In the Wood….Part One


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This is the place to discuss the phrase in Forrest’s poem that reads: “in the wood”. Is it a cryptic clue or simply referring to the outdoors or the woods? What are your thoughts?


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    • decall..
      Not yet…I like the way that sounds if there is hope… 🙂
      I tried my own ideas..that didn’t work out.
      Then I tried stealing everyone else’s…that didn’t do any good either.
      I went to a psychic but all she could tell me was that I was going to meet a tall, dark stranger.
      I complained to Forrest…nothing!
      I lit some candles and left a few bucks at the Loretto I’m poorer instead of richer.
      But Esmerelda and I are headed out soon to give it another try..
      I’m very optimistic because I am meeting with some kids from a treasure hunting club in Tacoma next week and I am going to listen very closely to what they think I should do…

      • Dal, stealing ideas wont help you much if you’re stealing from the wrong person

      • I can understand the Loretto debacle Dal. The reason that path did not avail you is that you require the divine birthright from there, in order for the spirits to listen. Very few searchers have that quality, myself being one of them. I wish you luck with the THC in Tacoma though. You never know….the mind of a youth might just be what we need in this chase.

        • Iron that is quite funny. True Chris you gotta divine which ones are full of bologna.

      • I see you as genuine competition…. so I’m happy to hear that. I wouldn’t be surprised if alone in there and in the wood are connected.

      • lol, Dal…….such wit!

        and Confuscious have many sayings, but I have Pony……..Giddy-Up!

        Fenn had a pony, Silver: but that lovely creature as well as the puppy in photo were never mentioned by him…also I have doubts that Bessie was a family cow…as never a glimpse of a barn at the Fenn homestead…all this apropos of nothing/what?

        Wood that there be a connection…..
        try Braveheart : heartwood.

        Ta ta………….

      • You know what they say: “Out of the mouths of babes come words of wisdom.”

        And that’s fitting advice for this thread because the meaning of “ the wood” can be explained by the story “Babes In The Wood”..

        • Ed,

          I’m near Silverdale. When are you going? Looks like my trip will be in July.

          • Kat, I’m near Poulsbo, with no trips planned. Are you interested in meeting up at Starbucks for coffee sometime.

          • Im going in july as well hopefully find it my solve matched all the supposed clues that i think was clues and took me to a specific spot only part unsolved is blaze in which im sure ill know it when i see it..ill let yall know the results when i get back as well as post my solve rich or not

      • I’m hurt dal, I offered my suggestions and you politely refused…. but now your asking kids for theirs! lol
        Don’t think it’s where I was sure it was…
        Funny how sure you can be then realise you sound very pretentious…

        • Imagination and luck?

          success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

          In other words.
          All one needs is a little imagination and chance. Vegas anyone?

      • In the wood simply means its covered by leaves. At least that’s what my 93 year old grandpa said.

  1. I have to go with Wood meaning Reverence thanks for the searcher who posted that word 🙂 wood is wood 🙂

      • Mildew U and Dither are buds right? I’ve never met Dither but U Mildew are familiar. Exploding cowboy hat and I have met too.

  2. I think it’s a log:

    sohearme ALL andlistengood,
    youreffort WILL BE worththecold.
    ifyouarebraveand IN THE WOOD
    igiveyoutitletothe LOGd.

  3. Here are two poems one is called In a wood and the other In the Wood

    Herbert Edwin Clarke (b. 1852)

    THROUGH laughing leaves the sunlight comes,
    Turning the green to gold;
    The bee about the heather hums,
    And the morning air is cold
    Here on the breezy woodland side, 5
    Where we two ride.

    Through laughing leaves on golden hair
    The sunlight glances down,
    And makes a halo round her there,
    And crowns her with a crown 10
    Queen of the sunrise and the sun,
    As we ride on.

    The wanton wind has kissed her face,—
    His lips have left a rose,—
    He found her cheek so sweet a place 15
    For kisses, I suppose,
    He thought he ’d leave a sign, that so
    Others might know.

    The path grows narrower as we ride,
    The green boughs close above, 20
    And overhead, and either side,
    The wild birds sing of Love:
    But ah, she is not listening
    To what they sing!

    Till I take up the wild-birds’ song, 25
    And word by word unfold
    Its meaning as we ride along,—
    And when my tale is told,
    I turn my eyes to hers again,—
    And then,—and then,— 30

    (The bridle path more narrow grows,
    The leaves shut out the sun;)
    Where the wind’s lips left their one rose
    My own leave more than one:
    While the leaves murmur up above, 35
    And laugh for love.

    This was the place;—you see the sky
    Now ’twixt the branches bare;
    About the path the dead leaves lie,
    And songless is the air;— 40
    All ’s changed since then, for that, you know,
    Was long ago.

    Let us ride on! The wind is cold,—
    Let us ride on—ride fast!—
    ’T is winter, and we knew of old 45
    That love could never last
    Without the summer and the sun!—
    Let us ride on!

    In a Wood

    Pale beech and pine-tree blue,
    Set in one clay,
    Bough to bough cannot you
    Bide out your day?
    When the rains skim and skip,
    Why mar sweet comradeship,
    Blighting with poison-drip
    Neighborly spray?

    Heart-halt and spirit-lame,
    Unto this wood I came
    As to a nest;
    Dreaming that sylvan peace
    Offered the harrowed ease—
    Nature a soft release
    From men’s unrest.

    But, having entered in,
    Great growths and small
    Show them to men akin—
    Combatants all!
    Sycamore shoulders oak,
    Bines the slim sapling yoke,
    Ivy-spun halters choke
    Elms stout and tall.

    Touches from ash, O wych,
    Sting you like scorn!
    You, too, brave hollies, twitch
    Sidelong from thorn.
    Even the rank poplars bear
    Illy a rival’s air,
    Cankering in black despair
    If overborne.

    Since, then, no grace I find
    Taught me of trees,
    Turn I back to my kind,
    Worthy as these.
    There at least smiles abound,
    There discourse trills around,
    There, now and then, are found
    Thomas Hardy

    • I like in the wood by Herbert Edwin because it seems to align perfectly with the poem. If you think about it. The poem says if you are brave and “in the wood” I give you “title” to the gold. Well what is the title to Herbert Clarks poem?? 🙂

  4. For my solve, “in the wood” means “tree”…one tree, not plural. But I had to use the entire line “If you are brave and in the wood” to pin-point the spot.
    Dal, do you know where I mean? I know you searched most of New Mexico a couple years ago.

    • Cynthia,
      I probably don’t. I spent most of my Bravo time looking in the Rio Bravo gorge. The most enjoyable part of the research on Rio Bravo was watching the film, Rio Bravo..I’ve always liked Water Brennan…but then I found out that movie was suppose to take place in TX and was shot in AZ…so no clues for Dal…but I still like the movie…

  5. My best guess: a few trees

    Wood as opposed to woods

    It’s easy to see why he chose wood instead of woods, it allows for infinite possibilities. As with everything in this poem it’s impossible to guess prior to arriving at the point physically.


    Tree stumps/logs/brush/petrified wood

    Crazy or mad

    A wooden tunnel

  6. I think that brave and in the wood is part of the clue. Possible an Indian brave like the Arapaho national Forrest.

  7. I’m not sure if it means in the woods as in a forest or the treasure hidden in something wood like a log or box or coffin.

  8. Previously I thought “in the wood” referred to the chest being hidden inside something wooden, such as a hollow log. That does not match Forrest Fenn’s thoughts about how long the hunt might last (1,000 years and longer).

    Since “in the wood” is an odd phrase, I suspect it is a clue.

      • Great observation, Sally. There’s an old saying. “Old rockhounds never die. They simply petrify.”

        May it ever be thus! And long may it be so! 🙂

          • Todd – I am sure that with as many people searching and trying to find the meaning of in the wood that someone already has, whether they know it or not.

            We won’t know until it is found. Until then, all we can do is continue to look. Hopefully when the treasure is found will more come to light. I hope that answers your question.

          • Will someone please hurry up and find the Treasure,I have almost 100

            “Thrill of the chase” messages in my email box!

            Just kidding I read every one. lol

          • We will be all ears, if you find it, for your solve and your adventure Amy. Be safe out there in wood. Keep a smile on your face whether you find it or not :-). It’s the thrill of not just finding the treasure, but of being one with nature. I know every time I went out, that that was the most memorable part. Be safe out there especially with the weather and any sketchy terrain; be prepared.

    • Since (from what I vaguely recall) some people have mentioned “in the wood” means a type of phrase meaning “riding a horse” , it might be in a cave in Horse Mountain. But then again you might find nothing but a mean rattlesnake so be careful sticking hands in rock-cracks.

  9. I’ve always thought the initial meaning (layer one 🙂 ), was to have taken the adventure. Another, a native canoe, another, associated with a log or stump or branch…

    • Hondo

      🙂 Thank u. I have one wood and I hope something is in it. 🙂 when my solve is posted I sure hope to grab everyone’s attention, wether I find it or not.
      Yes the adventure and nature is something we all need to take in and enjoy.
      I think Forrest is amazing 🙂

        • 3 Rocks 🙂

          I leave June 5 I will start my search June 7 and thru the week 🙂 but I only have one area to search. So I will just take my time 🙂

          • Hope you are successful!! I’m actually looking forward to someone finding this thing so we can finally see all of the logic on the table. Would love for it to happen within a time frame that Forrest would be able to provide his own insight on the “making of” the quest.

          • Interesting that my curiosity bothers me so, I must ask what state based on those dates 🙂 if u don’t mind telling.

  10. The last sentence of the poem reads, “If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.”

    Perhaps this has reference to the wood lining in the bronze chest??? 🙂

    • I suspect the poem / FF is more brilliant than that. The true meaning will probably be quite profound…. his masterpiece you know

      • I too believe that. You are right IMO…decall, His masterpiece!

        Lou Lee, Super busy, these days.

        • decall I’m sure some searchers are not as bright as others, that’s why we each must work out our own solve.

          Surely you noticed the last sentence is after one finds the chest and has opened it to view the “gold”. I’m confident that is brilliant. 😉

          • specialklr your are right we each need our own solves and respect the brilliance of others while be confident.

          • Special,

            Yous stated…The last sentence of the poem reads, “If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.”

            Perhaps this has reference to the wood lining in the bronze chest??? 🙂

            All well and good. But how does the lining of the chest connect with brave? The “and” bring a correlation of the meanings to both words. IMO without both, a single meaning has a small possibility of being correct. What factors of brave deals with a lining a chest?

            We all do this… Take a couple words from a complete sentence and attempt to under stand those one or two words, but is it not necessary to understand the full sentence and would it not be important to the poem in it’s entirety?

            This brings me to another thought that IF the Brave means no fear or wood means lining of the chest…if cold means cold etc.

            Then last stanza means, nothing is needed in this stanza to be useful, important, or a clue to the rest of the poem and finding the chest. If so Why would the Author bother to even include this stanza?

            We have been told the poem is straightforwards… But our we simplifying 15 years of work, to force it to be straightforwards?

          • Seeker, it does no good to attempt to put words in my mouth.

            The last sentence is a simple “If/Then” statement. That is simple logic.

            IF… you are brave and in the wood, THEN… I give you title to the gold.

            Brave and in the wood are two unrelated conditions.

            I give you title to the gold makes a very important distinction that this is a gift from Mr. Fenn. Should you be the one to find the chest, you will be very thankful that this statement is in here.

            This IS my opinion and if you wish to criticize it that is your prerogative.

    • I agree, Special. His autobiography which is in the sealed jar is probably the title. So in order for someone to get to it they have to be IN THE WOOD when they open the chest …Wouldn’t that be a wonderous sight…Bling!! Bling!! 🙂

    • specialkir you may just stumble on to the meaning on the wood. IMO it will be simple.

    • 3 Rocks

      Yes I agree, Forrest still needs to be around. He has got to see and meet whoever solves his poem.
      For it to be 5 years and no one has been able to solve it, amazes me.
      Thank u for wishing me luck. I will do my best when I arrive. 🙂

  11. Think this is a older term meaning(the wild) think remote or undeveloped landscape but not limited to a forest. Just one possibility.

    • That is my thought also. I think that you have to look at the other clues to point you to the right wilderness area. Brave, meek, etc.

  12. While analyzing that line in the poem, I am inclined to also think about this passage in the book:

    “..he told me to hang tough, that he would be back, and then he left. Well, I remember thinking I’d just as soon he would hang around for a while. But he had work to do..

    • How could the chest be part of petrified wood? Petrified wood is piece of wood turned to stone by mineralization over millions of yrs

      • There are petrified trees in Yellowstone north of the Madison, but it is not in those.

  13. I have to agree with you pieces. Reminiscent of the trappers that braved horrible conditions back in the day.

    • I have that book it primarily talks about intricate wood working maybe there is a cross reference to the chase.

    • Michael, I appreciate your active mind and your sharing of ideas. You toss out lots of thought provoking ideas. I think your play on words is interesting and may help you in uncovering the poems meaning. This one was imaginative and very perceptive–I hadn’t picked up that “blend” of words before.

  14. As I have gone alone in there…..
    If you are brave and in the wood…..
    IMO I think those may relate to each other.
    If the chest is not associated with a structure, then maybe in the wood pertains to a saddle or another natural formation.
    Any thoughts?

    • If you start to undermine the poem’s layout
      I wish you well. Nothing ventured nothing
      gained. May you be flown back to Albuquerque
      at Forrest’s prompting for a severe debriefing!

  15. Does anyone believe the wood could be a wood coffin with room for the chest and one body (alone)in there and with my treasures bold) a bold thing to do very BOLD….

  16. I have to say that I disagree with pieces and JJ and everyone else that doesn’t think that in the wood means inside the bronze chest. Everyone that has gone searching with boots on the ground are in the wood according to your definition of in the wood and he has not given anyone as of yet title to the gold. IMO, you have to be inside the chest to receive title to the gold, so, in the wood must mean inside the chest, the wood lining. He can only give the title (once) to the one(s) who finds the chest. How can he give you title to the gold if you are not inside the chest?

    • Ritt, here is why your wrong. The poems goal is to get you closer to the chest. He wouldn’t waist valuable space if you already have access to the chest. IMO

      • Close earth, your opinion is duly noted, but you don’t know if I’m wrong unless you have the chest. Do you?
        IMO the goal is to get you inside the chest, not closer.

        • CE we duly note your opinion and we think Fenn could put more lines in the poem not to confuse but beef up the poem. more to work with the busier we would be. if poem was to short it would of been solve long time ago.

    • And this whole time I thought the chest was 10 x 10 inches. Didn’t realize it was 10 x 10 feet.

      • Or if you are “brave” and in the wood. So can petrified mean opposite or maybe a mirror image which refers to exact opposite of brave and the meaning that wood is something opposite as well?

        • Please don’t laugh but in the movie National Treasure 2 that he had to be brave and surrender his hand to the warrior, that’s when he had to put his hand in a hole in the rock. Do you get the same pattern.

        • I was implying that “petrified”, as mentioned above, didn’t quite fit with in the wood. But rather a better fit with meek.

          However, if it is no place for the petrified (meek), then you are not meek. Thus brave.

          So, I guess if meek = petrified, then “in the wood” = mineral(s) if we are making an association to petrified wood.

          I don’t agree with what I just said though since my solve doesn’t make an association between the two. Just thinking out-loud.

          Scott W

    • If it was in a box, it would not be exposed to the elements as FF has said it is.

  17. Forrest once showed a picture of a “wood” golf club next to a teed up golf ball. Could there be something that looks like a wood golf club near the chest?

      • Hi, yes, most images for the Q/A’s are selected by myself. This one was. I selected it because the answer included ‘golf’ in it. (But it can be speculated, maybe wildly or maybe not, that Forrest chose to mention he was golfing buddies for hinting to a wood connection)

    • …well there is that ritzy Wyo private golf course close to the Spanish Peaks. How hard would it be to sneak onto the course in the evening?
      There are lots of photos on their website, with pictures of the fairways etc. In one of the pics you can clearly see Blaze Mtn in the background, I forget which hole it is. I thought he might have hid the chest somewhere in the rough

      • oops, think that highfalutin joint is in Montana, Ted Turner owns just about everything on the opposite side of that mtn. range

  18. I remember finding a Golf connection to the Treasure location. But I cannot remember where, but I will look at my hundreds of pages of notes! I don’t think I ever heard of forrest golfing, but that may not matter. Could be a name clue, or something like this. However, I see the Chest location pretty far from human progress. And I don’t mean Native Americans culture. The other, if you know what I am saying.

    Lou Lee Bear, from Whoville!

    • I thought about a golf course too… “Not far but too far to walk” could be the fairway on a golf course. The fairway isn’t far but most people get a cart because it’s too far to walk. I never thought about wood being a golf club. Just some thoughts…

      • TimM may i remind all that Fenn said TC is not in close proximity to a human trail. golf courses i think would not be a place to look.

      • Wildbirder, I am aware that the chest is not on a path but that doesn’t mean that a path isn’t in line with the poem…

        For example, wwwh could be Steamboat Springs, Colorado. There was a hot spring that incidentally enough sounded like a steamboat (thus the name). That hot spring stopped due to the close proximity of the railroad being put in… if you “take the canyon down” there is a golf course just south of Steamboat Springs… maybe further south is “home of Brown”… Do you see what I mean?

        And off the top of my head, I think this same area is where the Indian reservation was when the Meeker Massacre occurred. I don’t remember all of the details now.

        So you see, the golf course idea could fit into the poem.

        Happy hunting


        • So that would put us at the gold/black tee since we need to be brave. FYI- these are typically only used by pros in tournaments. Quite a bit more difficult. Most golfers aren’t that brave.

  19. I believe that “If you are brave and in the wood” refers to a specific location.

    Only in this location will you have the opportunity to find the blaze. Seems to me that I can’t find the blaze if I am not in the area defined by this portion of the last stanza.

    Of course this is just one of my many opinions.

    Scott W

    • Scott,

      This is precisely what what I said the other day that I had “my solve” and I was going confidently to look for the blaze. I firmly believe that you must have boots on the ground in your solves location in order to find “the blaze”.


  20. I remember Forrest once saying the chest was “surrounded by trees” (sorry, no link) and I always thought that could relate to the “in the wood” statement. But I’m not sure about the first part of the line. Why do we have to “be brave” when “in the wood”?


  22. To me it has multiple meanings and locations. Each one pointing to a specific spot that gives you a clue to the riddle; eventually providing the key to unlock it. But the journey to get to the key and locations is a most precious part of this quest. Wood has both singular and plural meanings. Think out of the box for this clue, that is about all I will share, there are multiple meanings. It’s a beautiful poem, unbelievably beautiful. And then again, my solve may be entirely wrong. We shall see though.

    Good luck you to you all. Remember to stop and listen, feel, and absorb mother nature while on your journeys, and be safe.

  23. Agree, Fennian precision.
    More likely: “and leave my trove” is the indicator of a leaf cover or canopy, if, “in the wood” does not refer to a copse of trees.

  24. The above comment was a ‘reply’ to wildbirds comment on petrified wood… I dont know why my “reply” was not put under the right comment. Its happended several time recently.

  25. Hi guys. I’ve been merely a lurker until now. All these different ideas are fascinating! We each come up with our own unique ideas, like fingerprints. Thanks Dal for making a place to share…

    Just my 2 cents. FWIW, IMHO in the wood is not one of the 9 clues. Forrest said follow the clues in order and they will lead you to it. This line is after you look down and find it. It is my belief that this line is merely another play on words/expression. Perhaps a reference to Sondheim’s “Into The Woods” where all of the different characters must go into the woods to follow their dreams. We already know its in the Rockies, therefore, in the woods. Merely a confirmation, not a clue. But that’s just my personal take on it. Have fun!!!

    • Fennatic Tom,

      On the first few reads of the poem I thought some of the same. The 4th stanza says, found the blaze…then look down. But Does looking down truly mean the chest is at your feet or in reach or even found? Why would the Author spend so much time writing the poem and have the Quest completely done in and still add two more stanza?
      You maybe correct that their just informational hints… or maybe the way the poem is being read is incorrect. Could the poem actually start at stanza 5 with the answers to the question. Some find that notion ridiculous… I could say the same to skipping the 1st stanza as an intro and starting in the 2nd stanza.
      Point is Our we reading the poem wrong? and the first two clues are in stanza 5 and 6? and maybe why a few had the first two clues correct and may have not know it.
      I have a hard time dismissing “…In the wood…” as a clue or the entire stanza as well.

      But that is what a poem does…Gives each individual that reads it a different interpretation.

      • I agree with you, after all FF said when asked:

        ♦ Q: Will the poem lead you to the treasure? “Yes if you know where to start.”

        That could mean the starting point is not in the first few stanzas. Also, FF said that you need to follow the clues in order, but he did not say that the clues are in consecutive poem lines, meaning you might have to jump around to follow the clues in order!

        Note: That would NOT be messing with his poem either.

      • Seeker,
        You are correct about unique interpretations. And I wanted to share the way I see it. It could very well be wrong. I’m taking my 2 brothers into the “wood” /Rockies on Saturday to see if my translation works or not. 🙂

    • Yes cricket23, in a hollow tree, petrified, roughly 12′ tall. Looks like a “Y”, on an island, within a lake. Need a “switch” or rod (roughly 12′ long) to extract.
      Support info, page 133, page 56, the babysitter, matilda, Skippy.

  26. At this point in time, I have had no less than a dozen distinct interpretations to which “in the wood” refers. I could spend an entire television season of Expedition Unknown just going to different places I have been and considered to discuss the efficacy of each. Whenever this finally ends, I expect it to take years for all of the intricacies to finally be explained.

  27. The phrase “in the wood” plays no part in my solve. It may become clearer as to its significance in the future, but for now I think that whatever it refers to will not help the searcher find the chest. This being my opinion of course. I think it may be helpful to go back and listen to Forrest read the poem.

  28. The scary woods of Montana that’s what it means 🙂 gotta be brave there . Just got back from searching I felt like I was so close I was probley tripping all over it haha

    • Was it You DG who was going with a film crew? How did that go?
      Sorry you did not find the treasure! 🙂

      • They still interviewing us we did one already now they doing another one next week.
        Discovery channel. It’s just all up in the air right now . Even if I never find it I have had a thrill looking and conquering the fears of the woods in Montana

        • That’s pretty neat you guys are in on the television program. Our search group got contacted by them but decided to not do it. How’s the snow melt this year in Montana? We’ll be up there mid June.

          • The snow is gone everywhere I was in Montana Wyoming had the crazy bad weather rain sleet snow thunder storm while snowing I couldn’t get thru that state fast enough:-)

          • Montana weather has been warming up good and most of the snow is gone except up high. I live 20 minutes from Glacier National Park and there is still snow in the park and going to the sun road. The snow is leaving fast and the weather has been great.

          • William …Sure thing I can meet you someplace or you can stop by the house. Somers boat dock at the south end of Flat Head lake . Across the road a little road boon rd 2nd house on the R. or call 406 857-2314 leave a message and call back in a minute Look for a long Bounder moterhome and a blue % white boat Your there Coffee is usually on. If were not home try back in the eve.

    • Hey Gypsy, would you be willing to contact me about discovery channel? Or post their contact info please.

  29. Everone has their own ideas about IN THE WOOD and even I float ideas around from Phrases, tales from other books and interpretation but one thing that always keep my mind on track is Forrest saying he wrote the poem straight forward and he wasn’t playing no games ( paraphrasing )

    • I’m with you on your interpretation William. For me the entire poem is straight forward…to a degree. At least in comparison with many ideas here on the blog. According to my theory, there are lines/words that reference things that may not be everyones first conclusions but they just take a little bit of twisting…not a whole new vocabulary, alphabet or numbering system.

      “In the wood” is one of those phrases for me. That phrase was quite common where I grew up. My family often referred to places that were “in the wood”…singular…not “woods”… just as Forrest has. I can clearly remember my father using that phrase to describe practically any location we were off to that was in a rural, wooded area.

      I suppose it was part of the regional dialect but I may have also been influenced by a particular version of the Grimm Brother’s Tales that was widely circulated in my European influenced neighborhood in Detroit. The Grimm Brothers tales were part of every child’s little library of books when I was growing up.

      You may recall, Little Red Riding Hood lived on the edge of the village and her grandmother lived on the other side of the forest. The “forest” is referred to many times in the tale and near the beginning we are told that her grandmother lived out “in the wood”.

      and in other versions such as this modified version from the 1920s that phrase is also used.

      There are many more versions of that tale today than when I was a child and I am sure not all of them use the phrase “in the wood” but it was quite common when I was growing up and probably just as common when Forrest was growing up in the German immigrant influenced region of Texas where he was raised.

      So I was well acclimated to the phrase “in the wood” at an early age and I am still quite comfortable with it. The commotion over that phrase has taken me by surprise. I didn’t realize in the beginning that it was a complication or “unusual” phrase for many as they read the poem.

      While I am at it, let me say that I have often felt similarities in the poem with several Grimm Brothers tales. It has not been lost on me that the poem is much like a folk story..and that is part of it’s popularity and will help it remain in the public’s mind for many generations. Forrest thought it through very carefully and nothing is by happenstance, in my opinion.

      As we move through the wood, fraught with danger, toward the goodies we repeat a human folk story hundreds..perhaps thousands of years old..that probably exists in every human culture on the planet…are you Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, the Lumberjack or…??

      • My thought of it being a straight in the wood was when Forrest’s father made him get his own switch, IMO he had to go IN THE WOOD to get it.

        Is there a differents in the two WOOD and WOODS? I guess WOOD would be the proper saying for it. IN THE WOOD is also more pacific as IN WOOD is a direct meaning if you work with wood. I have a hard time using that for a set of directions though.

        But one thing to remember at the end of the sentence is a comma so we have to take into account the next part I’LL GIVE YOU TITLE TO THE GOLD IMHO

      • Dal, i think interpreting the poem straight forward is the way to go as well. When you sent in your request for Forrest to read the poem at moby dickens book shop he recited the entire poem by memory except for the last line where he had to refresh his memory from the copy he had been given. This tells me that it’s not as important as the rest of the poem. And if the poem is contiguous then the phrase “take the chest and go in peace” is the end of the solve.

        • “Just take the chest and go in peace” valuable info encoded here. Again Forrest doesn’t need to tell us to take the chest that is our natural inclination. Trove/chest/treasure/title all selected for there individual meanings. And remember no GE = no chest. IMHO

      • …are you Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, the Lumberjack or…?? [Dal]
        Of course The Wolf with a capital “T”

      • Speaking of tales, has anyone read “When Dreams Come True” by R. Brown?

        The story of CAPTAIN FOREST from SANTA FE has some remarkable and ironic similarities.

        “But whatever may be the general consensus of opinion concerning this land, such at least was the light in which it was viewed by Captain Forest, as he and his Indian attendant, José, drew rein on the rim of a broken, wind-swept mesa in the heart of the Chihuahuan desert, a full day’s ride from Santa Fé.”

        “..adding to the ruggedness of his appearance. The high arching forehead, acquiline nose and firm set mouth and chin denoted alertness, action and decision, while from his eyes, piercing, shone that strange light so characteristic of the dreamer and genius. And yet, in spite of this alertness of mind and body and general appearance of strength and power which his presence inspired, there lurked about him an air of repose indicative of confidence in self and the full knowledge of his powers. Sensitive to a degree, keen and alive at all times, the strength of his personality, suggestive of his mastery over men, impressed the most unobservant.”

  30. seeker,
    Been there, done that. But I’d like to hear your thinking on it. Mine’s on Looking in NM, 5/7/15, For what its worth…

    • OS,

      It’s all Hypothetical at this point. But if we look at the track record, most start at WWWH because the poem says BEGIN. Yet fenn has stated you need to know where to start… and yet there is a stanza before WWWH or the start of the poem. As you are well aware there has been years of discussions on where to start.

      So why not look at the poem with another starting point. A possible understanding starting point to be more precise. He ask the readers a question – and – answers it. So one way of thinking this Could be a starting point, even though it is the 5th stanza.

      But yet some will argue that the clues are in consecutive order. Yep, but where do “they” start. Fenn says he is not playing games when he wrote the poem. That’s fine too. yet again BEGIN is in the 2nd stanza. Perplexing? confused?

      Is stanza 1 the place to start or not? iF not what usage does it hold. But if the starting point is the question, the entire poem should be used to come full circle to the chest. Just not in the commonly thought series most think. This could be why some got the first two clues correct but may have not know it. Why didn’t they know it?

      • just figured I’d chime in on this since its been a struggle for me to know which part of the poem is the starting point as well. We know there are 9 clues. We don’t know how many hints there are. From my research a clue always refers to a physical object or location and from what I understand a hint does not. I always reserve the right that I’m completely wrong but just figured this may help. Haha. Happy hunting.

        • WB – IMO you are incorrect if you are implying there are no clues in either of the stanzas you reference.

          Scott W

      • Seeker

        Because they were lost they didn’t know which way to go,
        I believe they started at the beginning but did not grasp what it all meant after that .
        UNTIL NOW 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hi Seeker.

        There is the possibility that there is both a poem with nine clues, and a puzzle with up to 24 additional clues (similar to a mathematical transform such as Laplace or Fourier).

        Perhaps in the poem domain there are 9 clues starting at wwwh. In the transformation domain there could be another bunch of clues starting from line 1.

        All just assumptions, of course..

      • Hi Seeker ,

        I have always liked your take on things.

        I would have to IMO say , You are completely right .!
        Why would you write the first stanza and point some where else. Unless , you herd him wrong. Or read it wrong. The human mind is a funny thing. You can read it and have a understanding and some one else comes along with a cool solve, but yet… They didn’t solve it either. That’s Great! It’s Still there But , the point is a mind set , a way to understand the poem most likely the way you read it …. DONT MESS WITH THE POEM … Rings my bell every day. And to read it from the begging of the poem has always been my way to read it. Fenn’s Life, and what dose it all have to do with the poem. Most people would look at this and decide to A look for it or B not. I chose A. So , there is no rock unturned , so to say in my studies. Maybe it will be my down fall looking in translating the poem. Or maybe it will be a treasure when I turn over the next rock , or the next , or the next….

        To me this chase has a much deeper meaning to it . It seems to have a faint whisper in the wind that is waiting to be herd. To hide the chest and not want it to be found in this generation , wouldn’t you if you thought that there is a problem in the youth of this generation that you would like it if someone did find it? So you could elaborate on it? Or ??????

        Any way good luck to all.. Im off to New Mexico . Taos to be the first place. Hope to go back to Eagles nest to take some pictures. And maybe buy a painting Then to Carson National Forrest… Who knows.
        But it’ll be this week … SO if the weather holds.

        • “…. DONT MESS WITH THE POEM …

          The louder they scream it, the more we should question it– and their motivation for being so incontinent.

  31. Who is brave and in the wood? That is the message for us, it could be said that a firefighter was brave and in the wood, but more likely since ff says your kids could find the chest easier than us adults, I lean toward the latter, like say “Boy Scouts”, now where is there a large section of the Rockies where they are brave carry heavy loads to water high?

    Is there a subtle message in the Tooth of Time, native tribes in the area all believe that if the Tooth falls time will stop forever.

    Does anyone realize that Cimarron means “wild” , as in no place for the meek!

    Are you with me so far?

    • and… marron means brown in spanish. One could argue that Cimarron is the hoB since that is where “brown” is found. Capitalized because Cimarron is a proper name where “marron” is found.

      Put it all together and you have the hob located in a wild place not for the meek.

      However, this place has been picked over a thousand times over.

      Scott W.

    • What is the tooth in time? I am not following.

      Btw i have had similar thoughts.

    • The Philmot b24 carried heavy loads. The wreck is on trail peak which is a popular hike at the scout camp.

      I believe trail peak is also associated with the old Santa fe trail.

      • …read on some guys blog where the military initially only recovered the bodies from the B-17 crash site in YNP. For a long time the wreckage lay there. It wasn’t until after the big Yellowstone fire that there was an impetus to remove the bulk of the plane

  32. One thing that occurred to me when I was out with boots on the ground is how knotty and twisted some of the old wood out there is, and how easily an existing knot could be used to form the round eye of an owl.

    I don’t know for sure what the blaze or wood is, but I’m keeping my eye open for a log/stump large enough to conceal a 10×10 chest at its base, perhaps secured in the roots.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking for a while now, Lois. If the chest was “secure” in the roots of trees it would be a little better protected from flash floods and the like. I also remember Forrest saying that wind could effect the location…which would certainly happen if the wind was so strong to blow trees down. I’ve modified my thinking a little bit over time.

  33. Thanks Tom, I really appreciate when people say something new. Hope this comment gets put in the right place. Testing…

  34. when I went on my first hunt I came across what I thought was the blaze next part was brave and in the wood brave means do not be afraid to go in the wood I came across a very large field that was full of pine mulch that the water had left when the field dried up of course we didn’t make it all the way across to get to my spot because of bad weather so we had to end it there and went home so I think that in the wood could mean pine mulch imo

  35. ” If you are brave and in the wood.” Could this mean a box canyon? Before the advent of cardboard boxes were made of wood…

  36. One thing is certain… there are as many ideas on “in the wood” as there are searches with no Bronze chest at the end. I have not seen my interpretation of “in the wood” , so I will keep a lid on it for a bit longer.. this is a great topic for sure! Onward ho…

      • Love it! Lol…no more scaling he says! Ok…will/won’t do.
        Bring the kids, we will bring as many as we can!
        What have we gotten of this? More than any amount of money could buy, or any treasure could behold. Definately, as rite says a treasure more than gold!
        3 months?
        Tell me yoda, is it true?

      • Hello, Pirateofgold. What DID Kevin find in the basement? Inquiring minds want to know! Did he finally find his bicycle?

        And we were told it didn’t exist!

        (Just messin’ with ya Kevin. You’re a good sport for eating crow and talking with us again.)

    • thank you Ken on for that story. it proves Fenn is very good at putting things out there to send searchers on wild goose chases and into long discussions just on the word wet. His side have got to be hurting

  37. There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more.
    – Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, 1818

  38. So I spent the last two days in the Wild Woods of Sudden Valley getting firewood… Thought it would be a great chance to reflect on “In The Wood” while actually being “In The Wood” and “Getting Wood”… But, unfortunately the only new thoughts I came up with were ” Tree Rings” and “Pitch”…. Neither of which really take me anywhere in my solve… But, I thought I might throw them out there in case it helps in someone else’s solve…

    I did take a moment to try on my husbands chainsaw cutting hat like the one Shilo was wearing and discovered it has a knob to tighten it securely to your head so that is probably how he was able to not have it fly off during his skiing feat… 🙂

  39. Sorry Seeker, I got it the first time, but thought you may have had more reason to start at Stanza 5 than the “go in Peace” of Stanza 4. I thought there were other hints in play, but am again vacillating. I’m breaking in a new insight on the ‘gone alone” stanza.

    • Well OS, lets take this thought a step further. Should stanza 5 be the starting point in understanding how the clues go… that would possibly place ” If you are brave and in the wood ” 3rd or 4th as far as clues go.

      But it all BS till it all fit without a hitch.

      So stanzas 1-2-3 and 4 are all clues in consecutive order. that leave 5 – 6 just being hints or nothing at all? why would FF bother to write them if they held hints after following the clues and found the chest.

      if the do hold a clue…then is The blaze, not the end of the search?

      Some where along the lines the first clue is, as Fenn stated, being ignored.

      I personally like the 1st stanza as clue one or at least i did till the comment, There are many WWWH in the Rockies and most are North of SF.

      • Posted this in nine clues, but meant to put it here.

        Ok, I’ll share in the hopes of getting a conversation going. I believe this is clue 1.

        1. If Mr. Fenn quotes T.S. Eliot

        “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot,

        2. We are all trying to decide where to begin.

        3. If the first decision to make is which state (because he already told us in the Rocky Mountains) when narrowing this down,

        4. Why not start where he tells us the state? And the poem would then end at the line “Just take the chest and go in peace”.

        So why is it that I must go= So wy is it! = southern Wyoming is it!

        I believe this will help find the starting point…not where the chest is actually setting. Anyone want to talk about it?

        • Kat,
          That’s not bad…
          I have seen many ideas for WY. But one thing I try to keep in mind. At the start of the chase NO states were named or eliminated. Canada was still in the picture

          My point is, IF the blaze is the location to the chest and a searcher followed the 9 clues to the chest. Why put a clue in the poem beyond the find?

          So one has to be wrong IMO the clue or the believe the Blaze is the end.

          But please excuse me… I have to go and see what Carl has been up to.

          • True, no states were named in the beginning. And with only the poem, how do you decide how to narrow down that huge area to a more manageable start. I asked myself which state to start looking in? And got an answer from the poem.

            My point is that that line IS the beginning…and therefore not beyond the find.

          • This would also explain how people got the first two clues correct. Lots are looking in Wyoming, (clue 1 IMO) and surely some of them have looked at the correct WWWH (even if they randomly picked one (possibly clue 2)).

        • You left the h out of why to make Wy, and the W & Y aren’t capitalized in the poem. That would make the poem not accurate, and random. Brown is capitalized, for a reason. What that reason is? Oich who knows?

          • Lowi, I left out the H on purpose. Forrest does it all the time, leaving out silent letters…such as the d in knowlege. I capitalized the WY to make my point but could have done it with wy just as easily.

            Sam Sam, I think doing it this way works that quote into it quite well. Start at stanza 5, then 6, then 1, 2, 3, 4, and you go in peace. You are now right above stanza 5 which is where you started.

          • Read on a museum site he would go to Sheridan Wyoming alone every year and he would do some archaeology stuff in that area. Maybe he had a big find there. Just saw a Dayton around there. That’s a town in Ohio. Thought I heard something about Ohio and it bein west of there.

        • Kat,

          Will the poem lead you to the treasure? “Yes if you know where to start.”
          I’ve always looked at this quote as meaning where to start on the ground but perhaps he’s talking about where to start in the poem.

          So starting the solve of the poem at stanza 5 and circling back around could be a possibility.

          The Clues would also appear to be more in consecutive order as you said. I see “worth the cold” and “in the wood” as clues. But if you start the poem at stanza 1 then these two clues are not in consecutive order after already having found the chest and “go[ing] in peace”.

          More rambling… but if this reasoning was followed then the first 2 clues would be, at least for me… “worth the cold” and “in the wood”

          • I think he means if you know where to start meaning wwwh instead of the first stanza.

            Is this a public think tank to get someone else there before ourselves or are we trying to mislead each other?

          • Peace Maker,
            I think that most on this blog, are holding there good cards close. I am….I don’t think anyone that I know here is trying to
            mislead at all.
            I for one am a treasure hunter and prospector. I share my locations with only people that I really like. I might give them my good locations, but not My Great locations. I think sharing is good. Some on the blogs, like to spill the beans, so to say…,trying to appear smart, sharing every little piece of a wiki. search. I think much of what some post, everyone has already searched much of it already….Like… every Brown in Rocky Mountain History. LOL
            Forrest say’s all we need is the Poem and a good map. Many kinds of maps have helped me….Rivers, old maps, etc.

            Happy Hunting!

            Lou Lee Belle, Poker Face

    • My last one, in response to Kat, didn’t even post. Couldn’t find it anyway.

      Maybe I’m in timeout for some reason.

      Scott W.

  40. I think it means being in an area surrounded by trees and at least a few hundred feet away from any road or trail, hence the reason why you might need to be brave to go there. Note that this does not rule out places like YNP.

  41. Call me simple minded, but the straight forward definition accurately describes my spot:

    Wood – an area of land, smaller than a forest, that is covered with growing trees.
    “a thick hedge divided the wood from the field”

    FF says he “wasn’t playing any games” when he wrote the poem.

    • Right Austin! IMO too….Forrest told us where to begin. Some think that is not the beginning, but it is. He wrote it in order, I believe. He would not mislead us…
      He has said the treasure is in the Woods…..Surrounded by Trees. Not at the TOP of mountains. He wants us to be safe.

      Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park and lived to tell the tale.

      • Just a thought here…The line ” Ive done it tired and now I am week ” I ve done it “tired” ( on a bicycle ) or on tires like maybe near a bike path. FF said something to the effect of ” Why dont I just ride my bicycle there and throw it in waters high when I am done” ?

        • Maybe so Raymond–that statement from FF always made wonder the same thing but then why would he have to make two trips when he hid it?

          • I often thought that Forrest made 2 trips not because of the weight but rather because he wanted to secure the position of the chest first ( make sure no one was watching him ) then come back and put the valuables in the chest

          • The subject of the chest being too heavy came up last night when I talked to someone who picked up the chest and held it before Forrest hid it. That person said he thought the chest was too heavy for someone 80 years old to carry comfortably.

          • The rock I submitted in the “found objects contest” weighs about 45 lbs. It is about the size of the chest and is VERY HEAVY. It took two of us to carry it in a sling made out of a day pack about 650 feet uphill to our house after we found it. The pack was torn up by the time we got it home. I have trouble carrying the rock around the house by myself as does my husband and he is very strong. We use an office chair on wheels when we move it. The fact that it is relatively small but very dense makes it much more difficult to carry. A 50 lb bag of dog food is much easier to carry because you can distribute the weight evenly (over the shoulder) and I can carry that fairly easily on my own. For folks who search alone, I would suggest that most of you will need to make two trips if and when you find the chest especially if you find it at a high elevation. Fill an appropriate size box with 42 lbs and you see what I mean.All imho of course.

        • Raymond – I think you might be taking FF’s bicycle comment out of context. In my opinion, FF let us know in a round about way that he did not utilize an alternate form of transportation once he left his vehicle in his “quibbling or prevaricating” statement over at Jenny’s site.

          • So he didn’t use a boat either if like to know exactly what he said about that if u know or of you could post it that would be great to

          • DG – I think Forrest was saying that he waded at some point after he left the car. Wading and walking are similar if not the same activity just in separate circumstances. However, some would claim that this distinction is quibbling (minor) while others would stand on the side of prevarication (intention to mislead). Forrest has to be very careful in selecting his words. This is a great example of that and yet he still answered the question. However, you have to do some deductive reasoning to arrive at this conclusion. The setup is similar to Einstein’s logic puzzle. Of course, I reserve the right to be completely wrong!

          • I’m still debating in my head if he used a boat or not that’s why I asked

          • Austin, I have no recollection of Forrest ever saying he waded after he left his car but on more than one occasion he has said he “walked” back to his car. I take that to also mean he walked from his car to where he hid the treasure. That interpretation fits with my solve. 🙂

        • Northern Arizona state

          Tony Doukopil quote from NewsWeek:
          “Doug Preston, ah, the writer is a good friend of Forrest Fenn’s and he
          says that he swears he remembers Forrest telling him that he’s worried that
          people will find his car. So when Forrest puts his body next to the
          treasure and dies he’s afraid that people will find his car and the
          location of the car would be Northern Arizona University. So there could be
          some significance to Norther Arizona University.”

          Question posted 7/6/2014 found on
          (Although the question was previously asked if the treasure location
          remained the same as the one Forrest had plotted to have his bones rest
          beside (and the answer was YES), this searcher wanted to know if it was the
          EXACT same spot. Forrest shares a bit more on these thoughts)
          Is the chest hidden in the (exact) same spot that you would like your bones
          to be found, or is it a short distance away for reasons beyond your
          control? ~ Phil
          The spot is the same, but in less than two months I’ll be 84 and that means
          many of the things to which I once aspired are no longer available to me. I
          still anticipate, but I may be unable to grasp such a transient pleasure
          before my trail shows signs of growing too weary for the journey. To make
          that success would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end I just
          want it all the more.f

          Does anyone know if Doug Preston has ever confirmed or Denied the Tony
          Doukopil Northern Arizona University quote that was in Newsweek? If there
          is any shred of truth to the NAU comments it leads me to an interesting
          logistical question. How can Forrest make his way to the treasure without
          leaving additional clues to its location?

          We live in an age were big brother can triangulate our location using our
          cell phones. The NSA has a record of every phone call that we have made in
          the last 10 years. They can track our movements by the location of our
          credit card purchases. For all we know Edward Snowden could be sitting
          over in the Kremlin with Mr. Fenn’s treasure chest right now!

          Northern Arizona University is located in Flagstaff, but we know that the
          treasure is in one of four states: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or New
          Mexico. So how can Forrest ditch his car in Flagstaff Arizona and make his
          way out of state without leaving a paper trail. Here are a few options:

          Planes – Flagstaff’s Pullman airport provides daily fights with multiple
          commercial carriers. It is also a popular destination for private pilots
          such as Mr. Fenn. Both flight options have their own drawbacks regarding a
          paper trail. You cannot fly commercially without a photo ID and a
          permanent flight record of your trip in some airlines database. If Forrest
          piloted his own private plane then there is a flight plan that must be
          filed with the FAA. Obviously Forrest would not have to actually follow
          the flight plan once he is airborne. Now that you have ditched the car at
          NAU, where are you going to ditch a private plane without someone taking
          notice? The only solution that I can think of would be to bail out mid
          flight like a modern day DB Cooper. It wouldn’t be the first time that
          Forrest bailed out of a plane, but it would be incredibly bold for an man
          in his 80s.

          Trains – The Amtrak Southwest Chief makes a stop in Flagstaff Arizona on
          its way from LA to Chicago. Along the way it makes stops in Gallup,
          Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Raton, Trinidad, and Lamar. I would bet that
          Forrest could simply buy a ticket to Chicago and step off the train at any
          one of these stops without anyone noticing he was gone. I also know that
          many searchers have focused in on Raton New Mexico in the past.

          Automobiles – I am not sure what the benefit would be to ditch your car at
          NAU and then pick up another car. I guess this could work if the second
          car was untraceable. If Forrest had access to an untreatable car in the
          first place, then he might as well start the trip from Santa Fe and skip
          the NAU red herring. On the other hand, I think there are lots of places
          you could ditch a car without it being found easily. In my city they
          recently discovered a car at the bottom of our local lake that was twenty
          yards from the boat ramp. It sat in 15 feet of water for the last 30 years
          before it was discovered.

          Go Greyhound – Escaping by bus would be similar to the train option, but
          with an almost unlimited number of destinations. Forrest could buy a long
          distance ticket and then simply get off along the way. I think the chances
          that the driver would notice you are gone is much higher, but I doubt the
          bus would wait for you very long before departing.

          The home stretch – Assuming that Forrest was able to ditch his car at NAU
          and then use some other form of transportation to get him close to the
          treasure location, he will still have to make his way unseen the rest of
          the way. He could hike or bike the rest of the way. My guess is the
          distance would have to be short if his health is failing.

          Of course all of this could be decades away considering the shape Forrest
          is in right now.

          • YSREBOB, Forrest either may not have said what Tony thinks he said or Forrest may have been giving an example of a possible problem with his original plan. He said he changed his poem when he got well so I do believe he now has no intention of throwing himself on the chest in the end.

          • CJunCA

            The mysterious writing quote is from last July.

            Regardless of the feasibility of ff’s original plan, the logistical question might help narrow the search as long as the treasure is still in the originally planed location.

          • YBob..
            I think we need to be cautious about believing what reporters attribute to Forrest..that quote is particularly suspect since it’s actually something Dokoupil says that Doug said that Forrest may have said…
            That whole Newsweek story was never fact checked. Forrest was very unhappy with the things Dokoupil wrote because they were untrue. He wrote to the editor of Newsweek to try and get some of the misquotes and nonsense retracted. But as it turned out Newsweek was absorbed by another group and vanished for several months after that edition of the magazine. They had bigger problems than Dokoupil reporting false facts and taking the good name of Newsweek into the gutter.

            That ASU statement was checked by me shortly after the story was published. I personally asked Forrest if he ever made that statement. He said that he did not. I asked Doug if Forrest ever told him the statement about ASU and he said “no”. Doug is a first class reporter. I would trust his facts over Dokoupil’s, every time.

            Dokoupil made things up and there was no check to see if what he wrote was truth. He got away with it. If you read that article and watch the associated TV report, you can see how unreliable he is..
            Here is a “reporter”…a “journalist” telling his viewers and readers to throw out the first and last paragraphs of the poem…no clues there, he says. What does that say about Dokoupil’s need to be important vs his responsibility to report facts and remain unbiased?

            That story and the reporter who wrote it are a shambles and a disgrace to the Newsweek tradition…in my opinion.
            Heck read the comments that appeared after that story was written..

            So…be cautious..and personally, I would never use anything in that story as an assist to my solution unless it also appears somewhere else.

          • Dal, thanks for clarifying this some. I’ve asked repeatedly on this blog why Forrest doesn’t clarify. With such an important magazine like Newsweek you’d think Forrest would say something. Oh well not the only thing that isn’t making sense.

            He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire. He told me the box, which is just 10 inches by 10 inches, is unlocked—suggesting it’s someplace where it is unlikely to be toppled or otherwise thrown open.

          • Thanks for the response Dal,

            ff’s response to the question posted 7/6/2014 found on

            “The spot is the same, but in less than two months I’ll be 84 and that
            means many of the things to which I once aspired are no longer available to
            me. I still anticipate, but I may be unable to grasp such a transient
            pleasure before my trail shows signs of growing too weary for the journey.
            To make that success would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end
            I just want it all the more. f”

            Regardless of his starting point (assuming it is his home in Santa Fe) the
            logistics would be a major challenge. It’s an interesting mental exercise
            to consider how he could pull it off without leaving any clues.

    • Austin, my “in the wood” is different than yours, not saying that it couldn’t have two or more meanings/interpretations though… it probably does, IMO.
      “straight forward”… “wasn’t playing any games”…
      I can only hope my interpretations of these words/phrases are accurate also…

  42. Austin,

    I agree that simple way of thinking is the right approach.but at the same time we have been warned that the poem is difficult but not impossible.

    So could more than one interpretation be needed?

    Just using in the wood as an example….your hedge row dividing an open Ares to a wooded area is good. But does that single thought help narrow down the area.

    the wood can refer to a saddle, referring to the saddle of a mountain pass. it also can refer to a coffin. it may as well refer to the center of a horse hoof which is the coffin bone.

    all those examples have been used in the past…but now use them together, could he be describing an area that is a horseshoe canyon and the saddle or mountain pass…as well as the name of the mountain ” coffin mountain”. And the Ares near the hedge line…all narrowing the search area.

    I just can help but to think a single interpretation will work for the poem…

    Right wrong or indifferent. It’s just a thought.

      • Dang hay bales must have gotten bigger since I threw them as kid. Most were 3′ x 18″ @ approx. 50 lbs.

        The kids in the neighborhood would get payed a nickel a bale to haul the hay to the wagon as the farmer passed out those nickels…later the penny candy store was the hang out for all the kids to get a small brown paper bag full of their favorite candies. Now all that was left to do after a hard day of work was to explain to our Mom’s why we were not hungry at dinner.

      • Not all bales of hay aren’t 100 lbs guys. Spent some time doing that in Caldwell, TX. Look up where that is. BTW, Fenn and I have a lot more in common or should I say similarities.

      • 1. As most have said, bales of hay rarely get over 50 lbs unless you’re talking about 400lb round bales
        2. Forrest cannot throw 100 lb bales of hay around. I’m 45 and stout, and I can’t throw 100 lb ammo cans around at the arsenal where I work. I can pick them up and hand them to someone, but I’m not throwing them anywhere! 😛

        With all of this being said, Most of you underestimate what Forrest CAN do. I won’t get into that any further, but at the very least, it should make you rethink the wood.

    • Seeker- Interesting thoughts and all possibilities. In my opinion, there is only one double entendre in the poem and it is identified by FF with the use of a semi-colon. Again, that is probably too literal for most people and we’re on the wrong page (topically speaking) to have that discussion.

      • Austin,

        I would like very much to have that conversation. I think some leniency will be give if we go slightly of topic… unless it leads to Great Grandma’s chocolate cookie recipe. That you can just e-mail me… lol

        But if you would like to discuss it further… Pick a topic any topic.

    • So it isn’t far off a road good info I guess for ppl who look far off the roads hehhe

    • looks like Forrest gave out a new clue in this interview, amending the elevation from 10200 to 10000

        • I believe that was Mike trying to sneak in a trick comment to see if Forrest would fall for it, and he didn’t 😛

          • imo, it came across to me as something F didnt correct because there was nothing to correct, but he didnt repeat or confirm because there is certain significant info F will allow to float out there from time to time but he doesnt make a point of re-affirming it

            you can see F does think about, when interviewers state mis-info, that it can reflect as something he is putting out there. like when he was quick to correct him when he said it was buried

        • Mike states “when we first spoke, you, being an older gentleman, you didn’t carry that stuff forever, and I believe you told me it’s not that far off the road.”
          At the beginning of this interview, Mike said they had talked about 5 years ago when the story first broke… anyone have the original interview? That is probably when f talked about it.
          Like f has said…”I walked less than a few miles.”

          • Mysterious Writings
            Featured Question with Forrest: Talking in Circles?

            Hi Forrest,
            You once said you walked the 92 miles from West Yellowstone to Bozeman to just experience it. Obviously you were much younger than you were when you hid the treasure. Too far to walk means different things at different ages so I was wondering if you would be so bold as to give an estimate of how far you walked to hide the treasure after leaving your car: was it >10miles, between 5 and 10 miles, between 1 and 5 miles, or less than 1 mile? ~Thanks, Ron

            Ron, your question sounds like a travelogue, but I’ll answer it. No, I don’t want to be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. I just looked “few” up and one definition is “scant.” Why do I sound like I’m talking in circles? f

            i hope this helps
            and i am not using another name to blog

          • JCM, I found the interview you are referring to and it took place Mar 6, 2013. Forrest did not say it was “not that far off a road”, that was a guess that Mike made when thinking and talking about the treasure after he interviewed Forrest. Personally, I think Mark is right, but Forrest didn’t say it. 🙂

            The interview with Forrest is the first segment but the remark about his thoughts on the distance from a road is about at the 0:18:40 to 0:19:00 section.


          • Good call CJinCA. Mike bases the whole premise of the chest being close to a road on the fact that f walked back to his car.
            The quote from Birdy above is of more use and insight than Mike’s hypothesizing.

  43. For what its worth… I sorta think Forrest carried the goods to the hidey spot in two trips, on foot, and was pretty exhausted by his return to the car, and thought to himself, “dang, I shoulda brought the bike and thrown it in the river when I was done.” Later he made the bike comment in an interview.
    Seems more realistic to me.

  44. Hi folks,

    Been lurk’n for some time. Have not seen “in the wood” referenced the way that I am familiar with the term.

    “In the wood” was a term used in telecommunications and maybe other electronic industries, many years ago. I’ve used the term many times myself a long time ago.

    Here is what “in the wood” is to me:

    In the old days of the telephone industry, in the main switching offices, there were just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of feet of wiring. The wires were inside of cables. A lot of those cables had 100 pairs of wires in them. Those cables would go along on a rack just below the ceiling for a way’s and then drop down along the side of a 8′ or 10′ or etc. cabinet. On the side of that cabinet was bolted, temporarily, a ‘wooden’ fanning strip next to numbered rows of pins that a particular wire would be terminated to. The wooden fanning strip was about 4′ high and maybe 6 – 8 inches wide and it looked like a giant wooden pocket comb with hundreds of bristles. Each bristle had a number that corresponded to a number on a work sheet and a color coded number on one of the wires. The work sheet told you which color coded numbered wire would go into which comb bristle, or fanning strip position. When all the wires of a cable had been fanned into the wooden fanning strip it was called “in the wood”. After a cable was “in the wood” another person would come and terminate each wire. It took two people to do this so the wires could be checked by two sets of eyes.

    Anyway, the term “in the wood” was used widely some years ago. Can it be used some way here with the poem? I don’t know. Maybe. Did Mr. Fenn know about the term “in the wood” this way? Maybe.

    OK.. If this leads someone to find the chest you owe me a beer. And my wife. And a treat for my dog.


  45. Could “in the wood” be a clue to a place where a lot of signaling cables/wires are terminated like an old phone office or radio site on a mtn top or something like tha? I know, that’s pretty far out there but I’ve read hear some pretty far out ideas. LOL!! Just too much fun. Lots of chuckles.

    • Interesting enough the more than 8.25 miles calculation relates to this conversation. Fenn describe the distance between telephone / telegraph pole and fence post as well to find out just how large your neighbor’s property was.

      Does make one think, if there is Math or calculations needed to decipher the poem or at least part of it.

      • When I was much younger we had a favorite spot at the old Peabody Coal mines where we shot our .22s. I remember giving directions to someone once.

        The directions were “6 poles past the red barn and then take the first left”.

        Maybe you are right, and distance is measured this way in the poem.

        Scott W.

        • Ah! yes, I have those memories as well… counting pole to find my way home after doing shots.

      • OS, The poem says “Just take the chest and go in peace.” Interesting that you said ‘trunk’. ‘Trunk’ is another phone/telecom term.

    • Vince, interesting thought. Saw something like that on one of my solves and didn’t see how it could fit in..thank you!

  46. The way I interpret the poem, I think in the wood is a wooded spot, possibly a bosque, that you have to follow the blaze to get to. At the edge, look quickly down. The final stanza is a PS, or coda. JMO 🙂

    • Ararebird- I respectfully disagree. I find the last stanza to be very helpful in solving the poem. I see clue(s) there.

      Just my opinion of course.

      Scott W

      • Indeed sir, it is very helpful, and crafty. I see it as an, “oh and by the way sort of statement.”

  47. Hi all! Have been just reading until now, but have written to two of you, thanks both for the response!

    Before I go any further let me tell you a bit of my background. I am a long time mountain man starting when I was 15 and living deep in the mountains for 6 – 7 months at a time. Mountain lions, bears, Bobcats snakes and foot long centipedes, are a few of what I’ve seen there. Waterfalls, lakes and rivers were abundant too, as were Indians.

    When I ran across the TTOTC thing I became intrigued and started to read all I can find, expecting FF’s book today for more reading. I’ve know a lot of mountain men and I believe FF is a man of honor and therefore this is not a hoax to sell books.

    The reason I wrote the other two, stems from what happened to me a few years ago when I was crossing a street (on foot) going to work, a truck jumped the curb and slammed me 30 feet to the ground. Messed up 2 disks one really bad.

    So I was thinking I would probably have a hard time making the trip even though I’ve been doing a lot of weight lifting and other exercises , when I go into the mountains I am still having trouble. So I thought that if I can point someone to the location they might be grateful enough to share the rewards 🙂 One said he would the other kept his thoughts tight to his chest, I guess waiting for my next move?

    Anyway, I have several solves right now, which probably means they are all wrong but not having the ability today to get there and do some serious hiking, I thought I would jump in here to stir the pot a little and see what comes of it. 🙂

    Two of the solves I have fit almost everything but are lacking at least one item, not from the poem, (though one does), but from what things FF has said. One actually may show the blaze but there certainly could be another explanation.

    I think the time to solve this is now 🙂

  48. IMO..” If you are brave and in the wood” ..singular. A substance making up a central part of a trunk and branches of a tree. Example; Ebony is good for furniture but so are other woods like Koa,Teak etc; It is no longer a tree.
    ” If you are brave and in the wood(s)”..plural. The S gives this line a totally different meaning.IMO. This now says you are brave and in the trees.
    I believe the TC might be inside a log/tree trunk/wooden hardwood box or we might have to find it and open it to find the WOOD.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I read that Forrest stated that the tc is wet.

      wood- also means woodland, or a collection of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, etc, usually dominated by one or a few species of tree: usually smaller than a forest: That’s the definition I used to come up with a bosque.

      As an outdated adjective it also means raging, like raging mad, or raging rapids perhaps. Thus being brave.

      Just thinking online 🙂

        • Indeed it does.

          My approach has been to keep the poem, and FF’s verbal clues as literal, and simple as possible.

          When I read Fenn’s personal statement “I am Forrest Fenn” on A Gypsy’s Kiss Blog. He states at the end that he would hide it in the past, and in the future. The present is only a river-washed stepping-stone between. To me that sounds like an eddy, or a pool, behind, or on top of a stone at the bottom of a set of rapids.

          I think the blaze is a particular set of rapids. I hope I’m right. te he

          • I believe someone else wrote that. Not Forrest. It was someone who interviewed him, and his interpretation of the man (not Forrest’s words) if I remember correctly. Do you know Dal?

          • Kat-
            I can’t tell from here exactly whose comments you are referring to..
            Do you mean ararebird’s?

          • Yeah, I got all excited when I read “I am Forrest Fenn” , till I realized it wasn’t him writing it…. but I thought it was pretty good writing still

      • Ararebird.What does the TC being wet have to do with wood? If the TC is in a tree trunk or a log it could still be wet from rain and or snow. IMO.
        And as for “Wood can mean woodlands” Abbrev; woodlands is a LAND MASS covered with tree,s. It has nothing to do with wood but has a lot to do with a collection of live trees. But you could also find wood on the woodland floor which could house the TC . 🙂
        I just could be raging mad and go find my wood to look down to..:)

        • Yep, no one knows for sure, yet.

          Again, in the simplest terms, I’m just thinking that wet is wet. Not sure what the weather was the day he said it.

          To me, the whole poem speaks of water.

      • ararebird, Toby wrote that post. It’s a great piece of writing but none of it was written by Fenn. It’s Toby’s opinion of what Fenn is. If you look at the last comment under that post someone ask Toby the question:

        Q: Toby. Is this how you see Forrest, or are these words that Forrest has written for you to put on your blog?

        Toby’s answer: Please note the byline at the top of the entry.

        The byline says: by Toby Michael Younis

        • 10/4 and thanx. It’s damn good writing. I had already made my solve when I found it. The stepping stone statement simply added to my thinking. Thanx again.

      • Scott really confused here. Could you please show me where Forrest has stated that the poem will last 100 years? Or even 25. I’ve heard him say the spot will be there for 1-10,000 years. My understanding is this chase is meant to last a couple decades an opinion of course.

        • OK – I will buy that as a valid point. He did say – paraphrasing – it might not be found for 10,000 years. You are correct, I can find nothing that says the poem will last (lead us there) that long.

          Scott W.

          • qiwert2,

            Mind if I chime in on your comment?

            “I can find nothing that says the poem will last (lead us there) that long.”

            This imo is why it could be understood even in a future time. Some call it an Abstract way of thinking, But hey… nothing else seems to be working.

            Is ” I ” in the first stanza FF or is Fenn narrating of sorts? ” I ” means knowledge of self. Yet fenn like to leave the D out in some of his spelling. Why? well maybe it just means missing knowledge of ” I ” or Ourselves.

            Using I as such could it mean Man or mankind? maybe… maybe not but here is how the poem could possibly last 500 + years. I or the first to the new world from the old world travel during the ice age through the Ice free corridor. Those ancients brought their possession with them [ Jewelry, arrow heads etc. ]

            So I as the ancients came alone from the old World to the new World with their Treasure bold. they travel down, the now CD – canyon : shear sides lower level…which was the ice free corridor into the now USA.

            This time and area was no place for the meek as well as the CD today is called The “Back Bone” of the Rockies. The end of the ice age was near as the Heavy loads of the 2+ mile high Glaciers retreated. or Ice rivers as some call them.

            Can you see the blaze yet?

            My point is The poem can last with the ages… give physical locations… and be “traceable” many years from now. Unless this teaching stop and the next generation of children don’t learn it.

            Oh Crap! with school budget cut, that could happen. Well there goes that Abstract way of thinking.

            Just a thought from an abstract pint of view.

          • Reply button was missing on Seeker’s response to me, so I am posting under my own comment hoping he sees it.

            Seeker – I agree with you. I believe the poem will stand the test of time.

            I was just letting Ed know that I had no way to prove him wrong.

            Scott W

        • ED,
          This is from the Daily Beast 2013… Take it for what it’s worth as I don’t hold much accuracy in Media reporting. But there are other interviews where fenn as used the term Millenia and such.


          In choosing the location, Fenn himself told me he was thinking “10,000 years down the road … I considered mudslides, forest fires, earthquakes, and floods.” And yet he maintains that the treasure is readily accessible to him, even today. “I could go right there.”

  49. Hi Kat, I just re-read the post. It appears to be Forrest describing himself. There are no quotation marks. I also happened to notice that the photo next to the post, is of all things, a bosque.

  50. I think that line means ‘if your willing to get out there in the countryside(whatever) that TC can be yours’

  51. @onuat,

    That would definitely make it wet, cold too. Brrr.

    I’m not so sure however that a log or stump or singular tree would be around in 1,000 years. I don’t know how much petrified wood is out there in the Rockies.

    It just doesn’t fit my interpretation is all.

    I wish you well though, and best of luck on your solve.

  52. Here is another “WOOD” for you folks…it is called Forkwood and it is the State Soil of Wyoming. BTW…have any of you folks checked out other State Symbols of Wy. ? Meadowlark is the state bird, Jade is the state jemstone, the Golden Sacajawea Dollar is the state coin, state fish is the cutthroat trout and so on…

    The Forkwood series consists of very deep, well drained soils formed in slopewash alluvium derived from interbedded shale and argillaceous sandstone. These soils are used principally for livestock grazing and wildlife habitat. The native vegetation consists of big sagebrush, bluebunch wheatgrass, Sandberg bluegrass, and needleandthread.

    Back during the days of the pioneers, many people traveling along the Oregon/Mormon trail passed over Forkwood soils on their way to Oregon and California. Forkwood soils are in northern Wyoming east of the Continental Divide. However, it is usually not found above 6,000 feet elevation.

    *When Skippy and Forrest drove home together, Skippy stopped and let Forrest out of the car somewhere between Shoshoni and Casper Wy. That same route is the old Oregon Trail.

    It is said that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once roamed these Forkwood soils when pursued by the law. :mrgreen:

    Now…about my HOB….

    • I like it , but where do you put in below it. Great research , and one I did a year ago on the area. I found that quite interesting my self. Except if the hob is a state …

      Here’s my take on that . I think as f has stated and I listen only to his words about this Chase. It’s his. SO , by condor.. I must follow the leader. My point if all you need is the poem , and lets say The Trill of the Chase was not written at all… Then how would you find it? I another sense, If all you had was the poem , and no book … F said you could find it. Not saying fork wood..(.”Wise” Y’s) is not a HOB , but so is the Horned owl, and many other animals connected to different areas having the same understanding in a connection to the book . area. Including where the Gold came from to the coin you were speaking of).
      The trails were very direct during that time . And many of the Historical figures have also traveled the Same places. “Brown ” is also the last name of a famous Train robber from NM. Who in which his wife lived in Green Grass . And she has quite a history about her, as well as the train robber.

      Another HOB . What about Skippy’s car and that brown oil stain on the front of the car , and it being in a Black and White photo?
      And that you can match the oil to places in Nm that are being destroyed by oil fields . Killing thousands of plant life as well as animal and human in some cases. Where the Navajo cannot hardly live on their own lands due to Cancer Warnings . Causing them to leave their area’s could be considered to the Honey Bee’s dyeing off. These people have protected the environment of the region for 10,000 years or better. Guarding the Garden if you will. Or It (HOB) having a direct connection to the stories in the book with oil, Richs new and old. Warm water halts where the fracking is and the home of Brown …. also Brown has a direct meaning with oil. Brown Gas , Brown water , Brown Land.
      Or it relating to the environment , where F say’s his church is the mountains and streams , and he is a environmentalist more then most , and of course written in the back of TTOTH is where he describes the most important things he had ever learned in his life, to leave other people alone and do a better job of protecting our planet.

      To assume that we understand a person with a common knowledge could be a question of the facts vs. your, our, minds. As my solve , I thought all sounded great , until I found another that sounded great and another . Including the poker game you can play with it as a novelty with your friends. Breaking the Stanzas into numbers and using each stanza as a card it’s self. Count the numbers of letters across add them up and play each hand , but mine you one is a joker. There are a lot of ways to look at the poem .
      The Poem is the guide line of your mind so to say . The Books are the data that relates to the Poem. That dose not mean it is the direct connection between the two. If the poem is all You Need says F then that is what it means . Not because I said so , But because F wrote it and it is his rules not ours. I know he said there were subtle hints sprinkled amongst the pages of the book . But Subtle means almost un noticeable, to the point of not seeing it. Unless you have the data before hand to see it. In other words , you would had to of hid it to reveal the hints.

      Sorry about the down stroke in the writing above , but sometimes to convey a cense of a topic one must be able to speak about all things , not just a mind set.

      IMO , of course never personal in my writings . I find all to be equal in the World.
      Good Luck

      • Hi Mike,
        Nice write up, however, I am looking at this as a “In The Wood” not a HOB…therefore…no need to put in below it. I will get back to a HOB in a bit.
        You say…and I quote…
        . My point if all you need is the poem , and lets say The Trill of the Chase was not written at all… Then how would you find it?
        Unquote…okay…let me ask you this…If TTOTC was not written…how would you know that
        F say’s his church is the mountains and streams , and he is a environmentalist more then most…? You state the environmental issues because he says he is an environmentalist more than most in TTOTC.
        Please do not misunderstand…I am not trying to debate anything…just help others that may not of known about Forkwood soils.
        Now about those subtle hints in TTOTC… But Subtle means almost unnoticeable, to the point of not seeing it. Why did Mr f tell us the story about the meadowlark and sissortail…?
        Anyone please chime in here…
        Mike…best of Luck to you as well 🙂

    • Hello ararebird,

      here you go…however I am not using this as a HOB…only something to think about along the…In The Wood line of thinking.

      Forkwood Soil Profile

      Surface layer: grayish brown loam
      Subsoil – upper: brown clay loam
      Subsoil – lower: pale brown clay loam
      Substratum: pale brown clay loam

    hi folks update on hubby. they will work on his shoulder on thursday do not have time yet and they will keep him overnight due to age etc. he said to say thanks for all the kind words.

    • True, Brea. Did you know that Aspens share their root system? They’re like a giant family of trees! How’s THAT for a FAMILY TREE? 🙂

      Thank you! The name’s JC. Be sure to tip your waitresses. I’ll be here all week …and maybe longer. :/

      • @JC1117
        Please check your email regarding foundation domain info.
        Thanks. anna

        • Hi, Anna. It’s been a long day! I just checked my email and don’t see one from you there…yet. My email address is glass1117 at comcast dot net. Thank you.

  54. Forrest didn’t write:

    If you are brave and in the wood you have a “chance” that I will give you title to the gold.

    Just because you are brave and in the petrified wood, woods, saddle, trees, bushes, grass, woodlands, bosque, forkwood, or forest he’s not going to give you title to the gold. If that were the case every searcher with boots on the ground would have the title.

    He wrote: “If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.”
    All one sentence.

    He could have just as well said :
    “If you are brave and in the cold bronze chest I give you title to the gold.”

    I’m taking him literally here. This is not a clue but a statement that the chase is finally over with the transfer of the title.

    He can only give you title to the gold if you are inside the (wood lining )chest and you had to have been brave while searching for the chest.

    He is also telling us that our effort is worth being brave and finding the cold bronze chest.

    Now, if he didn’t mean it literally then anything goes – but I don’t think so. -IMO


    • Interesting Ritt, I used to think “the cold” was the bronze too and it may still be in a way BUT how does that get you closer?

      • C.E….It doesn’t get you closer because it’s not one of the clues. The last stanza is just a closing statement from him which also contains a couple of hints.- IMO

  55. @ JC1117, you asked for a volunteer on Mysterious Writings to reserve the domain name “Forrest-Wise Foundation” which I have kindly paid for a one year term under both .com and .org

    As this was your vision, and I will be unable to fulfill future obligations regarding your dreams for this foundation, please post your email or instruct me how to forward the domain name information to you. Sounds like a terrific foundation for You to steward on Forrest’s behalf.
    I applaud you JC! Best wishes, anna

    • Sure thing, Anna! You are awesome. I could not believe how quickly you locked up those domains. It’s an awesome idea. Forrest started it by planting a seed. I would love to water the seed and give it as much sunshine as I can. I wish I could say that I control the sun, but we do what we can, right? You can email me at glass 1117 at comcast dot net. I don’t regularly check that email so I’ll try to check it tomorrow…or soon…I’m headed out to the west desert tomorrow for a day trip. I haven’t been out there in over one and a half years! You can reply here as well and I’ll make an effort to check back here too. Forrest is an incredible man and a Hero in so many ways. I would be honored to be a steward. Thanks!

  56. Just to confuse everyone even more…..
    When can warm mean cold? “Your effort will be worth the cold” Is he saying you have to go into the cold water to retrieve the chest? Perhaps, you have to be sitting in a hot spring. When you get out, you’ll be cold. Just some more Fenn-type thoughts to digest……

    • Maybe Forrest means you go there in the winter time?

      Or into cold water like you said.

    • KevinP..Last i heard you were going to go get the TC and video it for us? What happened?

      • Ate the crow because I was wrong. Going back in a week or two because I’m sure once again I have it. This time the clues coincide just as well, actually better, as last time with a few exceptions. When Forrest said, “Bring a sandwich”, I now understand why. That is another subtle clue. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I guess I’ll sit back and continue to watch….

    • Kevin, whatever “the cold” may infer (an object or environment) I think “Your effort will be worth the cold” is relative to a person’s body temperature because it is talking about “your effort”… in other words it will be uncomfortably or at least perceptibly cold for you. Which is what you seem to be inferring anyway with your comment.

  57. There are Pages in the Book, without a Number.witch ones are Missing? cant find it thanks

  58. I’m going to start writing about my interpretation of this entire hunt/journey. I started an intro. It’s for amusement and help. I mainly have the desire to put a few laughs in your belly and give you some stretched ideas. I’ll update my stories as often as I can. I have about 500 pages of notes to show for it.

    This is my page link. My story is named “from Bride to bridge


    • Hammertime, thanks for sharing your stories. I have over 10 pages so far with many more to to come. Not sure when or where I will share them, but its nice to see other people sharing as well.

  59. @JC1117 I rechecked your email address glass 1117 at Comcast dot net was correctly formatted and sent domain name info again. It’s going thru from my end w/o any kickback message. Check your spam/junk box from srp. (I will be gone today) Thx. Anna

  60. Hello all. Over time I’ve noticed many instances of bloggers referring to “In The Wood” or “The Blaze” as trees. IMO “In The Wood” or “The Blaze” does not refer to trees, bosques or forests, stumps or logs. The reasoning here is all of these are or can be short lived making them a bad reference in the poem. Some may argue that certain trees can live thousands of years and this is true, unless they burn down, and when Forrest said he thought of everything I’m sure this fact was thought of. Sooooo, probably no trees is my thinking.

    It’s funny because one of my earliest solves involved trees. See, I’m getting knowledged.

    Now some cities/counties have names which translate to wood, for example, Los Alamos translates to Poplar a Cottonwood. This is probably nothing but wood can obviously be something else.

  61. IN THE WOOD……= A) Another name for a Ultra Violet or Black Light. “In the light of a UV flashlight” or B) A saw blade “Cutting Edge” = If you are Ingin-uative and cutting edge.

  62. Here is what I think.
    “In the wood” is just a confirmation of the “in there”.
    Look at them as a crossword definition: DOWN -3) In the wood.

    This could help by forcing a different mental approach. One answer of course is SAP…
    and if we tweak it a little, we get a trench or tunnel.

    It’s cold in there… and don’t forget the flashlight 😉

  63. Forrest has said that the treasure is hidden below 10,200 feet. Maybe in the wood means below timberline.

  64. There’s an old bar where I live (Ukiah, CA) called The Forest Club, a few of us nickname/code it The Woods, as in meet at the woods….just saying! Folks are reading way to much into this….golf courses? Any seekers from Mendo? Looking forward to a trek to NM sometime this summer/fall if Dal hasn’t found it by then!

  65. In the wood. Inside of a tree are circular rings that tell its age. Wonder if this means to make a circle cipher to interpret the clues?

  66. What are your thoughts on the following:

    Assume that wood might mean woodland: dense growth of trees and shrubs.
    Now look at a woodland density survey by state (such as the one below), notice that out of the four key states the order from most to least dense is: MT, WY, CO, and NM

    Could in the wood be a hint at which of the four states the treasure is in?

      • People have already suggested that, I am trying to discuss things they have not suggested.

          • Like I said, it could very well be, people have suggested those options way before. I am trying to discuss possibilties that may be new, not stuff that already been suggested.

    • ‘In the wood’ ‘worth the cold’ and ‘treasures bold’ are all broad hints at Montana – has the largest forested area; the coldest temp on record of the 4 states. (Rogers Pass Montana -72 F. And is the official ‘Treasure State’

      Ert NM – Not in New Mexico folks – IMO

      • That is what I am thinking too, of course its all speculation but I wanted to try something other than what may be surrounding the chest itself.

        • Somehow I think Forrest hid it in New Mexico near his home so he can keep an eye on it.

  67. Thoughts on this too:

    Suppose “cold” is also a hint on which state the treasure is in?

    From coldest to warmest avergae: WY (40.0), MT (40.7), CO (45.1) and NM (53.4)

    So could “Your effort will be worth the cold” mean you are in a cold state?

    This would mean that only MT, and WY would make the cut. Of course at higher altitudes it gets colder, but the difference would be -5 degrees per 1000 feet no matter what state you were in.

      • It could mean in his freezer too, but I am trying to think about bigger things like the state itself. I don’t think the season would be a hint, never know though.

  68. Has ANYONE EVER looked at page 125 , last paragraph ?

    There is a definite statement that says ( I WILL REST through all of time and space PILLOWED DOWN AND SCENTED IN ) etc…..

    He will rest in a casket NOT on some trail or in some mountain wooded area or by a creek !

    Has it not occurred to anyone that he being a archeologist at heart, IS NOT going to take a 1150 AD bronze box , fill it with artifacts and coins of gold and diamonds, then put it into a creek that will swell with spring runoff destroying the box and contents !
    AN archeologist preserves not destroys !

    ALSO,,, on page 25 on 2nd and 3rd sentence he says, ( FROM HIS DAD ) What we have learned is that you should always tell the truth , but you should always tell all of the truth !!! So can we safely say that he was taught that it was ok to tell a partial truth ANNNND a partial lie ?

    ALSO,,, Can we look at the sentence where he says , There’ll be no paddle up your creek ? WHAT TWO WORDS are key to this sentence ? No.1 your , and No.2 creek. Creek being a small stream of water and the word your meaning = one’s ( used to indicate that one BELONGING TO oneself or to any person ) .
    SOOOOOO,,, what stream of water belongs to you ? ANSWER …. TEARS !
    Otherwise had he said there will be no paddle up THE creek , I would think a stream of water somewhere in the mountains. COME ON PEOPLE !!!!
    I will tell you this ! I have found ALL the clues in one spot . but I have to be careful because it will be illegal and though he said he didn’t ,,, I am sure he did !
    There are three obvious clues to me.
    1. Two people can keep a secret as long as one of them is dead ! he was alive when he hid the gold, who was the other ?

    2. page 33 bottom paragraph, If I could find where she’s buried I’d slip out there some dark night and push a nickel UNDER her grave MARKER and just leave it there. First,,, why would he have to sneak off some dark night ? Secondly , pushing a nickel ( money ) under a marker ???
    The way I see it is , he is putting money under a headstone of some place that he loves because of the timing of his cancer and the people or person of history ( which he also shows in his book ) which he says he loves !
    AS ALWAYS , everyone thinks they know where it is and I am no different, but there are other clues in the book such as the seals and the eight seals that are significant to the others. there is a three pictures that is in the book that gives an obvious clue. and other clues as well, ALL OF WHICH I HAVE FOUND ,
    hope I don’t sound arrogant and by the time others pick up on these , I will have found out whether I am right or not.
    P.S. the part where it says heavy loads and water high,,, guess what , yep,,, there is a water tower in the graveyard. and south of this graveyard is a big sign that says SANTA FE and semi north is the graveyard .


    • Pillowed down and scented in. Only subtle clue to that is he tells us to take a bedroll that sounds like that. Campgrounds also have posts like the postmarks. Worth the cold is that you must go at night possibly, because it’s busy during the day or something will glow with the use of your flashlight. Night time will always be colder then the day. It’s also why you need some guts.

      • Possibly,,, but I asked a friend at the morgue about pillowed down and scented in and she said that it is a term they use there . MY THOUGHT is this,,, what would be my reaction upon hearing that I have 80% chance of dying and 20% of living ? I think that my first thought would be to buy my burial plot and so my wife would be there with me to choose, and if I am in the place that I love for its history, wouldn’t that be the area I would want to be buried ? Having spent my time there stationed as a fighter pilot , I would know all about the area .so … I find it interesting that the one gold piece by itself is setting precisely over that area on the map with Spanish treasure symbols on that piece indicating treasure.
        Also , I believe that if you look at the picture in the book you will find on the picture where he is standing a clue that says ( LUCKY ME I LIVE IN LUBBOCK ) . Remember : His dad taught him that it was ok to tell partial truths along with partial lies . So he has no qualms about misdirecting with that type of instructions to the public as to where it is. Remember too , that he never said in the beginning that it was north of Santa fe (CITY) , just North of Santa fe …… sooo then Santa fe what ? City? ave? railroad? restaurant ? UNDER THAT GOLD PIECE ON THE MAP IS A (and I have a picture of it ) LARGE SANTA FE SIGN. ( Railroad ) and north of it is ….. you guessed it , the cemetery .
        I have always found no logic in his going out and dying in some remote area with his gold causing havoc for his family both emotional and financial or that they seemed complacent in his doing that. so in my thinking , They know where he is going to be buried and he said he would be found near his gold and if that is true, then if he truly hid it, then it will be in the graveyard near his plot up under someone’s stone . Can anyone see the logic ?

    • Ted, I’m off topic of ‘wood’ but same page he mentions the word Cobalt and Cobalt is a chemical element with symbol Co and atomic number 27. CO = Colorado and the number 27 comes up a lot in his life. I’m a NM seeker for now followed by WY, currently reading Journal of a Trapper, very exciting read! Checked out a half dozen other books on the same shelf as Journal. I think most of us can read all sorts of things into the search from the mention of Manhattan to Cottonwood (Alamos) and more. Was thinking there should be a blog for which state you think it’s in or not in and why? Maybe there is already, Dale? I’m a newbie, haven’t even ventured out yet, did hike Philmont twice as a Boy Scout in the early 70’s, can’t wait to get back.

    • Hi there Ted, just a friendly reminder…..
      The chest is not in a graveyard.
      Not a good idea to dig up graves, not worth the felony. IMHO, a grave marker may not last thousands of years.

      • Thank you friend but I won’t need to dig anything but check out the pages and of those things that I have said and you will find that all that I have said is true except I forgot to put in the word NOT in the area where his dad told him that it was good to tell the truth but not always good to tell all of the truth . but tell me, does he not always say that he will be near the gold or that he will be pillowed down and scented in ? I WILL BE ??? the only direct statement of where he will be , and notice that his family are not disturbed by his statement of purpose ! Also,,, what would that do to his family and life insurance if he just up and left, would they receive the insurance money if they cannot prove that he is dead ? not likely !
        EVERYTHING I said adds up ! of course he will say it is not in a grave yard because if a law was broken in locating it there , then the law was broken in putting it there and we both know that the FBI was trying to get him in the first place. and we also know the rebel in him concerning the law, remember his childhood hero ? the picture is in the book. ALL THE CLUES THAT ARE IN THE BOOK ARE IN THAT GRAVEYARD. right down to the two pictures of a woman drawn with her left hand up and right hand down both in the book, the drawn picture and the bronze jar ! That statue is in that graveyard !

        I have not said which graveyard. or which grave, though I know both , or at least I assume that I do but you know what assuming does lol. but thanks friend , I truly hope that people will check my perception of the idea with the WRITTEN words in the book and see if they make any sense. I could go step by step of the poem and the book and show that it all makes sense but then they would know exactly where to go. But nothing about going to the mountains or creeks makes any sense at all. at least not to me.

  69. Ted, my guess is that many of the regulars have given thought to “pillowed down and scented in” and 85% truth 15% lies.

    I believe Forrest Fenn speaks the truth when he says the chest is ‘out there’ to search for, and like you believe the chest is in a dry place, well preserved away from streams which could flood and wash away the chest.

    IMO the poem solves to a specific location in Montana on private property with public access. I have questioned whether the chest is where the poem solves to, or if it “lies” in a different location where ff plans to be scented in for time and eternity. The reason I question is three-fold:

    1. Forrest himself sheds doubt in TTOTC. He means for folks to have fun looking but never guarantees the chest sits where the poem solves to. He says it’s worth your time to look. He mentions only considering one place, which hasn’t changed. Are consideration and placement two different things? I don’t know.
    2. He’s a master of marketing and subtle distraction.
    3. The items Forrest selected to be placed in the chest are not simple gold items which a collector of antiquities would typically leave for a stranger. They are in fact some of his most prized possessions and treasured gifts from friends (ie gold Mayan beads from Wolf Pogzeba; Tirona Sinu torque w/fetishes). Forrest tells the Ralph Lauren story giving emphasis to “if he can’t take some of it with him, he’s not going.”

    Ask yourself, what would Forrest take (bury with him) that lasts for eternity? Not feather head dresses or wooden peace pipes. What endures are metals and gems – the chest is full of gold and jewels *that define precisely* who Forrest Fenn is. Why would he leave it for a red-neck stranger simply to give them the thrill of the chase? He could have filled it with 22 troy pounds of gold without sacrificing his treasured artifacts. Why didn’t he?

    Here are two reasons I could see Forrest, or any benevolent person leaving their most prized possessions for strangers to find:
    1. At the end of his life, he realized that years of chasing prized possessions add up to empty. Possessions, regardless of beauty or value, don’t laugh and dance like our real treasures – family and friends, memories.
    2. At some point, did Forrest lay down prized possessions to God or Forrest’s “Higher Hand?” Perhaps bargaining for his life during cancer, or the life of a child, etc. The poem hints boldly at this, as does the specific location in Montana and the blaze.

    In the end, “I choose” to see a benevolent man of honor and integrity. I do believe Forrest hid the chest where the poem leads but believe he plans to be pillowed down in another location with Peggy.

    If I’m wrong, at least I will have believed the best in my fellow man.

    • I forgot to say, pillowed down and scented in could be pine needles and the scents of the forest. Forrest may have chosen to be cremated and have his urn rest in the forest with the chest, or ashes be scattered in the wilds of his favorite place.

  70. Ted, please consider the last illustration in “The Thrill of The Chase.”
    It’s what I call ” a forest grave yard.” A grave yard that Forrest Fenn, the environmentalist/conservationist – named for a forest – may be referring to.

    And if not, just give me brownie points for being creative 🙂

    • Anna –

      I’ll give you brownie points for being creative. I did not get to my spot today but soon ….

      You are so right about the last drawing being a sort of graveyard –
      every tree represents a person in the chase. They are all included in the previous drawings. Quite amazing no one has ever mentioned this. And now it is up to everyone to find out why two trees are missing in the smaller version. And if you know – who is actually standing on the tree stump in that drawing – you will have a good handle on the ending.

      But as usual if you didn’t start in the right place – you can’t end in the right place.

      PS not everyone is dead in that drawing.

      • Thanks Inthechaseto,
        I’ll take those brownie points and put them towards a badge:-) My creativity hasn’t helped much though. Ive searched two matched butte hillsides which looked just like that illustration; and inside a split rail wood corral which matched it too. You’d of laughed at the drift boat perched on old metal snow skis, I looked under the seat and inside every owl shaped burned out stump, inside tire feed troughs, every juniper bush and even dug at a Y shaped pine with a turtle shaped boulder at the base in a dry gulch, overlooking a wier with bold s. There is more to search, we wasted days thanks to e’s unmerited warnings about grizzleys. Maybe you’ll have better luck since you like the area too. I hope you find gold since it’s doubtful I’ll ever have support to return. Tomorrow I’ll try to solve the riddle as to who the woodsman is and who the trees represent. Not that it helps me anymore. At this point I’d settle for one gold coin to wear on a chain for the memories. Anyway, good luck to you! Hope you find the treasure!

        • Anna –

          I will give you a badge of courage. Now I see there are two ways to go about this – you used one way and I used another – and it all works – once the treasure is in hand. Ha!

          The woodsman is a fun guy – and made lots of people happy just as Forrest has given us such a thrill.

          No, I have not found a tunnel in the poem and have really never heard a tunnel mentioned before.

          It is disheartening when one knows they are so close – and then no treasure to carry home. After awhile you have to ask yourself when this will end. Once I found the coordinates – that was only the beginning – again. It just goes on and on. I begin to feel like a hole in a donut. It’s massive.

          Well, this won’t last forever – so have fun today on your armchair search.

  71. Dal

    Why is the layout of the blog different.
    Change is hard to get used to 🙂

    The other way is much better 🙂

    I will adjust I just have one week left until I begin my adventure. 🙂

    Anxious Amy 🙂
    Searching Colorado

      • Goofy before when I scrolled down to comments it was at the bottom now the comments are on the side . 🙁

      • I believe Amy maybe talking about ” latest post and” comments” and “threads” are at the bottom of the page… When prior they had been at the top.

        I only notice this so far on the smart phone…. But that said, it is convenient .

    • I have to agree with Goof Amy. The last time the blog’s layout was changed was about three years ago..
      Perhaps you dreamed about a change or maybe you have the blog confused with climate change 🙂

      • Hi Dal , Was woundering how the story was going . The boy’s and I were woundering?

  72. You have a good Heart, and it may be as you have said , however I have seen all the clues first hand at this location . If I may ask, do you know his childhood hero ?
    Page 9 gives the first clue to that. Page 36,39 and I believe 43 and for sure 133 all give a clue to his hero. And have you noticed on the map next to the poem in the book the gold on it ? I believe that it is purposely placed on the map in that position . because if you turn it at a slight angle you will find the outline to be that of a shape of a man with a backpack and with his arm outstretched. also , it took purpose to make it where the map is hazy and the gold perfectly clear. can you take a picture that close and get two different focuses. maybe but if not then the first paragraph of the poem has two words that describe the picture . Bold and Hint. map being hint and the outline of the man ( gold ) would be described as bold. What’s interesting is the mans hand is directly over white oaks nm . remember Young Guns and Billy the Kid ? Also , in that area aprx. 15 to 20 miles from there is the Valley of Fire , a place that won’t change for thousands of years no doubt, ( but ) mis direction is an attribute a good trained military man would be good at. So if he points one direction , it might not hurt to look the opposite. what is behind the little gold man ? 1 square piece of gold ( BOX MAYBE ) ?
    and where is that gold setting at on the map ? also there are old Spanish treasure symbols marks on that little square box . enlarge it and see. also check out the picture where he is on the ladder rung of his jet plane , there is a clue there as well . all pin point a specific location . I have to be careful here as to not give the exact location so that I can gather up the money for a final run to get the gold. anyways Thanks ANNA hope to talk to you guys again.

    • White Oaks NM is the location of the ‘No Scum Allowed’ bar.
      Unfortunately, it is south of Santa Fe. I don’t understand how you are connecting that area of NM to the chase. Or, was it just a side comment?

      • He never said North of Santa fe “CITY” , just santa fe !
        also, it would be common to misdirect and a sort of thrill to,( in your face ) show the exact spot as well ( WHICH HE DID BOTH) on the map picture. In my comments I have specified the exact pages of the book that shows his hero . And the map ( if tilted at an angle ) looks like ( TO ME ) a picture of a man’s outline with a backpack, the way the gold is placed on the map , that points to a location in White Oaks where the deputy is buried and remember the show Young Guns ? But to me this is misdirecting , what is important and in a ( in your face )sort of way, is the single piece of gold by itself behind the gold man on the map ! THAT GOLD PIECE sets directly over the area that his hero was at or near ANNND where he was stationed as a fighter pilot. The cemetery is north of SANTA FE Railroad with a water tower IN THE GRAVEYARD ( water High ) . I have also found the last clue to the exact name of the headstone but that one I will keep to myself except to say that it was very interesting how that clue was made available.
        By the way, Why would you think he would need a backpack ( if he had one ) like it looks like on the gold ?
        my thinking is,,, if he really did put the gold in a cemetery under a stone , he would have had to dig out a 11″x11″x6″ hole in the ground under the stone and that would be where he would put the dirt so as to not give any clue that the stone had been disturbed. I believe it is there but until I have it in my hands, it is only theory

          • read the book , everything points to death and graveyards , tombstones and things of that sort , nothing else makes sense. read all of my comments then check them out in the book before you make that conclusion and you might be surprised at how obvious it is.

          • I’ve read the book and done extensive research on this for the past six months. It’s not in a graveyard. The only thing you will come home with from digging in a graveyard is a potential felony charge.

          • p.s. If I am correct , there will be NO DIGGING but a simple lifting of a stone and setting it back down in its place. As easy as that ! NO DAMAGE AND NO DIGGING !

          • Time will tell three rocks , time will tell.
            if I am correct and I find the gold , then you will feel foolish and if you find it then I will feel foolish but it is not for the meek to make such risks for the prize now is it ?

          • Ted this isn’t about me being right. It isn’t an ego thing. It’s about ensuring the final resting place of someone who has moved on from this world is not disturbed. This is why Forrest gave that as a clue. Let the dead rest in peace. Find a different solve.

          • If we are splitting hairs then a graveyard is a burial ground that adjoins a church. Vs. A cemetary..

          • Sometimes you have to call BS. Ted – is there a chance you are really Forrest signed in as Ted having a little fun messing with us?

            If not, I will say that I found the words OUR URN in the poem which may confirm your theory Ted.

          • Ted in the beginning many thought the same as you……There was an obsession with cemeteries and death. All of the things you’ve mentioned and many more have been discussed thoroughly; look back through the comments.

            The national cemetery just north of Santa Fe with the monument to the glider pilots of WWII……The planes were made of wood. The memorial at Angle Fire. Folks were sending in pictures of grave markers from small cemeteries all over the place. The burial place of Robin Olds and the nickels placed on head stones…….and on and on and on.

            This is when Fenn came out and said the chest is not in a graveyard. I wouldn’t be moving anything in a cemetery without permission; it is against the law….check the laws if you don’t believe me. If you get caught they will make an example out of you and it will not be a pleasant experience.

            I realize this will not deter the obsessed…..but you have been warned.

        • Three Rocks !!! this is about finding the gold and no disrespect to the dead, Stones are placed and replaced all the time , even whole cemetery’s removed and replaced . has nothing to do with the lack of respect. Follow your own convictions and I will follow mine. There will be NO DAMAGE DONE OR DIGGING , of that I’m sure !!!

          • Ted, get over it. We all have had our theories which change from day to day. A graveyard is used as a reference point not a hiding spot. Please show a little respect to the corpses that call that home and to us seasoned searchers that have passed on to bigger and better clues. Yes, Forrest is meticulous in his wording, but he is also adamant that we don’t go around hunting treasure in places of somber reverence…..what ever that means, it just sounds right. Sorry if this P turbs you, but we all are one big family here and it seems more then one person is telling you, “don’t”.

          • Ted,

            The thought of disturbing a grave, a cemetery, a grave yard, public or private is most ludicrous beyond ridiculous.

            Which part of Fenn’s statement don’t you understand or respect?… The chest is not in a graveyard…

            And yes, I can see an interpretation in the poem relating to death and / or a burial.

            WWWH… the death of one.
            Canyon down… The grave.
            Not far but Lowered into.
            Below Mother Earth.
            No place for the weak of heart.
            The end is for every thing is always approaching.
            No paddle up your creek… a difficult situation to except.
            Heavy loads… a ton of dirty, water high… tears of sorrow.

            But in all your brilliance of concluding the chest is in a graveyard… even though Fenn as stated on National television it is not. Can’t you come up with a plausible solution that matches those Interpretation outside a graveyard or cemetery?

            Try this line of thinking…Coffin Mountain. A physical geographical place. Not a man made grave.

            That’s my comment and opinion of yours…Only wish I could say exactly what I would like… but it would never make it through moderation.

        • Hahaha Sissel , no I’m not Forrest but I watch the common sense of a character , family , and also what is not said sometimes more than what IS said.
          I cannot say with 100% certainty that I am right but it seems to make the only sense to me.
          In his book, death seems to be prevalent ( dominant ) and the poem when laid out can show sorrow, tears, and a variety of other things that point to where I have indicated in my comments. I have withheld back the exact location while giving the area’s location and withheld the first name of the person Brown in the poem. Also if you noticed the seals in the book, eight have 3 specific numbers that are different than the rest which are 039 .
          039 on google earth is a grid line that runs straight through Colorado and through Denver which has some very interesting Cemetery’s with family’s of Proctors in them. But I do not believe it is there. 039 also is the number of a tombstone style and 039 is a locator marker in a graveyard.
          BUT WHEN ALL THE CLUES ARE IN ONE SPOT, I tend to pay attention.
          There are some who disagree with me and that’s fine but it make’s sense to me he clues I’ve laid out but they only my point of view.

          • Agree with the 039 – interesting take on them considering other numbers that appear to be part of the solve.

    • In the early days of my searching I always thought the gold pieces on the blurry map was Orion and proceeded to concoct many a solve with places that would be designated as each star in that constellation so that Orion was mapped out on the ground. Then a crazy notion grabbed a hold of me. How does any of this fit the poem?

      Now I think the gold pieces resemble another figure. My Brown.

      • Cloud cover

        I too thought at one time constellations may be involved. but then the statement of comprehensive knowledge of geograghy put a damper on this line of thinking

        Although, it could be part of a clue in relationship to the blaze … If the blaze is a design. Possibly being a constellation or a ground mapping of sorts.

        • If you do a transparency of 1800’s map of nm and lay it over the enlarged picture that’s in the book ( by computer ) you will match up perfectly the roads and that will give you the precise location of areas you choose to look for the gold .

        • That’s an interesting idea about the blaze. When I first started emailing Forrest, he sent me this email that was obviously a mass email thing, I think I had even seen it before but it was planets, stars and their sizes compared to earth’s and how that put into perspective our small we are in comparison to the rest of the universe. In the email, one of the stars was Sirius the dog star or companian star to Orion, so I told him my constellation idea and he replied back to me telling me that he liked constellations too and one of his favorites was Cassiopea. Well this really encouraged me in my contellation theory for while. I never really came up with one about Cassiopea though. I’m not spelling that right am I? I see a comment below about Baldy mountain on Philmont and that mountain in one of my scenarios was the star in Orion that represented his head. I chose that as it too reminded me of Forrest. I have a solve posted in the “What’s it really worth?” post. I put it in as a comment to that post and it describes me ending on Baldy mountain at the Copper mine up there right under the crash of an A26 Invader I think in the same year Forrest was diagnosed with cancer, 1988

          • Cancer itself has a constellation meaning. Never thought about it till your post. He has some things that point to Summer/Winter Solstice and that is important in the Native American Culture. Something they tend to keep secret and would go along with your theory of stars and planets being important. Likely could be the them that is needed. Read up on places they hold those ceremonies and I think it could be at one of them.

          • Cloudcover,

            I never take off for spellin. I just blame it on my horrredious typing skills.

            I like the thought of Constellations a guide of sorts. The same way it has been used since man stood on two legs.

            One of my thoughts was to attempt to use the words in the poem as constellations…such has WWWH, Big Dipper or Brave as Orion. Canyon down, as the Milky Way… But I never got pass that part before my sweet tooth kicked in.

            Funny how this would give a new meaning to North of SF.

          • Peacemaker, summer.winter solstice is important in a few other cultures too, a few other religions. I still haven’t given up on my current spot. Just went up there again this past weekend and I keep finding weird stuff up there. I’ve decided that maybe I need to stay away at the equinoxes, solstices and full moons. If I don’t I might be disturbing some “rituals” up there. I’m starting to understand why the locals in the village below say they never go up there.

  73. I forgot to mention my thought about the blaze , I believe it is a trail of hidden hints in the wood ( book ) paper is wood or was , and looking quickly down your quest …TO CEASE… not has ceased , meaning the search coming to an end once you have seen the map and recognize location . I could be wrong.

    • Ted…..”CHASE”….. C H as E = CEASE. And remember, “There ‘ll be no ORE up your creek” . My solve has a shoot out, (Billy the kid) , and a chase. (Look quickly down your quest 2 Cee’s) or two CHUTES…like the 2 PARACHUTES he used when bailing out. Word play Ted. Simply word play.

      • Here is another:

        your quest to cease…
        your Qu est to cease…
        your cue is to seize

        • {} more Quest and Cease to consider:

          your Que (line) is est/east to C’s; end

          your Quest ends two c’s or 200 feet near water (ea) S curve

          your Qu-West to cease

          The trick would be to figure out if F is consistant in his methods. does he use “sounds like” always? does he slice each word into letters which much ‘each’ be solved? Is So W always south west, or could ‘So’ be so (as opposed to direction) and then go west? Is each letter a pictograph when you reach the final destination?

          my guess is that all these methods are applied. some are applied in level 1 solve, others in level 2 solve and a few more in level 3 solve. I recommend trying to build a map key of applications, but interpretting (GUESSING) at what ff did is impossible w/o being inside his brain. In the case of TTOTC Poem… the music is in the maestro.

  74. I once thought the “W” on the map in the pdf excerpt of the book on Forrest’s website indicated the Wood. It could be a nod to the classic movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” where W marks the spot. That way, he wouldn’t be lying when he said he didn’t place an X on a map because he placed a W.

    This W isn’t present in the book version (at least in the one I have). I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned in the 3 years I’ve been on the hunt, but I’ve researched it enough that I don’t think it’s relevant any more. It’s the W from “NEW MEXICO”. It’s curious that he chose to photoshop it out of existence when the book was published though.

    • Hello All…I am not sure of the protocol here but I have a solve and lots of supporting clues that have been bugging me. I have made 2 trips to the area of interest with over 5 weeks of boots on the ground and can not shake the idea that I am on the right track. Can I post my opinions here in hopes that someone can prove me wrong or make a comment that keeps me searching in the same area ?

        • LOL….that I wood !!!…IMO when Forrest said there are many places WWWH that are North of Sante Fe so I started to look for clues in the stories a pics that would indicate a starting place for me. Before I tell you my solve here are the indicator clues I found that led me to the solve. If you plot these area on a map they seem to circle an area in particular. Here goes:

          From the 3 colored teas story I got… Greenie Mountain, Big Red Mountain and Black mountain( there are 2 black mountains and they both are nearby along with Black Jack Camp and Hideout

          From The ” DO NOT TOUCH ” quote I got Touch Me Not Mountain

          From the looking in the mirror at his balding head I got Baldie Mountain

          From The Lost Story with Donnie I got Lost Creek

          From his cowboy stories I got Cimarron and Cimarron Canyon

          From the Viet Nam stories I got The Viel Nam war memorial in Angel Fire

          From the Gypsey Magic story I got the enchanted Circle

          One of the pictures in the book spells out the name of the Creek that you wont be able to paddle up

          When Forrest said two can keep a secret only if 1 is dead IMO is a reference to Skippy because every summer when the family made a trip to Yellowstone I believe they took the Old Sante Fe Trail and they fished for their food along the way. The Old Sante Fe runs right past Cimarron. What better place to fish and camp on the way to Yellowstone ? I think the hidden treasure is at a sight that Forrest and Skippy explored together. Now Skippy is dead and only Forrest knows the site they found.

          There is more supporting evidence but I am a one finger typer so I will stop here for a bit

          • Yes my solve fits the area including the creek but no Blaze…I saw many blazes but none had the chest below. I just cant seem to find a reason to stop looking in that creek

          • Very nice Ray,, in the four years I’ve followed (on and off), I think each place has been mentioned a time or two, but you organized it all into a very compelling big picture. Bet lots of readers are cutting and pasting today.

          • Thanks OS….Look at the picture on page 33….And take another look at the map and guess what the frog is really pointing to..There are more subtle clues that all seem to point to the same area

          • I think you may have found it. I have also looked in that area. Found all of your clues and some more. IMO it is not at the Viet Nam Memorial or Eagles Nest Lake. I also looked at Philmont. All kinds of signs deterring trespassing around the ranch. There used to be an airstrip that you could drive over to via an access road. They have taken that road out too.

          • Hello Endofchase…Yes IMO there are more clues that are more specific. If you look at page 33 and the map on page 133 you may find them also. If you want to discuss this privately my email address is…Happy Hunting

    • There’s no X in the poem? Never thought about X marking the spot with New MeXico. I found another solution that would create a load of confidence that some gave out for free. If you start at the T in Halt you can slide lines around to create a 9 letter word and a secret message pops up. It’s the reason he says Why. I figured that out from another persons post who I think gave away the farm. No water I bet. Just the rain.

      • I thought about the ‘X’ in New Mexico on the map when FF said in an interview that he wouldn’t mark an ‘x’ on a map for us! But, location doesn’t seems to be just shy of the Rockies. Isn’t it time for a new clue to be released? Apparently there is a clue in TFTW that he didn’t know was there until after publication. Maybe the horse teeth on the map as in straight from the horses mouth! But that would put the chest in Southern WY.

        • Hi Cholly…IMO I believe the unintended clue in TFTW was in the last paragraph of the preface where F states that he was not able to return to “that” [lace again

          • I read that too and tend to agree with you! Didn’t want to mention it as I’m hoping 2/3 of the 60,000 searchers stay up north!!! LOL!

          • LOL LOL…I am definitely a NM area searcher. I am focusing in one very particular area because all the clues are soooo strong. I just cant get out of the area…Did you find a specific clue on page 33 or page 133 ? If you want to discuss privately my email address is

    • Funny that each person interprets the photos so differently. I see the photo of the golden frog, coin, nuggets placed on map as a close representation of how the treasure is hidden at the exact hidey place. The frog represents a fen, or riparian area, the coin represents the hole with gold, the alligator nugget could be a log or rock etc. You may have to reverse or turn upside down for what ff saw. IMO he is a dyslexic genius. People with dyslexia often read books upside down or from right to left. Just my opionions, and I certainly don’t know where the chest is.

  75. It is interesting how Forrest has followed some similarity’s of the Mormon’s .
    But what I find interesting is an article I read where Joseph Smith sr. told a man named CHASE that his son Joseph Smith Jr. was told by a spirit that he should dress in black , ride a black horse with a switch tail to a specific location and get the ( BOX ) with the ( GOLD ) tablets and to leave without looking back , which he did ( According to the story ) except that when he was leaving , he became afraid that someone would know where he had gotten the tablets so he put the box down and turned to ( COVER THE HOLE WITH THE LID ) and when he turned back around , the gold was gone because he disobeyed. I believe the similarity’s are as such.
    1: gold tablets in a box = bronze box with gold and has the frog in it !!!
    2: dressed in black , = death of a person or dead person
    3: ride a black horse with a switch tail = hearse
    4: hole with lid = hole under tombstone and tombstone as the lid.

    Also Frogs were a thing of Joseph Smith Jr.,,, Notice frogs on the bronze jars .

    I have done a lot more than 6 months of research and have come to only one conclusion … I will know if I an on the right trail ONLY WHEN I HAVE THE GOLD IN HAND hahaha , everything else is pure speculation !!!!

  76. I think that we may be overthinking this line. Although Mr. Fenn seems to like to feign ignorance when it comes to writing and the creating of new words, he has proven time and again that not only is his vocabulary extensive but he knows the correct definition of words (such as the conversation about the definition of the “few” in the Creative Works interview). There are only two definitions for the word wood as it is used in the poem:

    noun: wood; plural noun: woods

    1. the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub.
    wood when cut and used as timber or fuel.
    “a large table made of dark, polished wood”
    synonyms: lumber, timber, planks, planking; More

    2. an area of land, smaller than a forest, that is covered with growing trees.
    “a thick hedge divided the wood from the field”
    synonyms: forest, woodland, trees; copse, coppice, grove, bush, woodlot
    “a walk through the woods”

    The line says “If you are brave and in the wood”. It seems to be a common opinion that there is a possibility the chest is somehow in the wood, meaning a tree or wooden container of some kind. The poem says “If YOU are brave and in the wood” though, so it has nothing to do with the chest being in the wood. WE are in the wood.

    Going by definition number 2, forest is a synonym for wood. Wood and woods mean essentially the same thing. In nearly every interview I have heard of Mr. Fenn, he continues to say that his main goal was to get us off of our couches and out into the woods. I think this is all that he is saying in the poem and we are making it much more complicated than it is. I also believe the reason he used the word wood instead of woods was simply to maintain the rhyming structure of the poem since the words mean essentially the same thing.

    • Seabee88, IMO I agree with you here and I believe you are on to something. We don’t have to over complicate it. It makes sense. When did Forrest go alone into the wood? My War For Me chapter in TTOTC. When he parachuted down into the canopy, jungle, wood, forest. And he was brave when he did it. He survived. He said if we only read one chapter, read that one. Or something to that effect. But yeah, I agree with your second definition of wood, and don’t over complicate it. One of the reasons my location is in a forest.

  77. Ray, What I think the frog is pointing to (NNW) might be outside the range of what would be considered the Rockies. Hard to tell. I think the ‘frog’, like the map, just affirms NM. The NM State amphibian is the Spadefoot Toad. Look at those feet! Not like the froggy ones on Fenns jars. If there is any meaning to the placement of the gold, toad, & coin, I think it loosely resembles a cross & circle, thus referencing the NM State emblem. IMO of course.

    • Hi OS…I disagree…IMO The Frog is pointing directly to the location but I think you are looking at that incorrectly. What do you think the 4 placer nuggets represent? ( that was the part that threw me off at first )…

  78. Has ANYONE looked at the symbols on top of the single gold piece on the map?

    • Yes Ted… I found that particular gold coin to be part of the extra clues…. Ifound 3 different references to the numbers 4 and 23…Did you find any of those references ?

      • Ray, Ted, RE: pg 133… The arrangement seem artfully placed, but I don’t conclude any more significance than the overall circle/cross form. Several years ago there was much discussion about what some interpreted as a butterfly impression in the lone nugget, and lots of bee talk followed that for a while. The alligator head is apparent, but I think its more fun than message. I don’t attribute more to the grouping than I’ve said, however, I may have hypnotized myself looking for that Hillcrest address on the coin. I only have sight, not insight, on this one, so if you can comfortably disclose more, I’ll gaze again.

      • No Sir , I haven’t . I was looking at the single square piece and I see 3 points and the symbol of water on the lower right point, the symbol of varas on the upper point and lower left point of the pyramid or triangle , plus an arrow on the left pointing down with 8.25 number below the arrow and on the right side it looks like numbers as well like an 82. They look like the old Spanish symbols for treasure/caves , distance and water among other things.
        I could be totally wrong but my enlarged picture sure looks like it.

        • Ted…I was not able to enlarge the pic like you but here is what I got from that page…IMO of course…At first I thought that the 4 placer nuggets represented the four creek in Cimarron Canyon where I am looking . As you drive down route 64 into the canyon following the nose of the frog it passes 3 canyons on the right ( South) and the 4 th Creek is on the left ( NORTH) (ever drawng nigh to the left ) where the nose is pointing. Maverick Creek, But then I dismissed that idea until I was looking at the picture on page 33 and I thought it was very strange how the boys arms and legs and bodies were angled. As I continued to look at it I saw letters in the shapes of that picture. The letters I was able to find really easily were M-A-V-E-R-I- C-K C-R-E-E-K Then I thought no thats just plain nuts but he did say that you have to be a Maverick to find the treasure and in Maverick Creek I saw huge boulders the size of a house ( heavy loads ) and the waterfall ( 30 ft) that is the highest waterfall in Cimarron Canyon. ( Water High ) Thats where I am stuck…One of the other 4 and 23 places is the picture of the lumberjack in the clearing…There are 23 stumps ( approx 1 ft high) and the lumberjack has his foot on one of them so I took this to be a linear measurement of 23 ft. If you look at the picture upside down in a mirror the lumberjack forms the # 4…??? Mirror images and a butterfly is really a flutterby..??? The coin on the map page looks like it is dated 1904 and IMO there is a Welsh or Irish slang where using “0” was short for the word “AND” so perhaps that would 19 0 4 could be 19 and 4 which equals 23..

    • Yes Ted, the single gold nugget has a perfect butterfly imprint, but the 3 black dots look to be ‘added’ to the photo. Butterfly symbolism may be important, but my first thought is mw placed back to back form a butterfly as do back to back B’s. I’m guessing there is a land mark which looks like a butterfly. Three dots are symbolic of skull, Trintiy, Uranium, and resemble the marble placement in TTOTC. Could mean 3 of anything.

      • very true sissel , but check up old Spanish symbols too, I hope one of us is right and someone of this group finds the gold, even one of those who was being rude to me the other day but that doesn’t matter anymore. good luck to all of us I say.

      • Just a thought… IMO those are naturally formed gold placer nuggets from Alaska. I dont think they have been formed or reformed by humans. The “butterfly” looks more like a raised area than a stamped or etched area…more like a frieze. I think the position or size or location of the nuggets may be more of a clue or description. Just my opinion

  79. cloudcover1 on May 29, 2015 at 12:42 pm said:

    Peacemaker, summer.winter solstice is important in a few other cultures too, a few other religions.

    6 stanzas, 24 lines – 6/24 is Midsummers Day- celebrated in many cultures with bonfires (blazes).

    • Which fits perfectly in with the Freemasons and the fat he is considered the “Architect”. IMO – of course.

      After the promulgation of Christianity they were known as Essenes, Architects, or Freemasons. – or so I’m told.

      • The inscription on the French grave marker is attributed to H L Mencken. Mencken also wrote books under the pen name John brownell. The only book I can find that Brownell wrote was on Masonic rituals.

        • Why was a French grave marker written in English? English speaking missionaries helping with the burial? Getting way to confusing now! Freemasons, the plot thickens! lol!

          • I thought that was odd myself. That’s why o looked it up. It seems unlikely that a quote from an American writer who died in 1956 would end up on a French grave marker in Vietnam from around the same time period.

          • Cholly,

            I have learned that the Chase can take you anywhere you want it to take you. 🙂

            June 24, as Jack mentioned above, is one of two of the Masonic feasts. The day is otherwise known as St. John’s Day.

            I can tie the poem to the Masons, but like I said I can pretty much tie it to anything I want it to work with.

            But I guess we are getting, and have been for a while, off the subject of “in the wood”.

            Jumping over to “nine clues”.

            Scott W.

  80. Trying again.

    Hi OS,
    When I saw the map for the first time I was struck by the fact that there were two different focuses on a picture taken that close ( the map very hazy and the gold very clear ) ( which IMO meets the two keywords in the first paragraph of Fenns poem = Bold and Hint )
    Also , if anyone would tilt the map and look at the gold and coin as a whole, they might see what I see which is a man with a backpack pointing to the left . but you have to look at the outline. the frog being the feet and legs , shoulders and arm pointing and head on top . back pack on the back . then there is the single square box like gold to the back of the figure.
    The interesting part to me is the hand part sets directly on top of White Oaks NM and the single Piece of gold sets directly on top of Portales,Fort Sumner and Clovis NM.
    Oddly enough , If you look at Fenns picture where he is standing on the ladder of his Jet ( in the book ) it says on a sticker next to him , LUCKY ME I LIVE IN LUBBOCK .
    There is an airport in Lubbock AND ONE IN CLOVIS . Clovis and White Oaks are pin pointed on the map by HAND AND BOX. Wonder why that is pin pointed and page 9, 36, 39 and 43 give the clues to his hero. I called Mr. Fenn one day and asked him a question , but because he couldn’t hear me very well , he said ,,, DID YOU SAY CLOVIS ? which at the time I had not even considered. but after that I checked it out real good and when I found the box placement on the map and the pages I gave you plus the picture of the plane clue , it was then I made the trip. I found a sign in Clovis that reads Santa Fe ( remember North of Santa Fe , but not Santa Fe city ??? ) it was the railroad. then semi North of that ,was the cemetery and in the cemetery is a water tower ( water high ? ) also 3 large crosses in a triangle ( like the three dots on the map on the box ) . Also,,, in the book on page 43 is a drawn picture with a women dancing but with her left hand up and right hand down . funny thing is , on page 139 there is a picture of one of Forrest’s bronze jars and guess what’s on it,,, yep ,,, A woman with her left hand up and right hand down ! Now why would he do that twice and especially the effort to do that with a bronze jar. Major effort you think ? and guess what I found in the graveyard , yep , a statue of a woman with her left hand up and right hand down !!!! Do you remember the part above the map about Gardeners Island ? There are signs of Garden of — Also, 039 on the seals in the book , there is 039 markers in that graveyard.
    Now the last clue that I found, was the specific first name of the person Brown ( if Forrest holds true to his past methods ) . that one I almost gave away a couple of days ago but with the actions of two or three people, I chose to keep it to myself after that. MY question is,,,, How can that many clues be in one spot and NOT be the location ? STILL,,, It is possible that it is not.

    • Ted, Forrest is beyond bright, and so are you to pull all those correlations together. When I kidded you about being Forrest, it was the highest of compliments. Remember though the books contain “hints” and may contain 15% misleading bits or red herrings. Ff said the POEM contains 9 clues which if followed precisely lead to the treasure and end of the rainbow. F said the hints in the poem or books will help with the clues. More and more it appears that the treasure is in NM. If not, Forrest has still done the right thing to honor his home state.

      • Yes, Mr. Fenn said there are subtle clues within the stories – the poem is the key, the map. Also – I agree the 039 is one of those subtle clues but my use of it is entirely different than what I’ve seen mentioned here so far.

        • Hi Rich
          This is what I found in my search about 039,
          Google earth grid line 039 puts it straight through Colorado , so I went to Denver to check out the possibilities. Do you remember in the book he speaks of LONG IRON ? I found a railroad running close to the area as I did in Clovis NM . also a lot of proctors ( wife’s maiden name ) . I also found that tombstones have numbers and on style is a 039. but what got my attention was while I was walking and checking things out , to the right of the statue of the woman with her left hand up and right hand down or to the back of her and in the ground was the round concrete plug with 039 on it. for me,,,, all the clues together makes the place important.

          • I certainly wish you the best sir and have to agree there probably is something to what you have discovered. I would add that Mr. Fenn, is one crafty character, especially with his choice of words that do not mean what it reads as.

            039 – just part of the story? Two meanings like his writing? We’ll find out sooner or later!

          • 039 might be the 39th word of the poem “not” or “knot” like wood knot.

          • Hi Cat ,

            I have to apologize about the long iron comment , I probably should have said that it was my take off of the comment where he said , do you know how long a piece of iron is needed to make a horse shoe , page 135 , bottom paragraph.
            This probably my wildest guess that is just reaching for a reason something was said out of the blue. My Apologies !!!
            My other comments are more tightly fit but that’s just my opinion.

      • Hi Sissel
        Thank you for the compliment ,, it is humbling but very much appreciated. But we (meaning all of us ) are the same . and we are ( including Forrest ) kindred spirits for we all find a thrill in the search as Forrest found the thrill in commencing it.
        I wish all of us luck that one of us in this crowd should find it. but what do you think will happen if found on government property or private ?
        Here is what I was thinking I would do ,, I would take it to Mr. Fenn and offer him the chance to buy it back at the going price and not say anything about finding it and leave that up to the honor of his character whether to keep it a secret or let the people continue searching for it or whether he would start a new venture for us.
        That way no one gets in trouble and no one has to know where it had been save the person who finds it and Mr. Fenn. Seems like a win win resolution to me . But I may not be seeing the whole picture . So what do you think about that friend ?

        • @Golddatainfo Ted, imo that is the proper resolution regardless of property description. The only issue which could arise is someone seeing you retrieving the tc could alert others. I won’t search in the dark unless forrest comes with us LOL 🙂 – predators, water, etc. make it dangerous.

          Question for Everyone.. Do you believe ff made a mistake or slipped when he said “BURIED” in the latest interview? If buried, I’m done since even expensive metal detectors won’t pass through dirt with a large boulder on top, and many types of earth contain trace minerals that beep. F’s ‘exposed’ comments would still apply if buried in dirt which becomes wet with snowmelt, rain etc.

          • For me the word buried most be fully explored
            tr.v. bur·ied, bur·y·ing, bur·ies
            a. To place (a corpse) in a grave, a tomb, or the sea; inter.

            b. To dispose of (a corpse) ritualistically by means other than interment or cremation.

            a. To place in the ground; cover with earth: The dog buried the bone. The oil was buried deep under the tundra.

            b. To place so as to conceal; hide or obscure: buried her face in the pillow; buried the secret deep within himself.
            2 B: would be my explanation because one has to do nothing but conceal it as I believe Forrest has done but , it seems that my belief as to where it is at, is mine alone . but if I am right , then Forrest and myself are cut from the same cloth because, if I find it there, then that means he put it there. so I believe I am in good company. Remember he said he walked back to his car laughing and I can see why. But that’s my story and I’m stststststicking to it lol.
            That is why no digging will have to take place and no damage either, a simple lift and lay again.

          • This isn’t something that has concerned me in the past but I am leaning towards the chest being buried now. This isn’t the first time he has slipped up like that. I never understand why people are so interested in metal detectors though. I think that if you follow the poem and find the blaze you will find the chest whether it is buried or not.

          • Sissel

            “In” the wood = “Inside ” I’m thinking it’s not buried , but it might be, I will check and let u know 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Hey Ted, IMO the chest for some reason got very lighter if and when I find it! lol! I’d keep the actual chest in my family for ever and a few of the nice pieces, the ring, the necklace and the rest would be converted to stacks of dead presidents so fast you wouldn’t believe! I’d become a state resident of MT or AK or NV where there are no state taxes too! I’d invest in rental income, mostly mini storage because the tenants don’t complain! Where are you seeing your number ‘039’? I don’t see it? Thanks! P.S. What’s keeping you from digging today?

          • Hi Cholly,

            I like your plans !

            The 039 are the round stamped seals that are on the inside cover of the book and on the beginning of almost every chapter in the book. What I have noticed but have not yet been able to figure out is , why has he stamped the seals directly on the first few letters of the chapters name.
            The lack of a job , money and distance at the moment is my reason for not getting the gold, should my assumptions be correct. But no big hurry yet because no one believes me anyway.
            also,,, when I asked earlier if anyone had figured out the first name of the person Brown , NO ONE ANSWERED.
            I can only assume two possibilities,
            1 : its the wrong thing to ask , or…
            2 : no one from this group knows.
            I believe that I have figured out who that is but only actually having the gold in hand will prove me right and if its not there , then I will be proven wrong.
            but until then its a waiting game for me.
            By the way, there are four Fenn’s and Brown’s buried there already, but there are Fenn’s and Brown’s everywhere.

        • golddatainfo

          I also have thought something similar to avoid complications…announcing it would not be a problem for Fenn ,he can announce that it has been found by someone ,and that someone can post pictures of his find on blogs using nickname.end of story.No need of the details about the transaction that went between them.It is none of anyone’s business.

          tintin treasure

          • He has placed the value of the gold and items , so since he has a special attachment to he gold , then maybe he will buy them back. This would work unless he doesn’t want it back or he ends up thinking that someone is getting to close and tells someone where to go and get it . The latter I would have my doubts because I am putting my faith into his integrity and honesty especially since at his age he would not want to meet his maker with tilted scales so to speak.
            I suspect that if he chose to go and get it, he would announce to the world that the game was over and that he was retrieving or had retrieved the gold.
            But until then,,,, I will continue my search in good faith.

        • Ted-

          Your making me think 🙂

          I like this buried at sea definition.

          (Bu)t tar(ry)

          tr.v. bur·ied, bur·y·ing, bur·ies
          a. To place (a corpse) in a grave, a tomb, or the sea; inter.

          • That’s the fun of this adventure hahaha,
            I can’t say with 100% certainty that I am right until I hold the gold in hand but , all my findings SEEM to fit.
            But of a certainty I can say that there is NO WAY that it would be buried with any depth , if buried at all !!! It would be easy to simply lift a stone and dig a small hole small enough to hold the box , put that dirt into a backpack, lay the stone back down on its place , brush of any remainder and then walk away laughing.
            Read Joseph Smith Sr’s. comment to Mr.Chase and see if there are any similarity’s . IMO that Forrest takes stories from other people and builds an adventure of clues. Watch Fools Gold by Matt M.
            Please tell me what you think of my theory’s if you have read them all.
            It would be appreciated.

  81. Ted, I don’t think we need a first name for Brown. If all you need is in the poem, show me the first name In the poem. B might be for big butt! Lol;-) sorry I’m a bit cheeky.

    • If anyone needs another Molly Brown reference, look up Gemini-3 and Gus Grissom. The capsule is on that 039 parallel I think.

        • Ted, what printing is your copy? Mine is fourth and I don’t have stamps with 039 any where. My stamps are dates like Saturday 8 Aug 1943 etc, I thought from a video/interview I saw those were suggestions from one of the lay out folks? I have my glasses on, just not seeing what you are working with. Sorry, we’re way out of the wood topic! Dee Wood is an interesting author to bad no home in the Rockies!

          • Hi Cholly,

            The Seals are in the book THRILL OF THE CHASE on the inside of the hard back cover and on most of the beginning of some of the chapters. but I am sorry, is this area of the blog only for the wood topic ? if it is , I didn’t know that there were specifics !

  82. Hi Anna,

    You know,,, you might be right, depending the outcome of whoever is right in this search of ours. However,,, If I am right , then a first name would be important.
    Have you ever wondered about the dream Forrest spoke of out of the blue above the map ?………….. I’m sorry , I typed out the last clue that would pinpoint what I believe is the first name of Brown but just as I was about to post it I had to rethink it, because if I do, and I am right about all of this, then I will lose everything that will give to my family a better life and it is probably the key thing that will put people on the X.
    So I just couldn’t do it as much as I wanted to.
    I have through out these post , given pretty much ALL of my clues except for that one. All I will say is the key to the x IMO is on the top of the map picture and down at the bottom. AGAIN,,,, This ONLY if my theory’s are correct !

    • Hi Ted, sorry for a delayed response. How do we know that Brown isn’t the first name? If your hypothesis is correct, then how about at B in row n of the graveyard?

      • Hi Anna,

        We don’t know for sure and everything is pure speculation. What I am looking for are the amount of clues that match up to this place , and I like that B in row n…… I hadn’t even thought of that and I like it.
        I will say this….. Have you ever watched Fools Gold by Matt M. ?

          • Hi Anna

            Yes it is,
            The interesting thing is what the name Matt uses, where they end up at , what the name is on the stone, what is under the stone , and the name of the ship.
            THEN , look up those names on findagrave,
            One is an indirect and the other is more direct. Translate and search it and there it is .
            BUUUUUTTTT , like I said, don’t pay to much attention to me , I get caught up in the burn , so to speak. and this is just my theory. But do me a favor , if you see any value in what I have posted, Please tell me. Thanks Anna

        • Ted

          Your brilliance has sucked me in and yes I can see that gold layed out on the map as being the end of the chase…nuggets representing rocks.

          • Hi Ed,

            Thanks for your compliment but I am no different than everyone on this blog.
            It is only common sense .
            We,,,, You, I , and all of us have good ideas and Forrest has done an exceptional job on creating, A million trails leading to nowhere. ( that would be a good name for a book Huh )

            Even though I couldn’t get Mr. Fenn to give me any time ( understandably ) , I would have enjoyed speaking with him and I think that we would have found some common ground because we have lived our lives very similar in many ways and different in others. ANYWAYS, I could be and probably am wrong in my assumptions . only time will tell. I do hope that if someone beats me to the gold using my theory’s , ( if i’m right )
            I hope they share. lol

          • Ted you mentioned 39. I noticed 1939 on the inside cover TTOTC is there other areas 39 is mentioned?

          • Hi Ed

            the book thrill of the chase has a lot of round stamped seals all over the inside cover and also on most of the beginning of chapters through out the book and stamped consistently on the chapter introduction name and always on the first few letters.

            Did you notice anything odd about his identification card on the inside cover ?
            there should be three or four things that jump out at you right away ?

    • gold-
      I believe everyone is headed to bed. Things generally get quiet on the blog about this time every evening.

      • Oh Ok , Say Dal , are you interested in old indian places ? My son and I found a place a year ago while searching for Fenns gold and if I can relocate it on my computer I will tell you about it.

  83. Gold

    I’m here, but I don’t talk much anymore, I just Smile lol 🙂 🙂 😉

        • Thanks Anna I’ve been searching a very specific area and 39 might be part of a bigger number.

        • Anna,
          Forrest and Peggy were married on Dec, 27 1953 the 3-digit indicia on that page appears illegible. Is that 093 your talking about?

          • Cat, I hesitate to mention anything but I know the frustration of reading about something folks are seeing and not being able to see it! I had to keep looking to find this mystery ‘039’ that another searcher had originally mentioned. It is very faint and is on the stamp dated Wednesday 1939 next to the ‘y’ in Wednesday. May not mean anything and I have no idea why it’s there. However, latitude 039 does cross CO for what it’s worth. I’m not a CO searcher yet, CO is #4 on my list of states. Zip codes 039 begin in Maine where Osborne Russel was born! I’m only commenting to help you see which stamp is being mentioned. Original stamps where made from wood I’d imagine, keeping with topic, lol!

          • @Catcut, the additional numbers on the postal stamps that I’m referring to fall on pages 36, 46, 54 and all 3 read 039.

      • Gold and spallies

        I’m doing well. And I leave this Friday to travel to Colorado and I’m searching for that gold 🙂 my search will start on Sunday and I believe it will be raining 🙁
        I’m getting anxious of course 🙂

        • I’m so excited for you Amy I hope you have a great time be safe and I hope you and your entourage find Treasure!

        • Happy hunting amy be safe bring back a great story and great pics 🙂

          • Diggin

            Thank u, I hope to bring more than that back 🙂 😉 🙂 lol

            I’m so ready for our trip. It will be a nice adventure 🙂

      • Not obsessed

        Good answer. Lol

        I leave out Friday 🙂
        Thank u all for the luck. I promise I will bring a great solve back 🙂

        • Amy —

          I’m a long time lurker and know your one of the nicest people as your comments are always so postiive. I should have been more specific. I know you are a colorado searcher. Just curious if it is the same area as you were in last time or somewhere different. If you do not want to answer, I understand. Best of luck.

    • Cholly what page number? Yes the topic is wood. 039 might help triangulate that wood.

      • @cat inside front cover and back cover (Wednesday 1939) and pages 44,54,110. I have decided in my brain that 039 is nothing more than some sort of old Military APO number on the postal seal and has nothing to do with sprinkled clues in the book, I’m letting it go. Made a few calls and searched around some but can’t find where 039 was located overseas but for now that is all 039 is “IMO”. Good Luck and I’m enjoying this blog, first time I’ve ever gotten into it, a nice change from the book!

  84. I am headed to WY/MT to look in my fav spot for a couple days. Back in a week. Goofy is in charge of the blog universe so be “warned”… 🙂

    • Hey Dal, while you’re out there. Could you pick something up for me? It’s a bronze keepsake box (don’t look inside). Thx, you da man.

    • Dal

      Hope u enjoy your adventure have fun and be safe. Watch for the Bears 🙂

      • Sorry Amy you’re heading in the wrong direction its in New Mexico so Forrest

        can keep an eye on it!

        • Cricket23, what is your problem? Amy has been around for a while and is well respected here. You didn’t even express this as “your opinion.” What makes you think that Mr. Fenn is, “keeping an eye on it?” Certainly nothing he has told us!

          Cool down and have a nice day! 🙂

          • You’re the one that needs to chill out and I see nothing wrong with what I wrote!

            If Amy has a problem with it she can tell me and we’ll chat. Now butt out!

        • That would be fine, a big,fat moose
          But I hope to never see a goose
          Not here, not there,
          Not any where

          No goose chase for dal
          It would make me pale
          Feathers make me sneeze
          Even out in the breeze

          So as I travel out in the wood
          If I stumble upon a goose hood
          I’ll quickly halt and turn around
          Back to Ezmerelda bound

          • So, does your name really rhyme with pale? If so, sorry for calling you Dal (kinda like how some people say “doll”). Of course, its only been when I’ve said it in my head but a proper apology seems due anyway. Have a great trip–I truly would be very happy for you if you find that chest, you definitely have displayed the persistence and perseverance that I think will eventually lead to that bronze box.

          • Thanks Raven..yes dal is the same as Dale. I am under no illusions that I will locate the chest. But I will have fun and I will be able to check a couple more places off my “due diligence” list.

            That probably sounds dreadful..I don’t mean to say I don’t think it’s where I am looking..I do think it’s around there somewhere..but like others..I have not figured out a clue or two…or three…or four… and that is really what I am looking for on this trip..some more of the remaining clues…

            I also plan to hide another cache to replace the one that was stolen last spring…

            We had fun with that until it mysteriously disappeared..I think it’s in Ranger Reid’s office somewhere 🙂

        • Good Luck Dal. Have fun.

          @ Raven… re: Dal vs. Doll…
          Don’t feel bad, I have been pronouncing his name “Dal” like rhymes with “Pal”, so who knew? We never did get a chance to meet everyone in person at a TOTC conference or anything to get these pronunciations worked out…

        • Dal, I am heading to Portland on I5 South and I swear I just saw Esmerelda doing about ninety down the road… Slow Down 🙂

          • I just looked out my office window and Esmerelda is still parked at the curb..
            She is roaring to go though..
            But we don’t get to leave until late tonight..
            Headed east on 20 and Coulee Dam to Spokane then 90 to Three Forks, then 287 down to West Yellowstone.
            Fresh Strawberries…early cherries…apple pie…elk burgers
            Eating my way to the treasure hunt!!!

          • That is a great route got some Omak Cherries this weekend they were amazing… Enjoy and goodluck! Must have been some other searcher beating you to the chest by going I-90 🙂

          • Ramona-
            That’s tempting…I hate freeways…but I am trying to get there fast to have more time to play..

          • Dal, Last week there were construction delays on 200, but minimal on 90 thru Montana. Only near Helena is 90 bad, and you won’t be there.
            (I have family scattered from the Canadian border to Bozeman)

          • Cool Ed! Portland is a great city… And to stay somewhat on topic do you know exactly where Russell Osbourne’s land claim is/was? Is it South of Beaverton on a tributary of the Willamette River?

    • Happy hunting Dal! When I was going through MT and WY on my way to MN, I wanted to do some searching but it was pouring out so all I could do was a very quick and wet search of one little area. I sure wish I could have had dryer weather and could have spent more time there. 🙁

      Goofy runs a tight ship so we all better take heed of your warning! 🙂

    • Need to clear up a couple things mentioned here in off topic woodvile.

      1st- Dal just owns the place I’m always in charge, Dal is lucky I let him post and make comments.

      2nd- His name is DAL like in PAL……Too late to change it now. If he wanted it different he should have spelled it right.

        • Hey Dal,

          Oh how I wish it was me leaving tonight on another adventure. I tried to send you a late entry for the contest. Not thinking it is likely a winner, but was hoping to get it in. I know you have a lot of prepping of esmerelda to do, but if you could post it before you leave would be much appreciated. If there was a problem with you getting it no worries, have a good time and good luck finding the trove.

          Fred Y.

      • So I HAVE BEEN pronouncing it correctly all along…
        Sorry I was OT Goofy 🙂
        Now… Back to “In The Wood” from the couch, armchair, recliner, desk, toilet, throne…. whatever.
        Please keep us informed of any new interviews f does… And thanks again for all you do. 🙂

    • You sound confident and positive Mr. Dal Neitzel.

      I am heading out first thing tomorrow from the big island (Victoria) via Couer D’alene to W. Yellowstone for Wed night.

      Maybe see you at the Madison or the Otter.. If so, I will certainly want to buy you dinner, or at least a drink, for all your generous sharing here.

      I am similarly excited and confident.

      • Dal, Muset, Will one of you go by the Firehole Falls and check out that hole in the rock above the bush I looked under. If you find the TC there DON”T tell me.
        Not Obsessed-any more.

        • Last year I was quite concerned about people searching near my spot; but now I’m more relaxed knowing that the wilderness is a very very big place.

          Probably I won’t find it in any of all our spots..

        • Not obsessed 🙂
          Ha you are still obsessed 🙂

          Will someone please check that hole in the Rock for him 🙂 lol

    • Cholly, I’m an Olivetti convert. They purchased Underwood at one time and it fits with ff’s olive jar.

      • Ummm Ummm anna,

        You are soooooooooooo into it. The olive’s I mean.

        DAL –

        I hope you have a great hunt – taking a hilo ride this time?

        Best of luck to you.

        • Inthechaseto, right now I’m more oooooout of it. But Im Texan and that must count for placing an X where it counts, which would be a kiss on fs cheek if we ever find that trove. Planning a July Texas girls trip to Montana to do a bit of searching if we don’t solve to “walking right to it.” Ready to play poker at cease – if you please:)

      • And here all this time I thought I was the only one hunting Olives. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. I like you Anna.

        • MJ – when the treasure is found, I may drink my first martini! Happy hunting and researching.

  85. Dal, Would you be able to contact Mr.Fenn directly if the chest where recovered?

    • Just as well as anyone else. But more likely he will be the one to contact us. He has said that he would announce the finding through the blogs as well as the media. Exactly what he tells us will probably depend on the agreement between Forrest and the finder…who may or may not wish their name revealed….etc, etc..

      • The best treasures are never really found, they just visit you in your dreams to race your pulse.

        The best agreements are never really made, they just fade into the sunset and rise to meet a new dawn.

        The best stories are never really told, they grow wings and turn into a myth of an animal that can talk to humans.

        The best gifts are only received from the heart, then and only then can you say you loved well on your turn.

      • Well if for example you recovered the chest how would you go about notifying Mr.Fenn?

  86. Amy, thanks for checking. If it’s buried call me and I’ll help you dig.
    I’m aka Diggin Sis 🙂

    Seriously – best of luck Amy!!

  87. Ted, I just finished Fools Gold – an entertaining adventure. Thanks for your recommendation. You are right, there is merit in the name on the stone being Aurelia (golden one or butterfly) and the barrel beneath the graveyard stone. It ‘wood’ be like f to place the chest inside a barrel just like a pirate;) And a barrel resembles the gold nugget vignette photo. Not sure what name Matt used at end though? What were you referring to there – so I can look on find a grave.

    • Hi Anna.

      IMO Aurelia is a small part , but the real grabber for me is:
      The ships name,
      Matt’s name on that show is Finn ( Fenn ? )
      The Captain of that ship was a Kid ( Captain Kid ? )
      The usage of the word Island in the poem
      and other small details.
      Imo , it is completely possible that Fenn hid his gold in a bank vault and put in place a wooden box with a title or something giving the rights to the gold somewhere beneath the stone with the correct name. which would make sense to his putting abruptly the saying in a singular form instead of a plural form , the word wood.
      Also , I haven’t looked up the image of the ship Franchesca yet but I wonder if there would be a statue on the front bow of a woman with her left hand up and her right hand down. HMMMMM
      Don’t you find that when something has been done that cost effort to have significance of importance ?
      1: The map with two sets of focus, which the top paragraph is defined by the 2 keywords of Bold and Hint
      2: The exact placement of the hand and box of the gold man on the map.
      3: the layout of the gold to LOOK Like a gold man if turned at an angle.
      4: The drawing of the gypsie woman with her left hand up and her right hand down and then , the effort it took to create the mold and carve the woman with her left hand up and her right hand down and then pour the bronze to make the jar.

      To much effort and not coincidental to me.

      Since I’ve opened my big mouth through frustrations of my inability to get there and find out if I am right , I hope that Whoever pays attention to my rhetoric will have the good karma
      to benefit my efforts with part of the bounty should I be right.

      • Yea I believe he could of done that hid the title to the gold and not the actual gold in the olive jar

        • So you guys think Forrest lied?

          “I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

          • I’m confused I think I posted I agree on wrong spot I ll have to go reread Lol

          • I meant I seee where he could of did that but I know he didn’t. Hahah let other ppl look for the title crazy family two lol while we go get the treasure lol don’t convince them let them research like we have 🙂

      • In that movie, the Captain’s name was 18 year old Sebastian Vangor. Back then, in 1715, I am not sure if 18 years old was considered a “Kid”, but it is interesting that they used “Kid” in the movie. And it would work with your train of though there.. He was the illegitimate son of Don Juan I believe.. I do find a lot of similarities in that movie that run with the Fenn Chase though.

        • Howdy Hammertime

          I like that you know the history of the kid. I believe that Fenn uses all kinds of things to create a story with all kinds of twists . That’s why I said that a book called, A million roads to nowhere would be good when it concerns Forrest.
          If nothing else, Forrest has pulled together a huge following and will not be forgotten, at least not anytime soon.
          One thing for sure, I believe that he really did hide the gold because I DON’T believe that he wants to go down in history as a liar.
          I wish that I could read Forrest’s mind if he reads these post’s.

        • That’s a great movie;) and how about the three ship names…
          Booty call
          Precious Gem
          And my favorite…
          Aurelia which means golden-Lia!

          I’m with the guys on this one, plenty of ironic similarities to the thrill of the chase.

          • Hi Lia,
            the one name that I believe is more direct is Franchesca. ( Frances )
            ( Fransis ) etc….
            Who knows where this will go huh ?

          • Hi Gold (Ted)
            That’s all interesting. So are you researching grave sites with Francesca, Francis Fenn? A link to Fran the singer F loved as a boy?
            Since I don’t believe the chest is in a graveyard or cemetery (Forrest said it is not) how are you applying the information? Perhaps you must first locate a grave stone to know the path to treasure? I see ‘our urn’ and don’t understand what to do with the info.

            BTW when I read the TOTC and the poem, like you and others I perceive sadness and honoring the deceased. It interests me to know the history of the hiding place ALMOST as much as finding it. My spot has a history, but not enough written that I can find.

          • Hi Lia

            Yes and no !
            I AM searching all the options but yes on the cemetery’s but no , not on franchesca or fransis fenn . However Francis brown is another story, her and Aurelia Brown which if I am remembering correctly, there is a Oconner Brown with a daughter called Aurelia Brown.
            Have you read all of my comments from the beginning ? I have explained in detail why I don’t believe Forrest when he say’s that it isn’t in the cemetery . NO DISRESPECT INTENDED . Just knowing that he is a rogue like me when it comes to the Law, and how he said in his book that he will be pillowed down and scented in , and if that’s true , then when he said that he will be found next to his gold, then that can ONLY mean by his grave.
            Forrest CANNOT say that it is in the cemetery because he has ALREADY had run in’s with the Law so what do you think would happen to him if I found the gold and told everyone where I found it. It is unlawful to dig up a grave or disturb it outside of getting permission and if Find it in the cemetery , then guess who put it there.
            CHECK ALL of my blogs . they might be interesting because they do make sense at least in my eyes. Happy hunting.

          • Well gold/Ted if you don’t believe what he has said, maybe you should check out cemeteries in Idaho or Utah or Arizona. Hey maybe there’s an outhouse in a cemetery in Idaho.

            For that matter if you don’t believe what he has said why are you looking. The only way we know the chest is there is because he said it is.

            Your justifications for this line of thinking make no sense at all.

          • Hello Goofy,
            It seems that you have misunderstood my comment or my perception of the search.
            1: Page 26,, 2nd and 3rd verse.

            2: You cannot have it both way’s at the SAME TIME !
            Either he is going into the mountains to die by his gold Or he is going to do what he said on page 125 , bottom paragraph.
            So Tell me , which way is it, because IT CAN’T BE BOTH !
            So I choose to pick the one that makes the most sense.
            Has ANYONE EVER noticed that Forrests wife and daughters have shown NO agitation , anger or resistance AGAINST Fenn going off into the mountains, weak and dying to be by his gold where NO ONE knows where he will be ( INCLUDING HIS FAMILY ? )
            Next, what would that do to his life insurance ? They will not pay WITHOUT knowing that he is dead for sure.
            SO NO,,,, when he say’s it is not in a cemetery , I don’t believe it . But what I DO BELIEVE is this is a way to deny in case the person who finds it is dumb enough to tell everyone WHERE he found it. He needs plausible deniability.
            There is NO DISRESPECT INTENDED.
            I think that the FBI or whoever has tried to get him before would love to get him for something.
            I believe that if we put this to a vote from the other readers , we would find my respect is there and my faith in that Forrest HAS hidden the gold is proven by my STUDIES or I wouldn’t have wasted my time . PLUS I AM SHARING !!!! I hope we are friends and that you will allow my ideas to continue to be posted. .
            I am 60 years old and have a lonnng
            history of being a hunter in both adventures and men , here and in another country and I have no reason to lie. And that’s not to try to and impress , it is only to show that I don’t make assumptions without as much research as possible. Nevertheless, I could be wrong in my research. no one is perfect !
            Why do people always attack me ? IS IT ME ????

          • gold-
            Of course both are the truth. If he was planning on ending his own life he could certainly fling himself on top of the chest and still be scented with sage and pillowed with sweetgrass..just as many Native American’s did..
            I don’t see anything contradictory there..
            When you end your own life you get to pick the place, the accoutrements and the manner..

          • And don’t forget his father who ended his life rather than let cancer eat him alive. FF also said – if he could die there it would be the boldest thing he has ever done…something like that.

          • One possible option is cremation.

            Forrest could have someone spread his ashes from a plane like Olga.

            The bronze jars with the butterflies and frogs look a lot like urns.

            All He would need a trusted accomplice to help make it happen.

            If ff says it’s not in a cemetery then I politely suggest you pick a different spot.

          • Gold/Ted your justification for calling Fenn a liar is pure nonsense. Your supposition is pure conjecture dreamed up by you misinterpreting out of context statements.

            By your reasoning the chest could be on the moon. There is a picture of the moon in the book and many inferences I could make to prove the point.

            As I said before; there were morbid people like you that interpreted the book and poem to mean the chest was hidden in a cemetery. Just like the folks that thought it was hidden in an outhouse. When Fenn learned of this he came out and point blank stated the chest is not in a cemetery or outhouse.

            You choose to call him a liar because his statement directly contradicts your beliefs. Trying to prove the chest is in a cemetery, an outhouse, Utah, or Idaho, is a waste of our time and an insult to Fenn. If you don’t believe him that’s fine, but you are done here.

          • There is another possibility. He can have it both ways. He can be buried In a graveyard and not in a graveyard at the same time. He has said that imagination is better than knowledge. He may mean his imagination, not ours.

            He may know that his body is going to rest next to his lovely wife, Peggy, pillowed down and scented in…in a graveyard. But using his imagination he can be anywhere he wants to be. He can be (physically) next to Peggy but using his imagination he can be fly fishing at the same time. Or spending time with his friends. Or excavating San Lazaro.

            It’s better than thinking I’m dying and I’m just going to lay here under this dirt. My point is IMO he has placed the treasure chest in a location that is in the middle of all the things he loves. Not in a graveyard where his bones will likely reside.

          • Just so you know, I’m not ruling out cremation either. It’s possible Peggy and Forrest both have plans of cremation and have their ashes spread where IMO the treasure chest lies. It is legal to do so. Maybe even his grandson Shiloh would do the honors. Just saying it doesn’t matter where or what happens to the physical body. It’s where he imagines his final resting place to be that matters. And in that place he has hid the treasure chest. Now go!

        • Pardon me for point blank , but one reason to look some where else is this…. Big Boulder , Tall Water
          Have fun … As Always interesting comments. But I will definitely agree fully with Goofy.

        • 🙂 golddatainfo

          A way that Forrest can have both ways
          #1. gets Terminal Cancer
          #2. lives long life with no Terminal illness & dies

          With #1 he will rest his bones with treasure chest
          With #2 he can be in family grave at Hillcrest

          Both of these points can made in the book and not be contradictory. A simple plan that has 2 options represented in 1 book.

          🙂 The Golf C&CS
          🙂 Peace

        • Gold // ted,

          Interesting enough that you pick and choose what you like to force fit your theory. You keep talking about a cemetery / graveyard as the hidey spot. But have you ever considered the interpretation of the poem as just the opposite?

          WWWH or “Waters” by definition can be the embryonic fluid [ look it up ] canyon down, not far… birth canal. put in or born in the cabin or home made of wood. Fenn was born [ if i recall correctly ] Aug. 1930.

          The probability that fenn may have been born while his parents and brother were vacationing as they always did during those summer month and the birth records of the “1930” may not be completely accurate. [ even though the record may show TX] ” Gaining experience wasn’t always peaceful, especially during my early years of anxiety.”

          …Leaving stanza 3 as the journey of life.

          You enjoy using comments and quotes to force the graveyards theory and dismiss or call others comments and quotes lies.

          By your comments… and line of thinking, how can you trust anything he says? Maybe the chest is in Toledo or Canada.

          Your computer is frozen on a single page… you need to reboot.

          • Dang, Should have read Goofy’s comment… could have saved myself time in typing by commenting to a now, ghost.

  88. A safety message for all searchers destined to be in the woods this summer.

    The sarcasm is NOT aimed at Dal or Amy or anyone else heading out soon who enjoys reading and writing on the blogs…especially Dal’s blog…because I like all y’all. (Do I get brownie points for brown nosing?) 🙂

    • JC

      Lol ha ha that was good, although I will be in the wood , not in the woods 🙂 🙂
      I will stay at the wood and marvel gaze 🙂

      • Be safe out there, Amy…and do keep us apprised of all your marvelous gazing. I wish I was going to Colorado…but I have work to do before my mother-in-law arrives for just over a week. At this point I wish I ONLY had lots of work to do. 🙂 I’m kidding. She’s a very kind woman. Besides…the Treasure is in New Mexico…unless you find it in Colorado. Good luck!

  89. Where can i find A current Email address for Forrest ? I would Like to send Him Some information.

  90. Lia

    🙂 Thank you
    Anxious Amy searching Colorado
    Isn’t that what Lou lee does 🙂

    In the Lead…. In the late 1800’s to be in the lead , could have 2 ways of saying it. One was you were a master at shooting a gun as well as every detail about it . The other was you were shot dead. In the wood could mean your passion for it as well as your knowledge , but wood also was a huge comity . Especially in Colorado. Denver and boulder especially . Know for hard wood , which takes 30 years to grow. But the area sent a lot of trees to Washington Dc to help in the building of the Capital Building. One person directly responsible for Mining and Tree harvesting was Molly Brown . Old Iron Sided Molloy Brown , the same who survived the Titanic. This is a older concept I looked at , but has a direct history to the area.
    Funny I moved to a place called Erie Colorado. Why , It’s the Home of Brown Gas. I had no idea until recently of that very detail. Oh , there is a Airport right by my home. With a funny stream next to it worth looking at. But , no I have no connection to the poem at this time with this data, figured I would share is all. Goo luck all

  92. Hi Amy Hope you have a successful search in the beautiful state of CO! It was gorgeous here today and maybe a few showers on the weekend but just get out there early to search and then nap in the afternoon! That’s my MO especailly on the weekends!

    • Homecoming

      🙂 search in the morning and nap in the afternoons sounds like a dream 🙂
      Thank u, where do u live in Colorado?

  93. Steamboat Springs – born and raised! Lived other places but kept coming back. Just recently have found a WWWH and HOB right in my back yard. I was getting goose bumps thinking about finding the treasure here! My HOB is celebrating a 100 anniversary this year.

    • Homecoming

      🙂 I had to go and figure the years on my area not quite a 100 yet. So that means we are in different areas 🙂
      Colorado is beautiful 🙂

  94. In Ennis, MT Tuesday night . Raining..but warmish..mid 60’s. The library in Ennis has good wifi and it’s on all night..Gotta love librarians..
    I’ll catch up on email and then find a good place to rest Esmerelda for the night. She’s been great..310,000 miles..same engine…new odometer though..burned up the original..a bit-o-rust and a few bumps but she is a sweet truck..
    Maybe I’ll have her bronzed 🙂

    • Good Luck Dal! Do you sleep in Esmeralda at a campground or do you stay in a motel in Ennis? I like Ennis. We’ve driven through there a few times but never stayed overnight. The last time we stopped for lunch there a small herd of elk were either munching or lying down and snoozing on the grass right in town! I hope you have better weather than we had when we were in MT trying to search. 🙂

  95. Why does everyone always say “in the wood” rather than just WOOD?
    to me “in the wood” is just a bunch of wind really!

    lshidmtamsfo!! AKA laughing so hard I dropped my taco and my sombrero fell off!!

    Well, on that note if anyone would like to team up please e-mail me I believe I have the winning solve to ALL the clues and YES the poem is all that is needed to lead you straight to the treasure. There is still a little search once you have boots on the ground but shouldn’t take long once you know what you are looking for 😉

    Why not just go get it myself you ask? I have stage 4 cancer and don’t drive BUT I have funds for public transportation which is still a long hike from where the Chest is so I want to team with someone that can drive. However, I will make that long hike in about a week if no takers.

    Dal ask F if what I’m saying is right or not lol and tell him that if I’m given title to the gold – not in the obvious sense but the secret sense I would keep it as he has 😉


    • If the solve is direct and leads to the chest and you can prove that to me . I will do it hands down.

      • Hello Mr. D it’s good to hear from you – you had mentioned that you had another partner – still have that partner ? lol Well, to start off with for the poem to be able to lead you straight to the chest it has to be done in the correct order and it can’t be read and applied like everyone else is doing in the blog here – the approach they are using is wrong for the obvious reason that the way they are going about it doesn’t and couldn’t lead anyone to jack squat lol look for a creek – look for a canyon – look for a blah blah that could be a million different places in all the Rockies but there is one way that will lead you to the treasure 🙂 the poem is GENIUS once you see how he put it all together – Stanza 2,3,4 get you the country – state – city – zip code (so to speak) and stanza 1,5,6 get you the house address 😉

        just out of curiosity what state have you been searching in if I can ask please ?

        • Yes , I have a partner. Im not one to get up and leave a agreement . Never have. I love all the great stories and all the comments on how you got the solve , but Im not messing around in this hunt. My family and I have spent a lot of time energy and pain stacking hours of studying data …. The time my Kids put in and wife ,Time I respect as a father and a husband. If you are really serious about what you are saying then email me.

    • Someone once told me that , and now is my partner. I couldn’t hardly move from a accident . I’m also looking for more partners
      that can travel , and work with us . I’ve been trying to start one for a while . One searcher just loves doing the hunt , while others have clued in but never really put a hand out to shake. Let me know Sir

    • Eager B—
      Where are you coming from and what state do you need driven to? I’ve scheduled off on the 17th. Perhaps, I can pick you up on the way if we’re headed to the same state.

      • Hello Kevin and thanks for the reply – I believe the treasure is in New Mexico without a doubt! I’m coming from Boston MA but I can take public transportation to anywhere to meet someone who wants to partner up on this quest.

        The reason why nobody here has been able to get it is because the way they are trying to read and apply it – if the poem is all you need to find it then it must bring you to a specific point on the map. if everyone is looking for a canyon and a creek and so on well that can be a million places in all the Rockies. Stanza 2,3,4 get you the country – state – city – zip code (so to speak) LOL but it’s stanza 1,5,6 that get you the house address.

        • Eager B—–
          Thanx for the offer but that’s no where near where I’m headed.
          BTW, you’re right. All you need is the poem to solve it. Just make sure that your solve location is in a place that Forrest holds near and dear to his heart. And if you know the location, you obviously know why. Good luck on your search. For a minute you had me scared. I thought you really had it figured out. : )

  96. In the WOOD………. A “Woods” light is another name for a Black Light. So you could be “IN THE WOOD BEAM” = in the wood……..Counting the days now, leaving July 1st I will announce finding it on July 13th, both MY BIRTHDAY and the day Forrest saw the waterfall. Look at the woodsman drawing. There are 7 stumps in the background, 13 in the foreground..7-13= July 13th. . The ones behind him? One in the background, two in the foreground = Shot down twice in 1 month.

    • Hi there Fenntreasurehunter,

      For months I’ve been looking at the Woodsman page. I have some guesses as to meaning but usually am stumped at page 146.

      In my copy of
      TTOTC there are actually eight stumps in the background and 15 in the foreground – which coincides with the where warm waters halt website countdown clock.

      My guess is the foreground stumps may represent people who have influenced forest. background ones remind me of a fort, but could be 7 grandkids, 1 great grandchild. As a whole it’s a forest graveyard of sorts.

      Is the woodsman Forrest longing to be in a Lonesome Dove movie 🙂 kidding on that.

    • The absolute arrogance of that man is appalling. He takes credit for the media frenzy around Fenns treasure – give me a break. Rant is right.

    • Tony’s first article wasn’t released until the middle of Feb 2013. Margie’s article in United Airlines’ Hemispheres magazine was dated Jan 1, 2013 and the book was released in Jan 2010 so I think Tony is being a bit presumptuous to claim he was the one who “discovered” Forrest’s story of hidden treasure and brought it to the public. I would be willing to bet that Margie had more readers of her article on all those United flights than Tony had on the Daily Beast and she did more to publicizing TTOTC than he did!

    • He came across as an arrogant jerk in his first article on the subject, he comes across as an arrogant jerk now. The guy really goes out on a limb in choosing YNP as the search area. Way to narrow it down, Tony. Of course he’s got all the legalities figured out, too. And way go dissing on the guy who was kind enough to grant you the interview in the first place.

      Thanks for sharing, Kimbrough, allowing us to unite in our distaste for this man.

  97. I’m beginning to think that the last stanza is referring to soaking cold, and bravely scaling the canyon wall to a cleft, or wedge (wood) in a steep ravine. I am no longer the riparian, but a wet rock climber 🙂

    Fortunately, but unbeknownst at the time, my solve allows me a second chance miles upstream, but I’m 1800 miles away. Oh well, I’ll get back again one day. I can’t believe I missed it. If it were a line in the sand I would have tripped over it. Mr Fenn is a crafty rascal.

    On my first search the cactus blooms were beautiful. I returned home with the worst case of allergies I’ve ever had. Worth every moment.

  98. So if the end is ever drawing nigh or left… then in the wood go left. When there is more than one tree it’s always left if ones ground perspective is correct. Of course if your coming in from another direction it could be right IMO

    • I have used Van Gogh as a reference to this (drawing nighT), as he cut off his left ear. So you may be able to only come from one direction in this part of the poem if it is followed correctly, and then you take a “left” at the end of that road/trail, and it ends at a creek or river… Unless Forrest really wants us to leave a piece of our left ear behind, in case we get lost…:).

  99. I think “Brave and in the wood”…. maybe refers to a tool like the axe-man’s. So I ponder axe / tomahawk / cut-down / cutoff / loggers / gandy dancers / tools drawn by Eric Sloane, etc., plus long-shots like axle … hub / center / revolve / wheel; and just plain X… roman numeral 10 / intersection / cross / X marks the spot, etc. I need a spread sheet for every word ff uses.

    I included gandy dancer with the brave-wood associations because of a google search I did on the phrase: laying rr ties. Scroll down to IMAGES. Click on the first one (old b&w photo of men walking along a row of rr ties, some kind of crane/boom that looks like a # 7 on a cart further down the track). A title and comment, plus smaller pics pop-up on the right side of the screen. In the comment, the words “in the woods” is IN QUOTES. The words may be a recognized term in the RR trades. That could be relevant to the solve. To complicate things, if it is a trade term, it may be plural (woods), while FF’ss word (wood) is not. So FF may have used the singular to negate any reference to the trade. Ha! That’s how subtle the hints and clues may be. Five years of home schooling on this poem & still a freshman at CSI (Crap-Shoot Institute of higher learning).

    Heres the title and comment:
    Gandy dancer – Wikipedia, the free e – 240×148 – Search by image.
    Laying railroad track “in the woods”. Photo published in Railway and locomotive engineering: a practical journal of motive power, roll stock and….

  100. Trails End – Some things happened a while back which made me doubt the whole thing and I started having nightmares about it and about lost my marbles. This will be my last post on the search that I want to share and I hope somebody uses it to find the gold if it’s out there. — My father has early stages of parkinson’s, his father had it, and according to genetic tests I am unfortunately predisposed to it, and at times I exhibit very mild symptoms that most people wouldn’t notice. Anyway, I’m certain “in the wood” is about Concy Woods and the story about going to grebe lake in the 2nd book. Concy is suffering from Parkinson’s but wants to go to grebe lake so forrest kindly pushes him there on a bicycle. I can’t ikagine how difficult that would be. If you start at yellowstone lake (the most obvious place on the map where warm waters halt), follow the yellowstone river down to the canyon using the road you pass cascade creek which flows from cascade lake (which is beside grebe lake) and flows all the way to the yellowstone river. Further down the road there is a picnic area with a gated road/trail. …. 44.750405,-110.492039 …. the trail (the blaze) is sandy and fairly level until you get near the lakes (and had 2 tracks a lot of the way so you can see that vehicles are driven on it at times). About 1/3 of a mile down the main road there is another old trailhead that connects into the same trail. … 44.751595,-110.486122 …. I’ve hiked every trail into grebe lake (back in 2013 when I had more energy) and this is the only trail you could possibly push someone on a bike to and from grebe lake and is the only trail you could use to drive a car to the lake. There are also sandy camping spots at grebe lake. I’m not going to use a metal detector inside yellowstone so I’ll leave that area for someone braver than myself. My best guess on the treasure is that forrest now feels grebe lake is too far to walk for him so it is burried in the sand either in the trail or in the woods nearby. There could even be gear cached there from the original trek…I’ve known a several people who have cached gear after trying to pack in too much. Best of luck to anyone crazy enough to search for it there. The timer on expires soon and forrest might be planning on going back to get it then so you may want to check while you can.

  101. I believe that the poem “In the Wood” is a clue – referring to an early morning ray of sunshine like a halo shining on a perticular object…….THAT IS THE BLAZE! And as the poem talks of leaves falling and winter coming on, now is the time of year to be searching. Now, that ray of dawn sunlight comes up over the canyon lip and shines on the treasure location. In summer the dawn sun would shine elsewhere. Worth the cold?……fall/winter at sun up definitely cold!

  102. I guess this comment goes here. Anyway, the last time I was “in the wood” in search of Indulgence, I found treasure. It just wasn’t Fenn’s treasure. I found a Zippo lighter and an enormous elk rack, still attached to the skull.

    I just had to share that.

  103. Regarding “In the wood” and last stanzas…

    We know from Fenn’s history that he knew of the hiding place, felt it was special to him, and “considered it mine and mine alone” before he learned he had cancer. Then upon learning of his cancer he considered making this place his final resting place along with the chest, and he began work on the poem. Then after learning he would survive he decided to hide the chest anyway in this same spot and write a book that contained the poem, donating the proceeds to a cancer charity.

    I understand all of the above is fact, but correct me if I am wrong. Now I will venture into speculation…

    My impression is that the last two stanzas were added after the poem was completed as part of preparing the poem for publication. Therefore, they contain clarification and legal details. Perhaps some hints as well, but not necessarily clues to locate the chest.

    One reason I believe this is because they are written in much simpler prose and do not have the same depth of earlier stanzas. Nor do they seem to have the same potential density of information. And I sense that these stanzas were not wordsmithed nearly as much as the others. So here’s a possible interpretation based on that idea:

    “So why is it that I must go”
    “And leave my trove for all to seek?”
    “The answer I already know,”
    “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.”

    I interpret the above stanza at face value. I believe this stanza may have been added for legal reasons, possibly but not necessarily after consulting with a lawyer. He’s explaining why he did it, essentially saying the equivalent of “I Forrest Fenn being of sound mind…” and declaring it his “trove” which also has legal meaning. He might not want his legacy to be a protracted legal battle over his sanity and intentions. It’s very clear from his public statements that he intends for the chest to be found long after his passing, if ever.

    “So hear me all and listen good,”
    “Your effort will be worth the cold.”
    “If you are brave and in the wood”
    “I give you title to the gold.”

    I don’t have a good interpretation of “in the cold”. I suspect it is a hint but mostly there for the sake of the poetry – I feel earlier stanzas are much less likely to contain wording just for the sake of the flow of the poem, but here I feel differently.

    “If you are brave” might mean if you live in America (land of the free, home of the brave), and you are in a national forest (in the wood), you can keep it if you
    can find it “I give you title to the gold” means “I grant you ownership of the treasure” almost identical to a statement he made later in an interview
    paraphrasing “It’s my position that if you find it, you can keep it”. I’m not sure how accurately this reflects the actual law regarding national forest land, but we know for sure that it matches Forrest’s viewpoint. If it is located there, including a statement like this and stating his position so publicly is the best he can do to simplify the legal ramifications. Imo. I’m not a lawyer, just speculating.

    If this is right, who knows. But if it is, the information it provides to a searcher is that the chest is hidden in a national forest, which by the way, is entirely different from a national park as far as the governing authority, and laws and regulations. Laws about finding and removing things in a national forest seem to be cloudier and less restrictive than finding something in a national park. That might be good for the finder, but still tricky. And in either it looks like using a metal detector or digging is illegal, at least without a permit. Don’t take that as fact, but if you intend to find the treasure and keep it legally and not be vilified, best to know. Be safe!

    • Bartleby,
      I have spent more time on “the in the wood” then the treasure will be worth, by the time I find it my net income will be about 50 cents an hour.
      This is one of my thoughts and it coincides with your National Forest. Mr Fenn uses words that can be manipulated into lots of definitions, but at the same time they can be used to help verify you are in the proper area before spending lots of money to go see.
      One of my thoughts is a beaver. That can be used many ways, beaver creek, a beaver dam, a beaver lodge. A beaver builds his lodge out of tress that he has gnawed down, many beavers have died from the tree falling on them, so you must be brave if you are going to gnaw down trees. Also to access a beaver lodge you go under water through a hole into the inside (effort worth the cold).
      All just a random thought I had while searching, and only IMO.
      Also I do not condone this line of thinking as it might lead to dementia.

    • Hello Cholly, I enjoyed your interesting link regarding Chinese “in the wood” = yin, yang.

      In the poem…If ‘Why is it’…Y=it perhaps yin and yang are important to ff. He placed 2 ancient Chinese jade carved faces inside the treasure box.

      Since were also discussing mining and ff chose to highlight the Queen Elizabeth coin on the top of his golden heap…and I find the name Elizabeth 2ce; and HRH hidden deep in the poem… I continue to believe there is a connection somewhere to Queen Elizabeth. My best guess would be mining rights. She owns billions in Uranium rights and other mining holdings within the British commonwealth – Canada, Australia etc.

      While chasing down mining leads I came across an ironic link.
      Jupiter Mines (f’s ref to stars) Is headquartered near Perth in “Forrest Chase”, Australia north of Bell tower on the Swan River.,+29%2F200-204+Murray+St,+Perth+WA+6007/@-31.9578631,115.8607583,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x2a32bad6f4783f7b:0x905ea401e40fced5?hl=en-us

  104. About 40 years ago I borrowed a friends seriously unserviceable rubber raft and spent two weeks sailing down the Smith River thru the Little Belt Mountains. A serpentine, religious experience of a healing trip that I can, to this very day, close my eyes and resurrect with satisfying pleasure. I’m no Jiminy Cricket but in my mind it’s a lovely adventure and if you’re looking for something beautiful and “in the wood” to do in Montana next year, you might consider floating it yourself. If you don’t have a raft at your disposal you can take the trip thru one of the rafting companies out there.
    But here’s the thing. Do it now. The Smith is in danger by another mining experiment in Montana. If you’ve ever seen the spoils around a giant mining mistake you won’t soon forget it. The devastation and fouling is total and inescapable. The scene can make a grown man lash out in anger and confusion. For more info about the likely threats to the Smith, look here:

    • Dal, thanks for heads up about the Smith River. What a travesty mining operations are being considered. My brother guides on the Bighorn and Madison and floats the Smith with other guides. I forwarded the petition asking him to pass it through the fly fishing/guiding community.

      That’s a spectacular 50 miles. I’ve only been there once.

      My father remembers speaking with an archaeologist in the 1960’s who explored a large remote cave in the Smith country containing burials and artifacts similar to Mummy Cave that Forrest spoke about in a scrapbook. As the story goes, the cave was difficult to find and was a wintering den for hundreds of rattlers. Gasoline torches had to be tossed in to clear the snakes. I don’t know if it was ever excavated.

    • I signed their petition, It is a sad day when only 6811 people care enough to try and save a resource that can never be duplicated or replaced. I am passing it on to everyone in my contacts list. If everyone who cares will do this maybe they will gain enough signatures.

    • I signed. Please FORWARD To OTHERS to sign the petition.

      Regarding Queen Elizabeth.. F’s butterfly, toilet/brown references could be a double entendre for the “Monarch” and her “Privy” council. She is the wealthiest woman in the world – chiefly due to extensive mining rights and selling dumping rights on British soil to the Chinese and other nations. Very troubling to those like me with cancer related to nuclear waste dumped into aquafers in the Rocky Mountains in the 1960’s 1970’s.

  105. In the wood. hmm
    In the hood.
    I think you would have to be brave in either place but it’s much more rewarding & pleasurable to be in the wood. -no clue here- IMO

    • Wouldn’t it be great to go back in time & see how they managed all that construction?
      I think I will just go there and sit one day, or maybe a whole week. Just take a nice comfy chair, cool drinks, an umbrella and spend a whole day imagining how this society interacted.

      Maybe I’ll take an extra seat along, in case the ghost of Richard Witherill decides to join me.

  106. in the wood can be just an expression,or it can be a massive pile of trees from an earthquake at 11:37pm on august 17th 1959 in west yellowstone my guess is the later,but its actually all yall eager beavers should have plenty of wood to chew on there.Good luck

  107. One of my interpretations of Brave and in The Wood: The first line of the poem; “As I Have Gone Alone in There”. “Brave and in The Wood” provides an answer to where “in There” may be. There are many Wilderness Areas within the four States in question but only one is named for a “Brave”. Additionally, this “Brave” has a direct link to Fenn’s book TTOTC. Perhaps Brave and in the Wood provides an area to start – a Wilderness Area.

  108. IMO I believe in the wood may mean below timberline, which in my solve is located at 10,200 feet.

  109. I have seen on a couple of sites that Fenn has said that the treasure is not in a cave or mine. However, I cannot find where he actually said these things. I tend to believe it(at least the mine portion) because Dal has listed it as one of the clue facts. Any thoughts? I am thinking the ‘wood’ refers to the mountain or canyon. Maybe wood mountain?

  110. Following up on the comment I just made, was wondering if anyone has put together a map of areas that collectively have been searched. I understand that even though an area has been searched, such as 8.25 miles N of Santa Fe and Lamar Cabin in Yellowstone….it doesn’t for a minute mean that the treasure isn’t there. Would just be interesting if someone had compiled a list of known areas searched. Maybe there are vast areas of viable land nobody is focusing on?

  111. Imho, this is not what you think. IMHO It is a possiblity that start ing back at the beginning of stanza 5, is not a location clue to be solved, but a metaphor that gives some context to the location that the other clues suggest.

    • Your comments would be more helpful SS, if you would direct them to whom or what they are meant for. This would give the witness a chance to do some grilling as well.
      See, I just replied to you using a reply button to your comment.
      So who is “you” in your comment?

    • Also, just sharing another possible idea or thought: Wood was old school newspaper lingo. The wood was the main, page-one headline, considered a banner if it stretches across the entire width of the page. The best-guess scenario for how the wood got its name is that it harks back to the days when the largest letters on the printing press were carved out of wood, – See more at: Probably NOT but turn over every log of thought!

  112. In The Wood

    The woodsman standing, axe in hand
    Surveying the job of clearing his land.
    A simple drawing, but not understood.
    When you’re “in the wood”, there is no wood.

    This knowledge and work, down thru the ages
    Is known and done by woodsman and sages.
    Sunlight, starlight, moonlight for all to see.
    To restore the woodland, by opening the canopy.

    By David here

    Mr Fenn has written in detail, how important it is
    to have an open canopy. Well there you have it.
    My solution by way of a poem.

    • “Mr Fenn has written in detail, how important it is
      to have an open canopy.”

      I do recall Forrest writing “to blow the canopy” & “My canopy had been shattered by gunfire” & “canopy frame blew away” in My War For Me.
      Yes, it was important for these things to go the way they did & may be a hint, but I will take this chapter as a great writing of ones experience in what I believe to be fate.

    • To By David, the Spanish word for wood is Madera, which might mean we are living in a era that is mad. Brave and in the mad era.

  113. David here

    Tripped and found this treasure: WWWH

    Not that WWWH, this one:

    William Wordsworth Writes Here, WWWH
    (over 200 years ago)

    The Tables Turned

    By William Wordsworth

    Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;
    Or surely you’ll grow double:
    Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks;
    Why all this toil and trouble?

    The sun above the mountain’s head,
    A freshening lustre mellow
    Through all the long green fields has spread,
    His first sweet evening yellow.

    Books! ’tis a dull and endless strife:
    Come, hear the woodland linnet,
    How sweet his music! on my life,
    There’s more of wisdom in it.

    And hark! how blithe the throstle sings!
    He, too, is no mean preacher:
    Come forth into the light of things,
    Let Nature be your teacher.

    She has a world of ready wealth,
    Our minds and hearts to bless—
    Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health,
    Truth breathed by cheerfulness.

    One impulse from a vernal wood
    May teach you more of man,
    Of moral evil and of good,
    Than all the sages can.

    Sweet is the lore which Nature brings;
    Our meddling intellect
    Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things:—
    We murder to dissect.

    Enough of Science and of Art;
    Close up those barren leaves;
    Come forth, and bring with you a heart
    That watches and receives.

      • Isn’t it amazing. I found this thru a Seattle WA connection.
        I did a private email to 2 people (guess who).
        It was suggested i post it on this blog. Of course posted it here by mistake, is now on poetry page. thanks again
        David here

  114. IN THE WOOD-Origin of the word “wood”, God of Poetry, Nine Runes

    The research of “in the wood” has led to some fascinating information. As is usual for me, this post is a bit long, but I think it is worth your time. Haven’t seen anyone mention this info before. Read on. . .

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Origin of wood
    Middle English, from Old English wōd insane; akin to Old High German wuot madness — more at vatic First Known Use: before 12th century

    There are a couple of other sources that give a connection to “Old English woþ “sound, melody, song,” Old Norse oðr “poetry,” and the god-name Odin. Several sources say that the word “wood” actually comes from the Old Norse, Wod or Wode or Woden.

    “From Middle English wood, from Old English wōd ‎(“mad, insane”). See the full etymology at wode” (


    Wikipedia gives a nice explanation of who this Old Norse God, Wode/Woden aka Odin supposedly was. There are better sources, but this one is a simple explanation.

    “Odin is a prominently mentioned god throughout the recorded history of the Germanic peoples, from the Roman occupation of regions of Germania through the tribal expansions of the Migration Period and the Viking Age. Odin continued into the modern period to be acknowledged in rural folklore in all Germanic regions. References to Odin appear in place names throughout regions historically inhabited by the ancient Germanic peoples, and the day of the week Wednesday bears his name in many Germanic languages, including English.” (Wikipedia)

    “In Old Norse texts, Odin is depicted as one-eyed and long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear named Gungnir, and wearing a cloak and a broad hat. He is often accompanied by his animal companions—the wolves Geri and Freki and the ravens Huginn and Muninn, who bring him information from all over Midgard—and Odin rides the flying, eight-legged steed Sleipnir across the sky and into the underworld. Odin is attested as having many sons, most famously the god Baldr with Frigg, and is known by hundreds of names.” (Wikipedia)


    Odin frequently seeks knowledge in some manner and in disguise (most famously by obtaining the Mead of Poetry). Odin has a particular association with Yule, and MANKIND’S KNOWLEDGE OF BOTH THE RUNES AND POETRY IS ATTRIBUTED TO ODIN”

    “In Wagner’s opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen, Wotan’s (Odin’s) spear is made from the WOOD OF TEH WORLD TREE YGGDRASIL and engraved with the contracts from which Wotan’s power derived” (Wikipedia)

    THERE ARE MANY ARCHEOLOGICAL ITEMS including coins that depict the God Odin.

    “ODIN SPEAKS ONLY IN POEMS. . .and the ability to compose poetry is a gift he grants at his pleasure. He stole the mead of poetry, the primeval source of the ability to speak and write beautifully and persuasively, from the giants. Ever since, he has dispensed it to certain gods, humans, and other beings whom he deems worthy of it.” (

    “The Codex Runicus, a law code written in runes (c. 1300 CE)
    The Norse god Odin is a relentless seeker after knowledge and wisdom, and is willing to sacrifice almost anything for this pursuit. The most outstanding feature of his appearance, his one eye, attests to this; he sacrificed his other eye for more wisdom. The tale of how he discovered the runes is another example of his unquenchable thirst for understanding the mysteries of life, not to mention his unstoppable will.” (

    There is much information to research in regard to Odin/Wode/Woden.
    He is said to have created or possessed NINE RUNES OR CHARMS which hold secrets!

  115. Follow up to IN THE WOOD-Origin of the word “wood”, God of Poetry, Nine Runes

    Now this is interesting! I happened to notice is further reading about Odin/Wode/Woden whose name is believed to be the origin of the word “wood”

    Apparently, one of the NINE RUNES was ANSUZ which is abbreviated as AS
    (FF poem begins with AS)

    Ansuz is primarily Odin’s rune and represents communication, creativity, controlled and divine power. Spiritually, it is the rune of prophecy and revelation. It also encompasses the ideas of wisdom, knowledge, reason, and therefore of instruction and good advice. It might also refer to a test, examination, or perhaps an interview. It can mean a letter, book, paper, message or other information. Because Loki was a renowned trickster, Ansuz reversed may also portend a surprise, trick or subterfuge.”(

    “The answers to questions are available but not yet recognized. Look for signs and confirmations which are all around. Everything has significance and appreciation of this will lead to understanding. Ensure you don’t ignore the message because you don’t like the content. All experience is a lesson that teaches by acknowledging the truth knowledge and wisdom will increase.”(

    “Runic Number:4”
    “Color: Dark Blue” (I have decifered one hint in FF poem that suggests that Indigo Blue is significant in some way)
    “Element: Air”
    “Associated Gemstone is EMERALD” (Emerald is in one of FF bracelets)
    “Associated Tree is ASH)

    I see in this information, many connections to the FF poem

  116. This “word that is key” is coming in so handy now that I have figured it out! It seriously puts all of the other pieces of the poem together and even makes sense out of the clues FF has given in interviews! I figured out how you can be simultaneously “BRAVE AND IN THE WOOD” This key word is amazingly helpful and makes all the difference!

    • This is pretty cool.
      And Forrest signs things with an f or an ff, which is similar in appearance to the rune.

      I’m not sure if he intended this or not yet, but here’s something more….

      …if you take every line of the poem that starts with an “a”, which are all capitalized (no idea if that would be important), and go to the next word, you get:
      “I with hint take leave.”

      • This might go under Puzzled’s previous comment about the rune/god/etc. and “wood”, wode, Odin, etc.

        Now I’m wondering about more runic symbolism in the poem.

  117. I have a solution with a sort of circle of trees that surround rocks, like 6 or so shrubby old mix. Didn’t f say the treasure was surrounded by trees. That may relate to the fairies dancing around the rock painting. In the wood = center?

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