Cynthia’s Fennboree Report…

SUBMITTED may 2015


Fennboree 2015

01 panaramic sky (800x275) This was my first Fennboree…many great discussions took place, old friendships were renewed, new ones were made, new Fenners were found, and each day ended with folks sitting around the campfire, still talking about Forrest’s poem and our various solutions…

I was going to write a lot of verbiage about the event, but I believe the pictures tell the story…

The Camp
My group consisted of myself, my partner Michelle, our best friend of 30 years Thomas D. from Pennsylvania,  and Frank Abel from Phoenix. We arrived Thursday to secure a group site, which ultimately held our pop-up camper, and three tents, plus the kitchen / dining room, and group fire pit.

02 group site (800x533)

03 group site 2 (800x533)

04 group site 3 (800x533)

Here the documentarians from North Carolina  Matt and Deborah are trying to pitch their tent before it rains.

05 kitchen (800x530)

Michelle and Thomas D. preparing one of their delicious meals in the kitchen…

The People

06 michael sandy tim matt (800x533)

Michael who is fairly new to the chase, Sandy and Tim Dunbar, and documentary-maker Matt.

07 slurbs and frank (800x533)

Reuben (Slurbs on the blog) and Frank Abel

08 slurbs frank cindy (800x533)

Frank Abel, Slurbs, and Cynthia… Those are remote control battery powered candles in the center of the table… Frank liked having mood-lighting with his bottles of wine.

09 david tom frank (800x533)

David (Desertphile), Thomas D., and Frank Abel conversing after breakfast

10 frank abel (800x533)

Frank feeling happy despite all the rain and his bad back due to sleeping on a tiny inflated “mattress” in the back of his jeep… Frank’s secret to life and happiness… a lot of wine! All in fun, Frank, you were a joy to spend a few days with.

11 group discussion (800x533)

Desertphile at picnic table, Tim Nobody, Thomas D., new Fenner Michael, and the back of Bajaau.12 fenn shrine (800x533)David eventually made it to the camp Saturday after struggling with his muddy ranch road …he set up his Shrine for Forrest .

13 david interview at shrine (800x533)

Documentary-makers Matt and Deborah interviewing David…

14 hollywood with david (800x533)

Another group arrived from Hollywood to interview a few searchers, too. We dubbed these three young film-makers “The Hollywood Kids”… (from left to right: Clay, Carin, and Toby)

15 happy hour (800x533)

After their work was done, I called for a “Happy Hour”, and served frozen margaritas to those who were thirsty for a frozen beverage despite the rain… I think I may have truly impressed the youngsters a bit when I pulled out my generator and blender… (Toby, Clay, me Cynthia)

There were a few other Fenners who popped in and out of the group site who I don’t have photos of: Floyd and Floyd (I think his son) and Betsy the mother of Ty who was helping the Hollywood group.

16 rainbow all (800x533)

It rained every day, and one of those storms produced this beautiful rainbow.

The Scenery
This year’s event was held at the Rio Chama Campground in the beautiful Rio Chama Canyon…12 miles back a narrow, winding dirt road (where Forrest created the line “From there it’s no place for the meek”). Pulling a camper on this road during a holiday weekend in the rain going home was something I hope to never experience again. But, thank goodness, all of us made it out of the canyon in one piece…

17 scenery 1 (800x533)

19 scenery 3 (800x533)

18 scenery 2 (800x533)

20 scenery 4 (800x533)

Christ in the Desert Monastery
21 monastery (800x533)22 monastery interior (800x533) The Dog

Molly our Weimaraner participated in some of the discussions…she believes the treasure chest is buried and often digs to find it when she searches with me. (Her older sister Emma who you may have met in other search stories of mine unfortunately passed away last month…we miss her enormously.)

23 molly in chair (2) (800x530)

24 molly resting (800x533)

What a great bunch of folks gathered together for this year’s Fennboree…

I have to give a special thanks to Tim Dunbar who walked over to our site Sunday morning in the rain to deliver us a plate of hot, homemade cinnamon buns that he had baked in his camp oven…wow, really delicious!

A special thanks to Slurbs who returned to our site Sunday morning in the rain with his wife Andrea and son Stephen in tow, and a box of fresh Dunkin Donuts. Just because I’d eaten those cinnamon buns doesn’t mean I passed on the donuts…the chocolate iced Boston cream filled was awesome!

And a special thanks to newish-Fenner Michael who walked all the way over to our campsite from his site by the river to help us take down our camper, tent, canopy, etc  in the rain…you are a true team-player and exemplify my idea of a Marine. I’m happy to call you a friend, as well as fellow Fenner,  Fennaholic, Chaser…

To all you wonderful people, good luck with your searches…be safe.

My party and I had a fantastic time and are looking forward to next year’s Fennboree…


PS.  I’d like to apologize here to anyone especially Slurbs (Reuben) if I misspelled your name.

Oh, one last photo of two of the most intrepid, tenacious, and relentless searchers in New Mexico…all you other searchers who believe Fenn’s treasure chest is hidden in New Mexico, you better get on it asap…David and I put our minds together and analyzed and dissected and pondered and cogitated Fenn’s poem… and still disagree where it’s hidden! LOL…

25 david and cindy (800x533)

The End…


49 thoughts on “Cynthia’s Fennboree Report…

  1. When I went up there Saturday all I found werre empty tents and parked cars. It looked like I had arrived after the apacolypse or rapture. Wandering around the empty remains of civilisation. So I went to the end of the road to the Monastery and made a raid on the gift shop. Afterwards I went out to the Ghost Ranch and found it populated with a great crowd. I was relieved that I wasn’t alone in a post apacolyptic dystopia. Nope, it was the same old remnant of civilisation as before.

  2. I will be happy to read Cynthias post. With all the rain we have been having, I am sure of only one thing. It was wet. 🙂

    • An award well deserved indeed. Nice group of people and this one odd ball. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. Correction; looking forward to Cynthia’s Fennboree report, I saw a 1/2 other searchers at the award ceremony. It was fun.

  4. Love all your great pictures Cynthia!!! Looks like everyone had a really great time despite the weather 🙂 Really cool how everyone helped each other out… I hope to get to next yeàrs. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Excellent post Cindy! We truly did have a great time. The weather just added to the stories to be told. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and fellow treasure hunter!
    Thanks for the write up.


  6. Cynthia – thank you for the full Fennboree report with pictures. Now that’s my kind of fun! I will have to try to attend one year in the future with my Jetboil device.

    Sorry to hear about Emma, maybe she can tell Molly where to find the treasure now that she has found her way back home to the stars.

  7. Great story with he pix! Thanks so much! I’m so sad to have missed it, but as it turns out I may be headed to Texas this week to bring our daughter a car, then head back through Santa Fe…Never been there as an adult.
    We’ll see. On another note, I have gathered a crew of five for our next search somewhere around July 4th. So Excited the kids are coming! 🙂

    • JDiggins where are you headed in Texas and in what state are you looking in around Independence Day?

      • Hi Carolyn!
        Our daughter is in Arlington. But as I research, it’s a lengthy and costly trip for us vs just flying her here to drive it herself…still debating.
        And what state will I be searching in? A calmer one than last. 😉

  8. Thanks for the pics and post Cynthia. Sounds like a lot of fun! Were the documentary folks getting material for a specific project?

    • Raven, yes there were two separate groups of filmographers who interviewed several searchers for the documentaries they are making. Both parties also seemed to film some of the campsite group discussions around the campfire…it was sort of hard to tell when the cameras were rolling. Each individual had to sign a release in order for them to use any footage with you in it.

  9. The canyon, mesa’s, and river were even more beautiful than can be discribed or photographed. It’s just one of those places were you must be there to believe it. The road in is something that I will avoid in the future.

  10. Thank you Cynthia for the effort. Sorry about your dog, they are a wonderful part of our familes. Seems there were more videographers than searchers this year? 🙂

    Who knew this year would be so wet? Such an oddity! 🙂

  11. Thank you for the details Cynthia. I missed it and wished that I could have gone, but my daughter was graduating. I loved the Indian Paintbrushes and very sorry about the loss of Emma. Hope there is another Fennborree so I can have the possibility of attending.

  12. Dang! I wish I could’ve been there! Just to relax with like-minded people. 😛

  13. Beautiful country…beautiful people. Wish I was there. Hope to make the next one if timing permits. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Looks like a wonderful time yall had. Great write up and pictures
    I knew I should have went 🙂

  15. Iron

    Forrest says they will go to it with a SMILE on their face 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. I wish I could have been there…but after seeing the muddy road I’m happy that I didn’t have to drive on it. I hate mud…but I think that mud hates me more…so we’re even! 🙂 It’s looks like it was fun, anyway…and a lot closer to the Treasure than here in Utah…or Nevada.

    Life is short…eat desert first. 🙂

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