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Gho$t Adventures by Richard McDonald


Before you get caught up in yet another Forrest Fenn story, you need to be aware that I am not a writer and this book is more childishly written more so than Forrest Fenn claims his book “The Thrill of the Chase “ to be. With this being said, I am just another searcher that feels the need to tell his story, the story of my adventures and the search for hidden treasure. The entire solution that follows is my accumulation of information collected throughout my search for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. This information has been gathered by many hours of research conducted by myself through multiple resources found throughout the internet and my multiple scouting trips to the location. This solution is not complete with all information gathered from the clues but is enough to prove the location to be the solution. This location was originally discovered by my own efforts and with the use of Forrest Fenn’s poem and videos. I later used other resources to try to narrow the search area down to a specific spot. I have included many screenshots of various websites to help give a more visual type solution. Sometimes it’s just better to show someone, rather than trying to explain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I found the gold, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. I just don’t want to provide that type of knowlege…

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  1. @IL Ghost, so are you going to gift ff the bracelet or negotiate some sort of trade? How many pages are in the ‘olive jar’? lol!

  2. Congratulations Ghost!…I know how much work is involved in putting your story down in writing. I wish you well. I will check it out. Nice picture.

  3. Congratulations authors! Quite an endeavor to put thoughts down in an orderly and interesting fashion. You should all be proud.
    Lots of money to be made by those who know the “rules” of capitalization. Lots of surfing on coattails…smart.

    Not me. I’ll just keep looking. I’m too young to write a book. Can’t sit still that long. 🙂

    Good job guys!

  4. How can you say “This solution is not complete with all information gathered from the clues but is enough to prove the location to be the solution” when you don’t have the chest? Unless you have the chest no where has been proved to be THE solution.

    • The solution does not contain the answer to every single hint provided by Forrest. There are just to many. The clues in the poem however are answered in great detail.

      • I still missed the part where you said “In my opinion”. In MY opinion, Forrest has given a few hints, but not many. People just read way too much into everything he says. As far as answering the clues in great detail, if that were actually the case and you have answered the correct clues correctly, you would have the chest. Since you do not, the fact remains that have not answered the clues correctly.

        • Sorry, to hear the books not for you. It’s a story of my adventures and very informational one. It’s not my opinion, it’s my research and hard work.

          Thanks for taking the time to view to view the post.

          • People can write whatever they want. It’s arrogant and misleading to say you have the solution when you don’t.

        • Cb if you have to find tiny things on the ground then ghost may have the right solution and he should publish a book. I might too, but only after I find something small…as for the chest…good luck…finding it that would be like winning the lotto.

          • I won’t continue to argue this point after this, but I will reiterate again: there is only one solution to the poem. It doesn’t matter if you think it is correct or if the clues fit perfectly.If you don’t have the chest to prove you were correct, it is just blatant arrogance to claim you have THE solution, which both Ritt and ghost here have done. If people want to write books about their failed attempts and get people to pay money for them, good for them. But claiming you have THE solve is wrong.

          • Seabee – I get your point totally and sympathize with it. In fairness, neither claims to have found the treasure and Ritt, at least, admits he has not. I think there is nothing wrong with the idea, as long as it makes for a good read. I would not expect either book to help you find the treasure, however.

            The biggest issue I have is with the rather presumptuous titles, “How I found THE solution” and “The END of the hunt”.

            I believe I remember that in the past Illinois Ghost has stated on this blog that it would be immoral to have found the treasure and not disclosed it; i.e to let others continue to work and search in vain. Maybe it was someone else who said that, but I agree with the position. But hey, the guy’s been flashing his “I FOUND IT!” button for a long time during which period he admitted he had not, indeed, found it. I guess he’s an enigma?

            In the end, though, neither of these guys is obnoxious about it and even entertaining to some. I say no harm, no foul.

  5. I find this barrage of books disconcerting. If the treasure has been found then great we should all be told. If these are books written by individuals who could not find the Treasure then I fail to see the point, or purpose other than them wanting to cash in on the Fenn mania. This would appear to me to be capitalism at its worst. This also discredits the Nobel intentions of Forrest Fenn and reduces your blog to a flea market free for all. I was so excited about this treasure hunt, but now I see that this has become a money making scheme. Dal, I had a great deal of respect for you but you are obviously making a cut on these books, and your actions reflect not only on you but also on Fenn. No one should be making money off of this, or it becomes a hoax and fraud, or even worse an outright swindel. Any credibility this blog had has been lost. What a shame to be hawking your wares like some snake oil salesman, to people who have gone crazy about this treasure. b

    • Betsy –

      I’ve been around here along time – and am quite sure neither Dal nor Forrest is profiting off these books.

      They are quite simply someone’s opinion of where the treasure is. Perhaps they were only feet away from actually finding it. But they are willing to give away a solve – which may at some point benefit someone else in their solve.

      IMO this blog has not lost any credibility – but the chase has been enhanced by these books. If you don’t wish to contribute to a cancer cause – or read the books – that’s 100% your choice.

    • Whatever my personal feelings are about these books doesn’t really matter… But Betsy, you seem to know a lot of nothing. Do you know Dal is making anything off these book?

      “If these are books written by individuals who could not find the Treasure then I fail to see the point, or purpose…” If one does not want to read another’s book [about any subject] they do have the free-will not to do so. It seems your attempting to discredit a book[s] or subject matter, for your owner personal reasons.

      “What a shame to be hawking your wares like some snake oil salesman, to people who have gone crazy about this treasure. b”
      Why is it anyone’s fault or even a concern that “crazy” people can’t control themselves. They are Adults, Yes? why are we to be responsible for there actions?

      It would be a Shame if libraries thought the same as you. I wonder how many less books there would be on the JFK, the space program, the pyramids, Charioteers of the Gods. History of mankind, Noah… Why not just complain there are too many different versions of the Bible?

      Don’t like, Don’t buy. Seems very simple to me.

    • Betsy you wrote: Dal, I had a great deal of respect for you but you are obviously making a cut on these books……To my knowledge Betsy Dal isn’t making a dime off of these guys…..I wouldn’t blame him if he did. So if he’s not making any money off of the books does that obviously make you a fool?

      If selling incorrect solutions actually makes any money I’ll be a gazillionair soon because I’ve got lots and lots of wrong solutions. But hey, I always wondered who bought that stuff on late night TV.

      Betsy what I find very odd about your rant is this is a treasure hunt. Isn’t the only reason people are here is to find a chest of gold……..Good ol greed.

      Fenn knows the libraries are full of books written by great men wanting to share their wisdom, knowledge, and inspirations with us that do nothing but gather dust. Add a chest of gold and all of a sudden everyone is paying attention.

      People can visit the Rockies anytime they wish, they can take their families and friends camping and exploring history and the countryside anytime they want. From your rant I would think you would abhor the very premise of the treasure hunt; pure capitalistic greed.

      The treasure hunt is capitalism at its best. The pursuit of happiness is the thrill of the chase and what makes life worth living……Only my opinion.

    • Sorry Betsy but your post is the only read that I haven’t enjoyed. I enjoy reading about other searchers adventures and solves and I will gladly pay a little for the pleasure. It’s all for a good cause. IMO.

    • Didn’t Fenn encourage us all to write our own memoirs. Include a little about your life and the chase yea why not. Maybe I can get Forrest to write the forward for my book.

    • Betsy,

      Dal, nor anyone one else is making any money on my book, including me. The cost of publishing your own book is not cheap. I will do good to even break even. I wrote my book to share my experience in the chase and to also share my solution to the poem. I felt it too long for the blogs so I put it in book form. I was also hoping to reach new searchers to the chase. I’m sorry if people writing books about the chase offends you, you are not forced to purchase any of them.

      Feel free to write your own book about the chase or any subject and have it published. Good luck.

      The chase is still exciting.
      Ritt Jordan

      • I reserve the rights to the title “The Best Dang Incorrect Solution to Forrest Fenn’s Poem”.

        You can name your book anything else that you like.


    • We put these books up here because searchers wrote them and we thought it would be cool to have a single place for authors to promote their books rather than as off-topic comments scattered throughout the blog. We are not charging. We are not getting a cut on any books…it’s all for free…just another service of the Goof & Dal Stuffed Fuzzy Animals and Gun Shop 🙂

      • It started out that the poem would lead you right to the chest now we are reading books about someone’s salve based on scrapbooks and what not.. Just so your having fun folks. Oh yeah, I would recommend we stay with stuff F writes if we are serious at all about finding his BOX.

      • Thanks Dal. Great idea! We appreciate it. Those of us who have been involved in the Chase for a while can usually identify “books” that are published just to make a quick buck vs. books that are published out of appreciation for the spirit of adventure that Forrest has stoked within us.

        You’ve had plenty of opportunities to profit from this whole thing, but it’s clearly evident that profit is not your motive. I mean you don’t even have ads on the site. Keep on keeping on and don’t let the naysayers get you down!

        Did you make it to Fuzzy-Con?

    • Betsy, you are wrong. Selling a book that is written for the sole purpose of making money, and trying to achieve fame is capitalism at it’s best.

      Because of Mr. Fenn’s business acumen, Elmyr de Hory paintings “started jumping off our walls.”

      Forged paintings and incorrect solutions, buyer beware. If you are informed beforehand, you have no basis for complaint.

      Isn’t it wonderful to have a choice.

  6. Congratulations Ghost. I acknowledge the amount of work required to complete a book. Well done!

    I paid no one other than my editor and book cover designer. Dal assisted me by volunteering to put up a page for me when I first told him about my book. He has always been very generous in promoting the thrill or the chase. He posted about six previous stories I submitted so he was a good choice for this book.

    I am not sure if you are aware but very few authors make money writing books. Most do it for other reasons. For me the amount of revenue is likely to be so low, I decided to give what little I make in royalties to cancer research and I donated my time and paid for the website, editing and book cover.
    I hope this helps.
    The Wolf

  7. Congratulations on your book. I disagree but congratulations and I wish you the best.

    • Thank you, you support means a lot!

      Forrest was the first to receive a copy of my book when I originally started writing it and is now reading the final copy. I also told forest I would remove the book if he was unpleased with it in any way.

      Yes, I received your book Rick, nice. Thank you for sending it to me. f

  8. I do not believe in ghosts. Therefore your book does not exist. IMO you cheapen your experience by selling it. Most of us have provided our solves for others to enjoy free of charge. I feel that I have gotten more out of giving out my ideas for free than could be made in a book. As I have stated before, why would anyone want to pay for a book that does not lead to the treasure?

    • People have written stories about treasure hunts for years, it’s what keeps the legends alive. This is true with the lost Dutchman,captain kidds treasure, and many others. It’s more of a preservation of clues. Even though these things might exist now they may not in 1000 yrs

      Thanks for you opinion and thank you for looking

  9. This book is already out there, it’s a record for my children, my grandchildren, ect.
    It something that will now last a lifetime. We will not be around in the future, however our children will. Things posted on blogs will not be around in a 1000 yrs either. The more documentation there is on a subject the better the chances of it existing.


    • @Il Ghost, just wanted to offer up an apology, I dissed on your book before I came to know that the great blog master was allowing this venue for one-and-all to promote stories, books, travel journals, photos etc etc relating to the chase. My first thought was hey if you found it why do I need your book and if you haven’t found it why do I need it. I now know it’s more personal for you and your children and their children should the chest not be found for a very long time. I’ve been keeping a journal since 1982 and some day I’ll put it all together for my kids too and maybe it will include a tale about the great discovery! Wish you and everyone good luck out there. Who would know or thought that a short poem with 9 clues to a hidden treasure could create so much dialogue! English Literature majors will probably being doing thesis studies on the poem. IMO. -cholly

  10. What’s wrong wanting to have a layman’s perspective? Having the experiences of everyday people?

    Many journals and publications where written about the Gold Rush of 1849.


  11. Oh……….I’m sure there will be a movie contract for whomever and whenever someone comes forth with the TC.
    I have already picked out my title.
    “1 sqft Rocky Mountain Quest”
    an epic adventure, provided by Forrest Fenn !!!

    • That’s funny, sign! 🙂
      Mine would be
      If I started a book now, it would have to be
      treasure hunting for dummies!
      But heck, I don’t even know where to start, went right past those I guess. 🙂

  12. The word that is key is in my book. The way you find it is by researching the clues Fenn left behind for himself. It’s kinda a cypher and the way to find it is through the engraving found on the chest. My book has not had the reaction I expected. The one’s who have bought a copy are not sharing the knowledge within the book and I’ve sold a lot of books! These people know what they have… And I thank them for respecting my hard work…

  13. With all due respect sir, your key word is no more valid than anyone else’s. If that were the case, your customer would have the treasure. Also, regardless of whether someone purchases your manuscript or not, it’s a choice, and has nothing to do with respecting your hard work. jmo

  14. busyB –

    What’s up with you ? Ghost was only pointing out that he (just like you) has an opinion on the key word in his book.

    Where’s your book – geez I’m a bit tired of the jealousy around here.

    • Thank you!

      What’s funny is all the ones who agreed to do reviews of the book are keeping quit as well, so there must be something in it, right?

  15. I don’t have a clue as to what is right regarding the key word – but I will always defend your right to say it. And cannot abide those who – without even knowing you – put you down.

    The only way we will all know what the final solution is – is when it is found.

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