The Nine Clues…….Part Fiftytwo


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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  1. I’m new to the chase. Did FF actually say there are exactly 9 clues in the poem?

    • That;s a very simple question Tommy. It deserves a very simple answer.
      Yes he did.
      This info and tons more is available on this blog in interviews, press stories, videos, direct answers from Forrest to questions asked by searchers and much, much more. Please read the information on this blog, Jenny’s and Forrest’s. Make notes of the important hints and clues and write down where they came from. Have fun and be well informed.

        • sir you may know this but if you click the f key along with control key a little search box will come up so you can search for a word or phrase. works on most pages

      • I have to second that “write down where they came from” part. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought (was that a rumor? was that true? where did I read that? I think I dreamed that.)

        notes, and bookmarks

      • Did Forrest basically say the treasure is either not there or it is a hoax? He may need to clarify his statement. Both options there is not treasure there.

        “There have been four or five people that know exactly where the treasure is but when they go there the treasure is not there and so one of two things has to of happened. First of all somebody just took it before I could get here or the whole story is a hoax.”

        • its all mine. we have a very solid solve and believe we are in the right place. its a not that long of canyon but not very wide. i got news for you Godzilla could be sitting at the end of that canyon we wouldn’t have seen him unless as hubby said he was smoking. if you are in the right area it will be very rugged and full of trees. the area we are looking in doesn’t have any human print left on it except for some very very old litter and very little of that. if several people also went to our place and didn’t find the TC i wouldn’t say we were wrong because in that terrain you step on the box and not know it. Fenn said you wouldn’t just stumble on to it. we don’t believe its a hoax because in Fenn’s time family honor/pride meant a lot

        • It’s AllMine –

          Yes, he said that – but I have heard him say that before and what he said then was that searchers had thought since the TC wasn’t there – that it had already been found or simply wasn’t there in the first place.

          So, the comment was meant as if a searcher was saying it. 🙂

        • Itsallmine; I don’t interpret him saying that at all. To me it’s very clear what he is talking about. What I hear him saying is that four or five people are sure they know where the treasure is. When they go there and can’t find it then it has to have already been found or is a hoax and was never there. There have been several people do this over the years; many more than four or five in my opinion.

          The thought never enters their mind they could be wrong. Talk about arrogant clowns. After they post their solution everyone can see how delusional they are. I’ve always wanted to get them all together in one room and watch them attack each other because each of them is absolutely, beyond any doubt, have rock solid proof the chest is not there; and they are all in completely different locations.

          Maybe we could get Jerry Springer to host the show. 🙂

          • LOL!! Goofy, he just left the pond, voluntarily, because he couldn’t stand the critiquing of what he was laying down.

            It appears he thinks you and dal might be more receptive?? 🙂 🙂

          • The folks who are so convinced of their solution and look for an explanation of why it isn’t there (except the possibility they are wrong) really are amazing and puzzling at the same time. My original reaction was that they were deliberately trying to dissuade others from looking. Then I thought they were just delusional. Now, I’m thinking its just an example of how irrational people can be even in the absence of malevolent motives or mental illness. Its really quite interesting and a apparently much more prevalent than I ever imagined. I have also wondered how they reconcile their views when confronted with another person who is equally adamant of their solve–the Jerry Springer show is a great idea!

          • spallies, I’ve not used an event tracker for those guys, they seek us out. Their arrogance makes them seek out as large an audience as they can find. They want the world to know of their genius.

            I’m like Raven, I had no idea there are that many irrational, crazy people out there. Talk about delusions of grandeur; some of these folks are scary.

          • What I find hilarious is those same clowns, as Goofy said… and that is putting it nicely. Are on the web everyday, all day, saying it a hoax. Some say it not true consistently, and yet still jump in the car or book the next flight out to search and come back and start the whine and chez party all over again.

            Itallmine, if you listen to the jibber jabber of those types of split personalities, knowitalls, white coat loonies… it will drive ya nuts too. I look at it as, just a free comedy show.

          • Name calling, as I read all (Dal, correct me if I am wrong), is one way to get you kicked off of this blog site. Certain rules of ettiquet are to be adhered to when commenting. Derogatory name calling should not be tolerated. Bullying should not be tolerated. All may be created equally, but not all develop equally. Some have more formal education than others whilst others have none at all. Indiferent or not, it’s my opinion, all deserve the same respect. Effort in the chase is worthy of respect. If the least of us has put in effort, and has been wrong, does not give any one of us the right to degrade them by name calling. All I have said is IMO and please play nice.
            This comment is not intended for any one poster, but for the good of many.
            Dal, I request that the rules if the blog be posted again. Thank you.

          • I’ve been 100% sure every time. And I’ve also been wrong 100% every time. So you could say that I’m batting a thousand even though I’m only 100% sure it’s still there.

          • Straw shadow, your avatar is odd to me. It appears like a cat peeking over s fence, but you once said it’s a ridgeback. Is that a hog? And I don’t get it…
            Am I missing something?

          • Do we have to talk this way about others? I don’t know about the people on this blog and I’m here to gather information to help with the hunt. I don’t want to hear people say these things about others. Please.

          • Why don’t we make it interesting and identify the people you are talking about so they have a fair chance to reply to your statements.

          • Rose, apparently you are new. I would recommend you do some research before preaching to us.

            These people come here telling everyone how wrong and stupid everyone here is while boasting about their self perceived genius having solved the poem and proven the chest is not there.

            They call the treasure a hoax and Fenn a liar. They do not deserve, and will not receive, any tolerance around here. The arrogance of these people is unbelievable.

          • Yup, I am new to the hunt and i’ve searching about one month and three weeks. Flown to NM from CA twice to search and had fun. If people are rude, then block them from the blog. But, lets try to be kind to one another. We just don’t know who they are and their capabilities. When I first started, I thought I was right on target a few times. But, that’s the nature of the game. There are so many possible solves. A Los Alamos solve, BSA solve, Mader solve, Cesar’s cipher solve, Ashley Pond solve, Fuller lodge solve, Elizabethtown solve, Pilgrimage solve, Red River solve, Eagles Nest solve, Guadalupe Mtn. solve, Mortadad Canyon solve, J. Brown/Sibley Solve, St. Johns College solve, Molly Brown solve, Bishops Lodge solve, Foundry solve, Colorado Silverton solve, TFTW map solve and it goes on. It’s like a video game with different levels/directions and players. This is a hobby for me and I’m having fun. BTW, I’m a professional data miner with three degrees and a collector like Fenn. I’m just having fun.

          • Enjoy yourself Rose, even amongst a slightly dysfunctional though otherwise convivial crowd of reprobates such as live ‘the chase’…

            And there is only one solve that is of any consequence…The correct one!…Good luck with that…lol… 🙂

          • I forgot another solve. The Philmont landing strip solve. The pilot is supposed to fly over the landing strip once to chase the buffalo off the landing strip and then land on strip the second time when the buffallo are cleared. LOL.

          • Welcome to the chase Rose. You will find we have some very smart folks here. So far holding advanced degrees hasn’t helped……yet. And the data mining hasn’t dug up anything but fool’s gold so far. By you never know…..

            As far as blocking the rude ones, I got that covered. Fastest nuke button in the west. 🙂

            Having said that; having one’s opinion challenged is not a bad thing. In general we have a really nice group of people but if we don’t constructively criticize each other we will have nothing but a cheerleading squad and a complete waste of time. So if you get your feelings hurt by someone disagreeing with you this is probably not the place for you.

            Good hunting Rose…..looking forward to hearing about your adventures if you want to post them.

          • Rose, I’m a newbie too and what Goofy (the blog admin) said is right on the money. We are all here for peer review, as it were, on our solves – as well as to gleen info that either confirms our solve or disproves it and we start over from scratch.

            Good luck searching/seeking Indulgence!

          • Great! I’ve got lots of stories. Here’s one that’s funny. I call it Poison Ivy. As I was searching at Bishop’s Lodge, I looked around Bishop’s chapel for areas that match the poem. A friend of mine suggested I go there. I took pictures of my trek and saw a nice area to the left of the chapel with a statue of St. Francis in the garden. As I leaned in to get a better picture of the garden area, something touched my leg and I quickly looked down. I wasn’t prepared for this and was in shock! But, marijuana leaves were touching my legs! Yikes! The dead leaves were on the grown in a pile. Then, I looked at the fence where the Bishop’s Villa’s are located and it was growing on the fence. Yikes! I quickly headed out of there and tried to convince myself it was just poison ivy. But, I don’t think so. I took pictures of the plants for fun and sent the story and photos to Forrest.

      • With Chest High Waders you can stand in Waters High if you are brave but don’t bend over to pick up the chest or your waders will fill with water. Be brave and dive in without the waders into the cold waters because the warm water has halted. As Forrest has gone alone in this river below the home of Brown and in the canyon down.

        • we tried the hip high boots. they work real good until you lose your footing on slippery wet rocks causing you to fall in the water. this has been a big problem for us. when i went to the ER in Taos the Dr. there after seeing all my bruises form my falls in the water/rocks said to use FELT bottom shoes. they are legal in NM but not in four states. we are looking into a couple of pairs. its not getting wet or cold that worries us its the possibility of getting hurt landing on a big rock. our heads and other parts dont bounce as well as they use to. LOL only by the grace of God we didnt get hurt.

          off topic there is a possible highway sniper on HWY 10 near near Phoenix AZ. 4 vehicles have been hit and a child injured. safe travels all.

        • It’sallmine, sounds like you could find the treasure better if you purchased some scuba gear. IF he hid the chest in water, he would put it in a deep hole, so no one would “stumble” over it while, hum, let’s say…flyfishing!
          Deep water in a lake is your best bet! He liked to swim.
          You can also use two empty Grapette bottles and look thru them into the water to magnify the bottom, better to see the chest!
          Just don’t stir up the bottom too much or it will turn to gravy!
          Ok, I’m done. You can “nuke me”, Goofy, if you want! 😉
          ¥Peace ¥

  2. Where warm waters halt:
    I think this is the (approximate) altitude where clouds are formed (condensation of warm water).
    This altitude should be used as a starting zoom factor (or camera elevation) in, for example, Google Earth.
    From that view of the map, follow the rest of the clues.

    • Reads like good fishing, cloudy skies, murky water and a tight back cast means fish in the boat so they say. Also depends on how high you are off coarse.

      • JDiggins, not a hog a dog. Just a dog half way up a fence peeking away, quite the warrior if I may add. And I have no idea what he’s looking at. Because I can only see what you can see. And you, your moniker just what does it say besides blur? And Rose, it’s OK, they always talk this way about people like me. In fact I sound the same when I’m peeking in the mirror.

        • My apologies, straw shadow, I meant no offense. I just didn’t get it, that’s all.
          I thought it was important, and you said warrior, so perhaps I was correct there. 🙂
          My moniker is blurry yes, it is a photo and a poem.

          • No offence taken JD, the question just didn’t make sense to me. Who’s ever heard of a hog on a fence? And perhaps you should whisper your avatar so we all may hear.

          • Hi straw shadow. Have not stranger things happened in this chase than that of a hog on a fence? 🙂
            My avatar….
            Dream Believer by Jdiggins

            a dreamer
            a quitter
            he grieves
            and so tells his tales of woe.
            but he who
            what his dreaming
            has no limit to where he may go.

            Sorry dal, goofy, I know it’s not poetry page, straw shadow asked, and I am whispering. 🙂

          • IMO a nine clued poem can be quite poetic.Thanks JD now I know. Beauty is behind the eyes of the beholder the Dream Believer.And since I’ve been cast as a non complier. Is the first clue 0 or 1 IMO ?

    • Peter,
      As that is a good thought. It doesn’t give a starting point, just an overall area, which now would span from MT to NM. If you’re correct in this line of thinking. it still leaves a ‘ throw a dart at the map ‘ to find a canyon or the correct canyon. That is only assuming you are looking for at canyon as the next clue.

      IMO the starting point should be a much smaller area. If you’re reading the stanza as a whole and the next clue being hoB. I can see the idea of this line of thought.

  3. Looking for Indulgence!! If you see her,let me know. She,s bronze with a glitter of gold and she might be under the weather,yonder. 🙂

  4. Though my research takes down rabbit holes like the research into Nathan C. Meeker, I do not veer from my area of focus where I believe the treasure sits in wait. It is a touch interesting how alerts are displayed as “New Post”, if you know what I mean. Yeah, rabbit holes. No, rabbits have nothing to do with my solve. Nor do they have reason to be in the area I search because carrots don’t grow there. Could someone have called Nathan “meek” as a nickname? I know nicknames are capitalized, but we also know that, when it comes to writing, we are not obligated to follow the rules. The Mr. Meeker, card in play only strengthens my solve (rabbit hole or not). Well, with that research done with for now, it’s time for me to read my daughter’s book again. It is called, Markten Brown and the Magic Puzzle Stones written by my daughter, Crystal. She’s my Crystal Girl. There is a character in her book that I’m going to try to find. What thoughts have any of you in that of Nathan C. Meeker? Please do your research first. I know the Milk and Dinosaurs and the obvious. Feed back please. Ties to one of the nine clues or not.

    • Hi Slurbs

      I like Meeker also in a solve I have . Following to Spinny Mountain near Heatsel Co.

      There is a cool story about town of meeker , involving a little boy who walked in town with a sample of gold and a stone with a funny blk ora. Well the next day that boy disappeared . I think you can find the story in the old Colorado gold rush and lost mine stories . He said one thing funny , he was on his way to independence … hint there. At least in my mind for the area…
      We all kind of search the same way and look up data to the area we are looking at. Inference to reference .. Good luck of course I post my opinions and they change like the wind with the Chase..
      Good luck with the rabbits .. =)

    • I am sure he was teased with the name Meeker, so meek? Well forrest like’s to break the rules, so maybe change Brown to brown and meek to Meek. Who knows? green Tee anyone? 🙂

      Lou Lee Bug, have a great sunday!

      • Yes please , I love that stuff… 2 sugars please. I like all takes on the solves for sure . Im working on getting a book together of all the solves I found . My Camera man and Producer want me to do it … But IDK .. Im in this for different reasons … Do you only search Colorado , Because Im looking for more searchers to film with me and or be filmed on their trips…

        My story is I was in a accident and couldn’t get out of bed for almost 2 years … Struck by life in its harshest version after my dad died of a very rare form of cancer and me having to be the one to lay him to rest after fight the whole way , I was his nurse and care giver during his fight , along with being a confused son in life. It was when he passed that all the harshness of life was dropped on my family. Shortly after my Father Died my Dad died of cancer… So we went through it all over again the next year.. Then 7 months after her pop’s passed of cancer her mother was killed in a head on by a person texting. She pass instantly . Then shortly after her accident , I was in a car accident that left me in bed with 6 sons 2 grand children and I am on 44…. Since I have made a pretty good recovery , 7 operations later a cadaver bone a bunch of pins and screws and kablam.. Im on my feet .
        We moved to Colorado to re set our lives and since we have done well as a family and we are rebuilding everything since the storm…

        Anyone intrested who is a searcher in meeting with us or getting involved with our production of the search , please let me know… But as you can see… The Chase has directly impacted my family as well as my self.

        Not only did it help me go to a place while in hospitals and home after surgeries after surgeries , but it also educated me . I couldn’t read or spll very well , so my memory was how i stored data … After my Son Mike Jr. and his Wife re thought me english and I studied Computer science , I was top of the class for the last 5 years in Binary Code.
        And because of them I have a 4.0 in college … Then history , and I couldn’t stop .. All the way back I think 38000 years I have studied . I love human cultures , so I learned as much as I could … MIT the school , their library is on line and open to the public and you would be surprised what you can find in there. As well as a lot of the r schools.. Journals are especially interesting .
        So when looking at the cHase ,

        I have a lot of solves… Stating with poker games to word elimination games , to ciphers , to word definition of the poem that will almost teach you everything about air planes and Lift… To using the start of the poem as a Liner equation starting with AS I HAVE GONE . .. Written out is the square root of Negative 1 which is I and You being the treasure it’s self… The poem can be read a lot of ways and I will have to agree with SEEKER on this one. There are many meanings of the words of the poem … If we can locate the right on , shoot we all might just find this thing ….

        Good Luck to all in the Search … May you all find a bit of treasure out there your self… =)

        I don’t own a pick up , but I have a 4×4 =)

        • Yes, I would consider something like this, I am going to several states and have plans for searching this fall and taking as much time as I need to go in the WOOD.

          Lou Lee Belle, Prospector and Rock Hunter from whoville.

          • Awesome , I like whoville.. =) Well Im Mike Dantuono from Colorado .

            Nice to make you aquantence .

            My email is

            if you would like to talk about the chase or want to go out and search , let me know .
            Thanks of rhtte reply

        • we had a small bump drove back yesterday to drop grandson and change rental our was acting up. we are heading back now at 6:00 pm TX time and we have about a 12 hr drive. after breakfast/lunch waiting for new rentals oil change, errands like boot laces. we decide to take a nap for safety. red River is so beautiful and we are having a blast.

  5. No search for me today. The smoke from western wildfires has our air quality listed as unhealthy. Not fun to go hiking when it’s hard to breathe. Hopefully it clears out in a couple of days and I can continue my quest for Indulgence.

  6. HI all I just want to see what some would think about this…

    9 clues , 9 sentences … clues marked by how many sentences per stanza.

    Okay , now what do you all think about this… Every clue is a title ?

    Could it be the word that unlocks the poem , really is not in the poem ?

    Could the poem it’s self not be a riddle … but a map it’s self.
    I found it interesting that actually my favorite searcher is 10… Well out side of my kids… =) But the point is he was right ..If we spent more time reading the poem and not maps … we would have found it by now… Unless some one did already..
    The only reason Im saying that is because F kept saying him in a recent video. Referring to a person that might want to keep it secret that they did …

    She also asked F a question referring to some people going crazy looking for the Chest and would he reveal it if someone did find it… He said he would have to think about it ..But he kept referring to to the person who would find it as HE..?
    Any thoughts here?

    And just to say , I like Taos . I like 3 cities , 3 marbles … And the rainbows there!!! WOW!!!!

    My next search is Yellow Stone again … Funny I think I have a good spot there
    and I didn’t think it were possible he would have placed it near there…
    OIMO Is it possible that there is a title in the box it’s self… Title to the Gold?????
    Any way just thinking aloud … Probably shouldn’t .=)

    • Mike I have always believed the poem is a map and page 99 in ttotc is the place your looking for imo

    • Well I saw he said SHE once too. so who knows. I heard that someone said forrest may take out another state? I just don’t think he would do that. IMO…we will see if the rumor is reliable.
      Anyone else think this will happen?
      And I have wondered if the clues are one word and or sentences? forrest could of mixed it all up. Because like I said he likes to break the rules.

      Lou Lee Belle, did forrest hide it near a fen? After his name.

      • =) intresting.. I recently had herd a searcher in Co that I met with also believes that he could had paced it near someone related to him.

        • I heard the same thing. Likely not a close family member. We’d probably all know by now :). Lots of smart people looking. Maybe on the distant relative side? Anyone else know?

          • Oh Oh I meant Fen, as in a wetlands of a forrest. so a forrest fen….lol….usually at the end of a waterfall. A marshy area.

    • I hope whoever finds it will have the decency to return the bracelet to ff then for ff to announce that it has been found if the finder does not want to be named. Honesty is the best policy and will save future hurt and frustration if someone else finds the location empty later.

      • Well Said , I also feel the bracelet should be returned and the person at least let it be know it had been found. For the sake of others , and then to continue it . By placing a small treasure in the woods like F . The same way in a poem or by the hiders will. But, I feel a pay it forward should happen . No sense on letting what Mr. F has achieved here stop at the chest being found. I feel it should be carried on as he said a passed vale if you will .

        • The finder could work with ff on a new hiding spot and poem for the treasure they pay forward.

          • That’s a great idea, Donna. There are a lot of beautiful woods out there waiting to be explored. Individuals…and family members…and friends…need to get off their handheld devices and computers and go out exploring! 🙂

            “If there wasn’t anything to find out, it would be dull. Even trying to find out and not finding out is just as interesting as trying to find out and finding out; and I don’t know but more so.” ~ Mark Twain

        • This is all Sunshine a daisy attitude and all great. But what about a job well done and deserve the rewards.
          Will we sit here and say the finder should do what we want him / her to do because we don’t want it to stop… what will we all do then? not go hiking and exploring… not enjoy the wiles of nature… sit home on our tuffs and what the Kardashians all their dirty laundry soap operas or watch Oak Island just to pretend we could be doing that, IF only someone would re-hide the chest to give us a reason to do so.

          I will stand and applaud the finder, no matter what they do with the winning prize. A dream is one thing… but waking up, can be a kick in the good intentions.

          I just hope the finder has more commonsense then most lotto winners, that go bankrupt 4 years later.

          • Where did I say that the finder should not be rewarded for a job well done? Where did I say that I would not happily cheer for them? I re-read my comment and I did not see that anywhere (not even implied). Karma has a way of balancing Life out and each person makes their own decisions. Some are horribly greedy while others are not. I am the type of person who has worked for almost 10 years with a well-known military charity so my instinct is to give back. If yours is not, then that is your issue to deal with.

          • I have given lots of thought as to what I would leave – and had something nice in mind – which would have said “peace” in a way.

            Now however, I am not so sure I would do that. I am looking on a boarder and it would be hard to tell exactly where that is.

            But once the coordinates are out – wouldn’t that create a possible grab for rights to the TC ?

            I’m torn…………….

          • Who said your name… I made a general comment about more than one person chatting about keeping the chase going. I used the word “WE” to indicate all, I used the word ” I ” to indicated myself. Where do you see the use of just your name?

            I implicated Everyone, including myself.

            As far as Karma… Well that is just a superstition in my book.. I walk under ladder, never swerve and head on into a tree just so a black cat doesn’t cross my path, and with all the cracks I stepped on in my life, not once did my Mother ever have a broken back.

            So Just because you believe yourself to such a wonderful person because you Volunteer for anything. Think about your Karma… you know nothing of what I done.

          • The only way I’d leave it there was if forrest left a note in there with such a request.

          • BUT, I do not think I could ever break it apart. I have no idea, really. No idea what I would do. Don’t really much care about money. Sure, it’d be nice to not sweat bills, but money is just paper and everyone has some…
            Just sayin…

          • The reply came to my email which is why I thought it was directed to me. Go ahead and be an a$$ if that is what makes you feel better. Your reference to a “Sunshine and daisy attitude” is really nasty considering that if FF had not “paid it forward” then none of us would be here. What a way to repay the man who started the chase. This is Seeker’s board. I’m out.

          • WoW Donna, this is sure an over reaction to a general comment, about a chat that a few were folks were involved in. But for some reason you would like it to be only directed to you.

            Now you want to turn it into a full blow battle because you didn’t like the comment.. Let me make this clear as I can… My comment that addressed a chat was about the understanding / purpose of the Chase. Simply just go and explore. Why is does anyone need an incentive to do just that? But most of the comments said by more than just yourself was to keep it going… Now I will use you as an example so you can a have a legitimate reason for calling me an A$$.
            “I hope whoever finds it will have the decency to return the bracelet to ff then for ff to announce that it has been found if the finder does not want to be named. Honesty is the best policy and will save future hurt and frustration if someone else finds the location empty later.”
            If the Chase is so… frustrating and will save anyone the future hurt because someone found it before you. You apparently are missing the whole point to The Thrill of it…

            I’ll back away from commenting on useless discussions and attempt to just stay on topic…. My bad.

        • Well Wolf, he said several times he wants it back. So does this mean the chest actually is in Utah? 😆

        • Wolf. What makes you think so? I think he kind of likes it ….. In fact it’s his favorite and most valued possession. If I were Forrest I would be anticipating its return……. Who here wouldn’t insist the same thing….?

      • Not Obsessed and Mike or Mr. D,
        I have done the movie connection awhile back. Don’t recall how many titles I arrived at but obviously no complete solution. Now I’ll just have to see where I saved it. I’ll get back with the count of titles I have.

    • Mike ,She also asked F a question referring to some people going crazy looking for the Chest and would he reveal it if someone did find it… He said he would have to think about it ..But he kept referring to to the person who would find it as HE..? Can you tell me which video you are refering to?

  7. Perhaps before Forrest returned to Cody to sit down and enjoy lunch with his sweet Peggy that day; had he just… put in his treasure chest?

  8. After flying 0ver 4000 miles and driving a few thousand more I have returned home.
    If you want an idea of how difficult this is to solve and then to find, I have solved like 98% of the poem to the very final place about the size of 2 football pitches with a focus on a “landmark”, and I will still need to go back to the final spot one more time to make absolutely sure that someone has beat me to it.
    Upon searching possibilities (one very strong one in particular), when I went in there I had a hunch that someone has beat me to it due to what I saw.

    All I will say is that the poem is precise all the way through, you are never in doubt that you have solved it…..until the last stage where he makes you “earn it” and pay your dues with good old hard graft.
    If I was a local to the area I would know in a month whether someone had beat me to it, just through methodical searching of the whole area. Shame that I live thousands of miles away.

    Just to be polite, all of the above is IMO.

    • rovrumrebel if I may ask, where did you fly from to have to travel more than 4000 miles?

    • I’m sorry to hear you traveled so far only to leave thinking someone beat you to the chase. May I ask which state you were searching? No offense, but I don’t think I’m alone hoping you’re mistaken 🙂

    • rovrumrebel,

      As someone who, IMO, also knows the blaze, I believe you and wish I could pick your brain. You’ve solved more than I, and that makes me happy because now I’m not the only crazy one. Can you at least say if Skippy had a certain plucked bird for dinner? That angle is stumping me.

      Also, in case you’re feeling generous, is the score is UK 2, US 0?

      Thank you.

        • Thanks. I think I’ve answered my first question, but I’m still curious about the score 🙂

          Careful you don’t give out info you might regret later. I almost wish the chest would be found because I’d like to see the full solution as much as anything.

          I hope you at least enjoyed your travels.

        • rovrumrebel & straw shadow,

          Please feel free to email me without spaces at
          lois high water at hotmail dot com


      • One other interesting thing. You ask about Skippy so I guess you are referring to TTOTC.

        I solved the riddle before I received the book. In fact I would say that the book is little use at all.

        Only once you have solved it does a few parts of the book throw in a few confirmers.

        I wouldn’t want to rely on the book in any way to help me solve the riddle as it’s not much use IMO

        • Here’s one way to look at the riddle of “Skippy”

          If you skip the P’s one arrives at Ski or Sky or both. There is only one place I’ve found where both apply. Ski (Big) Sky – it’s in the treasure state exactly half way between Bozeman and West Yellowstone and where headwaters of the freestone Gallatin River originate. You know, the place where Redford filmed A River Runs Through It. By the way, it used to be called Basin.

          Delving further, consider his hints in the treasure chapter of ttotc…B.S.=ball of string. Now look at Big Sky from Google Earth. That my friends is where Forrest’s ball of string sits. I doubt he’d hide it in such a populated area, but it would be surprising.

          • I forgot to mention that the entrance to big sky Montana is spur Road 64. Thinking architecturally = six stanzas four lines. With soldiers chapel at the entrance

          • Not much chance of the treasure staying put for 10,000 years if it is in Yellowstone it is already 10,000 years overdue.
            “Scientist have discovered that the ground in Yellowstone is 74cm higher than in was in 1923 – indicating a massive swelling underneath the park. The reservoir is filling with magma at an alarming rate. The volcano erupts with a near-clockwork cycle of every 600,000 years. The last eruption was more than 640,000 years ago – we are overdue for annihilation.”


    • Forrest had cleverly given Dal clues when he took him in his yellow raft and then had him take a picture of the stream. It flew right over Dal’s head.

  9. Warm waters halt at Eagle Nest Lake. Not because of the dam but because the water freezes in the winter…..therefore it halts during the winter months.
    There is also a canyon. Kind of far to walk to the bottom so you have to drive a vehicle. Near the private owned area along the Cimarron river
    There is a you tube video showing the area at the bottom of the dam…..and all of the trout. And there is a Brown house near the river.
    Just some thoughts.

  10. Wolf, Goofy, and others,
    I can think of (IMO) at least two important reasons why the bracelet should be returned to F by whoever finds Indulgence…
    For those searchers who don’t find Indulgence but just find contentment…
    Well, they don’t have to return the bracelet.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  11. Picked up this trail the Sept Outside Mag. I’m an East coaster and not a searcher. Not that its helps the clues or may be it does…Curious though: Anyone know if FF has been back to the spot since hiding the chest? How frequently?

    • @Jim Murphy, ff knows how to shape shift and returns as an antelope once a month! lol! Or, he fly’s a small drone out of his back yard over toward the Santa Fe Trail and keeps an eye out that way…..seriously no one knows about return visits or not and his only public statements regarding ‘is it still there’ have been something like he felt that the person that finds the TC will be the type who can’t keep quiet about the discovery….so lots of speculation as to how he knows. A few searchers have been within 200 – 500 feet of the spot based on emails they have shared with him but didn’t even know it so it’s hidden pretty good and it’s only ten inches by ten inches by 5 inches. Why don’t you join the club and become a ‘fenner’ like the rest of us? lol! Lot’s of land to search. Best….

  12. This question is in reference to a post by Mike in the original 9 clues page. He mentioned a “Pueblo Pardo” near Ojo Caliente and Madera Mtns. I am unable to locate a Pueblo Pardo/Excavation Site near this area. Everything I find is south of Santa Fe.
    Anyone know where this might be or if it is actually near Ojo Caliente at all?

  13. It looks like the Today Show is postponing their NM show until the 25th. We all know that live Today Show events are machines with many moving parts so dates change when key parts are not available…like satellite trucks, remote crews, talent, etc. Forrest is still planning to be on the show on the 25th. I have no idea if he is planning on handing out a clue…but certainly there will be an update…and Forrest always has some sort of tidbit for us.

      • Mindy, speaking of revealing…can you make your mobile compatible? It’s just a white snow storm on my iPhone.

        • 23 are you in Eastern Wa? Or is that your relatives? I hope you are all safe from all the fires.

          • Spallies – Twisp is my heart place, I grew up in that neck of the woods. Yes, I still have a lot of family and friends that have taken on losses imaginable from both the Carlton Complex Fire last year and the Twisp River Fire this week.

            Less than a 1,000 people live in Twisp so we are a close community of people.

          • 23 it is an amazing town… I truly hope they get this under control… I hope all of your family and friends are safe. Please let us know if there is any way we can help…

    • “… when key parts are not available”
      Hopefully not the big one. When’s your next trip Dal?

      • The kids are starting back to school and the families are mostly back at home so the world is safe for me to come off my island and explore again. I hide under the bed all summer because of the huge number of tourists that head to MT, CO, WY and NM. The mountains are as crowded as the mall in July and August.

        My favorite route across the Cascades to the Rockies is closed right now due to the horrendous fires in Eastern WA. Air quality is bad even on this side of the Cascades. So I guess I’ll stay under the bed awhile longer and not plan on heading out to search til September.

        • I’m so sorry to hear about the fires and smoke. How horrible. I don’t know where your island is but I lived in the Puget Sound as a Navy brat. It’s easily my most favorite place on earth.

          I hope you, your family, your friends, your family’s friends — I hope EVERYONE is safe.

          I hope the treasure is still there when you come back out. This upcoming announcement has me a little nervous.

          • Me too! I’m going to be looking in Wyoming (probably without cell service) during the airing. I hope I don’t come home to find out that FF said it’s been found.

        • Dal, we lost 3 firefighters in the Twisp River Fire this week. It’s a sad feeling when you loose someone from the community.

          There’s other ways I’d rather make the national news to my hometown if you know what I mean. 😉

          • You are so right. Such a loss, can’t imagine what their families must be going through. Home town, home state, home country? So many fires in California that firefighters from Australia have been flown in. Citizens of the world.

        • Yeah, Dal. I was thinking about getting over in Aug, but with crowds in Jellystone, tidbit next week, back to school parent meetings, E WA torching, I’ll huddle in the Harbor ’till Sept. also. My son REALLY wants to go too, so that will complicate timing. (His first week of _school_ is camping on Lopez Island at Spencer Spit…. a “geography block”)

        • Hi Dal , I want to thank you for every thing you have done for me and my Family . Again that swift kick in the rear you gave me was well needed and taken to heart . You are always welcome to visit us in Eire . I have plenty of room of you , and plenty of coffee..=) That offer will always be there Sir..
          I just finished my second Father and Son Solve .My Sons and I created this solve and I was hoping I could send it to you.

          Unfortunately we went to your Cache spot to have my son Sign your paper and put something in the box. We were out there in the middle of the night 2 days ago , we were very upset that it was missing . This was our very reason for stopping in West Yellow Stone. NOT COOL!!!!! My son may email you about it and he has some really good Ideas to share with you .

          To add . I thank you for all your work on this blog.
          A good way to get started in the Poem and the Chase and every one who searches have shown their wisdom’s in all matters here openly , I respect that and also thank all the searchers for their hard work and information also . It has greatly helped me and my Imagination to gain clarity. But, This will be our Families last solve sent to you Sir. We are going to be very privet about our Search , it is a treasure to my family and we would like to keep that privet.

          As far as the Chase we will never stop looking , we have found so much already , and have helped some folks that we would have never meet. That is another treasure we have in countered in this chase.

          Thanks To: Seeker a absolute brilliant person , with a strong layer of logic backed by facts. Thanks for being blunt at times.
          SLF … a bold hearted person with the heart of a lion
          Goofy … you are truly one bright person and I respect your logic to the utmost .
          Wolf… you are awesome and you are living your dream , that is awesome to me .
          Mindy … Thank you for offering to go for me when I couldn’t move much. It inspired me to get better faster , It worked!
          Tonto , wow Sir. You will always have my respect and yes I found what I was looking for on page 99 … I will never forget it , and will hold that wisdom close .
          In theCHase2 , thanks for your comments and and yes Yellow Stone was better then Disney.
          Steph. Your drive encourages all.

          If I left anyone out Im sorry , I was not my intention too , just my mine is on the Chase right now and my mind power is committed to it at the second.

          To Forrest Fenn and Family ;

          It has been my Families honor to have been able to have a look into your life. It has inspired my family to get out there and spend time with each other . Something we forgot along time ago. Mr.F I cannot thank you enough , through this chase I have seen smiles on son’s faces all 5 of them , that I have not seen since they were kids. All they do is look for rock now and old stuff . Like that Soda can we found , talk about a smile on my son Zack’s face when I showed him the Grape soda can today… He was looking for that 1.5 months ago when he signed Dal’s Cache.
          The smiles and memories we have from this chase is a treasure for this family . And so are you Sir. A real Treasure to this Country. If we find that Chest of yours , we know already what to do with that bracelet if essay and it will find it’s way back to it’s rightful place.

          Thank you and my God bless and keep all of you
          close to his heart. Good luck in what ever you are looking for , be it the chest and or another treasure… Form My Family to all Mention , Thank you !

          Mr. D

          Any one who wishes to contact us

          • Mike/Mr.D:

            Some people make a big difference in this world. Thank you for being the type of human being that has!

            Stay true to your heart(s); they are indeed, the deepest inspiration and the most precious treasure of all. ( The beauty in all of this, is that you truly do know the difference!)

            May God speed my friend. Your backpack will be holding lots of prayers ~



          • I dislike goodbyes…
            All my best to you and your loved ones mr.d. I’ll miss your poetry. 🙂

        • Spallies , thanks for your encouragement .. Take care . No more posting for me on the blog. We are going to Black out mode. Take care and thanks for your kind words some time back. It’s been a honor to share minds! Thanks

    • Perhaps the Park Service has declared a state of “Treasure Hunter Infestation” and is requiring Forrest to either remove it or reveal that the chest is not in YNP.

      • I don’t know f except through his writing, but if YNP “required” he do much of anything with respect to the chest it would not do much to accomplishing their goal. Asking him privately maybe, but without coercion. Imo

  14. I’m getting stumped by the meaning of: … your quest to cease… go in Pease. Any thoughts? I am not taking notice of anything that is apparent on GE.
    Mindy, I’m looking forward to the 25th too. Shouldn’t you be in bed right about now? I saw a “rabbit” in a Colorado video recently and thought about you. I told my wife, “Look! It’s Mindy’s bunny rabbit!” She had no idea what I was talking about. She isn’t keeping up with the blog.
    If anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, check out Mindy’s blog. For the noobs out there, it is listed on the dalneitzel home page, Have a great day Miinds. No offense, I likes you 🙂 Who doesn’t? B-)

    • Lol, Slurbs,
      You’d be surprised at the number of haters that seep out of the woodwork. They’re like gnats, they fly around your face and try to annoy you, but they can’t harm you, and you just wave them away like a bad smell. 🙂

    • slurbs- this is what I think it means- and its omo- look quickly down (means its not far ) for your quest to end just take the chest and go in pease (hold on to your emotions till you get out of there (go in pease)

        • howdy frank, hunch here. I think you right. If you go runnin out of there a hollerin, some folks might think you done something wrong and try to stop you. keep it quiet.

    • Slurbs,
      May I suggest (IMO) that the poem originally read:

      If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
      Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
      But leave my body where it lays,
      Just take the chest and go in peace.

      …and that the third line was later changed.
      In this interpretation, the lines after “cease” may contain hints, but not any more (consecutive) clues, including the use of the word “peace”; and neither GE nor a map would help at that point.
      I suspect that most searchers disagree with me, but I try not to worry about that. Safe searching, everyone!
      “Have flashlight, will travel”

  15. sub.
    hi folks we are back from NM for one day. grandson had a school glitch and had to come back early. our bed has never felt better lol
    we are leaving Tx time 11:30 weds to go back to finish search. we are in contact with one searcher but not sure they can come search with us. we are wanting someone (no more than two prefer just one) who can hike in with hubby. the area we are searching is very rough for someone of my size. HUGE! i did it two days and may yet go again. contact me at my gmail account.
    m.nelson m25 just leave spaces out. we are based in red river still and can get to search area pretty easy from there. there is a futon to sleep on. full kitchen bring food water gear. two walking sticks will come in handy. will explain later. we are having a blast and if we find it great if not oh well we just want to have fun.
    come join us.

    • Windbirder, I’m so glad to hear that you are having so much fun! Good luck, be careful, and enjoy every minute!

  16. sally 2 thank you for the well wishes please look for my earlier posting about searching in NM. or contact me at
    m.nelsonm 25@ gmail. com ( please remove spaces)

  17. On a side note… What a way to start the day. Driving down the road this am and out jumps a huge bull elk at least 6 points. That woke me half way up. Then a short time later a mountain lion jumps out in front of me, that woke me all the way up. Yowzer what a way to start the day. Now I want a video cam on my car.

    • @Straw Shadow Nice! Gonna be a Power-day for you! Sounds like the hunt is on! I’ve only seen what I believed was a Mt Lion once, it was running in front of me and looked like a monkey, didn’t really register with me what it was for a long time, I think it was a young one….

      • Thanks it really got me jazzed. He or she wasn’t scared and stopped on the side of the road and just looked at me. Best and longest view of a cougar in a while.

        • Straw Shadow,

          FYI, I like to follow your posts because I secretly pretend you’re really FF blending in and participating with the rest of us. This story fits perfectly with that theme. Keep ’em coming!

          • Lois, Thank you so much for the miss guided comparison. You also are one to be admired. Was it my southern drawl? Unfortunately FF doesn’t blend he dominates. And the only way I blend is with a Quisinart.

  18. Mike wrote ,She also asked F a question referring to some people going crazy looking for the Chest and would he reveal it if someone did find it… He said he would have to think about it ..But he kept referring to to the person who would find it as HE..? Can you tell me which video you are referring to?

      • Thanks, Colokid. I enjoyed that video all the way to the end. Thanks to Cynthia for making the video…and for trying to get Forrest to answer some more questions 🙂 …and thanks to Forrest for providing the impetus and the inspiration. He’s totally right. Some of us were crazy BEFORE The Thrill of The Chase…I won’t say which ones. Is anyone else having fun? 🙂

        • JC1117 – here’s a great question that I would love Forrest to answer…

          Why does the poem contain the words,
          “Request RV Eagle”???

          Yep, i guarantee they are well hidden in graph format.

          His mom and dad traveled with an airstream camp trailer for years. Airstream had a model called the Eagle.
          I’m perplexed about this one – and only forrest himself could give the correct answer.

          I wonder if his folks were also members of Wally Bynum?

          Hey, somewhere I’ve seen a photo of Forrest sitting in a folding chair adjacent a camp trailer. Wonder if it was his dad’s?

          • Wally Byum Texas Hill Country Unit 25th anniversary “Legacy” reports that:
            Marvin Fenn put on a super fish-fry at the February rally at Boerne’s Cascade Caverns.

            OOOOH, Caverns ! 🙂

            I did some digging into senior Mr. Fenn after reading that Forrest was a bit disappointed his didn’t turn up much on the interwebs. (Well, it IS a rather new phenom…..)

          • OMG preefrood preafrood….did THAT ever come out wrong, digging into senior Mr. Fenn

            I just totally icked myself out

          • Hello, Anna and Joseph. I would have absolutely loved to go to one of Marvin’s fish fries. Most would think that opportunity is gone, but Marvin is only partly gone. I reckon there is still PLENTY of time for fly tying and fish frying…and fishing story lying. 🙂


            Camp trailer? I really wish I had a camp trailer…a modern one…with a generator and AC. AC in an RV! Nothing better than that…unless you’re talking about a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich…where the mutton is nice and lean…

            But I digress. How would this be for a nice birthday present, Anna?


          • joseph, im impressed with that find. maybe fenn hid the gold with his mom & dad’s old airstream trailer parked somewhere in the woods. I think i saw a WB caravan once. lots of airplane looking trailers on the road heading north. Looks from your article that Bozeman MT hosted the international camp of WB’s and didn’t fenns sister live there?

  19. The Bracelet Issue:
    I think one time ff said he thought about putting a $1000 bill and two $500 bills in the chest but didn’t because he wasn’t sure how they would hold up over time in the elements.
    I think I would ask him to trade those for the bracelet.
    Please……….let the bashing begin……. 🙂

  20. @The Wolf,
    I’ll be sad to see you exit Wolf, as I always enjoy your input… Your blog has outstanding ideas.

    As a matter of fact your latest baseball post ties perfectly to Forrest’s Whitey Ford SB. The children’s book cover art displays large letters H-R-H.

    Interestingly, I found “H-R-H Elizabeth” in the poem’s text which mirrors the highlighted gold QEII coin on the cover of TTOTC. In my solution there exists a large E L blaze in the ground in Elizabethan type script. When I mailed Forrest a photo of the butte and blaze he emailed me stating, “I must admit, you leave me speechless” which is not his standard response.

  21. As an armchair wannabe solver for now, I am impressed by the ingenuity of other searcher’s thinking and potential solves. I have to admit that there are some things I had not thought about concerning the poem and the terrain where Indulgence is setting. Most of my outdoors experience has been in the hard woods found East of the Mississippi. Of late, I’ve spent some time in some of the soft woods and conifers found amongst the Northern great lakes. But I need to get my head around changing elevation and a drier clime. Not to mention, I won’t be at the top of the food chain any longer. 🙂

    So what additional things should a newbie be thinking about concerning traipsing about in the mountians and forests in the Western part of the country? I expect to be spending the better part of a week “camping” out of my vehicle with my son. Are there places that are more amicable towards flat landers? What would be essentials in your back pack as you were wandering about? What things are worthless extra weight?

    And to give you a better understanding of what I carry when hunting white tail deer, I always have on my person a fire starter and candle, rope, rags for cleaning my hands, flashlight, two kniives, compass, topo map of the area I’m in, cell phone, first aid kit, sealed packaged food of some kind, bottled water, gun and ammo. I have good foot wear, depending on the weather and rain gear as needed.

    Any “Western” gear I should add like a snake bite kit, etc? That’s the kind of things I’m looking for info on – more general in nature but specific to the mountains found in the West.

    Thanx gang!

    • swwot – I’m new to blogs, but search on the weekends. Phone the forest service ranger who manages the exact region you plan to search. Ask about preditors and known carcasses in the area. Even hunters have been taken down by grizzlys.

      Remember, Fenn said don’t go anywhere an 80 yr old couldnt go.

    • Ditto on what Raven said below. Altitude and dehydration will probably be your biggest concern followed by how quickly weather and temperature can change in the mountains. Snow and freezing hail in the summer at high elevations is not unusual.

      Leave the snake bite kit at home….you can’t adequately treat a bite unless you have antivenom. You are unlikely to see one (but you could)…Rattlers are not typically aggressive and you should hear them before you see them.

      Don’t expect to have much cell phone reception in many parts of west….spotty in many small towns, mountains, canyons, or heavily forested areas.

      Have fun.

    • Swwot, for rattler matters, I wear gainers when hiking snake country. I also take a snake bite kit. Take along water treatment tablets along with a container to catch the water, a survival blanket or two (the come in Orange and/or mettalic), paracord, a couple of ignition sourses, dehydrated goods, a titanium cooking container, insect reppellant, bear bells, bear spray, 20 ft of fishing line, fish hooks, dry socks in a zip lock bag (heck, use zip locks on most everything), a camera, small first aid kit, a good book, a GPS, and the one thing I always take with me… The Spot (a GPS locator device that can send a distress signal along with your coordinates to the nearest Search and Rescue, it works nearly everywhere; it can do more too… Look into it), and last but not least… Everthing else that I may have missed.
      I like to go prepared. Check out Survivor Man on line for more great tips.

      • Just my opinion, but if ya’ll are taking this much stuff, you are way off track. Two trips in one afternoon doesn’t require this assortment of items. I agree with being prepared (and have suffered from lack of it), but food, water, jacket, a map, and possibly bear spray should be all you need.

    • One thing I found very helpful, is a can of oxygen. Not the big clunker. You can find them at all Flying J truck stops for 6.99.
      When I started searching four yrs ago, the altitude about killed me. Spray the can in your mouth like an inhaler, and 5 sprays later, you feel better and it Chase’s away the headache and fatigue!
      It’s called, “Oxygen 4 Energy”, and they have a site online to ck it out.
      That and alot of water will help tremendously! Also, eat lite meals, nothing greasy or starchy, to help altitude nausea. Good luck.
      ¥Peace ¥

      • It all depends on your search state, I suppose…I don’t know about MT, WY, or NM, but in Colorado we have very few snakes due to the altitude. If that is your search area, and it should be, above 7000 feet (some say that is FF’s minimum) you would be hard pressed to find a venomous snake or a bear (although there are a few black ones…browns or grizzlies are the nasty ones and they are not in CO). There are are also almost no ticks, poison ivy, or fleas…none of them can handle the altitude (they don’t even sell flea collars in Colorado).

        IT’S IN COLORADO!!

      • Donna, glad to see you here. I keep forgetting to tell you that on my last search I found a steep draw between twin buttes that had ancient bison trails traversing the lower half of the draw. It looked exactly like your ¥ peace sign – so cool!

      • thank donna that would have been great to know before our trip to NM. we went there then turned around and drove home and then head right back. the Dr. i saw at Er said people who flight round trip in one day can get very sick too.

  22. A little depends on where you will be going. Plenty of water is very important, especially in NM. You don’t always sense how drying the western states can be compared to the east. I always have plenty of rope to tie my food bag in a tree when camping in the back country. Bear spray is good, bug repellant too–the mosquitos can be relentless and personally, I think those little boogers and ticks are more to fear than bears, snakes or lions. Also, leave yourself plenty of time to acclimate to the higher elevation. I was with a friend who fainted several times around Leadville even though they lived in the mountains at a little lower elevation. The older I get, the more taxing the elevation becomes. I usually take a lightweight “wrap” that weights less than a quarter pound and made out of a material like flexible aluminum foil in case I get lost–the temperatures can drop amazingly fast. I assume you can get it at any outdoor store. I apologize if this misses the mark of what you looking for. Oh, I also never forget to take a small bottle of Wild Turkey–I don’t really like the taste too much but it helps to make all the noises in the woods at night less menacing.

  23. I added a new link to a new website that aggregates twitter feeds about Forrest. There is one heck of a lot of interesting info there. Look at the links on the bottom of this page and take a look at Fenn’s Friends which is created by Zach, Brian and Callie.

        • Great idea, 23kachinas and Anna. Happy Birthday, Forrest Fenn, Sir! May you have at least 15 more!

          I bet Forrest will like that video if he sees it, Anna. I really liked the pirate uncovering treasure with the Pirates of the Caribbean music playing. Listening to that makes me want to pick up my cutlass and lead a charge!

          “To the REFRIGERATOR!!!” …or something.

          Maybe Y’all can imagine better what I’m saying after listening to THIS! 🙂

          It’s hard not to be inspired, right?

          Happy Birthday, Forrest! 85! ARRRRrrrrrrr!

    • Hello, EL-mar. To answer your question…honestly…I don’t know if Forrest is ok with me joking about his “old man” …as YOU call him. I think Mr. Fenn ought to take note of that! Even if just to take the heat off of me. Neener-neener 🙂

      I guess it all boils down to different people’s temperaments. He could be upset…if he wanted to be. I see Forrest as a Warrior…with thick skin…the Vietnam Fighter Pilot that everyone knows he is. In spite of that…and perhaps because of that…I can see him, on occasion, wearing his heart on his sleeve.

      Like I always say…Laugh or cry, man. Laugh or cry.

      Everyone who lives in this world long enough has plenty of reasons to do both. Hopefully, the moments of laughter and joy clearly outnumber the moments of sorrow.

      I know you’re just joking around, too, EL-mar. I hope Forrest realizes…if he reads that…that I was just highlighting the fact that his “old man” is not completely dead…because it’s true. Our Spirits existed long before this world and they will continue to exist long after (forever). Forrest will see his Old Man, again. He knows that.

      Revelation 21:4…

      • JC1117, I had to google
        Revelation. Does the Catholic Bible say the same thing about living forever? I hope that all comes true when I die.

      • Nurses and Physicians throughout time, have documented a number of significantly spiritual events that they have personally observed during a patients last moments.

        NDERF dot com

        I believe FF to be a wise man.

    • Someone a couple of years ago talked about giving that a try…never heard about it again. Not too likely in this concept…imo.

    • that is a great idea training a dog to smell gold or bronze. i have four wish us luck. LOL

  24. All below is IMO..

    Forrest mentioned the novel ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ many times in his videos particularly in the two bookshop videos where he noted that ‘illustrations speak louder than words’. As I had already identified some fictional characters as answers to the clues I believed this was a big hint for Searchers to look at this novel, particularly the illustrations within it.

    Marvel Books published an illustrated version of the The Last of the Mohicans depicting a vivid blue tattoo on the torso of the character ‘Uncas’. This tattoo is also described in the original text of the book. The tattoo is in the shape of a turtle / tortoise.

    In the searcher blogs (Forrest’s Scrapbooks) Forrest used the word ‘emblazoned’ a number of times in his posts. This is how the ‘Blaze’ is mentioned in the book The Last of the Mohicans; ‘The turtle tattoo was emblazoned on the torso of Uncas.’

    So, I believed the ‘Blaze’ was the tattoo.

    Forrest has mentioned turquoise a lot in articles / videos and in one video mentioned earrings with ‘turquoise turtle’ figurines.

    The book ‘Exploration of New Mexico’ by Espejo mentioned by Forrest in his ‘Book Collecting’ video describes a Province called ‘Maguas’ and a tribe of Native Americans called ‘Mohoce’.

    The poem ‘Idylls of a king’ by Tennison, highlighted in the same video mentions ‘Hawkeye’.

    So, the answer to this clue is ‘Turquoise Turtle’.

    Other answers to clues with back up information are listed on my website at

    The White Knight.

    • Hey I got to be an extra in the last of the Mohicans with Daniel day Lewis I was a Huron I was amazed of how many was involved on location like a small city

    • White Knight, I tried following your solve. The best I could do with it is Henry’s Fork in South Western Wyyoming on the border with Utah.
      But, some of your other ideas rely too heavely on sources outside of FFs books and poem.

      I will look more into turtles, tortugas and native motifs

      (btw, as for ‘hear me all and listen good’ I like Whispering cave and Echo park in the Dinosaur National Monument)

      • Michael, LOL. Been there, done that… Twice! That was my first and second failed solve. First was a road trip from MO without a metal detector. The second, flew back within 36 hours WITH the metal detector. That seems like such a long time ago… (2012)
        But you’re right… “Hear me all and listen good”… Seemed like a good fit to me… So I thought. My pictures/solve was posted on Mike’s TTOTC blog. Not sure if it’s still there now though. NotSoWise

  25. @rovrumrebel regarding training canines to sniff out the TC, I was thinking of a similar idea but trained to smell the scent of the ‘wax’ that seals the olive jar! Wonder if and when the TC is found a bear may have already done that! I can see it now the lid busted off the TC, gold and gold coins scattered all over, semi precious stones here and there and the olive jar smashed and all contents of the bio ruined from the elements…..hope not!

    • I thought about that too, Cholly. What if there was an earthquake and the TC fell into a giant crack in the earth? Or it got buried in a landslide? I wonder if Forrest has any way to see the site of the TC…like a hidden camera with a satellite uplink.

    • What if the chest is in the hollow trunk of a petrified tree and over time is slowly encased so that a zillion years from now, long after man has been obliterated by our own hand either through war or by squandering the very things that sustain us and some space traveler from a far away planet lands right on the hidey spot and astonishingly finds the chest and the contents are the only remnant of mankind leaving Forrest Fenn’s autobiography and treasures inside the chest to be the only means to understand our species? Phew! Well, I think that would be really interesting and I’d be grateful for having such a remarkable spokesman. This chase has been quite an “education” on lots of levels hasn’t it?

  26. Arkansas River aka the Ark which was made of wood and five hot springs end in it below the home of Molly Brown. I know more but I am not revealing the 200 foot section to search but I just clued you all on the correct river.

    • I would suggest that you have one or two backup solves in near proximity to where you are looking where you can visit. I’m not saying it’s not where you think it is, but if you get tunnel vision to one ultra specific area and don’t find the TC, it will be worse if you don’t have a backup. Happy hunting to all.


  27. @ SLF – I’m certain, given Forrest is one of the world’s top collectors and loved his parents, that he knows exactly where his folk’s Airstream is.

    The last year of his father’s life on earth Forrest drove him (pulling the trailer) 1600 miles from Denton, TX to Montana – so his Dad could see the country one last time. That must have been an incredibly sentimental journey for both father and son.

    • anna could you provide the link for this please. that made hubby and mine chins drop. we knew the family was from Temple TX. but were surprised to hear our home city mentioned. we LIVE in Denton TX.

        • straw shadow we have two full colleges. Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas. then we have a community college North Texas Community College at Corinth just south of us. WHY?

          • thank you i found a small link. in Texas that would make a lot of sense to come here for teacher degree.

          • @wildbirder I did the research to find links to show Forrest that his Dad did have an internet presence, then sent him the links, got a thanks, and didn’t pursue it after. For Marvin Fenn’s time at NTSTC in Denton, web-search any combination of those for a decent search. “The Yucca” is the college paper, a good source.

            I presume M. Fenn became principle in Temple with NTSTC credentials.

            I did not run across anything prior to NTSTC. Please report if your research yields any “nuggets”.

          • I kinda get a chuckle thinking who Forrest would be today if his father was a barnstormer. Oh gawd, rabbit hole. back later

        • Straw shadow, my daughter graduated from there last year… University of North Texas… UNT. They are the Eagles. My Crystal erned her Master’s of Library Scienses 🙂

          • A proud papa and rightly so. Crystal sounds like the kind of young woman a proud parent would want on their side while searching for an elusive treasure. Good job Slurbs.

    • Wildbirder -look on Dal’s media link for the Toni Dukopoli Article where he interviewed Forrest. Toni referenced reading Fenns personal stories written for his family. I have no idea where to find the article and recall Forrest was not thrilled with the tone of the article. But that’s where the Denton location came from. Perhaps Señor Fenn met Forrest in Denton to start the Mt journey.

      I’m not following this blog much so may not read further inquiries. Good luck

      • thanks anna for reply. it was just strange to see our town mentioned. if you dont know how to do this i will tell you if you know i am sorry i am repeating. when searching a page for key words or a word click on control key and f key. a little search box will come up just type what you are searching and it will tell you 0 or how many times its mentioned.

  28. @Joseph from your 8/20 post regarding Marvin Sr document reference: did you notice ‘blanco river’ mentioned about half way into the info? A reference to a pic nic there with one of the many groups….I know blanco has come up before here on the blog…Good find!

  29. Hi, has anyone else figured out the colophones at the back of FF’s book? If you did, then you are a two steps ahead. 😉

    • @myself bad analogy, more like quiet like a court room before the reading of a verdict or a college campus in December after the last final exam….

  30. FYI:
    As you know, Forrest is supposed to be on the Today Show tomorrow. But Forrest has the flu and doesn’t feel well enough to appear. He hopes to be able to make it up later.
    Speedy recovery Forrest!!

    • Put those three bottle,s of clove,s to use Forrest. Clove tea with a dash of lemon and some honey does wonder,s. 🙂 Speedy recovery. God bless!!

      • Or better yet, fresh garlic, and lots of it. It serves the secondary use of making pesty people disappear too. Folks who love you won’t mind the aroma.

    • Hope you feel better Forrest… Get some rest… Guess I should have checked the blog before watching the whole Today show waiting for a clue…. 🙂 lol

    • You put the lime in the coconut, you drink them both together,
      put the lime in the coconut, then you’ll feel better.

      Put the lime in the coconut, and drink them both up,
      Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the morning.

    • Next package I send with have some on-guard oils for Flu season: wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

      Feel better Forrest. Sending our best.

  31. Thanks for the update, Dal.

    Healing thoughts and prayers for a friend whom doesn’t think twice about offering a gentle smile… to a homely girl ~


  32. Back 0n Topic,
    Mr. Fenn said, “The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue. If you don’t have that one nailed down you might as well stay home and play Canasta.” f

    And:I learn something every day from those who are in the treasure hunt.
    What surprises me is that so many ignore the first clue in the poem. Without it all the searcher has is the memory of a nice vacation. Although many have tried, I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue. f

    And:I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several. I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues. To me that’s just expensive folly. f

    So is the first clue WWWH ? IMO that’s the place 99% of hunters start, because the poem say’s began there.However I have now begun to follow a different path. Has anyone else done this ? Any good results?

    • If it’s not wwwh, I would think it’s either (As I have gone alone in there) or (And hint of riches new and old). Funny how those 2 have become clues for me after I started with wwwh, lol. So far my potential solve has gifted me 13 to 15 clues from the poem, ha ha.

      The thing to remember, I believe, is that FF said the finder wouldn’t need to read his book (only the poem) to find the TC. That might put a slight kink in wwwh not being the first clue, IMO.

      • I think several parts of the poem refer to the same item, As I have gone alone in “there”, Take “it” in the canyon, where warm waters halt, no place for the meek, your creek, water high, and the wood. I think hint of riches new and old only refers to the poem itself as a hint of riches new and old.

      • I think you’re both correct…First stanza, first sentence…Same, same… 🙂

        Finding wwwh instructs you on what to do next…Follow the instructions in the second sentence to find the second clue, the search location…IMO… 🙂

  33. Do we know if the blaze is a “horse” aka (mustang) as shown in the TFTW book? I’ve noticed that One Horse Land & Cattle Co. also has a wild horse emblem. The mustang shows up on a book on page 110. I also read it in an article FF submitted regarding a plane that went by in a blaze. But, i’m not 100% sure. Just an opinion.

    • Rose…What I have was not found by using a cipher, it is all in the poem but hidden by a different method… 🙂

      I used nothing from either TTOTC or TFTW except the poem…Everything I needed I found there…I do believe there are a few hints in ff’s SB’s, interviews, Q&A’s, and statements…All are subtle and I only recognized them as pertinent AFTER I had found the search location that I think is correct… 🙂

      I read the books for pleasure and entertainment but did not look for either hints or clues there… 🙂

      All IMO of course… 🙂

      • Rose, it sound like your just looking at the pictures? And Sam does not? But you both have it all worked out. Could there be multiple ways of arriving at the same place? This is not IMO but what are yours?

      • Cool! I started that way too. Then, last week I picked up the books from Collective Works bookstore in SF. That’s when I found more data. There’s so many interpretations of the poem and areas in different states that resemble each other. It’s facinating! All we need is the poem and a good map.:-)

  34. Hello all, here I go again just showing up, blurting something out, then disappearing again.

    The words below are in order as they appear in the poem. Brave appears diagonally. Probably nothing.

    _____ _____E < word please

    Good luck all, Pete

    • Oh it didn’t line up properly but BRAVE does show diagonally except for the “E”…

  35. Here is another random and probably useless thought that helps me rationalize my belief that the chest is hidden near(not necessarily in) Yellowstone.

    Remember that Forrest told us that if we are having trouble figuring out the clues in the poem, we should try showing it to a kid.

    There has been some discussion about why we should show it to a kid. Most feel that the reason is because a kid will look at it differently than an adult…that the key to understanding the poem has to do with thinking like a child…ie the infamous “bathtub” idea for where warm waters halt…or the superhero approach that seems to have withered and died.

    For awhile now I have been operating under a different theory. My theory is that it might be easier to understand where this place is if we think like a kid because Forrest was a kid when he found it…
    Forrest never said he was a kid when he found it. I am simply trying to understand what Forrest meant when he gave us that direction and this seemed like a likely alternative possibility to me.

    If this is what Forrest was thinking when he made the statement then there is the more important realization that if, in fact, Forrest found this place when he was a kid, can mean it is only likely to be in one of two places…Temple TX where Forrest spent the school year as a kid or Yellowstone where Forrest spent the non-school year as a kid.

    I am not planning on looking in Temple, TX.

    • Hi Dal,
      I thought about this too when I looked in Los Alamos. Back in the day when Forrest was apart of the Methodist Men and Los Alamos BSA, they taught the boys different skills so they could earn badges. I believe the adults can earn a Wood badge. Anyway, once the boys completed their task(s), they would have a ceremony at Fuller’s lodge. After researching Fuller’s lodge, I found they teach encryption skills (e.g., Cesar’s cipher, etc.) for children and adults as well as other courses ( i think poetry too). So, my interpretation is that a child can translate the FF’s poem. Regarding Bathtub, there is a street in Los Alamos near by Fuller Lodge that is called that–as well as Gold where the Cottonwood apartments are located. There is also a place on Arkansas with a giant peace sign on it and no tresspassing.

        • There is documentation on the internet about it. Troop 122 BSA even took a field trip to Fenn Gallery.

          • Rose-
            Two things-
            1. Fenn was asked (by me) if he was ever a Boy Scout and he replied that he didn’t think so because his family could not have afforded the cost.
            And there is cost…uniforms, dues…etc..

            2. A number of scout troops, explorer troops, church groups, school groups listed Fenn Galleries. He wanted kids to come there. That does not mean he was a member of any of those groups.

            I don’t see why you think Forrest was in any of the organizations that visited his gallery.

          • This is the link I found on the BSA 122. I never said he was a boy scout. But, what I did find is that the scouts had opportunities to view petroglyphs (Mortandad canyon as well as other sites) and ruins. In addition, the poem seemed to fit with the activities. For example, if your brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold. We can ask FF is he ever went on one of their trips. I would be interested in finding out how the BSA 122 had Fenn Gallery as Sponsorship and activity.

          • Looks like in 1974 he bought the painting from BSA and shortly thereafter, he sponsored them. Interesting.

          • Oops, forgot. You have to bow your head to the goose (Brownie) or you’ll be chased. RIP Brownie. A big bad wolf got him…. 😉

          • Charles Mader? Yup. Oh, there’s a lot of history there. Mader’s home is at one end of Bayo trail. Los Alamos also has a beautiful golf course. Oh, and the Omega project. The peace gatherings and the history about Brown. There’s so much there. I actually made two visits there. The best place to sit and have coffee is at Starbucks that overlooks the canyon or at Ashley pond–the home of Brownie.

      • Norman Rockwell has boy scouts related paintings/illustrations as well. maybe that is a link as well.

          • i agree that all the Richards, Normans, Hemingways will come together and will make sense once i find the spot.

            However, I am no where near there yet.
            Still working on the starting point.

            I wonder what hints has he given regarding the starting point?

          • UA –

            Go to his website and find the poem. If you have TTOTC book – find the poem there – and compare them. Find the difference and there is your clue to the starting point IMO. Good Luck and have fun.

          • If you think that’s crazy? Look south from the peace sign and check out the ? That lies on its side east-west, with the “dot” of the ?
            Has an ATV trail through it!

        • Like the dry Cimarron the Popo Agie in Wyoming dives underground, only to reappear in a big trout fishing hole less than a mile down the canyon.
          (As for your mention of a peace sign, that is a modern invention and not likely to last the test of time like the other clues.)

          • The peace sign I’m talking about is two volcanic up lifts that are as permanent as Rushmore and are split with the Cimarron. Only BOTG would reveal this.

          • The “peace sign” I’m referring to is formed by two long basalt lava ridges 200,000 years old, that angle off of the dry Cimarron just south of Folsom Falls. 36.861025, -103.880429
            The “chest” is 36.861025, -103.880429

            All of these features are within just 1 and a half square miles.
            Headdress of a horse, (tired=headdress, archaic def.) that sits on the the Indians head. Just like Johnny Depp as TONTO. With the crow on his head.

    • Dal, IMO you are right about his comment to “show it to a kid”. Many here on this and other blogs get this confused with “show it to a child”…he didn’t say a “child” he said a “kid”. The word kid as being the hint IMO. “Kid” has may definitions and meanings, one of them is a big hint. As Forrest would say “think”.

      • Or could it be? Mr Fenn himself has said that he still thinks young, like a kid. So maybe he means to seek the child inside for guidance. Just the child in me running a little loose.

        • Kids are not jaded. A kid has authentic joy and innocence without ulterior motives or an agenda.

          It’s past my bedtime folks, Good Night Moon.

    • I agree Dal. I think it’s a place he found that just plain blew him away as a youth; I have my pet theories. When the crazy idea struck him, this place was just plain obviously THE PLACE.

      There is something about the super intricate dissection of the poem that some searches use that just doesn’t seem to line up with the fact that it describes a place Forrest doesn’t need to go visit or use a map to envision.

      And I think the search is easier if you consider that the place came first, the poem second.

      • oops, I was going to edit out the word “fact” but hit POST first
        then I thought about it, and I think Forrest may well have said something to that effect (oops may still be appropriate)

    • Don’t forget Denton. M. Fenn got his M.S. in 1940, so did they live there? Or maybe Marvin commuted and stayed in, say, an Airstream when in Denton? 😉

      • Forrest said they lived in Denton for one year.
        But his dad was in school so there is no reason to believe that they went anywhere until summer…when of course they went to Yellowstone.

        • Dal
          In a taped interview (Cody Museum Collection) FF said his family did not go to Yellowstone 1 year…when FF was 9 because his father was completing his Masters Degree that summer. Just additional info for all.

          • Can you share any other intel about what was said in that interview?

            Anyone having issues with this page loading? It takes forever on my phone.

    • Hi Dal — all WWWH’s being equal, if one of them is in or near Yellowstone I’d gravitate toward it, if only because of the “Rosebud” angle. 🙂

    • Dal, I agree with you 100%. But remember this too, he was a fishing guide ALL OVER that area, not just in YS. He would hire out, hop in their car and off they’d go.
      He read his “Journal of a Trapper”, and i bet you he traced their trails, like he admitted he did with Lewis and Clark. Those trapper trails go all over N, S, E, and W of YS! He wanted to re-live their adventures, like all “kids” do.
      So, get the book, google/map the trails, look for geographic locations that follow the poem.
      Guess I shouldn’t give away my system, but I’ve got a great list of spots that come as close as they can to the poem this way. Took a year to do it, so figure I’m ahead of anyone that has to do it this way, from scratch.
      F said to look at other angles to figure out the poem, and this is landing me in some awesome areas! I found a great overhang, outside the park, with ancient smoke stains and an arrowhead chip! (In MT.)
      Hope I’m right!
      Play safe and have fun!
      ¥Peace ¥

      • Donna-
        That is why I say Yellowstone area. Most of the places I am interested in are not inside the park. I believe I know most of Marvin’s fishing spots. But that’s not important to me. I believe this place was found when Forrest was exploring not guiding.

    • I believe that Yellow Stone will always be a Hot spot to look but with all the warm or hot water there wouldn’t it be like looking for a needle in a stack of needles when it comes to looking for WWWH? You would think that there could be thousands of locations that fit that description in Yellow Stone. And I’m one to believe that Fenn would of NOT hide TC in to close proximity to any of his stories in his books.

      • Some Hot springs are hotter than normal, some one got burned real bad at a known friendly hot spring near to the borders of yellowstone. His two dogs jumped in and died. The officials are warning all people hot springing in the surrounding area’s and state’s to beware, the hot springs are getting hotter!

        Lou Lee Belle, be safe!

        • hey lou, hunch here. me and my buddy Rub used to do cannonballs in the park at night when we were kids. oh what fun! we used to take our dates there on full moon nights. i’d still do it but the wife wont go.

      • Count-
        I agree with you…
        But you are assuming wwwh is a hot spring…not everyone thinks that’s the case. There are many other places that make much more sense for a wwwh in, and around YS than one of the 7,632 hot springs.

        • Dal-

          Wow, I was not aware that there are 7,632 hot springs in YS (starting to wonder how many of them you have searched). Since YS is 3,742 sq miles that means statistically speaking there are 2.19 hot springs every 1 sq mile in YS. To me that seems like YS is just one big hot spring and maybe if WWWH does refer to actual warm water than maybe WWWH would be the edge of YS…. just a thought

          • The Count the problem with your math is there maybe areas where there are a bunch more hot springs and some areas with none. either way it is daunting to search there i bet. we will stick to our little area in comparison. LOL oh BTW its one HUGE volcano. i dont think its up there do to the distance but that said Fenn did mention earthquakes might effect the TC in the future.

          • the count i meant it humorously & not to bug you. sometimes things typed can get confused in the typing or reading. i meant if more like the whole place is a volcano as well as hot springs. ours hats go off to anyone searching such a vast area.

          • hey everybody, hunch here. all this talk about hot springs. what for? thats just where to start. canyon down is long ways from the hot springs, you dont even have to go there. why talk about it?

          • I haven’t contributed much to this site when It comes to the chase, so i thinks its about time I do. It wasn’t long until I believed that WWWH is not all of the clue. This is obvious due to the word immediately after WWWH. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out that word, and if warm water is above the canyon, on your way down the canyon or at the bottom of the canyon depending on how you look at it, it is one of the 3. There for making WWWH not the entirety of the clue. One thing is for sure after this “Put in below the home of Brown”. And @ wildbirder you could never bug me with what you say maybe make me giggle a little.

          • the count i hope if you are giggling its a case with with me not at me. either way i am glad i can still make someone giggle. if you had seen me fall in the water then get up a call out Wa-la she up only to go splash again your sides would be splitting. LOL i can laugh now took a few days

          • Are you sure? How do you know for sure you don’t have to go there? The poem is like connective tissue its all important. IMO

          • Straw, I am not too sure about some things…for sure lol. I know warm waters are above 50. I am looking for that. Is it IT? not sure. I do know what forrest said…this for sure:

            Down the Canyon and up a Creek, below the home of BROWN.

            🙂 Lou Lee, a small time prospector and treasure hunter from Whoville. I am remembering my Son today who passed away at the age of 9 many years ago on this day.

          • Its basic stuff. Up, Down, Below….
            Warm not Hot.
            When forrest said give it to a kid, or child. That is how I think. So I hope I can help you. It might just be right in front of us, but we can’t see it, because some we, us ,you are thinking to hard……so thats my tip for you all.

            Remember, Warm, Down, Up, Below….

            Lou Lee, Hoping the Treasure is waiting there for me.

          • Lou Lee, so sorry to hear about your son and at such an early age. I don’t know you except from here but I can tell your a kind sincere person. I believe your son was lucky to have you in his life if only for a short time.

          • Oh Thanks so much for your kind words. My son loved treasure hunting. I would go to the beach and hide the loot. He would dig it up and think it was cool!

  36. Does anyone know of a better map of Forrest’s search area that I can find online? I don’t have the book and the one’s I’ve found online are grainy.

    Does anyone know where the statement came from that it’s not ontop of a mountain, but near it?

    • Tom-
      There is a pretty good map on this blog. Oddly enough there is a link in the article called “The Map”, which is listed under “Most Important Information”.

      • Dal I appreciate it that. I saw it. I can’t read much on there even when it’s enlarged. Looking for a better version. I want to see if it shows any creek names in my area.

  37. He made it easy when he put the two horseshoes under the Gypsy story. I went the wrong way last time. Had to have just like they did. They was heading to Lewis and Clark.

    Musta been quite a story back then for two kids to get lost in that place for over a week. Only 3 candybars they had to have been expected back soon. He’d owe something for sure if it helped him get out of that jam. Ha! that’s why they ate the jam, cause he was in one. Betting on Donnie being the shadow.

      • He told you he bet on you and put the horseshoes under that story. Any water fallen near there? You got this Gypsy. Give us some breadcrumbs on where ya been.

        • Actually there is water falling where I’ve been but I don’t think Forrest hiked to far up and that kinda ruled that out for me It’s not a far hike but a little steep if carrying gold I have no clue why he put them on my story drives me nuts I don’t know what I’m missing 🙁

          • He told you he is betting on you to find it though right? Are you going back? When I went I think I screwd up. I headed to Lewis and Clarkand up Red Canyon. If he got lost I think I did too. Ever look on the way to Bozeman for his spot?

          • Yea I went all over that mountain 🙂 And I have already been 5 times this year I’ll go again in sept maybe I should chk the waterfall again it’s not in the park I’ll tell ya that much and it takes a lot of research and hiking to find spots

          • I know exactly where those photos of Fenn on lightning were taken… not sooooo hard to figure out. And yes Tom, ff put the ΩΩ on Diggin’s post for the same reason you think he did, because she was close. Go back (Both of you) and re-read the story about her trip in the winter and find the hints he was trying to give her… I can tell you something else that f n donnie were not out 4,5, or 6 days… nor was it 50 miles.

          • I did always find it odd that he wrote my stories What the heck am I missing !!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been 5 times this year going over every spot over and over and over Dam I bet kids hateing playing hide and go seek as a kid or hide the thimble lol lol

          • He said they were out over 6 days. I suspect 50 miles could be a zig zag of a trip. Might only be 5 miles from where they went in. I do think he was out a week. That’s when he was weak from not eating.

          • One of the interviews he says no one been closer then 200 feet. So where you been DG? Step off that trail 200 feet. You probably been that close.

          • He said searchers have been within 200 feet, it does not mean that the unaware public hasn’t been within 200 feet. I also bet that that has now changed, we may find out on Sept 14th.

          • Diggin gypsy when i read what Mr.Fenn said about you i read it as he favors you to find it because of the way you search, you are strong person, and that you are smart. also you nickname probably brings fond memories to him and you are pretty. i have never met a man who wouldn’t show some appreciation for a pretty lady or a pretty smile that could hold her own in a mans world. you maybe very close or he just thinks you have what it takes to find this. all we would like to know is have you searched in northern NM? LOL

          • Hahahaha nope I have not even tho Forrest has begged me to look there I never will 🙂 my shadow also will
            Always stay high in the mountains 🙂

          • Sorry I text the way I talk lol nope I have not looked in New Mexico even tho Forrest has invited me too look there I never will 🙂

          • why would you not look there? i hope i said what i said in the way in meant it. i reread the posting and i do believe he admires you for your tenaciousness. i use to work on my own cars. when hubby and i wanted to get married his mother was little concerned about it because of my younger days and i was rough around the edges. he needed a water pump on his little Toyota and the repair shop wanted $300.00 to do it. i did it for the cost of the water pump $30.00 dollars in thirty minutes. we didn’t tell her it took another two hours to get the belts on. EIGHTEEN bolts for Pete’s sake. LOL

          • Because when I saw the spot I search in I knew it was the spot 🙂 never had to
            Look no where else I’ve traveled a lot. And I know a beautiful spot when I see it and I love New Mexico but I reallllllly love Montana and Forrest being from Texas and then going to Montana for the summers I know how much he hated to leave it Montana is truelly the treasure state 🙂

          • DG he probably just wants to meet you in person. You got it right and know where its at. You going to the La Fonda thing?

          • cool we could kick ourselves for making us so sick we couldn’t search our last few days. we are already talking about going back up there. i still haven’t gotten over the last trip or put everything away LOL

          • I don’t think Forrest hiked very far either and probably not up a steep area with 20+ pounds of gold or the chest. Did Forrest write the whole story about you? Maybe the omegas were his sign that he wrote the story and not you?

          • He wrote two stories about me and the other one had no omegas so that couldn’t be why good thought tho.

          • Diggin,

            In part of the story he wrote about you, he used quotations, like he was quoting what you actually said word for word. Do you remember telling him this exactly?

            “I was on my last 7 miles to West Yellowstone, on the home stretch coming down hwy 20. At the last moment, I see 2 semis sitting in the left and right lanes. I couldn’t stop. I totally lost control again thinking ohhhhhh hell I’m gonna hit a loaded tanker truck. Somehow, my 250 manage to miss them, but I landed in a 4-foot ditch of snow. The semi drivers were rude and a lil slow minded. They had no dash at all…”

            Or was that quote written by him as well?

        • I believe the events around that scrapbook are as follows:
          DG was sending Forrest emails and photos and video from her phone while she was out searching. It was December and Forrest was impressed that she was looking in the winter in the mountains. She may have been the only searcher in MT in that rotten weather.
          As I remember he thought she had a lot of chutzpah.
          He assembled the story based on what DG emailed. He used a standard journalistic/reportage format. The quotes are direct quotes from her email. The rest is “story” written by Forrest.

          He sent that story to me with the photos on 21 December, 2013. It was posted the same day.

          • Diggin, you just said he embellished and that although the events really happened, you didn’t say or write those exact words that are quoted. Lol.

          • DG I don’t think you saw my question. It seems he added that you put chains on your tires as you didn’t know anything about chains. Can you confirm if you put chains on your tires or not?

            Also, can you tell us why you took a different route home up through Bozemen? Did he suggest it to you at all?

          • Forrest never told me where to go and all the quotes were mine I told him I put the chains on Forrest just added the silly things and silly words

          • Lol no I’m
            Just confused. I told Forrest my story and he embellished it for me I’ll try to circle the things he added and send it to u just email

          • Okay, thanks. 🙂

            I know you meant no harm, and I know Forrest meant no harm. I just want to know WHICH parts were embellished. 🙂

          • Thanks for answering DG. I just found it odd that you would have chains coming from the South and you wouldn’t put them on till so late in the trip.

          • But Dal, Diggin just said he embellished the quotes, and that those weren’t her words.

          • He added the silly things like the phone the. Dash part and dang gotta reread it again but mostly the silly stuff

          • I don’t think there’s no hints in that story to be honest it was just winter and everyone needed a pick me up 🙂

          • Diggin gypsy we think he was just expressing his admiration that you would search in winter and that you would buy a junk truck and sell it for parts. we dont believe there are any hints there just Fenn admiring someone he thinks has a lot of smarts.

          • 🙂 the omegas are the only thing that makes me go hmmmmmm only at the end of his book and my story I do find that odd , but that’s all .

          • If those quotes are exactly from Diggin’s email, why didn’t she say so from the start? Why did she say she “told” him the story and he “wrote” it, because she couldn’t write? Why tell us all of that when she could’ve just said, “I wrote Forrest an email and he used my exact words in the quotes.”?

            I was just curious at first, and I don’t expect Forrest to follow strict storytelling “rules,” but now with all the backtracking and all, I’m beginning to wonder.

            Standard journalistic practice is to only use quotes when quoting exact words.

            We can all see that those words were not Diggin’s and she admitted it.

            I’m NOT calling Forrest a liar. I understand it’s about the story. But I’ve always believed that you should ONLY use quotes when quoting exactly. That’s what I learned in college, anyway. It’s one way to prevent yourself from plagiarizing. I know it doesn’t apply here. I was just asking to get a better handle on the story, and what might or might not be a hint.

            And I don’t think any worse of Forrest for creating the story.

            But for Diggin to come right out and admit the quotes were embellished, and then for Dal to step in and say Diggin was wrong–that the quotes were exact, and then Diggin also backtracks by basically saying, yeah, what Dal said, seems odd to me.

          • Could you link me to what story you’re talking about Gypsy? I seem to have gotten lost in all of these comment replies 🙁

          • I’m sorry for all the confusion, everybody. It’s just that a few of the words used in that Scrapbook match a current solve I have, as well as the area where the scrapbook took place (MT/WY), and I needed to be sure of what Diggins words were and what Forrest added.

            That’s all.

          • I’m
            On the search everyday 🙂 haha either researching or on foot 🙂 but no not in Montana just yet waiting for the pestilence of bugs to go hibernate in Montana the flies will carry you away few weeks ago I was there. Going back soon

    • Hi Diggin!!

      You said Forrest wrote your stories? So, tell us, did he embellish anything in them? Was it your words about sleeping on the side near the phone?

      • Forrest wrote them I told him about me and then he put it all together I forgot what he wrote about the phone I’ll have to go reread but he wrote them

        • The no dash part seems particularly interesting. What type of car doesn’t have a dash? huh?

          • Yeah, Diggin. That doesn’t seem like something you’d say. Did you say those exact words?

            I think the no dash refers to the dash between semi and drivers. If Diggin spoke those words, it doesn’t make sense. If she wrote them, maybe. But still a strange phrase.

            He misquoted you, Diggin. Didn’t he?
            Or he embellished your original quote?

          • I would think that he meant that they had no class, decency, or smarts based on the response..

          • Many “off road” vehicles have no dashes. I haven’t read the story you all are referring to, so this comment may be way out of line.

          • He didn’t meant they didn’t have a dashboard he meant they had no speed to get out of my way lol that’s why I slid off the road

      • Diggin,

        I’m not trying to put you on trial, but I was just reading all the old scrapbooks, and he used quotes in that story, as though those were your exact words. If you told him the story and he wrote it, and he used quotes as if to say you said those exact words, it’s sort of important, you know? When people use quotes in a story or an article, it’s usually to denote exact words.

        • He said that about the phone and He meant the semi drivers had no dash as to get the heck out of the way hahah not a literal dash and I don’t know what that meant about the phone

          • DG would you be kind enough to tell me if you really put chains on your truck or if that is something Fenn added?

            I’d like to also know why you went up through Bozemen on your way home rather then the original direction you came in. Was it a suggestion made by Fenn?

            Appreciate you being candid.

          • Too bad those darn truckers couldn’t have more courtesy. I can understand though, they were probably so “oven baked” (a term used in some small circles of trucking when your heater is on high and you drank so much caffeine the water gets sucked right out of you) that they didn’t know what was going on…

        • Mindy, after reading that scrapbook again it seems obvious to me now that Forrest wrote it – even the quotes sound like his phrasing. I remember him using the term “standing on tip toes” before and some of the other phrases like “having no dash” do not sound like something DG would say. Anyway, it’s just a story, probably embellished a lot as only Forrest can do, but fun to read and, who knows, maybe there’s a hint in there somewhere! 🙂

          • I agree CjinCa–When I read this scrapbook the first time and again today, it was and is obvious to me that it was written by FF. It seems odd to me that anyone might assume otherwise. Its not like Forrest is a journalist writing an article or and essay for English class so I don’t think its necessary to judge it with lots of “rules”. I think he saw a good story and shared it. As to whether there is a hint or not–who knows?

      • WooWee girl your sounding like a lady attorney who has a hankering her hubbys been chasing a stray cottontail…. Why is why such a thoughtful word.

    • DG needs to be listed on the Searchers Of Note page. Page should probably be renamed Forrest’s Flames.

      • I agree DG should be on the Searcher of Note. That category distinction could be a crowd sourced vote organized by Dal.

        Forrest’s folk heroes evoke everything a good thrill would: romance, grit, effort above and beyond, failures overcome and character flaws.

  38. any creeks with vertical sides to show where he got out? Maybe he is just talking about the creek itself is water that’s falling down to get them out. Just casue he was looking for Lewis and Clark doesnt mean he found them.

    Give you a clue I found on another blog. Done it tired and now he’s weak. Done(Donnie)He parked in a place where they put chains on tires (tired) and he was missing a weak(week).

    Did he mention links or chains anywhere? Ropes with knots might be like a chain.

    • Yea he mentioned chains somewhere but can’t say where I didn’t read that where they put chains on there car I better go reread the story

      • They didnt. I’m saying place he parked his car is place where people put chains on cars. I read on another blog a searcher laid it all out. They said that’s where he parked his car to go to the spot somewhere near Bozmen. I don’t know why chains is important except they said there are places you can pull over and park to do that. They said a man would do that and be closer.

        • Ohhhhh haha. There’s lots of spots to
          Pull over and walk everywhere. Guess if he bet on me I better put my thinking hat on ohhhhh maybe that hat forest posted was showing us were over thinking and blowing a hole in our thinking hats hahahah

        • Tom, tire chains are sometimes necessary for vehicles to get over mountain passes. There are hundreds of designated places to pull off the road to attach or remove tire chains.

          Can you please share where you read that post about the chains?

          • I didn’t read it anywhere. I thought Fenn said something about chains before. Someone else posted this about him parking at a place where you put chains on a car cause of the line Done(Donnie)it tired(tires)and now I’m weak(week). Him and Donnie was gone a week. The place to find is where you put chains on tires cause of the knots in the ropes story being like chains you put on tires. They saying it’s the Bozemen route.

        • Tom, I was referring to this comment you made: “I read on another blog a searcher laid it all out. They said that’s where he parked his car to go to the spot somewhere near Bozmen.” Do you remember what blog that was on?

      • Hey dg I have you to thank for my solve I have just used poem and a couple years ago you put up the picture ofthe broken ppropeller in your adventure I have since found a rock on side of a mountain that is exact to it so thanks

  39. hi folks earlier someone posted that the poem on Mr. Fenn’s website i suppose the Santa Fe site is different then in the book. we have copied the poem from the page and compared it to the book and cant find anything different. could who ever posted this could give some more info on what the differences are please?

    • inthechaseto mentioned mentioned that difference. The difference is in the stanza 5. word “answer” and “answers”. singular on the web, plural in the book.

    • The word “answer” SHOULD READ “answers”
      This is very important. This is one of FF flip flops.
      When the ? Is found “orientated East to West” with the dot of the ? In front of the Indians lip. We have 4 separate points two sets, plus HOB that must be connected from the ?, thus, “answers” is correct being plural. More then one answer known.

      • Maybe the S in Answer is a clue to the word Treasures being important. He really didn’t need to make that plural as they all were contained in one chest and could have easily said and with my Treasure Bold.

        • This is another possible perspective:

          In the first stanza, the words “treasures” and “riches” are both plural, but the word “secret” is singular. IMO, Forrest is implying more than one treasure and multiple riches (he already has with “riches new and old”). “Secret” being singular, IMO, implies only a single secret. I would find it difficult to believe the “secret” is NOT associated with the new treasure or riches. He’s told us where he’s provided hints and clues to the new treasure, presuming the TC is the “new”, so what, or where, are the hints to the old? The first stanza also seems to imply he’s “… gone alone in there and with my treasures bold” to both locations of “riches new and old.”

          Additionally, if “new” treasure and riches correlate to the endpoint of the Chase (finding the TC), does “riches old” suggest the beginning point of the Chase?

          Full Disclocure: If my mind wasn’t so old, frail, and feeble, it would be reasonably healthy.

  40. DG, Today show was cancelled, he had a flu.
    I am in MT now! Probably near your spot.
    Camped by a waterfall, just beautiful! Sun came up, rays hit spray, and there is the rainbow!
    Looked all over area for 6 hours in a five foot grid search pattern, both sides of rainbow for at least 200 feet. No blazes, no luck.
    Going further east, 3 miles, to another area now to search! No bears yet. Heard a wolf last night.
    Dal…saw a huge moose late yest eve, by “_____Creek” and thought of you! ♡
    ¥Peace ¥

    • Lordy you be safe Donna hope u scare all them wild creatures off before I get there 🙂 y’all bring home the gold !!!!

    • Donna-

      Moose do not exist. They are a figment of DG’s and Mindy’s imaginations based on Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons they watched as kids.

      • Hahaha then I wonder what nick from dateline thought that was chasing him lol I should of screamed bigfoooooooot hahaha

      • I don’t know about Rocky but earlier this month I learned Moose do exist. 20′ away and I stop to take pictures and later learn there are rules and seasons when being close to the moose is a bit dangerous. Good photos but poor judgement yet I left there unscathed. Utah side of the Rockies.

      • Poor Dal! In all his wandering, has yet to see one!
        At the end of Red Canyon road, just before the bend near the outhouthouse, on the east side, is a huge Grove of puss willow. Go this coming early May, when they just start to bud. I will GUARANTEE
        you will see moose! That is their fav delicacy.
        Or, if you camp there, pour a bag of brown sugar on the ground near grove, about 0700, then wait. They gather like crazy!
        Bears are in bed by then!
        Good luck!
        DG..I’m driving a red Jeep. Maybe we will bump into each other. I’ll be out here til end Sept, or if snow falls, or IF I FIND THE TREASURE!
        ¥Peace ¥

        • Dal if you have never seen a Moose in ur hunts what makes you think you will see a tiny 10 X 10 X 5 bronze box? Just sayin this is no gonna be easy.. but I still think 90 miles is the distance to Colorado border and Chama and Dawson NM

          If the Moose wandered in here looking for adventure and few people knew they were here what makes everyone think that little “hidden box” called indulgence is’nt near? Last know sighting was Santa Fe…..just sayin

          Tom T

          • Tom-
            Don’t let Mindy and DG and the rest of those Sasquatch believers convince you that Moose exist. It’s clearly a conspiracy. I’ve been to all those places folks have said there are moose and seen nary a one. This can only be for one of two reasons. Either the Park Service is reading this blog and when someone mentions sighting a moose the officials immediately head to the spot and remove the moose…or…there are no moose.

          • Squirrels are the new moose. Unless you’re Mindy, Diggin, or 99% of other searchers on this blog. In our case, moose are still moose. 🙂

          • Maybe Dal could start a Moose photo section do we can convince him that they do indeed exist. Seeing is believing but he will not be convinced by our photos and claim that we photoshopped them.

          • Great idea, uken2it! I have pictures of moose from my searches. Dal might think they’re photoshopped, though.

          • Won’t do any good. I took video of a moose on my cell phone in Montana, and Dal claimed it was a rabbit. 🙂

          • spallies,

            Is there any truth in Moose being allergic to bronze? If so, Dal is looking in all the right places. Gotta listen to his locations more closely ;^)

            ΩThis is not my opinion, nor is it trueΩ

          • Dal, I had a moose and its twin babies in my yard last year. Never seen them in the neighborhood. I took a picture and will send it to you. They were there off and on for a couple years. they are gone now.

        • I believe I read somewhere that Forrest bought a heard of elk and had a craftsman friend of his make up sets of moose antlers that could be worn by the elk during elk hunting season. This must be what folks in NM are seeing.

  41. Dal, if you want to see moose, head south on 191, turn left on Spur Rd 64 into Big Sky just north of Soldier’s Chapel. (64 and Soldiers Chapel along the Gallatin [treasure]River should raise searchers interest in more than moose.)

    In the past two years I’ve stayed at Big Sky while searching and saw moose (plural) every time. Early Spring and late fall they bed down in people’s yards for the night. Specifically on Andesite Road along the Middle Fork of the Gallatin. We usually see an elk herd there and cinnamon bears as well. Longitude hints found on Forrest’s DL (ttotc)and latitude hints found in Amelia Erharts ID card match up near Big Sky. B.S. Is a giant ball of string on google earth. The exact area is also a documented Sheep Eater Occupation site.

    If you/Dal decide to search the surrounding area let me know. I can supply you with a book of information that matches what F has put out there in poem and memoirs. My offer only applies to Dal.

    • Thanks 42. But after some 43 years of searching for moose and Sasquatch and never seeing either I have decided to search for the best apple pie ala mode in the west. So far this new quest has been a very rewarding mission.

    • Ha! just got the ball-o-string! Now the postman makes sense. Was blind and now I see. TU42.
      You only need the poem… if you already have the book. Its like you only need the recipe, if you already have the ingredients.

  42. I was looking at a copy of the map Fenn provided and I noticed some numbers on there for degrees. I see the 9 degree. Can someone explain what these numbers are so I can research more?

      • Hi Tom — points along those lines are where true north differs from magnetic (compass) north by the indicated number of degrees. For all of the western States, the magnetic declination is positive — in other words, the needle on a compass points some number of degrees east of the direction of true north.

        Now the real question is why Forrest thought ilnes of equal magnetic declination were important to include on his map?? Perhaps it’s a clue…

        • Good question. I wondered that myself. I have no idea, but there must be a reason unless it is a red herring.

        • Standardization of datum. Maybe the ancients left directions in anticipation of the mother ship’s return! LOL

        • “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines,….[ magnetic variation ]…. codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f”

          I have wondered that myself. Why include them with the map, if we were told …knowing them would “not assist” anyone to the treasure location. A clue? I’m not sure about that. Now the question is… Does true north have anything to do with helping to find the location of the chest.

          • 1.north according to the EARTH’s axis, not magnetic north.

            Also, the Earth does seem like a good place to rest your bones 🙂

    • @Tom East is least (subtract) and West is best (add) is my memory jogger and for lines of Latitude think of a ladder and Longitude think ‘long’ way around the globe….

  43. 9,10,11,12,13 compass adjustments involving magnetic polarity. I would explain more but just confuse myself. Try wikipedia.

    • Cholly-
      He has not mentioned anymore about the flu. He is writing today and working on plans for the 14th.

      • Hey Dal,
        I have an easy question for you. Seeing the Happy Birthday video, I wondered how Esmeralda got her name.

        Off topic I know, but we can’t be serious all the time.

  44. Hi Dal and Goofy, do you have access to the website’s analytics for this website? Like top keywords searched on your site. What information is searched and the reports? Would you mind publishing this information so we can all see the analytics?

    • I’d hope that the don’t, and would hope that they would consider not looking at keywords used as it compromises and gives away truly unique solves.

      As a software developer I am aware of and would like to remind all users that if you come up with a location and search for that in Google to see if anyone else has guessed the same location, any link you click passes those keywords to the site and site owners. They will appear in the stats.

      Here’s how you keep your unique solves to yourself. Don’t click links in Google. Instead, copy the url, paste it into your browser, then visit the page. That way your keywords don’t get transferred in the click.

    • Rose, we don’t track site search results. We do know how many hits each page gets. We get about 10,000 hits on an average day and it would be too much work to post each day’s analytics.

      And if we did post the information it would just drive the obsessive folks more neurotic than they are……wait, that actually might be fun. 🙂 And of course there would be the nut cases that would think we are lying trying to lead folks astray.

      For example, as you might imagine, Gypsy’s scrapbook is getting more hits lately.

      • Hi Goofy,
        Thank you for the information. Is the website part of Lummi Film? Just curious. Will our posts be used (in anyway shape or form) in Lummi Film? Is that company in Washington?

        • Rose, Lummi Film is Dal’s company, so I guess it’s in Washington since Dal lives there. That’s just my guess. Dal owns this site and Lummi Film, I don’t know if that makes this site part of Lummi Film. They are on two different servers at different host if that makes any difference to you.

          Dal will have to answer you about what his plans are for the future. He could probably make a few bucks using the comments to write a paper about the paranoid compulsive obsessive traits of treasure hunters and submitting it to the American Psychiatric Association.

      • Goofy,
        Please be kind and respectful to others. Referring to people as neurotic, obsessive or nut cases is disrespectful. Please.

        • Well Rose, if a survey was taken of everyone I would imagine the vast majority would say we are all nutty looking for a chest of gold hidden by an eccentric horse trader. So being nuts is a prerequisite for being here…..

          Fenn said the difference between crazy and eccentric is money; so that makes him eccentric and us crazy. If I find the chest I’ll move up in social status to eccentric.

          I suppose I could try to look up the correct psychiatric term for the behavior of some of the searchers. We have had some very imaginative solutions and folks are having lots of fun looking for the treasure with friends and family. So it’s fun to be a little crazy.

          The paranoid, neurotic, and obsessive behavior of the “nut cases” as I call them is hard to comprehend. They cross the line in my opinion when their behavior is detrimental to themselves or those around them. They have lost touch with reality wasting money they don’t have and putting themselves and others in dangerous situations.

          I don’t believe the chase caused their behavior, they were that way before; the chase just manifested their insanity. I was very surprised to see how many crazy people are out there. The scary part is they probably look “normal” just to see them on the street.

          • An interesting quote from a dr friend of mine, If you worry about if you are crazy , you arent. The crazy ones dont think they are, its the rest of the world..not them.
            Sorry been down to visit my brother, and I truly understand. Dr Mikes words now.


          • A favorite joke: one if four people is crazy. Think of your three closest friends — if they’re okay, it’s you.

    • Dal,
      While reading Forrest Fenn’s Too Far To Walk, I noticed that your name was given on the cover page photo credit. Do you have a business relationship with Forrest Fenn?

      • @rose get up to speed, read all the older posts from 2013, 2014 and earlier this summer….Forrest had asked Dal to go take that picture for the cover….Goofy is right about the level of insane people out searching and on this blog! One searcher gives up a solve, claims it has to do with FF having an affair then claims to be done only to come back later with another solve about the death of a child then comes back again saying folks are emailing with hate mail when their email address isn’t even available on here, just nuts… definition of paranoia is an extremely self-centered person….we aren’t that important, even if we found the TC! I use my real name and post my email address, I don’t get hate mail and even if I did I’m thick skinned enough to take it. The Chase is about getting out with family, this blog is addictive….but educational too….either enjoy this or don’t log on and don’t worry about Dal making a buck, he deserves something for baby sitting all of us! In My Opinion pine nut self!

      • Wow! The partial answer was a few years back. It would be nice to see some type of disclosure in an about page on the website. Just a thought. I hope Dal makes money, just not off of me. I guess I fall in the eccentric group.

        • I don’t know Dal personally, but I would love to have a beer with him sometime.

          I’d hope he wouldn’t hold it against me, but I’m carrying an implicit disclosure that I’m using him and his site to make money, every time I visit to glean clues off the community. We all are.

          So when you say “not off me”, you might want to consider that. We’re all here, using each other (hopefully in constructive ways) to make money by solving Forrest Fenn’s clues and finding his treasure. Just go with it.

          • Hi Jeremy,
            I look at the blog as a brain storming session to arrive at a goal–having fun and searching for the trove. But, when I hear name calling, it’s sad and disrespectful. When I hear that data could possibly be used in the future for something else than what the website is intended for, that’s a definite concern. Please tell me upfront how the information/data will be used so I know. When I see the website owner having close contact with FF, I just would like to see the relationship disclosed in an About Me section rather than wasting my time thinking that the picture might be a hint.

          • Rose, at the top of the blog there’s some links to info about the blog and how Dal met Forrest. Try reading this if you haven’t yet:

            There’s tons of reading to do and videos to watch here and it’s probably very overwhelming to newcomers to the blog but it’s something we’ve all had to do.

            Personally I’m not concerned about what Dal will do with the blog. I trust he won’t sell our email address and what else is there worry about? Maybe I’m too trusting but, after being on here for a few years, I’ve never noticed anything suspicious regarding my email.

            Good Luck and happy reading! 🙂

          • Well Rose you pompously chastise folks for not being politically correct and disrespectful, while at the same time making accusatory remarks toward Dal because you’re too lazy to read what is on the blog…….

            If you would actually do a little research instead of dreaming up clues based on nothing it would probably help you find the chest.

          • hi rose i still think of me as a newbie on the site. it PAINS me to agree with goofy because its might cause him to have an attack of some kind and we need him to do the blog. so i will try to not to do it again for a while. you have to go back to read and sometime reread all the blogs. i know this is hard because after our trip to NM we had nearly 800 to catch up on after a little over a week. one thing that helps is to use the control key and f key to bring up a search box in that box type key word or words. it will bring them up and all references to it. it helps a lot in your search. as for the bloggers and their relationships to Fenn. Fenn is very neutral and does not give things out to people over others. i sent him a question about the ball of string that he answered and i was very grateful but others i have asked i not receive an answer because it was to close to clues etc. the blog pages are full of info and help all for a little hard work and smart gleaming of ideas.

          • Goofy, I’m not lazy. I would never call someone that. Please stop name calling. Please.

          • Rose you are a piece of work…….Tell you what, you stop with the unfounded accusations and I’ll stop being bluntly correct.

          • OK Rose I apologize, you’re not lazy for not doing research and dreaming up clues.

            Now you apologize to Dal for your accusations toward him and we’ll all be one big happy politically correct family again.

          • Goofy if you keep this up i will go into A-FIB again. dont be so nice. your scaring me. all kidding aside its nice of you say you are sorry.

          • Wow, take a few days off from the blog and you miss all kinds of dialogue. Frankly, this is my most distracted time of year because I am one of “those crazies” that follows NCAA Division 3 Football and the season kicks off this Thursday night. I’ll be lurking around and not posting too much until after Thanksgiving. You all have fun – oh, and stop looking until after I get a chance sometime next summer – ha! 🙂

          • swwot in our case you just meant get your request. where is your little spot so we will try to stay out of the area unless it N. NM. lol enjoy the football season

        • Rose, what partial disclosure are you so bent out of shape about……What do you want to know?

        • Rose, welcome to the group. Like other have said go back and read all the old posts and replies. Dal doesn’t make anything off this site except getting the joy of seeing everyone beat their heads on the wall trying to figure out the poem. There are no adds on this site and for all the hits he gets he could be rich if he was welling to sell space. I personally think Dal does a great job running this site with Goofy’s help. I am thankful that there are not all sorts of ads popping up all over the side bars. Good luck.

        • Weather anyone knows it or not, I personally think FF built this chase around everyday life for the seekers. Such as anything you see on the blogs ,or the clues he gives away on TV, I have to ask myself, why did he choose “good morning america on “this” day? etc… eventually someone will catch-on. Using “Dal” for example. He is the center of the chase for FF. His website is a gateway to find the Chest, and etc. So I look for things that relate to the sites dedicated to the chase that will also integrate in to the poem and book, but not entirely what is being said on the threads. I am just saying there might be a big clue in front of everyone and nobody knows it because they look beyond what is right in front of them.

          Rose- On that note, Wildbirder. (Marie) thinks her way is the only way and I have no idea why she thinks someone would take the time out of their day to stalk her? She posted from her real name for weeks before she changed it. She must have figured out in that time that she was stalker material or something. Good luck to ya.

          • hammertime i would like to apologize to you or anyone else we may have bothered. i do not think my way is the only way and if i come across that i say i am sorry. anything i have said should be judge as to weather or not it will work for the person reading it. there are to many bright ideas posted on the blog for anyone to think they are the only one that is right. we have said all along that we are not sure we are right and could be eating crow like everyone else. until we get to finish searching our area we will not know if our spot is correct and if God doesn’t want us to find it we wont. the area we are searching Godzilla could be sitting in our canyon and we wouldn’t see him unless he is smoking. as for me being stalking material i very serious doubt anyone would stalk me. that said there have been problems on web pages and you hear about it time from time. being cautious is not a bad idea as long as you dont let fear rule your day. again i dont have all the answer just opinions

          • I just think this part of the thread was absolutely unnecessary, and I took it out on you because you were following it so promptly, as if it is completely ridiculous that someone ask such a simple question to Dal about something that he obviously had personal relevance to. And somehow it was okay to rip the question apart like it was an “incoherent solve”…
            The “your opinion” measurement scale on this blog is hilarious. And now its frowned upon to ask a question about something related to the chase without being bullied.

          • hammertime i thank you for your ideas on the blog. i was taught by my Dad that the only DUMB question was the one not asked. if someone doesnt know they should ask not be bullied. we all have gotten an idea or two that we must run to ground because it keeps us a wake. i had a picture that was posted in the scrapebook that was driving me nuttier for over a year. we now think it is a major hint for us. only time will tell. we are trying to go back before it gets to cold in the fall to camp out. we tired setting up our Ford edge to sleep in but we dont think it will work. still working on it.

  45. Hi Everyone! Just adding my 3 1/2 cents. Simply an opinion, nothing more. Forrest writes scrapbooks or stories for our enjoyment and sometimes our education. They are not meant to be used as hints to the treasure location.

    When we talk with him he may use what we say to him to interact with us, it doesnt mean anything more than that.Just an old ladys observation over many years of observations.

    • Well Deb, we are in agreement about the scrapbooks. Then again, could Fenn say anything that the imaginations here couldn’t link to the treasure somehow?

      Of course there are those that will vehemently disagree and insist the scrapbooks are the key to the poem…..and I can’t prove they are wrong.

      OMG!!!, I just figured it out; take the 42nd character from each scrapbook and the 9th character from each of the stories in the book, anagram them and convert that to numbers to get the coordinates of the chest.

      Fire up the truck!!! I’ve got to beat Gypsy to the chest.

      • Dang Goofy. Just let the world know my next brilliant solve… By the way, you forgot the use of the capital letter and how they connect with every SB clue.

        • And if you mark the minute and seconds mark when f says chest in Good Morning America interviews the coordinates are hidden within.
          ****Not imo and totally a creation in my craziness.

      • howdy Deb and Goofie, hunch here. im the one who dont agree. the scrapbooks are insight to the way FF thinks. once you on track with his way of thinking, you can understand what he writes. once you know how he writes, then you can follow the poem precisely. thats what I did but i aint got no bronze box, but enough photos to fill a scrapbook. never mind.

        • Or it can be a big maze where you end up chasing your own tail because you see what you want to see in everything he says.
          I fell into that maze, took me a while to figure that out. Have fun, dont let it make you crazy. 🙂

    • hi ded we agree with you on the story that can seem cloudy but in the scrape book i have found pictures that we believe are HINTS.

    • Deb, they may not be hints but the more we know about the way he thinks the closer we will get to what we’re looking for.

    • I agree they are just nice enjoying stories for the chasers who think they are only for enjoyment. But they are hints and clues as well as enjoying nice stories for chasers that use outside the box thinking.

  46. When I hear people say the Solve or their solve has nothing to do with Warm Water, Wood, Cold, Canyon…etc. It really makes me wonder if they are listening good? Because forrest said the treasure is in a very special place….A place he would want to leave his remains. He has said you can see tree’s in this location. Animals and others things in nature.
    IMO, if the place you are looking is not a Awesome place with Marvel Gaze, etc….Than you are in the WRONG PLACE!

    Lou Lee Bug, a small time treasure hunter from Whoville!

  47. Hi ALL,

    What about the missing “X”, 9 Clues, and 24 lines in the poem? Am I the only one who has a solve for all three? I would love to hear some thoughts:)



    • I think the Blaze is a mystery for many people. I tend to believe its a Blaze on a Tree marking something, but not a trail. What do you all think about the Blaze?

      • Lou Lee,

        I’m not talking about “the blaze”, I’m talking about the missing “X”, the 9 clues, and the 24 lines in the poem. I have a definitive explanation for all three. Does anyone else? I would love to hear it if they do.


        • pam we have just what you are talking about our problem we can only search a few days bfore we get sick and its rainy where we need to search.

          • Pam just means that the X is the only letter missing from the poem (X marks the spot?) Even more specifically, the fourth stanza alone is a pangram minus the X. And it’s a double-pangram minus X, J and M.

        • Oh Hi Pam, I did not mean to Reply to you, sorry.It was just a statement about a thought. I don’t have a definitive explanation. I am still trying to figure it out.

        • if you have solve some of the clues….the missing x makes sense.

          if you don’t solve some of the clues, the missing x makes no sense and you may as well go home and play canis……………………..

      • I’ve always thought the blaze is in Scrapbook 23 since it’s the only scapbook with tons of red text writing from Dal saying he has no idea what they are. Ends up they in Forrests back yard. Maybe he has fun looking at his prmotive maps when he walks through his trail looking for Teseque in the backyard.

        I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.

  48. the letter X being missing doesn’t mark where the chest is,,,,,,,but it is a big confirmer to another clue to let you know you are correct

    • Forrest said the X is on the map, in spirit…..Well where is Spirit?You will find it there……
      Hear me all and listen good…..:) say Forrest….

  49. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (King James) Where would F’s heart be?

    • Forrest is a lover not a fighter. His love for people, places and things endures in his gifts to others. His genuine curiosity is his greatest attribute IMO.

      Grab every banana seems to be his mantra put into action by saying yes more than saying no so as to avoid missing life experiences.

  50. @Michael Hendrickson – your Twitter feed reads, “I don’t care what it is all about. All I want is to live in it.”

    What if…it is all about the hokey pokey? Ha! Just for laughs.

  51. In the book, TTOTC. Mirror is mentioned many time. [ as well for some SB ] As we all know a mirror reflects an image. Yet what it actually does is reflect the past. Even when looking into a mirror, your own image is that of your own past… even for a scant moment in time.

    The first stanza reads in past tense, and the second stanza appears to be in the present tense and yet in the fourth stanza we jump from past to present tense. Is it possible that the poem is telling of the past and present or a mirror image, is one in the same. If so, can this explain “And hint of riches new and old.”

    This brings up the question… Begin it? Is where warm waters halt, both past and present?

    When looking at lines such as; ” As I have gone alone in there…” “Begin it where warm waters halt…” “From there it’s no place for the meek,” “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,” All seem to have a past and present connection. Are we looking for a single meaning and place for where to begin? or a meaning of how it began?

    • “We gazed in marvel at Morning Glory Pool.” – FF


      I also remember reading about an unpaved trail to “Mirror Pool”; and a geyser named…”Fan.”


      • SFL,

        You’re narrowing it down to much… My thought is, can WWWH be something of the past and present, and all in one. Do we the searchers begin where it began?

        I’ll add that the second stanza and even be backwards or mirror image it you will. We read it has find WWWH and go below hoB. Why can’t the same wording mean… Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk… all below the hoB.

        Example: Johnny went down the road to meet Bill, where they went swimming in the creek, located below Johnny’s home.

        This say, everything mentioned in below Johnny’s home.
        Is this the way the hoB in the poem is as well. Is the first three lines in stanza 2, already below hoB ?

        • Seeker
          If Johnny went down the road to meet Bill and met up with Bob, then went fishing instead of swimming; What is the name of the creek and are they still below Johnny’s home…

          • Ken,
            I don’t believe we need to know the name of a creek. The waters, creek, water high etc. IMO are generic. Of course the correct clue will have a given name, but not necessary to the poem.

        • I believe this may be the case seeker. Like the way people give directions isn’t always turn by turn. Therefore is begin and put in describing one action? In my opinion the whole poem describes one place. I have only found one HoB that works this way, but as far as I know this clue remains unsolved even by those who were within 500 ft of the chest. Am I mistaken that Forrest said if he revealed the HoB you would walk right to the tc?

          • Blaze,

            I would add, Begin it, take it, put in, from there, to heavy loads and water high, maybe all one in the same. As you said describing an action. Yet a physical place/ places.

            So now the question arises, Is our beginning the end? I have been thinking lately that the poem describes a specific place from an overall view, and the chest is at that location… no traveling from point to point, just understanding where you are.

          • we think you are very right. that why i dont think the brown trout is the Brown. we have two that work in the same area and over lap. is either right we dont know but we hope so.

          • finally someone gets it. i mean sees what ive been seeing all along. if you read it sarcasticly BWWWH. Could also be interpited like tis. being its where warm waters merge and flow down the canyon alon side the camino real {a really long walk) , Put in or boxed below the HOB. OR The box below the HOB. it =TC

    • “When looking at lines such as; ” As I have gone alone in there…” “Begin it where warm waters halt…” “From there it’s no place for the meek,” “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,” All seem to have a past and present connection. Are we looking for a single meaning and place for where to begin? or a meaning of how it began?”

      Exactly! He is trying to insure that his “time” on earth becomes timeless. He is trying to avoid what happened to his father and the French soldiers. Time has a beginning and end. Memories only exist in time. When time ends for everyone with memories , the memories are gone.

      Timelessness has no beginnings or endings. They intersect. So with the verb tenses, he is blurring the boundaries of time and timelessness. The same with beginnings and endings – beginnings take you to endings which become new beginnings. That is all in the poem IMO.

      • Nice thought Jack, time as a metaphor is like a Russian doll set. We keep our memories hidden for the right time to share with the right people and some quality Vodka.

        @BaddieWinkle is timeless

      • howdy jack, hunch here. im with you on this one, maybe thats what the time magazine in the trash means. i dont mean to waste your time jack.

    • Great question Seeker on the use of mirrors. Imo the first stanza being in the past tense is what is reflected in the present as ff wrote and did the actions in the first stanza. Simple but not many pick up on it.

      • I agree. The first stanza is a mirror image of what happened before he put the chest IN its place.A place where only one can fit into. If only I could figure out WHY he chose this place to begin with.:)
        The other image in my opinion which I think mirrors WWH is “Heavy loads and WATERS high” I believe this is a directional clue and he is referring to the direction of Where Warm WATERS Halt which is far but too far to walk.

          • If you think about it “Heavy loads and waters high” are before ” Found the blaze”. We might just have to climb up the heavy loads to see the lode. 🙂

      • I’ve always looked at the first stanza as if it were someone speaking to Forrest. I see it as him being at the end of his journey and he must now go; just as the person (spirit) speaking to him has done in the past.

        As I have gone alone in there, so must you. It’s your turn.

        And with my treasures bold. My life, knowledge, and memories..

        I can keep my secret where. He took it to the grave.

        And hint of riches new and old. The passing point of past and future worlds.

        Just my thoughts on this. I don’t believe the 1st stanza offers anything more than that he has accepted his fate, and is telling us that “spirit” has spoken to him and guides him to the other side.

        Scott W

        • Hey Scott, IMO you shouldn’t discount the first stanza. I think Forrest is telling all searchers that this is a mistake. In your post you show how much information there is. Although I disagree with your interpretation of it you are looking at the stanza and finding useful hints if not a clue, yet you dismiss it. Expensive folly, IMO and possibly Forrest’s as well.

        • Scott!!! OMG! (IMO), You are 100% correct! DID YOU COPY THAT OUT OF MY TOTC NOTEBOOK?!
          Maybe my other stanza interp’s match yours…hum.
          I’m searching in the north area of f’s map.
          Good Luck!
          ¥Peace ¥

          • Also, apparently there are 2 “Donna”s on this sight, so I will be now known as “Donna M.” Ty

  52. I agree with most of ‘all of the above’ comments regarding a significant importance to a connection with certain aspects involving… a ‘mirror.’


  53. Hi again seeker, the problem with this idea is that the place where the chest is actually located has already been found, not just by Forrest, but also by searchers. Either those searchers failed to understand the significance of where they were or the poem doesn’t tell us how to find it only where to look. We are not alone in this thinking, unless it was you flipping every stone within 200 ft of my wwwh over and not putting them back btw.

    • He said that no one has been closer then 200 feet, but have been about that far that he knows of. So if you believe searchers were where you are searching, step off 200 feet.

    • Well they didn’t find the chest apparently, but I havent found it either. I would feel so disappointed if the solution came out and someone just flipped over rocks everywhere they went. The point I wanted to make is that some folks are doing just that. Picture a beautiful place; mountains, trees, and animals are all visible it smells good here, but what you don’t realize is that within 200′ of your location is a small bronze chest …and a dead guy. Gotta make you wonder if they would have seen Forrest had he gone through with original plan, right? If searchers, not just passers by, have been this close and not known it, it could be because the poem doesn’t describe the place where the treasure hides but rather the big picture or birds I view of the place.

      • I agree. I read somewhere that the first two clues where solved, but haven’t heard whether the third clue was solved. Has it? If so, then people have been passing the area without knowing the trove was nearby. I think others may have told Fenn that they are going to the final location– without disclosing their steps to a solve.

        • All the clues have been revealed ! Just need to know where to look and then understand what you’re looking at. FOLSOM FALLS!
          “Just take the horses Chest and go WEST to the peace sign in the river bed” don’t forget to pan way out and see the Indian who’s name is “i” and he sports the “tired=headdress of a horse!

          • paulfoeller2,

            Your observations and research are well noted! Folsom Springs is another fascinating area with a fascinating history. (It was one of my first places of interest.)

            How related it might be to the “Chase” remains to be seen/told.

            Enjoy one of the best adventures of a lifetime!

            Best of luck in your journey ~


  54. Dal, Could you ask Fenn if he ever was a Scout Leader or any type. If he ever helped on their projects or tasks other than the excursions to Fenn Galleries. Went on camping trips with a team? Thank you!

  55. Just checking in!

    Hi Rose… When asked many moons ago… f couldn’t remember being a Scout.

    Interestingly, I don’t remember him ever being asked if he was a scout leader though… hmmm.

    But, IMO… Having girls it might be a stretch that he was a Boy Scout leader, unless we are talking about him leading the Girl Scouts… the Brownies???

    Mark H. Miss n’ all u folks!

  56. Thank you Mark H. I remember Dal posting about Fenn not remembering about being a Boy Scout a few days ago. But, I couldn’t find information about him being a Scout Leader, going through one of their development programs or assisting/contributing with Scout tasks. I did notice there was a connection through Los Alamos Troop 122 and a legislative visit back in the early to mid 1970s. I’m trying to substantiate one of my solves with a Troop task.

    • Rose –

      it is possible that Forrest was called upon to assist with an archeological merit badge. He would not be a scout master or anything like that – but could have invited some scouts to San Lazaro etc. That’s just a guess.

      Let’s just say for kicks – he did that –

      I don’t know how that info would get one closer to the chest.

    • Rose, I don’t remember him ever mentioning anything about being a scout or a scout leader. The only thing I remember is when he said that when he was a boy he had stuck some trails for the USFS. I don’t remember which video I heard this on but might have been on one of the recent ones.

  57. I like it Rose!
    Too, I visited Philmont… and it was as if the place was all about the Chase… hard to dismiss!
    I will say that, it is also my opinion… that f knew we would all land here at one time or another… Good luck!
    Mark H. Still smiling!

    • My son was honored and fortunate to be a member of Leadership Programs in school. Philmont and its outstanding Wood Badge program appear to offer some wonderful opportunities towards invaluable life lessons.

      This Chase is brimful of treasures. ~


  58. OFF TOPIC-
    Wind knocked out power and broadband to a million or so folks here in the Pacific Northwest on Saturday. I am one. I am very behind on things folks have submitted to the blog but I have not yet posted. When I get my broadband back I will attempt to catch up….
    Thanks to all for your patience.

    • hey thanks Dal hope you got my rewrite and thanks for the update and all the nice things you do. hope its fixed soon and have a great week

    • “I am very behind on things” ( As if most can’t identify with ‘ that’ statement!!) LOL

      Take your time, Dal; YOU created….patience!


  59. Clues vs. Instructions

    I believe there are instructions in the poem that allow us to understand and interpret the clues. Some may call these hints, but I don’t see it that way.

    IMO, the last stanza is instructional and you have to understand the instructions before you can determine what WWWH is. This also applies to the blaze.

    I hate it when people post things like I have above; almost boasting. Therefore I will tell you that my solve is a place that includes the word “foot”. Not “feet”. Foot is not used as a unit of measurement in my solve.

    I will also tell you that it is in Wyoming, but not Yellowstone.

    Per Seeker’s advice to others, I have hinted at my solve yet kept my cards close enough not to reveal.

    Scott W.

    • LoL. Thanks. Now I have some serious thought to conclude what foot not feet means… I like that you look at it as instructions.

  60. As I have gone alone in the wood. The beginning is also the end. Wood is cryptic and refers to the name of the place where he put the treasure. It is not in Yellowstone because Yellowstone is not a “subtle hint” as he states after the poem. He says “there are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories”: This tells me that the place is not named in the book, Yellowstone is not “subtle” mention. And the stories would not boldly name or be about the place where the treasure is. They may be similar but not were you would find it.

  61. All below is IMO.

    I have solved the riddle to Forrest’s poem. The answers to the clues form a block of text that can be decoded using the Lewis & Clark cipher. This reveals a secret message that step-by-step lays out the path to the treasure chest.

    The path takes a winding route through mountains, past a lake, through a forest then on to the location of the chest, all within one of the National Forests in the Rocky Mountains of the USA.

    A special keyword was required to unlock the text. The following hidden message was revealed:

    ‘Go west. In a short hour you see a big lake, cross it, run south – west. ——————–. Mirror this trail. Aim south and look heading west for a grey ‘F’ sign.’

    It was apparent that Forrest deliberately omitted part of the directions so the riddle comprised more than one layer.

    I’ve found the missing part of the directions from a source external to the poem, but have struggled to interpret this part in order to pinpoint the exact location of the treasure chest.

    Having navigated through nearly all of the layers of security and deciphered 95% of the riddle I haven’t been able to crack the final bit.

    But I’m close. I’ve reduced the size of the search area to a relatively small section of one of the National Forests in the Rocky Mountains. I’m certain the exact location of the treasure chest will be found when someone can add the correct last 5% of the directions to the 95% I’ve ‘set in stone’.

    So, I’m sharing my solution to see if anyone can solve the last part of the directions. More people are required to provide fresh interpretation.

    I’ve made public the solution detailed within an e-book called ‘Title to the Gold’. I would be delighted if this enabled another Searcher to find the treasure chest and claim the items of treasure hidden by Forrest. I would be thrilled to have played a part in the find.

    Each person’s mind works differently so it’s likely someone will be able to see something that I’ve missed. If anyone can solve the last part of the riddle the treasure will be theirs’.

    I think the lucky person will be someone who has a quirky mind, who sees things in a different way to most. He or she will be the one who claims ‘title to the gold’!

    The e-book is on

    Happy Hunting, can’t wait for someone to nail it!

    The White Knight (Andrew Briggs).

    • Hi Andrew,

      It seems to me, that if you already have 95% of the solve complete by sitting at your computer, you should be able to finish with a ground search. It’s my opinion that no one can solve this riddle without boots on the ground at some point.

      Best of luck sir,


    • I say you violated what Forrest has said. Don’t mess with the poem, and a knowledge of codes, head pressures, etc is not needed. But that is my opinion. I tend to follow what Forrest says.

      • “Follow what Forrest says” is good advice Tickle. I believe he ruled out ciphers long ago. Here’s what he said in Scrapbook 62:

        APRIL 2014

        Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f

        Why make it more complicated than it already is? It seems that many feel compelled to apply all of those things despite what Forrest says. What is particularly interesting to me is that all of the folks who say they have solved the poem rely on one or more of the items listed above in their solution and almost none of them cite specifics in the TTOTC (that makes solid sense) or to a “good map”. Very odd indeed.

        • Raven, you said…
          “What is particularly interesting to me is that all of the folks who say they have solved the poem rely on one or more of the items listed above in their solution…”

          What is more interesting is, those who say “solved” Yet never have a completed solution.

          Here’s a person that started out saying…

          “I have solved the riddle to Forrest’s poem.”
          Then says…
          “This reveals a secret message that step-by-step lays out the path to the treasure chest.”
          And later states…
          “Having navigated through nearly all of the layers of security and deciphered 95% of the riddle I haven’t been able to crack the final bit.”
          And Yet come the deal of the century…
          “I’ve made public the solution detailed within an e-book called ‘Title to the Gold’…”

          This is how you sell a book. Pull in the naive and ignorant with a promise of riches and leave out the actual full solution, told from the beginning.

          Yet as you have reminded us… this method has been told by the Author, it will not assist in finding the treasure. But I can guarantee someone will pay good money for it, and that is what the hope of the book is about.

          I’ll wait for the coupon offering 50% off the 95% solve to give a return of 0%.

          • Seeker/Raven,

            You could say that Andrew certainly has a flare for stating the obvious, and avoiding making any concrete claims>>>

            He said: “More people are required to provide fresh interpretation.

            ……. I would be thrilled to have played a part in the find.

            Each person’s mind works differently so it’s likely someone will be able to see something that I’ve missed. If anyone can solve the last part of the riddle the treasure will be theirs’.

            I think the lucky person will be someone who has a quirky mind, who sees things in a different way to most. He or she will be the one who claims ‘title to the gold’!”

            White Knight should change his name to Used Car Salesman or Advertising Pitchman in Training.

          • LOL “used car salesman” You know what the use car salesman’s motto is?

            There’s an A$$ for every seat.

  62. White knight

    You did know that someone would ask this question so it might as well be me…

    Why not just finish your work and go retrieve the chest?

    this sounds like a sales pitch to buy a know all book… Hey all I’ll give ya the answers and you’ll be rich… Just buy my book .

    But hey… Who am I to question a million doller solve.

    • $9.99 + 5% DIYsolve = treasure?

      Hf pnva. Xz f tzh&w pcew (“go west”…. etc) coded with L&C cipher) doesn’t strike me as likely being derived from the answers to the clues….but hey, I’ve been wrong a time or two.

        • great where do you like to search we are in N NM and do our searches out of Red River as a base

          • I think you will soon see. I have been looking at least 10 miles north of Houston and a little bit west, too far to walk.

          • TxTh you are too funny. LOL were you born in TX or are a transplant like me. i am form Ala. we btw will get to go again in middle of sept

          • Wildbirder, I was born and raised in Texas in the home town of Roy Orbison. I was hoping to make another trip in September as well but fell and broke my hip in June so that kind of changed my plans for a while. I guess I will be waiting until the next season. I do hunt much further North than you do.

    • to anyone: what do you think of coincidences. do they just occur or is it a HIGHER power at work? hubby doesn’t believe in coincidences. he believes everything happens for a reason.

        • busy B and sign holder thank you for your answers. it has been a nutty ten days or so since our trip.
          in the week after our return from our search there have been about 5 things that came up on blog that dealt with us, our solve, where we went, or what we did or saw directly or indirectly. i mind is spinning because of the coincidences and us not being able to go back.

          • I’ll go get it for ya wild birder we on the road 🙂 heading west I’ll bring y’all back a good story 🙂

          • hey diggin gypsy where are you heading to? have a safe trip, don’t drive tired, have fun and enjoy enjoy enjoy the Thrill of the Chase. it looks like we will get to go back in two week. God will and that steam doesn’t rise. LOL

    • Why do you keep saying that FF would kill if you any more? He wouldn’t care if you told everyone where it was hidden. It’s out of his hands now, so you have nothing to worry about! IMO of course.

      • Glad you asked and not me. I have been wondering why the repeating post as well.
        I sure hope this person doesn’t think fenn is feeding them hints etc. personally. Some have thought the same in the past. Just the other day someone ask what would we do if? felling fenn was hinting they had the correct solve.

        “…I’ve said things people think are clues.”

  63. The WN has an interesting offer out on the table. Do remember Forrest said ‘ciphers’ not ‘a cipher’. If you had to have just one, does the L&C cipher match how FF wrote his riddle? It is possible by the chase logic quo. So where does this mirror trail end that the genius can’t find? If I have it, sure as helffl ain’t sharing it with you. Solve it and show it or get off the pot.


  64. Show it to a kid he said. So I had an idea. I got out the paper and the crayons and drew a picture of everything in the poem. A stick figure walking alone, water, a canyon, a brown house, … you get the idea. NOW it makes sense.

    • Michael,
      Several of us have been trying to find exactly where he said “show it to a kid/child”.

      Are you just repeating what others have said or do you know where this quote came from?

      My perception is that this may have been something that was overheard during a conversation and doesn’t really have any documentation as a direct quote but I would love more information if you have it.

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