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28 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot Photos…

    • These are gorgeous. I’m jealous I have to wait to enjoy the outdoors again, but thanks to your photos I can almost smell the sky.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • Yeah, you have to watch those rattle snakes. Fortunately the ones we came across weren’t so aggressive that they wanted to bite you as you walk by them unknowingly. They will warn you with the rattle first and then try to leave for protection and then curl up to strike if necessary. My husband wanted to pick it up, but I told him no, we are a long way from a hospital.

  1. I have given some thought to what Forrest may want to eliminate in this upcoming news.

    Maybe he wants to eliminate the Leon Gaspard residence? It is now a private residence. With his new book “The Call of Distant Places” coming out in August and I can only imagine he won’t want people bothering the current owners of the home.


    The Leon Gaspard House, also known as Gaspard House Museum, was the Taos, New Mexico home of Russian artist Leon Gaspard who became a member of the Taos art colony. The house was listed as a National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

  2. thank you for the beautiful pictures. i not sure what the first bird is. but the second i think its a robin. we saw a lot of these in NM. we hope you had a great time.

    • Wildbirder, I don’t know either, but it was a little baby and I wanted to pick it up, but resisted. I didn’t want to scare it and think that humans were scary. Hopefully, it thinks humans are good. That may sound stupid to some people, but I don’t care. It was amazing that I could get so close to it without it moving.

    • Not currently. I’m currently searching in Yellowstone. However, if you want to talk about it, let me know. Dal has my email address.

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