Searcher Could Use a Little Help….

JULY 2015

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A searcher and regular commentator on this blog, Michael Hendrickson started a GoFundMe page to help him raise money for a prosthetic leg.

If you have a spare buck and a free moment maybe you can help out.

Michael is a good guy who’s had some bad luck..

You can visit his GoFundMe site here.



22 thoughts on “Searcher Could Use a Little Help….

  1. Michael, I pray and hope that all the funds needed are given in no time! May God bless your socks off! 🙂 in JESUS Name, amen
    I send you Best Wishes for the wind in your hair once again without Jacinto worry about your leg gettin run over lol

  2. Well I did have another prayer in comment for you about having the wind in your hair once again and best wishes for getting your socks blessed off but it went to moderation, guess the blog word catchers don’t like the name of g-0-d

  3. Hi Michael. Here’s a link to Ursula, a motorcyclist who is now a left leg, below the knee, amputee as a result of a head on with a cager on 7/17/2013. She’s back on the road, and more importantly has a great blog and MANY good connections / relationships with people and companies that supply prosthetics, especial for people who ride. She’s got a radio station, writing a book about her experiences, etc. A mover and shaker who can probably help you with your quest. Good luck!

    • I had a run in with a cager back in September 2014. He rear ended me and took off, leaving me flat out in the middle of the road. Fortunately it happened right in front of an ambulance. They loaded me up and took me away to get xrays. I had a fractured back and ribs. I am still waiting on the insurance settlement from that one. But, I am much better now.
      thank you.

  4. Good luck, Michael! I hope you’re up in the mountains sooner than later, feeling on top of the world!

    Dal, thank you for doing this. I think it’s awesome you use your website for good; helping people find a wider audience.

  5. WOW Dal, Thanks for the help. This was a big surprise.
    And a big thanks to all of you guys that donated. I just created that fund raiser a couple of days ago and posted the link on twitter. I got up this morning and my mailbox was full of donations. Including one BIG one from ANONYMOUS-ANONYMOUS.
    The goal I set was completely arbitrary, but I think I have enough to go discuss getting a better leg with the prosthecist doctor. maybe titanium, carbon fiber, vacuum seal, light weight….thanks.

  6. It matters not how straight your Gait,
    How charged with punishments your scroll,
    You are the master of your fate,
    You are the captain of your soul.

    Best of luck to you, Michael Hendrickson!

  7. This one is for you Michael Hendrickson , my thought are with ya , I hope you achieve your goal…..

    ” One Winged Angel ”

    Your soul is captive in your body , till your final day is here ,

    Then you can turn it loose , and listen to the angels cheer.

    While on this earth , it’s not about , the limbs your body has,

    It’s more about your inner self, your faith and strength alas.

    When that day on earth arrives , and you must surly die,

    you will be that ” One Winged Angel ” soaring through the skies.

    No care at all, you’ve played your part , then you’ll soar so high,

    Leaving an empty space to fill, so others can have their try……..

    By: Focused

  8. Michael, I wish you well. I hope to see you out in the Rocky Mountains someday.
    Your post are very interesting and informative. Good luck in your search.

  9. I wish you well, also, Michael…physically, mentally and spiritually. I certainly haven’t walked in your shoes, but if life ever throws me a curve ball…like it did to you…I’m going to look like THIS!

    🙂 Okay…maybe not all the time. For Halloween I’ll don a suit and tie and tell everyone I’m a politician!

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