Scrapbook One Hundred Forty…


MAY 2015

This story illustrates once again that old age came to me at a really bad time.

The last day of skiing on the Santa Fe hill was Easter Sunday, so the day before was fun time, as hundreds who like to ski, gawk, or gasp came to join in the fracas.

My grandson Shiloh and his little sister Noah, whose face has many flattering angles, posing in her new ski ensemble.

My grandson Shiloh and his little sister Noah, whose face has many flattering angles, posing in her new ski ensemble.

Cass and Shiloh, the dreaded duo of the mountain.

Cass and Shiloh, the dreaded duo of the mountain.

Cass and friends.

Cass and friends.


Here’s Shiloh coming down the chute and across a 3 foot deep pond that was built for anyone who was willing to test the cold water gods at an elevation of 10,300 feet.

Shiloh-On-The-Water movie


Many tried, and about half made it across. The others were wiser for the trying. One intrepid lady said it was hard to smile when her lips and eyes were frozen shut.


And here’s Cass, everyone’s friend, who was so busy tossing Easter eggs to the crowd as he screamed down the slope, that his balance was not ready for what was about to happen. His sense of adventure suddenly dwindled, then vanished as the laws of physics and gravity took charge. Two seconds after this photo was taken, Cass found himself racing the half mile to the lodge for an ice pick, dry clothes, and a gallon of hot chocolate.


Evidently Noah was not prone to tempt such a transient pleasure, but at the end of the day, fun was crowned the winner, and many memories made on the hill that day will last longer than any ordinary person’s reach. f


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  1. my roommate in college taught me how to ski. He got me to the top of the slope and then with a few basic instructions left and said “meet you at the bottom”. Fun times.

  2. Skiing was and I hope still is (haven’t done it in a while) one of my great pleasures in life!
    Thanks for sharing that enjoyable story.


  3. Burrrr! That looks cold! I’ve never tried snow skiing, but if I were younger, I might have tried skimming across that icy cold pond, since water skiing is more my expertise. Fun times, fun family, Forrest! Thanks for another scrapbook.

  4. Pneumonia anyone? i use to roll skate and i tried my son skate board yrs ago. i did ok. but i have never had a desire to put slick boards that are waxed on my feet then stand on a surface composed of a frozen slippery ice crystals covering a steep downhill slope that could have trees interspersed on my path to the bottom at speeds that upset me when i am in a car that has airbags and wearing a safety belt. but that is just me.

  5. I’m so impressed with Shiloh’s ability to ski across that pond – Wow! I wonder if Cass tried it in his bunny costume. Love the picture of him and his “friends”. Looks like a fun time was had by all. 🙂

  6. That ain’t nothing, tell Shiloh to come on a Forrest Fenn search and then we can talk 🙂

    • I don’t know , William. Shiloh is one of Forrest,s favorite,s. He taught him how to fly and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has taught him how to pick all the banana,s…:)

  7. As I looked at the first picture before reading I thought That’s a nice looking couple. yes brother and sister lol

    That looks way to cold for me but what a fun day it looks like they had. 🙂 🙂

  8. That looks like fun. Crazy kids these days. It helps to have fellow thrill seekers around to cheer a person on. Does a dip IN the pond qualify someone for membership in the Polar Bunny Club? If so…as awesome as Shiloh was…he still missed out on a golden opportunity to join the club. Oh well…he’ll have to earn his right to walk around all day…in a red velvet bathrobe…with Bunnies all around…on the next go ’round. 🙂

  9. Ha, I watched the video and that’s what you call a dare devil. Shiloh looks experienced. Lol 🙂 Great job 🙂

  10. Fun story…watched the video. Dang, Shiloh was great! I’ve skied Santa Fe many times but never tried anything so crazy. Nice looking grandchildren, Forrest…no big surprise, though, considering their lineage.

  11. I liked that. Shiloh made it across! I would have made it maybe two feet. Or more likely, I would have crashed halfway up the hill and rolled into the water.

  12. What a fun Day!!! Shilos feat is impressive and even more impressive that he did it while wearing a protective chainsaw hat and I think the pants are as well??? Some people call them Forest hats 🙂

  13. It looks like your family had a wonderful Easter. It was exciting to see Shiloh skipping over the water, but it looks like Cass may have had more fun. I am sure he especially enjoyed the hot coacoa while retelling his story that afternoon.

  14. Thank you Forrest.
    That looks like a lot of fun.
    Sadly at my age I fear broken bones and the effect of the cold on them.
    So now I sit and dream of stable weather and gold prospecting.
    Ummm maybe sledding would work? Meh no pain no gain. 🙂

  15. It’s so funny seeing a grown man with skis considerably shorter than he is. Back in my day nobody but beginners would use 150s and that’s what Shiloh’s skis look like to me. I haven’t skiied in many years so times have changed I think. Maybe today’s skiers would probably laugh at the long skis we used then. My day was before snowboarding too, at least I didn’t see any then on the slopes at Purgatory. I still remember the amazement I felt one Christmas morning, after many months of begging for new skis, to see my brand new K2 170s leaning against the wall next to the tree. I wasn’t the greatest skier but I loved being out on the slopes. My sister and I would do twenty runs in a day, no stopping to eat, just eat on the ski lift our sandwiches and snacks that we packed into our pockets. Lift tickets were $20 back then. I wonder what they are today.

  16. S . hi. lo => ‘S’witch directions from high to low and cross the water.
    Of course that only works if you are “there” and sometimes help arrives after you’ve been brave and sunk.

      • Yes Spallies the poem solves to a specific location adjacent a ski hill. And f owned a home there for 16 years. You’ll have to do your own research and dig deep into old property records to determine where.

  17. If I have to cross the cold stream like that in order to “put in”..I am not likely to find the treasure until they build a bridge..

  18. Probably the wet is worse than the immediate cold. I think the key is to wear chest waders instead of a rascally rabbit costume. But never stop throwing candy. Who doesn’t want to be popular?

    Waiting for the rain to quit in treasure territory, but enjoying the scrapbooks in the meantime…

  19. It’s hard to believe we are hitting the 90s and the Rockies are getting snow still

  20. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Thats what life is meant to be. Lovely family, you did good Forrest! 🙂

  21. That looked like a really fun day Forrest! Glad you enjoyed it. I loved the costumes on your grandson and his friends!

  22. fun,is the thrill of the chase.I have lived in the Denver metro area since 1977,never skied,never no desire to do forrest are you saying the blaze is snow,its white,water.snow can make you cold and warm. high on top of the mountain and low at the bottom.white snow.but gives me nothing,i don’t know where to go .you just get me everytime.

  23. I would be coming down that hill on my tummy. Would be out of the pond so quickly no one would notice I had fallen in. 🙂
    Tried skiing once in my lifetime in Queenstown,New Zealand. Was made embarrassed by four and five year olds zooming in and around me…that was enough for me. 🙂

  24. “Window shopping, according to the women, is the king of outdoor sports. Whenever a woman gets down town and has 2 or 3 hours and no money to spend, she goes window shopping. She gives the Poiret gowns and the thousand dollar furs the double O and then kids herself into believing she’d look like Lillian Russell or Beverly Bayne if she had ’em on. It’s great for developing the imagination and one of the great secrets of conserving the bankroll. … [“Motor Age,” Jan. 27, 1916]”

    Scratching My Shin

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