Not Moose Pics…


I’ve never seen a moose in Jellystone and I am certain moose do not exist. What I believe people see are elk wearing one of Forrest’s earlier inventions, the “Moose Me Kit”. Tens of thousands of these kits were purchased by the Forrest Service from the 60s through the 90s and are still in use today. Many people think that Forrest became wealthy by trading in Western art and artifacts. But that’s not the case. It was his fat government contract for Moose Me Kits that made Forrest a multi-millionaire.

In the mid-20th century hunters had nearly eliminated the elk herds of this country. No one knew what to do. Forrest came up with the “Moose Me Kit” which would disguise elk as a brand new animal he invented, called the moose. Since there was no season on theses new animals hunters did not shoot them. Today we have billions of elk and many still masquerade as moose. But moose are a fictitious animal and do not really exist except in cartoons and wrapping paper.


Rare, original Moose Me Kit box found on eBay

If you see a pic of an elk in Moose Me gear please send it along.

Send pics to me as an attachment in email and I will post it along with your screen name and a short caption.

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Ok we really saw a moose or Sasquatch! No solve here just a beautiful drive to see our kids ! Cameron Pass just out of Walden the Moose Viewing Capitol of Colorado!! Dal hope you see one soon! -from unknown

Ok we really saw a moose or Sasquatch! No solve here just a beautiful drive to see our kids ! Cameron Pass just out of Walden the Moose Viewing Capitol of Colorado!! Dal hope you see one soon!
-from unknown

What better place to see a moose than where they go to visit each other! -from unknown

What better place to see a moose than where they go to visit each other!
-from unknown

-from uken2it

-from uken2it

What did we see? -from fuzzycatterpitters

What did we see?
-from fuzzycatterpitters

Moose watching woman, watching moose -from Jeff in Denver

Moose watching woman, watching moose
-from Jeff in Denver

Elk in Moose Me kit crossing the Madison. -from DigginGypsy

Elk in Moose Me gear crossing the Madison.
-from DigginGypsy

Young elk in hiding waiting for it's Moose Me antlers. -from Mindy

Young elk in hiding waiting for it’s government issued Moose Me antlers.
-from Mindy

This is what Dal would do if he ever saw a moose -from Mindy

This is what Dal would look like if he ever saw a moose
-from Mindy





47 thoughts on “Not Moose Pics…

  1. I believe you just added a lexicon to the vernacular of the chase.

    You’ve been moosed.

    A lot of moosing around going on here.

    Most folks are looking in moose holes dreaming up clues.

    That’s a bunch of moose.

  2. Dal, the problem as I see it is that you do not understand moose. A little known fact that I learned from an old rancher/hunter while sitting in a bar in Wyoming is that moose are a migratory animal. The moose flocks follow the grazing patterns of the jack-a-lops. So all you need to do is locate the seasonal warrens of the jack-a-lop herds and you will find the moose flocks. Problem solved.

    • Great point Mark…and I believe Forrest had something to do with the Jack-a-lope too..
      So it all fits..

        • into, now that was good one! uni que up and act like a Moose!

          That is how these heards came to New Mexico see this story, it is the second heard found in NM recently, and no one knew they were here so it is no wonder that a tiny bronze box at 10″X10″ X5″ has been so illusive, only seen in Santa Fe last time in 2010. So what we need is to follow the wood rat heard’s and they will lead us to the TC! Those little buggers know where everything is in the forrest, even my new 4 Runner has a recent nest in the firewall under the hood!

      • I.
        I’ve heard rumors that they migrate through Idaho and Utah during a lot of the year, that’s why FF excluded those states from the search area, he did want the flood of treasure seekers to disrupt their migration patterns.

    • I thought that was so funny.

      I was thinking up something clever to say, and it was along the same line, but there is no beating yours.

      I’m not even going to post mine, because yours wins hands down.

      Scott W.

      • But wait, theres more. I was on a flight to Europe and was sitting next to a sensory scientist having a rather spirited discussion about the origins of words (or was that a conversation with spirits?). We came to the conclusion that since Moose and Goose both originated from Proto-Germanic and Proto-Indo-European languages, that as a species, they must be related. And since my seating companion was a scientist, how could I argue with the logic that a herd of moose should therefore be correctly referred to as a flock, or more specifically since they are on the ground since they are flightless, a gaggle. This was only confirmed by my rancher/hunting/drinking companion that I met in Wyoming explaining the migratory patterns of Moose.

        • Thank goodness they are flightless! Could you imagine what a flight of Meese would do to your car window?!

  3. Mark Jon – Additionally, moose are often seen in Northern Minnesota during the summer where they rear their young. They form a distinctive V pattern as they move South for the winter – and have been known to follow after ultra-light flying machines. Their favorite over-wintering spots are near or around Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s been said that you know you are near their winter stomping grounds when you see numerous pink flamingos in nearby lawns.

  4. Often when flying in a V pattern, one line is longer than the other. I asked a brilliant scientist that had just gotten off his plane why the one line was longer than the other. He replied “there are more meese on that side”

      • I actually think you do have the chest. There are two important posts that are no longer on the blog. One is JL and the other is a tribute to Skippy. Both scrapbook items are no longer on the live site and are very important. Of course IMO. One gives you where to look and the other gives you what the blaze is. I have a pic of where and what I think the blaze is. I am making one more trip and then giving up and releasing my “laughable” solve for all to enjoy. Thanks for keeping the blog going.

        • end-
          That would be wrong. If I had the chest I would not allow the chase to go on. People would know to stop searching and Forrest would announce where the chest was at.
          I would not torture folks.

          • Thanks for your reply. As if looking for the chest and not finding it is not painful. I am still hung up on how he knows that it is still out there. Most tracking beacons would be silent w/o some high tech battery. If it is close to electricity, then it is not hidden that well. The search goes on, for at least one more trip for me. I am going back to my blaze and look one last time.

          • I believe you, Dal, and trust you.
            You were a treasure hunter before this treasure was hidden.

            So many also will not trust Mr. Fenn. They don’t hear or remember what he says. He told us how and why he will know if it is found.

            Some don’t grasp the concept of, “the thrill of the chase.”

  5. Are you sure? I know where they are, North Dakota Alaska Colorado Montana I would assume they are in your back yard when your not looking. This whole experiment is about how much you observe reality. What is hidden in all the information that one must seek. Its there I see it! The Moose Jug is on my computer shelf as he is also hanging on my wall in a Picture. It is there you can always find the beauty that this animal offers.

    I saw this video about a man that put Moose urine on himself to capture this animal on Film. It was a dumb thing to do. He found out how one should never mess with a Moose. I just cant seem to find that video anywhere.

    kind of like the treasure you know its there but can’t find it. I will somehow someway but not today. This Moose link below has a human girl friend.

    I would not suggest you clam up to a moose like this unless you have been in it’s life for a long time. Happy treasure hunting. When I find that Dumb ss that got tossed around like a rag doll, I will share the link. Again have fun and if you see a moose charging you Run or stand your ground. I thought it was the Moose sinker that FF invented great to know there is a thought in there somewhere.. Good luck always JB

  6. Hey, you didn’t post my mooses yet! 🙂
    Dal, I’m also sending you a picture of you when you finally do see a moose.

  7. clearly Dal,are you moosing with us,or have we been goosed around.sounds like we are all still —- up the good poker hand at all.just came from glenwood springs,colorado,glenwood canyon is amazing,reminds me of lego blocks.

  8. Dal, I still think you,should post that pic of what you did when you thought you saw a moose (it was a jellybean). It would liven up this somber bunch!

  9. given how people hear tend to use adopted names, I’m surprised that you are surprise the moose also want to remain



  10. Dal, maybe Forrest swatted all 300 moose relatives on a warm Montana evening.

    Q: What has antlers and sucks blood?

    A: A moose-quito!

  11. The Humongous Moose and the Teensy Fairy by Adrienne F. Potter

    Once upon a time there was a very large, humongous moose in the forest. A very small and teensy fairy happened upon him just has he was about to take a step. “Ouch!” screamed out the little fairy in a teensy, yet very loud voice. “You knocked me out of the air!” She flew up into his face and hovered there, crying angrily, “Why don’t you look where you’re going, you big, clumsy lummox!” A very large tear emerged from his very large eye and began to roll down his humongous, hairy cheek. It fell down through the air and would have landed on the fairy had she not darted out of the way.

    “Now look what you’ve done!” “You could have drowned me!” she shouted indignantly in her small voice.

    The moose was quite angry by now and forgot that his feelings were hurt. “Well what do you want me to do?—Stop moving and breathing and roll over and die?!”

    “No,” she answered, “because then you’ll smash the flowers and insects and the earthworms beneath you who help to make the forest so beautiful.”

    “Oh gosh,” he answered sarcastically. “I’ll try to never take another step.” They were silent for a moment as each thought of what to do next. Then the moose gave a great sigh and said, “I guess you were not aware that all the things beneath my feet exist to serve me.”

    The fairy gave out a tiny, yet very loud exclamation of disgust. “No! I was most certainly NOT aware of that. That is beyond a doubt the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The truth is that you exist to serve the forest! And you should be doing that and not knocking about clumsily and killing things right and left with every step you take!”

    “I exist to serve the forest?! Ha, ha, ha!” He laughed and laughed with deep indignant bellows that made the nearby lake ripple. You and what army are going to make me do that?” he asked the little fairy, who looked suddenly chagrined. She quickly regained her confidence.

    “I can make you!” she exclaimed, and she waved her wand defiantly and cast a teensy spell on him, which landed on his left ear in a teensy blaze of colorful, yet molecular stars, sent up a very tiny plume of small smoke, and disappeared in a poof.

    “Well, I’m waiting,” said the Moose.

    “OOOOH!” exclaimed the fairy, stamping her foot in exasperation. She took a deep breath and tried again. This time a slightly larger spell emerged from the wand and bopped him on the nose. “That tickles,” he told her. “Do it again.”

    Now she summoned every ounce of strength and magic that she had, and every liter of determination, and thrust her whole body towards him with the wand outstretched. Thousands of tiny stars shot out from the tip of the wand, whirled in circles above his head, and then descended on him like a crown.

    “I AM the king,” replied the moose, who was now quite amused.

    The fairy threw down her wand and burst into tiny tears. The moose sat down next to her on a rock so he didn’t smash anything. “There, there now,” he soothed her. “It can’t be as bad as all that. Chin up! The world isn’t over yet, you know.”

    But she sobbed on and on, and so he just sat and listened for a moment. He noticed her tiny tears and saw her delicate hands clutched together and her teeny toes tensed. Suddenly a cry was heard in the nearby lake and both their heads went up.

    “Help! Help! Save me!” cried a desperate voice. The moose ran down to the lake with the fairy riding on his head, though he couldn’t even feel her weight. A young boy was thrashing in the water where he had apparently fallen from a large branch extended over it.

    “I can’t swim!” he cried in between large gulps of air. The only thing that kept him from going under was a tiny, yet very strong twig attached to the tree that had snagged his shirt collar.

    “We’re coming,” shouted the moose. He splashed into the lake with the fairy fluttering above him and swam towards the boy, who was becoming hysterical. As they neared the boy he said, “Grab onto my neck.” The boy did so and the moose began to swim to shore, but in that moment the boy lost his grip as the small, firm twig still gripped his shirt.

    The fairy saw the problem and immediately zapped the tiny twig with her wand. The twig broke, and a tiny wisp of smoke went up in a poof. The moose went closer to the boy and this time he clung on for dear life as they swam back to shore.

    “Thank-you, thank-you!” he cried into the moose’s furry neck. “You saved my life!”

    “You’re very welcome, I’m sure,” but I couldn’t have done it without this little, teeny, uh, fairy here,” the moose replied through upwards eyes.

    It was then that the boy saw the tiny creature on the moose’s head and realized that two beings had saved him, not one. He thanked the fairy also, and then ran off, his faith in the world restored.

    The fairy and the moose became very good friends after that, and the fairy became his lookout, sitting on his head and warning him if he was about to step on someone or break something. She learned to always fly above his head and he learned to always watch where he stepped, although the debate—more friendly now–continued as to who was king of what and who was the servant. Sometimes you would hear tiny little mutterings of, “King of the Forest!? Everyone here thinks he’s a king! And why would there be 4,000 kings and ten servants?!”

    And the moose would respond, “What’s that buzzing I hear?”


  12. When I was in Yellowstone I saw a goose join a flock of geese. We were also lucky enough to watch a moose join a group of meese. Otcwas a fun time.

  13. HEY DAL,
    (it’s too far to walk)
    (if you get too close, to
    a mom and calf, your jeans
    will definitely know where
    warm water halts)

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