Dal – Almost Live from MT/WY…


June 2015


Around Yellowstone for the next few day. Decided to add this post so Goofy doesn’t nuke me for being off topic 🙂

I’ll keep you aware of how often I do not find the chest.

BTW: When I was in Tacoma visiting the middle school treasure hunt club, they had created a cardboard mimic of the chest in it’s exact dimensions. Then they measured off 200feet and put it down on the floor of a long school hallway in front of me.

Yikes!! I could barely, barely see it. If I had not known it was there I would have never noticed…and that was in a lit hallway on a flat floor.

If that chest is 200ft or more from me, outside in the sage and bentgrass…I’ll never see it. Just saying…It will take some scouting around.

Thanks for making that clear Treasure Hunt Club.. 🙂

Travel to Montana Pics


Stopped at Mission State Park east of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. This is the oldest standing building in Idaho. Built in 1850..The west is very young. It was a Jusuit mission. Attempting to convince the Coeur d’ Alene Indians to take up farming instead of weapons..

Looks like this on the inside. Idaho's oldest building is only 55 years older than my house.

Looks like this on the inside. It’s a National Historic Structure.


Also stopped here. Montana Valley Bookstore..over 100,000 used and out of print books…my kinda place…They were closed!!



My new paddleless stream complete with snorting Bison and a steaming geyser.

My new paddleless stream complete with snorting Bison and a steaming geyser.

It's spring in the caldera. Lupine and buckwheat.

It’s spring in the caldera. Lupine and buckwheat.



A shooting-star

A shooting-star

The new cache. Some verified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..or and a miniature book... Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I'll post it.. But I'm having trouble finding a spot to hide it. The old spot was the best but the Park didn't like a cache in their park.

The new cache. Some petrified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal, several fetishes and a miniature book…
Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the cache and I’ll post it..
But I’m having trouble finding a spot to hide it. The old spot was the best but the Park didn’t like a cache there so they took it..


I have to find a place to hide the cache today. Unfortunately I don’t think I can find a place in town. I may have to try a spot out in the Gallatin NF. Town is good because folks can look for it in the evening after dinner..a fun diversion..

Maybe I’ll put it back in the same area..different spot and chance loosing it again..
Just so more people will look..
Maybe I can convince someone to take it home at the end of summer and put it back out for the summer..

Meeting up with Austin today for a late lunch and dinner tonight with a film crew..
Filming Friday and Saturday..

IMG_9960 I saw a moose today. I didn’t know they were pink! I don’t know what’s going on here exactly but it looks kind of nefarious. Poor Moose may be going to dinner with the bears. I shouldn’t speculate. Maybe the Moose agreed to ride on the hood.

I found a great spot for the cache today..more on that in a bit..

Had lunch with Austin and his wonderful family. What really nice folks!!!

I would have said that even if they hadn’t bought my lunch!! Honest!!

I had dinner with Dustin from CBS News. Nice guy. Tough job getting all the logistics together for a story that spans the Rocky Mountains. Takes a special temperament, the patience of Job, the flexibility of a Ukraine gymnast and the logistical skill of supply sergeant.


Last night the broadband was so slow that I could not collect my mail or get on the blog. So I couldn’t post anything.

I met with the CBS crew at Madison Junction this morning along with our Park Service escort but Dustin had some bad news. The crew got called off the shoot and were now leaving for Billings for a “hard” news story. So we will try to meet up again tomorrow and carry-on.

That gives me some time today to post the directions to the new hidden catch in West Yellowstone. I’ll do that in a bit.

In the mean time, Ramona sent me this. It was posted on a Facebook page. I believe Iron Will is going to be out here next week..Maybe others too. If you’re interested..that’s a good show..Might be fun to be involved. I will not be here then.

My name is Jennifer, I am an associate producer for the Travel Channel original series EXPEDITION UNKNOWN. The show is hosted by Josh Gates who is a life adventurer with a degree in archeology. The show follows Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries around the world. 
Our team is preparing to film a story on Fenn’s Treasure very soon. We are trying to locate someone who believes that Fenn’s Treasure could potentially be hidden in MT, WY, or Yellowstone. If… you or anyone you know would be interested in participating in our program please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience at jen.sheeran@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Thank you, 

I will put this up on Nine Clues too..

I spent the day searching outside the park in two places I wanted to check out a creek I can’t paddle. Here is Whits Lake. It drains…when it drains…down into Hebgen Lake via a seasonal..and nameless creek..

There were some interesting developments in the neighborhood of this lake. I plan to return tomorrow for a better look/see.

Pretty, clear and COLD!

Wits Lake

Whits Lake

The wildflowers were boisterous today. Bitterroot, Balsamroot, Sunflower, Bistort, Larkspur, Violets, Fairy Slippers, Wild Geranium, Glacier Lily and more that I can’t name..


This is my last day to search. I am taking the CBS crew to Whits Lake to help me search. They better not find it before me!!!! Fog this morning. Griz reported in the area yesterday.

The lake is fed by snowmelt. The actual size of the lake depends on the amount of snow..So, it’s large in the spring and dwindles down a great deal during the summer. It’s actual outlet only works when the lake is high. The rest of the time it evaporates..and disappears into the ground…I guess..but it gets smaller all summer long…

Back from the search and shoot at Whits Lake. Photos below:

About 10am on the road up to the trailhead. We run into a party riding the trail, just for the fun of it. Reminded me of Forrest and Donnie riding around here and imagining Lewis and Clark.

About 10am on the road up to the trailhead. We run into a party riding the trail, just for the fun of it. Reminded me of Forrest and Donnie riding around here and imagining Lewis and Clark. Fog is hovering above.

Whits Lake. Could be Dal down at the edge..or wait...maybe that's Sasquatch!

Whits Lake. Could be Dal down at the edge..or wait…maybe that’s Sasquatch!

Mike getting the shot most people forget. This is the lake's intake. A very pleasant little stream cascading down into the lake and making a very pleasant and soothing sound as it comes down from above.

Mike getting the shot most people forget. This is the lake’s intake. A very pleasant little, crystal clear stream cascading down into the lake and making a very soothing sound on its way.

Barry Petersen, CBS Senior Correspondent getting ready to ask me something I don't know the answer to.

Barry Petersen, CBS Senior Correspondent getting ready to ask me something I don’t know the answer to.

Mike shooting while Dustin the Producer looks on. At least I know that I didn't simply miss the chest. I had lots of eyes helping me look.

Mike shooting while Dustin the Producer looks on. At least I know that I didn’t simply miss the chest. I had lots of eyes helping me look.

When the story airs I think they should add into the credits, the following line:

No Holes Were Dug in the Making of This Story.

By the way, the rangers over at the Gallatin Ranger Station were very helpful and very nice to all of us.

By the more way..I hear that Ranger Tim Reid of “we dislike treasure hunters” fame has left Yellowstone National Park and is now top dog over at Devil’s Tower. So be careful if you go out there. Tell them you are a serial murderer, or a bank robber…but don’t tell them you are a treasure hunter when you visit Devil’s Tower…just saying!

Empty hands today. No chest found. Another checkbox checked and I move on to the next place the nine clues lead me…

This search is finished. I will be heading out again later in the summer. A good time was had by all. I am certain Dustin will let me know when CBS plans to air the segment.




240 thoughts on “Dal – Almost Live from MT/WY…

  1. In West Yellowstone now..cruising over to my WWWH in a few minutes to make sure it’s still there.

    • Hi Dal, Retired pirates send you greetings. Some years ago, when Mr. Fenn had many fewer correspondents, he responded to an email of mine concerning warm waters, jokingly asking how it was that my idea actually involved waters halting (my idea then did not involve halting waters but rather the latitude where waters changed temperature). I have since always looked for an actual stopping of water (consider, for example, a natural spring-fed lake). Just a thought, intrepid traveler! Happy trails!

      • Hi Stephan-
        Have you cruised through America in that land yacht you were building?

        That’s what I like about my WWWH…Two…count em…TWO rivers that are geyser fed and quite warm come to a complete and dead stop at Madison Junction in YNP..
        I just don’t see how there can be a better WWWH than this place 🙂

        • Dal, When you find that chest, I’m going to throw you a big party in my land yacht, the construction of which shall be finished fairly soon. I’ll send pictures! Good luck in your searches!

          • Dal, if two warm rivers come together, wouldn’t that make one large warm river? Wouldn’t warm waters halt be where the water got really deep and cold, like a lake? just saying…

          • Danny-
            There you go being logical again..what are we going to do with logic??
            I understand your point..but my validation is different..
            If a river stops..it halts…right in it’s tracks…
            The Firehole and the Gibbon…both stop..
            The USGS says so..These two rivers are warm and they halt..
            A new river begins here..yes..it is also warm..
            But the clue does not read..Begin it where warm water halts and cold starts..
            If it did..this would not work..
            I simply have not found a better match..
            Springs don’t work for me..
            The continental divide does not work for me.
            Glaciers don’t work for me..
            I keep an open mind to something new and better but have not run across it yet..
            For me..this is just the kind of “trick” question that Forrest would like to use..
            Not difficult if you have the poem and a good map..
            It’s in Forrest’s hangout..
            It’s in a place he has visited hundreds of times during his summers out here..
            It’s unique as far as I can tell..

            If someone has a better idea I am willing to learn..

          • I like your thoughts Dal. They are different than mine, but just as valid until someone finds it.

          • Okay Stephan…
            Take your time..I am not feeling particularly on the verge of finding it today.. 🙂

          • Spallies-
            I think the moose exhibit is in for maintenance again 🙂
            Skunked again..so far…no bears, no moose..no skunks..

          • Dal, I believe you are on the verge of finding it! Of course I define “it” in this instance in more philosophical terms! And I tend to see Danny’s point: those two streams don’t physically halt, imo, they just cease existing as streams. “Waters” is defined as a singular body of water, or a collection of bodies of water: So if we are looking for a singular body of water which actually is in motion and then halts, I still say we are looking for a natural spring-fed lake (no dams are associated with these!) Good luck, and I enjoy your writings and commentary, as always!

        • Dal

          I will tell u on Sunday where warm waters halt 🙂 🙂 🙂

          You will not believe the imagination that I have 🙂

          I leave tomorrow to travel 🙂

        • No question Dal, you have the right wwh. The people that disagree, don’t understand it. Fine all you doubters, go chasing your own wwh, but there is deeper meaning here… also an emotional connection… and an ff

          • I believe in your location where those three meet, but have you ever considered it’s the Grand Prismatic by the Firehole where it halts? It’s no longer a warm river, but a hot pool.

          • Peacemaker-
            I have not..but the Grand Prismatic is on the side of the Firehole in my opinion. But lets say you are correct..
            The Firehole River is on both sides of the Grand Prismatic..so at best the Firehole comes in and then goes out…so that halting thing seems pretty iffy..
            and there is no canyon below it on the Firehole til you get to Firehole Canyon..about 8 miles away..
            Then the junction is right after the canyon and falls…so the clues don’t really work if we go in that direction..
            If we decide to go upstream on the Firehole..but south on the map..where do you find a canyon down??

          • Go down in elevation. Prisim of colors being his rainbow we are looking for.

          • One thing to consider is that some of the geysers on the Fitehole River have multiple Geysers coming out of it, that could be consider in a sense multiple waters that halt into a river.

            Maybe in the story of river bathing it’s not the river but more of looking for a geyser pool for a starting point.

          • Grand Prisim is a rainbow. He made HOT tea with colors. It makes it different then the other geysers. He uses terms as in father and Great that lead me to the use of Grand. It’s also not small which fits a term in the poem.

          • Would it be too far an if… should the “canyon” be smaller than thought? Just as one definition of creek, being narrow.
            The Canyon is just vertical side with a lower level…in it’s simplest definition.

            Maybe the two… canyon and creek work in combination to understand the landscape your at….Anyways its just a thought, as I am not familiar with the area.

            It may also explain why some got the first two clues correct and went / walk past the other seven, as in looking for a Larger typical Canyon and not the definition.

          • Peacemaker, and others, have you ever considered that Forrest’s rainbow might not be what most people think rainbow’s are?

        • Dal, Madison Junction was the very first spot to get me excited when I first came across this story in Mar 2013 (where the Old Fountain Trail and the previous Freight Road are). The folk song, “Madison Brown” had me sure that the river was Home of Brown. We went there that Spring and followed the river all the way to the old town of Riverside, and beyond, poking in interesting spots along the way…saw more bison than you can shake a stick at (really…don’t shake a stick at them…you could set them off). I’ve decided that area is just a little too public, though, and started looking elsewhere in the general area. Have been back there now 4 times. Took the wife, daughter, son-in-law, and 5 grandkids with me this summer and saw more rattlesnakes than buffalo, but had a good time nonetheless. Still no chest (yet…)

      • Strangely enough (or not so much really), and to my great regret, I was going to make my first attempt in the chase to search that same area this week. I cancelled my plans after reading the weather forecast for Yellowstone. I would be coming from Mission Viejo Ca. so a 14 hour drive followed by thunder storms and camping in the rain made me change my mind and wait for a dryer day. But if I had known that Dal would be there, I now wish that I had gone!

        I will have to add that to my tally of things I’ve screwed up.

        • Glan-
          Not to rub it in..but the weather is great. The thunderstorms passed through on Tuesday. Wed and Thurs have been wonderful. Cool..good sleeping weather..not much in the way of bugs and the wildflowers are out..But they will be around for a while yet.
          Today it’s warmer..Maybe 80..I don’t have a weather report with me..

          • Thanks for the reply Dal. Of course it is nice weather and maybe 80. It is absolutely uncanny how things work for me. smh.
            Good luck to you Dal. Cast your gaze on something marvelous!

          • Dal you just never know. In a flash you could have an epiphany. Please just get this thing and end it. I for one just want to know which warm waters he’s talking about.

      • The one thing my daughter and I saw lots of were small streams that would go underground and pop up further down the road or trail.

    • Dal , good luck . I truly hope you find it. =)

      Thank you treasure club! Great Job!

      • Only Forrest Fenn has permission from those magnificent beasts to walk among them.

        Let’s not act like tourists and get gored.

    • Dal have you considered the possibility of thermodynamics as having to do with halt? Couldn’t it be possible that Forrest was referring to laws of nature and here all of us are running around looking for a warm river or hot spring. Just a thought.

      From: Wiki
      The four laws of thermodynamics define fundamental physical quantities (temperature, energy, and entropy) that characterize thermodynamic systems. The laws describe how these quantities behave under various circumstances, and forbid certain phenomena (such as perpetual motion).

      • Sa-
        Only the law as it applies to energy. The two rivers halt there..literally as well as figuratively once they enter the pond/lake at Madison Junction. The energy of those two flowing rivers halt in that pool. At the other end of that pool the water crests a rise and a new river begins.

        So yes..I have but only energy..not heat and I doubt entropy..although I am not certain how to apply entropy.

          • Jeff-
            I have not revealed my entire solution for this specific place. But by and large I will say that there are many possible branches after WWWH. The possibilities increase exponentially at each clue…right up to the blaze….and it takes a great deal of time and a vast number of expeditions to explore all of them. So far I have been working from this one WWWH for three years and explored up through my 5th clue. I have yet to find a suitable blaze.

            That’s not to say someone else might easily be able to select the correct solution right off the bat. But for me it’s all a matter of simply following each possibility to it’s rightful conclusion and then trying the next one. So far, I don’t believe I have found the right recipe.

            Ordinarily I can explore one or two places in a day. But with a film crew or press folks I spend two or more days in one spot because of the distraction of interviews and lunch and other things great for promoting the greater search but not as good for my personal search.

            But it’s all fun and I enjoy it no matter if it is by myself or with the press.

          • Dal,
            You are right on. I’m telling ya, though. Look for the red letters…

            I’m so glad that after so many searches, you’re still having fun.

            You have the best chance out of all of us to find it, because you are having fun. 🙂

            Red letters, and seams. Check every seam…

          • Mindy-
            Do you mean red letters and seams in the book?
            Forrest told me I only needed the poem..so I try not to get too hung-up on things from the book like red letters, rainbows, tea and frogs..I try to let the poem be my Jiminy Cricket.

          • Dal,

            I mean the red letters in the poem. There are nine of them. They tell you what to drop…or touch…I admit, I don’t know which yet…

  2. Also going to make a new geocache to find..just for searchers. I’ll publish it’s secret squirrel location after I hide it…not buried… 🙂

      • Awesome!!!!!!! Thanks Dal!
        I have some pottery can put in it. If I may be so honored.

      • And me some Florida beach…:)

        Diggin! Are you in the Montana camp, now? I have switched mine to Wyoming…and maybe still Montana…

    • dal i tried talking about how hard the TC will be to see. that why we were planning to some testing of place a box in brush. i think anyone who is a nature watcher or better still a birder will do better in the field. you might be able to borrow this from a library it call Sibley’s Birding Basics. it teaches birders to see what not easily seen. it help people see thing differently.

  3. Looks like it will be nice weather most of the month here in June. We will be searching come July 2 up my creek in Montana.

    Have a g

    • Man, I wished I lived closer…

      I need to ask my boss for a raise. Taking myself and two kids across the country is going to be expensive…
      But worth it.

      • Ditto that, Mindy!
        Funny thing, I grew up in, and some of my fondest and most cherished memories are in the state I search. Having had a lifelong desire to return, I now have 12 times in the past year! I am hoping to move there soon. Thanks so much Forrest, more than you can ever imagine! 🙂

  4. That is a neat idea that the class did.

    Good luck Dal. When you are ready to check my spot, let me know. ( I won’t be holding my breath)


  5. Thanks for the report, Dal!
    That was brainy what those students did. 🙂

    If you solve more than two clues, then you will likely be closer than 200′.
    I would be content if you were to find the TC.
    HAND (Have A Nice Day!)

  6. I think it’s time we chip in for a GoPro (waterproof of course) for Dal. Live from anywhere is good.

  7. HA! Good move buddy…….I think this is a great idea; now we can talk about your trip all we want; no wood needed.

    I tried the same experiment at my son in law’s ranch. Relatively flat ground not much growth, only I used a 40 lb. bar bell. It’s about the same size only it is shiny silver. It was still almost impossible to find laying right out in the open. Once I found it that 40 lb. bar bell got cumbersome fast and it is made to get a grip on.

    This led me to believe without being wise and finding the blaze it will basically be impossible to find.

    • I was traveling for business last year, and when I checked my tool bag, it weighed in at exactly 42lbs. After carrying it around several job sites I realized that 42lbs is heavy.

    • I too have done a similar experiment and concur with your findings and the young chasers at the treasure hunt club. It raises some questions for me, namely, whether the blaze is something large or expansive such as a huge rock, mountain, field of flowers, etc. or something small such as a writing or pictograph on a rock, tree, etc. If small, then the blaze for me wouldn’t be any easier to find than the chest and if the chest is directly below (down) from the blaze and not buried, then it is probably as easily found as the blaze. I’m leaning toward the former and not the later in part due to the statement from Forrest re: the possible but unlikely potential to remove the blaze (my interpretation) and the statement he made something in the line that if some one was within 10 or 12 feet of the chest, they probably would now have it.

      • Raven my opinion now (at least for the next thirty minutes or thirty miles which ever comes first) is all the other clues get us to the spot. The blaze gets us to the chest. This leads me to believe the blaze is relatively small, not a mountain etc. It could be a large boulder or as small as a petroglyph. The size is not so much a factor as the focus of the blaze. It has to pinpoint or at least define a very small area to search. But apparently we need to acquire some wisdom to see the blaze……I don’t know if this can be done before hand or we have to be at the spot to understand.

        I’m leaning toward the blaze has to be found on location. But the wisdom may be acquired from research…..

        • I’m with y’all on this one Goofy and Raven. I think the blaze is like a petroglyph or mark on the opening of a cave or something to that effect, but the opening is hidden quite well.

  8. Forget vision Dal. Listen for the beat of the chest and the whoop of the dancing gold nuggets. Have fun and post photos. We love hearing about your adventures!

  9. F said “in a word – yes” when asked if you could find the blaze in the dark

  10. Looking forward to your search stories Dal! They are always so well written and pretty funny too. 😉

  11. I’m a lite-weight. I cut a 10″ x 10″ square of paper and made sure it fit in my (diaper bag) backpack.
    I can hardly handle a 40 lb. bag of softener salt or chicken feed. Well, actually I can’t anymore. So, I’d be making a couple of trips to the car, unless my best friend is with me.

  12. Hi Dal! So is this the “cats away party line”? Tee hee! JK Hope your having fun! Be safe, and try not to Google bars with girls in yoga pants, I hear you can get sidetracked!!!

  13. Good luck Dal!

    That snow looks cold. Its going to be one HOT summer in NM, if anyone is planning a trip. Go for earlier than summer or in the fall when it cools off again. 🙂

  14. Hi Dal
    Are you searching old spots or near but New spots? Let us know if you see others searching there too?

    Lou Lee

    • Lou-
      Same region but branching out to new areas within that region as I try to locate the next clue. I am working my way through the clues. Right now I am using the same spot for clues 1-4. I am looking for a new clue 5..


    • When Dal is around it’s the girls that seem to go the most wild. Dal, you’re the video expert. While you’re out could you get some video of girls going wild for me, please? LOL! Are there wild packs of girls there in Yellowstone? My wife tells me that if there are then I’ll never see Yellowstone in my lifetime. 🙂

      And Good Luck to you, Sir…in finding the treasure…and girls going wild.

  16. Hi Folks, I’m hoping one of you astute individuals can set me straight on this mixup:

    Awhile back, Forrest released a clue on The Today Show, indicating that the chest was hidden above 5,000 ft and below 10,200 ft in elevation. At least, that’s my recollection. In a recent interview, however, he said the chest is less than 12,000 ft in elevation.

    Clearly 12,000 > 10,200, so his second statement is technically correct. I’m wondering why he is now saying 12,000 feet as the upper bound. Was 10,200 ft incorrect, or am I getting my numbers mixed up?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Extemp, I heard the same 12k elevation and believe it was a simple mistake since Forrest has been crystal clear on 10,200 feet numerous times in past interviews.

      IMO he hid TC below 10,200 feet to protect searchers from high alt. pulmonary hypertension. Every pilot and mountaineer would be aware of those risks which start around 10,200 ft elevation.


    • 🙂 Extemporizer

      I don’t know about setting you straight on this point.
      In another recent radio interview ff lowered the upper limit to Below 10,000 feet.

      ff has given a wide range of upper limits:
      Below 20,000 feet
      Below 15,000 feet
      Below 12,200 feet
      Below 10,200 feet
      Below 10,000 feet 5/18/2015

      ff has stated that he will not give clues to where the treasure chest is that are useful.
      ff definition of a clue is something that essential to locate chest, useful.
      ff definition of a hint is something that helps you with the clues, but in it self is not useful, as it not something that is essential.

      Even knowing the exact elevation of the chest according to ff definition of a clue, knowing it is not going to help you or LEAD you to the treasure chest X Spot, as this piece of info is not essential based on his clue structure.

      Thus, ff gives many comments on this aspect & they all can be correct, he is entertained by those trying to get a clue and this is a way where it is a win win result, he gives them a answer & they think it a clue, everybody goes home happy.

      Disclaimer in my opinion.

      🙂 The Golf C&CS
      🙂 Look for future different elevation comments by ff that are different than the above numbers.

  17. Weather looks great Dal – looking at that picture. We truly hope you find it Dal. Sherry and I were not able to go out in May, hopefully in late July for us. I think I’ve roped my brother in this time too.
    Best of Luck to you sir.

  18. i sorry Dal had a very hard long day.. please excuse me for not wishing you well and go luck on your search.

  19. Okay..No treasure chest today…but I did locate a beautiful little stream that I did not know about before..Was hoping it could be the creek I can’t paddle..
    I will post some pics. The area seemed like it might work..I would say I was within 200ft of a road but it was beautiful and no one was really there..except 50 buffalo who watched me with massive heads. They snorted at me but I stayed at least 200 ft away from them…maybe 100ft when there was a small lake between them and me..Do buffalo swim?
    I’ll post some pics above when I get them resized..
    Day one..no real progress..

    • Yes Dal, they do swim. We watched them doing so in the swollen rivers of spring at your WWWH two years ago. Just don’t treat the wild buffalo like they are tame petting zoo animals… but I think you already know that. 🙂

      My daughter and I met up with a big bull grazing about 25 feet off the trail we were biking on about two weeks ago down by Old Faithful; scared her pretty good, but he could have cared less we were there. There is something special about being out in the middle of nowhere watching a buffalo slowly moving about as it grazes on the grasses of spring.

    • Thanks Dal for sharing some excellent day one treasures with all. Looking forward to future pics, you are one talented fella.

    • Dal, Just remember that if you have to keep adjusting the zoom to keep them in the full frame they may be getting closer!!

      Good luck and keep safe.

      • NO-
        Thanks..I learned my lesson. I don’t plan on letting one of those things clean my clock. lol..

      • My dad and I were in the Black Hills years ago. We went down a fire road to get close to a herd. He was taking photos as the herd was moving to us. He did not realize it since he was looking through the lens, I was standing next to him going “dad, they are getting close, we should go”. By the time he lowered the camera, they were within 50′.

    • I get the 200 feet comment, but when did it become 200 feet from a road?

      It’s two trips in an afternoon from a road/parking spot…. We think…..

  20. Have a great time for me Dal and be safe! Love the stories and pics! Good luck!

  21. Hello everyone! My name is adi and I have been reading in this blog for while.some really great thoughts here and great minds as well.i did read the poem too, I did thing I had good idea .I just want to let u know my spot ,just in case someone comes up with same solve .my wwh was millners pass in Rocky Mountain Colorado continental devide line that where waters take it down to Grand Canyon .there is a beaver creek right next to millners pass ,that was my home of brown (name beaver if u look it up is believed to have come form name brown) .My blaze was a boot shape right where the beaver creek meets with Colorad oriver . I just checked it today and nothing was there .Dal great blog I just read u are out there, wish u luck . And good luck to all of u guys and stay safe.

    • Adi, thank you for sharing your search. I’m sorry you didn’t find it. Good luck next time.
      -G in the OC

    • Admir-
      You are going to have to save some money and try that place out for yourself..
      Have fun!!

  22. Dal,
    New to the site and TTOTC, but am totally engaged! It’s caused me to devote inordinate amounts of time and my 12yr old daughter even did a school report on New Mexico and it’s famous people – mentioning Forrest! While I was cutting the grass, my little expert googled Forrest and CALLED HIM! She said he answered and she got tongue tied! Forrest’s wife took the rest of the call and my daughter simply asked his age and date of birth! She was so excited after the call she was shaking and I had to sit with her awhile to calm her down. Now she says we HAVE TO go to New Mexico and meet Forrest! Ahhh, youth! It would be great to meet the man, but even more so after recovering the treasure…and I’ve got my solve. Might have to remortgage the house for the trip expenses, but if it pays off, the kids colleges are paid for. LOL!

    Best Wishes!


    • Mike-
      Ha!!..thats funny.
      Who among us has not had to hang up the phone in embarrassment when our intended actually answered..

      • Dal,

        I know the treasure will be claimed by the end of the summer…if it is not already found…


        • If Forrest checks out this blog, he will know what I mean:

          “Forrest’s fight won, he surpassed FAW
          The man who sought Santa Fe,
          But lost his liberty to a minor K9
          Don’t let this get in your way”


          • My daughter and I just returned from our first adventure in TTOTC. We drove from Wisconsin to Colorado and Utah and camped out for a few days before returning home. It was a great time and we were happy to fulfill Forrest’s wishes for young America to get outdoors!

  23. Great pictures Dal. Hope you are having a great time. Really enjoying the play by play chat while out in the field.

    Good luck and stay safe,
    Fred Y.

  24. I always enjoy your photos and stories Dal. In a way, I hope you don’t find it so you can continue sharing your adventures with us.

  25. Food for thought…if you were going to hide one million dollars for someone to find based on a poem and a book, would you take the chance that it could be found and the finder would never reveal it? Why take that chance? Or…would you hide a sealed jar with instructions on how the finder could cash in the find for “it’s appraised value?”. That way, whether ff is still here or not, the story about the poem and the location can then be released to satisfy the hearts and minds of the searchers.

    I believe that TTOTC is exactly that…the treasure is real but the treasure chest is not out there in the woods. Attorneys were involved and ff estate is involved. ff would not risk that some random Homer is going to walk off with the chest without the rest of us getting some satisfaction in the end…and I didn’t say that any attorney knows the location…just that they were involved.

    Now don’t start yelling at me…that’s just how I would handle it and I think the clues indicate that’s what will happen in the end…keep looking…just not for the chest…

    • tough-
      Forrest has said that the treasure is real and the clues take you to it. Not a piece of paper or a note..the chest full of treasure.

      • Dal

        Wishing u the best, although I believe its in Colorado 🙂 🙂
        Enjoy the beautiful weather I will have rain when I search 🙂

      • Dal…you just said two things…”the treasure is real” and “the chest full of treasure”. I believe that the treasure is real…it’s just not laying out in the brush waiting to be claimed…something else is…

        The words “treasure” and “trove” are separately used in the poem.

        “I give you title to the gold”…

        Father on the Banco…I could go on and on but I don’t want to give everything away. And anyhoo, I don’t know where to start yet…

        Again…ask yourself…if you were ff…would you want this to end with no closure? Really? Put this much time and effort in to hiding a treasure with the possibility that no one will ever get the answers to the poem and where the treasure was hidden? Think about it and stop parsing ever word from ff…you and me have read the book many times. There are various and sundry things in the book that are manufactured and only in the book to guide the treasure hunter or possibly mis-lead the masses.

        And if I find a chest instead of a sealed jar with a note inside, then I will publicly apologize…:) I can only hope to be so lucky…

        • Tough-
          Sometimes I say three things…sometimes I say nothing…

          So you are calling Forrest a liar?
          He said that the physical chest is out there..and the poem will lead you to it..
          What’s so hard about that?
          Didn’t you see Goofy’s reply??
          There is no need to constantly post misinformation on the blog..

    • toughshed, Fenn has answered your question. You should read through the site, you may be surprised at the information that is here……Research is your friend

      I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.


      • Goofy that depends on the definition of “is” you know who I’m talking about 🙂 anyways the treasure will be waiting for you … what treasure the mountains Sun River trees etc… 🙂

    • Forrest has publicly asked for who ever finds the chest to sell or give him the bracelet back. i believe most people that were given a poem to find a million dollar chest would at the very least mail him the bracelet back. He’s also said on an older interview that he’s not sure if he did or did not place an I.O.U in the chest for $100,000 to be cashed at his bank in santa fe, that way it is to much to not cash and once cashed he would know it was found.

  26. Toughshed, I have been bugging Forrest for years with ideas like that. He always replies , ” The chest is in the mountains north of Santa Fe.”

    If there was an idea about how those words can be interpreted, I probably said it to him. Now he knows I am nuts and never give up. LOL

    I am hoping to get out to the mountains soon. Hope springs eternal. 🙂

    Good luck to you!

  27. Since FF was interested in Indian artifacts, I would look where there was an Indian village near a lake. But that’s all I’m saying. I might go out and look my self 🙂

  28. The “blaze” is probably a live-feed game cam mounted to a tree above the chest.
    “Smile, you’re on fenn-did camera!”

  29. Dal, thanks for the great photos. I have traveled all over but never made it to that part of the country.
    It’s on my bucket list and I hope soon!


  30. Dal – you make a good point – that chest could be blending in with the setting ‘dithered’ so to speak. It Really is a hard pill to swallow knowing you could be the one but have no idea – I’m sure Diggin knows the feeling too. Best of luck out there, take lots of pics!

  31. I was surprised at how small the box looked at the 200 feet mark too! But the kids were pretty pleased with themselves for coming up with the idea as a club and acting on it. Short of getting out and finding it, it was a great way to get them involved with a meaningful piece of the puzzle. Adds great context to the search!

    Glad to read your travels are going well and you’ve reached WWWH. Great pics Dal!

    (This is, by the way, my very first post on your blog. Woohoo!)

    • prosser-
      Your kids are a great bunch!!
      I really, really enjoyed meeting them.
      The ice cream was good too!!!

      • Well Dal, looks like you and I will cross paths about 2 days too late. I’ll be where you are Monday. At least leave a grizzly or two alive for me to wrestle 😉

        • Iron-
          I left the new cache for you to find. You might be the first.
          I will put up instruction for finding it tomorrow..I hope. Connection here is very, very slow tonight so I can’t upload the pics yet but I hope to get that done.

    • Hi Prosser, that makes me think of page 15 in ttotc.
      Someone earlier pointed out something about fonts and typeface when speaking of Forest’s friend Eric., What I’m getting at, is maybe you need binoculars to see it, just like not seeing it in the hallway, what if you need 15x’s the zoom to see times new roman? The ‘new riches’ of the chest to you? Of course this is just Kym speculating in typeface lol 🙂

  32. Bullwinkle seems to be relaxing with the bear clan after a road trip. I would love to hear their conversation about how many people they saw today in the area…

    Love the pictures Dal. Thank you.

  33. HA! A pink moose……..several comments came to mind when I saw that; but if I post any of them I would have to nuke myself. 😆

    Gotta love that Willys……..The complete shop manual will fit in your back pocket.

    • A sign on that Jeep pointed out that it was a ’46 and didn’t burn any oil. It certainly was beautiful. Although I would have better appreciated USMC markings…
      The USMC shop manual was even smaller. It simply said:
      “In case engine stops running steal a new vehicle from the Army”.

  34. I have had a difficult time finding the precise location of Frenchy Meadow/ Grave, Silver Tip Ranch, and Slough Creek. So far as I can find it is between Gardiner and the North East entrance to YNP. None of the websites want to give directions. I am begining to wonder how I found out about it at all. I think I saw it on a map at the collected works bookstore…maybe. The GPS for the Silver Tip Ranch is Latitude. 45.0325°, Longitude. -110.1758°

    (look to the south in the park is Tower Falls. Remember that story of FF jumping off a high dive. Maybe it was a hint. Slough creek may be a heavy loads, water high reference.)

    I apologize for the previous misdirection.

  35. Dal, I’m curious about that lake. So are you saying that all of the water in the lake goes completely dry down into Hebgen? If so, do you have pictures of what it looks like without any water in it?

  36. Carolyn-
    I doubt that it goes completely dry. But it shrinks and shrinks during the summer. No pictures of it from a different season…sorry..

    • Thanks Dal! Maybe you will go at a different time. Good luck to you in your other spots.

  37. I am very fond on Slough Creek. Please beware there are many large Bears there in the upper meadows. Its one of the most highly populated area of Grizzly in the Park. Today should be awesome in YNP! Going again soon myself.

    Lou Lee Belle, from Whoville!

  38. Hello all you Fenners and Fennagian’s if I might call you that. There may be some other title you wish to call yourself. But me I titled myself a Fenner year 1. Chang F e Put a W i and that is where we want to be. My first trip out without giving to much away. Yes I said first trip, and back to the nest without a egg. Why well, I’m brave but not stupid. I see how the mind can play tricks on you to make the poem work for where ever you are. Then you start seeing things, things in the book just start to pop up around you, as if sent from Forrest himself. I now know the Thrill of going out with Tennie’s on the ground. What a joy to not want to leave. I must go home, go home I must , but why ? I know its here ! it has to be. Have fun out there I will read the rest of this joy of words within this containment. I am sure will be, surprise and delighted . . Dam cold is to life perplexing for my brave blood. I’m sore, I,m tired and I have The pictures to prove it. Some I can and can’t share, sound familiar Dal? I must know where it is. Have at least two people visited my spot? Make that four including me and Forrest The mind just goes on and on. Good times to all. J B

    • Sounds great JB! When are you going to post some details or photos of the trip?

      • I posted a few pics and the story on my blog at http://forrestfennsworld.com Boots on the ground. Dal do we just send you Pics Via Email how does that work. Any way I have not uploaded my best pics yet. There are some good ones, I could share here if you like. But I think my solve is twisted and wrong but it was fun just the same. Thanks Carolyn for asking. I really don’t know where it is yet. But I have joined the search officially. I wrote this just now for Dal’s Blog. I titled it.

        Just for the fun of it

        Have fun, I will, I will, I say.
        I will have fun, yes fun all day.
        Rain or shine that treasure is fine.
        Waiting for one to look behind.
        As cold it is, and in the wood.
        To find that treasure would be good.
        To all I say, it is where it was.
        The finder will find it just because.
        one knows the path that one must take.
        And believes in Forrest Fenn for heaven sake.
        So to all of you, I must say.
        I did have fun, yes fun all day.
        I left the treasure where it was.
        The story will not end just because.
        Its purpose in life, it must live on.
        The truth is, my solve was wrong.
        Have fun out there, but do be safe
        Its out of my hands I’m not in a grave
        To search and find, one must seek
        To find it tired and now I’m weak.
        Good times to all that carry on
        Go out there in life and right a wrong
        Be good, be true, this one must do
        That treasure is there waiting for you.
        Have fun, have fun, have fun all day
        Go out and play the Forrest Fenn way
        Time will not wait, for me or for you
        For one must believe, one know what is true
        So this I do end with words I must say
        Go out and have fun, yes have fun all day.

  39. Well Ranger Reid should fit in well with the bureaucratic Gestapo at Devil’s Tower. Government employees now view themselves as all powerful overloads instead of “public servants”.

    (FYI this is not me)

    It seems anyone taking photographs with anything other than a point and shoot or cell phone is classified as a commercial photographer and a permit is required. I’ve had run ins with several park service employees the last few years……It did not turn out well for them this time…..but it won’t be long before all our freedoms are gone at the rate we are going. The public is viewed as a herd that must be managed. Welcome to the feedlot.

    There are a few “good” people that work for the government but they are being forced out or silenced very quickly.

    Government rant over—Having said that there are some treasure hunters out there that don’t have the good sense God gave a rock and shouldn’t be allowed out in a backyard much less the wilderness. They really aren’t any smarter than feedlot cows.

    I feel better now.

  40. Gosh, I can’t tease you for not yet seeing a moose. I’m glad you finally got to see one. The pink fun on the antlers amazed me, too. In the early morning sun, they look REALLY pink!

    And I’m proud and jealous of your trip to the treasure hunting club at the kids school. That is something I would LOVE to do!

  41. Is there any reason that FF would leave a letter H blaze on a tree and then when you look down towards the water fall 200-500 feet away through a clearing in the wood you see a wooden teepee type of blaze where right at the start of the clearing on the ground there are three white stones in perfect line?

      • Jere-
        Anything is possible. It’s possible I could hit a homer out of Citi Field my first time up to bat…but incredibly unlikely. So it’s certainly possible that Forrest drove or rode but unlikely based on other information he has provided…in my opinion. Others may feel differently.

        • Decall, nothing personal, but if the 200′ guys knew what the blaze was, I think that they would be marveling at what is in the chest, just IMO.

          Since I made my trip I haven’t been reading every post in every link. Have you and the family gotten out lately?

          • “There are several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I don’t think they knew it, because they walked right on past the treasure chest. And I’m not gonna tell those people who they are because one of them particularly would faint, I know. She’d tear the countryside up trying to figure out where they’d been…”– (Moby Dickens Book Shop Signing / November 2, 2013)

  42. I just returned from searching Montana last week empty handed, but I did find the above described spot, but it was too far off the beaten path for a 79-80 year old with out a horse or four wheeler, but all the rest of the poem lined up, however, I didn’t go down and check it out because I was exhausted after climbing up a long trail and in deep snow! And now it’s eating at me!

    • So you got the clues to fit your location, took a hike that was long enough to exhaust you, found some markers that indicated a blaze which some would say indicates the $4M treasure is very nearby, AND DIDNT GO DOWN TO LOOK….

      Errr, ok….

      • I was trying to get to a higher up spot to search and thought that I could just check that spot on my way back down but didn’t make it all the way up to the higher spot due to cold wet exhaustion and dehydration from pushing myself up too hard in 2+ foot of snow for the last mile. Stopped and made a fire changed into dry clothes ate snow while cramping and made the life or death decision to hike back down or stay the night by the fire then storms started to develope overhead so I walked back down exhausted rather than giving up on life up there wet and in the cold. I made it back then vomited all my stream water fluids up then went to hospital and took 4 bags of iv fluids. Somehow I missed the spot on my way back down though!

          • It is no joke! So glad you guys are ok! I had a dehydrating adventure not too long ago, and I knew better! NEVER underestimate your need for fluids!!!
            Please, stay safe people!!!

          • And Mr. Fenn himself said all you needed was a sandwich and a flashlight…lol! How about 2 bottles of water per mile hiked plus more if hiking in snow plus snow shoes plus wet boot covers???

          • Well, we should have our own common sense to research our environment, weather, elements, etc…our own fault! Hopefully others will take heed!

  43. This hunt is gonna be the end of me because I can’t sleep and I can’t focus on anything real in my life because I’m so obsessed with this hunt!!! I wish some one would just pay me say what I make as a locomotive engineer to search for it plus expenses because I’m certain that I would find it very soon!

    • “I wish someone would just pay me what I make as a locomotive engineer to search for it plus expenses” lol… Please let me know if you figure that one out…:). Heck I travel pretty cheap so I might not even need expenses paid 🙂

    • So Jeremy you’re a locomotive engineer and can’t sleep or focus on anything in the real world……..

      Now that’s a scary thought……..

        • Jeremy, I know the feeling of being obsessed. I had to put boots on the ground to get back to a semi normal life. It’s hard to quit the chase when the chest is out there. There have been hundreds of people seriously working on this, most of them for several years, and still no one has found it.
          Don’t get your hopes up for anyone to pay you to hunt. I have seen couple of people trying crowdfunding projects. Not sure how they made out but you might give that a shot. Glad you made it back safe, and good luck.

    • They have meds for that! Good news as you get older you might not need them any more.

    • Jeremy, In the past 18 months I don’t recal any references to Forrest stating or saying anything about “H” being a blaze he used.

      However, We would all be interested to review any information or quoted references you have.
      H=8 numerically which is a very old symbol for infinity or owl eyes.

      • Wow! “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze” H = owl eyes / owl = wise
        Anna your a big help! I wonder if FF himself put in below the home of Brown to hide his trove or from somewhere else closer to the hide site? I guess what I’d really like to know is how close or far it is from below the home of Brown?

    • Jeremy, on a side note, the Forest Service blazes some trees (cut into the bark) with marks resembling lower case i. If Forrest wanted to utilize what was already in place along the trail – that could answer why people go right past the TC location. The most obvious is often overlooked.

      • What else is interesting about this is it’s scrapbook 23, there are 23 wood stumps in the end of the thrill of the chase. Plus line 23 of the poem is “if you are brave and in “the1-2-3” wood.

        • I like the way you think about the number 23.

          There are also 23 pairs of chromosomes in DNA.

          If you don’t already know about sacred geometry I suggest you delve into the idea. Start by Googling Nassim Haramein and sacred geometry.

      • Thank you very much for this Anna it will help me immensely in narrowing my search down because now all I have to do is follow my trail to where these type of trees are and if you look at the close up pic of the older F blaze its almost like he’s trying to hide the background but there is a sliver on each side that tells me that it is along the tree line of a meadow!

          • Mustang & Jeremy, and no back casting without a switch rod when in close proximity to the backyard fence or hill. I’m thinking the final blaze is FF art on a tree or rock, in a line (like illustration of dollar bill with bullet holes
            with treasure being/begin the middle. But you may have to chase away old coal ashes or sand to find the loot in a hole. Now I’m starting to sound like pirate of gold, yoho lol

          • I think it’s in my spot I found and didn’t further investigate…it was a letter H blaze on a tree then below and across the trail was 3 white stones in a row then an opening in the woods that led down 200-500 feet to a wood teepee type blaze sitting next to loud running water…

  44. 23 is also the landing runway (230, but drop the last #) when he flew past Philly to Pope airfield.

    • I went back and checked that spot and got nothing. I also made it up to the lake I was trying to get to and found nothing-I did hike 6 miles up and 6 miles back and got tired, sore and weak though. And even better, as I was driving back home it struck me- the key to the final solve! I will be going back very soon to end this hunt! I just hope that nobody beats me to it!

  45. Mindy, I’ve been thinking about the BOLD RED LETTERS in TTOTC and it never occurred to me that there may be red letters in the poem which instruct on what not to touch. Very clever of you and I’m not asking for your information. I did a bit of anagraming posted below. I do see the word red in the poem but am wonderding what method you are using to determine non-touchable?

    1. Does Forrest really mean, touch the red, he is responsible? Guessing there may be a red tailed rope with knots to pull if you find the location.

    2. OR ‘red letters’ anagrams exactly to ‘red settler’. If Forrest discovered and kept secret an ancient NA burial – of course it’s imperitive to leave it in situ. “Leave my bones” – ancient person’s spirit speaking, instead of Forrest speaking first person.

    3. DO NOT TOUCH anagrams to 50-60 different things. Here’s a few.
    Count dot
    touch on dot
    hoot duo
    cut donut
    do not cut
    cut hood
    cut Don Ho (he sang “Tiny Bubbles” LOL)
    condo hut
    condo tut (I doubt Forrest left us king Tut treasures)

    Thanks for any help on methods Mindy.

  46. Lia,
    When I did an exhaustive search of every word in the poem, I came up with a lot of red letters type meanings. Then I found 9 instances of the word “no” forwards and backwards. Highlight those no’s red. Then follow the instructions.

    The problem is that in the book, Forrest wanted people to touch the “no’s.” So do we keep what the poem says no to, or do we make them go?

    Then there’s the problem of where to start. And when to take out what the no’s tell us to take out and when to put them back in (assuming that’s what Forrest meant when he said important things came in and out of his life).

    I’m laying some things I know out there. If this helps anyone find anything, I hope they’ll remember me. I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to afford a trip out this summer. Too many unexpected expenses lately (i.e. braces for two kids).

    Now, keep in mind, this is a relatively new theory. I’ll actually give a few of my ideas.

    In one, when I follow the red letter directions a certain way, I get the ENNIS IS DRAINING LEFT. And that leads in a direction that leads to a place with big, literal red letters. That place will make you feel cold, and you will be surprised, and maybe a little angry.

    In another, I get the starting spot near Alta, which then leads to Mt. Moran, and the blaze being the DC 3 crash that glints “like a diamond” when the sun hits it just right.
    Near that area is Drizzlepuss (cats squirted with milk), and Trapper Lake, and if you look down after seeing the blaze on Mt. Moran, you would be looking right between the East Horn and the West Horn. It looks like cat ears. And for reasons I’ll let you all discover, “finding the cat” may be important. But I don’t know….I’m not super attracted to the area yet.

    I’ll tell you where another theory ends…you can see if it works for you. If you reverse engineer it, you might find the “big deal” and Tucker, and other cool stuff. Again, I’m in MT. “There’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high.” DRY BOULDER CREEK near TWIN BRIDGES leads to UPPER BOULDER LAKE. The clue is the whole sentence. Dry Boulder creek runs into Upper Boulder Lake. There is an abandoned mine tunnel and a mine adit right next to the lake.

    If any of you think Eric Sloane plays a part in the solve, check out WEATHERMAN DRAW in Montana. It is only recently becoming known as an archeological area. There’s an interesting place near there on GE with tires in weird arrangements.

    So, I’m going in all directions. Lol. But I’m growing more sure of my red letter theory. There’s also a SB (can’t remember which one, and I know many SB’s are hintless, but this one, IMO, isn’t) where Forrest says he changes shirts every four days in the summer and every five days in the winter. That, IMO, is also a hint as to how to solve the poem. Think of the Book of Days, by Ovid, otherwise known as Fasti. In that book, many things are repeated THREE times (see my blog–the post about the number three). Forrest has his own rules, maybe changing or dropping a letter every fourth or fifth character or letter or word. When I insert a / every fourth or fifth word (in different ways, but haven’t tried them all yet), you get some pretty specific words. Like KEEN (sharp, smart, wise), WIND MYTH (movies lie to you when a hole opens in an aircraft and gets bigger and sucks everyone out), ART RUSE (all the references to fake), and more.

    So, that’s what I’m thinking about lately. I haven’t followed through on any of these all the way, so take all that with a grain of salt. I have a few more theories, but this post is already too long.

    I hope this helps someone! 🙂

    • Another correction from the Queen of Mistakes: Alta and Mt Moran are in WY, not MT…

    • Mindy, my money’s on you! Very clever interpretations, and nice of you to take the time to explain your method to me. Thank you! Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t work like yours. I’m Wish it did. I’ll have to make do with what I don’t have 🙂

      It’s interesting that the phrases/places you arrived at are spread out in different states. Have you considered FF may have placed “real & fake” or actual & mirror images of two like places? I believe he did, but that breeds confusion as to which is correct. Did he place red-herrings in the poem? I don’t think so. FF has stated so many times “he wasn’t playing games” and “the poem is straight forward” I don’t think red-herrings exist in the poem, but he’s clever enough to place stories within the poem which reflect people, dates, and places that are meaningful to him.

      My take on the changing shirts scrap book was 44 to 45th parallels; summer and winter reflecting its half way point between equator and n.pole which falls in Yellowstone Pk; Fasti – perhaps poem must be solved 3 times in each line to create 3 layers or maps. Perhaps Ennis is Nines drain left? Re: cats, I looked more at the number of feet and subtle nuances in the drawing; forrest has his back to us, but gazing at his family; legs of stool may indicate which branch of stream to follow, cows tail angles southwest; negative space below cow udder looks like an owl with wood grain, etc. My left brain gets caught up in drawings, but right side doesn’t kick in like yours. I haven’t had time to look at the no’s. I hope some of my interpretations may help you as well. Thanks for your kindness.

      • Oh, my switching states are different solves, lol.

        A couple of my theoretic solves are in WY, some in MT.

        I don’t think there are any red herrings in the poem, and I’m still testing the red letter theory. It’s far from rock solid. 🙂

        • Mindy –

          I never thought about how hard it would be to keep various solves separated. I hurculian task for sure. Even in one’s mind it would be difficult to not mix up scrapbook hints — with various states in play.

          I have trouble keeping one solve straight.

          As for your red letters – it’s such an interesting idea – and one never before mentioned. I like it.

          There are colors in his excerpt page (FF website)
          there are many colors in the book and of course, the color of the cover. The color of the cover – IMO is very telling – and that to me, is ff’s great sense of humor – having it right in our face – everyday.

          So – if you wouldn’t mind telling – and I would understand if you don’t want to – how do you know which letter is red?

          • When I parsed the poem out, and then attempted to find every possible meaning for every single word, it resulted in a small novel of a Word document.

            There were consistencies I found, including the concept of red letters. That’s where some basic logic comes in. Red letters usually tell us something to beware of. Red means stop. Red means no. Green means go. On just about every sign that warns you NOT to do something, the letters are red.

            The book confirms which letters to highlight and even uses the red ink as double confirmation.

            But, the question I don’t know the answer to yet, is do we touch what those letters point to, or do we not touch those letters?

            All in theory…still just a theory…

            There is SO much I have found, that may or may not relate.

            All I can say, is that the poem is straightforward and not straightforward. It IS ambiguous. The Thrill of the Chase is full of ambiguity. Take this sentence, “I always thought that space was mine alone.” Okay, so does that mean space as in outer space, or space as in a certain space on Earth?

            The first chapter is full of wordplay ambiguity. Like Eric Sloane always marrying housekeepers because they always kept the house. Could mean two different things, right?

            In “Important Literature,” he says he went to Borders to look at ONE and maybe hold it a while. The next sentence says, “That’s how old men are, you know.” So, does he mean men are one year old? Or is he saying that old men are displaying a certain trait?

            I think if you follow a set of rules that are spelled out in the poem, you will solve it, and the location revealed may have names that seem to have nothing to do with how most people will read it.

            For example, “No place for the meek.” Meek can mean modest, or shy. Forrest implies about a million times that he doesn’t like to be seen naked or in his underwear. He likes to be covered. So, you can think of places named Bald, or Naked, or Bare, but what about Mount Haynes? Or Mount Haines? No place for the meek.

            I think to solve the poem, we have to stop being so literal. The reason why we might be surprised when we find it is because it might not be literally physically cold there. You might not have to be brave in the conventional sense. You might not be in the wood that you assumed were trees.

            That’s just my opinion, but with about a million places where warm waters halt that lead down canyons and to homes of Brown, and about a million places that meek people wouldn’t like, and about a million places that are in the woods and cold, and about a million places with high water and heavy loads, I am starting to think that the poem needs to be read differently. There has to be a way that the poem can be solved by following a set of certain rules, without using a map to influence your subconscious.

            Just my thoughts…but I think there’s a logic to be found in the poem. IMO

          • Mindy –

            Thanks for you response to my question.

            Now, I have another question – are there any other colors that you have found?

  47. Mindy, logically your red/green rules theory make universal sense and I like it. That said, I’m trying to determine if a 13 yr old could figure out the ‘PRECISE’ same rules if Forrest set them up. Are your red letters the exact ones in DO NOT TOUCH or just using NO? Are all G’s in poem “go” indicators? Go w/in poem or go on ground?

    I notice anomalies in ttotc. For instance, the red letters are printed with a black period first; and secondly with a red ” ! ” Do you think it’s possible that we are not to touch the ! or i ‘s within the poem, or follow the trail of red markers which look like ! or i (which is a Forrest service trail marker) Or pay attention to ! i’s in the poem and on the ground search.

    Perhaps Forrest meant DO TOUCH red KNOT. Do Touch the red rope knot if you see it? The kids safety net was the rope with knots.

    BTW, my mind and approach are simple… “on” means on; “no” means no or north.

    • Here’s a comment made by f about “stop signs”.
      He says he slows for stop signs…

      Forrest Fire on August 26, 2014 at 3:50 pm said:

      I think Mr. Fenn is a great guy. He pets dogs, thinks about going to church, grows pretty daffodils, doesn’t sing when others are in earshot, likes Willie Nelson, slows for stop signs, and plans to help with the dishes sometime. What more can you expect from a small Texas town guy?

      • Wise,
        That’s interesting! I forgot about that. Now to see if it applies to the nos in the poem.

        Remember that the kids touched George Washington on the nose (nos) too. And the chin. So where are the chins? Lol.

  48. 42,

    The simple answer is, I don’t know yet. It’s a new theory that I haven’t fully explored. I tried taking out all the G’s. Once the G’s are gone, the next no would be e, I think. Then I took all of them out. I did it 3 times, but that didn’t seem to work. What does seem to work is taking them out and putting them back in when you are done with that step. But, I still haven’t followed it all the way through.

    And depending on where you start, the results are different. I think highlighting the no’s is simple enough for a child, and I’m trying to stay simple. I usually abandon a theory when it gets too difficult. Maybe when Forrest says a child could probably figure it out is because children are often told NO more often than they are told YES?

    I don’t know. I’m just throwing out ideas, and maybe one will click with someone…:)

    42, I love the way you debate. Never belittling, never ridiculing, never superior seeming. You’re an example of how things should be discussed.

    And your ideas are just as good as anybody’s. I think it’s a combination of simplicity and deep thinking. I was looking at how many places are named “Independence.” The definition of independence is basically freedom, but the word is IN DEPENDENCE. Lol. So is independence freedom, or depending on someone else?

    I’m starting to love words. 🙂 Well, more than I already did…

    • Mindy, thanks. I enjoy the words and word play immensly too. Have to run, grilling for Father’s Day.

      Happy Father’s Day to the terrific Dads whose love and wisdom shape our lives!!

  49. Dal, Did you post your clues to the geocache yet? We’re headed to Yellowstone in mid July. Also, if you are NOT looking for the treasure, what are the 3 main things you would do if you were going there that are a little atypical (for example, everyone sees Old Faithful, so not that). This will be my first time in 8 years. We are going mainly as a family vacation. Thanks! Moonshadow.

  50. Great Photos Dal! Makes me yearn to go back to Yellowstone.. I can’t get enough of that place!

  51. BOOM!!! – That was my brain exploding after scouring this site.

    My solve failed back in Cody this month.
    Will head back to Yellowstone soon.

    Cody WY Where warm water halt is the Buffalo Bill Res where there are at least 3 hot springs covered by the water when the dam was built in 1903. Take it in the Shoshone Canyon down. Not far, but too far to walk. Must drive Put in below the home of Brown. http://ultimatewyoming.com/wysections/WY2 Sec02.pdf WM Brown of Belfry gassed in Colter’s Hell. They named highway & bridge after town where she was from. From there it’s no place for the meek, (Joseph Meek – Mountain man confirmed Colter’s Hell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/colter's_hell The end is drawing ever nigh; (your getting close) There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (Shoshone river renamed from Stinking Water River in 1901) Your up ***** creek without a paddle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/shoshone_river Just heavy loads and water high. (Rapids & res above.) If you’ve been wise & not put in the river to go upstream because it would be futile, but drive to Colter’s Hell on the blaze which is a very old trail to the west. A2BW Look quickly down in one of those old tar springs & get out of there because allot of this land is private property. NOT THERE!
    Wish I read that WWWH is not associated with structure before the trip. OOPS!

    GL all

  52. Dal, thank you and all fellow hunters for your comments.. after analyzing the nine clues and thinking as a fisherman in the outdoors..I agree we must start from the beginning and move slowly so we dont pass by the treasure FF said after finding the first two clues people have walked right by the treasure within 200 feet..I read one of your adventures and u were searching in an area where I feel the treasure is located except it was your last day so u were not able to finish your search..I believe the key is the blaze..it could be a rock, marking on a tree (FF initials), or landmark on the edge of the river..I noticied that FF has certain maps and locations hanging on the wall of peoples search..I feel he has hung these specific ones because they are in the location of the treasure..There is no doubt in my mind that the treasure is located where he calls home..Here are some thoughts First, FF could not fly with all that gold because he would get stopped by security..Gold will set off the alarm…so if he hit it in either Wyoming or Montana then he would have had to drive is car carrying all that treasure..Second, if the treasure was not in Montana or Wyoming then he would not have just left off Utah and Idaho..So based on him always traveling to Montana (mother lives) and Wyoming he would have left them off the map..I belive based on his clues and animals around the treasure is defintly hidden in Wyoming or Montana..I believe the location will be close to a creek that no paddle will go up or is dry and the blaze is his initials on a tree or marking on a rock or blaze on the side of river/creek and below you will find the treasure. when you look for the trees there has to be many…The reason everyone is walking by is because the mark is small from a distance but FF knows the treeline so its easy for him we must walk toward the treeline to see the blaze. If I get the change to go there the location will be down the canyon u refer to and then follow the river to put in at Browns home then follow the river to where there are rapids (heavy load and water high) there u should find a creek..the treasure will be in that area in the background u should see mountains, pine trees, meadow, woods, and animals..I know you were close and many others were close too when he says no one will stumple upon it means for a fisherman it could be an area where you cant walk into fish only by boat or away from a river or creek towards the tree line..Remember FF said dont go where a 80 yr old cannot go…I believe he did not travel down a river on a water craft..I believe he described the location by using the river as a guide to find the blaze..I believe the blaze is his initials in a tree and below you will find the treasure the creek could also run by a wooden area…these are just my thoughts
    The first two are the firehole and canyon down to The river the next location is put in at browns home…All fisherman knows what that means..Again picture an &0 yr old carrying a water craft and bronze chest ? not likely but he could use the river as an landmark to get you to the location of the blaze..What are your thought please advise. Woody

    • I like the way you write, and find the way u think agreeable. Yes, n &0 yr old wouldn’t be carrying a water craft and bronze chest…..but I sure hope to stumple on the chest !! Are u woody or Woody? Where ya from? YNP ben searched heavy, my friend.

    • Hi Mindy,

      He did not say this…

      In “Important Literature,” he says he went to Borders to look at ONE and maybe hold it a while. The next sentence says, “That’s how old men are, you know.” So, does he mean men are one year old? Or is he saying that old men are displaying a certain trait?

      No where in my copy of the book did Forrest say this….

  53. Piratejim, Im Woody (nickname) thanks for your comments I just read about the treasure a few wks ago have been living oveseas so dont here much about whats going on in US..right now Im staying with my kids in Utah…I think the first ? to solve is what state? Lets say that FF did it in one afternoon..the first thing to do is determine if he traveled to Wyoming or Montana for a visit in 2009/2010, if answer is no then we can determine that he isnt going to travel far with all that gold he wont feel save driving and especially at his age..So lets say it is close to Santa Fe..there are a couple of locations north..I remember reading about a family who shared there advanture looking for the treasure just north of Santa Fe and reading FF comments about that is why he hit the treasure to get families out in the outdoors then he mentioned in his comments that some have been at least 200 feet from the treasure but walk right by it..Truthfully I have a good feeling about Wyoming and Montana but I will have to find a place north of Santa Fe that all 9 clues fit..Heres why I believe FF had Wyoming and Montana on the map..First the warm waters and canyon starts in Wyoming and the blaze is in Montana there is a place that all 9 clues fit and Dal knows the location Im talking about…I want to give u some background info that might help us all in our search..remember FF says he has been in that location many times so lets say its one of is favorite fishing holes..maybe FF came upon it by floating the river but later based on the river and landmarks knew exactly where the hole is located from the main road..

    • I know what the meaning (clue) put in home of brown…wow FF is very wise but u have to think like him as a Fly fisherman. Im not sure if I will be in US this summer but if I am I will hunt for the treasure. I will not beable to research Blaze Im sure this meaning u can only locate in person..but I have some ideas what to look for..

  54. I have experienced that two times. TTOTC is a perfect mix of adventure and excitement. When your adrenaline surges the moment you think you found it is priceless. I have to say, I feel like I’m assigned to a seat in the back of the class sometimes. My perfect solves have obviously been perfect solves for someone else. Fennatics have a good sense of humor, next time I think I will leave a ringer too!

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