Scrapbook One Hundred Forty One…


MAYΒ 2015


Today Forrest got this in the mail. Pretty cool!!!

Last summer the motel occupancy rate in Santa Fe was up 10% over the previous summer and no one knows why, except maybe the Chamber of Commerce, and the stores that sell metal detectors.

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  1. I think it’s beautiful. Forrest u have inspired so many God Bless You πŸ˜‰

  2. Well heck that’s pretty neat! 100% of proceeds from TTOTC to local businesses. Why not go all the way erect a statue in local park and have thrill of the chase day ever Friday 29. I thank u mr fenn for sending them all to Sana fe

  3. Every day is Thrill of the Chase Day! Good things have come from the chase, directly and indirectly, obviously and also subtly. Congrats, Mr. Fenn.

  4. Congratulations Forrest! It would be fun to be there for the celebration. There is going to be a celebration isn’t there? Maybe a parade, fireworks or something right? πŸ™‚ seriously though, you’ve done a lot for the city, and the state, so this is a well deserved award!

    • But to paraphrase Forrest and “twist it a little” -> it doesn’t matter where the treasure is, it matters where they think it is’. πŸ™‚

  5. SWEET! See…I always knew the Treasure was in New Mexico…and this just proves it…with legal paperwork. Signed, sealed, delivered…it’s yours. πŸ™‚ Congratulations, Sir Forrest Fenn. You deserve it.

  6. That’s awesome! Guess we know where and when the next years Fenn gathering should be. πŸ˜‰

  7. Pretty Cool!!! Guess this means I will be paying more for a hotel room this summer!!!

    Fred Y.

  8. A great surprise to wake up to this morning. Well deserved, for sure. I was unaware of the “100% of the proceeds to local businesses and charities”.

  9. That’s awesome Forrest!!! I’m so happy for you!!! They should recognize you for this. I think there should be a party and parade and fireworks and the day should be every year; at least I will be celebrating every year. Congratulations!

  10. This is a great and well deserved honor. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend, as I hope to create another holiday! – Someone found the Treasure Chest day-
    Thanks for the chase, Forrest

  11. To the Honorable Forrest Fenn—
    Can I volunteer to be your driver if you’re made Grand Marshall of a parade?
    (Not that I know my way around those narrow streets in Santa Fe…)

  12. Neat-o, Deat-o. F is in tight focus on the KEY to the City of Santa Fe. Time for a Ticker Tape parade, strike up the band, and give that guy a lifetime supply of Grapette.

    Dal, would you consider a bumper sticker contest….I keep seeing these 27.2 marathon stickers, and I’m thinking of making my own Chase related sticker and having it printed up. Just for grins!

  13. WOW 😯 let me say that again W O W ! 😯 It takes a special kind of character to elicit such a commendation. I wish I were there to celebrate it.

  14. Whereas, May 29, 2015 will forever be … TTOTC Day ! I think I’m gonna have a BBQ to commemorate. Spectacular job Forrest.

  15. That’s wonderful! Congratulations, Forrest! It would be very appropriate if they offered free fishing licenses for the day.

  16. What an amazing contribution you have given to so many Forrest!
    The “Thrill” is alive and kicking. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations and thanks for all that you do.

  17. Congrats Forrest.

    My hope is that Santa Fe remains a interesting place to go.
    Hopefully the prosperity does not create a rush to ” improve ” things.
    I have lived in cities all of my life and they are dull and dead for the most part.
    The buildings of today have no voice, no character. But who would really expect clones too? History is our teacher, today is our opportunity and tomorrow is our vision.

  18. Super Duper FF. Now’s the time to muster support for the purchase of the wonderful Masonic Temple (it’s for sale) for FF’s museum and treasure display. It is the perfect place for Santa Fe to anchor an incredible phenomenon! Pictures to follow. TOTC aficionados could be museum volenteers and there would then be a Fenn Central for the world to visit.

    • Interesting, Radcrad. What a cool Forrest Fenn/Thrill of the Chase museum that would be! Might I add Forrest Fenn Museum AND Art Gallery? The building has to pay for itself somehow, right? Hmmm… Asking price 6.9 MILLION? Let’s see…counting the coppers…carry the one…(tears falling)…nope…not in the cards today.

  19. Congratulations Forrest. This is certainly a befitting honor.
    I’m guessing that a humble war veteran may be embarrassed by all the fuss. Especially one who admired his older brother’s understatement.

  20. I thought it seemed more crowded around here…. ‘-)

    Well deserved, Forrest. Congrats and thanks.

  21. Congratulations. Well deserved honor– when will the other states and NP’s show their appreciation to the increased traffic there??.
    Up 10% from the year before. How much increase from before TTOTC was released, that’s the real number that I want to know. 50-200% maybe?

  22. Very nice.
    I was disappointed, however, when I was in Santa Fe last month, to find that the Old West Trading Post was no longer there. i did enjoy walking around downtown, however.

  23. Congratulations Forrest. Wow! You deserve this honor. This only adds to the contentment that you have already found. You have given pleasure to many. I believe you have done what you have set out to do. Thank you for “The Thrill of the Chase.” And thank you Dal for all you have done.

    Enjoy! Have a happy day!

  24. Congratulations Forrest.

    Thank you for the Thrill and all you have done for so many people.

  25. Love you Forrest! Do you have a key to the City? I would Love to celebrate with you. Best wishes always

    Lou Lee Belle, from Whoville

  26. That is so great, Forrest!! Please let us know if there is going to be a celebration somewhere. I’d love to attend and honor you! Take care! elizabeth

  27. One more congratulations Forrest. I was hoping they would recognize your contributions. Hope you enjoy your day! πŸ™‚

    Radcrad, thats a great idea.I would like to see the old building.My FIL joined it way back when.

  28. That is a really nice gesture! Guess I was one of those visitors. Forrest, you should be very proud to be recognized like this. Congrats!

  29. Dang it! I’ve been celebrating all wrong. The celebrating of TTOTC day has been taking place every day for the last two and a half years by myself, personally. Do we have to narrow it down to a specific day?
    Congratulations, f.

  30. I just found out that the Mayor of Santa Fe will be presenting the proclamation to Forrest tomorrow at Collected Works at 3pm. Hopefully a few local treasure hunters will read this and be there. I hope to be there myself as long as I can find someone else to pick up my kids. 3pm is right in the middle of my shuttle! If I am there, I will post photos.

  31. Tomorrow, May 27th at Collected Works Bookshop in Santa Fe, Mayor Javier Gonzales of that fair town, will be recognizing Forrest with the official proclamation of “Thrill of the Chase Day” in Santa Fe. It happens at there if you can…Looking forward to photos and a description of the event from someone…

    BTW: The actual Thrill of the Chase Day is Friday, May 29th in the sleepy little pueblo of Santa Fe.

  32. Hi from WI Forrest,

    We’ve been working on the clues for only a few weeks, but unbeknownst to me, my 12yr old daughter Googled you and then called you last week as part of her final school project for the year. She had to do 30 pages of interesting facts/people from any state and chose New Mexico. She was more than thrilled to speak with you and your wife was very gracious. Thank you!

    Now she insists we travel to Santa Fe to meet you!

    The clues from TTOTC are intriguing and I’ve been entranced ever since I heard about The Chase. To me, you have offered multiple clues for each place. My solve is now complete and travel plans await. Here’s one for you;

    β€œForrest’s fight won, he surpassed FAW
    The man who sought Santa Fe,
    But lost his liberty to a minor K9
    Don’t let this get in your way”


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