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Following is an excerpt from the new novel, The Chroma, by Ansley Rey.

In this New Age Western, The Chroma, a headstrong, young woman, Rain, struggles to overcome her victimized past and become the legend that nature, her true Indian blood and the Hopi Prophesy foretold.
Rain speeds across the Southwest with a wild crew of treasure seekers in search of Forrest Fenn’s real life buried treasure.
Chased by the Feds in our world and alien scavengers from another, the redheaded massage therapist is on the lam and on the hunt to reawaken the fabled Light Warriors!


Andy shut and locked the door.
He looked her over as she un-pinned her hair from the wig.
Long red, wavy hair tumbled out.
He smelled a wave of her scent.
Fresh, sweaty, full of danger,
wind, flowers and secret places.
“What do you have,” he snapped.
Too aware of her.
“Be nice, agent man, or I turn around,” she snapped back.
“Alright, I am sorry, things are stressful lately, I miss you. Can I see them?” He grabbed for her.
Rain, angry now, gave his hand a quick but hard backhanded pop.
“Mind your manners.”
“I thought you missed me,” he sulked.
“Do you want to see or not?” she demanded.
His interest was peaked.
She was not there for sex.
“Reagan, show me.” He used her real name and his best agent voice.
“Nah, I already mailed it back to Forrest already, anyway.”
He paled.
Took a minute to just stare at her.
“Yes, I found it.”
“Yeah, whatever, now what do you really want, I am busy,” Andy said.
Rain reached into her pocket. It was small, easy to conceal. A gold double Eagle.
“For you.” She tossed it to him.
He caught it.
His mouth hung open.
He said nothing.
The room still.

The Chroma, by Ansley Rey  is available at Amazon Books.

22 thoughts on “Book – Chroma

  1. The Chroma, Order it Today. I have read it once and I plan to read it again on Monday. 🙂 I wonder who the wisest one is? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. First! I just got my copy in the mail. I’m already on chapter 8! It’s interesting how she wrapped her story around comments F has made. I’ve always said it is a spiritual journey, like F. That may be the angle he is talking about. Rain’s search area is close to mine…that and NM. I’m headed out again tomorrow and will keep my head down! Everyone NEEDS to read this book! Best one I’ve read about a search adventure. Sorry, Ritt, yours is next! GOOD LUCK ALL! ₩ Peace ₩

  3. I have been reading the Chroma AGAIN.
    It’s really an interesting story. I feel like Rain, a girl who is in the Chase for the chest, a girl who never stops believing. A girl who wants to save the people in her town. She is a strong girl who will not give up and nothing can stop her. See sounds like me 🙂

  4. I am re- reading it myself. I have started on another couple of books, then got blocked and depressed a minute. Like FF, I suffer from anxiety, which I am learning to manage. I hope I can be become wise enough to really find the chest once I figure that out. My interest is fired up again, after a busy Summer, well, too bad there is snow already where I want to go. I might just have to make it NM and hope to see my friend FF as the treasure. He sure is! Dal, you are wonderful to allow this on your sight. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I still want to do a search with you. I am going in the river next! Blessings everyone, thank you for sharing on here. Ansley

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