Invisible Ink Gremlins……

Pages submitted by Jamie from Eric Sloane’s book “Gremlins Americanus” published in the ’40s, during WWII,  which actually used invisible ink in the printing process… appears it is possible to mass produce a book with invisible ink..

Could Forrest have done the same in his books??? Maybe the keyword is invisible. Maybe the nine clues are invisible…Naah!!…




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  1. Lmao. It’s “Gremlin Americanus” and I think it was 1942….. But those gremlins are sneaky….maybe they switched it in between slicing wires and harassing the royals. 🙂

    • Follow the gremlins to get the map….follow the map to get the chest…follow the chest to get the gold…follow the gold to find the lemon….I don’t know why we found the lemon….let’s ask the gremlin 🙂

          • CJ, there’s a lot, but I’m just now trying to put it all together. I think I know where the subtle hints are…:)

          • CJ I didn’t steal this from Mindy…and i wouldn’t hide anything from her either… I flew out to Florida MONTHS ago just to show her in person instead of going on a trip she couldn’t come for. I’m not a big fat jerk like that. C’mon now…

          • Jamie, how on earth did you come up with that interpretation of what I wrote to Mindy?????? I don’t read every single post so there is no way I could or would know who did what when. Geez!

        • Don’t ya just love it when a couple of young pups pucker from their first adventure with a lemon drop. You can only imagine what might be going thru minds. Nice thing about an open book is you can draw your own conclusions which reminds me of a pledge I once took.

    • LOL!! Great find, JJ. Ya gotta love gremlins.

      Maybe that’s why he won’t say “buried” as a clue? He wants to say “hidden”!!

      I wonder where the “9th” clue is hidden? 🙂

        • 🙂 Absolutely, Windy!
          He does say there are 9 clues in the Poem to be solved.

          And once solved, the 9th clue will take you to the end of his rainbow> 🙂

  2. Thanks for the information. Being of limited means at a young age, I had no idea that printed matter (books) contained the possibility! Great. But I choose not to damage my book leaf to hope for a clue. I am satisfied with my interpretation of the nine clues.

  3. Wonderful outside of the box thinking. However imho I do not think he did this.
    Forrest has said that the clues are in consecutive order and to start at the beginning. ( )

    Allowing my mind to drift away from the chase I have gained a new prospective on the poem. So as time permits I will be pursuing this new avenue.

  4. I know i said I was going all black out on posting here. If it weren’t for Dal’s support
    and kind as always words, I might not have. But the reason I want to is that all of us involved and have been boots on the ground have a respect that I cannot disregard due to the amount of work they have put into this ; Physical and mental. For that “Hatts Off” .

    Hi Jamie , =)

    Nice to see you still working hard as always above the curve. =)
    I love this . Boy being a kid was fun =)
    Im no expert on this poem , by no means.
    But I always hear the rules of the chase in my head for finding the chest. I have shot and missed a couple of times out there.

    So , what I can hear is this:
    You should start at Warm waters halt , and don’t look for the blaze first. You will find what you are looking for . Just like Donnie told him riding horses down that creek. That happened to him more them once on that track.
    WWH is not a damn , and HOB is not a human structure.
    It is not in the visiting of a human trail.
    The chest is not in a dangerous place , so don’t go where a 79 or 80 year old man would not.
    What do ya think ? Could finding a message in invisible ink , be looking for the blaze first ? And just a question I ask, with that said , why would the blaze be physical ?

    I love being a kid agin and living that dream , but what I find more important from that ; was remembering my Dad telling my to brush my teeth , respect others, make your bed in the morning so you can do the things more important.
    Dont cuss , help others in need , and above all , love all.

    Just my opinions . =) Hope your well and love your posts .. Always informative and well thought. =)

    • Hey Mike- I’m great, and amazing post there. Thanks for your (as usual) quick wit. Or should I say wise.

      The thing with this post (and most ALL of what I usually say)…is that I’m not saying it’s ALL the answers, or even a solution… I’m not even saying it’s even just one clue…. I’m simply stating that I spend a Ton of time on this hunt and for some reason whether it means anything or not….this stood out from the crowd to me. I looked back at it. I looked at it again. I played around with stuff. It caused me to look at the history of “gremlins” and amazing dynamics of war I had never given two thoughts to. I didn’t know that in Vietnam they would put extra starch in shirt collars because if absolutely necessary they could dip the point in water and leave a message. I didn’t know that monopoly boards were manufactured with shanks inside and it was so secret that the very POWs who’s lives they were being sent to save didn’t even know they were coming…the delivery guys and our own Captains didn’t even know they were delivering! And don’t even get me started on Mavajo Code talkers!! Oh my!! I had never learned of all these things….and they are EXACTLY what keep me going in the hunt. (Thanks forrest!) truthfully, sometimes I find myself smiling like I have some juicy secret or I’m wearing my favorite underwear or something just because I feel like I found a new gem. I like to think that the same reasons that keep me loving digging and enchanted with the chase are the same reasons that maybe Forrest 100% knew he couldn’t leave without taking it with him….and stuffing a bit of us in that box while he’s still here too. I don’t know.! Nothing has ever appealed to me about war and fighting…or even art or business so much…but after the past year I think I’m starting to see the “magical parts” the ones that draw little boys in. There’s codes, and Indians, and spies and loot and even tipping over outhouses. So when I find these “extra” things I’m rewarded like pavlovs dog to keep salivating and searching.
      But….I also know there is a Big. Bronze. Box. to be found as well. ….and I like to believe that since everything I’m learning here Is basically inspired by the man that hid…well maybe he walked through like the same “oh look! I like that! Let’s find that sparkle next” I don’t know how he physically could have stopped if he wanted to…and I don’t think he did. I think that’s why were all here right now. It’s beautiful and it’s mind blowing. So The way I see it, I’m just playing “catch up”, that’s all. When I read this by Sloane (after seeing Forrest’s EXHAUSTING bibliographies in almost all I his own books….holy hot dogs batman!) I realized the depth to which Forrest looks into every detail of everyone and everything he cares about or seems to enchant him as well….and so I Can confidently say I KNOW (IMO outta respect) that even IF we ONLY look at a business side of a gallery owner, marketeer, amd father…well that Forrest still did his research. Sure Eric was a pilot and had neat story and ran in the same crowd…but there are hundreds of interesting people and pilots and socialites with grandiose visions of all their “connections with their native selves”….F THAT. I think forrest loved his Eric because Eric liked gremlins. And Eric used funny words with multiple meanings. And Eric liked making Jokes about fruit. How do I know that? I don’t. But I know Forrest’s speaks fondly of fruit and dessert and uses silly words when he seems happy in his stories…and I bet that one of them rubbed off on the other as that’s what friends do…they woulda had no choice. So now I read forrest and I picture Eric saying things like “Hasta Banana” or “Avocado Tomato” in my mind even though it’s not in his books because I think he HAD to do stuff like that. That’s what love is. And I think that’s what drove forrest to hide the chest too. So when I find a gem like this?? Heck yeah I want to share it with everyone and the world so maybe even with no chest they think it’s as cool as I do….but that can be a slippery slope….because if you understand that then you might just find as big a clue as I did somewhere in those gremlins. Maybe we can get someone to ask him if he thinks they were with him or have at least been by since? Id like to think with this super long butt kissing post maybe he’d consider answering, but I have yet to get an answer out of the man probably because I can’t follow the simple instruction of “keeping it short”
      So I’ll shut up but leave you with this– One thing I have never doubted is that my sister/a boy I like/a wondertwin of mine can exchange a single look with me that can say more in half a second than I can type to a bunch of strangers in a one of my typical “long winded posts”. Let’s not sugar coat it…it’s like War and Peace. it just takes so many words to try and make sure you’re understood with strangers and I’m an extreme. But someone whose heart is close to my own? Jeez. I could point at a piece of pie and say “mine” and it could mean a million stories or feeling there aren’t even words for. If I could speak “Forrest” I would know things like apples and switches and eating gross trout for the 50th night this month…and yes, even gremlins….totally differently…maybe that’s why he HAD to wait until he was the only one left…kindred spirits wouldn’t be able to quit poking it and laughing until it blew up in their faces….and they’d also probably be able to find the chest just by looking in his eyes and reading the poem. To me….I think this gremlin book and the ideas it represents… opened the biggest window for me to even try to see those eyes in 3 years of searching. And I’m glad for the things I believe I ended up finding about the chest from it…..
      Like what?
      Well or one ‘Brown Trout’ is 100% off my board now: No secret code for that just picturing that sawtooth cut into the dry sardine sandwich mixed with the noisy living apple. Forrest loved his dad I’m sure…but trout? Trout? And more trout? Then fishing guide trout? More trout?

      Skippy biting the trout in TTOTC looked WAY different to me after the Eric/gremlin/secret code connection. He’s got that sparkle in his eye…I bet forrest is wanting to barf his face off at the thought of ever eating fish again and there’s good ole’ skippy shoving the tail right in his mouth. No wonder they didn’t need a big discussion when skippy turned around. Maybe that’s the day forrest learned the truth about brothers…whether fish or girls or even money…that’s what big brothers take from you. Your dignity. But you don’t need it with them anyhow. They love ya.

      And 40 years later they can still explain with a wink and a smile how trout make you puke. Brown Bass? Maybe? We’d have to tie one of each together and see who wins. I got nothin.

      And maybe I AM crazy….but like Skippy, I’m pretty sure Forrest has a few secret codes of his own and Im glad to throw the gremlins out there for anyone that wants to find em like I do.

      Who knows…maybe F will say he doesn’t think Gremlins are real and they’ve never not even once visited the chest. Could be. But that’s not a loss or “debunking” of any theory of mine…I’m just chasing shiny objects hoping to catch up one day.

      And I’ve had too much wine and my thumbs are cramping from typing on my phone. Sorry for the novel. I’ll go incognito for a few days to make up for my excessive verbiage. Rock On wit Yo Boots On!

      • Jamie, I really enjoyed your post and your excitement about the gremlins. The book looks interesting and fun to read. I will see if I can find one somewhere. Don’t loose your spirit and I’m glad that you posted this! Thank you.

        • Carolyn, I Googled it since it was hard to see the actual gremlins in Jamie’s pictures so I thought I would get the book… Yikes the cheapest was $500… Interesting that it is called a “Scrapbook Collection”. I guess I better add it to my Christmas list…

          • Spallies! Google the title in quotes and “Princeton” then just hit images!! You can read it free like that! They have it all photographed really clearly. I’d never post something ppl couldn’t look at…I’m dying to hear what other ppl think or see 🙂

        • That one is one of Sloanes oldest and rarest books and I only ever see it online for like $650!! It IS in a few libraries though and if you search the title and “Princeton” (I think it’s the Univ. That has the $650 one….they are kind enough to have a ton of it photographed so you can scroll through and read most pages in the google image bar for free 🙂 And save money for a search, a sandwich, and a flashlight! <~~~ whoa! Another hint! BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT!! It must be to WARD OFF THE GREMLIN GUARDING THE CHEST!! I bet his name is Foster 🙂

          Womp. Womp. Wooooomp.
          (But that would be super cool if it went down like that though. I'd probably give forrest his bracelet AND a dr. Pepper. Then right as he peeped out a kiva to duck in and take his first swig I'd chuck the flashlight and grab and stuff that disabled gremlin in the bronze box so fast he couldn't evenelt and bubble or multiply or anything. Then I'd find Mr. Myagi and force him to take gizmo back to the shop he came from for good!) peace out!

          • Thanks for the info Jamie. I would like to see the book, but I can’t afford $650 either. At least we can look at part of the book.

          • I would never pay that either! I went to a library myself, and didn’t mean to imply people should buy this or there were big huge clues in this book..more just to say wow! These guys were indeed doing/talking about this–there’s so many neat places to look besides maps and clues could come in any form or any book. For that price a map to Atlantis better be there! Sheesh! Like Princeton U doesn’t have enough money.

      • Hi Jamie ,

        No not trying to de bunk , just understand your process . Thanks for that post. I also like and have read all of Hindrichs Books , Mr. Americana.

        I have gone to a little further experiences involving him .
        I didn’t find grinlins . But I did find Mother Earth and Father sky.

        What I enjoy about him most was his direct wisdom.
        In his Book Does and Don’t were a few interesting tid bit’s I think you may enjoy. Sorry Im not as good at penchant as you , but my ability to shove a lot of data in my tiny brain is a strength .
        My favorite books he wrote were on the weather .
        One picture has him flying around a cloud in a certain canyon . Now that could also be a hint due to Okeef .

        But the books I read the most , are F’s.

        I have always thought the first stanza was the most important , I agree with F you have to Start at WWWH.
        But thats the point , you do start your search there, or i.e.
        TTOTC. AND it directly refers to the first stanza.
        F said he tied 3 strings a day. Well , I guess when some one unties the poem the will find that 3 strings were tied a day. I can’t say anything beyond that point . I have I guess a few gems myself . One I found near Ranger station 330 in West Yellow Stone.. Not to Far from where I think his parents parked that old car. Any way , found a old camp fire pit covered in grass, and sitting on the top was a extremely old Grape soda can … I think I have trailed him almost every where in Yellow Stone , and Bozemen .

        All I can say is , I think Sloane is a huge Fish hook.
        His friend ship was important Im sure. As F’s and a lot of other folks were. Eric was his dear friend . But , then why didn’t F quote the place Eric died correctly. He said he passed while waiting for a red light to change heading to a birthday event. Well , Im sorry but that is in accurate . He passed on the steps of his hotel in Down town New York city . A famous hotel If I remember correctly. So the comment twas given for what reason ? Could be to promote a metaphysical understanding . Maybe not maybe he just forgot. Never the less , after reading this I questions . Questions I and everyone elese can pounder on , but to my point … Pondering is where we get in trouble in this hunt. That is not direct point a to b or A to Z
        or 123 or Black and white ( pardon the expression ).
        I feel this is a more direct way , a child can unlock this .
        That always gets me , a child can do this. The answers are right in front of all of us , F said it him self.
        Follow the clues to the treasure.

        No I was not de bunking or solve bashing you at all . I just some times need to clarify what I hear or read.
        I hope you do find some thing in there. Your right , everything for a boy or girl who was a day dreamer is with in the poem . I like that also .

        I only ask questions because Why is it. And I ask a lot of questions . I was the kid always asking pop whats what. Non stop , my dad must had been annoyed . =)

        As far as Sloane , I have a lot on him as well as a full solve . The thing is , I have not matched it to a place yet.
        Funny right… A Area yes , but I can find not directly where yet , Until this point , now I have 3 strings a day I call it .
        And I found a number of steps that you will need to take.
        All I have to do in this solve now is un tie them . Then back track the place that gave me the understanding , and understand WWWH to which he spoke of. This new solve Im on now is my best and I can’t explain it . Thats the funny part. Only because I see all this and don’t get what Im looking at , only nine clues . I know I have them , because I can tie 3 a day . Simple really . Dose that mean Im right ? No … It dose not. But , after all the imagination I could ever want , that only leaves me with the real deal .
        And it dose not in clued browns at all .

        But it dose contain ” If you are brave and in the wood
        I give you title to the gold ”

        Have fun Jamie . Well done on that Ink solve. I really like it. I like gremlins also =) Loved the movie. Nothing wrong with the idea at all , and I only was asking if this was you looking for a blaze first … Why ? Well I feel thats the way I had been looking and didn’t understand that was what I was doing. Search for a trail Left by F. This is the hard way , WWH is the easy road. But Im stubborn and I have always taken the hard road. Funniest thing , not this time.
        I feel the trail will lead you to where ever you want to . I can almost read that poem any where and come up with a solve, and that is the truth of it . I showed it in one of our episodes I filmed in Lyons Colorado . Showing the altitude at the exact elevation of the city is the alt. that humidity stops. And you can take it in the canyon down , because you are increasing in elevation , not far but too far to walk is the distance 20 miles to Estes Park Colorado , put in below the home of brown , Lyons clutch , from there its no place for the meet , the road here is narrow and cars are flying down it , with little protection from the cliff wall next to your car. The end is ever drawn nigh , will we ever get to the top? No paddle up your creek – the river is running toward you – except heavy loads and water high – from Mother Earth and Father Sky , If you bee wise and found the blaze. Been wise wise times 2 , Twin Owl Peaks and found the blaze look quick down your quest to cease , Estes Park Sign stop, But Terry scant with marvel gaze – Chimp monks scurry every where right here , and the View of the Vally and Mountains are increasable .
        Just take the chest and go in peace – stay straight until you get to the Y in the road.
        So why is it I must go , as above

        I will not answer the last parts sorry you would have to watch it hopefully next spring…

        and leave my trove for all to seek ?
        The answers I already know ,
        I’ve done it tired and now Im weak.
        So hear me all and listen good
        Your efforts will be worth the cold. -Funn the t looks Like The T for Taos
        If you are brave and in the wood
        I give you title to the gold.

        My favorite line in the whole poem ,=)

        Any way , Just my point , if you think something is the HOB or WWH it could be . But the real question is , Is it F’s ?

        IMO only . I change that a lot lately when it comes to this .
        I also have been out there on the ground , seen 1000000000000 blazes in Yellow Stone alone.
        Ran into Bears , Mountain Lyons , Coyotes , Big Horn , Elk , buffalo , wood owls and a lot of other things I have never seen , so I don’t even know how to describe this things. I have bit every hook F has laid for us . He is fishing and has been the whole time . But he is picky and only wants one kind of fish , I guess Im not big enough yet. =)

        Great work again Jamie . Awesome as always ,
        my questions sound harsh at times , and I don’t mean them in the ways they are read half the time because I felt everyone felt as I do . Maybe Im just too trusting of folks . I don’t see the bad in them until they show it to me . Funny I can see that off the bat wit people.
        Take care , go luck

        • No worries Mike…nothing to debunk here…like I said it’s not a solve it’s just something that opened a door for me on a new direction to look and I found it really exciting and fun and shared hoping others might enjoy it as much as me. There’s no such thing as write or wrong only exploring and learning I guess. I was kinda hoping other people might find cool stuff and share it in return too.

          I’m not opposed to ripping apart and debunking solves…but I thought it might be fun to build some stuff together too instead of just the other. Hey, you never know! But usually I find if I open up my mind then like minded people like to open there’s too. I’d love that sort of winter company around here, not really finding wrong points but maybe fixing them for one another. I’d much rather hear someone found it or even had a great time looking and know we’d all helped than never have any answers cause we kept throwing them all away. I dont have a solve. I didn’t post a solve. And there’s nothing to debunk.

          I haven’t read every single book of Eric’s and I’m no expert at all, I’m sure your way more knowledgable than me. I only got a taste of invisible stuff. Was able to find the same thing in every book I inspected and without Forrest’s poem or book I never would have been looking for it in the first place so I was just glad to see it, excited, and shared my smile. How can one “Dubunk” learning? Is it the question that’s the issue?

          • No issue . I just wanted to assure you I was by no means stripping your logic is all . I enjoy most of the stuff you post , I don’t read them all but most. I only really do that with a few on here. But was only trying to say sorry , I felt I was a little harsh to say the least.

            But I do like your understanding . Im all for finding this treasure . I agree also that I like to be a part of the smile factory also , and if some of my stuff has influenced any searcher then I did my Job. Dal got me started with info he shared on the blog . So , I can only smile when I see the same. I have been a bit frustrated with the Chase lately and is way I stepped away for a month or 2. But , Dal said some thing that fired me back up . =) Thanks Dal . A guy I have never met has done more for me in three years then all my friends combine . Heck of a guy.

            But if you would like to share some ideas some times and maybe , be apart of my Treasure team Im tring to build , a real team on contract with a film crew ; lmk I need a analysts person . Some one extremely similar to the chase and it’s characters . In which you have one heck of a tolerance and a great logical base … Plus you take no crap and I like that . Im very serious about the offer , I have offered others out there … One person you know is my Teamate already and I feel you would be the perfect additive.
            Any way the offer stands. Lmk we are planning a NM trip soon , with the Hopes of meeting F at the same time.

            my email is from there I will give you my cell number.

            Thanks again Jamie =)

  5. IMO, I can’t see how a coded, secret invisible page(s) in books could be arranged without some assistance from the printers…..but still one more food for thought idea! Was hoping to get to a point of no more reading material needed!

    • Cholly- as far as invisible ink you can print anything in clear or matching background color. “Invisible Ink” is marketed to kids to show up easily and wash well also. But to make a message appear from print? All you need to do is know the Ph of the ink which is only where you “printed” the clear. With no ph? Starch, potash etc. Basically anything that weakens the structure of the paper fibers would darken when burned or heated to correct temp. Look at old fashioned water marks. Literally just a mark from water that shows when held to light. Anything flat white glows in a black black light etc. Secret messages are a million ways existand. The map diggin talked about in the pic would even be kind of a form. Just printing stuff so you can’t see it and need some form of “developer”. Really even nitrate or older is a form before toner is applied the image doesn’t show. When I was little my sister an I would occasionally put dumb stuff with like a 45 SPF on one area instead of the 20 on the rest. I spent a week in Paris Island SC as a 7 year old with a stick Figure “pooping” painfully burned into my back. They are so lucky I didn’t see the image for four days I might have run away.

      Not suprisingly after all this I can tell you Eric ALSO wrote a boom on “camouflaging” images. (Super duper cool!) Do I think all the clues are related to Eric? NOT AT ALL. But I do think that these things were a big part of Eric’s enjoyment to learn…and even as only a friend forrest would have also found them enjoyable also since he chose to SELL Eric’s art. That’s believe in someone’s creativity I think.
      It helps to see, at the LEAST,….HOW he might have written some clues even if not exactly WHAT the clues are. Don’t listen to me though…I’ve got no Chest….how ever this week I HAVE learned handy chemistry and would now be first string of the ‘b’ team if passing messages or escaping prison ever becomes precedent amongst my friends. So I count that as 2 prizes. And I wouldn’t have had boots on the ground anyhow so I figure I’m right even with the rest of the gang. Learning and sharing what I gravitate towards for no reason besides it’s a ton of fun and I hope it’ll come full circle and help one tiny iota of a grain of sand make the slightest bit of sense one day in this Chase. If not….hey, at least I can conceal my top secret thoughts for a million years hoping one day some gremlin decides to pee on me or something and out sprouts a red fern but with the secrets to life but nahhhh…that’ll probably never happen. Again not saying it’s the ANSWERS…maybe more like street lights leading the way to even see what all went I to that poem in the first place. IMOIMOIMO

  6. An interesting read by Pete Michaud “Man Over Gremlins”

    Teaser: There is a ‘mirror image’ version of the Gremlin Fallacy.

    “What does this evidence allow me to believe?
    The question she should be asking is:
    What does this evidence force me to believe?
    The shift is subtle, but critically important.”

    • Love that uken! Thanks for the link reading and getting more obsessed now! The only thing I am FORCED to believe is I probably should no longer breakout snacks UNDER AND CIRCUMSTANCE after midnight…or play with kids named spike.


      • ^^ the funny part with the machinery…powered by battery…by charge….eventually like the kid that keeps asking “WHY?” Far enough down the line even astrophysisists (ha) have no answer. The “gremlin” just becomes the unknown. Supposedly Sloane (some argue Dahl) is actually first mentioned in print EVER use of gremlin. It’s an Airforce term to explain unexplainable malfunctions instead of blaming your peers. Eric sure made them cute though. Ha. I think if anyone looks at the “gremlins” for what they are and were created as….it would be a HARD time finding ANYONE to claim they hadn’t run across a gremlin or two themselves. Eric’s “gremlins” are named for common unexplainables people could laugh at instead of get mad. Like the dryer gremlin might eat one sock. Or the “SCRaPBOOK”. Gremlin might put direct messages to 10 different searchers but be ONLY about each one of them Fe SURE to that person. Tons have seen or felt that, how many times has it been discussed and gotten heated? By Eric and Dahls Airforce gremlin standard it would be a Gremlin that read their emails. Just an unexplainable coincidence to which our brains want to attribute meaning. Why not smile at a Gremlin then Fear some ninja sabotage and turn on your friends? Ew. Who wants to snuggle with a machete? Ouch.

        • Save me the grief of a belly ache, lmao. Girl didn’t anybody ever tell you that spikes only good on veggies. Last time I fertalized my steak with a spike it felt like I had swallowed a pit. And I’m talking a bite out of the but the next day.
          From that day forward I was a salt and pepper girl. Whoever put that concoction together only had one thing on their mind and that wasn’t a pleasant bite.

          • Fly By? Nah. I do my homework…if I say something I read it in at least 2-3 places and honestly believe it has value. No fly by here…I don’t even have room for any more company in my brain. That’s be like putting a cardboard shirt on gerbil 🙂
            (^^ also not my material, but read in 3+ places lmao. Total wast of time, do not try this at home…. Then again if you were allowed a pet and chose a gerbil you may be beyond my circle of healing anyhow….if ONLY there was a gremlin around here…hmmm…

          • jamie,
            You clearly do your research! My Fly by comment was a poor choice of words. You cover a lot of territory quickly.
            I was being straight up on crabs. I am on the west coast and the crabs are toxic right now due to algae blooms. I use my surf rod to catch crabs now.

          • Gremlins? If you really want gremlins my old man has em problem they don’t go the right way on the wheel. He even tried turning it around but then they ran the other way? You want em let me know. But I’m still gonna buy the book cause the more I learn about him Eric the more I like him. Hope you agree IMO

      • FYI Jamie,
        What goes round goes round. You inspired my search about Gremlins and I am glad that you enjoyed the link Man Over Gremlins

        • I really enjoyed it. I didn’t see at first there were two more pages. His take at the end on nihilism reminded me that at least they’re out of the running- as F clearly stated to follow the nine clues to the point…then again I’m sure that Pam lady would highly disagree so I’ll add IMO to the pointless discussion.

          @#2 Crab season for me is any time I’m in SC and I’ve had a few days let the chicken mature on the garage. You can find me on the bridge Beaufort or Johnsons Creek Tavern. But if you don’t mean literal crabbing I missed the boat. Slow like that sometimes. Sry!

  7. That’s great stuff Jamie. My mind can’t even keep up with you. But that’s why I love you. It’s fun learning about stuff you never knew that you never knew about isn’t it?

  8. When I was a kid, we used to do road trips to Florida. Along the way we’d stop at a Stuckey’s. We’d pick up a couple pecan log rolls and a couple invisible ink books. No electronic devices then, so if we were done playing the license plate game, or trying to get truckers to honk their horns, or if there were no army convoys to count, we’d try our hand at the invisible ink books.

    A little googling and they’re both still around!

    Maybe I ought to get a few of those markers. 😉

    • HA! I remember Stuckey’s……Reading their signs was like singing 99 bottles of beer. Every mile for a gazillion miles was a Stuckey’s sign.

      Remember the Burma Shave signs and their little poems. They would space each line about a quarter mile apart. When folks talked about my driving they would say you have to read the Burma Shave signs fast if you’re riding with him. 🙂

      A whiskery kiss

      For the one

      You adore

      May not make her mad

      But her face will be sore


      (Sorry if this is off topic Jamie…..I’m just not sure what a post about Gremlins wouldn’t cover.)

      • Nothing can possibly be off topic…as everything leads back to Eric 🙂 he painted those signs (or similair spaced apart ones) too….there’s a whole hilarious story about how he forgot to survey the ground and then couldn’t sink the posts correctly!! I went out there once and spent forever looking for the remnants of one of the posts. There was nothing left, but I did get a piece of one a ways up the road.
        It’s not exactly a million doller chest of gold…but I do think about gremlins and get a faint whiff of hickory nuts when I walk past it sometimes. That makes me smile. Love the shave poem too–advertisers get more and now boring by the year. Ur so lucky to have gotten to live in that land. As far as topic change…Im jealous!! but I am DEFINITLY not sore at you you at all (thanks to burma-shave, of course) good stuff goof. Ur a total unflinching super boss.

  9. Jamie, you must be able to do chin ups with just your thumbs. 🙂

    Whilst not as verbose as you, I too get enthralled with some aspects of the research needed as background to finding Indulgence. I agree with you that none of it is wasted time or effort, in the sense you have learned more about Mr. Fenn from background checking; as it were, third party verification.

    Thanx for sharing your enthusiasm.

  10. Lemons and Gremlins? Oh my……….How was the chest found? We where done in by a lemon:(

    As the Good Witch of the North said to Dorothy: You’ve had the power all along my dear……

    You just had to learn for yourself:)

    • Hello, Rick. It’s like I always say. When life gives you lemons and gremlins…filet those gremlins and throw those suckers in a hot pan with some butter. Next…sprinkle with a healthy amount of black pepper…being careful not to get any in your eyes…especially if you’re wearing boxing gloves. Finally, when the gremlin filets have a nice sear…with a perfect amount of crispiness…remove from the pan…squeeze some lemon juice on them…and SERVE.

      I love gremlins prepared this way…since they taste and smell kinda fishy. 🙂

      Sometime I’ll share my marinade recipe for preparing snipes…which I save in my chest freezer…after MANY hunting trips…until I have enough for a large meal.

      • One of my favorite bar tricks I used to teach my bartenders was the “dancing hairs” it reminds me of your marinade. If you wanted a rude customer to leave you bet him $10 you could make two hairs laying on the bar tie themselves in 4 square knots without touching them. You then poured a little water puddle on top squirted some lemon juice and sprinkled pepper etc to obscure the view then you’d claim “look look they’re doing it!!” And just as they leaned their heads in to see if the hairs were dancing you smacked your hand in the puddle splashing lemon juice and pepper in their eyes causing them to prematurely leave the bar which was the point all along. Somehow when I hear your “gremlin” dinner invitation….I can’t help but be reminded of “the dancing hairs” so while they may be delicious…I’m not planning on going anywhere and will continue sharing the things I see- especially when I believe they’re of value and intriguing. Who kills a gremlin? I think they have secrets and are worth much more alive than dead but that’s just me and I have the benefit of having actually seen them so I’m kinda biased I guess. To each their own 🙂

        • Hi Jamie. I haven’t killed one yet. I haven’t been able to catch one. They’re really fast and mysterious. I usually buy my gremlin filets in the Asian market…so who knows if they’re really gremlin or not. ??? The Gremlin Filets could be totally mixed up with the Filet Meow.

    • ^^ awesome story 23!! Thanks for sharing!! Randomly I noticed the guy was “fishing for snapper at a shipwreck site” it struck me as unique…I mean a shipwreck probably provides an environment for way more interesting fish then to be seeking out a snapper?? Something’s fishy there to me but I can’t put my finger on my nose. Definitely a “well played, grouper” moment for the fisherman. Do people really spear hunt for snapper? Wtf? Not implying anything at all either…just intriguing. To go to a shipwreck site….’looking to spear snapper’…and bring a film crew as we all do when fishin for snapper?aube i missed something. I may have to look up the shipwreck now…ugh…there goes this lunch hour. Thx again- cool stuff!

      • Ok yeah–that “Moyers” exhibit at Matteucci gallery has some paintings from his wife Terri too. I’m not sure which on it was but one of them has a painting I Snapper or Maybe koi in the same exhibit. I thought it was neat that the name of the painting is

        And NO I’m NOT saying that’s some giant clue…just one of those random neat things you notice sometimes. Maybe someone else might find interesting.

  11. And could the grouper even “steal” the fishermans catch in the first place? Sounds kinds like the fisherman was in the groupers house trying to fish for a snack to display like a trophy….I mean underwater? Wasn’t that pretty much the groupers dinner in the first place and the fisherman put a spear in one plate at the groupers already set table? Ugh. I’d drag someone down the road for trying that on my turkey. Lmao. Then I’d blame the gremlins.

    • The grouper has been playing the sport much longer than the fisherman because it’s in her Deoxyribonucleic acid.

      • Oooooo….I figured to the grouper it wasn’t a sport it was just dinner as usual but the fisherman got in the way. I would have loved to see the video of the grouper taking out the ship! What a sight that woulda been. DNA makes sense too….I’ve always been more intrigues with RNA myself so I hadn’t even noticed the white spots on the grouper. Good call 23!! Super bright As usual- thx!

          • Me? Lol. I’m not even NA let alone D or R. I consider myself more just kinda like cytoplasm where everything floats around. Is there an anatomical word for “snowglobe”? On a good day I feel like I shook something just right and it starts to look more like a crystal ball. Maye I could be the Shake? What would that be? Myosin? ATP just sounds to pretentious. However, combined, we could make a cooler video I bet….if you be my bodyguard I could be your long lost pal…

            I could call you DaNA and DaNA you could callll meee plasma

            Eat your heard out Neil Diamond lol

  12. Hi Dal

    Forrest in a way did make the blaze invisible. Right now it cannot be seen. If I am correct about what the Blaze actually is. It might be why people keep walking past it without knowing it is there. I will be there in the spring and see what I can find but it will still be invisible then as well.

    • Maybe try fall. Just before Thanksgiving or something. Maybe you could see leaving then instead. With the late record warm temps some trees still even have apples on them. You never know 😉

        • What number is a Google technically? I’m trying to google it but my dumb phone is only getting hits on ‘google’ as in itself and I’m super curious right now if it’s a hundred….can you check for me? I’m not hiding anything…but I it IS a hundred I’ll tell a you a worthless insignificant secret I think a gremlin is whispering about for your troubles of looking it up….

    • The blaze is what you make it from the clues. It is an illusion, and completely separated from ff, so that nobody will stumble across. It can be initials or an omega sign, or anything that you make it, but it is there I am sure. Whatever it is, it is there.

    • It is my opinion that when you watch the New Mexico PSA and reread TFTW you might see what I saw. The blaze is revealed. I might be seeing something that isn’t really there but I think it is. Also in the same book take off the dust jacket, open the front cover. Nice two panel picture there. Ronald Regan, The alligator the plane…. Forrest hid a blaze in that picture. That one I am NOT imagining. It is REAL. Can you find it? What does it mean?

      • Maybe when we “look quickly down” this is what we will see and we will know where his secret is? This “blaze” if you will was actually a part of a small treasure that Forrest found once upon a time.

        • Am I getting close Forrest? A one man fishing hole? Your tree. THE blaze and then YOUR blaze. Avid trout fishermen wouldn’t go there. You did as a kid though. Curiosity took you there and what you found you didn’t expect. You never told anyone. The river enters but doesn’t leave. Gotcha!

          • Just saying that blaze and a lot of other stuff ain’t around. Someone used heavy excavating equipment in there. Any small blaze was ground to a pulp/covered over but like I said a lot of stuff went poof.

  13. Gremlins?! Lol, LOVE the movie. Their true identity was descised by a little water, like writing and lemon juice. Sometimes a blank page is more pleasant than a written one. The imagination can run freely wirh a blank page. Good food for thought, Jamie!
    One word can open a whole poem!
    ¥Peace ¥

    • Donna.. I saw that. I hope it isn’t a bust. It is gonna be hard to make it as good as the first one. I have a lifetime of memories from that flick. I am still excited for the release though.

      • Yeah, they want to do a reboot on the original Gremlins. A Warner 3-D version. Hope it’s as good as the first one, sadly, most are not!

  14. Jamie, I KNOW I’ve seen that book before! I’m searching thru my dad’s books, he was a technical illustrator for NASA. last year, I found a book by Eric Sloane, an instructional lettering book for advertisers, and am tempted to send it to F. There are over 50 boxes of his books, a BIG chore, but in the back of my memory…I know I’ve seen that book! Wish me luck!

    • Good luck and please do share any books you’re willing to I’ve tried to ons the one Airforce tech book to no avail….but every single book of his I find funny silly things planted, but not related to anything on the subject. I like to think he just liked to plant smiles to be seen in a hundred years for no reason. I’m trying to find as many as I can…maybe share them hoping others will share their scores too. Haha- he could look down from his own cloud and watch his wave of smiles let his presence be knows as it says hello to all us lost and homely chasers. Way to cool if it could happen like that and he could whisper some secrets to a few of us. Please don’t be stingy! I promise I won’t as Long as Hes still “Eric Sloane” the apprentice that is

  15. Thank you Goofy!! Here Is your glorious tiny insignificant piece of information. Worth at least 5 cents, maybe even a quarter eventually….but the knowledge entering my brain right now is expanding at an exponential rate faster that my thumbs can keep up so bear with me…BUT This IS exactly why SOMETIMES lengthy mystic club tangents hen explored and exhausted for days actually bear some fruit. And I am proud to say you have helped cultivate that fruit!!! IMO….I’ll figure out MORE of how to put it together but here the current group of unexplained gremlins seeming to know one another….somehow….

    Forrest likes word games. I like patterns. What makes something “unique” is when it stands out from things that are just like it. Forrest uses lots of words like this with one UNIQUE definition.

    Google this? Google maps? Google it?
    Google EARTH is a good resource.
    Google is a hundred Os
    Forrest hates computers maybe good resource is a hundred O’s
    A hundred circles of the earth.
    One hundred= C Earth=E

    CE 5 anyone?

    Let’s look at the year CE 5. Hmmm that was a huge point in early “almost” romanesque times when religeon and cultures split apart

    CE 5 in factoral numbers literally is “almost seventy” with the next being “almost eighty”

    A googol is pronounced same as google so he never lied or misspelled it…people just wrote it different when he recorded it.

    The term GOOGOL became FAMOUS in 2001 when Charles Ingram used FRAUD to cheat his way to the top in WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. That was the million dollar question.

    The decay time for a supermassive black hole of roughly 1 galaxy-mass (1011 solar masses) due to Hawking radiation is on the order of 10*100 years,. Therefore, the heat death of the universe is lower-bounded to occur a googol years in the future.

    **guess even if it IS found it’s found before it’s found so it’s never found since it’s in a black hole!! Once again NOT saying HOAX I’m saying it’s REAL but the WORDS used to make comments are triple double back door puns. To the google power. Aka it will be found in a “BLACK HOLE” literally…in GOOGLE somehow.

    A GOOGOL was first catalogued into the integers in 1964 when (oddly a permanent online integer society was created and founded into eternity the by N. Jean A. Sloane. It has a similair logo to the Orphan Annie OASIS decoder society.

    “See you on the other side of time”
    ^^ I’ll explain that later but eat your heart out briggs…an is might have a one up on Lewis and Clark (I say with affection and only bein funny)

    N.A. From an artist is when they achieve mastery. Eric used his pseudname since he wasn’t a “master” yet….how do Germans order names? Was his real name maybe Jean. The root in the middle of the MASTER (N.A.?) kneel and ?
    ^^ okay that ones a stretch and probably wrong but I’m all excited and spitting out stuff faster than I can put it into logical sense

    A 9 year old kid COINED and CREATED the TERM/Label of word GOOGLE!! of course “a kid” could find it!! He was the nephew of the mathematician that discovered it.

    Man…I’ll shut up am figure this out in plane words but the iF the chest IS somehow hidden in google its at a “floating double point” or some sort
    It’s on the “other side of time”
    And somehow is the “BUMP” on the “LOG” (the google logarithm) in the black “HOLE” in the bottom of the “SEA” or C aka the CE Five. (V) The end and beginning of time.

    Am I serious? Am I Sirious?!?!
    Yes. As serious as a brightest light in the sky and possible the NEXT NORTH POLE!!

    I am sure some think this must be a joke but it’s not. I have no clue how or why it ties in makes sense but it’s gotta me. I have a gremlin telling me right now I just can’t figure out how to draw the map so I’m crowd sourcing. I hope someone has the other pieces and will share with me for telling the secrets. It may be the only way to get me to shut up at this point….I’m on a roll haha.

    Or I’m just wrong. It’s still fun to get pumped and type real time though. Ha!

    There’s a fleck on the speck on the tail
    On the frog on the bump on the branch
    On the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea,
    There’s a fleck on the speck on the tail
    On the frog on the bump On the branch
    On the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea,
    There’s a fleck, there’s a fleck,
    There’s a fleck on the speck on the tail
    On the frog on the bump on the branch
    On the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.

    Now somebody go get the chest on the fleck on the speck and please remember to share. If anyone lived long enough to read all this that is…bueller….bueller….?

    And math people don’t forgot the GOOGOL…forrest didn’t when he found marvin in that Row and Plot.
    Hope it was a good concerto. Maybe a for string quartet?? I sure hope!

    • Wow, Jamie! You’re on a roll…or…something. That’s a lot to digest. I’m not sure if Bueller heard all that or not. It might be his day off. I think I saw him down at the parade this morning. …pretty sure that was him.

      He seemed like he was in a really good mood. Some people are like that. I’m jealous. I typically sit in my car and…uhhh…debate…whether or not I should go out.

      Maybe I should start believing in beetles …and their precious…bodily…fluids.

      • Gold bug juice? Yum!
        I like gold calf milk. From the cafe. And also sitting in my car, only cause I like the heater blowing in my face.

    • Wow! I have a pattern seeking/making brain, love wordplay – this post was very similar to the kind of holistic, synchronistic, stream-of-collective-unconscious, lengthy, rambling, translogic experiences I have when I get a sudden glimpse of how a bunch of odd facts from totally different areas that I’ve been researching (seem to/maybe) fit together, when I get kind of giddy (etymology = “possessed by the gods” – or is it gremlins?) and try to express in left brain words what my right brain groks, before I’ve worked it all out on paper. I enjoyed reading it!

      My ✌ cents (or a nickel – da da da dum) worth of random response, after ogling your post, with images of gremlins orbiting my head: Sirius (“it’s full of stars!”) was talked about a great deal in a book called _Cosmic Trigger_ (volume one) by Robert Anton Wilson, filled with serendipity and high strangeness, like cue the Twilight Zone theme stuff (Robert Wilson was also the character William Shatner – Kirk, not a fleck or speck of Spock -played in the classic episode of TZ where he saw a GREMLIN on the wing of the plane). An Internet pioneer (forgot his name) «coined» a term, “intertwingled,” meaning intermingled, tangled, twinkling, and so forth for the way hyperlinked facts are connected in the Web. Another Mr. Wilson had an interesting experience looking up “pooka” (Celtic gremlins, of a sort) in a dictionary (this was well before he could have googled it), in a great movie about an invisible giant rabbit named Harvey. A circling of the earth (not in 80 Days) by pilot Amelia Earhart (no zeros I can connect with her, but she did found an organization for female pilots called the Ninety-Nines – almost a hundred!) ended with a now famous “lost” that people have been seeking. Did a gremlin damage her airplane? As for black holes, the first mission to explore one was by the USS Cygnus in the 1979 Disney film _The Black Hole_ (fiction, of course). Cygnus is the Swan constellation, aka the Northern Cross. It’s brightest star, the tail – Deneb, will be the Earth’s Pole Star around 9800 CE. Currently, it serves as the North Pole Star on Mars, if you are ever on that planet and need to get your bearings. Deneb also is one of three stars that make up the Summer Triangle asterism. There are many black holes within the Swan constellation. The Swan appears (from Earth) to be near the Rift in the Milky Way (WWWH? Nah…).

      Another interesting star in Cygnus is Sadr, or Gamma Cygni, which is at the intersection of the five star Northern Cross – it’s name is Arabic, şadr (pronounced “sudder” or “sadder”), for “CHEST” (albeit the kind on a person’s torso)… X (cross) marks the spot? Should we take a break from Google Maps and take a gander at a star map?

      I could go on, but I think I’ve digressed enough (if ever I gressed to begin with). Doubt any of this has anything to do with The Chase (except in the way EVERYTHING is connected, according to mystics, myself included), but the Wilson book makes for some interesting reading for neophiles. As for looking to the heavens, on the other hand, especially considering how long humanity has used the stars to navigate, I’m considering that worth looking into (IMO, definitely!). Thanks for sharing, Jamie, and inspiring my spiraling musings. If anyone is reading this comment to a year old post, thanks!

  16. ^^ and I can almost literally find the bump, the log, the frog…and almost ALL the above at specific locations in photographs in the book….the kingpin? Hopefully it’s right in the sweet spot where a well worn groove paves the way to the tenth frame of one heck of an unfinished Scottish doubles came…I’m lookin for my red shirt now someone show me the bull!! but I need to stop typing long enough to find it or accompany whoever does 😉

    Lmao. Stupid. Crazy. Funny. Yes. But also true….that’s the last inch right there 😉

      • None believe it or not. Those are the garnishes. Googol is a main one. Typed before being to identify the exact dish they’re coming from…but I’m certain this is probably connecting some dots for some others. Maybe if they too share the dots we could be done sooner and all go to Hawaii for Christmas in leu of dangerous snowy conditions.

        The google is the garnish. There’s no way that’s an error. Go reread his answers….they all make sense if the chest is in/at/itself “google” I know that’s not a place….but it’s how he answers the questions. And when he “googled his dad” was when he wanted more of a legacy to begin with. The end is the beginning. Google, Apple…that’s at infinite loop in CA…maybe that’s the beginning? I don’t know haven’t had time to digest it all but google is the key if there is any…and i am 1 million percent sure that that is my opinion. Only that’s the end too…almost 70…we gotta get to almost 80 🙂 factorial. Ol factorial. I bet it even smells like old people…AND “Mildew”!!

        Maybe the issue is I NEED some wine 😉 only if it’s all red. Burgundy even. Or Grappa!!! And a new/old car to boot!

        • Apple is in the beginning in the bible. Apple HQ is located on infinite loop.
          Apple is the Alpha and the Omega. From Apple to Apple

          Apples to Apples is a game where the dealer plays a card and the players try to play their card in response that will gain favor in the dealers’ eye.

          So who is the dealer(duh) and we are trying to play our best Card. What card do I have to play?

          • I don’t think you play a card…but I don’t think you have to kill billy the kid either. Maybe just pull the trigger on a blank like a joker and peacefully take the pot and leave. I wouldn’t pick a fight with a fourflusher 😉 it seems to jam up the plumbing when people do that…I bet your fine with a hi jack and courage once you’re AllIn, but I’m new to all this so no clue…just good at finding the hints I think…I hope…

          • I found a specific type of apple….on a pass…depicting a physical real life location with a huge gate and the apples name wisely end written on the back of the card. It was near El Paso but off the beaten path. But when I went there twice I was made to exit…so I have a bit if a grudge with apples at this point and might get salty discussing them. Cards/gremlins/messier 51 however? Those are happy topics still

          • Ok, cards: unicode

            Jack of Spades Jack of Hearts Jack of Diamonds Jack of Clubs
            U+1F0AC U+1F0BC U+1F0CC U+1F0DC

            But I don’t think f speaks Unicode so how about archeology playing cards:

            You applesauced my apples? Look at my gravatar! (Smile)

            As a Seinfeld episode adaptation:

            ELAINE: What about apples? What kind of abnormal fruit is that? And those kids who had their own apples…
            JERRY: I know, I hated those kids. In fact, I hate anyone that ever had an apple when they were growing up.
            MANYA: (angry) I had an apple.
            (The room goes dead quiet.)
            JERRY: Well, I didn’t, uh, really mean an apple, per se…
            MANYA: When I was a little girl in Poland, we all had apples. My sister had an apple, my cousin had an apple… So, what’s wrong with that?

          • ** as far as alpha and omega I might push it one step further to
            Apple Pie and PI-napple

            Together PInapple Pi e
            With the alpha starting as the apple pie
            And the Omega starting as the “Pi” around the apple.

            Them go from there maybe? Ugh. I don’t know my brain hurts. Time out tomorrow.

  17. Grappa. 🙂

    If google is the end maybe the last instruction is “search engine”

    ….maybe he knows where that bullet is after all? Even if it’s floating in a swamp somewhere….just waiting for someone to pull the trigger?

    A million deers
    A million fears
    A million years
    Remember that?

    Was it a locket? Heart shaped?lolol no titanic here I promise.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was probably early Romanian and built in a black hole. IM-OUT!

  18. Thank you all for riding with tri-fecta lines…this is our last stop- the reverse black hole a.k.a. ‘The Babble Superplanet’ we hope you enjoy your travels with us and feel free to tip the blue Barbie on the way out 🙂

    Stardate aste-risk (9 lol)

    But ALWAYS enjoy the ride and PULL THE TRIGGER.

    But DONT FORGET!! :

    “Not a day passes that I don’t question myself about what lies just ahead and whether or not I can make it happen like it’s supposed to be….”


    • I swear I hadn’t read ahead before I posted my comment, in which I reference (rather out of the blue, I must say) both Captain Kirk and a book called _Cosmic Trigger_. I suspect time traveling gremlins were whispering to me (IMO). And as for apples, there’s the Golden Apple the Greek Goddess of Strife threw into the wedding on Mt. Olympus, marked “For the fairest,” which helped start the Trojan War. It’s mentioned in the Cosmig Trigger book by R.A. Wilson.

  19. Jamie, my father and uncle were not too far removed from FF’s generation. Both had served in the military. Both smiled about Gremlin’s and “Kill Roy Was Here”. I will venture a guess (IMO) that the blaze resembles “Kill Roy Was Here”, and it was placed by Gremlin’s.

    • I would agree. American German Russian Polish half Jewish gremlins I’d bet too 😉 and I wasn’t even born till the late seventies….I’m just thankful to them so I try and notice they things they do and read all the logs I can 😉 this log is becoming crystal clear though. I can even see crystal ones at a park laughing over all this babble. Then again Im a Browns fan from Believeland….so I’ll believe anything rat bird dog or not 🙂

      • American, German, Polish, Jewish reminds me of the World Wars.
        Speaking of which; Omega in lower case resembles ‘w’. Back of book omega omega = ww
        I believe I’ve heard it mentioned f was into WW history imo.

    • Once I found a blaze painted in decades old gold flake that said T. Chest and Ff’s Trail. It musta been painted by kids over fifty years ago. The property owners ‘grandson’ said we weren’t allowed there even though we thought it was a public part of the parcel. Went home but the solve seemed so good I wen back out last season…this time a “painter” working on the house by the lot stopped me and said owner said no. Then three days later after I was home the owner left a message saying I could…but I was already home and had made two trips to the Rockies from ohio. Pretty heavy on the wallet. For awhile I was ticked and thought they were pushing me away so someone else could get it…but then I realized no way. Plus I was spared the minute travel an afternoon in a ditch with an empora frog. If it was there no way would it be a place people kick you out. That’s just silly. I look for Killroy now instead 😉

  20. Jamie, good to here from you again. I like your out of the box thinking. This may be required to solve the puzzle. We become so conditioned to our reality it is almost impossible to see something through someone else’s eye’s. Perhaps this is what FF was implying when he said something like, show the poem to a child, IMO.

    • Yeah, I figured he said show it to a child because it was a 9 year old child that invented the word “google” so certainly one could reverse engineer it as well. If not… At least their mother would get a break from the kid getting in trouble so something was good since she got her rest even if the kid never got the gold it was probably quite peaceful in the home while the kid fruitlessly searched and got a snack or whatever. My mom said those times were priceless and allowed her to refuel and recharge before selflessly making us another crisp apple pie.

  21. Jamie, I’m looking for a child to debug my computer and reload a working version of microsoft windows version something. I have never done windows very well. IMO……

    • Wish I could help, I don’t have a computer- just a smart phone and a library I go to sometimes now….then again my problem is probably less annoying that having one full of bugs…and allows for more time to babble endlessly and put books in crock pots and muriatic acid and stuff. Kinda boring to do all alone though…it’s nice to explode an share sometimes. Tete a tete I guess- we all have our obstacles.

  22. There are three stages of Outlook on life, per psychologists…
    Childhood: everything is black and white, very simplistic. They are not corrupted by possibilities, angular thinking etc.
    Adulthood: everything is grey. They think in a zone of possibilities, complexity rules their thinking, the “what ifs” are astronomical.
    Geriatric: returns to a more simplistic form of thinking, they’ve been there, done that, knows the outcome so sees the basics for what they are.
    Maybe this is why F says, “let a child read the poem”.

  23. So, Jamie, have you tried lemon juice on your copy of TOTC? Let us know if anything “develops”! 🙂

    • Well, one of the first things I got was If you heat up a washing soda mixture just over 141 or so degrees all the gold in the chest on the first picture in the book of the chest will turn fluorescent green. But I guess we woulda known that anyhow by trusting Robert Frost “natures first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold”.it was worth the frost to me to test though. I got that from finding the two postmarks containing “141” and “temp” in the text in the circles when I cut out the postmarks. the WWWH reference to him was the only “temp” reference I knew in the poem so I went back to the book to find a hot water spot and saw washing in the river and figured maybe a ‘hint’ was all the soda references. The “gold” I the front was the first gold saw so I tried that one. That’s probably when I got hooked, once that gold turned green. I was looking for stuff in every book I owned. I don’t want to spoil the ttotc stuff for anyone that wants to explore so I don’t want to say everything…but not trying to be sneaky I jus think I I say everything I found people might look the same way…and if they expirament themselves then maybe they’ll find things I didn’t. But that’s an easy example that doesn’t give away much by itself if you want to see the type of thing that got me hooked In the first place.

      • Ok, that’s it! You got the mad scientist to come out of me! Lucky for me, I have two sets of tftw and totc! I’ll let you know. It may just be the print die reacting! Thanks!

          • Donna- I already did it no need to do that page. May be the dye reaction your 100% correct, who knows? I’m just saying that that’s what happens if you do it and I found it with clues in the “posts” that said “141” and “temp” then saw the book hat warm waters while washing in soda springs so I tried 141 and washing soda and something changed so it felt cool to see? Did a clue appear in words? No. Just gold turned bright bright green. That’s what happens there. No clue if it “meant anything” alone or just a hint or just the dye…other things happen also maybe just coincidence I dont know. I just tried specific things and seeing changes in different parts got me excited. Reading about how it invisible inks work I learned of the gremlins book and I’ve been lost in all sorts of gremlins and messages in all kinda of books ever since. Not just ttotc but wanted to share because it seems like you guys like to explore things too…it’s a whole lot of fun to learn to me…and with the way it’s unfolding it seems like it might have some stuff to tell us. Who knows.

        • Jamie, did all your reveals involve heat? either way I will try some other ways. Freeze, over exposed to sun, heat lamp or iron.

  24. Jamie, one word to describe you…AWESOME!
    Hey, go to the nightmare page and let’s hear some of YOUR dreams, I bet they are doozies!

  25. old miner– some would say “the blaze” is an arrow that points the way…so when I saw “blaze” in poem I looked in the book. There’s a bright white arrow blaze on pg. 58 on the horses head that leads the way out of the canyon. There’s also a bright white arrow on Forrest’s plane on page 77 pointing to the canopy “switch”
    Below it is a “lucky me I live in Lubbock”
    Forrest said “bad luck can always be trusted”…which is ironic with the planes eventual crash….so I figured the gremlins responsible for said sabotage were probably from Lubbock…. But the only sabotage I found there was decades ago when the town used all the warm water causing Lubbock Lake to dry up and halt. A young boy hiking down newly uncovered canyon edge found his first arrowhead…which turned out to e one of the most significant points in archaeological history proving our ‘prehistoric ancestors’ had lived there and eventually leading to knowing they had been there continuously. It’s now a site of significant study as the LLL (Lubbock Lake Landmark) the neat part is that the arrowhead (which the archaeologists promptly took from the boy to put in a museum) went missing and they never found it again. I have a feeling the gremlins were involved and gave it back to the boy. Not that any of the story related to anything…but I think it’s one example of gremlims being real. Or maybe it was Kilroy. 😉

    • Jamie, I have been working on a solve-theory involving arrows. Arrows are abundant, the BLM, Forrest Service, surveyors, mining companies, and lumber companies are a few examples of entities placing arrows in otherwise natural settings. All the pieces have not come together yet however it’s interesting. The arrow in a compass always points to magnetic north.

      • Maybe start with the arrows on the bowling alley to orient your approach and establish the foundation. Look ahead to the arrows down the lane and the oil patterns on the lane. If you start off with a six-pack you’ll be entering the seventh frame pretty well. Or is it good? Anyhow if forrest was a good bowler he’s probably worn a nice path down the lane after all there years. Then hope for the pocket and grab the king pin. I here splits can be difficult and I’ll advised in Scottish Doubles and games like that as something like a 2-8 split could leave your partner approaching the famous double wood split for the Grand Slam title. Few have ever successfully been able to follow all the arrows to such a point of success. Many drift off the alley into the gutter shortly after a ham bone. But I think if you focus on the arrows instead of only your pockets you’ll be just fine. Just make sure to strengthen your thumbs…and fingertips…to the point you could do pull ups with them…I hear that’s the sort of “hook” required to catch a title as prestigious as the Grand Slam….but others think baseball. Sometimes I imagine I lived back then and got to fly in those sound breaking planes. I bet it would feel like four dimensional bowling for your own life. I get a rush just imagining it.
        I’m not a great bowler… But I am quite talented at pinball. And while it’s not a plane by any means…deep in the bones screens running 9 balls through 87 interacting arrowhead paths with lights blinking exert where and alerts and bells and horns bleeping like crazy…you really do leave your body into some strange zone of balancing the entire symphony with only 2 buttons and two paddles. Strange place in your mind there. Not really human…maybe an arrow…I don’t know. But hope it helps somehow.

  26. Jamie, is there a way I could communicate with you? I would very much like your opinion on something.

  27. Jamie, thanks for being generous with your thoughts and the fun that prevails from that.
    Did you check into the ‘Kilroy was here’ phenomenon? I was always intrigued by that but I never knew if it was one guy or a legion or copy catters. For sure, there’s no copy catting your uniqueness!!

  28. If you are writing with a pen loaded with invisible ink, how do you know when the ink has run out?

    • Maybe because that’s about the same time the spies arrive??
      **communication is the lifeblood of life
      ** always keep a spare pen

  29. Funny how I pointed this out a year ago. “If UV been wise”. ……”Go there to DYE “…….. Its hard being the Rodney Dangerfield of the Chase. I get no respect.

  30. lol invisible ink hmm if i hold this map up to the light his shadow looks kind of like Jesus to me anyone else ever consider this?

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