Santa Fe Proclamation….

MAY 2015


Santa Fe Mayor’s Proclamation to Forrest

As most of you heard, the Mayor of Santa Fe proclaimed Friday, May 29th to be “The Thrill of the Chase” Day in Santa Fe. He and the city officially recognized Forrest for his contributions to their community through his philanthropic endeavors and increased tourism due to The Thrill of the Chase. The formal presentation of this Proclamation took place Wednesday afternoon, May 27th, at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.  I was fortunate to be able to attend…here are a few pictures from the event…

01 collected works bookstore (800x533) (2)

02 the stage (800x533)

03 the proclamation(800x533) (18)

A few searchers showed up for the event…it was like a mini-Fennboree as we huddled in groups and discussed Fenn’s poem and our ideas as we waited for Forrest and the mayor to arrive…

Here are Lana, Bajaau, and Radcrad (Roger) with new-searcher-from-Chicago Karen in the background

04 Lana,baja,radcrad (800x533)

Below photo: Bajaau, Lowi, Lana, and Radcrad … (Lowi told us her search area…I needn’t worry!)

05 lowi group (800x533)

Below photo:  Local Santa Fean Elizabeth and her son Josh…Elizabeth also took pictures which I hope she will share with Dal to post…

06 elizabeth and josh (800x533)

Below photo:  New to the search, Karen and her son Garrett who arrived from the Chicago area to spend a few days searching for the treasure…they were refreshing and fun to talk to…so much enthusiasm …and they confirmed a few of my previous search areas that the treasure chest is NOT there…or is it and we missed finding it? Hmmm…

07 karen and garrett (800x533)

Below photo: The man and woman talking to Forrest are CBS News Senior Correspondent Barry Peterson and his wife Mary Nell who are in town for the CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood segment that is currently being filmed at Forrest’s home. I asked when it would air and the fellow said probably in a couple weeks…look for it on your TV next month. (Is FF drinking milk?)

08 CBS and ff (800x533)

Forrest was kind enough to pose with most of us searchers/fans individually for pictures…he’s such a rock star…

09 ff and cynthia (800x533)

Below picture: Forrest and Bajaau … I believe ff just told Bajaau where the chest is hidden…Bajaau’s gesture  reads “I don’t think so because I’ve already looked there…”

10 ff and bajaau(800x533)

Below picture: Radcrad (Roger) shaking hands with Forrest after ff told him “something”…

11 ff and radcrad (800x533)

The Mayor of Santa Fe finally arrived and greeted Forrest near the stage…I believe that’s ff’s granddaughter Noah in the background  holding ff’s great-grandchild (different mom, the little girl would be Noah’s niece.)

12 ff and mayor greeting (800x533)

Below picture: The mayor is handing his TTOTC book to Forrest to sign while someone hands him a drink…may be water, may be vodka.

13 major handed drink (800x533)

Below picture: Peggy (ff’s wife who secretly whispered to me she wishes I would find the treasure so this fiasco would end!), Zoe ff’s oldest daughter holding the little one, Noah ff’s granddaughter and daughter of Zoe, the mayor Javier Gonzales, and the back of ff’s head.  (Holy moly, I need ff’s family tree to figure out all these people…hopefully I got it right…not sure, though.)

14 mayor and family (800x533)

Below picture: Mayor Javier Gonzales smiling as he watches ff sign his book…he thinks just because he’s mayor, ff will give him a clue…

15 signing 1 (800x533)

Mayor Gonzales squinting to see what that circle, omega looking drawing is above the inscription……holy moly, I think ff drew a picture of where the treasure chest is hidden…and it looks like my primary search area…not to worry, though, as the mayor probably doesn’t have time to go look…but I do!

16 signing close (800x533)

Below picture:  The mayor conducting the official ceremony with Forrest standing at his side to accept the Proclamation

17 mayor speaking (800x533)

Below:  Forrest and Mayor Javier Gonzales exchanging a handshake after the mayor’s speech

18 handshake (800x533)

Below:  Forrest speaking… thanking the mayor and the city for their recognition.

19 ff speaking (800x533)

Below:  The official ceremony comes to a close…Forrest is whispering to the mayor (facing away from us searchers so we can’t read his lips) … hmmm, did ff just give him another clue?

20 almost over (800x533)

Below:  The ceremony is over… Forrest is holding his Proclamation…both guys are really smiling…Forrest is happy because he can go sit down or go home now…the Mayor is smiling because he thinks ff gave him some clues today…

21 the end (800x533)

I hope this little document and pictures help bring some of you along as yesterday’s event took place…it was a wonderful ceremony to attend in person, and I am fortunate to live close enough to attend such happenings…my intent was to both inform and entertain you. My words are “in my opinion”…whatever  words Forrest exchanged between individual searchers and the mayor are between them, although I like to speculate and stir the pot, so to speak…

To Forrest and Dal: Thanks for informing us of this event…I feel privileged to have been able to attend …



36 thoughts on “Santa Fe Proclamation….

  1. Excellent job Cindy!
    How I wish I could have been there with you and the other searchers.
    I guess I had to leave town one day to soon.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Nice to see people having such a goodtime with Forrest. Best part is; Forrest always seems to have the best time of all. He’s a people person for sure.
    Thank-you for sharing this event 🙂

  3. Thanks Cynthia, great story. I would like to have been there too. Did you get close up FF’s signature in the mayor’s book??? LOL Nice of you to share.

    • Yes…I’ll spill the beans. I believe it is a fancy T for the word “To” almost touching the fancy J for “Javier”…no clue after all.

  4. Good job, Cindy, almost like being there.
    Knowing what I think I know of Mr. Fenn’s far sightedness, ‘There’ is never far enough. I expect they will be renaming a park or airport or something down the road when the TC is found. Wouldn’t be surprised if Forrest is making a bronze box on a stone pedestal for it now. History is always looking forward.
    Thanks for being at this ‘there’ with your camera for all of us back in ‘not there’.

  5. Thanks Cynthia for taking us along to enjoy the event through your eyes. Congrats again Forrest!

    • That probably should read “I like a man who wears a crease in his jeans.” 🙂

  6. Cynthia: very funny “report” and great pics! Really appreciate you for giving us a peak at this lovely tribute to Forrest. Thanks!

  7. Thanks Cynthia for taking the time to chronicle this very cool event. That’s why I come to Dal’s site, to see the latest news from Forrest. The city of Santa Fe is fortunate to have a man like Forrest in their corner. Viva Forrest Fenn!!! Thanks for making this available Dal…

    • 🙂 Me too! Mark J. I bet…Forrest is real busy with all the media. Im sure she would like things to quiet down. However it would not be over too quick, if the treasure was found…Lots more media than!

      Lou Lee Bear

  8. The Found Object Contest will be closing at 6pm Santa Fe time on Monday. If you have not entered and want to…now is the time..
    You can see the rules, prizes and the 65 entries we have so far at the top of this page, under the header photo, right side, hover your mouse over “Found Object Contest”.

  9. Thank you Cynthia. I was hoping someone would do this for the ones not able to be there. Nice photos and write up. Looks like everyone had fun, especially forrest. 🙂

  10. Great story, Cynthia. I was going to write to Forrest to tell him how awesome you were with keeping me I formed about the book I ordered, but it’s easier to just tell you! Thank you for all you did to accommodate my request!

    • Mindy, I am not the same Cynthia who works at the book store that helped you with your order. I’m just a no-body searcher who lives in Rio Rancho which is close to Santa Fe. However, since I was at the book store this morning gathering some info for Jamie, I did speak to the Cynthia I think you referred to, and I thanked her on your behalf…told her you were Mindy and she remembered.

  11. Forrest looks to be in fine shape health wise. Thanks for the pics Cynthia!

  12. I’m so glad to see these pictures,you were very lucky to be there.but I hurt in my heart tho ,because to me mr. forrest looks so tired .God forbid, if he goes before me,a part of my heart will be will heal with time,but scars last a life one can read my mind or know how I feel in my heart about mr. forrest but God. may god bless you and ms. peggy always mr.forrest.looks like you got a great family a great grand dad.and plus you got a whole big family out here.take care all you searchers in the chase.

  13. Congratulations, Forrest! You deserve it. I still think there should be a Forrest Fenn Day in addition to The Thrill of the Chase Day. Perhaps the next mayor will do that to outshine the one before. 🙂

  14. Congratulations Forrest! Cindy, great story and photos! It’s nice to see Peggy enjoying the event with the family!

  15. I like the picture of His Honor ‘de Mayor when the glass is offered to him. Reminds me of Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou. Like he swore that stuff off – this morning.
    Awesome job Cynthia… Thanks!

  16. Just now able to get back to reading about my favorite group. Wish I could have been there with y’all at the ceremony, but thank you very much Cynthia for providing the pictures and the commentary was informative and funny and yeah, I got it, it’s your opinions. It is almost like being there. Congratulations Forrest! Love y’all!

  17. Cynthia, thank you again for the nicely written piece and candid photos of the event. Everyone is looking sharp and ready for summertime chase dreams. Congradulations to Forrest for having an official day named in Santa Fe!

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