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Seek and Ye Shall Find by Martin Smith
When I first joined the Chase in March 2013, I thought I had a good chance of deciphering the poem and boosting my retirement fund. Well, more than two years later and after a dozen trips into the mountains North of Santa Fe, I still think I have a good chance of deciphering the poem. The problem is I ran out of ideas. I was content with my solve. Every part of the poem fit together like a puzzle for me. Scrapbooks and interviews only reinforced my interpretation. I searched the same area every time I went out and I couldn’t let it go. I suspect this might sound familiar.
So I decided to take another approach. In order to try to get into Forrest’s mindset as to what would make a good hidey spot and yet be a retrievable location, I decided to try to replicate what he did. I figured that if I had a place, a poem and a book wherein I could sprinkle clues (er uh hints), I might be able to circle back and figure out where I went wrong with my solution to Forrest’s poem from the experience I gained by going through the exercise myself.
The result is my “memoir” which is called “Seek and Ye Shall Find” with the subtitle “A Read and Seek Adventure”. The subtitle came later. Initially I started this as a one-off experiment. However, the exercise turned out to be so much fun that if it’s even moderately successful, I think I’ll do it again with another “Read and Seek Adventure”.
There’s a poem at the end of my book that needs to be deciphered in order to find the cache I’ve hidden. I tried to keep the same feel, using some of the same words that Forrest used. The context may be different and the usage may be different, but again, it’s my attempt to approach solving his poem from another direction. It’s my attempt to put on the shoes (slippers?) of the architect to see if any light bulbs get illuminated.
While my “treasure” isn’t worth a million dollars, its value will keep growing until it’s found. The main prize is Amazon gift cards that I’m earning using various loyalty and rewards programs. Right now the pot is worth a bit more than $300. The cache contains a dollar bill that must be returned to me as proof that you’ve solved the clues. Once you’ve returned the dollar bill to me, you’ll receive the posted value of the gift cards.
The cache also contains a few other prizes: an ancient Greek coin (from 350-300 BC), a Roman ring that could be 1700 years old, twenty steel pennies from 1943, a pair of earrings donated specifically for this adventure by Dominique Moceanu (Olympic gold-medalist) and more.
I should also mention that there are two versions of the book available: a full color version and a black and white version. I initially intended the book to be full color because I included a number of photographs from my life and travels that I feel are most enjoyed in color. But when I was done and saw the printing costs I realized nobody would ever buy it. So I created a black and white version to help get the retail down. Other than the color there’s no difference between the two.
I began working on this adventure in January and now I’m excited to say that all the parts are in place! My cache is hidden and my book has been published. Somewhere in the Midwest north of Hell (but south of Paradise) my “geocache” is hidden. Maybe you can find it.
You can learn more and buy the book (through createspace or Amazon) here:
If you’re interested in the color version, you can use codeΒ 2LP52X2T to receive 15% off (if purchased through createspace). But again, the black and white version is exactly the same as the color version and about half the price.
Finally, I think this is another great example of the positive impact that Forrest, the Chase and Dal’s website have made on countless lives. Had I not been involved in the Chase, I would have never thought about doing this. If no one ever buys this book, I’ve already been rewarded enough by watching my kids read through it and ask all sorts of questions about my childhood and growing up. And I feel I’ve also gained valuable insight into Forrest’s poem. There’s sure to be another trip into the mountains in the near future!
Thanks for taking the time to read and good luck in the Chase!

29 thoughts on “Book – Seek and Ye Shall Find

  1. Martin, you did exactly what Forrest wanted you to do, and I envy that! How proud your kids will be, later in life, to look back and cherish something so personal and fun.
    I live in the midwest, KC, Missouri,
    I have just ordered your book and look forward to it, for the fun, and a change from The Chase.
    I hope you didn’t publish your phone number in the book. But, it would be cool if you had an email or FB account, so people could communicate with you.
    Be as tough as F with your answers! Maybe the treasure will be around still, in a 100 yrs! But then, the gift cards would prob be expired!
    I, too, plan on publishing my Chase adventures, after I find Indulgence.
    (Got to keep positive, lol)
    Congrats, and thanks for another adventure.
    Wouldn’t it be great, if some of these rich movie stars did this, to create a legacy? Like Robert Redford, he’s in the thick of the mountains.
    Thank you

  2. Martin, the code didn’t work, but that’s ok, I got the color version anyway, with free shipping.
    Looking forward to it! Thanks again!
    I just wanted to add that I don’t buy other searchers books this quick, except for “Chroma” (loved it-pure fantasy/adventure), but am looking forward to sharing the fun with my grandson.

    • Thanks Donna. I appreciate the kind comments. I’m sorry about the code. I just checked and it appears to be working. It’s only valid on the createspace store (it doesn’t work on Amazon). You might have gotten a better deal anyway if you got free shipping (since createspace charges for shipping).

      I should also point out, in case anyone is wondering, that I don’t offer any solutions to Forrest’s poem in my book. I’m still keeping those cards close to my vest. πŸ™‚

      I’ve set up an email account for this. Feel free to email me. It’s a gmail account and the ID is readandseekadventures (trying to limit the spambots by not putting it in email address form).

      Thanks again!

      • I noticed a Robert Redford mention. Met him once on a flight to SLC. He shines with ‘adventure!’ ( “Jerimiah Johnson” was brilliant – Loved it!)

        Seems as though he would be intrigued by something like TTOTC.


  3. I had the same idea. What I’ve learned so far, is that finding a place that meets my criteria (in town, and can be seen and picked up) is really really hard. Forrest did not have that dilemma, I realize, but I’m still learning from it…

  4. Well Good for you. I will get a copy if its reasonable, just for the entertainment. I do have to say the first poem was hard enough to solve. Did I just say that? No you didn’t. That’s right of coarse.You have to get gas but not to much gas and you will get there. My mind finds these little sayings as I’m putting down the road. Its great entertainment as the wheels spin wild like the humming bird caught in a whirl wind. He can out fly anything, watch. Like Forrest in his Jet He knows how to set himself free. Any way congratulation on your accomplishment. always JB

  5. Martin, I love your book! I’ve read it 4 times highlighting poss hints! Now I have something else to work on, to drive me crazy!
    Just a question…you said before I decipher the poem, I need to fix it. Do you mean to put the stanzas in the correct historic order? Thanks!

    • Hi Donna – Sorry for the late reply. I just saw your message. I’ll remember to check the little box this time πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Regarding your question…hmm…Yes, you need to fix it. And while I’m not quite ready to say what about it needs to be fixed, it sounds like you’re on to something.

      Also, be sure to keep checking my website ( I’m going to be posting semi-regular blog posts that may or may not have hints.

      Gosh, you posted this way back in October. I’m really sorry I’m just now responding.

      Thanks again!

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