The New Little Cache….

JUNE 2015


September 2015:

If You Find It Don’t Keep It…PLEASE!

I hid a new little cache…just for fun. It will give folks in the MT/WY area something to look for after a hard day of searching for Forrest’s Treasure Chest, particularly if you come up empty handed.

The idea is for you to go find the little cache. Take one thing out and then put something else inside. Preferably something associated with where you live or who you are or what you do…Sign the register and date it and say what you added and took..

Then, take a pic of you holding the cache and email it to me when you get near some wifi.


Make sure I have your screen name with the photo and I’ll post the pics on this page.

Then close it back up tight and put it back the way you found it so the next person who comes along can find t and enhance it..

It’s just a fun thing to do and won’t take long to find..have fun thinking about what you can put inside it. The item you put inside cannot be very big. The box is small…so a coffee mug won’t fit.

Here’s a pic of the cache when I finished putting things inside it.

The new cache. Some verified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..or and a miniature book... Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I'll post it.. But I'm having trouble finding a spot to hide it. The old spot was the best but the Park didn't like a cache in their park.

The new cache. Some petrified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..and a miniature book…
Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I’ll post it..

And now the directions. These are made so a kid can follow them.

Begin it in West Yellowstone on Boundary and Madison at this place.


This is the motel that Forrest, Skippy and Donnie built.

From here look directly across Boundary and see this.


The trail through the wood to the Madison River. But you won’t be going that far.

From this sign take 70 paces up the trail to here:


This is a second signpost just up the trail 70 paces from the first signpost.

From here you take 140 paces and then halt.
Turn to your left and take 20 paces.
You should be looking at this. The cache is directly in front of you.


Don’t be stumped you are looking at the cache.

It’s not buried. It’s hidden. And if you need a precise location..try this:


The coordinates of the little cache.

Okay..go get it..have fun!!
Ohhhh…one more thing..please don’t put any food inside. The critters will get at it..
They can even smell food in that tub if it’s sealed.



65 thoughts on “The New Little Cache….

  1. That’s awesome Dal! I wish I was going there this year so I could get one of those treasures. I love them all! Oh well, I will have to find my own treasures and hide some too. I love the last pic where you can “see the chest”. LOL, I don’t see it, but am suspecting it is under the stump or near it or something. Wish I was there looking right now. Have fun and be safe!

  2. Fentastic! Wouldn’t it be great if you returned next summer to find nuggets and rubies?

  3. well I see fallen tree logs and one stump,so it must be under the stump.wish I could go ,I’d bring something neat from Colorado and take something from another state.sounds fun dal,as it seems like I’m never going to figure out this poem.don’t know what I’m missing.I know the treasure is out there,gosh ,I don’t know where.may all who get to go find it and replace something,have fun.dal let us see what was in it ,when you decide to end it and who came from where.that would be neat to know.

  4. I’ll definitely leave something there. A memento from Desert Storm if I can find where I put it.

  5. Where is it, again? From the picture it appears to be in the wood. I’m stumped. Thanks, Dal. I hope to go there one day. That looks like fun.

  6. Thats Great Dal!, You are so much fun, just like Forrest!,
    You 2 make a great team. Thank You for all you do.
    Love the Pictures!

  7. Thanks Dal, we will go by there July 1-3 at some point. Looking forwRd to leaving something from Texas and South Carolina.

  8. Great idea Dal! Too bad it wasn’t there when we went through that area. 🙁 Maybe you should leave one in NM and CO for the searchers there – they might get jealous that the MT/WY searchers have their own cache that they might actually be able to find!

  9. Just so everyone knows… I am going to place some gold and silver in Dal’s geo cache. 2 items. 1 some gold I prospected in N.C. (not much), and a medal I was awarded in Desert Storm ( Don’t worry I won’t ever miss it)

  10. We will come this summer from Switzerland to look for this Cache -not only for that 🙂 : the Idee is great and we love to make adventures. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!

    • Monika, no matter which state you will be searching, you will have a lot of fun and see some beautiful country. I hope you get to Yellowstone National Park as it is a very interesting and the scenery is fantastic! Good Luck to you!

      • Oops, I didn’t notice that you were talking about Dal’s cache. I guess you will definitely be seeing Yellowstone! I hope you get to see some of the other states as well. One of my favorite trips had nothing to do with the Chase – it was through Utah and Monument Valley. The Grand Canyon should be on your list too. So much to see here – I hope you have time to take a long road trip. 🙂

        • 🙂 thanx- I took al long as I could, we will be in the US for almost 2 month (take years of wish and is a dream of mine)- starting in Miami, traveling in the blue ridge mountains up to Niagara, then we will drive across the continent to Yellowstone and will stay in all the beautiful parks in the west: Dinosaur, Pertified Forrest, Brice and absolutely Grand Canyon. You have so incredibly wonderful nature in US- we miss it here in Europe!
          Sorry for my bad english…

          • Monika, I highly recommend visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. You will be fairly close when you visit Bryce. Several of the header pictures were taken at Dead Horse Point State Park overlooking Canyonlands, and Arches National Park.

            I’ve been to the Grand Canyon (both north and south rims) and down into the canyon many times; and Bryce canyon also. In my opinion Canyonlands is more spectacular and scenery more varied.

            If nothing else stop over in Moab, Utah; it’s a great little tourist town with lots of accommodations. Dead Horse Point is only a few miles to the west and Arches is one mile north of town. A normal rental car can be used for traveling or there are many tours available. It really is a sight that should not be missed.

          • Hi Goofy
            Thanx a lot for the advice, I adjust my trip with Canyonlands and Arches national Park- and also Moab 🙂 Trust you, you were on the spot and is certainly better than Information from the Internet.

          • You have a beautiful country too Monika! Europe has some pretty wonderful landscapes also and I’d love to spend more time there. I agree with Goofy about Arches National Park but I haven’t made it to Canyonlands yet myself but, if Goofy recommends it, you should visit there too! 🙂

            Are you planning on doing some searching for Forrest’s treasure too while you’re here?

          • Yes for shure we will looking for Forrest’s treasure. There was a film about him on TV this spring. So we began to look for Informations in newspapers and the Internet. It’s great to plan a treasure hunt in the journy and animates our dreams.
            Were you was in Europe? I agree, we have here also beautiful landscape and history all over (old buildings and a lot of arts), but sometimes I miss wild nature.

  11. OK I’ve almost got this figured out……..All I need to do is translate that last set of numbers into words and I’ll go straight to it.

    No matter what happens I know I’m right……..If it’s not there someone beat me to it, or Fenn got it, or that evil Dal never hid it in the first place.

    I’ll reveal all my genius secrets to figuring this out in my new book……When I release it I’ll give all my friends here the special price of $99.95 (plus shipping, handling, processing, state and local tax’s, California recycle fee, Colorado pot fee, and other miscellaneous charges).

    • I went on amazon and preordered your book because I think you might have it figured out and I hope to get your book and beat you to your spot.

    • Sign me up… I’ll take nine of those, one for each day of the week with an extra for two of the days of the week when I am able to read twice as much. I know YOUR book must hold all the answers because it is the most expensive one to date. When do they hit the market?

    • Great Then I can go Home…. All I want to know is,
      Goofy do you have the Chest…. And why didnt you filp the L over 2 ? 🙂

  12. Well I was gonna put a feather from john Wayne in there but he was killed. So gotta think of something else 🙂

  13. Just remember guys, Dal has set this up so you can’t fail. When you walk the first leg…forget 70 paces, just count your normal step to that next sign. If it is 66, then, due to his 140, you will want to double what it took you on the first leg…66x 2 is 132 paces. Then turn left, look out to the woods, and you should see the stump plain as day. Don’t think to yourself, “oh darn I didn’t make it 70 steps, I need to stretch my steps more!” . Just walk normal, then double it and walk normal again.

    • WHAT!!!!……..You telling me I don’t need to decode the last set of numbers into letters. You’re just trying to throw me off my solution…….everyone knows Dal can’t step. He has flippers not feet. That’s why he lives on an island…DUH

      OK I’ll give you a clue to wet your appetite to read my book. Take a look at the sign on the motel picture. You see W…..ELCOM…..E. The “W” and the “M” are double omegas. You take the second double omega and flip it over. What does that give you? That gives you ELCOW. Now this has a double meaning. One is ELK COW. The other is EL COW. What is a boy cow? You have to steer the bull from the neigh side through Elk grove.

      That’s all I can say……..I’ll bet you can’t wait to read my book now.

      • Hoist. The. Sails. Ha! Hats off and fins up to you Goof. That is singlehandedly one of the best posts I have ever read. It may actually be one of the best anythings I have ever read. Love you!

  14. Hi Dal , Found Your Cashe today , I put A dollar and a Carved crrystle from a Yellow Stone Store. Thanks For the Cashe… Good place to put it…. Awesome!!!

  15. that is sooo cool thank you i may just take a trip up that way with the boys. thanks for being so neat and sharing

    • Awesome time. Me and my son Zack went to Yellow Stone for the last 4 days on the Chase. Had a blast. We will be heading back in a month. Hope to head to NM in the next week or so , back on the chase there. The Denver.. Don’t ask , Im still not sure why Denver yet. But the wild Bill Museum in Cody is a must see.

  16. We are headed there in July. I am going to get something real special to put in there! Thanks dal!

  17. Hi Dal — great morale-boosting idea! Hope the cache is still there when my wife and I visit Yellowstone in August. I will add an out-of-this-world (literally!) item to the cache. No doubt you can guess its identity based on one of your prior posts from years back.

    • Zaphod-
      An alien.!!!..I could have my very own alien…
      or possibly an astroid…whichever it is I will be there moments after you so I can trade something for it..

  18. Hi Dal — that would be great if you happen to revisit it shortly after I do. By way of introduction, I (amazingly?) first heard of Forrest Fenn and yourself exactly one week ago, thanks to the article in the L.A. Times Sunday magazine. How I had missed learning of TTOTC years ago is a mystery to me — I love working on these types of puzzles (e.g. A Treasure’s Trove, The Alchemist Dar, Kryptos, and a half dozen others), so I’m mystified as to how this one got by me. At least being very late to the game doesn’t appear to have hurt me yet!

    Naturally, I went straight to your blog after reading the Times article, and have spent the last week reading through the tens of thousands of posts, many of them quite excellent. You have a knack for story-telling, as do many of the regular posters. I saw no point in posting anything until I knew what topics/ideas had been beaten to death, and which (if any) of my thoughts were original.

    If I’ve learned one thing from everyone’s posts, it would be the importance of hubris. I’m fascinated by how many people have been sufficiently confident in their solutions that they committed to “walkin’ the walk” instead of just “talkin’ the talk”. Gotta hand it to you (and others) for both your persistence and stubbornness. These are tremendous assets in any such undertaking.

    As for my observations about the poem, I’ll try to locate the appropriate topics to post under, seeing as how you’ve gone to all the effort to maintain some nice organization and subdivision of discussion areas. –Rob

  19. Hi Dal,
    Hoping the cache is still there as I will be taking the whole family to West Yellowstone next week. Camping, fishing, and chasing are all on the schedule but I will make time to visit your cache as well if it is there. I really hope this is not the only cache we find, but I really like your idea and want to see what other searchers put in there. Also do you know of anything that gives the identity of the “dude”? I am thankful for this forum and for your level of involvement in this awesome adventure. Saw you on cbs morning show, you are a positive representationof a chaser and show that we aren’t all digging up graves and trespassing, keep it up!

  20. HI Dal — my wife and I visited the cache a week ago today (about 5:15 pm MDT on 8/16). The boots were still there (which we signed), we added an aquamarine quartz crystal and the “out-of-this-world” object to container, and took a pair of arrowheads. Reading the log, a number of people had visited the cache in the week prior. I have photos to post once I download them from my camera and figure out how to upload them here.

  21. Dal,

    Has the cache been put back yet? I’m here in West Yellowstone and since I didn’t find Indulgence yesterday I was thinking of looking for your “little cache” today. My friend and I decided that today we will walk around town and play tourist after 4 days of fishing and the partial day yesterday of hiking Bear Trap Canyon looking for the chest.

    • I’d really like to find this today since it’s my last day in West Yellowstone. Problem is I don’t know if it’s been put back yet……

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