Our First Few Trips…

SUBMITTED may 2015


I look forward to getting back in the mountains when the weather clears, hoping me and the boys will find a few treasures of our own . A few weeks ago we found a spot not even looking for F at the time, just on a drive sight seeing.  And, well we found a cool spot to re visit as a place for our family to re mind us of a peace and recovery from the recent years of harshness upon my family.

Our first few trips, ( Not well documented, due to me forgetting the camera ); were through New Mexico. We visited Eagles Nest Lake on a full moon covered in a thin stream of pure pearl clouds, a sight my eyes had never embraced before. Taos was a small, but quite unique place. painted in the color of modern artists and packed with an easel full of history’s paint brushes; a place for an adventure and understanding. From there we went to a location I felt was the “Spot” …
Well , I missed my mark by a half a mile and realized even though this looks great and I swore it matched the “Poem”, I was dead wrong. Caught in the gauntlet of my own indecision of the poem and caught by F officially!  .. Boy he ties a great fly!
Since, we have continued to look for clues and of course a new adventure. That’s how we came upon this little place snuggled in a wall of rock. If you blinked you passed it. I barley noticed a small water fall twinkling  in the peaking sun light…
“WOW , Heather did you see that “?
“Yea”, she said . “Wanna Stop”, I asked? “Yep “, she said.
We turned around and parked tight to the canyon wall so cars wouldn’t hit our car and we started looking around. I found under a huge boulder, next to a water fall covered in flowers, an Indian arrow head… It was just lying there. I couldn’t believe it , Heather looked at me and smiled. We looked right around the corner of this massive boulder, and a crack appeared right in the middle of it. Of course we went in .
The slop was steep but manageable and we hurried up a rock that was slanted in position as if it knew we were coming. I pulled my little beautiful wife up. We looked and were amazed ! There in front of us was a staircase waterfall that trickled down for miles in a canyon with huge rocks that dictated which direction the stream would flow before splashing down to the next. Little platforms of green grass were  covered in flowers next to, and at the bottom of these water falls. We could not believe our eye’s.
See Heather and I are from Florida. We moved out here, for the simple reason, Forrest Fenn has shown our family a place where dreams of children are made. A place we long forgot in the maze of our lives and the harshness of life’s realities. But the First picture is the very first Blaze our Family has ever found and is the most important thing to us. I think the picture speaks will speak for it’s self. Along with the smiles we found as a family, wild high mountain mushrooms, and the artifacts, every one of us found a little treasure. And we were there as a family to experience it. WOW!
IMG_3817So the Chase goes on , and even though you hooked me once , maybe two more times won’t be so bad.
We attached some pictures our adventures.


Thanks For the Adventures!

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  1. Now that is a great story! You discovered treasure you never would have known was there. Thank you for sharing with us all. 🙂

  2. Good story…do you and your family now reside in New Mexico? Best of luck in your searches…

  3. What a very nice adventure.
    Love the pictures 🙂
    See aren’t u proud Forrest got u out in the mountains 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Yea I am Amy , ya know . Another cool thing happen earlier that day. See my Dad was a adopted American Indian , mixed with some German . Well that morning I was on 66 kinda heading toward Estes Park through Lyons Colorado, and I noticed a man hitch hiking . Heather didn’t want to pick him up. But, something told me to . Funny the guy we picked up was a American Indian , and the Grandson of a Hopi Chief. Well , my dad was a hopi. So , I just wanted to share that. What a day we had that day.

    • It does sound a good, likely spot thus far….
      I’d like to apply some logic to see how it fits my solve…that said, how did it mesh with your solve mike…assuming you want to divulge
      And ps..where’s the pics of this picturesque waterfall? ;p

      • I sent a few to Dal, so He posted my confusion the best he could , I assuming. But, If Dal would, I will send some more of the area. I did send a lot of photos to him and F.
        But , I will get some more pictures of the Arrow heads, knife points, and pottery we found. I could not believe that we found all the stuff we did. Awesome to say the least.

        How dose that area fit to my solve.

        Well , If I were to read the poem to the area , it dose not look bad at all , the area fits! But only one aspect that I know doesn’t fit , and that is the flood that was in the area the last couple of years ago. It devastated the country side heading into the mountains from the front range.
        So , in my opinion of that area , it’s not there. If F would have placed the chest here or in the area of Lyons, then it would have wasted away with that flood , considering some entire homes were swept away by that flood .
        That Dose not mean he didn’t put it up in the higher country.

        As far as another fact , the alt. of Lyons is considered to be at the level where “Warm waters halt”
        And this is in a canyon down , where the current runs against you . ” No Paddle up your creek” Heavy Loads and water High” Water fall
        The end ever drawing nigh could be the walk up hill , where heavy loads and water high would also make sense. I did find a blaze , but not sure if was F . When I did see It I did terry scant, I was thinking at the time , Is this F , Could we have just stumbled on it by accident.
        This blaze in this beautiful place , could it be. We walked up and noticed a few trees were blazed , especially one that lead to what looked like a cave , which I did’t mention , but Ill post the pictures if Dal will do it. A stacked stone wall leads to it , it’s not hard to see , but .. ,. We walked up there and it was empty.
        As far as the first 3 stanza , this place could match , but I didn’t find anything there yet. We have gone back a few times now, and we have only tracked about half of the area. Mountain Lyons are a issue in the area , so it is definitely no place for the weak. And could be accessed by F if he was a little younger.

        This place is my absolute favorite .
        Could it be part of the poem . It’s possible. Subjectively
        I don’t have anything that links this place to F or the stories in his books. But what the area dose have that keeps my interest is the history of the US calvary and the Indians . Estes park is kinda a cut off for certain kinds of Pinyon Pine, and Lyons is the Double Gate way to The Rocky Mountain National Forrest. Lyons with it’s bronze statues , and the entrance into Estes from there is Awning.

        So to answer your question . Yes I feel this area could be a match . The reasons That I feel that way now is due to the amount of physical land marks that I won’t mention at the moment . You can’t find them on Google Earth. One other story about the area , No I won’t say how I got the story , But Denver area has a lot of history of wood , as well as mining . The Indian History of the UtE and older ancient Indians came up the Divide all the way to Lake Mary . They made this migration every year , to trade and fish and Dance . I believe the area is called the great circle if my memory serves me right. The more i think about it the more I wanna go back and check out that area.

        I will say though there is a place in New Mexico that really needs my attention .

        See , I have a different look at the poem now sense being on the trail , it sets you into a new light so to say. Based on a theory that is rooted in only one word with in the poem , that would be a unlocked word if this find is valid. I’m not quite sure yet, but the word unlocked spells a name . That name , well I can say this F knows this word well. And If this is the blaze this new theory , It makes perfect sense , with the gasp of are you kidding me.
        With that said , all my other theories in the past will have to wait for now , even Lyons. This road leads 2 ways and I find it intresting , only because one way is mentioned in Too Far To Walk. In the Susan Summers Story . No I will Not Share the word on the blog. But, I have with F. And No he did not comment back. But , in the regards of how I found it , that I will clue all of you in on.

        ” As I Have …………”Gone Alone In There ”
        To have is to possess something physical. In your grasp.
        You will have to figure out what I’m saying here .

        Last word . Even If this solve is in the right direction , doesn’t mean the chest is on a silver platter . I think you will have to work a bit harder then that . He worked his whole life for his collection . He dang sure is not just gonna hand it out.

        Good luck sorry for the rambling and some of the miss informed logic. But, If you all find it , We won’t have anything to do …. LOL Have fun and Good Luck!

    • Take 7 lyons to 66 , when the road splits make a left , follow it to the end and make another left. From there Don’t blink or you will pass it.
      Mind you , you have to go around that boulder or you won’t see the water fall. Cool place thought .

  4. What a treat finding that waterfall must have been. Makes me wonder about all of the wonderful places we miss when we scurry down the road…. Thanks for sharing your finds with us. Wishing you and your family and all of the other chasers many more.

    • Thank you Jenny . And I will never stop looking. For the chest that is.

    • =) Thanks . I think that is what he was thinking . I hope he knows how much that really meant to us. And how much he means to us as well.

  5. that sounds a lot like our first trip in 2013 but with less searching. its great to go places and see things. great story

  6. was you in Colorado,as the gorilla head,as I call it ,looks familiar.so glad you had a magical time with your family.those are memories you’ll never forget.

    • Yes we were in Colorado in those photos. And yea I kinda thought it was a bear.

    • Ant time , we have been trying to get back out this week , but the weather was not allowing it.

  7. Where’s the photo of the arrowhead? You were near my Dad’s favorite fishing hole!

    • Sorry I sent the photos to dal separate, but If you go to my Google Plus page , you can see all the pieces we found. We found three total , 2 knife points and some pottery shards. My Gplus is Michael Dantuono. Any one is more then welcome to see them there , but I will ask Dal to post them here also .

      • Mike-
        I just placed the three rock pics you sent at the bottom of the page. Sorry for the delay everyone.

        • No worries , I have some Ill send you any way , One with a huge piece of gold in it. That was found in Arizona. But, Honest it was my fault not sending them in order , sorry all. It was my fault.

          Dal , thanks for posting this . That was very nice . We just got back form that spot just to make sure it was not there… LOL . Notta. Shame what a place.

  8. “..a place where dreams of children are made. A place we long forgot in the maze of our lives and the harshness of life’s realities..”

    Now that’s a great line…

  9. that’s a really great story Mike! I’m glad you found that waterfall, how beautiful! isn’t life just absolutely wonderful and Forrest is awesome for showing more of it to us, even though for some of us it was in front of us there’s still more to be seen and every trip is an adventure and well worth it!

    • Some times you just need some one to point it out, and for us to have the patience to listen . F has touched my family hearts . I can’t even understand how it happened . But , as one human to another , I’m truly grateful for that.

  10. Great story Mike and beautiful family! My favorite picture was the first one of your first blaze. It was truly beautiful; just like I was there looking at it. Thank you. You are very blessed to find those objects. I can’t wait to find my own treasure like those on my trip in July. Be safe and send more stories and pics!

    • Will Do Carolyn . We were truly blessed in that for sure. And thank you for your comments. We also hope you find your treasures out there . Good luck in July . Let us know and take lots of pictures …

  11. Hey, hey….I keep looking at your rock Blaze and I see a side view of an aging Yogi bear wearing a backpack and an aviator hat peering to the right –perhaps looking for Bo Bo. That would have had me looking around all right!

    • Funny stuff.. lol , No the blaze was the photo of the sun and 4 or 5 stick figures walking on a grr line “grass” to a blue line “water”
      Looked like it was painted by a child.

      Cool place , careful there if you go , Mountain Lyons are present and don’t think they are not, We found a week old or so kill , and it looked like cubs had been eating at it, we started back down the mountain and saw fresh prints. I knew they were fresh , water from the mark was present . Meaning it was tracking us the whole time. Wow! Freaked us out a bit.

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