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Dear Forest Fenn,

I wanted so very much to tell you how deeply your autobiography touched me. I would write more but my words and lack of eloquence would just embarrass me. Suffice it to say I truly understood your words as profound as they were and it was a blessing to be able to, in some small way, meet you.

I was very sad to have finished reading The Thrill of The Chase and wanting to read more as if there was so much more of the story left unsaid. I quickly ordered your other book, Too Far To Walk and inquired if you had written any others. They told me “only two coffee table art books that were very expensive.” lol

I read that you have written a biography and placed it in the chest as well as a few other places. I would very much like to have a copy of your biography, more than words can say. I am not sure if you put any clues in them but perhaps you can just delete those parts. I am interested in the treasure, the chase really, but I am much more interested in your words. You are from a world long gone and reading your words was like being able to touch the past and those who were there. Not many people can share that, it is as a lost language.

I guess I could share with you that I recently found my great great great grandfather, Beddingfield’s,history and his sons and their sons. He is buried just outside Gwinnett, Georgia in a small unknown grave within the family graveyard of his wife’s family, the Kilgores. There is a man who lives near by there, a photographer, who while jogging past, took a picture of the little grave site now sitting all alone on the side of a road and posted it on-line saying meet my neighbors from 200 years ago. He did not know who they were or who was lying beneath the now eroded and broken headstone.

He did not know he, meaning my ggg-grandfather, had fought in the civil war, that his younger brother had died in the war and he had been held prisoner at Vicksburg. He was unaware that he and all his six brothers and sisters had been born in the house that use to stand a few yards away and his father was buried out near the old mill. That his sister had chased away Sherman’s men down the long dirt road swinging her broom. Their farmstead was now long gone. No picture of him remains, no name. But I knew and that meant the world to me. To travel out to the grave site which no one understood and thought was foolish was like touching them, seeing what they saw, being closer if that makes sense. Kinda like touching George Washington’s painting.

Well, it’s after 1:30 in the morning and I will be heading to work soon. I don’t sleep much perhaps I can get a little more time by only sleeping 18 years. I would share much more but I do not wish to bore you and think of my letter waded up lying next to The Great Gatsby in a waste basket. (I never liked that story much neither.) and I suppose it is of little meaning that I tell you how much your book meant to me and how I truly enjoyed every word. But it means a great deal to me; not sure why but somehow it does.

With kindest regards,


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        • Hi lou lee! Thx for asking!
          apologies, I’ve been trying to log on and read notifications, but I’ve been in and out of reception…actually been “unplugged” all week til now! I think I have over 600 to go through…and catch up…
          Dal, I stopped receiving notifications it appears sometime this afternoon…must be overloaded!
          Anyway, my search was very…
          Can’t think of the right word right now, I’m super tired! Can I get back to you on that?
          Need rest..very tired…

          • Hope you had a good adventure anyway Jdiggins!

            I stopped receiving notifications Sat about 4:30 but also no emails at all. I wonder if it was a local DSN problem or because Yahoo mail had problems? Had a bunch of emails in my inbox this morning but they were not in the proper order – weird!

          • Hi pl289. Believe I already provided that, just wish I knew which one! Of course, putted around again, hubby is a big chicken! Well, after this last trip, he’s changed his mind. Safer to go how supposed to!
            Bring water people!!!
            My treasure of this last trip is to be alive!!!
            I’ve never hiked so much in my life! Broke down like a blubbering idiot a few times…got over it…did it again.
            Quit smoking on 4/10, so healthier, if you will, but grouchier too!
            Thanks forrest for another great memory!
            Yes, so smart, so dumb! (Me πŸ™‚ )
            Well mid June driving it tired.
            that’s my quickie update!
            Don’t know how I’m gonna catch up!

          • Good for you on quitting smoking….I so need to do that….again. Ugh, such a hard habit to break. Did you quit cold turkey or have help? The patches seem to work best for me. The pill made me paranoid…never again.

          • It’s soooo hard! I used the patch for 17 days. Nothing since. Hubby uses the gum. Yuck! πŸ™‚

          • Oh Hi Jdiggins.

            Glad to hear back safe. I and I am sure many can’t wait To hear about Your Chase!
            Rest up and Post it when you can. Maybe you can have your own Page on Search stories with Dal?

            Lou Lee Bear

  1. Great letter, Kimberley. I completely agree. I hope to go back to New Mexico soon and continue the search…like you.

  2. Forrest is true πŸ™‚
    Nice story I’m familiar with the word Kilgore it’s a small oil town 30 min from where I live. And the Country Tavern is the best Bar-b- Cue you will ever eat πŸ™‚

  3. The book inspired me to get out into the mountains, canyons, fields, steams, deserts, forests, back roads, dirt roads, trails, sweet water, warm water, sage, sap of trees, radiance of the sun, light of the moon, wind, rain, heat and snow.
    That’s where I find treasure in a special place every time, and rest my soul.

    • I like to find peace and rest in the mountains, too, Michael. I like Forrest’s comment:

      “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”

      IT…being in nature… has much the same affect on me as a great hymn…like this one:

      That’s one of my favorites.

  4. Nice thoughtful letter Kimberly. You needn’t apologize for your writing. It was well written and I’m sure Forrest was touched by your thoughts.

    • Forgot to add that many of us enjoyed Forrest’s books and also felt like we got to know him, not by meeting him, but through his writing. And hopefully one of us will be able to meet Forrest in person when the bracelet is returned to him. Good luck to you.

  5. Very nice letter Kimberly. I feel the same way about the old world and forrest too. Love the stories and knowing about places that used to be here.

  6. Shouldn’t this be Scrapbook 138? No wonder I can’t subscribe anew! I already am subscribed to a Scrapbook 137. πŸ™‚

    • CJ, I took a look at the scrapbook posts; this one looks to be numbered correctly. Are you saying you have previously subscribed to another scrapbook 137?

      • All is OK now Goofy. It took 1 hour for the Confirm Subscription email to reach me from the first time I tried to subscribe. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me as I thought I saw two Scrapbook 137 but I think I must have been looking in the wrong area. πŸ™‚ I guess the site is just really busy to cause that delay?

  7. I thought I saw another 137. Hmmmmm for some reason when I tried to subscribe to 137 I never got the subscribe email so I could confirm the subscription. I’ll try again with this post and see if it works. Weird!

  8. “Their farmstead was now long gone. No picture of him remains, no name. But I knew and that meant the world to me. To travel out to the grave site which no one understood and thought was foolish was like touching them, seeing what they saw, being closer if that makes sense. Kinda like touching George Washington’s painting.”

    That’s what it’s all about Kimberley. That’s what it’s all about. πŸ™‚ I have many, many places where I did/do the same. It means something. The past is never gone. It lives in many ways, but especially in our imaginations………. The future though, is not what it use to be. πŸ™‚

  9. Great Story Kimberly! I think you are a very skilled writer because your story touched me. It made me reflect on my own yearning to track down my family’s past. There is so much online we must all take advantage to find our traces of history..

    Here’s my story for you..

    I always knew my great great grandparents were from the little town of Haskins, Ohio even one of the streets is named after a long dead family member, the Watts family. One day I was on EBAY and I typed “Watts Haskins Ohio” just for fun…. just to see what items would pop up. To my surprise.. an old original 1904 year photograph popped up. The old black and white photo showed an old Victorian style home, and on the bottom read, “1904, The Watts Family Residence”. I contacted the seller immediately, and bought that old photo for $30. It was worth every penny, and it is framed in my living room. A baby is on the front porch with a dog. That baby is some family member of mine, I will never know but having it means the world to me. A piece of history… A lost photograph, that was found thru the internet and is now safe in my home. πŸ™‚

    Moral of the story… You never know where you can find your family’s history.. there are traces out there. Just have to look! And you will find it where you least expected. EBAY?!?! The last place I would think of…

    It would be awesome for Forrest to share his autobiography with us.. Maybe he will or maybe its waiting in his treasure box for the lucky finder like a time capsule.

    Happy Hunting!
    Justin Watts

  10. For me the chase has led to a really neat part of the U.S I would never have known about, for that I am grateful. Hiking experiences can be had anywhere a person travels…not all experiences are equal though. I would travel to this area with or without the chase. One thing is certain though without the chase I would never have found this place. The real treasure is Americas beautiful western mountains, canyons, rivers and wildlife. Not to mention its ancient history. Thanks again Forrest!

  11. Well said, I feel the same way.His words have inspired me far beyond just the treasure chest.Dont get me wrong, I want the one chest as much as gollum wanted the one ring, and am doing everything in my power to make that happen, but i could listen to forrest talk all day about any subject.I just learned a valuable lesson the other day thumbing through the tftw book that sits on a family members coffee table.The words rang so true and am glad to have read it before it was to late.It had nothing to do with the chase.(I really need to buy this book) because the family member wont loan it to me lol.Forrest said it took him 15 years to write this poem, and if it takes me 15 to crack it im ok with that.I’ve learned so much.Thank you forrest.

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