You Are Invited….


Charmay Allred Invites you to an Autograph Party

Please join us and bring a friend

Leon Gaspard – The Call of Distant Places
A new book by Forrest Fenn and Carleen Milburn


Monday September 14, 2015
La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe
Santa Fe Room
5-7 pm
Light refreshments will be served



The authors Carleen and Forrest at the book by Lou Bruno

ThomasD sent in two sets of great pics from the book signing. We need some way to caption the pics and ID the folks. I’ll work on that when I get back, but for now here are the pics on his smug mug site.

THIS LINK is the book signing itself
THIS LINK is the searchers get-together after the book signing.


PHOTO 1 Β  click on photo to enlarge it

2. Wiseone
3. Cynthia
4. dal
5. Slurbs
6. Katya
7. JDiggins
8. ItsAllMine
9. (wishes to remain anonymous)
10. Randy Bilyeu


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  1. 1. Syd5000
    2. Deb
    3. BoomerGirl
    4. Art?
    5.Randy Bilyeu
    6. BajaGold
    7. (wishes to remain anonymous)
    8. Doug (what is his blog name)
    9. dal
    10. Cynthia
    11. Amy (not Amy on the blog)

284 thoughts on “You Are Invited….

    • Dal, Do you know how much this book costs? It looks way beyond ordinary in a good way but possibly way expensive. Should I cash out my 401K?

      • That’s correct..They are shipping directly from the printer in Roswell…so wear your tin hat when you open the carton. They won’t be signed because they don’t go through Forrest’s hands. So if you want a signed copy the best thing to do is buy one at the book signing event. That way you avoid the shipping fees too…

        • CORRECTION:
          The books are shipping from Roswell Printers in Phoenix…
          I screwed that up above..
          You can take off your tin hats.. πŸ™‚

          • Dal – funny false alarm with the tin hat alert.

            Seems like a good reminder to go get some fresh air and get away from those coveted 5 bars of reception on our not so smart (personal radiation devices) phones.

    • You know there is a Allred Wyoming. Small towm, around Jackson Hole area. There is also a Kelly, closer to Yellowstone.

    • You did good dal! First pic, #1, I am unsure, but #2 is wiseone, and I think 5 is slurbs? Sorry, 10, I cannot recall…

      • That was such a fun evening! It was great to see the passion everyone had! A treasured memory for sure. πŸ™‚

        • JDiggins, I thought that was you! My favorite picture is of you and Kelly hugging and laughing. It looks like she is saying ” it’s OK, he drives us crazy too!!! πŸ™‚

          • Hi spallies!
            Kelly is awesome, as is shiloh. They treasure forrest, and protect him, and I love that. πŸ™‚

      • Hello, JDiggins…Dal, #5 is not Slurbs but I can’t remember his name. I think #8 is Doug…he was determined to make you understand all the drawings in the book, right? cynthia

      • Okay..I think I made the first round of corrections..
        We still have individuals without ID in the photos…
        I am so surprised we cannot recall the name of the dog and his owner…in pic #2.. I was certainly amused by that guy when he was being tightly watched by Jeff Burch’s big friendly canine..

        • Seriousky! U had a nice chat with them… πŸ™‚ he was clutching his doggie..
          But titan, nah, he’s a big lovey dovey. πŸ™‚

        • The dog’s name is Leo. His dad had taught him to detect the smell of bronze so he doesn’t need a metal detector. We thought that was hilarious. I’m mad that I can’t remember Dad’s name. I hope someone else will. Thanks for the pics and the names Dal. You’re the best!

  1. hmmmm…this might be just the decider I needed for my trip. I’ve been keeping track on the availability of this book and a signed copy would be just wonderful.

    • Please ship my book out before ‘the recipient is able to receive money’, that way I can afford gas money to travel to Santa Fe.

    • Mark-
      There is a note above the “buy” button that says the book is not available yet but will be in a couple of days.
      Forrest is still arranging shipping from the printer and doesn’t know exactly what shipping will be just yet so we have to wait until all that is fixed..
      When we know, the paypal button will work..

  2. Am I understanding this correctly? Did Mike misunderstand Forrest about “eliminating a state”? Is the world now eliminated-from-a-state-of not having an awesome book about Leon Gaspard? πŸ™‚ Because that totally makes sense.

  3. Congratulations Forrest on your new book. The people that get to go to your book signing are just Lucky. I hope whoever goes will enjoy the evening. Remember: Forrest has his lips sealed. πŸ™‚

  4. I checked with Forrest to make sure…
    The book signing is at the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe.
    There is also a La Fonda in Taos. But this party is in Santa Fe.

    • If you plan it right you can see Burning of Zozobra (Sept 4) or Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta 2015 (Sept 23 – 27) in addition to the Leon Gaspard signing party.

      If I was retired I just stay in Santa Fe for a few months of the year just to partake if all of the events.

  5. OK, Leon Gaspard! Be still my heart. My 2nd fav of the Taos artists (Fechin being way No. 1). I happen to know last October’s Sotheby’s auction in NYC estimated $100 – $150K for “Spring in Siberia”. It hammered at $260K. And, in a rather weak early 20th century (American) Impressionist market, at that. That’s yowza.

    The dude could paint.

    I expect FF’s book will be the definitive word on Gaspard (still under-appreciated and not on most people’s radar, IMO) and an entertaining read on the man (the most interesting part, by far). FF oughtta know. He’s been touting Gaspard since the ’80’s. I can not even imagine how Gaspard might figure into The Chase (except that he was Air Corps and jumped from a plane, too). But whatev, if FF’s book gets more books about art on more coffee tables, that’s a good thing for all of us! YEA!!!!

    More power to ya Forrest, and many thanks on many levels. Looking forward to the book signing – in SFe!

  6. gotta work,but would love to go.anyway the book cost to much money for my pocket.congrats mr. forrest.hope you all have a good time ,who go.virginia diane ,arvada,colorado

  7. New Mexico locals, can you recommend a hotel other than the LA Fonda, which is booked solid then?
    Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

    • Jdiggins – Check out the Old Santa Fe Inn include full breakfast and just a couple blocks away from the Collected Works Bookstore and Downtown

      Not a Santa Fe local, but I’ve stayed there for work several times. Shhhhh….best kept secret.

    • The Courtyard Marriott on Cerrillos Rd is nice but you’d have to drive to the plaza and parking in downtown SF sucks! Any hotel near the plaza I believe will be rated highly but they all are expensive. Good luck…hope to meet you.

      • Thanks for the hotel suggestions those are a lot more affordable… πŸ™‚ I was hoping to come to the next book signing but I have to go back east that week for work… πŸ™ Would love to meet you all!!! Someone needs to take some pics or film it that would be great for those of us that can’t go.

    • The last time I was there we stayed at the motel 6 but that was back when they were 6 bucks. I think it’s probably different now. I know my memory is.

      • The Motel 6 closest to the Plaza (on “upper” Cerillos) goes for $45 – $49/night, higher on Fri & Sat. The 3rd one south down on Cerillos is $30 – $35/night. Also, if you book online, many motels have lower rates. And, don’t forget to ask about add’l reductions if you’re an AARP member or military!

  8. I think all the searchers who attend this event should gather afterwards (the event supposedly ends at 7 pm) some where so we can exchange names so I know who everyone is other than their blog avatar, and I can put a face to the name. Anyone else attending who agrees? (Must be a place that serves liquor as I will have a personal driver and hate to waste this opportunity to imbibe…a lot!)

    • The Bell Tower Bar, on the roof of the La Fonda, would be a suggestion….
      Del Charro on West Alameda is also a good place, just a couple blocks from La Fonda.

    • Cynthia, You are so funny. I’m thinking about making the trip. Where are you planning to stay while you’re there?

      • I live in Rio Rancho, a suburb (LOL!) of Albuquerque so will just drive up to SF for the festivities and then come home afterwards, driven by my chauffeur ( a friend who is also attending but not drinking alcohol).

        • I see. You’re lucky you live so close. It sounds like it’ll be a fun time. I’m still contemplating though. “Indecision is the key to flexibility” πŸ™‚
          I am looking forward to the Today Show interview tomorrow morning, just to see what forrest has to say. Maybe then I’ll be able to decide.

          • Wiseone,
            Read your search on ttotc. I’m spontaneous like that too…the turn around and go again part.
            I too, am contemplating going, and awaiting tomorrow’s show as well.
            Beautiful pix btw!

        • Cynthia, do you have room for one more in your car? If I can make it, I’ll prob be staying in ABQ just off the highway.

  9. Here are a few interesting articles about Leon Gaspard-

    This story was in conjunction with a Gaspard show at the Nedra Mettucchi Gallery about two years ago. The Mettucchi Gallery was once Forrest’s Gallery.

    Also, a couple of years ago Stephanie put together a series of newspaper articles on her blog about the Leon Gaspard estate..This shows some of the arguments that were aired as folks challenged Forrest’s and other’s legal claim to the estate.

    Finally, if you want a less expensive book on Leon Gaspard with a forward written by Forrest, Frank Waters wrote one in the early 80’s and Forrest published it.

    • Thanks Dal. Enjoyed reading the I nteresting articles on Gaspard, and on Forrest restoring Gaspard’s home. It’s a good thing Forrest liked birds – what a project to complete in short order.

    • Hey Dal, what gives?

      I sent you some pics a few weeks ago to go on the ‘photo’s of your chase’ page.
      You (kindly) replied that since I was in the UK my ‘chase’ didn’t qualify because this blog was solely for Forrest Fenn chase related stuff. (mainly a few pics and local on my UK adventures with my toddler)
      Then this page crops up……not chase related….
      What gives Guv’nor?

      • Hey, Danny-boy.

        I’m sure you have heard the term “Social Media”.
        This blog is not intended for social media.

        This is not the place for me to post pictures of my Easter Egg hunt with my grandchildren in Arizona.
        If Mr. Fenn were to join in our party, it may be of interest to searchers. No one is disrespecting where I live or where you live.

        I for one am delighted that the distance has not prevented your interest in the chase. Your perspective is important to me.

        No one is attempting to be offensive. πŸ™‚

        Have a great day, and hope you can soon chase your solution all the way to the blaze.

      • Danny-boy:
        This invite is to a book signing for a new book that Forrest co-authored. Many searchers have an interest in this new book and many more would like to meet Forrest and are interested in attending the book signing. This is not unrelated to the chase.

        Forrest had it posted so that you and all the other searchers who wanted to come to the signing, meet Forrest and his co-author Carleen and get a book signed can attend. So this might be a good time for you to take the plunge and head over to this side of the pond, meet Forrest and search for the chest. September is typically a good month to be in the mountains…

    • Just when think your beginning to know a Fenn a new chapter opens up and we get to start all over again. Thanks Dal for the Gaspard info, a few more enjoyable thoughts to ponder.

  10. If I go, I might need a designated driver. Sounds like the real party starts after 7:00pm.

  11. Del Charro is ok, a bit dark and small, but ok. Blue Corn Cafe on Cerillos on the south end of town is roomy, has good lighting and the drinks are good. Where will the after party be?

  12. FYI:
    As you know, Forrest is supposed to be on the Today Show tomorrow. But Forrest has the flu and doesn’t feel well enough to appear. He hopes to be able to make it up later.
    Speedy recovery Forrest!!

  13. I haven’t been told yet. I heard that the box costs $1.46…
    I get all information in little tiny pieces..spread over days and weeks..
    I promise I will let everyone know when I find out..

  14. As per comments above, I only see a handful of us accepting. Has anyone a list? Cynthia? πŸ™‚ Charmay? ?

    • I do not have a list of the RSVPers…sorry. Maybe Dal knows…who is the recipient of the email address we sent our RSVP to?

      • The invite says Charmay, though it may just be an auto respond. I’m not savvy about all that, I only know when we had contests online at the radio station. They automatically went to my department.
        I doubt it is Charmay personal email. DAL, do you know who we responded to?

      • I suspect it’s Charmay since she is organizing the event. I certainly am not a recipient.
        You might try asking Forrest whose RSVP’d…

        • Dal, I’m sure all here agree that it would be great to meet you and thank you for your blog. Are you planning to attend Forrest’s book release?

  15. In MT now, searching. Absolutely beautiful…
    Will try to attend signing, if I can finish this great journey.
    Would love to meet everyone.
    Dal, you never answered…are YOU attending?
    F, get well soon. Pinyon Pine needle tea will kick it in the butt, loaded with vitamin C. Tastes a little tarry tho.
    Play safe and have fun!
    Β₯Peace Β₯

  16. funny litttle story for any who care to read on. last time I took a flight was in 2008 to Memphis from California, to st. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I was the GSM for a radio station and we put on an annual Radiothon. at any rate 30,000 feet in the air I had a major panic attack. Now it doesn’t seem like much to anybody who has not had a panic attack, but let me tell you, at 30,000 feet when a fully encompassing doom hits, its not good, its not fun, and the flight attendants were even starting to get a little scared. There’s more to the story, quite funny…ended with an escort off the plane first as a medical emergency! EMBARRASSING and frightening. Needless to say this is my chance to be brave and in the wood as I haven’t flown since that day and I’m doing this because of two things; one is I need to get back on that horse, and two, I would like to meet Forrest. so that’s my little story. πŸ™‚

        • Book on a larger cabin plane if tight areas are the issue and select a window seat if heights aren’t an issue.

          My mother-in-law has an issue flying, and she can only manage to do so on large bodied planes and has to sit at the window.

          Scott W.

          • Thx for the advice! I love window seats, sctually, I’ve always loved flying, it’s just after that flight…it was just horrible! I can scale a cliff, swim an icy river, and hike a boulder filled canyon with ease πŸ˜‰ , but put me in a flying metal tube and, well, we’ll see! I’m sure I’ll be just fine. πŸ™‚

          • JDiggins… Just take the poem with you and read it before you get on the plane…:) Maybe you will get lucky and see some beautiful clouds πŸ™‚
            Good Luck!

    • Great story and a good cause. Let me know when your arriving and I will wait at the gate to make sure they don’t take you to the wrong hospital.

      • Lol, that’s funny, straw shadow!
        Geez, hope I hop the right shuttle at abq!

    • My advice is take some cotton balls to put in your ears. Sometimes muffling down sounds along with closing your eyes can calm down the nervous system enough to keep you from having a panic attack.

      You will be fine. πŸ™‚

    • Paul-
      Forrest originally wrote the poem after he was told he had terminal cancer. He planned on taking the treasure to the same spot it is at today and end his life there. The original poem was similar to the poem we have today. We know the original poem ended differently.
      His cancer went into remission. He decided to hide the treasure anyway and let people go look for it. He rewrote the poem, but we do not know when. He hid the chest when he was 79 or 80. He published TTOTC in the fall of 2010 and announced the hunt to the world on his website and via interviews with various news organizations.

  17. Hey f, I’m hoping you are doing better as I write this??? I didn’t know you were sic?
    And… Congrats on the new book. I bet it’s awesome!

    I remember how disappointed I was to miss the last book signing and to meet everyone, and now I can’t go again. I’m Sad!

    I guess my chances of one day getting a big bro hug are dwindling. Geez I hope we both live long enough for us to do the the things we were attributed to do!

    Sending smiles, love and tons of brotherly hugs… get well soon!
    Mark H. starting my fifth week of Chemo and Radiation!

  18. ……………………
    Just checking something. πŸ™‚
    … … … … … … … …

    • jdiggins, hunch here. well it aint workin. you got a row of dots and another row of groups of three dots. no check marks at all. you look happy about it though.

  19. Hi All,

    I am really excited to attend this event. I look forward to meeting some of you.

    Dal, I hope Forrest has managed to change your mind, and you will surprise us and show up.


  20. Forrest’s new Gaspard book is shipping. Order form is working on the front page of this blog…
    Even if you don’t want to buy one there are some really nice pages from the book available to look at and some old footage of Gaspard and his house and an interview with him.

    look here and scroll down a bit:

  21. Sorry, I will not be in attendance. I do not do well with crowds – gets as bad as your airplane experience, jdiggins. Years ago, I did not know what “bank holiday” really meant in London. Unfortunately, I found out too late and yup had police there help me find a way out of the crowds that appeared from nowhere and sudden. I only have the TTOTC book and it will just remain unsigned at this time. Sure hope everyone has a great time and take pictures for posts. πŸ™‚

    • I’m not sure I can go either, unless someone buys my outrageously priced copy of ttotc on Amazon. Lol

      • Hi Mindy, I just checked out your blog. Quite nice. BTW do you have any left over recipes for crow from February? I may need one in a short while πŸ™‚

      • I’m going to stay home Sept 14th and read the blogs with a nice glass of diamond filtered Crystal Skull vodka while I sport my alluring diamond tie. Fancy occasions call for fancy behavior. Fun is where you find it!

        • Everything is where you find it! Like your choice for a Monday. I expect to find crow awaiting me on my doorstep πŸ™‚

  22. I learned today that I will be headed to Santa Fe on the 14th. So where is that after book signing get together being held?

    • Glad you get to go. Santa Fe should be beautiful this time of year. I didn’t think you would miss an important event πŸ™‚

    • Since we arent locals in Santa Fe, we thought a local would be best for suggesting a place. Someone ( Blurbs I think?)suggested Blue Corn on Cerillos.

    • Dal, See you there! Glad you are coming. Then at least if we see you out in one of our spots we won’t mistake you for a moose, or was that a rabbit, or an elk with moose antlers?

    • Well, Dal, it depends on where YOU are staying…will you be staying at one of the swanky hotels in downtown SF, out on Cerrillos Road, or in ff’s guest house or in Esmeralda in an alley? All these choices are good ones, no disrespect intended. I imagine the after book signing party will focus around you…There is a nice outdoor bar on the rooftop of La Fonda with beautiful views overlooking Santa Fe if folks want to meet there and then decide where to go from there. Really looking forward to finally meeting you…cynthia

      • Dal and Kathy will be staying at whatever $39.95/night swanky motel will have us. I have learned that one of Forrest’s classmates from Temple will be there. I am anxious to get a second opinion about those two old biddies and Mrs. Ford that Forrest wrote about. This should be a fun evening.

      • Yes! That’s the Bell Tower Bar at La Fonda I had recommended above- very nice, low-key chill vibe, great sunset lighting, etc. Can go anywhere from there – Blue Corn possible but a ways/drive down Cerillos. I’m hoping to attend and meet you, Cynthia…along with all you other treasure ratz!!!

        • OK…sounds like the meeting place after schmoozing with ff and getting your book signed is the really-cool-with-a-beautiful-view rooftop Bell Tower Bar, where we all can watch the sun set and ply Dal with lots of booze in hopes he will spill his secrets!

          • PS. I do not know most of you other than your blog name…I don’t even know the gender of many, let alone your faces or real names. You can click on my gravatar to get a general idea of me…I will not be wearing my green sunglasses at the book signing, though…maybe a green post-it with my name (later, on the rooftop the sunglasses may be donned.) Please come up to me and introduce yourselves. I would like to apologize now for anything stupid I do or say during the event and afterwards! Looking forward to meeting all of you, regardless which state you think the treasure is hidden…

          • Cynthia-
            I only have two secrets but red licorice is the preferred lubricant for plying them from me rather than Jose Cuervo… πŸ™‚

          • Cynthia… I would like to discuss a solve with you, but i cant attend. I think we may be looking in the same area,, if you are interested please email me at rf7now1444 at


          • Well, life just got in the way of my plans for tonight. Sorry to miss what I’m sure will be a swell time and the chance to meet some of you. Another time…

            Public Service Announcement:
            Please be VERY cautious driving after the party. Santa Fe cops are SUPER-HYPER about DUI. And yes, they can arrest you even if you blow below .08. So, be safe out there!

        • Well, unfortunate mishap for me. Plane was late and missed my abq connector. Now I’m stuck in Phoenix til 6:30

          • JDiggins that really sucks… πŸ™ You might check out The Club Loung… For 35 bucks you can get in and enjoy a little peace and quiet away from the airport… With the free snacks it pays for itself… Looks like they close at 3:30 though?

            http://WWW.the club airport

            Good Luck safe travels πŸ™‚

        • Looking forward to meeting all you searchers! If anyone arrives today, i will be hanging out at the La Fonda around 4pm till evening. Long blonde hair, colorful purse, black shirt and fenn books in hand! First round is on me πŸ™‚ otherwise see you all tomorrow!

  23. Thanks, Mindy. I think so many have dined on crow these past few years that it may be an endangered species now. At least it is smaller than duck, goose, turkey. I can barely fit 2 cornish hens in my oven. I get a few days to “test the waters/theory” and then search. I wonder if my side-kick will join me in crow later this autumn. Hope to post what recipe I use to all later. LOL


    the bracelet – 22 beads

    thecallofdistantplaces – 22 characters in book title not counting spaces

    September 14

    CarleenMilburn – 14 characters
    AutographParty – 14 characters

    For those who like numbers (not just math) can derive joy form this approach.

    I think those who chose numbers in their names are those types of thinkers.

    42 am I right?

    • You’re always right 23, even your number and its inverse are fun.

      How come you weren’t ripped to shreds for saying it. It appears like A bunch of fake New names – blasting from the mouth of one canon. Who knows.

      Some here seem to slip by the dart throwers with the greatest of ease, are you the “flying Kachina” on the daring trapeze? πŸ˜‰

  25. I wish I could be there, but I haven’t been able to take a Monday off from work in over a year (and I’ve used the rest of my vacation time somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe). πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear Forrest is doing better!

    Is anyone going to record some of the event and post the video? I know that’s been done a few times in the past, so just curious if there are any plans to do it this time around.


  26. Received Leon Gaspard book in the mail. Came with printed sheet that had address and said “first book sold”. The book is absolutely stunning and is well worth acquiring a copy. Hope everyone headed to Santa Fe has a great time at the book signing event.

    • Got mine yesterday. Thankfully it’s already autographed, cause I can’t go to Santa Fe.

      It is beautiful, and much larger than I expected!

      • I’m really sad I could not attend this event. πŸ™ Mindy, where did you order an autographed copy? I want one also.Btw,I enjoy your blog.

  27. Hope you all have a great time at the autograph party tomorrow! I will make it to one someday. But we are off to see mom-in-law in a couple of weeks and just can’t get the extra tome off.

  28. What an amazing weekend and a wonderful group! I wish i could have spent more time with everyone…the lurkers, the newbies, the contributers, and all those in between. Hope you all get home safe and sound and i will see you on the trail! Happy hunting!

    • Thanks Amy. Enjoyed meeting you and everyone else. The night certainly did fly by and was enjoyed by all… IMO πŸ™‚
      A Fun Fenn evening for us to treasure.
      And… Thank You Forrest! The book is beautiful and I can’t wait to read it.

    • I think you all are great! I had so much fun I didn’t want it to end! Thank you forrest and dal for giving us all the opportunity to meet eachother. I cannot recall such a fun time meeting a bunch of new people. You all seem like family and I’m so happy I was able to meet so many!! What a treasure trove of personality! πŸ™‚ thanks guys. I’ll never forget this adventure! πŸ™‚

        • Last evening was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed meeting so many new and interesting people. My wife and I had so much fun. Dal it sure was nice to finally get to meet you and your wife and to thank you in person for all you do to help keep the chase alive and such a joy to so many. I shot about 500 photos last evening so give me a few days to get them sorted out. LOL
          Cindy you were great also and thanks for inviting us to tag long.
          The applause for Forrest was a touching tribute to him as he left the room.
          Once again, an amazing evening!

          • πŸ™‚ Thank you again Tom for taking all the photos. I can’t wait to see them.
            I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing our thoughts and views of TTOTC in a personal visual setting.

          • We were sorry not to be able to go to the book signing to meet fellow searchers and Forrest, but we live too far away. Thanks for taking pictures of the event Thomas and I’m looking forward to seeing them if you can post them here or online someplace. It’s always fun to match names of people on the blog to faces. πŸ™‚

          • Oh yeah, quite the bash! Thanks to Charmay Allred for the invitation who took control of room like the “Belle of the Ball”. Also Carleen Milburn who co-authored the book “Leon Gaspard” with Mr. Fenn. Instantly upon meeting Carleen it became clear to me why they call Montana the TREASURE State. And then there was Mr. Fenn in all of his grandeur, once again surrounded by beautiful smiling faces, attracting attention like a magnetic pole. Never has this little fish felt so comfortable in such a big ocean. The highlight had to be the big round of applause for Mr. Fenn at the end. Not only could you see and hear the heartfelt emotion from the crowd but you could actually feel it in the room. Truly a treasured moment shared by all.

            After our ejection from the signing room it was only fitting to carry on next door. With gold being passed all around the room from Dal it just seemed natural to share a six pack. Lots of lip-smacking going on with a few toe curling moments. Once in a blue moon do sparks fly like they did when the red licorice finally made an appearance. Like an orgy out of the sixties I think everybody got lucky. Luckily everybody knows “What happens at the La Fonda stays at the La Fonda”. Well I guess its off to the races again and if I were a betting, I think it would be the trifecta.

          • I believe that Dal is going to post a link to my photos from last evening when I finish processing them. It might take me a few day. The New Mexico State Fair and horse racing is on the agenda for today! LOL


          • Have fun at the races! Thanks for taking all those pix! Ant wait to see them. I really enjoyed our little group as well and am honored to have found such good friends!

  29. Dal, it was nice to finally meet you. Thank you for the rose tokens, I will jeep them always. It was also good to meet your better half, or as I call her the most tolerant woman in America! lol

    I enjoyed meeting the searchers even though my hearing limited me understanding alot of what was said. Forrest and I share that commonality. Background noises are rediculous.

    Forrest looked well and rested, it was good to see him. Boomer and I got the honor of sitting with Pat and her husband , the childhood friends of Forrest. They were so fun. I dont know what is in the water in Temple Texas that produces such ageless people? Maybe its the fountain of youth? We were able to confirm that Forrest did all those things and more! We arent saying just exactly what those things may have been. LOL

    It was wonderful meeting Cynthia, Amy, Waterhigh, JDiggins, Baja, Slurbs, Bill, Illinoisghost and spouse, and others whose names I forgot. Thank you to all for making a fun night for all. Now someone please find that treasure! πŸ™‚

  30. Sounds like everyone had fun at the La Fonda, looking forward to more first person accounts and photos.

    Forrest and Carleen look very happy πŸ™‚

  31. Great pic you guys, everyone is smiles. I’ll have to get that book. I hear it’s really nice, at least thats what Mindy said.

    • Ed, the book is very nice, very pleasing to the eye. I haven’t looked all the way through it, but I’m enjoying it. πŸ™‚

  32. This was a true Honer for me to meet all of you and Mr Fenn. This Book about Leon Gaspard is a wonderful piece of talent and art work combined. Thank you for Inviting us to attend this event. It was a true lifetime experience. La Fonda is a must see space on earth, as is Santa Fe NM. The history and beauty is fascinating. It is like walking into another world. All I can say is Santa Fe, is a place on earth worth visiting. Again Thank you to all of you behind the scene’s for putting this together. The caterers the host + parking and to all of you for making me and my dog Titan feel welcome. I will cherish my copy and this experience for the rest of my life.To all of you Kindred spirits, have a bright life light forever. JB

  33. The past couple nights were such a blast for me…Sunday evening’s soiree began when Amy posted a comment wondering if any searchers were in Santa Fe and wanted to meet at La Fonda. The group of 4 eventually grew to a group of 6 as the evening progressed… most of us strangers when we met and good friends when we said good night.

    Monday night’s gathering at La Fonda for the book-signing surpassed my expectations, and fulfilled my wish to finally meet Dal. Saying thanks to him just doesn’t seem like enough for all he has done to keep us informed and maintain our “family”…so I gave him a bag of red licorice as well. I was also able to meet and talk to Charmay and Irene Rawlings.

    Of course, the best part of the night was hanging with Forrest…he made himself accessible to everyone, and Tom has the pictures to prove it. It was also quite interesting to talk to Pat’s husband (the older couple from Temple, TX) when he told a few of us what “put in” means…he used to fish in the Yellowstone area with Marvin Fenn and Forrest when he was a kid. (And I’m not giving this info to any other searchers.)

    A bit after 7:00 when Forrest stood in the doorway on his way out, turned and looked and gave us all a little wave, we searchers were on our feet applauding…I never felt so much love in a room before…it was quite moving!

    Then the after-party started in the lounge area off the main bar…what a fun bunch of people. Dal brought his “cache” that had been hidden in the YNP area and opened it and shared some of its contents, as well as reading the names of searchers who had signed the logbook…really cool stuff. I want everyone to know I consumed no alcohol this evening…only water. I “listened good”…what was really amusing to me was, the more liquor consumed, the more detailed the searches and solutions to the poem became that were being shared by a few of the guys. I mean to the point where a few were drawing their solutions on a napkin. (which I took home.) All in all, a very fun night and a wonderful group of people.

    Before everyone departed ways, I asked if there is interest in another Fennboree to be held in 2016, if the treasure hasn’t been found by then. It seems like there are plenty of searchers interested. Desertphile (David Rice) would like me or someone else to take it over because he is really busy that time of year. The consensus of the group seemed to like the Memorial Day weekend time-frame. So, hopefully, that is a future Fenn treasure event that will happen next year.

    Again, thanks to Charmay, Forrest, Carleen, Dal, and all you awesome search buddies for the wonderful evening…


    • Cynthia, do you realize the value of those napkins??? You could auction them on ebay, or better, make a book with a map…lol!
      It was, indeed, the most fun I’ve had in years. Don’t get out much, but when I do… πŸ™‚
      I was brave and on the plane, then spontaneously drove the latter half as I was impatient with airline delay. Beat my flight to santa fe!
      First night was great meeting amy ( the lurker, lol ), wiseone, cynthia, Tom and sphie, I love you guys! Thanks for making me feel comfortable.
      The next night, we met back up in the lounge again, prior to the event, and we were able to sneak early introductions, a couple pictures and even a hug from forrest and shiloh as they slipped through the side…
      It was absolutely an honor!
      Then, into the Santa Fe room, one by one, guests, searchers, friends and family of forrest filled the room. Forrest was seated at the table withe his stunning daughter kelly standing to his left, the lovely careen Milburn seated to forrest’s right, and just to the right of carleen, handsome young shiloh stood guard.
      Dal was on the other side of the “L” shaped table helping to move the signing lune along.
      The evening flowed wonderfully, there were smiles on everyone’s faces, and there were many whose laps held an open book and an eager and curious crowd surrounding…listening for whispers. And cynthia, she walked around picking up all the napkins that weren’t used to wipe up spilled libation..
      It truly was an experience of a lifetime, and to meet all of you my fellow searchers, was quite the honor, as well.
      And, as has been said, the tribute as forrest left was quite moving. He is LOVED.
      Thanks to Charmay and dal and cynthia, of course carleen and forrest! It was wonderful…and thank all of you too!
      Until next time….jd

    • It sounds like I left too early, Cynthia. You got maps! Let us know if they’re readable, considering the state of the artists who drew them…

      It was fun to meet all you other searchers. Great group. Thanks to Slurbs, esp., and Dal, you’re lucky you didn’t get hurt, pulling a stunt like that.

      I made it home an hour ago and wonder if/hope Esmeralda and her crew did too.

  34. Dal, it was nice meeting you. Thanks for this blog, it keeps everyone so involved. With Forrest contributing all his stories, nothing could be better. I have never gone to a book signing an will never forget meeting and talking to Forrest. You made this opportunity possible for me by putting the invitation on your blog. So, thanks again! Forrest is just as kindhearted in person as I imagined from being involved with the blog and reading his memoirs.

  35. It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and hearing your stories. Kevin and I are newbie treasure chest hunters. I just found out about the TC in July and this was our first search trip. Like all other newbies, I was SURE we had the solve but we returned without the gold. The book signing was an unexpected treasure — we were so lucky that it coincided with our trip. Hope to see you all again at the Fennboree in May or somewhere else on the search trail. I’d loved to stay in touch via email, especially with those searching in NM. I’m at sharman at if you want to get in touch. What a great community this is.

  36. Thank you all for letting me at the event by reading your posts from it. It sounds like you all had a fabulous time. Wish I could have been there with y’all. I bet it was great meeting Forrest’s childhood friends. I think Cynthia needs to tell us about the “put in”. Hope to see pics soon.

  37. Thanks to everyone who came to my book signing party. I think the most fun was had by the 40 or so searchers who retreated to the bar after being thrown out of the Santa Fe room. Dal and Cynthia were the two ringleaders and the swat team probably was on alert. Amy served me pastries (including a great eclair) while I was signing books, so her name goes on top of my next party list. It was fun to put faces with some cyber names. Pat and Laurens Johnson (with whom I started 1st grade in 1936) were grilled by deb and revealed some things that I have always denied. But all is quiet now and my plums are almost ripe. That means fall is getting close in and winter can’t be far behind. Maybe I’ll hibernate for a while and wait for spring to residuate anew. I love nature when she does those things.

      • Forrest, may u enjoy the Fall and Winter. Be sure to store plenty of berries. I might Hibernate as well. πŸ™‚ I will Renew myself in the Spring/ Summer. One more time I will search again. Can’t wait. For some reason I keep saying that. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Mr. Fenn,

      I look forward to another opportunity to meet you in person – this past signing did not work into my schedule. Thank you for the opportunity to be out and about looking for Indulgence – well, at least planning to, and hoping that nobody beats me to it before I interpret the poem. πŸ™‚

      Enjoy your plums – one of my favorite boyhood memories from my grandfather’s cow pasture was climbing into the trees to get the ones that the cows couldn’t reach.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Mr. Fenn. It was a magical night. I still don’t know how you got the two ring leaders together but nicely done. They kept things a buzzin and how. It seems to me like there was only one Grinch in the whole lot. Well what would life be without an odd ball from time to time. Actually it was quite refreshing to see how friendly Dal is and tidy Cynthia. I’m sure everyone will attest to the fact that the highlite of the evening took place during the 5-7 happy hour.
      EXCELLENT BOOK I’m on my way to share it with family now.
      Thanks again.

    • Forrest – I’m glad your book signing was a success! I really wanted to be there but my activities burned up most of my vacation days. With the next opportunity I’ll get your autograph. Take care Mr Fenn.


    • Forrest, please, please, please have another party in a few months so that I will have the opportunity to meet you too!!!!

    • Thank you for being such a great host and taking time to take pictures with us for our great memories. It was a true honer. This is a great book by the way. Thank you again for all you do. JB

    • Forrest, I am glad you had a fun and successful time. Yes, it is nice and quiet these days and awaiting fall and the beautiful colors. As if I do not have enough autumn pics already, I will be preparing to take more adjusting for the changing tilt of the sun and the special twinkle and sparkle it brings to the morning trees. Plums sound delicious; I am awaiting pumpkins – I make a fantastic pie.

  38. YIPPEE!!!
    Added two links above for the photos ThomasD took at the book signing event. We need a way to add captions and ID the folks in the photos..I’ll work on that when I get back home…
    For are the pics without captions and without ID’s…

    • Thank you Dal for the Pics Link It was good to go through them. what a blast. There is one photo it looks like I’m crying must of been a pretty intense conversation. Thanks for posting them again. JB

    • Thanks Thomas for taking the pictures, and thanks Dal for posting them. It looks like everyone had a great time – wish I was there! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Thomas for taking and Dal for posting… Looks like it was a great time… Still not sure who everyone is look forward to seeing who’s who…. Forrest, I like your purple sweater πŸ™‚

  39. Dal – thanx for posting the pictures. I look forward to being able to put faces with screen names once you get them identified. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? I wish I had made the effort to be down there – water under the bridge, and all that.

  40. I can’t believe I MISSED IT! I live three blocks from La Fonda and I MISSED IT! I just dialed in after doing a week camping and searching around Pilar and I MISSED IT! Now I have an unsigned book and heartache. Thanks to all who commented on the weekend, there must be a reason for this!

    • Radcrad, I was so surprised you weren’t there…now I know why. You missed an awesome event…Fennboree 2016 tentatively scheduled for Memorial Day weekend unless Fenn’s treasure chest is found prior. So, pay attention to the date!!! (This date could change depending on Dal’s availability but it will be posted in due time.) cynthia

      PS. I took Thomas D the photographer down to Embudo Creek today … it was beautiful. The leaves are showing signs of autumn approaching and the river is flowing about half of what it was in July when I made the movie. What a gorgeous spot!

  41. So fun to see all the pics of everyone… So for some reason I had in my mind y’all sitting out under the stars around a nice warm fire on the roof top bar at the La Fonda? Did rooftop just mean on the second floor? Also is that big picture (lol) in the background of a raven or a crow?

  42. Dal, thanks for posting the pictures and putting names to many of the faces! It looks like a great party and I wish I could have been there.

  43. Photo 1, Slurbs is correct… It that is 5 behind Dal.

    Photo 2, #1 is Chris. He hails from California. If he were to comment, I think he’s go by Sid5000 (if my recollection is correct).

  44. I agree

    Dal, Randy is number 10 on photo 1 and number 5 on photo 2 you indicated as ? (Unidentified). His name needs to be added please.

  45. Dal, what happened to all the other pictures from this event? It says 404? I think there was another picture of Randy and Leo with Jeff and Titan?

    • Spallies those pictures belong to ThomasD and the links are to his smugmug account. I guess he took them down. I don’t know why.

  46. Hi Goof, I was rearranging my Smugmug galleries and with out thinking I moved these galleries which in turn broke the link.
    I just put them back where they were so everyone should be able to access them again.
    Sorry for the confusion!

  47. I really should have been held back a year before exerting first grade. I think I’m slower minded than the rest of you folks here.

    Finally ordered and received Forrest’s Leon Gaspard book Call of Distant Places. I can’t say enough nice things about the stories in there.

    Not sure why but every time I read about Russian art and wodka I end up at Richard Feynman’s obsessions the next day.

    The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

  48. Just reading some old blogs, gleening a lot of info. For instance. ..
    F and Gaspard have a lot in common.
    Both flew fighter planes in a war.
    Both were survivors of air mishaps.
    Both came to SF beat, dilapidated and plain wore out, searching for renewal.
    Both fell in love with SF/NM.
    Both were involved in art, one painted, one sold.
    Both were interested in capturing the native life. F in objects, Gaspard in art.

    I hope I can get a signed copy for my Fenn collection!

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