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  1. Great intro..

    Certainly I’ll be glad if you continue and finish the story here.

    Best wishes for the future, Mr. Wolf. Your ideas are now among us and part of history.

  2. Well who knew, all these years you were hiding a little Indie inside you? I love that you have a hidden storyteller in you. Congrats. 🙂

    • Thank you very much Amy. I think you might enjoy it and it may centre around some place near your search area, I could never figure yours out since you keep promising you will tell us all but never materialized!
      The Wolf

    • Yes Seeker approved. I must give you special thanks for I would not have released it without your feedback and encouragement. You challenged me and I am very happy with the result!

      • LOL!! HEY, The Wolf!!
        I just have one thing to say….. excellent read!!

        I wasn’t sure you had it in you…..although, you could have finished six months ago if you hadn’t spent so much time poking Goofy with that staff! 🙂

        And quit pumping Seeker’s ego!! Dang, you’re gonna give him the Big Head! 🙂

        (hmmm….well, maybe I had more than one thing to say?) LOL!! 🙂

        Good Job!!!

        • lol Loco my crazy cousin, the real truth is, I knew you set the bar high, so I had to take another 6 months to get it right… thanks for the push!

  3. To Mr. Fenn, Jenny Kile and Dal,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my book and providing such positive feedback. It meant a lot to me.
    The Wolf

  4. Very cool Wolf, really captures the thrill of the chase. You, I assume the daring treasure hunter is you, come across as a total badass. I would cast Liam Neeson as “The Wolf” I really like the light through the skull on the staff illuminating the blaze. I bet you actually found this place you describe on one of your adventures….thanks for the distraction.

    • Total Badass … I like that but Liam Neeson is the king of badasses!

      I like your quote so much I want to use it on the website!

  5. Congratulations on your new book, Wolf. It sounds very interesting. Is it a true story? A couple of search pictures would be nice. I like your cover. I enjoy reading other’s story on the chase, especially when they put it all together in a book. Will be checking it out. Best wishes to you.

    • Thank you Ritt and congratulations to you as well. I will travel over to you page soon. This is a true story and and I have many photos in the book including that blaze I mentioned. The cover photo is actually the exact spot of the opening scene and it is a cool as it looks.

  6. I reads like an action-packed thriller, Wolf! I couldn’t stop reading. I feel like I’d be an awkward, insecure bellboy just watching you do your daily routine…like Bond…James Bond. Kinda like this:

    Will I be able to purchase a printed copy through Amazon here in the U.S., or do I have to order it through Amazon Canada?

    Again, Great Job, Eh! 🙂

    • Amazon Canada has a different version… the Book has the Sudbury Wolves Hockey team logo on the cover.

      Talk about, “your effort will be worth the cold”

      Ha, I kill me…..

  7. Congrats Wolf! Great to see the release!

    It is an absolute awesome read from beginning to the last page……I won’t say end because there will always be more story to tell!!

    • Thank you Jenny so much. I really appreciate your kind words and support for this worthy cause.

      Thanks to all who have read the book and kept the ending a secret!

      • Wolf about time you finished! The book wasn’t going to write itself!

        PS do you put the cowboy hat and bathrobe picture in the book? 🙂

        • Good one! William you always make me laugh… and thanks to your previous comments I made sure that photo was destroyed. lol

          Thank you for your support.

  8. JC1117,
    That was funny! I am electronic only (kindle, apple, pdf,epub,etc) – but I tell you what when we reach 2000 copies I will print one just for you!

    All sales are through US agencies, My Canadian friends have to now pay more. But hey! They should pay more because it is worth the cold!
    The Wolf

    • Thanks, Wolf! I would absolutely love a printed copy with your signature…paw print?…in it. 🙂 Just 2000 copies? I figure you’ll need my mailing address in a week or two. Just let me know! I’ll gladly compensate you for it. That’s mighty kind of you. I hear there are lots of kind people up there in The Great White North.

      • Hey 2000 copies are a lot. Mr Fenn only produced 1000 on his initial run. 10% of that would be a success.

        I was just informed my book has inspired a donation of $900 to cancer research, which was totally unexpected. So yes the Great White North is full of generous people! That makes me very happy!

        The Wolf

        • That has to be a good feeling that you could influenced another to give so generous.

          That right there made… “your effort” worthy.

        • My word, Wolf! What an inspiring book you’ve written. I would love to write checks to charity…the bigger the better if you’re asking me. I would love that. I’ll just keep working construction…and thanking my Creator that I’m still alive and healthy. You must be thinking the same thing after taking a fall with only your backpack to save your life. It’s moments like that that make a person humble and grateful.

  9. The Wolf,
    A huge Congratultions on the release of your book. I am really looking forward to reading your story. Wishing you an abundance of success!! May your book inspire many to reach for the stars!!


    • Thank you very much Pam. My book contains a lot of information that can help a searcher. I have included several new concepts that even the deepest of thinkers will appreciate, but it still appeals to the casual reader, who loves adventure and thrillers.

  10. one to add to my collection! That makes 5.
    Even if the treasure is never found in our lifetime, it has allowed the Fennite’s to realize there is a writer in all of us! Maybe I will publish MY journal of 37 searches. Watch out Dal, I am catching up to you! Everyone be safe and good luck! € Peace €

    • Thank you Donna
      I appreciate your support.
      You should write it out, with that many searchers I am sure you have lots of good information to share!
      The Wolf

  11. My Book – “Finding Forrest Fenn” – price hike 5 Aug.

    Thank you everyone who have purchased my book and for helping support cancer research. I introduced my book at an affordable price of $4.95 so that everyone has a chance to enjoy it while supporting a worthy cause.

    The current discounted price will cease on 5 Aug and revert to the regular price of $19.99. Smashwords already reflects this new price but there is a 75% discount coupon on the Smashwords website to reduce it to $4.95 which is in affect until 4 Aug.

    The Wolf

  12. Wolf, I love, love, love your book! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

    • Thank you so much Golden Retrievers. It makes me happy that I was able to meet your expectations and thank you so much for supporting Cancer Research and making a difference!

  13. Thank you everyone who have supported Cancer Research. We have raised 25% of my original goal and I hope all who have purchased my book enjoyed it as much as “Golden Retrievers!”
    The Wolf

  14. Wolf… I finished your book last nite.. What a great story of you with your sons and as the Lone Wolf 🙂 You have amassed a wealth of information for anyone wanting to put their solve to the test before heading out with boots on the ground. You could really save some people a lot of money and it is only $4.95 until Aug 5th!!! Oh and my absolute favorite part of the book was about your sons comment on your steel toed boots… SLATO… Still Làuging At That One 🙂

    • spallies,
      I am very pleased you enjoyed my book – you are not the first who have mentioned that boot episode! lol

      You are correct, there are years worth of research bundled into my book that will help a searcher develop and test their solutions before spending lots of their hard earned cash on a trip. That information is quite valuable and I know it would not have been popular if I just released it for free, so I decided to charge a very small amount to be fair (100% goes towards cancer research). I know not many can afford to spend much so I am only asking for the $4.95 donation until 5th of Aug then it reverts to a more appropriate price.

      The Wolf

  15. Consider this sample of Forrest Fenn quotes:
    “All of this cyberspace verbiage is conspicuous by the absence of talk about where warm waters halt.”
    “You need to start at the beginning. You need to figure out where warm waters halt.”
    “You have to know where warm waters halt.”
    “You’ll never find it that way. You need to start at the beginning. You need to figure out where warm waters halt.”
    “There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts”.
    “If you don’t know where warm water halts (sic), you don’t have anything.”

    Ok, ok, Forrest I get it we have to figure out where warm waters halt first. You do not have to tell me ten times!

    In my book, Finding Forrest Fenn, I put a lot of thought into each of my warm waters but as my son pointed out, I was using hot water mixed with cold water to make it warm. This technique makes it difficult to isolate the thousands of sources, but if one was to keep this clue as straight forward as possible and forget hot and stick to warm there are only a few choices.

    A warm spring is straight forward and not many exist. Why a spring? Forrest hinted to us in the book: “In the spring when the weather was warm” (More on the weather later).

    “The grass sees, and the trees and rushing waters of the spring creek also see.”

    This last example shows how Forrest uses the plural waters as a spring creek and last fall he said “if you know where the treasure is better keep it quiet until spring.”

    Now the most important part that must be considered: “halt.” Why halt? It doesn’t rhyme with walk so that word has to be important. Most feel it is either water or warm that halts but is it possible that “halt” explains where the warm waters exist? One meaning is a train stop without a station, but the common interpretation is related to the military and Germany and it is used to tell someone who is “marching” to stop.  From the Mysterious Writings blog Forrest remarked about the clues, “They’re contiguous, I knew where I wanted to hide the treasure chest so it was easy for me to put one foot down and then step on it to get to the next foot, thats what I did.” Step and foot down are very supportive of marching.

    Marching relates to the month of March when spring occurs and “Spring is the time to think.” Think about how the poem just explained that spring and in fact a “warm spring” to be specific is the source of where warm waters halt.

    So why does everyone ignore this when it is so obvious? Why does everyone continue to over complicate it even when Fenn says not to? There are some more examples that support “warm spring” that I will tie in later but the logical choice is “Warm Springs” Montana. Just far enough away from being blown to bits by the Yellowstone super volcano.

    Warm Springs is adjacent to Anaconda which I explained its significance in the last two blog posts. It has a state hospital which may explain why he said people thought he was crazy for doing this or it may explain why he said he hinted he was beat up mentally. More importantly this huge mound created by the warm water drains into a fishing pond right beside a railroad track or halt. If that is not convincing enough Warm Springs Creek intersects the Silver Bow River and that confluence maybe considered the traditional method of halting. Finally there are two tailings ponds that supported the Anaconda Smelter and I explained in my book why a tailings pond is a very good warm water source and all of these sources support the plural use of “waters.”

    In my book, I outlined Mr. Fenn’s hinting technique, he mentioned on Jenny Kile’s Mysterious Writings blog that “everyone had the same opportunity.” This comment has always stuck out in the minds of many searchers and nearby is a town called “Opportunity.” Beside Opportunity is the Fairmount Hot Springs Resort that has a spa called the Whispering Willows which is linked to the famous “it is what they whisper” quote. The spa also has a type of massage called “Indulgence” which Mr. Fenn has recently changed the name of the chest to. The Fairmont logo also is interesting and may explain all the hints of “F” and circles.

    • Wolf, I just noticed this post. Lol, we are sooo close. I believe you are right, or I’m right, Warm Spring Creek, Anaconda…Snake school..And an anagram for Canada, when broken down.
      I am surprised it’s not your WWWH, I think you go right by it. Sorry, I do like your solve, I think you know that, But, the trainstation at Anaconda, that’s the halt. It’s a hardware store now, but, back in the day, well, you know. Look who built the station, kind of familiar. But hey, I may be wrong, just seems obvious. One thing I think is obvious you already hint to. I get the same “Spring” hints, good job.
      It’s at your time you lose me, 242, but who knows. I like your thinking and your approach. I wish I could share with you, soooo close. Anyway, I’ll head to your website to donate. Keep up the good work.

      • Hi Charlie,
        Thanks for your feedback and support to cancer research! I am encouraged that we share the same thought process/starting place.
        The poems command to “So hear me all and listen good” can be applied to “too far too” walk, which also sounds like “two four two” (242) which can be a precise time of which to apply the shadow cast.

        • Hey Wolf, yea, that one is a stretch, 242 close to ” too far to”, but a stretch. Thing is, if it works for you, it is possible. And, if it’s possible, who knows. I have a different time. I get it from the last line.
          I know I push the alpha/numeric, but for me they work. Line 9 when read from right to left will give the key. = Kee me 2 of 3. = key forrest fenn 33, that = key 5 degrees 8/22 33.
          I also like the “Y” stick being the thing that cast the shadow. For me, that’s Skippy, buried him standing up. it goes with the word “knowlege”. The shadow cast will be 80′.
          I still thought I’d buy your book, if anything, for support. I like the way you write and think. A great solve so far. You already have a picture of my blaze. I guess we’ll all see come May…
          I never thought I’d buy a book from someone that hasn’t seen the treasure, but you’re doing it the right way. Congrats and good luck…

          • lol I guess a stretch is in eye of the beholder. For me and the way I wrote the book is that I research all the possibilities and then I let the clues guide me to the end. The poem must contain a stand alone solution (but outside info can provide confidence). We do agree on the “Y” as a marker in some respect.

            Thank you for you support to cancer research and it is my goal to have the unique and logical thought process highlighted in my book, guide some lucky searcher to the correct location. Good luck!

  16. As many of you already know. I am donating all revenue/proceeds from my book sales to cancer research. I only ask for a nominal amount for the book ($4.95) so other searchers may benefit from my many hours of research.

    For those interested in defeating cancer and continuing to help, I have created a separate donation page at the bottom of my Webpage so I can track all donations.

    My blog explains the process. I just need a volunteer now to test it. Thank you all for making a difference!!Donate-to-The-Wolfs-Cancer-fund/cam/55ccd4950cf2ce5f89aa56a4

  17. Wolf, I plan on buying your book, I too, like how you think.
    Btw, a friend of yours that used to post on Dal’s site, said she “has a much better owl blaze than the one you posted”, and you would know who she is.
    Thank you for your efforts,
    ¥Peace ¥

    • Thank you Donna for supporting cancer research. I tell you what, after you read my book, come back and tell us which blaze is better. So far I own that domain! 😉

  18. Wolf,
    Here I am…a witness to your wonderful book! I, like F, like how you think! You hit on several solves that I have been working on.
    Your blaze was great! I wish I could indulge you with the “aha!” moment I had at discovering the key word and my blaze, but can’t til I have my last hunt this June/July!
    Everyone should read your book! And, yes, I figured out the “march”, also “with confidence” to the treasure.
    Hope to see you at Fennboree 2016 (?).
    ¥Peace ¥ (there is that “y”!)

  19. Thank you Donna for your support and the wonderful feedback on my book. I think I remember your March comment so we are definitely thinking a like in that respect. I look forward to hearing about your aha moment. If it was anything close to what I experienced it will be quite the feeling and an impressive solution.
    The Wolf

    As many know Randy Bilyeu has gone missing searching for the Fenn treasure. While we hope and pray for his safe return, this is not the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last that someone became distressed. The disturbing part of this search is that he was missing for 9 days before being reported overdue. Chances of survival decrease exponentially with time, thus the odds are heavily stacked against him, despite our best wishes.

    I have worked in search and rescue all my life. I flew rescue choppers, C130, worked and commanded a Rescue Coordination Centre and investigated rocky mountain climbing accidents. I have also been trained by the military in survival. I have also conducted extensive emergency beacon research and helped to develop commercial products. I am currently studying enrolled in a Space Science Masters program – thesis distress beacons.

    I continue to provide tips to help one survive while searching for the Fenn Treasure. Many searchers only carry a cell phone in the rocky mountains. Rescue centers have used many technologies encorporated in cell phones that have helped narrow down a search, such as sector/triangulation of cell tower pings and embedded GPS technology. It is possible to also use airborne sensors to find a cellphone the requirement is the cellphone must be turned on and have enough battery power.

    There are several reasons why cell phones are a poor choice of survival equipment in the rocky mountains. The number one reason is they are unlikely to be in line of site with a cell tower because the mountains, canyons and crevices shield its signal. The batteries do not last very long especially when the cellphone is not in contact with a cell tower. The other reason is it very vulnerable if it is immersed in water.

    That is why one needs to be armed with a satellite based distress beacon. I have conducted significant research in this area and the international standard is a 406 Mhz personal locator beacon (PLB) However, it is only a one-way communication device and must be manually activated. The signal should last for a week under normal temperatures and also has a 121.5 MHz homing signal. Rescue personal will be notified within 1.5 hours of activation often sooner if visible with a geostationary GOES satellite. These beacons can often be rented.

    If you desire more performance it would be advisable to carry a satellite tracking device or a satellite telephone because it provides two-way communication. The SPOT/Global Star system is not as reliable in the mountains (especially heavily treed areas) and would not be recommended. An iridium based system such as Delorme or Solaradata is the best I use the Solara Field Tracker 2100 – once activated it will display your location to within 10 feet anywhere in the word within one minute of activation. It also allows self-rescue and text communications to loved ones. It will leave a trace of your track (breadcrumb trail) incase you were unable to manually activate it which helps SAR personal significantly. The Delorme model is designed more for rereational use, is connected to a 247 emergency response centre and is coupled with GPS navigation.

    Remember, once activated, it also takes time for rescue personal to get to you, they don’t pop out of the sky when you push the button! Plan to spend the night especially if weather is questionable or night fall is near.

    Of course one should not rely on distress beacon technology alone.

    -Always take survival gear and food with you that will allow an overnight stay
    -Leave a detailed plan of where you are going each day and when you will check in.
    -Know your limits, don’t take chances and use common sense.
    -Study weather patterns, geography, environmental hazards
    -Do not search alone!

    I have witnessed first hand how “gold fever” can affect an otherwise normal person’s rational thoughts. The excerpt from my book (above) ironically highlights “The treasure hunting effect.” No one is immune so set your limitations ahead of time and don’t search in the winter!

    Read more at!Be-safe-be-prepared/cam/569bdfc50cf28074ac9c4d30

    • Not unless you are talking “Ailsa Craig” quarry; then maybe I am early to the party, but prefer to be show up fashionably late Mr. Indiana.

  21. What colour is a daffodil?

    Hi everyone,
    I just thought I would stop by and remind everyone that April is Daffodil month in Canada, supporting those living with cancer.

    I have posted an update on my blog as this is the last month that I will be accepting donations for the Canadian Cancer Society (cancer research).

    Thank you to all who have purchased my book Finding Forrest Fenn (all revenue received goes directly to cancer research) and to those who have donated directly.!Cancer-Mont…d402fe82ab

    Lets join the fight!

    Thank you all for supporting cancer research!

    The Wolf

    I have included some reader feedback as well for those who are interested.

  22. Thirty-six years ago this week (April 12, 1980) a brave young 21-year-old man began an epoch journey when he dipped his prosthetic leg in the Atlantic ocean near St John’s Newfoundland. His goal was to raise $1 dollar from every Canadian to support cancer research. His name was Terry Fox; born in Winnipeg, he unfortunately acquired osteosarcoma (cancer of the bone) and had his right leg amputated. A natural athlete in high school, he was inspired by Dick Traum, the first person to complete the New York Marathon with a prosthetic leg. That inspiration lead to a dream, a dream that motived a nation to participate annually in a drive to raise cancer awareness honouring his name.

    Terry Fox began his “Marathon of Hope” committed to running a marathon everyday without rest until he crossed Canada. After a slow start, the young man fought through the resistance to impede his race and by the time he reached Ontario, he was drawing crowds of 10,000 strong. The nation was inspired by his determination, but on Sept 1st, 1980 his Marathon of Hope came to an end just outside Thunder Bay, Ontario, as his cancer had spread to his lungs. On June 19, 1981 Terry Fox died having reached his goal of raising $23 million.

    On Sep 19th of every year, Canadians take up the Marathon of Hope and have donated over $600 million to cancer research under his name. Cancer survival rates for osteosarcoma have risen to 80% thanks to Terry’s efforts.

    Terry Fox was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of Dogwood (the province of BC’s highest award) and was voted second only to Tommy Douglas as Canada’s greatest hero.

    April is the Cancer month in Canada, symbolized by the daffodil. I was delighted when my son Blake (pictured here), joined the fight to help raise money for the cause.

    When I was 25 years old, I too had contracted the deadly form of cancer, Melanoma. I was fortunate to survive, but contracting this disease, so early in life, allowed me to understand he motivation behind the brave young Terry Fox. I have followed his lead and I hope to motivate others to donate generously to cancer research. Every penny raised through sales of my book, Finding Forrest Fenn, go directly to Cancer research. I ask that you too join the fight and purchase my book or donate directly to my Canadian Cancer Society research fund. Your donations are making a difference.

    Lets join the fight and honour Terry Fox!

    Published at:!Terry-Fox-Canadas-Greatest-Hero/cam/5712475b0cf20ee5e3c554d8

  23. Hello everyone!
    First off I would like to thank everyone who purchased my book or donated directly to The Wolf’s Cancer Fund. I just added up all my book sales and deposited the funds into the account (minus the $90 Amazon will pay out next quarter).

    I was able to sell 173 books, and raised $930, which leaves just one week to reach my goal of $1000. As an incentive I have offered a discount coupon for my book “Finding Forrest Fenn” if purchased through Smashwords. The coupon code is YQ59Z and the details are published on my blog:!Finding-Fenn-40-discount-coupon/cam/5717d3bf0cf2b05e61f67be1

    All book sales are donated directly to cancer research.

    Once again, thank you to all who have donated to this worthy cause and some day we will have this disease beat!

    The Wolf

    • I just received a generous $2000 donation to the Wolf’s cancer fund. With generosity like that we will soon have this disease beat and I will have to start a new fund for the heart attack I just got after hearing the news!

      Thank you all for supporting such a wonderful cause!
      The Wolf

  24. This week is Terry Fox week as thousands of school children from over 9000 communities across Canada run to raise awareness for Cancer Research. The Wolf will dedicate all his latest sales to the Terry Fox Organization.

    The Wolf

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