Jeremy Does Forrest……

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About the Artist
Jeremy Parnell is a searcher from Lexington, Kentucky, who joined the chase in 2015. He works as a software developer for the national governing body of equestrian sports by day, and pursues an interest in art, philosophy, and puzzle solving in his free time. He’s a self-described “geek”, loves comics, and “knew all the Marvel characters even before the movies”. One day a friend challenged him to draw a story. A couple of glasses of bourbon later, and this was the result. You can find him atΒ http://jeremyparnell.comΒ where he infrequently posts art, photos, and random thoughts.

59 thoughts on “Jeremy Does Forrest……

  1. When you visit Jeremy’s website click on the “Playing With Colored Pencils” link..
    That sequence of drawings is very stunning.

  2. That’s not fair Jeremy, giving me a present and not telling me where it is. North of Santa Fe is a very big place. Can’t you give me one little medicinal clue, I had the flu recently. f

    • Ho ho ho. I can’t give you a clue, Forrest, but I can give you a hint. If mele kalikimaka is the thing you say, your present remains more than 300 miles to the east away! Good luck in your search! s

      • You can’t but I can. Little IRONweed. It is a very useful “little” medicinal plant for treating fevers from the “flu”. And wouldn’t you know it… it grows in Hawaii. :O

    • Sure Forrest, your present is where you find it. πŸ™‚ I think you may be able to smell chestnuts roasting and hear children singing.

    • Jeremy, comedy goes great with a cup of coffee!

      Did you know that Forrest has green eyes? Only 1-2% of people in the world carry this gene.

      • Oops. Dang, I guess that’s what comes from using Google Image Search for source material. πŸ™‚

    • Forrest,

      I got in trouble with the FTC a few years ago for sharing Native American uses of herbs AND selling the herbs at the same time, apparently if I sell an herb and share the historical uses of that herb I am making claims that I have to back up with double blind FDA studies. Unfortunately centuries of Native American use was considered false information.

      But since I do not sell herbs anymore I am feeling brave and will give one little medicinal clue, I would try Osha root, it is the herb/root of choice among the Natives and Elders here in northern New Mexico for cold, flu, lung, and other ailments.

      From wikipedia: Osha is strictly a mountain plant, and it is most commonly found in deep, moist soils rich in organic material. The plant requires partial shade. It is found in the Rocky Mountains and grows mostly at elevations between 5000 and 10000 feet.

      In many Native American cultures, Osha is called “bear root” or “bear medicine.” In Navajo folklore, a story is told of the Brown bear’s affinity for the Osha roots. The bear would eat the roots and rub some of them over its fur. The Navajo credit the bear with leading them to powerful medicine. The Zuni people use an infusion of the root for body aches. The root is also chewed by the medicine man and patient during curing ceremonies for various illnesses, and the crushed root and water used as wash and taken for sore throat.

      Best regards,

      Mark in Taos

  3. Jeremy,

    Great job on the cartoon. Certainly gave me a smile. Now the bigger question is why didn’t Forrest just ask for a clue? Why a medicinal clue? Makes me think back to Renelle’s medicine bundle. Flu… Ducks…. Pigs… Hmm???

    • Looks like you, your Dad, and brothers had a fun adventure together and isn’t that what Forrest wanted as all to have besides giving us a chance to find his treasure?!!

  4. Jeremy, excellent work. Enjoyed the more recent part of your blog site, so far. I liked the red balloons and the experiment – very interesting. They came up with a winner (team?) so what’s taking us so long? Santa is way too cute. Does his reindeer monitor his blog? With Rudolf as a moderator.

        • Wow, sorry, small world! Yes. I’m horrible with names and they don’t let us out of our cubicles much in the IT department, but we work at the same place πŸ™‚ I didn’t connect the dots. Sorry about that. Friend of yours?

          • My daughter has won a few awards in Eventing and Dressage that brought us to a couple awards banquets. That is how we met Ken. Hes a great guy. My daughter is now in college so not riding as much as before and her mare has been bred (due to foal in March).

  5. Ironically, we didn’t get our Sunday paper this morning – but I still got to read some comics – what fun and thanx for sharing!

  6. I’m fairly certain that if Santa gave Forrest a fruitcake, it’ll survive 1000 years.

  7. Very nice website Jeremy! For those who may have missed it, Jeremy’s search story is posted here under “Others adventures”. His story was posted in June 2015. Its a good one.

  8. Funny comic. And a good twist.

    Forrest- You were up pretty late last night like me watching scary movies huh!?

  9. Jeremy –

    Enjoyed that so much – and also had fun at your great web site. I loved the horse painted with coffee. It’s so nice to have a talent such as you, on board. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey Jeremy–did you use pencils to color your comic? I’m trying to figure you how you created the “texture” to the colors–it kinda appears like a print. Just curious. I marvel at your talent.

    • Thanks! Yes. I got a new set of colored pencils a little while back so I’ve been trying to practice with them more. I have more experience with pastels. The texture comes from using water color paper, which is what I had laying around at the time. Although it’s meant for water colors, the texture makes it really good for picking up the chalkiness of pastels. Probably not the best material for a comic, but I didn’t put a lot of thought into that aspect of it.

      Good eye Raven! πŸ™‚

  11. Beautiful pictures Jeremy and love the art work. Like Santa, I’ll be heading that direction in a month to Oahu. Mahalo.

  12. Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks so much for the compliments and I’m glad you guys got a good laugh. Sorry I didn’t thank each of you individually. Please take this as a general thanks to the entire community here. You guys are great.

    Special thanks to Forrest, of course, for being such a good sport.

  13. That was Cool… LOL! I loved the comic strip.. Nice! I think a clip of Santa squeezing thru Fenn’s Southwest Style Chimney, while Fenn was typing away on his Laptop would have been cool…

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