Eleven Clues…


Last summer the Travel Channel shot an episode of Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates on our favorite treasure hunt. I’ve been waiting for them to announce its air time. This is what I found in their season rundown:




Premieres Wednesday, November 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
An eccentric art dealer stashed a $3 million treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and then released 11 clues to its location. The most amazing part? He’s still alive. Josh Gates is granted a rare interview with the puppet master behind this high-stakes game, and then joins America’s brightest treasure hunters who are racing to the riches.


So I guess I’m going to have to tune-in just so I can find out a couple things:
1. What the other two clues are
2. Who America’s brightest treasure hunters are
3. Who the puppet master’s puppets are
4. Why it’s amazing he’s still alive
5. Why it’s a “high stakes game” if it doesn’t cost anything to play

I dunno…but it sounds like they got the guy who sold me that aluminum siding to write their promotional copy and didn’t bother giving him any facts to start with..

If you want to read it for yourself:

192 thoughts on “Eleven Clues…

    • straw..
      Maybe..if, for instance one was the latitude and the other was the longitude of the hidey spot…
      Maybe not though..
      I get the impression I could be standing next to it and not see it…

      • Dal, I agree. I constantly feel I could be standing next to it and not see it. Two more clues – well, yes I guess anything additional will help. I feel like I keep getting closer and closer but never get there – the Paradox of Zeno.

      • Hasn’t Forrest already given us more than eleven? Nine in the poem, the ones(3 or4) form the Today show, WWWH is not a dam, and the last one “Not in a Mine” ?

  1. It may not be label as a clue but it’s wet is a good one and I don’t have it in my hand is another!

  2. Apparently Josh Gates has degrees in archaeology and drama; from what I’ve seen of that show he’s not any good at either…..

    And apparently he can’t read…….According to Fenn’s website there are 13 clues.

      • I’ve been trying to tell you to stop driving around the Great Salt Lake looking for a canyon down………

        If Diggin and her sisters are the brightest treasure hunters I’m going to record it and watch it every day. 🙂

        And I can’t wait for the “rare” interview……I mean he’s only done about a million interviews so that should be really special. A sharp fella like Josh should be able to get an extra clue out of Fenn……..You betcha.

  3. Eleven clues, eleventh month, eighteenth day, eighteen divided by two is nine. Two extra clues…

    I think I’m on to something here.

  4. Yes Dal, that will be very interesting to find out the “What” “Who” and “Why” of all that they are talking about in that write up… It would be even better if in his “rare” interview with Forrest they talk about the “When” the chest will be found and “Where” the chest will be found. 🙂 Lol I imagine thats probably not gonna happen though… 🙁

  5. I put it on my calendar. At least it may be amusing. Hope everyone is having a nice fall time.

  6. Don’t get too excited about the other 2 clues. there is 9 in the poem and the other two are.
    1) It’s north of Santa fe in the rocky Mountains (The map shows the 4 States)
    2) Above 5,000 ft.
    That’s the other 2 clues……sorry !

  7. “Okay episode production team looks like so far we’ve got… King Arthur, Ghengis Khan, Vampires, Blackbeard, the entire Nazi Party, Robin Hood, Christopher Colombus annnnd Forrest Fenn”

    At the point ones name makes a list like that? You’ve officially won. Official pimp status achieved. Nice forrest

  8. The promo says $3 million. Wow. Were we just underestimating the loot or is inflation worse than I thought? My bet is more along the lines of couple hundred thousand. Never trust the boob tube.

  9. Eccentric. 2nd time now that I have heard that word. 🙂

    I’m feeling pretty Bright. 🙂

  10. I just noticed Williams’ comment. “It’s not in my hand.” I just looked at the cheat sheet and didn’t see that comment by Forrest. Can anyone tell me where Forrest said that?

  11. Apparently Americas brightest treasure hunters aren’t too bright if they are sharing their solve on a tv show…unless they find the treasures of course!

    • I dont pay for tv either will just have to read your thoughts on what you see.

      I have watched the program before, now Forrest joins the ranks of Big Foot, the Jersey Devil, and chupacabra ? 🙂

  12. I’ll probably forget to watch it so I hope there will be a link to the program after it airs.

    • Me too CJinCA most days I forget to even turn on my TV. Maybe I can ask my kids how to set it up so it comes on by itself and records it… 🙂

  13. Well, I’ve shared my solve directly with another searcher. I can see why people share. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch. Hopefully that searcher will share when he grabs the chest? Right. It doesn’t work that way, does it. I’m such a dreamer. But my peeps said enough is enough, and they are my biggest supporters, so I won’t be going on any more searches. I don’t know how you all can keep so engaged all the time. Wow.

  14. I’ve been on the search since March 2013. Devoting alot of effort and time/money/trips. I am throwing in the towel and giving up. Good luck to all on the search 🙂

  15. Holly and Arnold –

    “I do what I love to do at the moment. If I wake up tomorrow and decide I want to dance, that’s what I’d do. Or design clothes. I think I’d throw myself into whatever I’m doing now. It’s not about abandoning what I was doing before, or giving up. It’s about knowing that if I die tomorrow, I lived the way I wanted to.”

    Ayumi Hamasaki

    • Well said! I’ve added the chase to my bucket list and it’s all about the fun. When I’m ready to go, I can say I went treasure hunting and had a great time! What a great story to tell the grandchildren.

      • Good point.

        Mind = rationalize our desires and reactions
        Heart = speaks to us quietly and with common sense

    • “Sword At Sunset” is a spellbinding, realistic look at King Arthur as a living presence. One of my all time favs and really well written.
      (Author: Rosemary Sutcluff)

  16. As are many, I have some intrigue about what the 11 clues might be. I don’t do cable, so if anyone can post a link to the post-production version so I could watch it – it would be appreciated.

  17. Hey, ya’ll!! Thanks Dal for letting us know, I used to watch that show faithfully.. Josh never finds anything and it got old pretty quickly!! I will watch if he interviews Mr. Fenn and maybe something will slip (LOL HAHAHA LOL) we all know something new will not come out but it is fun to dream of hidden treasure. I wonder if Josh Gates will wear one of the poem shirts? I am purchasing one for my My Mom and myself for Christmas. Anyhoo, any new interviews and spotlight on the treasure hunt will be of some sort of help or just let it be known to others and give us more searchers to contend with. Am still searching myself.. Mr. Fenn is brilliant and one day someone will crack the code and walk right to it we all want to be that someone. Ms Girl still in the chase…

  18. @ Ken: I had the same first reaction. $3 million now? Unless maybe Forrest has added to it when he slips into the mountains north of Santa Fe. Sly fox.

  19. Has the episode already been recorded?
    Maybe if we knew where he was planning on going Somebody could leave something for him to find. I’ve got too much stuff. Sometimes I leave a little treasure whenever I go searching.

  20. Michael-
    Yep..during the summer..
    I think Katya is in it and I don’t remember who else…Forrest of course..

  21. who,what,when,where,proffessor plum did it in the library with the candlestick.thats my story and I’m sticking to it.trying to figure this poem out is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.anti up mr. forrest.

  22. Jamie, is that one we passed on, or was that the one who wanted us to go then never got back to us? I don’t think it was, but I think it was around the same time that this was shot?
    There was one show Jamie and I decided against fecause the contract was extremely restrictive…I don’t think this show was it, though.

    • I think that’s the one Rmann sent us on Facebook and dal made a post somewhat recently about, but neither of the ones we spoke with. For some reason I think maybe dal wrote about that when he hid his cache or did the CBS thing but my memory is shot and no clue whose who or when half the time. I’m excited to tune in though and super glad were not in panic mode right now wondering how fat we look or if were gonna have accidental boogers in out nose. Lmao. Hakuna Matata!

    • I was going to guess what the H was… a lot more fun that listening to Mindy not say anything at all. “H” holy, hilly, heavenly, hillbilly?

  23. As for “very big news,” it is not that the treasure has been found. Everyone can relax. As for Thursday, October 22, 2015, the treasure has not been found.

    • It doesn’t appear that the Travel Channel posts entire episodes …or not all of them anyway. They do post video segments from some of the episodes but I haven’t seen any such segments from the Forrest Fenn episode yet….
      Keep looking here. I am certain that if they post something searchers here will let everyone know..

      • Sling TV is pretty good for cord cutters. I did the free trial awhile back because I’ll probably be cutting the cord early next year and wanted to see if it meets my needs. The only thing they’re missing is DVR functionality. It’s not like Netflix or Hulu where you can watch on demand. It’s either watch in real-time or try and catch one of the replays they have of the shows for a couple of days after it airs.

        Hope it works for you!

    • I try not to steal things Donna…not that I am averse to stealing info about Forrest 🙂 just that I am averse to being sued for stealing 🙁
      So unless there is a public link to it I can’t post it..
      It doesn’t look like there will be a public post..

    • I guess I’ll have to write myself a note to watch it as I know I’ll never remember to watch if I don’t, and I don’t want to have to pay Amazon just to see this one episode. Although, with all the recent hype about it etc, it will more than likely be constantly posted on the blogs so it would be impossible to forget! 🙂

    • Thanks for researching that, Dal. That’s a great way to watch shows. Finances forced me to cut the cord a few weeks back…so it’s good to have the Amazon option. I bought their Fire TV stick at my neighbor’s recommendation and I love it. I used to just watch episodes on my computer. You’d probably like this series and episode.


  24. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about seeing this. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched anything like this show, so I went back and watched some previous episodes. They do a great job of capturing the visual appeal of the places they go to. Apply that to the Rockies and it’s going to be amazing from that aspect alone.

    I know a lot of people will be looking for clues, or inaccuracies, but what I like is that they do end up with an adventure story when it’s all done. You can spend a lot of time researching, but it’s the boots on the ground part that is fun. I’m looking forward to watching that, regardless of whatever reasons they have for going where they go. I think it’ll be pretty inspiring for personal adventures.

    Also, all of the topics in shows like this, they are legends and mysteries removed by centuries of retelling. This is living history. I’d like to see how they fill an hour with that.

    Speaking of an hour, that’s pretty unique to the Forrest Fenn story as well. What do we usually get, a news segment lasting a few minutes? I’m looking forward to a narrative covering an hour.

    All their research can be bogus, but I think it’ll still be worth the watch.

    • Jeremy- hey! (lOVE your art!!- ESPECIALLY coffee horse!!) another part of blog has me confused…from the pictures on your blog under the show tab it seemed to me like you are on this show? But this post it seems as if you are saying you are not? May I ask which is correct and which I am misunderstanding?

      • Thanks Jamie for the compliments! I’m not sure where you’re looking at, but I am not on this show. I didn’t get started looking until 2015 and I think the Travel Channel episode was filmed in 2014.

    • Ya-Sha-Wa
      I’ve continued looking for a link to that address for a year. Is your posted address legit or verifiable?

      Additionally, U.R. Close may live across the street from a golf course ‘teecup’ in a culdesac that resembles a puceet/toilet seat; may even be called Brown loop. Of course, I’m not certain how to apply such information unless it’s an agent you call to claim title, since the chest doesn’t reside near a human structure or trail. What do you think Ya-Sha-Wa? How would you apply that specific information to solving the poem?

      • It’s just another one of Forrests hundreds of hints that he has made public and can hardly wait to see the Scrapbook of all his hints someday.

  25. There is a Rain Bow street in Horseshoe Bay, tx… But that doesn’t make as much sense as the old Brown foundation, which I think is at the end of the driving range, off of Azurite, in Horseshoe Bay TX.

  26. Am I just imagining things or are there several comments being deleted from this blog. Evidently freedom of speech does not apply here.

    • Yes that is correct Louie. We are free (at least for now) to run the blog however we see fit.

      You of course are free to start your own blog and run it however you like (at least for now).

    • “Am I just imagining things or are there several comments being deleted from this blog. Evidently freedom of speech does not apply here.”

      That is 100% correct: freedom of speech does not apply to privately own forums. You are a guest here. There are many blog software packages you may use, many for free, to run your own blog.

      • I’ll reiterate that this, like any blog, is privately owned.

        I tend to think of a blog/forum as a house party, we are all guests. We should behave and post with respect to the host. If we get too far out of line, the host gets annoyed and moderates. Why should that be a problem? You wouldn’t go to a party, whiz in the Doritos, badmouth the host, accost other guests, cause general mayhem and then *expect* that you have the *right* to do that????

        While I’m on the soapbox, I’ll also add that anyone who thinks that they have a *right* that this treasure hunt be fair is also wrong! I’ve seen many people whine and moan that this person or that person has been given an advantage because of one reason or another, mostly because they are friends with Forrest or enjoy more access via emails because Forrest likes them. While I think that Forrest tries to be as fair as possible, he is well within his right to give anybody any extra clue he wants. He doesn’t owe a single searcher *any* sense of fairness. I think the fact that he has managed to keep it as fair as it has been so far is impressive.


        • Clinger wrote: ” I’ve seen many people whine and moan that this person or that person has been given an advantage because of one reason or another, mostly because they are friends with Forrest or enjoy more access via emails because Forrest likes them.”

          Haw! Whom the gods love, they destroy and devour. No one is getting advantages from Forrest; he is hyper careful in what he says, and even with his facial expressions and body language— he works very hard to be fair to everyone.

          A fine example was when he accidentally revealed an unintended clue to someone; he rushed to make sure everyone else was told the same thing so that the person he originally told would not have an unfair advantage.

        • The ones that I have seen deleted did not bad mouth anyone and they were a lot more exciting than the rest . Lots of childish things going on here.

  27. Please no more clues, need to keep it like it is.
    All the clues are in the Book TTOTC and in his past interviews.

    People need to figure this out.

      • Hello, Kevin. Don’t forget that it’s surrounded by trees in the Rocky Mountains below 10,200 feet and higher than 5000 feet elevation…so it certainly has snow on or around it today. Is it worth the cold? Yes.


        Or maybe I’ll just play Canasta and warm my toes by the fire.

        • You just inadvertently hit upon something: unless Forrest is trying to deceive, the chest is likely at an altitude of 10,100 feet. One would never say 10,200 if it was at say 7350 feet unless trying to deceive. You would simply say between 5 to 10k.

  28. If you miss tonight’s showing, here is the schedule of other times it will be shown.

    November 18
    9pm | 8c
    November 19
    12am | 11c
    November 21
    11am | 10c
    November 25
    8pm | 7c
    November 26
    3am | 2c
    December 6
    12pm | 11c

    Also, I have noticed that on the Travel Channel website they post highlights under “From This Episode” very quickly after the episode runs. There will be several 2 to 4 minute segments. To find them just click on the episodes title in the TV schedule.

    • Cholly-
      Tonight..Wednesday the 18th…is the first airing…
      Unless you live in a time bending alter-universe…
      or you are privy to satellite back feeds from the Travel Channel..

  29. The 9pm air time is for the two coasts…If you live in the midwest or mountains your actual times may vary…so check their website carefully to see what time it actually airs in a time zone near you…

    Premieres Wednesday, November 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
    An eccentric art dealer stashed a $3 million treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and then released 11 clues to its location. The most amazing part? He’s still alive. Josh Gates is granted a rare interview with the puppet master behind this high-stakes game, and then joins America’s brightest treasure hunters who are racing to the riches.

  30. Good show. They searched my favorite New Mexico areas. In fact they flew the helicopter right over the place where I found the radio petroglyph and the white chrystal on the black boulder.
    Best of all, he solved the spirit of the chase just right.

  31. Getting a big surge in hits right now. I guess a few folks actually watch the travel channel. 🙂

    Hang in there if the blog slows down. I’m peddling as fast as I can.

    • No new “clues” (so where did that 11 come from?) but a few statements that stood out were Josh’s saying Forrest said the 1st clue was WWWH and Forrest saying he had been to the hiding place a “few” times. I’m not sure I would have interpreted Forrest’s remarks to mean that WWWH was the 1st clue and maybe Forrest saying he had been to the spot a few times was referring to the 2 trips he took to hide the chest. Anyway, not a bad show but there certainly were no additional clues or even hints IMO. 🙂

    • I enjoyed watching the show……The one segment reminded me of when I would take my girls with me into the mountains; and how happy I am they are grown and married. 🙂

      I didn’t know any of the searchers on the show other than Katya; they seemed like nice people.

  32. I liked the show.Forrest, looked, and sounded good.I was able to pause my tv a few times, just to look at all the items in his office.Very cool.Overall look of the show was beautiful.

  33. I did see a few things incorrect with the info/searchers approach.
    First, as I predicted with my Fenn crystal ball, no “11” clues. Too bad it won’t show me where the chest is!
    Second, they totally left out the 5th stanza!
    Third, I guess the “no man made trail” clue wasn’t out yet. Katya was out in the bush, tho, loved the blaze idea.
    Fourth, F FINALLY said to start at the beginning, WWWH, not the first stanza! Again, another ‘I told you so’ moment for me. Sorry to gloat, have gotten shot down alot, so it feels good to confirm my intuitions and need to believe in myself more.
    Fifth, they all had md’s, even tho F said along time ago, not needed, even Katya.
    It was entertaining and everyone seemed to have a good time.
    F said he drove his car, so “it” is a road, saying he knew of no other way in, (didn’t say THAT on show tho). Katya had a great rafting experience.
    I liked it when F said he’d have to shoot Josh if he told him, his face was hilarious.
    Loved the copter approach, I just might use that one myself!
    You looked super, Mr. F! Hope you are feeling better.

    • Donna, check the transcript you posted below. He said start at the first clue, not that wwwh is the first clue.

        • P.S. Jack…
          Josh DID say F told him to start at wwwh. F has said many times begin at the beginning, and, if you can’t find wwwh you may as well stay at home and play canasta! So, imo, that’s the beginning action to the search, the first stanza has no action, just important info, imo, if you can figure it out!
          Please watch F’s interviews, read his emails and scrap books to see for yourself what F actually said.
          Of course, a person could suggest the logical thing to do a million times, and people will still believe what they want.
          Be safe!

          • if Forrest’s definition of a ‘clue’ is ‘information that moves a person closer’

            and if a ‘hint’ is information that will help with a clue, then — ‘Begin it WWWH’ should be the first clue.

  34. Really enjoyed the show. Missed the part with Forrest. Makes me wish I could go look now. I know the feeling the young girl felt. Heart pounding feeling like the treasure is close. Awesome feeling. Lou Lee Belle, chased by bears in jellystone park and lived to tell the tale.

  35. Here ya go Lou Lee,

    Josh: where is the treasure hidden?
    F: At leasts 8 miles N. Of S.F. & below the Canadian border.
    Josh: ok, still got alot of ground there to cover. Can you tell me why you chose the place that you chose?
    F: It’s a place that I’ve visited a few times. I have fond memories of that place.
    Josh: Do you know how much the treasure is worth?
    F: No, I dont, but there are 20.2 lbs. of gold in the treasure chest. There are 200 some odd rubies, there 2 Ceylon saphires, 8 emeralds, lots of diamonds…
    (Narration: F admits that the treasure’s hefty weight forced him to take two trips from his vehicle to the hiding spot.)
    Josh: What was your intention?
    F: I had a number of reasons for doing it, but the primary was to get people out into the sunshine again, to smell the pine needles in the mountains.
    (Narrator: To find Fenn’s treasure, you’ve got to decipher Fenn’s poem, which supposidly points straight to the prize.)
    Josh: Is this something you think that antibody could find?
    F: Well, anybody that’s physically able to get out in the mountains and walk through the country side, sure. But you have to start at the first clue. That starts the great adventure.
    (Narrator: A voice recites the poem, leaving out the 5th stanza!)
    Josh: You’ve been recorded saying you think people have been very close to the treasure…
    F: I, I know that some people who have been within 200 ft. But they dont know who they are. If you want to be a serious, my advice is look at clues in the poem.
    Josh: Are you worried that the treasure could be damaged or moved by the elements?
    F: Certainly could be. I wanted the treasure to be hidden in a place where it was hard to find, but not impossible to find.
    Josh: How many people do you think have looked for your treasure?
    F: The last summer, there were 30,000 people in Santa Fe.
    Josh: That’s amazing! The safest thing probably would be for you to tell me where it is, I’ll check on it…
    F: But then two people would know where it is and I’d have to shoot you!
    Josh: Ok, that’s a fair point! (F laughs) Does anybody else know where it is? Other than you? You wife doesn’t know?
    F: NO one knows.
    Josh: Nobody knows?
    F: (shaking his head no) I don’t plan to tell anybody!

  36. So I gotta ask- were the searchers all friends of Katyas? I couldn’t help but notice she is a hot air ballon pilot and just started her ‘adventure searching company’. So maybe just random that there was another hot air balloon pilot in beginning and the white water raft and helicopter. I kinda wished the show would have put the kids on the exciting stuff…but then figured since she also used to be a producer maybe some friends of her did the show to promote her new company and was a killer cross market to work with the Chase and Forrest as she was an old Santa Fe Gallery employee an maybe friends helping friends. It’s a brilliant idea if so. I was just really curious as it seemed a little like they spent more time on the action shots than they did on the searchers and their ideas and the kids and stuff. Maybe I’m just being Debbie downer, and I did enjoy it…but they billed it as the nations brightest searchers and I didn’t feel like I left getting to know any of them. Forrest looked really colorful and that was nice and I’m super glad it got the big publicity…I just feel like if they had chucked those kids in a balloon or raft you’d have kids left and right wanting books and to plan adventures with their parents and stuff. I don’t know. If it was an Ad for Kats company I kinda understand…but if the show was helping I would have loved to see the kids get an ATV ride or helicopter to their spot. That’s just me though…and I don’t have more insight because that was mostly all I saw in the show.

    • Jamie-
      Katya told me she was a caterer to the film industry in Hawaii…not a producer.

      The Travel Channel interviews participants and decides with them what places they will search and how they will go about it. The production company pays their expenses. Katya’s Adventure website has been active since before The Travel Channel talked with her…

      They originally wanted Katya to do a balloon trip but the storyline was changed…as was the location of her search.

      The marketing techniques they use are straight out of the show biz playbook. Hype and overstatement are common tools among network promotion developers…Even the number of clues was increased from nine to eleven in their marketing…For the sake of dog how hard is it to get that information correct??? Clearly…accuracy is not that show’s strong suite…nor a particularly active interest.

      It’s TV, not an encyclopedia. It’s all about fun and excitement and pretending to be an adventure….not fact. There is no intention to produce only fact in modern adventure based TV..The idea is to get 20-35 year olds to watch so companies that want to sell them merchandise will buy time in the program.

      The rodeo clown bit was going to be another searcher who is also a rodeo clown…but that clown didn’t work out..so they made due with what they had….and did a darn nice job with it…in my opinion.

      So that whole show was greatly entertaining…and that’s all it was intended to be. A great side benefit is that it promoted Forrest’s hunt which means more books will be sold which means more money for Forrest’s cancer fund and for a small bookstore in Santa Fe..

      Everything is good…now I can get back to winter research..

  37. Jamie, don’t know about Katya and her new business. Wonder if her gig is ballooning or copter?
    The pilot of the
    balloon was a friend of F’s. The name on balloon could have been Katyas, but don’t know. I didn’t know the other serchers, their names were not familiar, except JP, but our JP said it was not him. The one on the show looked like the wife drug him along, not too happy!
    But I do agree about the host getting to do all the fun stuff and not the kids. It would have been better to see the kids go rafting, ballooning ect like you said!

    • I wasn’t trying to knock it at all- I really enjoyed it! I was just shocked that the adventure scenes weren’t reversed….every 7-16 year old in town (with 30-40 yr old target market parents) would want to get a book for Christmas and what better timing to inspire a spring hunt with their folks after they saw those adorable kids living it up!! Then the parents have excuses to live the adventures and plan for spring too!
      My only thought on Kat was that if it was her company and resources she was using it would make sense that of course she wouldn’t be buying stuff for a ton of other searches, who could foot that bill. And I must have been mistaken as I thought it was her website that said that she was a film producer in Hawaii. Maybe I misread….which leaves me with no even imaginary excuses for the travel channel to not want to spot lite the kids more on the fun stuff….I kind of ‘bent’ giving the map and unintentional clue in TFTW a bonus of two making eleven…but not I’m taking back that assumption and just chalking it all up to random not paying attention and me feeling salty cause I wanted more juicy clues in the jello 🙂 but I really liked the show and LOVE to see the chase getting more of the sparkles it deserves. Good stuff.

    • Rainbow Riders is actually a famous balloon company around here. I even took a balloon ride from them once. You can check them out on the Web more, but they own tons of balloons.

      Hot air ballooning is a big thing in New Mexico. They fly over my house every morning. If you haven’t heand of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, look it up. It is more than awesome.

  38. I feel like the story was all about Josh, and HIS adventures with the searchers.
    Would’ve been more intersting if he focused more on the Searchers stories.
    Guess i had a different idea of what the Travel Channel was about.
    Josh went about this like Raj went about his notorious scavenger hunt on “The Big Bang Theory” . If I was unfamilair with the TTOTC facts (? Hmmm) thats what I would have gleaned from this story.
    ( wait , maybe Josh does know something)
    However, I loved the three generation family , so sweet ! Super cool that they all search together and for keeping it real!

  39. Hello, my name is Belle and I am a treasure hunter. I don’t chime in much as I am older…but I am here. I found great treasures yesterday at the thrift store…but not the infamous treasure. It’s all about the journey…

  40. Ho hum… I fell asleep before the show came on. I will catch the rerun which I am sure will be real soon. I confess to watching the show on occasion, as the back stories and locations are always interesting. Congrats to Forrest for getting more air time promoting the Chase. That is something to celebrate ! He is destined to make his mark in treasure legend.

  41. I am hoping somebody will correct me if I am wrong but I would swear that in last nights show, Finding Forests Fortune, that Forrest said ” I have been there several times”. Am I mistaken or did he actually say those exact words? The reason why I am asking is that Forrest took 15 years to write the poem. He is very exacting about his words. If I am correct and he did in fact state ” I have been there several times” then I do not believe that he could possibly be speaking of West Yellowstone or the Madison River. “Several times” would be a serious understatement for someone so exacting in their words. Did I hear him correctly?

    • David,

      I have not seen the video yet, we don’t have cable and YouTube is blocked here where I work – maybe tonight after a meeting I have scheduled. That being said, I proposed earlier this summer that putting myself in Forrest’s shoes, I would have “visited” the spot when he first got the cancer and left something valuable with a ransom to see if anyone “stumbled upon” the hiding spot without any clues. I also postulated that he found this spot early in life and “kept an eye on it” over the years. Because no one turned in the ransom note in the 10 or more years it may have sat there, it would be very truthful for him to say at this stage in his life that he has visited the spot many times, because he probably has. Has he visited it since he put Indulgence there? Probably not – but he might have.

      All in my opinion,


    • Yes he did say that. But I would caution against excluding Yellowstone based on that. True he has been to West Yellowstone and the Madison MANY times, but he may have only visited this one particular spot a few times. It’s like saying you have only been to a new restaurant in your town a few times. That is true, but you live in that town, so you have gone to that town many times. His statement is still precise and true.

    • Here is the quote from above:

      “Josh: ok, still got a lot of ground there to cover. Can you tell me why you chose the place that you chose?
      F: It’s a place that I’ve visited a few times. I have fond memories of that place.”

      However, he did not say when those visits were. They could have been during his childhood as well as later on.

    • Exact words were, “It’s a place I’ve visited a few times. I have fond memories of that place.”
      IT still could be YS, if you take the statement as sarcasm. Like me saying, “I’ve been on a few (#79) searches!” Or, he could mean, a few, more than two but not many more than two. Only F knows!

    • David, not having read all the following comments yet. IMO for FF to say that he has been there several times does not limit to only our meaning of several (i would say several is 4-10, more than 10 might be a lot to some people). For him to say that he had been to West Yellowstone several times would not surprise me. Remember telling the truth doesn’t mean telling all the truth. IMO

  42. An adventurous producer could make a series based on TTOTC. Traveling through the Rocky mountains. Researching the history, finding the back trails, lakes and rivers. Participating in local activities and meeting local people. At the center of the theme is the search, both actual and spiritual.
    I would watch that show, without irony.

  43. There are pieces of the “Finding Fenn” episode of Expedition Unknown available for viewing on the Expedition Unknown website. The entire show will be available on Amazon when the season concludes.
    Look here for the free video snippets…

    By the way…some say the crew did not have permits to film in Jellystone and there may be follow-up issues for the production company..

    It’s not enough we pay taxes and we pay expensive entry fees…we also have to pay for permits to film if we are doing commercial work there…

    Maybe the crew didn’t know that. I have never seen a sign posted in Jellystone that tells us we can’t take pictures without a permit..
    How would anyone know there was a regulation about filming in the park??

    • It is actually a new law this year. They made it illegal to take pictures in the Park. It stemmed from an environmental researcher who took pictures to prove cattle graders on public lands were polluting the rivers with e. Coli. So, they made It illegal for the guy to take pictures, so he can’t prove the pollution.

      Seriously, this is a thing. I didn’t make it up. Forgive me for not citing sources, but i am mobile right now.

        • Dal thank you, Sacha thank you. Somehow I actually believe that. So anybody with a go pro who puts a snippit on you tube with an ad attached is an offender? Liked the illegal promos though.

          • I remembered seeing a news story about it. It is actually illegal for a family on vacation to take pictures there. Apparently, Uncle Sam makes a lot of money off of the cattle men, and the cattle men have a lot of clout in certain states.

            However, there may be a permit you can purchase, to allow you to take photos, but that was not mentioned in the bit I watched. It seemed quite ridiculous, and I wondered how it is even possible.

          • Straw-
            It seems that way…
            The question is…what to do about it..
            1. Forget about it
            2. Fight it
            3. Defend it
            4. Worry and complain about it..like me 🙂

        • Sacha..it is not against the law to take photos in the park. That would be impossible to enforce since everyone’s camera and toe ring these days has a camera. But it is against regulations to use the park commercially without a permit.
          This includes many things besides photos and video..
          You cannot sell t-shirts in the park without a permit. Forrest can’t be a fishing guide in the park without a permit. I can’t hold a church barbecue to raise funds for homeless in the park without a permit.

          You and I can take photos all day long in the park for our scrapbook and to share with friends. But it has for a long time been against the regulations to conduct any commercial business within the park without a permit.

          But “commercial” has gotten a lot more difficult to enforce in this digital world. For instance..if I post my family photos on my website, is that okay? What if my website has sponsors and ads…does that make it commercial?

          What if I take pictures in the park of something I am unhappy about, write a story and sell my story and pictures to a magazine. Does that constitute commercial usage…many would say yes..What if I give them away to the magazine so I don’t make any money but the magazine makes money by selling issues of it to subscribers…is it still commercial use?
          This is the context of the images you are talking about above..

          My point is that it’s an undefendable law…
          There are too many ways that folks…not necessarily you and me…can make money off images, recordings from in the park..
          What if you take a picture in the park and put it on one of your T-shirts and sell it…commercial isn’t it???
          What if I am an artist and I take my easel and paints and go sit in the park and paint a picture, then sell it later. Is that commercial? If so, how do they claim they have any rights to stop me from painting in the park when I pay my entry fees and pay my taxes like everyone else??

          The regulations are basically indefendable in many situations and to add to the insult most folks don’t even know they exist. There are no sign’s posted about making money in the park..or using your own labors in the park to make a buck later…and worse these “regulations’ are enforced loosely and indiscriminately.

          Finally..these days, someone can make money off our photos and videos without us even knowing it. What if I post my video that I shot in the park on YouTube. YouTube puts ads up on the page or in front of my video..I have no control over that and I don’t make any money off of it…is that commercial..
          I would argue that it is…by law..commercial…but I have no control over it…The Park needs to bring suit against YouTube…but have they? Will they?? Of course not..
          They pick their fights..
          Is that discrimination??
          or is it managing their limited legal resources???
          The regulations need to be challenged so that we are all clear and so that the regulations are enforced fairly..

      • Sacha, the “ag-gag” law you are referring is a state law that applies to filming for “data collection” reasons and was passed by Wyoming earlier this year. Its provisions would not apply to federal lands (supremacy clause).The law that allows regulation of commercial filming on federal land was passed in 2000. The current regulations for Yellowstone were revised in 2012. Both laws are heavy handed in my opinion, but the Wyoming law is absolutely absurd.

    • What!! You don’t read the Federal Register every morning with coffee. 🙂 Google “how many new regulations are there”. Most of the hits will be federal regulations so you’ll need to do another search for your particular state. There are thousands and thousands of new regulations every year, most of them cost us money one way or the other. And remember ignorance of the law is not a defense.

      We pay taxes on top of taxes but if you actually want the government to do something you pay a “fee”; which is nothing but more taxes.

      This is a serious issue with photographers and nothing but another cash cow for the government. If you have a nice camera you will most likely be harassed by a bureaucrat these days.

      Just One Example and where our beloved Ranger Reid has been transferred to:

      We have become a managed herd of brainless lemmings to be watched over by the all powerful bureaucrats. But hey we get what we vote for. Perhaps they are right, we are too stupid to manage our own lives.


      Ten Thousand Commandments 2015:

      • thanks for posting that link Goofy. It made me do a little research into what kind of photography is allowed in National Parks.

        From the National Park Service web site:


        “Still photographers require a permit only when
        1.the activity takes place at location(s) where or when members of the public are generally not allowed; or
        2.the activity uses model(s), sets(s), or prop(s) that are not a part of the location’s natural or cultural resources or administrative facilities; or
        3.park would incur additional administrative costs to monitor the activity.”

        So, if you are just taking pictures of landscapes or wildlife and not using models or props or sets and you are in an allowed area and you don’t need to be monitored, you do not need a permit. and it appears in most parks you could use your images for commercial purposes like selling T-shirts. CA is much more restrictive but other states would probably allow images to be used commercially. Interesting!

        • Well that makes it easy because the only people who really need monitoring are the park people. IMO only.

        • CJ-
          That’s just the regulations concerning photography..which are overlapped by the regulations concerning commercialization..
          and by the way..the park determines what needs to monitored..not you…not the photographer..

          My experience has been woefully different than what you read..see the story I wrote about filming with CBS last summer in YNP.

          • A tripod will be a photographers downfall in many places in the US and especially in Europe in my experience.
            Selfies with sticks might get the ire of those nearby.

          • I understand there is a difference between filming commercial video and still photography. Maybe we will need to carry a copy of the National Park rules with us when we take pictures in Yellowstone ….. or at Devil’s Tower where Reid is now, as the rangers don’t seem to know the rules. 🙂

  44. Hey everybody!
    I saw the show the other day too!

    And no matter… 11 million clues… hints… eh whatever! I enjoyed the show…!!! Awesome!

    Fantasizing we all have a helicopter, hot air balloon, raft, GPS and metal detector… this would be all but over… IMO

    On another note, now that those toenail clippers have been found… well you know. Clip those babies.

    I agree with…….. that bridge looks dangerous knowing about the rabid dogs lurking on the other side. (See how I got lurking in there! lol).

    Hey to Stephanie who I saw posted. Woohoo!

    I agree with everything Jones says even if I don’t understand half of IT! Wrights–right on! Spallies yep! Hey LouLee Goofy liked it. And DG for President!

    And Lastly, besides feeling better for now, and sending hugs and many thanks to you well wishers??? Remember…
    Mark DONT DROP the H. was just checking in!

  45. This was a good show. There are some very talented producers out there who can share the excitement and thrill of the chase with others. It’s all in the storytelling…

    In that regard, I am trying to find families…and in particular father/son types who are searching together..like Wolf and MichaelD both do. If you fall into that category and would not mind a little TV exposure during your search please contact me:
    dal at lummifilm dot com

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