The Nine Clues…….Part Fortysix


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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  1. Out of all of my “solutions”, 3 of them ended on semi-private or religiously owned land. This seemed to me like a good idea. No bothering with the feds like if it was on public land. No messing with having to secretly hide it on private land. Think monastery or church owned land. They could be convinced or paid to allow Fenn to hide the treasure on their land.

    • if it is on private land THEY OWN it. check the laws in that state. we have checked with a lawyer and we bet Fenn did to to claim it in can not be buried and it has be on government land.

        • if i understand you think Fenn asked permission to hide/bury a million plus treasure on their property and not tell anyone? and Fenn said he is the only one that knows? just asking?

          • No. That is not what I said. I said have some beers with them, and they will more than likely let you look. Don’t know why you would want to though…. It is a cool little place though. Beer is in the gift shop.

          • i owe you an apology i got you confuse with someone else. i am sorry. the screen keeps jumping, errors, black screens. i lost where i was i am sorry.

          • hey i have something on that crazy WWWH webpage. i need someone who is smarter at web pages to check it out.

            as you scroll down it will tell you all kinda of things about. it. when it sent things etc.
            hubby gone to bed his a programer so i wanted to go ahead and give it to you guys to see if you can figture it out. if someone already did this i am sorry for repeat.

          • hi people only thing i could gleam is i think the person is in Cal. cluver city? but i might be wrong. does anyone else find anything?

        • I know who has the title…or what rather. And thanks to tesuque I may have finally found where the chest is located.

    • I’m pretty sure you have to slice and dice words in this poem.

      (Bu)t tar(ry) scant with marvel gaze. I think it’s buried. You may not have to dig but it’s still considered buried which brings up another question is it cast in something??

      (B)ut tarry scant with marvel gaze j(ust) take the chest and it falls to pieces

      If the treasure chest is hidden underground then it is buried.


      put or hide under ground.
      “he buried the box in the back garden”

      completely cover; cause to disappear or become inconspicuous.
      “the countryside has been buried under layers of concrete”
      synonyms: hide, conceal, cover, enfold, engulf, tuck, cup, sink; literaryenshroud
      “she buried her face in her hands”

    • I bet I know where you’re thinking. Yep, like Suzie, BTDT! But mebbe we overlooked it and it’s still there waiting for you.

      • I’ve had a reoccurring image in my head of Fenn pulling a radio flyer red wagon behind him across the desert. I know it’s ridiculous but it keeps coming back lol.

        • Hi John, Welcome. That is a very odd reoccurring image to be having. What do you think it could mean?

          • we thought about using a wagon or something but the test pull on a couple of trails was not worth the trouble. i had a wagon as a kid when all my friends had bikes. i used my wagon to collect soda bottles for candy money. we went back to Birmingham Ala. to visit when i showed my hubby the hill i use to ride my wagon down he said i was crazy and it was a miracle i didn’t get KILLED. i loved that little wagon it was better than a bike any day.

          • Absolutely nothing. Just gives me a chuckle now and again when I try to visualize him moving the treasure from car to hiding spot. I think I remember him saying he had to make an extra trip so that most likely rules out a wagon.

          • it a word YES! my maiden name is Newman. my great uncle was Zip Newman the Birmingham News. Roll Tide Roll

          • why did you ask? my father worked for Southern RR until his death in 1968 he was hit by a car. thats when our family move to TX

  2. I’m gonna actually take part in one of these and just ramble about my thoughts I’ve come up with.
    Warm water halts could be where it gets deep or in the shade.
    Walk/ raft/ canoe down the canyon there. Too far to walk, but not to boat?
    Put in below the home of brown (copper mine)
    Meek shall inherit the earth, not underground (mine)
    Heavy loads (mine cart loads, etc) Water High (flooded or next to underground river)

    I am just bored at work trying to get some creative juices flowing

    • Welcome John, let those creative juices flow! Looks like you are seeing a lot of “mine” connections in your solve. Your post makes me wonder how many “work” hours have been spent here by folks. Dal and Goofy should install a “boss” button like the one the had on Car Talk’s website.

  3. For some reason I’m having a hard time playing the interview through to the end. It stops and goes no further. Must be some problem with my computer. 🙁

    • Hey iron,
      Have you posted your solve yet.
      I’m dying to have a read. If yes, or indeed when you do, can you post a link. I cant find it anywhere. I know you mention Stephs site too.
      Sorry it dint work out 100% for ya.


  4. Later the reporter said that he did tell her that — “you won’t have to dig around, you won’t have to disturb anything, if you think you know where it is.” 🙂 This is what SHE said he said.

    • Which, if true, straight up, means a lot to me, because he has never really completely clarified that before and that would put a nail in the coffin of it being ‘buried’ or not. …..but he did say, “if you think you know where it is?” 🙂 So, yet again, another open ended response. So who knows??

      • My problem with reporters is that you never know if they repeat what they heard correctly. In this situation the reporter can’t ever spell Fenn correctly in the heading of the clip. Getting someones name right is kind of a litmus test for a reporters accuracy.There is a transcript on the page of the written article that clearly has many typo’s. I think it is best to just listen to what Forrest says–and take what others repeat with caution.

        • Raven, Not only that, but did you notice they called the chest an “intricately carved wooden treasure chest”?:-) So much for accuracy in reporting!

        • they are human and can get things wrong. the big mistake i heard was it’s a carved WOODEN box. it is a wooden box covered in casted bronze. easy mistake.

          • Wildbird–yes, reporters are human but accuracy is at the heart of what they are suppose to do and quotes are ALWAYS sacrosanct to a good reporter. Whenever they get the facts wrong it is a big fail for them and their profession. Credibility is gone when they get the basic, simple stuff wrong. Read any media outlets guidelines for their reporters and you will see what I’m talking about.

  5. This was the most revealing interview Forrest has given. if you missed the clues, maybe you need to start back at the beginning.

  6. I just figured out something that could fit into my potential solve.
    This is good! 🙂

    • @Wiseone, don’t know if this will help or not, the dates I have in notes where: January 22, 1944, November 22, 1947, and March 22, 1986. For some reason I have 2007 also in my head but couldn’t find the notes. Fair warning, I ditched the date thing, but if you find something, that’s good.
      As far as time, the only reference I had was the last line in the poem. An abbreviation for time is “ti”. Kinda like “efo”=effort, “mt”=meet, etc.. So, I give you ti(time) tle to the gold. I let you come up with what you think but I get 6:54:33. alpha/numerics that will help are: d=1,e=3,g=3,h=2,l=1,o=3. As you can see, tle=6, the=7, go=33, ld=too. Or 6:54:33. Of course, there are other ways to go about that but that’s what I saw.
      Alot of variables, that’s why I didn’t really persue farther. Sorry couldn’t be more help, good luck with it.

      • Charlie, Thanks. I appreciate your getting back with me. I’ll look through this info of yours and see if I can use it for anything in my potential solve. Very kind of you. 🙂

  7. Whats the craziest you ever went on the hunt? How wackadoodle have you taken a hunch.
    A few months ago I saw a picture of a pen and piece of paper here on a blog post. I traced the address to a date (yeah I went there) and found out all about the first forestry rangers in NM, and everything they did, where the famous ranger guy was stationed, all the way down to a type of food he liked. I stopped and realized I had gone too far down the rabbit hole.

    • john do you prefer sweet clover or carrots. i personally prefer to gnaw on carrots. the reason you need a flashlight is for the dark rabbit holes.

      • Cat cut, I agree, Forrest always uses those words… “Looking for things”… I wonder if he’s found everything he ever wanted to find in his life… That would be a good question to ask him if it hasn’t already… I don’t recall that ever being asked, do you?

        • spallies, I’m having problems too. I see a shadow of black text in the comment box saying problem establishing database connection or something like that. Do you see that too?

          • Ed and anyone else who can get to it i posted another murder of a song on poetry page II have fun i was bored to death is my only excuse for doing it.

          • hi folks i know Mr Fenn said the phantom knows does anyone know the setting and when please.

          • GeoJack i would take some that wagger but he would find it because i am Irish.LOL

            Anyone: hubby couldnt sleep and was googling Fenn stuff. he claims he found a site that saids Fenn chest is evil and contains a spirit that will steal yours because he wants to live for ever. i cant find it i think he dreamed it.

          • hi guys i was having problems thought it was my computer did a bunch of updated. working better now but it two hrs later.

          • This site is experiencing much traffic?Because I too am having trouble getting a connection. Glad its not just my Computer.

            Pirate, Great Solve! really very creative, just like forrest said: imagination!

            Lou Lee Belle: the Treasure Hunter.

    • Sorry guys keep trying………Nothing wrong with the blog. We are just experiencing a very large surge in traffic.

      • Okay, Thanks Goofy. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. If I see the black text on the blk. bkgd., I’ll copy my text and it try again in another box that I don’t see the database message showing… I guess.

      • GOG…..It’s probably due to my book. I mentioned Dal’s site as a source to look for Forrest’s treasure.

    • Sorry POG, can’t get in to view your solve story. Keep getting that database error message. It’s under the “Other searchers Adventures” right?

        • only problem i saw with your solve and it maybe how the pictures were taken but i didn’t see enough trees. to be in the wood i think there would be a lot of trees.

          • POG i am not the solve police just food police for my hubby. i am saw i could see trees in your pics. there could have been an elephant off to the side but if not in pics i couldn’t see it. i did say they were beautiful.

    • Pirate

      Now don’t eat your heart out 🙂

      Thinking your solve blew up the blog 😉 wait till you hear mine ( with love)

      • I hope this doesn’t let the air out of your tires.. I’ve been to the” Rio Bravo del Norte. I have searched the Sanger De Cristo, the San Luis Valley. Even followed the route of Lt. Zebulon M Pike with his Private John Brown and party. I just didn’t tell. It’s not a secret anymore. I really didn’t “search” thoroughly. I’m still basking in the delight of those bronze statues of the stations of the cross. That was a find!

    • POG, you might be right with your solve. I saw another theory about how it was under the “Home of Brown”, and it was very centered towards a copper mine, because it isn’t exactly underground, is it? It is still in open air, sort of. So that cave in your pictures, it could very well be in a cave or underground tunnel, manmade or natural, because the Brown could be dirt?

  8. It is a really good solve Pirate… Server crash worthy 🙂 I think you should definitely go back and check it out again soon… As hard as that might be in the cold it might be worth it… 🙂

  9. This may be the summer it is found! With 50k people looking things are heating up….My money is on the Pirate in the coming months though. I just think f has opened a can of worms like he said it is “out of controle”.

    • Pieces, it happens every year……Fenn says something, actually it doesn’t matter what he says, everyone starts predicting the chest will be found this year, and how many searchers are looking, and how close some searchers have been. It has to be found this year!

      And there’s always a few that are absolutely, without a doubt, certain they have the solution and are just waiting for the snow to melt. All of this talk is like chumming the water for sharks; sending the over emotional, obsessive searchers in panicked and frenzied trips to the mountains. Which is silly, because in their obsessive state of mind they could stub their toe on the chest and not see it.

      But hey you could be right……maybe this year.

    • I think Forrest wants it to go on a little while longer I’m who wouldn’t with all the positive media attention…pretty ladies interviewing etc… 😛

  10. just saw a front page yahoo news feed featuring fenn..

    I guess thats why the site is acting weird..

    Newbies all over here!

  11. Goofy i am still getting errors when trying to post and it is very slow then doesn’t connect.

  12. has anyone come across Dante’s Divine Comedy while chasing? The number 9 is a recurring thing in Dante’s work…

  13. It’s not a recurring theme is Dante’s Divine Comedy. It’s the central concept that there are nine circles of Hell through which the author travels with the Poet Virgil. The ninth circle is the core of hell where dwells the betrayer of Jesus. Judas is condemned to eternal suffering. In essence, the betrayal of those who you love,and who love you is the utimate betrayal in Dante’s world. Worthy of the ultimate punishment.

  14. The blog is weathering another stress point today. ABC Network News had a story and it’s also the lead item on Yahoo’s News list…so we are seeing about 2,000 hits an hour right now..
    Be patient…maybe wait for the tide to ebb..
    This too shall pass..

    • Wow. 2,000!! My little site was only short of 200 an hour. Guess I’ll have to stay on the front porch, can’t run with the big dog! Thanks Dal &GOG…

    • second try yes dal but when will pass? thank you guys for all you do sorry i grumbled.

    • I apologize for the delays and problems connecting to the site……We are still extremely busy today……We have a beefy server for a site like this, but it can’t keep up with the amount of traffic we are experiencing.

        • until this clears you are welcomed to email me at wild birder ntex@ no spaces. amy mark and wolf chat back and forth

      • It appears that many sites picked up on the interview including the general ABC site, People, and other magazines. Should be interesting! No need to apologize Goofy. Those sites have quite a few folks commenting so they must be getting a lot of hits and since this site is close to the top when you google Forrest Fenn, it will certainly draw loads of people. Good work!

        • I would suggest that our family of searchers on this blog wait til the east coast is sound asleep…then head over here to the blog. It should be quieter then. Last night there was a lull in traffic after about 8pm west coast time. But my guess is that this traffic will be here for a couple more days before it wanes..

      • C`mon Goofy,

        admit it…you been playing with the “nuke” button too much and overheated the reactor… :mrgreen:

    • Dal,

      A lot of traffic is probably a good thing. It shows people are visiting the site. I confess I was one of the East coasters trying to connect…….Sorry about that.

      We all thank you for your blog and all you do for the cause.

  15. Dal,

    My book “A Treasure More Than Gold “, sub titled “How I found the solution to Forrest Fenn’s poem” also hit the internet book stores this week. Amazon and Barnes & Noble and others have it. Readers’ Favorite have some reviews for the book. I am hoping that it has created some interest in the chase. I mentioned your blog for finding information on the “Thrill of the Chase”. Just maybe it has added to this site’s traffic. That is maybe. lol.

    Ritt Jordan

    • You’ve been tooting your own horn a lot and unless you’re in possession of the chest you didn’t find THE solution to the poem. In my opinion, of course.

      • Okay I’ll try this posting for the third time…
        Agree with you Seabee88. There are too many people bragging on here for years stating they have a solve. They don’t have any solve until they have possession of the chest. And then these books people write… All seems absurd to me, IMO.

        • Yeah that’s so funny wise one we write a book after our solve fails to tell people how they can win yeah that’s funny ha ha

          • Ed i am with you. why would someone buy a book about the finding the TC if they failed? good luck with your search and be safe.

          • I’ll add a few word with my thought on the books. No THE treasure chest wasn’t found, but other treasures have been. I just got back from my first, and probably the last, BOG search. I took my grandson and had a great time. I’m not a writer like FF and some of the others but I am considering a story titled “Where Forrest’s Treasure chest Isn’t Hidden”. But I did find “gold”, (not the precious metal). I haven’t order any of the books by searchers but I sure there are a lot of good stories in them. I’ve done more reading in the last seven months than I had in the last seven years. That’s just one more of treasures that FF has given to me. I found “The journal of a Trapper” on line and found it very interesting and informative. A nice history lesson if you will.
            Any way, no one has to buy the books if they don’t want to, but others get great pleasure reading them.

          • i glad you found a different kind of gold. as for writing that was written from a place in your heart where all writing should start. i think you did fine and touch a place in my heart. time with our grandchildren is indeed golden.

  16. Hi Dal, I did see Forrests Treasure Hunt, on Gold Prospecting sites today. Also
    I did not see the Yahoo one. Lots of new interest.

  17. The beauty of this poem is its ambiguity. There are no wrong answers, everyone is right, everyone wins, it’s the thrill of the chase. Example: if I find an osprey nest with a put in below it, I can say I put in below the home of brown. Many people have fantastic solutions and they’re perfectly correct just not F’s perspective which is what were all attempting to do. If I was principal I would give almost everyone an A, especially if you traveled into the Rockies with the exception of a few. Thrill on seekers….

    On again the virtue lies in the struggle not the prize.

    • fourth try you are right Ed. some of us have more virtue than others. later this yr i hope to gain more virtue. it all about the THRILL, no prizes.

    • Ambiguity is the perfect seduction… you hear what you want to hear. It also allows there to be more than one CORRECT meaning to the poem… gives it more dimension, more brilliance imo

    • ed on the poetry page II i slaughtered another song but you my dear were the inspiration. hubby said he doesn’t mind because i stole part of it and two its awful.

  18. “Indecision is the key to flexibility and that is why I waited so long to secret my cache. …..And like Eric Sloane, at age almost-eighty, I figured it was time to act.”

    “I knew exactly where to hide the chest so it would be difficult to find but not impossible.”

    Well sir, you’ve managed to stir it up once again!! 🙂 Whether it is solvable or not, you did get people out there. Maybe, just maybe, you will get the chance to experience someone opening this special present and see the smile on their face, before you sit down at the great banquet table of history. But according to you, I guess it really doesn’t matter does it. Too bad you didn’t do it all sooner……….

  19. K. I. S. S.

    The poem is all you need, and the book has subtle hints,
    Forrest isn’t giving it away, that’s just common sense.
    The clues will take you right to the location,
    But you still might need more than one vacation.
    To some, it is straight forward and simply written,
    While some seem to be complicatedly smitten.
    Forrest has told us we’ll be surprised
    When we find how simply the location’s disguised.
    We will proclaim, “What took me so long!”
    When we locate the blaze with our confidence strong.
    It’s difficult but not impossible to get,
    If you’ve thought and planned for the obstacles met.
    The hints are not placed to deliberately aid,
    But to confirm, once the location’s been made.
    Don’t leave the house until you find x,
    Since the Rockies are bigger than one expects.
    Solve to chest before you leave
    Or lessons learned is all you’ll receive.
    Boots on the ground is the way to go,
    But only after your guess is a know.
    Enjoy the Chase but don’t feel greed,
    Don’t place want ahead of need.
    Memories are made by the bold,
    Adventure and fun is the gold.

    By Michael D

  20. Only when I found myself contemplating whilst in the wood, did the why of life materialize before my eyes. Good luck, be safe and enjoy mother nature everyone.

      • WiseOne,
        It was at a place and time after exhaustion from a good hike. This trip, as most, was solo. The initial clue which is what led me to this location had me on a natural high. But the trek through Mother Nature with only me, the song of the birds, and my higher power, pulled me out of the fast paced world and into one of serenity. Slowly the social influences faded with the fragrances of the pine, sound of water, and brisk of air. The journey led me through the poem to a patch of wood. I stayed awhile in silence and was given a direction to follow. It may sound corny to some, but if you could only walk in my shoes, you’d understand why. I hope that answers your question. Has anyone else experienced this. I think that is the most important part of this quest, is finding yourself. Thanks for asking.

        • yes its part of why i am a birder so i can go where there is almost no sound except that which God creates or from nature. it is mind clearing and mind blowing

        • hondolobo, Appreciate your reply. Sounds like a very nice place to be. Mother Nature can inspire us in ways we never could imagine unless you are actually out in it, or Her, I should say… Most of my inspiration comes from my imagination and deep thought as I gaze out my window into my backyard. Don’t laugh, but that’s how it works for me. I’ve recently thought about taking a trip… Just me, just get away to experience a different place, and do some things I wouldn’t normally get the chance to do, like sightseeing, horseback riding, maybe a massage and taking in the sights of mountains and beautiful scenery. But it’s not that much fun doing it alone. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be though, I don’t know.
          I wish I could walk in your shoes. I see people all the time (on TV) that get out and do these things. It looks so inspiring. I personally feel I’ve come to a time in my life, probably because I’m getting old, or more accurately, am old, that I want answers to so many questions that dwell within… TTOTC has really opened up my mind to exploring these avenues of learning and discovery. So I would say that I am finding myself, in my own way. I hope I can learn who I really am someday, and maybe why I’m here… then I’d be content. 🙂

          • wise one it took me yrs to get where i could go places by myself and enjoy the time with myself. i hav very mild Praise the Lord Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) it a miracle i can go for a walk by myself. that why i took up birding i can go in groups or by myself. add my fear of heights and large growds in 2005 you would believe i was part of the Billy Graham choir in the old Dallas Cowboy statuim in Irving TX. that cured me. i have learned i can do anything i want to.

          • Maybe it’s me. I’m have to uncheck the box. I can’t read all the useless notifications. Insert both keys, turn both simultaneously , lift thumb guard, PUSH RED BUTTON!

  21. Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
    To canyon deep, and quest so bold,
    I must away, ere First of May,
    To seek the hidden chest and gold.

    And this time I have an extra strength Tylenol with me, in case I get dizzy.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

    • LOL that was funny you poem is better written than mine. go to poetry II and see what i wrote its all about the thrill no prizes.

        • you are the one that is right. you wrote yesterday about virtue and about this about the thrill and no prizes. i wrote back you were right its all about thrill and no prizes. i started humming its all about the bass and that when the nausea started.

          • I think you misunderstand I quoted something from the book. “On again the virtue lies in the struggle not the prize.” When you say “no” prize what do you mean?

          • Ed i didn’t realize you were quoting the book i was just having some fun and i was bored to death. i am trying to do my reread of posting which i do everyday because i miss details sometimes. hubby home waiting to go dr and is under foot and there is a squirrel at bird feeder driving my affenpinscher nutty. then there’s the TV going blah blah blah. thinking right now is hard to do. long and short of it everythings normal at home.

        • Ed please call me marie or wildbirder i dont use the ann except at home with family.

          • we are going to get in trouble talking off topic but since you asked here goes. i was in foster care for a couple of years. while i was with them in sixth grade my math teacher said there were too many anns, anna, and annies (6) in the class and asked for anyone would mind going by the middle name. i raised my hand and i became Marie. i was from a poor family and in school i was picked on a lot because my name rhyme with just about everything. when a changed my name an amazing thing happen i was no long picked on relentlessly. it changed my life.

      • Thanks…
        Didn’t get dizzy, but didn’t find the clue I was looking for. Back to the maps. Good searching, everyone!
        “Have flashlight, will travel”

  22. does anyone out in blog land know when ff changed his statement from “someone has been within 500 feet” to “someone has been within 200 feet”? there’s an obsessive note taker out there… or two I know.

  23. I see people mentioning that the chest is made of wood and bronze. Where is this mentioned by Forrest. It is my understanding the chest is bronze and that if it had wood in it he wouldn’t have placed it where it could get wet. Also, as old as it is the wood would have deteriorated by now. Anyone?

        • Not that I think it’s important, but I have wondered if the wood liner is original to the chest. f could have had one made, if it didn’t have one and he wanted one in there for better protection of the contents… If he did, it could be made of Oak.

    • He GeoJack,

      One of my research on the Word Forrest used saying the chest is “Wet”. Let me to look up other meanings of WET. Like most of us searchers, searching endlessly for meanings of words forrest has used in his Poem and Scrap Books etc.

      “Wet” Meanings:

      and others……

      I am not sure that it is different than the normal, non slang meaning. Wet, as we know it. Just looking into all the possibilities.

      Happy Hunting
      Lou Lee Bear

      • Sorry, I forgot to edit, post above. My Handicapped sister was taking in my ear about what she wanted me to prepare her for breakfast. A little distracted. Got in a hurry. LOL I wish we had a edit button…Right? How about a Delete button! Now that could be fun. 🙂 Goofy, can you do that? Edit and Delete button, for us….?
        Lou Lee Belle

  24. James, Jenny’s blog, he was asked if anyone in the last three months had gotten closer to the chest. His response was the 200 feet.

    • That makes me feel good as I searched my spot in February and found my spot under a block of ice . So, I need a 200′ tape measure. Nice.

  25. Has anyone thought about the importance of the word “it” in the poem? It’s a very important ‘key’ to unlocking the the meaning of the clues. I’m not going to say much more, except that it is a specific thing.

    • Dan-
      There is an entire page devoted to the topic of the word “it” in the poem. You can find it by going to the menu item “Searcher’s Discussions” on the right side and then scrolling down the list till you get to “What is it”

  26. Dan, I assume you’re implying that the “it” has the same meaning throughout the poem… I guess it could, depending on what your interpretation is, but I’m having difficulty reading it that way. I’ll think about it some more.

      • Then I choose the first 2. It’s all interpretation and until one physically sees their blaze in person, and looks quickly down, no one will know for sure if they’ve interpreted it correctly. “Hasn’t worked out too good so far.”

    • I recall in English composition, we were downgraded for using the “it” word. A whole letter grade. So yeah, there is something there. I don’t know what it is. LOL

    Forrest will be live on a St. Louis radio show at 1110am SF Time today..
    If anyone can catch it and record it that would be great.
    No, I do not know which station.

    • Dal, have you found out anymore out about this? I’ve searched and can’t find anything… at least so far….

      • Thanks for the link Ed. I listened to the interview and didn’t hear anything new – same old questions and same old answers. It seemed as though Forrest was having a little problem hearing the questions. Maybe he shouldn’t bother with radio interviews anymore.

        • CJ-
          Forrest wears hearing aids. They do pretty good when he’s in a room with someone, but over the phone he has a difficult time. He avoids the phone when he can because it’s such a struggle to hear the questions. Those radio interviews are almost always via phone unless he can go down to a local studio.

        • I just was wanting to say How Great Forrest Looks! Don’t you all think? for a man of 80 something he has the skin of a new born baby. He is so Handsome! For someone who was outdoors alot, he Looks so Awesome! Must be because he wore his shade hat alot! You can tell he takes good care!

          Lou Lee Belle, Commenting on what a Handsome man, Our Forrest is!!!!!

          PS, Forrest U Cutie Pie!

      • Thanks Ed for posting this link. I tried locating it earlier today with no success. I think forrest is doing everything he can to promote his TTOTC Memoir. I don’t how he is able to keep up with everything involved. I get worn out just thinking about it. “and again…Thank You Forrest.”

  28. “It” IS referring to something specific and IS used accordingly in regards to the sentence structure, but I don’t see much importance in “it”.

    You could say, “Begin Where Warm Waters Halt”. But it wouldn’t make much sense to say, “And take in the canyon down”, would it? — Just one example.

    • You aren’t comprehending this, the word is not supposed to be removed. The word is a placeholder for something else.

      • Seriously? 🙂

        This just basic stuff.

        I removed “it” as an example. Of course “it” needs to be there. It has a purpose. If “it” wasn’t there, then other structure might need to be changed as well, but that could apply to any other word, couldn’t it.

        I’m pretty sure I know what “it” is …..and “it” isn’t of major importance.

        But you know the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but……….

        Good luck.

      • Yup, like Interstate 10, or Izzy’s Trail, etc.
        Heres a couple things that might be meaningful to someone: check out Wiki’s Yellowstone Lake and a ‘single exception’ noted in 1870.
        Or, about posting a blaze or blazing a post — Post means after or end, while postmarks on snail mail indicate the starting place.
        Stella Lake is fulla bears!

      • I hear ya Dan…I think the word “it” and the word “where” are in the same vein of importance…as in, very. Where has a funky context that just isn’t right…to me anyways. The first two “it’s” seem more logical to be names of places,i.e. name of the wwwh, and name of the canyon, etc. Does not seem logical that the chase or your journey is “it”…imo.

  29. It seems so many people on here are confident in their potential solves.
    How confident can one be BEFORE going to their spot? 100%?
    I find that hard to believe.

    • Unless the poem gives one the EXACT set of coordinates or reveals a specific named place where the chest is located and THEN Forrest Fenn confirms it for you, then I don’t see how anyone could ever have 100% confidence. I go with SOME confidence every single time, but I also keep it realistic.

      • To be that confident Forrest would have to have the LAST clue (which may NOT be in the poem but the poem takes you to it) to direct you exactly to the Chest. That would mean you have to go through ALL the clues to find/get the LAST one!!!

    • wiseone about being 100% confindent about our places. most of the time we are. oh we wake up and think NO way. then it grows again. i think you need confidence because you could be without 200 ft and give up to go search some where else. thank God we will be in a short narrow canyon with less to cry over and bang our heads on. but we are convi-dent and so is our heads.LOL

  30. Now my niece is in the chase. She wants to go below the dam near Eagles Nest. I told her that it is not associated with a man made structure,and that the places referred to in the poem have been around for hundreds of years. Then I recommended that she looked up Dals Cheat Sheet for some more clues and explanations. I hope that I can talk her into taking me up to the Tooth of Time. That would be fun.

  31. The beginning is where warm waters halt and take it in the Canyon down…from there……..and so on. I think? Pretty sure.

    • Lou Lee,
      wwh… canyon down… I THINK? Ha! You sound about as confident about things as I do…
      I’m pretty sure I’m going to make another search soon. I’ll begin it wwwh and take it in the canyon down. if I can’t find it, I’ll be sad, but I’ve been there before. So….
      Are you going out to search soon?

      • Wise one, I have to admit I am not. How ever I think I have a now narrowed down search….area. I cant be too confident because no one knows till they have it hand. So I don’t want to be arrogant about my location or locations, I admit I have more than one and a few other idea’s! LOL
        I am trying to get a ton of stuff done, than I am jumping in a Truck or RV or both and heading out..Can’t wait…..I also am going to a location I have been too already that maybe just maybe needs to be re-searched….:)

        Thanks for asking and Good Luck to you and everyone. and don’t forget to leave a little treasure on the trail….Something I like to do….for the kids.

        Lou Lee, the Prospecting Treasure Hunter

      • Begin—> I.t acronym (I’ll give you the first word the “I” stands for in.

    • The 3 million dollar question! hondolobo

      So no Paddle up YOUR creek…..If you are not up YOUR creek. Your not going to find the treasure……Your is important too. Very important…..

      Lou Lee Bear

      • “YOUR creek”.

        He’s talking to YOU in this poem. YOUR the one who will be searching for it, right? YOU are looking for the next clue to solving it. YOUR represents that next clue, …..the next step, the next place YOU need to follow in a consecutive order to finding it. There may be other courses of water around, maybe even some dry. But, regardless, “YOUR creek” is the right creek, whichever creek it is. And so it is thus mentioned as such. 🙂

        • You hit the nail on the head Suzie. I needed to travel to points to understand exactly what you are saying, that is in my solve at least. Certain clues at certain locations will lead you to another point. Now I am worried…. other people thinking like me… lol. Good luck Suzie and Lou Lee Bear.

          • I like that perspective Suzie, after focusing on “You” and “Your” for a bit I came up with a whole new location to search… Everything seems to fit no stretching of clues… Well maybe a little..:). But, now I have multiple solutions and I can’t decide which one is the best they all seem to work… Wish I had the time to search all of them!

          • Hondolobo i agree each clues in our solve is a new point. At the creek there is no paddle because at time of year we have told by locals its ankle deep knee at worst. Step by step in the poem

        • I agree suzie – that’s what I was trying to say earlier but I couldn’t find the words to explain it like you did –

        • 2 creeks, choose the one with a road alongside it. But you already knew that if you put in correctly below the home of Brown. You do know there are 2 “put in’s” below the home of Brown don’t you?

    • That is a good question honolobo. Is IT or the interpretation of IT the part of the poem needed to understand why your there?

      Maybe IT means nothing more than the entire viewing of the poem from a single small spot. A view that shows all the location / physical features / even Metaphors relating to a visual sight.

      Could ” Take it in the canyon down” mean nothing more that scanning or line of sight as line up a the descriptions [ Physical or otherwise.] in the poem that will point directly to the spot the chest lays in wait?

      Could marvel gaze mean you have found the spot and looking over the Blaze that is nothing more than fenn showing or telling what is needed to be seen and not so much travel.

      Why is it some have got the first two clues and went / walked / passed by the other seven? Maybe because they didn’t understand the significance of the spot they were at…the exact spot that show IT all.

      Just pondering new thoughts

  32. Not sure if this is the one from Sante Fe looks like it was from yesterday. They say they are having technical difficulty and cannot link the Podcast at the moment…

    84-year-old Forrest Fenn of Santa Fe, New Mexico is simultaneously an eccentric millionaire, a best-selling author, a crotchety old man, AND the lunatic who just might make you rich. Back in 2010, he buried a treasure chest with $2 million worth of gold, coins, and gemstones somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He wrote his memoir, called “The Thrill of the Chase”, which gave clues to finding the treasure. Clearly, that was a marketing strategy that WORKED . . . because it became a best-seller. He has also occasionally dropped other clues, like saying the treasure is 5,000 feet above sea level . . . and, quote, “the treasure chest is wet.” But in spite of all that . . . no one has found it in the five years. Around 30,000 people have searched, he says some of them have gotten within 200 feet, but it’s still out there. He just gave a new interview about it, which should drum up interest again . . . and that’s what he wants. Quote, “Mostly my motive was to get kids off the couch and away from their texting machines and out in the mountains.”

  33. To look on a map or GE and be able to have an entire view of the poem from that vantage point is one thing, but to go to an actual physical place and stand there and be able to do that, having what you think are most of the clues displayed out in front of you in a panoramic sense, is something else.

    It takes me back to when Dal went to The Red River/Rio Grande confluence and wrote about his experience. After reading about it I too set out on one of my first searches there a few years ago. Traveling down Forest Road 9 with a burnt/blazed Flag Mountain behind me as I meandered my way across Cebolla Mesa, in an attempt to peel back the layers of the clues, …..finally reaching the “edge” and the campground. There, I could stand at a vantage point where, looking out into its vastness and down at the great rivers, I thought most of the clues fit perfectly. I could retrace most of the steps in my mind from there, with only a couple left to find or figure out. But my quest proved to be similar to that of Dal’s and I was unable to ever find what I was looking for. It was beautiful though and I have been back several times, if only just to gaze out and “into” its magnificence or go up further to the hatchery and try my luck at catching something. 🙂 A “special” place it is and will always be………..

    • Dal, do you have access to the longer version that was posted on the KOAT web site. I tried watching it but was having problems. Thanks!

      • CJ-
        Thanks for reminding me that there are two versions of that interview. I put a link to the longer version on the Media page as well. But I see what you mean about it being kinda iffy. That may be because there are so many people trying to look at it. It too will probably play better in a day or two when the masses have moved on to the latest new story.

        • Thanks Dal. I try to listen later tonight when just we left coasters are awake. 🙂

  34. “What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

    To me, right now, this means all the possibilities on this blog and others are out.? And the person who was closest was there by chance, because they did not know why – or that one possibility.

    So beyond that I got 0. I started making a list of some of the possibilities relayed through the blogs. Then I remembered I’m not that bright, so I figured I’d ask… Anyone read his quote differently? Please explain. My list is long and kinda not good thinking all these great ideas are out.

    • Well John you can discount all the possibilities here if you like….It would certainly save you a bunch of reading.

      In my uncertain opinion he didn’t say anything certain. He has said many times he doesn’t read the blogs. He says in his statement he isn’t certain it hasn’t been analyzed.

      From his statement we can be certain that he is uncertain whether an important possibility has been analyzed. So that certainly should clear up any uncertainty you have about looking at the possibilities here. All of course is my uncertain opinion.

      • I read it as he’s surprised he hasn’t come across the winning possibility (which is apparently obvious) and then he uses the “uncertain” as a disclaimer just in case. So every idea he’s seen is not the winning one.? But thankfully he doesn’t read the blogs.

        • The predicament: I think its in a fishing hole. But he certainly has knowledge of that because its a good idea. But… Can it be an “important possibility related to the winning solve”?

          • John, his fishing holes have been a popular discussion topic over the years. There are many folks that agree with you that it is stashed in one of his favorite spots.

    • hi hubby and i have got two different HOB that no one else has mention. bog in aug.

    • Anyone please
      hi folks i know Mr Fenn said the “only phantom knows” does anyone know the setting and when please. i can not find it. i have found it be discuss but not his statement.

      • Hello, Wildbirder. I know there is (was?) a blogger around by the name of “phantom” …or “[ ]” …or something like that. He was here on Dal’s site a little while ago…I think before you started sharing with us. I don’t know where he/she/it? is right now. Have you heard of “The Shadow”? There’s a trippy website here talking about a Shaman and the shadow if you haven’t seen it yet:

        Weird! I know, right?

        • JC1117 thank you here is update on hubby and a question for the bloggers.
          Hubby was told by Dr. they will not reattach his bicep tendon which he ruptured but will repair two of the four tendons in the rotator cuff he tore. He will be down three months. If they take their time three weeks to get him in for surgery he will be paid to go the NM but only 70% of his pay.
          On our way home I ask him what “no human trail in close proximity to where TC is hide” meant to him. He said 500 ft or about 1/10 of a mile.
          So maybe you can use a “human trail” but you will find TC 500 ft away which going with our two remaining solves. this makes sense because it cannot be on or near a trail that would to easy to find. the blaze will direct you. this also works for our solves

          • Yikes, Wildbirder. I’ve been following your updates on your husbands condition. That does not sound like fun at all. Hopefully all goes well with the surgery and the healing. Getting “paid” to look for treasure sounds like a dream come true. I close my eyes now and then and click my ruby slippers together …but no such luck! My boss tries to be good to me…I think…but when there’s no work…there’s no work. I’d like to be out in the desert hunting for treasure, but I can’t afford it.

            Everybody has their own ideas about the poem. I’m pretty sure I have located a “blaze” in close proximity to a “game trail” which looks interesting. I haven’t walked down that exact game trail before…so it’s kinda hard to judge the condition of the trail until I actually walk it. Oh, well. I’ve walked down trails like that many times before.

            I should set up a trail camera the next time I’m there. Like this one:


        • JC 1117 werid when you get there. There is is a werid count down clock, a guy that could be jack the ripper, a frog, and a line drawing of a turtle. Where were you sending me?

          • Yeah. You got it. I told you it was crazy. And what’s up with “seeking guidance from C.P. Stowe”? Or Sea Beasto? Seepy stow? Is that like a moist cave or hole of some kind? Your guess is as good as mine.

          • hey Bird, yes, there’s been alot of discussions about that website. Is f behind it, is someone playing jokes, etc… I guess it’s what you get from it. It changes. Before you arrived it had amelia earhart radio transmissions, before that some radio letters. For me, some hints have been given that I believe only the person that hid the chest, or one who has found it, would know. But that’s up for debate.
            Cepe’s toe, to me, would be some form of mushroom. Cepe being French for mushroom, I haven’t put much research into it so it is what it is. Like JC has pointed out, there could be different spellings and meanings, just depends on the person interpreting

          • that site is CREEPY!!!!! its really got creepier this morning when we realized it off by two days of our ability to go search. we are at 108 days and David said its like it gives us a day or two to look. no i dont think its for us but it is Creepy

          • charlie your are not kidding that place is CREEPY. i forgot my sound was up and it playing what i inpertate as Indain music on a flute. froggy is gone. what other clues were on the site. the count down is off about two days from our search. that soooooo strange.

      • Wildbird:See “Nine clues part one” and a entry by Dal on March 26, 2013 where Dal is posting a comment from Forrest re: a search being done by an NBC correspondent. When I want to find something on this blog or most other websites, I use the Advanced Search function on Google. Try it sometime. There was a bunch of chatter about the Phantom after that statement and some folks thought that the person who posted as “phantom” was Forrest. I thought then that it was just a lot of chatter about nuttin and I still do…..

        • thank you very much someone was very nice to answer my question with the site i needed. its from a poem someone submitted to Fenn and Fenn posted it on a scrapbook page. Fenn may have writtn it but i dont think so.
          its wasnt it Dal site where ihad someone tell me it was nor was it in the poetry pages where i was told it was. you would think a poem would be listed there but this one didnt make it. it dead because it wasnt from Fenn but his scrapebook pges. an easy confusion. thanks all that tried to help cut down on wasted hunting time.

          • The quote “only the phantom knows” was from Forrest–read the Nine clues page I cited in my reply above. That quote was found by using Google advanced search in about 4 minutes. It is very helpful.

    • cepe’s toe could be a mushroom… But I see a bee mostly occupied by a dragonfly darting around in the fog… And the frog is keeping his eye on the wise owl that’s hidden in the wood… “Just using a little imagination here… All in all, an interesting site. Kind of creepy though.”

      • CREEPY, CREEPY, AND CREEPIER!!!!!! what other clues have been on there Sir?

        • Wildbird, Interpret it as you choose. No one is sure what the true intention is behind the site, but it probably has some meaning to someone, somewhere… And by the way, I’m a “she” not a he… That’s ok though, I get that all the time. I guess people don’t think of a “she” as being “wise”.

          • i am sorry i think SHE’s can be very intelgent! i just think of a wise one as an older guy like in a Indian cheif or as in a the old wise olws that are usually men voices. i now see the owl i didnt see that last night and the frog reminds me of slurbs. if is is F then he maybe trying to send a message about you two and how close you are. hubby thinkss the count down is very strange too

          • lol,wise. Anyway, I really can’t give you any relative thoughts on that website. I also don’t find to much of a hint in this “version” of that website. (since it has changed a couple times). It’s a tough discussion, First, I do feel I have found hints large enough in previous “versions” of the website to constitute as back up or support info. So, makes me think only the person that hid the chest, or, someone who has already found. BUT…,
            I also think about f not giving anybody a headstart or keeping everything on an even keel so to say, and, if someone missed those earlier “versions” as maybe some noobies have, then the vets are getting some kind of advantage, which I think would be unfair and thus, f just wouldn’t do it. So f isn’t behind the website. Confused? yea, so am I.
            At first, I thought f was behind the website, the hint I was getting was pretty big, but second, might be considered unfair, so f not behind website and somebody has found the chest.
            I think if somebody found the chest, f would know and post that info. Since no post of being found, well then I’m back at square one with that website.
            So, just take it as you will, outside the poem so really not needed, right…?
            but there be hints in those earlier radio transmissions, and yankee hotel foxtrot letterings and such.
            If you want to research something, research Abbreviations, the military uses them a lot, might figure he does. example, efo is short for effort. And, if you break down lines, w “is”e and fo. And your “effort” will be “w” or th the cold. Just a thought. Also, radio jargo and such, since he has a license, or so I’m left to believe. Just my thoughts.

          • thanks for the info. i right clicked on that pg to print it. werid the only thing that shows is a faint pic of the frog and the numbers. its a distraction. i will check it now and then just to see what happend when clock runs out. hubby thinks its the time for summer hunting season.

        • Not sure if you were aware, but there is an ancient coin with an owl on it that represents Athena, a “she”… Maybe you already know this since you have interest in birds. If not, you can research “owl coins” if it helps in your potential solve. I think there is a tie involved with it and the chase. IMO

          • WiseOne
            i checked some of the sites. do you remeber the movie “Crash of Titan” they had an owl that was helping them. i always thought that owl looked silly until you sent me to this site. the owl on the back of the coin looks just like the one in the movie. funny how your ideas can change when you have more info on a subject. thanks

          • I dunno guys wether it can be found without Fenns input…that maybe a good thing though…chase can go on into perpetuity.

          • Hi Ed if someone got as close as 200 ft then its findable. it’s only a mater of time like waiting for an earhtquake to happen. there are signs that it’s coming but the when is not know.

          • WiseOne I buy what they call “dirty old coins” which are ancient coins that have been dug up and hence are still covered – encrusted in dirt. Then you clean them and try to attribute them. I am always hoping to find an Athena Owl Tetradrachm (that would just be Amazing!!!) but I know that the ones I buy have most likely been checked with a metal detector before they get to me 🙂 Its one of my favorite hobbies… After The Thrill of the Chase of course :). Wonder if Forrest has ever collected ancient coins???

          • spallies, I’ve never heard of buying “dirty coins” encrusted in dirt. Where do you find those? Online?
            And yes, I wonder how much f knows about coins or if he collects them. He probably does. He collects so many things!

          • Wiseone just Google uncleaned roman coins or dirty coins… There are a lot of good sites… Also Ebay has them… I guess you can just about find anything online these days 🙂

            Sorry to be off topic Goofy but hey maybe Forrest does collect ancient coins… Probably the fancy silver and Gold ones I would imagine… 🙂 Maybe he even put one in the chest!!! Although, I don’t recall him ever mentioning anything like that???

  35. OK, I would like every ones opinion on this. On Page 48 of TTOTC book, is ff giving us a clue than a nickname given in jest should be Capitalzed. Read where it sez ” when Frosty is given an inch, he thinks hes a ruler.” Then he sez “The Ruler thought ….” (note ff uses a capped ‘R’ for ruler)

    Now if you agree with that, then IMO I know several things about brown, One is that its a nickname and maybe it was given in jest.

    • Good observation Mustang. I always thought it, but your catch in the book confirms the possibility. FF may have named a significant something else as Brown. (IBM is called Big Blue) IMO You only need the poem IF you are very lucky and able to test every bit of ground. I think the book might confirm what you draw from the poem — so you can go with confidence. A little global help, like his other books and experiences, doesnt hurt either.

      • Yep, at one time I thought it was that stinking brown gravey that he used to have to wash out of the ‘giant’ kettles….

    • Musstag good work. i have reread that book a bunch and everytime i spot somei missed including this. sharp eyes

  36. second try please where is the proof Mr F said “only the phanotm knows” i have found several places that say he said it but where does it show Mr. F actually said the phrase. i have gone to Dals site and this is all i found.

    From Ed statement on dals site Grayling creek.

    Ed – I wonder if he showed up when Forrest was hiding his treasure? Only the “Phantom” knows..

    my question is did Forrest really say this?

    • Yes, he did Marie, but I do not have a link to where he said it, I just remember reading it here on the blog quite some time ago – sorry!

      • only place i can find the quote is where a blogger said he said it. i am beginning to think this is a mis quote.

        • It is not a misquote Marie. Forrest wrote that phrase and there was much discussion at the time as to why he wrote that phrase the way he did instead of writing “The Shadow knows” which is the phrase from the old radio show, The Shadow, which aired from 1930 to 1954. Maybe some of the other long time posters to this blog will remember him saying it too.

          He used that phrase earlier than the Phantom poem that was based on Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, “The Raven”. And I’m sure the take-off on Edgar Allen Poe’s poem was written precisely because Forrest had used the word “phantom” earlier. Just don’t ask me where he used the word phantom as the search function here doesn’t seem to search the whole site like I sometimes wish it would. 🙂

      • Excue me Sir but i did spend about three hours late last night and this morning goin through Dal Adventures. i was going to start a new search after lunch. no disrespect meant but if someone can direct someone in just a minute to a site why am i being growled at?
        i not sure why a question from a relative new person is a sin.

        • Two reasons Wildbird; first we are not your research assistants. You have put in a few hours of research; there are some here that have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours researching.

          Second and most important; without doing the research yourself you will never know what you missed. Perhaps a fresh set of eyes like yours going over the information will unlock the key to the poem. You are only cheating yourself by not doing the research.

          I don’t mind helping someone if they have put in the effort to find an obscure statement or reference. But you haven’t bothered to read the scrapbooks; it’s right there. I’m not growling at you about the question so much as I am about you making off topic comments; you have been warned several times.

          • Sir I would be grateful if you would not nuke me. I don’t mind wild goose chases but a 2 day total of 5.5 hours goose chase about something Fenn never said was too much time wasted especially when someone had the answer IMO.
            I thank you for help but as for your twice now request for me to do some searching on my own may I let you know that in the last 5 months or 129.43 weeks or 906 days I have minimum of 5-6 hrs a day searching. I have at least 3-4 or more days that I have done 12 -14 hr days. This is on top of a 1-3 books a week reading.
            I don’t mind doing the work and I have. My searching has been two plus years because we only heard about this on Today show. We have had only one search in the field because our solves were not strong enough.
            We agreed not to waste our time or resources searching again until we had all nine clues solve and lots of supportive hints or answers and at least two to four places to hunt. We have that now.
            We were under to wrong impression that part of the blog role is to help each other in their solves. Again I do not mean to cause a problem just was po-litely asking for some help.

      • i had also went through all the poems on brought poem pages aand that took an 1 1/2 hours. thank you for providing the anwser.

      • last Sir the poem is not by Mr. F it was forwarded to him by someone and Fenn posted it. no where is where Fenn is qouted said this thank you for the help very much sir.

        • Bird, don’t fret, we have all been in the same boat at sometime with this chase. You can ask questions and give your thoughts, I think that would be encouraged. It’s Friday, everyone is ready for the weekend. You do offer many posts, some may be off topic some not, I think that’s all Goofy was trying to say. Don’t think you’re getting “Nuked”. It may have been taken harshly, but don’t believe Goofy meant it that way. Just his way of saying “easy does it” with the stuff that isn’t relevant. Clling him “sir” didn’t help, but, hey, no biggie.
          Ask your questions, post ideas, do your research, have fun, look to the vets, keep it simple _____.
          Unless you write a stupid book, I think you have nothing to worry about.:) Smile and have a great day…

          • charlie i have stated in pass that i was raised to to be well mannered so when i am asked a question i will be po-lite and answer it. i have been scolded twice for it but the persons asking the questions were not. IMO that was not po-lite.

            i am sorry i got touchy about it but i worked very hard and long on our solves. what rubbed me the wrong way was the idea that i had not researched on my own enough. because of the work we have several very solid solves each with all nine clues and one with all nine clues with 49 points/hints/facts to support it. from what we have read more than any other solve on line. when i hear something that might block this this i try to run it down as quickly as i can.

    • wildbird, Did you check the videos? For some reason I think he might have said it on a video clip… Maybe to narrow it down your search, check by date after that SB was posted… just a thought. Oh, IMO

      • thank you that wild goose chase is dead for me but thank you for your help.

        • Not to worry, wbird, We can’t know all the answers, all the time. We just crawl along in this quest, some days not knowing where we’re going or where we’ll end up tomorrow.
          For me, I recently came across some info that I found most interesting, not sure how pertinent it is to the chase, (my theory is pretty “out there”) but everyday we learn more about ourselves and many other things as well. Hopefully someday it will grow into a solve… Who knows. 🙂

          • thank you for your kind words. i have learned a lot like how to blog which we think will help in our small business later maybe in a year i will tackle it. right now i just worried about health issues and getting to go next fall. we all put in a lot of work, emotion, heart and soul into our solves. we earn every inch of that crawl over the inter net, books, blogs, maps and the Lord only knows what else.

            no one knows how hard any one has worked we each just do our best to do that work and help others where we can.

        • Wildbird, this is a good example of why you should do your own research. You have killed your line of thinking not knowing everything about the phantom.

          Wiseone is correct. Fenn has spoken of the phantom in a couple videos that I remember.

          There are those that take every word Fenn speaks and turns them into clues. So the discussion about the phantom goes on and on and on. Fenn catches on and post scrapbook 94 just to scramble the obsessive one’s brains; in my opinion. He made a couple mistakes (on purpose?) in that post which really sent everyone into an uproar.

          To my uncertain recollection it actually all started way back in the nine clues part one. When Dal made this comment:

          dal on March 26, 2013 at 9:24 am said:

          Forrest just sent me this little gem-
          The NBC producer is out this very minute with a senior correspondent looking for the treasure with someone about which I am not familiar and in a spot about which they will not speak. Are they going to surprise me at 0500 in the morning on the Today show by giving me the bracelet as a token of their appreciation?

          Only the Phantom knows. f

          If you think the phantom has anything to do with your solution there is much more about the phantom to find………

          • i apolgy i said to found the two places including one where Fenn di d say it but Not in the context i was told it was said and you directed me to the poem which was not Fenns. i believe fenn was quoting this poem and it is a dead subject for me because i have the answer i needed. and no the phantom is not part of my solve thank you very much for all of your help.

    • wildbirder – Here is a Google trick that I use occasionally to search out obscure references. If a site does not have a search box, or it yields incomplete results, just type the following into Google: “phantom”

      or “phantom knows”

      This will allow you to quickly search every page of Dal’s site for the word or phrase in quotations. Any hits will be displayed as search results.

      Once you have clicked on a result and landed on a page, then hit Control+F and type “phantom” into the search box that appears at the upper right hand side of your screen. All instances of “phantom” will be highlighted and you will be able to skip through them with ease.

      This should save you “heavy loads” of time!

      • THANK YOU AUSTIN! That is the best search advice I’ve ever read! 🙂

      • thank you austin i know how to use the search box on the page and i know how to use control f to get my own search box thank you for your help its very welcome.

  37. Well if you wont listen to people who have been following along and have witnessed first hand the interaction of Forrest and searchers over a five year period, your thoughts may be good ones. I find its best to not get too upset over time “wasted” doing research. In the long run you are the only one responcible for how you spend your time.

    Forrest has used the term, in the past both written and orally. So if we dont know the exact place but enough of us heard and read it to know that it did indeed occur.

    Sorry you are having a bad day.

    • dedi thank you for yppour thoghtful help. i was not upset over researching its never realy a waste of time. i learned a lot from it which if i went into might be off topic. i know he said it now but not the poem and not in the context i had read it was said. i have said it was a dead topic for me.

  38. Back to “on-topic”. Looking at the 9 clues, if they are to lead us to the end of his rainbow and the treasure, are we to take that means the chest or the area is a treasure to him? If the 9 clues yield coordinates, which I think they do, you are left with an area 80′ by 100′. That’s not going somewhere with confidence. This is where I think the back up info or all the support info is so critical. Is it the case that the poem, or the 9 clues will send you to this “area”, and the interpretations of the hints needed to extract?
    I may have missed a quote somewhere or discussion on this, but has it been said that the 9 clues are exact? Meaning lead you to “exactly” the spot of the chest? We know the area is special to him, that would fall in the “treasure” comment, possibly. I’m only throwing that out there because of how things can be so critically interpreted. Just why didn’t he say “chest” instead of treasure.
    And yes I know, don’t make it too complicated.

    • charlie i think you are on right path. we have had a lot of solves but a piece or more of the poem were not there. so back to drawning board. we decided not to hunt untill we had 2 – 3 solves with all the clues answered and as much supportive info we cause find. that said we know we cause crash and burn on those rocks. once you get something that meets the first clue in poem you work to builted on it. i know “whats the first clue”? pick your place because it well fall togther if you have it. clues cannot be forced to fit.

    • charlie – Forrest spent a large sum of money on the chest. Besides that, it dates to somewhere around 1150 AD. I consider it part of the treasure. That’s one possible reason “he didn’t say chest instead of treasure”.

    • Charlie,

      if you can narrow “Four States” down to an 80′ x 100′ area…I myself would go with “confidence”

      Think about it… :mrgreen:

  39. I don’t understand… What do you mean fall in the “treasure” comment, possibly?
    Are you referring to another comment or what?
    And about the chest vs. treasure usage… I’ve wondered about that myself. I do have my own idea, but I’m probably wrong.

    • Wise, I think I meant that the whole area would be a treasure to him. And that support info or hints would be needed to pinpoint the chest. Austin put a good spin on it. The “chest” is treasure, but in context, is finding the treasure equal to finding the chest or an area that has the chest somewhere in it.
      Sorry, trying to do some work here at the same time. What I’m getting at is the support info. It seems to me that it is vital to finding the chest, and must be accounted for. Example: 12ft.,200ft,500ft, the meek, rainbow, switch, middle(word that is “key”), 66,000 links, nigh, no paddle, etc…etc…etc… all have to be answered, missing one could mean wrong spot. Does “environmentalists to” equal one of your coordinates? Is Forrest part of that coordinate? Why 9? why “it”? Horses? well, you know what I’m saying. If all we need is the poem, I guess the only hints that we truly must answer for are the ones in the poem.

      • the treasure Fenn has said was put in the chest which is part of the treasure because of the chest’s value. fenn has said the chest and the treasure when speaking. treasre and chest are interchangable terms for the same thing. when the treasure is found you will find the chest with the treasure insde of the chest.

      • charlie, f has used the words “special place” in reference to the chest’s hidden location. I also believe f to be a person that cares about the environment. As far as “environmentalists to” equal one of my coordinates… I haven’t gotten that far yet. There are many questions to answer and then to figure out which ones are the one’s that pertain to the special place, it will take some narrowing down. I don’t think all he has said is directly associated to the spot, because there are too many, but some may be.
        Kind of off topic for one second… A lonely female mallard duck just landed in my backyard and is swimming in the pond/water feature! I’m excited! This never happened before. 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t help myself, Goof and Dal. Forgive me pls.

        • Hi WiseOne, I read in your other post you are waiting on your search. I understand that. Last year after planning a big trip. Family situation called me to duty. So well these things happen. Sounds like its a issue of your solve. Narrowing it down has been a challenge for me too, Life is like a box of Chocolates, You never know what you get. Right? Yes…..

          Oh Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got my Shards from the Contest on Jenny’s. I have to tell you, when they came in the mail today, I was elated! So Awesome! Made my day…..Did anyone see my Easter Rose? JC I knew would win….So nice, I guess his wife is the Artist here.

          The contests are so….much fun. I have a small collection of things now from forrest! I just Love him so much. When I found the Chase….Life became better with Forrest…I have learned much from him….

          Keep having fun and enjoy the Chase.

          Lou Lee Bear, Enjoying my package today from Jenny and Forrest! Made my May Day…thanks so muchy…..

          • I remember looking for your Easter Rose Egg before, Lou Lee, but don’t recall ever finding it. So sorry. Did you win a prize? If so that’s great!
            About my search… yeah, I still don’t feel confident enough to make the trip. Last time I searched was about 6 or 7 weeks ago. It was not a good trip. Long drive, 14 hrs., got a speeding ticket on the way there. I go by myself, so it’s not too much fun and kind of scary at times. Anyway as soon as I feel confident enough about solving the poem, I’ll head out again. Some days I feel good about it and some days not.
            ps…I like the chocolates that show what they are on the inside of the box lid. 😉

          • Me too. Wise One…See’s is the best!
            So…Sorry you had to search alone. That is along long trip 14 hrs. In the Rockies, at that time, it would be Winter. Ice, Snow, Slush, Rain…and if your lucky Sun.

            I understand. Don’t give up, like forrest say’s could be 1000 years till found.
            Jenny’s Blog…”Mysterious Writings”
            Jenny went to Forrests Indian Ruins and met Forrest and collected Artifacts. I entered a contest…I did not win. But I got some Shards of Old Indian Pottery from Forrests Indian Ruin in New Mexico. My entry Page 4. Easter Decoration Contest.

            Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Bears in Jelly stone Park and lived to tell.

          • wise one where do you live, when are you planning to go hunting, and rough area please.

        • lol,wise, I have a male and female in my pool. Just came in last week, they do every year for last 3 years.

          • I’m in MO and I’ve searched NM the last two times. I’m looking at a couple CO areas as well. My first search a couple years ago was near CO/UT border, Dinosaur National Monument / Echo Park. My search pictures are on under NotSoWise if you’re interested in seeing them. (I think they’re still there) I doubt I’ll ever get up north into WY or MT, unfortunately, but I did find some interesting research leads in MT.
            Oh, and she’s back… the duck!

  40. a) Thanks Goofy.
    b) In the past there has been discussion & alternate interpretations of the short words… it, so, as, all, to/too/two, and many posts copied out of dictionaries. So, I thought I would contribute this: a little altering in the pronunciation of ‘to’ with a long O sound becomes toe or tow. Toe, in the usual dictionaries is on your foot. But a mechanic may speak of the toe of a car’s front wheels, to a geologist’s the toe is the outer edge of a glacier or landslide. That land-shape distinction may help a boy who told us that he is learning to find the edges. (book & poem work together… IMO)

    • fenntreasuremarksblogsite smiling like a shark! how your search going

  41. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. Fenn (or whoever runs his facebook page) posted this:

    April 28 at 9:35pm •

    Update from Forrest: “The treasure is still there and with school almost out a lot of people will be searching. Please dress warm and be safe”

    The link to his facebook page is at the bottom of the this page.

  42. I have seen “put in” refer to putting your boat into a harbor before..
    Maybe you need to hop on a boat WWWH and take a boat in the canyon down..

    • cluesfrompilly you are right but it also mean to move.
      thank you i had not found this definition. it makes sense to us now.

      1. To begin to move, especially in a hurry.
      2. Nautical To proceed: The ship put into the harbor.

  43. NO Wise One it was baaaaaad!

    Here is some to chew on-
    Fenn said the TC is in no proximity to a human trail. That means to us he used one of three ideas and we are pretty sure the start of the trail will be in a canyon because of take the canyon down.
    One: He used a human trail that he left at some point to hide TC at an unknown distance off the trail. If so how do we know where to leave the trail? (Hubby thinks 500 ft or about 1/10 of a mile is far enough off the trail to be in no close proximity.) There are thousands of human trails to use but how/where do you know to leave trail to find the blaze?
    Two: He used an animal trail like a deer’s. If he used animal trail again how do we know it’s the right trail? There could be many trails left by them and they often cross each other.
    Thirdly: Did he just walk into an area that has no trail to hide TC? How do we know we are going the way he went to the blaze?
    And if he walked it is it now a human trail?
    We were driving a long a well traveled road in our town. At the edge of the road just the other side of dense brushes/trees is a creek where people love to fish. You can’t see the creek from the road. Fishermen have marked trees and post along there to know where to fish/park. Did Fenn mark our trail in the canyon and how?
    If we have found the right trail that he blazed how is it marked so it will lead us to the finally blaze?

    • LOL… 🙂 Really Baaaaaad!
      All good questions to ponder. But why would that spot be so special to him? That is the $million doller question in my mind…

  44. OFF TOPIC:
    FYI-Forrest is being interviewed today by Good Morning America. Can’t tell if the story will air on the weekend edition tomorrow or wait til Monday…or Tuesday…or ?

    • Well, I set my alarm so I could watch this morning. Fenn looked good, but it wasn’t much of a story; the commercials were longer than the story. The last thing the bimbo that did the story said is no one is sure the treasure is real. Which ticked me off; she would be nuked if it were up to me…….We’ll see if anyone but me is up this early on Sunday morning to watch the show.

      Since I’m up I’m going out for steak and eggs……It better be good.

        • I just watched i think will put up. They didnt capitalize the Brown. Not much info. Geez

      • That’s the problem with people in general. I have to touch see and hold gold to believe in it. The likelihood that it’s real is pretty high given who Forrest is but even so people are creatures of doubt.

        • Rich Man’s Treasure Hunt May End Up a Hoax???????

          Why would they say that?

          • Let’s see we have 2 choices here. Either you believe or u don’t believe in that Forrest hid the chest.

            I can honestly say that he did.
            Why would someone want to lie about something that took 15 years to create.

            That would be wasted time, for someone to call it a hoax.


          • Wow! That has to be tough for Forrest to deal with. Hurry up, Amy! Get back to Colorado and find it already! Do it for Forrest. I really think he deserves it. They’re the ones who are unbelievable …not Forrest. I hope to go to New Mexico to continue the search soon.

          • That’s how the culture of our society works Lilly. Most people who don’t want to bother putting effort in, or who can’t have a chance at finding it…. end up calling it a hoax, because it “massages” the “you can do it” center of their mind, while convincing themselves that its not real. That helps them move on in life without self doubts about what good they are in life. Kind of the same thing as the “Here’s your award for showing up” mentality.

      • What I think would be cool is if someone located the chest but left it and recovered just the bracelet. Maybe record a small video in that dark place. Release the video on YouTube then watch the chase really explode.

      • Kudos to you Goof..I was sound asleep. Tried looking at it a few minutes ago but doesn’t play..I got the ad just fine though.
        That’s it..I’m through with GMA. I’ll never watch it again. And maybe I’ll go to their website and comment that the bimbo’s breasts look fake. 🙂

      • BTW looking at site stats and the GMA story had no impact on blog hits..they have not moved at all. So apparently Goof was the only person watching GMA this morning.

      • I haven’t been able to view the story but the heading and the suggestion that no one “is sure” if the treasure is real is irritating. Forrest Fenn without a doubt knows if it is real and anyone can choose to believe him or not. My guess is that if 50 people saw him hide the chest, that someone would then claim its a conspiracy to fake the whole thing. In fact, i bet that when the chest is found some will still deny it existence. Some people will never be happy and some will never believe in hidden treasures. Oh, I guess we should just let em be, cuz there are plenty of us who do…

      • Goofy, Nuke me if you must, but I have to take exception (on behalf of the reporter) for your use of the term bimbo. Not very professional. How would you like to be called a bimbo for some of your writings……because “The term was originally used in the United States as early as 1919 for an unintelligent or brutish male.”

        Enough said.

        • Well BW, I know it’s hard to believe; me being the gentleman and scholar that I am…..but I’ve been called worse. So I’ll probably get over it.

          Actually, bimbo was the least derogatory term that came to mind after watching her report.

          I agree; enough said.

          • Hello, Clues. Forrest used his usual twist to make his Twitter account difficult to find…to make a person look for it before they find it. It’s @ForrestFenn.

            Crazy, eh?

          • cluesfromphilly: I heard that too–she said he created a twitter handle. First I’ve heard of that. Overall, it was a lame report and absolutely no facts to support the claim it may be a hoax as the heading suggest. Another example of poor reporting. Gee, they did little more than waste some air time with that one.

          • I found that too JC1117 although I wonder if he is his. The only tweet I could see on the cached page on google was from December 9th

          • Hello, Googy. I like your statement… “Actually, bimbo was the least derogatory term that came to mind after watching her report.”

            The term TWIT came to mind to describe her …after her twitful decision to focus on a silent Twitter account. What is she getting at? I guess if you’re not hip to twit then you’re not legit? I don’t use twitter at all. I never have.

            I think we ought to start a new “treasure” hunt…to see if that bimbo’s reporting skills actually exist…or if they’re just a hoax.

            They should just call it Bad Morning American…or maybe just “BM” for short. I can’t believe what passes for “reporting” these days. Has it always been this bad?

          • i just home from church and saw this remark and hubby was concern that those are my initials but that IS NOT me. after church and a nap we went and saw beely dancer. at the end they had some ladies that dance like gypyes and i thought of Fenn hidding under the wagon in the sweet grass watching the ladies dance by the firelight. it must of been very magical. is was magcial watching in an old missle base building. wished you could of seen them. WOW

          • I’m glad you liked that, Pirate. I actually thought Goofy might not allow my comment…in hindsight…especially when I saw that I misspelled Goofy as Googy. That was a total mistype. Seriously. Sorry, Googy…I mean, Goofy. 🙂

            I also meant Bad Morning America…not “American”. I’m an American and proud of many things…so my negative comments were clearly directed at the Good Morning America program and not America. That “report” and headline were completely unprofessional and inexcusable. I’m a construction worker and I could do better than that. I’m getting kinda dizzy from rolling my eyes today. I rarely do it as much. 🙂

  45. WoW! He’s making some serious rounds. Guess any past questions about his recent health are without merit.

  46. anybody check out the pic on pg. 56? Turn upside down and look at Skippy. Notice how he makes a “4”? Keep looking… Now, look inside that “4”. See the fancy 51 with the raccoon head making the degree sign?
    Anybody searching below 46 degrees will not find at that search location.:) IMO. There are other support info with 46 degrees….Something to think about. (Sorry POG, just had too)

  47. Yup, ff created this photo-clue for a treasure hunt he would create 45-60 years later. Whew, thats forethought!
    OR…. are you posting in code?

      • Dal, Do you know if this interview is taken from other interviews with Forrest, or was this a new interview. I believe the NM tourist was orginal, but some out there seem to be snippets of old ones? just courious.

    • LoL…too funny.
      Reminds me of that movie… I see see dead clue. Or something like that.

    NEWSER is an aggregate news site that collects info from others and “edits” it into a more “compact” story for people who don’t have time to read 5000 words and need everything in less than 500 words.
    They just rehashed the ABC story on Forrest and left in some of the errors..
    How many do you see?

    Not that long ago there used to be “fact checkers” at news agencies. They were between the reporters and the editors and would catch things like “buried” and leaving out “Colorado” from the list of states the chest could be found in.

    These days, even at places like ABC there are no fact checkers. Facts simply are not important anymore…pity…

    So expect new folks to show up demanding to know why searchers are wasting their time looking in CO or why everyone isn’t using a metal detector to find the buried chest…
    Demanding that you tell them everything you know that they do not..

    • Well, I’ll show them. I’ll tell them everything I know; then they’ll be as lost as I am. 😆

      • Goofy

        If you don’t mind me asking, exactly where and do u search? I have never noticed you saying anything.
        Just curious. If u do not search for say then what state would u choose? 🙂

        I feel like ” Curious George” 🙂

        • Amy, I’ve been wrong in all of the search states including Utah. I hadn’t made it to Idaho before he said it wasn’t there. Some of my work is in the Rockies so most of my gas is paid for. Sometimes I drive and sometimes I fly, I leave one of my trucks in the Rockies most of the year.

          • Goofy is also too modest to mention that many of the pictures you see on the header of Dal’s site are from Goofy, taken from many of the places he has been.

          • Mark J, I think Goofy took all the pictures in the banner – aren’t they great!

            Love your work Goofy. Wish my images were half as good. 🙂

          • Mark-
            CJ is correct…Goof took all the pics in the header banner…except the book ad of course!!!

      • C`mon POG,

        Everyone Knows WWWH is at. Haven`t you been keeping up with this blog…?

        It is where Mr f says to Begin :mrgreen:

  49. Back on topic: I was looking at an old WWWH again. Aqua Fria Lake, east of Angel Fire. I followed Rayado creek east down the canyon until it got to the Kit Carson Museum on 21 at Rayado. I don’t know if it is in Nationl Forest or if it is all on the Express UU Bar Ranch.
    Looking at the fishing packages there seems to be a few interesting isolated spots. Looking at the canyon on the computer map it looks like Rayado Peak is another interesting blaze. It is at the south end of the Cimarron Range.
    Check it out.

    • Michael-
      I know several people on this blog have looked at that area…
      In addition to Agua Fria Peak, there is also Agua Fria Lake and the community of Aqua Fria just below Angel Fire…although it is a historic community and I don’t know if it actually exists on many maps…none-the-less there is a road sign marking the community when you approach it.

      Many searchers have gone in the opposite direction and ended up in Moreno (brown) valley…

      It’s an interesting area.

  50. Dal, What do you think is going on the past couple days with the surge of media attention? Is Forrest wanting all this, or are they hounding him because of it being Springtime and the beginning of another search season?
    I guess if he didn’t want to be doing these interviews, he wouldn’t… It just seems odd to me. Was it like this last year? I can’t remember. I’m not complaining mind you, I just wonder who’s behind it all… Forrest or the media…

    • wise one wasnt there a small up tick last spring as hunting season for us starts.

    • Oh, Wiseone..I think it’s just the media taking the original interview and adding a little more to it. It’s all about ratings. As the story moves it changes.

    • I am certain Forrest wants the word out. If he didn’t he would not play with the media. He would just say, “no thanks”. There would not be any interviews with him.

      There have been 4 major waves of media attention that I am aware of. The first was after the Newsweek story by Tony Dokoupil. The second was the Today Show live clues. The third was the Hemispheres Magazine story and the fourth was the ABC News story we just witnessed. By far, the most impactive was on Feb. 27, 2013. We had nearly 63,000 hits that day.

      The longest lived wave was from the Hemispheres Magazine story by Margie Goldsmith. Hemispheres is an in-seat airline magazine. You might not think that would be very impactive…but every day many thousands of readers read that story because it was in a free magazine right in front of them and they had nothing else to do for a few hours while they were trapped in an airplane. So for one month we had very high numbers of hits on the blog…until a new edition of the magazine came out.

      The reason the media attention comes in waves is because once the story appears on a major media ABC or NBC, all their affiliates see the story and many try to get an interview with Forrest. The media is generally…a lot of copying…
      I used to do a similar thing when I was producing science stories for CNN. I would look at all the local papers and magazines in the west coast cities and glean them for local science stories which might be big enough for national interest. The media feeds on you’ll often see the interest from the media come in waves..then die down…then someone does an original story and everyone rushes in to do their own version…then things die down again..

      Forrest wants the story out there. He wants people off their duff and out playing in the mountains..
      The media is the way to make that happen..

  51. Hey Deb

    What state do u search?

    “Curious George” wants to know 😉

  52. Wondering about those ‘You’ & “Your creek’ comments… implying use of the letters U & UR? Or implying a U valley cut by a glacier vs. a V valley cut by a stream?

  53. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where

    I used to believe this was a cave. I no longer believe that for certain reasons.

    I now believe “in there” is just referring to a general area. More specifically I don’t believe a person can even fit in where it is the treasure was placed.

    As for leaving his body I think he was just going to leave it out on the ground.

  54. Searchers,
    How on earth does FF know that people have come within 200ft – 500ft of TC?
    Being a milionaire, Lord knows how many homes he may have and perhaps he can see the site of TC from one of them unless he has webcam with satellite capabilities stashed on site. This, then, I believe would rule out the TC being in any national park or other protected area since both a home and webcam would be illegal in that regard.

    • He has said multiple times in various interviews that he knows folks have been close because Tens of thousands of searchers have sent him info on their solves and searches.

    • My free opinion again, on the knowing its still there. I see 4 possibilities that he could be positive: 1 he went back, but he said he wouldn’t ever go back because some one might follow him. 2 sent someone (trusted friend, relative) to check, he says he the ONLY one that knows. 3 He actually hid the chest with a paper “title to the Gold” to be claimed at his home, bank, lawyer’s office, etc. But he said the finder would be amazed when they open the chest and he said it took two trips to hid. 4 A camera. Webcam, or cellar unit with solar charger fixed on the chest, which means that it has to be in the open or the camera is hidden next to the chest (IR for dark place).

      Forrest also talked about there being more visitors to YSNP in the last two years than ever before. Is that related to the chase, maybe, maybe not. Is it possible that he hid it there (YSNP) to get more traffic in return for a link to one of their web cams? Very remote chance but I think FF has ways of getting what he wants.

      If anyone has other possibilities I would be glad to here them.

      Also how many of the news reports say that he BURIED it, one reporter said that it was a carved wood box, typical journalism. No offense to the journalist out there, but get you facts straight before you go public.

    • Yes RAH,
      Being in the military, he has the capabilities to receive signals from top secret government satellites that circle the earth which
      forward the coordinates of his chest , in which is placed a small digital receiver that is then relayed to his home security system, and can tell if the chest has been disturbed or if there has been any violation into the 500ft. circumference he placed around the treasure.That is how he knows.

  55. I think its like a title to a car – when you get the title its yours – in order for him to say he gives it to you – he has to sign it over to you – that’s how I think he knows no one has found it omo

    • I tend to agree with you–it will be a gift he “gives” so feds can not claim it is theirs by claiming the chest was abandoned on federal property and he will pay the gift tax, otherwise it will be income for the finder. As he says, he thought it all through….Maybe there is something in the box that spells it out and why he has asked that the bracelet is returned.

  56. What the hints to the clues…. the ‘no place for the meek’ . Now I do not expect a hint to tell where that, but i read ttotc trying to get some idea of his use of meek in the poem. Not sure that I can find one,( other than maybe war) what about you?

    • I have heard, and I am there I guess, that you Must be Brave to grow OLD.


    I have been thinking on this line for awhile. Could it be sight is what it is referring to?

    • Too Far To Walk… could be ‘sight’…
      ie… ‘as far as the mind can see’…or ‘back in time’, or ‘back through your memories’….

      • Thanks Wiseone,

        Its just I guess lately Im seeing this in a more metaphysical . Trying to match what some may see not worth knowing.

        • Your Welcome…it definitely is worth knowing Mike, and IMO you are wise for seeing this way of interpreting and potentially understanding the poem from a completely different aspect. You make me smile 🙂

          • Thank you for your words Mike. I agree with many of your thoughts… My father lost his battle with cancer as well… But while he was here he taught us to believe, dream and laugh a lot… He would have loved The Thrill of the Chase…:)

          • we have been bless twice now that hubby didnt have colon cancer. it make life much sweeter and makes you very forgiving and giving. A lot like Mr Fenn

    • for us the fact we know it is a last 8.25 miles from Santa fe to where you start that covers not far but too far to walk.

      with out giving to much a way. we know he starts in SF because that is his home. after that what is not far, but too far to walk. and did he fly (we dont it.) we think he drove but how far again is not far but too far to walk.

  58. Mike,

    IMO…I do not actually believe it is too far to walk…however…it would be too far to carry a 42 pound chest. Therefore a searcher would need to drive closer to where the chest is located.

  59. mike I think what he is trying to tell us is that from home of brown – its still a long way to where he hid the treasure chest omo

    • in my opinion that’s where meek comes in – if you are an old man or some one that’s not in shape its going to be hard to make the long hike to where the TC is

  60. How many people out there think that all of this is probably just a waste of time??

    Wait, What did I just say?

    Yeah, yeah, I know, how could I? Well, let’s look at a little closer, … got some of you out in the woods who didn’t know what a tree looked like before and got possibly a few kids off the couch and you probably researched things you never knew about, …..but no one needs a treasure to do that, do they? …..or who knows, maybe some of you do? Has it filled a hole in your life that needed filling? … you some type of purpose that otherwise wasn’t there? Nothing wrong with that!! 🙂 But, the question begs to be known: Is all of this even solvable? What if it’s not?

    Now, I think Forrest Fenn has had a remarkable life with wonderful stories and adventures and he has made a lot for himself, satisfying his inner desires and his own Thrill of the Chase and has also done a lot for others, …..but really, we only him from him, I mean, from what HE has told us. None of us actually KNOW him that well personally. How many of you have ever spent much time with him, besides Dal, …..and even that is pretty much all business. Now, I’m not trying to discredit him of anything, … fact I praise him much of the time myself and I’m sure he is an honorable man, …..but with all that has been said and done, … we really know him that well and what his true intentions are?

    For all we know, he may have only wanted to get a great majority of people out there looking and for him to be remembered and nothing more…….. I mean, he has or has had just about everything else, hasn’t he? He’s found most everything he’s ever searched for. What makes him tick these days? All of THIS?? Perhaps. Living through all of us? His entertainment? I mean, I’m sure he enjoys all of it. And many are kept going through his additional words, like as of late with the media or his books. But is it solvable? Heck, he doesn’t even know that. And if not, then, I guess this is all pretty much what each of us makes it. And that’s ok. 🙂 Sometimes life deals you four cards and a joker and we play whether we want to or not. It takes a lot of money to gamble though. I just don’t think this was ever meant for the Texas Redneck with six kids who lost his job and sets out in an truck with a sleeping bag in the back … find it.

    Now don’t get me wrong, …..there may be a treasure out there, but he may have not meant for us to find it. And like I said, that’s ok. We are finding other things along the way and those are treasures within themselves. I mean, it’s not like he could tell us that all he really wanted for us was — To experience the chase, …..and for him to watch us experience the chase. 🙂 I mean, that would be like telling us how he knows it’s still out there or whether it is buried or not, …..”I just don’t want to give that as a clue.” Yeah, we know, we know. Enjoy sir. I hope we’ve entertained you. 🙂

    Personally, IMO, this is probably just a waste of time, …..being able to find it I mean. But I’ve accepted that. I’ve never needed a chest full of gold to go exploring or to research things or to experience the great outdoors. I just would have never explored so many of the same places as I have. 🙂 It is what it is. I just wish all the cards were on the table as far as what his real intentions were/are and as far as the information we have. But you know what they say about wishing……..

    • Yes Suzie, look at it closer. His intentions were to get the kids out, enjoy the outdoors,explore the woods, the wonder that’s all around you. Things have changed when he was growing up, as well as for me. I stayed outside. Punishment was being confined to my bedroom. Now it’s a joy for kids to stay in their own room. Tv, computer, cell phone. What is the motivation? Go on and be a cynic, continue on the sofa, eat your bon bons, and stop wasting your time worrying about The Thrill of the Chase.

    • for us it is real but we do other things while searching. we enjoy ourselves and have fun. we do believe he hide it. there just no motive for him to do a hoax. but we have made rules about how much we can spend, we have to have fun, the search isnt the be all and end all. if we find it we have had a plan, we are trying to be prepared for the hastle, etc. we have a life out side of searching with family friends etc.

    • Not in Defense of the words you wrote , or Mr. F’s . But, I have never by phone spoke to F. But , we have crossed a few lines .
      Let me say it like this,

      My Dad died of cancer. So, to see what a person goes through are comments I will not embellish on , except I must return to those feelings in order to explain this a bit.

      May be your right , lets say he did it just to be remembered , or for personal “greed” at the age of 80. Or maybe some times some of these people that Life has mercy on , change. Maybe leys say he realized how important each person is , and to share what was most important to him is a humbling experience to him , considering he thought he was going to die. Maybe it was his way to give back to society , and to teach us a little something about simplicity. Maybe he felt he needed to teach a lesson to the youth of this modern area , that’s not to forget the past.. I only base this based on what he has said in his book TTOTC . Where we all are equal .

      No I didn’t need this chase to teach me that. But to say it has not helped a person … I would say that would be inaccurate .

      Granted your sway of logic is Normal , and I respect that in all. But , Metaphysics is just that is it not? To question what cannot be seen , like air. If one dose not think that the treasure is not there then they will not look , but that dose not mean it dose not exist. Just Like hope , when my Dad was passing of cancer ;
      There was no cure for him . He was the 3rd to have his form of it ,
      and I nursed him till death .. But I never lost hope! I guess I believed in something that was not there and did not come to my beckoning …but that did not mean it did not hear others who have lived in time when that seemed impossible. Under those terms , and logic I would defend any one.

    • My logic tells me that he wants his legacy and story to be unspotted, otherwise he might be tempted to tell someone. My logic also says he wants to tell a story here, not just hide it well. He proved that with the bells and jars. I think the poem is his masterpiece. A masterpiece never has just one layer…. in my view it has many layers (read it as though it describes birth, and again to mean death) even secret layers.

    • I think there is ONE out there who will find it Suzie. Just think of all the people searching…no two are alike. It stands to reason that there is one person who will think and see those things that the rest could not. It’s like Forrest said….You just gotta believe 😉

    • Well Suzie, I suppose the answer to your question is it depends on what you call a waste of time. Each searcher has to decide how much time, effort, and money they are willing to expend looking for the treasure.

      I love the western U.S. and Rocky Mountains, so I’m going to be there anyway; whether it be chasing the perfect photograph, or a chest of gold; neither of which may be attainable by me but that’s not going to stop me from trying. If the chest were somewhere else (the east coast for example) I would care less about the chest and wouldn’t waste a dime looking.

      I’ve said on more than one occasion I don’t think Fenn intended on us finding it. This is why he put his autobiography in the chest; to fill in the blank spots he speaks of for some future archeologist. Of course he could change his mind and give out enough hints/clues that would enable one of us to find it. Maybe he has already done that.

      I have found the chase to be an interesting and surprising study in psychology. I had no idea there were so many obsessed crazy people out there. It’s interesting what frustration does to some people……

      I get a kick out of those that try to play mind games with Fenn; trying to trick, or coerce, or sweet talk, a clue out of him. I may have been to college but that didn’t keep me from being smart enough to know not to try to beat a guy like Fenn at his own game. He chews them up and spits them out.

      So that brings us back to your original question. If you don’t think it’s there then go play canasta. If you do think it’s there; decide how much time, effort, and money you are willing to spend.

      The day I quit having fun with the chase is the day I’m done. That’s it, not much deep thinking required.

    • “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
      Auguste Rodin

      A great quote from a sculptor no less.

    • Yawn,
      I may get Nuke for this comment but… I can see the cross-hairs with the heat seeking / satellite guided missal point at me right now.

      I’m getting real bored of people who start out as Fenn is the next coming and soon the waters will part and then next make comment such as these.

      This is a choice just like any other. If some feel it a waste of time…just stop! Seriously how hard can that truly be.

      But what is the objective here to say any of this? What is the true point to the comment? All I see is a whine and geezzz party and that to me is the truly a waste of time.

      Oh Right… IMO… Just saying… Just my personal thought!

      • HA! Seeker…..Direct and to the point as usual…..and absolutely correct this time. Does this mean I have to nuke myself….

        Back to the nine clues.

        • Seeker i agree with you Fenn is no god and i dont think he wants that job. Fenn is human with faults like all of us. no better than anyone and no worst. he has done a good thing and the reason is unimportant. he said its for the Trill of the Chase and like most people who have a near death thing happen to them they what to do something to make their mark and to do a little good.

      • We know it’s not a waste of time for you, heck, you never leave your house big guy. 🙂

        • i was going to ignore you then your last statement made me think to say. its NEVER a waste of time being in Gods beautiful world enjoying it with friends, family or just your pet. sorry your dont seem to be a dreamer, or have hope.
          i hope i am one till the day i go HOME. i hope flower, babies and other great things God makes NEVER bore me and when they do please take me out and shoot me because life is not worth living without dreams, plans, tears,hope, pain, laughter, fear or any one of the many expreinces God give us on our path in life.

    • Hey Suzie again spot on…I Think we know his reason…to inject “HIMSELF” into history. @ Goofy i’m leaning towards your position too… That he never intended it to be found…biography etc…

  61. It is sad to me that money and notoriety are the key motivators in the chase. You are all missing the point.

    • it is a motivion and i think he understands that. but like a said it no the be all and end all. because the TC is there we are taking trips we might not have done and especialy because it is a believable story. i am a very questioning person and not trusting of people. the fact we believes means a lot. if we never find it we would have a great stories to tell. that is the point go search have fun and if you dont find it you had a great times searching. i know i have learned a lot.

        • pam i grew up in Biringham Ala and was very poor. but i had a very rich childhood of holidays, leaves burning in the fall and hot dogs. i might have mentioned this but when i was a little girl everyone had a little cigar box left over from the school yr before that we put all our little treasures in. think about the open in scene in the movie to “KILL a Mockingbird”. the box held broken crayon, stubby penicils, bottle caps, keys, and all kinds of odds and ends. i kepy it hide under my dresser where no one could find it.
          Fenn has reach down in side and found that little child in all of us and its a great gift. we take trips to collect treasure weather its memories, seahells, pine cones, sheep rocks, or what ever we want to save and a long the journey if we find something of monetary value think of all the stories we would have and the good we might do it

          • Totally agree….my six year old found a skull last time. She was thrilled and asked so many questions. Many of which I couldn’t answer.

        • Pam

          I owe u an apology for being so confident a year ago, and yet I did not find the chest on any of my adventures. As u can see I’m still here and I have one more adventure left.
          Then I promise I will post my solve. I’m sorry if I offended u in any way. 🙂
          Thank u

          • Amy,

            I hope you really Will post your solve. I am looking forward to reading an actual solve (understanding it will not be perfect… Unless you have the chest!!!) I do not have much to offer in solves that seem to be on the mark but I am willing to share my ideas. It is difficult to know what to share on this blog. I don’t understand secrets but share?

          • if you have a solve that you can not test for months you do not post it. no offence to any one here but how do i know someone would go collect it before i could. i mean i trust most people on the blog to a point. but lurkers H>>> NO!!!!

          • Marie,

            Do you consider me a lurker?

            By the way I am glad you decided to come join the online activities. You understand about lurkers and I am surprised to hear you speak such. Why are we here if not to share?

            What can we share if all is secret? I am willing to share even if others take it and run with it. I hope there are others that feel likewise. Sure I wouldn’t share my latest and greatest unless you asked nicely since you are a fellow Texan. But I find the secreters win out and hush the sharing that might be. You started out sharing so much and now you hush others.


          • no you are not a lurker but we have worked hard on our solve and i have shared lots of things to are part of our solve to the point hubby has gotten upset with me and at lesat two notes were deleted. if we lived in a world where we could post our solve and it would be safe i would. but i don believe their is some greed out there and we have not intension of be a vitim of that.

            we belive its in NM. we belive you have to start either in SF or somewhere else along the line the fish wards said WWWH. because that where he lives.

            not far but too far to walk – he said its at least 8.25 miles from SF. that is to far to walk/ he drove his car somewhere. (not far but to far to walk) what is his definition of this is up for deabte. once there he makes two trips from his car and back. he also had to mark the blaze somewhere in there.IMO

            we believe no paddle means No boat moving through water. canyon down means you are in a canyon and have high walls.

            our HOB is secret because we have two no one has mentioned we think this gives us a edge.

          • My interpretations change daily. Recently (I did not plan to share this but) I have looked at the line in the book that is arced like a rainbow…
            “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I have been attributed to.”

            Coordinates may not be in the poem but this line seems to offer some:
            39.5919781 -106.597758 36.597758 -109.5919781

            39.5919781 -106.5934558 36.5934558 -109.5919781

            49.5919781 -106.597758 46.597758 -109.5919781

            49.5919781 -106.5934558 46.5934558 -109.5919781

            I like the ones by Judith Gap myself. Come on folks lets solve this. I don’t get nuked but I do go BUG but don’t like either.

          • either i am tired and heading to bed eary Dr appoints for hubby. what is BUG please
            oh if my reply sounded sharp i didnt mean it too. i some time read crabby when i am not.

          • Wildbirder,

            I suggested the acronym BOG for boots on the ground. I stated I was “boots under ground” BUG after I became frustrated with things on this particular thread. I plan to return again when I am not frustrated. Maybe I am there now…but that depends on you birdie (just kidding).

          • some have emailed me at wild birer ntex at wolf taught to spread out email address to keep something i dont remember from getting it and its not is a cave! JMHO

          • “wolf taught to spread out email address to keep something i dont remember from getting it and its not is a cave!”

            I simply don’t understand what you mean but I am not the sharpest tool in shed.

          • does that mean if you were to find it you are going to share with ALL of us? i am not telling people not to share but be wise on what they share. i am not ashame to say in i am in this to find the TC but also to make friends, learn about others, meyself, hubby, new places and Lord knows how many books we have read. amy i thought i guess Amy’s solve turned out i got her confused with someone else and they after i left a clue about what i knew they got queit. we all work hard and want to find this. i post thing on sundails a few days ago has nothing to do with my solves but they were talking about them.

          • Hi Amy,
            Than you, but no need to apologize. I’m happy you are out having fun! Looking forward to hearing your solve. Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful adventure.

    • I can understand completely what you are saying Pam . But , the little boy in me who wanted to search for pirate gold was a awesome memory. And why not get the kids out… Yea we had the beach , but we didn’t have the Rockies. Nor did we know how to hunt gold and minerals . Nor did we know what a pinion was, or the difference between them , nor did we know how to hike.
      But , do you know how to find a wild bore in the swamp…Or how to find sea trout by watching the birds, or how to know alligators are around … Or how to keep the 2 inc flying roaches out of your porch , or what side of the mud flats to enter….
      My point to that is , I have learned so much from this Chase that the treasure really don’t matter .. The only thing that matters is that you know that you and every other person is a treasure in them self and shouldn’t be forgotten. But history dictates the winners, so why not . Why cant he try and be remembered.
      That was my only point Pam , and thank you for sharing your feelings.

    • Pam notoriety for the right reasons isn’t a bad thing. What happened to your solve? Forrest seems to have ruled it out, haven’t you moved on yet?

        • Pam I think he said he’d never heard of Christ of the Mines Shrine. I recall that being the end of your chase. Correct me if I’m wrong but today I checked and the color red is still red.

    • Hi Pam…..Its the Thrill of the Chase….It means different things to different People…..Everyone is different. I Love a Treasure Hunt. Its the kid in me….like a Easter Egg Hunt….
      If I found the Treasure, I would use it to help my Handicapped sister. To give her a better Life.
      I don’t think its money & notoriety for everyone…Maybe a few.
      I am very excited about just getting out and seeing Nature! If I can find something while doing it…That makes it so fun. Don’t you think?

      Happy Hunting all,
      Lou Lee Bear

    • Hi Pam, I believe other factors also motivate many on TTOTC. I love the puzzle solving and research – it’s a wonderful hobby for me which has also allowed my city kids to explore the Rocky Mountains.

      When money is the key motivator people simply buy lotto tickets and gamble on everything from horses to cards. They don’t solve poems and plan vacations hiking the Rockies.

      It’s my hope to remain anonymous if I ever find Forrest’s treasure.

      Remember why Forrest did this -it’s thhriing to be in the great outdoors and even sweeter when searching for treasure. Like Forrest, I love the thrill of the chase.

      • good luck hunting be safe have fun enjoy the kids. i hope you can keep a secert without having kill anyone sorry bad joke. know you would kill anyon but keeping this secert will be hard wish you well

      • anna, when are you planning to go out searching again? The nine clues are waiting for us searchers.

  62. for some like me who is to old to go on the hunt for the treasure or those that are sick and in poor health – it the chase has been good for us though we cant go it has helped us by giving us something to do and trying to break the code to the poem – just knowing that we still have it and haven’t lost our minds is of great satisfaction in our lifes and to me its worth more then whats in the treasure chest

    • i am sorry you cant go out ans search but i get why you search on line. where is your favorite spot. mine is Nm and maybe a spot in Co.

    • Frank,
      Well said. You are in the “you can do it” camp, even though you cannot have Boots On Ground (BOG).

      I have never had BOG either but I have tried to solve the clues in Ernest. If all I discover is tin, it Will still be Gold. Enjoying this chase, uken2it

      The treasure is out there without a doubt!
      BUGging out

      • Hi Uken2it. How are you? We should have our own Tottc, Terminology and abbreviation page…
        🙂 Treasure Hunting Code talk…….Just in case those Russians are lurking, trying to steal all our hard research. 🙂 No offence to Russians. I have several as friends….Or are they? Hum….

        Lou Lee, Over and Out for tonight…..XYZ zzzzz

      • Hi Uken2it
        Judith Basin huh? Well Treasures new and Old, but I dont have my TFTW book anymore….? So is that in the search area? I thought that was out of that zone? Interesting. I have always wanted to go to this place. If we are talking Montana.

        Lou Lee Bear

        • Lou Lee,

          As most things that f states so goes the ‘highlighted’ portion of the map. When somebody highlights their hair what does that mean? No blue, green but white, bleach.

          Look at the map in the tftw. The ‘bleached’ area is far greater than the colored area. Just my thinking and I am sticking with it.

          Based on that map and discussion around it I consider it as zero value either way and encourage others to not discount their solves based on what ‘highlight’ might mean.

          Just go with your solve all the way till YOU change your mind. Sure we will all have other solves but don’t let go of your solve just because.

          • I have always wanted to go to that area…Yogo Sapphires! I heard you can pan them in the rivers too. Thanks for your thoughts Uken2it. I was wondering if you were ignoring my questions. But I saw that you posted you missed some. I miss many responses myself. Because I just don’t have time to scrowl back and look. Thanks again. And Good Lucky

            Lee Lou Who? From Whoville! 🙂

          • Lou Lee,
            If i missed answering your questions let me know. Sapphires had been part of one of my solves (attempted solves) I forgot how I ended up at the the blaze. The first 2 clues. Didn’t write them down. Blaze was huge and I saw it from across a valley. Shaped like a blaze found on a horse.

  63. thanks uken2it though I cant put boots on the ground im still having fun – forrest treasure hunt has a little something for everybody

  64. Interesting comments peeps!! I figured there would be. Doesn’t take much to get your true thoughts about it all, does it. Now, down the road, I will ask it again and those who are still around and those new can express themselves again. 🙂 I’ll be here. I find it all entertaining. …..Or maybe who knows, I’ll stir it up again before that. It’s good to change it up every now and then, …..don’t ya’ think? Sometimes things get a little bit stagnant and everyone needs to give their thoughts on comments like this. And you do, don’t you. 🙂

    Just to confirm, …..I never said I didn’t think it was out there, only posing the question of whether it could be found or not? — “Probably a waste of time”. Now, everything else besides that, … whatever you make it. Some have remained positive and always good advice regardless of what is said, …..good for you!! You probably have the same outlook on everything and that is commendable. Others are frustrated and they don’t even know it. Evident. Maybe they should go for a hike somewhere, if they can. Just observations, nothing more. If you find yourself getting upset though, …..maybe YOU do need to look at it closer. Maybe you should search in yourself a little deeper………

    To me, it doesn’t matter if it is possible. I enjoy ALL of it. No frustration here. And being able to say something and get a response from “others” searching, listening, learning, speaking, judging, is all very educational and entertaining in itself. Gotta love it!! And Goofy, you’re just as “crazy” as everyone else, …..but say what you must to convince yourself otherwise pal. 🙂 You’re here aren’t you? But maybe I should grow a pair? …..kinda like you told Fenn that one time. Tough guy. 🙂

    Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Thanks for your inputs!!

    See ya’ around, …..fellow bat #%^* crazy searchers……….

    • Hey Suzie your kinda funny and right too. Can anyone find it with the poem? Answer: we don’t know. I’m disappointed in the folks calling that pretty girl a bimbo…isn’t it the reporters job to question the veracity of something. Legacy or not it would be terrible if F would pass without ever knowing his poem got the job done. I do know this, all the folks congratulating him for something they don’t know are a real insincere bunch. They haven’t solved it yet they want to speak of its greatness (it the poem of course) I’m not saying it isn’t great but how insincere to bring praise when you haven’t got even the first clue. I call them hacks.

    • i coined a phrase a few yrs old. its a take off on Finding Nemo.
      when i said something i think was very true about someone but not nice i said

      so-in-so is such in such. then i said i am sorry that was nice to say that about them even if it was true. then i said BAD FEEL GONE!

      you’re right suzie we will respond it anything. bad feeling gone

    • We people are a riot? Who are “you” people?

      1-All of us (allegedly we people)
      2-will listen or answer your neighbors, police, homeless … Shame on us

      We are a riot (I disagree but I state the implied)

      Thank you Suzie for your support of this “blog”

  65. I am sorry suzie i wasnt being nice myself. I cant speak for anyone else but myself but i dont like being use for someone elses entertainment or social experiments. I apologise for being more human today than i should allow. Have a great evening good night

  66. Uken i said you can email me. Wolf told me went posting emails addresses to leave spaces to keep scanners or something for getting them. I dont remember. I was saying lol tc not in

    • Wild Bird,
      I may email you as a friend but I have not emailed anybody regarding a solve.

      I don’t understand why I would share anything by email that I wouldn’t post here. If I don’t post it here it would be because I am not ready to share that information. I would share information with folks I am very close, such as a relative or close friend.

      Maybe you can help me understand why folks take it private when the purpose of this thread is to discuss the nine clues.

      Thanks for your response WildBird. uken2it

      • i was trying not to move clues there they belong here. since you are texan i thought we would visit NP

          • Ha HA HA NOT! NP no problem LOL thanks for joke this morning hubby gets family DR ok for op on shoulder three visits today and i am down with tummy troubles.

          • Anyone: We have been against the idea that the TC is in a cave because it might get in way of a legal claim. We are still not sure if it’s a problem or not. Since I had been opposed to the idea and now we have found supportive facts that could suggest a cave was use we felt needed to post this.
            We changed our minds after reading a book and rereading how Mr. F took care in hiding the TC .
            We now think a cave IS a possibility and/or a large pile of rocks. Great care should be used around piles of rocks that can shift, fall, or contain critters that live there now.
            ii is now possiblitily a supportive ideas in our solve

  67. Arrgggh! I thought I’d catch up this morning to see what I had missed??? Not much 🙁
    I did notice for the first time I had been called a veteran around here, thanks Anna! And that I’m a shark, makes my day… Thanks BirdLADY! Too, for the first time I agreed with Goofy and the use of his Nuke button. Wow!

    Suzie, I agree with you, f didn’t make it easy, and that, he might be entertained by some of us… I hope so, I try soooo so hard. Too, I doubt the chest can be found without his help… and for me it might mean holding my hand and slapping me with IT! BUTTTT that doesn’t stop me from searching with every ounce of energy I have.

    Here is how I feel about being involved in the Chase: It’s like I’m in the Kentucky Derby, THE KENTUCKY DERBY, and while I might not be the odds on favorite like Yates, I’m still in one of the greatest races of all time… how cool is that? As I have said before, IT’s like I found one of the golden tickets to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
    Sooooo, Suzie IMO with faith and hard work you too have a chance to find the box… it’s difficult but not impossible and that is awesome.

    Okay who said stupid books… I take that as a shot. Try and write a book. Put 65,000 words down in some type of legible scribble and see how it works for ya! Writing novels ain’t easy. Ritt congrats to ya!

    Nine Clues, perhaps WWWH… is in the mountains of NM where it turns to snow?

    Eating morels, and gearing up for my fifth trip to NM.
    Mark H.

    • fenntreasuremarksbolgsite are you vetran of blog or as i asume the military? which one please? and i am not sure why you were thanking me.
      as for Fenn being easy i think when some finds it will be “Are you kidding? that where it was?

      • BirdLady, the answer….is… drum roll please… I was/am both, I was in the Army, 42nd Engineers and… have been here long enough… to know very little. And that my friend constitutes veteran… too they gave me this little card to go to their practice hospitals where they practice practicing! Ha! Actually I like the people at the VA I hope they don’t have a GOG on a nuke button ??? Smiling

        About those Nine… lets count them, Nine Clues… He said Nine Right? Brimley, can I get conformation on Nine?

        Responding and having some fun.
        Mark H.

        • my dad was in the army 1111 port marine maintenance corp. in the Philippians. then in life worked for sountern railroad wrecker crew and yardman

        • yea we are skipping anything in the circles but does make you wonder crow fly’s or road way. we lean toward crow flys

    • Mark H, thanks for your comment. You’re right it’s not easy to produce a book. Thanks. Good luck, Mark.

    • TTOTC train has been derailed for some time now. We’ve talked about everything there is to talk about with no success. Nothing wrong with other discussions sometimes, …..I guess unless you’re trying to sell books or run a dictatorship. 🙂

    • LOL! Exactly!
      Dr. Phil: “How’s that working’ out for ya?”
      Blogger: Not too good.
      “Throw more wood in this steam engine’s fire!”

  68. Now let me clarify. When I said that “you” people will respond to anything, I didn’t mean it necessarily in a negative way, I mean, that’s what you are here for, …..right? I too fit into that category. 🙂 Some of you understood what I was talking about and you responded in a manner worthy of further discussion. You weighed the question put out there in positive way and were open minded to it. And then some of you responded as you usually do, without much thought on what was said, speaking once again in an ignorant way, but really of no surprise, because that is how you seem to approach the poem as well, …..same ol’ theories. Yawn………..

    Goofy, I find it very interesting how you, instead of thinking about what was said, always seem to revert to calling someone else “frustrated” or “obsessed” or “crazy”, …..when your right here on the same forum ALL the time and also a part of this whole thing. You act like you are something different than the rest of us. Now, that’s “crazy” pard. 🙂 And what I also find truly funny, is out of everyone, you have been the one who has ACTUALLY had the most NEGATIVE comments towards this whole thing and about Forrest Fenn. Yet, here you are!! Would you like me to post them big guy? Some were just so negative, I couldn’t help but save them. But you have the audacity to say something about what I posted, when really, you had no idea what I was even saying. Dang, I thought better of you big guy!! 🙁 And why am I saying this, …..because YOU ARE a major player on this site and some people look up to you, …..and you SHOULD be held to a higher standard, especially when you start spouting off things you really didn’t think about before you said them.

    But now you can ban me or “moderate” me, 🙂 because that is really the only power you have, …..but I’m sure that is a big reason you’re here, isn’t it? …..and probably has nothing much to do with finding anything? I mean, someone your age and profession, with all your negative past comments, ……Really, why are you here Goofy?

    And to those of you with an open mind and open heart, who peered deeper into what I was saying, … will realize that when I said, …..that trying to FIND the chest is “PROBABLY a waste of time” was never meant to be negative, but was only evoke some thought, to start some discussion on what IS NOT a waste of time and what is meaningful, not some smart %#^#* responses. So, to those that understood that, ……good for you!! You know what it IS all about and you have a grip on why you ARE here. It means something!!

    And if this does get deleted, I’ll just post on Mysterious Writings or Chasechat, … do what you gotta do.

    • Well Suzie you asked, “How many people out there think that all of this is probably just a waste of time??” I answered your question that’s all. Like a typical guy I’m sitting here thinking everything is hunky dory and then bam I’m in trouble …..Obviously you didn’t like my answer and it made you very emotional……I do find it a little odd it took you a whole day to get mad at me.

      I didn’t delete your original comment because while not on the nine clues topic I thought it went along with the reporter on GMA saying the treasure may be a hoax and the new folks might be interested to hear what the veteran searchers had to say about that and if the chest is findable as you asked.

      I admit I’ve approached the chase, as I do with most things, with a healthy bit of skepticism; apparently you took that as negativity. While being a skeptical sort, I do believe the chest of gold is real, and that Fenn hid it just like he said he did, and it is there waiting on someone to find it. I won’t go into a dissertation on why I believe that.

      Fenn said he didn’t give away the chest because the person that finds it will have earned it. I take him at his word; most will fall by the wayside giving up, the over emotional obsessive folks will be institutionalized in straight jackets mumbling about clues and how unfair life is. But maybe, just maybe, a knuckle headed old Texan like myself will find that chest of gold. But with my luck I’ll have a heart attack from finding the chest and fall over dead right on top of it………..It will be my bones that a future archeologist finds with the chest. That’s OK, I can think of worse ways to go.

      I agree with you that you would probably be happier posting someplace else where you won’t have to put up with an evil meanie like me. So as you wished; you’re nuked. Live long and prosper.

      • I now have a plan “B” in case my solution doesn’t work:

        Step 1: wait for Goofy to find it
        Step 2: look for the buzzards


      • For your good work Goofy, I will lay out something that could be a clue, hint or nothing to your perspective of TTOTC page 94.

        At the top of the page Forrest says in part : “I came nose-to-nose with a rude (aluminum) grave marker”. Then further down the page he says ” But I had tripped over a crudely-made (stone grave marker”). So…Which one was it, rude aluminum grave marker or crudely stone grave marker ?

        • Sharpsburg: I read your post and then re-read page 94 that you site and have to answer your question by saying I think he tripped over the stone marker as he says, then fell to the ground and came face to face with a different marker made of aluminum. From the entire passage it seems clear to me that they found numerous markers. The aluminum one having the name of soldier on it and the stone marker having the name of a soldier and the inscription about kissing a homely girl. I really don’t see any inconsistencies but understand why you might interpret it differently.

          • fwiw… Not Kissing… Smile
            Forgive a Sinner and Smile at a Homely Girl…

          • Thanks Raven for your interest .
            Inconsistencies too me would also be:
            A. Military graveyard using different grave markers of aluminum and stone.
            B. Forrest using the words “rude” and “crudely” two different words, different meanings. I will admit my solve was before I seen this. This seems to give more credibility to my solve Hope you can disprove this, as I’m now trying to disprove my solve.

          • Sharpsburg, In that chapter, it didn’t sound like it was a formal military cemetery at all but rather was out in the field as if the soldiers were buried near where they had fallen in the war. And another definition of “rude” is ” roughly wrought, built, or formed; of a crude construction or kind” so I think it fits the description of the marker also, even if it is not a frequently used definition.

        • sharps…He didn’t trip over the aluminum grave marker, he came face to face with it after tripping over the crudely-made stone grave marker.
          I hope this clears it up for you.

          • Sorry, Raven, I didn’t see your post before I replied to Mark. I think you are correct with your statement.

          • sharps my brother was out there as a machine gunner on a helo. i asked him he said he did know about old french graves but he said when people are buried in the field they make a detail map
            so that can go back and put markers.

          • sharps that should read my brother was over there and he DIDNT know sorry my skipping letters and words is bad this morning
            . alergies bad

  69. Normally I’d stick up for someone like Suzie getting ganged up on, but she trolls everyone else’s ideas just like what she’s accusing “you people” of doing. Maybe she should take her fragile ego to a more secluded corner of the web.

    • You’re right Dan. Suzie, aka Project Why, aka Nora Kelly, and who knows what other names he goes by, seems to take delight in stirring the pot with his comments and then being indignant when people don’t respond the way he wants them to. If “Suzie” doesn’t want people to think his comments are negative, demeaning or arrogant, then he shouldn’t use terms like “you people” and “waste of time”. I would guess the great majority of searchers have gotten far more out of this treasure hunt than they ever thought they would. If “Suzie” is unhappy with some of the responses and feels he is not understood, then the problem is with his inability to express himself in such a way so as not to be misunderstood. I think his remarks directed at Goofy were uncalled for. Goofy has done more for this site and contributed more than most, particularly in the design/look/feel of the site, his moderation, and in his thoughts on various interpretations of clues, scrapbooks, etc. I haven’t always agreed with everything Goofy has said here on the blog, but the positives far outweigh the negatives so I’m not sure why “Suzie” is complaining about him. Rant over! 🙂

      Good luck to all the searchers. Have fun and enjoy the adventure, regardless of whether you find the treasure or not!

  70. All very interesting ….so much for diplomacy and all that happy horse pucky. That pesky Chest is starting to send some people right over the edge. My humble prediction is that quite a few more are gonna go by the wayside before summer is over. Meanwhile, that gorgeous little Bronze chest is gonna keep on waiting to be discovered… good luck all and stay safe. Oh, don’t forget that there’ll be no paddle up your creek!

    • He, he, pesky chest. He, he, that’s funny! 😉
      I’ll get you …you pesky wittle wabbit! 😉

      I’m putting together my adventure…

  71. CLUES:

    – the secret could be Forrest’s true motivation for the chase, since he is not asking a question, but making a statement…

    – many different interpretations…

    – this is useful because it is the only proper name given in the poem, which tells us that anything named Brown is potentially important…

    – this is a direct reference to another point on the map, although has many different interpretations…

    – this gives us an endpoint, that we should follow a long, and relatively straight course until something changes, then we should halt there…

    – the path to the next clue is difficult to get to, and may involve moving from a lower elevation to a higher one in a run-off creek…

    – the place where the blaze is found will be surrounded by trees, rocks, and creeks, or a lake nearby…

    – many different interpretations, but if you have read the TTOTC, then you would probably get a gut reaction if you saw it out in nature…

    – wherever the chest is hidden, there is a majestic panorama to be gazed upon…


    1. IN THERE
    4. PUT IN
    7. GO IN PEACE
    10. ARE BRAVE
    11. IN THE WOOD


    – these two words don’t belong together…

    – most of the poem is modern English, so why this Middle English term?

    3. I MUST GO
    – Forrest voluntarily put the chase together, so why MUST he go?

  72. I am not sure why I was GE Black Canyon. However what I found knock me off tilter.
    I found it was 8.2 mile from SF. Here’s my problem I had used the line drawer on GE map to roughly mark of where 8.25 miles (one of Fenn’s clues) is from SF in a half circle as a boundary so we would know which side of line to stay on. We BTW choose to use the maps pin point of SF for this. Whether to measure the 8.25 from the city pin point or the city limits is another debate.
    To my surprise Black Canyon is a considerable distance inside my boundary of where not to look. When I asked GE for directions from SF to BC it was 8.2 miles but well within my boundary by couple of miles.
    This raised a debate between hubby and me. Is the 8.25 miles from SF as the bird flies as in my boundary or as the car drives?
    Are the few measurements Mr. Fenn has given us measures in a straight line from point to point or from our point by car to our next point?

    • Wildbird that’s a good question. Way back in the “good ol days” of the search before he said the 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe comment we were all wondering what “north of Santa Fe” was based on; city limits, city center, post office, flight charts from the FFA, etc. Some of us came up with pretty good solutions for it being right in Santa Fe. If we used the southern city limits as a boundary then all of Santa Fe was north of Santa Fe.

      I suppose the same logic can be used for the 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe comment. Where does the 8.25 miles start at? You could draw a semicircle using the southern city limits, and another one using the northern city limits. That should cover all the possibilities. If any of your spots are in-between those circles I wouldn’t rule them out. Just my opinion.

      • Technically, it could be 8.25 miles north of the southern border of Santa Fe County, which is just north of Albuquerque, which happens to be on the map. I don’t think he’s specified which Santa Fe, and I don’t think he’s clarified what constitutes the highlighted portion of the map, since highlighted can mean “bleached.” In my opinion, and I could be wrong.

        • Mindy,
          I do believe some time ago that Fenn did confirm SF being The same… SF>NM.
          I’m sure it posted somewhere on here.

          • Important life lesson–never be too proud to admit when you’re wrong. I stand corrected. But I’m standing firm on my take about the highlighted portion of the map. 🙂

        • Mindy, because there’s only a day left (actually, I should be there in about 36 hrs.) the location is in Wyoming. Not New Mexico. Not Colorado. Not Montana. Sorry if this shoots anyone’s theory down.

        • Mindy, I can’t point to the exact place…or time..but at least two years ago Forrest answered a question about which Santa Fe…the questioner was concerned about a Santa Fe in Mexico. Forrest stated at that time that he meant Santa Fe, NM. I also think that question and his response is on this blog somewhere..
          He has also said things to people like..
          “It’s not in Texas, Texas is south of Santa Fe.” and “It’s not in San Lazaro. San Lazaro is south of Santa Fe.” ..again..I suspect they were cited on this blog or someone else’s. Then, of course, there is the map, which makes it clear to me even though others have trouble determining which areas are the “highlighted” areas. I have never had reason to question which Santa Fe nor which Toledo, nor which Rocky Mountains…I have however questioned his description of “north” because according to Forrest’s description there would be no East or West…only North and South…but we all have our own concerns about “Forrest Speak” and where we should be looking.

          • Yep, I retract my earlier comment. I can barely keep track of my kids and mom’s birthdays, let alone everything Forrest has said. Thanks, Dal. 🙂

  73. A note to all. I made a very quick last minute trip to search for the TC the last weekend of April. I have sent my solve and the story of my search to Dal and Forrest. Read it and laugh, if you would like. I still feel that my spot very well could be the correct spot. I want to say thanks to all who have read my comments and those who have responded. The last 8 months has been a thrill in its self. I have learned a great deal on a large number of different topics. I feel as though I have made a few friends along the way. To me Forrest Fenn is a man of integrity above all else. I have a lot of respect for his service to our country, as well as providing us all with something to search and hope for. I am not poor by any means but who couldn’t use the money that the chest could bring. Just a note to who finds it, there will definitely be problems to deal with as well. I wish all to have a good time and experience the chase with love and concern for others as well as this great country that GOD has blessed us with and so many have fought and died for.
    I cannot continue to spend all of my time in the search as I have, although I will check in on occasions.

    God Bless

    Truly “Not Obsessed” any more.

    • Sir you will be missed. i havent read your solve will look for it. please feel free to email me. search post to find it thanks again for sharing

    • Looking forward to reading about what sounds like a fun adventure! I know if on my next search I come up empty, it will probably be my last hunt and then I will be “Not Obsessed 2”! 🙂

  74. Not obsessed

    Now that was well said. 🙂
    Your so lucky that you have been on your adventure 🙂

  75. Good comment. Looking forward to reading your search, are there jokes in the search to make me laugh ? The Best to You… Not Obsessed (any more).

    • Thanks Sharpsburg, Sorry no jokes, but you may laugh at how simple my solve is. I think you will see my reasoning behind it as well. Had a few good laugh times as well. I don’t want to spoil it.

  76. I was musing about the story of the frenchmans grave that ff tripped over. Then I remembered that I saw someplace called Frenchy’s Grave while looking at maps of the Absaroke-Beartooth Wilderness.

    Joseph B. “Frenchy” Duret
    Birth: 1862
    Death: Jun. 12, 1922

    Frenchy was a man of many talents. He owned a ranch in Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Montana. He was a trapper, prospector, guide and cattleman. He was tragically attacked and killed by a brown bear in Frenchy Meadow on Slough Creek, about 1.5 miles from his ranch.

    This site tells about a journey to Frenchy’s grave

    • Michael H. thanks for the post. I enjoyed the story of Frenchy Duret. Wow, what beautiful country!


        Frenchy’s remains are buried in Frenchy’s Meadow just outside of the Yellowstone National Park. His gravestone, near the Silver Tip Ranch, reads “Joseph Duret, Born in France 1858, Died 1922.” The Silver Tip Ranch, still privately owned, now caters to notables such as former President Jimmy Carter. from

        i dont know if this helps it the only place i saw that said where grave was in relationship to YS
        hope this helps

      • Michael-
        I’ve never been there. Also have not heard of Frenchy before..terribly interesting though.

        • You know who else is terribly interesting?…….that Carl guy. Looking forward to the finale, Dal.

        • Very Interesting, Forrest sure seems to like Grave markers. The story in the book and also the picture of the old Mary grave. I am kinda like him in that way, I love walking in old graveyards and reading head stones and pondering a persons life. Sad but interesting.

          Lou Lee Bear

    • Slough Creek, Lamar Valley probably would be my favorite spot. Soda Butte extinct geyser would be a great WWWH! IMO

      • Where warm waters halt. Where? Well, after the ‘s’ of course. What is after the s? A gap is after the s. Why is that relevant? Because there are many Gaps out there in search areas.

        A Gap is one of my solutions for WWWH. I simply share this hoping it might help somebody else in their solve.

  77. I no longer live in Texas. When I did live there I lived in San Angelo Texas and was working as a Firefighter/EMS/ERT. Thank you for thinking of me.

    • so where are now and where are you looking? i was noticing the after someone else talked about it. i never realized that not all of n. nm is shown just the ne corner.

      • I am now a left coaster as in west coast. I am looking in the Judith Gap area. I know, go figure – I share my information but I am ok with it. I actually have a very specific location in mind. I arrived there before but could not replicate my steps. History: I lost a bit of memory capabilities and forget my steps to get places unless I document them. I now recovered the missing piece and will focus in this particular area.

      • Oh. I found a boat load of responses from the blog in my junk folder, arghhhh. So I have been a bit behind on things.

  78. I didn’t know this but there is a place or two on the yellowstone river that they catch a fish called paddlefish.

  79. I’ve never posted on a Blog site before. I’m new to the chase. I probably won’t be checking back, though. People all…..mark the day. Wednesday, May 6th, 2015. Finally, as long as Forrest checks his e-mail that day. Otherwise, he won’t be posting the update until Thursday. Between now and Wednesday, good luck on your searches. Sounds pretty gutsy for someone who just ran across the riddle less than two weeks ago but sometimes things are easier understood if you look at it from the writer’s perspective.

    • Well dang……..It’s all over with but the crying. You’ve done in two weeks what thousands of us couldn’t do in three years…..I’m impressed.

      I’ll get to work on our new Bigfoot Blog. Finding Bigfoot will probably be more profitable than the chest anyway. 😆

      Good hunting Kevin.

      • : ) I’ll be sure to print this out and have Forrest sign it when I see him in a few weeks. And you’ll understand my analysis from Dal. He has the exclusive on my interview after Wednesday. And before I enter where I KNOW the chest is, it will be recorded for your enjoyment on youtube. I’ll tell you this…..Forrest said don’t mess with his poem. So many people are trying to mix words and add spaces to represent who-the-hell knows what. If you read it and understand it, just as Forrest said, it will lead you directly to the treasure. No guessing of a location. I know exactly where it’s at. Mark my words. Hope to meet you some day. Good luck though before Wednesday. Here’s the correct explanation of one of the hints, honestly. “The end is ever drawing nigh” is NOT talking about your quest. it’s talking about the Blaze. : ) I’m glad you’re totally stumped now. But seriously…..that is the correct analysis of that clue. You’ll understand soon enough.

        • That’s an interesting take you have on the blaze……I look forward to hearing your solution even if the completely impossible happens and you are wrong.

          Good hunting.

          • Get ready to call Ripley’s and report an ‘impossible’ is about to happen Wednesday evening. I’ll be getting there about 6pm God-willing that my 13-hr drive is smooth. I wish I had your phone number. I’d text you the pic before sending it to Forrest.

          • Ha! I heard that an Avenger died in the latest sequel. It appears as though we have a reincarnation of the Iron Will II. Good luck, I look forward to hearing your tale!

          • Amy,
            Again, not trying to sound cocky or anything but after finding the starting point it really did flow perfectly. It was a great riddle, great challenge, one that I’ll always remember. I’m surprised it wasn’t solved earlier. Surprised and happy at the same time. Don’t know why I was chosen to be the one to finally solve it but I’ll face that challenge when I meet it.
            God bless you all,

          • Kevin

            I can analyze that picture for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Kevin P,

          Just out of Curiosity, What is your take on the line you mention?

          With One day left, I’m sure you can share that little bit of the poem for the World to ponder on, Right?

          I do a degree with you on the line is important as regarding the Blaze and is part of the blaze itself. Another Question come to mind is how do you view the poem? your theory / method / analysis of how the poem is read or works? No major details just a summery if you will.

          And just a suggestion. It your planning on e-mailing fenn proof of the find. Would it be too much an inconvenience to take a close up pick of the chest…in the condition you find it and ask Dal to Post it, at the time you find it… I’m sure All the searcher, readers, followers from all over would appreciate that tiny little effort on your part…and later would very much like to hear your explanation on the Solve of the poem.

          • Seeker, I’m only going to say that Forrest is an absolute genius. More than one phrase is read by most to mean one thing when in actuality he is referring to something else. Again, I’m not saying I’m smarter than anyone here. Just that I followed his directions, I didn’t mess with his poem and twist anything, and it just fell together. But I will admit that it was almost by accident that I found the starting point. Clicking pictures and reading and then the next and then it accidentally cross-referenced somewhere else and that was the actual starting point. The caption to this other picture hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew that was the starting point. He’s more than a genius at how he phrased the place to start.
            Lastly, yes. There will be a detailed pic sent. And a video will be made of it’s retrieval. No dishonesty or bluffing crap.

          • I was asking about a site Hubby found about treasure chest and warning. A NUT CASE! well i found it not worried about it. i plan to let hubby open it first LOL!

        • Oh Kevin, you silly goose,

          Everyone knows “the end is ever drawing nigh” refers to the Earth’s continuous counterclockwise spin on its axis.

          Didn’t “The Catcher in the Rye” teach you anything?

          Look at the BIG PICTURE.

          In my opinion. And you’re welcome.

          • Mindy that makes sense. i cant find a tie to Catcher in the Rye because i am sorry that is book i have read. but the turning of the world and your daylight running out on you makes a lot of sense thank you

          • Wildb,
            “The Catcher in the Rye” is important literature. Time is in the trash with Hemingway and Gatsby, but Catcher is a treasure to Forrest, and therefore, not trash.

            The key to the big picture is in Catcher. 🙂

          • End of day draws near slower and slower when going west as long as you don’t go super fast. Also did you all notice Kevie’s initial is sticking her tongue out?

          • Clues, yes, that’s true. The book is written in such a way that many people identify with the main character.
            Happiness is the pot, right? And there is just one place in the book that Holden is happy. 🙂

          • Maddox asks: “How much of an influence would you say Treasure Island, Huck Finn, or other books/poems have had over your treasure hunt – (both the creation and execution of it)?”

            None at all Maddox.f

          • Hank,
            But if JD Salinger wrote about Forrest’s life, but left out a few things about his childhood, then Catcher didn’t influence the hunt or the poem. Rather, Forrest influenced JD Salinger. Not really, of course, but if the events in the book reflect Forrest’s life, then he wasn’t influenced by it, making it still important literature.

          • Mindy…
            yeah i thought that was the one, wasnt sure though…thought maybe it was the grapes of wrath…

            I didnt read that book..the only book that was mentioned in TTOTC that i did not read..

        • So the poem gives a clue about the Blaze, before it tells you a Blaze is involved? lol

      • Sorry, not trying to sound cocky or that I’m smarter than you or anyone else here. I’m just confident. I followed the riddle as Forrest wrote it, I didn’t mess with it, and it really did lead me exactly, EXACTLY, to the location of the treasure. What he wrote was the truth: “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental”

      • Good luck, Kevin. I’ve got 8 novels and countless magazine articles published (and not self-published, either). I’ve also been a senior editor for over ten years. Searched for two years, and still no chest. Maybe I’m not a writer. Or maybe I’m just dumb. 🙂

        • No, you’re not dumb. I haven’t started adding these blog comments until last night. It just amazes me how people can come up with so many off-the-wall “solutions”. I don’t even know if you can call them that. Maybe just throwing all the letters from the puzzle into a mixer and dumping it out and let’s see what we get. I do have the answer and I’m going to retrieve it on Wednesday. It wasn’t that hard, really. Yes, the toughest part was finding out where to start but then after that everything just flowed. And it tells you exactly where it’s located. Not some general location like ‘in the park.’ Wish you could be there when I get it. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet you some day.
          Until then….

          • Kevin, I hope you find it. I too have studied FF and all that I can find on him and a lot of other information. I just searched my spot and EVERYTHING in the poem lead me to the perfect spot. I found my blaze and even the hidey spot that I hadn’t seen from any of the maps or photos on the web. The chest wasn’t there, at least I couldn’t find it. It may still be in the area or someone could have found it and kept it a secret or I could have been wrong. If you are the lucky one then great, we will be glad for you. My only suggestion: don’t be surprised if you don’t find it. Watch out for bears, they are really out, carry bear spray and keep your eyes open.

    • Two weeks in I knew exactly where the chest was also.A year and a half later and i still dont have possession of the one chest.Goodluck (but not really) 😀

        • Pirate lol…Exiting the grocery store the other day a kids gum/prize machine caught my eye.It was labeled “pirate treasure”.I could not resist, spent a buck on two prizes and one was a ring with a skull n crossbones.I was thrilled! The other prize was a mini treasurechest!!! YAAAAR!!!!

  80. Hi all , Question . How would F give you title to the gold. Thinking about it . Would you think , he would have to hide it on property that you could claim it? I mean if you find it in a National Park wouldn’t the government take it?

    • Mike,

      That discussion has been a debate for sometime now. Legal pondering, has some good ideas and thoughts on that matter.
      But I would take anything I read as actual legal standings with a grain of salt.

      • And, yes, Seeker. I will be explaining the riddle with Dal. The video of the find will be only that. No discussion of where I’m at or how the riddle was solved. Only a video of the find. I’ve offered Dal the exclusive on my interview where I’ll completely explain the poem and how I ‘accidentally’ found the starting point. All this talk is really making me want to leave now. : )

    • the lawyerr we spoke with told us that if it is on private or Indian it is theirs. if on gov land it varies. he said it was best to check with the agency in charge where you are searching. he told us in most case if we turned it in we could file a chaim. there is not a way we can think of to keep it a secret and sell it.

      • It’s a secret right now… Is it not?

        If found there is no law I have ever heard of that States you must tell of your find.

        This, is not an archeological find or a missing ancient discovery…it’s a cache …at least at this time.

        If or when sold it then becomes income and taxable. Personally consulting an attorney at this time is a waste of time and money… There are no facts to present to one for any correct advice.

        Just saying

    • Mike…
      I believe he already has. To me that line simply says if you find it, it’s yours.

  81. Mike, consider this possibility. The thrill of the chase that Forrest experienced his entire life was hunting and finding artifacts. He says he wants us to experience the same “thrill of the chase” that he enjoyed all his life, so he created the treasure hunt.

    Maybe he created an artifact, say something in bronze (worth the cold), or wood (in the wood), or stone. The artifact is hidden and it contains information that will take you directly to the treasure, which is in his possession or on property that he owns. Maybe the artifact contains “a good map” that he says you need. Maybe it has some cryptic message that only can be understood by solving the poem. So he wrote a poem that is is conspicuously missing the letter X. Solve the poem and find X (Roman numeral 10), the tenth clue that will lead you to the end of his rainbow.

    Now suppose the artifact is hidden on Federal land or private property. The owner of the land will have a legal right to the artifact, not the treasure. That would be fine with me. They can have it, I will have the title to the gold which was on Fenn property.

    If you think this through, it could explain how he knows that no one will stumble on the chest accidentally, no one has found it yet, it is wet, people have been within 200′, etc.

    Forrest grew up in west Texas, the home of the “Spider Rock” treasure legend. I’m sure it was something he would have been interested in as a boy. Perhaps he created his own “spider rock” type of artifact.

    • Good thinking, Jack. You might be on to something here. Never thought about the Xth clue before. Right or not, that is a clever interpretation.

      • I’m sure I’ve seen some of your videos at Yellowstone and grasses flowing in the warm river where Forrest bathed but I can’t find them on the blog. Would you be so kind as to tell me where to look?

        Also, my spell check now recognizes your name and even capitalizes it 🙂

  82. Kevin, at least give us a state you think the treasure is in and I will let you know if you are correct or not.

    • Where I think it is???? I KNOW for a fact it’s in Wyoming. BTW, you don’t have to tell me I’m correct. : )

      • I’m not going to nuke him for not saying “In My Opinion” yet. Kevin, I know you’re excited and are going with confidence yada yada…….but the “fact” is, it is only your opinion until you find it. That’s how it works around here. So humor me if you want to keep posting…….you only have one more day to say it’s your opinion.

        • I remember the first time when I “knew” where the treasure was, and then the 50 times after that. hee hee …. we all have been there. Maybe I shouldn’t speak for others. I know I have been there (thinking I knew where the treasure was)!

          • hi moonshadow how do you handle the five seconds after you realize you were WRONG !! NO CAN”T BE!!! good thing we are so far at in the wilderness so our screams will not break much glass. Hey to the blogger who heard that terrible scream at night and was concerned it was a woman. it wasnt it was a seeker who just realized they were WRONG!!!!

          • How wonderful to see you are still at it, Moonshadow! I would still like to have you do rendering of my spot. The rendering would include all nine clues and a speck 🙂

        • Goofy,

          Are you taking in account for roadwork, school zones, detours, rest stop…

          Personally I’d like to see this one pan out…maybe 25 or 26 hour window. Just a thought, a least Kevin stated he’ll show proof from the sight. That’s a lot more than all the others who found it and refused to cough up anything factual…

          Not saying you shouldn’t keep the radar on…but that is not my call. Dal’s house his rules.

          • Seeker that’s true, I hope Kevin doesn’t get in a jam blinded by gold fever.

            Kevin seems like a nice guy and he’s excited; but if he gets away with it then the next guy should be able to say it also. Then everyone starts getting irritated (rightfully so) because the new guy is telling everyone how wrong they are; how simple it is to solve, how he’s a genius and the rest of us are idiots, yada yada.

            I just hope he doesn’t turn into one of those that says the chest is gone, or was never hidden in the first place because he can’t accept that he is wrong.

          • I don’t believe Kevin knows where the treasure is, he just thinks he does, but without a picture of the chest or confirmation from Forrest that he found it, there is no way he would be able to convince searchers that he knows where it is or that he found it. Personally, I don’t think he’s even in the right state! 🙂

            I hope he does come back to reveal his solution, if for no other reason than for us to be able to add it to our list of places it’s not. 🙂

          • Well, I’m with you on that Goof. I hope he enjoys what he sees,where he’s been,and just the thrill of discovering some history,rather than just focused on the chest. There is lots of beautiful scenery out there. I’m sending my dog to a bronze sniffing class. Maybe it will help. He sure can find the bones! Good luck Kev,don’t be disappointed.

        • Hi Goofy, IN MY OPINION Forrest honored you in his poem with your own line: “So hear me all and listen good..” and since it’s line 21 you can say it twice good, and be awarded 42 Scoobie snacks. Just kidding with you Goof.

          I quite appreciate your expertise with this website and in moderating our comments.

          Anyone have ideas on
          “So hear me all and listen good”?
          (I’m at the phase of pretending that I made it to within 12 feet) you have to dream you can win it to stay in it.

          Disscussions on Mysterious Writings leave me wondering if brave is a hint at a small alcove, or mini cave under a group of rocks. Perhaps a “whooo” sound blows through the rocks and that’s why you have to listen good at the rocks. Another idea… maybe forrest hung rattlesnake buttons in threes to scare away critters and people. Lisssten good?

      • Kevin after two trips I’d reached the blaze…piece of cake all logic…then it got hard. After the blaze it turned into an imaginary world relying heavily on the books and GE…if you figured it out just like that then you deserve it. AND THIS IS STILL ALL JUST THEORY BECAUSE I DONT HAVE IT!!

      • kevin i cant say if you are right or wrong until i get boots on ground BOG in aug.
        i am very confindent with our solve. (sorry everyone i hope i had not been quite this bad) we have the poem solved including the poem and Fenns other clues we have 42 points that tie together with each other. that said we know we could crash on the rocks like one blogger said. we know who could be very very wrong.
        we have also looked for good recipe for crow. eating crow canbe very bitter and bland without a good recipe.

        1,2,3 YAWN everyone at me! LOL

          • RIght, alot of that going on all the Blogs…Oops I saw someone post in the wrong name…Say….it was really funny. They can’t fool me.
            So Uken2it…..Your a Montana thinker.
            I thought forrest said within the high lighted area? I thought that means the darker area’s. He you notice the missing names of a couple of places? Makes you wonder.

            lee lou who? From Whoville thats were.

          • Lou Lee,
            I am leaning toward Montana and Colorado. Regarding the highlighted map, I have shared a few times (see above) that the highlighted map is not a clue in my understanding. Highlighted (as Mindy stated today) can mean bleached. So colored areas can be considered highlighted as can the white areas.

          • Also on that map, the poem, just As on oldsantafetradingco, has no “s” in answers…

          • hightlighted areas i think means the area that is brighter than the rest. he was trying to near our searche area because these are big states and the four states and the highlighted area IS A CLUE too. BIG clue i just saw that thanks

          • Wildb, did you notice that the poem is written in the same font and color as “public lands?” 🙂

          • Great Observations on the Map….I am not sure exactly where the Rocky Mountain area ends. In Montana. Uken2it.
            Remember Forrest saying something about a mistake on the map, that is some kind of clue. Also about Canada not being on the map, They have Rocky mountains too. So when is the revised book coming out?
            Thanks everyone! Keep having fun…

            Lee Lou Who? From Whoville!

        • Just saying- Odds are against your solve. Unfortunately the history of the chase has produced 0% of correct solves. Back to the drawing board. or buy some new boots..

          • Mindy i saw on map what you were saying about the font. my roommate know fonts his said that they are in same font but look at the titles below are also in same font only bolder and larger he said.
            the N is the same as the n in not far
            the t in there same as the t in tribal

      • Interesting. I too feel that I have solved the poem. The difference is that I am reserving stating it as a fact until I know for certain. Until then it is just a really good solution that is only a theory. It also seems that I have a different location, which makes it even more interesting. I was hoping to know for certain this year, but some things have changed and I think I need to stay closer to home for a bit. If I miss out, then so be it.

        The one thing I do worry about is that someone will almost have it and in frustration post their solution only to have someone else complete it. I watched that happen with “A Treasures Trove”. But I will say that I love reading the adventures everyone is having.

        • markJ i hope its minor problem and if you want prayers let us know. i hope you get to go hunting

          • @wildbirder. At this time we are hoping it is minor, but that could change. Prayers would be appreciated.

      • Kev,

        Can you enlighten this dolt as to your answer of a paltry statement by f: “nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve” in your solve?

      • I wish I could disagree Kevin, but the truth is, that is exactly where I would search if I were you.

        I would add that it is in a beautiful place but there are so many beautiful places to search. Just watch some of Dal’s videos.

      • Queuing up some music to be played in tribute of Kevin’s solution when he arrives and makes his grand discovery.

        Fenn is confident that the treasure will be unearthed eventually and says it will take the right combination of cunning and perseverance.

        The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.

        I hope Kevin is taking video of himself to share with us as he arrives at that specific spot he has been led to, his reaction and expressions will be priceless.

        Perhaps we need to come up with a psychological description/name for this newbie phenomenon of figuring out the 9 clues and solving them so easily and quickly. Any suggestions?

        • JCM i cant think of a name for it. i am worried about him he got it way worst then i had it. lol

        • Not just Newbies. Recently we had a lot of noise about a solve that was pretty certain and wasn’t to be. A promise to share the solve wasn’t to be either.

          It might be me next to be so certain, who knows.

        • JCM,

          Maybe we could call it “ironcladitis”.

          Due to the iron clad solves which they use to beat us over the head with…. and tell everyone how wrong they are; how simple it is to solve, how they are a genius and the rest of us are idiots, yada yada.

          🙂 🙂

          Good Luck to All!!!

  83. I think that wwwh – and home of brown – are the most important clues in the poem those two clues will let you know if you are in the right path to the tc

    • Frank i agree with you.
      i was hold down i key on my keyboard. it didnt like and chirpped LOUDLY at me. i jumped a foot spilling my coffee. my loud EEK! raised all the pets a foot out of their sleeping positions. LOL

      • wildbirder – I wish I had an I that went EEK !! maybe it would help me to get my wife out of the sleeping position lol thanks

    • GeoJack,
      Honestly, it’s not my first trip. I mis-read a clue last week before I went. This is actually my second trip. I just returned on Sunday evening but will be leaving in about 9 or 10 hours to go back. This is not a treasure hunt anymore. This is a treasure retrieval. And yes, there will be video shot and clear pictures.

      • all kidding aside make sure you are well prepared. wamr clothes, waterr, walking stick, tell people where you are goinand exspected back. bear spray. be safe and careful

      • I declare Kevin is officially hooked by TTOTC. So to clarify, he is two weeks into this, had a solve in less than a week and was immediately in the field within a week, and now he is headed out for search two at about two weeks into this because one clue was mis-read. Definitely addicted.

        Not the first, and certainly not the last to experience the thrill of the chase. Like so many before, the humility will soon set in and he will discover that there is so much more to this challenge. Perhaps with a little reading on the blogs/chat sites he may discover that his spot has been well searched already and there is a reason for that well worn trail in the area he has gone to.

      • Kevin P, allow me to attempt to help you out with a question… everything you are saying is in your opinion, right?

  84. With all the exposure we know to expect the flood of exuberant people who know where it is.Much like a cadis hatch. Maybe we should just let them figure it out, just as we did when we were newly hatched? Maybe its an evolutionary riddle, how to evolve from being the prey to being the predator? 🙂 Just some oddness to start your day . I wont be eating any new searchers today. LOL

  85. Kevin will get his first 13 hour one way trip under his belt, realize important parts of the poem on his way home and then start over or turn around and go back. I know I did, seven times. Nobody said it was easy Kevin. Good luck.

    • Actually GeoJack, Kevin said above,

      “It wasn’t that hard, really.”

      Which is how I know he is mistaken about his solution and location.

  86. I think the chest is hidden in a large boulder that has a hole in it…

    maybe you can only see the chest in it at a certain angle where you stand…

    it possibly has a smaller rock that covers the location, which you have to move out of the way to retrieve the chest.


    maybe the blaze is the blaze on a horses head…maybe you “put in” your horse below the home of brown, and walk around a little bit and where you “put in” your horse is where the treasure is located… hidden in plane sight…

    The thing Forrest said that really got me into this chase was that people would be surprised at the location of the chest… so once its found i think everyone is going to slap their heads thinking why did they not think of that.. now thats the frustrating/interesting part of this chase..IMO

    • cluesfromphilly that is why i changed my mind and then Hubby’s on caves. you maybe on to something. we did nt think a bout a rock with a hole in it. that realyy good

        • so youjust thought about it. i read something in a book that i belive brings supportive edvience that it a possiblity. i cnt tell the book or more will kill our solve

        • Great idea Philly, and I’m taking my lucky arrowhead with me since it looks like the blaze on f’s horse lightening.

        • Cluesfromphill i hate to pop our balloon hut what are the odds of a large rock with a hole in it being there when Mr. F hide it. I think you can say with safety that de had been there maybe once before because place is special and a rock like that might be there. Hard to say.

  87. “Dang, you people are a riot!! 🙂 You’ll respond to anything.”
    Not meant “at” us, just info.

  88. kevin P, be sure to keep up updated, like when you head out, when you arrived after driving, and when you head out to THE SPOT. Weds, ? guess you’d best be getting some sleep, or start driving that way about now.

    • I saw someone else offering bets in the comments above. I’d be willing to bet we don’t hear from Kevin again. That seems to be the pattern.

      • You’re probably right, SeaBee. Kevin will be so imbareassed that he won’t dare stick his head in here anymore!

        • Are we convinced Mr. P actually is who one might assume them to be? I am not, as I have expressed a few times in this thread, one who believes Kevin is Kevin.

          But I am puzzled about why nobody else seems to feel likewise? Do you all really think this newbie is really a newbie named Kevin and not a seasoned yanker? Why?

          • Well uken2it because we aren’t the IRS; you aren’t guilty until proven innocent around here.

            As a fellow skeptic I don’t have a problem believing what he says; he’s an excited newbie. Do you really think an experienced searcher would post something that silly?

            He seems to be a nice guy so no harm believing him. If he turns out to be a liar and a fraud the wrath of Goof will be released upon him. 🙂

          • i can’t tell i haven’t been on blog long enough to recognize everyone. I do find it hard to believe a newbie would be this comfortable never blogging with the blog. They sound younger than me so maybe. But I believe you go po-litely with your gut feeling until you are proven wrong. Our gut can miss lead us but not often.

  89. Goofy

    By any chance do u have a button for the future, I need to speed May up, these ants I have are starting to sting a little. 🙂

    • Amy, wow, do I know how you feel. Lucky me got to go early, now I don’t have anything to look forward to in June LOL.

      Dal may have the post of me search ready this week end. Man, does he have his hands full doing all this for everyone else. I hope whoever finds the chest will reward him for all his work.

      I do have a WDW trip in September, all 20+ of the family and maybe some friends from the school. I may not have a chest of gold, but do we have FREE dining, ummm. Its a Magical place all its own.

      • Dal and Goofy definitely deserve a ton of praise for maintaining this site. Not only are they on top of it, but Dal went out of his way to let me know about a short delay of the shipment of my new copy of TFTW.

        And followed up with me until I received a. I am beginning to think he’s an alien that doesn’t require sleep. 🙂

  90. I’m pretty sure whomever determines the location of the chest, the quest is just beginning. I’m picturing it just like in the movies, once you know where it is the adventure really begins. “No place for the meek”.
    Got to go all Indiana Jones on it to get it.

    • No offense sir, however I think that you are wrong. The clues followed precisely will lead you to the chest. I think ‘no place for the meek’ is one part of riddle/ clue # 5. Poor me, I see the whole poem as a riddle, the answers give numbers or landmarks. Dang that he said riddles won’t help find the chest.

      • i have a solve for the meek that works for me. but i also think its not so much a clues as a statement. most of the people here dont seem very meek to me. to go out and face wild animals, camping, insects, and hiking. we are not meek people

        • I agree WildB…Many throwing in a lot of chipr in. I meant chips.

          • thank you i was rereading my post when it hit me convindent people are NOT MEEK. i have a different “no place for meek” but this would work in two places i cant find NPM

      • Lowi, no place for the meek could be where sheep used to graze; dangerous preditors; old battleground; place non-church goers spend time hiking on Sundays; outlaw hideout; mining camp (nothing left of the earth to inherit); na campsite; a place the “Sheep Eater” or Shoshone Indians lived (my personal favorite).

        IMO you do have to answer riddles to proceed.

  91. All righty,

    Does anyone have a high powered magnifying glass? I’ve tried to figure this out but am always getting distracted, so maybe someone has already found the answer.

    Page 21, TTOTC: Look at the brim of the hat of kid on far left. Does that say “dead?”

    Inside cover, TTOTC: Look at Forrest’s ID card on the lower right. Behind the photo is a postage stamp. Under the photo, it says “Photo or Thumb Print.” When you magnify it, you can see a thumb print as well as the edge of the purple postage stamp. There’s no way that isn’t a postage stamp. But what postage stamp? It also looks like a thumb is covering the very bottom of the stamp. I actually have an idea what that postage stamp represents, but am curious to know if anyone else sees something I don’t.

    Pg 217, TFTW: Why is Charmay’s watch blacked out?

    Just a few of several definite aberrations I’ve found. Anyone else have an idea about these things? Especially the postage stamp…

      • Michael H, look behind the pic of little boy Forrest on the right side. Purple line=postage stamp.

        • yup, you’re right Mindy. Looks like a face in the upper part of the purple. The thumb is probibly covering the amount of the stamp. Don’t know. Good eyes. How old do you think he is in the pic? 3 ,5 , 7??? Maybe that stamp is one of those years…? As far as pg.21. It does look like “DEAD”. Could be “DEAL” also, tough, blurry.It really could be anything. Like the person in the middle, 4th from left. Their mouth…? “TAV”, “TOW”, who knows.
          Com’ on Mike, 4 dots.:)lol, Little higher powered magnifying glass needed.

          • Using a stereo-microscope on part of the image there was one form of the dots that defiantly looked like a sun with rays emitting from it. Similar to what you would see on the State flag of New Mexico. However this may have been a logo of the printer. I could find nothing else of consequence.
            I could only get a small portion of the page under the scope and not willing to cut the page out to accommodate me seeing the rest of it.

      • FF is channelling William Wallace on the night watch? Remember he threw away time.

  92. I have a comment and this only my opinion I would like to talk about put in below the home of brown – I think that put in is where he hid the treasure chest below the home of brown – I think that below means north of that’s just what I think he means but its only omo

    • frank where do you live? i was wondering about your HOB is north. if it will not give away to much of your solve why north

      • wildbirder I live in hobbs new mex – if you think about it he is talking elevation – so form hob – you have to go to waters high from there you have to go to the blaze then its in the woods and then in the cold to where the tc is hidden so if the chest is north of SF every clue is going north to a higher eleivation that’s omo

  93. I’m getting way too many responses and comments to respond to everything. I’m at work right now but will be leaving early at about 3am. It’s about a 13-hr drive. Gas, stops, delays, whatever……I should be there sometime around 6pm tomorrow night. Video, yes. Clear pictures, yes. Riddle explanation, no. The explanation will happen when I interview with Dal. I’m at work so I really should be working. Until then, God bless, K

  94. And Goofy. Yes, I’ll say it. It’s only my opinion. It’s not fact yet. It’s my opinion that it may take 13 hrs but who knows. Maybe a little sooner. Maybe a little longer. But, in my opinion, 13 hrs. : )

    • Kevin, get some rest you will need it to carry the chest. I hate to tell you that I had the CORRECT solve, before you did. You can read about it when Dal can post it. By the way, the perfect, everythjing fit solve did not reveal the chest. Can’t want to see a picture of the chest.

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