Scrapbook One Hundred Forty Six…



Compensations for being quiet

Last evening, when I had an idle moment, I walked around our pond and sat on a rock by the waterfalls. I do that whenever I can because opportunity doesn’t like to be kept waiting. The serenities of nature were all around, and they prompted me to pause and reflect.


Here’s a toast to the art of forgetting
That friend of the fast dimming past.
Gone down with the sun that is setting,
The sordid has vanished at last.
Remembering beauty untarnished,
The joy and glamour enhanced.
Reviewing the years with laughter and tears,
In the twilight I ponder entranced.
John Young-Hunter


An orange dragonfly rested on a water iris. He was very still – just looking. Another landed beside him (or her), and a third, and then a fourth. They were perfectly aligned, as if in a pew. Where was my camera?

I’ve often wondered how insects of the same species recognize each other. They can’t see themselves so how do they know they’re chumming with others of the same kin? Yes, I know, it’s instinct. But because they all look exactly alike how can one identify his brothers from the others?


Then some damselflies arrived, both red and blue. They bobbed about for a while, but soon were gone with little more than casual disinterest. Maybe they had a beef. Perhaps they didn’t like what their cousins were doing on the water iris leaf?


A chair is posted at a favored spot beside the pond. My fishing rod is kept there too, constantly at the ready. A dragonfly likes to rest there also. He always looks so composed. Evidently blue dragonflies are not likewise so disposed.



Then suddenly, amid a muffled whirr of sound, a resident hummingbird joined our company and checked me out, and the dragonfly too. She likes to dart back and forth, and hover.


This must be her nest. It was just there, lying on the ground. There were no eggs or shells anywhere around. Hmmm.


Three esteemed inhabitants on the pond are Angelo, Barney, and Tail End Charlie, so named because of a birth defected left leg that slows him to half a normal waddling gait. How did such an imperfection occur, and when? A friend told me it was either a freak of nature, or something his mother ate. Okay then.


They were 3” tall when I purchased them at the San Marcos Feed Store. The clerk said, “You can’t take just one; they come in sets,” like he knew. I didn’t think three bucks each was too much to pay for the cute little pets. Do you?

Several times a day the farm ducks come up on the grass and quack, which means they’re ready for their cracked corn snack.


The hungry threesome likes to wander up and down a little streamlet that flows into the pond, looking for things to grub. Crawfish, being lower on the food chain, are mostly too late in hiding, as are some of the water bugs.


Both peppermint and spearmint plants grow in great abundance at the waterfall, blocking most of the splashing water from our view. The blossoms on top of the mint attract bees from all around the neighborhood. I think they like the purple hue.

One of our tall cottonwood trees was maimed by a lightning strike and lost a big limb. I saw the whole thing. I was just standing there at our kitchen window watching. So now when there’s thunder, Peggy and I and little Tesuque, run for cover.

Peggy’s grandmother once told me that just a millisecond before lightning hits, the hair on the back of my neck will stand up. It’s a static electricity phenomenon, she claimed. When that happens lightning is about to hit nearby with a jolt. But if I jump really high, maybe it will hit the ground while I’m still in the air, thus saving me from the fiery bolt.


Of course I don’t know if that’s true. She also said you shouldn’t plant a weeping willow tree because when it gets big enough to cover your grave, you’ll die. However, Peggy and I have such a giant willow that we planted as a seedling in 1988, and we’re still vertical. Makes me suspicious of grandmotherly wisdom.

Nothing but good can happen when I’m still and observing wildlife in its natural landscape. To describe it almost wears me out of words. In nature’s quietness I can steal away to places where all my dreams come real, at least for a little while, that’s the way I feel. f

Digital StillCamera





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  1. I believe Peggy’s grandmother spoke rightly about the static electricity prior to a lightning strike. I was in San Angelo Texas mowing the lawn and my pant leg started shaking and immediately a lightning bolt struck very close to me. Why was I out mowing the lawn in the rain some might ask, well that is how Texas weather can be – it wasn’t raining yet.

  2. Forrest, looks like you have your Ducks in a Row. 🙂

    What a beautiful pond and landscape you have. 🙂

        • I had to rotate it to view. Very nice blue chair to sit in peace by your waterfall Forrest. The rake looks lonely. Are those humming bird feeders on top the pin? Very nice. We hang ours on the porch and take them down so the birds will migrate. They love their sugar. They would hang out all year if we didn’t remove them.That would not be good for the loving fellers when the cold hits.. Thank you for the share. It’s nice to see your enjoying life with your friends. I think those ducks love you. Time is growing and knowing there is peace to be found with patience in a quite place of beauty. We should all seek that in our lives. J B

          • Jeff, someone told me hummingbirds might not migrate if we kept on feeding them but, being the inquisitive person I am, I had to research it. I found out that hummers migrate according to the length of day and would migrate when it was time. The research also said that the little hummers needed to fatten up as much as possible before their long migration so to leave the feeders out and not take them in until after the hummers stopped coming to your feeder. I did that and didn’t take my feeders in until I hadn’t seen them for a week. I’m in MN now so the hummers must be down in TX by now. 🙂

    • Yes, it was sideways on mine, but I just figured Forrest lived on a very steep hill–but I can’t figure out how the water stays in the pond…..:)

      • LOL Raven, no steep hills. Just a deep hole and a man made waterfall.

        Forrest, you write beautifully. Thank you for sharing your view with us all. I had only seen it from above. LOL Google earth does nothing for it.

        I wonder if mints share a bit of flavor in the local honey? For those of you who have the chance try some NM high desert honey some time. I love it. 🙂

    • looked great and thank you for posting 🙂 I get a good feeling inside watching happy creatures with a kind soul.

    • So surprized to see that statue because I have one just like it (about 8″ tall) but not as greenish and it’s displayed on a black marble pedestal not what is seems to be travertine.

      I wonder if that is Forrest’s or he found a picture on the web 🙂

  3. Forrest, I understand your feelings for being around water and nature and the needing of solitude to enjoy the simplistic beings. Maybe that’s why I have done my last couple of searches by myself trying to being one with nature and the feeling it brings. I still have one more search to do, that I had written you about, but time is on my side and when I get the chance it will happen. Funny thing, I once had a dragonfly that landed on my walking stick while hiking the Florida Trail. It stayed with me for quite a distance so I decided to put it on my nose and it continue to travel with me for a few miles more. That might sound silly but I truly enjoyed the company. Now I’m missing the mountains once again, maybe spring will call me back to them “once again”. Enjoy every new adventure. Bur

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, simple story, Forrest. It’s good to hear from you. It seems like we don’t hear from you as much anymore. I’m not so sure that jumping in the air will save you from being issued transfer papers by a bolt of lightning…assuming you even know the exact millisecond to jump.

    An older boy scout leader in my neighborhood went back to the Boy Scout National Jamboree back in the 80s. Our troop didn’t go, but he went because he was a leader at the state or national level. He was playing frisbee with a scout under a cloudy sky. He threw the frisbee to the scout…and just as the scout jumped up in the air to catch it he was struck by lightning and was killed instantly. True story.

    Those kinds of stories make a person treasure the beautiful things and moments in life much more. Thanks…again.

  5. Wasn’t 23kachinas talking on the blogs about going to a feed store for lunch with Forrest awhile back?and later said they got little ducks? I think she also made that post about the bronze humming bird he cast for her? Maybe she could shed some light on this…possibly a floating owl or yeti hat too? Sometimes my memory blows though but I feel like all three of those stories came from her. Please correct me if I am mistaken- just IMO of my memory- tell us more 23 😉

      • Yes, I made a bronze hummer named Maya with Forrest’s help. I don’t know her exact birthday but I think it’s sometime in December 2014.

        The other one your thinking of is Keri’s story (they went to the Feed Store for lunch (San Marcos Cafe)

        Peace is found in nature, that’s for sure.

  6. What a beautiful place to live and enjoy nature! Loved your damselfly photos, and of course your 3 fine-feathered waddlers. Thanks for sharing life with your friends here on Dal’s blog Forrest.

    Speaking of lightening stories… my grandmother was raised in Montana on a ranch near Glasgow on the Canadian border. Around 1925 she accompanied her father on a 2-horse drawn plow when lightening struck the double ox bow. Both work horses were struck dead, but Grandmother and Great Grandfather were okay. She recounts her Swedish (Lutheran) father insisting on burying both horses, and speaking words of thankgiving over their beings, while Native American Indians watched at a distance. Given the Indian’s reverance for horses I think they understood.

    • 42,

      Thank you for sharing one family’s touching burial experience of their expression and silent ‘understanding’ involving the Native American reverence for horses.

      Life lessons.


  7. Forrest,
    You have such abeautiful yard and pond, it makes me want to come and take a nap out there… I promise I don’t snore too loud!

    : ) thanks for sharing your photos with us..

  8. Forrest, did you watch the super moon-lunar eclipse? I was looking for the dove in his nest on the moon, just couldn’t find it. lol! I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your video. I have 7 goats that follow me around. It’s great to live out in the sticks, it brings you back to what’s real. Thanks for your post.


  9. What a beautiful yard you have Forrest! I would love to live on a property like that. Love your ducks too, especially the one with the wild hairdo. 🙂

    What kind of camera are you using? The fast shutter speed which almost stopped the flutter of the hummingbird’s wings is quite impressive. Lovely dragonfly and damsel fly pictures too.

  10. Wonder if he needed the idle moment after that cowboy debacle against the falcons.Ha ha, just kidding,Forrest.Fishing pole always at the ready! 🙂 .Liked the pictures but couldn’t get the video to play on my phone. (Rats).Thanks for posting the scrapbook.

  11. Forrest, looks like you can be well compensated any time you wish. 🙂
    I love the peaceful setting of your back yard!

  12. “F”orrest has “F”INESSE with THEsaurus!

    Here’s an easy “S” (I can’t see the paragraphs while typing but an S one is something like this:

    (Ex: “millisecond before”=”split second” “jolt”=”strike” again I can’t see it while typing but this one is something like “S”he “S”aid a “S”plit “Second” before “Strike” you’ll get “Spine”tingling “Scared”, “S”he “S”aid. It’s “S”tatic (“S”tanding “S”till) “So” that “S”pot is “S”oon be “S”truck. “S”he “s”uggested. if I “S”pring up, it will “S”trike the “S”oil while I’m “S”uspended in the “S”ky, “S”pare/”S”aving mySelf when it “S”trikes its “S”tatic S”pot.

    “S”nakes may be “S”crewed

    **this post is dedicated to gog

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, forrest. An oasis for sure. And I love Tohpka’s, ooops, Angelo’s tuff!
    Too bad for me though, I cannot watch the video… 🙁

  14. Aww… Forrest your paddling of ducks is precious… That is a sweet coop you’ve got for them… Did you ever get the last duck into the coop? Your yard is very beautiful as well… Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. How delightful… your yard looks incredible! May it be peaceful always..

    During a few of my excursions into the wilderness (Yellowstone National Park).. I encountered nature along the way. Which was really quite amazing in itself even though I didn’t find the chest.. There is a certain way of communication in the woods that is undecipherable and primitive.. like a communication of art imitating life..or life imitating art.. either or. Hard to describe.. but it did replace the feeling of failure.

    No way of knowing who saw what first in the grand design of it all.. much like the TTOTC poem. Invigorating and refreshing full of mysteries…and chains. I suppose that is why this is such a fun experience ! Cmon.. you get to look at the world through a very talented and intelligent man full of wisdom and experience.

    On the homepage Dal states that the thrill is ‘in the chase and not in the capture’.. I think that sums it up perfectly.

  16. Forrest, the rock I gave you that you put by the pond has a lot of friends and a beautiful place to live. Love the pond with the stream. I guess you have raccoons and hawks there too that like to eat ducks. My aunt has ducks and they put theirs up in a pen in the evening too, but because of coyotes. I had 2 ducks that I got from her, but they disappeared the next day after we brought them home. No blood or feathers, just gone. I didn’t get any more. I figure I’m not supposed to have ducks. Glad you feel like socializing again for a little while. Hopes it not too cold for you. It’s still shorts weather here in Texas. Thanks for the story and pics and video Forrest and Dal!

  17. By the way, it took me 3 times of clicking on the video to get it to play. Might be my computer. Don’t give up if you can’t get it to play at first.

  18. Forrest, it was wonderful of you to share ‘Fenn-Haven’ with us. It looks like a bit of heaven on earth. I can’t think of a more peaceful place to nap than in a hammock strung in your weeping willow tree with a gentle breeze. Thank you for the beautiful photos – a treat for us city dwellers.

  19. mr. forrest ,so good to hear from you,you have been missed.if I lived around nature like you, I would be outside most of the time,becoming one with nature.I have a small L shape yard,can’t go very far in it.just back and forth.not pretty either.too many houses.God bless you mr. forrest.(dad).arvada,co.beautiful place you have.I could lay on a blanket by the waterfall in the shade and easy go to sleep listening to the waterfall.I don’t like lightening either,stay off the phone,no shower/bath ,stay away from sink,windows.turn off will fry the ya lots.don’t stay gone for so long.

  20. if you have read my comments and they make some kind of sense to you the John young Hunter POEM is actually mostly all of this post is telling us what and were to look . I know most of my ramblings dont make much sense, but neither does the poem. IMO This whole post is just another version of the poem in much greater detail. the only thing missing is WWWH. If its in here i fail to see it. Mr. Fenn your imagination runs wild and your poem is precise and having the ability to put it into words describing your lifes most treasured memories is ….. wow, I have no word for it. Your bracelet will be returned to you very soon. With no disrespect, This one was a big no no.

    • Hi Sanco, want to share your thoughts on what this means to you?
      Maybe your words can help me out in some small fashion.

      Thanks, ☺️

    • It seems to me That Forrest does nothing by accident. There is value in every thing he does or says. He is out thinking us by a quadrillion thoughts. He has led us by the nose to the wet cold wood to be brave. Maybe we must sit on a rock to see it. I love the thought process and observation that one must take to view his thoughts.

      OK thinking out of the box might fit the bills. He is a man of simple but true meaning. Where will you go to give his bracelet back? Remember his intention was not to put you in harms way. But to deliver to you the title of the solve you must know his true thought process. Have you thought what that really entails? Are you ready for it?

      Are you the one that thinks. That thought must be considered. The one with confidence, How did you gain that confidence? Are you ready for the after math of finding such a great find?. Opportunity does not like to wait as Forrest has said above I will add to this by saying greed will conquer the person that does not think.

      There are people that are good at what they do such as Forrest and I will tell you why. He thinks about what he does before he does it. Does it fit with his master plan? Does it fit with his words? He did not just do this for the treasure He did this for you and me to think. Don’t for one second think your not out thought and you may out think the thought of the second. Just a thought.

      Don’t let the gold fever take control of your thoughts. Remember he said, Hear… me all and listen good. How can one listen when words are not spoken. I’m here to say you Can. How?.. Jeff>>> I’ll tell you its called Observation. There is my secrete to you all. You must open your eyes and see his path. There is no mistakes made by Forrest Fenn that he does not wish to convey to you so you think its a mistake. It is all on purpose. Now go find that treasure as I have thought I so. Have a great life light forever always JB

      • You may call it my weakness but I really think about others before myself. That’s my weakness in life because people take advantage of this fact Even if I had this treasure in my hands I would think about you and who created this adventure.

        Death also tears me up because I want this and those to last forever But .It’s OK because, I believe thinking is not a bad thing. And it’s one thing we must do to grow in life.

        Here’s my flag ship to life. live, love, and become who you are. Love that fact and no amount of money can ever pay for the experience you gain to share with others from your experiences.

        I guess it boils down to, care about everything and not just yourself and your life will be a success. Even if you don’t gain a treasure you will gain self respect. Never guess… Know<

    • Wanting to read more poetry by JHY I began a Google search. No where can I find JHY as being anything other than an artist…..a very good artist. Has anyone found additional poetry by this author?

  21. i say this with confidence because i remembered my camera but forgot my flashlight. Best mistake i ever made.

  22. I’d run to, those ducks will quack your ears off. Also a new twist on fly fishing. Thanks for the beautiful surroundings.

  23. Hey f, good to hear from you! We have a new volunteer weeping willow in the bottoms below us. I can’t decide whether or not to cut it down due to the destruction done by its roots or let it go? They are pretty, but this is in the choke weed where all the birds eat…??? I might let it go a few more years and see.
    Anyhow you have an awesome yard!
    Mark H. quack quack!

  24. Mr. Fenn, I love the poem you included. Hope you enjoy this one. Mr. Emerson surely must have had a vision and wrote this one for you. Just like your little arrowhead, waiting for you to come along knowing that it would fit perfectly,

    “I am a willow of the wilderness,

    Loving the wind that bent me.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  25. Beautiful Yard Forrest, Thank you for sharing. Amazing that the Willow tree got that big in only 27 years, imagine what she will look like in another 27. I do hope you are here to enjoy the quiet along with her beauty and Hugs for many more
    years to come.

  26. Those ducks really love you Forrest. They were quackin and waggin their tail feathers just like you were their mother. So nice to have you posting again. Thanks.

  27. Which is easiler to train. ducks or treasure hunters. Anyone see the symbolism between searchers and ducks. What is the hidden meaning of Compensations for being quiet. Why is the thinker placed before the video. Think about it.

  28. Hey Dal, I have a question, did you pick the title to this Scrapbook or did Forrest? “Compensations for being quiet”

  29. FF story was a meditation. I could relate but not respond.
    I found this little story today that tells about being different.

    “In the forest, there was a crooked tree and a straight tree. Every day, the straight tree would say to the crooked tree, “Look at me…I’m tall, and I’m straight, and I’m handsome. Look at you…you’re all crooked and bent over. No one wants to look at you.” And they grew up in that forest together. And then one day the loggers came, and they saw the crooked tree and the straight tree, and they said, “Just cut the straight trees and leave the rest.” So the loggers turned all the straight trees into lumber and toothpicks and paper. And the crooked tree is still there, growing stronger and stranger every day.”
    ― Tom Waits

    • Follow the Blue Moon to the crooked bridge. There you will find a bent stream. Follow the bent stream until you come upon a white rock. Look down and you will find your crooked toes. Rub them twice and say three times the treasure is mine. The white rock will then cast a straight shadow to show you the hidden path. Close your eyes and take that path and the treasure will be yours when you fall in a hole. open your eyes and gaze at its beauty. I’m lost somewhere in the middle but it was fun to think about it anyway. Remember to follow the way back after you figure out how to get out of the hole your in, or you’ll be lost with me somewhere in the middle of life. He He. Always laugh when you look at your loot. whisper ain’t this a hoot. Be wise I say and live today. Tomorrow will arrive to fast to play. Sorry that creative venture just popped on the page. I had nothing to do with it I promise.Titan!… are you at it again? Have fun always JB

    • That’s very nice – great story. Things and their value are not always as they appear. Dreams come real for a while and plans are workable for a while. So much just depends on priorities. Given my spine, I guess I am a crooked tree – unwanted and left alone.

  30. Ducks are adorable. A little dumb, but adorable. My duck coop is just like yours, Forrest, tho in need of a little repair since Mr. W. dropped a tree on it. Amazing how quickly the ducklings grow. You were wise to get three. I got a pair and when one disappeared, the other ended up hanging out with the chicks and had an identity crisis/confusion.

    I’m surprised at how green your big back yard is. I mostly saw desert and cactus until I got up into the mountains north of Santa Fe. Both are beautiful places to sit and enjoy life’s compensations.

    • Nothing like “hanging out with chicks” to lead to crisis/confusion. Just kidding.
      There’s too much confusion in the world right now. I tink “chicks” are okay.
      And I always proofread before hitting “Post Comment”. As always, IMO.

  31. 《IMO》 Forrest, I understand what you are saying in this wonderful narrative.
    We need our ducks in a row, in order to think through the clues, and like the ducks, won’t need to paddle up the creek, a good hike will suffice.

    Grandmother Willow is a guardian of the forest, wise and spiritual. Her bark heals and the musical wind blowing through her hair, soothes the soul.

    In nature, often it’s creatures get along, as we should.

    Lightening strikes can mar a tree for life, but it goes on living, overcoming it’s strife, earning knowledge and a new found joy for life.

    We are all just a small member in Nature’s family. When our time is over, make our footprints of love and improvement last forever, making the world a better place.

    Thank you, Forrest. Your footprint has truly enriched my life, and I love you for that.
    ¥Peace ¥ ~Donna~

  32. Forrest, your yard is so beautiful, tranquil and full of life, what a wonderful space to admire and observe the carrying ons…glorious; and those are 3 very luck ducks. Cheers.

  33. This blog says so much about so many things. Your garden is so colorful! Orange, red, blue and green–it reminds me of a rainbow!

    • hey! wait a dog gone minute! we cant allow FF to take his own chest and go in peace! I object!

      oh yeah, hunch here.

  34. That is some great compensation just for being quiet! Thanks for sharing your yard and The Chase!

  35. I have been to your precious place
    so out of breath and white in the face
    the sights are such as glimmer of gold
    that directed me to the hidey hold
    I t’s hard to tell the oldest way
    more difficult to see i faint and sway
    but rose upon the weary mount
    and jabbed a witch which held her ground
    some day some hour some will some way
    the sacred place will be yours to stay

      • The most difficult clue is clue one.
        Where The Treasure Lies
        As I
        Have gone
        In there
        And with my treasures bold
        I can keep
        My secret where
        And hint of
        Riches new and old
        Begin at where warm waters halt

        The. Most difficult but not impossible to solve clue
        Now what happened to forrests ball of string ?

        • Are congratulations in order? Is the poem solved and the chest removed from where it was? Will you let us know or just hint about it? And congratulations if you did find it.

          • The best I can say is I am confident in my solves.
            As I = The
            Have gone = abandoned
            Alone = first
            In there = entrance

          • What is your logic behind “As I = The”? Your four equivalences appear to be reverse-engineered to fit a particular location that you like for other reasons.

          • Zaphod
            A dictionary meaning of the word The is to note an individual the same As I does.
            But let’s not forget there is a limited amount of attributes for any given word or phrase.
            Nevertheless , my translations are quite accurate

          • No, Ya-Sha-Wa, “the” is just an article. “As I” in the context of how it’s used in the poem either means “Because I” or (less likely IMO) “While I”. So either he’s explaining how he knows the hiding place is secret (there were no witnesses) or he’s describing some simultaneous activities — information that certainly isn’t captured by a simple “the.”

          • YA-SHA-WA,

            Just my opinion (worth less than the electrons used to send it), but whether Thee or The, I just don’t get the connection to “As I”. But if you do, that’s fine. Poem interpretation is up to the reader, and if you are happy with your solve and believe it will allow you to “walk with confidence” to Indulgence, then that’s really all that matters.

      • Hi ararebird, I have been reading Dal’s pages for only a few months. I have a feeling that the place I find most likely might also be the same place for you. Have you been to the place? There is one word that leads me to believe Ya-Sha-Wa has been there. I have gone there but was unable to search the area. I am going back soon ,is it a fruitless search from here on out? Send a word if you can. Peace out 🙂

  36. I like the insect photography. I’ve been more interested in close up pictures but have not gotten the macro lens yet. Yours are beautiful.

    • Crow, Have you ever seen the E. O. Wilson “Of Ants and Men” documentary? If not, watch it. It’s great! IMO

      • WiseOne, No I haven’t but I will search for it. I am studying a photography class via CDs at the library from National Graphic. It is fascinating and so interesting that my husband stopped what he was doing to join me. Thanks.

  37. Hi Dal, are you still searching late into fall?

    Also wondering if you’ve ever discussed horses or ranching with Forrest. He mentioned on one scrapbook being into his “retired rancher persona” does he still keep horses or ‘ride the river’ with friends?

    I truly appreciate you and goofy!

  38. I just got a chance to watch the Forrest Ducks video again and I noticed that you kicked a pine cone out of the way for the ducks… Was that for Tail End Charlie so he would not trip over it? That is really sweet of you… I hope you did not get pine pitch all over your nice white tenny runners… Lol…I would not want you to have to rub butter all over them 🙂

    • 23 – dually noted Emmersons interesting treatise on Compensation.
      Thanks, can you believe I actually read it?

      • Thanks 23…

        I like his term “nature’s lawful coin”

        Also, at about the 45:15 mark he mentions buried gold… Good thing Forrest never said the treasure was buried… 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

      • anna – Listening or reading it’s still compelling material even though it was written in 1841.

  39. I give up on the poem. It’s too vague and impossible IMO. Idk. I just have to let it go. It’s been 4 years and it’s no longer worth the cold for me.

    • Sorry to hear, Pete. But 4 years is a long time. I did not find it vague but it does not matter. I did not find the chest – it wasn’t meant to be. I believe I found what I needed in the process and that works for me. Just because one person’s dream is real for a while it does not mean someone else’s dream will be real in the same sense.

    • Pete, its only been a year for me and it seems like five. The time spent and knowledge learned has held great value. The treasure is in your thoughts and experiences. Remember that value and nothing is vague or impossible. You know it is there to be found or you would not of vested 4 years to it. Revisit your solves and your travels. You have lost nothing my friend.You however have gained great wealth in your inner vision. Always JB

  40. I went to solve and found a thought, waiting on the rise.
    Moving away to the arrangements of time and finding nothing is ever the same.

    I asked myself under this thought. Why has this all been done
    Is it not correct this solve of mine or is it the mask of all that rhymes.

    So if you move a stone in time, is waiting a disguise?
    Braving the sign of 7 is now always on ones mind.

    What does it mean, what I have seen and what is it that I must do.
    When stars align, it’s in good time. As all in life should be.

    The treasure will only wait for who it is. And who it is, maybe or may not be me.
    But I need to brave a hearty sight which always cast a Shadow over my light.

    Its safe I know but deep inside it fights my mind with a solid punch
    Its knocks my brave out like the stones that moves leaving traces which can be seen upon their tracks in the desert. I ask myself is this only a hunch?

    I think, why would I or you, think a thought with the same frame of mind.
    Then I wake up and realize its a part of this “Game” This game that is now a part of mine.

    I know for a fact that someone else has been, exactly where I have been.
    And more then once They have wished for things to always remain the same.

    A purpose a thought there are a few and similar if not exact. I’m a hunter of good and that I find and this you can bet is a fact.

    The mechanism of light I seek I might. When the final clue is in my sight. Only then will I know that I’m right and be able to sneak out like my teenager years in light or night.

    If by chance its found by who. Then who shall it be. But Ill tell you who, I’m on your tracks. This is why I move and let it be. Why you ask?… oh is it there. Or is it, what I may say.

    As in those years that have long gone past. You must come out to play

    It’s the only way to truly find and cast the shadows aside.
    For in a Man named Forrest Fenn a true treasure he did hide.

    So who you are I know not now. But from my thoughts you can not hide.
    For out of the cold wet wood a brave man or woman will find inside they have a need to cry.

    If that is you or I, the best of this world I wish. As the arrow, aim high to help others and never forget where you came from. The mission is simple to think a thought and think some more a lot.

    Titan.!””… are you on that PC again!!! What am I going to do with you boy? How many times do I have to ask you to leave those people alone>>> Don’t you know they are busy trying to keep things hidden or trying to find that treasure?

    O k boy””.. lets go put those chickens to bed we’ll talk about this later. Let me see that key board for a minute!

    Sorry’ Guys and Gal’s he’s a little excited. He’s rested up and ready for action. It’s tough trying to keep up with him. I’m going to have to put this keyboard in the safe. He’s officially grounded.
    I know I know don’t be to hard on him. Ill give him his privileges back when he come up with a good treat to bribe me with. Man he has my heart strings lock stock and barrel.

    Lets go to work Titan. He said to at least tell you guys bye for him. Ill give him that much.

    Good times to all always Titan and JB

      • I got to get Titan to teach me someday to run like he does. He can really put it down when hes in play mode. Thanks Jdiggins Its was just a thought I think alot. Have a great day always JB

      • A case of perfect thinking. I think” stated above by Forrest.

        I can steal away to places where all my dreams come real,
        at least for a little while, that’s the way I feel. f

        My title
        So I thought a little bit as I wrote it.

        Out of the mist of time, a talent did rise.
        To be flown on the wings that master the sky’s.

        His heart and his soul, in his thought’s he does share.
        A treasure is hidden, so go find he will dare.

        know there is more to this man then that
        as he walks by he will tip his hat.

        He makes you feel like, he is not better then you.
        He shows you to be all, and do all you can do.

        The life he has led, with his experience’s through time.
        How could you not love, his rhythm and rhyme.

        To this master poet of just.
        In him I must say, I truly do trust.

        For in us all, although separated by life.
        There is a guidance with vision, observation and strife

        So listen and learn to look for what you must bridle
        Then give thanks to this man, for the offer of Title.

        Thank you FF. JB

  41. Come’s up with a good Treat” typo tinker.. I lost my nerve I always seem to find it when I get home. Go figure. I want to know who you are that likes to move around things I move around. Lol but you can respond if you know what I’m talking about. Come out of the shadows ghost mover.Whats funny is this has happened in more then in one place I have been. I’m not imagining this I also have pictures. Do we all move things around? Hmm Or is it that one want’s this to be found? I’m always thinking around the corner. Sorry that’s my brain Ill give you a hint, whats yellow? You know if its you. Na you need not respond if you wish to remain a ghost You just now know its me thinker.

  42. JB,
    Titan’s the leader of your band. It’s time you know your his best friend. Don’t mix it up or you might not land. Just remember he’s your best friend. It sounds like your trying to milk 6 kittens all at the same time. I hope this makes more sense to you than what you typoed for Titan. So I’ll be the first one to raise my hand, I have no idea what yellow means. And this is just my crazy opinion.

    • Straw Shadow Titan is for sure and Truly only one knows what yellow I speak of. Yes I’m Milking those six kittens and one cow she’s thirsty too you know. Even if she’s not she get’s a shot for a laugh. Maybe that’s why she gives me a kick every now and again. Hmm I really never thought about that before. Thanks for raising your hand I love crazy opinions always JB

  43. This is interesting on the Dragonfly Meaning/ Animal TOTEM:

    The dragonfly is associated with transformation.
    Some Meanings:

    1. Symbol of the realm of emotions, invitation to dive deeper into your feelings.

    2. Watch out for and defeat illusions and deceits created by your own thinking.

    3. Opening of your eyes.

    4. Maturity and Character.

    5. Living in the moment.

    6. Power and poise.

    7. Adaptability

  44. The Lone Aspen, add to that from Shamanic Journey site

    Damselfly/Dragonfly’s Medicine Includes – Mastery of life on the wing, power of flight, power to escape a blow, understanding dreams, power of light, breaking down illusions, seeing the truth in situations, swiftness, change, connection to Dragon, transcendence, winds of change, wisdom and enlightenment.

  45. Those are some nice quality pictures Forrest! I’m not a photographer but to catch a hummingbird in flight and still get a good picture like that is awesome!
    We all have read your books and hear the tells of your pets such as your alligator, donkey, ducks and hogs but my question is what is the one that surprised you by having as a pet?

    I’ve owned Prairie dogs which surprised me, they were trained to use a cat litter box and surprising they made great guard dogs lol cause of their family skills and natural abilities for being territorial this made them uniquely qualified. 🙂

  46. Thank you Forrest for reaffirming the need for thoughtful quietness.
    With the pending winter snows in route the opportunity to reflect on days past and the things we learned will be presented. I for one hope to spend some time at my local library. Geologie, gold prospecting and other things beg for research.

    My plan for this winter is to slow down and spend more time thinking about the poem and the possible solution to it.


  47. I enjoy visiting the quiet compensations on this page. What a beautiful spot for reflections. I imagine Angelo is the one with the little tuft on his head. His name calls for a jaunty cap. But maybe it’s Barney since he’s in the middle.

    It’s very apparent that there is a mutual fondness between you & your animal friends, Mr Fenn. What a special place you’ve given them to explore…like the beauty & nature you’ve encouraged us to discover on our searches.

    I especially like the hummingbirds & nest. I’ve been drawing hummingbirds to my yard for more than two decades, but I’ve never found a nest. Now that’s a treasure!

  48. I’m spending Thanksgiving with 10-yr old Thomas (he was the kid in my movie…) and his family. Even though he wrote this 7-haiku poem three years ago, I’m seeing it for the first time…and thought it was appropriate for this Scrapbook: (remember, this kid wrote this when he was SEVEN!)


    Swaying in the breeze,
    Dragonflies flying softly.
    Purple, violet.

    Flying is so fun,
    Going out there, amazing.
    But it’s dangerous.

    About…1 inch tall,
    They might be miniature,
    Very, very, small.

    They are small creatures,
    What they eat, I do not know.
    It’s mysterious.

    Down by the blue lake,
    Flying up, up, and away,
    Off the silky grass.

    When they are off land,
    They must be careful,
    For they don’t know what’s up.

    Swaying in the breeze,
    Dragonflies flying softly.
    Violet, purple.

    Thomas Miller-Culler

    This kid has always loved poetry…he doesn’t have to think…it just comes to him when he writes. Hmmm….maybe a future Fenn-like guy. All I know is that we better have found Fenn’s treasure chest by the time Thomas can drive and do more searching….I still might adopt him next summer after school’s out…and take him with me.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all.

    • Love your poem,Thomas. Forrest does talk a lot about purple flowers,purple hints and he also owns a purple sweater. He also made sure to include purple flowers on the TFTW cover. I think maybe the chest is somewhere you will see a purple hint of some plant.
      Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    • I really appreciate the haiku form.
      It is the essence of things and reminds me of the best that humans can do.
      The opposite of excess…
      But yet not lacking in ambition…

  49. Happy Thanksgiving Forrest, Dal & Goofy!

    Thanks for all you do to make ttotc an enjoyable ride! Blessings to your families.


  50. Ever heard this said with a Southern accent?

    “Mr ducks. mr not. Osar! Cm wangs? Mr ducks!”

  51. Photo of ducks in a creek = Duck Creek.
    There are two of them east of the Grayling Arm of Lake Hebgen.
    The one to the north flows directly into the Grayling Arm.
    The other one connects with Cougar Creek and Maple Creek before flowing into the Grayling arm.

    I personally believe that this is in agreement with my slaphappy hypothesis that hints in FF’s scrapbooks ‘hint’ of places in Yellowstone National Park.
    In my personal opinion ‘hints’ refer to a general area, not the specific hiding place.
    (now enjoy pictures of dogs and creatures)

    • Hello Michael. While in Montana, my family and I had driven by Cougar Creek and thought it may have had hints from the book about Mr. Fenn’s hunt. I had to laugh at myself when I thought “heavy loads and water high” might be the nearby airport.

  52. Weeping willow planted in 1988 defied the odds—- still alive.
    Forrest– cancer– 1988— defied the odds— still alive.
    Weeping =crying=warm waters?
    3 ducks, 3 inches tall, $3.00/each. The man says “you buy them in sets” — one of them is handicapped.

    I don’t know—something special about this SB— IMO.

    • Odds are based on perception/guessing. Sometimes it’s not very closely
      related to reality. Have you ever dropped a coin and seen it land standing on its edge? I have. I think the number of times I’ve dropped a coin is less than 200. But I wouldn’t generally assign the probability of a (future) coin drop ending in the coin standing on edge as a 1-in-200 chance.

      None of my above statement is intended to cause hurt feelings on the part of
      fans/friends/worshipers of Nancy Pelosi.

      As always, IMO.

  53. Discovering shades of ‘PURPLE’ within the various fabrics of The Flyers TTOTC tapestry, will, IMO……go a very long way in the successful resolution to the poem. ( TTOTC Map areas, personal attire and spiritual symbolism to name a few of them.


    • A mention of the color purple, “The Thrill of the Chase”, “My War For Me,” page 102:

      “Why do the yellow and purple flowers flourish where no one is there to see?”

    • Thinking about Hoblin’s story about Thistle Creek. One of the shades of purple is called Thistle.

        • “The Thrill of the Chase,” “Tea With Olga,” page 115:

          “The deal was soon struck, so we sipped black tea and nibbled on Oreos.”

          • Hello SL. Yesterday, while searching Oreos, I went onto YouTube to bring back some memories as a kid. I had one that I always liked and it was about the child saying “Banisco” then another child whispering “Nabisco!” While viewing the commercials, I came across the following that made me think of Mr. Fenn’s “Me In The Middle” chapter in “The Thrill of the Chase.”:


            It seems different things could go either way in regards to the Oreos. I have different ideas from the books and seeing if I’m piecing them together correctly to where I’m currently looking.

          • Gosh SL, I had a little bit of a longer post, but it didn’t show up. Hope this will go through. Yesterday, I was trying to find an Oreo commercial that I always liked, a child saying “Banisco” only to be whispered “Nabisco!” While searching, I came across this one which reminded me of Mr. Fenn’s “Me In The Middle” in his “The Thrill of The Chase” book:


            I feel there might be hints to it, and I’m trying to get a better understanding. I have a search area I’m currently looking into that may work with it, but we’ll see.

    • I think a biological living heart is kinda purple. Knowing that and about a dollar
      can get a McDonald’s soda. I apologize for the distance reference to the “golden
      arches”. As always, IMO.

  54. Interesting thing about SB 146 are the 3 ducks, 3inches tall, and $3.00 a piece. The man who sells them to Forrest says “they come in sets”.

    Please note in SB #169 “Eunice”. There are 3 winners in the Bingo game, and Forrest runs 3 blocks to the bus station. Are the winners a “set”? Are the blocks a “set”?

    Just some food for thought— the ducks will have cracked corn though.

  55. “The Thinker” found at a museum, and the mentions from previous discussions of the parking lots at the Arizona and Denver museums. Hmmm.

  56. Keywords from an anagram brought me here… and all the words here, this page & site, all too; lead back to there.

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