The Perfect Question…


A major network is doing a piece on Forrest’s Chase. If you had the opportunity to have the correspondent ask Forrest your question…what would it be?

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    • A thousand times this.

      I know he wouldn’t answer meaningfully, he’d give us some cryptic reply to twist our minds in knots and leave us just as confused as before, but six months poorer for the time we spent pondering on it.

      Forrest you crafty old codger! We love ya!

      • Do not call mr.forrest an old would you like it if someone called your dad that.that gentleman is like a father to me .so please pay attention to what you hurts me.maybe not mr.forrest.thanks.

      • Hi there Desertphile, I have taken a lot of notes over the past several years but can’t find where he gave any hints regarding the blaze. What do you recall him saying?

    • Forrest, as it relates to the chase, in your opinion, can the state of Wyoming be considered both in the United States and south of the United states?

  1. My question would be: Forrest does the path to the chest cross any state border lines?

    • “Forrest does the path to the chest cross any state border lines?”

      He will not answer that question: it narrows down the search area too much.

      • David,
        I’d say that you’re making an assumption or more that are not necessary true.
        If the clues are confined in a small area (not out of ream of possibility based on his comment that searchers figured out first two clues and went by the other seven), then there is a strong chance that “the chase” is in one state.
        If that’s the case, then by replying YES to the question, Forrest would not narrow it down at all.

        On the other hand, you’re right only if the chase is still confined in a small area, and indeed you have to cross a state line.

      • In any case, i’d love for him to answer this excellent question, even if he says that he cannot answer because it will give away too much 😉 I do like these kind of answers because he’s giving away a lot 🙂

        • I agree Liviu, with you. and this is a great question. and Forrest gave a interesting answer.
          Best Wishes and my you find your treasure everyday.

          Lou Lee, from Whoville!

      • That’s a great question, Chad.

        “Forrest does the path to the chest cross any state border lines?”

        It’s still a really big search area, though…four states!…maybe five if you include Canada. Has Forrest ever officially ruled out Canada?

        So…if Forrest actually answered the question…would it really MATTER that much, anyway? Seriously.

    • Chad I like this question. I agree with DesertPhil I doubt he answers it. The only thing I would do is be more specific.

      I would ask does following the path of the nine clues cross a state border line….

      Should he want to give some helpful information instead of doublespeak he might answer this question. It wouldn’t be helpful to most, as their solution doesn’t cross a state border, while at the same time tells us what not to do.

      • I like Chads question as well…Maybe twist it a bit and ask,

        Are all the places to 9 clues contained in the same state the chest lays in wait?

        Now come another question, are all the 9 clues places?

      • I would ask if the first clue (the clue we start at) is in either NM, CO, WY or MT.

    • Excellent question.
      You may want to define the path a little better such as “following the poem’s instructions”, does the path…

  2. My question would be… Can the poem be solved completely from researching at home before ever getting boots on the ground… or do you need to have boots on the ground to figure out the clues?

    • “… or do you need to have boots on the ground to figure out the clues?”

      The poem itself answers that question. The first part explains where to start, which requires research. The second part explains what to look for when a person is there. The third part explains what one will see when one has arrived.

  3. what is the first and last name of someone who was within 500 feet of the chest, and what area were they searching ?

  4. Non Chase related question: Can we get some live updates from the archeological work at San Lazaro this summer?

    • He really already answered this:
      Question posted 6/25/2014:
      Did the same 9 clues exist when you were a kid and to your estimation will they still exist in 100 years and 1000 years?
      Thanks ~Ron
      Thanks Ron, thoughtful questions
      The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and associated physical changes will surely have an impact. If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure.f

      So none of the above….it refers to a place…..IMO (and his I suppose).

      • Hey Scott here’s our answer.

        I “think” the poem will still work in 100 years.

        People that are looking for permanent blazes and saying things like f would never put his treasure here or there because of this or that WELL GUESS WHAT f put the treasure there regardless … he didn’t have certain luxuries … he was going to hide it THERE no matter what. And if I had to guess I’d say special fishing place that he went to with his father. I’m NOT sure it’s the spot that’s special I think it’s more the area.

  5. Forrest, since the treasure was hidden has there been a large forest fire in the general area of where the chest was placed?

      • I thought the fire part in his name was because people were looking for answers from Forrest, and he was responding with his typical way. If they need an answer, I will give them one!

    • Deb, I seem to recall something about a forest fire on some property (maybe His sons) that was in question back in 2012-13. I believe I heard it in an ff interview but I could never figure out the significance of the topic.

      Are you familiar with what I am talking about?

      Dal… (or anyone else) Do you have any info on this?

  6. Forrest, I don’t want to dampen my confidence but has there been an improvement in the number of clues solved and the distance of recovery.

  7. I would ask him: Forrest, there has been a considerable amount of discussion concerning how the treasure chest is hidden, if it is buried or not. Can you tell us if it is covered in anyway ( even partially) by anything, or is it sitting in plain sight?

    Ritt Jordan
    A Treasure More Than Gold

    • Ritt,
      I thought you already knew where it is/was? Why do you need to ask a question?

      • Colokid, seabee8,

        The question would be asked for the benefit of the TV audience. I am content with my knowlege of it.

        • Clearly you are not if you are still involved with this. Why hang around here with all of us less intelligent people who just can’t seem to figure out what you already know?

          • seabee88,

            You don’t have to figure out what I already know, If you want to know what I already know then read my book, it tells you what I know. And, who said you were less intelligent? I surely didn’t. There are many smart people here, including you.
            I like being involved, it’s much fun.


        • I’m not above changing my opinion. Send me a copy of it and I’ll take a look at it.

        • Not worth my time. I think it’s ridiculous that you’re here trying to drum up publicity for a book that shouldn’t have been written.

        • If you want to write a book about your experiences that is one thing but when you have pictures claiming you found the correct blaze and have the correct solve it becomes ridiculous.

    • Pam has too. I don’t know if she realizes it or not but she’s insulting F whether she knows it. I mean coming on here after she said the Chase is all a spiritual thing is basically like spitting in Forrest’s face, in essence calling him a liar. I hate to say this Ritt but it seems you are doing the same with your book and all. The both of you just strike me as odd.

      • Close earth,

        Relax, and take a breath. I am not insulting Mr. Fenn by “coming on here” and asking a question. I am also not “spitting ” in his face or “calling him a liar.” All I asked was what is his favorite song ? I’m sorry you found this to be offensive and “odd.”


      • Close earth,

        You are mistaken, I have never called him a liar. In fact, I think he is an outstanding individual and a genius for coming up with such a unique and wonderful plan. He is an honorable person. Anyone dealing with him should know that. Take a look at what I wrote about him in my book, then get back to me.


        • I’m with Close Earth. We’ve all made the rookie mistake of thinking we solved the poem within the first few hours of discovering this treasure hunt, but the lengths you two have gone to claiming you have solved it and you’re still empty handed is just blatant arrogamce. IMO, of course.

          • Totally I mean who goes to the paper and writes a book to rip others off. Come back to the light there’s still hope. IMO

  8. Was it Proffesor Plumb, with the candlestick, and in the library?

  9. Since all of this started, has there been a specific searcher who has impressed you the most, and if so can you explain why?

    • It said the the poem was meant to be read from the beginning, so the first clue should be near the beginning of the poem. My guess is that the first clue is meant to be ‘Begin where warm waters halt’.

      • Alex,
        I would have bet good money on that same conclusion a while back.

        But lets look at it from all angles, 9 clues…9 sentences? Every word is deliberate… Start at the beginning…

        Is start at the beginning, the word begin? The first line of the poem? The question in the poem? Is start at the beginning, telling us to start with the first clue? Is WWWh the first clue? Could the word Begin not mean the common usage “to start” but, “when” to start as in a time period? So could old and new mean past and present and be the first clue?

        it’s been 4 -5 years in the making, it seems to me that WWWH maybe a major clue to understand, but is it the first clue? or even the place to start in the poem? it hasn’t help anyone so far…IMO… So are we reading the poem wrong.

        This had been a debate for some time now. So it was just a logical question to ask.

    • Now that would be a great question since my dog, Tucker, has been out searching with me. 🙂

  10. Do you feel a since of pride that your poem has reached so many people and continues to inspire new ideas and theory’s about its meaning and depth?

      • …you’re pretty much assured a legacy at this point, Mr Fenn. But wasn’t your mission mostly to inspire people, not just to get outdoors but also motivate them in many other areas of their lives, give them some fatherly advice?

  11. I love and respect the area I have been searching. It offers comfort and peace and a sense of being watched and cared for in a timeless way. I plan to be there just because it has become “a part of me now.” Question: Would you mind if I join you and wish it were my final resting place as well? Grandfather – my inspiration -would have relished it. Thank you.

  12. What phrase in the poem is the first clue?

    I bet that if he told us specificly which 9 phrases in the poem were clues, we still wouldn’t get it. But I want him to tell the first clue so this debate about whether it is WWWH will be over. And, it will have the effect of hooking us on a lure.

  13. Forrest

    When we first met and I showed u my scrapbook were u surprised to see where I began? It’s a yes or no question 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Please do not answer with a clever comment. Thank you 🙂 lol

  14. Dear Forrest,

    You once said that you were the first to discover your secret location, but knew that some other folks had found it later. How do you know that?

  15. I would like to know if there are any old items (antiquities) from ancient Indians in the same place as the chest, and I don’t mean what is inside of the chest.

    • Hello, Pirate. He already answered this question as well…and by “as well” I mean…as well as he answers most questions.

      The answer is…wait for it…waaaaait for it…it’s…

      It’s in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe! 🙂

  16. As a big game hunter and fisherman I appreciate the “thrill of the chase” concept. There is always a bit of a let down when the game has finally been landed or harvested.

    Therefore, why would we really want another clue or shortcut? When this ends most of us are going to be terribly disappointed including the finder…IMO.

    I would ask if he could provide more fly tying videos.

    • So you like fishing and hunting without getting any game? This is a hunt not a hike.

      • Maybe you didn’t get the key point. I like to get/find the game myself, not have someone tie it to a tree or hang it on my hook. If you don’t appreciate that most of the pleasure is really in the pursuit then you may not understand what Forrest intended with his treasure hunt.

    • Colokid.. I agree that there is always a little let down when the game has been landed or harvested. The saddest part is it is done, over, it will never exist anymore . Also the fun part is basically over now starts the work. Packing it out preparing the meat for the dinner table takes lots of energy and time. The only way to look at it is thinking about that steak or burger on the grill and how tasty it will be on your dinner plate. The thrill of the chase is sort of like that . The memories of that years hunt and the challenge . When successful then comes the hard part.. What to do with it once you have it.??? Is it going to be good or is it going to be tough???

    • Good stuff colokid.I kind of feel that way also.These ppl just want it handed to them.Everybody wants the bigtime but nobody wants to work for it.Btw, I liked your Christmas ornament.

  17. Are there any intended ‘red herrings’ in your book/poem? and

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how significant are your photos and drawings?

    • Do you really want to know? What if he said you, but it was for different reasons than being close. That would drive you crazy wondering why he said it.

      • No it would not drive me crazy, it would explain a piece of FF. and I feel he is a person worth knowing down to the heart.

  18. You have stated that you know it is still there. How do you “know” that it hasn’t been found? Did you hide the chest with a “Title” so that the finder would have to pick up the actual contents at a secure location?

    • “How do you ‘know’ that it hasn’t been found?”

      If the finder of the chest also wants a stack of US$1,000 bills, Forrest will know the chest has been found.

      • Desertphile, what does a stack of $1000 bills have to it being found if the treasure is actually in the chest? I remember one interview that he had planned to put a note in the chest for an “extra” $100k, but he said that he decide not to put it in since the bank might not be around in a thousand years, or something to that effect. Any way, if you didn’t want anybody to know you found it would you risk paying 30 + % taxes on a million for just 10% more? Would not be worth it. IMO

    • That second question has been answered as well… There is no IOU or note…the treasure will be there… no safety deposit box… Paraphrasing.

      • You’re right Seeker, many of these questions have already been asked and answered. Shows how little research folks are doing.

      • he said he doesnt remember if the IOU is still in the chest, or if he took it out

        • He also said with the on set of dementia, he wrote down where he hid the chest so he wouldn’t forget, but forgot were he put the note. Maybe his fishing or tool box, he would have to ask his wife. So maybe the IOU is with that note, or his wife is holding both…

          • Yeah, I thought he was joking when he said that. The OP was asking or suggesting something about alzheimers.

          • astree,

            It was more than 2+ years ago and i believe it’s on this site under one of the first fenn mails

            But I believe fenn was having fun with the searcher. As he has said any times, no one know the location and the man doesn’t appear to have any problems remembering anything.

            So if you want to read it… it should be there.

            I was attempting to be funny to CY response to that IOU statement fenn made to be the same… as fenn was commenting on searchers [approx. the same time] about the treasure being in at his home or a safety deposit box.

            Ah! the good old days when searchers had some crazy idea… sure glad that is all over with, Right?

          • Astree,

            I took two minute to hit the archives and found the full question and quote I was referring. I hope this help clarify my comment… I wasn’t that far off with my Paraphrasing, Now I just need to find that other quote fenn stated about NO Codes… so I can refresh my one working brain cell.

            I have figured out there is no treasure.  This is a medical study being done by Dr. Fenn concerning the use of riddles to help delay the effects of Alzheimers Disease.
            We are the case study to prove his theory that by doing riddles helps your ability to keep your mind healthy.  This will soon be published in the PubMeds that are available to all doctors.  The population at large will only get a brief overview of the complete study, which will more then likely not help much.
            Looking forward to receiving your memoir, researching has been a lot of fun for my son and me.  He is very excited about our trip.  Which I think will be in June for 2 weeks.
            I am concerned about one thing about the quest, should I carry a firearm (as laws permit)?  Its more to do with safety with wildlife there, then protecting from other people.  But I guess that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
            Hope all is well
            I hid the treasure chest at the first onset of dementia. I knew I had a disease so I made myself a note that revealed the exact location because I wanted later on to give some additional clues. Now I don’t remember where I put the note. Maybe if I search my fishing box I can find what it is that I was looking for. But why would I want to fish in this weather? I’ll go ask my wife Phyllis where my tool kit is.

          • Seeker,
            Was this the NO codes quote you were looking for?

            “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f”

          • Oh right, here’s another one as well…

            Are there clues in the book?
            Yes, because the poem is in the book.
            Will the poem lead you to the treasure?
            Yes if you know where to start.
            Are there nine clues in the poem?
            Are there subtle hints in the book?
            Yes, if you can recognize them.
            I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.

            Again, My paraphrasing was slightly off, But hey… this info. is out there for all to see. Hope it helps.

          • Seeker,

            “But I believe fenn was having fun with the searcher. As he has said any times, no one know the location and the man doesn’t appear to have any problems remembering anything.”

            Agered, with that, and some of your subsequent comments. Thanks for taking the time to look them up, much appreciated.

            So much info over the years, and I haven’t been too active in many of the forums.

            Good luck,

          • Kat,

            Yes, and thanks… No codes, formulas and most of the others I knew. Magnetic variations and curve lines is what I forgot.

            I maybe getting the on set of dementia.

  19. My Q:
    You said someone will find the treasure sooner or later. If you had to guess how soon would soon be?

  20. If the past is done and the present is now what does the future hold and will we soon find out

  21. You’ve mentioned that you’d hid bells and jars in the past. Did you deliberately place any physical objects to alert a person that they are close to the treasure?

  22. 1. Assuming physical strength is a constant, would retrieving the treasure from its hiding place be easier, the same as, or more difficult than it was to hide it?

    2. When FF says the chest is not visible via Google Earth because “it doesn’t go low enough,” is that because the chest is under something? Is the hiding spot visible by GE?

    3. How many cars would fit in the parking lot where FF parked when he took his two trips to hide the chest?

    4. If people are able to solve the first two clues, what’s so tricky about 3-9?

    5. How can FF be confident the chest is still hidden?

    • I don’t recall him saying “Parking Lot”. Did he specifically say that or just where he parked his car?

    • #3 reminds me of the Forrest response; “how deep is a hole”. How big are the cars?

  23. Sir,
    When you parked your car to hide the chest was it a gravel, dirt or asphalt parking lot and were there any other cars parked in it?

  24. Is the chest hidden in a river that acts as a boundary, thereby obfuscating whose “possession” it lies in?

    • I like where you are going with this question Lois, But most if not all “rivers” are federal waterways… Some creeks and stream fall under the same…Sooo

  25. A major network is doing a piece….

    Dal, do you have any idea as to the expected release date of said piece?

    Your answer may impact the question I pose.
    Thanks Dal!

    • JDiggins-
      I don’t know for certain but probably within a month of the filming..which is early June. So…on the air by early July is my guess..

  26. Hi Forrest, my question would be regarding the line of the poem that says “look quickly down.” Is down pertaining to looking down at a lower elevation, moving toward the south, or some other creative movement?
    Oh yeah, and one more question. What on earth is tarry scant! 🙂

  27. One more for now, but I’m sure I’ll think of others 🙂

    When Forrest was within 50 feet of the hiding spot, did he climb up, down, or walk a level path to hide the treasure?

    And yes, THANK YOU DAL!

  28. Forrest: There are so many people trying to look at your past through magnifying glasses, that at times it must be difficult for you to have a private life. So if you don’t answer this, it would be completely understandable. However, since you HAVE said these statement publicly, I would like to ask is you would share more on this.
    You have said, if given the choice, you would not do your life over again the same way. You would do it differently. You have also said that you wish you had done some of the things attributed to you. What is it that you most wish you had done and/or done differently?

    • Kat, you have forgotten (left out) the most important part of that quote about living his life over. Finding the answer to the riddle of the left out part is crucial to finding the chest.

      • James,

        Thanks for your response. I’ll admit you lost me on the left out part. He says its his epilogue, so the “lived to do” makes sense. Only question for me would be: what didn’t he do (that he wished he had) that people say he already did.

        Is that what you mean?

  29. Forrest,

    If you had to do it all over again would you have taken the challenge of walking from your crash site to the Couth China Sea?


    • Here is a thought: “999 represents a culmination of what has come before this. You could think of it as the final step before venturing on something new. 999 is an indication a major part of your life is now wrapping up and you should take any necessary steps to finish the tasks at hand. It is time to move on with another aspect of your life’s purpose. Consider seeing this number much like a changing of the guards.” Whereas 666 is the mark of the beast. Cancer did turn his life upside down, be he fought to upright it again 999 to the end.

  30. In TTOTC book, is there a hint towards hOB. Same question for ‘meek’ , same for ‘blaze’

  31. If someone does find the chest, do you want them to let everyone know immediately or let the chase go on for a bit? Also, would you want that person to keep your spot a secret so that it stays special?

      • “finding and not telling would be cruel.”

        Many hundreds of people have claimed they found the treasure chest already. If the chest is really found and someone says so, few people would believe it.

        • Have faith that Forrest would have taken it into consideration and that the “find” will be reported accurately no matter when it is found.

    • If a person wanted the chase to go on longer would it be possible to just take the bracelet without compromising the integrity of the seal.

  32. What is inside the large pottery bowl beneath the Silly buffalo head in the picture of you with your treasures on your website “Old Sante Fe Trading”?

  33. Going back to Jenny’s Mysterious Writings question from October 6th 2014…

    “Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden?” ~ Mike

    “No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.” f

    My question would be this:
    You use the word “she” in your answer… It reads as if you already know that the person who finds the treasure will be a female person… a “she”.
    Is this true?

      • Amen Desertphile!

        I thought it was obvious that Forrest was taking a poke at conventional thought with this statement.

        At the same time, he is well aware that people are eager to put his every word on trial and this sort of thing stirs the pot with minimal effort.

        The circus that followed the infamous “she” post on Jenny’s site was pure comedy!

        • Uh no, “they ” would be generic. She is definitely feminine.
          To get everyone talking he said she. 🙂

          • Hate to burst bubbles here… but She is my Wife and she’ll be very happy at the special item in the chest, That I will give her right after I get a new Pick-up !

          • We can just address desertphile as a “she” from here on out… I’m sure she won’t mind. 🙂 lol

          • The most logical thought would be that it is something that would be a one of a kind thing and nice to own but a she would love to own it and display it with pride . Something made for a she. Although some of you GUYS may like wearing she things LOL

          • I agree with you Woody Bogg… Seems most logical to me too.
            I understand why the guys don’t like hearing indications that a “she” may be the one to find the TC, but that’s how f’s answer comes across…That’s how it reads to me. Everyone thinks what they want, I guess. Maybe one of these days we’ll know for sure…

  34. ff: Why didn’t you just hide part of the total treasure? That way when/if it is ever found the lucky person could not just grab and go. That way you and the rest of the world would actually know when it has been recovered.

    • He did say:

      ” There is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.”

      I suspect that whatever it is (possibly the mythical IOU), it will allow him to know if someone finds the chest without actually having to check.

  35. How did you decide on the name for your publishing company. “One Horse Land and Cattle”? Or —- Why are the letters not Capitalized on your book cover titled “too far to walk”?

    • Or you could ask why just part of the stanza was used “too far to walk” and why not “not far but too far to walk”?

      • @Russ, just looking at it now, breaking it down, I come up with: “too far to walk” = to 6ft 3 walk. Hmmm, interesting… I don’t have that book, is there alot about his brother and sister in it? Maybe Donnie and Skippy? Somethings about the end?
        May be nothing, just found it curious…

      • Mirrored distances Russ…
        4.24 miles from a fixed point east of treasure and 2.42 miles from a fixed point west of treasure. Also matches 24 lines of poem. It’s called Fenn architecture.

  36. Hi dal. I’m not getting notes since like 7a. Can you ck please…or let me know if I need to do something! Thanks so much!

  37. Ok, I’d like to ask:
    The important possibility you spoke of previously; to your certain knowledge has it been analyzed correctly, and if so, by a man or woman and when?

    • Do you remember what date or around…that forrest said someone was within 200 or 500 feet? I think it was November 2013. Anyone? I have a question. Let me think how to word it.

      Lou Lee Bear

  38. Ok he probably wouldn’t answer this, and for most it wouldn’t be the perfect question, but it would help solidify my solve. I would simply ask: Forrest, does page 15 of TTOTC contain a hint as to the location of the chest?

    • jonny, page 15 could hold clues. I wish I knew when his awareness took its first few steps – I’m guessing shortly after his prognosis

  39. Forrest,

    1. Can you specifically describe a clue and its solution for some scenario that you are familiar with outside of the poem?

    2. Have you found a method for placing the treasure chest outside of Hilbert space such that one’s toe would not detect the object even when in proper position to stumble upon it?


    • Jdiggins, I keep seeing your gravatar picture and it reminds me somewhat of something I found at my blaze site at easter time. It was a circle of rocks about about two or three feet in diameter. The interior was filled with rocks and twigs and bark in a pattern. At the north part of the circle was a long straight stick with a small, smooth, bluish (I think) egg shaped stone on top of it. Then there were large stones one in the north, east, south, west parts of the circle. There were sticks in it shoved in the ground all over the circle so that they were standing up. Other smaller rocks and twigs and moss or lichen stuff scattered about. At the foot of one of the rocks were two twig crosses. There also were these little structures put end on end in the sourthern part of the circle forming like little half circles, these were made out of little sticks with pieces of bark laid over them, They looked like little stone henges. And lastly there was one burnt stick in the ground standing up in the northwestern part of the circle. I have tried and tried to find something on line to tell me what it is but to no avail. I keep seeing your gravatar and thinking maybe I will ask her if she knows what I’m talking about. You probably don’t as no one has been able to tell me but I thought I would ask. Unfortunately we did not take a picture of it because we were uncomfortable with it. We were very careful not to disturb it in anyway. It was right in the middle of the area we intended to camp at and so we decided to make camp a little further back in the direction we had come from.

      • Im sorry, im going to get into trouble aren’t I? That comment has nothing to do with the perfect question to Forrest.

        Forrest, could you tell me what the circle I described in the above comment is?

      • Hi cloudcover. It must have made quite the impression for you to be able to describe it so vividly. 🙂
        Hubby says maybe a witching circle. Me, perhaps a medicine wheel. Very interezting, I’m sure forrest will know. 🙂

        • It did make quite an impression on all of us that were there. It was so strange and out in the open for all to see. We looked at it for awhile. since we decided not to take a picture of it I wanted to be able to remember it well so that perhaps I could find something on the computer that might give me a clue of what it was or what it was for. We arrived there on Saturday the day before Easter and I think there was a lunar eclipse the night before.

  40. This “Perfect Question” has been just as entertaining as Forrest gets mail…

    I hope Tucker find the Trove, he at least can appreciated the bones Fenn has thrown.

  41. Question: If you answered one of the following questions, which one would provide the most useful information to a searcher:
    A) The state where the chest is located
    B) The meaning of wwwh
    C) A description of the “blaze”
    D) What “Brown” refers to

    OR , which one would provide the least helpful info.

    • I like your your question Raven!…I could see the word that is key fitting on your list too.

  42. HI Mr. F ,

    If I were to follow the 9 clues precisely in the poem , dose that mean Im messing with the poem?

  43. What is the “one important possibility related to the winning solve” that, to your uncertain knowledge, nobody has analyzed?

      • You’re probably right, but this was one step down from my other “perfect” question – where is the chest?

        Luckily Dal’s prompt didn’t solicit questions we thought Forrest would actually answer, but questions we deemed “perfect”.

        Alternatively, I could have inquired as to what the poem’s solution looks like. Something to which I’ve devoted much thought. Although, the odds of Forrest providing a useful answer to that question aren’t much improved.

        • 🙂 Yes, “Where is the chest?” was my initial thought also. Then I laughed at myself…
          We all know f’s response would be… “In the Rocky Mountains North of Santa Fe”…
          It’s very possible we are all spinning our wheels here in hopes of getting something useful, which we most likely will not. But hey, maybe we’ll get lucky!

      • It is and agree he may not try to answer it. But hey you never know.
        So here is my question.

        Mr. Fenn, Will you give the search community a usable clue?

          • Rudy,
            Not to start the Useless clue debate back up. But your correct … I feel he has given us Informative information, But he has stated that the “clues” from interviews, TV, etc. useless.

            So to clarify my question… as I tried to make it as short and direct as I could, Would fenn give all of us a clue that we can actually use to help in the solution.

            Maybe some thing to the effect, That all the clues are in one state… Or, Not all the clues are Places…Maybe, each sentence is one of the 9 clues… then again, is the first clue a place? or in the first stanza?

            To eliminate a state would be too big of a clue and mess up that pretty map in the TFTW book… but maybe he’ll give us a Useable clue, is my hope.

    • Something very similar to this has been answered. I just can’t remember exactly where it was.

  44. are you getting tired of the chase,people bothering you too much, by e-mail, said your not going to give out any more clues,is this still true.

  45. Has any searcher in their travels found something of yours that you thought was long forgotten?

  46. I would ask two questions

    1)did you follow the same path (when you hid the chest )which the poem is supposed to lead us or did you take your own short cut

    2) you said earlier “the clues did not exist when I was a kid ,but the places the clues point did”…does that mean some of the clues are man made structures ?because if they are natural they would be existing even when you were a kid.

    tintin treasure

    • yes!!!!! number 1 is what i thought too. “not far but too far to walk”. if he is at the point that is a very short walk from a car park it would be pointless giveing directions from there. my gut tells me that he is giving you directions from another start point that is “too far to walk” that tells me he is at a decent elevation and can see for miles.

    • #1 was asked and his answer was merely to read the poem and it will lead you to the treasure.
      #2 sounds like a good one though.

  47. How long will it be, in your estimation, before Indulgence is found? If it is too long and you cannot be found – what should the person(s) do with Indulgence?

  48. If he found a man made X made of stones in the mountains if he would dig it up?

  49. Hey Dal, Are you going to try and get Forrest to answer any of the questions?? Perhaps the treasure hunters should ask Forrest to do an interview with us?? You’re the best, Dal!

  50. We have enough clues (IMO), so I only want to know one thing; when are you going to finish Closet Stories of Taos?

  51. Photos of the chest include a key. He has said that the chest is unlocked. Does the key go with the chest and is it in the box?

    • Jeremy-
      Forrest already answered your question…years ago. The key to the chest is in the chest and the chest is unlocked. He didn’t want anyone taking tools to the chest to get it open…and that tells us some very important things about the likely location of the chest…in my opinion.

  52. Forrest and the number 1 question you should answer is Iron Wills . I’m all Ears 🙂 lol

    • aaah thanks 😛 I was just curious and figured that might be a question he could answer since its not a clue. And it give us insight into him a little bit.

  53. Lol it should have said , or I’m all Eyes
    It’s time for eye glasses 🙂

  54. Hello Mr. Fenn,

    I believe you mentioned to leave something, but could you elaborate on what you would like (to suggest) to the finder about what you hope they do with the proceeds or objects (trove)? Maybe it would be better to suggest what you would hope they did not do.


  55. Mr f,

    you have said that you were born 100 years too late. If you had been born in the 1830`s, what kind of Mountain Man would you have been…fur trapper, gold prospector, ect…?

  56. #1 Are there more than one blaze associated with the chest ? #2 Did you take before and after pics when you hid the chest? If so can we see them 🙂

  57. I would like to ask Forrest if he ever imagined the number of people he got involved to go out to the wonderful outdoors and live and breathe this fine earth. I also would like to thank him for helping all the sick and homebound people join in the quest from the comfort of their home by all the blogs and updates. Vaya con Dios.

  58. Forrest, thanks again for all of the fun!! 🙂

    You have repeatedly told us we must start at the “beginning”.

    Is this “beginning”, that you talk about where we must start,represented by a clue within the Poem?

  59. My question would be is it technically possible for someone to stumble upon the treasure by mistake? Like is it hidden well enough that even if you’re in the area you probably wouldn’t be able to find it unless you were specifically looking for it, or do you think that if somebody, by some coincidental chance, were to have found the spot that the treasure is hidden at, they could possibly stumble upon it without intentionally looking for it?

  60. Has anyone correctly identified the location of the chest, to within 7 feet, even if they did not get every clue perfectly correct?

    • professor,

      Any reason why you ask 7 feet? As, Forrest has already adressed a 12 foot question ( paraphrased, that anyone within 12 feet should be able to see IT).

      Changing topics, addressing the ‘blaze’ questions posted here – Forrest has made at least several comments on the ‘blaze’ on the Mysterious Writings site


      Question posted 5/28/2014:

      Is the Blaze one single object? ~ Scout Around

      In a word – Yes

      I have received a few hundred emails from searchers who are sure they know what the blaze is. Ideas range from a mark on a tree, a rock, a sign, a fire, the side of a bluff, a waterfall, a spot on the head of a horse, a rainbow, and even a live owl that flew away when it was approached.

      As a side note: with summer on the close horizon, searchers should review the rules about being safe in the mountains. f


      Question posted 6/26/2014:

      Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky

      Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f


      Question posted 6/24/2014:

      Did you really say the blaze is a white streak, as has been rumored? Thank you. ~Deb

      Thanks Deb,
      No, I did not say that. There is a lot of bad information floating around the blogs and many posts that are not well thought out. One person said (I’m paraphrasing) “He said the treasure is hidden in the trees. Then he contradicted himself and said it was in the sun. How could it be both.” Makes me wonder if that person has ever been in the forest.f


      Question posted 6/26/2014:

      Has anyone seen or mentioned the blaze to you? ~Stephanie

      Thanks Stephanie for the questions. I have read them several times very carefully. They appear subtle on the surface but they aren’t. A yes or no to either question would give too much away, so I’ll pass. Sorry, and I’m aware that some searchers will pick me apart for this answer.f


      There was also a question, and response, to the effect that the blaze would be difficult, but not impossible, to move. (sorry, I like to give exact quotes, but can’t find it)


      I guess that’s more than several, and there are several more that weren’t quoted.

      (FORP, by the way, is a little known acronym .. ” Fuel Oxidizer Reaction Products “)


      • Here’s the quote you were missing:

        “I had an enjoyably (sic) visit with Tom and his brother at the Downtown Subscription Coffee Shop in Santa Fe. They seemed like nice guys and avid treasure hunters. But there is confusion somewhere. While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.”

      • would “doo wood” do ? crazyfamily, lol

        colokid, thanks, either that’s the exact one i was looking for, or one very similar to it.

        good luck

      • Thanks astree, I’ve been amazed at how many of the questions people are asking have been asked and answered already. And how many of the “paraphrases” people are making are completely wrong. Obviously there are people making comments that haven’t done thirty minutes of research.

        Caution to newbies…..before you take anything written in any of the comments on this blog as fact I would recommend you verify what is said from the source. And even if the comment is completely accurate many have different opinions about the meaning of what he said. Context is important……

        If you don’t do the research you are only cheating yourself.

        • Goofy I do the research and then forget! A bit like getting up to go to a place and forgetting what you went for. So the chase will never end for me and I doubt I will find it. Oh well I’ll have fun.

  61. If you had traveled west with the Corps of Discovery, would you have been more like Merriweather Lewis or William Clark? Please explain why.

  62. Question for Forrest:

    You have chosen to not answer a number of questions; for example:
    Is the chest buried or not?
    Can you tell us anything about the home of Brown?
    What is the significance of the double omegas?
    How many people have seen the blaze, not knowing what it is?
    How do you know that the chest has not yet been found?
    …and others.

    My question is: What question (that you, once again, would not be able to answer) are you surprised that no one has asked?

    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  63. In TTOTC you said there are “other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories.” Is the “old iron fire escape” trick and “beginning to learn where the edges were” one of those subtle clues? If not could you point out one of those subtle clues or one of your stories that contain a subtle clue?

  64. This is very thought provoking, even though, as some have said, these are likely to go unanswered by forrest, nonetheless, thought provoking..

    So, for the perfect question, what would be the perfect answer?

    • Indeed, Jdiggins. That’s the best possible outcome, isn’t it? The perfect question deserves the perfect answer. What happens when the perfect question goes unanswered?

      I suppose it’s only a temporary problem allotted to mortal man. How will we learn if we don’t ask questions and experience the answers?

    • I agree, it has been interesting reading the comments on this post. Just my opinion; I’m not looking for any new information to be released. I think the marketing blitz by Fenn this year is not for the benefit of the old chasers but to grow a new crop of chasers. We are watching the second, maybe third “Grand Opening” of the chase……And it’s working as planned; Dal has a beefy server for a site like this and there have been several days we simply can’t handle the load.

      We’ve got a whole new bunch of obsessed searchers making mad dashes to the mountains to retrieve the chest. I’ve received several “I KNOW WHERE IT’S AT” emails lately. There’s no telling how many Dal and Fenn are getting.

      But who knows, maybe one of the newbies that has done zero research will throw his bedroll in the back of his truck and with nothing but the poem go straight to the chest.

    • Jdiggins,
      I believe Forrest already gave the perfect answer, to the question: Is “answer” correct or is “answers” correct, in the poem?
      I believe he said, “You choose.”
      “Have flashlight, will travel”

  65. If I had the chance to ask one question? It wouldn’t be about the treasure and it wouldn’t be about the chase. I would want to ask for wisdom for others –

    Mr. Fenn,

    It is clear from your books and interviews that you love the outdoors, adventure, family, and history. You are a veteran, a businessman, a writer, an activist, a leader and a philanthropist. If you had the chance to tell every teenager in America one thing about living life to the fullest – what would you tell them? How would you motivate them and lead them?

  66. 1. Would you consider Google Earth a “good enough” map without needing another.

    2. Is it possible to find and identify the home of Brown with Google Earth.

  67. Is WWWH the first clue?

    on second thought Forrest, you may not want to answer that as it could upset Michael Davis’ world

  68. If you were the captain of your own pirate ship, what would you name the ship?

  69. If someone found the treasure during your lifetime, and you later met them. What would you want to talk about?

      • charlie can you please elaborate a little more about your key word strategy?

        • @WiseOne, yup, line #9. “From there it’s no place for the meek.” = “F” (are) “o” m t (here, t in front) = tom it’s (no) “p” lace for the meek.
          = t om it’s lace for the meek.= t (omit) ” ‘s ” lace for the meek.
          = tlace for the meek. Now solve from right to left.=,
          keem eh “t” (are) “o” f “ec” (alternate)= keem e h of (see) “e”, = keem e h of e.
          Confused yet,:)…
          So, = kee me h of e. Or key me h of e. Alpha/numeric, h=2,e=3. So reads , key me 2 of 3. So, the 2nd. of 3 kids, with the story of he in the middle, and he wishing he could be in the middle again, I believe the key word is middle.
          Plus, alpha/numeric, m=3,i=3,d=1,l=1,e=3. middle could be = mi 11 13 or my 24. Right to left= eld 1 I m.
          There is back up info but I think you get the idea. I think, at the spot, the blaze is a rock, shaped like an “m”, the reflection of that rock in the water the “w”, or basically an 8 on it’s side. Infinity symbol.Looking down that rock, in the middle shows a tree that looks like a “Y”. And, in the middle of that tree, :).
          Also, Me in the middle= “me” (in) the= theme middle. Letter values results in “for mi 24”. Confusing, sorry Wise, just how I see it, solving the poem…:)

          • 🙂 charlie, you’re very generous to take the time to explain in such detail. I knew the word “middle” was important, but didn’t think of it to be the word that is “key”… I thought the key word is one that’s in the poem. “Middle” isn’t…
            Why do you think this place you describe would be so special to f?

          • @Wise, could be where he found his first arrowhead, or maybe a fight with Skippy, or an old fishing hole…Still working on that one. The place I have used to be known under a different name.Just thinking about when he said, a lot of the places didn’t exist when he was young or whatever. They may have existed but under a different name…
            Sorry Goof for off topic…

  70. Forrest, what are you ‘taking with you’ when you go? (referencing your Ralph Lauren comment)

  71. Forrest, did you get your water heater fixed in your rental house?

  72. Forrest, if Indulgence could talk and carry on a conversation with any living animal, which animal would is most likely more around Indulgence to have that conversation?

  73. Is the Blaze a double horse shoe of fluorescent rocks that glows under a UV light creating a rainbow bulls eye that I was 200′ away from ?

  74. Does the first clue tell you where to BEGIN with the next 4 clues giving you coordinates which leaves four more making you BEGIN at the coordinates and drive (it), “independent transportation” in the canyon down to the brown house that you pass by and park “it” before venturing out on foot with a UV flashlight and a Sand Witch…….?

  75. Forrest,
    1. Can each clue be found as an actual, single, physical location on a map of the four states (such as the map in TFTW)?

    2. Is there a more detailed “map” to be found in TFTW–not the pull out one? Would you define the pull out map as a “good map,” meaning an excellent resource for locating the treasure?

    3. When you were a little boy, were you the mischievous, fire-experimenting type, or the more thoughtful, solitary type?

    4. You seem like a night owl, being up past midnight a lot. Do you have a hard time sleeping because of all the thoughts still to be thunk? 🙂

    5. What is your precise definition of “treasure?” I know treasure is where you find it. I know your treasure is valuable. Are there any items in the chest you consider as treasure that most others wouldn’t?

    As always, thank you, Mister Forrest, my friend…

  76. “If you had the opportunity to have the correspondent ask Forrest your question…what would it be?”

    I already sent my question to the correspondent via email. It is a very personal question, but I hope Forrest answers it.

  77. I would like to know the distance from the first clue to the last clue. Obviously my opinion, but I think this would be a great clue that is still very broad but could definitely help justify our solves and probably eliminate quite a few.

  78. Dear Forrest, what did you mean by, “I must admit you leave me speechless.” ??

  79. Dear Forrest,
    Could you tell us how long some of the items in the chest had been in your possession before hiding the chest and a little more info? For example the jewels, have they been 30 years in possession and once owned by a Priest or Saint.
    Thank you.

  80. I admit I haven’t read all the questions, but how about this one? ” With over 40 National Parks in the search area, is the treasure chest hidden in a National Park?”

    • Not,
      Ask if it is “located” in a NP rather than “hidden”. He will equivocate about whether or not it is” hidden” as opposed to “secreted” and lead you to the ashtray. (Astray).

  81. Mr. Fenn, was the poem ever in a different format then what it presently in? For example was it just a story first, then translated into the current poem?

  82. Here is another one:

    “Forrest, thinking about this thrill of chase and nothing else, will you be proud in 4015?”

  83. Forrest I believe you made the statement ” It is out of my hands now or something close thereof. Would you please explain or give clarification on that particular statement and the meaning of said such statement. Thank you

    • @Hope – the poems title Forrest has given some journalists is…

      “Where the Treasure Lies”

  84. Aah here is one I’ve contemplated not putting up because someone is going to immediately springboard to correct me or answer it, when the correct answer has never been given by Forrest yet.

    Remember Forrest has never said what the most clues that closest searcher has solved is. He has only said two things…

    1- He knows of searchers who have correctly identified the first two clues

    2- Jennys Site “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”

    Now 2 is a misleading answer. Why? Forrest states in another Jenny site post, “nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.” Now that is a quote from him, that defines “solve” as the entire 9 clues of the poem and finding the chest.
    Therefore the year end summary simply states that no one has given him all 9 clues correctly, past the first two.

    With all that said…. here is my other PERFECT QUESTION, which I’ve thought long and hard about the wording….


    If there is one person, besides yourself, somewhere in the world that is the closest to the treasure, in terms of solving your poem and the 9 clue winning solution… Will you tell us how many of those nine clues in your poem, that the same one person has correctly identified?

    • Hello, Iron. I can see Forrest answering your well-worded question.

      …Will you tell us how many of those nine clues in your poem, that the same one person has correctly identified? – Iron Will

      Yes – f

      🙂 Perhaps the question isn’t worded very well after all. I apologize for putting words in Forrest’s mouth.

    • “Now that is a quote from him, that defines “solve” as the entire 9 clues of the poem and finding the chest.
      Therefore the year end summary simply states that no one has given him all 9 clues correctly, past the first two.” IW

      I can see how that type of rationale surfaces considering you have the potential to have been included in the “not have supplied more that two correct clues” – hardest part of this game is to admit when wrong and consciously decide to start over.

      The fact is, it is very clear no one has given him the the correct solution from clue 3 and beyond. No trick in that language. However it is possible to supply other percent information past the first two clues, i.e. the blaze.

      First one has to define what is close. Is it?:
      – Those who have traveled the closest to the treasure physically (and did not know they have have done so).
      – Those who have supplied the greatest number of clues.
      – Those who has identified the correct location within a couple hundred feet but supplied no supporting sequence of clues to identify and confirm.
      – Those who has signalled knowledge of a key or specific information that indicates the poem is close to being understood.

      I don’t believe the closest person to solving the poem or identifying the treasure location (that Mr. Fenn is aware of), can be assessed by the number of clues supplied. It is my belief, the person clever enough to be the closest will not supply clues to FF to confirm but would rather convey that information via alternative means, thus defining the closest person is subjective on the depth of knowledge and understanding of the poem, not number of confirmed clues.
      The Wolf

      • wolf,does everyone know what the first two clues are but me,i thought it was begin it where warm waters halt.can you tell me anything or not.thanks

        • No I don’t thinks anyone is certain, even the one who solves it, might not know. For instance, the first two clues are likely – “Begin it where warm waters halt” and “take it in the canyon down.”

          But the first clue could be -” with my treasures bold” translating to Montana the Treasure State and the second could be “begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down.”

          Both follow contiguous order and it is not much difference if you are looking in Montana.

          Bigger difference if looking in Colorado.

          • thanks,wolf.I noticed in the book too far to walk ,chapter 5,with the picture of skippy drinking water from the old pump where the family of 5 stayed. the house that says moms house ,is not the same house where skippy is. what do you think of that?

  85. Where are Cowboy and VGBoss? Or
    Mister Fenn Mister Fenn
    Where and when, Where and when?

    Paraphrasing -Forrest said he wished he was still in the middle. Well I agree I will miss my sister dearly. We had so many things left unfinished!

  86. The interview is happening tomorrow so I am closing this thread to further comments. It will be interesting to see if any of these questions get asked or if they do get asked, whether or not they appear in the story.

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