Snakes Galore…



I’ve searched around thirty times I’ve run into all sorts of animals in Montana. But this time was  where I became a little meek ok a lot meek . I start my day by eating at the campfire lodge with my sister.  We always sit at the table by the wall so we can see the osprey dive for the fish    Showing the fly fisherman how it’s done .

After breakfast we head to the mountains. My sister made a pole with rebar on the end to poke in the ground and the cracks in rocks.

We looked in every pokey juniper bush and around every sappy pine full of pollen and shuffled thru every sage bush scaring all the birds. One bird looked at me and raised his feathers at me like you can’t see me now haha.  By the third day we started searching the rocks.

This is why I think Forrest said it will take an Indiana Jones type. Snakes were everywhere. Not just one but everywhere we searched around rocks they were glaring at us like come on its no place for the meek. The more my sister poked around the more they slithered toward me. We were on a rock cliff over looking the water.  We are climbing in the hole mechetti and pokey pole in hand.
“Hand me a flashlight.” Melani says, “I found something.”
I said “What?”
She pulls out a white urn…

photo 1

Yep we found Doc. I think he beat Forrest to his special place. Then we tried to put doc back after we apologize to him and explain why we’re in his hidey hole. Right as we try to stash him back in there out slithers a snake then another snake and another snake. Holy mackerel we stirred up a snake nest. Mel says “Run Marti!”
I can’t, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place holding doc in my hand.

photo 3

photo 2


All of a sudden I felt all my strength leave me. Poor ole doc rolled down the hill as I layed him down because I had to grab onto sage brush to get back up on the hill. Melani grabbed Doc in one hand and the mâchétti in the other. She is definitely more flexible than me.



The snakes were glareing at us to give Doc back so when we got to the top of the hill we had to roll doc slowly down to a crevice close to where he used to rest. I like to think we saved him from snakes and now he is in a better place 🙂 . We felt like heroes. The rest of the day we encountered more snakes.

photo 4

I don’t think I like looking in June.  Snakes were sunbathing on every rock and under rotted tree stumps.

The moral of my story is animals rule the state of Montana. Searchers beware! Definitely no place for the meek or weak.







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  1. Watch out for the cute little ones, their venom is more concentrated. Doc must have been a warm soul….

  2. Yoozer Diggin! Did you scream? That’s usually my first reaction when surprised by snakes and it would have been loud enough to wake folks in Toledo. Do you know what kind of snakes were resting with Doc? I’m curious if you have looked in that area before and missed Doc’s hidey hole in early searches. I’ve often thought that some people write off areas too quickly after searching them once or twice. It is so easy to miss spots due to vegetation, lighting and other conditions that I wonder how thoroughly a spot really is searched during one visit. I know I have scoured the same 10 acre area for years looking for treasure (not the chest) and it changes all the time, even from spring to fall. It is “new” every time I search.

  3. Yep. A little one in my garden last week, posed for attack, that my chickens wouldn’t even take care of. I. Don’t. Like. Snakes.

    I applaud your level of ‘brave’, DG and sister!

  4. DG, I applaud your courage!

    Did they rattle? I would have been doing the shake and roll!! 😉

  5. Just curious, DG, how did you know this was Doc and not Grumpy, Sleepy or Dopey? LOL

    Since the beginning of time, snakes have given folks the willys! 🙂

  6. You’re awesome, Diggin! Just think of snakes as rat population controllers who will bite you and kill you. 🙂

    Sounds like an exciting search! I wish I was there!

    • I have to say mindy the snakes made it really exciting I had a great hunt with my sister sweet tea

  7. “Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?!” Funny story. 🙂 How long will you be searching in that area DG? I always liked the Madison River area as a good place to hide the treasure – now just WHERE on the Madison is the problem as it’s a mighty long river starting at Madison Junction!

  8. That’s a great story Diggin Gypsy. Makes me wonder what Doc’s story is. Like how and why did he or she end up there. You and your sister are brave women. I would have been out of there at the first sight of a snake. Keep up the good search and good luck.

    • It’s like when your out there u can’t be a chicken because we know we gotta not be meek so we push forward slinging snakes everywhere

  9. That’s amazing! What are the odds?

    I bet the person who placed Doc in that hole surely thought no one would ever stumble across it by accident.

    Just out of curiosity, and I know this sounds morbid, but did you look inside just to make sure it wasn’t a “gift” placed by Fenn?

    Scott W.

  10. Great story diggin! You are correct, the animals rule the wilderness, don’t they?
    I always wear gators, and I certainly wouldn’t stick my hand in any hole without checking first! Shine a light, toss in a rock, don’t reach in blind!!!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Yep I learned my lessen I’ll always carry a long stick to poke in a rock crevice first or tell my sister hey look in there lol lol

        • Thanks for sharing that, 42. That might come in handy some day…even though the Treasure is in New Mexico. I don’t mind snakes very much. If you spend much time outdoors you’re bound to see them. My parents labeled me a “snake magnet” from an early age because I was always showing up at home…or back to camp…with a snake or two. I remember going to a family reunion in Lava Hot Springs and returning with 5 snakes…2 in one hand…3 in the other.

          I do try to keep my distance from venomous snakes. I once walked right between 2 rattlers on a high cliff trail…just a few feet from either one. I startled them as much as they startled me because I was just a few feet past them before either of them made a sound. I looked back behind me to see what I had just walked through. Whew!!!

          We have a lot of racers and garters and gopher snakes/bull snakes (commonly and incorrectly called “blowsnakes”) here in Utah. The gopher snakes here are very similar to the gopher snakes found in Montana. I just make sure there are no rattles on the tail before I start chasing them to see if they want to be my friend…if they crap on me I take that as a “NO”. 🙂

          • JC1117 – I have no problem with non-venemous snakes, just don’t like those that can strike and kill before you can get out of their way. If I have one phobia, its snakes. Was hoping snakes were Forrest’s phobia too, and he chose a peaceful beautiful place minus rattlers. We all run his words through our own sieve which each yields a personal interpretation. When Forrest said he hoped there were a few Indiana Jones types, my mind immediately went to Indiana’s snake phobia and thought, “phew, no snakes.”

            You may be right, the freasure is likely in NM, but since I don’t know the area putting together a NM solution is difficult at best.

      • DG Have you tried to find the model of urn and compare it to the one you found to get a timeline? Then from the location you found it at to research it to find out who he was?

  11. Dang Diggin! Glad no one got bit by in Montana by the rattle snakes.
    They are difficult to see and don’t always warn with a rattle. Rocks, rabbit holes, wood, and tall grass near the water’s edge can all harbor snakes.

    Families – keep your kids close and EDUCATE ABOUT HABITAT SAFETY before searching.

    Fast water, and rattle snakes are nothing to be ignorant of, or mess with.

  12. YIKES… Ladies you get the award for bravery… If that were me poor Doc would have been flying through the air… I hate snakes… Glad no one got bitten… Q1 has some interesting points are you planning to go back?

    • I will always go back I have already been 3 times this year I’ll make another trip probley aug or sept

  13. Yes – my point is that the spot where you found the urn must have been an extremely special spot to someone. Whether that person be Fenn or Doc, you will never know unless you go back.

    Think about it. Your search, your interpretation of the clues, led you directly to the urn.

    I ask the question again. What are the odds that your quest for Fenn’s special place led you to the special spot, and final RESTING PLACE, of another?

    In my opinion, right or wrong, you MUST to go back and look in that urn.

    Scott W

    • I just got a better idea.

      Contact Fenn. Tell him what you found and ask him if you should retrieve the urn. Surely he would tell you if it is not what he intended you to find.

      Scott W.

      • That’s what I did with the pen. I asked if he wanted it back, He said, “no, you can keep it.”

          • Diggin, I retract my earlier comment.

            If it was in a nest of rattlers, don’t go back.

            Snake dens remain in the same location for centuries and I doubt Forrest threw the chest into a snake den.

            NOTHING is worth a human life. Gold can’t sing and dance.

          • Yea that was a scary spot but great view. I would have to be in complete snake amour

        • Diggin, you might have to go back and peek. The earn/urn connection.
          Sometimes it’s wise for something to look like something else (fox/hound).

          I’m thinking the whole poem is the journey from life to death and focusing on ashes. Our ashes are our “leftovers.”

          If there isn’t a title in that urn, the chest is under a bunch of ashes. Probably under the wood you have to burn. Then, Forrest (in the form of his autobiography), like the Phoenix, will rise from the ashes.

          Yep, that’s it. Be careful and check the urn…

          • I’ll do it my next trip kinda hate to open someone’s urn tho yuk yuk yuk

          • Mindy,
            On your blog you wrote: “Why does Forrest refer to and hint at ashes so much?”

            How/where does F frequently refer to ashes?

            And are you seriously advising people that it might be advisable to start random fires in the Rocky Mountains in order to find the chest?

            I hope people don’t actually take you seriously.

          • Colokid,

            Did you read my entire blog post where I said you should NOT start fires willy nilly?

            There ARE certain places in the Rocky Mountains where it IS safe to start a fire.

            And I would think the person smart enough to solve the poem would also be smart enough to know where and how to do it safely, and if not , the adult that brings them would be.

            Do you really want me to give every hint I see that either literally says or implies ashes?

            It would be a LONG post. 🙂

          • Mindy, don’t laugh too hard. IMO It’s possible the chest is in an old fire pit covered in ashes and sand (in the wood) surrounded by a circle of rocks. I’ve sifted through ashes and wood chips in the past 🙂

          • Mindy the fire bug,

            OK let’s compromise….just name 5 actual places where he “literally” talks about ashes (and tea with Olga only counts for 1). You can keep the implications.

          • Colo,
            I think Olga and her dad count as 2.
            Then TFTW, page 26 – “I scraped the ashes…”
            ” I guessed that it had been stored in the dead ashes to prevent small gnawing animals from chewing on the sinew…”
            Scrapbook about George Dabich: “red embers of campfires…”

            Now you know Forrest is way more subtle than just saying something right out, so the subtle clues FAR outweigh the literal uses of the word “ashes.” The subtle hints are many, many many many, a thousand times many. 🙂

            And many are not super subtle. Those I listed are the exact uses (or very close) of the word “ashes.”

            Then there was the burning of the mortgage papers that was a religious experience. The burning of the painting after Pogzeba died. The burning of something else that was also a religious experience ( can’t remember exactly), tons of mentions of fires dying down, etc, etc..

            Not to mention the word and implications of GRAY.

        • Diggin, follow your gut and please be sensible. IMO opening Doc’s urn is like digging up a grave. This is the exact kind of thing that is getting searchers into trouble. You’ve already disturbed his resting place and were unable to return him to the spot that someone loved him enough to place him in. Come on people really earn = urn? You really think Forrest want’s us scouring the Rocky Mountains looking for urns? That is the equivilant of digging up graves, use your common sense, he’s already told us not to do that. There is no title in that urn just Doc’s ashes. Again IMO.

          • Ramona, your level headed advice is spot on. I would hope that if Diggin Gypsy goes back that the only thing she does is to return the urn to where it was to begin with. Let “Doc” rest in peace for goodness sake and if any one comes across similar remains, leave them alone. It seems that greed is leading folks to abandon all common sense. It has nothing to do with not “being meek” and everything to do with being morbid.Geez…

          • Doc is in same spot under the rock just on different side of the rock I don’t think I wanna open it we shook it sounded like rocky ashes

          • Ramona
            We morally could not have opened that, it was cleary ashes. No worries.
            It was a beautiful place to rest for someone. Doc is nestled back down without harm. If that was our parents ashes and we heard of someone opening up to see if it was treasure We would be so sad . ;(
            I guessed that urn and the snakes jus surpised the hell out of us.

          • Diggin & Sweettea, no worries. I loved this story. And I understand why Doc is in same spot different side (snakes) yikes! I just couldn’t believe others were encouraging you to go back and open the urn. Good luck to you Indiana Jones girls.

          • As I stated above, I encourage you to contact Fenn and ask him if this is what he intended for you to find.

            If it’s not what he intended I’m sure he would tell you that he did not place that urn.

            Simple as that to me.

            Scott W

      • Was it rattlers? If so, 42 is right. Contact Fenn.

        Ulga’s Urn and ashes. Not for the Meek. Gotta be brave. In the wood (coffin).

        Lot’s of crazy coincidences going on here. 🙂

        Scott W

          • Is it a Grave?

            Well there have been many types of rituals over the ages… but what they all have in-common is the remains of another.

            Just because some spread ashes and we may not know of it, doesn’t change the fact. Because there was nothing there to indicate such. But when found an urn, we now know what it is and represents.

            Being curious is one thing [ shake shake ] but extending to anything else is disrespectful. Put a nickle under it and leave with a smile and a thought… who was that i just met?

      • It was definitely ashes .
        This place could be paradise.
        Wildflowers of every dainty color imaginable lined all the valleys like a fresh cotton sheet that climbed to the hilltops where the rocky peaks kept it all tucked in.

        Its not fair to have to leave such beauty ;(

        Ive been in a bad mood ever since we left, lol

        But im thankful for getting to know it.

      • I agree it’s just some guy’s ashes. Is it a grave, no I don’t think so. What if they spread his ashes there……y’all would be stomping around on old Doc and not even know it.

        Personally I would leave it alone; it’s there for whatever reason his friends/relatives put it there.

        On the other hand if I were old Doc it might bring a smile to my face to have a couple good looking gals sifting through my ashes after all the years hanging out with the snakes. 🙂

        • Goofy ,
          We could market that idea…
          “Have your ashes played with by the ladies”
          Sorry that was funny

    • Is his doctor still alive? Might not be a graveyard…but where they both wanted to be.

  14. I think you got Dal and Forrest beat on the story telling. What a riveting experience! Reminds me of another bizarre story. One time I received a phone call from the crematory. The voice on the other end of the line informed me that somebody’s ashes were ready for pickup by John. I’m thinking we don’t know anyone deceased…weird thing is my brothers name is John. Wrong number, right name. I’ve often wondered if F didn’t place other things in the wild beyond just the chest. We know about the bells but what else might there be.

  15. 🙂 uummmm wow you are brave diggin, are u from Texas? Lol. Proud your adventure was great 🙂

  16. Diggin and Sweet Tea, I loved your story. I was laughing and had to read it to my husband. I don’t read very many of these to him. We have been in some pinches like that and then you’re stuck. Not funny when it happens, but is now. Glad y’all are safe sisters. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

    • Yea funny now looking back ESP me trying to climb up a hill and holding doc hoping and praying a snake didn’t crawl in my boot Be a good story to tell my grandsons at night hehe

      • That’s for sure. I can just picture it. Your grandsons are going to love that story. Stay safe.

  17. hi ladies i am a weird one. i wouldnt want to tangle with poisonous snakes but i dont mind pet snakes or little grass snakes. if they pop up out of no where i will be startled but they their way and i go mine.
    that say please DONT come near me with a rubber or fake snake. YEP!!!! i am terrified of rubber snakes. yes i am weird!

  18. Here is a blaze that I ran across. I am still GEing in this area. I imagine it is only a blaze in the fall. I am not paying much attention to that being a blaze but find it interesting that my solve brought me here.

    39.773084° -106.284157°

    • That’s a very odd blaze. I noticed the photo date of 9/23, but see no other “fall-color” in any of the surrounding trees.

      The almost perfect rectangular shape makes me think this is man caused. Almost as if something killed the trees.

      Supposing it is the blaze, how would you get to it?

      Scott W

      • q1werty2,
        Those trees may be deciduous among evergreens so that blaze would not be a blaze if not viewed in the fall.
        1-wwwh = basin imo
        2-Canyon down= go down a canyon
        3-10 mile canyon from that basin
        4-Below (Under) home (sod) of Brown= sod under= redounds=
        5- No place for the meek: “Quaking” Asp Creek
        6-End drawing near Target Bluff
        7- No Paddle up your creek = Black Creek Road – just heavy loads and water high.[Heavy impedements ahead and take water high=up creek
        8-Great blaze!
        9-Look Down, quick can=bend, Brit= line of shrubs!

        If my blaze is correct and leads anybody to the chest, please remember me and know I collect coins ;^)

        • The very first thing I thought was that is was a stand of deciduous tress. However, no matter how far I zoomed out I couldn’t find one single tree with fall colors other than your spot. I found that odd.

          I really like your drawing nigh solve. I assume you got “Target” from “drawing” a bow, and you would be aiming at a target?

          • Thanks for complimenting my opinions of the clues. When that blaze came into view I was really blown away and pinned it on GE as a fantastic blaze. Being deciduous kind of discouraged me but if GE shows it and I know the coordinates I guess it would be just the same.

            I believe I had a solve going through Vail also but this one is my first choice. re the Target, you are correct. My grandfather used to take us out to the range when we were young.

          • I have GEed that area quite a bit but I have yet to feel the ‘confidence’ that would cause me to head out there yet.

      • Not sure if you are aware, but the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle has made it’s way into Colorado. I understand North America is witnessing the largest pine-beetle epidemic in recorded history. From Canada’s Yukon Territory to New Mexico, pine trees by the hundreds of millions are succumbing to a fungus that the beetles carry. The pine needles of infected trees first turn a violent red, then they fall, and, finally, the dead tree topples over I’m not sure if this is what your are seeing going on with the deciduous trees in this area, but it could be. Just thought I’d mention this in case you wanted to read up on it further.

    • Mindy, great blog post about Diggin & Sweattea!

      By the way, our team has sifted through camp fire sites, circular rock sites, and checked cutaway embankments for layers of ancient charcoal which is often an indication of either forest fires or cook fires from ancient civilizations. I’ve not seen discussion previously about the ttotc and tftw campfire references which IMO are important.

      My theory: “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” Forrest is a fire element. The illustrations are done in charcoal. Numerous references to campfires.

      TTOTC page 43 & 71 campfire illustrations, the black or negative space could represent the chest; and white or smoke represent the blaze. The black boots and pant legs in illustrations could indicate the black of charcoal/ashes. TFTW campfire illustrations on page 96, inside covers.

      I haven’t yet decided if the campfire hints are literal or subliminal hints to ashes in a type of coffin or natural baur in a hillside.

      • Hear me and listen good

        “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
        – Ernest Hemingway

  19. You saw animals up close and forrest said we would. Hope there were pine trees nearby.

    I don’t feel peeking in docs urn a bad thing. I like the idea he said the person would have to urn it.

    I’d take a vial of doc with me on future adventures even.

    • That is terrible karma. Leaving the urn in a crevice and not replacing it into the hole where it was buried is bad enough…..

      Tori surely you jest.

      • No. Just think differently then most. Not being disrespectful. I think doc would like It.

        • The urn was not burried it was in a rock crevice we put it back where we got it Only on the opposite side of the rock

          • I think the urn belongs to someone’s pet. It just looks too small for human remains. It may have encountered an animal which took its life there…just a thought..:(

          • Disrespect as in tossing him in the trash. Pouring him out and stepping on him. Putting a bit of him in a vial and taking him non an adventure Seems like fun. If he’s in a place like he is….seems he’s that type. Would be fun to try and find out who he was. Did he lose his family in the earthquake? Did he grow up there? Did he know forrest?

          • U right mindy he is nothing but dirt Dust you are and dust you will return I like to think doc was a donky a stubborn mule now stuck between a rock and a hard place haha

          • If you ladies were searching in Colorado it could possibly be Doc Holliday… Maybe you could embellish the story a bit for your grandkids… 🙂

          • Haha I wish it said doc Holliday I would of brought him home and put him on top of my bar. 🙂 next to my big nose Kate whisky jug

      • Lowi, some folks obviously don’t “get it” and probably never will. What some don’t seem to realize is that a loved one of “Docs” could see this story and the irreverent posts re: these remains and be terribly pained. Its called empathy folks. Someone took some effort to place those remains where they were resting. The lack of sensitivity to the final act that was made for a loved one is very troubling. It may be “dust” to you but those are the remains of someone whether man, woman or another kind of beast that someone cared for.

        • Forrest even spoke about how that amazing pilot friend should be put under glass with a funny sign on It. No one is meaning disrespect and even though I think it would be great to take doc with doesn’t mean I would.

        • Well if we buried him he wldnt be put back where he was at all.. So why would you want us bury him?
          Not to mention you would be diggin a hole and thats illegal.

          There was no disrespect shown…and if any it wldve been to a lesser degree than what Forrest did to Olga.. She requested the mountain tops and he gave her the valleys.

          I assure you we did not know what it was until we pulled it out and seen the name. So as soon as we safely could we jus slid Doc over to a safer place.

          • Sorry I should’ve said put him back in the hole that you pulled him out of. You must have a picture of the snakes. Can you post a picture of the snakes?

          • Lowi
            If you look at the story again you will see one of the snakes and the crevice, not the hole, there was no hole. It was a step down into the crater of the rock . Sorry for the confusion.

          • sweettea that is concerning we looked and looked and then we saw it. it was not easy to see

          • I posted one of just the one. I had no time to take a pic of snakes and hold doc and shuffle up a hill with my sister telling me move hurry get the hell up the hill lol that’s why I dropped doc

        • Raven, you’re right. But only partly,in my opinion. I don’t think any of us are diminishing who or what Doc was. I think Diggin and Sweet Tea didn’t do anything to disrespect Doc. And maybe I’m a horrible person but I don’t see how peeking inside the urn then putting it back where it was (minus snakes) is a disrespectful or evil thing.

          Now I wouldn’t go so far as to take his ashes in a vial. But finding the urn, peeking and putting it respectfully back? I don’t see the harm in that at all.

          And I would think the fact that Doc isn’t really there would be comforting, because he’s in doggie or mule or people Heaven. If I were Doc’s owner, I wouldn’t take offense if someone looked inside, and then put him back. It’s not like they smashed it.

          It was never my intention to be insensitive. If you’re going to put your loved one in an urn in the woods, you have to accept that snakes might find a home with him, that people are going to find him and peek inside, and that some jerk may even decide to smash him.

          If you want to make sure your pet is protected for eternity, there are pet cemeteries for that.

  20. Sounds like you had a great adventure…. keep looking and good luck we all could use more of THAT 🙂

    • Yes yess we sure did wait till I post my next story The shadow over the Madison river 🙂 who’s shadow is it. Docs Marshall’s or Forrest fenn who cast the first shadow. Hmmmmmmm to be continued

  21. Mindy,
    You say “If you’re going to put your loved one in an urn in the woods, you have to accept that snakes might find a home with him, that people are going to find him and peek inside”. ” peek in the urn”- In the ‘old’ days, sometimes graves were just put near where the person died. That doesn’t mean it’s cool to play with their remains, or take pieces with you as souvenirs. A wooden cross might have deteriorated. Super not cool, and yes I was in high school in the 70’s.

    q1werty2, tori,
    Do your mothers know that you are encouraging someone to desecrate what are very possibly human remains? Opening a urn and digging around in it may well fit the legal definition- are there any lawyers here who could answer that? Do you think that no one would really mind if this was their mom or dad’s urn? GO TO THE VET!

    Sweetea and Miss Gypsy,
    Not a great snake picture, but it looks like a garter snake. Look up garter snakes, take a picture with you when you go back, compare it, and since garter snakes are super not poisonous. f you are out in the woods, snake recognition could be vital, the fatter the head, the worse off you are. ALSO- VERY GLAD YOU SAID OPENING THE URN WOULD BE DIRSRESPECTFUL, because it really would be. Most country folk can identify a garter snake, Are you really country folk?

    • Lowi

      Please, your lecturing adults like were kids. Those ashes are inert matter/star dust – Doc spirit/essence has flown. Get a grip! Don’t snark me back.

      • lucky girl i do like to take sides but my mother is inert dust also and one day i will be dust in a jar. i would be very upset if someone went digging in her or mine urn. that is a sacred GRAVE! Mr. F has clearly said the TC is not around a grave yard. i know that opens the debate of what a grave yard is but the TC is not in that jar. the ladies did right. thank you

    • Lowi you need to slither away like a snake you really are not very nice this was just one of many snakes we saw that day. Are story was just to show ppl the things we encounter on the chase something to make ppl smile and laugh and to be safe You are being way to serious.

    • Lofi

      I looked up definition for country folk

      Country Folk:
      “Snake Identifier”

      Well, we stand corrected .
      Now I’m going back to look in that Urn.

      Thanks for your intuitiveness.

    • Oh good grief Lowi. No one said anything about “playing with” or “digging around in” the urn. I said I would NOT take a part of it as a souvenir, and I don’t think the person who did say that was serious. You’re clearly either trying to exaggerate this to “make a point” or you’re a terrible reader.

      “The fatter the head, the worse off you are,” is not necessarily true, and your statement could get a person killed in Florida, where coral snakes, the most venomous snake in our country, is not a pit viper, but a relative of the cobra. I was actually bitten by a coral snake when I was about 3 years old, but luckily, 60% of coral snake bites are “dry” because they have a primitive way of envenoming–they pretty much have to chew a hole in your skin. I felt that little thing chewing on my big toe when I was playing with my duckling, and my dad said when I saw it, I kicked it up in the air and it went flying.

      And technically, snakes aren’t poisonous, they’re venomous. Poison is ingested or absorbed, venom is injected. So, there’s no such thing as poisonous snake.

      So that’s my herpetology lesson for the day. 🙂 I LOVE snakes.

      As far as the legality of the urn, IF (and that’s a big if) the remains were human, the person who put the urn there may have done the illegal thing (depending on state law and ownership of the land). The urn looks somewhat modern. It wasn’t a pioneer’s urn or probably wasn’t put there before 1980. So, yeah, it’s probably a PET. If it is a human, whoever put it there may well have broken the law.

      I’m not trying to be mean or nasty. I love a good debate sometimes. Maybe it would help if you were a little more well-informed before you post. No one is digging up graves or disturbing legal grave sites. No one disrespected Doc the dog, mule, cat, or horse.

      If Doc is up in animal heaven and able to look down on all this, he’s probably having a good laugh. If he’s a dog, he probably would think it’s great that people still want to “play” with him.

      I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. We are right or wrong, depending on our own personal viewpoints. That’s what makes us unique. That’s what makes us human. So keep on keeping on, Lowi. Sometimes we all need a snark from the moral police.

    • Firstly – I cant believe I am even responding to you.

      What are you talking about? How does contact Fenn = desecrate.

      And yes, my mother knows all about it since I asked her legal advice. If it doesn’t say “Urn”, “remains”, etc. , or is located in a place reasonably expected to house an urn, then calling it an urn is pure speculation.

      However, I see nothing wrong with contacting Fenn and just asking him.


  22. Loved it!

    Holy mackerel we stirred up a snake nest. Mel says “Run Marti!”
    I can’t, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place holding doc in my hand.

    This is what a REAL treasure hunt is like.

    • lucky girl i sent a grouch and i should have read more first and had at least one up of coffee again i am sorry. as for treasure hunting including snakes for the best experience i hope we get to pass on the snakes LOL

    • Thanks lucky girl it really is and there was no time to stop and analyze 5 or 6 snakes crawling out of a crack to see what they were I guess lowi more brave than me yea I’m
      Country but when u on the side of a mountain in Montana and them things crawling at u I’m getting away from them I don’t like snakes

  23. Hey the only one mean thing that I said was go to the vet since I thought there were a couple of sick puppies around, but you guys are vicious !!!!!!

  24. JD, Funny and scary story!! Ya’ll be safe out there. I would have put the urn back myself, but do ask Forrest about it; to me in my humble opinion, it does not fit and is not related to the chase. Be careful and keep the stories coming. Ready to go on my next adventure. I believe it is between the Colorado and New Mexico Borders just waiting!! Forrest did not go very far to hide his chest he was still recovering and elderly I believe it is not very far from his Santa Fe home and may be on his own property he has property on the Santa Fe Trail. Some believe the Santa Fe Trail is the blaze, who knows? I researched that way back and it still peeks my interest. Just hope the Chest is in a snake free Zone. As Always continue the chase and see you all in the funny papers. Ms Girl, Have been off the radar with computer problems and Husband will fix soon on Mom’s PC and up and running. Hey Dal Still in the chase and hopefully one of us original searchers will find it. Keep up the good Chase JD and Good Luck Do not let and snakes bite you in the rear as you continue to search…..LOL MS.GIRL

  25. My latest solve just lead me to a land of rattlesnakes , so maybe we are thinking alike. any advice before I go, earlier or in fall before snows ? of course you did’nt find it so I don’t need to go now

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