don’t have the solution to where millions of dollars of TC is. i can read an airplane instrument panel and i have never flown a plane. all it is gages not too unlike what’s in a car

          • birdy than you smarter than i juts sayin tho never know who knows what an i thin fen know a lot granson too. you say millionS he never sayed that i here too muc presumpton on this blog an other

          • Hen, Shiloh doesn’t need the treasure. And I have a feeling he’s too busy to be searching. He’s got a strong work ethic, from what I can see, and I think his free time is probably spent on other interests.

            He’s an amazing guy in his own right. I know Forrest is proud of him. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I don’t think that he was planning on it being found in his lifetime. But let’s say if it is found, I wonder what he would like to have happen. Would he want the finder to let people know? Would he want the answers provided?

        This chase is really amazing in how it has gotten many people out in the outdoors and brought complete strangers together to share notes. Would he want it to end? I don’t think so. I don’t think I do. Even if it is found I think I would still want to find the answer to the poem on my own and believe others may feel the same. But how would we know if we ever solved it? Any ideas on how to keep it going?

        Maybe a bronze plaque or other item at the site that the finder could place there so only those who solve the problem finds it. Something that us searchers can still look for but would not be removed so others can continue looking to find. Thoughts?

      • You really mentioned some key words Goofy. You must have more insight than you are letting on.

    • Add me to the list of those who think he wants it found by a searcher. And, from all of the scrapbooks, interviews, book signings, posted emails, Q&As at Jenny’s, I also think he wants it solved before he goes to the big archeological dig site in the sky. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think at the start maybe not, but with it blowing up like it did, over the years, I believe he wants it found. Why all the scrapbooks if not? I’m with decall, yes this year and yes he wants it found.

    • To me the question has always been is would he want his family not knowing where he is, or that his body was subject to being eaten by animals and birds. I think he would have wanted it found quickly to be buried.

  62. I’m not so sure anymore. Ever since the comment at the end of the NM Tourism Video where he was asked if wanted the treasure found in his lifetime… He said “Part of me says yes and part of me says no”. It’s out of my hands now”. (Hope I quoted him correctly)

    • He could still hope it isn’t found for a thousand years, just now he hopes he lives that long to see it.

    • Just thought of something else…
      Remember he also said in the Tourism Video (paraphrasing here) “I have to tell you… There’s something I told you that I wish I had not”…
      Maybe this has something to do with the “yes & no” comment. What do you guys think?

      • i think doing the interview which looks like his statements could have been edited. he said you have asked me lots of question and i now wish i had answer not answered on of them. i dont think it made it into the final cut or it is the sentence about what you would see. animal etc.

        • Wildbird. Its really hard to tell, because you are right. Looks like editing. So on second thought. His expressions, Could not be in order…? Who Knows…..Apparently not me….I am a Idiot. LOL

          Lou Lee Bear

          • i don’t believe anyone on this site is an idiot. we are just up against a chess player and we don’t know how to play chess

      • Forrest had a look on his face, that said to me….he was really regretting something he said. Watch that video very very carefully. Its so interesting….At one point, I thought maybe he was trying to throw us off, maybe…? Its so strange….I am not sure what to think about it. Must watch some more….

      • I am no genius but I see problems in the way people ask Mr. F questions about where his treasure is.
        My favorite is the question about the clues existence when he was a child. Question: Did the same 9 clues exit when you were a kid ………..
        Fenn โ€œThe clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did.โ€
        In this answer you learn a lot about Mr. F. and his use of words and phrases that is the key to solving the TC hiding place.
        Notice he said the clues didn’t exist when he was a child of course they didn’t exist because he didn’t write them till he was an adult at 79 so he is telling the truth they did not exist! Itโ€™s a wasted question.
        He gives us nothing here but then he adds โ€œbut most of the places did.โ€ He tells us that in fact they did exist as places in his childhood.

        So the clues did exist in his childhood as places but not as words until they were written by him later.
        This is the best example of how he thinks and how his logic works.

        any question put to him should leave NO squiggle room.
        like the question about capitulation of letters.

        • Absolutely right. Every word is used precisely but can be used in multiple ways. Forrest says he makes up words if the meaning is obvious.
          The way I phrased the blaze to him was :
          Will the blaze glow when seen with a UV flashlight.? Direct question. I believe myself the “Blaze” , is the florescent type rock seen with a black light. Multiple colors, a “double rainbow” , set end to end would make a bulls eye. X marks the spot.

  63. i don’t think there are any special rules. rules are rules.
    are we creating more rules than he meant us to use?
    the poem is a masterpiece of the usage of words. do what he has said over and over. use the poem. keep it in order. dont change it. it is solvable.
    the only thing the persons who missed this before did wrong was not knowing or realize what the blaze was.
    everything you need to know is in the second and third stanza. the rest is to supportive.

    • wildbirder, You make it sound like it’s so easy. If it was easy it would have been solved by now. Don’t you think? IDK, maybe I’m just tired. Maybe we are ALL getting tired, forrest included.
      I’ll think about your advice and maybe it will become clearer tomorrow. Thanks.

      • i am not saying it is easy. i worked for two years on it. i just saying that is his advice and i had watched the poem get mangled till its unrecognizable. all i was trying to do is give a very clear example of his thinking, wordplay, and logic. if it was easy i would along with everyone would have it. i will say you do have to solve it in order or you end up chasing geese.

    • i think i stumble onto some peoples solve last night reading a book but i cant talk about it because it would give their ideas away and i am not sure who all is in on the area i read about. i cant just come out and say hey are you look here or i knew what this is. i wish you all luck

        • its tricky if you are part of the group searching there there is no concern about telling. i think you and mindy are there but i am not sure. how do i post it and not give info that could hurt your solve because everyone could see it.
          if you sent me confirmation of your solve but i am wrong i now have your info. i dont know if there is a way to share it. who know my idea could be all wet like the TC

          • Wild birds lol

            You are right we cannot say on here just keep it a secret ๐Ÿ™‚

            Honestly Forrest we do not like secrets ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

          • i would love to read a book famous Indian battles. i have a good collection of civil war books. one of the many things i learned about the civil war is the number of generals etc that were fighting indians in Texas before the Civil war like Lee who went back home to fight. most of the leaders fighting Indians in texas fought on the southern side. that book is call i believe “Jefferson Very Own.” history is fun to read about.

        • i am not trying to coy i have a real problem. i dont want to spill beans but i do think i figured out a secret

          • Very Cool Wildbirder!
            Drinks are on the House…..From Lou Lee! LOL…….or if you don’t drink….Freshly made Lemonade with mint from my garden.

            Lou Lee, Live and Laugh

          • Keep it a Secret Wildbird! ๐Ÿ™‚ Talk about everything except that Location! Don’t even hint.!

          • Wild bird

            ๐Ÿ™‚ History

            Sometimes I feel like “Humpty Dumpty” ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i have to say it gave me a start and we were like WOW. but i can only find a few of the poem pieces there. i think you may be on to something.
            if you could get heavy loads and the high water to work. i see the wwwh, canyon down, HOB, meek.
            i dont know about paddle part. if you have a low river to cross or a creek that part is done. the more words from poem you can working the more worried we would be, good luck it a great solve and it aint mine! YIPPEE!!
            well if our doesnt work out in fall we may come pay a visit if we can work out the little bumps next spring LOL

          • Wildbirdy sounds like you have a secret and you dont want to tell

            what i usually do is make a post explaining that im not giving away my found secret all the while choosing certain words, spacing and capitalization etc thats hinting at it

            i think f does that sometimes. like when he said he didnt want to answer the question about the blaze

          • i dont mean to be rude. i accidently stumble on to someone else solve. i don’t feel i have the right to to share the info that is up to the people who are using that idea. but being human i want them to know i figured it out.

          • Wildbird, as long as the book isn’t ancient, post away. And I’m not talking about the Bible.

            I haven’t even hinted where I think it is. It’s in one of a “few” spots. As long as you don’t say the how, I’m okay. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • if i understand your request you want me to tell you about someone elses solve without giving them a chance to go there first because your solve fell through. i am not conformable doing that. only reason i brought it up was to warn them if i saw it others might be able to see it too. i wanted them to know i got it. i am not worried about their solve because it has nothing to do with ours and i don’t think they are right. they deserve the chance to find out for themselves whether they are right or wrong.

          • Wildbird, if it’s my solve you think you’re posting, don’t worry about it. I have not posted anything close to the solve I’m barreling toward. ๐Ÿ™‚

            So, post away. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Wildbird, you sure know how to market!!!
            If it’s out there and you find it, then it’s out there for others to find! ๐Ÿ™‚
            Don’t think it’s mine…
            Wouldn’t matter, I’m still without tc…
            But, yeah, don’t think I showed but one card….

          • That is very thoughtful …. maybe they didn’t have any confidence in it that’s why they published it and you thought it was special.

          • they didn’t publish it. i picked up a few key words and when i was reading a book it jumped off the page at me. i do not have the right to tell where they are searching till they get a chance to look. if someone guessed my solve i would hope they would offer me the same courtesy. i would not have said anything except they needed a heads up and my ego wanted them to know.

    • I wish more of you were posting your ideas so i could go to sleep. i can’t tune out all the gear grinding . i can hear it all the way to texas.

      • Wilder bird

        I have 7 in my group right now. I hope the other two will come if so then I will have 9 ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope to have a nice little vacation and adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wild bird

        I have a feeling of what heavy loads and water high is. I only had to think of how my solve is related to that ๐Ÿ™‚

        It works for me ๐Ÿ™‚

          • thanks for believing me and i will keep it to myself. i didn’t want to go blabber it and even if you sent me an email i wouldnt tell the rest because i really don’t know if we are on same page. good luck

        • great are any of the nine online here and how are you dividing it. i cant imagine working on this with that many people

          • Wild bird

            Thank u for keeping anything u may know a secret. I appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

            Those 7-9 are family. I’m the only one working on the solve and it’s been 2 years day and night and lots of thinking and reading. I think I’m addicted to reading now ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wildbirder, I agree with you, do not post. If it’s not yours, don’t even mention or use. This whole thing is a game of wits with f. Not very satisfying to bask in somebody else’s smarts unless they knew or you helped, IMO.

        • thank you charlie. i shouldn’t had said anything. it doesn’t matter i figure it out and by accident at that. my ego got the better of me. but i just had to have someone confirm i had guessed right. i need to follow my own advice know what you know and it doesn’t matter if anyone else believes you.

  64. When I tell someone or anyone here where I live that I’m searching for a chest of gold and I have to explain how it came about, they just look at me, you ought to see how some react, I feel like that start ignoring me while I’m talking lol.
    I just don’t get it, maybe they don’t believe me, now I know how Forrest feels ๐Ÿ™‚

    If someone started talking to me about this adventure I would be all ears, I would ask all kinds of questions,

    Sometimes I feel like “Dumbo” I wonder if they are making fun of me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s all in Fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i know how you feel. hubby’s one of my better critics. i dont tell people what i am doing for that very reason. when we talked to our lawyer he thought we were play an april fools joke on him. my son thinks its a joke but does want me to share with him if i find it and if anything happens to us before we find TC its being written up in a will doc. that is how much we believe we have it. lawyer is on board to now. when we give him a vague list of what we found his chin dropped.

  65. I think he elephant in the room is when ff said “most of the places”.

    No matter what , that means ‘Not All of the places’.

    • how we reconciled that is some roads may not have been built but a trail did exist. some trails may not have been developed like a lot of the ski stuff only come popular after WWII i believe because just like drive either it was done much before or was done in europe. so many men learned to drive during the war that when they came home they want to put that skill to work. i would not get too hung up on that. i think all of it must there and the wording is meant to be honest not misleading

  66. The second elephant in the room, is that ff would not know as much about NM,or CO, if things where there or not when he was a kid….

    • same way i know i am 56 and i don’t live in either state but he has lived at least in NM. all he had to do is ask when something was built or developed. i think he has read a lot of history of the area past and near present. he also flew a lot and they use a lot of landmarks. he move to NM sometime in mid 70’s so about forty years.

  67. I know of at least 3 things that are Not roads that did NOT exist in WY and/or MT when ff was a child , and they all could be related to clues in the poem.
    When he said ‘most of’ he was talking about places the clues related too, IMO.

  68. He answered that question, IMO without thinking or without ever have ‘asked’ someone something, he answered as if he knew first hand most did exist, and some did not. also IMO thats what he wished he would have not said.

        • Nice to see everyone sharing info…..well, most of you anyway. Ya….band width……like blog 126 with the Barb wire. Transmission towers? = Heavy lodes (electricity) and (watt ers) high… CAN YA’ HEAR ME NOW?
          If you really want to know, BWWWH= The end of the power lines (New Mexico Electric) ENEMY LINES…”LIKE BEING SHOT DOWN BEHIND”
          When the lines run out, so does warm water.

          • ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Are you okay seattle? You appear a little stressed… Are you in some kind of hot water? How can I help you?

          • Stressed? Actually I am. Out of my Medical Marijuana. How do you expect me to deal with all this pressure?

        • Mindy, you’re right IMO. Bandwidth, that’s why I think Forrest does do that Warmwatershalt website. 3 or 4 changes back on that website, when the radio call letters were called out. Decypher of all that told alot. Has to be Forrest, or somebody that already knows. But believe it’s f.

    • Amy you got me in trouble with your ideas. its ok just when you find the TC be sure to buy me dinner. when will you get to go hunting? hope you have fun and be safe

      • Wild bird

        Lol I sure will ๐Ÿ™‚
        I leave June 5
        I will start my search on June 7 ๐Ÿ™‚

        And thank u it will be a nice adventure proud my family will be there ๐Ÿ™‚

        • could you email me at wildbirder ntex @ no spaces so i can sent you a note for you to confirm

    • Chris, what does the hen say? Don’t torture me by saying I have to watch it myself. I’m already reading like 10 books right now. Lol.

    • Love that movie and the books. Mother Goose too. Frank Baum is a great illustrator and super intruiguing person with all his pen names/possible alter-egos etc. too he really brings the rhymes to life in both. If you haven’t read it “mother goose in prose” and “the chest of oz” and “the mathematics of oz” are cool, but I still like all the rhymes/originals the best.

  69. ED- I feel the same way- why talk on a public forum and then refuse to talk. it seems like ultimately standing on soapboxes of ideas just makes some people left out- like some “in club” or something. Who knows. On a lighter note I’d like to bring up a topic I DO want to talk about. All this talk about sharing clues made me think about poker games and “Fairplay”…which I always found a funny town name because of how it’s right next to “Grab All” (the namesake of Tarryall) and the Ute Pass “You Pass”…anyhow, I remember a neat sign off of 285 where it goes over the creek commemorating the town and old ferrys and stuff that happened out there, but for the life of me can’t find my Zip drive or any books that discuss it. Do any of you guys that search out that way have a pic of those signs you could send me? Or maybe a specific Indian legend I also seem to have forgotten? Maybe a chief..or some joe what’s his name dude?…ugh. My memory blows….also are there any old trails or wagon roads near there? maybe associated with Bozeman or Santa Fe or wagons or something like that? I’m open to any comments or help with memory…

    • Jamie, are you talking where 285 is accompanied with a Dead End sign? If so, when you cross the creek, look at the irrigation pipe. It has a company logo (CONTINENTAL STEEL) that looks just like a POST MARK. IMO, “Post” means END. Like the post game show after a football game.. Don’t go further up stream, as “There will be no OAR up your creek.”
      Was that you in the red pick up truck? Peace.

      • Oh yeah- that’s right! I got so distracted when this song cut out on the Radio I forgot all about it. I must have went through a tunnel or something and didn’t know because I was so busy singing. The reception was so crazy…Lol

    • Jamie
      285 out of Santa fe, to 63 at pecos NM, at the end of 63 up in the pecos wilderness there is a little settlement called Geronimo..

    • Buckskin Joe is a old mining ghost town up by Fairplay that you may be talking about. I think he was also a person.

  70. Chris Yates…..can you tell me when and where he said he didn’t want to answer about the BLAZE? I presented the question to him in January, ” Would a searcher need a UV light to see the BLAZE”. Dal responded by saying Forrest wouldn’t answer that because it would be telling one person a clue. But I worded it to include all searchers. Did I miss him saying DIRECTLY that he wouldn’t answer that one? All I can say is I used a UV flashlight to look for the Blaze on my last trip to New Mexico in freezing February. Think intentionally misspelled words. KNOWLEGE, DOLLERS, COLUMBIA and BABE RUTH, “not BABY RUTH” ….Baseball players cheat with PINE TAR. The knots on the timbers seeped pine tar, and when viewed with a UV light, they glowed like a hundred eyes looking at you… the dark. Devastated, I e-mailed Forrest from Espanolia saying : “It’s all eyes”, ALL LIES !!!! But alas , I settled down and glanced through my copy of TTTC., while looking at the rusty chute coming out of my spot. Then I came to page 36. Forrest’s Shoot out with June. Of Course! A chute out. Which leads into 2 chutes= a parachute. So, that is why…..(SOuth Y is it )…I am wondering if he came out and directly said he didn’t want to answer about the Blaze. Oh, you seasoned searchers saying “Dumb ass, sounds like your looking in a structure”. My spot is abandoned and not structurally sound, it has lost its structural integrity, making it no longer considered a structure. Anyone who has passed up locations like this should think about that one. It is definitely Forrest using his words meticulously. .

    • Seattle, even though we are in different states, I like the way you are approaching solving the poem. It, to me, shows how there are other ways to solve. Because, to me, south Y is it.

      • This may have been one of the top ten best asked Question…imo
        The fact that fenn took the time to try and decide on an answer speaks volume itself. There may not be a yes or no simple answer to this question, being either in the poem of only at a search area.

        The most likely conclusion is that it may be both. The blaze is designed within the poem and may need to be finished or used on location.

        Could it be that ” If you’ve been wise and ‘found’ the blaze” fenn is speaking of found, as inside the poem and found, how to see it to be used in the field.

        If the poem truly means locate the blaze and you located the spot of the chest…would not ‘find’ be the word to use?
        “every word is deliberate” we have been told.

        Or another way of looking at it…the blaze is many objects designed to be one single object, that if followed precisely, will leads a searcher to a 10″ x 10″ spot.

        Bet hey, that would be too difficult and not straightforward enough……… Right?

        • A bunch of you are focused on the blaze and what Mr. F had to say on
          Well did anyone go lower on the same page to where he talks about the use of dictionary?
          It is very interesting and goes with what I have been trying to tell people about looking up every one in poem and using several dictionaries too make sure you have them ALL. Follow his directions and see if anyone gets his hint.

        • Seeker,

          “where there’s smoke, there is fire”

          If you follow the smoke, you will have “found” the blaze……. The “smoke” is within the Poem…..the blaze??? maybe, maybe not

          • Where there’s smoke,there’s fire-
            In case of fire, act fast! look down, and BREAK GLASS. Then pull on the white t- bar and the shower system should activate.

        • Some might say the word ‘blaze’ can be defined as the ‘start’ aka- once you’ve found the ‘beginning’ or ‘where to start’ IN THE POEM then quickly follow the directions as listed. ‘Nine clues’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘nine solutions’ nine clues could all be to one answer. Just a thought…

          • Jamie,

            That is actually a great thought. Nine parts [ or at least 7 ] to be designed by the reader and not so much followed but created by the poems instructions.

            First two clues puts one at a spot and the other seven to be used… Now what are the clues that get the searcher to that spot?

            Different thoughts have hit me on how to read this poem they way fenn intended. My original theory was the poem is layered with the use of all the meaning of each word [ or at least most of the meanings] and some, twisted a bit. Multiple Meanings with each giving a new layer to work in combination with each other.

            But a new thought has come up that this all could be a single spot and most of the poem describes what to do at this spot.

            But my last brain cell is tired and weak. So take what i say with a beer and a chaser.

          • For sure…or eight clues could just tell you where to begin. Like if it was the Vietnam memorial (I only say that because there’s talk about it) say there was 8 clues like “names “wall” “veterans” “memory” whatever….just 8 clues to one place- NOT stops on the way.) then the 9th clue is just to trust your instinct and go there and follow the poem naturally once you get there. The same way with number solves- say there were eight numbers and you went to those eight letters that correspond to them in the poem and they spelled a place. “Each piece is just as important to the whole” …as just “wall” or “memory” means nothing without the rest. Also it still goes in order- you still follow the directions in order, ppl solved the first two? Maybe they solved “wall” and “memory” and never got the next 5 to understand “Vietnam memorial”…explaining why they ‘skipped past’ the rest. Personally IMO find the blaze=find the beginning of the trail. The ‘blaze’ is a location- NOT to be searched, but from where to go to then follow the included simple directions from. Just an idea that works just as well to consider- no claims that it is correct…or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Seeker. The same day he didn’t answer that question , I had e-mailed him direct with my UV Flashlight theory to see the Blaze. “If UV been wise(owl) ……….It needs to be seen at night.. Your effort will be worth the CO-LED. It is entirely possible he was pondering both our questions at the same time, which is why he waited 15, then 30 minutes to respond. Only my opinion and ego talking though. What is the blaze? Florescent rocks that BLAZE a RAINBOW of colors under a Black Light. Further more, set end to end in a double rainbow, that would make a bulls eye…..less than 10′ x 10′.

      • Chris,

        I am having problems with these answers from him.
        He must receive a dozen questions a day, and yet he answers about 2-3 a month.

        Why is he even replying to Becky’s question?
        He could have just ignore it, like he probably does with the most.

        I wonder if he is trying to send us a message like “hey! I’ve picked this particular question for not answering”

        • Liviu, in my opinion if you solve some of the clues in the poem you will start recognizing hints in almost everything f says, not to mention the book

          this includes things like this “non answer” to the blaze question

          if that is the case then it means f likes to hint a lot. especially in typed/written responses

    • This statement here:

      Mr. Fenn, After reading the blogs and personal emails from hunters over the past three months, do you think anyone is any closer to discovering the location of the treasure? ~ Madeline

      No Madeline, I donโ€™t, but then I havenโ€™t read most of the blogs. Please donโ€™t be deterred by what might have been.f

      I searched my spot in the months of January, February and March….and Forrest knew about it i’m sure. So heres the thing I can’t completely say it rules out my spot because of his word choice. Let’s say I sent Forrest a picture and I was 25 feet from the treasure but I didn’t know it. Do you think he could say I wasn’t any closer to discovering it because I didn’t know it even though I was physically closer than ever??

      • I think it might be important to look at the question. The question asks if he “read” anything. If you sent him a picture, would that be covered by the question?

        • I know that post showed up just a few days ago but when did Madeline send it to Forrest and when did Forrest respond? No dates are indicated. Also if someone gave the correct solve but were not going till later, they would not be any closer (miles, feet, etc) than before. If I said I was go to Walmart, and was still in my house, am I any closer??? I think in FF mind the answer would be no. I think Forrest sees things in a little light than most of us. Just my opinion.

          Also the last comment about not being deterred, like maybe someone is, but he doesn’t want to say.

        • Mark, I think you are correct, if we want to understand the answer, then its important to understand the question first. And the question answered was ambiguous. Your example is a good one. The question also seems to exclude what folks have told him verbally. In addition, the word “closer” is vague–closer than what? What if a person was close before and went back to the same place but didn’t find it. Closer than other people? Closer than they have been before? Closer can also mean “more likely” in this context and not even refer to distances. Also, what if someone wrote him about a search they plan to do in the future–they could even have specifically identified the area where Indulgence is hiding but they aren’t necessarily ” any closer”. I really don’t think Forrest is going to give up meaningful info in response to these questions. Why make it any easier for us–in fact sometimes I think he would rather muddy the waters so we are better off staying focused on what we know is meaningful to finding the treasure and that is the poem, the books, and a map. Even all of the in depth research a lot of folks are doing is probably unnecessary even though its rewarding in its own right.

          • A bunch of you are focused on the blaze and what Mr. F had to say on
            Well did anyone go lower on the same page to where he talks about the use of dictionary?
            It is very interesting and goes with what I have been trying to tell people about looking up every one in poem and using several dictionaries too make sure you have them ALL. Follow his directions and see if anyone gets his hint.

          • IMO Fenn is saying he does know whether one has been closer because he hasn’t been follow ALL of the blogs. then he tells her not be deterred by what have been. i read this as don’t be deterred from searching because someone might have been closer because they didn’t find it. to him it doesn’t matter if someone was close because it don’t count except in horseshoes, hand grenades, and atomic bombs!

          • everyone did you know that GE if you click on the orange planeyt you can veis the stars, moon, mars as well as earth. starchart is way cool.

          • I think the important thing to remember is that Forrest has complete control with the questions. He chooses which ones to answer and he chooses how to answer them. My personal opinion is that he answers questions that he can craft the most amusing answer for that is not really an answer.

          • Mark-
            I agree…
            But I would put a slightly different spin on it..
            I would say he chooses to answer the questions he figures he can have the most fun with..
            This is about “fun” isn’t it??

          • Dal, I agree completely with your rephrasing. I do think he is having a lot of fun.

          • well we now are looking in two more places. i found something we missed and it fits the clues so i am losing more of my hair. i am not sure we have the right HOB. we have two HOB to work with but in our new space we only have one and thats all we need if we are right. why can i hear debris crashing rocks? when we came to search area in the fall we will only have time for two of the three.

          • @ Wild

            I’m honing in on a second HOB. I think there are two home of Brown’s this one has to do with a horse. This has me excited as the treasurer would be below the home of brown. He talks about brown gravy and bread that comes out of the oven brown.

          • Fenn mentions brown four times pg. 27 heavy brown color, pg 32 brown bag, pg 38 brown out of oven, and pg 48 brown gravy. he also uses the number 7 at lease twice if more.

          • Ed, I don’t think f likes the smell of brown gravy anymore… i.e.. from cleaning those gravy kettles when he was a kid.

  71. Anyone come across this quote yet from Teddy Roosevelt?
    “The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel.”

  72. in my opinion

    you can accept certain things in the poem for what they are (basic / straightforward / not complicated) and get to work on the puzzle part of it, which is difficult

    or you can make the straightforward things complicated, and turn what is difficult into the impossible

  73. With all that f has said has he clearified things or mudled the waters? Perhaps a little of both ๐Ÿ™‚ there is a Bible verse like about that…. For he that hath, to him shall be given: and
    he that hath not, from him shall be taken
    even that which he hath. Mark 4:25

  74. You can count the the numbers and do the math,
    But if you have the wrong formula,
    You have the wrong path.
    The poem is a set of directions, many layers deep. The numbers are important in precision, but mean nothing if you make the smallest error…the slightest bleep…
    Like that left turn at abequerque… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Someone at Amazon must like my book, it is already up on their site. I didn’t expect it to get there so quickly. Here is the URL: , or just go to Amazon site books and type in A Treasure More Than Gold.

    Even if you don’t plan on purchasing the book go there to see additional information.

    Ritt Jordan

  76. IMO there are many clues to follow correctly to find Forrest’s chest but who would guess that subtle hints exist in the Bible ??? check Deut, Joshua and Lamentations…..Up: too late ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. well this is crazy!!!! the place i thought was amy’s is NOT where i thought she was looking. i must had picked up a word from a posting as a clue then while reading a book this solved jumped out at me. i now have a new solve to check if Amy doesn’t beat me there. if we can figure out the high water / heavy loads we will go search there. sorry for the confusion.

    • Wildbirder….Ad / just heavy loads and water up. This is where you leave the car and walk…….bring water as there is none here on out.

    • It is definitely a less detailed map but it doesn’t change my solve.
      I use GE just like I would a road map.
      But unlike a flat map it gives me the boundaries for parks, lakes, counties etc that can be added or removed. I can add stick pins for reference points using colors for subsets then I can turn them off unlike ink marks on a map.
      I using it to see where landmarks are in relationship to the roads, each other, rivers etc it is very helpful for that. I can use the line marker to mark off how long trails are and measure just about any distance between two points. I can do this in a straight line or I can draw a curvy line. Once a point of reference is marked I can change the color to match my pin points so everything in the group set is colored coded and can be turn on or off leaving map less cluttered. I can use the line marker to drawn my own boundaries on GE. GE is just to enhance what I am looking for.

  78. In ttotc, Forrest says something like “Can we pour all our non-physical thoughts into one cohesive boiling pot and get something useful?” That might not be the exact quote, as I’m going by memory, but it’s close.

    That is what this is all about, IMO. Intellectual property and patents.

  79. It is my belief that yes, we need several dictionaries, and be open to new interpretations of words as well as the root. It is important to read and research as much as you can whenever the “direction” is given, if that makes sense. Forrest is teaching us, and if we are lazy students, why should we be rewarded?
    Yes, I believe there are several ways to read the poem, several definitions apply to each word in each dimension, if you will, and then there is the differences of humor, direction, etc. Let’s not forget the Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Editing, Punctuation, foundation, structure, etc. LOTS of ways to interpret this poem, and a lot of it has to do with how one thinks, and how much imagination one has. Forrest is beyond genius! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just my opinion.

  80. I am suprised no one on this thread has mentioned there was a blurb on the local New Mexico news, KOAT Action 7 News, about the Chase. I have not seen it myself, but I am told that there is going to be a feature with Forrest tonight at 10pm Mountain time. That’s what some say. Others say that the blurb said something along the lines of a series of treasure hunt (Chase related) stories starting on Monday night. I know this thread is about to start anew, but I will keep updating information as it becomes available. Happy hunting n good luck!

    • Thanks for the heads-up Slurbs. Dal usually lets us know when a new interview or audio/video etc is available but he may not be aware of this one. I’m never able to listen live so I hope you will be able to post a link to whatever will be presented.

  81. Oh Cool, Slurbs! Thank you for letting us know…I will try to watch online. But
    if I can’t , could someone record and post for us? That would be Awesome!

    Lou Lee Bear

    • Update… there will be a feature story/interview on KOAT Action 7 News at 10pm, Monday. It was a commercial/promo aired during the newscast. In the commercial, Forrest says, “They were searching for the treasure, but they didn’t know they were within two hundred feet.” The promo shows Forrest being interviewed.

      • Thanks Slurbs..
        Hopefully they will post that interview and we will grab it for the media page. But if you can record it too…that would be perfect!!

        There are some other media events coming up as well:
        The California Sunday Magazine folks are sending a photog to Forrest to get pics for a story they already wrote. Don’t know when the story will be published yet but they have a HUGE circulation..5 million or so..
        Mid May the CBS Sunday Magazine folks will be producing a TV story on Forrest and the chase for that award winning show…
        The Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown is also working on a show about Forrest although production dates are not firm yet…

        So..I guess we better get out and look before we need to make a reservation to walk along the Madison, the Chama or in Brown’s Canyon ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Dal,
          Can you tell me if Forrest is being paid for any or all of these interviews or just free gratis?
          I have often wondered for example, the NBC show Today, if the guests on this show are being paid to appear or just want to be on TV espousing or promoting their views.

          • sharpsburg-
            In answer to your first question, Forrest has not received any fee for appearing on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers or any other media where you may have seen a story. And I’ll take it one more step…He has also not paid anyone else to have those stories created..This is a juicy, current story and a lot of organizations want to tell it because viewers, readers, listeners will want to hear, see, read about it.

            The second part of your question is a bit more complex and requires a lot of OFF TOPIC explanation. But let me say that The Today Show does not pay guests because it is produced by the “News Department” at NBC. However, the NBC Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon does pay guests because it is produced by the “Entertainment Group” at NBC.
            Generally “news” does not pay and all others do. Reality shows pay. Some documentaries pay, some do not.

        • I’m sure all this publicity means a BUNCH more searchers for Forrest’s treasure so, you’re correct Dal, we all better get out there ASAP!

        • >>>So..I guess we better get out and look…

          What’s the point? It sounds like Ritt is claiming to have a complete solve, even wrote a book about his solution?

          • they didn’t find it its about their experiences hunting for it. hang in there till aug and keep looking for it because that is when we are going to find it. why aug hubby a newbie at work and we have to wait for the people taking vacation to return to work. good luck hunting and safe trip

          • Ritt is Plato II? and doesn’t she say the blaze is a large Pine Tree? That’s all I need to hear. The ff legacy will probably not hinge on a single pine.

      • I hope he has more to say than just the searchers were within 200 feet. It is an older statement in my collection that has already collected dust. Heck, he was saying searchers within several hundred feet back in 2012; so some fresh meat to chew on would be nice.

  82. Here’s something interesting being thrown into the discussion. I have no idea how to interpret it, but it’s too cool to keep quiet. If it’s been mentioned already than don’t mind me!

    Google directions from “Toledo, Ohio” to “SANDWICH, Illinois”. Number of miles? And what direction?

    • I was thinking DanS might have been on something…I mean on TO something with his Toledo, Ohio/Sandwich connection…until I looked it up on mapquest and noticed that the direct route…albeit west…is less than 300 miles. UNLESS a person takes the “scenic route” through Kalamazoo…which is certainly an option…and I certainly wouldn’t put it past Forrest. I still have my souvenir kazoo I bought at the world famous Llama Zoo in Kalamazoo. I got it when I was a kid…you can ask my cousin Kala. ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Mark lol
    My husband and I just discussed that noise last night ๐Ÿ™‚ the noise of Spring and summer . ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. omo – there’ll be no paddle up your creek – I think that line is saying – there’ll be no paddle or a creek just a thought

    • I also think and this omo – that sense a paddle is made of wood it could be saying also there’ll be no trees or a creek just my opinion

      • frank, the paddles I’ve seen now-a-days on float trips I’ve been on are made of fiberglass or some kind of plastic… I don’t float on creeks. Only rivers… with lots of trees along both sides.

        • I know there is something there its trying to say – maybe theres no creek farther up – I don’t know just a thought omo

          • padโ€ขdle1 verb 1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.

            No paddle – now reads no moving through water in a boat

    • There’ll be no paddle up your creek,

      If we take the simple explanation to the meaning of the line, it means… a difficult situation.
      This doesn’t mean a dangerous one, but a emotional or hard to understand, or even a situation most don’t like to think about…but is a reality to all.
      Can it be a physical reference to something… a seasonal creek? or no going into but crossing over one? Sure it can. But the line as been a metaphor for a situation for as long as I can remember…so why not use it as such.

      If thinking of the line in the nature it presents…What other ways could it be stated?
      In a bind?
      Between a rock and a hard place?
      etc. and all those examples can be emotional as well as physical.

      This line is preceded by… No Place For The Meek and followed by Heavy Loads and Water High…. Can these line also mean the same as in an emotion or something difficult imagine or think about ?

      Physical references may not be the only way to read the poem. It’s more than possible All the references / meanings should be used.

      Just another thought.

      • Seeker,
        I like your ideas…but, I believe that line is a confirmation and directional clue. My interpretation of that line tells me what to look for physically in more ways than one.

        • Ken, as do I,

          The line prior in that sentence is use in combination. But sentences and words need to be broken down [ at the correct time ] to be used…imo… The end is ever drawing nigh, may not just be referring to a physical place but at the same time used to follow physically.
          End: boundary or Border…
          Drawing; pulling towards, art…
          nigh; left side, near, close…

          Give them a bit of a twist… One may be to be at or near a boundary line, which could be on the opposite side of a seasonal creek fed by a body of water…from the searchers position and left of where they are or West direction.

          The 3rd, stanza is chuck full of different information… metaphors, physical land markings, maps direction, and poetic interpretations. But imo means nothing in themselves without understanding the entire poem as a whole.

          Personally i feel the entire poem is written this way…Many interpretations are needed to come to a straightforward meaning. making the poem difficult to wrap your head around and straightforwards when it all comes together.

          IMO there is more to the understanding of the poem and the nine clues, than just finding a place that has water and walking from there.

          KiSS if just a band…this poem is difficult !

          • Difficult it is… In so many ways!
            Agree with all you say.
            What’s your interp, of: Drawing pulling towards… art?

          • Seeker, My comment was in reference to the first sentence of yours; “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”. My take on that one particular portion of the poem is a confirmation and directional clue along w/ the rest of that sentence. The first part of that stanza is also a confirmation and directional clue, but in my solution it tells you where you are headed. The second sentence confirms w/out a doubt the first. Just my opinion…

      • I think it has to do with something that’s not there and not a direction to the treasure chest – but who knows I don’t just kicking it around

        • it is only my opinion – that your – means my creek -so sense my solve has no creek – I don’t have to worry about no paddle or the creek

      • padโ€ขdle1 verb 1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.

        No paddle – now reads no moving through water in a boat

        it doesn’t mean entrapment or between a rock and hard place these are NOT place you would want a 10 yr old to be

      • My solve involves a creek that you would wade through. A fishing stream. Hence no paddle. I’m heading south. Weather is not cooperating . I will post on my blog as well as forward it to Dal.

      • Ithink you know my take on it seeker. numbers. But, between a rock and a hard place is very good, and applies. IMO, the clues will get you to your spot, but the hints and backup info will give you your confidence.

  85. Just figured out the last hint on my list that I couldn’t quite get in relation to the location of the treasure chest. And that is all the references Mr. Fenn has made to teeth, tooth, toothbrushes, missing teeth, etc. I finally get it. And yeah, I’m slow.

  86. Does paddle refer to an oar or a rowing direction at all? Ora Mae be a spanking reference… a switching.
    We only need the poem… but I think the keyword may be the book.

    • OS padโ€ขdle1 verb 1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.

      No paddle – now reads no moving through water in a boat

      • Wild bird, I was thinking paddle may mean switch… as in the TTOTC stories. Like a kid that gets his behind ‘paddled’ … or maybe (Ora Mae be) a backside switched.
        Lots of switches in the woods, on the trails, in the words, in the power grid. Dictionary definitions are antagonistic to freedom.

  87. Not since Halogetter, have a read a better post than Seekers. “means nothing in themselves without understanding the poem as a whole”

    “There’ll be no Paddle up your creek” is clue #?, but the clue part of line 11 has nothing to do, directly, with paddles or creeks.

    Another example “worth the cold”, has nothing to do with cold water, creeks, or ice.

    Seekers finale “this poem is difficult” Amen brother

    Anything that is not in quotes is opinion, as anyone with a grain of sense should realize.

    • Emmet,

      I would love to hear your interpretations of No paddle up your creek. as well as “worth the cold”

      No offense and not directed at you personally Ken… I just would like folks to back up some of their statements with a little bit of explanations of what they say.

      Example “Worth the cold” IMO has many meanings as well and most if not all should work with the poem as a whole and not just one piece by it’s self { again that is just the way in see the poem }

      One of my thoughts is the cold refers to the chest itself as cold to the touch or metal. Cold also refers to you as a Seeker. Cold can refer to the seasonal change…which in my theory it is need. Not to actually find the chest, just to know where and what direction is needed to look at. I have others and have put them out before. But I’ll wait to hear yours…I don’t mind sharing and I would be interested in others thought and not just tossing things out with no explanations.

      As I’m sure you are as well.

      Here is another example of a meanings that was shared with me by another searcher and on you won’t find in a dictionary.
      “in the wood”. A saying of, being in the saddle. which with a twist to make it fit [ per example from FF in a Q&A ] A saddle is a term for a mountain pass. or if your “in the wood could” could be in the Mountain pass. The word brave and one of it’s meanings is to take on a challenge…so if your in this challenge and in the mountain pass … you may be close to your destination. Combine that with the meanings of “The end is ever drawing nigh”

      And you have a could out line of the area IMO. The saddle of a mountain pass, with a boundary line near needing to travel from one side of a seasonal creek that pulls it’s water fro the overflow from a body of water. and the searcher if in the right location should have to cross over said creek.

      Will any of this information help another find the chest…Nope… because all it explains is thoughts of interpretation of the way one sees the poem. So many many hints to be understood correctly.

      IMO, Just saying, just food for thought….

      • Seeker, According to Wiktionary…

        “The addition of “without a paddle” in alternative forms is considered by some to suggest an intensification of the difficulty of the situation.”

        Could this line in the poem then be there to suggest that the clues are about to get more difficult and not easier as has been mentioned previously by searchers…


        • spallies and seeker, May I jump in here? I believe this to be true, I’ve always looked at that line of the poem that way… Primarily as a difficult situation but also it having to include an actual creek… Maybe it is only one… Physical or metaphoric.
          So how is one to feel confident in their solve? It just leaves too much room for error. I mean if it’s all based on interpretation, that doesn’t even touch on the physical aspect of searching for the chest…which could bring on even more difficulties as I see it.

          • Hi, You all, To me the trail or non human trail as forrest has said. Is not far. I see going up a small creek. Easy, water high?; a water fall or lake. not for the meek? Its in the Woods! You must be Brave.! See a blaze: A marker on a tree. Your almost there…..
            Kinda like that….

            I have to say after weeks, months, years of searching, and searching in my old maps and reading tons of books. I am finally feeling pretty good about one area. Have not been to this location yet. I am getting excited about it.

            Lou Lee Bear

          • good luck and stay safe. oh and don’t go teasing any more bear into chasing you. you could get in trouble with park people. LOL

        • suggest an intensification of the difficulty of the situation. remember that a kid can go there Fenn wouldn’t put a child in a bad situation

        • Spallies,
          IMO, I agree with you; IMO that is one of the two meanings of that particular line.
          “Have flashlight, will travel” (soon, I hope)

      • Seeker: I think the cold refers to the chest, I think in the wood refers to a mountain saddle. I think you must “Begin it where warm water halt” or you might as well stay home and play Canasta. Emmett

  88. @ Tarheel

    I’m in the Rockies now there is mostly rain some snow way up high but very searchable. Yes it is a little cooler than last week.

        • yes i did. i am sorry i didn’t pick up on it being yours. it is very beautiful and has my sheep rock beat i think. did you get it appraised to know the value?

          • I like your sheep rock. It does look like a sheep. But, no I haven’t had it appraised. I was hoping someone here could tell me more about it. That’s why I posted those close-up shots of the back of it.

          • i sorry wiseone i cant find the pic of the back of the pin. i looked on a few site and found nothing like it.

  89. As I have gone alone in the canyon, …..because I can’t see him continually going into the same cave or overhang or crevice, …..and with my treasures bold, …..because people come and go all the time there and it could have been risky, but hey, it’s also a bold thing to do what he did anyway, …..I can keep my secret of where the chest is located, but I will also hint about this location of where it is located … the poem.

    Hmmm……….. Were to begin?

          • sorry to go off topic Hubby has a history of colon cancer that has been caught very early twice now. he goes for his latest test. praying for a clear report. will know by 12:00 tomorrow. he see shoulder Dr. on Thursday to see if he need surgery for that. busy week. for those with BOG be safe, alert, have fun, and good luck with your searches.

          • Marie, best wishes for a good report for your husband tomorrow. And I hope his shoulder appointment goes well too.

          • cj1117 thank you very much. he forgot he had online paper work and he is CRABBY!!! heading for bed up at 3:00 am to take a pill then up at five to take more meds. Yum?

  90. Even thou Forrest may be in good physical shape for a man his age, even belter
    than most men his age, when he hid the treasure, I doubt he would have walked more than one quarter mile carrying 20 or more pounds round trip twice.
    Therefore you can ask yourself, is my solve more than 1/4 mile. Or at the very maximum 1/2 mile from my vehicle. If it is, in my opinion, it is a waste of time and effort to expend on the search.

    Also one should take into consideration the terrain one is traversing. And ask yourself, could a small child walk to this location ?

    • I believe your right Sharps-
      In fact, I’d vote for the quarter mile over the half mile..
      Yet still..I tend to not stop at that quarter mile line when I’m actually out looking because I might be wrong…

          • stood my hair on end and i think those are young people. an older person would go slower and remember he was carrying at least twenty pound pack. i have ridden a bike as a teenager on the same kind of trails. so for one to try to go slower and carrying weight would be too much effort. you have to stand on brakes and a lot of balancing. its just not a practical idea. and that is a human trail.

          • if someone hikes .5 to 2 miles in higher altitude and they will be tired. in two of solve we started in santa fe then went to the next point that is the drive.from there its a short hike anything under three miles is a short walk or hike.

        • Michael–I think it is definitely a possibility that he used a bike. Here is an answer he gave to a letter in the “Forrest gets mail” section that supports that scenario.

          I am a very simple person and you want me to have copious meetings with lawyers, preachers, undertakers and your family. What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the โ€œwater highโ€ when I am through with it? You donโ€™t know how many man hours I have spent on that subject. Thanks for the input but I think you should mobilize your club and hit the trail searching for the wondrous treasure. Besides, Iโ€™ll probably get hit by a train. When you find the treasure please come sell me the great turquoise and silver bracelet that is in the chest. I wish now that I had kept it. f

      • on mysterious writings i found this quote attributed to Mr. F โ€œThere isn’t a human trail in very close proximity to where I hid the treasure.” where did did this come from? the person said F said and he commented on it. if it is a true statement it wipes out a bunch of solves. at least three of mine. thank you ahead of time

    • Sharpsburg…..From where he left his car to his secret spot is approx. 420 to 450 yards. It is not too difficult if you go on the correct line. Yes, a three year could trek this, maybe having a little trouble in some areas. And it is just a little above 7,000 ft. elev…………Decall… No the blaze is not a large Pine Tree. AIMO—don’t want to get booted from here.

      • Actually yes, the blaze DOES have something to do with a tree. You don’t sound to confident there Ritt. Is it 420 yards or 450? That’s alot of space in-between there.
        Decall, i’m starting to think you have a spot that’s close to me. Worry, worry, worry… lol, just kidding.
        So Ritt, youve written a book, so you must be confident. Easy question, what does ‘switching” have to do with anything? I’m just curious in what you think you know.:)
        Don’t mean that to be sarcastic or anything. If it comes off that way, my apologies. I’m just curious because I think your wrong, but that’s my opinion.

      • I think he said car in more than one interview, and truck in one of the interviews… I would think it difficult but not impossible to take a horse or borrow / rent a horse without family or friends taking notice.

        • I remember him talking about a rental car and not wanting people to be able look in the records to determine exactly when he hid the chest. 79 or 80 is all we got…

        • yea, I was thinking the same. But, it would be so inconspicuous. We should ask Woody. Woody, in your area, does it look out of place for someone to be riding a horse whom is 79-80 years old? Does it look out of place for an 79-80 year old man to probibly have a backpack on his back that is obviously weighing him down, walking into a “forest” environment?
          I only say it because of the weight issue. Put 20-25 pounds of stuff in a box close to 10x10x5. Put it in a backpack or something that will conceal it. Now go walk around the block. In fact, go do it all afternoon, walk around the block. Think he really made it that tough? I just don’t think so. May be wrong, but that is heavy.
          Also, take a flashlight and a sandwich, why a sandwich? If it is close, then on a return trip to the car, get your sandwich then. Or is it far, in which that is a heavy load for an 79-80 year old man.
          Sandwich has a different meaning for me, but you get the idea. It’s either farther away where one may want to take a sandwich for the afternoon, or it’s closer, in which one could easily come back to the car and eat, so why say that statement? No need for a sandwich. It must be farther away…IMO

          • This may be a contradiction, but if we are to take it that it is in a close proximity of him walking, then the sandwich thing may mean something else. Break down the word you get s “and” w ich or swich. Or we can take that as a switch. A flashlight and a switch. Check and research fly fishing rods and switch rods. It may be that something is needed at the end spot, something like a switch rod with a hook on the end to hook onto the chest someway. It may be that the chest needs to be lifted out of something, around 12ft. may need some extendining rod thing that can lift 45lbs. I’m just saying, best be prepared.:)
            Or maybe just need a sandwich for the long walk.

          • Charlie, most people think that when Forrest said to bring a sandwich he meant you needed it AFTER you left your car and were on a hike. Here’s my thought about the sandwich remark. Let’s say Forrest left Santa Fe at 9am, drove to the Eagle Nest area about 3 hours away, got out of his car at a parking area, and walked maybe 50 ft to the hiding spot twice. When he got back to his car he ate his sandwich and then drove home. Just because he brought a sandwich does not mean that he went on a long hike where he need nourishment but rather it could mean that he just went on a long drive. ๐Ÿ™‚

            And as far as the flashlight remark goes, he pretty much retracted that remark telling Dal you only needed a flashlight if you were searching at night – at least that is what I remember about that discussion. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • YEA !!!!! that is the best explanation i have heard. i posted what Fenn said about using other thing than the poem. keep it simple don’t make it complicated.

          • I hear what you are saying CJ,and that’s how I read it. I’m just saying be prepared. It is possible to see things differently with double meanings and all throughout this poem, we all know, it’s just better to be prepared because if I do go to a spot, find out that I need some long rod to try to get the chest and don’t haqve one, I’d be pi$#%ed. Especially if my walk was far.
            You may be right about a long drive sandwich thing, but I took it more like from WWWH to spot, you’d need one. But I know what your saying. As far as complicated Bird, don’t think that’s too complicated to get, but, it is outside the poem, so your right, don’t put to much weight onto it. (pardon the pun)
            It’s like this, Forrest never said to take bear spray with us. But do people take it? Of course.Prepared.

      • i don’t think he used a horse because the areas designated for horses are very well traveled and he said he used a car. most cars can’t haul a horse trailer. he said he did it in two trips. i hate telling people my weight but how goes i weight 290 i was 54 when i hiked clear creek two summers a go. it is steep rocky and large steps in places. that said i hiked 2.4 miles then hiked it back total 4.4miles. it took us about three hours. ranger guy later said it was a difficult trail. he was surprised we hiked it and a lady the yr before fell breaking her leg and it took them 9 HRS to get her down.

        • I wish I could explain why I think it’s a horse, but can’t. Will give up my HoB, and area, sorry. It’s just this area it is obvious, but that’s why I say it’s IMO, I reserve the right to be wrong:)

          • Charlie, If he rode a horse, he probably wouldnt have taken 2 trips to carry a 42 Lbs box.
            And what he said I think, is that it is not near a ‘human’ trail. Could be an animal trail or a creek bed.
            And, “if you’ve been wise and FOUND the blaze”, may mean the seeker must make (found) the blaze. There may not be a ready-made blaze sign.
            If you are confident in your WHERE, then keep-a-lookin til you find the box.
            Anyone that confident yet?
            If I’m right, then blaze is not 1 of the 9 clues. Its a real tricksters switcharoo.
            …And oops my error on my last entry, I’m OS not PS… I hit the wrong key.

          • Hey os, I believe the same. Blaze is not 1 of the 9 clues. It’s tough thinking about not close to a human trail. What does he consider “close”? 200 ft., 500 ft.? Believe me, I have a problem with the horse thing, I’ve just found things that lead to that conclusion. In the end, not that important anyway.
            As far as the blaze, it can be two of the same thing, if that makes sence. But, IMO, not a clue.

  91. How about 1.5 miles round trip on mostly level ground. 3 miles total for the afternoon.

    • hat’s a tough one ed. It is still alot of weight for one person to carry. Just don’t think he made it that tough for himself. Really think he used a horse. But of course, all my opinion.

  92. Good morning all! Well, I’m stuck. I’m at a point where I cannot proceed any further until I “test” my theory.
    Leaving today!!! Searching Wednesday if all goes well!
    I’ve been out ten times, I hope this will be the ace in the hole!

    • I would not be surprised if it were even less than .5 mile Marie. If the interpretation of “in the wood” means in the forest or by trees and under brush, or something similar, someone could be almost on top of it and not see it unless they were a searcher and were led to that spot by the poem. I don’t have a link but I think Forrest said a searcher would find the treasure if they were within 12 feet. I wonder if that is still true if they didn’t have the right interpretation of the last clue, whatever that is! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • i just found a little quote from Mr.F about the TC not hidden in close proximity of a HUMAN trail. that KILLED three out of five solves. glad to find the info before i wasted time at three of these. that for sure kills windsor and holy ghost trail. both favorite of ours. my best solve is still safe an infact this clue cemented it.

        • makes me wonder what else i have missed on blogs or web pages. that little bit wiped out a yr of hard work and study. our best solve is still safe and infact because its off the path we were worried it was wrong now we are even more sure. i think?

      • BTW hubby is fine they a couple of little knobies in the tract but don’t look serious.

        • Fantastic! Everyone over 50 needs to have a colonoscopy and those who have had one more than 10 years ago or who had polyps 3 years ago, needs another.

          OK, off my health soapbox. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Marie, let’s say there is a trailhead at a parking area. How far away from that trailhead would be considered “not in close proximity” – 5 feet? 10feet? It could be right next to that parking area but still not be “in close proximity” to a human TRAIL as I don’t consider the parking area itself a human trail.

          • i just woke up from a nap so i wasn’t fully awake when i read your note.when i first saw your i only saw the Fantastic Everyone over 50 needs colonoscopy. i thought you were talking about people who went over 50 words in a post. i then read it again and got it thanks and you are so right if hubby had not had his every few years he would be DEAD and as for me i would also might be dead.

    • I sure hope you’re right wildbird! I’m getting too old and tired and weak to hike much more than that…

      • remember most canyons are rugged and either slope up going in or down either way you end up walking up an incline and down an incline both which my knees HATE!

  93. Hi all. Just wanted to let you know Forrest’s local interview did not air last night. It will air tonight at 10 pm NM time.

    If you aren’t local, you can check it out tomorrow morning on the local station website.

  94. After going through some of the comment/posts from last year, I see I’ve missed out on a lot of different interpretations of the poem. It’s really interesting. Were there any discussions I missed about timing or dates came up or that stood out? Alpha/Numerically? Seems a lot of folks are thinking it will be solved this year. I mean if f really does want the TC found in his lifetime, I would imagine he would secretly include that in the poem. Wouldn’t you? Just thinking out loud. Didn’t he say he planned, or tried to plan for everything, or something along those lines?

    • @wiseone, I know I have some times for you, i’ll check notes and get back to you. As far as dates, again, i’ll check notes. For some reason, 2007 comes to mind but let me check. As far as times, 6 to 7 , 6:54:33, and 4:36:33 come to mind.
      As far as the postmarks in the book, you’ll find that the dates to the day do not match up, but, alpha/numerically they are correct. (If that makes sence). I don’t remember really finding anything there, but will check notes at home.

      • Thanks charlie. Much appreciated. Let me know anything your willing to offer.
        And yeah, I looked at the postmarks too, but made no usable connection. I’m not that good with the alpha/numeric. Too many variables as I see it. I personally like the “imagination” route. After all, f says It’s better than knowlege”, So who knows… Maybe that’s the way to go. Only problem with it is, it takes a lot more work feeling confident about your solve.

        • WiseOne may i gently remind ALL searchers of something Mr. F. said in april of 2014
          APRIL 2014
          Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions.
          Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f

          the poem is very hard in its simplicity. i know if it was easy someone would have it. but some people he has stated came very close because they used the poem.

          • We got it Bird, it really isn’t to complicated. Anyway, if you want to be literal, the alphabet is somewhat of a code, a variation of one. Are we not to use the alphabet? But well aware of this question/answer. Believe me, when I thought Ihad it,( solved it) I had no book, just the poem. Just don’t underestimate the value of a good hint outside of the poem. If the clues get you right to the spot, then what? Hopefully the hints will help in extraction.:)

    • Wise, we’ve had a great many interpretations over the years; a lot of discussions about dates, alpha/numerical interpretations, postmarks, pictures, Ra Pauletteโ€™s caves, etc. etc. It would probably be wise for everyone to go back through the archives; they may find some inspiration and if nothing else be entertained.

      • That’s an awful lot of reading Goof!… But you’re right… I’m sure some inspiration can be found for those willing to take the time to go back through there.
        I’ve never read so much in my life! If I could only get some of it to stick and not get buried under other newer information… That’s my problem. Thanks for the advice.

        • WiseOne reading is something i LOVE to do but i HATE to do it on a computer screen. i am fixing to go go back and read as much as i can. Goofy and Dal do a very good job with all they do but nowhere had i seen the CLUE no human trail in close proximity. that is a huge clue and ruled out several of my solves that i spent 2 plus years working on. please dont get me wrong i not mad because it easy to miss something when running a blog. its a lot of interviews etc but i have a LOT of homework.

    • WiseOne: It seems like every year folks are convinced the treasure will be found in the coming year so I don’t see anything different about the chatter this year. There may be more people chattin but I really don’t see much to suggest that this year is different from the last few years. I can not possibly know what is in FF’s mind anymore than you or anyone else can, however my guess is that FF has not constructed the poem, book, or given hints in scrapbooks in order to manipulate when the chest will be found. How could he really? My instincts tell me that when he said he has tried to plan for everything, that he was referring to the treasure being found now or many years from now after he is gone– that he made provisions re: claims to the chest regardless to when it is found . I also personally think that it will be a VERY long time before the chest is found. I believe that to be true for the following reasons:
      1. No one apparently has gotten more than the first two clues correct indicating that THOUSANDS of people have not really cracked the poem. A lot of these folks are very brainy, imaginative, and have looked in many places so the chest still being out there its not due to a lack of brain power or lack of effort. In short, The hidey spot is well hidden.
      2. This chest is worth millions. I don’t think FF wanted to give it away without someone really working for it. I would think that he might be a little disappointed if it was found quickly and the fun ended after just a few years of people searching for it. I suppose he would like to know how the story ends but he has a great imagination that can fill in that void if necessary. I think the longer this chase lasts the more interesting it becomes and I think that if people are still getting out decades from now and searching for it, that many, many, more people will be savoring the treats that await in this chase.
      3.Something tells me that we are overlooking something important. My little brain keeps circling back to FF’s answer to a question at Mysterious Writing when he said that no one to his knowledge had analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve. What haven’t we considered??

      • Raven,
        Now that’s a conversation to have. What is it we are missing…with all the TomTom beating about when the trove will be found, a good question maybe what is it that we just don’t understand?

        All that follow the comments in hope of a clue forget some information fenn has already stated. He will not give a useful clue or aid a searcher. If ff didn’t recover…all we would have was his original plan.

        A book and the poem…go for it.

        So what have we not considered?

        • Seeker:
          Here are some possibilities:
          1. the hidey spot or blaze is only viewable a short time of the year. For example, a low water hidey spot, or a spot (blaze) illuminated by the sun when its low in the sky, or a blaze of flowers only blooming in the spring, or……
          2.maybe we don’t need a good map, but THE map…
          3.maybe the poem is written backwards…the end is the beginning
          4.He doesn’t want the chest to be found at all, and we should try and unravel this puzzle with that in mind. Where is the last place it might be?
          These probably aren’t correct but I think its worth the inquiry to try and figure out what we have missed. Any suggestions?

          • Raven Fenn said not to mess with poem. he said a good map (most maps are good) we found you have to study entire maps of areas. it is solvable because someone was very close.
            the blaze is there for good, we know what is. keep in mind on those two trips in he marked the trail/blaze for us. it is something that is standard thing and not seasonal. we went back to the poem and list of clues interviews and made a list they all have to be there.

      • One possibility is that the solution is far simpler then most people think. As humans, I think we often over complicate things. Think of the things he’s told us: no specialized knowledge is required, no knowledge of history is required, he would like to see an unemployed redneck with 8 kids and a pickup find it, a child might have insight into solving the riddle, etc. Combine these and I think you can make the case that most folks really are over-stretching their solutions.

        I laughed pretty hard the other day when I read a blog post on another site. Referring to a proposed simple solutions someone said (paraphrased) “If it turns out to be something that simple I’ll want my money back”. People want this to be extremely complex by nature…what if F is taking advantage of that?

  95. he said that no one to his knowledge had analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.

    He actually said…

    What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.

    Which could imply that somebody to his certain knowledge has! And I think it is important… it’s just that most everyone would not expect it. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    • I think he was just being humble and acknowledging that he might have missed it IF it had been put out there. Why would he have said anything if he meant what you have suggested? I just don’t think that he is as cryptic as that.

    • I understand what you are hinting to but I think IMO he meant it straight forward.

        • thank you. i fed birds and watched birds all my life but it was in 2006 i checked the peterson book out from the library. this bird was on front cover then i realized i had lived in texas forty plus yrs and i had never seen one.
          i because a birder that day. 3 yrs later it was at my feeder, took ten yrs to get Eagles at ray robert lake and 7 times now at hagerman wildlife refuge. i also love red wing blackbirds and cedar waxwings. i think as a birder i have a small advantage because i am use to searching for something that is hard to see in the wood.

    • I’ve flushed plenty of my solves. I’ve been out searching, only to realize once there that I royally missed the mark.

      I wonder what that one possibility is?

      Scott W.

    • Iron Will,
      You could be correct. He could have implied exactly that…..knowing that only a genius could recognize it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      here’s wishing you a little luck, little buddy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thank you that was beautiful. hubby said too bad you are in wrong state. i dont know but if we find TC we will go visit. thank you again for sharing.

          • The ‘ no human trail ‘ thing is in one of the recent questions and answers…..maybe easier to find on jenny kiles site…???t

          • someone used that phrase in a question on jennys site. here it is.

            You once wrote: โ€œThere isnโ€™t a human trail in very close proximity to where I hid the treasure.โ€ You also once wrote: โ€œAnd in close proximity were stone projectiles and crudely made hand axes that could have been 30,000 years old.โ€

            Can you clarify for us your definitions of โ€œclose proximityโ€ and โ€œvery close proximity?โ€ (e.g. 10 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, 500 feet, etc.?)

            Thanks, Milan

            Itโ€™s not that easy Milan. Are you asking me to carry a caliper in my pocket? Each โ€œclose proximityโ€ is different, relative, and site-specific, as you pointed out. So I canโ€™t answer your question. To an ant a mud puddle can be like an ocean. f

            i cannot find a site that actually quotes Fenn saying this. i know the second sentence is his i believe it from the book. but the first one i cannot find any refer to Fenn. so did he said this or not?

          • DO a search for ” human trail in very close proximity to where I hid the treasure.โ€

          • i have and only Jennys site comes up. i can not find anywhere that Fenn said this. i know second part of question is i think in the book TTTC. but the first one i cannot find.

          • Yes Wildbird he said it.

            Question posted 6/28/2014:

            Your words and actions say you are a friend and lover of the environment โ€œmore than most.โ€ Do you follow Leave No Trace and did you while hiding the chest? ie stay on established trails. ~Buddy

            Buddy, I think youโ€™re trying to get me in trouble but thatโ€™s where I am most of the time anyway, so Iโ€™ll answer your questions.

            You may as well ask me if I love the air. I donโ€™t know but, I certainly am an appreciator of nature. โ€œLeave no traceโ€ is a rhetorical statement not intended to be taken literally. For instance it is not feasible for you to not leave a footprint somewhere or a dry fly snagged high on a tree limb, left by your back cast. But I agree with the philosophy of the phrase. I dislike seeing beer cans scattered around when I am fantasizing that I am the only person who has ever been in that spot.

            Generally speaking, there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one. However, it reminds me of the worn-out axiom, โ€œIf you ainโ€™t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.โ€ When I am in the mountains or in the desert, the last place I want to be is on a trail. Ainโ€™t no adventure in that for me. There isnโ€™t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f


    • I wish I had been able to fly more during my life. I just love aerial videography and photography. Simply Beautiful…/Forrest is lucky to have been able to see so much of the world from that perspective. Thanks for sharing 42.

  96. Watched the news interview with Forrest tonight, he said people have been within 200′ of the chest….That’s going to make a lot of people wonder….

    • while driving down all most any roads or trails this statement could be true. its not much help.

    • I imagine he’s getting pretty antsy in that hot seat. He may not be the only one who knows ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Yeah, so who is it? Who was there, looking, but didn’t fully understand? This sort of proves my theory that the first 2 clues are:
      As I have gone alone in there
      And with my treasures bold,
      I can keep my secret where,
      And hint of riches new and old.

      thus you are within 200′

  97. I think I might have to go re-Search a location or two……lol

    Lou Lee Bear, treasure waiting there for ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Outstanding interview Forrest! Best one yet. I wonder if the two major hints you gave will be picked up on. Or, was it three?

  99. Just finished watching the interview… Nice to see and hear f again. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But to me, nothing is jumping out as being new information that I can tell. So, all I can say at the moment is “I wonder if there is something hiding in there that I did not hear clearly enough. Guess I need to watch it a few more times.”

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