Scrapbook One Hundred Forty Two…


JUNE 2015


What About You?

65638Whitey Ford won 236 games pitching for the NY Yankees. I once asked what made him better than most other baseball pitchers. He said, “I could always throw a strike when I needed one.” What a great response!

Having been shot down twice during the Vietnam War, and surviving both times, I can now look back and say, “Yeah, I too threw a couple of strikes when I needed them.”

a_byron_iByron Nelson, as a professional golfer, won 18 tournaments in 1945, and 11 were consecutive. When he came into my gallery I asked him a similar question. “What separates a good golfer from a great one?” His answer also was interesting. “A good golfer can hit a great shot from the fairway, but a great golfer can hit a good shot from heather.” Wow! And yeah, I made a great stroke from the heather, so to speak, when I had cancer and recovered from unlikely odds.

Now, as my candle burns ever lower, I like to compare my accomplishments with those of some great men I’ve met. Sure, I can arbitrarily declare myself successful in some areas. I just have to remember that I’m in a different league from those other guys. But certainly my way of thinking makes me feel good when I need it. f


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  1. Forrest, I had an incident happen exactly a week ago and found out that I have high blood pressure. Glad I found out before it was too late so I could do something about it because I have so much more chasing I want to do. Also, I’m glad your ok and that you made it out after being shot down. Have a great weekend!

  2. 🙂 f

    Thank You for this ScrapBook posting, enjoyed it greatly. 🙂

    🙂 The Golf C&CS
    🙂 Lewis & Clarking it from the Rough TALL GRASS

  3. Both great athletes who understood their games well… and yet neither faced
    death while bravely serving our country.

    Thank you Forrest – your valor is that of legends and should be celebrated. We are the land of the free because of the bravery of great men like you.

    If not for your treasure, many of us would have never heard your history.

    • …and I like the hints in this scrap book Forrest! Thanks for playing poker with us.

  4. I never understood baseball. The pitcher throws so fast that the hitter does not know if the throw is going to be a strike, or not, and before he knows it he has two strikes. He never ceases it coming. I wish instead of three outs there would be four, and give the player another chance to hit it straight out of the Park,with a big grin on his face.RC.

  5. Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. 🙂

    The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck. An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.

    • It’s the taller grass outside the rough. (I’m not a golfer, but I did sleep on a holiday inn express )

          • Mark,

            Your right that the context was about golf… As I was thinking of the word I remember that it is a flower as well.

            Just thoughts of… “scented in”, “pinyon nuts”, “junipers”, smells and sights at the location of the chest etc.

            or Maybe Heather is the gal who serves drinks at the 19th hole?

    • 🙂 Iron Will

      Here’s a link to a picture that will give you a rough idea.
      British Link seaside courses to Scotland origin.
      Primary defense of par due to windy conditions.
      Mainly seen in British golf courses & events

      Fairway bordered by 1st cut of rough
      after 1st cut of rough border is regular rough
      border edge of regular rough is the “HAY” / Heather

      Heather term in golf meaning tall grass.

      fairway – uniform short grass height, longer that Green’s height

      1st cut of rough – a little longer than fairway grass height, a narrow edge border [3 feet strip] surrounding fairway

      rough – long grass with a uniform height of 3” to 6” inches, a wider stretch of many yards wide [10-30 yards] surrounding 1st cut

      heather / hay – really long grass in heights of foot & half [1 1/5] or taller surrounds outer perimeter edge of the regular rough.

      Most of time pro play is a recovery shot back into fairway.

      🙂 The GOLF C&CS
      🙂 Above is my definition

      • GOLF – a picture is worth a thousand words. Have metal detector and sand wedge will travel.

        • 🙂 Anna

          Agree with picture perspective.
          If it has been a WET season a wedge 9 Iron is the smart play.
          If it has been a DRY season then a different Iron can be used & attampt the GREEN.
          WET means thick beefy grass, hard to any shot.
          DRY means thin wispy grass, much more opportunities to challenge GREEN.

          I am impressed with your SAND WEDGE Will Travel correct comment & CLUB. 🙂

          🙂 The GOLF C&CS
          🙂 GOOD LUCK ANNA on your DISCOVERYS

  6. Forrest, This SB makes me sad. It strikes me that you are feeling melancholy about your life and accomplishments and from what you have shared with us, I see no reason for for you not to hold your head high and let others try to compare themselves to YOU! I am not talking about your success in business or even archaeology. I am talking about you being a caring human being. Your dedication to your country when it was asked of you, your dedication to your family, and your dedication to the environment are the things that, I feel, make you a role model for future generations. I think the thrill of the chase is fun, but it is not the reason that I am happy about having learned some of your history. I respect you and wish that I could have met you without knowing about the Chase and the Chase limiting what we could talk about. You remind me of My Father and I think I need to call him now and just tell him he is in my thoughts, as are you. I hope that you are healthy and doing well and know that there are many people out here who truly do care about you, outside of the Chase.

  7. Thanks again for writing, Forrest. I agree with Ramona. We have missed you around here. You mentioned that you can arbitrarily declare yourself successful in some areas. I’m sure it’s genuine humility that prompts you to state it that way. However, I think there are enough facts to prove that you have been…and still are…successful in many more ways than most people. Besides…”success” is anything but arbitrary when someone else agrees with you. All is takes is One.

    I dedicate that to all the women rolling their eyes. 🙂

    • JC1117 – or to the men rolling their eyes:)
      great song!. Forrest has made many people happy to have known his story and enjoyed the great outdoors.

  8. Forrest, In my 64 years of burning my candle, I have been a great daughter most of the time, a great sister most of the time, a good friend most of the time to a few people.but there were times i should have been better, I have made peace with my self for those occasions.
    I wish i could have done as you have and given something so fun and rewarding to so many people. The Great Spirits were watching over you in your battles because they knew you were a great man and would touch many lives.

    Thank You and Your entire family, for allowing you to share your time with all of us.

    I did win a surf fishing tournament one time, i was very competive and fished almost 2 days and nights with little sleep. The blue fish i caught put 2 thousand dollars in my pocket. not bad for a weekend of fishing fun in the surf.

    The great men i have known, were hard workers and dedicated to seeing their dreams come true but i dont think they had as much fun and did as many neat things as you have done! You are the Indiana Jones, explorer, cowboy, Indian scout, writer of great books with beautiful art, alot of us wish we could have been.

  9. Forrest, Yeah, I agree you are in a different league than Whitey Ford and Byron Nelson…a much higher league. Regarding your accomplishments and success, let’s start with your 20-yrs in the military and tour in Vietnam and go from there…Your candle may be burning lower but you are still an inspiration to many.

  10. I know I haven’t said this yet, and I don’t think I’ve read where anyone else has stated this…his dad would be proud of his accomplishments, the family he’s raised, and this Chase he’s dropped into so many lives.

  11. Forrest , A old short burning candle emits the same amount of light as a new tall candle……..keep shining !

  12. Dear FF, We sure don’t want to hear that your candle is burning low….we want you to keep it ever-sparkling! We think you’re “a great one” for sharing so much with so many and certainly for a long time to come as we tromp hopefully through the wood!
    It is possible that some of the folks you quoted never volunteered, as you did, to put it all on the line for this great country. And, it is more than possible that you made the Santa Fe experience extra special for all your gallery visitors — being the gentleman you are…and I wish I had been one of those visitors.

    (I didn’t just write this so you’d send more clues.)

  13. I’ve always felt that the primary distinquishing feature of those that succeed is the determination and willingness to persevere through setbacks. For example even though Babe Ruth was a record setting hitter, he also held the record for strikeouts. Here are some others:

    Michael Jordan: was cut from his team during his Soph. year in high school because he was too short at 5’11”

    Mr. Woolworth who started the Woolworth chain was told he wouldn’t make it because he “didn’t have the common sense to serve customers”

    Thom. Edison made 2000 attempts to get his light bulbs to work. He said that they weren’t “failures” but that it was a 2000 step process.

    Woody Allen flunked out of his motion picture class in college and with his overall “D” s, was thrown out of school.

    Marilyn Monroe was told to do secretarial work by the head of Fox and turned down as a model at MGM

    Elvis Presley was told “he ain’t goin nowhere” and fired by the manager of the Grand Ole Oprey after one performance.

    John Grisham was rejected 28 times for his first book and even after it was published, it only sold 5000 copies.

    They all kept going even though they might have turned back. I think it is the same dogged determination that motivated Forrest to do another mission after he was shot down and to make a success of his gallery and collecting. Plod on chasers!!!

    • Thanks raven that’s what I was needing today I’m gearing up for another try was feeling like maybe it would be another dry run but now I’m motivated thanks again

  14. What is the measure of a person? Is it the wealth one gathers? is it their inventions? Is it what buildings they build? Is it their words of wisdom?
    Nay, tis their actions and how they have treated others. Tis how they face adversity and overcome it.

    Thank You Forrest and Dal

    • At times Forrest I can not help seeing a relationship of your life stories in TTOTC and the book by Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens ” Huckleberry Fenn “

      • At age 60 with debilitating arthritis I can sit and read the wondrous stories related to the chase and for a few moments I can see myself out there searching. Yeah it is my fantasy. However for those few moments I can push the pain aside and wander the countryside in my mind. In my book Forrest you are a cut above the rest.

  15. Why? Because you took time to create something enduring. Unlike the buildings that others construct or the empires they put together. All fall to the ravages of time. On the other hand Forrest you have given something to the people that will last for a very long time. Many will search, none will really fail. Because they will find a new appreciation for our natural world. Sry dal the input box is cutting off the post reply button, So I had to break up my post.

    • Misquoted the referenced book: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; by: Mark Twain


  16. Thank You FF for this one!! I’m always really hard on myself and always feeling like a failure/ glass half empty instead of glass half full and viewing my accomplishments as never good enough. I’ll have to work on that.

  17. When I was a very young kid, my father and I watched Whitey Ford pitch from the mound at Yankee Stadium, in the last year he was playing in 1967. I still remember the unique form of his lefty pitching motion.

    I sat close to Mickey Mantle at first base, no longer playing the outfield and crashing the boards, and also at the end of his career; although still quite able to strike a homer.

    They were specialists doing one thing at the pinnacle of human physical possibility. I wouldn’t tend to compare them to you, as you are more diverse, Forrest, having done and still doing many notable but interconnected things throughout your life. Both physical, intellectual, and just plain fun.

    I have always liked the idea of doing many things as well as possible.
    Curiosity pulls us those many ways.

    And there is always being there for the pleasure of others, and not wasting your turn, which you have not.


    • Halogetter, Very nicely said, I agree with you, He did not waste his
      He knocked it out of the Park
      A Grand Slam.

  18. I sure hope I can Hit that Home Run tomorrow and no strike outs for me
    I will hit hard 🙂 🙂

  19. Success depends on one’s standards. It is more a self-evaluation than what others determine or what others accomplished. Everyone’s physical and mental abilities are different and are born to different economic and social position. For me, success is determined by my perseverance and determination employing my abilities and skills within my means to better myself, my family, community, country, and world. It is rejecting excuses in favor of accommodations, accepting failure as temporary and training, being humble in merit accomplishments, and harming no one nor the environment in the process. So, yes, ff, I believe I would use the “arbitrary” word as well.

  20. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to these Scrapbooks.

    Now where is that ‘LIKE’ button?

  21. Forrest, you have been successful in so many areas. I hope your candle continues to burn for many more years and you have another success with your new book on Leon Gaspard. BTW, when is it being released?

  22. Forrest you may be in a different leauge but I would say it is a good leauge. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman!! I hope to make it to Santa Fe to meet you sometime. I think you would be like my dad and my uncle. They could talk themselves into and out of any situation and that seems a bit like how you are. Take Care and enjoy summer!!

  23. I used to try to compare my accomplishment to others, but it became an expression of egomania. It held me back from whatever wasn’t all about me.
    It’s been nice to know talented people, famous people, artists, musicians, computer billionairs, wierdos, and most of all family. Each as different as a snowflake, and fullfilling their purpose: Loving and Living.

    Don’t write you epitaph yet, FF, your birth never ends.

  24. I have been thinking lately that ff will reincarnate. Then pick up a copy of his own poem and find it himself.

  25. Forrest, “Carry your candle and go light the world ”
    I’m Greatful that I have joined your adventure that you created 🙂 🙂

  26. GOLF C&CS – I’m not a golfer but do enjoy walking a beautiful course with family. Clueless if one could find the TC in deep grass but, have coordinates – will ford and tromp – may be a good strategy in July.

    How are you doing this fine evening?

  27. I’m pretty pleased with my accomplishments, each one has been a wonderful lesson good or bad. And certainly forest, I pray that your candle may burn as brightly and as long as you are happy with it burning!

    What About You?

    W A Y ?

  28. Forrest’s candle will burn forever as long as America exists. He knows that. The basis of our entire country IS that sweet spot. And it did NOT just come from luck. Remember your own souls guys- c’mon now. Time for a Dirty Sanchez party- Let’s do this already. Find the chest. PLEASE. Thank you.

    This has been a public service announcements all statements are to reflect MY OPINION only. Which is also a strike that we all have and are capable of throwing in the sweet spot if we choose. Please just try. Thank you. IMO.

      • You saw eew like I’m eating a corpse or something. Those guys in the scrapbook can hold their pants up with a hula hoop…they broke their own molds. I’d bathe in that mildew all day, sometimes in my dreams I do. Haha. Every kid dreams of hitting that strike or jumping out of that plane were born wanting it. What’s happening as we grow up?

  29. Spring Cave

    Here is an interesting search location that could be related to FF’s blog
    entry about to Whitey Ford.

    In Western Colorado lies the 2.3 million acres White River National Forest.
    The wilderness is named for the White River that is a tributary of the
    Green River in Utah. The White river is divided into the north branch (Rio
    Blanco county) and a south branch (Garfield County).

    The south branch of the White river flows past the Spring Cave. The cave
    was cut by an underground river which rises and falls throughout the year.
    It also contains a small lake several hundred meters inside. The Spring
    Cave happens to lies on the 39th parallel.

    The county seat of Rio Blanco county is the town of Meeker. The town was
    named after a US Indian agent Nathan Meeker who was killed in 1879 by an
    uprising of Ute warriors. Meeker was a newspaper man who had moved west
    with financial support of his editor Horace Greeley. Greeley, the name
    sake for the town of Greeley Colorado, is famous for the phrase “Go West
    young man.”

    • Hi, This is not a bad theory. I came across Meeker as well in some old history books. It is interesting to me that many of us come across some of the same ideas so with this many brains, what are we coming up with that is different than anyone else? and will someone please say why is the 39th parallel was being considered? thanks.

  30. “It’s not important what you do now, its how change your story and then share your innate gifts with others than matters.” – 23kachinas

    An adaption from Fennspeak created by a chaser who experienced being chased into motivation to find an entirely less traveled path to inner riches.

    Forrest did more to solve modern day doldrums than any person is his time.

    What he’s selling now is a optional route out of the debacle of boredom and confusion induced by adopting technology and sitting at a desk. Through adventure and discovery you will find your inner treasures and take them back to the world just as Siddhartha (Herman Hesse) did in 1922.

  31. You make me smile you ole coot your in a league all of your own :-)architecturally designed by imagination . 🙂

  32. And you title what about you ? Hmmmmmm yea your right im sticking to my way of thinking I’m not ordinary and I like it that way 🙂

  33. hello everyone! newbie here. call me hunch. pitcher (picture) and golfer (bunker sands) i think this scrapbook may be about the Bunker Sands photography gallery at the Buffalo Bill Center Of The West in Cody, Wyoming. what does it mean? beats me.

  34. Your art is woven from the same material of which storybooks and legends are made Forrest. Thank you for all the work you have done and wonder of your chase.

  35. I find traveling the path to become a piece of the puzzle, is what life is really all about. Who we are and how we think is a part of us. This part creates the original factor the I am able to do what I wish. When one becomes great to himself or herself by accomplishments with what ever one does and is happy with life in general . That is the true path one should walk through life. Letting go of the negative in our past and moving on with or futures either through our lives or the life’s of others by weighing others success to our own is a accomplishment all on its own. This shows us that we can also accomplish what has been a proven success or our create own new Ideas. The fact is, People need a guide to show them, their lives are good and hold value and are worth living. We must try to make our lives even better, if we can by simple means. A walk in the wilderness to enjoy the beauty with a quest in mind or not has true value. Thank you Forrest for the quest. I do love the beauty one can find with a simple walk.with nature. Or exploring the past. A point expressed by you to the many that will Listen. Have a great day tomorrow all J B

  36. Forrest, you likely know people that you admire who also admire you. Curiously, you said that a ‘legacy’ was not the right word for your secreting motives. It appears that being remembered (for something) is important to you, maybe more than the average bear, but less than many leos; so, if not a legacy… what?

    • 23k – I’ve wondered if Forrest has a small den built away from Santa Fe – where he goes alone to think, write, and enjoy solitude in the pines. Fun to think where it may be and how it’s furnished, even if it doesn’t exist.

  37. Well the prayers were answered or God is laughing at me.
    I have just been offered a position in the Gallup Schools.
    I am NM bound and ready to share art, help with reading and share treasure hunting with elementary students. I renew my pledge to take kids and their parents on the adventure of a life time with some of the loot, leave some for others to find, and pay the bills that have acrued during the dry spell. Thank you Forest for helping me renew my energy and take on career change….
    I will be seeing you at the bookstore soon. With all my love, the crazy Detroit school teacher and treasure finder.

    • I believe we may have sat next to each other on the porch next to the library while you waited for your wife. You seemed tired and needed to rest. I tried to buy you a refreshing beverage but you politely declined. In the meantime I was trying to talk to my husband back in Detroit on the phone and explain what a delightful day I had experienced and as a lone explorer that porch was a blessing of shade and safe refuge that June evening.

      • Welcome Karen !

        I am not sure that Forrest reads every post here – in fact I’m betting he doesn’t – and since your story is so cute – you might want to e-mail it to him.

        Congrats on your new job !

  38. What if with one more swing…Hole in one? Sadly though its not real…..I wish..


  39. Trajectory is the difference between a home run or KNOT. Landing on the diamond and hearing safe! Whitey Ford was in the wood!

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