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Forrest recently answered a few questions from a reporter and shares his answers with us here.

  1. Has anyone seen the treasure besides you? 

Yes, numerous people saw the treasure before I hid it. One is Douglas Preston, who is a writer who has been #1 on the NYT best seller list.

  1. Can you tell us what exactly the treasure includes?

The treasure includes 265 gold coins, mostly American eagles and double eagles, hundreds of gold nuggets, some as large as chicken eggs, ancient Chinese carved jade figures, Pre-Columbian gold animal artifacts, lots of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, and other things.

  1. How many clues have you released?

There are 9 clues in a poem that is in my book, The Thrill of the Chase, and I gave a few clues on the Today Show.

  1. How would you describe yourself? Art collector? Is it accurate to describe you as a millionaire? 

I would describe myself as a retired fighter pilot who was shot down twice in Vietnam where I experienced one of life’s great lessons. I talk about that in my book. It is fair to say I am a millionaire although I would not dwell on that.

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  1. Seems like the reporters are coming around again. Amazing how many facts they mis-report.

    • Hello everyone, hope this thing works.. LOL I think Fenn has a great gift in being the Gentelman he is.. and excercising restraint in not calling iditots out… he does take intellectual pokes at them now and then though LOL … he must hear from every nutt on the tree in his email.. yet he takes a humorous approach to it.. I think he learned along time ago he thinks differently than most people..
      but I consider it an honor to have come to know something about him and his life.. He is a True American …one of the good guys.

  2. I truly hope that I can witness the Doubting Thomas’ dine on a heaping serving of Crow Stew laddled over a bed of I stand corrected.
    I really liked how Forrest described himself. Most of us see a multi-faceted man and there are many of us who see parts of ourselves reflected in a man who has leaped and skipped down the road less traveled. THANK YA FORREST FOR THE THRILL OF THE CHASE!

  3. Yes nice answers. I’m proud Forrest doesn’t dwell on being a millionaire
    Good for him 🙂

  4. “I would describe myself as a retired fighter pilot who was shot down twice in Vietnam where I experienced one of life’s great lessons”

    I wonder if this as anything thing to do with moving to NM to recover?

    • Seeker, do I remember a statement where ff says Santa Fe was the only place he thought he could go to heal?

      When he threw his watch away, that was a pivotal moment is his life. A new man emerged.

  5. I describe his occupations as an Archeologist, Atiquities collector and dealer, and he sold some art created by his friends. In his past history he was a fishing guide near West Yellowstone, and had been a fighter pilot in Vietnam.
    He has been a great success at every thing he did. Especially at being an author. He has inspired tens of thousands to get out into nature to explore, search and have some fun. In the end it is the positive impact we had on others that says it all.
    But it’s not the end yet. This is not a eulogy. I can’t wait for what else he has up his sleeve.

    • Michael, let’s hope someone pulls the joker/TC out of Forrest’s sleeve and a new treasure hunt is spawned in the Rockies. It would be great if it continues and families can enjoy searching for generations.

    • I’d like to see what else Forrest has up his sleeve, too, Michael…and, Lia, why is the song The Joker by The Steve Miller Band playing in my head? 🙂

  6. Forrest’s answers should quell those doubters who wonder if he actually had a treasure chest full of gold and jewels, and how he could afford to hide such a treasure, but it probably won’t. It’s too bad some people are so cynical and think this treasure is a hoax. We’re all believers here! Thanks for providing a fun reason for our adventures Forrest!

  7. Don’t you just love how down to earth Forrest has remained.

    In the end, the wisdom he has offered me through TTOTC is simple: Life and Family are priceless treasures…get outside and enjoy them both – to the full extent. I’ve never taken family for granted, but with Forrest’s encouragement our family has looked to the great outdoors as a thrilling place to be together.

  8. With the fall of Saigon 40 years ago this week, I’ve spent the last few days in thought about all of the young men and women impacted by that war. I wish I could say that after all of this time I understand It better, but the fact is that I think I understand it less and less over time. One thing I do see clearly, is the fact that our vets suffered unnecessarily from the divisions that developed in this country as a result of that war. And for that I am truly sorry and feel the need to express my regrets to all of you who served for the often shabby way you have been treated. I have to wince sometime when people talk about the “good ole days” and how things were so much better “back when”. Every era has its challenges and unfortunately that war has left its scars on so many. Vets, your have my respect and you have not been forgotten.

    • Those days of national turmoil did leave a lot of scared people.
      Often those scars go unseen. I remember the weird looks people would give me when I came home wearing my uniform.

      To this day I recall the faces of the friends I lost…
      Why couldn’t I have been there to save just one of them?

      Thank you for your compassion.

  9. IMO, Forrest has always been most humble in both word and actions. He is also a man of tremendous integrity, charm, wit and wisdom… We are all very fortunate to have him in our daily lives to guide us…. Thank you, Forrest.

    • Also, as I mentioned on another thread, yesterday, Forrest is Looking very good! He is so Handsome and has taken good care of himself. He looks so Youthful!

      Lou Lee Belle, Commenting on how Awesome Forrests Looks!
      Looking Good Forrest, WINK WINK

      • I saw that comment Lou Lee… and I agreed with you.
        Kinda chilly here today, but the sun is out…
        Good luck on your upcoming search. I may not be making mine as I had previously thought. My instincts and confidence level is telling me not to try again, at least at the moment it’s not. :/

    • I agree, WiseOne. Thank you, Forrest. None of us would be here without you…and I know we’re all better for it. I know that’s the case for me.

  10. Not much new in that reports interview. Was hoping for more meat on the bone.

  11. Not too much info. here.

    More of a Forrest Fenn ego-stroking session it seems.

    Hey, what’s the one thing that a millionaire can never have?

    — Enough

      • mr. forrest does not have a stroking his e-go,as you call it.this man is a fine gentleman who has been thru a lot,like us all.he has come to peace with him life is being kind to other people,if its a smile,to open a door ,buy a kid an ice cream cone.this is the real mr. forrest fenn.if he was just to up and give the treasure to someone,everyone would want him to do the same thing for them.he don’t have that kind of he does want someone to find the treasure fair and square.and either someone who is down and out,who knows a rich person could find it also.but I hope its someone who can really use the money.

  12. mr. forrest,glad you are ok,I surely miss your stories.I e-mail you and write letters to you,but I understand you are very busy and people are borthering you all the time.your such a presence in my heart,i want to make sure you are in the world can I ever forget a person like’ll always be the dad I never had in my heart.always you are rich in the things you have done for days a millionaire is not a lot of and I both know that.everything is expensive.take care.

  13. I have a question that we should all talk about. When a person is able to unlock this poem will they know 100% that they will know the location of the chest? like 1+1=2 kind of thing or will you have to test each theory by going there to see if the chest is there or not?

    I know Forrest wanted people off the couch and to explore the mountains. He’s accomplished that. Will that be all we will be doing? is running out with every theory or solve not knowing if we are correct until we have the chest? IMO, there is no way for you to determine if you are right unless you hold the chest in hand. Every theory is right and wrong until you go and hold that chest in hand. How will you ever know you are right without going to your location and seeing?You can have all the confidence in the world but you still will never know unless you go there and grab that chest.

    Is there a way to 100% know you’ve solved the poem and then travel there to grab it? If there isn’t I cannot continue to search no longer. I can’t bring myself to travel there every time I have a new theory So please tell me your thoughts and help me decide to give up. Thanks.

    • If you cannot determine if you are 100% right before you go there I will gladly put all my solves for all to see. I will never be able to go again if that way is true but I would love to see it solved. I wouldn’t mind throwing everything out there in hopes that it would be solved and I can relax my brain 🙂

    • Pete-
      There appear to be no guarantees of anything in this world. What is one persons dogma is another’s lie. Even death and taxes can be avoided according to some..
      Certainly on this blog if someone takes a stand for or against anything others will take up the cause to defend the opposite view. So, in my opinion, Forrest was speaking rhetorically…Each of us have our own definition of “confidence” and for an ex-fighter pilot who is “confident” that he will come home at the start of every mission…Forrest’s idea of “confidence” is probably different than mine..
      So…I guess what I am saying is that this is confidence as imagined by Forrest..and to understand what he means we have to know what makes him confident…we cannot let our own idea of confidence play a role in that equation.

      • That is true but I’m certainly still lost on my question…lol. I sent Forrest and email asking the same question. His reply was:

        “The poem is strait forward Peter. If you know where the treasure is you should go get it. f”

        That left me even more lost…hahaha!

        • There have been plenty of people who claimed to be 100 percent certain as to the whereabouts of the chest before they did their search. Kevin P on nine clues is claiming that now. Other folks STILL claim their solve is 100 percent correct even though they came home empty handed after they searched. So to answer your question, just about anything is possible in my opinion, including not being absolutely certain about anything and still finding the treasure. I think you are looking for an absolute assurance that your solve is correct before you go retrieve it. My bet is on the person who is willing to be persistent, and puts in a long hard slog to obtain the treasure, and probably turns over lots of rocks in their searches. I think that FF knew that his poem would take folks in many directions and envisions the finder to be one who worked hard to find it. But that of course is just a guess…

          • Raven,

            Thanks for the reply. This has nothing to do with my solve. I’m just asking if anyone that unlocks this poem no matter who it is or what solve they would 100% know that they have it unlocked it. Then be able to move and go get the chest or if the only way they know they are correct is by actually going there and seeing if the chest is there.

            I look at it IMO as like Schrodinger cat experiment. The cat is both dead and alive at the same time until you open the box and see for yourself. With Forrest’s poem Every solve is right and wrong at the same time until you go there and have the chest in hand. To me IMO this poem has no definitive clear answer unless you go in the field and test it. Yes the poem will lead you to the chest but only if you go and see if that solve you came up with is correct. IMO there is no way to determine if your solve is right or wrong unless you go there to test it. It’s almost like a process of elimination IMO. To me the funds are not available to do that and with that being known it wouldn’t be worth me trying to solve it since I’ll never know if I’m correct or not.

          • From my experience, a “solve” is only a theory until it can be proven. However that may be…

          • It used to be that solving a problem like 1+1=2. Now in this era 1+1=3. The reason why for this because your combining 2 elements together and therfore your going to get something total different. Now to solve the poem you need to find 2 things that forrest loves That will key to solving the poem.

          • HA! Pete, being more lost after talking to Fenn is a normal occurrence around here.

            I agree with you Pete when you said, “…..there is no way for you to determine if you are right unless you hold the chest in hand. Every theory is right and wrong until you go and hold that chest in hand…..

            It simply boils down to extraordinary claims requires extraordinary proof……Even if you “know” you are correct it is doubtful anyone else will believe you. So if you are happy “knowing” you figured it out, then your fine. But I think you have answered your own question……without the chest it is just an opinion.

          • Forrest did say only 2 people know where the chest is at. And 1 one them is dead. The Second person was not refering to himself, but to one that finds it. And how do i know that? Lets say I came across the dead person that forrest never mention.

        • Pete, you won’t know until you go and you should definitely go even if you have funds for only once. It is the thrill of the chase that we are after.

      • Its really cut and dry to unlock a poem. It take one key. In order to find the key. You need to open your heart to search forrest heart. The key is located in his heart. Once you know the what the key is. You can decipher the poem and the poem becomes a map.

        • David, You cannot say its really cut and dry to unlock it. You do not have the chest in hand so there is no way to determine if you are right or wrong about that.

          • Y do say, I do not have the chest in hand. Do you have little faith that chest will never be found.

          • Pete,
            You have answered your own question….there is no way to determine without a trip. This isn’t a math problem with a solution that can be proven sitting at the desk. Further, the teacher, (Forrest) isn’t going to tell you if you are right or wrong.

            If you aren’t willing to spend a little money on a sight-seeing trip then it doesn’t sound like you are all that confident.

          • I did take my trips. I have been to Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and back to New Mexico again. The only problem that nobody believed me during the search. i have so many stories to tell and that why ill be writing a book.

        • Yes, and then one goes there, to their spot, and finally sees their blaze, looks quickly down and NOTHING! Nothing but cold… An empty feeling sets in… Maybe a few tears are shed… Then the comes the hurt and disappointment that you were wrong… Again 🙁
          Nothing appears as you imagined it to be…
          I must be using the wrong map and key…

          • Tee hee, wiseone! Been there, done that!!! 🙂
            Still like the energizer bunny..
            Or was it the timex watch?

          • Something like a timex watch
            Thats how you kill 2 birds with 1 Stone.

          • Jdiggins, I think I’ve got One more search in me. The Energizer Bunny is gonna try One more time… Going again…
            I’m like the Elk in the video trying to get over the wire fence… Persistence!
            Timex… Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking”… Only Time Will Tell…

  14. I love that response: ‘Tho I am a Rich Fenn, I actually prefer to be remembered as a colourful fighter pilot who was shot down twice and who learns from his experiences’
    Mmmmmm Very nice!

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